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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by dreamon » Mon May 24, 2010 8:50 pm

#124 CC M/L centered Adult rating preferred

All the events up till the end of panecea happen. But clayton doesn't look like Max and Max doesn't get transferred into Clayton. Instead, the Antariens had put in measures so that they would have a couple of tries to stay alive. Meaning that there were three sets of pods. The third set was linked to the first one so the clones were connected and linked to Max, Micheal, Isabelle, and Tess. So when Max dies his clone awakened - the clone is actually Max since they were linked and Max transferred into that body. Yet, the pods adapted to their environment and Max's pod was damaged and the clones became more human which limit Max's powers and make him more human. His blood looks like a humans but there is a slight different which can be attributed to a blood abnormality. This transformation is flawed since the clone is now human so there are problems- problems in the sense that not all of Max's memories transfer over. Since his pod was damaged he's weak and malnourished etc he walks through the sewers and a homeless man gives him some clothes and food. He has trouble remembering who he is but the only thing in his mind that's clear is Liz and his last call with her. So he remembers the number he had last dialed and he calls her. Liz is shocked and doesn't believe that its him but it sounds just like him. So her and Maria go to look for him he describes where he is and it turns out that he's in NY. They find him passed out in the freezing snowy weather in Ny by the pay phone from where he collect called Liz.

You can add what ever else you want. I want this to be dreamer centered and a bit angsty. Its also up to you if Max actually slept with Tess or not and if there's was actually a baby or not. And how the group deals with this "new Max" is also up to you. And Max eventually slowly and painfully gets his memories back mostly by "connecting" with Liz.
I have a few dreamer challenges in mind if you are looking for ideas so pm me!

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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by Abandon Structure » Sun Nov 07, 2010 8:53 pm

I will not claim sole dominion, but I'd like to give #121 a shot. It may be a while, but it's just such a great idea I want to try my hand. If you have the same thought process, by all means - like I said, I'm not laying sole claim...that would be stupid.
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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by kaia » Mon Dec 06, 2010 3:58 am


Admittedly I havent read this entire thread so for all I know something like this may be out there, or possibly even written as a if it bad.

-Post Ch-Ch Changes then off to my lil world

-Liz cuts her self off from the alien abyss and remains oblivious. Her and Maria keep in touch regularly

-She goes to Harvard then Med School

-Post graduation she gets a job as in intern for a local hospital

-She meets a fellow female intern who is blond and blue eyed and she instantly dislikes her. Said intern can be named whatever

-Over time she realizes she is putting her Tess issues upon this chick and they become friends. Eventually very close friends. Liz even befriends her childhood sweetheart/husband and little boy. Again name 'em what you want.

-Intern friend is killed in a store robbery.

-Liz consoles the husband and helps him rebuild his life. They become the best of friends. She bonds deeply with the boy.

-Eventually (like a few years) she and the widower fall in love and get married. She loves the guy, not like Max, but enough to be happy.

-Fast forward a couple of years and the husband is badly hurt in a car accident. Liz rushes to the hospital but gets there while he in surgery. He dies in surgery.

-Liz is at a loss as to what to do. She has this child who she loves but is not hers. She asks the boy what he wants and he says to stay with her. She decides to adopt him.

-She starts the process and finds papers showing he was actually adopted. This was kept a secret. Since neither parent had any family (they met as foster children) Liz is awarded custody. She keeps the secret.

Another couple of months pass. One night Liz is cooking is burns herself pretty badly. Her son says "I can help Mommy Liz" and proceeds to heal her burn. She flips. She starts doing the math. The age of the child, the blond haired blue eyed thing and oh yeah....he can heal. She realizes she he is most likely raising Maxs child.

-She starts grilling Maria about Max and his kid w/ Tess. She finds out Tess came back w/ Zan and they gave him up for adoption

- She heads back to Roswell. Not a great reception to her homecoming, especially since has a child. She asks Maria to keep his paternity a secret. Maria does know not it might be Maxs, only that Liz is not the biological mother.

-She runs into Max and he instantly feels something toward her son and vice versa.

-Eventually it comes out that it IS Maxs son. At first he think she did it out of spite.

-He comes to realize she had NO clue and stops being angry. But still has issues knowing the love of his life helped raise his son with another man.

-They help her son develop and deal with his powers.

-Over time they fall in love again and let go of the past.

-Happy ending all around.

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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by Kristy » Thu Jan 13, 2011 4:16 pm


Re-watching Destiny today on Hulu made me think of something.

Michael suggests that they all leave Roswell since the FBI is after them, and Max is the one that talks them out of this.

Now, we all know that they eventually DO have to leave Roswell because of the FBI, and by that time they lost 2 members of that group (Alex and Tess) and relationships/perceptions have changed. What if, instead of trying to fight back, Max believes running away is the only answer. The rest agree, and they all decide to leave together.

Now, the Sherrif knows about them, and Pierce is still after Kyle. So somehow (author's choice), Kyle has to tag along.

Now they are on the run, with Pierce still alive and the rest of the unit trying to find them. They don't know about their former lives or about the Skins. They have a vague idea of destiny, but are vehemently against it (except for Tess). Nasedo is still out there, still with a plot against the 4. Kal is in Hollywood. The dupes are all together in New York.

How does this decision effect their lives on the run?

CC couples (M/L, M/M, A/I, K/T). Any of the plot points from the series post-Destiny can be revisited or can be omitted. NO M/T baby, and give Tess some depth (no evil for evil's sake, and she can just as easily be good).
Adult rating preferred but not required.

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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by MP » Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:47 am

#127 taken by jake17! :D
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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by jake17 » Sat Jan 21, 2012 3:30 am

MP wrote:#127 this challenge picks up towards the end of the episode of Interruptus everything happened up until Kivar opened that portal..thats where things change and max actually jumps in behind kivar. I actually started to write this fic myself but I realized that I can't do it justice. So this is what I have written so far (you can use it if youd like):

The first thing that I notice as I wake up is the feel of the course sand beneath my cheek. As I slowly regain my senses I begin to hear the sound of the ocean waves crashing against the shore and the warmth from the sun. And that’s what gets to me the most….the sun, the warmth, the natural light. It’s something that I’ve missed and longed for and seeing it now reminds me that I’ve made it back. As I slowly get up the pain flows through my body and most of it has become a dull ache and it’s something that I’ve learned to live with.

Its now that I notice the coldness of the day as the wind penetrates my bones and I begin to wonder exactly where I am. The beach itself is empty and there’s no one in sight and I stagger along the shoreline as I slowly make my way towards an underpass in the distance. And as I get closer its then that I spot a lone figure hunched over a trashcan that’s lit with fire. The first thought that flashed through my mind is warmth.

As I make my way towards the figure I hear what I can only presume is my harsh breathing and the crackling of the fire. As I get closer the figure turns towards me and gives me a look that I can only assume is one of shock or perhaps fear. I don’t have much time to ponder since the next think I know is that he’s talking to me and I’ve already missed half of what he said. Its then that I notice that the man is going through his cart which is filled bags and all other sorts of items. After he finds what he’s looking for he throws the things at me…I’m too shocked at first, but I hastily notice that the stranger has given me clothes. As quickly as I can I pick up the garments and put them on. Its then that I find my voice, something that I haven’t used in God knows how long to utter my first words in years. I shakily tell the man “Thank you”.

The man in the black coat stares at me for a moment befor grunting and saying “It’s no problem, son. And you look like hell and I figure you could use those rags more than me. Besides, what are you doing here? The beach is closed this time of year, but this is my place people call it Bradley’s pass. ‘Cause that’s me, Bradley. Now are you just gonna stand there looking like an idiot or are you gonna tell me your name?”

I clear my throat and reply “Zan, my names Zan.” God is that strange sound really my voice?

“Well Zan, its nice to have company. I just hope that you don’t die on me cause you look like you’re about to keel over any second. How about wes get some food into ya. ‘Cuase it looks like you haven’t had a bite in years. I don’t got much, but its gonna have to do”.

I nod at the man’s nice gesture, and right about now the thought of actually having food is all I can think about. In what seems like ages, the burley old man with piercing blue eyes hands me a hot can of beans. And I heave them down. I hear a hearty chuckle and Bradley telling me to slow down before I choke. Yet, at that moment the only thing that I notice is the hot food making its way down my throat and into my starving stomach.

After I finish off the can, I look towards Bradley and I see him staring back. “Where are we?” I ask to which he laughs.

“I already told ya, you’re at Bradley’s pass”

“No, I mean where? What state am I in?

“You don’t know what state you’re in? What’s the matter with you, you sick or something?”

I reached up to rub my neck nervously as I reply “I guess I just can’t remember”

“Well you’re in Connecticut”

I simply nod at his answer and think to myself how did I end up in Connecticut. Im so lost in thought that I almost missed the nice strangers question to me. Regardless, I caught the end tail of his inquiry to which I reply. “Yeah, I’ve got family somewhere. I haven’t spoken to them in years though. What about you?”

“Ive been on my own as long as I can remember. I got no parents, no family, just this place here and the ocean. That’s all I need. So what’s your story?”

“My story, I don’t really have one.” I replied, I don’t like lying to him since he was the first soul in years who was actually being nice to be. But how could I tell a man that I only met a few minutes ago a tale that no one in their right mind would believe and at times I myself can’t fathom.

Now I do have a plot line for this thought out - basically the major points that I want to happen. Besides that the rest is up to you. I want this to be CC with a focus on the dreamer couple. If you're interested send a pm my way. And we'll discuss it and I can provide you with the additional details.

I will happily take this one!
~ Carrie :)

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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by jake17 » Sat Jan 21, 2012 3:30 am

sorry, is anyone else having problems posting on RF??

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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by killjoy » Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:00 pm

Any rating is fine
CC couples

The idea to this is that the four pod squad hybrids are suddenly teleported against their will....or without their knowledge to Antar to fight the war.The bad part to this is that it went down at the WORST possible time with their relationships with their humans!!

Isabel had just crushed Alex with the whole Grant thing.
Michael and Maria had just had a HUGE fight(even for their standards) and had broken up.
Max and Liz's relationship was strained over the fact Tess kept trying to get in the way of their relationship in order to steal Max.
Kyle was crushed when he laid his heart out on the line to Tess(he loved her) only to have her break it when she shot him down thinking she only wanted Max.

Now years later the war is over and they are allowed to come home.

Tess is ashamed of her actions she tried to steal Max and hurt Kyle.While away from him she realized how much she missed him(Kyle) and how she really wasn't in love with Max at all.

Michael and Isabel are upset over how they had treated Maria and Alex before they were suddenly taken and want very bad to see them and make up for it.

Plus Max himself is upset over the fact the last time he saw Liz,before he was taken,they had had a HUGE fight.

All four of the hybrids want very badly to make up with their humans.But there's only one problem....seeing how it's been years since they've been gone....and gone with no word back...their humans have moved on!!

They can have jobs outside of Roswell...they can have fame and people yelling after them...and have other people as their boyfriend/girlfriend/dates now!! All four hybrids are VERY jealous and have to work hard to win their humans back.

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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by Tzigone » Sun May 11, 2014 1:47 pm


CC Couples
Any rating

A takeoff from the feared alien pregnancy in "Four Square"/"Max to the Max" - Isabel's fear that she's pregnant has a to last a bit longer. Max is unable to clear the matter up with Tess for one reason or another. Nasedo does not kidnap Liz (possibly because Max isn't away at that time?). Either the gang all think Isabel's pregnant for at least a week or two or she really is pregnant, whichever better suits the author.

The catch is that Isabel's parents must find out that Isabel is or may be pregnant. However they cannot (immediately) know that Michael is the father. They can think it's Alex, think it's a random guy she dated, think she was raped, etc., but cannot know about Michael at first. Isabel will not directly state who the father is or isn't, but may keep silent when her parents make wrong assumptions.

At some point, Amy Deluca must find out that Michael is the supposed father. She may or may not realize that Alex knows he isn't the father. Maria must defend both Michael and Isabel to her mother.

The Special Unit becomes aware of Isabel's condition, and studying a hybrid from infancy onwards is a very tempting proposition, and so Isabel is targeted for kidnapping.

All good guys survive and M/L,M/M, and I/A 'ships prevail. Tess as good or evil or manipulative-but-redeemed is up to the author.

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Re: Conventional/Canon Challenges

Post by dreamon » Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:16 pm

130. I have a angst filled challenge that pics up where kivar opens up the portal and max in this challenge actually jumps in it and is transferred to Antar and right into kivars hands. I have some details about his time on antar that I would like to include as well and if you are interested pm me and I'll fill you in.

After about 6 years with larek's help max returns to earth. "Brody" goes to the crashdown where everyone is for New Years and tells them to get to the pod chamber since Max is there and he's barely alive. He's actually unsure if we even survived the trip. He tells the girls not to go and that the men should only go since Max's condition is horrible.
While the guys go to the chamber Larek through Brody tells the girls what happened to Max on Antar. ( I have some more details about this)

While max was away everyone went on with their lives. Liz became a doctor, Isabel is a school teacher, and Michael and Kyle are actually police officers.

I have a few more details about this challenge so let me know if you are interested!
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I have a few dreamer challenges in mind if you are looking for ideas so pm me!

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