Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch75(Final) 6/26

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Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch75(Final) 6/26

Post by MelissaD » Tue Jul 17, 2012 2:07 am

Title: Angels watching over me

Disclaimer: Don’t own it. No profit, just fun. Roswell belongs to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB and UPN. Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and the CW.

Category: XO with Supernatural
Pairings: Dean/Liz
Rating: Mature

Summary: A chance meeting between two people can change your life completely. What would have happened to the Winchester brothers had someone intervened at just the right moment?

Roswell everything up to and including four aliens and a baby, graduated in 2002 without FBI raid. Supernatural up to and including Houses of the Holy. The story opens during Born under a bad sign. Some chapters will be on the periphery of some episodes of supernatural where my story pulls an alternate Universe. I’ll forewarn what episodes and lines that are taken at the beginning of the chapter.

Author’s note: I haven’t written in some time and have had these ideas bouncing around in my head for a while. Just recently I started writing again and this has been consuming me, I have most of the story outlined and a good chunk of the beginning written. Hopefully I'll post every week to two weeks if my two boys keep up with giving me the time to write!

Chapter one

Liz sat at a table nursing her rum and coke while thinking about somewhere to head next before having to drag herself back to alien HQ. Tapping her fingers on the table just like every other bar they'd stopped at in the last 6 months. Her thoughts wandered from where bars get their tables and chairs to her father doing inventory on the weekends. Kyle plopped down on the seat next to her, beer in hand, grinning like a fool.

"What in the world is so damn funny?" She couldn’t help the smile creeping up on her face.

"That guy is a riot!" He pointed to the man rounding the pool tables grabbing empty bottles then Kyle took a long pull on his own.

Liz glanced at the mullet and laughed, "The guy’s hair or the guy?"

"Don't let it fool you, that man is a genius!"

A blonde strolled by and notified them they were closing the bar soon and then continued on to the man they were just talking about.

"Should we head out tonight and meet up with el presidente or stay the night here and make him wait?" Kyle looked apologetically to Liz knowing she wasn't happy about being summoned.

Her face took on the mask that had become common place when Max was brought up.
"I don't know if I even want to go. No, I know I don't want to go but I can’t do that to the others." Her eyes dropped to the table.

"Liz, you know they don't blame you. Hell Isabel practically organized a parade for you for standing up for yourself and getting some time to breathe. I do know what you mean and if he didn’t think this had something to do with the special unit you know I'd be the first to blow it off.."

"I know." She smiled up at him thankful once again that he fought her to tag along when she had to get away. "I just feel like he always thinks it's them and these weird feelings I’ve been getting are throwing me off and making me feel like.. I don’t know like we have other things to worry about.."

Kyle tried to hide his worry about her new visions or whatever it was that frustrated her. It was easy when she touched someone and saw something they could prevent or help with but these impressions about things they didn’t understand were just too much. Maybe they did need to meet up with the others and find out if they could understand them because Kyle knew he didn't have a clue. "Maybe this meeting will shed some light on them and if not at least we can see if Isabel can help you out or maybe Maria has been brushing up on her dream interpretations again.." Kyle laughed a little and felt better when he saw the smile reach Liz's eyes before she laughed again.

"Alright this place is empty. Let's get out of her hair and let her close up. I always hated when people stayed forever and I couldn't close after a long day." She downed the rest of her glass and watched as Kyle did the same before getting up. Liz grabbed Kyle’s bottle and her glass then dropped them off at the bar before heading out, giving a slight wave to the blonde closing up.

"Thanks guys." The blonde smiled as they walked out.

"So, motel then?" Kyle walked to the black mustang pulling out his keys.

Liz followed behind looking at her feet trying to think about anything but having to spend the night driving through just to get this meeting over with instead of running away from it. Just as she was about to answer Kyle, a body collided into her. She tried to catch her balance and still the fireworks blowing up in front of her eyes when two hands grasped her arms to steady her. She looked up to say sorry when she was caught by interesting hazel eyes that pulled at her. One second and the person moved away into the bar while Liz was left standing there staring straight forward. Kyle ran over calling her name.

"Liz.. hey you okay?" He looked into her eyes trying to get her to respond when it seemed like she was just looking right through him.

"Change of plans. Someone needs our help." She glanced back at the door to the bar and felt the chill run up her spine. "Sam needs our help."

Chapter two

Liz and Kyle sat in the mustang while Liz briefly described what happened when the man collided with her.

"If you got another flash, why aren't we in there helping?" Kyle was confused why she wasn't in gear like usual.

"Because I don’t know how to describe it but it's different.. Sam isn't Sam.. I.. There's something dark.. Something else. We can’t go after him." She stared out the window waiting for the man that flashed in front of her eyes. The one she needed to talk to. He was coming she knew it, she just wished he'd get here faster.

"Liz, there's no way this guy knows what we can do. So maybe..wait dark? You don't think it's like a skin or something? Sam isn’t Sam? Shapeshifter? Oh Buddha help me." Kyle let his head drop on the headrest, his mind spinning.

"There!" Liz pointed at a dark car pulling in with the lights off for a second and then jumped out of the car.

"Jesus Liz, hold on!" Kyle climbed out of the car, watching as Liz ran up to the driver’s side door. "When the hell is she ever gonna learn to play it cool. Shit!" Kyle saw a gun and bolted for her.

Liz ran in front of the car to get it to stop then over to the driver’s side window. "Dean?" she looked into the hazel eyes from the picture in her mind.

"Who's asking?" Dean opened the door and slowly stood up with his gun in his hand behind his back.

"I know your brother. He needed me.. to tell you something." Dean eyed the dark haired girl as she fumbled with her words. Kyle came up behind her glancing at Dean’s gun and then meeting his eyes.

"I don't have time for this sweetheart so let's get to the point."

"Sam isn't Sam." She knew how ridiculous she sounded but hoped he'd understand. "He.. told me to tell you that whatever he says, it isn't him."

Dean raised an eyebrow. "Then how do you know what you heard is the truth? How do you even know my brother? Listen thanks for the tip but you need to go now." He shut his door and started towards the bar where the girl promptly stepped in front of him and he almost growled.

"You need my help."

"Listen closely, you need to go. There's nothing going on here that you can help with, kiddo. So move it along." He pushed her aside and his next breathe was taken from the ground. He blinked to clear his vision to see her smirking down at him and the guy next to her trying not to laugh. "What the f-"

"You listen closely KIDDO, your brother knew that you wouldn't be able to do this alone or maybe he was afraid one or both of you would get killed so how bout we try this again?" She held her hand out for him and waited until he grabbed her hand and pulled him up. "The name is Liz and I'll kick your ass you ever call me kiddo again."


Dean stared at the short spitfire and had to shake his head to get rid of the thoughts that were popping up. He decided his only way of keeping them out of his way was to pretend to work with them.

"Well you come in there with me and we lose that advantage so you go around back and listen. If things get crazy and you think you can help then jump in but I know my brother and I can fix this. I go in by myself. Your just back up, got it?" He glanced between the two of them.

Liz rolled her eyes but nodded her head as she looked to Kyle and started to go around the bar.

"What is it with you and bossy guys?"

"Shut up Kyle."

"I swear I think they just gravitate toward you. Maybe it's like a curse, The alien king curse. Ow! Come on, no need for hitting!"


They listened as brother yelled at brother and glanced at each other now and again trying to figure out what the hell they had gotten themselves into.
"This isn’t like the other visions Liz.. This is a whole other world of shit that we don't know about I'm not sure we should be.."

A crash of glass and a loud thud sounded from their right and they inched to the end of the building to catch a glimpse of a figure running behind a wall and then another jumping out of the window and chasing after.
"We need to split up. I'll go around towards the end of the pier, you take this end." Liz started walking back where they came from.

Kyle grabbed her arm. "Liz, I'm not going to let you go alone, what the hell."

"Kyle, please I need to do this."

"Liz.. This isn't the same."

"Someone needs my help. You can stand here or do something about it." She pulled her arm from his loosened grip and took off around the building.

Liz could hear the voices bouncing around inside what she assumed was some sort of boat house as she made her way down the side of it. She was close to the end of the pier when she heard a door open right next to her and heard the steps walking away. She glanced around the corner and saw the door opening again and pulled back. She peeked around a few seconds later and saw Dean against the wall moving towards the end of the building and looking out. She caught up to the corner of the building as Dean was halfway towards the end of the pier and she looked around the corner to see Sam walking out with a gun in hand.

"DEAN!" She pushed off the building and ran as Sam raised his gun. She threw up her hand then slammed into Dean and went over the edge into the water.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO, SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch 3-4 7/1

Post by MelissaD » Thu Jul 19, 2012 2:19 am

Author's note: This is definitely early but I got lucky with some time and was able to edit two chapters. I don't think this will happen often but since I have the beginning written I just needed to edit. THANKS for the feedback! I definitely didn't think I'd get anything yet!

Chapter Three
*This chapter contains a few lines from Supernatural episode born under a bad sign. Lines will appear in italics.*

They surfaced a few minutes later well under the pier. "WHO THE HE-" Liz slammed her hand over his mouth and listened. She stared at him hard and when she didn't hear any footsteps she whispered, "How the hell have you survived this long?"

She turned and swam over to a low hanging ramp and pulled herself up. Dean was close behind and once he was upright he had to move quickly to catch up with her. He grabbed her arm and spun her around to get some answers. "Who the hell are you?"

"Liz. I told you that already." She went to move but his hand still held her arm. She glanced down at the offending appendage and then back up to his eyes where she caught them on their way up her body. "Now if your done staring.."

"No, Liz. I'm not done.” Her eyebrows shot up. “Let me rephrase, what are you? A hunter?" He eyed her not quite sure what happened up there but the thought nagging him in the back of his mind, where’s the bullet? He heard Sam’s gun go off.

"A hunter? No. Do I look like I shoot deer?" She tried brushing him off again but his grip wasn't letting go. She took a deep breath and dropped her eyes to his hand while the half-truths flowed to her mind. "Listen, I just help people okay? And your brother asked me for help so that's what I'm doing. I don't know what he meant but I know he was afraid for you and for himself too. I don't walk away from a promise. My word is my word."

Her eyes met his and he dropped his hand. If Sammy had asked him to do something he would do it. Unless it meant letting Sam get himself into something dangerous alone. So why did Sam reach out to this girl who wasn’t even a hunter? First things first. "That still doesn't explain how that gun went off pointed right at me and missed." He was suddenly aware how much her clothes resembled paint on her body at the moment.

"I guess I got to you in time and it missed or maybe your brother got control again. Which brings me to ask, What did he mean?" She looked him in the eye, waiting for the lies.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Dean looked straight into her unwavering stare.

She laughed. "And you wouldn't believe that I've heard that before." She took a step towards him. "Try me."

"LIZ! Sweet Buddha! What the hell!" Kyle came running down the pier, "I heard the gun shot and saw sasquatch walking out around to the front of the bar, slashing tires and I.." Kyle skidded to a stop as he looked between the two soaked bodies and noticed the small amount of space. He quirked an eyebrow and put his gun away. "I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?"


Dean closed his phone and stared at the flat tires on his borrowed car.


He turned and looked at Liz. "This isn’t some guy with a gun that you just jump from behind, this is bigger shit and I'm not bringing you into it."

"You didn't, your brother did. And the sooner you realize that I can help, the faster this will go. So where is Sam?" She stood with her arms crossed over her chest leaning against Kyle’s mustang with a smirk.


Kyle couldn't believe they were driving some guy they just met under the not-so-usual crazy circumstances into some more craziness. Since when did the abyss become normal?
"So your brother is possessed by a demon.. Which you kill.. on practically a daily basis?" He quirked his eyebrow at Dean.

Dean glanced in the rear view mirror and smiled, "Family business." Then turned his head to look at Liz as she drove to see her reaction.

She shrugged, "I've heard crazier."

Dean gave her a look that screamed ‘you must be joking’ and Kyle snorted from the back seat. Her eyes never left the road. "Since we’re coming clean..” She threw a quick glance at Dean. “Sam didn't speak words to me, more like a series of images. That's how I knew what was going on. I don't know how your brother did it but he got a message to me by touch and eye contact, that's a pretty strong connection."

Dean looked at her and again thought he was making a mistake. "When was your birthday?"

"I'm sorry?"

"When was your birthday? Did you lose either of your parents?"

"What the hell does that have to do with anything?"

"Just answer the question!"

"Okay chill out. Nov 2nd 1983 is my birthday and no, my parents are alive and well. Is that all?" She glanced at him and saw the tension fade from his body.

"Yea. Just had to know." He turned and looked out the window.

"Oookay." Liz glanced in the rearview mirror to see Kyle looking at her.


Dean knocked on Bobby's door with Liz and Kyle standing behind him. He knew bobby was going to be pissed. The door swung open and bobby had his shot gun pointed at them. "Cristo."

"Thanks bobby. Now let's find some place to put these two." He walked into the house.

"Hi, I'm Liz and this is Kyle. I'm the reason that one doesn't have a bullet in his body." She pointed to dean then put out her hand.

Bobby stared at her, "Isn’t it a little late for you to be out kid?"

"Seriously?! What is it with the kid remarks? Can I see Sam?"

Bobby stepped back and let them in and met Dean in the hallway.

"You two come this way," Dean walked toward a doorway and showed them through then turned around, "I'll be right back" He shut the door then slid the lock into place.

"Nice Liz. Why did you push this so much?" Kyle walked around the room checking the windows for a way to get out just in case they needed one. Satisfied, he sat down on the couch and wondered when this would be over. Liz was really worrying him this time.

Liz ignored him and listened at the door with her hand on the lock.

The room shook and Liz glanced back at Kyle who had jumped up. "Time to go." Liz's hand glowed faintly and the lock clicked open.

She went to rush out but Kyle grabbed her, "No Liz, we still don't know much about this. We need to listen and wait for an opening."

They walked quietly towards the voices and stopped at a doorway to listen.

"It's a prison made of bone and flesh and blood and fear. And you sent me back there."


Liz slowly looked around the doorway and saw Sam hovering over Dean on the floor.

"No, not anymore. Now I'm Sam. By the way.." Sam shoved his thumb into Dean’s shoulder coming into contact with unbroken flesh. "What the hell?"

Liz saw her chance and jumped out, "SAM!"

Sam turned and she grabbed his arm around the brand she saw and closed her eyes. Dean saw the faint glow from her hand and then Sam’s head was thrown back expelling the black smoke. They both landed on the floor. Dean stared at Liz wondering if he really just saw what he thought he did.

"Did I miss anything?" Sam looked around and his eyes landed on Liz. "Liz?"

Dean and Bobby looked at each other then glanced at Liz.

"Soo.. That was a demon?" Kyle asked from the doorway. He looked at Sam as he crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the doorway. "For a guy that kills them all the time I'd say you need to be a little more careful who you open the door for."

Sam sat with Liz in the living room as Bobby and Dean talked in the kitchen. Kyle went outside saying he’d gotten a couple calls from the gang and needed to check in. Liz watched Sam looking at Dean icing his face. She glanced towards the kitchen then back to Sam.

"You can't blame yourself, you weren't in control."

Sam’s eyes were drawn back to Liz. "I still don't understand how I.. got through to you.." He looked down at his hands then back up to her. "I've never done anything like that before.”

"I can't say I completely understand but I have these.. abilities. I can feel things and sense things. Sometimes I get visions." She pushed her hair behind her ear.

Sam’s eyes snapped up to hers. "Visions? Like what?"

"Sometimes I see things before they happen." She fiddled with her necklace and carefully picked her words. "Sometimes when I touch something or someone, sometimes completely random in my sleep. So I started trying to help them if I could. Thinking maybe it would make them go away at first but then I just wanted to feel like I could do something worthwhile."

Sam's face seemed to run through a few emotions before landing on something Liz felt she knew well. "Who did you lose?"

Sam’s eyes went wide. "Can you read my mind or something?"

Liz gave him a small sad smile and shook her head. "No, I know that look because I saw it in the mirror for a long time after I lost my best friend."

"Did you have a vision about it?"

"No, I wish I did." Liz rubbed her eyes to keep the tears at bay and held back that it was still her fault, her actions that brought about his death.

"No, you don’t. Believe me on that one. She was my best friend and maybe would have been more.."

"I'm sorry."

Kyle walked in the room. "Liz, we really should get going."

Liz and Sam stood up from the couch as Dean and Bobby entered the room.

"Sam, you remember where we parked the car?" Dean glanced between Sam and Liz.

"We really need to get going so we’ll just see ourselves out." Liz handed a slip of paper to Sam and started out of the room.

Bobby stood watching the boys with a raised eyebrow. What the hell do these boys get themselves into?

Sam followed Liz and Kyle to the door. "Thank you really. You don't know me, you could have just ignored everything. If you ever need help or anything," He dialed Liz's number and heard her phone ring. "You have my number and can call me any time." He gave her a small smile.

"No problem, it's what we do." Kyle chimed in and walked out the door.

"If you ever need to talk, I've been told I'm a great listener. And Sam?” She glanced over at Dean then looked back at Sam, “Don't beat yourself up over things you couldn’t control." She nodded and walked down Bobby's stairs.

As she walked towards the car, she saw Kyle sitting behind the wheel in the mustang on his cell. Most likely Max or Michael asking how far they were. She smiled at the thought of how pissed Max would be when he heard they were in South Dakota instead of being closer to New Mexico maybe he heard from whoever Kyle called and he decided to hear for himself. She felt a hand on her arm and turned to see Dean’s gaze. Sam really did a number on the side of his face.

"I didn't thank you earlier.. At the pier." He rubbed his swollen cheek.

"You’re welcome. Next time someone says they can help you, maybe you should just take it." She smirked at him.

"Yea well, I'm not used to needing it and I don't really play well with people I don't know.." Liz quirked an eyebrow and Dean furrowed his brow "Okay I don't work well with people I don't know because they usually aren't in it to help me." He once again wondered what the hell it was with this chick.

"Well that was partly for me, Sam asked me for help and I can't let that go. You just happened to be part of that. I'm not going to pretend to understand what you two have going on but you don't know what I have going on either. I'm not a kid and I've been through way more than you could imagine." Dean watched her eyes and tried to identify went passed over her face. Too many questions were bombarding his mind but the main one right now was how she got that seal off Sam.

"Liz come on we gotta get a move on or.. " Kyle noticed Dean and chose his words carefully. "We’re gonna regret it when we have to listen to the speech."

Dean raised an eyebrow at Liz and she waved him off. "Just something from home. Well good luck.. with the demon hunting and all that. Be careful." She turned to walk to the car.

“Where’s home?” The words were out of his mouth before he even realized it.

She looked back over her shoulder from the passenger door and Dean caught a glimpse of the gun tucked in the back of her jeans. “A girl needs to have her secrets.” She smiled and got in the car.

“Too many secrets.” Dean said to himself but couldn’t help the smile that came to his face.

He turned and saw Sam standing in front of Bobby's door and went up to his brother.

"Think we’ll bump into them again?" Sam was watching the black mustang drive away.

"Got a new girlfriend, Sammy?" Dean smirked at him.

"Shut up jerk.” Sam turned to head back inside.


“Besides I'm not her type." Sam threw over his shoulder.

Dean shut the door. "How the hell do you know you just met her? What's up with her anyway? What were you guys talking about?"

Chapter Four
*Flashback in italics*

Kyle and Liz finally pull up to the warehouse where they were supposed to meet the others. One of many abandoned buildings in the desert that maybe at one time held a regular business but like most things out in the desert, it dried up.

"You ready for this?" Kyle looked out the windshield thinking about the confrontation that led them to leave in the first place. It wasn't the first time Kyle thought he'd kill Max but it was the one time he'd come the closest to following through with the threat. Surprisingly, he wasn't the only one.

Liz sighed. "Yeah, let's just get this over with." She got out of the car and walked to the door. Kyle followed as they both thought back to the last time they saw Max.

They had stumbled into the abandoned warehouse. Michael carrying an unconscious Liz with Maria close behind. Kyle and Isabel holding up Max as he tried his best to walk. Maria was fussing over Liz, trying to get her to wake up.

"What the hell happened?!" Maria yelled at the group.

Kyle really looked at Maria and saw the girl was barely holding it together.

"We weren't expecting anything like that.." Max mumbled looking at Liz's prone figure on the floor.

Isabel snorted. "No shit Max." Her worried gaze left Liz and shifted to her brother with a hard edge.

"There's no point in fighting about it now Isabel. It's over." Michael tried to calm the situation before it got even more out of control. His worry for Liz was first and foremost at the moment, he didn’t have enough energy to keep things calm. That was Liz’s job anyway.

"There's no point in fighting about it because Max is going to do whatever he damn well pleases no matter who he hurts or who it effects in the process!" Isabel was pissed and had every right to be. She didn't know what the hell had gotten into Max recently but she was wishing for the days when he was trying to keep Michael from going off halfcocked. When did they switch places? Before or after Max died?

"Michael we just killed FBI agents. There's no way this is over… guys like that don't let it go." Kyle looked to Michael to see him fighting with the same conclusion.

"This was supposed to be simple! You guys said you could get in and destroy the files without a problem!" Maria was staring at Michael.

Michael looked at everyone in the room, tempers flaring mainly at Max. He screwed up big time and none of them even knew what exactly he did and the way he was beating himself up over it meant he knew he screwed up. This was definitely not going to be easy.. or good.

"There wasn't supposed to be so many agents there. We only saw three agents on guard when we watched the place and they didn't have guns.. they had something like a taser but different.." Michael looked at Max. "Do you have any idea what those were? It knocked you on your ass without a sound."

Max looked between Isabel and Michael both staring at him waiting for his answer. Just like always, it was up to him to figure it out, to tell them what to do next. "How the hell should I know Michael?! You guys are always getting on my case about bossing everyone around but then expect me to be this all knowing leader when you don't know what to do. What the hell do you want from me? They had weapons that were obviously designed to use against us. Once again it seems like they know more about us then even we do and for some reason they knew it would work against Liz too! I'M DOING MY FUCKING BEST BUT I DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING!" Max stood his fists clenched feeling like he would explode until a small voice cut through his fury.

"Tell them max.." Liz's voice came out strained as if she hadn’t used it in a while.

Max's eyes went wide as her words sunk in. "What do you mean Liz?"

"Tell them what you heard.. tell them what you saw.." Liz was trying to get up from the floor while Maria was trying to keep her still.

"Liz rest.. Don’t try to move."

Liz brushed her off and pushed herself to her feet. Kyle came to her side just in case she couldn't stay up on her own.

"Liz, Maria's right you need to rest.. you hit your head pretty hard." Max started toward Liz thinking maybe he missed something when he checked her over in the car.

"DON'T touch me.. you stay away from me!" Liz took a step back from him throwing her hand up.

Kyle moved closer watching Liz curiously then the telltale green electric currents moving across her skin. Liz's hands went to her head as she closed her eyes and tried to calm down to soothe the headache but it only seemed to get worse. Michael and Isabel glanced at each other and then looked at max.

"What is she talking about Max?" Isabel was the first to say the question out loud.

"I don't know.. she hit her head, maybe I missed something." Max shook his head and watched Liz.

"What the hell Maxwell... what are you not telling us?!" Michael faced max.

Max looked at Isabel and Michael taking in the anger on their faces. Maybe even hurt. "Someone has been helping them, telling them about us. Probably Nicholas or another skin, they could’ve been there for all I know. They had a plan to take Liz as a way to get to me, use her to make me turn myself in." Max looked at Liz and then back to Michael. "I couldn't let them do that."

"What are you saying Max?" Isabel's eyes bore into him. Liz was always a weakness for him, he would always trade his life for hers.

"Tell them max.. tell them what you did." Liz's voice came out as a growl that made everyone's head snap to her face. Her body tense, her eyes burning into him as if she could set him on fire.

"Liz.. it was the only way.." Max tried to come closer to her.

"TELL THEM!" She fell to her knees wincing as the pain from her scream and rage lanced through her head.

Max looked around the room at everyone staring at him until they landed on Liz’s again and then dropped to the floor. "I told her to stay in a room to erase the files from the computer, that she would be safe there until I came back. I went looking for Pierce’s replacement.. an office.. anything. Then two agents came at me, I told them where they could find her and that they could take her, it wouldn't mean anything to me that we were over anyway. It was just a play so they would think that she has nothing to do with this.. that their plan wouldn't work. I wouldn't have let them get to her anyway."

He expected the string of curses and outrage from the group but the look from Liz struck him hard. Why didn’t she understand? He did it to keep her safe, to keep her off their list. "I did it with you in mind.. to keep you safe.. so they wouldn't come for you anymore."

"But they got to me Max. Because you set me out as bait and didn’t even tell me, let alone ask me if I was okay with it! Then you tried to make me forget.. Did Tess teach you that?" Liz stood as the rage in her built. "Once again you say you’re thinking of everyone else but you’re really just thinking of yourself.. like when you went off looking for Zan.. and then when you were going to leave in your spaceship.. without a word to anyone.. you don't need anyone else's input you’re the king who doesn’t want to be king until it comes to making decisions that only you need to be aware of!" She stalked over to him as her body pulsed with a light green glow. Everyone was frozen in place staring in shock and disbelief at the sight.

"You all want me to be king, to be a leader! I'm trying to keep everyone safe!" Max stood his ground. "You were the one that wanted to go in there to get rid of the records so we could try to live a normal life after everything. So you could go back to being Liz Parker without Max Evans."

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Liz threw her hand up and sent the electricity out of her body slamming Max into the wall. "You were the one that thought a relationship was you doing whatever you wanted and I just had to wait until you decided to contact me, until you were ready to come to me. You treated me like shit and I finally came to my senses and stopped letting you treat me like an afterthought. I thought we could still be friends, hell at least be civil but no, you had to get a jab in every time.. and then this.. YOU LEFT ME AS BAIT!! WAS IT JUST ANOTHER NASTY COMMENT TO ME? HUH MAX?"

Everyone could feel the charge in the air as they watched Liz finally snap. Max pushed off the wall towards Liz, his anger and frustration fueling him. He grabbed her hands pointing them down. Kyle moved towards them watching Max whisper in her ear as Liz struggled against his hold. Michael followed moving at the same time.

"Is this what you wanted Liz? When you pretended to sleep with Kyle? When you pushed me away? Now here we are.. you don't want to be with me but you don’t want me to treat you like any other part of the group.. should I have left Maria.. or maybe Kyle?" Liz's scream mixed with Max's as he pulled his hands away burned and Liz fell into Michael and Kyle.

"Don't you EVER talk to me again.. I don't even know who you are anymore!" Liz's eyes were red as tears coursed down her face. Isabel and Maria stood transfixed by what just happened as Michael and Kyle held onto a shaking Liz. Everyone staring at Max.

"Fine.. That way I won't have to deal with you." Max looked at his burnt hands trying to figure out how they got here, how it got so out of hand. Maria walked up to Max and the smack echoed around the now quiet room. He looked at Maria, the fury that contorted her face. His eyes then gazed around the room seeing the disbelief, anger, pain, hurt.. What had he done?

Michael handed Liz to Kyle who carried her out, Maria following after.

"Maxwell, I don't know what the hell is going on with you but you need to get it together. We don't leave anyone behind or set anyone up! We're a family and you don't get to set the rules.. maybe we looked to you for answers or for a guiding hand sometimes.. but know this Maxwell, never again. You earned your way out of it. Congratulations." Michael stormed out.

Isabel looked at her brother, defeat written so clearly on his face. "Max.. what happened to you? What is going on? You’re not acting like yourself.” She shook her head realizing for the first time she had her own tears trailing down her face. “You’re acting like.. junior year with Tess.. all clouded judgment.. I just want my brother back." Isabel crossed her arms and looked at him once more before heading out leaving him alone in the building.

Liz came through the door first with Kyle closing it behind them. Maria was talking softly with Michael in a corner while Isabel sat on a chair in the middle of the room filing her nails. Liz’s eyes fell on Maria and smiled, as if she felt her gaze Maria looked over and ran to Liz engulfing her in her arms.

“I missed you! How are you? Kyle taking good care of you?” Maria seemed to touch everything, her hair, her arms, her face.

“Ria.. I don’t need Kyle to take care of me.” She brushed her friend’s hands away and smiled, “Usually it’s the other way around since Kyle still seems to have problems with his alcohol tolerance.”

“Oh come on.. ONE time!” Kyle had walked over to Michael and overheard Liz’s very loud conversation.

Isabel had stood and walked over to Liz. “You look good.” She finally let her smile brighten her face, “I missed you too.” She hugged the smaller girl.

“You too Iz. How’s Jesse?” She smiled up at the woman she had come to see as a sister over the years.

Isabel’s smile sparkled in her eyes. “Oh you know, devilishly handsome lawyer extraordinaire.”

They laughed together as the boys rolled their eyes. Maria and Isabel asked about her trip and the places she got to see. Although most of her stories didn’t come with any fancy background, with all the traveling she and Kyle had done in the past six months they hadn’t really seen that many sights. They just enjoyed the time away no matter where it was they were. There were times when Liz was on the phone with Maria or Isabel and wished they were there with them but she knew that Isabel wouldn’t leave Jesse now that they were both settled and Maria didn’t want to leave Michael as much as she threatened to do so on an almost daily basis.

Michael brought Kyle up to speed on what little he actually knew since Max hadn’t said much just that he’d been following a few leads and two had panned out. Both conversations stilled as the door closed when Max walked into the room. A deep blush colored his face as he realized everyone was staring at him as they awkwardly stood around the room. The picture was so reminiscent of an old Max, one that seemed to have disappeared years ago. He cleared his throat and placed the files he held on the small table they had brought before. He pulled more papers from his bag spreading them out on the table as he tried to formulate his thoughts.

“I’ve been tracking some unusual patterns that at first I thought were Special Unit movements but are looking more and more alien related. I thought the special unit was trying to create a more isolated base to set up shop but the way things are building up it’s more like Whitaker’s old home town..” Michael and Kyle had come over to the table looking over the papers filled with data and some with pictures.

“I thought the skins had died out, the husks were only for 50 years.” Kyle looked up at Max.

“I don’t know what to think really. Maybe Courtney lied to us..”

“She didn’t lie to us Maxwell, she had no reason.” Michael threw out.

“Or there were more camps we didn’t know about, maybe even she didn’t know about.. or they’ve arrived more recently. We don’t really know or have any way of knowing.” Max looked at Michael and shrugged. “This is all I’ve got so far but I’ve set up parameters to look for more towns like this thanks to Liz’s earlier work with the special unit alerts.” He glanced at Liz to see her eyes focused on the few pages in her hands. He turned back to the papers on the table.

“So what did you want to meet for? Is this it?” Maria looked at him skeptically. She didn’t like the way he kept looking at Liz and if this was just a way to pull Liz back here for some crap reason that they’d be safer, she’d hit him.

“No, I thought that everyone would want to plan or at least talk about what to do next.” He sat in the chair Isabel had vacated, running his hands through his hair. He knew going into this meeting that it wouldn’t be easy but he wasn’t going to boss anyone around.

“Well, we all know what my vote is.” Liz spoke up and looked at Michael.

“Take them out before they try to take us.” Michael nodded.

“I’m in.” Kyle looked up from the papers.

“Fine.. let me see those.” Maria took some papers out of Michael’s hands.

A few eyes moved to Isabel. Liz walked toward her, “Iz if you don’t..”

“No, if I really want to live my life we have to finish this. Take the threat away before there’s too much at stake.” Liz saw the tears threaten and then vanish. She was amazed yet again by Isabel’s ability to control her emotions. Liz knew she was thinking about the possibility of having kids and having them getting caught up in this whether as targets or just in the crossfire.

“Okay, let’s go to work.” Max stood up and walked back to the table.
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO, SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch 5-6 7/24

Post by MelissaD » Tue Jul 24, 2012 12:51 pm

Thanks for the feedback!
AvalonRose: hmmm a town full of demons.. either you've seen some of my ideas or it's just because of how easily these two shows fit together.. LOL
orphyfets: Dean Winchester is definitely a fine specimen, I'm hoping to do him justice. :)
HypnotiqBlueEyes: I always felt that Liz would definitely have made sure she could handle any kind of situation that came her way once things heated up with the FBI and other aliens. She's just a tad bit of a control freak and we're expected to believe that after being kidnapped and Max taken by the FBI that she wouldn't make sure she'd be able to handle herself? HA! As for Max... well more should be explained with that as the story goes on. :)

Chapter Five

A few weeks later.

Sam fell into the chair and pulled his cell phone out of his pocket needing to vent before he actually killed Dean. He opened the cell and saw Liz's number in the recently called list. A small smile played across his features as he clicked the number and listened to the ring.

"Hey Sam, what's up?" He could hear the warmth in her voice and the tension in his shoulders let up a bit.

"I'm going to kill him."

"Ahh.. Do I know this him you speak of?" He could hear some music playing in the background.

"I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"

"No. Actually my cell ringing was a very much needed and welcomed break. So you going to answer my question or do I have to guess?" She laughed, "That could be kinda fun but only if I know the person, it's not fair if I don't even have a chance."

He let out a genuine laugh. "You know him but I don't know how fair it is that you only know two people that I hang around with."

"Sam Winchester hangs around?"

"Ha ha very funny. Well, I guess that does hold some merit.."

"Let's hear some hints. Quit stalling, cheater."

He smiled into the phone, "Okay.. Let's see where to start. He froze my laptop watching porn." Her bark of laughter interrupted him and he couldn't help but chuckle.

"Busty biker babes?"

"Liz, I don't even want to know how you know of that magazine."

"Ah you know of it too.."
Sam blushed and was thankful this was just a phone conversation.

"Quit blushing Sam, what was it anyway?"

He let out a nervous chuckle and cough. "Busty asian beauties."

"Oh lord. Okay.. get to the next one so I can hopefully erase this image."

"He hid said frozen laptop.. After I fixed it. If I give you others it'll be too easy."

"Sammy Sammy Sammy.. It was too easy from the beginning, getting a little cabin fever are we? Trouble in impala paradise?"

He laughed, "I definitely should have called you earlier. I might not have these homicidal fantasies."

"I kinda wondered how that worked out. I love Kyle but I don't think I could do a year without having my own separate thing. How long have you been doing this anyway?"

Sam leaned back and put his feet up on the table relieved to have some normal conversation. "Since I can remember. Dad always had us with him except for the hunting part. He'd keep us at a fellow hunter and friend's house, or motel and do his thing. We didn't get taken out on a hunt until we were older. But I did get a couple years to myself when I went to college."

"That's where you met Jess?"


"So.. what are you guys hunting?" He noticed the quick change of subject and welcomed it. He wasn't quite ready to talk about her.

"It's weird, we're not really sure. At first it just seemed like a haunting but then this kid said he was abducted by aliens."

"Aliens?" Her voice went up a notch, "Did he have any marks on him, a hand print or anything?"

"No.. At least he didn't say anything. He had a jacket on. Why?" Sam drew his eyebrows together.

"No reason, just rumors I've heard. You know with victims that say they've been abducted."

"Yea I don’t think he was really abducted.. Get this, he says he was probed.. A lot and a short white alien made him slow dance."

Her laugh burst through the phone, "That's ridiculous.. White aliens.. Slow dancing. That's classic."

"We had such a hard time keeping a straight face… Don’t take this the wrong way but you’re not one of those people that studies alien abductions or something, are you?”

"No.." she chuckled, "I grew up in Roswell, New Mexico."

"Wow.. the alien capital of the world huh? I bet that was fun."

"Nah, it's still a small town. Not much to do but a couple of alien themed shops. My parents own one of them actually, a diner called The Crashdown."

Dean walked into the motel room. "We got another one, let's.. who you talking to?"

"It's none of your business." Sam stood and started walking to the other side of the room away from Dean. "I gotta go. I'll call.." Dean jumped on Sam and they fell onto the bed wrestling for the phone. Dean finally got it away.

"So who’s Sammy’s secret girl huh? Please tell me it's a girl." He glanced at Sam with a smirk.

"Well it’s not busty asian babes."

"Liz?" He pulled the phone away and looked at it then glared at Sam, "You told her about .." He put the phone back to his ear, "it's busty asian beauties thank you very much and worth every penny." He threw the phone on the bed and started for the door. "Let's go!"

Sam picked up the phone and heard her laughter. He smiled, "Thank you so much for that." He laughed, "You have no idea. I gotta go."

"Some other time Sammy. Have fun and be careful. Oh and tell Dean his secret is safe with me." Sam could hear her laughter as he shut his phone.

Two weeks later.

Liz bolts awake in bed covered in sweat. She looks around the room quickly and starts taking deep breaths to calm herself down when she realizes she’s in her room. After splashing her face with cold water and pacing her apartment twice, she picks up her cell phone and dials Sam’s number.


She lets out a breath she didn’t realize she had been holding. “Hey Sam.”

“Everything ok?”

“Yea.. now.. I think.” She dropped down on her couch and curled into the corner. “I had a nightmare and I can’t get back to sleep. It almost felt like a vision.. I just needed someone to talk to.”

“Sure.. I know how you feel. It’s kinda weird though..”

“What is?”

“Actually having someone to talk to about this stuff. Anytime I brought it up with Dean.. it just didn’t go well.”

“Leave it to him to make it difficult.” She laughed a little, “It’s a little weird for me too since I always thought the only other person like me was Kyle and even he doesn’t show the same abilities as me.”

“What do you mean?”

Liz closed her eyes and swore under her breath. “We both went through a traumatic experience when we were in high school before my abilities started. He started showing signs about a year after me. I was away at college and came home to help him.. deal. Nothing like us though, small things like he found out he could open locks. I think it's being able to move or change small molecular structures but it freaked him out for so long he never really tried using it too much."

She heard a small laugh, "Maybe there is something to Roswell."

She smiled and started to relax, "I used to talk to Alex like this. Late night conversations whenever we were bored or just needed someone to vent to."

"How long were you friends?"

"We met in 2nd grade but Alex didn't really get pulled into Maria and my little world until third. I think it was fifth grade that he started calling us the three musketeers.." She laughed, "He was such a dork."

"It must have been really hard to lose him... How did he die?"

"It was. I.. I’ve never been that low in my life. I think it was worse because I didn’t believe what the police were saying that it was a car accident that he caused.. But no one believed me, not even Maria. It was the first time in my life I really felt alone. We did find out later that it was set up and who did it but.."

"It didn't change the fact that you were on your own when you lost someone important to you.."

"Yea.” Trying not to linger too long on that little fact, she let out a soft laugh, “It was also the first time I got wasted."

"Drinking in the grieving process.. You and Dean have that in common."

"I'm not sure how to feel about that."

She heard Sam let out a soft laugh then took a deep breath, "Does it get easier?"

"I really want to tell you that it does but I won't lie to you.. I feel like it can't get easier for me because in some way I was responsible, like I should have known. It's not really easier to think about but more of I feel like he helps me deal with it and get out of that pit faster when I do get bogged down thinking about how I should have stopped it.. If that makes any sense."

There was a few moments of silence before he spoke, "I dreamt about it for days before she died.. Before the demon killed her. I just thought that it was my mind playing tricks on me because of the stories of how my mom died and just mixing her into it in my dreams.."

"Sam.. "

"I know.. I tell myself it wasn't my fault but I still feel it somehow was. Like you said I should have stopped it."

"Well, aren't we just the life of the party.." Liz giggled.

"It feels good to talk about it though.."

"Yea someone to be completely open to." She felt a little guilt with that but quickly shook it off, "Speaking of that.. You found Jess in college, Did Dean ever have someone? Like a real relationship?"

"Actually yea, he fell for this girl while I was at Stanford and he was with dad on a job in Indiana. He didn't tell me at the time but she called dean for help when Dean and I were looking for dad. Apparently dean had told her about the family business and she didn't take it too well. She broke it off but when we were there it seemed like something was still going on. I guess she ended it though because He never heard from her after that."

"Wait.. You went to Stanford?"

“Yea.. I never told you that?”

“No.. I went to Stanford for almost a full year my freshmen year of college but besides Kyle’s meltdown.. I didn’t like being so far from home.”

As the hours passed they talked into the night about high school, college courses, and traded stories of life on the road. Liz ended up at her kitchen table with a cup of tea when she saw the first rays of sunlight starting to peek into the room.

"Sam.. when you finally kill this demon.. What are you going to do?"

"I don't know. For a while I knew I'd finish college and work towards a real life but.. The things I know and have seen.. It doesn't seem like that could be a reality."

"I think about it sometimes. If my friends and I were finally safe, could we really just live like everyone else? I wonder what I'd really want to do with my life. I originally wanted to go to Harvard, be a biologist.. Now I'm pretty much my own experiment. I'm just not that girl anymore, you know?"

She heard his laugh, "completely agree, except Stanford and lawyer."

"And boy." She chuckled.

"Sometimes I wonder if you've been hanging around Dean behind my back."

She laughed harder.

"Dean’s waking up, I should go.."

"Okay. Thanks Sam.. For listening."

"Just repaying the favor."

"By the way, Good morning."

Liz heard his laugh as she ended the call with a smile.

Chapter Six

A few weeks later.

Liz and Kyle walk into their motel room and throw their bags on the floor. Liz sits on the bed closest to the door. She quietly goes over the number of possible sites in her head and throws herself back on the mattress. “This is ridiculous, it could take forever!” Her hands went to her temples rubbing at the beginnings of a headache.

“I know there’s a lot but both Michael and Max think it’s centered around here.” Kyle sat on his bed watching her. “Of course California is a huge state but we saw the signs. If it’s not Nicholas’ group then we don’t have him but we still have a camp of skins we could take out and what 30 less skins to worry about?”

She rolled onto her stomach, “I guess I was getting a little rusty anyway.” She rolled her eyes as she stretched her arms and Kyle laughed. She looked at him with a smile, “Have you talked to Ava?” Liz’s phone rang interrupting her.

“Hey.” She flipped it open expecting Maria complaining that Michael didn’t let her know what happened but instead she heard a male voice.


“Sam?” Her face fell at the sound of his voice. “Are you guys okay? What’s wrong?”

“I.. I need someone outside of this..” His voice seemed clogged.

“Sam.. talk to me, you’re freaking me out here. Where are you? I’m in California but I could get to you if you need..”

“No. Not in person.. you’re in California? No. It’s not safe for you to come I just.. could you do me favor?”

“Sam, if this is some dying wish or something I’m going to come and kill you myself. You hear me?” Kyle came over to Liz’s bed and tried to listen in but Liz pushed him away.

“I met someone.. but I mean I just met her.. but she’s infected with something that makes her.. kill people but she doesn’t know she does it. There might be a way to cure her but it’s not a known fact just a possibility but it would prevent us from having to..”

“Sam.. if she’s killing people..” Liz waved off Kyle as he stared at her confused.

“But it’s not her fault.. she doesn’t even know she does it.. and I’m just like her. How can I kill her if I’m just like her?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I have something in me.. that could make me evil but I haven’t done anything yet. She doesn’t know she does this.. how can I not try to save her.. when I hope that’s what we can do for me.”

“Go for it then, try the maybe first. Just take precautions.. don’t get yourself killed over..”

“I know. Dean.. He doesn’t..”

“Do you want me to..”

“No.. I talked to him. I just needed to hear from someone outside of the whole situation. Some fresh eyes maybe to see if I’m not..”

“It’s completely normal to want to try to save life first.. even without your unusual circumstances. Sam.. you are not capable of evil. I would know.”

“Did you sense that? Is that one of your abilities?” His voice was hopeful.

“I don’t know exactly, I’m just a good judge of character.” She smiled and hoped that could somehow give him something. She just didn’t know what else to do for him. She’d never heard him like this. “Sam, if you need anything.. if you need me there. I swear to you I will be there as fast as I can.”

“Thanks.. I’ll call you.”

“Okay Sam.” She looked at the phone as she closed it and then back up to Kyle.

“What the hell was that all about?” Kyle watched her face trying to read her.

“Winchester.. stuff. He just sounds so beat up. I gotta do something really quick.” She opened her phone again and sent a text while Kyle just looked at her with his eyebrows raised.
“Is it safe to talk”

Dean’s name flashed on her screen with a return message. “How the hell are you programmed in my phone?”

“I have my ways. Seriously, is it safe for you to talk?”

“Not really.”

“Okay. Whatever Sam said earlier, please really try the cure. This is hitting him way more than you think.”

“Who are you to know my brother more than me?”

“Because whatever you did he felt the need to call me. I don’t even know why he’s comparing himself to her but please Dean.”

“I am that’s why I can’t talk.”

“Just take this one easy.. Please call me if things get crazy. I told Sam I’d be there if you need me.”


“And Dean?”

“Seriously? Remember not really safe to talk.”

“Be careful, busty asian beauties will go bankrupt without you.”

“Nice Liz.”

Two days later Liz gets a text from Dean when Kyle is driving them away from the remains of another Skin camp. “It’s done. Sam’s not taking it well."

“What happened?”

“We didn’t find a cure. She asked Sam.”

“She asked Sam what?”

“He didn’t tell you it was a werewolf?”


“Yea.. Silver bullet thing.. real. She asked Sam to do it..”

“Where are you?”
A couple hours later Dean opens the door. “That was fast.”

She walked into the room. “I was in the area. What really happened?” She looked around and didn’t see Sam but heard the water running in the shower.

"You were in the area?" Dean shut the door and turned to face her. "Sam said you’re from New Mexico."

"I had something to take care of just south of San Fran.. Hence I was in the area. What's with the attitude?" She dropped her bag and raised an eyebrow.

"No offense but we just met you not too long ago and Sam's talking to you all the time and you two are what? Best buddies now?"

She looked at him as she debated on how to answer him. "We have something in common and can talk about it. A kind of Kinship. If you want an explanation.. I can't give you some description of how it happened. I don't know, I've never done this before but I feel a connection with Sam. He's a friend and that makes him part of my family and I protect my family." She kept her gaze steady on Dean, she knew he was protective of his brother and if he was grilling her, he was really worried.

"Sorry. No need to go all chick flick on me. It's just.. not normal to have someone take this as well as you let alone want to help." He walked to the closest chair and sat down glancing at the other as an offering.

"Normal isn't really my forte.." Her eyes met his and they just stared for a few moments until a loud horn cut through the air.

"What the hell?" Dean stood at the same time that Liz jumped from her seat towards the window.

"That's my car." She looked out the window as Dean joined her but didn't see anything.

Liz opened the door and walked to the driver's side of her car. She had her hand near her back where Dean remembered seeing a gun the night they first met.

"Is there something I should know?" Dean called from the doorway.

Liz turned towards him and Dean saw someone jump out from behind her car. Everything happened so fast Dean's instincts took over. The guy jumped at Liz, she turned and kicked him in the chest making him stumble back. Dean rounded the other side of the car coming up behind the guy when another man ran up to him. He punched the new attacker with a hard right hook and glanced to Liz to find she was handling herself pretty well. A blow to his own stomach had him reeling back bringing his attention where it should be with his own attacker.

"You wanna dance?" The man advanced going for Dean's legs and he brought his knee up to meet his jaw.

Liz yelled something but he couldn't hear between their two scuffles. "WHAT?" He kicked the guy hard in his stomach to give himself a few seconds to look to Liz finding her further away then he thought with two attackers on her. "Where the hell are you bitches coming from?!" He saw her bounce between the two throwing punches and kicks then he looked back to his own problem on all fours and kicked him hard in the head and ran towards Liz.

"You need to hit their lower backs!" Liz yelled as she kicked again this time her foot caught by her target. Dean got to her just in time to duck when she jumped up and kicked the guy's nose in with her free foot.

"Who the hell taught you to fight?" He threw out as he blocked a punch by the second attacker and threw one of his own. He glanced at Liz and saw that her kick hadn't fazed her attacker that much. "Damn you’re a lightweight, Use your gun!"

She turned to roll her eyes at him and her attacker grabbed her around the waist, "Listen queenie.. You're comin’ with us."

Dean knocked his attacker off his feet and turned to try to help Liz. He looked straight at her connecting with her eyes and she smiled. Dean looked confused then looked up at the guy holding her, "Listen calm down.. There's no need to hurt anyone here."

Liz felt the man's attention shift to Dean and took her chance slamming her foot down on her attacker's foot, feeling him bend slightly and then using the man’s weight against him she threw him over her body flipping him onto his back. Dean heard a pop then the man went up in flakes. "What the hell was that?"

Liz looked up in time to see the other man right behind Dean. "BEHIND NOW!"

As Dean turned he threw a punch connecting with the man's chin. Liz ran around him then kicked the attacker in the small of his back. The same effect floating to the floor. Dean looked up at her. "I don’t like to repeat myself.. but what the hell?!"

"I told you normal wasn't my forte." She wiped blood off her lip and looked around. The third man was gone. "What happened to the other one? Did you see that?" She pointed to the pile by their feet.

"He was over there. I thought I knocked him unconscious." His eyes went back down to the flakes on the ground. "Do I get an answer?" He looked back up at her and saw Sam standing in the doorway.

"Are you two fighting? What’s going on?"

"Welcome to the party Sammy.." He smiled to Sam then looked at Liz as she reached under her car for her gun. "Let's go clean you up and you can tell me what just happened."

"They're called Skins. Well, that's what we call them at least." She shrugged as she dabbed her lip with the tissue looking into the mirror at the two brothers sitting on their beds.

"I've never heard of them." Sam shook his head and glanced at Dean who shrugged.

"I don't really know what to tell you.” She shrugged. “They attacked my friends and we've been fighting their kind since five years ago..” Her eyes fell to her hands as she pulled at the tissue. “Wow that seems so long. We thought they all died but we found a group of them here in California so we went to get rid of them. Obviously there were some that weren't there and followed me." Her gaze came back up catching Dean admiring her jean selection. She raised her eyebrow as his gaze finally caught hers in the mirror. He gave her his best smile and she turned to face them as Sam rolled his eyes.

“Dean..” Sam gave him a disapproving look.

"Wow.. So.. Wait." Dean kept his gaze on Liz, "Who taught you to fight? I mean you could use some improvement here and there but.. Damn."

“Someone needed to teach me?” Liz gave him an indignant look then laughed, "Kyle's dad taught me some and my friend Michael."

Sam glanced between the two of them, "Sorry to break up your fight club here but Liz how did you? I mean when did you.."

Liz looked at Dean.

"Dean?” Sam turned to his brother.

"Hey you called her and she texts me while I'm out hunting the werewolf and then you breakdown at Madison's and she wanted to know you were okay and so she’s here."

Sam raised his eyebrows at him. "Okay."

“I need to make a call. I have to let my friends know some of them followed me. Hopefully they were the only ones left from that camp.” Liz grabbed her phone and went into the bathroom.

Dean immediately turned to Sam. “These guys weren’t joking around. Do you know what she’s involved in at all?” Dean noticed that Sam still had his eyes on the bathroom door. “She’ll be fine, Sammy I’m pretty sure she can take care of herself in there.”

“Shut up.” Sam shook his head and brought his eyes to his brother. “I just know that when we met her, she had broken off from her friends but Kyle went with her. I got the feeling of a huge blow out, she called it a cooling down period. Her and Kyle went out and started helping people.” He saw Dean’s look. “She gets visions sometimes when she touches people and she follows them to try to prevent what she saw. At least that’s what she told me.”

“If she’s not like you and Andy, is she the born this way real deal or something?” Dean glanced at the door.

“No, well I don’t know. She said she started getting them in high school.. 16 or 17. So it’s definitely not the demon.”

“Right. So something that one of those guys said is bugging me.” Dean was looking out the window.


“Queenie.” He glanced back to Sam. “Who the hell says that?”

“Why didn’t you ask her?”


“Because you were too busy staring at her ass?”

“Hey it’s not my fault she had it right at my eye level.”


“She didn’t seem too bothered by it” He grinned.

“That’s because she could kick your ass.”

“Kick my ass into bed maybe.” Dean Scoffed.

“God your ridiculous..” Sam threw his hands up and stood from the bed.

“Why don’t you just ask her, she’s your friend.”

“Oh so you can stare at her ass and fantasize about taking her to bed but she doesn’t fall in your category of friends?”

Dean stood up as he saw the door open, “She’s a girl Sam.”

Sam shook his head.

Liz stepped into the bathroom and hit the speed dial number.


“Kyle, we have a problem.”

“You okay?”

“Three skins showed up here. Dean and I fought them but one got away.” She heard Kyle softly curse.

“Dean saw you break the husk?”

“Yea and on top of that, one of them called me Queenie.” She sat down on the edge of the tub.

“What the hell?”

“Yea, I’d like to know what the hell that means too.”

“So what did you tell Dean?”

“Just that they’re called Skins and we’ve been fighting them since they attacked our friends in high school. They’re going to have more questions, I know it.”

“Liz.” She heard Kyle take a deep breath, “you can’t.”

“I know, they have enough to deal with as it is. They’ve seen enough crazy stuff that I doubt they’ll really push it. It’s just one more unknown lore right?”

“And the queen thing?”

“Hell I don’t know. I can’t tell them something I don’t know.”

“Okay Liz. I’ll talk to Michael. You know they’ll probably want you to come back.”

“I know. Stall them for me? Just in case I need the time.”

“Call me when you get on the road so I know you’re not in trouble, okay?”

“I will. See you soon.” As she stood she ended the call then opened the door.

“She’s a girl Sam.”

She walked into the room and crossed her arms over her chest. “I believe this girl saved your life and could kick your ass.”

Sam burst out laughing.
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO, SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch 7 7/26/1

Post by MelissaD » Thu Jul 26, 2012 7:25 pm

I'm back!! I hope I can keep up with the quick updates, a woman can dream. Thanks for the feedback!!

AvalonRose: you may have to wait a while for that reaction..
HynotiqBlueEyes: questions liz can handle.. lying is at the top of her resume. :)
Queen Fee: Birds of a feather! This fic running away with me brought me out of lurkdom as well. ThanksI love the cate and baz pic too!

By the way, Does anyone know how to make the banners? I've seen some amazing ones through the years that I've read fanfic but I have no idea how to even start going about making one. Okay, I'll stop wasting time and get on with the story. :lol:

Chapter 7

A few weeks later.

Sam pulled his phone from the glove box and turned it on. Two short beeps alerting him to messages received while he was incarcerated. That sounded so wrong, Sam Winchester fugitive. Dad would be so proud. He shook his head and played the messages as Dean turned up the radio.
"Really? You see me with my phone and you turn up the music?" He reached over and turned it back down.

"Come on, I just got out of prison!" Dean gave him an incredulous look.

"Two minutes." Sam listened to the messages with his hand up blocking Dean.

Two maybe cases he saved then the final message played, "Sam please tell me you are not in jail. Saw a short report on a FBI blotter that the Winchester brothers were picked up on a B&E, this better just be the FBI trying to look good or a shapeshifter or something." Her voice seemed to get farther away, "Dean can't even keep his brother out of jail, I'm gonna kick his a" the message ended. Sam smiled and let out a small laugh.


"Liz called. Said she's gonna kick your ass for getting caught on a B&E. And putting me in jail." Sam couldn't help the smile that grew at Dean's look.

"I'm at fault? You're a grown man.."

Sam dialed her number and waited for her voice. "We're fine."

"As fine as a fugitive could be, add that to your list of infractions."

Sam let out another laugh, "Just checking things off the to-do list."

"Sam is a grown ass man and responsible for himself!" Dean yelled across the small space.

"Shit dean.. I'm right here." Sam grimaced and then heard Liz's laughter through the phone.

"So where you guys heading?"

"Don't know. Got a couple of possible jobs in my voicemail.."

"Down time." Dean cut in.

Sam looked over at him with confusion.

"What? We just got out of jail, I'm pretty sure that warrants some down time and you can research for whatever job we get next."

"So that means Dean wants to hit up a bar." Liz's voice flowed from the phone.

Sam looked at Dean, "It's sad that she knows you that well already."

Dean grinned at him, "I'm quite an interesting read."

Sam shook his head. "Are you back home?"

"No, out doing some traveling."

"The skin thing?"

"Yea, a little anyway. Checking on a safe house too."

Dean drove through the night half wondering how far they should go and half looking for a decent bar. Sam talked on the phone for too long but at least it took some tension out of him. Dean glanced at Sam lying as best as his large frame could against the door. Being in jail definitely wasn't a good fit for him, he wasn't sure if Sam would really survive it to be honest. He hated when his thoughts turned dark. Too much there that could weigh him down as if he didn't have enough to deal with. No, Sammy was never going to get stuck in jail. Dean decided to take the next exit and look for somewhere to stay, they had driven enough for the night. He pulled off and looked around as he drove through the small town. He saw a motel and the glow of neon lights speaking his language not too much farther up the road. He pulled into a parking spot and woke up Sam.

"Hey let's get some food." He punched Sam's shoulder and got out of the car.

Sam rubbed his eyes and looked out the window. "A bar? Really dean?!"

Dean walked in the door and took a deep breath. The familiar smells surrounded him as he moved through the room to the nearest table. One of the things he could always rely on being the same while traveling were bars.

"Dean?" A confused female voice hit his ears and he tensed. He didn't remember being here before but there had been so many bars, there's always a possibility. He turned and his eyes fell on the short brunette with a sexy ass smile gracing her face that had no business being there.

"Well damn, Dean Winchester. Small world." She smirked.

"Are you following me Parker? I mean I can have that effect on women." He grinned and watched her roll her eyes but didn't miss how they darkened a little as well.

"I thought your words were an interesting read. Reading isn't all that fun." Holy shit, Little Parker was a sex kitten.

Dean moved closer and could smell vanilla and something else he couldn't quite put his finger on as he leaned in. "I was being polite, children were present."

She let out a bark of laughter, "I'm sure Sam would appreciate that."


She spun to face Sam giving him a bright smile and walked towards him meeting halfway. They shared a hug and Dean went to the bar.

"Cool down Winchester." He whispered to himself and ordered two beers. He grabbed his bottles and turned towards the rest of the room, seeing Liz and Sam at a table with three other people. His eyes moved over Liz taking in her black tank top that left a slice of skin visible before her tight jeans covered the rest. His eyes traveled back up and were caught once again. His grin came easily not masking his hooded eyes. He took a long pull on his beer, eyes never leaving hers and almost choked on the liquid when he saw her mouth move slowly curving around the word Hi. His eyebrows shot up and she grinned, licked her lips, and then went back to her conversation. It was going to be a long night.

Empty beer bottles, baskets, and plates were scattered across the two tables pushed together as the small group enjoyed the night. To anyone passing by, this group of twenty somethings were relaxing, maybe a night off in a busy schedule or college workload or maybe they just came to get away from the normal drudgery of life. The small group laughing and joking easily as well known friends often do. The real story of people coming together celebrating living another day, of friends connecting because of similar fates, of a chance encounter once again that wouldn't be believed by anyone who looked upon the people smiling and enjoying each other’s company.

Liz slipped away from the group to go to the bathroom. Splashing some water on her face and looking in the mirror as she tried to cool her body. For the bar not being very crowded, it definitely seemed to be hot. She stared into the mirror fixing little things about her hair and face and tried not to think about the reason why. Once satisfied, she walked out of the bathroom and started down the hallway only to bump into a body. She looked up to apologize, caught the sight of hazel eyes and her words were silenced on her lips with a heated kiss. Dean's hands were on her hips sliding up underneath her shirt, the sensation making her melt into him as she deepened the kiss. She felt her back press firmly against the wall as his body molded to hers. Her hands slid over his shoulders wrapping around his neck, she lifted herself up and wrapped her legs around his waist. The low growl from his throat made her shiver as they both continued their assault. A throat clearing slammed them out of their haze. Liz dropped her legs and looked to the offending sound catching Maria's smirk.

"You know you’re in public, right chica?" Maria leaned against the wall at the end of the hallway.

"Shut up Maria." Liz hid her face in dean’s chest trying to catch her breath.

"Hey I don't blame you, he's definitely a nice piece of ass."

Dean gave Liz another searing kiss, adjusted his jeans, and then walked by Maria with a whisper, "It's more than just a nice ass sweetheart." He winked and continued on to join the boys at the table.

"Thanks Maria.." Liz fixed herself.

"Just helping you not have sex in a hallway. You will definitely want more time than that." She laughed and grabbed Liz's arm pulling her out of the hallway. "Besides I was coming to get you because we're leaving."

Liz walked to her room with Maria. "Oh please, nothing's going to happen Maria. We were just having a little fun."

"From what I gathered from Sam that's only the beginning of the fun for him which was funny that Sam didn't think you two could be doing what I thought you most definitely were. Apparently he thinks you’re out of his brother's league." Maria laughed, "I agreed but it doesn't cancel out the chemistry." She eyed Liz, "It would do you some good to have a little fun."

Liz looked at Maria, watching her face. "Why do I get the feeling you set that up?"

"I did nothing.” Maria looked at her nails. “Maybe I said something about you taking too long.” Her eyes moved to her shoes. “Maybe his protective side came out.." Maria avoided looking into Liz's eyes more than normal.

"You are so full of it." Liz laughed as she shoved her oldest friend.

"Hey! He was staring since you disappeared down that hallway. All I did was give him a reason to go." She looked to Liz and smiled.

Liz got to her door and opened it, finding Kyle already inside watching TV. Liz turned to Maria, "You’re staying with Michael tonight?"

"Yea. I couldn't punish him for another night." Maria grinned, “two nights with Kyle is enough.” She waved at Kyle who threw a chip at her as she walked away.

Liz caught Dean's gaze as Maria walked out of the doorway. "I'll be right back." She threw over her shoulder to Kyle as she walked towards the Impala. Dean met her halfway.

"Bunking with Kyle again?" Dean's hands were already on her hips.

"He's practically my brother no need to get jealous, although it’s kinda cute on you." Liz smiled up at him as her arms went around his neck.

He pulled back, "I'm sorry but I am not cute."

"Ooh someone's got their panties in a twist." She laughed at his face.

"You seem to be mistaking me for Sam. I, however, do not fall under the cute category." Liz hadn’t realized he had been moving them back toward the impala until she felt the cool steel against her back.

"Hmm you’re sexy when you’re pissed." Liz leaned into him as she licked her lips. She was rewarded with a groan.

"You’re a minx." His lips danced slowly close to hers, she used the impala for leverage to help push her higher connecting with her target, sending the electricity through her body.

A door creaking open and Sam's voice pulled her out of her daze and she heard a low growl from Dean that made her laugh. She turned and smiled at Sam, "Sorry, I was just saying goodnight. He's all yours."

Sam's eyebrows were still high with his mouth slightly open. He watched her saunter to her room and saw Dean's shock. His laugh brought Dean's eyes to his.
"You are the worst cock block I've ever known." Dean grabbed his bag and walked into the room heading straight for the shower.

"I'll be damned. I owe Maria fifty bucks." Sam went back into the room and closed the door.
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO, SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch 8 7/31/1

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Thanks for all your feedback guys! :) I hope everyone is enjoying the story! I'm posting this one now and hopefully get chapter nine up tonight or tomorrow but just incase I don't get the chance I wanted to get this one up for you.

Chapter 8
*Some lines taken from What Is and What Should Never Be, will appear in italics.*

One week later.

Sam looked at all the real estate listings that Dean could have been talking about checking out but the list was too long to try going to every single one. "Damn it, Dean."

He pulled his cell phone out and dialed Liz. "Hey.. I know this is a long shot but I was hoping maybe you could help me."

"What's up Sam?" He heard the concern in Liz’s voice.

“Dean went off without me to check something out and now I can’t get a hold of him and there’s a long list of where he could be. I don’t have the time to go to all of them and I remembered the story you told me about your friend that helped you get a hold of max when he was in New York..”

“Sam, I’ve never done it since then and I had a strong connection with max..”

“Do you think you could try? I know it might not work but if you could try while I try narrowing down this list..”

“It would make you feel better. I’ll try Sam.”

Liz ended the call and dialed Isabel. “Liz?”

“Hey… could you do me a favor? I need your help.” Liz fidgeted with the charm on her necklace.

“Sure. what’s up?”

“Remember that thing we did when Max was in New York?”


“I know that was a crazy situation and it might not work but I need to try. It’s Dean and Sam.”

“Okay, we’ll try. Are you in Albuquerque? It’d probably be easiest if we’re together. I know we’re both stronger now but..”

“Yea I’m at my apartment, I’ll be right over. Thanks Iz.” Before she ended the call she had her keys in hand and was halfway out the door.

A few minutes later, Isabel opened the door to her friend and hugged her. She had heard about Dean and Sam from Kyle and Michael but had learned the most from Maria. Liz felt close with these guys and it seemed she was growing closer with Dean and for Liz that was a big deal. She knew she hadn’t let the wall down that was built after Max. She loved her brother but Liz had grown on her, she wanted her to be happy. Isabel led Liz into her living room.

“Okay so what’s going on?” They sat on the couch facing each other.

Liz gave her a quick rundown of what she knew while looking at her hands. Liz looked at Isabel and finally took a breath, “If we could get anything..”

Isabel took in Liz’s nervous habits and placed her hand on Liz’s, “Let’s try it.” They lay down side by side on the floor. “Do you have something of his?” Isabel’s turned her head to face her.

Liz lifted the necklace up by the charm. “Yea.”

Isabel lifted an eyebrow then held Liz’s hand closest to her and Liz kept her other on the charm. “It wards off demons.” Liz explained before they both closed their eyes.

Liz felt the familiar sensations then opened her eyes. She looked around finding herself in what looked like a well lived in apartment decorated to feel warm, a place to call home.

Isabel brought her out of her quiet observation, "This is a dream."

Liz turned to look at her, "A dream walk? Maybe because he was asleep instead of awake? Why would he be asleep?" Liz saw Isabel's eyes go wide and followed her gaze. In the other room her eyes fell on Dean sitting on a couch kissing a girl that looked a lot like.. He pulled back from her. "Holy shit."

"You know I get it."

"Get what?" Hearing her own voice and seeing it come out of her mouth was extremely odd.

"Why you’re the one."

Liz covered her eyes seeing him go in for another kiss, she felt like a voyeur yet she was looking at herself. It was unnerving.

"Well, that's interesting." Isabel looked at Liz and pulled Liz's hands from her eyes. "Answers a few questions Maria and I had about him."

Liz turned to face her and put the dream couple behind her, "You will not tell Maria about this."

Isabel raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow.

"Please, this is someone's personal thoughts. You don't need to be spilling them to everyone." The blush colored Liz’s face.

"Mmhmm.. I think Maria would disagree since you are very much involved in said personal thoughts." Isabel crossed her arms over her chest and smirked so reminiscent of Maria, Liz almost laughed.

"Another reason to keep it from Maria, at least for now. Do you think we'd be able to get out of the dream? To see where he is?" Liz looked around seeing more of the apartment and nothing that could really give her a hint of where they were.

"Aw, how cute you’re a nurse. Nurse Parker.. has a nice ring to it." Liz looked to see Isabel still watching the scene playing out.

"That's very... Dean." She rolled her eyes, "okay focus Isabel."

"I'm not really sure Liz that was pretty much all you last time. I just gave you a boost." Isabel picked up a picture of Liz kissing a smiling dean on the cheek. "Wonders never cease."

Liz closed her eyes and concentrated.

"Spoil all the fun. It worked, we're outside.."

Liz opened her eyes feeling a cool breeze blowing against her face. She looked around then heard Dean's voice. "No, Dean's in a cemetery."
They walked a little closer and Liz could hear his words clearly. "We shouldn't be here." She glanced at Isabel who had tears in her eyes.

"You’re right. This is like reading someone's diary." Isabel swiped at her face and closed her eyes. "Try thinking about Dean's physical presence instead of his mental. We're in his dream so you’re connecting with his mind maybe with Max you connected with his physical presence because he was awake."

Liz closed her eyes and felt around, trying to see if anything felt different.

"Liz?" Isabel’s voice was tense.

"Yea I'm trying."

"No Liz something's wrong. Don't you feel that? Like things are wavering?”

Her eyes popped open and looked around noticing the small almost invisible wave in the air. "What does it mean?"

"I don't know I've never felt that before."

They both jerked awake, eyes staring at Isabel's living room ceiling. "I don't like this Liz, call Sam. Find out what he knows."

Liz grabbed her phone from the table and hit Sam's speed dial number.

"Any luck?"

"I could only get into his dream."

"He was dreaming?"

"Yea he said something about a second chance, it felt real Sam. But something’s wrong. Isabel said she never felt anything like it before. What are you guys hunting?"

"We think it's a Djinn."


"A genie."

"A genie? Are you joking?" Liz glanced at Isabel.

"Yea the lore goes back for centuries. They feed on people, it seemed to fit."

"They feed on people? Oh god Sam that had to be what it was.. everything wavered.." Liz looked at Isabel. "We couldn't get out of the dream so I don't know where he is."

"It's okay I narrowed the list down, I'm on my way to one of the buildings now."

"Ok, be careful Sam." Liz hung up.

"A genie Liz, really?" Isabel looked skeptically at Liz.

"Most folk lore comes from a place of truth." She shrugged, "Most people think aliens are purely fiction." Liz was rambling off to Isabel while trying to think of what they could do. "Sam said they've been feeding on people for centuries. So, where did the granting wishes story come from?" Liz looked at Isabel hoping that bouncing ideas off her would help her think faster.

"Dean was dreaming maybe he thinks it's real. He doesn't know his second chance is more like.." Isabel's wide eyes slowly came up to meet Liz’s, "a last meal."

Liz's face drained of color. "Maybe I can talk to him. Show myself."

"What if it realizes you’re there? We don't know anything about this thing! What if it senses you or something? This is crazy.."

"We can't just let him die.. there's got to be something. Everything wavered, what if he's close to dying and Sam doesn't get there in time?" Her shaky hands were running through her hair and pulling at the ends.

Isabel grabbed Liz's hands, "Ok Liz, we’ll try okay?" Isabel looked into Liz's eyes and willed her to calm down, they'd never be able to get in if she didn't.

Liz took a deep breath. "I'm good. Ok let's do this." Liz shook her head and laid back down.

Isabel looked at Liz for a moment. For a girl who built up walls around her for years they seemed to crack for this guy... relatively quickly too. As she laid down next to Liz, she thought back to the man standing in front of a gravestone with his heart on his sleeve, almost broken. They definitely had something in common. He might even be good for her, not that she would ever admit that. At least not easily.

They opened their eyes and saw people standing around Dean.

"How do I make him see me Isabel?"

"They just always saw me when I decided I wanted to be seen." She shrugged, her attention never leaving the small group in front of her. "Do it now Liz, they're trying to convince him to stay!"

Liz turned and looked at Dean over Dream Liz's shoulder. She stared at him trying to force a connection, "Dean, this isn't real. Don't listen to them. Think of Sammy, think of me." She glanced at her dream likeness. "The dean I know wouldn't take the easy way out. Dean, go home."

Dean looked away from Sam and saw Liz appear behind Sam and the Liz standing in front of him. His forehead scrunched together as he looked between the two and then saw her mouth moving but couldn't hear. He concentrated on her lips. “go home. Please dean.. This isn't real.. It's not right.”

His eyes went back to Sam. "I'm sorry." He plunged the knife into his gut and Isabel and Liz slammed awake.

They sat up and looked at each other. "I guess it worked." Isabel stood and helped Liz up from the floor.

"Hopefully everything else worked out too." She eyed her phone.

"If you don't want to call, just text Sam." Isabel went to the kitchen to get two glasses of water. She came back and Liz was still sitting on the couch staring at her phone.

"I'm sure he'll get back to you when they're safe." Isabel sat down next to her and handed her a glass.

"I don't know what either of them would do if they lost the other. They've lost so much and they're all they have left." Liz's eyes came up from her phone to meet Isabel's.

"I don't think that's true anymore Liz." Isabel gave her a pointed look.

She didn't answer. She just looked back down at her phone.

Later that night, Liz was tossing and turning in her bed. She had received a text back from Sam that they were both fine hours ago. As much as that relieved her, now that the worry was gone her mind was preoccupied with everything that happened. She tried everything she could think of to get her mind off of what she saw in his dream and keep herself from over analyzing it all. Her phone rang softly breaking her out of her inner battle.

"Hello?" She whispered.

"Liz?" Dean.

She took a deep breath. "Yea."

"Why are you whispering?"

"It's the middle of the night."

"Is there someone with you?" His voice tightened.

Her stomach flipped at the change. "No."

"Then why are you whispering?"

Was he laughing at her now? "I don't know." She smiled realizing she was still whispering. "Habit I guess." She felt herself relax. "Is that better?"

"Didn't bother me." She could almost see the smile on his face.

"Oh so you just wanted to bug me, is that it?"

"Maybe." He laughed a little then his voice got deeper. "How are you?"

"I'm okay, How are you?"

"I don't know. I guess I'm better than I was a few hours ago."


"Was that you? In there?"

"Yes and no."

"What do you mean?"

"I saw a few things. I saw her, I mean me. But it wasn't me. Not until you saw me in that dungeon or whatever it was. You saw me then right?"

"Yea I did. What… ah what all did you see?"

"Umm just your.. well I guess our apartment and part of our conversation on the couch." Her voice lowered into a whisper again, "And I saw the cemetery."

"You.. Do you think if we met under different circumstances that maybe.."

"Dean, why would you even want that?"

"I guess I thought the wrong.."

"No Dean, I didn't mean.."

"Don't worry about it, I got it."

Liz raised her voice, "NO dean, don't do that. You don't know what I meant. I wasn't talking about us. I was talking about everything else. All those people.. You make a difference."

He was quiet for a moment.


"You said you saw the cemetery?"

"We felt like we were.."


"Oh.. Sorry my friend helped me dreamwalk you. It's not one of my abilities."

"So you weren't the only one that saw that."

"I've sworn her to secrecy. She's like a sister to me so don't worry."

"Did you see Sam?"

"No, just those two things and then when you saw me."

"He was so happy with her.."

"Dean it wasn't real, you staying there would have killed Sam. He may have been happy to you but in real life you would have left him crushed. And.. I.. "

"I know." His voice was a whisper and then Liz heard Sam in the background but couldn't make out what he was saying. "I gotta go."

"Ok. I’ll talk to you later."


She felt her stomach tighten at the way he said her name, "Yea?"

There was a short pause, "Goodnight."

She turned and put her phone back on her night stand then lay back on her bed. She closed her eyes and just tried her best to meditate, telling herself over and over to breathe in and breathe out without having dean’s face pop up in her mind. Her mind buzzing, she knew she had no hope of getting any real sleep after that conversation without some type of sleep aid. “Goodnight my ass.”
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"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO, SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch 9 8/1/12

Post by MelissaD » Wed Aug 01, 2012 2:10 am

YES! I was able to keep my word and get this chapter up! I love to please and thanks for reading!

Chapter 9

A few weeks later.

Liz jerked awake in a cold sweat tangled in her sheets. She jumped for her phone, her feet catching in the mess wrapping her legs together landing her hard on the floor. She wrestled out of the cream colored cotton and reached for her cell on the edge of the small night stand. Her head pounding, she tried her best to clear her vision to hit the right number. She closed her eyes tightly as her right hand went to her head and she heard the phone ring. Sam’s voice message started to play as the blinding pain in her head grew. "Damn it Sam answer." She tried again only to get the same response. Without opening her eyes, she hit the first number she could as blackness started to creep in. She prayed for a voice.. any voice. A single whisper of a word was all she could get out before the darkness settled in, “Help.”

Maria got to Liz’s apartment door before Isabel and started banging, calling out to Liz. Isabel’s hand went over the lock and she opened the door with a glance at Maria. “You think you would know by now.”

“I’m sorry I can’t think alienese when my best friend calls with one word and then doesn’t respond!” Maria was heading straight for Liz’s room barely hearing more footsteps in the hallway as she reached Liz’s bedroom. “LIZ!” She reached her friend’s side when two more bodies filled the doorway.

Isabel and Maria checked for any outward signs of injury, Michael looked around the room and
Kyle appeared back in the doorway.

“There’s no sign of anything out of place out here.” Kyle’s eyes went to Liz.

“None in here either.” Michael kneeled down and lifted Liz into bed.

“She’s burning up.” Maria went into the bathroom.

Isabel picked up Liz’s phone and checked the call log. “No incoming calls but she called Sam twice before she called Maria.” Isabel hit send on Sam’s number and got voicemail. “Sam.. this is Isabel, Liz’s friend, she called you a little while ago. Please call me back.. if she got ahold of you or not. She’s not .. doing well.” Isabel rolled her eyes and hit end. “I’m guessing she got voicemail too but it was worth a shot.” She sat down next to Liz on the bed as Maria came out of the bathroom with a wet washcloth.

“Do you think it was a vision?” Maria dabbed the washcloth around Liz’s face hoping it would cool her down.

“It’s never been this bad.” Kyle walked into the room to the bottom of her bed and sat on the edge.

Michael looked out the window. “Where is Max?”

“Speak of the devil.” Max stepped into the doorway and then saw Liz on the bed. “Was she like this when you got here?” He tried to move but couldn’t get his legs to work.

“She was on the floor, like she fell out of bed.” Isabel answered without looking up from Liz.

“Did you connect with her?” He finally walked over.

“Not yet, do you think we should try?” She looked at Max and moved to give him room.

“We’ll try together.. just in case she fights my connection.” Max didn’t meet her eyes as he quickly scanned her but couldn't find anything off except her head. Michael moved to the edge of the bed as he watched Max's face.

Isabel laid her hand on Liz’s forehead and Max laid his on top as they both closed their eyes. Isabel easily formed a connection but met a wall, Max nudged lightly and they both felt the wall give way. They both opened their eyes to what looked like never ending fog.

“Why is it like this?” Max tried to look at Isabel.

“I don’t know.” Isabel tried moving to see if she could see anything. She yelled Liz’s name as she wandered in the fog keeping a hold of Max’s hand.

“Iz?” A weak voice came from her left.

“Liz, are you ok? Can I see you?” Isabel walked towards Liz’s voice.

“I’m so cold Iz..”

Isabel reached a leg and felt her way up to her face. “Liz, look at me.”

Liz turned her head and slowly opened her eyes. Isabel squeezed Max’s hand and he went about checking her hoping he would find something through the connection.

“Liz, what happened?” Isabel tried to keep her talking.

“I don’t know.. it’s bad. I think I had a vision but I couldn’t remember. All I could think of was Sam, something bad was going to happen to Sam.” Her eyes dropped to her legs.

“But you don’t know what? That’s why you tried to call him.. to warn him?”

“Yes.. but he didn’t answer.. what if it already happened? What if he’s dead?” Isabel felt her body tense then her brown eyes filled with fear came up to meet hers. “I can’t handle it.. not after Alex Izzy.. not again.”

“Is that what you felt?” Isabel heard her voice waver and tried to put the shock of his name behind her. She knew she had to be strong to get Liz out of here.. she wasn’t going to turn her back on her this time.

“I.. I don’t know. My head just hurts so badly.” Liz shook her head and both hands pressed against her temples as her eyes squeezed shut.

“She’s fine. I can’t find anything wrong.” Max spoke up at Isabel’s side and he looked at Liz.

Liz’s eyes went from Isabel down to her hands then they came back up connecting with Max’s eyes. “You have to do something Max. You have to save him.” She sobbed.

Max glanced at Isabel because he couldn’t take the sorrow in Liz’s eyes filled and then forced them back to Liz. “Liz, we don’t know where they are but I swear to you that I will do whatever I can. You need to wake up, Liz. We can’t get anywhere with you in here. You’re scaring everyone.”

Isabel stared wide eyed at the two. Liz hadn’t really spoken to Max in so long at least not without basically going through someone else even if they were in the same room. Now she looked like she was about to launch herself into his arms. She watched as Liz’s eyes came up to hers and she shook her head to agree with Max. Liz wiped at her eyes and shook her head as she tried to stand only to fall forward.

“Isabel, do you think you could do something about my headache? I couldn’t fix it before.” Liz closed her eyes and grimaced.

Isabel placed her hand on Liz’s head, it still felt hot but she tried to see if her normal trick would work. “Is that better?”

Liz smiled at Isabel, “It’s not perfect but it will do.” Liz stood and then nodded her head to them as she closed her eyes.

All three of them opened their eyes to Liz’s bedroom.

Maria pulled Liz close to her practically knocking Isabel and Max off the bed. “Liz! I swear to God if you ever do that to me again..”

“I love you too Maria.” Liz winced at the arms wrapped around her.

“Maria, I think you’re crushing her.” Kyle touched Maria’s shoulder and she pulled back but clasped Liz’s hands.

Liz smiled warmly at him. “I must have bruised something.” She looked up and saw Michael, “I’m sorry.”

“Liz, what happened?” Maria asked as she felt Liz’s head again.

“I woke up terrified and grabbed for my cell phone and fell. I don’t remember much but Sam.. I just don’t know but it’s bad. This isn’t the first time either.. before there wasn’t so much pain with it though. Every time I try to remember more I can’t get a handle on it, like it’s just beyond my grasp.” Liz was looking down at her hands still clasped in Maria’s.

“Did you try calling Dean?” Michael spoke up trying to get her attention off the missing vision.

Liz looked at him and shook her head no. “Thank you guys for coming, I’m sorry I scared you.” She looked around her eyes landing on Max and then moving down to her hands. Maria placed Liz’s phone in her hands.

She opened it and hit his number, she heard it ringing and just like she thought it went to voicemail. She shook her head, “There’s nothing we can do until they get back to me, IF they get back to me. I should just try to relax and see if I get anything else.” Liz tried to get up from her bed but Maria held her down. Liz looked at her with a small smile, “I’m just going to the bathroom.” Maria’s grip loosened, Liz got up and walked into the bathroom.

Isabel watched everything and breathed a sigh of relief. That was not the girl she saw inside her head. This was the take no shit Liz that had grown around craziness. This was the Liz that solved problems, found solutions where no one else could, the woman that grew on her and inspired her. Liz was back and was not going to be knocked down. Thank God.

They heard the shower turn on and Kyle looked to the others. “I’ll stay behind and make sure she’s okay.”
He glanced between Isabel and Maria figuring one of them would also want to stay.

“I’m going to try to get a hold of one of them or maybe try to find out where they were last. I’ll just be in the living room.” Isabel got up from the bed and looked at Max, “Maybe you should come with me.” Max nodded his head and followed her out.

“You know she’s going to try to go after them. She’s talked to them recently and she’ll just go where they were last.” Michael looked at Kyle, who only nodded his head thinking the same.

“This is definitely not good.” Maria looked at the bathroom door.

“We’re going to do whatever we can Maria.” Michael sat next to her and let her take his hand knowing she had nervous energy and didn’t know what to do. “We just have to wait.”

Liz had tried for an entire day to get ahold of the boys and her fidgeting was starting to drive Maria crazy. Isabel watched her sniff from her small bottle, some things really didn’t change. Maria was starting to remind her of old times. The girl had grown and mellowed a tad over the years but this was throwing her into a tailspin, showing just how much Liz had scared her. They had kept Liz from leaving but they also knew they wouldn't be able to keep her from going much longer. Isabel had tried to get her to dream walk them but neither brother was sleeping and she couldn't even really reach them. Isabel told her she was too stressed out but knew there was something else at play. Liz thought Max might die when she was able to astral project before and she knew that the Winchesters didn't really deal with normal. She started thinking if they found them alive, she just might kill them herself. Isabel sat down next to Liz and laid her hand over her friend’s that was wrapped around her coffee mug. Liz looked up at her and tried to smile.

"Liz, you’re going to need to sleep sometime. If we find out where they are, you’re going to need your strength." Isabel watched her face and saw the small movements that she knew spoke volumes for Liz when she was this unguarded. She almost couldn't distinguish the few emotions that crossed her face because they changed so quickly. Almost. “What is it about these guys that you’re so.. invested.. entangled.. I don’t even know how to describe it. You barely know them what a couple of months? Maybe half a year and it’s like you feel responsible for them.”

Liz stared into her coffee. “I care about them. I know Kyle and I just bumped into them.. well I literally bumped into Sam but I feel like it wasn’t an accident. I was supposed to be there at that moment. I might not have even changed much but my being there changed.. something. Or maybe I’m just reading more into it than what it really was, that I just needed something else. I needed to know that there was more.. that I was more. What can I say but when it happened I was invested from the beginning. Sam needed me and quite frankly I needed him and that connection just felt right. I’m not making any sense am I?” Liz finally looked up and saw Isabel’s face with a warm smile. “What?”

“Now take that mess and go take a nap. If you care for them then you need your strength to help them. If you had this vision and you’re supposed to help them, it will come to you. Maria and I will be here and we’ll keep watch.” Isabel winked and then got up to join Maria in Liz’s small living room.

Liz watched her friend go and smiled. She felt relaxed enough to be able to get some sleep and hopefully everything will be clearer. If only she could get something at least she would know if there was anything she could do. She glanced around the living room seeing Maria and Isabel talking quietly on the sofa and Michael sleeping on a chair while Kyle stood by the window looking out. This wasn’t their fight, hell she didn’t even know what this was but because it concerned her they were going to make sure she was protected. Her family. She picked herself up out of the chair and walked to her bedroom. The minute she laid her head on the pillow she tried her meditation techniques Kyle taught her and quickly fell asleep.

Liz’s eyes fluttered open and she found herself in the woods. She walked around and then heard Dean’s voice. She turned and ran towards it as she saw Sam and a soldier walking behind him and then the knife going into his back. She screamed but no one noticed her. She knelt down next to Sam putting her hand over Dean’s on the open wound on Sam’s back but nothing was working. She tried closing her eyes and concentrated but still nothing. She screamed Sam’s name as the tears fell down her face. She looked to Dean as his face started to crumble. “No.. no he can’t lose Sam.. it’s not his time!” She stood and screamed to the sky, “It’s not his time!” She fell to her knees and slammed her hand over the wound again. “This has to work..” She kept her eyes closed praying for at least a small healing to keep him alive long enough for a hospital. She heard Dean break down and her eyes popped open because she knew Sam was gone and Dean was falling apart.

Liz’s scream shattered the stillness of her apartment. All four of her friends ran into the room, Maria and Isabel trying to shake her awake. When that didn’t work Isabel placed her hand on Liz’s forehead only to see Liz’s eyes connect with hers as the sound from her mouth broke. The room seemed engulfed in complete silence as they stared at her.

“He’s dead. I couldn’t heal him. He’s dead.” She whispered out staring forward as the tears trailed down her face.

“Liz.. it was just a vision. We can stop it, we’ll tell them and they can change it. I’ll call Dean and we’ll leave a message if he doesn’t answer and everything you give him he’ll use to save him.” Maria rambled as she pushed Liz’s hair out of her face.

Isabel grabbed Liz’s phone and hit the number to call Dean, hearing the voice mail, she handed the phone to Liz. Liz’s eyes slid to Isabel without a change in her vacant expression. Isabel felt a shiver run up her spine, “Go on tell him what he needs to know to stop it.” Isabel knew that she should be able to tell the difference between the two abilities but she needed to give her hope. Something to take that look off her face, that look that only made her think about Alex’s death. The pit in her stomach grew larger as she heard Liz’s words.

“Shoot him dean, the soldier behind Sam, shoot him before he has the chance to kill him.”
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch 10 8/10/

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Thanks for all the awesome feedback! AvalonRose, hmmm very good question.. but the answer would spoil all the fun! :wink: This chapter will answer a few thoughts and give a little idea of where they're going. I'm going out of town this weekend but I only need to proofread and edit chapter eleven so hopefully that will be up sometime next week.

Chapter Ten

The next night.

Liz held her phone tight against her chest as she sat on her couch oblivious to the others around her. She was tired of the looks, tired of them trying to fix something they couldn’t. She told them everything she could think of to get them to stop watching her like a hawk, to stop walking on eggshells around her. Work, home, even run some errands for her fell on stubborn ears but the lame replies like “we’re off”, “too tired to go anywhere”, and “we can order in” drove her to madness. She didn’t expect much from her empty pleas but they could have at least thought up some better excuses maybe that would take her mind off of that dream.

She dialed the number she memorized when Sam gave it to her months ago. “This definitely counts as an emergency.” She whispered and prayed he’d answer. Voicemail again. “Bobby.. it’s Liz. Please tell me what happened. Where are Sam and Dean? Tell me you and Dean stopped him.” Her voice cracked, “tell me Sam isn’t dead bobby..” She ended the call and dropped the phone.

She didn’t bother looking up knowing what she’d find staring at her. “I’m going to take a shower.” She stood and went straight to her room locking the door even though she knew it was a frivolous action. She turned the water on and then fell to the floor as the sobs racked her body.

Sam slid into the passenger’s seat of the Impala and couldn’t believe the events of the past how many days? They finally killed the Yellow Eyed Demon. All that time spent hunting the demon down, all that they lost because of it, all the things he had to go through because what the demon had done when he was six months old. It was all behind them but what they had to face now was so much more. He had to find a way to get Dean out of this deal. Even though they had killed him, the actions that he had set in motion still affect them. Even in death the asshole seemed to have control over their lives. There had to be something, somewhere. There’s always a solution you just had to look in the right places and find it. He glanced at Dean and then back out the window trying not to think about how he would feel if he couldn’t get Dean out of it. No. He’d be the one to protect this time, it was his turn. He opened the glove compartment and saw his phone. He pulled it out and turned it on, surprised it had any battery left. The beeps alerted him to a few missed calls and one voice message. “Liz called, did she call you?” Sam looked over at Dean.

“I don’t know. I haven’t really had time to check my phone in a couple days since calling everyone trying to find you.” Dean kept his eyes on the road.

Sam hit the button for his voicemail and played the message. “Sam.. it’s Isabel, Liz’s friend. She called you a little while ago. Please call me back.. if she got ahold of you or not. She’s not .. doing well.”


“What?” Dean glanced at his brother.

“There’s a message from Liz’s friend after Liz called me. She sounded stressed and she said Liz wasn’t doing well.”

Dean heard Sam pushing buttons and smacked the phone out of his hand.

“What the hell?!” Sam snapped at him.

“You can’t tell her Sammy.. she doesn’t need to know.” Dean didn't take his eyes off the road.

Sam looked at his brother. He knew what he was talking about but he tried to read him for what he wasn’t saying. “Why?”

“Because Sam this doesn’t involve her..”

“Really? Cuz the last time we saw her you seemed pretty involved with her.”

“That’s completely different.”

“Ohh right. So then if she was just someone you were trying to get naked with then why can’t I tell her about the deal?” Sam knew he was pushing but he had to know the truth before he decided to keep something like this from Liz.

“I can’t Sammy… I can’t do that to her. She’s got enough to deal with and she doesn’t have to be affected by this.”

“You can’t be serious..” Sam couldn’t figure out what was going on in his brother’s head.

“You have to promise me that you won’t tell her. She doesn’t need this.. she’s got her own shit she doesn’t need to worry about something she can’t do anything about. I’ll deal with it." He glanced at Sam and saw his face, "I won’t let her get hurt.”

Sam saw his brother’s face completely guarded and couldn’t figure out what was going on. He never saw him like this, not even that short time around Cassie. So what the hell was going on in his brother's thick skull? “I won’t tell her now but you are going to have to tell her at some point Dean. If we can’t get you out of this, I won’t let her be blindsided by it.”

“Fine.” Dean’s eyes never left the road and his face remained impassive.

Sam looked back to his phone and finished dialing her number with a sick feeling in his gut.

Liz had been lying in her bed, her eyes staring at the ceiling trying to get some sleep for the last couple of hours. She had lost track of the time as her mind skimmed over all the scenarios of how her vision could have played out. A few times she and some of the others were there in time to save Sam. She scrubbed her face with her hands and finally decided to get up and drink some hot tea or eat something that would maybe help her get to sleep. She quietly walked into her kitchen afraid to wake anyone that she knew were probably sleeping somewhere in her apartment. She lit a candle she kept on her counter and then reached for a glass.

“Couldn’t sleep?” Maria whispered.

Liz jumped hitting her head on the cabinet door. “Jesus Maria, you don’t have to sneak up on me.” She rubbed furiously at the bump blossoming on her scalp.

“Sorry I heard someone come in here and figured it was you. How are you feeling?” Maria sat at the small table and kept her eyes on Liz as she looked in her frig.

“I don’t really know.” Liz settled on water and sat at the table facing Maria. “I’m praying that somehow it didn’t happen as I saw it but I don’t want to get my hopes up by believing that it didn’t. Confusing, I know. It’s just.. it’s Sam. He’s one of the nicest guys I know and to go out by being stabbed in the back. It’s just so wrong. Alex was taken from us so unfairly and too soon and now to have another close friend.. it’s just..” Liz’s eyes dropped to the table trying to push the tears away. “How come I could be in the right place at the right time to randomly bump into him but I can’t help him now?”

Maria’s hand covered Liz’s. “Liz, you and I both know that Sam knows what he’s doing and so does Dean. You know more than me since you’ve seen it up close but they deal with this stuff all the time. The fact is they have an extremely good chance of making it out of whatever you saw. You called Dean and hopefully he got the message but if not, there’s still a chance he saw something and was able to intervene. Let’s think on the positive side before we lose it okay, chica? There’s still some hope. And if Sam is gone then he’ll be with Alex and we both know they would get along really well.” Maria smiled through her tears at her best friend hoping that she was able to get through to her and at least give her something to hold on to.

Liz heard a phone ringing and jumped from the table, her chair clattering to the floor as she ran for her room. She opened the phone on the last ring before her voicemail would pick up. “Hello?”

“Hey Liz, you okay?”

Maria got to the door and stared at Liz.

“Sam?” Her voice was barely there and she held her breath not believing what she was hearing. Maria’s eyes went wide as her eyebrows shot up hearing his name.

“Yea, it’s me. What’s wrong? Isabel called said you weren’t doing well.”

“SAM YOUR ALIVE!” Liz screamed through the tears, wiping them away with her free hand. “So Dean got my message, he stopped the soldier?”

“Liz.. what? How do you know about Jake?”

“Dean didn’t get my message?” Liz sat down on her bed, she was shaking and didn’t trust her legs to hold her. She heard Maria talking at her doorway.

“No.. he was a little distracted from his phone. How did you know.. why did you call Dean?”

“I woke up and knew something bad was going to happen, I called you but you didn’t answer. I couldn’t remember what the vision was but it hit me hard. I passed out and when the others got here I was kind of unresponsive.. which explains the phone call. When I woke up, I spent an entire day trying to get a hold of you guys. I finally calmed down and tried to sleep, I saw a soldier stab you in the back and I called Dean to tell him to stop it. I even called Bobby earlier because I still hadn’t heard from either of you. You don’t know how good it is to hear your voice. So your both okay?” Liz knew she was rambling but she couldn’t believe it, he was fine.

“Wow.. I .. Liz I’m sorry you had to see that. I’m fine. Dean is.. fine. We’re both fine. We killed him, Liz. We killed the Yellow Eyed Demon. It’s over.”

“Sam, what aren’t you telling me?” Liz knew there was something he wasn’t saying, his voice was too on edge.

“I.. it’s just been a long few days. There’s a lot to tell you just not now. When I got my phone and saw you called, I wanted to make sure you were okay.” He just lied. Sam had a lot of skills but lying wasn’t very high on that list. How the hell did he lie his way into government buildings? She knew more than most a lie when she heard one, after all she was practically an expert at it but she didn't know what it could be so she let it slide. Maybe she was just over reacting he did just escape death. Yea.. right. She pushed the thought to the back of her mind.

“Okay Sam. Thanks for calling. You have no idea how bad I’ve been recently.. god it’s so good to hear you talking.. to know you guys are fine. Is Dean there?”

“Yea, he’s next to me driving.”

“Tell him I’m going to kick his ass for not answering his phone.” She let out a small laugh as she heard him tell Dean then heard the rustling.

“Why am I always getting threats?”

“Hey. It’s good to hear your voice too. I’m glad you’re okay.”

“Well you know it’s my job to make sure he’s okay.” There’s rustling again.

“So, I’ll call you back after some sleep? I promise I’ll fill you in.” There it was again.. shaky this time.

“Okay. Sam.. we’ve got to get together soon. I need to see you to definitely make sure you’re okay you know?” What the hell are you really hiding Sam?

“We’ll try. I’ll call you soon.”

“Night Sam.”

“Night Liz.” Liz shut her phone and just sat staring, letting the news fully sink in and pushing the rest to the back of her mind.

“Liz, he’s okay? They’re both fine?” Maria’s voice drifted into her mind.

Liz smiled and looked up to Maria and Isabel in the doorway. She could tell Kyle was standing just outside the door. “They are.. He’s okay. He said he’d call me after he got some sleep and tell me what happened but he wanted to make sure I was okay. He got your message Iz.”

Kyle’s head popped into view over Maria’s shoulder. “So we’re out of Defcon 2?” He smiled at her as she laughed.

She felt her relief crash over her like a wave, making her feel a little light headed but she couldn't stop laughing. She decided to ignore the small voice in the back of her mind urging for attention, now was not the time. Sam was alive and everything was going to be fine.
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch11 8/15/12

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booktv-girl2310: Okay I may have to hide behind a bulletproof shield because I know twilight is huge.. but I've never read the books or seen the movies. *hands up* Don't shoot! LOL Soo I'm not sure what the edward/Bella thing is but a little bit will be revealed in this chapter.
AvalonRose: Oh Sam.. He's just so loyal to his brother though..
barbara87413: Thank you for your sweet words! I'm trying my best to stay true to the character while also having them grow with my spin of things.
orphyfets: :) I hope you like the evil things I have in store..
HynotiqBlueEyes: I also hated that my muse sent me in that direction but as the story developed more I can't really see it coming together right without it. Hopefully you'll agree. Hmm did they forget? And what would they do if she did? Read this chapter.. I literally laughed out loud when I read your questions. :lol:

Chapter Eleven
*The song used in this chapter is Secret by Maroon 5, lyrics used will be in italics.*

A few days later.

Liz was finishing up wiping down the bar when Maria came through the front door. She threw her a smile as she started putting the clean glasses away. Maria plopped down on a stool in front of her. “Michael in yet?”

“No, but he better get here soon he needs to get the grill and the kitchen set up. I’m tired of doing it for him.” Liz put two glasses of soda in front of them.

“He wasn’t back at the apartments.”

“Max probably called him and wanted him to look at some things. He’s been doing that a lot recently.”

“How are things between you and Max? You two have actually seemed civil recently.” Maria eyed Liz drawing patterns on the bar top with her finger.

“Things have been civil.” Liz didn’t meet her eyes.

“Spill it Liz, you know I’d just keep on you all night.”

Liz’s eyes came up to Maria’s and she laughed at her statement. “Maria Deluca, torture expert.”

“Ask Michael.” Maria smiled but didn’t back down. “So, are you two back on talking terms or what?”

Liz sighed. “I guess we’re just trying to move forward. It’s really just business right now, I don’t know if I could ever forgive him, Ria. After everything that I tried to brush under the rug and make excuses for and try to just get over. I couldn’t forget those things and now.. I don’t know if I will ever trust him enough to be friends but I can make it easier on everyone and myself because we are all in this together and fighting with him would just put everyone in danger. I think everyone knows I wouldn’t be able to work with him when we’re out, that’s why we’re never in the same group when we’ve gone to the camps we’ve found. But I can make it work in less stressful situations.”

Maria understood. She hadn’t forgiven him either and she didn’t have the first-hand experience. He put her best friend up as a damn worm for insane men that would love to poke and prod her. The thought made her shudder. It didn’t matter that his attitude had changed and he was trying his best recently because that happened before. Max just hasn’t been the same since Tess, that little gerbil from hell seriously screwed with the boy. If Max went back to the past right now it’s ironic that this time he’d be getting rid of Tess but who would die then?

“You women just going to sit there all night or are we actually working?” Michael walked by them tapping the bar on his way to the kitchen.

Maria and Liz yelled, “Says the guy who comes in late!” They looked at each other and laughed.

“Whatever I’m right on time!” Michael yelled from the kitchen which made the girls laugh harder.

A few hours later the bar was in full swing. Kyle and Liz were swamped behind the bar with Michael popping in every now and then when the drink orders were piling up and the food orders dwindled. Liz was putting together an order for one of Maria’s tables when two hands rapped on the bar in front of her. Without looking up she answered, “Hold on Ulrich, I’ll get to you in a minute.”

“I’m touched that you know one of my favorite aliases.”

Her head snapped up at his voice. “Well, I wasn’t expecting you guys to drop in.” She smiled at Dean and finished the ticket putting the drinks on a tray for Maria then grabbing a beer for him. “Where’s Sam?”

“His turn to get the room.” He smiled and took a swig of his beer.

“You guys didn’t have to get a room, you could have stayed with me.” Liz looked up for Maria to take her tray while grabbing another ticket and checking the bar for anyone else needing something.

“Yea..” Dean felt someone smack his shoulder interrupting him and saw Maria reaching for the tray. “Hey!”

“Dean.” She nodded at him. “Be grateful I only lightly tapped you instead of really hurt you. Answer your damn phone next time.” Maria spun with her tray and headed for her table.

“Sorry about that.” Liz smiled apologetically as she continued with the order she was filling. “I may have scared her a little too much with that vision of Sam. It’s never hit me that hard.. but I've never had a flash of someone close to me dying like that.”

Dean looked up from his beer, “Why do you care so much about us?”

Liz would have missed it if she wasn’t bending close to the bar and focusing on listening to him above the noise. She stopped what she was doing to look at him. “Why do you think that no one should care about you? Do you seriously have that low of an opinion about yourself? I know you don’t about Sam. So why shouldn’t you have people that really care whether you live or die?”

Dean’s face seemed to shut down, she couldn’t read him at all and his eyes stayed glued to his beer as she finished off three more tickets. She caught him looking up at her a few times but his eyes would dart to something else. Sam came in and she sat a beer in front of him with a smile and a hand squeeze then had to get down to the other end of the bar where a few patrons were waving her down. She saw them a few times with their heads down talking but things picked up quickly and she was too busy to think about the brothers who had moved away from the bar to a table.

Dean watched her as she moved along the bar smoothly. “It was a mistake coming here Sam.”

The music changed and Liz started to move with the music as she filled customers’ orders, Dean noticed he wasn’t the only person appreciating the view.

“You didn’t have to come but I wasn’t just going to blow her off. Who knows when I’ll get the chance to
stop in before things get crazy again so this was the best time. And after everything that just happened, I could use a little downtime with people I enjoy being around.” Sam glanced at Dean who was barely concealing the fact that he was staring at Liz and shooting angry glances at others doing the same. “You should just tell her and let her help us.”

“Help?” Dean looked at Sam like he’d grown another head. “What is she going to do? Get a flash of me going to hell and what? How does she help me?”

Sam shrugged, “I don’t know but she’s been able to help a lot of people.”

“Yea, with normal stuff Sam, she can’t just magically make a crossroads deal disappear.”

“Fine. Do it your way.” Sam got up and took a stool that opened up at the bar. Dean watched him go and shook his head.

The bar started to slowly quiet down as more and more people left. Dean found himself at a pool table with Sam, Michael, and Kyle playing a few rounds as Maria and Liz were collecting bottles and wiping down tables making a few comments here and there about the laziness of men. Liz came around and gave a few tips to Sam about his play and critiqued a few of Kyle’s shots.

“No help from the peanut gallery. Let the boys play.” Dean quipped as he leaned down to make a shot. His ball missed the hole by an inch.

“You could use a little less tension when you shoot.” Liz smiled as she wiped down a table near the pool tables.

“Oh really? You think you can take me?” Dean looked over and tried to not get caught appreciating the view.

Kyle and Michael smiled at each other knowing how this was going to end.

“Oh Dean.. that’s cute.” Liz tilted her head and smiled as she threw the rag over her shoulder.

Dean noticed the spark in her eye, she was up to something but he knew he had the experience over her. He smirked, “Any time pint size.”

Liz placed both hands on the end of the table and leaned in towards Dean narrowing her eyes. “Next game, you and me.”

“Challenge accepted.” He smirked.

“Perfect.” She smiled and walked away to finish cleaning as the boys finished their game.

Dean looked around as the rest of the guys made their way over to a table where Maria had placed a pitcher of beer and a pitcher of soda. His eyes landed on Liz’s lower back where her shirt had ridden up leaving a nice little taste of skin. As his eyes made their way back up her body he noticed she was standing at the jukebox pushing buttons. He watched her for a few seconds more before she turned and walked his way.

“Are you going to rack them or what?” Liz picked up a pool cue and chalked the tip. She caught him watching her from the corner of her eye so she made direct eye contact then blew the excess dust off the stick.

His eyebrows jumped up, “Using feminine wiles will not work in this game, Parker.”

“You willing to bet on that?” She leaned down testing the pool stick almost giving him a show.

“I thought we already made a bet..” His eyes came back to hers and she smiled.

She straightened, “I don’t recall one.”

He strolled over to her, “I’m not going to take your money.”

“I’m pretty sure I’d gladly take yours.” She looked up as he stopped right in front of her.

He leaned in close to her face, “Quit stalling Parker and take your shot.” He smirked.

“You sure you want me to go first?”

“Ladies first.” He smiled and stepped back to give her the table.

Liz looked at the table as she heard the beginning strings of her favorite Maroon 5 song and smiled. She focused then leaned down to make the break. She sunk two balls and then studied the table for her next shots, taking in all the angles, before she continued on to her next ball. She sang along with the song, "Some conversation, no contemplation, hit the road.” She sunk another two balls before missing and giving Dean the table.

“Parker, four balls? That’s not much for the instructor I saw over here coaching a little while ago.” He went around the table lining up his shots and sinking five balls then looked up at her with a smirk before he took his next shot and she lip synced “I’m not there yet” with a face he couldn’t believe she just made. He missed.

“You sure you don’t want to make a bet?” She walked around the table studying her balls and their placement lip syncing along with the song, “Everyone has a secret oh can they keep it.”

“What are you trying to do?” Dean leaned against the pool table and watched her. Minx. Liz Parker was a Pool Minx.

“Well for a guy with a lot of talk you sure don’t seem confident enough to pony up.” She leaned down lining up her shot and then looked up at him.

“I told you I don’t want your money.” He kept eye contact with her.

“Okay.” She shrugged then turned her eyes to the ball in front of her. She sank the rest of her balls in a bank shot then straightened and smiled. “Just the eight ball left.”

He stared at her with his mouth slightly open as she walked around the table. “Lucky shot.”

She passed by him running her hand lightly down his exposed forearm. She got a flash of a woman with black hair wearing a black dress. She glanced at him as she leaned down to line up her last shot to sink the eight ball. She shook her head clearing the image completely and made her shot, sinking the ball cleanly. She looked at up at him with a small smile.

“Clearly, I was not made aware of your skill level.” Dean started collecting the balls to start another game. “Okay this time I won’t go easy on you since I’m obviously playing a shark.”

“I think I just won that challenge, who says you get another?” She came up next to him and leaned against the table. “Unless you’re willing to wager.”

“What are you after?” Dean narrowed his eyes.

“A question. I get to ask and you have to answer.”

“Sorry I don’t do head games sister.” He shook his head and backed up a step.

She quirked an eyebrow, “I’m pretty sure those thoughts in your head are not things you’d do with a sister.” She smirked, “At least not legally..”

His eyebrows shot up and she rolled her eyes and closed the space in between them. “I’ve caught you looking more than once, it doesn’t take a mind reader.”

He smirked, “If you wanted to play a different kind of game why didn’t you just say so?” He ran his hand through her hair and brought his lips a breath away from hers.

“Who was the woman with the black dress and black hair?” She whispered quickly against his lips.

Dean pulled back. “What?”

“Earlier when I walked past you.. I saw a woman. Who was she? It felt like she was important.” She watched his face trying to read what was going on.

“She’s not important.. just someone I came into contact with recently.” He wouldn’t keep her gaze.

“Dean.. I don’t care about.. well it’s not my business but she seemed important.. like something needed. If she’s.. I can’t be the other girl Dean. I know what it feels like to..” Dean silenced her rant with his finger against her lips and looked into her eyes.

“She was a demon Liz, someone I .. bumped into when I was trying to help Sam. I don’t have a girl.. what I do, the way I move around. But your right, this can’t happen because you need more than this. It would just be one night for me but you.. you’re into that whole relationship thing like Sam.” He took a step back from her because he didn’t trust himself not to follow through with his own plan. He was already kicking himself for letting her get him all twisted and off guard.

“Dean.. You can’t play that card with me.” She took a step towards him, “Remember I’ve been in that head of yours and I know you’re not as lone ranger as you pretend to be.” She knew he was holding something back and it was starting to piss her off.

He looked at the pool table. “Yea well, I don’t need something pulling me away from the job and you don’t want someone who can’t settle down so how about we just play the game.”

“Fine.” She walked to the end of the table and took the first shot. She quickly analyzed the table. Then she went around the table her voice filled with controlled anger as she knocked each ball one by one into their holes. Each crack of the ball seamlessly providing an extra punch to her words. “You know, I’m SICK and tired of people THINKING that they know WHAT I want or what I NEED and… MOST of all, I’m DONE with men trying to fucking PROTECT me.” She stood up from her last shot perfectly sinking the eight ball and looked at him with a cool expression on her face. “Do you want me to knock your balls in too?”

Dean stood stock still with his jaw hanging open, only slightly wondering which balls she was actually talking about.

“Welcome to the club, Winchester!” Michael called from the tables, his voice full of mirth seemingly unaware of the riot act he just got from Liz.

“It is unwise to talk shit to an unknown player, especially if that player is Parker!” Kyle laughed.

Dean heard Sam laughing along with them saying something along the lines of “serves him right”. Dean turned towards them throwing his arms out to the sides, “And no one felt the need to inform me?” Dean forced a tight smile hoping they didn’t see everything that just went on and hoping they didn’t catch the pissed look she gave him before that little show.

They laughed harder and Dean saw Liz put her stick back then start toward the tables. He caught her arm lightly, “Liz..”

She turned toward him, her face a schooled blank expression, “I got it Dean, you have things that I don’t need to know and if you want to piss me off to keep me from knowing, congratulations.” She forced a small smile then easily walked away from his loose hold.

Dean glanced to the table of guys who didn’t seem to catch what just went on but caught Maria’s eyes. “Shit.” He cursed under his breath, for a girl that Liz swore didn’t have any psychic crap going on she sure seemed to know everything that happened around her.

Sam and Dean walked to their motel thirty minutes later after meeting Isabel, Jesse, and Max at Liz’s request. Dean was quiet the whole way back even after Sam told him Bobby called and they were going to meet him in Illinois. They got into their room and Sam couldn’t stand it anymore. “What the hell is up with you? It looked like you had a good time tonight.”

“I can’t come back here Sam. She always seems to get into my head with that psychic mojo. She even got a damn vision of the crossroads bitch and said she felt important. What the hell does that mean? Come on, how am I supposed to deal with that?” He sat on the bed and ran his hands down his face then fell back against the bed.

“She’s pretty intuitive on top of the whole visions thing. She’s definitely better at it than me.” Sam glanced at him. “She gets to you because it’s not just one sided, is it? That’s why you don’t want her to know.”

Dean closed his eyes and threw his arm over them to block out more than just the light. “What the hell are you talking about Sam? Just go to bed so we can get out of here tomorrow.”

“Why do you think you can protect people by shutting them out? That’s what you tried doing to me and now Liz. I don’t see how you think it’ll be easier to handle you disappearing without knowing why. Damn it Dean all you’re doing is pushing away any help she can give us!”

Dean threw his arm against the bed and looked at Sam, “Nothing’s happened between us and nothing will. She doesn’t need to find out because it doesn’t involve her and she’s not going to get involved! Do you understand Sam? No one else needs to get lost in this mess!”

Sam stared at his brother finally realizing what he couldn’t read before. “Jesus.. you really..” He paused carefully choosing his words, “care about her.”

“Shut up Sam. Stop trying to make something out of it. I’m not even a one woman kinda guy if you can recall so just can it so we can get some sleep.” He pulled the pillow under his head and closed his eyes.

“You know that guy Max we met tonight? That’s her ex-boyfriend. He’s the reason the big blow out happened.” Sam laid down on his bed getting his last jab in before closing his eyes and going to sleep.
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch12 8/20/12

Post by MelissaD » Mon Aug 20, 2012 2:23 am

I'm super tired but had to get this up and had to show some love to my amazing feedbackers! Sorry I'm too tired to reply to your comments, I love reading them and I will definitely chat you up next time!

Queen Fee

And a shout out to the others reading as well! Hope your loving the story as much as I am loving writing it! :D

Chapter Twelve.
Three weeks later.

The evening breeze blew cool air against Liz's overheated skin as her feet pounded against the pavement. Her lungs burned as she pushed her body to its limit coming around the final bend in her neighborhood. She slowed to a stop by a bench in front of her apartment building and started to stretch out her legs when her phone vibrated against her arm. She pulled it out of her arm strap and looked at the screen seeing a picture of Ava pop up. She smiled, "Aves."

"Cornball. Why you breathing so heavy?"

"I just finished my route." Liz pulled out her keys as walked up the front walkway.

"Ugh.. You and your fitness crap."

"Right because being able to run well isn't a necessity or anything." She unlocked the front door of the building and walked up the stairwell to her floor.

"Whatever.. How are you besides that, fitness expert?"

"I'm fine. Ava.. your stalling.. What's going on?" Liz opened her apartment door and went to kick off her shoes when she saw her mail was no longer on her entry table but on the floor. "What time is it?" She quickly said as she shut the door slowly. She scanned around the room, seeing nothing else out of place. She kneeled down pretending to untie her shoes and pulled her small gun from her ankle holster hidden under her sock.

"Liz.. What is it?"

She stood up and started towards the kitchen listening intently for any movement. "Oh you know.. The usual stuff." She walked slowly past the kitchen and glanced down the hallway and saw her bedroom light on then heard a noise in the living room. She turned with her gun hand against her thigh and watched closely as she flicked the switch for the overhead light. The second she saw the movement on the couch her gun was up.

"Shit Liz!" Kyle was lying on the couch and threw his hands up in front of him.

"Damnit Kyle!" Liz dropped her arm and flicked the safety switch back on her gun.

Liz heard Ava's laughter. "Did you know he was here?"

"No I swear!" She got out through her fits of giggles.

Liz hit the speaker button on her cell and placed it along with her gun on the coffee table then dropped herself on the couch as Kyle sat up giving her room. She looked at Kyle as he rubbed his eyes, "What are you doing here?"

"I came to talk to you but you weren't here so I decided to wait. Obviously more tired than I thought. I found some skin shedding outside of the apartment and didn't want you alone tonight. I sent you a text." Kyle looked at the phone then back at Liz.

She rolled her eyes at him, "Your apartment is just down the hall.” She looked at her phone, “Aves, what great news do you have?" Liz took off her shoes and pulled her legs up underneath her.

"Well... Serena and I still haven't found any activity around us and haven't found out anything about the queen thing. We really don't get it because you and Max didn't do any small rites that would even make you his wife, without being of royal blood you'd have to be married before you could even go through a crowning ceremony or ritual. Serena’s mom doesn’t think it’s possible at all because we obviously don’t have the king or queen of Antar here to crown you. We found some rouge skins out in the midwest and they didn't know anything of it. I hate to say this Liz but I think we were right and they were just trying to throw you off your game."

"I was alone.. Why would they?"

"You weren't alone. You were with tall, dark and screw me."

Kyle burst out laughing as Liz eyed him. "Aves how would you know what he looked like?"

"Kyle told me."

"Kyle told you he was tall, dark, and screw me?" Liz looked at Kyle with a smirk.

"Okay so maybe it was Maria."

"I'd believe that a little bit more but why do I not believe you.. at all?" Liz watched Kyle to see if he knew anything.

"We may or may not have bumped into them by accident."

"AVA! Are you kidding me?!" Liz sat up straight and yelled at the phone.

"What? It's not like we did anything.. we just happened to see a black impala while we were out and followed them a bit. He went to some chik's house, Liz. Alone. There was a kid."

Liz sat back into the couch and shook her head, "Aves.."

"We didn't do anything. I saw him go into her house and then we saw the kid later.. But Liz the similarities.."

Liz interrupted, "What does that matter? It's not like anything is going on with us. I haven’t even talked to him in like three weeks and the last time we spoke it didn’t exactly end on good terms. Talking any time soon wasn’t really on his agenda, he made that pretty clear."

Kyle looked at Liz almost envisioning the walls building back up. "It could just be a person he saved, Liz." He tried to meet her eyes but she kept them trained on the phone.

"It didn’t look like it. Liz, you know I wouldn't bring this to you unless I was worried about you."

"It's fine. Like I said nothing's happened between us so don't worry about it. Please tell me you didn't do anything." Liz started to rub her temples.

"Come on Liz, I can blend in. But Serena wants me to tell you that just before we left, Dean split off from Sam so Serena stayed at the motel and some chik showed up but it was a really odd energy. Bad energy."

"What happened?" Liz leaned forward as if being closer to the phone would reveal more to her.

"Nothing. She was in there for a while, it seemed like they were talking and then she left."

"Bad energy?" Kyle leaned forward as well.

"Yea she said she's seen auras like it before but it was never a good thing.."

Kyle looked at Liz, "A demon maybe?"

"But why? Why go to Sam and not do anything? Why didn't he do anything?" Liz’s face scrunched up as she tried to figure out what happened in that hotel room. She was frustrated that she’d barely talked to Sam and this just made it worse.

"I don't know Liz but she didn't like it, just like I didn't like meeting your new boyfriend's family."

"Ava." Kyle cut in, he really wished he could do something to get her to lay off. She didn't know anything for sure and this type of thing wasn’t going to help anyone. Why didn't she talk to him first?

"He's not my boyfriend but thanks Aves.. Where are you guys? Do you think you'd be able to stop by, I miss you two. I'm sure Kyle would love to see you..." Liz smiled at Kyle, pushing the rest of the conversation to the back of her mind. Kyle gave her a look telling her he didn’t miss her abrupt change in conversation. She waved him off.

"On our way back from Indiana. I'll check with Serena, see when she's gotta get back to work."

"Okay just give me a call. Be safe." Liz looked at Kyle figuring he would want to talk to Ava or at least give her a more fitting goodbye. He looked conflicted and she didn't want to think what he was conflicted about. "I need a shower." She left the room to let him have some time without her in ear shot.

She went into her room grabbing some clothes and headed into the bathroom. She quickly washed off the grime from the day and her workout as she concentrated on what Ava said about the skins. She couldn't believe there were rouge skins left, how the hell were they all still surviving? She turned the water off and grabbed her towel, wrapping it around her. She heard a soft knock on the door. "Kyle?"

"You've got a call.."

Her face scrunched up and she opened the door, "who is it?"

He looked everywhere but at her then said, "Maria" and shoved the phone in her direction.

She took the phone and he was gone. She laughed and shut the bathroom door putting the phone up to her ear, "I don't know why he's acting like such a girl, Ria. It's not like he hasn't been here with me in the shower before."

"I'm sorry, what?"

"DEAN?!" Liz almost dropped the phone as she unconsciously grabbed the towel tighter.

"Taking a shower with Kyle huh? I thought he was like a brother? I didn't see you as the incest type.." She couldn't decide if the humor in his voice pissed her off or made her feel better, it confused the hell out of her.

"I didn't mean in the shower with me I meant at my apartment.. Wait, why are you calling me? You’ve been avoiding me for what two, three weeks now? Sam’s been nervous to even talk to me while you’re awake."

"Did you just get out of the shower? Like threw on a towel just got out of the shower?"

"I asked you a question."

"Yea but mine is way better."

"I'm going to hang up in three seconds."

"I was thinking about you and I thought hey maybe I could call her since I'm a little messed up right now and maybe she'd be someone I could talk to."

She was silent for a few moments looking at herself in the mirror debating on what to do.

"Did you really hang up?"

"No.. I'm trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do with you."

"Yea.. me too." His voice was soft and low and felt like a caress.

She closed her eyes and tried to stop the shiver that ran down her spine. She shook herself, "Wow.. I wasn't really expecting truth to come from you."

"There's a first for everything."

"Dean.. I just.." She took a deep breath and noticed that he kept quiet waiting for her to finish, "I don't understand. You made it a pretty big deal that you couldn't tell me something to the point that you pissed me off and I’m fairly confident you did it purposely and you’re seeing.." She caught herself but she was afraid it wasn't in time. "I don't know why you still want to talk to me."

He was quiet and she realized she was still standing in the bathroom so she moved to the door and looked out. Not seeing any movement in the hallway she moved swiftly out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. As she moved to her bed she pulled the phone away to look and make sure the call was still there then sat on her bed and waited a few more moments.

"Did you ever think about kids?" Dean’s voice finally broke the silence.

"What?" She was caught off guard and grabbed her towel that started to fall. She shook her head realizing how silly she was acting, like he could actually see her.

"You know little rug rats running around that might look like you?"

She dropped her towel and grabbed more clothes since she left the others in her bathroom. "I guess maybe once or twice."

"Really? Even with everything you’re involved in?"

She put on a pair of underwear, "not recently it was before everything started." She pulled a night shirt over her head.

"What was that?"

"What do you mean?"

"You’re getting dressed, aren't you?"

She laid down on her bed, "shut up dean."

"What are you wearing?" He was most definitely laughing.

"I'm not going to dignify that with an answer." She smiled.

"Alright alright.. I get it. You’re a naked sleeper, aren't you?"

"Is this why you’re talking about babies? Because you’re thinking about the act that makes them?"

"I'm sorry.. I don't make babies.."

"I hate to burst your bubble but that's what sleeping with women does kiddo." The picture of a boy looking like Dean popped into her head and she tried shaking it away.

"Yea but you see they make these handy things that make sure you don't create them so it can actually be just about pleasure, Sister Parker."

"That's not what I was.. Where is this all coming from? Why am I lying in bed talking to you about this when I could be sleeping?" She scrunched up her face and tried not to be mad about something that could be exactly like Kyle said. Ava being over protective and misreading something, not for the first time either.

"I saw something today that just made me wonder and for some reason you popped into my head too. Don't know why but maybe you do. As you so politely told me you've been in there. Course you confirming that you are in fact lying in bed in sexy lingerie thinking about kids with me isn't helping."

Liz's mouth fell open as she blinked her eyes trying to figure out how to respond to that.

"It is sexy lingerie, isn't it?" She could practically see the smile on his face.

"Yes I always wear that when Kyle spends the night."

"You're such a tease."

"Are you drunk?"

"No. I just had a few.. beers. Believe me that's nothing for me. So, was it the whole two point five kids, white picket fence dream for you before everything went bat shit crazy?"

"No, before everything went crazy I was still dreaming of going to Harvard to be a molecular biologist and the thought of having kids someday was maybe in there. I thought about if there was even a possibility to have kids with someone once."

"Okay maybe I am drunk.. Why wouldn't it be possible? It was a guy right? No judging if there was another chik involved.. I prefer it actually."

She rolled her eyes and ignored the latter part of his comment, "I thought we might be too different, molecular biologist remember?"

"Yea.. Too smart like Sammy. You guys don't belong in this life."

"Ah but fate thought differently."

"You.. The scientist... You believe in fate?"

"Well, you can have certain things happen to you and you have to believe in the possibility. I mean take us meeting for example."

"What do you mean? You bumped into Sam? How is that fate?"

"It started with my last vision in Rhode Island only like a week and a half before that and we were heading back west..."

"Wait, Rhode Island? What were you doing in Rhode island?"

"We went to New York City and I got a vision of a sign for Providence. This was odd in the first place because I saw it in a dream not from touching anything, I don’t get them like that very often. Then when Kyle and I were in a restaurant there, I got a flash off a woman. She was going to be assaulted and probably killed in a car later that night. I was going to help her but somebody else intervened before I got close enough. She was running away when I got to the alley.. that was also odd because it wasn't my vision at all." She frowned thinking about that again, her visions never skewed unless she was the one to change something.


"I know weird right? Well, I guess weirder than usual."

"No.. Liz.. I was the somebody else."


"Sam and I were in town because people were ganking others saying an angel told them to. I was following the guy that tried assaulting her because Sam saw the so called angel and he told him to kill the guy."

"Okay that's a little creepy.. Talking about fate."

"Yea, no shit."

Liz burst out laughing.

"Why is that funny?"

She tried to calm down enough to talk, "Whether you believe in fate or not.. You gotta admit that's pretty funny."

"The fact that we almost met while doing a completely different job that concerned the same people is funny? I mean really crazy but.."

"Well yea, the fact that we figured that out because you started mocking fate. I find that pretty damn funny."

Dean was quiet for a few moments and Liz was about to say something when his voice came over the line again, “Do you believe in angels or God’s will?”

“Hello left field..” She was completely thrown by his question.

“Just thinking about the job in Providence and then add in the fact that we could have met there. Do you believe in destiny?”

“Destiny is bullshit.” She spit out, she still hated that word.

“Woah, okay.. remind me not to bring that up again..”

“Sorry it’s just.. bad past experience with someone and that damn word. Destiny to me just.. we don’t mesh well together. But if you want a serious answer to your question, I do believe in God. Not just because I was raised to believe but because I feel like there is a higher power and things may get really screwed up but that’s because of free will. Man has a real penchant for screwing things to hell. I guess the word destiny for me has just gotten the bad taste of what someone wants my life to be.. they throw out that it’s my destiny. Well screw that because someone wants to play god doesn’t mean that they are. I swear people just use that word to suit their own purpose half of the time.”

“And the mystery of Liz Parker deepens..”

Liz laughed, “Maybe it’s getting too late and I’m starting to spill things I shouldn’t.”

“You really believe in angels huh?”

“Well yea. I have to believe that even when things are totally screwed, I’m not the only one fighting for the best outcome and I think maybe I’m still alive because of an angel watching over me.”

Dean got quiet again.

“I’m starting to feel like I’m putting you to sleep with the silences here.” Liz yawned.

“Sorry.. it’s just something you said.”

“You think I’m stupid for believing in something you can’t see?”

“No.. the thing you said about an angel watching over you.. My mom used to say that when she put me to bed at night. That everything would be okay because angels were watching over me.”

“That’s a nice memory to have of her.”

“Yea maybe.. I didn’t really think so growing up.”

Liz took a deep breath, “When I lost Alex, I thought I was so stupid for believing but as I started to .. heal I guess.. I came back to it. Just because I made some mistakes doesn’t mean God will send angels to clean up my mess.. I can’t blame them.”

“What are you talking about? I thought he died in a car accident, how would that be your fault?”

“Sam told you about that?”


“I didn’t mean .. well I wasn’t talking about his accident.. I should probably get to sleep, I’m not making sense anymore.” Liz was starting to curse under her breath, she was too tired to filter her conversation.

“I’m getting the brush off huh? I guess I deserve that..”

“Well, you did bring up the fate and faith topic really late at night..”

"I didn't start it, you did."

"I believe you were making fun of me for believing in fate."

"Alright now you're just trying to make my brain hurt."

"Maybe you should go to bed, overtaxing your brain could make you screw up on the job and I like Sam too much to let you get him killed."

"That hurts."

"Go to bed Dean."

"Why? We were learning so much about each other.."

"Yea then those secrets are going to come up and it's not going to be so nice anymore."

"Why do you have to ruin a good time? Your laying there naked.. I'm sitting in my baby all alone."

"You're repulsive."

"There is nothing repulsive about a very beautiful act."

"Wow.. I'm not going to touch that."

"If I was there you would."

Liz started laughing again, "You’re ridiculous and I’m pretty sure you’re drunk. Go to bed."

"Your bed?"

She giggled, "I hate you so much right now.. I'm tired and I know you are too so go to sleep." She sobered a bit, "If you don't.. I won't talk until you tell me about that demon."

"Liz.. I'm sorry that I can't tell you. I wish it were different but I can't change it." His voice had changed completely with that one sentence and she could hear the real sincerity and something else that scared her. She knew that once he had some sleep his walls would go back up and he wouldn't talk of it again. Hopefully he wouldn’t remember her slip up either.

"Dean.. Just promise me if you can't find a way to fix it that you'll tell me and let me help?"

"I can't Liz.. I’m sorry I can't."

"Goodnight dean."

"Liz... I.. just want you to know. If things were different.. If.." His voice was just a whisper.

She closed her eyes, "I know. I remember."

His voice was low and soft again, "Night Liz."


She was so exhausted that she was asleep before she could even close her phone.
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch13 8/26/12

Post by MelissaD » Sun Aug 26, 2012 12:30 pm

Hey guys! Back with a new part, I've gotten a lot of writing done lately so I just need to proofread, edit, and post. The hubby is deploying in the beginning of September for six months so we've been getting things ready for that and I've been writing alot so when he's gone I only need a little free time to finalize things to get the chapters posted hopefully in a timely fashion. That way if I don't really get some quality writing time in until the family comes to visit around the holidays I'm good because I have a good chunk written. I'll see how the boys deal and then have a better idea of how quickly I'll be able to get the chapters up. :)

booktv-girl2310: Alcohol tends to bring out the deepest desires in some.. lol
orphyfets: There are times that he does want to confide in her but then he thinks about what that may cost and he takes a few steps back.
HypnotiqBlueEyes: The boys may still have some time before they really find out. Oh sarah.. lol the possibilities are endless but I hope you love the ones that I have in store for all these crazy kids! We're just getting started!
AvalonRose: It's interesting what we are willing to keep hidden because we think we're protecting others, even if it goes against our own desires.
QueenFee: Sadly yes they have a long way to go.
barbara87413: We're gearing up to jump in.. that is coming up in the next couple of chapters. Not too long of a wait for those topics to be addressed again.

Chapter Thirteen.
Two months later.

Sam gets in the car and slams the door. He sits quietly for a moment staring out the windshield. He feels the tears building in his eyes again and slams his hands against the steering wheel. He pulls his phone out of his jacket and thinks about calling Liz. Afraid of waking her so late at night he sends her a text, “call when you get this”.
He throws the phone down on the seat and starts the car to head back to the motel. His mind replays the conversation he just had with the crossroads demon over and over hoping she gave something away that he missed because she got him riled up. He slammed the wheel again then his cell’s ringtone went off and made him jump.

He picked up the phone hoping it wasn't Dean. He quickly checks the caller id then answered the call, "I didn't wake you, did I?"

"Nope.." Her groggy voice giving her away.

"Sorry, I didn't know who to call and I.. I shouldn't be talking to anyone about this but I need to."

"I haven't gotten a late night call from you in a while. I'm not going to lie, I did miss them. I’ve missed talking to you."

“I know what you mean. I’m sorry, we’ve been pretty busy. How about you? How are you?”

“Don’t try to cover for your brother with me Sammy.” She laughed softly. “I’m fine, we’ve been busy too actually with some skin stuff. We think we might be getting close to figuring some things out maybe even the end of this never ending tunnel. My friends Ava and Serena have been around a lot to distract me which is nice but enough of my rambling. What’s going on?”

“Liz..” Sam didn’t know how to say how badly he felt for not calling her. They’d always kept in touch and then Dean’s stubbornness about her and the deal. He shouldn’t have let it go this long but he didn’t know how to apologize that could actually make up for the long amount of radio silence.

“Sam.. it’s okay, I understand. Now spill.”

He took a deep breath, "I've been having some problems trying to find an answer to something and Dean isn't helping. He's just laying down and.." he started having trouble talking past the lump in his throat.

"This is about what he's hiding from me, isn't it?"

"Yea.. and I'm having a really hard time dealing with this on my own. I need someone to talk to but I.. I'm sorry I promised him I wouldn't..."

"It's okay, it's not your secret to tell. You have no idea how well I understand that."

"He told me he wants me to let him go. Just let him walk away to do something on his own, yet the reason he even has to do that is because of me. How the hell am I supposed to do that? Why does he think I can?"

"I haven’t known you two for very long but I do think I know you pretty well. I don't think he thinks along the terms of you can let him go, more along the lines of you have to because he wants you to. Sam, does this have to do with what happened in South Dakota.. with my vision?"

"Yea, something that he did to help me."

"Every action has a consequence and they usually aren't easy in your line of business."

Sam listened to her words and wondered if maybe she picked up more from them when they were there last than Dean had thought. His mind wandered to what Dean told him about Liz seeing the demon and saying she was important. He thought about what wild stories Liz could have thought up to make some sense of what she saw and how frustrating it must be to know so little about the situation and not be able to get answers. Yet she didn't push them and had let Dean avoid her and by association himself as well. Her words or maybe the hesitance behind them broke him out of his thoughts.

"Sam, can you at least tell me how bad it is?"

"Bad. Really bad. If we don't find an answer he…" Sam wondered how much he could tell her without breaking his promise to his brother. "He'd be in a really dangerous spot."

"Why isn't he trying to find an answer?"

"Because then I'd get hurt, kind of a backup plan I guess."

"What the hell did you two get yourselves involved in? Sorry.. sorry, I'm just speaking out loud..” He heard her take a deep breath and let it out, “your brother will never try anything that's going to get you hurt, you know that. I know you don't always like it because you’re not a little kid anymore and even though you’re technically bigger than him he's still your screwed up, asshat of a big brother who thinks the world of you." He smiled slightly at her words.

"I don't know what I'd do without him.." He whispered through his threatening tears.

She spoke softly and he could hear her struggle with the emotion in her voice, "Sam, maybe if you tell me a little bit.. I could help with something."

Sam coughed and tried clearing his throat. "I'm pretty sure telling you this much is pushing it."

"My friends have abilities, more than just the dream walking thing. More offensive and defensive, we could help if it comes to a fight. If that’s what this comes to."

His questions about her friends came forward in his mind again but he knew he and his brother were keeping secrets too. He had no right to ask her now. "I don't know. It might come down to that but it's just the problem of finding the one that is really holding this over his head."

"How long do you have to find out?"

"A while.. I just thought I'd have found something by now." Sam pulled into the parking lot of the motel and parked in front of their room seeing the lights still out.

"If it comes down to the wire.. Promise me you'll tell me so I can help?"

"I told Dean he had to tell you by then because I wasn't going to explain it." Sam stared at their motel room window watching for any movement, seeing some shadows.


Sam saw the movement again and got out of the car trying his best not to make too much noise with the car door. Then the motel door opened revealing Dean staring at him. "I gotta go."

"Ok, take care of yourself Sam. I'm serious, be careful. Tell your brother he's an ass."

"I will." He smiled at Dean, "Although I'm sure he already knows that." Sam walked through the door and sat on his bed not looking at dean.

"I'm always here Sam, day or night."

"Thanks, night Liz." Sam heard Dean close the door.

"Goodnight Sammy."

Sam shut the phone and threw the keys onto the small table between their beds.

"What the hell was that?" Dean walked over to his bed but couldn't sit. His adrenaline kicked in when he noticed Sam gone and it was still pumping through his veins.

"I couldn't sleep so I went for a drive and Liz called so we talked." Sam shrugged at him and laid down on the bed, "I'm gonna try to get some sleep."

"What did you talk about?"

"About the weather."

Dean stopped at the end of Sam’s bed and kicked it to get his attention, "Sam."

Sam sat up and tried to control his anger taking deep slow breathes then answered, "We only talked about you being an ass and the rest isn't your business."

Dean started pacing the room. "I know you want to tell her but there's nothing she can do. I don't want her to get involved Sam. We definitely don't want demons to get even the slightest hint at what she can do. You know that!"

"And you don't think a demon will figure out about her through you?"

"No because nothing's going to happen."

Sam sat up and stared at him, "You don't know what they'll do down there. Bobby said before that demons can find your deepest secret faster when you try harder to hide it from them and that’s up here. When you’re on their playground you have no idea how they could find out about her and what if they decide to send someone after her then?"

Dean slammed his fist into the wall, "NO!" He shook his fist out, wincing slightly at the pain. He took a deep breath then continued in a quiet voice, "No one else is going to get hurt just for being with a Winchester."

Sam eyed his brother, "Just because she’s not with you doesn’t change what she is to you. Sorry McFly but you can't turn back time and change what's already there."

Dean stared back at his brother, his face impassive then stalked into the bathroom slamming the door without another word.


Serena walked into the kitchen finding Liz scrubbing the counters.

"If only cleaning a room could solve all your problems and make secrets become clear." Serena dropped herself in a chair smiling at Liz.

Liz turned around and leaned back against her counter, a soft smile settled on her face, “I couldn’t sleep.”

"Uh huh. I take it that was a Winchester you were talking to?"

Liz grabbed two water bottles and sat at the table sliding a bottle to Serena nodding her head, "Sam."

"You know we need your head in the game. You’re the brains of the operation." Serena smirked at her.

"Oh right.. I'm the brains. I'm not the rocket scientist.." Liz rolled her eyes.

"With a minor in psychology." Serena smiled and they both laughed. Serena looked pointedly at Liz, "I can already see your mind is elsewhere. I know you’re worried about them but we really need you here with us. You know Max and Michael are looking into the camps and they don't always see everything. We need all eyes on the research and you are the best we’ve got. We don’t want to miss anything and I have to go back to Portland next week. I can’t always be here to check everything out with you so you really need to be all in."

Liz's eyes stayed on the table as she played with the cap to her bottle, "What's the point of alien powers when they can't help me when I want them to?"

Serena rolled her eyes, "Yea, everything would be so much easier if we got what we wanted when we wanted it."

Liz looked up from the table with a small laugh, "shut up."

Serena held up her hands, "I'm not the one whining like a baby because she’s not getting candy.."

Liz’s jaw dropped and she threw her bottle cap at Serena, "You’re such a jerk."

Serena caught the cap easily and slid it back to her, a small smile blooming, "you'll get your answers in time, young grasshopper. Right now we need you here. I promise if we can get rid of Nicholas I'll take you to find those boys and we can stalk them if need be and you'll get your answers."

Liz lifted her eyebrow, "Stalk them?"

Serena shrugged, "If he doesn't want to tell you then we'll just have to find out for ourselves."

Liz laughed, "yea.. Right."
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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