Night on the Balcony ADULT 1/1 (Z/L)

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Night on the Balcony ADULT 1/1 (Z/L)

Post by DMartinez » Wed May 18, 2005 12:14 am

Author: DMartinez
Disclaimer: I own nothing… not even this damn computer. Characters portrayed in the following work belong to Metz, Katims and 20th Century.
Rating: ADULT
Summary: Liz gets some.
Pairing: L/Z
Note: One parter. Or was intended as one. Shortly will be posting the Prequel.

Night on the Balcony

It was a strange house but I wandered out onto a balcony to get some fresh air. My friends were having a blast at the costume party. The glass doors and their flimsy little curtains did nothing to cloak the fine time going on behind them. I just needed to get away. Too much noise, too many people and too much party punch had sent me outside with a mild case of the shakes. I was tipsy enough not to let my rampant acrophobia get away with me. Eyes closed and leaning over the railing, I didn't even startle when the doors opened behind me. It had to be Max that steadied me. His large hands caressing my hips, wandering over my ass. He must have had the punch too.

Underwear getting wetter by the second, I straightened to lean back into the hard body I loved. When his erection stabbed me in the back, I flushed. Whether it was the booze for just the intense need to get it on, who knew. Getting wild outside was hot, in a strange house, hotter. I had to thank Maria for talking me into the wench costume later. The laces were knotted tight, so the corset was staying put. The skirt, however, could be lifted, the bodice was cut just under the breasts. It was too perfect.

His hands smoothed over the tight fabric around my middle before they dipped between my legs. Fingers against my trembling thighs, drawing my skirt up. I wrapped my hands around his neck to steady myself. Hot, burning mouth on my neck… sucking on that spot just behind my jaw. I nearly wilted then. Nimble fingers jerked my panties aside and rubbed. I ground my hips into his hands until I was almost there. Unbidden, his hands moved around my thighs, smearing my juices around. My skirt fell in front as it was lifted from behind. As he fumbled with his fly, his knuckles bumped my ass.

The weeping head of his cock smeared one exposed ass cheek when he yanked the fabric aside. One hand held my hips in place while the other pushed my shoulders forward. I bent over the railing once more. I ached and burned for the hot cock rubbing against my ass. I felt him lean into me before his hands snaked around to my breasts. I shut my eyes and bit my lip to keep from giggling when he realized most of what he had in his hands came with the dress. After a moment, I spilled from the bodice and into his teasing hands. He ground against my ass and molded my breasts until I was sweating, flushed with want.

I felt his heartbeat in his cock between my thighs. One hand released my breasts and snuck back into my skirt. I sighed at the tearing sound. With one mighty grunt, he was inside me and I couldn't move. My toes barely touched the ground and my hips lay hard against the railing. After two more hard thrusts, his hand returned to its busy work teasing my nipples. The cool air contrasted sharply with the warmth of his hand. My body jerked when he resumed his rhythm. He drew me tight against his chest as his thrusting turned into pounding turned into a jackhammer that would imprint that railing into my flesh.

The bodice cut my lung-span in half, the danger of hyperventilation very real but seriously aiding my gasps to be audible. The sound wasn't something I knew I could make and it drove me further. My knees bent, wrapping around his legs as the only anchor I had. Sweat broke out on my chest making his fingers slip over my skin. He pinched at my hard nipples before that naughty hand slipped back down between my legs and rubbed quickly over my clit. So fast, so hard. I had to let go of him and hold onto the railing for all I was worth. Close, so close. Harder. Faster. Deeper… deeper… faster… harder.

With a huge gasp of cold air, I came all over that railing. Thighs trembling, toes curling, knees banging and hips jerking. Then I felt him coming in deep sweeping penetrations, moaning all the while. His flying hips slowed with every upstroke until we both sagged, boneless, on that railing. My hips still jerked against his hand when his finger slid against my soaked clit. I gasped for air, pulling the sweet night air into my overwrought lungs.

When he finally stood, he pulled his red? boxers up before he refastened his pants. Yanking the fake boobs up to cover my own, I thought about it. I had watched him get dressed. He was wearing black boxers, wasn't he? Then he leaned over me. "Sorry about the panties. I won't tell 'im if you won't."

Fucking Zan.

The END.