Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) COMPLETE 5/5/17 + A/N 5/5/19

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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) COMPLETE 5/5/17 + A/N 5/5/19

Post by L-J-L 76 » Mon May 06, 2019 4:29 am

Yes I seen Roswell New Mexico It was good. The show was different but good. I'm hoping the second season is going to be interesting and good. I cried and the end of season 1 though.

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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) COMPLETE 5/5/17 + A/N 5/5/19

Post by max and liz believer » Mon May 06, 2019 5:58 am

L-J-L 76 wrote:Yes I seen Roswell New Mexico It was good. The show was different but good. I'm hoping the second season is going to be interesting and good. I cried and the end of season 1 though.

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It will never be as the original, but the reboot kinda grew on me. I thought the acting skills were a bit lacking at the start, but they became better, and the final episode was a really good one. Looking forward to the second season :D I think they have a good storyline.

- Jo
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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) COMPLETE 5/5/17 + A/N 5/5/19

Post by SmileeUk » Wed May 08, 2019 2:28 pm

I am over the moon to read your thread, Jo!! :D
Will definitely check out your new prologue.
Haven’t got a chance to watch the Roswell New Mexico in the UK. Will find out.....
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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) COMPLETE 5/5/17 + A/N 5/5/19

Post by max and liz believer » Thu May 09, 2019 2:44 am

SmileeUk wrote:I am over the moon to read your thread, Jo!! :D
Will definitely check out your new prologue.
Haven’t got a chance to watch the Roswell New Mexico in the UK. Will find out.....
And I'm over the moon to see that you're still keeping track of this thread :D :D Thank you for the note!

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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) COMPLETE 5/5/17 + A/N 5/5/19

Post by Stefuh » Mon Mar 23, 2020 5:45 pm

I don't know if you remember me, but 4 years ago I read 40 chapters of this and stopped... I don't have any excuses for why I did that, but I'm back with reviews! Better late than never, I guess? :D

Chapter Forty-One:

I felt so bad for Liz reading this, having all her hopes on Max and having to suffer through Sean and the other aliens. I'm so glad she does have Max, but reading her saying she'd preferred to die broke my heart. I really wish they could run away from it all, even if they would live in fear. It's not a good choice for a life, but neither is being mind raped and manipulated by Sean. :( Oh, and Max telling her he loved her! <3 God, this chapter got my emotions all over the place.

Chapter Forty-Two :

Lmao, poor Liz running into the doorway... that's the kind of thing I'd do. I love Maria, even if her questioning so much could put her or Liz in danger, I love the fact that she's looking out for her friend. I would be as shocked and angered upon finding Liz falling in love with Sean, I wonder if Maria will fall for it or not. And I'm glad that Alex is trying to help Liz, even if he might not be doing it the right way. Oh, and what about the end of the chapter?? Isabel wants Liz to seduce Max? Amazing, can't wait to know more about that plan!! :D

Chapter Forty-Three :

Ohhh!! A double bond, that's something clever! I understand why Max wouldn't want to force this on Liz, I do, but in the situation she's in, I would be as angry as her not knowing about that potential solution. Thank God Isabel told her, because Max certainly wouldn't have, and she would have had to have sex with Sean... *shudders*

I love cliffhangers when I can read the next chapter right away, so lucky me I guess! I just hope they won't be as angry when they will have sex, because that would be way too sad. :(

Chapter Forty-Four :

I'm so sad about the fact that Liz couldn't confide in Maria that she was about to lose her virginity, it surely would have made her less nervous about the whole thing, even if she's handling it well so far. I can't wait to see if things will go well for them, I have no idea which way you'll go - romance or drama!

Chapter Forty-Five :
"Are you afraid that the pleasure will be so out of this world that you will self-combust?"
Lmaooo, amazing, but that is how they portrayed it on the show, though! :lol:

And I mean, their conversation was so serious but I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the fact that Max could have crashed the car when Liz told him he was an idiot!

I understand that Liz is so betrayed and confused about Max lying and hiding things from her, but at least, she's trying to understand his perspective too. I mean, the whole situation they are in is really complicated, and even if Max wants to help Liz not being hurt, he hasn't done it in the best way, but I hope he'll learn from that.

And now, about Alex not reporting and not responding to Max and Isabel, that is really weird. He's up to something. I don't want him to be bad, though. :( Guess I'll have to wait and see.

Chapter Forty-Six :

GOD that sexual tension! Oh, and now I want pancakes. But Max saying he doesn't want a connection with a pancake had me laughing so hard. :lol:

And WHY did you do that, why is someone interrupting them... :(

Chapter Forty-Seven :

How could Philip even say that to Max? It's so heartbreaking, and he truly doesn't seem to care about Max's feelings. I really hope that if Max is 'sent away', he's going to run away with Liz instead, I don't want him being brainwashed, that's too scary too think. I was so scared that Philip would find Liz hiding, God, that would be so bad for the both of them!! :shock:

Chapter Forty-Eight :

I'm sorry to say that but I'm glad you couldn't sleep and wrote this much because this chapter was amazing! Twenty pages weren't too much! That was hot, but also informative with the memory that resurface at the end. It's so interesting to know that they've met before, but I do feel bad for them, especially Max, that they were brainwashed at such a young age. But it reinforced the fact that they should be together, in my mind, especially if they connected so young. Thanks for the beautiful chapter. :)

Chapter Forty-Nine :

Ohh! She's glowing!! :D I'm so happy that Isabel was right and that the bond is now stronger. I really loved how you wrote this chapter, their chemistry was always present but now it is stronger and you can really feel the love, passion and caring between them!

I hope it will be enough to tear Sean apart. I really, really hate him. :x

Chapter Fifty :

I feel bad that Max saw that dream of Liz because I understand why it would make him feel insecure. At least, Liz clarified that it wasn't him, I mean of course she would dream of something like that after everything that happened. But oh my God, Max wants to tell his dad. :o

Chapter Fifty-One :

What?? :shock: Oh my God, I didn't see that one coming, but I do feel better that he's on Max's side. I can't believe that he was doing this to protect Max!! And I'm curious about Sarah, I want to know more about her. I can't wait to see how that meeting will go.

Chapter Fifty-Two :

That was an intense chapter. Poor Liz, she feels so much towards Diane, it's affecting her a lot. But I do understand her reaction of wanting Max to take care of his mother right now instead of her, it must be so hard for Max's mom to have been kept in the dark, and she cares so much for her son. Wonderful chapter.

Chapter Fifty-Three :

Oh my God, what happened to Nancy is so, so awful. :( I understand why Max wanted to shield Liz from the truth. I really do hope that she won't end up like her mother. :( Also, Max must have felt so guilty carrying around the fact that he had let Sean killed Nancy. I'm glad that Liz forgave him right away. But seriously, poor Liz, she's going through so much. :( :cry:

I kind of wish I could have Philip around when I have anxiety attacks, lmao.

Chapter Fifty-Four :

Oh my God, Liz is so smart and I'm so happy and glad that she thought about a rebellion group waiting after them bonding! I hope they really do exist and if not, that her and Max will find a way to form one!!

I love that Max can multitask. ;)

Chapter Fifty-Five:

I think comparing the aliens to a bunch of psychopath is really spot on. That's exactly what they are. They just want more power (which is why Sean wants Liz - yikes!) Can't wait to know more about Iz!! :)

Chapter Fifty-Six :

It's true that what Isabel has seems like a rare gift! I'm glad we know more about her, I always have a soft spot for Isabel. It's scary to know that if Liz got hurt, Max wouldn't be able to truly help her. :( Also, I hope the end of the chapter means that Max got some rest too!!

Chapter Fifty-Seven :

Oh god, of course everyone can see the bonding. :( That's so bad for them, I just hope Liz is going to be fine through all this, it's so scary, especially for her!

Chapter Fifty-Eight :

Yess for exploding light bulbs!! I love it. But it's true that it would be quite embarrassing in front of Max's parents. Thank God Isabel was there to ease the tension! Lmaoo, she's amazing. And my heart broke when Max promised his mom he would be back. I feel so much for Diane
right now. :( :cry:

Chapter Fifty-Nine :

You better not have hurt Jeff in any way!! I'm double scared now. But I'm so glad Alex is there for Liz... and I do hope he'll still be able to tell her that her dad is okay... :(
Alright, off to read the next part.

Chapter Sixty :

Of course Sean would try to attack Max!! I'm so pissed off at him and the whole council for their rules. I'm so scared of what might happen to them now. :( I kinda feel like they don't have a chance against them now...

Chapter Sixty-One :

It must add to her fear that Liz can't sense Max right now... and oh, God, I do hope that the sergeant isn't really Liz's father, that is beyond frightful, especially since she has to bond with Sean... :shock:

Chapter Sixty-Two :

I do wonder if it was Max's power that pushed Sean away or if Liz has some power on her own because of the bond. Anyway, I'm just glad she could throw him against thewall, Sean is sick (I don't know if I can swear in here, but imagine me swearing at Sean :x ), and I hope he won't rape Liz, I'm beyond scared for her. :cry:

Chapter Sixty-Three :

What Nancy went through is so horrible, and Liz having to see it is complete torture. Max needs to save her, or Liz needs to save herself before the thought that this will be her destiny starts to get to her too much, this is so terrifying. No wonder Nancy couldn't handle it at the end, I wish that the Sergeant would just die. He clearly has no empathy whatsoever, I mean, all the council is crazy, but he's a complete monster. Of course having a father like him, Sean would follow in his footstep, he doesn't know otherwise...

Hope we'll hear about Max soon. :(

Chapter Sixty-Four :

I knew that it couldn't be Max, that would have been to easy.

And all I have to say is : NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. :shock:

Chapter Sixty-Five :

I'm so glad that Liz was able to hurt Sean, in an amazing way too! That's what he deserve, and more. At least, Philip is still on her side, being happy about her hurting Sean, helping her heal a bit and... now, we know that Max is relatively okay. Hearing his voice must have brought strength in Liz, she doesn't have much left, I only hope they'll get out of there soon!

Chapter Sixty-Six :

I do hope that Max is really with Liz and that it's not an hallucination she's having because of the drugs they injected her with. :( I hope she'll be able to sleep, at least, she really needs to rest after everything she went through mentally and physically.

Chapter Sixty-Seven :

I'm sooo happy that they are together, but I'm sure there's an evil reason behind it and I'm truly scared about that. It mustn't be about the bond - or not what Liz and Max have in mind anyway. Poor Max, how he reacted when he saw what Liz had gone through. :( Max without powers and Sergeant Carter with a gun? Help. :shock:

Chapter Sixty-Eight :

Oh my God, I hope Max is going to be okay!! I mean, I guess that he will be since this fanfic is far from over, but I'm still worried! I'm so glad Liz found help, it was so heartbreaking and stressful to read. I'm beyond glad that Liz killed Sean and his father! Even if I know there will be consequences for this... :(

Chapter Sixty-Nine :

Thank God, Jeff is okay! I didn't forget that Alex never got back to her before the meeting. What about the man in the room when she was five? I'm sure it must have been sergeant Carter... anyway, that's terrifying. I'm so happy that they are both okay and that they've been sedated and probably fed through IV. They need their rest. I understand that Liz is still worried about everything, because I am too.

Chapter Seventy :

That was so clever of Max to go into Liz's dream to help her with the trauma instead of waking her up. I'm also glad that they talked about Sean turning into Max and if it would confused Liz or not with the real Max, it's really important to talk about those things after what they went through. Now I'm scared of what Mr. Evans is going to say, because they should rest and heal (both physically and emotionally). :( Poor babies. Life doesn't stop, unfortunately.

Chapter Seventy-One:

That chapter made my heart melt, Max is so caring toward Liz, he knew exactly what to do to make her feel calm and secure. It was so relaxing to read, her thinking about how showering was a normal thing to do, and then, Max letting her shave his beard. *happy sigh* I love domestic stuff and that just came at a right monebt to calm them both and reconnect them a bit after everything they went through. I also loved how Alex doesn't invade Liz's mind, that's really amazing of him.

Chapter Seventy-Two :

Hearing Max and his dad fight about Liz must have been horrible to her. :( I'm so glad that Diane distracted her, since she knows more than anyone what she's going through (on some level). Their talk was simply amazing, and I love Diane more and more as the story progress, it's good for Liz to have a woman to rely on since she doesn't have a mother anymore. That was very lovely. :D

Chapter Seventy-Three :

That nightmare was... I don't even have words.

Poor Jeff, this is something so horrible and terrifying to have gone through for the whole family, they've suffered so much because of the aliens, and I'm sure it's not over yet. My heart is breaking for all of them. I'm sure Liz will talk to Max about it, but I would like her to talk to Diane too... and of course the bathroom is a safe place for her now. :( God, this story is so sad.

I still want to thank you because things are horrible at work right now and it's helping me to read this wonderful interesting story each day. :)

Chapter Seventy-Four :

I love Max so, so much, he knew exactly what to say to Liz to bring her back to life enough to open up about her nightmares and also to maybe reopen the connection between them. And he gave her enough time to heal by herself, do what she mostly wanted, until he saw that she was passed her breaking point. Just like he did in the shower.

Chapter Seventy-Five :

I'm so happy that Liz had the courage to let Max in again! All your chapters are so emotional and amazingly written that I can thoroughly understand what Liz is feeling about what happened. Max is amazing for letting Liz know that they can still run away if she can't handle being part of the rebellion.

Chapter Seventy-Six :

I'm lucky in the fact that I never had menstruation cramps, but still, Max would be helpful to so many girls around the world! I'm so in love with Max, he takes such good care of Liz, always making sure that she's okay through every mean possible. It was smart keeping Liz occupied, and that scene where Isabel, Liz and Max do yoga? Amazing, lmaooo. I could so imagine Iz being calm with Liz but frustrated by her brother! :lol: I wish that they could stay in their cocoon forever.

Chapter Seventy-Seven :

It's true that since this is in Liz's pov, I often forget that Max went through so much too, I feel bad about this, especially while reading this chapter. They have both have been so strong through the mental and physical torture, I was... not happy in a way, but glad for Max, that Liz could see what he went through so she could comfort him. Their bond is truly a gift. Why do I get the feeling that Liz will be pregnant from their unprotected sex? It's amazing for her that she could finally reconnect with Max in that way to, they've come a long way since they've been hiding!

Chapter Seventy-Eight :

God, it's been such a long time that I've read the beginning of this fic, that I had forgotten that Michael was in it. I'm truly sorry about that. :oops: Can I just say how much I love Liz? She was so badass against Michael. It's true that he should have been there when Max got hurt... I'm kind of sad that he is so protective of the alien laws, that Max can't really trust him, nor be friend with him. I do wonder if Michael will turn against them or not... I'm happy that Liz now recognizes herself in the mirror, which mean that she is healthier. :) And yay! For the glow being back.

Part Seventy-Nine :

I can't believe Max never let go entirely before during their love making. I understand that he was scared but it must have been hard on him not being able to relax completely during something like that. I'm happy Liz could sensed it and told him so. The last part was amazing,with Liz having more power now, I love it so much.

I forgot to say : my lamp above my kitchen table, where I have my computer on, suddenly stopped working while I was reading this fanfic. I changed the globe but it still isn't working. The irony is hilarious! :roll:

Chapter Eighty :
He was excited that we could be two oddballs together.
This made me smile. :D

It's so exciting that Liz is now being able to have Max's powers!! It's true that it will be helpful since Liz will be able to protect herself without Max's help. I do understand how relieved Max must feel about that! I loveee this fanfic so much. <3

Chapter Eighty-One :

Now I only want to see Liz being the ruler - Queen - of the Alien race. And oh my God the jab about the pancakes, lmaoo. :lol: Sooo, Alex and Iz, huh? <3 They're my second favorite couple. I hope the talk with Philip will go well!

Chapter Eighty-Two :

So the connection is stronger in a good way but it's also there to make sure they procreate? So now I'm pretty sure Liz will become pregnant soon, wheter she wants it or not. :( Max really didn't react the right way here but I can't blame him, he's been manipulated his whole life through the alien community after all. I can't wait to see Philip's memories and I hope it'll will help them!

Chapter Eighty-Three :

Poor George, it must have been hard seeing his wife died at child birth, even more so since he's a healer. :( So Liz's aura was as strong as Max's when she was born? So they're both special, and that's why their connection is so strong, that is so interesting! :D Also, I wasn't that much surprised to know that Max was almost one of a kind, after all, he his beyond amazing, but I loved the explanation about it, but at the same time I'm kind of scared that he's a parim (and is Liz one too?), because he is as much in danger of being used as Liz. :( Those flasback are so interesting!! I'm glad there's more. :)

Chapter Eighty-Four :

I love the fact we got to see that flashback once again, but through Philip's eyes, there was way more information this way and we now know how Max and Liz met each other the first time and why taking each other's hand made such an impact on them. I still feel heartbroken about Nancy. :cry: I wish she could have had a beautiful life instead of the misery she went through. :(

Chapter Eighty-Five :

It was smart from Liz to divert Max's thoughts by asking him to blow rocks into nothingness, but unfortunately, Max's self loathe almost won him over. I'm so glad that he has Liz into his life, because I can't stop thinking : what if he had learned about this while he was all alone, how could he have cope with it? It shows that love (from lovers, friends and family) is much needed to stay sane during hard times.

Chapter Eighty-Six :

This was so beautiful, I loved how Diane forced them to have breakfast, because it reminded me that even though they are stronger than they were after being captured, they still need to become even stronger to face their enemies, and skipping meals and losing energy isn't the way to do it, even to have answers. And Liz... God, I love her, she knew just what to say to bring Max back, and it's true, they are the same. <3 I'm excited for that haircut, because for me, it's another "relaxed/gentle" moment. :) I love how you balance action, facts, love and tranquility in this story.

Chapter Eighty-Seven :

That haircut scene was way sexier than what I intended but I surely won't complain about it! I loved the knowledge that Liz cut his father's hair because her mother used to do it. I love knowing more about the Parkers. :) Especially when they were happy. I really need to read books about Area 51, Roswell, ect, because I always find it so interesting, I scroll through them in bookshops but I never buy them. :(

And yes!! Maria is there! :D Brought by Michael, nonetheless!

Chapter Eighty-Eight :

Oh, my reviews from chapter 1 through 40 are right before this chapter, oops... I'm really sorry to have being away for so long!

I'm so heartbroken from Maria and Liz's talk, from the fact that Liz needs to lie to her best friend, and also, that Maria clearly sees that Liz is lying to her and that she feels betrayed that she suddenly disappeared without saying goodbye. I know that knowing the truth could hurt Maria, but I hope they'll let her know what's been happening. :( I'm sure Liz would feel better telling Maria everything that's happened to her, too.

Chapter Eighty-Nine :

I feel awful for Maria right now, she must have been so shocked to learned everything all at once, it's a lot to process. I do hope that Alex will be able to calm her down. And woah,Lliz was able to unlock the door that was sealed by Max's power!! :o Her own abilities are growing! Also, thank God Michael got to Maria's before the other ones.

Chapter Ninety :

Maria is very strong to have gone through all this information in so little time and I'm grateful for Alex's and Liz's explanations. I would be beyond angry too. And now I'm scared for all of them!! Thank God I can read the next chapter straight away! :shock:

Chapter Ninety-One :

This chapter was so tensed as they went through the tunnel, I wouldn't have thought about Liz's bloody footprints if she hasn't mentioned it! Alex was thoughtful at erasing their tracks. And we finally met Dresden!! G o d, why did you stop the chapter there?? :shock:

Chapter Ninety-Two :

It must be so frightful to be in the dark with your unconscious friend, while the rest of your friends and your lover leave to fight and you don't know what's happening... but N O. :shock: I hope Max will be alive in the next chapter, jesussss. Now I can't go to sleep like I had planned to do. :roll:

Chapter Ninety-Three :

I was so tensed when I read this chapter as I felt Liz's panic and heartbreak at not being able to heal Max... and by the end of it, I had tears in my eyes, with the last sentence. :( I'm glad Alex and Dresden were able to help her believe in herself to heal Max.

Okay, now I need to sleep. Oh and, where is Iz, Philip, Diane and Jeff?

Chapter Ninety-Four :

Oh my God, poor Alex, this is so horrible, I understand the logic behind healing Max's first but like Liz said, I never would have had the strength to patiently wait for my turn to be heal. :cry: He's so strong, and so is Liz! Also, I love Michael, it's true that glowing isn't the best thing to do right now. Lmaoo.

Chapter Ninety-Five :

I would have been as frightened as Maria, I mean, she barely had time to deal with all the information dumped on her, but I'm glad that she was able to put all that away so she could be there for Liz, God knows that she needs her best friend after everything she's been through.

Chapter Ninety-Six :

Poor Max and Liz, not being able to be together for five minutes. :( I know that it's important for them to plan and have a strategy right now, but it must be so difficult for them to be apart since they almost lost each other a couple of hours ago. I hope they'll be able to be alone soon.

Chapter Ninety-Seven :

Of course, Tess is now here to ruin everything. Jesus, I can't believe she's Sean's sister, I really didn't see that one coming... but the blonde hair, the blue eyes.... yikes. I wonder what she's gonna do. Max should have warned Liz about her. :(

Chapter Ninety-Eight :

THEY LET HER OUT?? Omg. :shock:

Chapter Ninety-Nine :

Poor Max, he has so much guilt and self loathing, I wish I could hug him, because he's such an amazing person. I'm gad that Liz could talk to him, made him feel better, and also complimented him. He should get compliments from everyone, maybe he's just doing his job, but he's doing it amazingly, he's saving lives. :( Poor him. Omg, answers!!! Off to read chapter 100 NOW.

Chapter One Hundred :

Woah. :shock: So that's how gaeas were made? And that's why Max an Liz are so special, because they are both parims and they can finally restore the purity to the Anterian race? And that's why they need to procreate so much, why the connection is making them so attracted to each other. Wow. You're brilliant, that's so amazing and interesting!! :D

Chapter One Hundred and One :

Poor Michael, lmaoo, he wasn't prepare that he had been part of the rebellion at a young age. But oh God, poor Sarah, I wanted Max to see her again so much, she sounded so lovely (and I love Amy Adams) so I'm heartbroken that she died trying to help Max. :( I was really surprised by the fact that she was Dresden's wife! And lmao, of course Maria would suggest to see what the Antarians looked like.

Chapter One Hundred and Two :

You really have a talent at drawing too! The original Antarians are kind of cute. ^^ But I would be scared of the royals...

I wasn't expecting for Philip to also reveal his real identity! The sentence about not being a ritual friday nght at the Evans made me laugh because all I could think about was Philip coming home from work and be like "Ah! I can finally be myself for the weekend!" and being in his antarian form all weekend, cooking, mowning the law and such, lmaoooo. But I'm happy that seeing his true self made Liz realized that they are really on their side! And it was smart of her to make sure Maria wouldn't run away on her own...

Chapter One Hundred and Three :

Max and Liz really need to spend a month by themselves, they deserve it! Damn Michael for interrupting them, but I did laugh at his threat that Max would illuminate the whole place with his power, lmao. God, one week, that's not a lot, but I admire Dresden telling them the truth that they might have less time since they don't know when they'll get attacked again. :( Oh, and that bathroom sounds disgusting, but I managed to forget it while Max and Liz were having their moment. <3

Chapter One Hundred and Four :

NO. Fuck you, Michael. (But I love that they're training, I wish I could watch that on a TV.)

Chapter One Hundred and Five :

I blame Michael for what just happened but I can't be truly mad at him... especially on how he reacted at the end. It is sooo obvious that he has feelings for Maria, I mean, come on Michael, you can't hide it. :roll: I'm so grateful that Max and Liz could heal Maria!!

Chapter One Hundred and Six :

NO!! Why did you kill her! Poor Max, now he lost his two mothers... :( I'm glad that Michael apologized to Michael and that Liz got enough rest, even if she's mad that she lost a day of training. It's true what Max is saying, she won't be able to learn if she's exhausted. And Tess is r e a l l y creepy! I got a feeling she had something to do with Diane's death? Maybe? A distraction or something? I don't know, maybe I'm wrong!

Chapter One Hundred and Seven :

The first part of this chapter was beyond sad (and traumatizing... with Max and his mother's head...) and everyone forgetting poor Jeff. But I'm glad he's gonna be with Maria, I do feel like they're going to be safee that way. I'm so scared that Tess is going to show up soon...

Chapter One Hundred and Eight :

I'm just going to hope that everyone dying was an illusion created by Tess... because they can't be all dead. :shock: And jfc, Liz is trapped with Tess? That's sooooo not good!!

Chapter One Hundred and Nine :

NO, why is Liz's father there?? And please tell me Iz is going to be okay. :( Liz is so strong concentrating on giving Max energy to heal his sister while Tess is hurting her. She's really insane... especially about her ovaries.

Chapter One Hundred and Ten :

*Looks at the gif of Emilie... awwww, Claire. <3 Sorry, Lost fan here.*

Thank God, that was only a mind warp, otherwise I wouldn't have forgiving you, that would have been too awful... I have the impression that even if they injured Tess, she'll be back soon. I just know she will. Guess they'll meet Command in the next chapter, I hope it means that they'll be safe soon. :( That war is an amazing idea, but God, poor them...

Chapter One Hundred and Eleven :

Tess is doing this. I don't know how she can have the connection that Liz and Max's share but it's scary to know that she has that power... I wonder if Iz is an illusion or if it's in fact Command?? Does it mean that the bloody Iz was fake as well so everyone is alive?? *suddenly has hope that I'm afraid you'll crush.*

Chapter One Hundred and Twelve:

Soo... I was wrong about what I said. But I'm proud that Liz was able to wake up by herself, I'm afraid she would have been lost forever if Max had killed Tess while she was still in Liz's mind... if she dead for real though? Like she won't come back, right? Right?? And :o Command is close...

Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen :

WHAT??? :shock:

Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen :

I love your imagination and how you put your thoughts into words, the first part of this chapter felt so ethereal, it was beautiful!! And I'm so glad that they're back!! (And that they won?? Or are gonna win??) Can I hypothese that it was either the connection who brought them back orrr... Liz is pregnant and it was the baby's powers doing that....I can dream, right? :roll:

Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen :

My heart just broke for Isabel... :cry: I'm so glad that Michael found her in time. Poor her having to see everyone die. I hope Philip will be okay too! What about Alex?? You didn't mention him. :( Also, I'm happy that Michael and Maria are closer now! And Liz is like a full hybrid? That's amazing!! :D

Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen :

Finally Liz and Max got some much needed time together! Who did Max thought he would fool by saying they were too tired to have sex, lmaooo. But I loved that chapter so much! It was so heartwarming. :) Liz exploring Max's room and Amy making pancakes for the gang! Oh and Michael and Maria are finally together!!

Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen :

Of course Michael would know that Maria and Jeff wouldn't be safe with their protector! I'm just glad that he was beyond obsessed with protecting Maria since that saved her life. :) Like Liz said, saving her best friend's life is an amazing step in the right direction. I was wondering what had happened between them to get suddenly so close! Also, I'm really scared of what Max's hiding from Liz...

Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen :

Oh my God, I was so sure that the mayor had died with the others, that's so terrible! Of course it couldn't be over so easily... :( I loved how you explained how they killed Command, and it's reassuring that they can 'heal' the others who aren't too evil. Killing them with kindness, lmao that's a good one. But I can't believe Philip and Dresden took them where they had been captured, that's horrible. :( Only one chapter left to this part... I'm angry and scared that the mayor is still alive, but at the same time, I'm happy that this story isn't over yet! :D

Chapter One Hundrer and Nineteen :

I knew it about Liz! But God, I can't believe Max knew and he didn't tell Liz... maybe he prefered her to find out by herself so she could have time to process before talking to Max? But she didn't even had time to do any of that because... I so didn't see that coming. :shock: How is George alive?? Thank God the next part is already up!! But I have to go to work... :( Having a baby/being pregnant during the war won't be an easy thing...

Thank you for this wonderful story, I can't wait to read the rest of it!! <3
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