If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - Completed: 12/28/2019

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If Walls Could Talk... Chapter 8 - 11/01/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Fri Nov 01, 2019 11:45 am

Maria was unable to convince Liz to slow down and to act like the steady girl she grew up with because she was up to it in Los Angeles once she returned home. Fortunately, she and her lawyer got the judge to order her estranged husband to pay support for Maria and the kids until a custody hearing could be heard, which was now scheduled to happen right after Labor Day in September. She issued a gag order to prevent any leaking of the paternity results of the twins. Maria instantly was relieved that it wouldn’t leak back to Roswell and that the girls wouldn’t hear them until at least the trial, and now she was working on the film, and barely having anytime at home to be able to call her family back in Roswell but did have the day off on Saturday to finally get some stuff done.

“What do you mean Max and Liz are spending all their time together?” Maria asked astonished in a call with Kyle as she sat on the veranda and watched the beach in front of her. She was renting the place since her split, and it was good for her blood pressure she found. If she couldn’t see he girls, the water at least gave her some peace. “Are you kidding me?”

“They are going at it like rabbits,” Kyle remarked in the hotel room he, Isabel and Zane were in. Isabel had taken Zane to the pool as they were going to the water park after lunch, and now Kyle stayed behind to call Maria as everyone by now knew what Max and Liz were doing as they were barely being subtle about it. Only did the Parkers and Evans seem to be oblivious about what was going on and most of all incredibly Brian seems to be in the dark.

None of them knew what had gotten into Max and Liz and Maria couldn’t believe it as she talked to Kyle. “They have been holed up in her hotel room all weekend…”

“Are you kidding me,” Maria asked.

“Yeah,” Kyle acknowledged. “I don’t know where this is going but the wedding is still happening Maria which means this won’t end well, and you as her best friend, and therefore you have to do something to stop this…”

“Can’t Isabel or Michael talk some sense into them?” Maria asked.

“Of course, Isabel tried along with Michael, but you know he isn’t one to judge, and Max isn’t one to listen to his sister on any subject related to Liz when Isabel has been down on Liz since high school…” Kyle admitted.

“Right,” Maria muttered as she thought of her own mindless memories with Michael. Who is for her to judge but she was not Liz, and someone who was always on the straight and narrow and while she had made some questionable choices in the past, but now she was burning down the house? Which is very unlike Liz “Okay,” Maria muttered thinking quickly. “I still have at least two weeks left on this film and then I’ll be back, and maybe they will have cooled off by then…”

“I wouldn’t put your hopes or any money on it,” Kyle muttered. “Liz’s wedding day might be the only thing to stop them…”

“Yeah,” Maria admitted as she hung up, and tried to reach Liz on her cellphone but wasn’t getting any answers so she tried the hotel, to be patched through to her room only to find out there was a Do Not Disturb on the phone line and on the door, and she whistled at the mere idea of Liz going there… with Max. Whoa girl she muttered as she wondered what she could do from her home in Los Angeles to pour cold water on Max and Liz and force them to come back to reality because she feared the longer the fever went on, the more the carnage in the end.

As much as she wanted her friend to have who she loved in her bed, still Max was married, and Tess was not going to allow him to leave her now that she had the ring on her finger, prison or no prison.

Maria knew she had to stop it.


But in Liz’s hotel room, she and Max were in no place for reality as she stood at the door and pushed in the room service gurney and closed the door and took the bowl of strawberries and chocolate off the tray and carried it back into the bedroom. Allowing the robe to pool to the floor, she joined a naked Max in bed. “Some good memories” with this she murmured as he started to kiss her shoulders and she started to melt. She had enough common sense left to know this was the last thing she should be doing, but she couldn’t help herself and didn’t want to stop because it felt too good as the seemed both in the same wave length as neither wanted to deal with real life, and just wanted to feel good… together.

“That day was truly memorable” Max murmured of their one good day before everything went topsy turvy with Tess’s arrival. The passion unleashed that day, if only they had followed it and hadn’t restrained, well, it would have prevented so much heartache and she might have the white picket fence today with Max and their children, and not have to watch him with Tess and Zane.

Feeding each other strawberries and chocolate, they fell back under the spell that was covering the room as strawberry juice and melted chocolate fell down between her breasts and he pushed her down and started to lick her completely clean, as she would exchange the favor moments later, and neither wanted to stop as they unleashed on each other, and hours would fly by.


“Can I talk to Brian Douglas?” Maria asked as she was sipping a margarita as she read through her shooting script. “Tell him it’s Maria Deluca, Liz’s best friend, thank you” she smiled as she waited to be connected. “Yes, Brian this is Maria. I know we haven’t met but Liz speaks highly of you, and I was curious if you were stopping by Roswell anytime soon because I think Liz misses you, and yet she has commented how you likely wouldn’t make it until the wedding, and that might be too long because the planning of the wedding has gotten to her” Maria brazenly lied. “It might be nice to see her fiancé for a few days at least.”

“Really,” Maria asked as she smiled. “That actually might be a good idea, because I know she misses you” she lied. “Yeah, she would like that if you offer that to her… Getting out of Roswell for a few days might be just what she will be looking for right now as you know wedding plans has gotten her stressed out and she could use a break,” she lied because she knew the last thing Liz was doing was planning her wedding. “I appreciate this, and I know Liz will too” she sighed. I am doing this to help you Liz


The next morning dawned before they knew it, and they were playing with the maple syrup that had come with the waffles as neither could leave the bed or break the spell as she moved down Max’s body with dozens of kisses that busted his composure, and soon after they were drenching each other each other together in the shower as they continued to kiss, and he backed her towards the back of the shower, and then she placed her legs around his waist as they were soaking wet and they found themselves back on the bed as he entered her and both were blown away and hours later she sat in the tub while Max slept as she tried to talk some sense into herself but found she couldn’t as she knew hours were ticking down before Max had to return to his real life, and back to his son, but she found herself caught up in the smuttiness of it all, as she heard the soft words, “Can I join you?”

“Yes,” she said immediately as she felt in heaven in his arms as they soaked in the tub together. “We should be getting up, didn’t we have plans to go to Cow Patties?” she asked softly.

“Yes, but this feel too good” Max said as he leaned down and kissed her shoulder as she felt falling under the spell of the weekend, as she felt him enter her in ways she never would have imagined a week ago as they made love in the tub, and found themselves in bed as they got caught up, and all plans for the night were lost…

They were lost in each other as they found themselves too entranced with each other, but a sudden burst of their bubble occurred as they laid in bed in each other’s arms’ and there was a knock on the door, and there was there a doorbell ring of her suite, and she knew it was trouble because she knew there was a still a Do Not Disturb still on the room.

“Oh god, who could it be?” Liz muttered as she grabbed the white robe, and left Max in bed and closed the door behind her, and went to the door and was shocked to see her fiancé standing at the front door, right in front of her…

The spell was broken.

And now she had to do some quick thinking…

“I wanted to surprise you,” Brian smiled. “What’s the Do Not Disturb doing on the door?” he asked.

“Well I can say that you did surprised me” Liz muttered as reality came colliding into her fantasy, and she knew instantly that one of her friends had to have organized this little surprise, and it likely had to be Maria to make the bubble burst between her and Max.…

Fuck! she swore under her breath as Brian leaned in and took her into his arms with a giant kiss.

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 8 - 11/01/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Nov 01, 2019 12:37 pm

Maria has real problems herself.......but was called in to stop Liz's folly.
And what a surprise it was.......Brian at the door, and there is not way in the world this is going to end up well.
Hurry back!

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If Walls Could Talk... Chapter 9 - 11/04/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Mon Nov 04, 2019 11:55 am

Max could hear Liz at the door and knew it wasn’t room service but someone unexpected as the voices got louder as the man had come into the suite, as he peeked through the door as she looked frantic in her robe, and instantly he knew who it was. Her fiancé. Quietly rushing to pick up his clothes, maneuvering into the closet as Liz allowed Brian into the suite and the bedroom. She knew it looked bad that she was in her robe, and the bed looked unmade as she thanked the lord that Max got out and knew he had to be in closet because there was no other way out without being seen. “I was having a bath and getting ready to go out to meet some friends” Liz lied as Brian finally noticed she was in the robe, and the messy bed but neither discussed it as Max stood silently into the closet. “Can you give me a minute to get dressed?” she asked quietly, as Brian nodded as he left the bedroom as she silently cursed the situation as the bubble burst as she opened the closet door and saw Max staring at her, as he handed her, her dress as she nodded but they didn’t dare utter a sound as she quickly got dressed, and left him in the bedroom as she closed the door behind him. “You told me you were busy in London,” Liz asked as she tried to manage this new reality. “Why come to Roswell and surprise me?”

“I am, but I am on the way to Las Vegas on hotel business, and I wanted to surprise you and maybe seduce you to come with me for a few days” as she couldn’t help but pale and knew that Max had to have turned white at the wording that Brian had used. “Since I know we haven’t seen each other since you came home, and so I wanted to see you…”

“I am glad you came,” Liz said softly as he kissed her, and Max wanted to throw up at the sight as he tried to stay out of the way as he watched his soulmate kiss her fiancé. Stopping, they walked back into the living room of the suite.

“Why don’t we go meet your parents and have dinner, and I can convince you to come with me to Vegas, huh, how about it?” Brian asked.

“I guess,” Liz said completely confused as the kiss had been completely been changed by her experiences with Max and was not earthshattering. She was totally confused as she nodded and she looked back and caught Max’s soulful eyes that were now full of angst as she quickly closed the door behind her, and Max was left alone in the hotel suite. Damn it, he muttered as he waited five minutes before letting himself out of the suite and locking the door with his powers on his departure.

Getting down to the lobby, he stopped himself as he saw Liz and Brian talking in the lobby and kissing, as his heart broke even more because now it seemed to him that she was more enthused away from him, and seemed to want to be with Brian, and while he wanted this for Liz, and knew he couldn’t be what Liz wanted, still it felt like a dagger in his heart to see her happy with another man after their mind-blowing weekend.

Her eyes met his, and she nodded as he stopped and watched her take Brian’s hand and leave the hotel together.

This was what he had wanted, right? But to see it in action was whole other thing, he muttered to himself under his breath as he walked to his car and drove back to his apartment and was in a bad mood when he walked into his apartment.

“You finally dragged yourself home?” Michael asked as he was watching a basketball game and looked up and stopped, “What?”

“Nothing,” Max said as he stormed into his room and slammed the door and stayed in his room the rest of the night as he had called Isabel and asked if she could keep Zane until the morning.


My morning, Michael was officially worried because Max officially had entered the realm that he was in when Liz first left Roswell, and it had taken a lot to get him out and he didn’t want to revisit that time as the door opened, and he saw his friend in Isabel. “What?” he said as he saw the look on Isabel’s face. “What is it?” Michael asked but he knew, and it could mean something bad had happened.

“So…” Isabel asked as he assessed his best friend. “How bad is he?”

“How do you know,” Michael asked as Isabel walked into the apartment as he looked for his pint-size roommate. “Where is the little guy?”

“Mom and Dad’s,” Isabel admitted. “They have plans to go shopping or at least Mom does, and she wants to spoil him” she smiled. “I figured that was preferable to coming back home, at least this morning.”

“I don’t get it; he’s been silent since coming home”

“Maria worked her magic and broke the spell, and reality has now arrived” Isabel muttered. “Kyle heard, I guess Liz’s fiancé Brian surprised her last night and has taken her off to Vegas for a few days…”

“Whoa!” Michael asked. “To elope?”

“Business, I think” Isabel admitted. “Sounds like he is in the business of hotels and he has business there… “So, how is he, how is my brother?” she murmured as they stared at the closed bedroom door.

“Silent!” Michael admitted as the bedroom door opened and a sickened looking Max graced the presence as Isabel cursed. “This is all her fault” she muttered as Max only shook his head. “Don’t blame her. This is all on me.”

“You knew she was with him…” Michael asked “So, to be confronted by it isn’t some surprise…”

“I did,” Max admitted. “But the reality of it hit me…” he sighed. “How would you have liked to have seen Maria with her husband?” he directed at Michael who paled. “Right, imagine that for me…”

“At least you know it’s real now,” Isabel murmured.

“I don’t need your negativity Isabel,” Max murmured as he slammed the fridge door shut after grabbing the tabasco sauce and eggs. “This is my life, and so you need to let me live it.”

“I don’t want you to be hurt, and she hurts you…” Isabel muttered.

“I hurt me, and Liz makes it all better” Max muttered. “I made my bed, so let me live in it and don’t draft anyone into trying to ruin my relationship with Liz, okay?” he murmured as Isabel only shook her head. “It’s not like I can be on some high ground sis, I am married. I love her, and I want her, so it’s all on Liz what she wants.”

“She’s engaged and getting married in less than two months” Isabel murmured.

“I know damn it,” Max muttered as stopped the breakfast prep and instead reached for the beer from the fridge and stormed back into his room as Michael only shook his head and muttered. “Stop it…”

“Why?” Isabel asked.

“Max is right, you need to let him lead his own damn life. Same with me, if he wants to be with Liz, let him. He knows what’s potentially risking and so do I. We can’t judge him.”

“Well, I can judge her…” Isabel muttered.

“So, what,” Michael muttered. “Do you know what it is like to love someone so completely that you’re lost without the other either. That is Max, and how he feels for Liz. Whether we like it or not. That is how I look at Maria, and I know I screwed it up and Max knows he’s screwed it up with Liz. He’s on the edge of losing the greatest thing in his life, and I know something about that… He knows what he is risking, but I can’t fault him for trying to be there for her and grabbing something that is special before the door closes completely. We both know Liz isn’t a person to cheat once she’s married…”

“I didn’t think she would be the person she is showing herself to be…”

“Fuck off Isabel,” Michael cursed as he exchanged a deadly glare at his friend. “You had a marriage that blew up, so you can’t completely judge us for choices we might make. You lied to Jesse about who you are, and we supported you the whole way. So, we might be screwing up now, so let us screw up and make our own choices” he ranted as she went white at the mention of her past marriage, and then angry.

“Don’t come crying to me when she wrecks him,” Isabel muttered as she stormed out of the apartment as inside his bedroom all Max could think and dream of was Liz, and how much he made him want to live, and he didn’t know what the future would be… as he drank the beer, and passed out drunk.


Neither did Liz as she sat in the private plane as they flew to Vegas. She could see how she had broken Max’s heart when she kissed Brian and now, she was full of mixed emotions as she tried not to think of the passion she felt for Max, and yet she felt something for Brian. She wasn’t cold, and Brian was a good guy who didn’t deserve what she was doing to him and so she agreed to come to Vegas with him even if memories of Las Vegas would always bring back Max to her, but she had to concentrate on her fiancé, and Max was married. So why should she end things with Brian when Max would never be free?

Because Tess was never going to allow Max to be free. All she had to do was concentrate on the present she thought as she kissed Brian who smiled as he tasted her. “Finally, you seem like you want to be here with me…”

“It’s just planning for the wedding, it’s stressful” Liz sighed as she lied thought her teeth.

“These few days will be a world of good for us,” Brian smiled. “I won’t be working all the time, and maybe we can have some fun.”

“I am looking forward to it,” Liz sighed as she tried to create warmth around the sentiment. “Once the wedding is over, then a lot of the stress will be over.”

“You know if planning the wedding is that stressful, we can just elope… We’re going to be in Vegas anyways, and I can make some arrangements and we can marry tonight…”

Liz jaw dropped at the proposal.

“How about it?” Brian asked. “Do you want to be my wife?”



A week later

Liz walked into the hotel suite and knew her life was changed forever, and she had to deal with the fallout as she put down her bag and looked around. She knew she had stayed longer because after Vegas, they stopped in Los Angeles for the weekend to visit Maria who had been stunned at her news.

“You’re certifiable my friend,” Maria whispered as they went for a walk down by the beach. “You go from bed with Max to Brian’s bed within hours, with a ring on your finger”

“Max is married,” Liz muttered. “Seeing Brian again, which by the way you engineered so don’t get all high and mighty on me. It was the clarity I needed. Max is never going to be free. Even if I can accept Zane, and he’s a cute kid who looks nothing like his mother, and very much like his father which makes it easy to love him. But Tess is never going to let him become free, and therefore it’s going to be a huge mess that will complicate our lives.

“You accuse me of being risky,” Maria muttered. “Sorry my friend you have me by a mile. Yes, Michael and I had a thing, but we both know how to define it…”

“Do you?” Liz asked.

“Okay, but I am not you who was in like a haze of sex with your ex-boyfriend and then end up married within hours of a weekend of bliss with another man” Maria asked.

“Max and I are over…” Liz muttered.

“Can you stand there and tell me when you see him again you can break it off?” Maria asked. “You couldn’t when you were simply engaged.”

“That is different, this is real life” Liz muttered.

“Yes, it is” Maria muttered. “I will still be coming back, in a week or so why don’t you tell me then if you can really stay away from Max when you told me yourself the sex is mind-blowing which I happen to know from my own alien, that it is hallucinogenic and easy to get caught up in so I understood why you did, but going back to Roswell is going to be an eye opener.”

“I know,” Liz admitted

And now she was walking into her bedroom and stopped still when she saw Max awaiting her on the bed. “How did you know?”

“The Maria gossip vine that now goes through Michael” Max muttered as he got up from the bed and walked towards the love of his life and looked at her ring finger. “You married him?”

“Yes,” Liz admitted.

“In Vegas where we got married?” Max asked.

“That was the other timeline and doesn’t count, Nevada is its own state Max” Liz sighed as she could barely deal with the hurt and pain in Max’s eyes and knew she had caused it, and it would eat at her in the coming day and weeks. “And plus, you are married.”

“Don’t I know it” Max admitted and cursed the ring on his finger even if it wasn’t physically on his hand these days, but the symbolism held power…

“So, don’t get so righteous about the fact I married my fiancé. We’re still going to have the wedding for family and friends, but I needed to do this to stop what we were doing Max. We were in a haze of sex and we weren’t thinking straight. You’re married and Tess will never give you your freedom.”

“That is not for her to decide. She’s in prison. I can sue for divorce if I want”

“Then why haven’t you?” Liz accused.

“I told you. I lost you, and it was my punishment” Max muttered. “You marrying Brian doesn’t change anything.”

“Yes, it does, because it makes it real. I don’t intend to hurt him anymore than I already have…”

“Did you tell him?” Max asked.

“Of course, not because it would only hurt him” Liz muttered. “I plan to remain faithful to my husband Max, and I had to do this so we could end…”

“I think you’re fooling yourself,” Max muttered as he approached her and she tried to stop him as he gently took her arm and touched her and she felt immediate warmth but she stayed still as he looked at her with his soulful eyes, and then kissed her and she melted in his arms and they passionately embraced and it seemed endless but she stopped herself.

“Max, we can’t” Liz said. “I am married…”

“And I respect that which is why I’ll stay away from you, but know I love you and you are the only woman I will ever love so I am here for you, which is why I wanted to give both of us a memory that we’ll always remember, so I am leaving, but if you need me…” Max murmured as he turned and walked out of the bedroom and moments later slammed the door behind him and she was alone.

All alone.

Sighing, she turned and went to the drawer where the envelope was, and she took it out… And she frowned when she saw the threat…

STAY AWAY FROM MAX! If you don’t marry your fiancé, then I will come for you and for him, and I will take no prisoners. If you want to protect Max from the authorities finding out what he did as Clayton Wheeler or Isabel or Michael for that matter, and your precious friend Maria’s big secret. Since I know who the father is of her bastard daughter, and I can blow up your little world…

How would Brian like knowing he is engaged to slut… who lied to him when you were a virgin and then you go and lose it to your married ex-boyfriend, and it wasn’t one night but on-going when you were engaged to him, and wearing his ring.

So, stay away from my husband and son…


Liz did. So, she married Brian to protect Max from Tess…

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 9 - 11/04/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Mon Nov 04, 2019 12:18 pm

I knew Tess would show her ugly face.

I want to slap Isabel for interfering in Max's relationship with Liz. She has always been jealous of Max's relationship with Liz.

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 9 - 11/04/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Mon Nov 04, 2019 3:12 pm

I've been through a whole range of emotions while reading this part.
First I was mad at Max for being jealous of Brian........after all he is married.
Then the surprise of Liz leaving with Brian and getting married in Vegas......
Only to finally find out in the end Liz was protecting Max. WOW!
You had me fooled.

Where do we go from here???

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If Walls Could Talk... - Chapter 10 - 11/06/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Wed Nov 06, 2019 12:58 pm

Max kept his word and he stayed away, and they stayed away from each other for the next month as the preparations were on for the larger wedding. Maria was now back in town, and she was trying to keep Liz away from Max. And it was largely working, as things crept up to be done but she told no one of Tess’s threat.

Maria was also successfully staying away from Michael.

Now Brian was due back in two days, and the wedding was the following week. She was having her last fitting for the dress, as she looked at it in the window. She looked like a bride, and she didn’t feel like one and she didn’t feel like a wife either. She felt eyes on her, and she turned and saw Max behind the glass of the bridal boutique as he recognized her, his eyes went wide and he walked away unable to stand watching the woman he loved in a wedding dress, preparing to marry another man.

And there wouldn’t be any dreams of stopping the wedding because she was already taken, and already married. The ceremony would be only for show and to break further Max’s heart.

Maria could only shake her head as she had seen Max’s eyes and knew the two were hopeless, but they were trying to be strong.

Then the door opened, and Brian walked in, and grinned when he saw Liz. “Your mother told me I could find you here…”

“You aren’t supposed to be here until Sunday” Liz said smiling when she saw him.

“Business finished up earlier than expected and I hopped on an earlier flight,” Brian smiled. “You look breathtaking, simply gorgeous.”

“You shouldn’t be seeing the bride before the wedding, and especially not in her dress” Maria muttered.

“She’s already my wife, so does it really matter?” Brian smiled and Liz shook her head and kissed him passionately, and Maria only muttered something undetectable and walked away and saw Max still watching, and she looked sad and he nodded as he had to turn away from Liz kissing her husband.

He walked away…

“You are bad,” Maria whispered to her best friend moments later. “That was cruel.”


Max stormed back into the apartment as both Michael and Zane looked up, and Michael immediately knew the kid didn’t need see his father in the mood which had been a every day appearance since it went south with Liz, and so he told Zane to grab his coat, as they were going to the park. Max noticed and calmed down, “Thank you...”

“It’s bad, huh?” Michael asked.

“She was trying on her wedding dress and he was there, and she couldn’t help but want to show that she’s happy as his wife, and I couldn’t stand it anymore.”

“Sorry Max,” Michael sighed. “One day this will get better.”

“It’s been four years for you and Maria, did it ever get better for you?” Max asked as he grabbed a beer, and Michael only shook his head and took the boy to the park as flashes played in Max’s brain of the passion, and he knew they had a made a big mistake of going there because it had been so much easier knowing that they hadn’t gone there and now they had, and he was screwed as the memories became too much as he grabbed another beer while at the park after the fitting Maria and Liz were spending time with the twins who loved the park, and getting into lots of mischief during their stay in Roswell. “I didn’t ask you to elope with the man” Maria muttered. “I just wanted to throw some cold water on you…”

“Well you did, and I agreed to do it” Liz lied because she remembered Tess’s threat. “To throw some cold on water on me myself,” she sighed. “I knew I was colliding into a major accident and I didn’t want that for, and for Max.”

“So, you’re just torturing him now” Maria asked.

“I didn’t ask him to walk past the boutique as Brian came in to surprise me” Liz sighed. “I do miss him, but this is the right thing for all of us. I am happy with Brian…”

“Something tells me not completely, and you didn’t have to put all your energy into the kiss when you knew Max was watching” Maria sighed as she sensed the mood in her friend and knew it wasn’t pure bliss that she should be feeling a week before her official wedding day, she sighed as she watched the twins as Liz nodded and got up. “Got to meet Brian at the Crashdown as we’re having lunch with my parents.”

“Good luck,” Maria smiled as she frowned when she saw that Michael and Zane were walking into the park as the boy ran to the playground and stopped and stared at the twins, who stared back. Despite all the time they had spent in Roswell; the kids hadn’t spent much time together, but they quickly started to race around the slide, as Michael groaned as he saw Maria. “Hello, no Max?”

“He’s probably passed out in his room by now” Michael muttered. “Liz did a number on him earlier.”

“She didn’t mean it,” Maria defended.

“She meant it,” Michael muttered as he paced around her as he kept watch of Zane. “You were supposed to dim the fire, not increase the carnage.”

“She surprised me,” Maria muttered. “I didn’t think she would elope with him given she was planning on the big wedding next week.”

“Well she did,” Michael gritted.

“Your friend is married remember…” Maria sighed. “She knows she won’t get the kind of life she wants if he’s tied to Tess as we both know she won’t allow a divorce without a fight, and she doesn’t want that for anyone and especially not herself” she murmured. “I know the feeling. Michael, the past hurt the first time. Neither of us want a repeat airing of it.”

“She shouldn’t have there with Max,” Michael muttered. “She increased the hurt when she knew she was still going to marry the guy in the end.”

“I know,” Maria muttered. “At least I am here for her…”

“When do you have to go back?” Michael asked softly as he they hadn’t repeated their trysts since she returned from California.

“Not until after Labor Day when I am needed for the custody hearing,” Maria sighed. “I never realized how much the quiet is nice here in Roswell as opposed to back there… and the girls love it here…”

“They seemed to be able to be normal,” Michael asked as he looked at the two blonde little girls, and again felt tug at what he missed by giving up and allowing Maria to leave. “Your husband is a jackass for not wanting them…”

“That he is,” Maria muttered. “I am glad to be rid of him.”

“What are you going to do after the hearing?” Michael asked.

“I don’t know, as I am on hiatus as I don’t have a film coming up as my agent thinks I should take a break until after the fallout from the divorce, and thankfully there is a gag order on the case but still, it could leak… and it’s a nightmare to be there right now, but the girls are starting in a learning program in the fall.”

“Already, they are what three?” Michael asked.

“They are very smart already as I don’t know where they get it” Maria muttered and laughed. “It’s certainly not the dumbass I married.”

Michael noticed Mia running off with Zane to pick up a ball that Bree had thrown, and neither paid much attention before they realized neither was coming back. “Where is Mia?” Maria asked. “Bree where did your sister go?”

“Where is Zane?” Michael asked the three-year-old.

“I threw a ball,” Bree said happily. “Very far, so they went to get it” she murmured as Maria and Michael got up and went searching for the two kids who they didn’t see anywhere. “Zane, Mia” they called.

“Zane, where were you?” Michael asked as he saw the boy come from behind the bushes.

“Got the ball,” Zane smiled.

“Don’t do that okay. Keep in our sight, okay as we don’t know who is out there, and you could be put in danger So, where is Mia?” Michael asked as Maria stayed close to Bree as waited to send the boy towards Maria and the girl.

“Behind the bush,” Zane said. “She cut her hand or something”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Michael asked shaking his head. “Go to Maria and Bree, okay?” he asked of the boy who nodded as she went to find the girl. “Mia, do you need help?”

“I am fine,” the pint-size little girl smiled as she came out of the bushes, with no traces of being cut.

“Zane says you hurt your hand,” Michael asked the little girl whose smile reminded him of Maria which made her even more endearing. “Can I see…?”

“See, nothing” Mia said showing her hand.

“Oh, okay. Zane must have been mistaken” Michael murmured as she saw the little girl bounce off and skipped back to Maria and he almost was dreaming it because he swore, he saw her hand glowing, a hint of green energy. “I am dreaming,” he muttered himself as he walked back following Mia.

“What’s wrong?” Maria asked confused by his reaction.

“Nothing,” Michael said. “Come on Zane, we better get home and check on your father” he muttered as he collected the boy and walked off as Maria felt something was off. “What’s going on Mia, what did you say to Michael?”

“Nope, didn’t do anything” Mia quipped in her way and Maria only shook her head. “Bree, know anything?”

“Zane says Mia cut her hand” Bree muttered but didn’t see anything on her sister as Maria got worried as she knelt in front of her daughter and checked the older twin of the two and found no scratches. “Nothing” she asked.

“See, I told you… I told Michael too…” Mia waved it off.

But the sense she got in looking into her daughter’s eye gave her a startled thought That can’t possibility be right, can it? she mused to herself as she though back four years and her face went white as memories came to her, “Mommy, what is it?” Mia asked.

“Nothing, Michael is right. Let’s get out of here. We’re having a family dinner tonight with Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Kyle and Aunt Isabel” she muttered, and she felt like her life had changed considerably in a span of a few seconds.

But Mia looked at her mother warily like she could read her inner thoughts Fuck! Maria swore as they walked back to her mother’s place.


“Pass the beer?” Michael asked as he sat with Max and watched a movie and that had all they had been doing since getting home as Isabel had interceded their return by stopping them outside the apartment and asked if Zane wanted to go to dinner at the Valenti’s home and spend more time with the twins. Zane jumped at it, because he found the twins to be lots of fun and in his mood that he had descended into in the wake of the park Michael also jumped at it and instantly brought out of the packs of beer as the two guys were now in sharing their moods that were in the dumps as both felt the weight of the world on them. “You know she would have told you if it was true?” Max assessed as Michael had told what he had witnessed and what he now wondered to be true.

“You would think,” Michael muttered as he took a sip of his beer. “But I didn’t want to commit back then and so she ran off… looking for fame and fortune which she ended up finding and the guy to give her a name”

“Still Maria is not that type of person” Max reasoned.

“Is Liz the type to cheat on her fiancé?” Michael asked crudely to Max’s glare as a response and muttered under his breath as he thought of Maria and the twins. “The girl was clearly glowing and had green energy.”

“Maybe it was your imagination?” Max asked. “She’s a kid. 3, right?”

“Yeah?” Michael muttered. “The timing is right on if it were mine…”

“You have to ask her…” Max muttered.

“Yeah,” Michael muttered as he chose the better option open to him, drowning his sorrows while they watched their old movie favorite, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 10 - 11/06/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Wed Nov 06, 2019 4:24 pm

Can't wait for this conversation between Michael and Maria......
Mia has exposed the secret!

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If Walls Could Talk... - Chapter 11 - 11/08/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Fri Nov 08, 2019 4:52 pm

Over the next week Michael didn’t approach Maria and she didn’t approach him as both tended to try to ignore the suspicion both had as they didn’t want to address it because saying it out loud only meant more chaos… Max on the other hand barely did anything beside spend time with Zane and work, as the days were counting down as the wedding approached. He officially had sent his regrets because he knew he couldn’t sit there and watch it, whether it was only a formality or not nor Liz did expect to see him. Only Isabel was going of the alien squad because she was Kyle’s plus one. Maria of course because she was maid of honor. But Max and Michael planned to take Zane to the zoo in Las Cruces because Max wanted to be as far away from Roswell as possible.

And now it was the night before the ceremony, and he was drowning his sorrows at Cow Patties as he waited for Michael to get off from his shift at the Crashdown. After weeks of annoyance he and Isabel were having drinks as they hadn’t much to talk about since everything broke down with Liz, and Isabel was irritated by her brother’s actions and so she spent her time with her nephew and kept her brother at arms length, which is how Max liked it as he didn’t need to hear her judgement. “I am sorry for not spending time with you…”

“I am sorry for how I treated all this,” Isabel muttered as she took a sip of her drink. “You don’t deserve the pain.”

“I did this to myself, as you shouldn’t be blaming Liz for it because I am one who did it to myself,” Max muttered. “All I want is for her to be happy…”

“I hope so. But can you be happy?” Isabel asked.

“I have to for my sake, and for Zane’s” Max admitted. “Michael and I are thinking of maybe going into business together…”

“Whoa, really, doing what?” Isabel asked.

“It’s still being discussed, Max sighed. “Maybe helping people, investigation… you know what we did when we were younger but less dramatic, but it’s something we’re batting around as I can’t stay at the Center much longer and expect to pay the rent we have to pay.”

“I hope you two find something,” Isabel sighed as the phone rang and he answered it and frowned. “I understand, yeah deal with it and let me know…”

“What?” Isabel asked.

“Michael bailed,” Max sighed. “He has to deal with something that came up?” Max murmured as he knew it was about Maria as he was finally coming to terms with wanting answers. “I know you have to get going.”

“I am meeting Kyle after he gets off from his second job” Isabel admitted.

“Then go, and I’ll be fine. I am going to just have another drink or two and take a taxi home as I am not driving.”

“I guess,” Isabel sighed.

“Go Isabel,” Max sighed. “I love you but it’s my life to lead, okay?”

Isabel nodded as she got up and left the bar, and Max sighed as he took another sip of his beer and wondered what he was going to do next, and then the door to Cow Patties and opened and he saw her and he groaned and she saw him and she frowned as they both knew they were…



“This was a mistake,” Maria muttered as she turned in bed and faced Michael who was laying there asking how it had come to this as she had only come over to talk and suddenly they were ripping off their clothes and ending up in his bed. “This was a mistake,” she muttered again.

“Yes,” Michael agreed as he got out of bed and grabbed his pants and looked at her in his bed. “We have to talk.”

“Yeah we do,” Maria agreed. “Which is why I initially was coming over and bagged on Liz. It’s the night before her wedding, and we had plans.”

“She’s already married,” Michael gritted.

“Still it’s a tradition on a day like this,” Maria sighed as she sat up in bed. “I wanted to be there for her today…”

“Why?” Michael asked.

“So, she doesn’t do something to screw everything up,” Maria admitted. “But then she can’t screw up her life anymore than I have with my own life” she sighed as she knew the details of the divorce were being hammered back in Los Angeles, and she told her lawyer that she would accept almost anything other than not giving up custody of Bree. So, the custody hearing might end up being a fight and yet she knew that Mia and Bree were sisters, and despite their odd genetics, they were twins and the judge wasn’t going to separate them. The question would be the support required by Richard. She knew she could support herself and the twins if she was only left with a dollar in support. But she needed her kids, and she wanted Richard to be forced to support them, both.

“So, are you going to let me in on what we both suspect?” Michael asked as he looked over at Maria who went pale. “Are we going to talk about it?”

“I don’t know what you think you know,” Maria asked.

“We both know what I suspect,” Michael sighed. “Look Maria I am not trying to make your life harder, but I just want you to know I know…”

“Michael, can we hold on to this talk until after the wedding as I don’t want anything messing up tomorrow,” Maria asked because she knew that she knew more than anything what Michael suspected and it would only cause a lot of pain and a lot of confusion, and she wasn’t ready to deal with it tonight.

“She’s married. Whether the day is a disaster or not, she’s already married” Michael demanded as he looked down at Maria.

“Still she deserves a day of memories,” Maria muttered. “Look I know she’s already looking at it as not her dream day because it’s not Max, but she deserves to have something memorable.”

“She did this to herself,” Michael muttered.

“That is cruel Michael,” Maria cringed. “Look, Max is married, and why shouldn’t she want to be happy? To grab something with a guy who loves her and wants to be there for her… and wants to be everything to her.” Maria cursed as she got up and stood and glared as she was almost in a stare down with Michael over secrets, they both knew were on the cusp of being revealed.

“Is that what it was for you. I couldn’t give you what you wanted, so you went out and made sure you got it?” Michael taunted.

“Of course not,” Maria sighed. “I didn’t look for any of it. Yes, I wanted more from us, and you weren’t ready to give that to me and so I started to look out for my own future, but I didn’t set out asking for any of it…”

“It seemed to me that you did,” Michael asked.

“I didn’t go there looking to immediately settle down. I loved you Michael. You weren’t ready and I recognized that, but I wanted my shot at a future, and I got that…”

“Yeah you did,” Michael muttered. “And Richard found out afterwards the extent you went to, didn’t he?” he asked as she became outraged and slapped him as he was forced back by the weight of the slap and he cursed himself for showing his anger. Which is something he never wanted to do with Maria. “Sorry, I guess I deserve that.”

“Yes, you did. I wasn’t a slut Michael. Yes, I was a little more friendly than I wanted to be and I admit it but we broke up and I was in a new city so I was having fun, and you have no right to judge me” she muttered as she grabbed her pants and got dressed and grabbed her bra and shirt. “I am going before we say something we don’t want to say.”

“Look I am sorry,” Michael tried.

“I wanted to be your wife Michael,” Maria revealed. “I wanted to settle down here, but you didn’t want me, and so I had a right to go where I was wanted, and I had a right to be with someone who wanted me.”

“I wanted you,” Michael muttered.

“For the physical, the sex, but anything else that got too emotional, you weren’t ready. I get that because not everyone is Max and Liz because we both know if the cards were stacked up right that they would be happily married today if it wasn’t for Tess so I know we’re not them, but you didn’t want to be there for me, really there Michael so I had a right to go where I could get that support…”

“I know,” Michael muttered because he knew she was telling the truth. Back then, he wasn’t ready to commit in the ways that Maria wanted. He was too unsettled, and he didn’t believe he could settle down with a wife and kids and truthfully, he didn’t know even if he had known Maria was pregnant back then, and that the baby had a chance of being his, what he would have done.

“I need to go,” Maria sighed. “We will talk about that other matter, but not tonight when we’re both too emotional.”

Michael nodded as he watched her leave, and knew that is what he risked, losing her again and watching her leave and knowing it would affect two tiny faces.


They gravitated together and they tried to show restraint as they stood and sat at the bar and poured shots down their throats and neither wanting to think about what was happening the next day. For Liz, she should be in newlywed bliss because she was already and the big day was for show, and for her parents to know they gave her away after walking her down the aisle. She wanted that for her parents, and her father and she wanted that memory, but she knew she wasn’t being walked down to her dream guy.

Because that dream guy was right next to her, and she didn’t have his ring on her finger. She had someone else’s.

A great guy and someone who loved her, for who she was, and to know he didn’t have a psycho wife, or even ex looking for revenge and therefore she knew she wasn’t going to be looking at danger, or death daily. It was nice and normal, and happy, and that is what she should be wanting.

But he wasn’t Max, and she missed Max. She missed the mind-blowing sex. She had only slept with Brian once since their wedding in Vegas, on their wedding night. Since then she had put him off saying that she wanted to wait for the official wedding, because she knew the one night was not anything like what she had experienced with Max.

And she missed it and she knew she was looking a life of normal, unmemorable sex with someone who loved her, but she didn’t truly…

Because she loved Max.

So, they stood and sat and didn’t talk because it would bring the weight of the night to both and they didn’t want that…

They just drank and then at closing, they silently got in the same cab and instead of back to her hotel where Brian slept in a separate room since she wanted to keep tradition of not seeing the bride before the wedding as the cab stopped at the motel outside of town and they walked to a room and opened it, and walked in, and closed the door behind it.

Behind the doors, they didn’t talk as he leaned in and kissed her and she let the dress was wearing pool to the floor and she pushed him to the bed, and he changed the plans and turned the situation where he was on top of her, and as his shirt and pants got removed as he kissed her breasts, and felt her intoxicating skin, and knew tonight was a good-bye to what they had together, but neither wanted to admit it as he entered her and she felt herself overcome from the passion and the tenderness he was showing and then the wildness they both had in them as she rode him and knew she was making a sacrifice in giving up a chance at true love, and knowledge that she was never going to have what she was having on this night again, as neither knew what was being unleashed that night.

As hours later, his eyes opened, and she was gone.

And a note was on the pillow, and all it said was Good-bye!


“Are you ready?” Maria asked hours later as she stood in the bridal room of the church and waited for the ceremony to start. She hadn’t told her best friend what she had done the previous night as she didn’t have any regrets, and Maria didn’t tell her best friend what happened between her and Michael or what was on the edge of being revealed in the aftermath of that day as Liz stood in her pillowy white dress and didn’t feel like the princess she was looking like on this day.

“Yes,” Liz said as she knew she couldn’t back out now since she was already married, and this was all for show.

Isabel was sitting out in the audience next to Kyle as she had seen both Max and Michael that morning when she arrived to pick up Zane as a change of plans had been made as neither men were prepared to go to the zoo so they had asked Isabel to drop Zane off at his parents, as neither wanted to do much of anything that day except stay silent and stay in the apartment. For some reason Michael was a bigger mess than even Max was, as she saw that he was a drunken mess, as Michael was already pouring himself a glass of beer and handing one to his buddy. So, Isabel could only shake her head and leave with Zane, so that she kept her promise to stay out of their private lives. “I want this day to be over with…”

Kyle nodded and knew what it was symbolising for everyone, as the twins started to walk down the aisle as flower girls in their baby pink dresses, and looking very cute and sweet as moments later Maria walked down the aisle in her pink maid of honor dress and then moments later on her father’s arm, Liz appeared at the top of the aisle and started to walk down, and got to Brian and they took each other’s hand.

Outside the church, a car pulled up, and a man got out and walked up into the body of the church and saw the sign that indicated where the Parker - Douglas ceremony would take place there, and he stood at the doorway, and watched the vows being said.

Liz felt eyes on her but didn’t dare look, but Maria did and wanted to sigh deeply as he saw the angsty eyes of Max as he watched Liz say her vows and watch as Brian put the ring on her finger.

I give you Brian and Elizabeth Douglas the priest said, and Max turned around and walked out of the church and got in the car which Michael drove, and asked to go to the nearest bar which was of course was Cow Patties and so they spent the day getting drunk, and barely made it home and passed out on the couch in front of the television as news came on of the Douglas wedding as Liz in her wedding dress came out with her new husband on the church steps, and got into the limousine that would take her to her honeymoon.

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 11 - 11/08/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Nov 08, 2019 7:50 pm

Maria and Michael laid their cards on the table......mostly concerning Michael's lack of commitment.
What will happen with the twins??
Can't believe Max and Liz got together one more time......Liz continues to play with fire.
Max was right though......he did this to himself.....
Can't wait to see what happens next.

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 11 - 11/08/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Sat Nov 09, 2019 10:08 am

Isabel needs to realize that Max and Michael are responsible for their situations.

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