Lethal Whispers (ML, MATURE) 10/29/15 COMPLETE

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Re: Lethal Whispers (ML, MATURE) 10/29/15 COMPLETE

Post by max and liz believer » Thu Sep 06, 2018 2:25 am

Alien_Friend - Thank you so much for leaving feedback! I always appreciate it so much when someone leaves feedback on a finished/completed story because I assume that most people don't bother to leave feedback since the story is completed. So an extra thank you!

And what wonderful feedback it was! Thank you so so much. You make me blush and make me want to write more on my current stories :roll: :mrgreen:
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Re: Lethal Whispers (ML, MATURE) 10/29/15 COMPLETE

Post by Stefuh » Sun Mar 29, 2020 11:57 am

So... I did read some of this fanfic a few years ago (twenty chapters or so), and I did began to write reviews in a word document so I could post them all, but it seems that I lost them all, which mean that I will need to read it again from the beginning to write my reviews all over again, which I really don't mind! :D

Prologue :

This car accident is so terrifying (I think I watched Final Destination 2 too many times, lmao) but it must have been way more frightening for Max and Isabel since they were just kids, poor them. But I loved how you wrote an alternate scene of Max healing Liz from death!! And I can't wait to read where this will go when they'll meet later on. :)

Chapter One :

Oh yes, now I remember this fanfic. I just felt this anger toward David. Yikes. Anyway... I'm happy that Isabel and Liz are coworkers, I like it when they are friends. :) It's true that it would be quite odd for Liz to be asked a lot of questions so Isabel could know where she knew her from. I wish I could speak that many languages!! And Liz's office sounds pretty amazing.

Chapter Two :

Max will sure be surprised when he'll realize that Liz is the girl from his dream(s)! I loved Isabel, lmao, just walking in Max's apartment to wake him so she can ask about Liz! I would have done the same thing, but she's so bold about it, lmao. Of course Max would be a paramedic considering his gift! ^^ I love this, it's such a perfect idea.

Chapter Three :

So water is a theme from Max's healing I guess? It was so amazing of him to heal Maria even if everyone told him not to, especially since he seems to feel awfully bad after healing her, but I'm so glad that he did! Poor Maria, having cancer at such a young age, it bounds to make her grow up mentally even faster and not to have any childhood. :( At least, Max saved her. I love him for that. <3

Chapter Four :

It's original that Maria is in love with Max, and Alex with Liz. At least, Michael and Iz will appear in their life and there won't be unrequited love anymore for them, right? I hope so, because poor them. I love Alex and I love that he knows about David, so he can be there for her if (... when?) anything happens to her. :( Oh, I do wonder what Alex works in!

Chapter Five :

Good, Michael and Maria are already together! :D Lmao, I'm sorry but I couldn't help to laugh at Michael wondering if Max's vision was on Earth, and to Max's answer. I love them so much. And I find it interesting that it's Maria, Michael, Iz and Max, that Maria is the only who knows I mean. :) I don't want Max to have another seizure either, even if it brings them answers. :(

Chapter Six :
Okay, so this next chapter is from Tess' perspective. Which in my world, is never a pretty perspective. So, you might not want to be eating while you read this chapter.
I was making dinner as I read this... Guess I'll eat after!

Except for some Asian dramas, I've never hated a TV character more than Tess. I had to get that out of my chest.

Her and David are both sick in their own ways. But I do hate David more because he's disgusting, wanting Tess to dress up as Liz, and wanting to resist her... shudders. I'm so scared for Liz! I hope Max will get to know her in time to save her. :(

Chapter Seven :

I'm so happy that Isabel and Liz are becoming friends and that they're bonding! And now Isabel knows that there is a connection between her, Max and Liz! Especially since Liz was ogling Max's pictures, as she did. I guess she'll be less surprised when she'll meet him for real since she's seen him in pictures before. :) Also, I'm scared about what is going to happen next.

Chapter Eight :

Liz and Isabel has been sharing the same kind of dreams, with the green sky part! So I wonder if Aislin was Liz in another life, or maybe Iz? I hope we'll have some answers soon! David is s o disgusting, creepy and dangerous, I swear...He makes me want to puke. :x I hope Liz will confide in Isabel about how she feels toward her coworker. Oh, and is Liz having visions? That's interesting!

Chapter Nine :

I love Max and Maria's friendship, it feels so natural. What Maria said is indeed chilling, that Liz could only be 'Max's energy' because all of her own drained when she died... that's terrifying! :shock: And I loved the idea about the drawing, and I do hope Isabel will see it! I forgot to say, of course Michael would put Metallica posters everywhere, lmaoo! :roll: I love him.

Chapter Ten :

At least, Michael knows about Tess' true personality. Of course he would remember someone like that, even more if she was worst than him when they were kids. Poor Michael having to go through all this... :( I knew he wouldn't be happy about someone accompanying him and Iz to go shopping, and maybe Isabel is right, that Michael needs to socialize more, but Tess is soo not the right person to meet.

Chapter Eleven :

So Aislin is Liz's name from... the same place Iz dreamt about, I guess? I hope Iz sees Max's face when he'll meet Liz for the first time! But his sister is right, Max should see a therapist or a doctor so he can sleep better, these dreams aren't good for him, even if I understand that they're intriguing and might provide answers. :(

Chapter Twelve :

I understand so much why Isabel isn't trusting Michael on the fact that Tess is suspicious, that he doesn't trust her, etc, but she'll be sorry when she'll learn the truth. :( I already hate Tess.

Chapter Thirteen :

Poor Max, it was such a shock for him to meet Liz, but I'm so glad they did! At least, I hope he'll have the sense to be able to save her from the vision he had about her and, I guess, David. But at the same time, Tess will surely try to ruin everything, so I'm scared. :( I'm glad Isabel was there to tell Max to sit down, I'm pretty sure he would have fainted otherwise. And I'm happy that Alex is looking out after Liz, those nightmares are really taking a toll on her. :(

Chapter Fourteen :

Max, I know that Liz said it would be okay to dance with David, but it's noooot. At least he's making sure that nothing happens. I love that Liz and Max are already feeling sparks toward one another. ;)

Chapter Fifteen :

I'm panicking a bit, what if Max thinks David will attack her but it's someone else?? :( I'm beyond glad Iz was with her brother when he had his seizure ... what would have happened otherwise, what if he had choked. :( God. I hope both him and Liz will be okay...

Chapter Sixteen :

I do hate Tess but she should get away from David, he's beyond fucked up. I'm glad that she pushed him away with her power, he deserved it. Of course Tess would bug Max's apartment. :( poor him, he doesn't deserve this on top of all the rest. But I'm intrigued on what Tess will do about what she'll see.

Chapter Seventeen :

Michael wouldn't think twice about following what his dreams dictated even if he had to go back to the town he hated. He's too stubborn for that, lmao. I hope he'll find some answers there! And the barrier is really interesting, I guess whoever created the pods there is behind it. :o

Chapter Eighteen :

Once again, I'm glad Tess shook David so much that's he's all lost (and afraid I hope). I guess it won't be long before Tess learns that Liz and Max almost have a thing and that won't be good. And I love Liz and Isabel's friendship!

Chapter Nineteen :

I'm happy that Michael found the 4th pod and that he now knows that there's a fourth alien on Earth! I just wonder how long it will take him to figure out it's Tess. Poor Maria, thinking that Michael would suddenly leave... :(

Chapter Twenty :

I would love for Max to tell her the whole truth but I understand that he can't. :( At least, she now knows that they met before, when her mom died... It must be so awful for her to remember Diane but not her own mom. And apart from the whole mom and death thing, their date was cute, especially with the strawberry ice cream. ^^

Chapter Twenty-One :

Oh man, this is bad, I mean the fact that Tess is watching Max and that the FBI is watching Tess. She might be manipulative, but she's not cautious, and she'll end up leading that FBI straight to them... Also, now that Tess knows that Michael and Max know about her, I wonder what she will do. Try to get closer to Liz, maybe. :(

Chapter Twenty-Two :

I do understand that Max needs to keep his true nature a secret, but I'm worried that this isn't the right thing to do to keep Liz alive. Does he know the day the incident will happen after that vision? If so, Isabel should leave the office with her. I'm also scared that if they manage to keep Liz alive, that David (or whoever wants to rape and kill her) will struck again some other time. :( Poor Max, the seizures most be so hard on him...

Chapter Twenty-Three :

I had forgotten that Michael would be in danger, I feel so bad for Max, feeling so helpless. Now, he's going to try to see Liz at her workplace, just like in his vision, I guess? I hope something will change from it. And God, Tess will take advantage of broken Max to manipulate him. :( But I'm beyond thankful that Liz's boss came in to work at the right time, who knows what could have happened... shudders

Chapter Twenty-Four :

Thank GOD Max got there in time. :shock: I'm wondering if Tess did know that Liz and David would be preoccupied so she could talk to Max alone... Or maybe that's too much for her, I don't know, I hate her. Less than I hate David though, I can't believe he just... God, I'm so pissed at him, he's a fucking disgusting pig. :x I'm just so grateful for Max right now. I'm happy that the rest of the gang are finding meaning into the symbols.

Chapter Twenty-Five :

I didn't think that he would have gone as far as telling Liz that he was an alien, but I'm glad he did, of course he didn't have much choice since her reaction was kinda to tell the world. He was smart not to heal her the whole way for the police to see, David needs to be arrested for that! I'm pretty sure Liz won't tell anyone, but she will have questions for sure.

Chapter Twenty-Six :

Oh, I didn't think about the bath thing either, like Max, I just wanted Liz to be safe. :( Isabel wasn't making a big enough effort to hide the fact that she's an alien too, or she's underestimating Liz. I can't believe no one told Maria that they had found the girl from her drawing, lmao! It was such a shock to her. But I love her, telling the other that Liz really needed to get to the hospital.

Chapter Twenty-Seven :

God, Tess ruined everything while trying to find information, because the FBI now knows that something otherworldly happened during the rape attempt. David is so foolish, I swear, and he really needs to spend his life in prison... not that the American Correction System is that good about that, but...

Chapter Twenty-Eight :
"What is this? National Ruining Michael's Life Day?"
Lmaoooo, poor Michael! He needs to calm down, even though I understand his concerns, but that's because he doesn't know Liz like Max and Iz do, so he really can't trust her. I'm glad that Max decided to have the others for the meeting with Tess, it's smart, and at the same time, they will all be able to ask her questions... Even if I'm scared about that meeting. Agent Martin is already there? :shock: Hope it will go well for Liz... I would be freaking out.

Chapter Twenty-Nine :

That went well, it's true that Agent Martin is still suspicious, that he will surely meet Max, and Liz again :(, but it could have gone so much worst! Liz was able to pull herself very well in front of the FBI Agent and not let anything weird slip... it's true that we're talking about Liz after all. :) Still, I'm sure there will be consequences in the close future. :(

Chapter Thirty :

Tess seems reasonable here, but I still can't trust her. I'm sure she has a hidden motive, maybe something about Liz, since she showed up in Max's dreams saying that she was his wife. I'll feel sorry for Isabel then, since she so wants a friendship with an alien woman. :( I'm glad that Liz told Max about Agent Martin, it's sad that they won't be able to see each other for a while, but it's the smart thing to do.

Chapter Thirty-One :

Oh, no :shock: Liz is going to be the one captured by the FBI so she can tell Max's and the other's secret, this is sooo bad, I do hope that Max will be able to stop this vision from happening like he did it with David! And I'm happy that Liz told Isabel about Agent Martin, because even if Max wants to protect her by not telling her, she still has a right to know, after all she's in danger too!

Chapter Thirty-Two :

Awww, I love that she feels safer with Max staying at her apartment. :) They shouldn't separate because... I want them to be together. Max can be there for Liz that way and protect her, even if I understand that he wanted to keep her away because of the danger. I'm glad they talked about why he didn't open up to her sooner. And I love Liz for seeing that Max felt guilty about all of this, and that she insured him that it wasn't his fault. If they go away, I understand that Michael (and maybe Iz) won't want to bring Liz with them, but... one year or more is too much. :( Sorry, I'm feeling sappy about Max and Liz right now. sigh

Chapter Thirty-Three :

Oh God, does this mean that Liz have been losing blood every time she had that dream, because that can't be good for her. And it's so strange that Max could see the blood loss, and where did it all go? Was she transported into her vision for that to happen? Was she with Max as Aislin? Or is that a premonition, for the loss of her baby? Can't wait to find out, I'm soooooo curious!!

Chapter Thirty-Four :
At least the agent wouldn't be able to tell that his presence was in reality affecting Max Evans quite a bit, considering that Max was already sweaty.
That is soooo clever! I'm glad that the trio's (well... they're four now) protector is close to Max! I really didn't suspect that she would be a part of this! And damn, that Special Agent really took Max by surprise, it's a good thing that Max had seen him in his vision and that Liz had told him about their conversation. At least, Max was very great during that interview, but God, I'm scared of when Michael will learn that the FBI is after Max...

Chapter Thirty-Five :
Max wouldn't have looked more surprised if she had stripped naked and set herself on fire.
I just laughed so hard, omg. :lol: And oh my God, because of the whole dream thing, I thought Liz would get pregnant, not Maria, and now I'm scared that Liz is having visions of Maria's baby? I don't want her to lose it. :shock: I'm sorry, I don't have words, I'm speechless that Maria's pregnant.

Chapter Thirty-Six :

Oh my God, Max nearly fainted upon thinking of delivering Maria's baby, lmaooo, but yes he should do it! I'm glad that this chapter was lighter (except for the note Max got... I wonder if it was from Melissa?), it must have relaxed the gang a bit! And it was also nice to see Alex again, poor him, he had so much to hear about why Liz hadn't been present. At least, Mr. Whitman will be a great lawyer for Liz!

Chapter Thirty-Seven :

I just imagine the whole gang joining the circus and wow, what an image, lmao! Poor Melissa, I hope she'll confide in Max soon. And I would also liked to be whisk away by Max in the middle of the night! :D lmaoo. I understand that they need to leave soon, especially for Maria and her baby, but I hope that won't put too much stress and sadness onto Liz. :(

Chapter Thirty-Eight :

I feel like screaming because of Alex, lmaoooo! :lol: I mean, a cult? Liz joining a cult? Of course someone like Alex would think that but it's still hilarious!! And at the same time, I just don't want him to get into any danger! :( I'm still saddened by the fact Liz didn't say goodbye to him. Oh, they received a second note... I'm so mad that Tess was in the backseat so that Liz couldn't break down like she needed to do... of course she misses her dad. :( It's good that she at least have Max with her.

Chapter Thirty-Nine :

Ahh, they kissed!! <3 Seriously, they should talk about their own emotions, the both wanted that kiss, pfft. Poor Liz, I really hope they'll have a proper real kiss soon. I know that he did it to protect them, and I'm very grateful that he did because there could have been consequences at being discovered. And that scene with Maria was so beautiful and so well described, I felt like I was there. I'm so happy for Michael and Maria, I hope everything will be fine for them!

Chapter Forty :

As I read the beginning of the chapter, I was like : "The solution is simple, Liz sleeps in Max's room, the end." And Tess, shut up, Max needs to be there with her so he can wake Liz during her nightmare. Oh, their bodies are glowing... and the camera picked it up. Well, this is bad, really bad, I wish I could tell them to quickly move and head in another direction. :(

Chapter Forty-One :

I'm so happy that Maria and Liz are getting closer, I love their friendship on the show. :) And oh my God, is it Tess who captured Liz, showing her that awful scene, or worst, is it Agent Martin that got her?? :shock: I'm scared and I HATE Tess.

Chapter Forty-Two :

Even if they were able to change a bit of the future doesn't mean that Liz didn't end up in the white room, and all because Tess created an illusion. I SWEAR I'm so angry at her, I just... breathes deeply I just hope they'll be able to find a trace or a clue to where Agent Martin took her. :( And I'm really wondering if Alex is going to show up soon!

Chapter Forty-Three :

Oh God, Liz is still mad after Max even though he did nothing, they should talk :(... And I knew that Melissa was their protector!! But I hadn't think that she had been there their whole life through different persona, I love this! I hope Liz is going to be okay, poor her, it's so horrible. :(

Chapter Forty-Four :

God, I understand that Michael is tired of Max's self loathing, but talking to him like that certainly won't help. I wish I could hug Max right now, it's not his fault that Liz was taken (it was Tess'... yes, I'm still mad) and I hope he'll talk to Liz soon about why she didn't want him close. :( I'm so happy that Maria and Iz are looking out for Liz. But God, that message... shivers

Chapter Forty-Five :

I live in Canada and I've never been to Vancouver. Shame on me. God, they're on TV, of course, it would have come up sooner or later, but I wasn't prepared for it. And my heart is breaking for Jeff, poor him, God, I just... Sorry for the short review, I'm sad. :( Oh and f*** Tess.

Chapter Forty-Six :

Thank God, now Max knows, it was a really great idea that Maria had to put them alone in a car. I hate the fact that Tess is acting all innocent... I'm sorry, I really hate her, lmao. I think you said you didn't like her in the show? Well, it shows lmaoo. But I'm glad that the fact that Tess mind warped Liz is out in the open now. The police is close by? God, I'm so scared, what if the dogs find them! :shock:

Chapter Forty-Seven :

I would so love to be able to change the color of my hair just like that, I've been dying them for almost 18 years now. I can't believe the FBI made Liz talked that much... And God, now they're surrounded, I hope they'll be safe, because the hiding spot they were in wasn't a great place, the dogs could have find them so easily. :(

Chapter Forty-Eight :

God bless Melissa for saving them from the FBI... but... what the hell about Liz. :shock: I'm saying that in a good way! I can't wait to know why Liz has two minds... I guess it has something to do when Max healed her, since Aislin called him Zan. That's sooo interesting, I can't wait to have some answers from Melissa!!

Chapter Forty-Nine :
"I think I've seen this movie," Michael muttered into Maria's hair.
I snorted. But oh my God, that was a lot of answers, so when Max healed Liz, he transferred Aislin essence so now she has two minds in one because she isn't dead, that's such a clever idea! I can't wait to see if Liz will have to get rid of Aislin, find her own body or if she will be able to live with her? I would feel as stunned as Liz too, poor her, it's a lot to deal with. :shock:

Chapter Fifty :

Lmaoo, Iz standing close to them all that time, I had forgotten her too. Max knew just what to say to convince Liz that he wasn't in love with Aislin, but with her, and I'm so happy that the finally kissed for real! :D <3 Oh God, Tess is going to be angry about it... All that matters is that they get safe from the FBI and for everyone (except Tess) to be happy! I know that won't happened soon because they're still ten chapters left, so Agent Martin will surely caught up to them :( ... Still waiting for Alex to show up.

Chapter Fifty-One :

Poor Liz, it's so heartbreaking that she has to say goodbye to her dad... At least, I love Max for telling her to do it, because it might not be that safe in Australia and also, she will regret it if she doesn't talk to him, especially since he saw the most wanted add. This will be a difficult and sad conversation. :( Oh, and, sorry but I'm glad Tess is going away.

Chapter Fifty-Two :
"I always have time for you," Michael mumbled
Awwww <3 They're precious together. That conversation between Liz and her dad broke my heart, the fact that he couldn't believe her for a while, wondering why she was lying to him. :( At least now he knows that she's safe, and I hope he believed that she had nothing to do with that bank robbery.

Chapter Fifty-Three :

That was an awful memory, but I understand why Aislin showed it to Liz. So it was Zan's baby after all, even if Melissa doesn't think so! I understand why Aislin wouldn't want to live again after what happened to her, but it still broke my heart hearing Liz saying it. :( At least, Liz has finally find peace with having two minds, and in knowing that what she feels about Max, and what he feels about her, is true. That was a lovely chapter. <3

Chapter Fifty-Four :

I love Liz and Maria's friendship and the fact that they are slowly becoming closer, and Liz telling Maria that she saw her baby, that was so amazing! I hope Michael will be able to see it too. :) Liz really doesn't have anything to worry about Max being a virgin before, but I'm wondering if they should talk about that, so that she can stop feeling guilty. Lmaooo at Maria telling them that they were in public! And Alex is finally there!!

Chapter Fifty-Five :

So I guess Alex is going to see that they are not manipulating Liz by saying that they are aliens. But if I were him, I would think the same thing, especially since from his perspective, he doesn't know anything about Max and the others. He's really clever to have find them! I hope everything will go well for him.

Chapter Fifty-Six :
"What the hell? What is this? The social event of the year? 'Grab a friend and go on a run from the police'?"
Lmaooo, omg, Michael. :lol: After getting his frustration out on Max, I hope he'll be calm for the remaining of their trip... Poor Max. I'm glad that Max doesn't blame him, but Maria... Well, I understand why she would, I would too. Oh my God, I can't believe Liz created a force field, that's exciting! :D I hope she'll be okay though if she uses it again. Maybe Aislin could help give her energy? I don't know how that would work, but... Also, did Alex saw that? :shock:

Chapter Fifty-Seven :

I'm glad Max and Liz cleared out the whole virgin thing, poor Max thinking Liz had been disapointed. I'm still worried over Alex, I wonder if he'll go to Australia with them or not. I hope they'll get there safely, and I have no doubt Max won't let Michael do anything to Alex. Oh, and I'm happy that Isabel noticed Alex too! :D

Chapter Fifty-Eight :
"Now... Still think we're a baby-producing cult?"
Lmaoooo, amazing! :lol: So, I guess now that Alex saw that Max healed himself, he's going to start believing Liz that they really are aliens. I'm not sure Isabel would have invaded Alex's dreams to give him nightmares... ;) But what a treat still. I'm sad that it's nearly the end... :(

Chapter Fifty-Nine :

That was really cruel of Tess to make Alex see something like that... but it fits right with her character. Huh, I'm sorry, I still hate her. In a way, I feel like Alex will be safer if he stays in Boston, but I would have wanted him to be with Isabel. :( Maybe he could visit once it will be safer, or something? I love them together. <3

Chapter Sixty :

Poor Liz, having the guilt of now remembering what happened in the white room. :( At least, Max is there to comfort her. I'm glad that she could write to Alex, I hope he'll let Jeff know that she's okay. And Maria is having the baby!! :D

Epilogue :

That ending was so perfect and heartwarming!! <3 I'm going to miss this wonderful story, thank you for writing it (and taking the time to rewrite and finish it)! :)

Now I need to start reading the third book of Unbreakable! :)
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