Consequences From The Past (AU,M/L,TEEN) A/N: 10/16/19

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Consequences From The Past (AU,M/L,TEEN) A/N: 10/16/19

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This beatiful banner was made by OrangeSky. Thanks a bunch! :D
Title: Consequences From The Past
Author: Cocogurl
Rating: Teen/Mature
Category: M/L, L(Lexie)/J AU w/o Aliens
Disclaimer: I don’t own a single thing. Don’t sue.
Summary: Max Evans is the American dream! He has everything he could want in life. A successful music career, a beautiful fiancé, and money and power that most people only dream of. But everything changes when a 15-year old girl shows up on his doorstep, claiming to be his daughter. Now as he faces Liz Parker, the woman he hasn’t seen since high school, and gets closer to his child, he has to decide what’s most important to him. The life he thought he wanted or the child he didn’t know he had.

Chapter One
Max Evans had the perfect life. He was the lead singer of a successful rock group called The Aftermaths, he had a wonderful and supportive fiancé, and power and fame that most people could only dream about. He was definitely a lucky man. But as Max stood on the balcony of his condo, admiring the view of Los Angeles at night, a part of Max felt like something was missing in his life. He didn’t know what it was. Max had everything he could possibly want, but still, something was missing. Max heard the sliding glass door open behind him, followed by loud music, breaking Max out of his thoughts. He turned around to see who was coming out to join him.

“Hey, baby,” his fiancé, Samantha Bennett, greeted as she closed the door behind her and walked over to Max, wrapping her arms around his waist. “What are you doing out here? The party’s missing their host.”

Max smiled. He’d forgotten all about the album release party he was having inside. “I just needed some air,” he said and gently kissed Sam on the lips, and the two them just each other in peaceful silence.

He didn’t know why a part of him felt empty when he had such a wonderful girl in his arms. Hell, Samantha was nearly perfect. First starters, she was drop dead gorgeous. Small and slender with big doe brown eyes and silky brown hair that went all the way down to her back. She was a model. And while most models were usually uptight snobs, Samantha wasn’t like that. She knew how to have a good time and didn’t seem to take herself too seriously. She also knew how to make Max laugh. Of course she wasn’t without her faults. She could be a little selfish and inconsiderate at times, but she was still a wonderful person at heart and that was all that mattered to him.

The sliding glass door opened again and Max looked over to see who it was. His band mate and good friend, Brian Austin came stumbling out, slightly inebriated from the five beers he had. Max smiled. Nobody knew how to party like Brian did, but he was a good guy and a good friend.

“Yo, Max,” Brian said, walking over to Max and Samantha. “There’s a chic here to see you. She looks a little young though.” He chuckled. “Never took you for a cradle robber, man.”

Though Brian thought he was the funniest person on the planet, Max could tell by Sam’s face that she didn’t think so. The glare she shot Brian, while it was only meant to be jokingly, made Brian’s face straighten up a little--but only a little.

“Relax, Sam,” he said, trying to contain his laughter. “I was only kidding.”

“You’re a regular comedian,” she said sarcastically. “So who’s the girl?”

Brian shrugged. “I don’t know. She wouldn’t say. She just asked to see Max Evans.”

“Probably just a fan that snuck past security,” Max said, feeling a tiny bit smug. He wasn’t an egotistical jerk or anything like that--or at least he didn‘t think he was. But he was proud of the success he’s had the past few years. And though he wouldn’t admit it, he enjoyed the attention he got from fans.

Samantha sighed in annoyance. “This is third one to get in, Max. You really need better security.”

“I know, I know.” He gave Samantha a light peck on the lips. “I’ll go sign an autograph for her and send her on her way.”

“You should just call the cops on these freaks,” she said, feeling very irritated. She got that her fiancé was hot and talented, but some of these pathetic fans had no sense of respect for people’s privacy. And Max was way too nice to them. She had guys drooling over all of the time, but she still drew the line somewhere. Before she could say anything more though, Max was already walking back into the house, shutting the door behind him.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Inside the condo, the music was loud and bodies were writhing all over the place, moving to the music. Max made his way through the throng of people, heading towards the front door. And there he saw the girl, wearing a blue t-shirt and faded blue jeans. And looking very awkward and uncomfortable. Brian was right. She was young. Really young. She looked at least fourteen, maybe fifteen years old and she had long hair that was pulled up into a messy ponytail.

When her eyes landed on me, a nervous smile appeared on her face. He was used to that expression. He’d seen it on a dozen girls before her. Smiling back, Max walked over to her and pulled out a pen from his pocket, ready to sign her an autograph and send her on her way.

“Hello, I’m Max Evans. I see you got past security,” he said with an amused grin.

The girl nodded, still looking very nervous. “Yeah, it wasn’t that hard. You really need--”

“Better security,” he finished for her. “Yeah, I know. I’ve been told. But you know, it’s really not okay for you to be sneaking on to my property. It’s an invasion of privacy.”

The girl nodded her head and looked down at her hands, fidgeting her fingers. “I know. I’m sorry.” After a moment, she looked back at him. “I just really needed to see you.”

The way the girl was looking at Max was odd. It was like she was studying every inch his face for something. It made Max a little uncomfortable. For a second he wondered if maybe she was the stalker type, but he immediately dismissed the thought. She was probably just really nervous about being so close to a celebrity. Still, he was eager to get her out of here as fast as possible.

“So, what do you want me to sign for you?” He asked, taking the cap off his pen.

For a moment, the girl just stood there, looking at him in confusion. Then realization dawned on her. “Oh, no.
I-I‘m not here for an autograph. To be honest, I’m not even that big of a fan.

Ouch! That hurts, Max thought to himself. But then his curiosity overpowered his slightly bruised ego. “Then why are you here?”

The girl than became even more nervous--if that was at all possible--and when she spoke this time, she had the most adorable stutter. “Um, I-I don’t know e-exactly how to say this, but…” The girl trailed off for a second and took a deep breath, trying to get better control of herself.

Max just stood there, waiting patiently for her to tell him what ever it is that she had to say. This time when she spoke, her voice was more firm and full of conviction. “My name is Alexis Parker--Lexie for short…I think you’re my dad.”
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Re: Consequences From The Past (M/L, AU, ADULT) Chpt 1 2/22/10

Post by Cocogurl » Sun Mar 21, 2010 10:23 pm

Earth2Mama - Ah, I promise all will be revealed soon. Thank you so much for the feedback.
RiceKrispy - Thank you. There was just something about Selena Gomez that felt perfect for the character of Lexie.
begonia9508 - Thanks for the feedback. I know, Selena Gomez really does look like she could be the child of Max and Liz.
Hunter - Lol. Yeah, this story first came to mind a few months ago when I found out about Shiri’s new show. I’m so glad you like the story, Mon.
trulov - I know. And as the story continues, Max’s fiance isn’t going to get any better. And you’re definitely going to find out what happened in Max and Liz’s past.
keep smiling - Thank you. OrangeSky did great work on the banner. Thanks so much for the feedback.
LoveIsForever - Thanks for the feedback. And I’m very sorry to hear that. L
mary mary
AlysLuv - Lol. Either way, there will be TONS of Max and Liz bickering.
OrangeSky Lol! That’s kind of how I picture him. I love Brian Austin Green! So hot! Thank you for the feedback.
Michelle17 - I promise that everything will be answered soon.
Janetfl - Thanks so much for the feedback, Jan. Max and Liz’s past is pretty complicated.

Chapter Two

* May 1st, 1994 *

“I’m pregnant.”

Those words slammed through Max’s brain, changing his life completely. How could this be possible? Well, he knew how this could happen, but he didn’t think it would happen to him. He was only fifteen years old. He couldn’t be having a child now. This just couldn’t be real, but as he stared down at his girlfriend Liz Parker, who looked absolutely terrified, he knew that there was no denying the reality of the situation.

“Max,” Liz said nervously. “Did you hear me? I said that I’m--”

“Yeah, I heard you,” Max snapped, making Liz look at him in surprise. He calmed down a little. “I’m sorry, Liz. I didn’t mean to snap. I just…I just can’t believe this is happening.” Max sighed and sat down on the grass behind the bleachers.

Liz sat down next to him. “Me either.”

The two of them just sat there for a few minutes, each one lost in their own thoughts. In all of Max’s life, he’d never been so scared before. He never thought he’d be father at fifteen. Then a thought occurred to him. Maybe he didn’t have to do this. He looked over at Liz, who was staring at a patch of grass, and hesitantly broached the subject. “W-what are you going to do?”

Liz’s eyes went directly to Max’s face. She looked confused. “What do you mean ‘’what am I going to do’? It’s our baby, Max. Not just mine.”

“I know that, it’s just…” Max paused for a moment, trying to find the best way to bring this up. “We have options, Liz. We don’t have to do this.”

“What kind of options?” She asked, looking at Max warily, wondering what he was going to say.

“Adoption?” He suggested. “We can give the baby to someone else. Someone more qualified to parents than two teenagers.”

Liz was silent, contemplating the idea for a moment, before shaking her head. “No, I-I can’t do that,” she said. “I can’t just hand my baby off to someone because I don’t want to accept the consequences of my actions.”

“Well…there’s always, um,…abortion.” He looked away from Liz as he spoke the words, feeling a bit ashamed for even suggesting it. But he had no other choice. He couldn’t be a father.

Liz immediately released Max’s hand and stood up, glaring down at him in disgust. “I’m not going to murder our child, Max. I can’t believe you could even suggest that.”

She started to walk away from him, but he quickly stood up and grasped her arm in his hand, pulling her back to him. “Wait, Liz, I’m sorry,” he said gently, ignoring the fact that he wasn’t completely sorry for suggesting it. “You’re right, it was a stupid thing to say. I’m just scared.”

“Well, I’m scared too,” she said, a hint of anger still in her voice. “I don’t want to be a mother at fifteen, but I’m going to be. And you’re going to be a father. We both need to deal with that.”

A tear slid down Liz’s cheek and he could see the fear in her eyes. She was terrified. Immediately Max pulled Liz into his chest, forgetting about himself and his own doubts, and started stroking her hair gently. “It’s going to be okay,” he said in a soothing tone. “It’s going to be okay. We’re going to get through this together.”

Liz’s body started shaking violently as she sobbed against his chest. “You promise…you promise I’m not alone in this?” She said and he could believe how fragile she sounded. Totally different from the spunky, fun loving girl she usually was.

“Yes, I promise,” he said, nodding his head against hers. Max hated to see Liz so scared, so lost. All he wanted to do was make everything better for her and prove to her that is all going to be okay. As he thought that, everything became a blur. Before he knew what he was doing, he released Liz and bent down on one knee in front of her, asking the one thing he didn’t think he’d be asking until he was older. “Liz Parker, will you marry me?”

Liz’s eyes widened in shock. “Oh my, god,” she gasped in surprise. “Max, are you serious?”

“Yes,” Max said immediately, though he wasn’t quite sure if he was telling the truth. Liz Parker was the first women he’d ever been with, and he loved her, but was he really ready to get married? To have a child?
It doesn’t matter, a voice in his head told him. This was the right thing to do. “Liz, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

The shock faded on Liz’s face and soon a look of pure joy replaced it. “Yes, Max. I will marry you.”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~
As Max stared at Lexie Parker, a memory he hadn’t thought about in years now became as clear to him as if it had happened yesterday. Max had ended the party quickly after Lexie’s little announcement. He even made his fiancé Samantha leave, and she was definitely not happy about it, but complied with his wishes. He knew he was going to have to talk to her later and explain things to her--once he figured out what the hell was going on himself. With that thought, Max focused back on the girl in front of him.

Now that he looked at her--really looked at her--he could see the resemblances she had with Liz. The same big doe eyes and button nose. And now that he thought about it, her lips were shaped more like his own. But resemblances aside, Max still couldn’t believe that this was his child. It just couldn’t be possible.

“What is it that you want?” He asked immediately. This had to be a scam of some sort. This was probably just some con artist looking for a little cash. She was a very good actress, though, because Max couldn’t see a hint of deception on her face. In fact, she looked very confused by his question.

“Excuse me.”

“What do you want?” He continued. “Cash? If so, you’re not getting anything. I don’t give in to con artists, so you can just--”

“I don’t want money,” she interjected, looking insulted--and slightly hurt--by the accusation. “I don’t want anything from you. I just want to know you.”

Max snorted. “Right. Because I’m your father.”

Lexie nodded her head slowly, feeling like she might cry at any moment. This wasn’t how she pictured her meeting with her father going.

“Who’s your mother?” He asked suspiciously, hoping to catch the girl in a lie. In Max’s whole life, he’d only slept with two women. Liz and Samantha. Sure, his band mates thought it was a little weird that he took sex so seriously, but he didn’t care. He had no desire to be the next Hollywood playboy.

“Elizabeth Parker,” she said timidly, feeling incredibly tiny in this moment. “You went to high school with her and you two dated.”

Max shook his head. “That doesn’t prove anything. You could easily got that information off the internet or something.”

A tear finally escaped Lexie’s eye, sliding down her cheek. She wiped it away furiously, feeling angry at herself for getting so emotion, and angry at him for not believing her. She knew in her heart. He was her father. And she was going to make him believe it.

“You want proof?“ She asked angrily, walked towards him and yanking locket her mother gave her off her neck. “Here’s your proof.” She grabbed Max’s right hand before he could do anything and slammed the locket on his palm.

Max stared at the gold locket in shock. The locket looked exactly like the one he’d given Liz when they were fifteen. Right down to the little blue sapphire in the middle. He opened the locket and looked at the picture of Liz and Lexie together on the left side. On the right side was the engraving he had put in there: You’re always in my heart.

Max closed his for a moment, getting lost in the memory of him and Liz together. When they had just been two young kids in love, completely unaware and oblivious to the fact that their actions had consequences. It’s a fact that Max learned the hard way that day under the bleachers fifteen years ago when Liz told him that she was pregnant.

“I’m not here for money, and I’m not lying about anything. I just wanted to meet my dad,” Lexie said firmly, looking straight into his eyes.

Max knew Lexie was telling the truth. The photo could’ve been photo shopped, but nobody could’ve found the exact same necklace--knowing that it had been a gift from him--, with the exact same engraving on it. It wasn’t possible. He stared at the locket for another moment, gently touching the picture with his thumb, before handing it back to Lexie.

He still couldn’t believe it. He actually had a daughter. Anger started to go through Max as mind continued to process this information. For fifteen years, Max had believed that he no longer had a child because that’s what Liz had told him. But if this was true, then that meant that for fifteen years, Liz had keeping this huge secret from him.

Deciding what needed to be done next, Max grabbed his phone off the little end table by the couch and handed it to Lexie. “You need to call your mother,” he said, taking an authoritative tone.

“What?” Lexie eyes widened slightly in shock and she immediately became defiant. “No, I don’t want to call my mother. She’s the one who never told me about you in the first place.”

Well, that makes two of us, Max wanted to say, but he bit his tongue. He didn’t know how much she knew about what happened between him and Liz. He figured it couldn’t be much, but that wasn’t important right now. Right now all he could think about was talking to Liz. He’d ask Lexie about the other stuff later.

“Look, your mom is probably worried sick about you,” he insisted. “You have to call her or give me her number so I can call her.”

Lexie wanted to argue some more, but she knew that Max was right. It had taken Lexie almost three days to get to L.A., and her mom was probably going out of her mind worrying about her. As mad as Lexie was at her mother, she didn’t want to hurt her.

Sighing in defeat, Lexie told Max her home phone number and he immediately started dialing. As he listened to the dial tone, a feeling of nervous anticipation went through Max. He hadn’t spoken to Liz in fifteen years and he never thought he’d talk to her again, especially under circumstances like this.

“Hello,” came Liz Parker’s beautiful voice on the other end, sounding very panicked.

Despite all the years they’d been apart, Max felt his heart beat wildly in his chest at the sound of her voice. It sounded exactly the same as it did when they were teenagers, except that it sounded more tired and slightly shaky, like she’d been crying. Max could remember a time when his life revolved around hearing that beautiful voice, to the way that it sounded when she giggled, and the way it sounded when they were making love. But as he looked back at Lexie, who was standing in front of him, anxiously fiddling with her fingers, Max knew those years were long gone.

He wasn’t a teenager anymore. He was a grown man now, and he had a daughter--a daughter that Liz didn’t tell him about. Knowing that it was time to get some answers, Max sighed and spoke softly. “Hi, Liz. Um…It’s Max.”

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Re: Consequences From The Past (M/L, AU, ADULT) Chpt 2 3/21/10

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Re: Consequences From The Past (M/L, AU, ADULT) A/N: 4/22/10

Post by Cocogurl » Thu May 06, 2010 11:19 pm

RiceKrispy - And it’ll only get more interesting.

Earth2Mama (2x) - Wish I could give you an answer without giving something away! ;) I guess you’ll just have to wait and see. Thanks for the feedback.

Alien_Friend - No, you really can’t. Every child wants a chance to know their father. Some of your questions will be answered in this chapter. Enjoy.

Michelle17 - You’ll find out soon enough.

dreambeliever (2x) - You want a new chapter, you got it!

begonia9508 - We will definitely be seeing Liz’s POV on all of this.

keepsmiling - Thanks for your feedback, and I promise there will be a lot of explaining in chapters 3 and 4. I won’t leave you hanging. And yes, Sam is going to be a bit of a problem.

jake17 - Thanks so much for the feedback, Carrie! I hope you like this next part.

Roswellian117 - Wow, thank you for the feedback. It means a lot that my story can touch you on some personal level. I love writing stories that readers can relate to. :D

OrangeSky - Lol. I know. I liked this ‘cause it shows that Lexie is like a lot of teenagers--and even adults--out there who do stuff and don’t think about the consequences until it’s right up on them. I loved your feedback! I hope you like this next part.

LoveIsForever - Thank you for the feedback. Liz will be here to explain her side soon.

Superman86 - Get happy again! I have another update! :D

RhondaAnn - Very obvious. Your question will be answered in this chapter. Thanks for the feedback.

mary mary - Lol. Liz will definitely not be happy.

Janetfl - Just you wait and see, Jan. ;) Thanks for the feedback, hon. I love hearing your input.

LilLoucfer - Thanks for the bump.

A/N: Thanks, everyone for all of your patience. I should have a new update for I'll Look After You in another day or two and then an update of Love & War is next.

Chapter Three

“Max?” Liz repeated, unsure if she had heard the name right. “Max Evans?”

For a moment, there was only silence on the other end before she got a response. “Hey, Liz.”

“Hi,” was all she could as she slowly sat down on the couch. She was sure that if she hadn’t, she would’ve fallen over from shock. Max Evans was the last person she ever expected to hear from and she thought her brain was going to go into overload. The past three days had been nothing but a blur of worry and fear since Lexie had run away. But hearing Max’s voice again brought a wave of other emotions she had tried to bury a long time ago. It was like a flashback to a time in her life when she was young and innocent and all that mattered was him. To a time when she had been so certain that she and Max would spend the rest of their lives together. Everything was so perfect then, so right.

And then she got pregnant. And everything changed.

That brought Liz back to herself, remembering that she and Max weren’t fifteen anymore. That was a long time ago and they were different people now. Which brought about the question: why was the man she hadn’t spoken to in years suddenly calling her?”

“Um, what’s this about, Max?” Asked Liz, unable to really care if she sounded rude at the moment. “It’s kind of a bad time.”

“Oh, I know all about that,” Max replied and the tone in his voice changed. It was harder, angrier. “Our daughter is here.”

Time stopped for Liz when she heard him mention their daughter. “Lexie’s with you?” She asked, wishing that this was just a really bad nightmare. She always knew that one day Lexie would find out who her father was and find him, but she never thought it would happen like this.

“Yeah, she’s here,” he said, his voice still laced with anger. “You want to speak with her?”

"Yes," she said so fast, she didn't even think about it. But Max's hard voice made her pause. "Max, wait," she said reluctantly. "Max, I think we should talk."

“Not right now, Liz,” he stated in a harsh firm tone before it got quiet again. "You talk to Lexie. You and I will discuss this later."

Won’t that be fun, Liz thought in annoyance. Though she knew he technically had a right to angry with her for lying, she didn’t want to hear what he had to say about any of this. She just wanted to get her daughter back. Finally the sound of her daughter’s voice broke Liz out of her own thoughts.

“Hi, mom,” Lexie greeted nervously, suddenly not feeling as brave as she had been three days ago.

“Are you okay?” Was the first thing that came out of Liz’s mouth. It was the only thing that mattered to her at the moment. She’d worry about killing after she knew that Lexie was safe and unharmed.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

Tears welled up in Liz’s eyes as relief swept through her for the first time in days. “Where are you?” She asked, trying to keep from sobbing uncontrollably into the phone.
“Um, with Max in Los Angeles,” she answered.

“Damn it, Lexie!” She practically yelled as she ran her finger through her hair. Her relief now turned into anger and she couldn’t control it. “You are in so much trouble right now.”


“No! You listen to me,” Liz snapped, not wanting to hear anything Lexie had to say. “When we have problems in this house, we talk them out. We don’t run away to Los Angeles.”

At the same time, Lexie felt her feelings of anger and betrayal return and it made her feel braver. “Yeah, and when your daughter asks to know about her father, you tell her,” she bit back.”

Liz sighed. “Lexie…” she trailed off, unsure of what to say next. The truth was she’d seen this day coming for a long time. Every time Lexie asked about her dad, every time she’d asked to see pictures of him. Liz had tried to put this day off, but now it was here, and Liz was at a loss for words. She never thought it would happen like this.

“What? Are you going to tell me I’m wrong?” Her voice cracked with every word. Liz could tell that she was trying not to cry. “Are you going to tell me that Max isn’t my father?”

“Yes, he’s your dad,” Liz finally answered with a sigh, dreading the words as they came out of her mouth, but there was no point in trying to keeping the truth from Lexie any longer. “But you don’t understand the whole story.”

“What else is there to know?” Lexie bit back. “You were just doing what you always do. Deciding what’s best for everyone.”

Liz thought her eyes were going to pop out of her skull in shock. She couldn’t believe she was hearing this from her own daughter. “That is so not true!”

“Yes it is! You just “decided” that I didn’t need to know my own father. And judging from the way Max reacted when he met me, I’m guessing you decided that he didn’t need to know about me either.” Lexie’s voice got louder with every word, but she no longer cared. “He didn’t even believe me when I told him I was his daughter. Do you have any idea how that felt? How could you lie like that?!

Liz closed her eyes in sadness. Every word Lexie said cut through her like a knife to the chest. All she ever wanted to do was protect her daughter from getting hurt, but in her desire to do so, she’d ended up doing exactly that. Still, she felt she needed to make Lexie see that she was doing what was best for her. “Oh, sweetie--”

“No!” Lexie cried. “I don’t want to hear it!”

Before Liz could say anymore, she heard a loud slam come from the other end of the line. Then, for a brief period, there was complete silence before Max’s voice came on the other end. “Liz, are you still there?”

“Yes, I’m still here,” she answered irritably. Of course she was still on the phone. Why the hell wouldn’t she be?

“Lexie’s out on the balcony,” Max said. “She’s pretty upset right now.”

“Yeah, I guessed that,” she snapped before she let out another sigh and fell back against the sofa in exhaustion. She was so tired, both emotionally and physically. And on top of all of that, she had a fresh batch of guilt to obsess over. “I can’t believe I messed up like this.”

“Oh, it’s not that hard to believe,” Max couldn’t help but say. At the moment, he didn’t have an ounce of sympathy for Liz, even after hearing Lexie chew her out. As far as he was concerned, Liz deserved everything she got for her lies.

“Max, you don’t understand,” she said tiredly. All of the fight was drained out of her, but still, she futilely tried to explain her side. “I was fifteen, I was going to be a mom.”

Max just let out a bitter laugh. “Yeah, well, I fifteen and was going to be a dad, but still, I didn’t tell a life altering lie like you did.”

“You know what? I’m not going to discuss this with you over the phone,” Liz stated and stood up from the couch. “I’m getting on the first flight to Los Angeles. Can you take care of Lexie till I get there?”

“Of course I will.” Max feigned indignation as he spoke. “I mean, she is my daughter after all. It’s not like someone lied to me about her for fifteen years.”

Liz let out an annoyed groan before she spoke. “Can you do it or not?”

“Yes, I’ll take care of her.” Max walked to the sliding glass door and watched Lexie as she stood out on the balcony. “But you know we have to about this soon, Liz,” he reminded her sternly.

“Looking forward to it, Max,” she bit out sarcastically. “Goodbye.” Immediately after hanging up the phone, Liz rushed upstairs and pulled a suitcase out from under her bed, and started filling it with clothes. Right now she didn’t care that going to L.A. meant facing Max and all of his questions. All she wanted at the moment was to bring Lexie home.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Max exhaled heavily as he hung up the phone and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He was so tired and alert at the same time. Looking at the clock above his fireplace, he realized where the fatigue was coming from. It was almost four o’ clock in the morning. Still, as his gaze went back to the young girl on his balcony, sleep was far from his mind.

He opened the sliding door and stepped outside on to the balcony, just watching Lexie as she stood by the railing with her back to him. “Are you okay?” He asked gently.

“Not really,” she said, shaking her head but she didn’t turn around to look at him. She was already on the verge of more tears and she didn’t want him to see that. She’d already cried enough on the phone with her mom.

Max nodded as he came over to stand beside her. “Right. Dumb question.” He felt so awkward and unsure of himself as he stood next to Lexie. He knew she was still very upset, but he didn’t know what to do or say to comfort her. He wasn’t very good at this whole dad stuff.

“What did she say?” Lexie asked suddenly, breaking the silence.

At least he had an answer for that. “She’s catching the first plane out here. She’ll probably be here sometime tomorrow.”

She nodded. “She’s pissed.” It wasn’t a question. It was a fact. Lying to her mom and running away was the worst thing Lexie had ever done. She knew that it would be a long time before they got back the close relationship they had before this.

“Pretty much,” he replied as he turned to look out at the city.

“Well, I pissed too,” she stated angrily and furiously wiped away a tear that had escaped. As much as she hated the fact that she had caused her mother pain and anger by running away, she couldn’t forget the pain and anger she felt all those years, wanting to meet her dad and only getting told that “not knowing him was for the best.” The more she thought about it, the angrier she got and soon another tear came sliding down her cheek, and she had to brush it away. Damn it! Why did she always have to cry when she was angry? And why does she have to do it in front of her father? He probably thought she was a big baby.

Her gaze turned to Max, who’d been oddly calm once he finally believed that she was his kid, which was odd to Lexie. He had just as much right to be angry with Liz as she did, yet he seemed remarkably composed around her. “Aren’t you mad at her too?” She couldn’t help but ask.

Max looked at Lexie, seeing the curiosity all over her face, and he didn’t know how to answer her. He was feeling a lot of different emotions at the moment, and anger was definitely one of them, but he didn’t want to say that in front of her. His issues with Liz were between him and Liz only. Rather than answer her question, he changed the subject. “So, I got to ask, how did you find out it was me? That I was your dad?”

Lexie suddenly looked a little nervous, wondering if it was okay to tell him. She then decided that it was and spoke. “You have to promise that you won’t tell mom. She’d be so mad if she knew.”

“I promise.”

She bit her lip gently before continuing. “Well, three weeks ago was my fifteenth birthday, and before the party I was going through some old stuff in the attic…and I found a picture of two together in high school.”

Max just nodded his head and listened intently as she told her story.

“I recognized you because my best friend, Josh, is a huge fan of your band and has your posters plastered all over his wall,” she let out a little girlish giggle at the thought of Josh’s obsession over The Aftermaths. She thought it was adorable. “Anyway, I didn’t want to ask my mom about it because I knew she’d just blow it off, so I went to Maria.”

Max’s eyebrows raised at the mention of Maria’s name. “Maria Deluca? Man, I haven’t seen her in forever.”

“Yeah, well, I came to her and asked her about the picture,” she continued, looking down at her fingers. “She didn’t tell me for sure that it was you, but I kind of got what she was trying not to say. She’s a really bad liar.”

Max laughed a little. “I know. One time, during freshman year, Liz, Maria and I decided to try and sneak into a bar, she was so nervous about it, and she actually tried to convince the bouncer that we were twenty-one year old models from Sweden.” Max shook his head, a playful grin still on his lips. “It didn’t work out so well.”

Lexie started giggling. “That sounds like Maria.”

The mood lightened a bit as they both laughed at Max’s story, and Max felt himself relax a little more around Lexie. This whole dad thing was still very new for him, but he was happy that he was able to calm Lexie down. in a dumb way, it made him feel very fatherly. A yawn escaped Lexie’s mouth and Max turned to look at her. “Tired?”

Lexie nodded slightly, trying her best to conceal as much of her yawn as possible. “Only a little.” It was more than a little. She’d barely slept during the trip to Los Angeles and she was definitely starting to feel the consequences of that. She looked over at Max, who jerked his head in the direction of the house.

“Come on,” he said. “You should get some sleep. There’s a guest bedroom you can sleep in.”

For a moment, she thought about telling him that she was fine when another yawn slipped out, stopping her from arguing any further. With a sigh, she nodded her head in agreement and she and Max walked back into the house. Lexie followed Max down a beautifully decorated hallway with plush carpeting and modern paintings all over the walls. The entire condo was very contemporary and stylish. Max stopped in front a door on the right and opened it, stepping aside to let Lexie enter the room.

“So, if you need anything, I’m right across the hall,” Max said.

Lexie sat down on the queen size bed, felt the softness of the mattress, and the idea of collapsing down on it in an exhausted heap became even more tempting, but something was on her mind still. As Max started to leave the room, she stood back up. “Max.”

“Yeah,” he replied, placing his left hand on the frame of the door, while his right hand rested on the doorknob.

“What are we going to do?” She asked. “You know, when my mom gets here. What’s going to happen with all of us?”

That’s a damn good question, Max thought to himself. What was going to happen? He had no idea. There were so many things to think about now that Lexie was in his life, but he was just too tired to deal with it now. His head was already reeling with everything that’s happened. “Get some sleep Lexie,” he said calmly. “We’ll figure everything out tomorrow.”

Too tired to say anything else, Lexie just nodded. “Okay. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Lexie.” Max shut the door behind him before leaning against the wall beside the door. Though Max’s body was screaming at him for sleep, after everything that had happened tonight, he doubted that sleep would be possible. Everything was different now and he could feel the change. Now he was a father.

A father.

That titled still felt foreign to him. As he stood up from the wall and walked across the hall to his bedroom, where he would futilely try to get some rest, he thought about a moment, fifteen years ago, that had lead to this. The moment that had changed his life forever…

* September 15, 1993 *

Max sat by himself in the quad, doing the same thing he’d been doing every day since freshman year; watching Liz Parker and pretending that he wasn’t. It had become almost a ritual for him now. He couldn’t help himself. Max was addicted to everything about her. The way she moved, the way she spoke. The way her silky brown hair glimmered in the sunlight, and the way her smile lit up her entire face.

Crap, she’s looking over here, he thought to himself when Liz’s big, brown eyes wandered over to where he sat across the cafeteria from her. He immediately diverted his gaze to his tray of food in front of him. This was the fourth time he’d almost been caught staring. He was seriously obsessed. An elbow digging into his arm caught his attention and he looked over at his twin sister Isabel, who was sitting next to him.

“She’s staring at you,” she said in an excited whisper, like she was talking to one of her girlfriends rather than her brother. “Go ask her out.”

Max sighed as he went back to stabbing at his mashed potatoes with a fork. “Don’t start, Isabel,” he said, trying to act as if the idea of asking Liz out wasn’t incredibly tempting.

Though Max couldn’t see her face, he could feel Isabel’s annoyed stare burning into the side of his skull. “Oh, please, Max,” she said. “We both know you’re totally into Liz. I catch you staring at her all the time. Just get it over with already.”

Max looked over at Isabel. “Iz, is there any possibility that one day you will just mind your own business when it comes to my private life.”

Isabel scoffed and rolled her eyes. “As long as you continue to flaunt your personal feelings in front of my face,” she shook her head, “no. You see, I’m not just doing this for you. I’m doing it for me,” she stated, placing her hand on her chest. “I can’t keep sitting here, watching you moon over her like this. So just get it over with and ask her out.”

Max blushed a little as he listened to his sister’s speech. He hadn’t realized that she had noticed anything. “Is it that obvious,” he asked sheepishly.

“You’re like a walking billboard,” she answered with a little laugh. “So, are you going to ask her out or am I going to have to do it for you?”

Max risked another, quicker glance at Liz, who was no longer looking at him, before he looked back down at his half eaten meatloaf and mountain of mashed potatoes. “I’ll think about it,” he said.

“No,” Isabel whined. “You are not thinking about this.” Without warning, Isabel stood up at the table.

“What are you doing?” He asked and got his answer when Isabel walked away from the table…and started walking straight towards Liz’s table! “Isabel!” Max called out, but didn’t get a response. Isabel was already halfway there when he finally stood up and followed her.

Liz and Maria both looked up to see Isabel standing in front of their table. Barely a second later, Max came up behind Isabel, but couldn’t stop her from opening her mouth.

“Hi, listen my brother likes you, Liz.”

“Isabel!” Max hissed, stunned that his big sister would actually embarrass him like this.. Looking at Liz, even she looked surprised by what was happening right now. Mental note: Kill sister later, he thought to himself.

“Excuse me?” Liz asked politely.

“My brother likes you,” Isabel repeated. “And you obviously like him too, otherwise you both wouldn’t be playing this ‘pretend not to notice each other’ game. So I thought I’d just cut to the chase for you guys.”

Liz was too shocked to say anything at the moment, but beside her, Maria was laughing her ass off. “Amen to that,” she said between giggles.. Liz’s head snapped in Maria’s direction, giving her a look of indignation. Maria shook her head, still laughing. “I’m sorry, chica, but you’ve been practically eye stalking this guy for weeks now.” She turned her attention to Isabel. “Why don’t we leave these two alone.”

Isabel nodded in agreement as Maria stood up and the two of them walked off to another table together, leaving Liz and Max staring after them in shock. The two of them then looked at each other, feeling incredibly uncomfortable and awkward. After a brief silence, Liz let out a little laugh.

“Well, this is embarrassing.”

Max laughed as well. “I know,” he agreed, already thinking of all the ways he was going to torture Isabel later. “I’m really sorry. I can’t believe my sister did that.”

Liz glanced over at Maria and Isabel, who were now sitting at a table on the other side of the cafeteria, talking and sneaking glances over at them. “Well, it’s not like my friend helped things.” She looked back at Max and gave him a shy smile, feeling very nervous but excited as well. She’d been trying to work up the courage to talk to him for awhile now. And now he was actually standing in front of her, looking as gorgeous as ever. She couldn’t let this moment slip through her fingers. “Um, well, since you’re here, you could join me if you want.”

For a split moment in time, Max was certain he had daydreamed this. She actually wanted him to sit with her. “You wouldn’t mind?”

Liz’s smile brightened as she nodded. “I wouldn’t mind at all,” she answered eagerly. “Plus it’ll get your sister off your back,” she joked.

Max chuckled as she sat across from her at the circular table. “I doubt it. But we’ll give a shot.”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

That memory was so long ago. Max barely recognized that scrawny, love struck teenager. Though Max’s bedroom was only a few feet away from him, it felt like miles as he made his way across the hall. Shutting the door behind him, he tiredly started his usual nighttime routine. He brushed his teeth and flossed, took off all of his clothes accept for his deep blue boxers and slipped on his gray Lakers t-shirt. Ten minutes later, Max was turning off the light in his bathroom and slipping into his king size bed, enjoying the feel of the white, Egyptian Sateen sheets that Samantha had bought for him, ‘cause she complained that his old ones were too uncomfortable. But Max suspected that the thing that made her really uncomfortable was the fact that they didn’t wreak of money.

Yes, he could admit it, Samantha was a little spoiled and liked having expensive things. She’d nag him about that from time to time. But she really did have a good side to her.

As his eyes started to drift shut, thoughts of Liz floated into his head without warning. He couldn’t help but wonder what she was like now. How different was she from the girl he used to know and adore? He never really knew what happened to her. Shortly after telling--lying would be the correct term--about her miscarriage, she moved to Florida to live with her Aunt and he didn’t hear from her again. For the first few months, he’d thought calling her or sending her a letter several time, but his fear held him back. He couldn’t talk to her without thinking about what they had and what they lost. It was too much. So instead he focused on moving on with his life, and trying to forget about everything that had happened. After awhile that became a little easier to do, but he still thought about her from time to time, but never this much. Now his brain was flooded with thoughts of her and thoughts of Lexie. What were their lives like? Did Liz ever think about telling Max the truth? All these questions desperately needed answers. But he knew it would do him no good to obsess over this now.

Forcing all of his concerns away for the night, sleep finally came to him.

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Re: Consequences From The Past (M/L, AU, ADULT) Ch. 3 5/6/10

Post by Cocogurl » Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:16 pm

RoswellianDreamer - Thanks so much for the feedback. I hope you enjoy the next part.

Earth2Mama - Yeah, it’ll be hard. But Max and Lexie will get to that father/daughter relationship. Thanks for the feedback.

dreambeliever (2x) - I think everybody will be a bit more understanding when they hear Liz’s reason. I mean, a scared fifteen year old pregnant girl. I don’t think anybody can know what they would do unless they’ve actually been in that kind of situation.

mary mary - Yeah, I have no idea what I’d do if it were my child. Probably drop dead of shock.

Michelle17 - Sorry. Can’t say anything. Thanks for the awesome feedback, Courtney.

Rhonda Ann - Yeah, I kinda felt the same way as I was writing. Like, it wasn’t right for Liz to lie, but at the same time, Max knew he didn’t want to be a father. So should he really be as mad at her as he is? But, it’s a pretty complicated situation.

Janetfl - Thanks so much for the feedback, Jan! I personally feel like Liz felt she had a good reason for lying. But I’ll have to wait and see what everyone else thinks about it.

begonia9508 -

I read that, in this world, each 4 or 5th man has an illegitimate kid he doesn't know! :shock:
Really? That’s scary to think about. :shock:

AlysLuv - I say ‘knock your socks off’ too. Don’t feel embarrassed. Thanks for the feedback.

LilLoucfer -

I can imagine Samantha's reaction when she sees her!!!!
Yep! The claws will be coming out!

Alien_Friend - There is definitely some unresolved feelings between these two that they haven’t had to really deal with in a long time. I hope you enjoy this new part.

Superman86 - Thanks for the feedback.

zaneri1 - Yeah, Max does get some points for not bad mouthing Liz in front of Lexie, considering we all know how mad he is. Hope you enjoy the next chapter.


Chapter Four




Max groaned as his alarm clock continued to let out the most annoying sound in the world. Lazily he rolled on to his side and slowly opened his heavy eyelids to look at the time. Six o’ clock. Damn! Three hours went by fast. Defiantly, he slammed his hand down on the snoozer button, deciding the band could survive rehearsals without him for a couple of hours, and rolled on to his back, shutting his eyes. Quickly, he started to drift back in the land of slumber when another sound intruded his sleep. This time it was his phone. Opening his eyes once again, Max moved back onto his side and glared at his phone before reaching over to answer it.

“Hello,” he greeted groggily, wondering who the hell had the nerve to bother him this early in the morning.

“Max, it’s me.”

The sound of Liz’s voice woke, Max up instantly and he sat up. “Liz?” Suddenly the events of the other night came flooding back to him. Hopefully she couldn’t hear the sleep in his voice. He felt a little embarrassed that he’d actually forgotten the events that took place the night before, but it couldn’t be helped. He had been really tired the night before.

“Yes, it’s me,” Liz snapped in irritation, but Max could also hear the exhaustion in her voice as well. He imagined she probably got even less sleep than he did. “I just got in. I need the address to your place.”

“5120 Cherry Road Blvd,” he said as he leaned against his headboard. A thought then occurred to him. “Liz, why don’t you let me send a driver to come get you. It’ll be cheaper that way.”

“Thanks, but I don’t need your help,” she answered so fast she almost gave Max whiplash.

Max rolled his eyes he spoke. Talking with her was like pulling teeth. “Don’t be stubborn, Liz. I know you don’t need my help. I’m offering it.”

Liz let out a heavy sigh as she considered his proposition. Finally, she relented. “Fine. How long will it take?”

“What airport are you at?”


“It shouldn’t take too long,” he answered with a shrug. “About an hour to and from there.”

“Okay…thanks,” she in a reluctant, almost painful tone. She hated to acknowledge that Max actually did anything for her, but she tried to get over it. “Can I talk to Lexie?”

“Sure. Let me just see if she’s up.” Max got out of bed, still holding the portable phone to his ear as he walked across the hall to the guest room where Lexie was sleeping. He knocked lightly on the door. “Lexie, are you up?” He waited a minute. When he got no response, he opened the door to find the room empty and the bed completely made.

Panic started seize him and he wondered if Lexie had taken off to avoid seeing Liz. Then his eyes found Lexie’s jacket draped over the back of a desk chair on the other side of the room. As his heartbeat returned to normal the scent of breakfast food assailed his nose.

“Hold on a sec, Liz.” He took the phone away from his ear and held it at his side as he walked down the hallway towards the living room. The smell of food got stronger as he stepped into the living room. Making a left, he headed straight into the kitchen and found Lexie standing in front of the stove, dressed in the same clothes she had worn the night before. Her back was to him, but he could tell she was trying to flip pancakes with a spatula. “Hey.”

“Crap!” Lexie jumped in surprise, making the spatula slip out of her hand and falling on the floor. She turned and bent down to pick the cooking utensil up before giving Max a sheepish smile. “You scared me.”

“Sorry about that,” he said as he scanned all the food and dishes scattered all over the kitchen counters. “What are you doing?”

She shrugged and turned her attention back to the blueberry pancakes. “I just figured since you’ve been so nice, you know, letting me stay the night and everything, that I should do something to say thank you.” She flipped the pancake one more time before placing it on a plate beside her.

Max shook his head. “Lexie, you don’t have to repay me for anything. You’re my daughter.” Max froze. He couldn’t believe he had just said that. The words slipped out of his mouth so fast, he didn’t have time to think about it. Once again, the realization that he was a father hit him like a ton of bricks. He wondered if he’d ever fully get used to the idea.

A heavy silence hung in the room. Hearing him call her his daughter made a warm feeling spread throughout her and soon the tears started to well up again. She choked them back as best she could, but still, she was glad that her back was to him. He didn’t need to see anymore of her tears.

“Um, your mom’s on the phone,” Max said, finally breaking the silence. “She wants to talk to you.”

Lexie felt her mood shift. She really didn’t want to talk to her mom. Sighing, she turned around and took the phone from Max before stepping out into the living room for privacy. She brought the phone to her ear. “Hey, mom.”

“Hey, baby,” Liz greeted in a cheery voice, hoping Lexie would be more receptive today. “I just got in. I should be there soon, okay.”

When Lexie didn’t respond, Liz got worried. She couldn’t force Lexie to come home with her--well, she could. However, she wanted Lexie to come home on her own. Before that could happen, Liz had to get her trust back. Therefore, she tried a new approach. “Lexie, I know you’re still angry and confused. I’m sorry I did that to you. But can you do one thing for me?”
Lexie warred with the anger she felt towards her mother and her desire to get back to that strong, open relationship they used to have. The latter was starting to win. Hesitantly, she spoke. “Sure.”

“Can you just give me chance to explain? I promise when I get there, I’ll tell you what ever you want to know…just give me a chance. That’s all I want.”

Lexie nodded her, but still doubted her mother would tell her the truth. “Okay.”

“Thank you.” It was not exactly the eager response Liz had been hoping for. But she’d take what she could get at this point. “I’ll see you in a little bit.”

“Okay. Bye.”


Lexie clicked the phone off, set it down on the coffee table, and sat down on the arm of the couch. She felt a bit of sadness seep inside of her. Her mother coming meant that soon Lexie would have to return home. And she didn’t want to go home yet. She didn’t want to miss this chance to get to know Max. And what if he didn’t want to see her after this? What if this was the last time she got see her own dad? The thought scared her. She just got her own father into her life and she wasn’t ready to give him up.

“You okay?” Max asked, pulling Lexie out of her thoughts.

Pushing all of her fears aside, she looked at Max and gave him a reassuring smile. “Yeah. I’m fine.”

Max nodded. “Well, breakfast is done.”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

The two of them walked back into the kitchen and carried all of the food and plates into the dining room. Once everything was set, they both sat down across from each other at the large, glass dining room table, and ate their food in awkward silence. Several times, Max had tried to come up with something to say to her, would end up shutting his mouth as quickly as he opened it. What did fathers talk about with their daughters? School? Friends? Boyfriends? Those were the typical topics for most parents, and truth was, he really wanted to know all of that stuff. But he wasn’t sure how to ask. He didn’t know how much information Lexie wanted to give, and he didn’t want her to feel pressured to tell him every single detail about her life just because he was her dad. So, he thought it was better to keep his mouth shut.

After breakfast, Lexie immediately went to work clearing the table, which stunned Max. He figured all teens hated household work. He certainly did when he was her age. “You don’t have to clean up,” he insisted as he followed her into the kitchen with a few dishes of his own. “I mean, you cooked.”

Lexie placed the plates and silverware in the sink and turned on the faucet. “I don’t mind. I help my mom with this kind of stuff all the time.”

Lexie started rinsing the plates and bowls and Max was about to argue again when he heard his doorbell. He put the dishes on the counter by the sink and looked at Lexie. “Hold on a sec,” he told Lexie before walking out of the kitchen.

Max expected to see Liz standing there when he looked the peep hole on his front door. But he was surprised when he saw Samantha instead. “Damn it,” he hissed. With everything going on, he’d forgotten all about Sam. He knew he’d have to tell her about Lexie sooner or later, but he’d hoped that it would’ve been later, when he had everything all figured out. Too bad his fiancée wasn’t that patient. Taking a deep breath, Max mentally prepared himself for what he was sure was going to be one hell of a fight. Then he opened the door. Sam stood in front of him with her arms folded across her chest. If looks could kill, than the glare she was shooting at Max would have turned him into a pile of ash on the floor. What was she so mad about? He hadn’t even told her about Lexie yet.

“What the hell is going on, Max?” Samantha stormed into the condominium and threw her purse down on the couch. “What is this about you having a daughter?”

Max’s jaw almost hit the floor in shock. “How did you know?”

Samantha rolled her eyes. “Max, the girl announced this at your party in front of all of your guests. Did you really think this wouldn’t get out?” She grabbed her purse and pulled out a magazine, and handed it to Max.

Max couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His face on the cover of a magazine wasn’t a new thing to him, but what he read underneath the picture made his eyes practically bug out of their sockets.

Max Evans. Lead singer. Superstar. Father?

“Damn it,” Max Evans handed the magazine back to Samantha. He wanted to find the person that blabbed and beat the living hell out of them, but he knew it wouldn’t have mattered. This was bound to come out eventually. It was one of those moments where he actually hated being famous.

“It’s all over the news. But I wanted to hear the truth from you, Max,” she said and waited for his response.

Max exhaled nervously before he spoke. “It’s true. I have a daughter.” He watched Samantha’s eyes widen, as if she hadn’t fully believed it before he said it. “Lexie, can you come in here,” he called out.

A second later, Lexie strode into the living room and looked confused when she saw Samantha. Max held his breath as the two women stared at each other.

As they continued to look at each other, he decided to introduce them. “Lexie, this is Samantha. She’s my fiancée. Samantha, this is Lexie Parker. My daughter.”

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Re: Consequences From The Past (M/L, AU, ADULT) Ch. 3 5/6/10

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Double post.

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Re: Consequences From The Past (M/L, AU, ADULT) Ch. 4 7/12/10

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Thanks to DreamerLaure for the banner

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Re: Consequences From The Past (M/L, AU, ADULT) A/N: 8/30/10

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Keepsmiling7 (2x)
dream believer (2x)
Superman86 (2x)
mary mary

A/N: Hey, everyone. I'm back! Sorry this took so long. RL has been keeping busy. But I finally have the fifth chapter for you all. I want to thank you all for your patience and awesome feedback and I hope this chapter was worth the wait. Also, I wanted to let everyone know that this chapter will be in two parts because of the length. Enjoy.
Chapter Five
Max stood out on his balcony, leaning against the railing and his legs crossed slightly at his feet. He used his hand in a feeble attempt to block out the L.A. sun while he watched Samantha pace around--naturally, she had remembered to put her designer sunglasses on before stepping outside with him. And there they had remained for the last twenty minutes--yep, twenty minutes. He clocked it--, in a nerve wrenching silence. Max had thought about immediately jumping into explanation mode, but then thought better of it when he saw her face. He decided it would be better to give her a moment, let her try to process this. However, the longer the silence stretched on, the more nervous and eager he became to try to explain himself. In answer to his prayers, Sam finally spoke, cutting through the almost painful quiet.

“You have a kid?” Her voice was flat and emotionless, but Max could see a hint of sadness in her eyes.

He gave her a slow, reluctant nod. “Yes.”

“A daughter?”


“Named Lexie?”

“Correct again.” Max laughed nervously, hoping to lighten the mood a little bit. It didn’t work.

“This isn’t funny, Max!” Samantha snapped, finally letting all of her inner anger come to the surface. “You have a daughter and you never told me.”

“Sam, please calm down,” Max urged gently, looking past her into the condominium to see if Lexie was listening. He saw her sitting on the couch watching the television, and flicking through the channels with the remote. His eyes returned to Samantha’s deep brown ones and he tried to explain himself as best as he could. “I was going to tell you about her but this is all new for me too. I didn’t even know I had a daughter until last night.”

This bit of information seemed to calm Samantha down a little bit--but not much. She glanced behind her at Lexie, who was still absorbed in the television, and then looked back at Max, a suspicious look on her face. “Are you sure that she’s for real?” She asked, her tone oozing with distrust. “She could be a con artist.”

“She’s telling the truth,” he said certainly.

Samantha’s eyes narrowed. “How can you be sure?”

Max hesitated a moment before speaking. Even after fifteen years, Liz Parker was still a sore subject for him. But he was going to have to tell Samantha about her anyway, so he decided to get it over with. “Because I know her mother.”

Samantha still didn’t seem convinced. “How do you know she’s not trying to get money from you?”

Max shook his head. “She’s not like that. Trust me.”

Samantha’s shoulders slumped a little in defeat and the tense silence returned. Max could not take his eyes off Sam as she tried to process this new bit of information. Words couldn’t express just how badly Max wished he could read her mind. Not knowing was killing him.

“So…who is she?” Samantha reluctantly asked, looking down at the ground as she did. When her eyes came back up to look at him, the pain in them was overwhelming. “Lexie’s mother. What’s her name?”

Max exhaled nervously as Liz Parker’s face flashed into his head. Secrets that he thought he had buried a long time ago were coming back with vengeance and he was helpless to stop it. Time seemed to freeze as he opened his mouth and spoke the name of the woman he’d tried so hard to forget. “Her name is Liz Parker.”
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Lexie slumped back on the couch with the remote in her left hand, lazily flipping through the channels as she tried to pretend she hadn’t heard Max’s fiancée yelling out on the balcony. She was tempted to look over again and see what was going on between those two. But she controlled herself for a little while longer before finally giving in and sneaking a glance. From what she could see, it looked like Max and Samantha were deep in conversation, which was a big change from the way they were the last time she checked on them. Judging from the serious looks on their faces, it didn’t look like the conversation was going too well. And Lexie could only imagine what Samantha was saying about her. Granted, she had only spoken to Samantha for a second, but something about her didn’t scream maternal, stepmother potential. Lexie couldn’t help but wonder how Max went from her mom to Samantha. She also couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if Max’s fiancée didn’t want her around.

A knock at the door took her mind off her growing concerns, which she was thankful for. Another knock made her look over her shoulder at the door and then back out to where Max and Samantha were. It didn’t look like they were any closer to resolving their issues and she didn’t want to be the one to interrupt them. She also didn’t want to be left alone with Samantha while Max talks with whoever was at the door.

Setting the remote down on the glass coffee table, Lexie stood up and headed in the foyer. She put both of her hands on the front door as she looked through the peephole. Her heart dropped into her stomach when she her mom standing on the other side. She moved back from the door and took a deep breath, steeling herself for what ever happened. She turned the lock and opened the door.

A nervous smile spread on Lexie’s lips as she looked at her mom’s exhausted face. “Hi, mom.” Her voice came out in a tiny squeak. God, she was pathetic. Being in trouble wasn’t something anybody liked, but she probably hated it more than the average teenager did. Most teens just worried about being grounded or losing their cell phones, and they were not as close to their parents as Lexie was to her mother. It didn’t matter how brave she had felt on the phone the other night or how right she felt she was in this situation. She didn’t enjoy being in a fight with her mother.

“Where’s Max?” Liz asked, her tone weary as she walked past Lexie into the condo, dragging her bag behind her. After two long, tiring flights and a thirty-minute drive, Liz was exhausted, and she wasn’t ready to get into it with Lexie. And, as tired as she was physically, all of her anger and feelings of betrayal were still very strong inside of her. If she did talk to Lexie right now, she would probably end up screaming or sobbing uncontrollably.

Liz put her bag down on the floor in the foyer and looked around a bit. Life has been good to Max, Liz observed as she looked at the expensive artwork and statues just in the foyer. She only imagined how beautiful the rest of the condo looked. But where was Mr. Superstar? She turned to Lexie expectantly. “Where is he?” She asked again.

Lexie shut the front door. “He’s out on the balcony,” she answered and gestured for Liz to follow her.

They entered the living room together, and just as Liz suspected, everything in that room looked just as extravagant and expensive, but also very modern as well. Her eyes scanned the living room a little longer before landing on the glass doors leading out onto the balcony. There, she spotted Max. He was just as gorgeous as he had been when they were teenagers. Now he had a more rugged, adult look that made him look even sexier. Then she took notice of the gorgeous brown-haired woman standing next to him. “Who’s that?”

Lexie came up and stood next to Liz, eyeing Samantha as well. “Max’s fiancée.”
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Max took a deep breath once he was finished talking. He had told her everything. About his relationship with Liz, about the pregnancy, and the lie that had changed Max’s life. It had all come spilling out of him uncontrollably once he started. Now he waited, studying Samantha’s face for her reaction. “What are you thinking?” He asked when she didn’t say anything.

Samantha scoffed and looked at Max in utter disbelief. “I don’t know what I think, Max,” she said, sounding and feeling very helpless at the moment. The man she thought she knew now seemed like a stranger and there was nothing she could do about it. She couldn’t change what happened between him and Liz and the fact that they had a child together. She was powerless to change anything that’s happening and she didn’t like it. She looked away from Max and shook her head. “How could you keep this from me?”

“I thought about telling you a few times,” he told her honestly. “But then after awhile, it just felt easier not telling you. It was like, if I didn’t say anything than I could pretend that it never happened.”
“But I’m your fiancée.”

The hurt in her voice cut through Max’s heart like a knife. God, I really screwed up, he thought, feeling ashamed of himself. He took a step closer to her. “Samantha, I’m so sorry.”

“Max, what’s going to happen?” She asked suddenly, finally looking at him again. “What I mean is now that Lexie’s here, what’s going to happen with us?”

For several long minutes, Max just stood there, almost looking like a fish with the way his lips kept opening and closing. Movement from inside the condo caught his attention. Looking back inside, his eyes landed on Liz Parker. Suddenly everything around him melted away and all that existed was her. She looked just as beautiful as she did when she was in high school, untouched physically by the years that passed. The only noticeable difference he could see was her hair. Her once long, dark hair was now shoulder length and curled slightly under her face.

Immediately, he started walking towards the door, forgetting for an instant that Samantha was there. The silence was overwhelming when he stepped inside. Being around each other again, seeing some of the changes, was a bittersweet reminder of what they lost.

“Hey,” Liz greeted softly. She sounded the same as she did in high school.

“Hey,” he repeated lamely. He couldn’t think of anything else to say.

Not even a minute passed before footsteps sounded behind him, getting louder with every step.

“Who’s this?” Came Samantha’s voice beside Max, breaking the moment between him and Liz.

Max turned to Samantha, who was standing on his left. He had an almost guilty look on his face when he said, “Sam, this is Liz Parker.”

“Oh,” there was no mistaking the venom that dripped from her voice as she eyed Liz up and down. She looked like she wanted to claw Liz’s eyes out. Liz could see it and matched Samantha glare for glare, neither of them backing down.

Max rolled his eyes. This is just what I need right now, he thought to himself in annoyance. Grasping Samantha’s arm, he gently pulled her away from her staring contest with Liz and brought her attention back to him. “Could you and Lexie go in the other room for a few minutes?” His eyes went to where Liz was standing. “Liz and I need to talk.”

This time, Max was the one who was about to get his eyes clawed out. “What?”

“Yeah, what?” Lexie repeated. Her anger rang through as well as Samantha’s.

Max turned pleading eyes back to Samantha. “Sam, please. Liz and I really need to discuss some things.”
Samantha’s face remained the same. Infuriated. She let out an angry huff. “Fine. I’ll just go wait in the kitchen.” She practically stomped into the kitchen, resisting the desire to shoot Liz a nasty glare as she passed her.

“Well, I don’t see why I have to leave,” said Lexie, sounding just as defiant and outraged as Samantha’s was.

“Lexie.” Liz took a calm, almost cajoling tone with her daughter. “Max is right. But I promise that once we’re done, I’ll explain everything to you.”

Exhaling, Lexie gave both of her parents one last look before silently walking down that hall to the guest room.

Finally, alone, Max and Liz stood across from each other awkwardly. Both of them stared off at different things in the room, waiting for the other to speak.

“I feel like I should be yelling,” Max said after several long moments.

Liz shrugged, feeling herself become defensive. “Then why aren’t you?”

Max thought about it, wondering the same thing himself. “I don’t know.”

“Yeah, well,” Liz set her bag down on the floor by the couch before stepping towards Max, “I know you have a lot of questions, so let’s get on with it.”

The anger in her both surprised and infuriated Max. What right did she have to be angry? He was the one who was manipulated. Folding his arms across his chest, he glared at her. “I guess I’ll start with the obvious one,” he bit out. “Why did you lie about the miscarriage?”

Liz backed down a little bit at his question, feeling a pang in her heart as those painful memories played in her head. She sighed. “I did it for you.”

“You did it for me?” The disbelief in his voice was obvious to both of them. “You seriously expect me to believe that?”

“It’s the truth.”

“Well, I hope you don’t expect me to thank you,” he said bitterly.

“Max, do you even remember how you reacted when I told you about the baby?”

“I was in shock,” he admitted. “You can’t blame me for that. Besides, I proposed to you.”

“Yeah,” Liz scoffed, fighting back the angry tears that were beginning to form. “And I was so stupid, I actually believed that you did it because you loved me.” She paused, letting her eyes look at something other than him. “Do you remember the night we told our parents?” Her words came out in a soft whisper. And Max almost missed what she’d said. Slowly, he nodded his head. However, Liz wasn’t really paying attention to him. She was now lost in the memory of that night.

A soft laugh escaped her lips, but it wasn’t a happy laugh. It was the sad laugh of a girl who had lost the one person she believed she could count on. That knowledge had left a sad, lonely ache in her soul. But it almost didn’t compare to the anger and bitterness she now felt towards Max. She let that part of her take over as she turned hard eyes back on him. “Our relationship stopped being about love the moment I told you I was pregnant. I just didn’t realize it until that night.”

The next part is coming right up. :D
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Re: Consequences From The Past (M/L, AU, ADULT) A/N: 8/30/10

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~ May 23, 1994 ~

Liz’s heart pounded loudly in her chest as she sat in between her parents in her dad’s red truck. She shifted slowly, hoping to gain some room as her father Jeff Parker turned the car onto the Evans street. Her anxiety and fear washed over her in waves. She almost couldn’t believe that her parents hadn’t noticed it. She and Max had decided earlier that week that it was time to tell their parents the truth. They’d arranged for a casual get together, which their parents had decided to make a formal one. Looking down at her white, itchy sundress, she really wished that they hadn’t. It was going to be hard enough; she should at least get to be comfortable when she did. However, they didn’t know that, and Nancy had told Liz that a formal evening would be more festive. That was how she put it. Festive. Liz almost snorted in amusement as she thought about it. She knew the truth. In reality, her parents just wanted to try to impress one of the wealthiest families in Roswell, and Mrs. Evans, Liz guessed, just like making things fancy.

Pulling into the large driveway of the Evans residence, Jeff parked the truck beside one of the three cars that the Evans owned. Mr. Evans used to be a big lawyer in New York. Even after moving to Roswell, he was still a pretty big deal. Therefore, it didn’t surprise Liz that they could afford that many cars. The three of them stepped out of the truck and Liz paused for a moment to gaze at the house. She’d been to Max’s house several times since they started dating, but every time she saw it, it amazed her. The Evans home was the kind of house people usually imagined when they thought of “the American dream.” It was a huge two-story house in the suburbs, painted white like every other house on the block. They even had a white picket fence, completing the picture. It was all very different from her two-bedroom apartment above her parents’ restaurant.

Liz stood between both of her parents as they walked up to the front door. Jeff, who was standing on his daughter’s right, leaned forward slightly and pressed down on the doorbell. A minute later, the door swung open and a beautiful blonde woman, who Liz knew as Mrs. Evans, stood there wearing a warm smile on her lips. Her hair was tied up in a fancy bun with little wisps hanging down, framing her face. She was wearing a cream colored sequin blouse and a long silk skirt of the same color.

“It’s so nice to meet you both,” Mrs. Evans greeted warmly. Her eyes then went to Liz and while her smile didn’t falter, it definitely lost some of it’s warmth. “Liz, it’s always nice to see you.”

Liz smiled back at her. “Hello, Mrs. Evans.”

Diane stepped aside so that Jeff, Nancy and Liz could enter. Once the door was shut, she led the Parker family into the living room. Liz’s eyes immediately found Max as they entered. He was sitting next to his sister Isabel on the loveseat. His face was almost white and he was staring down nervously at his hands, which were set neatly on his lap. Liz sympathized with him. All day long, Liz had been a bundle of nervous energy. But seeing Max, she suddenly felt like the calm one.

As Mrs. Evans led them further into the living room, Liz looked away from Max and turned her attention to the rest of the Evans clan. Mr. Evans was sitting on the loveseat across from where his children were seated, reading a newspaper. He immediately set the paper down and stood, shaking hands with both Jeff and Nancy. He always turned to Liz and gave her a quick hug. He was always a little warmer towards her than Diane was. Isabel stood up as well and introduced herself to Liz’s parents. Everyone sat in the living room for a while after that, talking and getting to know each other, unaware of how silent bother Liz and Max were. Honestly, Liz wasn’t paying attention to anything anyone was saying. Though she smiled and spoke when engaged in conversation, her mind wasn’t really there. She knew it was the same for Max.

After about ten minutes, the Evans maid Rosario entered to inform Diane in Spanish that dinner was ready. Everyone moved into the dining room and Liz was amazed at how beautiful all the food looked. A large, juicy pot roast sat at the center of the large Oak table in between two crystal candelabras. The rest of the table was covered with different kinds of food. Stringed beans, carrots, stuffing, mashed potatoes and dinner rolls. It all smelled delicious. But Liz was too nervous to really enjoy it. She took maybe two bites before finally giving up and pushing the rest of her food around with her fork. Just like in the living room, Liz wasn’t paying attention to anyone or anything. How much longer could she put off telling them the truth? Probably not for much longer, but she wasn’t about to say anything a moment before she had to.

“Hey, what’s up with you?”

Isabel’s voice made Liz look up from her plate. On the other side of the table, Isabel was sitting next to Max, looking at him strangely.
I guess not everyone’s oblivious to our strange behavior, Liz realized as watched the interaction between them. Around the table, the parents continued with their conversation, obviously not hearing Isabel.

Max shrugged a little, but wouldn’t look at his sister. “Nothing’s up,” he murmured, still pushing his food around with his fork.

Liz could tell that Isabel didn’t believe him. She turned to Liz, silently looking to her for answers. Liz shrugged as well and quickly looked back down at her plate. Fortunately, Isabel didn’t press any further and everyone continued with his or her dinner.

After dinner, everyone moved into the living for coffee and cake while Rosario cleaned up. Isabel politely excused herself after a few moments, telling her parents that she was going to study at Vicki Delany’s house. Hearing the front door click shut, Liz exhaled anxiously. Looking over at Max beside, she reached over and gently grasped his hand. That finally seemed to grab his attention. When they’re eyes met, no words needed to be spoken. They both knew what the other was thinking. A questioning look glinted in Liz’s eyes that Max understood. She wanted to make sure he was ready for this. His fear was evident all over his face, but she could see him trying to push it down. He was trying to be strong for her. He gave Liz’s hand a reassuring squeeze and nodded.

The conversation started out fairly calm when Liz started, all four parents staring patiently as she spoke. Max sat back on the couch, deciding to let Liz take the lead. The moment the word “Pregnant” came out, all hell broke loose. First, they started screaming at Max and Liz, chastising them for pulling such a horrible prank on them. After they realized that it wasn’t a joke, Liz watched them turn their anger on each other. Jeff and Phillip stood by the fireplace, arguing over who was more at fault, Max or Liz. Nancy sat next to Diane on the loveseat across from their children, sobbing into her hands. And Diane sat there silently, glaring at Liz. There was no guessing whom she blamed for ruining her son’s life.

“We need to calm down,” Nancy finally said, looking up from her hands. Jeff and Phillip didn’t hear her though. They continued yelling and raging at each other as if she hadn’t spoken at all. Nancy took a couple of deep breaths, trying to regain her composure before she spoke again, this time louder and more firm. “Screaming at each other isn’t going to solve anything.” Phillip and Jeff finally turned to listen to Nancy. “What’s done is done. Now we need to figure out what we’re going to do about it.”

“I think it’s pretty obvious what we should do,” Phillip said. He pointed his finger at Liz. “She should get rid of it.”

Nancy gasped in horror. Obviously, that wasn’t what she had in mind. “You’re talking about murder.” Liz could hear the disgust in her mother’s voice as she said murder.

“Um, guys--” Liz started, wanting to diffuse the situation, but Diane quickly cut her off.

“Think about it, Nancy,” she said calmly, managing to take her hostile eyes off of Liz to try and talk some sense to Nancy. “This would solve everything. Do you really want Liz to be a mother at fifteen?”

“Of course not, but I don’t think an innocent child should die because of a mistake that these two made.”

“Their mistake?” Phillip scoffed, shooting Liz an accusatory look at Liz.

Liz sank down a little at his cold stare. What she wouldn’t give to be somewhere else now. Seeing these people look at her like she was a whore was hard to digest. They’d never been overly warm towards her to begin with, but this was worse.

“Yes. Their mistake,” Jeff growled, taking a step towards Phillip to get his attention. “ My daughter didn’t force him to have sex with her.”

Nancy took that moment to stand up and walk over to her husband. “Jeff,” she said soothingly, placing a calming hand on his arm. That appeared to calm him down because a second later, he stepped back from Phillip, regaining some his restraint. Liz’s father wasn’t a very violent person by nature, but when it came to defending his family, especially his little girl, he was lion, and would do anything for her.

Liz had heard enough though. She couldn’t sit there any longer while they attacked each other and made decisions about her life and her child. She looked to Max for some support, but he didn’t seem to know what to say or do. So it was up to her to defend her family. She stood up from the couch, her voice strong and calm as she spoke. “You guys don’t need to decide what to do with the baby. Max and I already have a plan.”

“What plan?” Jeff asked, turning to Liz along with everyone else in the room.

“First off, I’m not having an abortion.” The strength in voice left no room for argument on that front. She could see the disappointment on the Evans faces at the same time as she saw the relief playing on her parents’ faces. “Max and I are going to get married and we’re going to keep the baby. We love each other and we want to be together.”

“Absolutely not!” Diane shouted, bolting out of her seat in fury.

“You are too young to be getting married,” Jeff chimed in, sounding equally unhappy about this plan.

Phillip, Diane and Jeff all started speaking at once, trying to explain to Liz what a horrible idea getting married was.
At least I got them to come together on something, she mused. Her mother was the only one not saying a word. If anything, she looked more thoughtful about this information than angry.

“Now let’s think about this a moment,” she finally said, coming to stand closer to Liz. “This seems like a sensible option. A child needs a mother and a father.”

Phillip then slammed his glass of scotch down on the fireplace mantel an outrage. “Out of the question!” He exclaimed. “My son is not going to throw his future away just because this--”

“Choose your words very carefully,” Jeff warned in a menacing voice, his violent anger slowly returning when he caught the way Phillip was looking at Liz.

“You have to see it from our side,” Diane tried to explain. “From our perspective, this would look suspicious. Like maybe you were trying to get something from us.” She looked to Liz, her cold gaze returning. She knew she didn’t need to finish her statement. Everyone knew what she was implying.

“Liz did not get pregnant to get anything from you,” Nancy replied in disgust, unable to believe the accusations that were flying out of these people’s mouths. “And let’s not forget, it takes two to make a baby. Your son is just as responsible for this mess.”

“She could’ve manipulated him,” Diane replied simply, as if she believed that what she was saying was fact.
Immediately, all the parents started shouting again. Liz rolled her eyes, her fear from earlier long gone. Now all she felt was tired and annoyed. All of this arguing was getting everyone nowhere “Enough!” Liz exclaimed, making everyone look at her in surprise. Once they quieted down, she looked at Diane. “I didn’t trick Max into getting me pregnant,” she told her, letting her eyes and tone show that she didn’t like being accused of something so disgusting. “He proposed to me.” Diane’s eyes widened and Liz took a little bit of satisfaction in catching her off guard.

“He proposed to you?” Her face turned to Max for confirmation. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, looking away from her.

“Yes,” Liz answered softly when Max didn’t say anything. “He proposed to me because he loves me. And I love him. We want this.”

Diane didn’t look at Liz though. Her stare remained on Max, wanting to hear it from her son. “Max, is this true?”

Max looked up at the five sets of eyes staring at him, waiting for him to speak. Liz’s eyes pleaded with him to stand up for her. To tell his parents that they were in this together no matter what they said. He turned to look at his mom, and what he said next stunned Liz.

“Getting married seemed like the most practical thing to do.”

The way he said it broke her heart. It sounded so analytical and emotionless. Like in his mind, marriage was the logical solution.
The most practical thing to do? What the hell does that mean? Liz suddenly wanted to scream and cry all at the same time, but her mouth couldn’t move at that moment. How could he propose to her if he didn’t love her?

“It isn’t practical,” Phillip said. “It’s ludicrous. Fifteen is too young to be getting married.”

“Getting married is what’s best for the baby,” Nancy pointed out, hoping to talk some sense into them.

“To hell with the baby!” Phillip shouted, throwing his arms in the air., unaware of the fact that beside him, Jeff Parker was seething. “My son’s future is destroyed because you’re daughter’s an easy little w--”

Yep, he really should’ve been watching her dad. If he had, he would’ve seen the fist heading straight for his face. Phillip went down hard. Diane gasped and went to her husband. “Phillip!” She cried out as she gently touched her husband’s face.

Max stood up as well and everybody watched in horror. Liz couldn’t believe that her father had actually punched Phillip.

“We’re out of here,” Jeff said then, gently grabbing his wife and ushering her towards the door. Liz hesitated a moment and looked at Max, gesturing with her head for him to follow her before walking out of the living room herself.

Max’s parents were already heading towards the kitchen to get some ice, so he didn’t hesitate to follow Liz. He found her standing by the open front door, her arms folded over her chest.

“My parents are waiting for me in the car,” she told him. Max nodded but didn’t say anything. Surprisingly, she wasn’t angry. She thought she would be. But mostly, she was just sad. She so desperately wanted to hear him say that what he said wasn’t true. She wanted him pull her into his arms and tell her that he loved her and wanted to be her husband. But that didn’t happen. Max just stood there with his hands in his pocket, shifting from foot to foot nervously. He probably hoped that she’d just let tonight go. But she couldn’t let it go. She had to talk about it. “I could’ve used some support back there.” There was no anger in her voice. Just hurt. “I thought we were going to do this together, but you just left me hanging there. What happened?”

“I’m sorry,” he murmured guiltily. “My parents are just really difficult to talk to. It’s not like you with your parents.”

“Yeah, I got that.” She nodded her head, feeling a tiny bit of hope. Maybe she was overreacting to what he said. Maybe he only said it out of fear. “So then, you didn’t mean what you said? About the reason you proposed?”

Max hesitated a moment before shaking his head. “Of course I didn’t mean it.”

Liz wanted to believe him so badly that she decided to ignore the doubtful tone in his voice, telling herself that she‘d imagined it. “I should probably go.” She didn’t wait for his response before turning around to leave.

“Liz, wait,” Max called out suddenly. Liz stopped on Max’s porch and turned to look at him. “You were on the pill when we had sex? I mean…” Max paused, thinking of his words before he said them, “You didn’t know you were going to get pregnant.”

Liz’s heart plummeted. Just when she thought this night couldn’t get any worse. “You know what I like about your parents?” She asked, feeling some her dad’s earlier anger surge within her. “They may be jerks, but at least they’re straight forward. What are you asking me, Max?”

Max sighed and looked away. “Forget it.”

“No, Max,” Liz continued, walking towards him. “Say it. You think I got pregnant on purpose.”

He didn’t answer her, but as far as Liz was concerned, he didn’t need to. His face answered for him. “Max, if you honestly think I would do that, than I need to know now,” she told him, sounding almost desperate at this point but she didn’t care. “Tell me.”

Max was silent again for several long minutes, just staring at her. Thousands of thoughts were running through Liz’s mind at that moment. What if Max really did blame her? What if he didn’t love her anymore? What if he didn’t want to marry her? And the big question was could she handle all of that? For a second, she thought Max must’ve read her mind because the next moment a look of regret flashed in his brown eyes and he started shaking his head.

“No, of course not, Liz.”

He sounded so apologetic as he spoke, and Liz truly wanted to believe him. But there was a nagging voice inside of her telling her that he was lying.

He sighed and pulled Liz to him, holding her in his arms. “Forget I said it,” he told her. “It was dumb.”

Liz nodded against his chest, allowing his warm embrace to fight back some of those doubts.
He loves me, she told herself again. It’s all going to be okay. All Liz wanted to was hold on to Max, to stay wrapped in his strong arms forever. But the sound of Jeff’s angry voice broke the spell.

“Lizzie, let’s go!” He called out sternly.

Finally, Liz pulled away from Max and stared up at him. “So, um, can I call you tomorrow?”

Max then shifted awkwardly in front of her. He took a quick glance back inside his house. “I don’t know if that’s such a good idea,” he said, turning back to her. “After what happened tonight…I think it might be better if we just took a breather for a couple of days.”

Once again, that insecure voice in her head resurfaced, telling her that something wasn’t right between them. Instead of dwelling on it, she simply smiled and nodded her head. “Sure. A couple of days.”

Walking towards the truck, Liz could feel the seeds of doubt taking root inside of her. She tried to ignore it, but they refused to leave. They stayed with her on the drive home and continued to stay by her side the rest of the night.
Max loves me, she tried to tell herself over and over, but each time it felt hollow inside of her. Still, it was better than accepting the reality at the moment. No. Reality could wait a little while longer.
~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Tears started to spring to Liz’s eyes and she could feel a big lump settle in her throat. Quickly, she turned her body away from Max. The pain of those memories surprised her. She believed that she’d moved past it, but she realized then that she’d never gotten over her past. It had always been with her. She had just hidden it away from herself and the rest of the world. Liz took a couple of slow, deep breath, pushing the pain back as far as she could. When she faced him again, she appeared calmer, her expression cool and steady. She didn’t feel that way on the inside, but it didn’t matter. She wouldn’t let Max see the affect that he had--and still did have apparently--on her. Finally, in a flat voice, she said, “When I told I’d lost the baby, I thought I was letting you off the hook.”

“You’re right. I wasn’t there for you when I should’ve been, and I said some really stupid things to you out of fear,” he admitted after a moment, but there was still a defensive tone to his voice that Liz didn’t like. “But that doesn’t justify what you did.”

Liz smiled bitterly at him and gave him a quick shake of her head. “No, Max. It wasn’t stupid. You believed everything you said. I know you did. For days after that dinner, you were so angry with me, picking stupid fights with me for no reason. When I tried to talk to you, you’d blow me off. When I called, you wouldn’t answer. I didn’t know what to do.” It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep her tears away, but she kept forcing them back, refusing to let a single teardrop. “And then you took off without telling anyone you had gone.”

Max looked away guiltily. He remembered that week very well. He’d spent them in New York with his cousin Zan, in desperate attempt to get away from the craziness that was his life.

“Hell, I didn’t even know you had left until your mother called, demanding I return her precious son her to her,” Liz continued in an even voice. “That’s when I knew that you didn’t want this. You didn’t want to marry me. And you didn’t want a baby.”

“You didn’t want a baby either,” Max muttered in a feeble attempt to defend himself

“No, I wasn’t prepared for a child,” she corrected. “But I wasn’t going to run away from it. But I also knew I shouldn’t punish you for a choice I made and planned to stick by. I also couldn’t put Lexie through a situation like that.”

Max’s shoulders sagged a little. She was right. Whether he had meant to or not, he had been unfair to Liz back then. He still didn’t believe it completely excused her for her lies, but he could see why she believed he didn’t want her or their child.

Taking a deep breath, Max ran his fingers through his dark hair and looked at Liz again. He hoped that she could see the regret in his eyes. “It doesn’t really matter anymore now, I guess,” he said in calmer, more controlled voice. “We have to figure out what we’re going to do now.” And boy did they. Max may not have been ready for a child back then--hell, he wasn’t sure if he was ready for one now--but he had one. And he couldn’t walk away from that.

Unsure of what his answer would be, Liz looked at Max cautiously when she asked, “What do you want to do?”

Before Max could answer, Samantha came back into the living room. “Maybe you and Lexie shouldn’t go home today,” she said, coming to a stop beside Liz. Max and Liz both realized that she’d been listening to their conversation, but she just shrugged it off, not the least bit guilty for listening to them. Instead, she continued with her idea. “You guys aren’t going to figure everything out in a matter of minutes. You should take some time. You should talk, you know. Before making any decisions.”

Liz mulled this over. She really wanted to take Lexie home, but Samantha was probably right. She and Max were nowhere near reaching a decision about what they were going to do now. She turned to Max to see what he thought. His expression looked thoughtful for a moment. She imagined he had as many mixed emotions as she did about this idea. A moment later, he gave Liz a small nod.

“I think that would be a good idea, Liz. You can stay here if you like or I can get you a hotel.”
“No, I can get my own hotel,” she said quickly but there was no hostility in her voice like before. Instead, she gave him a small, appreciative smile. “I better go talk to Lexie then.”

“The guest rooms at the end of the hall on the right,” he informed her as she started heading towards the hallway. Once she disappeared behind the coroner, Max’s eyes went to Samantha. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” His eyes were filled with concern. “I’d understand if you weren’t. This is a lot to handle.”

“Yes, it is,” she murmured. In reality, she wasn’t okay with any of this. She didn’t want Max to be a father, and she most definitely didn’t want him hanging around with the mother of his child. But she knew Max. Now that he had a daughter, he’d want to get to know her, and she couldn’t make him send them both away. At least this way, Samantha could be a part of it and keep an eye on Liz. She didn’t care how long ago their relationship was, she didn’t trust Liz. And she hated to admit this to herself, but she was secretly hoping that things wouldn’t work out and Liz and Lexie would leave, giving Max some closure and giving Samantha some piece of mind. “But what’s done is done,” she spoke again, this time sounding more certain than she had been before. “And it’s not like this is your fault. You didn’t know about any of this.”

Max stared at Samantha in surprise. This was the last thing he would’ve ever expected of her. Understanding wasn’t always her strong suite but maybe he’d underestimated her. Instantly, his lips came crashing down on hers and his arms went around her waist, pulling her closer to his body. He wanted to show her how thankful he was.

Samantha kissed him back with just as eagerness and almost forgot that Max’s daughter and his ex were just down the hall--almost anyway. That was a pretty hard thing to forget. She was the first to break the kiss, slightly breathless as she looked into his adoring eyes.

“You’re amazing, you know that?” His voice came out in an almost breathy whisper. But there was also a loving tone in it that came through loud and clear.

She smiled up at him, feeling some of her concerns ease a little bit. It was silly of her to be so worried. Max was hers. And nothing was going to change that. Samantha let out a tiny giggle as her hands came around his neck. “I know that.”
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Re: Consequences From The Past (M/L, AU, ADULT) Ch. 5:

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A/N: Hey, everyone. Sorry for being a day late. But I have the newest chapter here now. :D I hope you enjoy. Also, I'd like to let everyone know that Liz isn't sick. I meant to show how stressed she was from Lexie running away, but I assure you, she's not sick. I'm done rambling now so enjoy. :D
Chapter Six
Liz came to a stop in front of the guest bedroom and lightly tapped on the door with her knuckles. When she didn’t get an answer, she turned the doorknob and entered the room.

“Hey,” she said, shutting the door behind her. Lexie was sitting on the floor at the end of the bed, her knees drawn up to her chest as she stared blankly at the wall in front of her. It made Liz ache seeing how fragile her child looked in that moment.

“Max didn’t want me,” she stated flatly, still looking straight ahead.

Liz sighed. “I really didn’t want you to hear that.”

“Why? Because you wanted to lie to me some more?” Lexie snapped, shooting an accusatory glance at Liz

Liz’s eyes narrowed. “I get that you’re upset and I respect that, but let’s not forget that you ran away from home and had me worried sick for days,” she reminded Lexie. “Don’t talk to me like that.”

The warning tone in her mother’s voice made Lexie back down somewhat. She then went back to staring the wall. “Would you have told me the truth?” She asked, her voice calmer.

Liz stared at Lexie for a long moment, unsure of what to say. Truthfully, she didn’t know if she would’ve ever told Lexie what happened between her and Max. Sure, she’d always told herself that she would when the time was right and when Lexie was older. But then years went by and the timing never seemed right, and she never seemed old enough. “I wanted to,” she said finally. She walked over and sat down next to Lexie on the floor. “But the whole thing was really complicated, Max and me. And I didn’t want you to think that he didn’t love you or want you.”

“But he didn’t,” Lexie said, her voice cracking a little as a tear slid down her cheek.

Unable to resist the instinct to comfort her child, Liz wrapped her arm around Lexie and pulled her closer. “It wasn’t that simple,” she said gently. “He was scared and confused.” A sad laugh escaped her lips. “Hell, I was scared. Having a baby at fifteen hadn’t been part of the plan.”

Lexie didn’t respond. She used the back of her hand and roughly wiped her tear away in frustration. This was all too much. For so long, she’d let herself believe that it was her mom’s fault that her dad wasn’t in their lives. She told herself that her mom must’ve done something to keep him away from them, which she did. Now Lexie understood why. Max didn’t want them--correction. Didn’t want her. The truth sucks.

“And in Max’s defense,” Liz continued. “If I hadn’t lied, I know he would’ve stayed.” Despite how much it killed Liz to actually be defending Max, she knew that what she was saying was the truth. “He would’ve married me and he would’ve been there for you.”
“But it wouldn’t have been what he wanted.”

It was Liz’s turn to remain silent this time. She knew what her answer was, but she didn’t think it needed to be said. She could tell by Lexie’s expression, that she knew what the answer was as well.

“So, what are we going to do?” She asked.

“That’s up to you,” she told Lexie. “If you want to stay, we’ll stay.”

Lexie was silent for a moment as she thought about it. She felt almost stupid for wanting to stay, especially after everything she’d just found out. But at the end of the day, this was her father. She needed to know him. She looked at her mom and gave her a small nod. “I want to stay.”

With the decision made, Liz got her feet and Lexie did the same. “I’ll go tell Max then.”

“All right.” Lexie nodded than gestured towards the bathroom door behind. “I’m gonna go clean myself up.”

“Okay,” she said than left the room.

Lexie padded into the bathroom and turned the shower on. Once underneath the warm spray of the water, she sighed in relief. Three days on a cramped, smelly bus was definitely not conducive to feeling clean. As she ran her fingers through her hair, she started to wonder if she had made the right decision by staying. Her mother told her it was her decision, but Lexie could see how uncomfortable she was being here. But who would be comfortable with the person that broke their heart? And though she didn’t like admitting it to herself, she was scared. She had no proof at all that things were different now. What if Max still didn’t want her in his life? Lexie still wasn’t on the fact that her mother had been keeping them apart for so long, but she was her mother. Right or wrong, she did what a mother tries to do for her child, protect her. Max had hurt her and she didn’t want the same thing for her daughter.

Uncertainty and doubt filled her as she stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her body. Heading back into the bedroom, she silently prayed that her mom’s fears wouldn’t be proven right.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Samantha left shortly after her conversation with Max, which he was thankful for. Despite her assurances that she was fine with Liz and Lexie staying, he wasn’t blind to the hostility he’d seen in her eyes towards Liz. And that was the last thing he wanted to deal with at the moment.

Shortly after her departure, the phone started to ring. Max groaned tiredly, figuring it was another reporter wanting to get a story out of him. The phone had ringing off the hook with reporters since he got up, so he was surprised when he saw the name on the caller ID.

“Hello, Isabel.”

“What the hell is going on?!” His sister yelled into the phone, making him wince and move the phone away slightly.

“I’m guessing you heard,” he said, bringing the phone back to his ear.

“Max, it’s all over the news,” she said and he could hear the sound of rustling paper in the background. “They even have a picture of the girl pretending to be you daughter.” Her voice had a trace of venom in it when she said the word daughter. “I think you should call mom and dad. I know you’re not talking to them, but they could help you. They could force this little con to take a blood test and expose her for what she really is.”

“Whoa, Isabel. Calm down,” he said, stopping his sister’s rant. “I don’t need to call mom and dad, and Lexie isn’t a con artist. She really is my kid.”

“How can she be your daughter?” She asked, her voice skeptical.

Max sucked in a quick breath, not looking forward to his sister’s reaction to what he was about to say. “Liz Parker is her mom.”

“You’re ex-girlfriend, Liz Parker?” She asked and he could hear the confusion in her voice. “But you haven’t seen her since--” Isabel suddenly stopped mid-sentence, Max’s words finally dawning on her. “Max, oh my god,” she gasped in shock.

“Yeah. She never lost the baby.”

Her voice went from shock to pure rage in a matter of seconds. “I can’t believe this! Who the hell does she think she--”

“Isabel, don’t,” he interjected before she could go on another tirade. “I’ve already been where you are right now. Unfortunately it’s a bit more complicated than that.”

“How could it be? She lied to you and kept your child from you.”

Just than Max heard a door opening down the hall. “Like I said, it’s complicated. But I’ll explain it all later. I got a go.”

“You better,” she replied sternly before the phone clicked off on the other end.

Max hung up as well and placed the phone back on the hook. He turned around just as Liz entered the living room, hands tucked into her pocket. Her eyes scanned the room when she saw Max standing by himself. “Where’s your fiancée?” She asked, trying to sound casual as she look around the room.

“She had a photo shoot to be at.”

“Oh,” was all Liz could say. She still couldn’t believe that Max engaged to a freaking model. The woman was gorgeous, but definitely didn’t seem like Max’s type. I guess people change, she thought to herself. But why should she care? Who Max as with or wasn’t with wasn’t her problem nor did she want it to be. That part of her life was over.

“Lexie’s just taking a quick shower,” she told Max quickly, desperate for something to say to him. “We’re going to be staying at a hotel for a few days.”

Max nodded. “I can take care of all that for you,” he suggested. “You know, the financial stuff.”

“No, thank you,” she said as quickly and politely as possible as she headed to the foyer where her bags were.

Max followed her. “I don’t mind.”

“No offense, Max, but I do mind,” she told him firmly, her voice taking a hard edge. “I can take myself.”

Max took a step back, surprised by her sudden hostility towards him. “I know that. I was just…” he stopped talking, unsure of what he could say that wouldn’t piss her off more. With a sigh, he shoved his hands into his pockets and stared down at the floor nervously.

The two of them fell into an uncomfortable silence, and Liz felt slightly guilty for being so defensive with him. He looked like a puppy who’d just been whacked on the nose. Before she could apologize, Lexie came bounding out to join them.

“Ready,” she said, moving to stand beside Liz.

Liz nodded. “All right.” Her eyes went back to Max, who looked like he was trying to decide something. “I’ll call you once we’re settled.”

“Okay.” Max watched Liz and Lexie grab their bags and turn towards the door. Finally, he spoke. “Hey.” They both stopped and looked at him. “I was thinking that you two should come to dinner tomorrow night. I want to spend some time with Lexie while you guys are here.” His brown eyes went to Liz. “And you and I can catch up as well.”

Every fiber in Liz’s being wanted to say no, to tell Max that it was too soon. But when she caught the hopeful expression on Lexie’s face, she knew she couldn’t. Pushing aside her nagging doubts, she looked at Max and nodded her head. “Sure,” she said. “That sounds like a good idea.” This is going to be so bad, she thought to herself.
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