Dancing along the reality line (XO,SPN,MATURE) End Ch. 4/16

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Dancing along the reality line (XO,SPN,MATURE) End Ch. 4/16

Post by Appleprincess » Wed Aug 22, 2012 2:14 pm

Title: Dancing along the reality line...

Author: Appleprincess

Summary: Challege #125...What if Liz didn't go back to Roswell when she disappeared in Wipeout?

Pairing: Liz/Dean

Rating: MATURE

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not Roswell and definitely not Supernatural.


Liz was sitting in the backseat of Maria's car while Kyle was driving and Maria was rambling in the passanger seat.

"If we get out of this."

"When we get out of this." Kyle corrected her.

"Things are gonna change for me. I'm...I'm...I'm gonna spend more time with my mother. I'm gonna write more to my grandmother. These are the people who gave me life!" She said, exaggerating as usual.

But what if you didn't get out of this? The little voice in the back of her head said. Max would never know the truth. He'll never know that you never slept with Kyle. He'll never know how much you love him. He'll just never know. All because of the stupid skins.

"No. I can't leave it like this." Liz suddenly yelled.

"Excuse me?"

"Max! You know, I walked out on him without explaining what happened between me and you." Liz said talking to Kyle.

"Huh?" She knew Maria was confused but she had to get this out. She just had to.

"I didn't even get to say goodbye."

"Look. You have a job to do. Max has a job to do. Everybody's got a job to do. When all of this is over, you can make nice." Kyle told her.

"But he'll never know."

"He's Max! He always knows. Alright." That's when she felt it. At first it was nothing. Just a slight tug but then it was a pull and Liz was no longer in Maria's car. She was no longer in roswell. She didn't know where she was.

Chapter 1

"Lizzie! Get up! It's time to go to school!" Liz rolled over in bed and pulled the pillow over her head. "LIZ!"

"I'm up, mom. I'm up." It took her all of two seconds to realize what she just said and she jumped up out of her bed. "Oh my God." She threw open her bedroom door and pulled her mom into a hug just as she was passing by Liz's room.

"Someone's in a good mood today." Her mom joked as she patted Liz on the back.

"Oh thank God. It worked."

"What worked honey?" Her mom asked as she pulled away.

"Nothing." Liz stood back. "I'm just gonna call Maria and tell her that I'm running late." Liz turned to go back in her room but was stopped by her mom's hand.

"Maria? Sweetheart, did you hit your head? Maria is all the way in Roswell. Why would you call her to tell her that you're running late?"

"What?" Liz asked turning back to her mom.

Nancy Parker tucked a strand of hair behind Liz's ear. "Honey. We don't live in Roswell anymore."

"What?" Liz moved away from her mom's hand. "When did we leave Roswell? Where do we live now?"

Nancy gave her a confused look. "Sweetheart, we moved last year? To Lawrence, Kansas? Right after the shooting? Don't you remember?"

"I um," She had to think fast. "Oh yeah. I must...I must of dreamt of Roswell." Her mother smiled. "Sorry. I'm just gonna go and-."

"Get ready?" Nancy finished for her.

"Um, yeah." Liz walked back into her room and closed the door behind her. "Oh crap. Where did I shift to?"

She took a look around her room and saw that it was the same. Her bed was right in front of her with both nightstands by the head of the bed, on each side. Her dresser was still to her right while her closet, work desk and vanity table sat on the other side of the room but there were lots of differences too.

Instead of pictures of her, Maria, Alex and the pod squad, there were pictures of her and people she didn't know. People she's never seen before. Sure there were pictures of Maria and Alex but most of them were from last year or when they were younger. Some of them were recent but there were no Michael, Isabel, or Max in any of them. Hell, Tess wasn't even in them. Again, where the hell did she shift to?

But the biggest difference was her window. Instead of it being a small window that lead to her balcony, it was a large bay window with a couch built into the wall under it. And when she opened the curtains, she could see a large backyard below. She didn't have her balcony anymore. Her sanitary was gone.

"Sweetheart, are you done yet? Serena is here and I don't want you guys to be late." Her mother yelled.

Liz blanched at that. Serena? As in THE Serena? Liz ran to her closet and pulled out a white tee shirt and her favorite pair of jeans. She quickly got dressed and threw on a pair of white converses that looked brand new.

"I'm coming ma." She grabbed her backpack and jacket, both things that were still the same, and ran out of her room. "Crap. Nothing is the same here." She whispered to herself.

The hallway was longer than the one back in Roswell. Looking to her right, Liz could see three more doors. All three were opened but she could only see into one. Her parents' room. When she was younger, her mother had once said that if they ever got their own house that she'd want their bedroom as far away from the staircase as possible. Something about bad luck. Liz couldn't really remember. What she did remember was if there were stairs, they would be to her left away from her parents' room.

"I wonder what's taking her so long?" She heard a feminine voice ask as she walked down the stairs.

"She having one of those mornings." She heard her mother say. "You know."

Liz walked into a small hallway that opened up into a beautiful living room. Her mother's dream living room. And from what little of the house she DID see, Liz was positive it was her mother's dream home. How could they afford this place?

"Hey Liz. You ready?" A blond asked as she got off of the black seude sectional couch. Serena. She was beautiful and nothing like Liz thought she'd be.

For some reason, Liz thought Serena would be short like her, with both dark hair and dark eyes. She also thought that Serena would be a bit up tight. But that wasn't the case.

Serena was tall, maybe 5ft6, 5'7 and she had long blond hair that sat low in a messy ponytail. Her amound shaped eyes were green and she had a mole by her nose but that didn't stop her from grabbing everyone's attention.

"Um, yeah. Sorry I took so long." Liz said as she walked over to Serena. She gave her new friend a quick hug before turning to her mom. "Bye mom."

Serena quickly nodded to Liz before grabbing her hand and walking towards the front door. "Bye Mrs. P." She yelled over her shoulder as she lead Liz to a light blue Volkswagen convertible.

"Bye girls." Both girls got in and Serena smiled at Liz before pulling out of her driveway and onto the street. Today was going to be a very weird day, Liz thought to herself.
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Re: Dancing along the reality line... ros/spn, L/D 8-24-12

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Chapter 2

"Thanks again." Liz thanked her as she looked out the window. The top of the car was down and the sun was up. At least it was going to be a nice day.

"No problem. So..." Serena gave Liz a quick look before looking back at the road. "You wanna tell me what happened between you and Dean yesterday or should I just guess?"

Liz bit her lip. Was Dean her boyfriend? How could she have a boyfriend when she was still in love with Max? Liz pushed her hair out of her face. You're not in love with Max in this reality, the small voice in the back of her head told her. "I can honestly say, I don't know."

Serena scoffed. "Come on, Liz. We go over to Sammie's to study and you say you have to use the bathroom. Except you're gone for 45 minutes. Then when you DO come back, your hair is a mess AND you're out of breath." Serena smiled at her quickly. "Personally, I don't even care. I'm into Sam. He's all tall and brooding and a total loner." Serena moaned. "God I love those."

"Ewe S. He's our friend and you know, I'm not the type of girl who kisses and tells." Liz suddenly said and she had no clue where it came from. One minute she was trying to figure out how to lie to get through this conversation and suddenly she was talking as if she had known exactly what to say.

"Ah, bitch. You knew I liked him before you became friends with him and since when do you not kiss and tell your best friend?" Both girls burst out laughing. "That wasn't what I meant and you know it. So come on." She whined a little bit.

"I can't." Serena gave her a look. "Not until I know what's happening between us. But once I know what's happening, so will you."

"That's all I'm asking."


Serena pulled into the school parking lot and into a parking spot not too far from the school. Something Maria had never done. Maria. Liz suddenly felt guilty for talking and laughing with Serena like she use to with Maria. Hell, like she had been just yesterday morning. This was all just-.

"Holy shit!" Serena said as she got out of the car. Liz could see that her eyes had grown big and round. "Holy shit!"

"What?" Liz got out right after her and looked where her new friend was looking. Serena was staring at two guys who were standing in front of a Chevy impala.

One was tall, with blond hair and was wearing a black tee shirt under a navy blue flannel. He also wore a leather jacket that had seen better days. Maria would call him sex with legs. The other was taller but had brown hair, a brown jacket and a simple black back pack. He reminded her of Alex after Sweden. Confident, while still being down to earth.

She wanted to ask who they were but by Serena's reaction to them, she just figured they were Sam and Dean.

"He's actually here. Oh my God."

"Yeah." She closed the door to Serena's car and started walking towards Sam. She hoped Serena followed. "Hey Sam. Hey Dean."

"Hey Liz. Hey Serena." Sam greeted and Liz felt a little better knowing that Serena was with her. Why? She didn't know because she barely knew the girl but there was just something between them. Like she was a true friend.

"Hey Sam." Serena said with a mega watt smile. Then she bit her lip as if to keep from laughing. "What's up Dean? What are you doing here? Didn't you graduate like four years ago?"

Four years ago? He was 21? She hooked up with a 21 year old?! What the hell kind of place did she shift to?

"Just giving Sammie here a ride."

"It's Sam and you kind of insisted on it." Sam said with a smirk on his face.

"Did you now?" Serena questioned as she came up behind Liz. "Any perticular reason why? Or for whom?" No one said a thing. "Oh forget this." She pushed Liz into Dean and grabbed Sam's arm. "Let's go Sam. They need some time alone." Then she pulled him away.

Liz was as red as a tomato as she pulled herself off of Dean. "Sorry about her. She has no tact."

Dean laughed. "So I've heard from Sammie." Liz tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

"So? Why ARE you here?" She asked him. No point in beating around the bush, right? Straight forward and no bullshit. She was being Michael today.

"I thought that was obvious. I mean after yesterday I just thought-."

"Oh. Um." So much for her being Michael today. "Yeah. About that? Let's just focus on the now and the future." Dean looked confused. "I um, I can't believe I'm saying this but I really don't remember yesterday."

"Oh." This time he smiled. "I can help you with that."

Dean tucked a strand of hair behind Liz's ear before gently grabbing onto the back of her neck and pulling her to him. His lips crashed onto her own and Liz felt herself melt into him.

He took control of the kiss, his lips moving over her own and Liz happily surrendered to him. His tongue plunged into her mouth and Liz greedily sucked on it. Their tongues played a steady game of tango and both their lips and teeth continued to clash.

Once again cursing her petite form, Liz pushed onto the tips of her toes and wrapped her arms around his neck. It gave both of them better leverage and a better feel of each others bodies. Plus she didn't want his hands to be the only ones at work.

One of Dean's hands was deep in her hair holding her head to his while the other was wrapped around her waist, keeping her close. When air became a must, they pulled away but not apart.

"I can't believe I forgot that." Liz whispered heavily as she greetily gluped down air. Max never kissed her like that before.

"I can help you remember some more if you'd like." He said with a smirk as he rubbed his nose against hers. And as much as she wanted to, she couldn't.

"I'd love to but I can't." Liz answered truthfully. Then she detangled herself from his strong arms that made her stomach tighten. "School. How about after?"

"Can't." Dean sighed. "Work."

"Damn." Liz bit her lower lip. "What day is it?"

"I think it's Thursday."

"Well what about tomorrow? You doing anything then?" Dean smirked at Liz as he pulled her closer by the loop on her jeans.

"Well I work tomorrow too but I get off early so how about you and I do something?" He asked.

"Like what?" Liz asked slowly as she stood back.

"Like pizza at Joe's then a movie at the theater?"

"Are you asking me on a date, Mr. Winchester?" Liz questioned happily as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Are you saying yes, Ms. Parker?" He asked before placing a small kiss on the side of her neck.

"I do believe I am."

"Then I do believe I just did." He said before he started to tickle her.

"Dean! Dean! Stop it!" Liz giggled before slipping from his arms. "Pick me up at 7." Then she gave him a quick but passion filled kiss. "Don't be late." She said against his lips. And finally, she walked away from him and towards Sam and Serena who were making believe they hadn't been watching.

"Like I ever would be." He waved goodbye and got into his car and drove off.

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... ros/spn, L/D 8-24-12

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@roswellianlove - it was actually suppose to say Sam reminded her of Alex after he joined his band The Whit's...sorry for the confusion

Chapter 3

"Like he'd ever be what, Lizzie?" Serena asked as she looped her arm through Liz's and continued walking into the school. Sam followed close behind.

"Like he'd ever be late, Serena." Liz said as they stopped by her locker. She quickly tried the familiar lock code from her locker in Roswell and was so relieved it was the same one.

"Late for what?" Sam asked while Serena's mouth dropped open.

"He did it?" She suddenly asked.

"Did what?" Sam asked again.

"Yeah he did." Liz said after putting her things in her locker and looking at her schedule that hung on the door.

So much in this reality was different but she was glad she was the same. Things would have been really hard if she had been a completely different person.

"Yeah he did what? What am I missing?" Sam asked again, completely confused.

"Oh my God." Serena yelled as she jumped up and down, her gloved covered fingers still on Liz's arm completely ignoring Sam. "We so have to go shopping!"

"Okay." Liz laughed while Sam just stood next to them confused.

"Can I please be let in on the excitement?"

Liz turned to tell him but Serena beat her to it. "Dean asked her out!"

"What? Wow. That's...I would say great but I actually know you so here's a little much needed info about my big brother Dean." Sam said as he swung his arm so that it hung over Liz's shoulder and lead her to her first class.

"Should I be scared?" Liz asked playfully.

Sam's eyes sparkled with mischief. "Very."


"You have got to be kidding me." Liz said as she stood in front of the building that Serena had just dropped her off at. "There is no way-." But her words died on her lips when her cousin Lexie walked out.

"Hey. There you are. What took you so long?" She asked as she pulled out a pack of gum from her pocket and ate it. Then she rubbed her hands together to warm them up.

"S wanted to stop to eat." Suddenly, Liz pulled Lexie into a hug.

"Whoa." She said as she patted Liz on the back. "Are you okay, Liz?"

Liz pulled away. "Of course I am. I'm just..." Then she realized that though she hadn't seen 'her' Lexie since Grandma Claudia's funeral, in this reality they basically saw each other all the time. "You know what? Forget about it. I'm not late, am I?"

Lexie shook her head before tossing the gum's wrapper into the trash. "No but yesterday you called me saying that we needed to be at least a half an hour early and you never said why."

"Oh. Sorry. I must have spaced or something." Liz smiled again at Lexie before pulling her back into a hug. "God I'm so happy to see you."

"Why?" Lexie asked slowly as she pulled away from the hug. She put her hands in her leather jacket and popped her gum.

"Because," Again Liz had to think on her toes. "I just got asked out by a college guy who I've also made out with twice."

"Nice." Lexie said with a smile. "What's his name?"

"Dean and thanks." Liz looped her arm with her favorite cousin and led the way into "Parker's Bar", her father's new "establishment".


Liz and Lexie walked into the bar laughing when all of a sudden, Liz's dad appeared out of no where.

"Good. Both of you are here. You girls can start now."

"But uncle Jeff, we don't start for another half hour. What happened?" Lexie asked as she and Liz followed Liz's dad towards the back of the bar.

"I thought Liz told you." He shook his head as he pushed the back door open. "Someone messed up today's schedule. Jenna and Michelle are suppose to leave now and neither of them can stay the extra half hour." He explained before walking into his office and closing the door.

"I guess we're working now." Lexie said as she walked into the employee lounge that was right across from Liz's dad's office. Liz followed right behind her.

The employee lounge was small. It fit maybe 20 lockers, a couch and a full length mirror that was on the wall right next to the door. Each locker had a name on it and Liz looked for hers. It was right next to Lexie's.

Both girls quickly put on their aprons and changed into white tee shirts that had the logo "Parker's Bar" across the front and ran out of the lounge just as the bell to the kitchen was hit.

"Let's go ladies. I don't cook for my health!" A grumpy voice yelled as they reentered the bar.

"Thank God." A red head sighed as she walked over to both girls. The name tag on her shirt said "Michelle". "I'm so sorry. I would stay but my baby sitter can't stay and I don't have anyone else to watch Millie."

"Don't even worry about it." Liz heard herself say. "You go. We got this."

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." Michelle said. "That order goes to the table with the loner and the four orders of burgers and fries goes to the frat boys in the corner." A loud roar of laughter broke out from the same table she just pointed to.

"Thanks. Now go." Liz smiled at her before grabbing the first order and getting to work.

The loner had been quiet. He simply nodded when Liz put his salad and baked potato in front of him and showed her his empty beer bottle indicating he wanted another. Liz just shook her head as she walked to the bar.

"Hey honey bear. He needs another one?" Her aunt, Jasmine asked and Liz couldn't believe her eyes.

"Yeah. Thanks Jas."

The last time Liz had seen Lexie's mom was at the funeral. She had looked filthy. Her hair had been dirty and piled up on top of her head in a messy bun. Her clothes had barely hung onto her because they were so loose and she refused to smile. Liz's mother had said it was because Jasmine was a drug addict and didn't want anyone to see how badly her teeth had gotten. She had kind of reminded Liz of what the evil witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth looked like.

"Here you go sweetheart."

But here she stood, wearing a black v-neck tee shirt that showed off way too much cleavage and had the Parker logo on it. Her hair was short, clean and left is silky curls that framed her face. She was even smiling like she was the Cheshire cat. It was amazing how different she looked in this reality. She actually looked like she was in her early twenties instead of her late thirties.

"Thanks Jas." Liz grabbed the beer while leaving the serving tray under her left arm.

After she gave the loner his beer, Liz could help but make a pros and cons list in her head. For the pros, the obvious was that she had her family with her. In her reality, Jasmine was a drug addict who went in and out of rehab while Lexie lived by herself in some bordering school in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Neither called and neither visited.

For the cons, it had to be that she didn't live in Roswell. So there was no falling in love with Max, no facing off with Michael and no dealing with Isabel and Tess. Liz stopped cleaning a table for a minute. Maybe the last 3 were a pro to staying here? Or were they cons for going back?

"Miss?" Liz turned and noticed that one of the frat boys were calling her. From what she could see, he was well built with brown eyes and brown hair.

"Yes. I'm sorry. How may I help you?" She asked as she hurried over to the rowdy table.

"We are still waiting on our food and drinks." A gorgeous brunette with killer baby blues told her.

"Again I am so sorry. We just had a shift change and it must have slipped Michelle's mind. Can I please get both the orders of your drinks and your id's?"

"Oh course sweetheart." A blond with gray eyes flirted. Liz just smiled as she checked all four id's and wrote down their drink orders.

When she got to the bar, she gave her aunt the order. Just as she turned to go to another table, the guy in the kitchen hit the bell again.

"Come on Lizzie. Your order is up."

"Thanks..." She looked at his name tag that said; "Joey."

"No problem angel and if you have any problems with those frat boys all you gotta do is come to me." He said with a sleezey smile.

"God Joey. When are you going to get it? Lizzie here is so not into you." Lexie questioned as she walked over to the order window.

"Who says I even want her, Lexie baby?"

"And I sure as hell don't want you either." She said sweetly. "Now where is my order?"

Liz bit back her laughter as she grabbed the frat boys orders. She quickly gave them their food then went back to get them their drinks.

"Here you go boys." She said slowly as she put each beer down. "If there is anything else, don't be afraid to ask."

When she turned to leave, one of the frat boys stopped her. "As a matter of fact, there is one more thing." It was baby blue eyes. "My name is Tyler and I was just wondering if you're free tomorrow night?"

Liz's mouth dropped open. Sure she had been asked out before but not twice in one day and definitely not by two completely hot guys.

"Um, I'm sorry." Liz closed her mouth. "I, um, I'm actually doing something with my...boyfriend." But it sounded fake even to her.

"Oh." Tyler didn't look convinced.

"I'm sorry. It's just...it's our first date and I don't know what to call him since I don't know what we are yet."

For some reason he looked a bit happy at that. "Well since it's a first date for him why don't you go out with me on Saturday? Give us both a chance?"

Liz felt her eyes pop. "Um, can you give me a minute?"


She spun on her heel and walked right to Lexie who was talking to her mom at the bar.

"I mean come-Liz what's wrong?" Jasmine asked since she was the first to notice Liz.

"One of the frat boys just asked me out."

"Go Liz." Jas cheered. "Good for you."

"Not good, mom." Lexie said shaking her head.

"What? Why not?" She leaned over the bar which only helped to expose her breasts more. "He's so cute and totally your type!"

"Yeah but I really like someone else." The bell on the door rang letting the three know that new customers had just come in.

"Then-. Whoa mama." Jasmine started fanning herself as she stared at someone behind Liz and Lexie.

"What?" Both girls turned and Liz felt her heart skip a beat. Dean and a man who looked a little like an older version of Sam and Dean mixed sat in Liz's section.

"Oh my God." Liz mumbled.

"What?" Dean waved at Liz and she felt the butterflies in her stomach triple. "Did he just wave at us? Why would he wave at us?" Lexie asked.

"Um, he was waving at me because he's my someone else." She told them.

"WHAT?!" Both Jasmine and Lexie said at the same time.

"That's Dean and I think that's his dad." Liz whispered to them. She didn't think they could but she didn't want them to over hear her. Just in case.

"Honey bear, if you don't go over there right now and tell that cutie frat boy that you're not interested in him then I am going to slap you." Jasmine told her, her eyes never leaving Dean and his dad.

"Okay." Liz gave Dean a quick wave then walked back to Tyler. "Hey Tyler, can I talk to you please?"

"Sure." He got up and they quickly walked to the side, away from his friends.

"I'm sorry but I can't go out with you. I really like the guy I'm gonna go out with tomorrow and I want it to work out with us."

"No problem." He gave her a small kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for not saying no in front of my friends. I'm the baby and they like ragging on me."

"No problem." Liz walked away and headed to Dean's table where she knew he was making believe he was reading the menu which was only a small thing that sat on the table. "Hey Dean. Hello Mr. Winchester. What can I get for you guys?"

"Just two beers and a thing of fries. Mary is cooking and she'd have our hids if she knew we ate anything more than just fries." Mr. Winchester told her. "And how many times do I have to tell you to call me John?" His smile was contagious and Liz couldn't help returning it.

"No problem John." She turned to leave but Dean stopped her.

"Can we talk?" He asked.

"Um, sure. Just let me put your fries in and get your beers. I'll be right back. Okay?"

"Sure. I'll be outside." Liz nodded but Dean had already walked away. Did she do something wrong? Did he see Tyler kissing her cheek and think something else was going on? What was she going to do?

"He really likes you." Liz turned and looked at John who was sitting with his back on the booth seat.

"Excuse me?"

"Dean. He really likes you. Or else he wouldn't have gotten so upset when you turned that boy down over there."

"You guys saw that?"

He stood up. "Don't worry Liz. He's not stupid enough to let a gem like you go. Now excuse me. My blatter isn't what it use to be."

Liz smiled and let him pass. She hoped he was telling her the truth. She quickly put their fry order in and told Jasmine that she needed two beers.

"So what happened?" She asked. Lexie was tending to her tables. The bar was busy but not crazy and it was only... Liz looked at the clock. It was only 6. Hopefully this was the rush.

"I told Tyler no go and now Dean wants to talk."

"Don't worry. I'm sure it's nothing." Then her aunt gave her the two beers. "So...is daddy still married to mama?"

Liz smirk. "Yes and they are very much in love. Sometimes it's like they're teenagers. It's very inspiring but if you ask Sam, he'll say they're disgusting." She chuckled.

"Go baby. I'll tell Lex to keep an eye out on your tables."

"Thank you aunt Jasmine." Liz pulled her into a quick hug before dropping off the beers to John who was back and basically ran out the front door. "Dean?" She walked a little down the street and was suddenly pulled into the alley. "Oh my-!"

Her scream was cut off by a pair of soft yet firm lips. Lips she knew. Dean's lips. She let herself relax for a bit to enjoy his kiss. She only pulled back when she felt him trying to deepen the kiss and ended up staring into lustful green eyes.

"I've wanted to do that since I left you this morning." He ran his hand through her hair before kissing her temple. "Then I saw that jackass kiss you and all I could see was red." He took a deep breath and Liz swore he was trying to breathe her in.

"Sam told me you were...passionate but he never told me that you were easily made jealous." Liz said as she ran her tiny hands up and down his arms and chest. "Tsk. Tsk. Sammie." She said against his neck making him laugh.

"Passionate? I doubt Sammie said that." Dean said as his nose rubbed against her cheeks, her nose and along her lips. He was teasing her and God was he doing a great fucking job.

"No." Liz moaned as she felt Dean kiss the side of her neck. "He was more-." Another kiss had her shuddering. "He said you were a horndog but I put it lightly."

Again Dean chuckled but this time against her neck and Liz felt her heart flip. Then she felt his hand come into contact with the skin on her stomach. How? She didn't know because her shirt had been tucked in but she didn't care.

"I bet."

His hand moved so slow as it made its way towards her breast. So freaking slow. Liz was shaking and wishing for him to just touch her already. How was he doing this to her? How?

"God just kiss me already!" Liz demanded as she grabbed Dean by the face and pulled him down to her lips.

"Yes ma'am."

His lips crashed on hers and it was all teeth and tongue. Liz's arms were wrapped tightly around Dean's neck while his hand finally cupped her right breast.

"Oh God." Liz managed to say while Dean made a trail to her pulse point. Once there, he sucked. No doubt marking her because she knew there was going to be a mark. The hand over her breast gently massaged her and Liz's head hit the brick wall she was now pressed up against. There was no pain though. Just undeniable pleasure.

"Liz. I need you back in here." Lexie yelled out.

"Damn it. Damn it. Damn it." Dean muttered as they sprung apart.

"I know what you mean." Liz quickly fixed her shirt and pulled her hair up into a ponytail. "How do I look?"

Dean gave her a once over. "Too damn sexy." Liz shook her head.

"You're too much." She gave him a quick kiss. "Let's go cowboy."

"You go first. I, um," Dean fixed his jeans. "I need a minute." Liz felt a blush spread across her cheeks and Dean gave her one quick smile before hitting her on her butt. "Go before I finish what we started."

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... ros/spn, L/D 8/26/12

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Chapter 4

Liz walked into her room and dropped face first onto her bed. Today had been so fucking along. She just wanted to take a shower and then go to sleep.

She sat up in bed and took off her sneakers. Though most of her day had been great, her night had completely sucked ass. She wiggled out of her jeans and grabbed her towel, thinking about how badly her day had gotten once she walked back into the bar.


"Sorry honey bear. The bar picked up." Jasmine yelled over the noise as she continued to pour shots for the group at the bar.

"Don't worry about it Jas." Liz smirked as she grabbed her notepad and walked over to the first table closest to her. "Hey my name is Liz. How may I help you?"

As the group of 3 men told her they wanted two rounds of beers and a round of shots, Liz watched out of the corner of her eye as Dean walked into the bar. He was adjusting his flannel and pulling his under shirt down so that it covered his jeans.

A slight blush tinted her cheeks as she turned and gave Jasmine her order. "Here you go, love." Jasmine put 6 beers and 3 shots on Liz's tray before giving her a wink. "Just saw your someone fixing himself as he walked in."

"Yeah?" Liz asked trying to act like she hadn't been watching Dean.

"Yeah. Now I know why you look so flushed." Lexie told her as she passed by.

Liz quickly gave her table their drinks and walked away. "I have no clue what you are talking about?" She told Lexie before making sure the loner was okay.

He was. He dropped the money he owed onto the table, tipped his hat and walked out of the bar. "I highly doubt that." Lexie bumped her hip with Liz's and delivered her order.

"Nosey family." Liz mumbled to herself as she passed by Tyler and his friends.

"Um, miss?" Liz turned and saw the blond standing up.

"Yes? Do you guys need anything else?" Liz asked and the blond smiled before sitting back down.

"As a matter of fact, can we please know why you won't go out with Tyler here?" He asked as he grabbed Tyler's shoulder and shook him roughly.

"Um," Liz looked at Tyler and then back at the others. "I hate to be rude but is that really any of your business?"

The well built brunette with chocolate brown eyes smirked at her. "You know, you're right. It's none of our business if you turn baby boy down."

Liz nodded. "But it is our business if you come in here after hooking up with your boyfriend." The long haired brunette who sat across from Tyler snapped.

"Again not to be rude, but I don't see how that is any of your business either. I didn't lead Tyler on and I was upfront with him. And what I do on my break is my own business. Now," Liz gave them a big smile. "Is there anything else I can get for you?"

"No." Tyler told her nicely. "Thank you."


Liz walked out of her room, pulling the hair tie from her hair and walked into the bathroom.

Tyler had been nice but his friends...they were assholes. They continued to harass her throughout the night, calling her names like whore or slut. It had gotten so bad that John had to restrain Dean by pulling him out of the bar.

By the time her shift was over, the frat boys were too drunk to bother her and Tyler. Well Tyler had apologized over and over and had even offered her a ride home.


Liz walked out of the bar alone. Lexie and Jasmine had left 10 minutes earlier while her dad had left 2 hours before them leaving Liz to both clean and close the bar alone. Guess somethings really don't change, she thought to herself as she locked the door behind her.

"Hey." Liz spun around and saw Tyler standing in front of a silver hummer.

"Hey. What are you doing here?" She asked as she pulled her jacket on. Serena should be here-. Just then, she heard a honking down the street and turned to see Serena get out of her bug.

"I was wondering if you needed a ride but I see you already have one." Liz smiled.

"Yeah." She waved at Serena who looked confused and yet gave her a secret smile. "I called her once I knew I had no ride. Sorry about you waiting out here for nothing." Liz told him as she put her hands into her pockets.

"Don't worry about it. I should have known you'd get a ride after what my friends did to you today." Tyler said before looking down at his hands. "Sorry about that. If I would have known they were gonna be complete assholes, I would have tried to get them to leave earlier."

Liz waved him off. "Thanks but don't worry about it. I guess I can see where they came from but...whatever. What's done is done." Serena honked the horn again and Liz chuckled. "I better get going before my best friend gets horn crazy."

"Yeah. I gotta go too. I don't really live around here." Liz was a little confused by that.

"Where do you live?"

"Ipswich." He said with a smile before getting into his hummer. "Bye Liz. Thanks for making this road trip a little better."

"No problem." Then he drove off leaving Liz to walk to Serena who was standing with her hands on her hips.

"Hey there girlie. Who was that?" She asked.

"Just a customer trying to be nice." Liz said as she stopped in front of Serena. "Thanks again for picking me up.

"Don't even." Serena scoffed as she waved Liz off and got into the driver's seat. "You've done it for me millions of times. And plus, once your car gets out of the shop you won't need me anymore." She gave Liz a big frown that Liz couldn't help but laugh at. "I'm glad my misery makes you laugh."

"It doesn't." Serena gave her a yeah right look as Liz got into the bug. "It's just...your my friend. I'll always need you S."

"And don't you forget it."


Liz smiled. On her first day in this reality, she already knew why the 'Liz' here was friends with Serena and Sam.

Serena made her laugh but also let her be her. She didn't have to dumb things down like she did with Maria and their conversations were more than just boys, shopping and makeup. It no longer puzzled her how she became friends with the 'Serena' in her time in the future. They were practically the same person.

And Sam. Sam was amazing. He was like Michael and Alex combined. He was protective and stood unmoving by her side but he was also down to earth and loved to laugh. He was always smiling. They all were. She really did like living in this reality more than her own and she was only here for a day. One day.

Liz bit her lower lip as she turned on the shower. What if she woke up back in her own reality tomorrow? What if she never got to come back? What would she do?

Shaking her head, Liz took off her remaining clothes and stepped into the shower. If she ended up back in her reality, she'd deal with it then. Right now she just needed to relax. She'll deal with everything tomorrow.

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... ros/spn, L/D 8/30/12

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Garcia88- thank you so much n no John and the boys aren't hunters in this reality...Mary was never killed and they grew up normal

AvalonRose- I never explain why Liz shifted to this reality until way into the later chapters but she does eventually go back n it's a big thing

HypnotiqBlueEyes- I'm writing this from only Liz's third point of view, the aliens aren't really meantioned unless she thinks about them but when they do come into play, there will be a lot of drama...trust me
Thanks again n here's the next part.

Chapter 5

Liz woke up to the sound of her phone ringing. Reaching over to her night stand, she quickly grabbed her cellphone and opened it.

"Hello?" She asked still half asleep.

"Good morning angel." Dean's voice came through the phone and Liz sat up straight.

"Good morning Dean. What's up?" She asked trying to sound casual. But inside she was jumping for joy. She hadn't gone back to her own reality.

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry for the way I acted yesterday. I just-I couldn't believe those guys." Liz could hear Dean taking a deep breathe.

"Don't worry about it. I'm sure we won't be seeing them anytime soon. They looked like out of towners." Again Liz heard Dean take a deep breathe.

"Yeah. I guess." She bit her lip hoping that wasn't the only reason he called. "Anyways, I was just wondering, since your car is still in the shop, if I could maybe go and pick you up?" Liz smirked. "If you want me to?"

Her smirk turned into a big smile. "I would love it if you picked me up for school."

"Great!! I mean, that's cool. Whatever. See you soon."

"Bye Dean." Liz closed the phone and squealed. "He's coming to pick me up." She jumped up so that she was kneeling on her bed. "He's coming to pick me up." Then she stood up and started dancing. "He's coming to pick me up. Yes. Yes. Yes."

Liz jumped out of bed and turned on her radio. She smiled when "New" by No Doubt came on.

~ Don't let it go away
This feeling has got to stay
Don't let it go away
This feeling has got to stay
And I can't believe I've had this chance now
Don't let it go away

you're so new
you're new
And I never had this taste in the past
you're so new~

Liz swayed her way to her closet. She needed the perfect outfit. She wanted Dean to drool but she didn't want to come off trashy.

She pulled out a purple off the shoulder top that was loose around her breast but tight on her belly. Then she grabbed a pair of tight, black leather capris that Maria had made her buy the summer she started dating Kyle.

~ My normal hesitation is gone
And I really gravitate to your will
Are you here to fetch me out?
'Cause I've never had this taste in my mouth

Oh you're not old
And you're not familiar
Recently discovered
and I'm learning about you

you're so new
you're new~

Liz quickly gave her outfit a once over before deciding this outfit was better for their date than school. So she hung the outfit on her closet door and pulled out a tight, long sleeved red v-neck top and a pair of comfortable black jeans that would mold to her petite frame. Then she ran into the bathroom to brush her teeth.

~ And you're consuming me violently
And your reverence shamelessly tempting me
Who sent this maniac?
'Cause I never had this taste in the past

Oh you're different,
you're different from the former
Like a fresh battery,
I'm energized by you

Don't let it go away
This feeling has got to stay
Don't let it go away
This feeling has got to stay
And I can't believe I've had this chance now
Don't let it go away~

Liz sang along as she walked back into her room. It kind of sucked that she didn't have her own bathroom but it was just one sacrifice she was making here in this reality.

~Why am I so curious?
This territory is dangerous
I'll probably end up at the start
I'll be back in line with my broken heart

you're so new
you're new
And I never had this taste in the past

Don't let it go away
This feeling has got to stay
Don't let it go away
This feeling has got to stay
And I can't believe I've had this chance now
Don't let it go away~

The words seemed to speak to her as she got ready. This was new to her. All of it and though she didn't know the outcome, she wanted to experience it first hand. Plus it couldn't be worst than what she had been going through in her reality. The FBI, Nasado's death, Future Max, the Skins, the Harvest and then he wipe out. At least she got something out of it. She got to come here.

~And I can't believe it
Can't believe it
Can't believe it
Can't believe it
Don't let it go away,
this feeling has got to stay
Don't let it go away~

And she wasn't going to let the opportunity to be normal slip through her fingers. She was going to live her life as normal as possible until she was sent back.

"Lizzie! Dean is here."

"Okay mom." She quickly put on her cherry lip gloss, sprayed on her favorite strawberry perfume and turned off her radio before another song could come on.

She took one last look in the mirror, grabbed her things and left the room.

No Doubt - New

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... ros/spn, L/D 8/30/12

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Chapter 6

Liz rushed down the stairs only to stop short and take a deep breath. You don't wanna look desperate, do you? The little voice in the back of her head asked her.

"No." She answered it and then felt stupid for talking to herself in her hallway. "Okay. It's now or never."

Liz slowly walked into the living room and couldn't help the sigh that escaped pass her lips. Dean sat in the middle of the couch with her mother as they spoke. He looked good in his light gray hoodie with a black leather vest on top. He wore dark blue jeans and a simple necklace that she knew had been a gift from his mother.

"Hey stranger." Liz said as she pulled on her jacket.

Dean smiled at her. "Hey right back." He looked back at her mom. "I was just telling your mom here that since Sammie was riding with Serena today, that I offered to come pick you up."

"Such a sweetheart, this one." Nancy Parker gushed as she grabbed onto Dean's chin and shook it from side to side. "So Dean, is their anyone special in your life?"

"Oh kay." Liz mumbled as she put her hands on her hips. "I think we should get going, don't you?"

"Actually there is someone, Mrs. Parker." Dean answered as if Liz hadn't spoke at all.

"Let's go Dean." Liz walked over to Dean, grabbed him by the hand and tried to pull him off the couch but he was stronger than she was. Much stronger.

"Oh really?" Nancy asked slyly. "And who, may I ask, is the lucky lady?"

Dean smirked up at Liz before yanking her so that she fell into his lap. "Of course. It's Liz."

Both Liz and her mom sat shocked. While Liz hadn't thought he'd actually tell people they were dating, her mom hadn't thought it was Liz. She had thought that Liz was still fixated on the sheriff's boy, Kyle but the way she was staring at Dean, Nancy knew Kyle was a thing of the past.

"You two have to go to school." Nancy suddenly said, pulling them from their private moment. "Go."

"Okay." Liz got up off of Dean's lap and helped him up. "See you later ma."

"Sure sweety." Then she disappeared into the kitchen.

"That was weird." Dean whispered to her as she led the way out.

"Tell me about it. I've never seen my mom act like that." And she hadn't. Not even when her mom had thought that she and Max had been sleeping together last year. When they finally got to his car, Dean stopped her. "What?"

"I didn't get to say 'hi' properly." He told her as he pulled her close to his body.

"That's right." Liz smiled as she ran her fingers through his short dark blond hair. "You didn't."

Dean smiled but didn't say anything else. Instead, his lips pressed softly onto her own. His tongue coaxed her lips open and Liz felt like she was at home. She didn't know why but she really liked being right where she was. In his arms. This was fast becoming her heaven.

When air became needed, they both pulled back but stayed in each others arms.


"Hey." Both laughed. "Let's get out of here before my dad comes out with a gun." Liz said seriously but Dean just shrugged his shoulders.

"He likes me." Liz rolled her eyes as she slapped him playfully on his arm.

"He did before but once my mom tells him we're dating, he'll use the gun on you."

"Is that what we're doing here?" Dean asked and Liz bit her lower lip.

"That's what I was hoping." She told him truthfully. "But if you don't want to-."

Dean silenced her with a kiss. It was short but still filled with passion and something else she couldn't quite put her finger on. Then he pulled away before she could figure out what it was. "You think too much." He told her with a smile.

"Some people like that."

"No body likes that." Then he lifted her face. "And if I happen to get shot because I'm with you, then not only would it be worth it but then you get to make it all better for me." He said with a cocktail grin.

Again Liz slapped him. "You are incorrigible."

"Good." He said before tightening his arm around her and kissing her again.

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... (SPN,XO,MATURE,UC) 9/5

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Chapter 7

Liz stood in front of the phone debating whether or not to call Maria and/or Alex. She knew that she may never go back to her own reality but she still wanted to know how her other two best friends were. She really missed them even though she was having a great time here. Liz smiled thinking about the ride home with Serena.

(In Serena's car)

"So, thanks for calling me to tell me that I had to pick Sam up." Liz turned to say sorry but saw that Serena was smiling. "I could have dressed real slutty or even made a play to seduce him into the back seat."

Liz scrunched up her nose. "Ewe S. What did I tell you about telling me about your fanasties of you and Sam?"

Serena sighed as she stopped in front of Liz's house. "Not to." Liz laughed as she pouted.

"You wanna come in?" Liz asked.

"Nah. Unlike you, I actually have to work today." She stuck her tongue out at Liz who just rolled her eyes and offered her friend a smile.

"Okay. Well call me after you get off from work." Liz got out of the convertible and closed the door.

"You call me after your date with Mr. Sexy." She yelled as she drove off.

Liz simply laughed before going inside.

(Back in her room)

That had been 5 hours ago and in those 5 hours, Liz had done all of her homework for the weekend, curled her hair, painted her nails and even went so far as to help her mom clean around the house. Now that she had an hour left and was basically ready except for her being dressed, Liz debated on whether or not she should call Maria and Alex.

She just had to know how they were doing in this reality. Were they happy? Did they get to follow their dreams? Did they ever find love? Were they doing all the things they had said they were going to do? Forget this.

Without thinking about it, Liz picked up the phone and dialed Maria's home number. No one picked up. Amy was probably at the shop and Maria...well Maria could be anywhere. Not giving up hope, Liz dialed Maria's cell but it was disconnected. What the hell? She hoped Maria was okay.

Shaking her head, Liz yelled at herself. Of course Maria was fine. Now to Alex. Liz dialed Alex's home number. He picked up on the second ring.


"Hey Alex. It's Liz."

"Well. As I live and breathe. How are you doing?"

"Good. I just...I miss you." She told him truthfully.

"I miss you too and I know for a fact that Maria does too even if she denies it."

What? Maria was mad that she left? Of course she was. In this reality, her and her parents left before she could find out about the aliens which meant that she had been avoiding Maria until the day she left. That was not a good thing. Maria could hold a grudge.

"Oh." Liz paused, wanting to run her hand through her hair but she couldn't. It was already done in big, soft curls. "She's still mad?"

"I think she's gotten over it but just wants to make you sweat." That sounded like Maria. "So what's new with you?"

"Nothing really. Dad owns my grandpa James' bar now so I'm working there as a waitress with Lexie and Jasmine. I have a few friends and the school here is okay. It's boring but it's a small town and they get really excited off of trivial things like basketball and football. I just ignore it."

"Sounds like Roswell except me and Maria aren't there with you." Liz smiled at that.

"Yeah." She sat down on the foot of her bed. "How are you, Alex?"

"The same. Nothing changed since you left except Maria's mom is dating Kyle's dad. It looks and sounds pretty serious. Maria is always going on and on about how disgusting they are being but they're in love." Liz couldn't help the smile that stayed on her face.

Some things just didn't change. Good. She was glad they still got together.

Alex filled Liz in on everything that had happened since she left and she was surprise to hear that it was basically the same except without the aliens. No Max. No Michael. No Isabel. No Tess. No Nasado. No FBI. No Skins. No having to save the world. None of that crap. Liz was really liking this reality much more than her own reality. Everyone she cared about was safe here.

"So I'm hearing a lot of nothing. What about with you? No girls grabbing your eye?" Liz joked and she could swear she sounded like Serena for a minute.

"You know me. I only go after the girls that don't even know I exist." Liz nodded her head.

"Don't worry Alex. Girls'll be lining up to be with you. You're an amazing person and an all around nice guy."

"Yeah. So I've heard but when is it going to be my turn?" Silence. Liz didn't know what to say to him. Even in her own reality, he was still just the really good friend.

"Don't worry Alex. I know your time will come."

"Thanks." And a comfortable silence settled over them. "This is nice."

"What is?" Liz asked a little confused.

"Us talking again. The last time I talked to you was the same night Maria went out on the blind date and you made me leave my phone on because you wanted to hear us play our first real gig."

"Yeah. It is nice." Liz traced her bottom lip with her index finger. "We should do this at least once a week."

"We should." Liz heard a knock through the phone. "Um, Liz. I kind of have to go."

"Oh. Okay." Then she paused. "I'll call you next week, okay Alex?"

"Yeah. Sure. Bye Liz."

"Bye Alex." But he had already hung up. Why did he rush her off the phone? She thought they were having such a great conversation. Maybe some things were different.

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... (SPN,XO,MATURE,UC) 9/7

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Chapter 8

Glancing at the clock, Liz notice that it was almost 7. Damn. She really wanted to know why Alex rushed her off the phone but she didn't want to cancel her date with Dean. What could she do? What SHOULD she do?

"I'll just call him tomorrow to see what's going on." She told herself before putting the phone back on its receiver. She only hesitated for a second before finally shaking her head and quickly getting dressed. Tomorrow. It can wait til tomorrow. Dean can't.

Ten minutes later, Liz stood in front of the mirror in her purple off the shoulder top and her black leather capris. She wore light purple eye shadow and black eye liner and quickly applied her plum shimmer lip gloss. On her feet, she made sure to wear her purple suede open toed heels so that she could show off her freshly painted toes. Plus the heels gave her height which she needed because let's face it, Dean was tall. Way taller than her and he even had a few inches on Max.

Max. Liz felt a twinge of guilt in the pit of her stomach. She knew that she didn't know him in this reality but she still thought about him. Was his life how he thought it would be? Was he happy? Did Tess come and take her rightful place by his side? Alex hadn't mentioned any new people and Tess would have definitely caught his eye because she was beautiful. Liz bit her lip. No. She wasn't going to do this to herself.

She was going to forget about Max and Tess. This is what Future Max had wanted. Her going out with normal guys. And damn it, that's what she's going to do.

"Liz! Your date is here." Her mom's voice pulled her from her thoughts.

"Okay mom. I'm coming." Liz gave herself a quick once over before grabbing her black pea coat and purple purse. Both items she assumed she bought with Serena because Maria would have never let her get them.

She needed to get Max and everyone else in Roswell out of her head. He wasn't here. None of them were. She needed to focus on this reality. In this reality, she had Serena and Sam who gave as good as they got. Here she had Dean and he made the butterflies in her stomach double, no triple. Liz smiled to herself. Sam and Serena made her feel normal while Dean made her feel alive.

As she walked into the living room, Liz saw Dean sitting on the sectional with her dad while her mother was no where to be found. She was probably in the kitchen getting something to drink. When neither Dean nor her dad looked at her, Liz cleared her throat.

"Uh hum." Both turned to her. "Hey Dean." She smiled. Then nodded to her dad. "Dad."

"Wow." Dean said as he stared at her.

"You look lovely sweetheart." Her dad told her. Then he looked at Dean who was sitting with his mouth open. "Doesn't she Dean?"

Dean shook his head and quickly stood up. "Oh yeah. Sorry. You just...you kind of took my breathe away for a minute." Liz felt her face flush. "Here you go."

He handed her a bouquet of white calla lilies and pink roses. "Wow. They're beautiful." And not white roses. They were perfect. "Thank you." She pushed a curl away from her face. "You look good too."

And he did. He was wearing a white button up with dark blue jeans and his leather jacket. She could clearly see his necklace hanging around his neck and his hair looked slightly messy.

"Thanks." Liz could see that he obviously wanted to say something else but didn't.

"We should be going." Liz said with a smile. Dean was uncomfortable and while it spoke volumes of how much he really liked her, she didn't want to torture him. "See you later daddy." She gave her dad a hug and a kiss before she grabbed Dean's hand. "Bye mom."

"Have fun and remember to come home at a decent time." Her father yelled.

"Yes daddy." Liz said before closing the front door. "Finally."

"Tell me about it." Dean opened the top two buttons on his shirt as he lead Liz to the impala. "Your dad was grilling the shit out of me. He's scarier than my dad and my dad was a marine."

Liz smirked. "So was my dad." Dean gave her a look as he held the door open for her.

"Thanks for the warning."

"I thought Sam would have told you." Liz shook her head as she got into the car. "I should have known he wouldn't."

Dean mumbled something that sounded like "damn sammie" and "I'm a kill that bastard". Liz couldn't help but laugh. "What?" Dean asked as he got into the impala.

"Nothing. I'm just a little jealous that I'm an only child. That's all."

"Don't be. It's not all it's chucked up to be."

"I'll have to take your word for that."

"And anyways, I'm gonna be an only child after tonight." Liz laughed as Dean drove off.


Liz and Dean laid on the hood of the impala, just staring out at the lake that sat just outside of town.

"Tonight was nice." Liz mumbled as she snuggled closer to Dean. She was laying with her head on his chest while his arm held her close.

"Really?" Dean asked confused.

"Yeah. I liked it."

"But we miss our movie, had to wait to get a table at Joe's because the place was packed and ended up eating at a hotdog stand on mainstreet."

"See. The perfect first date." Liz said with smile. Then she felt Dean's hand touch her chin, so she looked up at him.

"You are pretty freaking awesome, you know that?" Again Liz smiled.

"I try." Dean smirked.

"I bet you do."

The kiss was soft at first. Just lips pushed to lips but as always, it wasn't enough. Liz used her tongue to coax Dean's mouth open. He willingly parted his lips as he pulled her so that she was laying more on top of him than the hood of the impala. Their tongues dueled and their teeth clashed and though she didn't see flashes like she did with Max, she did see fireworks and the butterflies in her stomach quadrupled.

When air became a must, they pulled apart.

"You wanna go to the back?" Dean asked and Liz had to think about that. Did he think they were going to have sex? On the first date? Did she WANT to have sex with Dean on their first date? "We don't have to do anything more than making out." He told her and she suddenly felt better.

"Yeah let's go."

They quickly slid off the hood and ran to the driver's side and got into the back seat. They had been laughing the whole time but once Dean closed the door, their laughter died. Liz pulled Dean by the collar of his shirt and fused their lips together.

This time, nothing was slow. Open mouthed kisses, tongue duels and clashing teeth were a constant while Liz and Dean fought for dominance. Not liking the angle she was in, Liz moved to straddled Dean's legs.

"I think I like you on top." Dean managed to say before latching his lips onto the side of Liz's neck.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny." Liz breathed as her fingers tangled in his hair. He was nibbling along her neck when she suddenly felt his hand close over her left breast. Oh God, his hands were amazing and so was his mouth.

"I'm so serious." Dean pushed his straining erection into her and Liz gasped. "See."

"Do that again." She demanded and Dean pushed up again. "Oh God, that feels so good."

"I'm glad you think so. Here." Liz looked into his eyes a little confused. "Do you trust me?" Liz nodded with tight lips making Dean chuckled. "Okay." He took a hold of her hips as he moved his leg so that she was only straddling one leg and began moving her along his leg.

At first, Liz didn't know what she was doing. Dean had to do most of the work but soon she got the rhythm. Up and down, back and forth. Faster. Faster. Up and down. Back and forth. Faster. Faster.

"Oh God." A slow build of something Liz had never felt before started in her core and slowly burned through her veins.

"That's it baby. Just ride me." Dean muttered into her neck as he continued to suck and nip at it.

Liz bit onto her lip as she started moving faster. The burn had made its way throughout her body, warming her from the inside and continued to build into something that blinded her until the last moment where it just exploded. A loud scream slipped from her now parted lips as Liz sat still above Dean. A tingle danced along her legs and settle between her legs in her afterglow.

"Oh my god." She finally said as she dropped her head onto Dean's shoulder. "That was...there are no words for how amazing that was."

She felt Dean smirk against her skin as he kissed her neck and used his hands to move her hair from her face.

"I'm glad you liked it." He helped her off of him. "But I have to take you home now or else your father is going to kill me." Then he got out of the car.

Liz laughed at that. If her dad ever found out what they just did, he'd castrate Dean. It wouldn't matter how early Dean brought her home or how respectful he was, if her father ever found out what they just did, Dean's manhood would be no more.

As she quickly fixed her top, it hit her. She had just rode Dean's leg. She couldn't believe she did it but it had been amazing. And was that an orgasm? Because that too had been amazing. Liz quickly shot Dean a look. He was fixing himself as well. Did he...come too?

"You gonna stay in the back the whole ride home or do you wanna come sit next to me?" He joked as he stood outside the impala, his hand extended for her use.

"I'm coming." She said and used the hand he offered her to get out of the back seat.

"I thought you already did." He said with a smirk.

"Just drive." Liz blushed as she climbed over the driver's seat to get into the passanger seat.

"Yes ma'am." She heard Dean say before she felt his hand slap her butt.

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... (SPN,XO,MATURE,UC) 9/9

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Chapter 9

(2 months later)

Liz sat on the phone with Alex, her head against the bay window as the snow fell outside.

"I can't believe you're dating someone and it's this serious." Alex told her and Liz couldn't help but smile.

The next day after her date with Dean, Liz had called Alex to make sure everything was okay between them. He had laughed but then told her that the reason he rushed her off the phone was because of Maria. Apparently she was still mad at Liz and didn't want to even hear her name. Alex, of course only wanted to keep the peace so he didn't mention Liz to Maria and only spoke about Maria if Liz asked.

"It's not THAT serious, Alex. I mean we haven't gone farther than some serious making out and the occasional groping." Liz joked as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Well, not really.

"Ewe. Okay now that was too much information." Alex whined. "Do you tell Sam half the things you tell me?"

Again Liz smiled. She had made sure to let Alex know about Sam and Serena and vice versa. If she was going to bring Alex back into her life, she wanted him to know about her other two best friends.

"Of course not. That's his big brother I'd be telling him about." Then Liz paused. "But I kind of think he already knows because he keeps on looking at me funny."

"If I was there, I would too." Liz laughed at that. "In spite of what I just said though, I do wish I could go see you. I miss you Lizzie."

Liz smiled sadly. "I miss you too Alex. Maybe the next time you have a break, you can come visit me. We have a guest room here and I know for a fact Sam would love to have another guy around."

"That sounds cool. I'll ask my dad." Liz smiled. "Well, Lizzie, it seems my time is up. Band practice."

"Oh. Okay. I call you next week Alex."

"Okay. Oh, before I forget, what did you get Dean for his birthday?" Liz nibbled on her lower lip.

"Nothing yet." Alex chuckled.

"Well at least you have a few days to pick something out for him. Bye Liz."

"Bye Alex." And she hung up her phone.

Dean's birthday. It was on Saturday and though Mary had invited her to the birthday dinner she was cooking, Liz still wanted to get him something. The only problem was, she had no clue what the hell to get him. Nothing seemed special enough and that's exactly what she wanted to give him. Something special. Something no one else can give him.

"Hey there girlie." Serena greeted as she dropped onto Liz's bed.

"Hey S." Liz turned to Serena, her back against the cold window. "What's up?"

"Absolutely nothing and that my friend, is the problem."

Liz got off the bench and sat on the bed with her. "Come and tell me everything."

Serena laid her head in Liz's lap. "I think I should just give up on Sam."

"What? Why?" Liz asked a bit shocked. Serena really liked Sam. It was like she was a completely different person whenever he was around. She blushed. She giggled at his jokes and though she didn't want to admit it, she kind of always made a fool out of herself. Even Alex knew S liked Sam and he wasn't even here to see it. But Sam was blind to it all.

"You know why. He doesn't see me as anything but a friend." Serena growled as she sat up. "Let's just change the subject."

"Okay." Liz sat up straight and pulled on the bottom of her red spaghetti strap top. "I just got off the phone with Alex."

"That's cool." Serena reminded Liz a little bit of Isabel and Maria combined. She was beautiful and always grabbed the attention of anyone who passed them by but she was also kind and smart and had a great sense of humor. Plus she was loyal, something Liz valued highier than everything else. Liz really liked having Serena as a best friend. "How is Alex?"

"He's good. Everything is okay back in Roswell."

"Maria still being a bitch?"

Liz nodded. "Unfortunately, yes but Alex is such a great person that he's doing the best he can to make us both happy." Liz ran a hand through her hair. "I just wish Maria made it easier for him."

"Ah, Alex is a big boy. If he didn't want to walk on glass with Maria then he wouldn't."

"I know." Liz chewed on her lower lip. "Oh. He is going to try and come here for one of his breaks."

"That's cool. I'll finally be able to meet this mystery best friend that I'm actually feeling a bit competitive with." Serena said with a smile. "Plus Sam will finally have a guy to hang out with."

Liz smiled. "That's what I said."

Serena nodded her head as she smiled. "So...what cha getting Dean for his birthday?"

Liz shrunk back a little. "What are you and Alex like on the same wave link or something?" Serena's eye brow rose. "He asked the same thing."

"Great minds think a like. So tell me what you're getting him." She pouted.

"I don't know what to get him." A sly smile slowly slipped onto Serena's lips. "What?"

"I know what you can give him."

"What?" Liz asked straightening up again. Serena wiggled her body and Liz rolled her eyes. "I don't think so. I wanna give him something special."

"What's more special than your virginity? Come on Liz." Serena said as she got off the bed. "You like him, don't you?"

"Of course I do, S but I've also only been dating him for a couple of months." She told her but Serena wasn't listening and Liz knew it. In the short amount of time that she had known Serena, Liz had come to know that when she got something into her head, she always went through with it.

Well, except for Sam.

"Do you love him?" Serena suddenly asked. She had been going through Liz's closet but was now staring at Liz.

Liz sat still as she thought about what Serena had just asked her. Did she love him? She and Dean had only been going out for 2 months but in those 2 months she had learned so much about him; What he liked, what he didn't like. She even learned that while he was smart, he liked working with his hands, so he wanted to own his own garage one day. But that didn't mean she loved him, did it?

"I." She did still get butterflies whenever she saw him. "I think." And her heart did still race whenever he touched her. "I think I." Plus she did feel safe enough that she had gone farther with him sexually than with anyone else. Including Max. "I think I may." It had taken a flash from Max for her to see how he truly felt for her and in that moment, she had fallen in love with him but Dean. Dean was different. He showed her how he felt for her everyday; in his kisses, his gentle touches, his affectionate gestures. And she loved it all. But that didn't mean-. "Oh my God!"

Serena smiled as she bent down in front of Liz. "Just say it Liz."

"I'm in love with Dean Winchester."

"My work here is done." She stood quickly and looked at her watch. "And you start work in a half an hour. Wanna ride?"

Liz looked up at Serena with big eyes. "Um. Yeah." She gave herself a mental shake and got off of her bed. "Let me just switch into my jeans."

"No problem. I'll be in the car." Serena walked away with a smile on her face, whistling an unknown song.

Liz quickly pulled out a pair of jeans from her dresser and changed into them. Then she grabbed the brush off of her vanity table and brushed her hair up into a ponytail, all the while thinking about what she just revealed to Serena.

'I'm in love with Dean Winchester.'

The words spun around her head making her dizzy. When did this happen? How did this happen? Wasn't she suppose to be in love with Max? Max. She hadn't thought about him since...Liz couldn't remember. Her life here was so...so. It was exactly like her life before she was shot. Perfectly normal.

"Liz. Serena is honking that damn horn like she's trying to wake the aliens on Mars. Please hurry up. I have a bad headache." Her mom told her as she quickly popped her head into Liz's room.

"Okay mom." Liz grabbed her coat and her purse after shoving her feet into her new black ankle boots with a wedged heel. "I'm leaving mom. Bye."


Liz ran down the stairs and out the front door. The cold January air hit her in her face as she ran to Serena's car. Snow crunched under her feet as it fell all around her and Liz was glad she made sure to grab her mittens and the Penguin hat Serena forced her to buy on their last shopping date.

"Finally. I thought you were just gonna stay frozen in your room." Serena joked as she drove off. "Then again, I too had been shocked the moment I realized I was in love with one Sammie Winchester." Liz shook her head.

"It's not that I don't want to be in love with him S. I mean...Dean is amazing and he makes me feel..." Liz gestured her whole body with her hands. "There are no words to describe how he makes me feel. Incredible. Desirable. Loved. They all fall short."

"That kind of sounds like love to me." Serena said with a smile.

Liz sighed as she fell back into the passenger seat. "Yeah. Maybe."


Serena dropped Liz off 10 mintues late so she had to run in to get ready. Being that it was Wednesday, the bar was practically empty so as she walked in, Jenna walked out. Thank god for small miracles. Jenna was nice and all but she was always asking questions.

Glancing around as she walked out the back, Liz noticed that she was alone. No Michelle. No Lexie. Crossing her fingers and praying for a miracle, Liz took a quick look at the bar and wanted to scream. Jas wasn't here either. Instead, behind the bar was Hudson. The tall, well built blond asshole her father had to hire because Jasmine needed more than just one night off. And since Jasmine and Lexie both had off today, that only meant one thing; Mother/daughter day. Damn it. She must have forgotten.

At least once a month, the pair would have the same day off to do mother/daughter things. Something Liz had both admired and envied at the same time. She herself wished she was closer to her own mother but it seems Liz was meant to be a daddy's girl. Might as well sick it up.

But with Lexie, Jasmine and Michelle all off, Liz was stuck with Hudson's incessant come ons and the cook's eye raping. Great, Liz thought to herself as she grabbed the dish tub from behind the bar. Just great. Then she started to clean off the empty tables.

"So when are we gonna go out Liz?" Hudson asked as he dried the beer mugs behind the bar.

"Never. I already told you that I have a boyfriend and that we're serious. So please stop asking." Liz had just finished off the last empty table and was carrying the dish tub towards the back. Since most of the tables were already clean, it was a fast and easy job. Which meant more time trying to avoid Hudson.

"Really? Because I don't remember you ever mentioning a boyfriend." Liz just rolled her eyes as she walked into the kitchen.

"Is da lil pup behind da bar still hounding you fa a date?" Shane, the cook, asked as he cleaned the grill. His Irish accent always sounded so fake to her as well as his fake black hair and his heavy muscular shoulders. Serena swore he was just trying to impress her but why go through so much just to get rejected anyway?

"Yeah." Liz poured out the half drunken glasses of beer into the sink and then put both the empty glasses and plates into the dish washer. She just wanted to get through her shift as fast as possible. Then she could go home and take a nice long bubble bath.

"Dat's so sad. Some people just can't take no fa an answer." While he was talking, Liz could see from the corner of her eye that he was staring at her ass.

"Tell me about it." Liz quickly stood up, walked out of the back and put the tub under the bar.

Just a few more hours. She told herself. You just have to wait it out a few more hours. Liz walked away from Hudson before he could open his mouth and went around asking if everyone was alright. A few bar patrons wanted beers, two guys asked for shots and an older, graying man who had just walked in, wanted a baked potato with extra cheese and broccoli.

Shaking her head, Liz put the order in and went about getting everyone their drinks. The minutes seemed to drag on but time WAS still moving. Thankfully.


By the time closing came, Liz wanted to pull her hair out. Hudson had refuse to give up and Shane was constantly staring at her. Her skin felt like it wanted to crawl off her body.

"You want a ride Liz?" Hudson asked as she locked the doors of the bar.

"No thank you. I'm good." Liz started walking away only to have someone grab her by the arm and spin her around.

"Look. Just cause your my boss's daughter doesn't mean you can tease me." Hudson stood tall above her, his hand tightening around her bicep. His gray eyes burned with anger as his light blond hair curled around his forehead.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I told you I wasn't interested and that I have a boyfriend." She tried to pull her arm free but he was much stronger than she was. "Let go of me Hudson."

"I don't think so." His grip tightened and Liz bit back a yelp. He was hurting her but she wouldn't yell. "If you weren't interested, then you wouldn't be wearing all those tight jeans whenever you know I work with you."

"I always wear tight jeans." Liz grounded out through clenched teeth. "That's how they're made."

"Whatever and boyfriend? You don't have a boyfriend because if you did, he'd be here." He shook Liz a little. "Where is he, Liz? Huh? Where is this so called boyfriend of yours? I'd love to meet him."

"Right here asshole." Both turned to the voice and Liz couldn't be more happy that Dean had decided to surprise her tonight. He liked doing that on the nights she closed. "So I suggest you let my girl go before I rearrange your face."

He closed the space between the impala and the sidewalk in two long strides. Seeing how much taller he was up close, Hudson let Liz go.

"Sorry. I didn't know she was taken." He slowly backed away from the pair, his hands in the air. "My bad." But Dean was faster and grabbed onto Hudson, just like he had Liz.

"That's funny because I know for a fact that she has told you about me. Hell, even Lexie and Jasmine have mentioned me. So how about this? Next time you touch my girlfriend-no wait, next time you even come near Liz, you'll regret it. Do you hear me?" He snapped and Hudson coward away.

"Okay man." Dean let Hudson go and he was gone before Liz could even blink.

As he turned to her, Liz chewed on her lower lip. She had never seen Dean so mad before. So angry. But instead of it scaring her, it stirred something inside of her. When he finally reached her, his touch was warm even through her peacoat as he held onto her elbow. Then he brushed his fingers across her forehead, pushing aside the bangs Serena had forced her to get last month.

"Are you okay?" He asked in a soft voice and Liz felt her heart swell. With love.

"Yeah. I'm okay."

Oh she was fucked. She was so totally and completely in love with Dean Winchester.

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... (SPN,XO,MATURE,UC) 9/1

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Chapter 10

Liz had ended up spending the night at Sam and Dean's. She quickly called Serena, giving her the cliff notes before asking her if she could cover for her. S, of course, said yes and demanded the details tomorrow. Biting back a smile, Liz called her father.

She told him everything that had happened, not leaving anything out except the part about her spending the night with her boyfriend. Her father, to put it nicely, flipped out. To her non surprise, Hudson was fired and would not be aloud around Liz or the bar. Period. Of course, Dean's threat did the last part but what her father didn't know, won't hurt him. Right? Right.

When she finally got him to stop yelling, she told him that she was staying at Serena's and to call her on her cell if he needed her. As soon as she hung up with him though, Liz quickly called S and waited. Not but 5 minutes later, her mother called Serena's house, asking for her.

"I'm okay mom. Don't worry about me. Serena is taking good care of me."

"Okay sweetheart. I'll see you tomorrow." She heard her mom sigh. "Goodnight sweetheart."

"Goodnight mom." As soon as her mom hung up, Serena burst out laughing. "Ok. Let it all out."

"Oh yeah. I'm taking great care of you." She laughed into the phone. "Am I also gonna be turning your blood hot?"

"Shut up."

"Caressing your thighs while I skillfully mark you as mine?" Serena continued as if Liz hadn't interrupted.

"I'm hanging up now."

"Am I-?"

"Bye S. Thanks again. I'll see you tomorrow." Liz said quickly into the phone as Dean walked in with a plate of food. "Hey." She greeted as she hung up her phone.

"Hey. My mom thought you might be hungry after working so long without a break." Dean said as he handed her the plate.

"Steak and mashed potatoes with corn on the cob." Liz said as she took a quick look at everything on the plate. "It's a wonder how you, Sam and your father keep fit while eating all of this."

Dean smirked. "I'm a growing boy. I burn it off as fast as I eat it." Liz smiled as she nodded her head.

"Understandable." She said before taking a spoonful of the mashed potatoes. "Wow. This is a amazing. Your mom sure can cook."

"Gotta love a woman that's good in the kitchen." Liz tried not to but she ended up looking away from Dean's face as she took a bite out of the steak. "What?" Dean noticed. He always noticed when she was hiding something.

"I can't cook."

"Okay?" He asked, looking confused.

"So I won't be a good wife." Silence filled the room and Liz suddenly felt very stupid. Why did she have to say anything? Why did he have to know her so well after only 2 months? She couldn't lie to him. She couldn't and now; now he probably thought-. Suddenly, Dean burst out laughing. "Dean?" But he continued to laugh. "This isn't funny Dean. Stop laughing."

"I can't." He managed to choke out. "It's just..."

"Fine. Then I'm leaving." Liz put the plate of food down and got off the bed but Dean was faster and had her on her back underneath him before she could even take her first step.

"No. You're not." He said completely seriously. It was as if he hadn't just been laughing. "Babe. Come on. That was a little funny."

"No it wasn't." Liz rolled her eyes but made sure not to look up into his loving eyes.

"What makes you think you're not going to be a good wife?" He asked as he stared down at her.

"I can't cook."

"You can learn."

"I don't like messes."

"I can clean up after myself."

"I'm still a virgin." She suddenly blurted out and Dean chuckled.

"I kind of figured that out Liz." He gently held her chin so that she had to look at him. "Where is all of this coming from?"

"I was talking to Serena today and she got me thinking."

"That's never a good thing." He joked but Liz wasn't laughing. "Okay. Go on."

"So she asked me if I liked you and of course, I said yes but then she asked me if I loved you and well...it got me thinking."

"Oh." Dean sat up so that he was sitting at the foot of the bed with his back to her. "About what?"

Liz sat up next to him. "About everything you do for me. About how you make me feel."

"How do I make you feel?" He asked slowly.

"You give me butterflies whenever I see or hear you. My heart races whenever you're near me and my palms get super sweaty. I become a nervous wreck around you and start rambling on like I'm doing right now. I'm just not myself around you."

"Do you love me?" Liz bit her lower lip before taking a deep breath and answering him.

"I can honestly say that I am completely and utterly in love with you Dean Winchester." Silence. Dean was staring at his hands and again Liz felt like a complete idiot. She really needed-.

Suddenly Dean was kissing her. His lips slanted over her own as his hands gently grabbed onto her face. Then he slowly pulled away but not before kissing her nose lightly. "I love you too Liz."

Liz smiled. "You do?"

"Yeah. I do."


The next two days, Liz spent with Serena. The first day was spent in Serena's room just hanging out and talking. They had talked about everything that had happened on Wednesday and everything in between. Just an ice cream and movie kind of day. Then on Friday, they went shopping.

"I knew it. I knew it. I knew it." Serena continued to say as they walked through the mall. "I knew you guys were in love. And I knew that you guys would be great together. And because I knew all of this, I demand to be the maid of honor at your wedding." She stated. Then she shrugged her shoulders. "Well, if you guys ever get married."

"Um, who else would be my maid of honor and yes, you were right." Liz said as Serena lead the way into Charlotte Russe.

"As usual." Serena walked straight for the back. "So, did you figure out what you're gonna get him for his birthday? It's literally just around the corner." She said as she looked through the jeans that were hanging on a clearance rack.

"Nope. Not a damn thing. I was thinking about getting him cds since he only has tapes but Sam beat me to it. So then I thought, maybe I could get him a new radio for his car so that he could use the cds where ever he went but his parents are getting him that."

"Talk about beating you to the punch." Serena pulled out a pair of tight white stretchy pants that kind of looked like jeans. Then she pulled out a coral top that had white netting as a back. Cute and totally Serena. All she needed was a white vest and her outfit would be done. "Is he into something other than music and that car of his?"

"Not that I can tell." Liz said as she started looking through the dress rack. A pretty, green spaghetti strap dress caught her eye and she pulled it out. "I mean he likes watching sports but I don't really know what teams he likes and he likes to buy his own clothes. Says he doesn't feel right if someone buys or gives them to him." She said with a shrug of her shoulders as she lay the green dress on her arm and continued to shop. "Trying to find a gift for one Mr. Dean Winchester is near impossible."

As Liz pulled out a black, off the shoulder marchesa babydoll dress that had sheer sleeves, she felt someone tap her on the shoulder.

"Excuse me." Liz turned and saw a very pretty African American girl standing in front of her.


"I'm sorry. I couldn't help but overhear you guys talking, do you know Dean Winchester?"

"Um," Liz turned to Serena, who had stopped looking through the jeans rack, and gave her a confused look. "Yeah we do." Then Liz turned back to the girl. "Why?"

"Do you know if he's seeing someone because he isn't taking any of my calls?"

Liz felt Serena walk up next to her. "I don't know but it kind of sounds like you should stop calling him. If it was me and a guy I liked wasn't returning any of my phone calls, I'd be on to the next one." Serena told her.

"Then it's a good thing I'm me and you're you, now isn't it?" The girl snapped.

"Whatever." Serena said with a shrug. "I know I'm awesome. Plus I'm not the one chasing after some guy that probably only talked to you once. Think about it."

Again Serena shrugged her shoulder as she grabbed the few outfits she had picked out and walked away. Liz gave the girl a small smile before following after Serena. As they waited to pay, she really hoped and prayed that the girl would just leave them alone. Today was a day to relax, not fight but by the way the girl was eyeing them, Liz had a feeling that's exactly what they were going to do. Fight. Great. Just great.

When they finally paid and walked out the store, the girl stopped right in front of them. She looked pissed and ready for anything.

"Actually," The girl stood in front of Liz even though she was talking to Serena. "I fucked him when he and his dad came up to Ohio a few weeks back." A slow smile spread across her lips. "So next time either of you see him," Her eyes flashed from Serena's to Liz's and then back to Serena's. "Please tell him that Cassie Robinson is in town and would love another go at it." Then she turned and walked away from them.

"Stupid bitch." Serena snapped before turning to Liz. "I don't believe her and neither should you, Liz."

Slowly Liz nodded her head. "Yeah." Then she gave Serena a wobbly smile. "It's just...I remember him telling me that he was going out of town with his father a few weeks back."

"You don't think?" Serena asked slowly.

"I don't know what to think S." Liz took a deep breathe in but it was shaky and she could feel the tears building behind her eyes.

"I'm gonna take you home, okay?" Serena whispered as she pulled Liz into a hug and Liz nodded. "Let's get you home."