On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 65 - Completed: 12/18/2019

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 10 - 07/10/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:24 am

What a mess we have here......
And I don't blame Max for being upset over the interruption with Beth.
That note from Kal was haunting.....
Hurry back, I need more!

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 10 - 07/10/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 11:42 am

Okay, Max and Liz when on the bed when they were interrupted by Isabel's phone call. That simple kiss escalated quickly. Now I have to wonder if it was Khivar or Kal responsible for Liz's apparent death and Grace's stabbing.

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On the Razor's Edge - Chapter 11 - 07/12/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:55 pm

The next morning Max was still trying to process the fact Tommy Ellis had vanished and that Kal Langley, an alien ship shifter who he hadn’t seen since his senior year of high school was responsible as he staggered into the kitchen in search for coffee and realizing he had forgotten to set it to start in the morning. Damn, why can’t I remember to do something I have never forgotten before…The kitchen, and the house was too quiet, and it was unnerving for Max and he hated the feeling.

He was right when he told Beth that he wasn’t used to it. Even with Grace getting older, and working longer and longer shifts at the Crashdown or out doing whatever she does with her friends, or having sleepovers with Elizabeth… still it was unnerving not to have her around and know she wouldn’t be around anytime soon as the front door, damn, I forgot to lock it he muttered to himself when he saw it blast open.

“Well, is he dead?” came Maria as she stormed into the house, with her husband walking mere steps behind her carrying a load of coffee. “We brought coffee. I didn’t think you would remember to set your coffee pot.”

“You know me that well,” Max asked.

“You’re overwhelmed and carrying a lot of battles in your head. So, yeah, we figured you would forget and plus I know for a fact that if you do forget, Grace usually makes sure it set before she goes to bed. So, what is going on, is Ellis dead?”

“He’s only gone,” Max said. “I don’t know if he is or not…”

“Why in the hell would Kal do this to us. Doesn’t he know if he suddenly disappears than we would have more problems on our hand. Because before long, the questions will end up on our doorstep?” Maria yelled.

“Not necessarily,” Michael said. “The police will probably treat him as a runaway. And the gossip might think he left to stop himself from being implicated in some crimes we all know he committed.”

“His parents don’t know that, nor does the cops minus Jim. Jim is only going to be able to say only so much even if he knows a hell of a lot more. Which is why it could lead to us, or to my daughter” Max murmured.

“Grace has been in the hospital since Thursday night. She has an alibi,” Maria assured her friend. “Jake does too… But Elizabeth was at home, but she has been around enough drama these last few days that she could have fingered.”

“She was home last night,” Michael said.

“So, we say, but how do the police know that… The fact she’s the Sheriff’s granddaughter will keep them at bay for awhile, but the fact he was in the hospital, released and then disappears is going to look suspicious. Doesn’t Kal know this. And why is he even up to this sinister act anyways. Didn’t he love Earth? This is what Nascedo would do. After we all know he did it before…”

“I know,” Max nodded as he looked at Michael who flinched. They all remembered back in their college days. When Michael had come back from New York defeated from breaking up with Maria, who had stayed in the City, and then to compound his pain and difficulties… bones were dug up. And they were identified as Hank’s – Michael’s abusive foster father who disappeared in their sophomore year of high school, which allowed Michael to go to the court and get emancipated and it made him responsible for himself. Because it was before Jim was back officially as Sheriff, evidence was made to seem that Michael was responsible for the death. And while eventually they were able to prove that Michael was innocent, still there was enough suspicion to make life difficult for him for many stomach inducing days. Isabel and Max were able to figure out the likely guilty party would have been Nascedo, in those days before he made himself known and he was accomplished shapeshifter, but the town didn’t know that, and for months, there were enough glares from their fellow town folks to give Michael a head ache.

“I don’t get it,” Maria frowned. “Why?”

“Well we know it’s the mission of our keepers to save us. And Hank was dangerous and what saw in those final hours, and so was Tommy because of what he was threatening to reveal. He knew that the park incident was suspicious, and who knows if he overheard Elizabeth’s attempt to silence him before he woke up.” Michael sighed because he didn’t like how they comes back at them, or him if it went against the grain.

“I hate this,” Maria muttered. “I also hate this for Jim.”

“It’s not easy,” Max sighed as he took another sip of the coffee and walked into the kitchen to check on the coffee maker which he had turned on. He figured they would need more coffee to make it through this. When he returned to the living room. “Does Elizabeth know?”

“Of course,” Maria admitted. “By the way, so does your daughter. Grace saw it on television last night, and made sure to text Elizabeth and ask, ‘if we had anything to do with Tommy’s disappearance’.”

“Damn it,” Max said as he knew he had to check in with the hospital to see how Grace was because he knew she would worry.

“Life was so easy,” Maria murmured. “But now we have opened the hellmouth, and it’s all spilling out.”

“It has had its moments,” Max agreed.

“So, I heard you spent some time with Beth last night?” Maria asked as she sought a diversion topic from the weight of Tommy’s disappearance would have on her family, and the clan so she wanted something happy. “How was it?”

“Yeah, I spent some time with her until this all boiled over,” Max admitted. “It’s still early, and we don’t where it’s going or how it will go.”

“It’s a start,” Maria asked. “A lot has happened during these last days.”

“No kidding,” Max muttered. “If it’s confusing to me, imagine how she is dealing with it. And I have no idea where this all goes. We’ll never be able to get back what we lost.”

“You will never be able to recapture what you lost as a family, and both of you are different than if you had gone through these fourteen years together but you have a chance for a miracle that not many people can get. A rare retry.”

“It thought I had that back in high school. But now that has been erased by a greater opportunity, now.”

“You do,” Maria smiled. “All you can do is try.”

Max nodded.


Meanwhile the twins were sleeping in, rare for them, and Beth was restless as she had a tough time sleeping once Max left. Rush of something Beth could only think as memories, or even flashes plagued her sleep and when it was apparent the twins weren’t up yet, she knew she had to do something. So, she let them sleep, and she went for a walk. And before she knew it, she had walked over to the main section of the town. And she saw the spaceship blaring with the Crashdown sign blaring, even in the daylight.

And a flash came of two teenagers passionately kissing in a jeep outside the Crashdown, as they were happy to be with each other, as they kissed, and laughed.

“Oh god,” Beth whispered as more and more recognition was creeping into her body with every flash, or moment that meant something.

“Beth,” came an astonished voice, and she whipped around and saw Max’s sister, Isabel Valenti.

“Hello,” Beth smiled acknowledging Isabel. “You’re Isabel, right?”

“Right,” Isabel smiled at the woman who she supposed was her sister-in-law, and yet was very different from the woman who had been her sister-in-law. “What are you doing here?”

“The girls were sleeping in, and I needed some fresh air and I guess I sorta of ended up here…” Beth admitted. “What are you doing here?”

“Kyle was taking our kids to their individual practices, and I needed to speak to my father-in-law, so I was going to walk down. Kyle and I were going to meet when he was finished his chauffeur duties.”

“This town is bustling on the weekend?” Beth asked.

“Yes, it is,” Isabel smiled. “How are you doing?”

“It’s been a shock, and I am still coming to terms with everything I have learned over the last few days, and even the last couple of weeks” Beth sighed. “I have been trying to gear up some courage to go in there…” she said pointing to the Crashdown.

“I am sorry,” Isabel smiled. “I am sure it’s got to be overwhelming.”

“I don’t want to hurt them,” Beth admitted. “They remember who Liz was, when they knew her. I am not that women. And even if I got all my memories back today, I will never be who they remember.”

“We all thought you were dead. We thought you were gone from our lives. So, to have you back, even if you are very different than the Liz, we all remember. We now have a chance to know who you are today, and they will relish that and will take that over the alternative.”

“I can’t promise…” Beth started but stopped.

“We know Beth, we know.” Isabel smiled. “Go, take the first step. You never know until you start. You will feel better later, no matter what might happen next as you can’t know until you try.”

“Thanks,” Beth smiled. “What is this conversation you need to have with your father-in-law?”

“Unfortunately, it’s a nuisance but it’s very necessary,” Isabel sighed as she remembered why she needed to talk to Jim and knew she had to get going so she could get it over with. “I wish I could go in with you, but I need to do this…”

“Oh, I understand,” Beth smiled. “I might as well do it myself. I need to get back to the motel for the girls, and it’s a chance to get something for breakfast at the same time.”

“That’s the spirit,” Isabel smiled as she walked away, as Beth looked again at the Crashdown and sighed, and knew she had to do this…

And walked across the street and opened the door to the restaurant, and walked in…


While at the same time Grace was fretting as she picked at her breakfast that still stood in front of her because she wasn’t hungry as she imagined just what her family might have done to rid them of Tommy. As she settled on an unsavory theory, and hoped she was wrong, she saw the door to her room burst open and in walk Elizabeth.

“What have you heard?” Grace said immediately.

“Well good morning to you too,” Elizabeth smiled sweetly at her friend as she saw that Grace wasn’t eating because the breakfast tray was still nearly full. “You have got to calm down, eat something.”

“Sorry, good morning but I need to know. What happened to Tommy?” Grace demanded. “Where is he?”

“I have no idea,” Elizabeth smiled. “And honestly I don’t really care.”

“Elizabeth, don’t you know this is trouble with a capital T” Grace cried as her friend just smiled as she down on a chair. “Please don’t tell me we caused this.”

“Mom and Dad were gone at the crack of dawn, but they swear they weren’t responsible although I am sure Dad had some complicity in starting it, although I don’t think he would be stupid enough to actually followed through with my fantasies or his in getting rid of him.”

“Oh god,” Grace sighed.

“Relax,” Elizabeth advised. “I really don’t think this is bad for us.”

“Tommy is missing. The Sheriff’s department will be on this case given how big his family is to this town.”

“Sure, but Grandpa is there too… and he’s on his side, and he knows that we’re innocent.”

“But are we?” Grace asked.

“Yes. I was home last night. My parents can attest, so can my three younger siblings. You have an alibi because of being here, and barely having leg function… sorry,” Elizabeth said at her friend’s wince. “But it helps, and Jake is also immobile here at the hospital. The only obvious suspects are our parents, and I don’t think they are that stupid.”

“We can do a lot Elizabeth, and not leave a trace.” Grace warned.

“Yes, we can,” Elizabeth acknowledged. “But I think our parents would be smarter about it than we teenagers would be and therefore they would have a more credible plan than the one that actually happened as they know as well as we do that any pathway comes up to our door due to how Tommy ended up in the hospital in the first place.”

“This is not what we need,” Grace sighed.

“No doubt about it,” Elizabeth smiled. “So how about we talk about something more pleasant, how are you doing?”

“Sore, annoyed, and tired” Grace admitted.

“You need to calm down and relax.” Elizabeth advised. “You want to get out of here, don’t you?”

“Of course,” Grace said.

“Then show the doctor’s that they don’t have to worry about you. Relax, and you will get of this place sooner than they would have thought possible.”

“You’re in a good mood, why?”

“Tommy is no longer a problem,” Elizabeth crowed. “Everything else is gravy.”


“Let me gloat okay, and then I’ll worry about the fallout” Elizabeth smiled, as she started to pick at the scrabbled eggs hash on the plate because she was in a fabulous mood. When the adrenaline spike of the disappearance faded, she was prepared to live with the lows, but now she felt great and she wasn’t giving up that feeling anytime soon. “Eat up.”

“I don’t know how you could be so confident,” Grace muttered after she took some of the hash herself, and then some eggs.

“Just eat okay,” Elizabeth smiled.


The door opened, and Beth walked through it a she faced the truth of the past, as she took the steps into the restaurant, and it seemed when she did the world stopped as the restaurant turned and froze when they saw her walk through the doors because the buzz had already started to get around the town that that Parker’s daughter who everyone believed to have died nearly fourteen years ago, well, she was alive. Enough people around town who lived there when Liz was a feature knew what she looked like, and immediately after hitting town, the buzz and rumors started flying, and now it was becoming a reality as Beth walked through the doors and looked around the establishment.

“Beth,” came a small and shocked voice as he looked at the man approaching her… “You came…”

“I needed to come and see this place. The kids were here the other day and they told me they love it,” Beth said as she looked around and felt the stares of the glazes at her. “If I am too much of a distraction, I can go.”

“Come in, this is your home just as much as it’s ours.” Jeff Parker smiled at his daughter as he prayed this was just the start of Beth reclaiming her life as she walked deeper into the restaurant.
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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 11 - 07/12/2019

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Jul 12, 2019 5:31 pm

What is Kal's plan for Tommy? Well maybe being at the Crashdown will help Liz/Beth to remember more.
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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 11 - 07/12/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 6:42 pm

Ellis is gone........what has Kal done??
Loved the warm greeting Jeff gave Beth when she entered the Crashdown.
Anxious to see if she has more memories??

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 11 - 07/12/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:13 pm

Glad to see that Beth is trying to connect to her parents. Her twins need to know their grandparents.

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On the Razor's Edge - Chapter 12 - 07/15/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 11:20 am

“A runaway,” Jim Valenti was sitting at his desk in his office over at the Sheriff’s office while his daughter-in-law paced the floor of his office as they discussed the latest developments over how Tommy Ellis had disappeared, and their current suspect for it. Isabel knew to be quiet in how they discussed the matter because she knew the truth couldn’t get out around the station because then that would put Jim at a disadvantage as she fretted and turned to her father-in-law as he said those words. “I am serious.”

“That is how it’s going down?” Isabel asked in disbelief.

“Yes,” Jim nodded. “That is how it’s currently classified. Even the Ellis family buys it because of a letter that made it to their home last night that they brought to our little meeting. Written by their son.”

“Oh god,” Isabel asked. “What did the little creep say?”

“That he is sorry. He loved them, but he’s done some things he’s not proud of and he needs to get away, because it was becoming to stressful for him to be at home right now, and maybe one day he can return home.”

“Do we think he wrote that sentimental crap?” Isabel asked.

“Who knows, maybe, and I having his handwriting tested but he probably didn’t write the one that was delivered to me personally this morning.”

“Oh god what did it say?” Isabel asked as she stopped pacing and looked at Jim.

“He confessed to raping Grace, attacking Elizabeth and harassment and possible abuse of several other females over at the high school, students he doesn’t name. I can’t believe he would write it, but maybe he did but if he did, it was probably under distress.”

“Kal’s urging, before he did whatever he did with the boy?” Isabel asked.

“Yes,” Jim said. “And I have it if he ever does show up alive.”

“What if he doesn’t?” Isabel said. “Wouldn’t it come directly at us…”

“Depends on how much Tommy shared with others. I don’t think many people knew the truth about the park, or what he was threatening to tell at the hospital, so you might be safe in that regard, but you never know” as the door opened, and in walked his son. “Hello, son.”

“How is everything?”

“I have no idea, and that greatly disturbs me” Isabel muttered as she took the letter from Jim and looked at it and shook her head and wished she didn’t have to worry that Kal was thinking of the added suspicion the group would be under, but she then thought of how Nascedo engineered Michael’s emancipation.

“You have got to be kidding me,” Kyle said as he walked to his wife, and saw her reading the letter and he saw the contents. “He actually wrote this and sent it to you?” he asked his father.

“Or Kal made him do it, and then made sure I got it” Jim asked.

“Why did the gods take away our no-drama life,” Isabel muttered as she sat down with a flop on the chair, as she looked at the letter again and looked at Jim. “What does the Ellis family say about all this?”

“They are curious, but then they don’t want to look under the surface of why he would want to run.” Jim observed. “They don’t know what we know…”

“Living under a rock?” Kyle asked.

“They didn’t see it before, and they weren’t going to see it now…” Jim muttered.

“So, all this means?” Isabel asked.

“Grace and Elizabeth and many other girls can breathe a sigh of relief and hope that he doesn’t come back.”

“That would be nice,” Isabel sighed as it would be nice if they didn’t have to think of one crisis of one of the many on the list that was compiling rapidly.

“It leaves us with the mystery of who took Liz fourteen years ago, and why would someone would want to attack Grace” Kyle asked.

“What is up with the suspect?” Isabel asked Jim as it seemed like given all the drama over the few days, the asshole who nearly killed her niece seemed to be getting a free ride despite being behind bars.

“He’s not talking,” Jim said simply. “He still maintains he’s innocent and he has no idea why he’s in Roswell or my jail. Nor does he want to talk about the attack on Sue Adams or Grace. He’ s pleading ignorance.”

“There are witnesses,” Isabel asked.

“Which helps,” Jim nodded. “But he’s pleading insanity at this time. He doesn’t understand how this all happened nor why, I have arrested him. He has no memory of the attack, nor any motive for it… at least according to him.”

“Is he telling the truth?” Kyle asked his eyes wide.

“The girls swear they didn’t do anything to him,” Jim admitted. “Although they also clammed up on advice of their worried parents and they have also danced around the subject since the incident in question.”

“Oh god,” Isabel whispered because the last thing she wanted was to have the kids to worry about in more avenue.

“Could they have?” Kyle asked…

“Elizabeth says she’s innocent on that front,” came a voice from the doorway as they all twisted and saw that Max, Maria and Michael were watching before walking in on the tense conversation. It was Maria who was saying those words, “And for this, I am inclined to believe her.”

“Come in,” Jim said. “We were talking… about several clan related disasters.” Jim muttered as Max was quick to close the door, so the outside of the station didn’t hear their dicey discussions. “His attorney finally surfaced this morning, so I can’t keep him beyond the weekend without calling in a judge for a bail hearing.”

“Will he be held over?” Max asked.

“He says he doesn’t live around here, so we have cause to say he’s a flight risk. He’s adamant he’s innocent so he’s liable to run if given a chance.”

“Let’s hope,” Max sighed as he thought of the capabilities of his daughter and her best friend. They younger generation in the last several weeks were definitely living up to the legend of their parents, and that gave the older generations a lot of pause and concern and he hated to think what those girls may have done in the name of saving Sue.”

“After Tuesday I have doubts that Grace or Elizabeth would have done something. Even in the name of saving Sue,” Maria said as if she could read Max’s mind. “They would have tried some other trick.”

“Why are the gods trying to make life more difficult for us than maybe we even faced in high school,” Maria muttered.

“Everything is reawakened again,” Isabel muttered. “Due to the newer generation, there is potential for the grounds to open up and old crap come back to haunt us through them. Although getting Liz back helps.”

“There is still a way to go on that front,” Max sighed as he thought of the wife, he had but only in name only. “She might be remembering but still that doesn’t guarantee that will make her stay.”

“I am sorry Max,” Jim sighed. “I wished you and Grace didn’t have to face this.”

“She is alive, and that is all that matters” Max smiled. “At the end of the day, we will handle it whereever this may go,” he sighed as he truly hoped they wouldn't lose her from their lives again. What if she wants her life in Connecticut? he still feared.

“At least you know,” Jim said. “And the twins, they will get a chance to know you. No matter where this goes, they know you and Grace, and you know them.”

Max nodded as he knew he had to be strong for the kids, wherever this may go for the adults. They deserved them to be strong and fearless but even though he now older than he was as a teenager, he still felt the same fears and they always revolved around the same woman, his soulmate Liz. He prayed he could find the same strength to get through the next days, and that this chapter of their lives had a happy ending.

“Max, Beth is over at Crashdown” Isabel said quietly. “Or she was, I don’t know how long she would have stayed. When I was coming here, I parked by the Crashdown and saw her trying to get the courage to go in.”

“Did she?” Max asked as he turned to face his sister.

“I assume so,” Isabel smiled a small smile. “She didn’t have the twins with her, I think they were still asleep, so I am sure didn’t stay that long.”

“God why is this so hard,” Max muttered. “Thank you, Jim, for everything you’re trying to do. Let me know if there is anymore movement on any of the battles we’re fighting, okay?” he asked. “I need to head over to the hospital to visit Grace.”

“Good luck,” Jim said as his friend left the office. “Damn…”

“I know,” Maria murmured. “What we’re all facing or dealing with is minor compared to all the battles Max is dealing with. I don’t know how he can make it through…”

“My brother has always been stronger than he’s been given credit of being, but I even am amazed at how badly this has turned in his direction. It’s one thing after another, and you would think we would have been given a break by now but nope…”

“Maybe Ellis will stay gone,” Michael murmured but knew he was living a fantasy because he knew they wouldn’t be handed a win on this front, despite all Kal was likely doing to rig the game.”

“Eventually he’ll come back to haunt us,” Maria warned. “I need to go pick up Elizabeth as she went over to the hospital to visit Grace and Jake.”

“Go,” Michael said. “I’ll see you at home. I have to check in with the office.”

“Jamie is finished with his swim practice,” Kyle said as he checked his watch. “Do you want me to pick him up.”

“No, let me go.” Isabel smiled as kissed her husband, before leaving as she joined the exodus and therefore before long the office was completely empty except for Jim and Kyle as Jim checked his email, while Kyle took a seat.

“I am sorry if we’re putting you in a position here at work, and with the town?” Kyle asked his father.

“So far, I have always been able to walk the tightrope, but it definitely seems to be getting a little loose at times. But so far I haven’t heard of any complaints from any of my old haunts about questions in regards all that is happening.”

“Why do you think this has all descended on us again” Kyle asked.

“Because Liz is alive, and we know?” Jim queried. “Whatever enemy orchestrated all this was happy for the last fourteen years, and now this has all been opened again and they know it went badly last time, and they are determined to make things even more hellish this time because they have a new generation to concentrate on as well…”

“Let’s hope this doesn’t reach them,” Kyle shivered.

“It probably did if the early evidence is true about Grace’s attacker” Jim observed. “If it’s Khivar. It might not end here… because it opens up the whole field to whatever his long game is…”

“You would think they would know that we’re now on alert and will protect our children…all of them from any threats posed. We didn’t know about Liz, so we couldn’t help her now we will know for the future and further attempts on any of them.”

“We just have to be ware,” Jim said as Kyle only nodded and got up and gave his good-byes and left his father to do his work as he did more of a search of their attacker, as he planned for a bail hearing to be held Monday morning. He just prayed nothing else would happen as he focused on his work.


“Max, she’s left…” Jeff Parker came running as Max bypassed the Crashdown and he saw his son-in-law walk by his restaurant as he was helping a customer. Realizing Max wasn’t intending to come inside, he decided to go and see Max.

“Isabel told me she wanted to go in.” Max said as he stopped and turned. “How did it go?”

“Short,” Jeff said honestly. “I could tell she was uncomfortable, and I didn’t want to push her. So, she picked herself up something for herself and the kids for breakfast, and quickly left. But just the knowledge she was here…”

“I know,” Max smiled. “We all are going to have to deal with the reality of the situation.”

“She’s alive Max, that is all I care about right now. We can take it as slow as she wants. But Nancy and I have our daughter back. She might not be who we remember her to be, but who is… We’re different too, so we’ll take it one moment at a time.”

“I am glad you have that chance and that we all have that chance,” Max smiled. “I was headed over to see Grace. Do you want me to say hello for you?”

“Tell her I will be around later; Nancy is planning to take the afternoon shift and so I’ll come over and spend some time with her.”

“Good,” Max nodded as he headed for his car as Jeff sighed and walked back into the restaurant and back to normalcy.


Beth felt like a chicken as she walked into her motel room and checked the time and knew the girls were probably awake by now because it would be unprecedented for them to sleep this late when they knew they had adventures to seek out, but she thought back to her time at the Crashdown. She could see the hope in Jeff Parker’s face as she came in, and the glares as the customers in the restaurant buzzed around as they witnessed her walk into the establishment. And yet she still didn’t have the memories of the place to make the Parker’s dreams come true with her acceptance of that part of her life. She wondered why there was still such a wall that she was hiding behind in terms of Liz’s parents… She was remembering more about her life with Max, or Liz’s life with Max and Grace. But nothing about Liz’s parents…

“I need to stop thinking of them in the distance,” she muttered as she took the breakfast, she took from the Crashdown and walked next door, and knocked. “Girls, are you awake?”

“Come in Mom,” Carrie sang from the bathroom, so Beth opened the door, and found Alexandra making her bed and Carrie’s unmade, and each girl dressed.

“I brought breakfast,” Beth said as she delivered each an order of a breakfast burrito and some hash brown’s, and some orange juice. “You were asleep when I got up, so I went out…”

“Cool,” Carrie smiled. “We’re both hungry. Did you see anything Mom?”

“A few things,” Beth said as the girls ate their breakfasts.

“What is the plan for today?” Alexandra asked as she dived into her hash browns.

“We’ll probably take it easy,” Beth smiled. “It’s been a long couple of days. Right now, I don’t have a plan… but I’ll let you know if that changes.”

“Are we going to see Max and Grace?” Carrie asked.

“We’ll see,” Beth said as she wasn’t sure what today would hold, and she didn’t know what it meant for them as she navigated the tricky waters of being in Roswell and facing the unknown.

“I wonder how Grace is?” Alexandra asked as she polished off her burrito.

“Maybe we’ll stop by later and see how she is doing, but in the meantime once you’re done with breakfast. I figure we will go and look around.”


“So, can I get out of this bed?” Jake was asking his doctor as she came into the room to observe her patient. Jake had been fretting all night since he also saw the report on television about Tommy going missing, and he also had the same thoughts as Grace as he traced the disappearance to his family, or at least had the same fears. And now he had to get out of this bed and move around at least.

“How is the pain?” the doctor was asking.

“It hasn’t gotten any worse, and I have adapted to the pain level I was facing so can I get out of this bed?” Jake asked as he needed to do something more than lay in this bed.

“Your leg still needs time,” the doctor tried, and Jake started to protest but she continued. “But because I am aware from your parents that you will do something rash and detrimental to your recovery if you’re not allowed some freedom, well, I will allow you access to a wheelchair if you promise to stay off your leg and not to do too much, okay?”

“When?” Jake asked excited to get out of the bed.

“I will have a chair delivered to the room,” the doctor said. “But be careful okay, otherwise you will be spending more time in this hospital than you would have had to.”

“I promise,” Jake said as the doctor made the notion, and went to make the arrangements.

“Thank you, Dr. Jacobs,” he called out as he couldn’t wait to get out of this room as Elizabeth walked in. “What’s going on Elizabeth. What is happening with Ellis?”

“Boy, both you and Grace are way too impatient,” Elizabeth quipped. “I came to pay a lovely visit to my big brother, and best friend and I am getting peppered with questions.”

“Sorry, I am glad to see you,” Jake sighed as he was quick to add. “So, you’ve seen Grace?”

“Yup,” Elizabeth smiled at the second nature of her brother’s questions turning to Grace. “She’s bored, but she is doing better than she was...”

“Good,” Jake said. “What’s going on with Ellis?”

“As I have told Grace, I have no news except to say Mom and Dad swear it’s not any of them or our clan for that matter. And you and Grace both have alibi’s, and Mom and Dad can attest that I was at home, so I think we’re off the hook on this one, at least. “

“What happened?”

“Who knows,” Elizabeth said with a broad smile on her face. “I was home at the time, although I would have loved to have seen how it happened… but let’s hope he’s gone for good.”


“Let me have my happiness will you as both you and Grace are trying to crush my buzz. I will come down from it eventually. Yes, I know it looks bad for us, and it doesn’t help anyone for him to be missing as much as it is good for my moral, but I can’t help it. He hurt a lot of people, including those in our inner sanctum,” Elizabeth asked as she couldn’t remember if her brother knew about what Ellis did to her. Everyone in the family did, it seemed, she mused to herself, but she knew it wasn’t wise to tell her older brother who already took the fact Grace was hurt personally, he would be downright murderous if he knew the truth about his little sister.

“You are way to happy?” Jake asked. “Why?” he asked suspiciously at his sister. “You are too buzzed up about it, and yes I know he hurt Grace and I would have liked to have gotten my hands on him for that and I actually did, but still… I don’t get you…”

“You don’t have to get me Jake, let me celebrate and them embrace the fallout later,” Elizabeth muttered. “I have more reasons for wanting him gone than you even know.”

“Why then…”

“Because Tommy tried to hurt Elizabeth too,” came a shocking voice in the room and they stunningly looked over and saw Grace wheeling herself into the room…

“Oh my God Grace, what are you doing here…” Elizabeth asked as she saw her friend wheel herself into the room, as Jake looked in speechless and in awe after more than twenty-four hours of not seeing Grace.
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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 12 - 07/15/2019

Post by Superman86 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 1:21 pm

Nice update, keep it coming.It keeps getting more enthralling :D The twin so should totally pull a "Parent Trap" on Max and Liz/Beth

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 12 - 07/15/2019

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Jul 15, 2019 1:33 pm

Grace might not be a good idea to tell Jake that! Maybe Liz/Beth should return to the Crashdown when it is closed. That way she might be able to relax a little without half the town staring at her.
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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 12 - 07/15/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Mon Jul 15, 2019 6:36 pm

Big question, will Ellis stay gone??
It's sad Beth doesn't remember her parents, but they are very happy she is alive.
So Grace made it to Jake's room before he could get to her.......
Glad Beth is beginning to remember Max.....that's a good start.

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