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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) AN pg7 5/13/11

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Thank you all for the feedback. Thank you Lizzy for beta'ing. And I hope everyone enjoys this part.

Chapter 30

By the time his English class with Liz rolled around, Alec had come up with a game plan for getting back at his naughty student who let him be jealous over her possible relationship with another teacher. As soon as the previous English class left, he hurried to his next classroom, the one where Liz would be.

Alec got there within a minute and leaned against the front of his desk waiting for that beautiful brunette to pass the threshold. As he waited, he fiddled with the pieces of paper in his pockets. There were ten in total. Each one with a hand written sentence designed to tease her as he had been.

When Liz entered the room, her eyes immediately sought him out. However, there was barely enough time for either to do more than smile at one another before other students started pouring in.

He watched as Liz walked—well sashayed—down the aisle to her seat. There was an extra bit of swish added to that walk that was just for him.

Alec breathed in a bit heavier than normal but kept his slightly warm, nice guy teacher façade intact. Let her tease all she wants, he’d have the upper hand once class began. He made sure of it.

Students continued to make their way into the room and to their seats. One student made it just as the last bell rang. “Just in time.” Alec told him.

With a nod and brief wave of acknowledgement, the student took his seat.

“Alright, well it seems I haven’t scared anyone off from last class. I’ll just take role to be sure, and then we’ll get started on today’s lesson plan.”

He picked up the roster and read through the names as he had on the first day, except this time using the nicknames they asked to be called by. Once that task was done, he picked up another sheet. This one also had the student’s names on it, only this one wasn’t a role call sheet—it was a seating chart.

Alec had thought long and hard about this chart. Mostly though, he thought about where he wanted to put Liz while keeping an eye on X5-711 at the same time. He wanted to be able to look at one, Liz, and see the other, Alex, clearly. At first he thought of putting Liz in the back row; that way he could casually touch her or give her notes more often that wouldn’t be caught by the rest of the students. However, if he did that, then Alex would have to be right next to Liz or in front of her, and since he planned on passing by Liz often, he’d be getting the back of Alex’s head a lot.

With that being the case, he decided on Liz being in the very front row. Granted, he would have to be sneakier about his note passing or possible touching, but he’d be able to be at the front of the room and see Alex with little to no problem.

“Alright everyone,” He held up the piece of paper. “This is the seating chart.” Alec waited for the groans to pass before he continued. “So everyone, gather up your belongings, stand over on that side of the room,” he pointed toward the windows, “and come forward and sit at the desk assigned to you when I call your name.”


Liz stood next to Alex in front of the cold heater and windows waiting for Alec to tell her where she’d sit for the rest of the year.

“So, where were you this morning?” Alex whispered in her ear.

Instead of answering, Liz smirked and quickly flicked her gaze over to their teacher, who called Tess’s name and tapped the desk she’d been assigned too. Alex’s new friend, and her still non-friend, would be sitting in the second set of desks from the window and two rows up from the front.

Alex chuckled lowly. “I knew it.”

“Shut up. Not like you haven’t gone to see Isabel in the early morning hours.” She whispered back.

“Yea, but she’s not exactly forbidden in the same way he is.” He shot back smartly.

“Liz Parker.” Alec spoke her name, and she whipped her widening eyes toward him. “Your new seat.” He patted the top of the desk. Alec had placed her in the very front row, directly across from his desk.

With a nod, she went to the desk he indicated and sat. Alec continued calling out names, and Alex’s seat was two seats behind hers. She smiled at her friend and brother and turned back to the front.

Alec made his way back to the front row of desks next to Liz. He, as if by accident, brushed his fingers against her elbow as he walked by. She kept the big grin that she so desperately wanted to give, hidden away and settled for a simple, sedated, nothing had happened face.

“Max Evans.” When Liz heard that, the smile she felt bubbling up inside her quickly dissipated. Max would be sitting next to her for the rest of the year. Damn. She could hear it now, they were sitting next to each other, and clearly they were meant to be.

Liz inwardly flinched. She shouldn’t be so hard on Max. They were at one point extremely close…or as close as she would allow herself to be to another person. She had been thinking of a future with him, and now she didn’t. She had the whole summer to reevaluate her feelings for Max, but Max only had a couple weeks. Maybe she could ease up and not be so cold to him. She needed to talk to Maria about this.

Although she promised not to be cold to Max, she didn’t smile back at him when he sat down next to her. She just nodded, acknowledging him, and played with the corner of her text book. No reason to get his hopes up.


Alec hopped up onto his desk once everyone was in their assigned seats. “Ok. Now that we have that piece of business out of the way, we are going to start on our first week’s assignment. It’s something very easy and relatively painless. Write about what you did over your summer vacation.”

Max raised his hand.

“Yes?” Alec pointed to him.

“How long does this have to be?”

“As long as it’s more than a paragraph and less than a page, it’ll be just fine. You’ll all get twenty minutes to work on it, then you’ll turn it in at the front here. When you each come up here with your finished paper, I will hand you questions for the first short story you’ll be reading for this class. Once everyone has the assignment questions, we’ll talk more about it.” Alec explained to everyone. “Ok, your time starts now.”

The entire class pulled out sheets of paper. A couple had to ask their neighbors for a piece of paper, not prepared at all for the unexpected assignment.

Alec briefly wondered what Alex and Liz would say they did that summer. They obviously couldn’t tell the truth, but he was curious about what story they’d spin.

While the students wrote, some furiously and some as slow as molasses, Alec began to walk up and down the columns of desks. He had, in his spying on the real Alec Spencer, learned that the man could barely sit still. He preferred to move and be active, so he incorporated that into his façade of the real man. It also gave him ample opportunity to hand Liz the handwritten notes he planned to give her.

As he walked down the aisle that Liz sat at the front of, he carefully palmed the first of the notes. He momentarily stopped behind Liz, as he had with a couple other students, both male and female, and stood over her as she wrote. Alec knew the moment she knew he was behind her. Her pen jolted to a stop, it was only for a fraction of a second, but it was enough.

Casually, he dropped the small folded piece of paper onto her desk and then continued on his perusal of the other students work.


Liz smirked at the paper drop. What was Alec up too? She didn’t read the paper right away. Instead she finished the next two sentences of her assignment, and then, as nonchalantly as possible, opened it and laid it flat against her paper and desk.

I can still taste you.

Liz straightened at the note. She coughed a little, hiding the surprised but pleased gasp. Max glanced over at her with a questioning expression, but Liz ignored it keeping her eyes trained on her paper.


Alec had heard her gasp and cough when he went up to the blackboard and started writing some information down on it. Take that you little minx. He grinned widely at the board. Although they had kept their encounter that morning strictly to making out, that didn’t mean their hands stayed in one spot.

His fingers had delved beneath her blue jeans as she rocked against his lap. They had both teased each other until their faces were flushed but neither giving the other that final moment of satisfaction.

Alec finished writing on the board, turned, and sat in the chair watching the students as they finished their paper. Liz, as expected, was the first one done. She stood up from her seat and took her paper up front setting it in front of him.

He smirked slightly but didn’t give any other outwardly appearance of amusement toward her. Instead, he reached over to the right of him and gave her the questions for the next assignment, along with another handwritten note.

The only indication Liz gave to show she had the note was a simple quirk of the eyebrow. With a gentle pop of her hip, she made her way back to her seat. Alec leaned back in his desk chair waiting for the other students. Alex was next followed by more and more students until all the assignments were in. Again, this time as he handed the last student the set of questions, he saw the blush creep up Liz’s chest and face as she read his note.

Clearing his throat, Alec stood up and put his hands in his pants pockets. “All right. Do you all have the questions?” The students nodded, except Liz, who was breathing a little harder than normal and rubbing the back of her neck. “Good. On the top of the page is where you’ll find which short story, and its page number in your textbooks, you’re going to be reading to be able to answer these questions. It’s not too long, only ten pages. This assignment will be due on Monday of next week. Normally, these questions that go with the reading material will be given on a Friday and due the following Monday. Is that clear?”

Liz nodded and lifted her gaze to look directly at him. The blush that pinked her skin was still visible, but now there was a hint of defiance and retribution in her eyes. But was she going to wait till lunch, or would she start now? Within seconds, he knew his answer.

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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) AN pg8 10/23/11

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Thank you all for the great feedback and bumps. I didn't expect to have this one out before Halloween but thankfully my muse had other ideas. :lol: Hope everyone enjoys this chapter.

Chapter 31

That evil, evil man. Liz raised her gaze from the delightfully naughty note on her desk.

It was longer than the previous note from him. In this new one, Alec had painted a sensual picture with his words, which got anticipation charging through her and allowed her imagination and memories to run rampant.

Alec stood there, talking about the new assignment, all the while leaning against his desk keeping him a mere two feet away from her. His hands, once in his pocket, were now grasping the edge of the desk, with his fingers curling under it.

She wondered what exactly had brought on this sudden upgrade in teasing. And she wondered what could she do that would tease him just as bad?


Only thirty seconds, at max, passed of him waiting to see if Liz would retaliate, but those seconds were near torture.

It became clear she had decided when she brought her right hand up and gently rested the bottom of her chin on her palm. She sent him a smirk and licked her lips slowly.

As Alec spoke about the assignment and what he expected to see when grading their papers, Liz raked a half hooded gaze inch by agonizing inch up and down his body as if remembering fondly the hours of pleasure from this morning and during their night together.

Alec covertly checked the clock on the wall above the door. Still fifteen minutes left of this class. He seriously wondered if he’d be able to stay right where he was without getting an erection.

Training at Manticore gave him the skills to control his body’s reactions…to a certain extent. When being given a polygraph test he could give the proper bodily responses that would tell the technician he was telling the truth or a lie. He could control his sweating, blood pressure, and pulse rate for about an hour if he really pushed it.

He was fairly certain he could withstand the on slot of Liz’s teasing.

However, despite the confidence in his control, he left the front of the desk and sat down in his chair behind it. No sense testing it. Especially in front of a room full of high school students. That would be awkward and difficult to explain.


Although her mind wandered briefly on various teasing techniques, many learned at Manticore, there wasn’t much she could do in a crowded classroom without calling attention to her actions. So in order to keep their secret affair secret, she kept her teases confined to smaller displays.

Casually biting and flicking her tongue against her index finger while staring a hole through the front of Alec’s desk, giving the distinct impression to her intended target that her finger was something much more intimate in nature. As if that weren’t enough she began stroking the thick pen she brought with her that day, with her fingertips, caressing the rounded tip of the lid with her thumb.

Alec cleared his throat and moved his chair deeper under the desk. Liz bit her lip, covering her excitement at his discomfort. As he continued speaking she stretched her back by pushing her chest out a bit, bringing his gaze to an area of her body that he spent a lot of time around since they first met. Unfortunately his attention wasn’t the only one captured, Max, sitting on her right, also took note of her stretch.

Liz saw Max’s eyes widen for a moment then lower slightly, she knew that look, and it was one she knew for sure Alec would be sporting himself if he wasn’t facing a room full of teenagers. Plus she’d seen the look a time or two in her life as both a transgenic female and a regular high school girl.

She saw a flare of anger shoot up in Alec’s eyes directed at Max but he quickly covered before anyone could notice his slip.


Alec fought off the instinct to beat up the teenage boy next to his woman. One trait that his transgenic DNA had, that depending on his mood could be considered either a downside or an upside, was a certain level of possessiveness when it came to the things he wanted and had. In this case, Liz, it admittedly made him want to commit various acts of violence on the boy in the front row.

Instead he decided on a different tactic. One that wouldn’t get him fired or kicked off the mission.

“Mr. Evans.” He called out coolly. Max immediately jerked his gaze away from the tantalizing female to his left and stared at him.

“Yes, Mr. Spencer?”

“Can you please repeat what I just told the class?” Alec stood up from behind the desk, now that he had something else to focus on besides Liz, he didn’t worry about an inappropriate reaction to Liz’s teasing in front of the students. He walked back to the front, leaned on the metal desk and crossed his arms over his chest waiting for a response.

Max’s mouth fell open a bit, desperately trying to remember any piece of information that Alec had given in the last ten minutes. Alec knew he wasn’t paying a bit of attention to the homework instructions, hell he was the teacher and he wasn’t entirely sure what he said, too busy remembering and imagining the joy of Liz’s tongue on a certain part of his anatomy.

From the corner of his eye he saw Liz start to lean over to help Max out. No way, he wasn’t going to allow that. “Don’t help him Miss Parker.” Immediately her jaw snapped shut.

“Um,” Max cringed. “I don’t really know.” He softly said.

“Of course not. You were too busy staring at Miss Parker.” And wondering how her thighs would feel wrapped around your hips. He finished silently. The class gave the typical “ohhh” to that little piece of information. A couple guys gave a few cat-calls making the blush on Max’s face become a deeper red.

Liz glared darkly at him but Alec didn’t care. For now, she was his, and dammit that meant he didn’t want her to be the star of anyone’s fantasies except his own. Maybe this lesson would keep Max’s eyes to himself in the future. Lord knows it would certainly make Max think twice about it, especially when the result was getting embarrassed in front of the other students.

Outside the classroom the bell finally rang. “Find out what the homework guidelines are from another student. Miss Parker, please stay after for a few moments.” Again there were murmurs but Alec doubted they thought anything untoward was going on.

The students gathered their belongings up and filed out of the classroom quickly, eager to take advantage of every second of their 10 minute breaks between classes. Once the last student left Alec got up and closed the door to the room, giving them privacy for a few moments.

As soon as the door shut Liz shot up from her desk. “What the hell was that about? You embarrassed Max in front of everyone. Was that really necessary?”

Alec stalked over to her, Liz backed up a bit till her butt hit the back of her desk. Once there he gripped the sides of the desk blocking her in. “Yes. It was necessary. I don’t particularly like it when a boy barely out of puberty stares at my girl.”


It went against everything she was taught, in Manticore and out, but when Alec said ‘my girl’ she couldn’t help but melt. She should hate that possessive streak he’s exhibiting; she should knock him on the side of the head and tell him she wasn’t an object to be owned. But some part of her knew he didn’t mean it like that, it felt more like she was something precious and something that he wanted to keep in his life for as long as he was able but not something he’d force to stay with him.

Still, she couldn’t let him know the extent of her pleasure at that. “Doesn’t mean you can be rude to him. Before I met you we were an item. He didn’t deserve that. Plus you weren’t exactly ignoring my charms, if anything you wanted more.” She whispered the last sentence close to his ear.

“Clearly you’re not an item now. That means he no longer has his drooling and staring privileges.” He lowly explained. “Besides,” he pressed closer to her, inching her back further on the desk while pushing her thighs apart, “you loved my…appreciation of your charms. The hitch of your breath when you read my notes, the delicate blush on your chest, your teasing of me was getting you just as excited.”

Although her breath now was coming out in short difficult bursts she managed to tell him. “Still you didn’t have to be mean to him.” He trailed his hand up her side, gently caressing the underside of her right breast with his knuckles. Her nipples puckered at his delicious teasing.

“You didn’t like his attention.” Alec simply stated.

It was true, she hadn’t, but she didn’t know Alec had noticed though. She probably should have told him again that it was unnecessary but she didn’t. Instead she licked at Alec’s earlobe and said. “I can hardly wait for lunch.”

“Hmm, neither can I.” He smirked against her cheek. He guided his fingers across the hem of her shirt determined to get closer to the treasures her shirt had been hiding.


A locker slammed outside the classroom door. Startled Liz and Alec sprang apart, realizing they were getting carried away at the one time they shouldn’t. Liz quickly hopped off the desk and hurried to gather her belongings.

Alec breathed a bit harder than before, scrubbed his face with his hands, and raked his fingers through his dirty blonde hair. “We need to be more careful in the future.”

She nodded enthusiastically. “I know.” She took one deep breath and slowed her heartbeat down to a normal speed. “Meet me at the bleachers at lunch; no one can be out there during that time.” With a quick, barely there kiss, she scurried out of the room just as another student came in being completely unaware of what had transpired there earlier.

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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Note pg9 2/6/12

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Thank you so much everyone for the amazing feedback. :D

Note: Well, first off this didn’t come out when I planned and I’m sorry about that. These last couple months I have been reading more during my free time than writing in my free time. Great for getting books I want to read off my pile but not so good my fics. Second, I thought that this would be a mostly Alec/Liz chapter but instead it’s a Maria/Liz and Isabel/Alex/Tess chapter. Hope that’s ok, since I already had a few Alec/Liz chapters in a row. Also I don’t know if what adoption agency or what youth home was mentioned on the show that the Evans’ adopted Isabel and Max from so I made one up. Hope everyone enjoys.

Chapter 32

School was over for the day. Liz couldn’t help the sigh of relief. Her day hadn’t been bad, in fact it had been anything but bad, but she was exhausted.

“Can I share that sigh?” Maria came from behind her and opened her locker. “Do teachers have a quota on how much homework to assign in the first week?”

“Maybe.” She tossed some books into her bag then shut her own locker. “But I doubt it. Why?” Liz questioned easing her backpack on.

“Seven classes today and six of them gave me homework. I was almost surprised when Mr. Spencer didn’t give homework for gym. Don’t teachers realize the students have lives too? Far more interesting ones I might add.” Maria threw a spiral notebook into her shoulder bag.

Liz chuckled at her dilemma and leaned against the locker next to her friend’s. “Well you know my homework is available to copy if need be.” She offered. Maria was smart, very smart as a matter of fact but she tended to use her smarts in other ways. Ways that didn’t help when it came to academics.

Homework was that eight letter word that Maria wanted to avoid at all costs. She would much rather be writing a new song or figuring out the right melody to go along with it then learning about World War I or what the square root of eighty one was. Unfortunately that meant her grades suffered and occasionally she’d ask Liz or Alex to copy theirs, neither minded letting Maria copy.

“Thank God. I love having your and Alex’s homework as a buffer.” Maria whispered quietly so the teacher passing on the other side of the hallway didn’t hear her.

“How’s your latest song coming along?” Liz asked.

“Better now. Especially since I talked with Michael today at lunch. Ever since our conversation it’s like my mind has opened up again.” She adjusted the strap of her bag on her shoulder and closed her locker. The two stepped away from the row of metal, merging in with the rest of student body, and made their way down the hall.

“Is everything ok?”

Maria slowly nodded. “We decided to call it quits, for good this time.”

“Is that what you want?” Because if Michael broke her friend’s heart he could count on Liz not taking it easy on him the next time they sparred in the desert.

Again Maria nodded. “I’d been thinking about it for a while. I mean I love Michael, but I’m not in love with him anymore. Last year when he wasn’t near me I thought about him all the time. What was he doing? What was he thinking? If he was gone for a couple days I missed him and wanted to call him just so I could hear his voice. This last month though, he was gone for five days on some Czech bonding thing and although I was worried about him, about them all, it wasn’t the same.”

Liz saw her friend’s eyes mist over a bit. She wrapped her arm around her waist and comforted her as best she could while they continued walking. “I’m sorry Maria. Tonight when you come over we’ll break out the Rocky Road and we can bash the guys in our lives as much as we want.”

“Sounds like a wonderful plan. And while we’re at it, you can tell me where you were all lunch period.” Maria smirked; her sadness over the finality of her relationship with Michael was put on the backburner for now. There would be plenty of time to delve deep into her emotions tonight.

“Promise. Tonight I will tell you everything, which will include where I was at lunch.”

“Ooo, now I’m intrigued. You’ve got to give me a hint. Does everything have to do with a certain English slash P.E. teacher?”

Liz laughed while scanning the area to make sure no one heard her excited friend. “Yes.” Immediately Liz put her hand over Maria’s mouth covering the surprised squeal. Once she was sure she wouldn’t explode with loud shrieks she took her hand away.

“Sorry but this is awesome.” Maria smiled warmly.

“What time do you get off work today?” Quickly changing the subject as a group of gossipy girls came around the corner.

“I’m only working half a shift today. Your Dad is trying out his two new waitresses today. He wants me and Agnes there to show them the ropes for a few hours before setting them off mostly on their own. So I’ll be off no later six.” Maria explained.

Liz nodded. “Great. I’ll be finished with my homework by then. Do you want to have dinner with us?”

“Is your Mom cooking?” She asked.

“No. Absolutely not.”

“Then I’ll be there.” Maria promised.

Once the two made it outside they went their separate ways. Maria jogged over to her Jetta, her shift started in thirty minutes and the Crashdown was nearly fifteen minutes away. Liz, after waving to her friend as Maria backed out of the parking spot, began the jog toward to the pharmacy. Mom had been having some knee pain and needed a stronger dose of pain medication then she could get over the counter, so Mom needed her to pick up her prescriptions. Maria had offered earlier in the day to drive Liz but since the pharmacy was in the opposite direction of the Crashdown Liz declined.

The warm wind pushing at her back propelled her a little quicker down the sidewalk. She dodged and weaved passed people, locals and tourists, and made it to the store in ten minutes.


Alex glanced at his watch for the third time wondering if Tess had gone home early that day. He had planned to talk to her today during her computer class and his free period about possibly getting together that night to work on the Destiny Book but the teacher had wanted him to go help some students who were taking an advance computer class and needed some help, so he hadn’t had the opportunity.

Now he stood in front of Tess’s locker waiting for the short blonde to make an appearance. As he leaned against the row of lockers another blonde, this one nearly as tall as him in her heels, came up to him and kissed him on the lips. “You know I have a girlfriend. And she can get awfully possessive.” Alex explained.

Isabel smiled and kissed him again. “I’m sure I can take her.” She teased.

“I’d love to see that. Maybe get you two in bikini’s and get some oil and have you fight it out. And the winner gets me.” Alex grinned naughtily at his smirking girlfriend.

“Of course you would go there.” She rolled her eyes but clearly wasn’t upset at him. “Anyway,” Isabel pulled away slightly, “as much as I would love to continue this I have to go to the Roswell Youth Home.”

“Don’t you think you have enough after school activities?” Alex asked a little put out. He knew as soon as he said it though that he could have put it better and Isabel made him very aware of that fact.

“What is that supposed to mean?” She backed out of his arms and glared at him.

Alex sighed. “I didn’t mean it the way it sounded. All I meant is that you go to school, you work three days a week at your Dad’s firm, you’re on the Sunshine Committee, and you have three other after school programs that you’re a part of multiple times a week. I’m worried you’re going to get burned out.” He knew Isabel love volunteering and helping and he was proud of her but this schedule was going to kill her. Plus, to be completely selfish, he missed her and lately he’d been feeling like an afterthought. All she had time for lately was a quick kiss and then she was off on some other project.

Isabel stepped a little closer to him again, some of the tension having left her shoulders. “I know what you mean but everything I’m doing, I love to do. It makes me feel good to know that helping kids at the youth home, before Mom and Dad officially adopted me and Max we had to stay there and they were good to us. It wasn’t home but it was as close as we had been at the time. When I volunteer at Roswell Hospital and I see the look on those people’s faces that someone is there to visit them, that they matter to someone, it’s amazing. I just can’t give any of these up. I’m sorry if you don’t understand that.” She ended sadly. With a glance at the hall clock Isabel turned her gaze back to Alex. “I have to go or I’ll be late.”

Alex watched her go and while he was tempted to call her back and apologize, he refrained. He didn’t think he was wrong, not completely anyway, about how many hours she was spending on the after school programs and the in school programs. He understood her desire to help people, it was one of the many qualities he admired about her, but he couldn’t help but worry that she’d tire out sooner rather than later, and it was becoming more obvious to him that he wasn’t a priority anymore. And that hurt.

A few minutes later Tess bounded around the corner and screeched to a halt when she saw Alex leaning against her locker. “Hey, where you waiting for me?”

Alex ran a hand through his short hair and nodded. “Yea I was. I know I said that I couldn’t get together till this weekend but if you wanted to get started tonight on decoding that book we definitely could. My plans for tonight fell through so I’m free if you are.”

Alex stepped back from her locker and Tess turned the combination lock. “That would be great. I won’t be able to get together till about eight o’clock tonight though. I’m just starting my new job but after that I’m totally free.”

“Great. What job did you get?” Alex wondered.

Tess looked a little embarrassed, if the blush on her cheeks was any indication. “I’m a new waitress at the Crashdown.”

“That’s great.” Alex smiled a bit nervously. “Listen, don’t take this the wrong way,” Blue Lady knows he’s already stuck his foot in his mouth once in the last five minutes, he really didn’t want to do it again, “But is that going to be comfortable for you?”

Tess knew what he was getting at and it made her feel good that Alex cared. “You’re worried that Maria and Liz will make it uncomfortable for me.”

“To be perfectly honest, yea. I love those two but it’s clear you’re not their favorite person and they aren’t afraid to let you know it.”

Tess was silent for a few moments and Alex worried that he did in fact stick his foot in his mouth again, until she started speaking again. “I appreciate that you’re concerned and I understand what you’re saying and while I agree it’s not going to be easy working in a place where there are a couple hostile employees, I’ll be ok. I’ve had to handle a lot worse in my life.”

“Well you’ll actually probably have only one hostile employee, Maria. Liz did her final shift a couple nights ago. But watch out for Agnes, she tends to complain a lot and work very little. Oh and don’t talk to her when she’s on a smoke break, she’ll bite your head off.” Alex warned.

She laughed warmly. “Thanks for the heads up.” Tess put her last book into her side pack and shut her locker. “So if you’re not busy right now, do you feel like walking me to the Crashdown?”

“Sure. I can give you some more tips and tricks to waitressing.” He offered.

“Should I be taking notes?” Tess teased.

Alex chuckled and teased right back. “It wouldn’t hurt. The things I know about the Crashdown secrets could fill a novel.” With that the two made their way from the school and started their walk toward Tess’s new job.


Coming Up

Ch 33: Michael & Max talk (possibly argue) about a couple things. Maria & Liz have a girl talk and ice cream session. And Alex & Tess work on the destiny book translation, while working on it Alex finds out a little more about Tess than he knew.
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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) AN pg10 8/10/12

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Note: Hello all, thank you so much for the wonderful feedback. I didn’t quite get everything I wanted to get to in this chapter but the Tess/Alex book translation part will fit better in either the next chapter or the chapter after that so it works out. Thank you so much for the amazing feedback. I’ve been watching Dark Angel episodes lately so that helps me to write these chapters. Hope everyone enjoys.

Chapter 33

Crashdown Café

Maria took the order of her first customer of the afternoon. She had gotten to work fifteen minutes ago, dressed into the Crashdown uniform and made her way out to the hungry masses. Today there would be two new waitresses joining the Crashdown family and she, Agnes, and Terri, had to train them.

As Maria put the order in Tess and Alex walked into the restaurant. Leaving the counter she went up to them, she greeted Alex and barely gave Tess a glance. “I thought you weren’t stopping by till later?”

“Band practice got cancelled.” Alex shrugged.

Tess, feeling a little out of place, smiled awkwardly and pointed toward the back. “I better get back there.”

“Yea, I’ll try to be your first official customer.” Alex grinned and watched as Tess made a beeline for the back room.

“Umm, what’s going on? Why is she going in the back, that’s just for employees?” Maria questioned.

Alex nodded. “Tess got a job here. Today is her first day.”

Maria looked off and shook her head. “Please tell me that was a bad attempt at a joke?” When Alex didn’t laugh Maria deflated a little. “Are you kidding me? Tess is filling the waitress job? Great. I get just about enough of her at school and Czech meetings now I have to deal with her here.”

“Cut her some slack Maria. Her father,” Alex wasn’t about to say Nasedo where anyone could hear, “is always out of the city and Tess doesn’t have any kind of financial security or anybody who can take her in. Who knows what could happen to her Dad while he’s out and Mr. Harding only gives her a couple hundred dollars whenever he leaves.”

Maria stared at Alex closely. “Do you have feelings for her?” Although Alex was never hurtful or mean to anybody unless provoked that didn’t explain his constant defending of Tess.

Alex stared back at Maria, “She’s not what you and Liz say she is. You both see some vixen who is trying to trap me. Both of you seem to routinely forget that I am 1. capable of handling myself, 2. not some newbie in the dating world that gets roped in by a pretty face, and 3. that I don’t know when someone’s playing me and when they’re not. But to answer your question, I do care about her. And I don’t want to see her get hurt.”

“Fine.” Maria held up her hands in a gesture of surrender. “You’re my friend and I’m just trying to look after you but I know you don’t need constant supervision or protection. I’ll back off but I’m still going to watch her.”

Alec’s Apartment

“Have you made any progress with your targets?” The cold voice of Renfro sent icicles through the phone line.

“Yes. Miss Parker is warming up to me but Mr. Whitman is proving to be more difficult to pin down.” Alec replied.

Silence greeted him on the other end, and then Renfro spoke again. “That does not make me confident of your abilities 494.”

“It’s standard that a mission like this lasts two to six months ma’am. It takes time to form a trusting relationship. With there being two X-5’s it is important to proceed with caution. If I push too much I could end up dead in a ditch.” Alec stated with a cool tone of his own.

“Six months is not feasible. Get me those two X-5’s soon.” She hung up. The threat in Renfro’s voice was clear.

Alec tossed his cell phone onto the bed and flopped down on it staring up at the ceiling. That woman had no idea what went into a mission of this magnitude. At least with previous directors they had some kind of field training and trusted their soldiers to do their job and do it well but Renfro, hell she expected unrealistic results in an unworkable amount of time.

Frustrated and angry he got off the bed and grabbed his duffle bag. He had to work off some steam. Alec had scoped out a gym about three blocks from his home, it would be a perfect way to relax and get in his required amount of exercise.

Along the way there was home that had some quality merchandise, perfect for selling; it might be time for some breaking and entering. He wanted a stereo and some extra cash anyway. He’d have to be extra careful, he couldn’t afford to be arrested, that would put the entire mission on hold, it was a good thing he had experience with matters such as these. Grabbing his nearly empty duffle bag he quickly left the house.

Parker Household

“Do you know how much I hate this?” Maria poured a bit of real chocolate syrup on her vanilla ice cream. One of the many perks of having a genetically enhanced friend; she got to have more real versions of food than other people in this city. “She’s actually good; I only had to point out one mistake she made today.”

Liz licked her spoon and chuckled good-naturedly. “I’m sorry; I should have warned you about Tess. Dad mentioned it last night. At least she didn’t crash and burn.” Although she didn’t like Tess, she didn’t want her to be bad in her family’s restaurant.

“If she was bad at least your Dad could fire her.” Maria muttered. “Ok, now it’s time for the real dirt. You promised me answers and I expect you to deliver.”

“Mr. Spencer, Alec, is the guy I met and had non-heat induced sex with.”

“Oh my God! Really?” Maria dropped her spoon back in the ice cream container. “Holy shit. You banged a teacher.”

“I didn’t know he was a teacher at the time. I didn’t know he was my teacher. I met him at a bar Maria, he wasn’t a local, how was I supposed to know he was the new educator at Roswell High?” Liz argued.

“This is going to be a year of awkward moments between you too. Any time he calls on you for a question he’ll be thinking, ‘I screwed my student’. Any time he grades your papers and even thinks of giving you a less than good grade he’s going to be wondering if you’ll tell the principal you’ve had sex with him once.” Maria picked up her spoonful of ice cream up again and ate what was melting on her spoon.

Liz grimaced. “There’s more.”

“What? Are you like blackmailing him to get good grades?” She excitedly asked.

“No. I don’t need to blackmail him. I’ve never gotten bad grades, besides if he even dared to give me less than what I worked for he wouldn’t be getting any lovin’ for a while.” Liz grumbled.

“Wait? You and Mr. Spencer are still sleeping together?” Maria, who was sitting cross-legged across from Liz, leaned forward and whispered. “Do you two like go at it at break times?”

Liz smiled a little shyly. “Well after we found out we were teacher and student I still wanted to continue sleeping with him but he wasn’t sure but then at gym he made up his mind.”

“To have a naughty student at his beck and call. You tramp.” Maria smiled lovingly as she said the last statement.

“Maria!” Liz exclaimed.

“What, I’m sorry, but this is something out of a daytime soap. I have to give you a hard time. So is that where you were this morning?” She asked.

Liz smiled and nodded. “We didn’t have sex but it was a lot of heavy petting and making out.”

“And at lunch?” Maria had asked Alex where Liz had been but Alex had been vague, which only made Maria more suspicious.

“With him too. And no we didn’t have sex then either. Not enough time.” Liz admitted. She took another spoonful of ice cream and drizzled it with real caramel.

“So when are you meeting him in secret again?” Maria held her spoon out for Liz to put some caramel on it.

Liz put the melted dessert topping on Maria’s ice cream. “Tomorrow morning. We’ve decided to meet almost every morning before school.”

“What about going to his place?”

Liz shrugged, “It hasn’t been brought up yet. Is that weird?”

“Hmm, not yet.” Maria told her. “But if the relationship goes on for a week or more and he hasn’t brought up going to his place or why you can’t go to his place then it’s weird. He’s either married, has a live in girlfriend, or is a part of some illegal activity that he doesn’t want you to know about.”

“Well, now that you got my secret out of me, how are you feeling about you and Michael breaking up?” Liz truly believed that Maria wouldn’t get back with Michael again. There was finality in her tone and her face that she hadn’t seen in Maria’s previous break ups with Michael.

Maria closed her eyes briefly. “You’d think I’d be worrying and second guessing my decision but I haven’t. Not once today. I’m ok with. I’m ready to move on, take a step back from the alien invasion. I still love Michael but not as I should if I’m dating him. It’s better for both of us if we make a clean break, no waffling.”

Liz nudged her friend with her foot. “There’s something you’re not telling me.”

“You know me too well.” Maria smiled and took another bite. “A couple weeks ago I sent in one of my songs to a music producer in New York. They really liked it and they sent me a letter telling me that they’d like me to come to New York and work with a couple of their people and smooth out some of the rough edges.”

“Oh my God, Maria that’s fantastic.” Liz leaned forward and hugged Maria.

“It is isn’t it?” She let out a deep breath. “There are a couple catches though. I have to leave in a month and it’ll be for a week, plus I have to pay for a quarter of the cost. Mom still hasn’t signed off on it yet but if I go and do this, this could be my shot.”

“You better call me everyday you’re gone missy miss.”

“I don’t even know if I can go yet.” Maria took a drink of her almost empty soda.

“Your Mom will let you go; she knows this is your dream, she’ll probably go with you too but she’ll let you go.”

“How are you and Alex going to survive without me?” Maria teased affectionately.

Liz chuckled. “It’ll be a challenge but we’ll be here when you get back.”

“If I’m going to call you every day you’ve gotta give me something interesting to listen to. I expect a whole lot of information to pass through that receiver.” Maria used her spoon as a pointer.

“Promise. You’ll be the most informed person at Roswell High even though you won’t be there.”

“I would expect nothing less.”

Michael’s Apartment

“Please tell me you’ve snorted an illegal substance and you’re high because that is the only explanation for your current plan.” Michael glared at Max.

Max looked insulted. “What wrong with the plan?”

“Gee, let me think, everything Maxwell.” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Maybe he was high, that lasagna did taste a little funny.

“Are you going to help me or not?”

“Clearly not.” Max’s plan of interrogation of Brody to find out what he knows wasn’t a good idea.

Max sat down hard on one of the barstools. “I thought you wanted to know what he was up to. Aren’t you usually the one game for this kind of thing?”

“I’m all for getting information Max but not the way you want to here. Interrogating him would put us in danger. He’d see our faces; recognize our voices, yours especially since you work there. The best idea is to go in after he’s left, check the UFO Center for anything and if nothing pans out there then check out his place. Face to face interrogation is not the way to go this early.”

Max was silent for a few moments. Finally when he spoke it was with some clarity again. “I’m being way overzealous about this aren’t I?”

“Just a tad.” Michael sarcastically replied.

Max sighed. Michael was right; he came up with a plan that would only put them in danger. “I’m sorry.” He apologized. “I think I’m trying too hard to not think about Liz. I need some kind of project, it didn’t matter what it was.”

“Look Max, I understand, but can’t you find a safer project? Stamp collecting, learning how to play chess, model building, you know something boring that won’t get us slapped onto a table and dissected.”

Max nodded. “I get it. Thanks for talking me down Michael. It’s weird normally I’m the one who has to talk you down.”

“Yea, maybe I’m growing up.” Michael shrugged and watched as Max left his apartment with a goodbye. He wasn’t surprised Max didn’t ask about how his day went or if he had plans later. He rarely ever did. Max didn’t know that Maria had completely broken up with him, this wasn’t just an off phase, and he didn’t ask why Michael was the cool headed one today, and neither did he ask where Michael was planning on going tomorrow night.

Michael cleared off the counter and cleaned off the plates with alien mojo. Max didn’t seem to care about Michael’s life, as long as it didn’t mess with his plans and as long as Michael was there when he needed him then everything was seemingly fine in their friendship. He needed to get some new friends, if he wasn’t so suspicious of everyone he would have.

Finished with the dishes Michael sat on the couch, put his feet up and watched a hockey game. It was from ten years ago but try finding a new hockey game in this post pulse era. Tomorrow would most likely be an interesting day. Max will come up to him at some point and tell him of a new plan. Hopefully this one would be saner.


Coming Up for Ch 34 - It's two weeks later. Maria is getting ready for her trip to New York, Alec comes to a realization, Liz spends time at Alec's place, Max talks to Michael and Maria (separately), and Tess & Alex enjoy each others company while decoding the destiny book.
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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) AN 11/27/13 pg 4

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Note: Hello everyone, little later than I anticipated but it's here at last. Hope everyone enjoys and I plan on the next update being posted sometime in February.

Hope everyone who celebrates it had a great Christmas and I wish everyone a safe and happy New Year.

Chapter 34

Crashdown; 9:12 p.m.

“Thanks for coming. Have a good night.” Tess called out to the final customer. She shut and locked the door and turned the ‘Open’ sign over to ‘Closed’.

Exhausted she sighed and leaned against the glass. Her silver antenna only slightly askew on top of her blond curls, the sea foam green uniform had a few new stains of dried ketchup, mustard and various flavors of milkshake, and her white tennis shoes were scuffed from hours on her feet.

Despite her unkempt appearance her first day had been a success. Tess felt fantastic.

Having a job, her first ever, making her own money; the sense of security that washed over her was amazing. While she wouldn’t receive her first check till week three she breathed a little easier.

Nasedo adamantly forbade her from working. A queen was not supposed to work, let alone in a “menial” job. Tess smirked thinking about the expression that would sure to be on his face when he found out. Although she’s sure he’d demand she quit, she’d refuse, a conversation she wasn’t particularly looking forward too.

Across the restaurant Alex still sat in one of the booths, where he had been for her entire shift. He hadn’t left her section for long only twice, once to go to the restroom and the other he went outside for five minutes. In order to keep his spot and not be moved to the counter, which wasn’t in her section, he’d get something off the menu and eat or drink it slowly. Occasionally he’d ask for a refill and some extra napkins but Alex had been her best customer of the day.

Alex stood from his seat and faced the new waitress. “So how did you enjoy your first day?”

“I’ve never been gawked at so much or ignored as often as I’ve been here but it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be.” She told him.

“I warned you though didn’t I?” Alex teased. “Maria and Liz constantly complain about the…overt customers. Can’t seem to keep their hands to themselves, especially with the new talent. Don’t worry though when you’ve been working here for a few months you get pretty good about disengaging yourself of those few jackass hands.”

“You did warn me. I appreciate that.” Tess smiled. The warning helped so she wasn’t shocked when one of her male customers overtly scaled his eyes up and down her body. Being stared at was nothing new but she didn’t think it would be that bad. “Now be brutally honest, how did I do?” She smoothed out her uniform and braced for some painful truth.

Alex put his hand on her shoulders. “For your first day you did better than a lot of people would have done.” He assured her. “Some mistakes but nothing you can’t fix on your next day.”

“What mistakes did I make?” Eager to know so she wouldn’t make them again. “Besides that major one.” She smashed into Jose carrying a bunch of dishes from the cabinets to the kitchen. Completely embarrassed and contrite she picked them up and alien mojo’d some of them back to non-broken dishes when Jose wasn’t looking so it didn’t look as bad as it had been.

Alex quickly went through the couple of mistakes she made, forgetting to ring up a family’s dessert at the register and she kept a woman waiting for longer than she should have to take her food order. Other than that she did well.

“How did you see all that stuff today? You were across the room for most of that.” Tess asked.

Alex shrugged. “The parents whispered it to each other as they stopped by the restroom. And the woman was tapping her fingers after five minutes and no waitress.” He lied a bit. With his enhanced eyesight he saw Tess miss the dessert orders by the shortened keystrokes. Same with the waiting customer, he saw her annoyance clearly, but he didn’t need the special abilities to see that.

Tess took off her antennas and put them on the counter. She picked up a white rag and disinfectant spray and started wiping down the tables near the front doors. Last thing she wanted was Jeff to come out and see her talking to Alex not doing her job. He’d been checking in periodically, sometimes making sure she was all right, other times to teach her new things about waitressing.

Jose, who had been listening at the order window, spoke up. “Also, I’d recommend learning short hand. It makes the order taking a lot quicker. Get together with one of the long timers; they’ll let you know what stands for what.” He went back to scrapping the grill clean muttering about how Michael could clean it so quickly.

Tess winced, “Do you think Maria will be willing to help me with that?” She asked sarcastically.

“You’d have better luck explaining to a bull that he doesn’t have to charge at anything red.” Alex stated deadpan. Maria would rather swallow nails than help Tess with anything. “Best bet would be Yvonne, you haven’t met her but she’ll be here tomorrow and the day after that. Or Liz.” He reluctantly put his sister’s name out there as a suggestion.

“Liz? Are you sure?” It’s no secret Liz would rather slam her own fingers in a car door twice than spend time with her.

Alex raised his hands in a ‘just hear me out’ manner. “Unbelievable, I know. But this is her parent’s restaurant, she wants everyone to succeed and do well here because that means her parent’s business stays open. Plus she’ll do it if I ask.”

She shrugged. “I’ll give it a shot.” Although she didn’t expect much of anything. She came to town under false pretenses and tried to steal her boyfriend, make him remember their former life together. After that Liz couldn’t stand her, even after Tess had given up any chance to be with Max.

A half hour later Jeff told Tess she did a good job and pointed out the things Alex pointed out to her earlier but he asked her to come in for the rest of the week. She immediately agreed. Jeff explained that with Liz not working there anymore he needed his new hires to get up to speed as quick as possible because one of the many UFO themed events was happening in two weeks.

“Ready to go back to my place?” Alex picked up his backpack slinging it over his shoulder. The Destiny Book was calling his name, he loved cracking codes, it was one of the main areas he excelled at in Manticore.

“Sure, do you mind if I change at your place? Tammi’s in there right now and it took her nearly ten minutes to get into her uniform.” Tess lifted her backpack onto her shoulders; she would still have to get her regular clothes from her locker before they left.

Alex nodded, “Go ahead. Maria told me, on many occasions, how cramped that bathroom is too when you’re trying to change. It’s fine for me but you girls are used to your couches and mammoth sized stalls.” He joked. “Why do you need couches anyway?” Alex had been told one answer by Maria and Liz and the same answer by Isabel, so he wondered if it was some kind of universal truth for girls.

Tess smiled. “Sometimes girls need to lie down or relax and talk about things. And we go in groups; we need to wait for the others in our flock.” She pushed through the swinging door, not knocking anyone or anything over this time and took out her clothes from her locker. Although she knew the standard answer for the question that Alex asked she hadn’t had the experience. The only girl friend she’d had was Isabel and the two weren’t around each other enough to go as a unit to the bathroom, they’d been in there accidently together but never on purpose.

“Is there a memo or a rule book with all these answers?” The two left out the side entrance and made their way through the alley to the main street.

Tess shrugged a bit, “Women just know these things.” She evasively dodged the question, only adding to the mystery that was women.

Alex put his hands in his pockets. “Ok, how about that trick with the bra? No girl will tell me how it’s done, like it’s a threat to national security if a man knows the secret.” Having been in the room when Liz or Maria took off their bras but didn’t remove their shirts confused him somewhat. Isabel did it once in his presence and to his disappointment he hadn’t gotten a flash of anything.

“Because it is.” Tess replied dead pan. “If I tell you I get tarred and feathered and then they’ll kill you. Do you know how difficult it is to get tar and feathers out of your hair and clothes? Your death would be the least of my worries.” Tess teased joyfully.

The two continued to walk side by side down the lit streets until they reached the Whitman’s. “Come on in, don’t worry about being quiet, Mom and Dad are on their second honeymoon.” He reminded her as he turned on the lights and moved aside to let Tess in. “The bathroom is upstairs, second door on the left. I’ll get my computer and set up.”

“Thanks.” She moved to start up the steps but stopped short. She whirled around and gave him a sweet peck on the cheek. “You’re a real good person Alex. Thanks for doing this with me.” With that she swiftly climbed the stairs and disappeared down the hallway.

As she turned the corner Alex took out his laptop. He never let this piece of equipment out of his possession, it held all the information he had about Manticore and even some of the alien secrets he’d managed to compile over the years. It was heavily encrypted and only someone with his caliber of knowledge could crack the codes if it were ever stolen, or even more impossible, hacked in to.

Normally he wouldn’t pull it out to help with an alien related problem. After all it wasn’t something he meant for anyone but him or Liz to look through with all the sensitive information on it but it also had a program for deciphering codes, which was what Tess needed.

Having set up his computer he stood at the bottom of the stairs and yelled to the second floor. “Do you want anything to eat or drink?” As he waited for her reply a knock came at the door.

Alex went to the door and opened it just as Tess yelled back. “Some cherry soda with Tabasco sauce would be great.”

“All right.” He shouted back and turned to the person standing on his doorstep. “Isabel? What are you doing here; I thought you’d be headed home after your stuff today?”

Isabel paused for a moment, taking in the situation before answering. “We kind of left things strained between us. I wanted to stop by and maybe watch a movie or something?” She held up the DVD’s and a bag from the store. “Is Tess here?”

“Yeah, she is.” Alex stepped aside and let Isabel in. “Isabel I appreciate you coming over but you should have called first. When my other plans fell through I told Tess that I’d help her out.”

Isabel put down the things she bought on the floor and end table and asked in a steady voice hoping she didn’t reveal the bit of jealousy she was feeling, “What would she need your help with?” She realized how that sounded and quickly backtracked. “I just mean that you two haven’t been close so I don’t see why she wouldn’t come to me, Max, or Michael first?”

Alex accepted her explanation and told her why, at least why he thought since Tess hadn’t told him specifically why, she accepted his help. “She needed help decoding the Destiny Book. I’m really good at computers and she knows that.”

Again Isabel asked, “But why not come to one us about it?”

“You were never interested.” Tess heard Isabel come in and question Alex, she finished getting dressed and hurried downstairs not wanting to leave Alex alone to face Isabel inquiries alone.

“What do you mean I wasn’t interested? Of course I was.” She argued.

Tess sighed, she didn’t want this to become a heated discussion but she couldn’t continue to let Isabel lie to herself. “At first maybe but ever since you found out what one page alluded to, you and Michael being paired, you didn’t want to know anything else about it. Any time I brought up the Destiny Book you’d change the subject or leave. I want to know what’s in this book.” She pulled out the engraved metal piece of her history, it called to her, she felt the answers were there she just had to figure it out. “Alex has been nice enough to offer his skills. Any help I will gladly welcome.”

“And Max or Michael, do they know you’re trying to figure this out? Did you ask them for help?” Isabel put her purse on the table next to the DVD’s.

“Right, be accused of trying to steal Max again? Don’t think so. And Michael, while I’m sure would be interested hasn’t been around a lot lately, plus he doesn’t trust me enough, so any information I did find he’d be suspicious of which would be frustrating for everyone.” Tess explained in rapid fire.

Isabel set aside the Michael issue for a moment. She too took notice of Michael’s absences recently. A couple days ago he made up some excuse about going out to the desert again to think. He only use to take those desert trips once every couple of months for two to three days, now he’d had three in the last month.

“You didn’t tell any of us though. Instead you went to Alex behind our backs.” She accused.

“She didn’t go behind your backs and she didn’t come to me. I offered.” Alex jumped to Tess’s defense.

Isabel sent him one of her famous ice princess stares. One that normally had people backtracking quickly but it had never worked with Alex. If she expected him to cower and back off she had another thing coming. He wasn’t made that way. Nor would he let Tess be blamed for anything when she did nothing wrong. Alex kept her stare, feeling the brunt of her coldness course down his spine.

“Maybe I should go.” Tess offered, she knew when to fight battles and when to walk away. This clearly was a walk away situation and she should take off to let Isabel and Alex work it out in private. Tess started to reach for her backpack to put the Destiny Book back inside but Alex took the Book from her without breaking eye contact with Isabel.

“No. Please don’t leave. We made plans to work on this, I want to help you, and if Isabel can’t deal with it that’s her problem.” Alex challenged his girlfriend to deny his statements.

Isabel finally blinked and gave him a look of hurt; she straightened her spine and cast a glance at Tess. “Can you leave us alone for a second?”

Although the former princess didn’t say ‘please’ Tess nodded and left the room in search of the kitchen. Getting a glass of water sounded real good right now. She’d drink it nice and slow too, no need to rush.

Once the shorter blonde exited the room Isabel crossed her arms. “Is something else going on here? I know I haven’t been around with all my other commitments and…”

Alex fought the urge to roll his eyes and interrupted her accusation. “No.” He understood her worry, Tess was gorgeous and had come to Roswell under the guise of being helpful all the while trying to get Max all to herself and away from Liz. But Tess had moved passed that and proved to be a valuable, if not completely trusted yet, member of the alien’s and their friends group. He looked forward to spending more time with her but he wouldn’t cheat on Isabel.

His one word answer did nothing to satisfy Isabel. She gestured for more but Alex remained mute. “That’s it? Just no?”

“What further explanation do you need? Nothing is going on except friendship and helping said friend.” Alex growled in frustration. “God first Liz, then Maria, and now my girlfriend.” He railed more to himself than to Isabel.

“So Liz and Maria think there’s something going on too?” She pulled her purse from the table and shoved it onto her shoulder. “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire Alex.”

He shook his head in disbelief. “Where there’s gossip, there’s insanity.” He snapped. “Nothing, absolutely nothing is going on. Just because a beautiful woman wants to spend time with me does not mean she’s after something and doesn’t mean I’m going to do anything with her.” He softened his tone but it still held an edge of steel.

Isabel turned on her heel and made her way toward the door. She flung open the door but before she left the Whitman house she twisted toward Alex. “Both of your best friends asked about Tess and your involvement with her and now you’re calling Tess beautiful. Something is going on that maybe you don’t want to admit too. When you’re ready to tell me the truth then come find me.” With that she left.

Alex stood stock still in his living room, confusion marring his features. He hadn’t felt this confused since he and Liz escaped from Manticore and encountered the outside world for the first time. The only evidence Isabel had to go on was his sister’s insanity, Maria’s worry, and his one comment about Tess’s appearance and she flipped out.

“Is it safe?” Tess peeked out from the hallway.

“Yea. She left.” Alex whirled away from the door and sat on the couch. He opened his laptop and started it up.

Tess set down a glass of orange juice in front of Alex while taking a sip of her cherry soda mixed with hot sauce. “Are you two ok?”

“We’ll be fine.” He smiled a strained grin at her. “Isabel’s just taken a dose of ‘leap to the worst possible scenario’ today. I’ll talk to her when I see her at school tomorrow.”

While she wanted to delve further into the problem to try and help it didn’t look like Alex wanted to talk about it. So instead she patted his back in comfort and reached for the Destiny Book. “What type of program are you going to use to try and decode the Book?”

With the status of his and Isabel’s relationship shelved for the time being, Alex and Tess got to work on figuring out what the alien hybrid’s people sent and hid on Earth for the teens to find.


Coming Up: Ch 35: It’s two weeks later and we catch up with various characters. Isabel and Alex relationship is still strained. Renfro is getting impatient. Rumors start circulating about a certain teacher and a certain student and one of our group overhears. And a few more characters get updates too.
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Author is ready to update.
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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch 34 12/27/13

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Note: Sorry for it being nearly a year since I last updated. This chapter was giving me a lot of grief. It's a 'touch base with a lot of our characters' chapter. Hope you all enjoy this latest chapter.

Chapter 35

Two Weeks Later

Manticore; Washington Branch

Renfro paced back and forth behind her desk. An X5 stood at attention three feet away on the other side. “It’s been two weeks and all 494 has been able to give me is he’s working on it.” The X5 remained silent waiting for the orders that were sure to come. “I want you to go to Roswell. Find out what’s really going on in that tourist trap.”

“Yes ma’am. Anything specific you want me to do to accomplish your order?”

“Surveillance, get into the school, his office there and his classroom and put cameras in. I want to know firsthand what’s really going on. Try to get a few cameras in his hotel room as well and a few listening devices. He’s hiding something and that is very unfortunate.”

The X5 in front of her wouldn’t be known to 494. 494 had never seen him, he was from a different base and the two had never crossed paths. She’d get those two X5’s if it was the last thing did. She already had 452, which was an amazing feat all by itself but getting the other two would be icing on the cake.

“I’ll get it done ma’am.” The X5 nodded once and when Renfro dismissed him he left the room to get ready.

“You should have been more on the ball 494.” Renfro spoke to the empty room. She walked over to her desk and pulled out a file folder. Time to go have a talk with her other little transgenic problem, 452.

Morning; Roswell High Hallway

“Are you almost packed?” Liz smiled at Maria who was practically bouncing at her locker.

Maria rolled her eyes, “I don’t have to leave for another two weeks.” Her mother had finally given her the ‘okay’ to go to New York and have her songs worked on. Amy would be going with her of course but despite that slight snag nothing could wipe the smile off Maria’s face.

“Again I ask…” Knowing Maria as well as she did, she probably had her entire wardrobe that she’d wear in the Big Apple set aside ready to put in her suitcase.

Maria hesitated for a second before nodding quickly. “Not completely packed, I still need an outfit for the last party I’m going to on the final Friday of the trip.” She received the schedule and at the end of the two weeks the studio that’s footing the bill for half the trip is having a party, not specifically for her but she and Mom were invited.

“We should go to April’s; they’re having a sale on half their stock.” Liz suggested.

“Can’t go tonight, I have work till ten but what about tomorrow?” The two started down the hallway toward their separate classes.

“Sounds good. I only have to work at Whitaker’s office till five tomorrow, after that I’m free.”

Maria smirked. “No secret rendezvous?” She whispered.

Liz rolled her eyes with slightly embarrassed grin. “Not that I know of. Besides I need to keep him on his toes, can’t be available every time he calls.”

“True. Nothing screams desperate more.” Maria agreed and went down the hall toward choir class while Liz continued straight toward Spanish class. “See you in Math.” She called out.

Child Care Class

“Isabel.” Alex tried to catch his girlfriend’s attention. Although they hit a rocky patch they hadn’t officially broken up but any time he and Isabel hung out now it was awkward and strained.

Isabel, even though she heard his whisper, continued her stare at the white board. The teacher had her back turned and was writing key points on the board. Shortly before class she saw Alex handing Tess some papers, she assumed new translations of the Destiny Book but she didn’t bother to ask. Witnessing them smiling, their heads close together as he pointed out certain lines only made her hurt, which made her ignore him now. She missed Alex these last couple weeks. Their dates had been long silences and strained glances. They didn’t really talk a lot anymore, just kind of sat or walked. It hurt her heart.

Now on top of their relationship issues there had been a new hiccup. She heard earlier their Congresswoman on the news talking about Cadmium X again, trying to save some face after Nasedo’s public embarrassment of her a couple weeks ago. A short time after that in waltzed a handsome older man while she and Alex were having lunch. To say she wasn’t attracted to him would be a blatant lie. When he asked for the Sheriff’s office her curiosity peaked, she could tell he was attracted her too, so she flirted with him for moment, and managed to get the very vague explanation that he found something that needed some looking into.

It might have been childish, she could admit that, but a part of her wanted Alex to feel the pain she felt when she saw him and Tess spending time together. She didn’t mind that Alex and Tess hung out but when she thought he was keeping secrets from her she hated it and reacted. Seeing her flirt and be open and kind to a complete stranger bothered Alex a lot.

Later Valenti called Max and told him, who told her after he picked her up from the Crashdown, that Grant Sorensen found the grave site of Agent Pierce. He brought the bone he found to the Sheriff. Valenti also let him know that Hanson was there and got investigation under way, he couldn’t object without casting suspicion. Now they were in a holding pattern.

Seeing that Isabel wouldn’t acknowledge him, Alex stopped trying to get her attention. This whole situation was getting on his last nerve. Isabel had blown up over nothing, all he wanted to do was help Tess find out something about her heritage, her past life, something small or big about her home planet. He knew a little something about that subject. After all he had no idea who his mother or father were.

The only information he’d ever been able to find on his and Liz’s parents were the designations Manticore gave them; Subject 14 and Subject 22. That was it and he looked, a lot. All he wanted was to help a friend out and the translation of the Destiny Book also helped Isabel, Max, and Michael. All Isabel saw however was that he went behind her back to help Tess on a project that none of them knew about.

He had to make some changes. He couldn’t continue to seek Isabel out. It was in that moment that Alex decided if Isabel wanted to put this wall between them and keep it up, she could damn well tear it down on her own. He wouldn’t go after her to change her mind. If she wanted to be with him she’d fix this, he was done trying.

Mid-day; Quarry

“Alec.” Liz’s mouth fell open in a desire filled, delighted gasp. The man whose name she spoke with want was currently sliding slow kisses down her bared stomach.

“Patience.” He rumbled before returning to his task.

The heavy petting of two weeks ago had quickly escalated to full on romps in bed and out. On the second night of their renewed relationship Alec called her, telling her he needed to see her as soon as possible and if she could come over. Liz immediately left her balcony and hurried to the address he gave her.

The address was to a hotel, a quaint somewhat Psycho’y single level kind of hotel. At first she was irritated but when she knocked on the door one of Alec’s first sentences to her explained that he was living there until he found a house or apartment. Any anger she felt at being asked to a hotel room had evaporated.

That first night was frantic and rough. Both desperate for each other after their last few make out sessions that left them both straining for release. Their second night together brought a more leisurely pace as they explored and learned each other bodies better.

Now nearly a week and a half later they were in the bed of her father’s truck, Liz having driven it to school that morning, laying on a blanket Alec brought with him and heavily making out for the few precious minutes they had until they had to go back to Roswell High. All day the two of them had sent lustful glances toward each other. Secret smiles and barely there touches as they passed through the hallways got their engines revving, eager for their lunch period when they could take off for a little while and be together.

Both knew the way to the Quarry by heart but Alec followed Liz toward their destination. When they arrived Liz watched Alec swing his leg over his motorcycle, yea he owned and rode a motorcycle, she licked her lips, and began to fantasize about riding him as he rode the bike. Imagining the wind blowing passed, the vibrations beneath her, oh yea that was an idea she’d pursue in the future. Seeing how he handled the curves and uneven terrain, it only got her hotter than she was earlier that morning. After Alec rode up next to Dad’s truck in the quarry she grabbed him and pulled him into bed of the truck with her.

Her shirt had been pulled over the tops of her breasts, her black bra with white polka dots exposed to Alec’s gaze as he traced achingly slow kisses across her tanned stomach.

Needing his lips back on hers she grabbed his tie wrapping it around her hand and pulled his face up to hers. As she kissed him, almost desperately, Liz pulled the bottom of Alec’s shirt out of his black slacks, she’d been wanting to get her hands beneath that starched blue shirt all day. That morning when they had another scheduled early morning make out session she almost got to this point but was interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming down the hall. The principal barged in right when she sat down at one of the desks, her school book already opened to the story their English class was currently reading, and Alec had started talking mid-sentence about the short story ‘Barbie-Q’ by Sandra Cisneros.

The principal stopped short at a student being there so early but didn’t think much of it. After all Liz was one of the top students at West Roswell High and it was clear Mr. Spencer was explaining a passage from the story and explaining its meaning. Unfortunately the principal needed to speak with Alec and Liz decided to leave, there would be no more making out that morning, the school doors would officially open in ten minutes anyway.

Now, in the back of her father’s pickup truck she had her opportunity to get what tempted her. Delving her hands under the pressed shirt she came in contact with his undershirt. Ribbed fabric caught against her nails as she scraped them down his stomach.

Under the shirt she felt his rippled abs contract. A delighted groan escaped him, although they didn’t need to worry about noise level, she muffled the sound with their next kiss.

Alec ran his hand down her hips and to her thigh. The rough feel of denim beneath his palm did nothing to stop the need building inside him. All she was supposed to be was a means to get his mission accomplished, he knew he shouldn’t be enjoying her this much but he couldn’t stop it.

He trailed kisses along her neck, licking at the bead of sweat falling down. Alec lifted her leg up and around his waist. He loved her little mewl of pleasure as he ground his crotch against her.

“Alec.” She panted.

The two of them wouldn’t have time for sex, not this late into the lunch hour. But that didn’t mean they couldn’t get some kind of relief. With how hot they were it didn’t take long for them to reach their crescendo. Breathing heavily and kissing softly they lay there catching their breath.

“Well, this was a good lunch.” Liz teased.

Alec smiled and chuckled. “It certainly was. Got my hunger satisfied.” He volleyed back.

Liz reached checked her watch. “We still have three minutes to clean up. Then we have to get back.”

“Good thing, it wouldn’t be a good idea to return to class like this.” He gestured to his pants which weren’t public appropriate anymore. Slowly he slid off her and the two began to set their clothes to rights. Both thankfully brought extra clothes. The same style of clothes they left the school with, it paid to plan ahead.

Within five minutes they were put together again. Alec just had a small lipstick smudge on his jaw line, while Liz sported more mussed hair and a bit of whisker burn from Alec’s stubble. He normally was close shaven but he had been in a rush to get to the school that morning and skipped shaving. Liz didn’t mind, she thought it made him look wilder, rougher, sexier. Although he didn’t need any more help on that last one.

“Better?” Alec held his hands out and had her give him the once over.

“Almost.” She gently brushed the lipstick smudge away. “There. Perfect.” She kissed his lips. “And me?”

“Beautiful, as always.”

She laughed softly. “Good answer.”

Suddenly a familiar sounding alarm cut through the desert. She set her watch to go off when they had fifteen minutes to get to the school before being late.

“Shit.” Alec so eloquently stated. “We gotta go.”

“Yea.” With one more kiss the two darted to their transportation and broke some speed laws getting back to West Roswell High. Liz barely made it to her science class before the bell rang. She took her seat beside Alex and gave a relieved exhale right as the bell buzzed through school.

French Class; Roswell High

Max leaned over his French book, reading over the previous words and sentences the teacher taught them last class. While his eyes took in the words, his mind wasn’t on the page in front of him. A couple days ago a man named Grant Sorenson came to town, hired by some company to test the land, on the search he found something that no one was meant to find. He didn’t want to believe this was happening, it was. Now investigators were searching the area for clues of how the bone and the remaining bones that were buried, came to be there.

The bone was Agent Pierce’s, Grant described to Valenti the exact place they buried the body. Max hadn’t been able to concentrate on anything since. It was a matter of time before they found the rest and saw it was a whole skeleton.

Not to mention last week’s issues that kept creeping back into his mind. First he and Michael went to the UFO center to look around. He had to admit Michael had been right about going in afterhours just to search and not have a face to face with Brody. Although it was odd that Milton suddenly sold the UFO Center it wasn’t the smoking gun that implicated Brody in anything other than buying property under slightly suspicious circumstances. The guy was weird, absolutely, but he’d been so desperate for something to do that he jumped without thinking and Michael had to be the voice of reason for once.

With this search hopefully they’d find something that Brody had that was alien that would confirm what he assumed but honestly, what would be even better, finding absolutely nothing and confirm Brody didn’t know anything real about aliens. Unfortunately luck was not on their side, they found something, he and Michael opened Brody’s locked office, a computer screen was open and the date May 14th with the time of when they activated the orbs in the Pod Chamber with an arrow pointing to Roswell, New Mexico was prominently displayed.

The most damning piece of evidence, however, was the alien object Brody had to the left of the computer. Both he and Michael felt familiarity with the device. It called to them, like they should know what it was but neither could remember. Brody walked in on them as they were investigating. After a brief argument he was fired and told in no uncertain terms to clean out his locker and get out.

After he, Michael, and Isabel talked for a couple hours about what their find and what their next step would be he left Michael’s apartment. So far they hadn’t come up with much of anything except keep an eye on Brody, which would be more difficult now that Max didn’t work there anymore. They agreed to have another meeting tonight, hopefully they’d decide then.

Isabel, after that initial meeting, offered to give him a ride home, seeing as he hadn’t taken his jeep to the UFO Center and therefore didn’t have it at Michael’s, but he had declined and said he’d walk. As he strolled by the Crashdown he heard a motorcycle engine rev, coming out of the alley where the ladder up to Liz’s balcony hung a motorcycle with two people on it zoomed out. One had long brunette hair, she had her arms tight around the waist of the man driving the bike, and her laugh was unmistakably Liz’s. He didn’t get a good look at all at the guy however but whoever it was had dirty blonde hair and wore a black leather jacket and blue jeans.

Maria told him that Liz was moving on but he hadn’t truly believed her. Now how could he deny what he saw with his own two eyes? Liz hadn’t been pining or sitting at home contemplating the ending of their relationship; instead she was riding motorcycles and sneaking out with some other guy.

The next day in school he watched Liz closely. Isabel smacked him upside the head when she thought he had been staring far too long but he couldn’t help it. He wanted to see if he could figure out who she was seeing. There were a few guys in school who rode motorcycles, none had dirty blond hair though…except Michael. For a moment he considered his best friend and brother, he did see them talking more often and there was that rumor he had dragged Liz into Eraser Room.

However in order to save his sanity and not freak out on Michael he quickly pushed that idea aside. Michael would never go after Liz, she was Max’s ex-girlfriend and his ex-girlfriend’s best friend. But that didn’t stop him from glaring at Michael occasionally.

“No way.” A female voice behind Max exclaimed. “Not possible.” She denied.

“Please, I told you all along that she was too perfect. Perfect grades, perfect parents, never gets in trouble, teachers are always giving her the benefit of the doubt. Ever wonder why?” The other girl scoffed at her friend.

“There’s no way Madison. She’s massively annoying with all the time she raises her hand and knows all the answers even when she’s not paying attention but this? Dating a teacher? Get real.”

“I am getting real Delia. When my family and I went out of town last week to see that play, Liz was there and Mr. Spencer was in the seat right next to her.” Madison hissed out.

Max nearly dropped his pencil when Madison dropped that bomb shell. Liz and Mr. Spencer? No. Max thought. There was no way Liz, his Liz would ever get involved with a teacher. She broke out into hives when even a hint of a suggestion was made to do something wrong, morally, legally or otherwise. She balked at cutting class. Dating a teacher was a much bigger deal.

He kept his head down staring at the page in front of him. If the two girls talking behind him realized he could hear everything they whispered they’d give him pity looks. Like his ex-girlfriend dumped him for a teacher. He could live without that image.

As his mind started to race with multiple thoughts Delia lobbied back. “You admitted yourself that it was dark and you couldn’t clearly make out the guy she was with. It just looked like Mr. Spencer, doesn’t mean it was.”

“Doesn’t mean it wasn’t either.” She argued.

Finally the class began but Max couldn’t keep his mind off the whispered rumor. Should he confront Liz? Immediately he tossed that idea aside. She’d only tell him to mind his own business. Plus that’d be what she expect him to do, jump to conclusions and get in her face about what he heard. Instead of getting her back he’d be pushing her further away.

No, he had to play this differently. He’d observe, see how Liz reacted Mr. Spencer and the other way around. Max was no stranger to keeping to the background then, as stalker-ish as it sounded, watch Liz.

He already made a note about how Mr. Spencer acted a couple weeks ago. He’d been staring at Liz a little longer than was deemed appropriate and Mr. Spencer called him on it. If he hadn’t been so embarrassed about being caught he would have thought Mr. Spencer was being hostile toward him.

Whatever the case might be he’d find out if the rumor was the truth or a lie. After that, who knew what he’d do, maybe look into a mental hospital or something. Clearly if this rumor turned out to be true he was going insane and everything he thought was right and correct in the world was wrong and it would be time for a brain scan.


Coming Up in Ch 36: Michael, Isabel, and Max decide what they'll do about Brody. Tess confronts them when she finds out about their meetings. Liz, unbeknownst to the Pod Squad, keeps Michael out of jail.
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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch 35 11/24/14

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Oh no a new threat, could Liz get caught?
Alex should stop chasing Isabel, let her do the chasing for once.
Max should let go of Liz and focus on his own stuff but of course he can't.

The Tess confrontation could be interesting though she shouldn't be too shocked about not being invited to the meeting, at this point only Alex really trusts and likes her.

Hmm curious how Liz keeps Michael out of jail.

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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch 35 11/24/14

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Yikes. Looks like they've been mad. I'm still not sure what angle Alec is really playing.

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Re: Teacher's Pet (DA,XO,UC,Mature) Ch 35 11/24/14

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Hello everyone, thank you for the great feedback. I love receiving and reading it. I hope to have an update for this within the next month. I technically have chapter 36 written and ready to post but I have to wait till I finish chapter 37 because 37 is very connected to 36. So as soon as I finish 37 and know I don't have change anything in 36 then I will post it. Then not long after that I'll post Chapter 37. :D

Much Love,

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