Color of Betrayal (UC Mature Adult) A/N 12-2-06 [WIP]

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Color of Betrayal (UC Mature Adult) A/N 12-2-06 [WIP]

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Title: Color of Betrayal

Author: andi04 a.k.a. Spacegirl04

Genre: Polar Roswell

Summary: The sequel to Aliens Versus Humans. The story takes off three weeks later: Nobody knows what happened to Max, Maria is still in denial about Darin/Kivar, and, even with the explosion, the ship somehow managed to leave the earth’s atmosphere. With all this upheaval in her life, Liz decides to take a break from school. She and Michael went back to Cambridge and packed up her apartment. And, in the meantime, Liz’s parents sold the CrashDown and moved to Phoenix.

Spoilers: none

Rating: Mature Adult Sexual situations, violence, language, death.

Couples: Most likely going to end up UC.

Disclaimer: I own nothing that would be jason katims and whoever else, I am not making any profits off of this...
Author’s Note: Part two to the series; we will see how far this will go.

I’d like to thank my beta; she knows who she is. I’d also like to thank Laura for helping with the wonderful title and help in getting my muse started with the first chapter; I’d also like to thank Tess Harding for the banner. I would also like to thank all the people who left feed back and read Aliens Versus Humans, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this.

Music Inspiration for this chapter: Sarah Mac Lachlan, Fallen.

<center>Chapter One</center>

Maria woke up with sweat dripping from every possible part of her body. She was literally gasping for air. The only thing she ever remembered from the nightmares was being pulled back by Kyle and Michael. There was a lot of fire and then they were out in the desert. She swears she heard Max screaming for help, but then she realized it was her own screams waking her up in the middle of the night.

It had been three weeks since the day that everything had gone so terribly wrong. She kept trying to remember how things had become so messed up, but she couldn’t. She just knew that she missed her boyfriend Darin, and now she was grieving for Max Evans - a person she had always been somewhat close too, a man whom she had admired. The kiss made everything that much more confusing.

Amy De Luca, Maria’s mother, had heard her screaming and came running in. Maria had to tell her Mother the truth about the aliens, she could no longer continue lying to her Mother. Michael and Isabel agreed that it was probably necessary; she needed to protect her mother from harm.

She wished she had thought to have a camera ready to capture the look on her mother’s face. It was a priceless moment, she would admit that. She thought she heard her mother’s jaw actually hitting the floor. Amy just looked at her daughter. She tried to speak but no words came out. Only then did she manage to say: “I always thought there was something off about that Tess girl.” She shook her head and started to clean; Amy always cleaned when she was stressed out.

They hadn’t talked about aliens or anything relating to aliens for two weeks. Amy was having a hard time accepting things. She owned an alien themed shop, and now that shop would have an entirely new meaning for her - an inside joke to her and her daughter - because now they knew the truth.

Michael said she could call at any time of the day or night, but she knew he was only being nice. Besides she didn’t want to talk to Liz and it would more then likely happen if she did call. She was still angry at the betrayal.

“Maria, are you alright?” Amy sat at the edge of the bed, and tried to comfort her daughter.

“I’m fine,” she lied. “I need to shower. I have to go visit Alex today,” she said, just getting air back to her lungs.

“I can drive you.” Amy stood up as her daughter got out of bed.

“I need to do this alone,” she said without life in her voice.

“Is this about Max Evans honey?” Her mother hesitated before saying his name. They all believed him to be dead.

“Mom, I really don’t want to talk about this right now,” Maria said drained of energy. “I just want to take a shower and go visit Alex.” She walked towards the bathroom, grabbing a towel.

“I’ll make some breakfast.” Amy headed towards the kitchen.

Maria shut the bathroom door. She reached into the medicine cabinet and grabbed some cypress oil. It helped to calm her nerves, and her nerves were shot. A doctor would have probably had her committed for the story she told her mother.

She turned the shower on. The hot water always helped her wake up in the morning. It was six a.m., after all, and she hadn’t gotten up this early since she left Cambridge.

She took her robe off and stepped into the shower, wishing she could wash her memories away as easily as she could wash away the dirt off her skin. She couldn’t stop the flashes that came to her mind. Most of the time they were memories but sometimes they wouldn’t fit. She couldn’t piece together what the other flashes were.

She wanted to call Liz and ask her questions about her new founded abilities, but she wasn’t over the anger and the hurt yet. It didn’t matter that she and Michael had been broken up for a couple of years. It still hurt that her own best friend would betray her. She saw red that day. Was red the color of betrayal?

When she finished shampooing her hair and soaping her body, she got out of the shower. She got dressed. She was just going through the motions of living. She was mourning for a person who could still be alive. Why was she torturing herself?


Michael decided to give Liz a chance. Relationships didn’t work well for him but she was different than Maria. She wasn’t pushy and she didn’t expect him to change into someone else. He was who he was, an alien hybrid, living on planet earth.

He laid on his bed wide awake. He hadn’t slept in three weeks, partly because he was worried about Max. Was he dead or alive somewhere? Nobody but Max knew the answer to that question.

He looked next to him and saw a beautiful brunette, whom had stayed by his side throughout the entire ordeal. Kivar was a mad man and would stop at nothing until he got what he wanted. It was just a matter of time.

But Michael had some things to take care of before he went on a witch hunt for Kivar’s head. He had to make a payment to the house that he just bought. He had to find a new job.

The Parkers closed the CrashDown after they learned the truth. They needed a change of scenery, they had made enough in sales to retire nicely.

Mr. Parker gave Michael and Liz a down payment to the house. That was three weeks ago. Jeff told Michael to protect his daughter and to make sure that nothing ever happened to her. He said he felt safe with Michael watching after her. Liz cried for two weeks, after her parents moved away; that made the entire situation that much more difficult.

So, their small group of friends were now known about - at least by the parents of each friend. Jeff Parker and Phillip Evans had their suspicions earlier but were quickly swayed into other issues. They couldn’t lie to Mr. Evans about what happened to Max, although it was bad enough his wife, Diane, was killed by one of them.

At least they didn’t have to run anymore. They were safe for the time being. Sheriff Valenti was in charge again. He was one of them. He was healed by Max at Meta Chem. Jim had called Michael one evening to discuss his “changes”. He was shocked, to say the least. He was having similar effects that Liz had. He would touch something and it would melt, or he would trickle with green electrical currents.

Kyle had developed his powers early on and he was the one who saved them. Using meditation, he was able to control his abilities.

Isabel moved in with her father on a temporary basis. She was enrolled at Las Cruces University. She was close by in case she needed to up and disappear in the event of the alien abyss. She said she needed to do something that was ‘normal’ and college was normal for her.

Michael couldn’t argue with her. He wasn’t king; Max was. A part of him wanted to believe that if Max had died then he would be king again, but for some reason it didn’t happen this time. He was grateful because the last time he went evil. He was hoping that meant that Max was alive somewhere and unable to get back.

Then he was plagued with nightmares of that giant fire ball. He would never see anything else other than the giant fireball. The ship didn’t explode, but it didn’t stay either, which was why everything remained a mystery.

He was lucky he talked Liz into moving back to Roswell, otherwise she would have stayed in Cambridge. He went and helped her move her stuff out. It only took a couple of days.

Liz had yet to give Maria her stuff back. He guessed that Maria would come for it when she was ready.

Michael looked at the clock. It was just after six. He missed sleeping but he didn’t mind lying awake next to his beautiful girlfriend. He felt Liz moving around in bed She was restless. It happened a lot lately.

There was something about Liz Parker that brought out the best qualities in him. But she never expected him to change; she liked him just the way he was.

“Can’t sleep?” she said as she sat up and leaned against the headboard.

“Nope,” he answered as he sat up so he was eye level with her.

She moved closer to him and wrapped her arms around him. She knew he was hurting about Max. She was hurting herself. They were good comfort for each other, though not everyone else saw it that way.

She started to kiss his neck. It was moist with sweat. It didn’t bother her she liked the way he tasted.

Michael pulled her so she was sitting across his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck and they began to kiss. She could feel his emotions with every movement. Her heart skipped beats. She felt like a high school girl and getting her first kiss - that is what it was like with Michael. She loved him and she wouldn’t deny it for anyone.

Michael gently pulled off her pajama top, a spaghetti strap tank top. He caressed her arms as they kissed. She pulled off his shirt to expose his tight abdomen. She reached for his boxers, removing them.

She was now positioned on top of him, never breaking the kiss, inhaling his scent, memorizing what his touch felt like. It was like walking through a rose garden on the perfect summer day when the weather was just right; you could stop and actually smell roses.

She moaned when she felt Michael inside her. They moved together so perfectly. Making love was something so unimaginable, and too hard to explain to someone else. It was a power between two people who shared the same views on their situation. She always saw into his soul because he let her. He never shut her out unless he needed to be alone.

As they were making beautiful love, Liz was seeing different images - mostly stuff that happened three weeks ago: the night he came to the bar she worked at, the night they ended up driving forever to get to nowhere, the morning that Max disappeared, then she saw it; something she hadn’t expected to see but a sign of hope? She stopped kissing Michael and looked at him. She had a smile on her face, “He’s alive.”

Michael didn’t want to stop in this moment but he wanted to ask her how she knew that. She did have a gift for seeing the future and she was hardly ever wrong. He moved to kissing her neck, a sign that he wasn’t ready to talk about this yet. She just let it go for the time being. She lifted up his chin and looked into his eyes, so beautiful and radiant. His eyes were watering. She knew that kissing him would help him. She felt him release inside of her.

She didn’t want to stop but she knew they needed to discuss this Max situation, which would mean they had to go looking for him. He would have to call Isabel. He would have to call everyone and they would have to be warned that something could possibly be happening.

She didn’t know if she should say it out loud but she couldn’t resist. A part of her knew he felt the same way, but what if it scared him off? She wouldn’t know unless she tried. “Michael,” she paused as she moved back to her side of the bed.

He just looked at her without saying a word. He had a feeling about what she wanted to say.

“I need to shower and call Isabel.” He stood up, walked over to her side of the bed and kissed her on the forehead. “Go back to sleep. I’ll take care of everything.” He disappeared into the bathroom.

Liz sighed and got out of bed. She was to stressed out to sleep now. He obviously knew what she was thinking and stopped her from making a complete fool of herself. He was right; there were more important things to discuss. She went into the kitchen; cooking would help ease her mind, though she still wasn’t very good at it.


Maria sat Indian style on Alex’s grave. She brushed off the dirt and dead flowers and leaves and put fresh red roses in the small vase that was provided. Mr. Whitman added Alex’s picture to the tombstone. Tears started to stream down her cheeks. She didn’t know what to say. Maybe she would ask him for advice. Then again, if he actually answered her, she would have to wonder about her sanity. It was seriously on thin ice.

“Well, you probably know why I’m here.” She paused laughing at herself. “Well, as you know the last three weeks have been hell, and trust me when I say that is not an exaggeration.” She let out a heavy sigh. “Alex, we miss you so much. Everything has changed. Liz and I are barely on speaking terms and, well, I won’t even bring Michael into this conversation, though he is the reason Liz and I aren’t on speaking terms.”

She felt a hand on her shoulder. It startled her. She looked up and Alex Whitman was standing behind her. He was wearing a black jogging suit. He reached for her hand, and helped her to stand up. She had been sitting for only a few moments. She was stumbling over her words. “Alex… but you your dead.” She pointed to the grave.

“Thanks for the reminder. You always did have a way with words.” He smirked. “Well, don’t just stand there. Don’t I get a hug from one of my best friends?”

Maria was still in shock. “Uh, okay.” She leaned into hug him. She didn’t want to let go because right now she needed a real friend. “How is this possible?”

“Well, I’m actually just a part of your very vivid imagination… and you’ve changed Maria.” He looked at her with seriousness.

“If that isn’t the understatement of the year.” She pulled away from his hug.

“I had to explain this to Isabel as well. It must be part of the alien hybrid DNA.” He smirked.

“She comes by a lot doesn’t she?” Maria sighed.

“Well, not so much lately but you know why that is.” He winked at her.

“Yes, we had a rough three weeks. I’ll just leave it at that, unless you can give me some insight as to what happened to Max,” she said with hope.

“All I can say is things aren’t as bad as they seem, only as you perceive them to be.” He smirked again.

“Is that metaphor talk for, ‘I can’t tell you the answers you already know them.’” She smirked back.

“You got it.” He grabbed her hand.

“So, somewhere the answer is in my mind and it’s probably the obvious. Max is dead, isn’t he?” She looked at her friend.

“I’ll leave you with this: keep your friends close, especially in these trying times. You will need them.” Before she could say anything else he vanished.

“Alex, please come back. I need more time with you, please,” she said as she sat down on the grave.

She heard a faint voice. “Forgiveness.”

“I knew all of those Joan of Arcadia episodes were a waste of time.” She sighed and stood up. She started to walk back towards her car.

As she was walking she saw someone else walking towards the grave. She had to squint to see clearly. Maybe she was hallucinating again.
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Music Inspiration: Sarah Mac Lachlan, Stupid: “I will remember you”

<center>Chapter Two</center>

The image was clearer with each step the person took. It was Isabel. Maybe Alex was wrong… unless she was here to visit her mother. In any case, she needed to do both, the poor girl… er, alien… needed to grieve for both losses. Her short lived relationship with Jesse had proved that; he left after he knew the truth. Maria always wondered if Jesse would come back after he had some time to deal with the information.

Isabel was actually walking straight toward Maria, which in itself was a small miracle because the two had never spoken more then two words to each other in high school. She wiped the tears from her already stained face and straightened her black ensemble.

“Hey, Maria,” Isabel said with hardly any enthusiasm.


“I was just here to see my Mother, then speak to Alex.” Isabel looked over Maria’s shoulder and could see the image of Diane standing in the background.

“I was just visiting Alex; I needed to talk to a real friend.” She half smiled.

Isabel hesitated before answering. “Does he appear to you as well?”

“Yeah, and let’s just say its kind of a rush. It never happened before the changes,” Maria said with a little sarcasm.

“I was shocked the first time it happened myself.” Isabel wasn’t trying to be mean, but she needed to visit her mother who was patiently waiting.

“Well, I should let you go see your Mother.” Maria turned around, and then faced Isabel.

“I’m sorry about what happened with Liz and Michael. If it makes you feel any better, I never would have guessed that they had feelings for each other,” Isabel said with honesty.

“You and me both.” Maria started to feel a little better about that situation.

“If you need anything, feel free to call me. I know how confusing this alien stuff can be,” Isabel said as she started to walk towards her mothers grave.

“I’ll keep that in mind. And thanks, Isabel,” Maria said as she watched Isabel walk towards her mother.

“Anytime. And I mean it; call me if you need to.”

“I will,” Maria said to herself as she walked towards the Jetta.


Liz sat at the small table in the kitchen. Michael was taking a long shower on purpose - did she just ruin the best thing in her life. She shook her head as she poured Tabasco sauce on her scrambled eggs. At least she didn’t leave pieces of the shell inside the eggs; Michael hated that. She took small bites patiently waiting for him to join her.

She finally heard the shower turn off. It would be any second now. If he avoided her at breakfast she knew she did something wrong. She tried to put it out of her mind. She looked at the old fashioned clock on the wall above the refrigerator. It was now 7:00 AM, still to early to call Maria. She desperately needed her best-friend at this point, but she understood Maria’s anger. She would have been angry if it were the other way around. She now realizes that she can’t be mad at Maria if Max comes back and he wants to start a relationship with her best-friend.

She stood up and shoved the eggs into the sink. She wasn’t hungry anyway. Maybe she would go for a run in the park. She hadn’t done that in ages. It helped her clear her mind.

As she was washing the white dish, she heard Michael enter the kitchen. That was a good sign. He sat down at the table.

Michael watched Liz. She was still in her pajama top and underwear. It was stifling in the house because Michael wouldn’t let her turn the air on.

She turned around. He was eating - another good sign - but as soon as she left he would throw the eggs into the sink. He just ate to please her. She knew she was a terrible cook.

“I’m going for a run,” Liz said as she brushed by Michael. He was wearing nice clothes. He was going to look for a job.

“Since when do you run?” he asked as he grabbed her by the elbow. “You’re getting better at cooking eggs. No shells. I’m impressed,” he said, full of himself.

“Thanks,” she said in a one word answer. She knew he would be upset by the way she answered.

“What did I do?” he said, pulling her onto his lap. He wasn’t going to leave the house with a fight brewing.

“Nothing,” she lied.

“It has to be something otherwise you would answer with more then one word.” He smirked as he added more Tabasco to his eggs.

“Well, do you want to know or are you just curious?” she said playing him right back.

“I want to know how you know that Max is alive.” He pulled her chin so she was looking right at him; he knew she couldn’t resist that.

“You’re evil; you know that.” She smirked giving him a quick kiss before he took a bite of the bland eggs. “I saw him in a vision.” She let him take a bite of his eggs.

“I know that, but that doesn’t mean he is alive or even on this planet. Kivar could have him on Antar and then he would be lost to us,” Michael said as he chewed.

“Not necessarily. Don’t you have another contact here on earth?” she reminded him. “Max told me his name was Kal Langley and he lived in Los Angeles.”

“Well, that isn’t an option,” Michael said with a gruff tone. “There has to be another way.” He looked directly into her eyes.

“Don’t look at me,” Liz said standing up.

Liz started walking towards the bedroom. She started to get really bad stomach pains and hunched over. This was new. She was getting intense visions of a man she didn’t know, then darin popped up in her mind. She knew it was Darin and not Kivar. Darin was alive? She had trouble moving. She was going to call out to Michael but she felt him holding onto her, trying to help her to the couch.

“Darin’s alive. Maria needs to know,” she said gasping for air.

“We need to get you to a doctor,” Michael said in an ordering tone.


Isabel stood in the cemetery. She had just started talking to her mother. She felt an odd sensation, then she felt a presence. Was it Max? She looked at Diane. “Mom, is Max alive?” She looked with teary eyes.

“Honey, I love you, but I can’t tell you that.” Diane touched her daughters shoulder.

“Mom, please. It’s really important. I wouldn’t ask unless it was really important.” She was holding her mother’s hands now.

“It’s against the rules. I can’t interfere.” She looked at Isabel with sad eyes.

“You could if it were a life and death situation, couldn’t you?” Tears started to stream down Isabel’s face. She saw Alex off in the distance.

“It’s just we’ve lost so many people that are close to us. You know I couldn’t take it if something else happened,” she pleaded with her mother’s ghost.

“You have a way of communicating with him. You’re just too pre-occupied to realize it,” Diane said in a motherly tone.

“You mean dream walking, don’t you?” Isabel hesitated.

“It’s one of your powers isn’t it?” Diane questioned.

“I’m too burnt out. I haven’t been able to use my powers for three weeks. Besides, Kivar did something to me,” she said with sadness.

“You have help. Just look around you. You’ll find the answers you are looking for.” Diane hugged her daughter. “I have to go now. There is someone else is waiting for you.” She looked towards Alex. Isabel turned to look. By the time she looked back her mother had vanished.

She started to walk towards Alex. He met her half way. They stood in the middle of the cemetery.

“I was wondering if I was ever going to see you again,” he said with a smirk.

She wiped the tears from her eyes. “How come you can’t help us?” she asked with anger lacing her voice.

“It’s not our job to help, but to watch,” he said placing a hand on her shoulder.

“What is with the metaphors? A simple yes or no would suffice.” She was pissed now.

“If life were that easy I’d still be living in it,” he chuckled, realizing that wasn’t a good idea. “Your friends will help guide you through this difficult time. Trust them. Things will work out.” Alex vanished.

Isabel was so angry at both Alex and her Mother. She needed to talk to Michael. Would they even be up this early? Why did she talk to the dead instead of the living? At least they wouldn’t speak in metaphors. Was it so hard to just say what you meant? She stormed out of the cemetery and to her new car.

She slammed the door shut, and just sat in the driver’s side. She rested her head on the steering wheel and cried. That was all she could do at the present time. Life was so frustrating. She started the car to the beige Toyota. Her CD blared Sarah Mc Lachlan, and the song Fear was still on. She was ready to chuck that CD out the window, but then remembered Alex burned it for her.


Maria drove to Kyle’s. She didn’t know where else to go. She knew he would be up this early for meditation. She hated to interrupt him, but some things were just more important. She pulled into the driveway. She could already smell the incense burning. It smelled awful, like an animal crawled under their house and died.

She got out of the car and walked towards the backyard. She opened the gate and there he was in his Buddha glory - Buddha statue and all. She had to clear her throat to keep herself from laughing. She knew he was into it, but she didn’t realize how much he was into it.

Kyle was just getting into stage five of his meditation, when he was rudely interrupted. He sighed, “Whoever it is better have a life and death situation or there is going to be hell to pay.” He stood up and turned around. “Why doesn’t this surprise me? What do you want?”

“Kyle, look, I’m sorry for interrupting.” She took her hand and waved it across her nose the smell was atrocious. “But I just came back from visiting Alex, and I really needed to talk to someone, but if this is a bad time then I can come back,” she pleaded with him.

“You might as well come in. You already ruined my concentration. I was just ready to suppress my anger from yesterday but you messed that up.” He smirked.

“I can see that,” she said, still holding her breath. “Don’t your neighbors complain about the smell?” She looked at him clueless.

“I think they got used to it,” he said as he motioned for her to go inside the house.

“And the ensemble?” She looked him up and down. He was wearing a white robe and white slippers.

“Hey, usually I don’t have company for this, so stop with the jokes. Besides its only eight in the morning,” he said as they entered the kitchen. Maria headed for the cupboards, and Kyle started for the coffee.

“What happened to all the coffee mugs?” She looked at him with shock.

“Dad had a little issue controlling his powers; it seems he can melt things.” Kyle poured the water into the coffee machine. Most of the handles on the mugs were deformed. Only a few remained. The coffee was brewing.

“I don’t think they’re dead,” she blurted out.

“That’s how you start a conversation at…” He looked at his watch. “8:15 AM.” He rolled his eyes.

“It’s just how he said what he said,” she rambled, not making sense.

“Wait. Back up. You sound like you actually talked to him, like he’s living.” Kyle shook his head.

“Well, its kind of hard to explain. Look, we need to convince Michael and Isabel that Max is still alive.” She looked at him with pleading eyes.


“I’m not going anywhere,” Kyle said as the coffee began pouring out of the maker. It was an old coffee pot.

Maria rolled her eyes. “Because,” she held her fingers up like she was quoting someone, “we are different and our imagination let’s us visualize the dead.”

“Creepy,” he said, taking the pot off the maker and pouring Maria and then himself a cup.

“Not really, but I just got the feeling that Max isn’t dead. But if Max isn’t dead, then Kivar could possibly be alive, which would be bad.” She looked down at the ground.

“We won’t let him get to you,” Kyle said with a sympathetic tone.

“He’s pretty strong. Not even the royal four could stop him,” she said with attitude.

“They weren’t prepared. If they knew he was coming, they could have stood up to him,” Kyle said pretty sure of himself.

“Yeah, well, I thought that they were stronger as a unit, but I guess you proved that theory wrong. You saved us all, Kyle.” Maria looked up at him and smiled. “Seriously, if you hadn’t come to the ship when you did, who knows where Liz and I would be.”

“Speaking of Liz, she has your stuff from school. I think you should go and talk to her,” Kyle said with hesitance.

“I’m not in any hurry to see Liz,” Maria said with a sharp tone. “I mean she stabbed me in the back. She broke the sacred best-friend code. How do you get passed something like that?” She took a sip of her coffee.

“Meditation.” He smirked “Clearing the mind helps pave the way to forgiveness.”

“I don’t meditate,” she snapped at him, putting her cup of coffee on the kitchen table. “Besides I’m not a Buddhist,” she said in retaliation, then smirked at him.

Kyle changed the subject. “Oh, we’re having a barbecue tonight. Bring your own beer and snacks, but dad is making his famous hamburgers. And the real kicker? The Kit Shickers will perform before and after.” He smiled. “Pass the word around.”

Maria went to stand up but then something odd happened. She had the weirdest sensation in her brain. Her mind felt full like she was going to pass out, and then complete blackness surrounded her.

Kyle didn’t know what to do. He was at a loss. He picked her up carefully and moved her to the couch. He chalked it up to stress - that or it was some alien related thing. He needed to call his dad at work to figure out what he should do. Ambulances probably weren’t a good thing.

Then he remembered Jesse’s Doctor friend. He had the card somewhere. Maybe he should call Isabel and get Jesse’s number. He was really freaking.

First he needed to change. He didn’t want to be caught dead in his meditation robe.
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A/N sorry it is so short chapter 4 will be longer.

Chapter Three

Liz sat on the couch trying to catch her breath, “NO doctors” she said, “I thought you would be the last person to suggest the doctor?” she looked at Michael with surprise. He sat down on the couch next to her; he felt her forehead she was burning up.

“You’re sick,” He said with irritation.

“I’m fine, no doctors.” she said again, looking at him but at the same time clenching over in pain.

“Then let me try and fix the pain.” worry was evident in his voice.

“Michael I’ll be fine, you need to go look for work. Just as he was going to say something his phone rang, it literally made him jump, “Great,” he said with frustration “will you be o.k. While I answer this?” He said making sure before he left her side.

“Go.” she said with aggravation.

Michael went over to the phone, “Hello.” he said in a mundane tone.

“Its Kyle.” he said with panic.

“What now?” Michael said with obvious irritation.

“Maria, she was here then well in a matter of speaking she wasn’t.” Kyle rambled.

“Speak in English dude; I don’t understand what you mean?” Michael was getting scared now, something was definitely about to happen. He just didn’t know what, Liz was fine and now something could be happening to Maria, Kivar had to be alive still.

“I tried calling my dad but he was out on a call, he wouldn’t be able to come here right away” Kyle stumbled over his words again. “Maria she’s out cold, one minute she was talking and blathering on about Alex and the next thing I know she was out cold, laying next to the kitchen table. I think she hit her head pretty hard.” He said with panic still in his voice.

“Look you have powers do something, try and heal her,” Michael said in a rushed tone.

“I knew you were an ass but are you such an ass that you don’t care what happens to her?” Kyle said with anger.

“I’m having a crisis with Liz something is going on, I just don’t know what, and how can they both be sick?” He said with anger. When he was talking to Kyle, he looked over to check on Liz, she had stumbled off the couch on to the hardwood floor. She wasn’t moving, her hair was drenched with sweat, and her clothes were soaked. She wasn’t moving.

There was a knock on Michael’s door.

“Kyle I’ll be there as soon as I can, Liz just got worse, hang in there.” He hung up the phone.


“Thanks for nothing shit for brains.” He yelled into the receiver, and then hung the phone up, he dropped it a couple of times before he actually put it in the cradle, his hands were sweating; he wiped his hands through his brown hair. He started pacing back and forth mumbling something to Buddha, “O.k. what does a hybrid with new powers do in a situation like this?” His pacing was picking up.

He tried to pick the phone up again, only to drop it again, his hands were really sweating; he needed to be in control. “It’s only been three weeks, Kivar you shit; don’t you believe in down time between your psychotic breaks.” He shouted to the sky.

He noticed that Maria was sweating and heavily this couldn’t be good she was burning up with fever. Was it cover the person with a blanket, or keep them cool? Shit he couldn’t remember how to keep a shock victim safe. He was royally screwed. He picked the phone up again, he managed to grab a hold of it this time, his fingers were shaking they were unsteady; he pressed the buttons to his Father’s cell phone, “This is an emergency, he would understand. Damn It”

His dad picked up on the first ring, he knew who it was “Kyle what did I tell you about calling this line” he said with irritation, he was working in the middle of a murder investigation. A young girl was found on the side of the road, she couldn’t have been 16 years old. He was carefully walking through the crime scene he had a camera in one hand and now his cell phone in the other.

“Dad this is an emergency.” He said with serious tone.

“I told you I would buy more coffee mugs on my way home from work.” He said with a cocky tone, the other officers were looking at him strangely.

“You know I should have expected this, you run at any sign of an alien crisis but you won’t even listen to your son, when he says there is an EMERGENCY.” Kyle said with an extremely loud tone.

“Well then by all means please tell me what this is about.” Jim said with sarcasm lacing his words.

“It’s Maria, she came here to visit, and Dad she passed out I can’t get her to wake up.” Kyle said with a flat voice.

“I’ll be right there.” Jim hung the phone up.

Jim looked at the other officers on the scene Deputy Hanson was with him investigating. “Hanson come; over here.” He motioned with his hand.

“Carefully go over the evidence, I trust you with this case, I have a family emergency to take care of.” Jim looked at him with serious eyes.

“I remember everything you taught me Sheriff” Hanson saw the look in his eyes; and knew that something terrible was happening.

Jim ran to his jeep, he turned the sirens on and sped in the direction of his home. He dialed his home phone number, and waited for Kyle to pick up. It only took one ring.

“Dad.” Kyle said with surprise and relief.

“Keep trying to wake her up, is she bleeding from her head?” he paused and waited for his son to respond. “Just don’t shake her, call her name.”

“She’s not bleeding dad she’s just unresponsive, and Dad Michael said something is happening to Liz too. We can’t take them to the hospital what are we supposed to do.”

“We will figure it out when I get to the house, maybe Michael can bring Liz here, call him and tell him I’m on my home. Remember keep trying to wake her up.” Jim repeated, the sirens were blaring in the background.


Michael went to the door, and was surprised to see Isabel standing there she was in tears. This was turning out to be a bad day, and that was an understatement. Isabel looked past Michael and saw Liz on the couch she was unconscious and sweating really heavily.

“Michael,” She said with shock, she wiped her tears away, “What happened here?” She shut the door and then walked towards Liz.

“What does it look like Iz?” Michael said rubbing his tired face with his hands. “She had some sort of flash, crouched over in pain, then Kyle called and the next thing I know she was passed out cold on the ground. I haven’t been able to wake her up, and Iz Kyle called and said Maria is in trouble too. Apparently she stopped by his house she was talking and the same thing happened to her except the vision part.” Michael felt like he was in a nightmare.

“What about that Doctor who fixed me, do you think he could help us?” She said at a loss. “He knows that he can’t talk about any of this, I think I know how to get a hold of Jesse.” She said with a shaky voice.

“Iz it might be to late by then, this could be Kivar messing with us again,” he said with exhaustion.

“Well then you and I should try and heal her, if we fix her then we can go to Kyle’s and help Maria,” she said with little hope in her voice.

Michael stopped to think for a minute, he looked at Liz she looked as though she were sleeping, but he knew full well she wasn’t asleep. He sighed. “We can try but I thought you were burnt out?”

“I haven’t tried using my powers in over two weeks, maybe I’ve had enough rest, we can’t just sit here and do nothing, hasn’t enough crap happened to us, we still don’t know if Max is dead or alive Michael, we have to bring her back, then we have to find out what happened to Max.” sadness laced her already withered voice.

“And Maria” he added with sorrow and pity in his voice.

Isabel stood still for a moment taking in everything that she was witnessing, she had to gain control of herself; she was just getting through an emotional visit with her Mother and Alex. Then she wondered if that had something to do with it. Liz wasn’t at the cemetery this morning so it couldn’t be what was going on. Unless two separate things were happening?

“Let’s move her into the bedroom. I’ll get her feet you get the top half of her body.” Isabel reached for Liz’s feet, they counted to three and lifted her up; it was a short walk to the bedroom. When they got to the bedroom Isabel noticed how clean it was, she was impressed. Liz must be doing all the cleaning.

They laid her down on the bed, in the middle; they both had to sit on either side of her. Isabel prayed this would work. It had too; they couldn’t lose any other members of their tightly knit group. Michael sat on his knees, as did Isabel, they both placed their hands on her stomach. They took one last look at each other then closed their eyes. Isabel could feel Liz’s stomach moving up and down, that meant she was still breathing but it was deep and shallow.


Kyle had the radio on he needed to distract himself from this crazy situation. His life was going fine but no Maria had to come waltzing in; and in the middle of his meditation session he would have been a lot calmer if he had the chance to finish this situation. Linkin Park’s Crawling was on its second verse, then Kyle heard the sirens, he was relieved. Someone was coming to help him.

He went to Maria he felt her forehead, his hand was sopping with her sweat, he had gotten a towel from the kitchen earlier, he wiped his hands on it and ran to the window; he saw his dad’s jeep pull into the driveway at high speed, he turned the sirens off to keep nosey neighbors away.

Kyle met his dad half way “Hurry.” Kyle said as he waited impatiently for his father to get inside the house.

Jim didn’t know what to expect he was just at a murder scene nothing could be worse then that. Except seeing someone he knew lying dead in that innocent girls position on the side of the road, his mind was still on that case. He couldn’t shake the images, a petite brunette with short brown hair, bruised and battered and left like a rag doll on the side of the road.

He was afraid to touch Maria, because lately anything he touched melted; he meant to call Michael again and ask how long this lasted. But his job reverted his attention away from the ‘I am now a member of the; I know an alien club’ he sat on the side of the couch and lightly touched Maria’s forehead. She was hot, should they put her in an ice bath?

“I think we should call her Mother,” Jim said wiping his face with his hands.

“Do you really want to do that? You know how Amy gets when she has the slightest inkling that something is wrong with her daughter.” Kyle said as he started to calm himself.

“Neither one of us is advanced enough to heal her; or get inside her mind to see what is going on. She could be dying Kyle.” Jim said with sadness, “I’m calling Amy end of discussion.”

“O.k. but it’s your funeral.” Kyle sat on the chair that was next to the sofa, he handed his father the phone.

Jim looked at the phone then at Kyle; he dialed the numbers his fingers became unsteady as he was dialing, it didn’t take long for Amy to answer, she was already worried about her daughter, after the conversation they had that morning.

“Amy its Jim.” he said with a calm tone.

“Jim, have you seen or heard from Maria, she went to visit Alex I haven’t heard from or seen her since she left, please tell me she’s all right.” Amy said with nervousness.

“That’s actually why I’m calling you, Amy I need you stay calm, just trust me O.K.? I need you to come to the house as soon as you possibly can, I will explain when you get here.” Jim hung the phone up after he heard Amy mumble a few words he wouldn’t repeat to his own son.

“Dad do you think Kivar has Max somewhere? And is torturing us for escaping by keeping him and hurting the girls,” He looked at his father with all seriousness.

“At this point anything is possible.” Jim let out a heavy sigh, he stood up from the sofa and went to the kitchen and went to the freezer, and he then reached in the cupboard for a glass, and filled it with ice, then walked back towards the sofa where Maria was lying helplessly. He took an ice cube, and rubbed her lips hoping she would take the water from it.

“I’m calling Michael again.” Kyle said picking the phone up, then he set it back down he had the feeling that they were busy with Liz he would wait until Michael called him, just like he was told to do. Waiting was an endless pain in the ass. Waiting was worse then actually being in that situation; why couldn’t the stupid alien chaos end.

If Kyle could he would go hunting for Kivar himself and bring his head back on a silver platter then blow it up, into a tiny million pieces then the bastard wouldn’t be able to survive again.
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Chapter Four

Isabel opened her eyes in frustration; “Michael this is ridiculous,” She said with anger. He looked into her eyes and knew that her powers were still not working. “Maybe she will wake up on her own?” she looked at him with questions. He wasn’t answering her just staring, like a blank stare; “Michael snap out of it.” she clicked her fingers together. “We need to focus here.” she stood up getting off the bed, she started to pace. “There is a logical explanation for why I don’t have powers.” she waited for him to respond he was still not answering her.

“I doubt she will wake up on her own, you didn’t see how much pain she was in.” He snapped at her, “We need to try again.” He said with forcefulness in his voice.

“Michael forget it, it’s not going to work, we have to find another way, we need to call Kyle back and see what’s happening with Maria.” She walked out of the room, as if she were running from a demon. She picked up Michael’s phone, and dialed Kyle’s number.

The phone rang a couple of times and Kyle answered, “Michael.” he said with a hopeful tone.

“No its Isabel.” she corrected him.

“What the hell is happening is this nightmare ever going to end?” He said with irritation, and anxiety.

“Kyle if I knew that answer I wouldn’t be calling you,” she paused “Is your dad with you now?” she waited for him to answer.

“Yes but he’s feeding Maria ice chips, he’s hoping the ice will wake her up, and we had to call Amy,” He said with worry and fear.

“Just what we need, she’s just going to make the situation worse,” Isabel said freaking out over the phone. She was still pacing back and forth.

“Why don’t you and Michael bring Liz over here; then we can brainstorm this situation” Kyle hoped she would take his advice.

“I’ll talk to Michael if he agrees, then I’ll call you back in a few minutes. Okay?” She hung the phone up without a response.


Kyle just stared at the phone “Aliens are so rude.” he hung the phone up, Jim just looked at his son. “Isabel said she would call back in a minute,” he noticed Maria wasn’t moving, there was a knock on the door, “Buddha give me strength,” He mumbled to himself as he walked to the door.

Kyle opened the door and Amy breezed by him, “My poor baby, what happened to my poor baby?” She said kneeling next to the couch, rubbing her daughters forehead.” She looked at Jim who was sitting next to her on the couch. “We need to get her to the hospital.” Amy pleaded with Jim.

“I’m sorry we can’t do that,” he said with order in his voice, “There are certain people who can’t find out about her; if they do bad things will happen.” He frowned, he handed Amy a bowl of ice chips.

“What exactly happened Kyle?” She gave him the death glare, it was a like a mother bear, trying to protect her cub. Kyle was a little bit more scared than before.

“Well she was talking about her visit with Alex, she made some comment about how bad the coffee was, the next thing I know she’s out cold on the floor. I know she hit her head; then I picked her up and carried her to the couch, which in itself was a miracle.” Kyle rambled.

“Okay now tell me again, about this you know,” she whispered “Alien thing” she waited for him to respond.

“Well I guess they can tell by our blood cells everything else supposedly looks the same, but if they get our blood they will know we are different.” Kyle said with disappointment, he kept looking at the phone hoping it would ring, it didn’t and he was getting worried.

“So what were just supposed to let my daughter lie here like something that’s dying, and not do anything about it. I won’t let that happen she’s the only thing I have left in this world do you understand me JIM.” She gave him the stare, and he knew full well what that stare meant.

“Amy all we can do is wait to hear from Michael and Isabel, then maybe something else can be done.” He said in empathetic voice. He reached for Maria’s wrist and checked her pulse; it was a little on the fast side, what some doctors would call tachycardia.

Just as Kyle was going to give up the phone rang, he answered, “This better not be a telemarketer,” he yelled into the phone.

“Its Isabel.” She said holding the phone away from her ear. “Geez could you have said that any louder, I don’t think Michael’s neighbors heard you” she rambled. “Look Michael agreed were getting Liz ready we will be there as soon as we can.” Isabel said quickly, “Okay?”

“Fine how long will it take you to get here?” He said with panic in his voice.

“I said as soon as we can.” She hung up the phone in irritation.


Michael was just putting a pair of stretch pants on Liz; she wore them when she went out jogging, by now she had a washcloth on her forehead. Her body temperature was getting cooler, but she wasn’t waking up and he wanted to know why. This was so frustrating. “I’ll pull the car up to the side door,” he said in a rushed tone.

“Michael we have to stay calm.” she put her hand on his shoulder, “This will be okay.” she said more for her sake then his. She waited for Michael to pull the car to the side door; he left the car running, and ran up to the door, he then looked around hoping nobody was outside to witness what was happening. People should be sleeping or at work, he hoped anyway.

“Let’s do this.” Isabel grabbed Liz’s feet, Michael grabbed her upper body, and they carefully carried her to the car, where the back doors were already opened. She was carefully laid in the back of the car, and strapped in they couldn’t take any chances.

Michael closes both doors Isabel was already in the passenger front seat; he had turned the radio off. He put the car in reverse. They squealed out of the driveway and headed towards Kyle’s; he hoped they wouldn’t be too late.

As they were driving all the memories of that day went through his mind, if he would have just stayed away in the first place she wouldn’t be going through this. Anything he touched turned to stone; his wall was being built again; that wasn’t good news for Liz. He more then anything wanted to let her in; give her the chance that didn’t happen with Maria.

“MICHAEL!” Isabel screamed, “RED LIGHT!” She felt the car come to a screeching halt.

“Thanks.” he said with sweat dripping from his forehead.

“I know that look. Stop blaming yourself for everything.” She said with a half smirk. “You should know that by now, we all have a part of the blame in this.” She looked at him, “Let’s face it we don’t belong on this planet, and someone is making damn sure to let us know that.”

The light turned green, Michael just looked at Isabel; a car behind them honked. Michael looked towards the road; he put his foot on the gas pedal and just drove. He was shocked at what she said; he had no control on how he was put here. He didn’t know what she meant by that last comment but he would be damned if someone took him away from the people he grew to love. He wouldn’t stand for it; maybe Isabel was just trying to make him angry so he wouldn’t give up on the situation.

“Are you trying to piss me off on purpose?” He looked at her, and then scratched his eyebrow.

“Is it working?” she smirked looking at him, “I had to do something you were going to give up; I know you too well Michael. You have the self pity act down really good.” She said with irritation.

“Oh and you were voted friendliest person of our class?” he said with amusement in his voice.

“There’s the Michael I know, you need to concentrate on what’s happening right now. Not what happened three weeks ago.” She sounded like a Mother, and little bit like Max. One more block and they would be on Kyle’s street.

Isabel looked back at Liz she was starting to shake, “Um Michael you might want to drive a little faster.” Isabel said with worry in her voice. “I’m calling Jesse.” She pulled out her cell phone and hesitantly dialed the number.


Maria was starting to take the ice that Amy had gently put to her lips this was a good sign it meant she was somewhat responsive. Jim lifted up her eyes and used a small flashlight to see if she would respond. If she did then they still had time, if she didn’t they were in serious trouble. He lifted her right eyelid, flashed the light her eyes moved from the light. Then he checked the left that one moved as well, he let them fall back to the closed position, and then looked at Amy.

“She’s responsive; she’s just not with us.” He walked into the kitchen, Amy handed Kyle the bowl of ice. She followed behind Jim.

“I don’t blame you for this you know that right?” she looked at him then put her hand on his shoulder, there relationship was off and on, as of lately it was off.

“I know that and thank you for saying so, but this mess is just never ending.” Jim said with sadness, he heard a car come screeching around the corner of his block. It had to be Michael.

Kyle stood up when he heard the tire screeching, he went to the family room’s window and watched as Michael pulled up in the driveway. They had a long driveway, besides they didn’t want nosey neighbors wondering what was going on.

There was barely enough room for Liz’s car so the end was sticking out a little bit onto the street. Michael jumped out of the car like it was on fire he opened the car door Liz was shaking violently. She was strapped in; he didn’t want to move her yet she wasn’t stable.

Isabel got out of the car she was still talking with Jesse’s secretary she wasn’t being very helpful. “Look this is an emergency have him call the number I left you.” She slammed the phone shut. “It’s going to be awhile before I hear back from him.” She looked at Michael helpless.

“What’s taking so long?” Kyle said as he stepped onto the small porch, the front door was slightly cracked open.

“Kyle I need your help with Liz.” He waved him over.

Kyle looked back at Maria she seemed to be okay for the moment. He started walking towards the car. He told Isabel to go inside the house.

Isabel agreed; she just saw Maria this morning, she was fine well on the outside maybe not inside. What could possibly be causing this mayhem? She knew it had to be Kivar, who else would have the power to do this? She slowly and quietly shut the screen door closed behind her.

Jim heard the door and walked out to the small family room; which was soon going to look like a small recovery room, for sick patients, “Do the boys need help with Liz?” Jim said with a look of sadness. Isabel just shook her head. She hugged him as he walked by her.

Amy came back into the family room; did it just get a lot warmer in that house or was it her? Her hormones were bouncing back and forth lately. She took the back of her white t-shirt and aired herself off, good thing she wore shorts. Didn’t look like things were going to cool down anytime soon; she stared at Isabel, “Are you okay?” she looked at the tall sandy blonde with curiosity maybe a little bit differently then she had in the past because she now knew the truth about her.

“Not really.” Isabel said with quickness to her answer, then her phone rang, she recognized the cell phone number. It was Jesse. “Hello.” She held the receiver away from her mouth, and motioned to Amy that she was going into the other room.

Amy watched as the leggy sandy blonde walked towards the kitchen, how anyone could wear leather in this weather was beyond her. She shrugged and went back to her daughter’s side. Jim was right this was turning into a nightmare and it didn’t look like it would end anytime soon. Tears started to stream down her cheeks.

“Jesse I’m so glad you called.” Isabel said with reluctance.

“To say that I am surprised would be an understatement.” He said with a smile on his face, they would have been married but never got the chance. He found out the truth, and decided to take the job offer in Boston, he needed time to himself.

“I need the number to the doctor friend of yours.” she said with hesitance she wished she could say what she really wanted to say to him, but it wasn’t the time.

“I can give you the number but I’m not sure if he will do anything?” Jesse said with all honesty.

“I know why, but this is really important this time it’s about Liz and Maria. Something else happened and we really need a doctor Jesse I wouldn’t call unless I needed help.” She sounded panicked.


Michael, Kyle, and Jim carried Liz through to the back door, she had finally calmed down. Nobody knew what to think. Just that these two girls were not well, and it had something to do with three weeks ago. She wouldn’t get into specifics because this situation was sensitive to her ex-fiancé.

Jim and the other two boys, all carried Liz into the small one level home. Isabel watched as they carried Liz’s sweaty limp body into Kyle’s bedroom. She thought this would be over; but she was wrong. She heard Jesse’s voice and it snapped her out of her thoughts. “If you need me I can come right out,” he said to his own amazement.

“Jesse I don’t think that is such a good idea. Can you just call that doctor friend of yours that helped me?” She hoped for an answer she would like.

“I can try but I haven’t talked to him since then. He has to move around a lot and his cell phone number changes. I can call back when I get through to him.” He paused.

“That would be great, we are at the Valenti’s just have him call here when you get in touch. He should have the number or you can give it to him.” She said with fear lacing her voice.

“Isabel this situation is going to be okay, you expect too much of yourself. You need to calm down.” He said in a caring voice that frankly confused her, he reminded her of Alex.

“Thanks for saying that, but I can’t relax until they both wake up. Jesse I just need you to find him.” He agreed, and she hung up the phone. She walked into the other room where Maria was. Maria looked like she was sick, her skin was all clammy and her face was pale dripping with sweat.

She just stared at Amy and then walked towards Kyle’s room. She felt a little awkward being in his room; she didn’t know why. She was going to go inside when something hit her. She was still in the doorway, and she held on to the sides of the wall, she braced herself.

All she could manifest from the flash was Tess and another ship with Kivar heading back to earth. She didn’t get any feelings about Max. For all she knew he was dead, the flash was so powerful that she had to catch her breath when it finished.

Kyle noticed that Isabel was unsteady; she pushed him away. She didn’t want any pity she was fine. She smiled at him, and then walked to where Michael was. Kyle interrupted before she could say anything; “Isabel, are you going to be okay?” he looked at her with concern.

“I’m fine,” she said with shortness in her voice. “Michael can I talk to you for a second outside,” She grabbed his arm, to pull him outside, her head was starting to hurt, she put her hand to her head and the pain went away.

“You are not fine” Michael said with anger in his voice, “don’t make us have to take care of three people,” He said with frustration in his voice. “I told you I’m fine it’s just a headache.” She said with her usual ice tone.

“Famous last words.” Jim muttered as the duo walked out, Michael turned and looked at him.

“Don’t let anything happen to her okay?” he waited for Jim to nod, it was safe for him to leave the room.


Michael looked at Isabel as they went out the back door, they were standing in Kyle’s Buddha sanctuary, and Michael just rolled his eyes. “Did you have to drag me out here?” he said with annoyance.

“Where else did you want to go?” she said with even more attitude her headaches were getting more intense.

Michael noticed her obvious distress, “Maybe you should go inside and lie down?” he looked at her with concern.

“I said I was fine,” she was getting flashes, too many to see anything. They were too much for her to handle. She had to grab on to Michael, as she did this she saw her brother he wasn’t suffering. In fact he looked happy but something wasn’t right. She was thrown out of the flash, again wheezing for air. She wasn’t used to this power, she usually was asleep when she got them.

“Don’t lie to me again,” Michael said trying to hold her up.

Isabel just looked at him, “I’m sorry, but that’s why we came out here, I was going to tell you what happened in Kyle’s room.” She paused looking for the right words.

“Well what is it?” Michael said with zero patience “I want to get back to Liz.” He said with sadness in his voice. His emotions were out of control.

“Tess didn’t die in that explosion.” She saw his eyes grow wide with anger.

“Okay now I know you are really not well, because she couldn’t possibly have survived that explosion.” He stared at her.

“Well that’s not all I saw, Michael I saw Max. It was weird he was happy but something wasn’t right, Kivar has him. I think they are coming back to finish what they started in the first place?” she looked at him with confusion.

“Which was what kill the royal four, or is it ten now?” he said with obvious sarcasm and anger. “I think we should just concentrate on the current problem, don’t you?” he stared her down holding her up with his strength.

Isabel seemed to be fine for the moment, “Fine but if Kivar and Tess knock on the front door it’s on your ass, not mine I tried to warn you.” She turned around and walked back inside the house slamming the door behind her.
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A/N sorry this took so long thanks for leaving feedback and encouraging me to come back, and thanks to my beta laura (burningchaos) :D

Chapter Five

Michael stood out in the backyard; he couldn’t believe she was acting this way. He had enough issues hitting him; he didn’t need another reason to panic. He knew that Tess was dead, and if she was alive then every fear he had ever thought of was about to come true. He should of killed her himself, but nobody would let him. If it’s anyone’s fault it’s Max’s, great blame somebody who isn’t even around anymore. Michael thought to himself.

He shook his head, when he heard Kyle come outside, “What’s this ruckus about?” He noticed Michael looking more grim then usual.

“Spare me your Buddha theories; I don’t need a lecture right now.” He crossed his arms, and looked at Kyle.

“I wasn’t going to throw Buddha at you, but you do realize we have two people in there who need you?” He looked at Michael, since when was he the peacemaker? He shook his head he went to turn around, but Michael stopped him.

“I’m sorry,” It came out all muddled, “This is, my fault as usual, if I would have just stayed away they wouldn’t be lying in there right now.” He gritted his teeth; he wanted to hit something, the Buddha statue came to mind first.

“You should be apologizing to Isabel, not me” Kyle said in a matter of fact tone, he shook his head mentally why did he always get involved.

“She’ll get over it.” Michael snapped, “You should go check on her I need to be alone.”

“Fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Kyle turned around with disappointment he went into the house.

Michael sat down on the small wooden bench, it was meant for decoration; it looked like it had been there since the beginning of time. Probably something that Kyle’s Mother left behind. In any case it was useful to him.

He thought back to the events that lead them to this disastrous day, everything seemed to be moving along just fine but what did he know. He sighed; he was trying really hard to remember what happened in the ship just before they hit the desert’s surface.

Max yelling at Maria to get away from Kivar, Maria not listening, yadda yadda yadda; Isabel screaming when she saw the giant fireball, that’s it, the fire ball. Was it even real? Or was it something to make us think we were really in danger. A mindwarp? Was Tess really dead? Question over load, he would get a headache.

He stood up, had he just stumbled onto something that was important? What if what was happening was a giant Mind warp? Stop it with the twenty questions; he mentally smacked himself, at any rate he would have to talk to Isabel again. Great he sucked at admitting when he was wrong.


Isabel was in Kyle’s room with Liz, she didn’t feel comfortable around Amy; she was way too jumpy for Isabel’s liking. Michael walked back into the room he was showing his frustrations. She just shook her head. Jim watched with anticipation, Michael had obviously discovered something he had that look like he was going to do something without thinking first.

“Michael what is it?” Isabel said with impatience.

“Something about the fire ball is bugging me,” he paused and tried to read her face, “What if it was a mind warp, what if you are right and Tess isn’t dead?” He waited for her to start laughing.

“Michael I tried to tell you that she wasn’t dead, but you just shrugged it off. I don’t understand why you are making an issue out of it now.” She stood up from the chair she was sitting in.

“What if Kivar somehow just made you think that your powers didn’t work.” He looked at her with serious eyes.

“That’s crazy is he even powerful enough to do that?” she questioned him, “Why would he do that?” she already knew the answer to that.

“To make us feel powerless,” He said in a matter of fact tone.

“So then why is this happening to Liz and Maria, what would he have to gain by keeping them unconscious?” She looked at Liz then to Michael.

“Because he said something about repopulating Antar by using them, only he couldn’t continue with his plan because we interrupted him, Unless that was just some way of scaring them, making them think that so he could get them back to Antar?”

“He wouldn’t be able to use Maria or Liz for that it wouldn’t be possible,” Isabel said with confidence.

“What if he made it possible?” Michael had a look of worry and intent on his face.

“So they are pregnant with aliens? Michael that’s really not funny.” Isabel snapped.

“It wasn’t meant to be,” He snapped back.

“Think about it, he made Liz and I consummate a relationship that wasn’t there, the two or three times it happened she could have gotten pregnant. Maybe she just was in denial and didn’t want to accept the fact that she could be pregnant.”

“What about Maria?” Isabel said with disgust in the back of her voice.

“She thought Kivar was Darin, for a long time he could have very well succeeded with his plans.” He didn’t like this probability.

Isabel was going to say something but her cell phone rang, she noticed it was Jesse’s number. She stepped out of the room; hopefully Jesse had good news for her. “Hi Jesse,” Isabel said with a normal voice.

“I got in touch with Paul; he said he could be there with in the next hour,”

“Thank you Jesse really, you don’t know how much I mean that.” She said with tears in her eyes.


Max opened his eyes; he felt like he was in a familiar place but somehow he didn’t think he was back in Roswell, New Mexico. It was when he tried to move his arms that he discovered how serious this problem really was. His hands were covered with something; he was chained to the wall. But where was he?

His head was hanging down, he was looking at his feet, which were dangling, in mid air, and there was a bottomless pit of nothing. He couldn’t see anything else around him; maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing. The more he struggled the more the chains dug into his arms.

At least they dressed him, he was grateful for that. He wondered if anyone else was here with him, he prayed that they all made it out alive. This was his battle with Kivar, was he on Antar?

“KIVAR!” Max yelled as loud as he possibly could, he heard it echo, it sounded like it went on for miles and miles. Things were going through his mind at a rapid pace his head was starting to hurt intensely, he didn’t understand why.

He heard something, it sounded like heavy breathing, then out of nowhere a bright light shined in front of him. “Zan,” said the frail voice, he thought died in an explosion. “It’s Max, Tess I thought you were dead?” She studied his face.

“Max?” She questioned she was acting rather strangely.

“You don’t remember me? From Roswell” He struggled to keep his head up, while he talked to her.

“The less you fight the chains, the less pain you will be in.” She was obviously ignoring his question.

“Tess I need you to get me out of here, I need to get to my family.” He was more irritated and angry then scared.

“My name is Ava” She said with an attitude for his lack of respect, “I’m your queen Zan did something happen to you out in battle?” Her eyes looked him up and down.

“Te-Ava,” He quickly corrected himself, “How long have I been here, and how do I get down from here” He winced in pain and confusion; his ribs were either broken or badly bruised.

“You must sit before the congressional committee, you betrayed our people.”

“Wha-How?” he said with confusion.” He stared at her with innocent eyes.

Ava touched his face, and then cupped it with her tiny hands. “I can’t help you,” she paused, “My love” she kissed him on the cheek then disappeared into the dark room. “Ava please, come back,” He said in frustration.


Michael was sitting on the edge of the bed; he was outlining her lips with an ice cube. Then her movements startled him. “Liz,” he almost choked out. He leaned over her to see that she was actually moving. He felt her forehead and she felt normal. He sighed.

He looked over at Isabel, who had fallen asleep in her chair, then he looked at his watch it was almost noon, they had been there for a while. “Michael,” He heard Liz say his name; her voice was all scratchy like she had been screaming all night.

She tried to sit up but Michael wouldn’t let her, then he heard footsteps. He didn’t bother to look he was too worried about Liz for the time being.

“Stay still.” He ordered.

“What happened to me?” she said with confusion, she was holding on to his hand like it was the last thing she would ever touch in this life.

Isabel woke up from the noise; she stood up with amazement in her eyes. “Oh my god, Liz?” she questioned, but Michael quickly kept her quiet. He wasn’t sure how long Liz would be like this; this could just be a temporary thing.

“Is she okay?” an unfamiliar voice asked from the doorway.

They all turned to look at the strange voice; it was ‘Dr. Friedman’ “Thank you for coming.” Isabel smiled at the strange man. She had no memory of the man other than knowing that he was the one who saved her life. “I found a stray out in the front yard, thought he could use some fresh water.” Paul smirked, then moved out of the way.

Jesse appeared behind him, “Jesse,” Isabel said with surprise.

“I’m sorry for just showing up, but I didn’t know what else to do, you sounded awful.” He hung his head down.

“It’s fine you’re here,” she walked over to him and hugged him. He looked over her shoulder to Liz and Michael and nodded then smiled. He was happy to see that Liz was awake. Maria on the other hand wasn’t doing so well.

He noticed her when he first arrived; she was lying on the couch helpless. Paul could only do so much for her; he didn’t know the entire truth. He felt Isabel pull away from him. Then he looked at the group, “We should probably talk alone,” He eyed Michael, then Isabel.

“We can do that.” Isabel felt panicked, what were they going to tell Paul?

Jesse and Isabel walked out to the back yard, Michael just watched then turned his attention back to Liz, and he looked at Dr. Friedman. “Maybe you should check her out?” he said unsure of that, he better not get to curious, Michael thought mentally.

“Liz, Paul is going to check you out, to make sure you’re okay, I’ll be right over there.” he pointed to the other side of the room.

“It’s okay Michael you can go and talk with Isabel and Jesse,” her voice was still scratchy, “I could use some water.” She didn’t want him around for the exam; he was starting to pick up on that.

“I’ll be right back,” He said not leaving any room for arguments; he needed to check on Maria anyway.


Amy, Kyle, and Jim were keeping a careful eye on Maria, she wasn’t moving. Michael noticed that she was still breathing; Paul had checked her out first. She had an IV helping her with fluids. He stood off to the side “How is she doing?” He said with no hope in his voice.

“Not good,” Jim said with irritation, Jim’s irritation was towards Michael.

Michael walked over towards Maria; she looked so helpless; he had to do something. He kneeled down next to her, he touched her forehead at the same time he moved a piece of her hair out of the way. He took the cold washcloth and brushed it lightly over her forehead. He looked at Amy, “I’m sorry I don’t know what else I can do for her.” He sat there for a moment; he ignored Kyle and Jim’s stares of irritation.

“You could start acting like you care,” Kyle said with obvious anger.

“What does that mean?” Michael was livid.

“You were so busy hovering over Liz, that you forgot about Maria, I realize you guys are history, but do you have to be such a jack ass about it?” Kyle said quickly so Michael couldn’t stop him.

Jim stepped in, “Kyle that’s enough, I’m sure Michael didn’t forget about her, this isn’t going to help the situation.” Kyle just glared at his father with an angry stare.

“I have good news Liz is awake.” Michael said trying not to sound to happy.

“Should we throw a parade in her honor?” Kyle snapped out of pure anger.

“On that note, I’m going to get a glass of water for her. I’ll be back to check on her as soon as I can.” Michael said with disappointment, he couldn’t be two places at once. He shook his head.

“Yeah don’t do us any favors,” Kyle repeated the angry tone.

“Kyle that’s enough,” Michael heard as he stepped into the kitchen, thank god for small favors.

He filled the glass with water, and threw some ice cubes in the glass. It would probably taste better if it were cold. He started walking towards the bedroom. By now, Liz was hooked up to an EKG machine to measure her heart rhythm; she also had an IV in her hand. She desperately needed fluids. Michael stood at the doorway clueless.

“It’s okay Michael you can come in we were done, weren’t we?” she looked at Paul.

“Were done, but I need to know what caused this to be sure.” he looked at Michael with questions.

He handed Liz her glass of water, she immediately downed the entire glass. “She was in pain, I’m not sure where, but it was intense and then she passed out.” That’s the only information he was getting.

“Has she been under a lot of stress?” Paul asked with complete innocence, “Because she could be suffering from Post traumatic stress disorder, it usually takes effect right after the stressful or traumatic situation, but in some cases the person could push it to the back of there mind like it didn’t happen.”

“I had stomach pain, I’m sure it was just aggravated from something I ate, it’s gone now.” Liz smiled weakly.

“Is there any chance you could be pregnant, because you could have a condition called Toxemia, again it doesn’t usually happen until the second or third trimester in pregnancy, but I’ve seen it happen to woman early on.” He avoided Michael’s glares.

“No I know I’m not pregnant.” Liz said happily for Michael’s benefit.

“Are you sure, I have a test if you want to make sure.” He pulled one out of his bag, “I think we should be safe rather than finding out when it’s to late.” He handed her the test.

“If it will make you feel better, but I’ll need help walking to the bathroom,” Liz smiled at Michael, like this was ridiculous.

“I’ll help you” Michael walked towards the bed, Liz swung her legs over the side of the bed and sat up slowly, she was a little dizzy. She planted her feet firmly on the ground she was careful to not pull the IV out of her hand. She put her weight into Michael’s body, and he helped her walk to the bathroom.
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A/N thanks to Laura for beta'ing, and i want to thank everyone for leaving fb...Dreamwalker I hope this answers some of your questions, you know how I love to drag things out LOL...

Chapter Six

Liz went into the bathroom; she opened the box to the pregnancy test it was hard to do anything with an IV needle in your hand. If you moved suddenly you would risk pulling it out and bleeding to death from where it was put in your hand. After several tries she finally got the box open; her heart started to race with anxiety.

She set the box down, and stared into the mirror; she looked at her hair it was messy she had been out of it for almost half of the day. She used her free hand and wiped her hair so it was now decent looking, she wished she had Isabel’s powers she could make it look better then it did. She was stalling; she was not ready to admit that she could be pregnant.

She prayed it would be negative, she was living with a guy who had more issues then she cared to admit. He couldn’t even say ‘I love you’ she squirmed as she pulled the stick out; the instructions were as old as dirt. Why was she even doing this? Oh right Kivar a name she wanted to forget.

Would she even be able to go to the bathroom when your nervous and dehydrated the two combinations aren’t going to help this already crazy situation? She was in a make shift emergency room, in Kyle’s bedroom of all places. Not exactly the cleanest place on earth she hoped it was his laundry day because she didn’t even want to know what was on his sheets; she cringed.

Michael stood outside the door panic laced his thoughts; well he was already panicked he wasn’t exactly sure what to call this feeling. What would they do if she were pregnant? And if she was pregnant would that mean Maria was pregnant too? He really needed to get out of this house and go for a ride on his bike, but he was already on everyone’s shit list. He would have to stick it out until the test was done, then he would take Liz home.

What was taking so long? He was pacing and he didn’t even realize it. He was standing guard out in front of the bathroom’s door. More than a million scenarios were going through his fried brain. Maybe he should go check on Maria again.

“Where’s Liz?” Isabel asked with curiosity rather then concern.

“In the bathroom taking a pregnancy test” Michael snapped.

“Sorry,” Isabel put her hands up in surrender and Jesse wasn’t far behind her.

“How long has she been in there?”

“I don’t know it seems like forever but probably only a few minutes,” he checked his watch then looked at the door again.

“Isabel why don’t we go see how Maria is doing?” Jesse said picking up on Michael’s tension.

“Fine,” they walked towards the family room and Maria still wasn’t awake. Isabel didn’t understand why Liz was awake and Maria was still so sick. The situation remained a mystery; maybe she should try her powers again?


Max awoke with great fear, the sweat drenched his body; something was different he wasn’t in chains against a wall in that dreadful dark room. Instead he was in well-lit room, and tied to a bed in restraints. He opened his eyes. In the distance he saw a nurse messing with another patient.

He wasn’t exactly sure what to believe, all he knew was that he was extremely thirsty. He called out for the nurse, and she was at his side.

“Where am I?” he knew deep in his heart where he was but he needed to hear it.

“Sir Zan you are on Antar, do you not remember?” she said with fear.

“It’s a little hazy,” what was weird was that she looked human, maybe it was for his benefit but he wasn’t afraid to see their true form.

“Can I have a glass of water?” he said as nicely as possible.

“Sure, I’ll get that right away.” She ran off in a different direction and disappeared from his view.

His hands were free, but he didn’t want to draw attention to himself by trying to use his powers to get out of the restraints. He decided to play Kivar’s game for the time being, maybe prolong his life for a few more minutes.

His thoughts were mainly directed on Isabel and Michael, he hoped that nothing had happened to them. Right now that was what was keeping him focused on getting out of here, and going back to earth. He wondered where Tess was? How did she survive the explosion?

The nurse appeared out of nowhere, he really wasn’t used to that yet. “Here you go, drink up,” she handed him something that looked like pills. “Take these it will help you rest until the hearing.” She wasn’t giving him a choice.

“What are they?” The nurse untied one restraint so he could swallow the pills.

“It’s just a simple sedative, it won’t hurt you.” The nurse looked at him with sympathy.

“If you say so,” Max took a sip of water it burned at first but the second sip went down a little easier, he was grateful for even getting it.

Tess watched from a distance; as the nurse tended to Max’s wounds she wished that she could remove him from this situation but she feared for her life. Kivar thought he had brainwashed her into thinking she was Ava she feared she was being watched by him at this very moment, she had to put it out of her mind because all she wanted to do was save her estranged husband.

He hated her but right now she was his only solace on a planet full of aliens who hated the former king. Maybe she could redeem herself if she saved his life and got him out of there before he had to bow down before a bunch of incompetent politicians. Yes even on Antar there were politicians, though the ones on earth were more alien then human in her eyes.

She waited for the nurse to take alien form, because she knew that meant it was the end of her shift. Tess sat impatiently waiting for the woman to leave. She knew she would only have seconds to heal Max and give him the chance to escape.


Michael looked at his watch, and then he realized the battery had stopped a little over an hour ago. Why is it that when your in a tense situation, time seems to stand still? He never did understand why that happened, but every time it drove him crazy. He decided to knock on the door again.

“Are you okay in there?” he tried to sound empathetic to her situation.

“Fine since the last time you asked.” she cringed at his question because she wasn’t fine.

It had been three minutes since she peed in the little plastic cup and then applied it to the stick, maybe it was too old and didn’t work anymore, she could only pray. Then again she didn’t want to have to go through this waiting game again, it was pure hell.

She looked at her watch luckily she was wearing it before the episode she had. What else was she supposed to call her little coma fiasco? She sighed when it was ready, maybe Michael should be in the bathroom with her when she looks at the final result; it would be easier with someone else around.

She cracked the old brown wooden door open. “You can come in, but no wise cracks and no pessimism got it?”

He looked at her strangely, what would be the point of him being in there then. “Alright,” he tried to sound like he meant it. He reluctantly stepped through the small space, between Liz and the door. He noticed Liz shiver, so he handed her his over sized flannel.

“Thanks,” she blushed “Are you ready,” she reached for his hand, and the other she used to pick up the test.

Michael had his eyes closed he wasn’t ready, then again were you ever ready to be a parent? He was seriously hoping that the test was negative but he promised her that he wouldn’t be pessimistic. Nothing about this situation was logical or made any sense to him, he couldn’t even stand the thought of a little Michael Guerin running around, with any luck it would have her smarts, and looks. Right, like he would be so lucky.


Tess made her way over to Max’s bed; Max didn’t swallow the pills he had only made the nurse think that. He wanted to be alert; she came out from behind the curtain nearly giving him a heart attack. He spit the pills out of his mouth and they landed on his pillow.

“We have to make this quick,” She said as she used her powers to undo all of the restraints at one time, otherwise it would take to long and they would be caught.

She had grabbed a set scrubs from the doctor’s closet. He looked at her with confusion.

“I already have clothes on,” he looked down to make sure.

“I know, just trust me okay.” She threw them at him.

“Why?” she was the last person he would ever trust.

“Look you can yell at me later for everything that happened in Roswell. If you want to ever see that place again, then I suggest you follow me, or face your death because they do plan on executing you.” She stood behind the curtain.

“All right, All right but how do you plan on getting us out of here and back to earth?” he was curious to hear this explanation. He had finished changing, “I’m ready let’s go.”

Without thinking he grabbed her hand, he needed to feel comfort even if it was hers. “Look I’ve been here since the explosion one you all thought I died in. I had to make it look that way; Kivar was waiting for me back at the rock formation. He had this all planned out, we found the family you gave Zan too, and we went and got him. Kivar said he didn’t want to risk strangers finding out about us.”

“Zan is human,” he said with anger.

“He isn’t anymore, Kivar said that he would eventually change,” She tried to sound convincing. She pulled Max back they had to hide; Security guards were coming to do their nightly checks. Tess had to do a mind warp to make them think they were seeing Max lying in the bed.

She started talking again after they were gone, she had to whisper, “There’s a ship it’s hidden even Kivar doesn’t know about it, I have some followers here who want to help us.”

This didn’t sound to promising to him, in his experience strangers weren’t the most helpful people especially if they had something to gain, in his execution. He needed to check them out before he agreed to anything she had to offer.

“How do I know this isn’t a set up?” He looked her straight in the eyes.

“Max I know you don’t want to believe me, but he wants to hurt me too. He wants our son all to himself, he wants revenge on the royal four, and even on the humans you are friends with, he will stop at nothing to make sure you all pay even if that means killing our son.”

“I won’t let him kill Zan,” He could see that she was in pain, a mad man was holding his son hostage.

“Max,” She paused she didn’t exactly know how to put this, “There is an order to kill you, if they find out we have escaped they will kill both of us and then Zan will be all alone. We have to stick together, I understand you want to help our son, but we have to have a secure plan, and those followers will help us with that.

He sighed out loud it looked like he didn’t have a choice in the matter he had to trust these strangers, and most of all he had to trust Tess, this would be a test, though this test was much more difficult then any he had ever endured before. “Do we have a place to hide?”

“Yes but we have to go before those guards come back.” She started to stand up and walk away, “Are you coming?” she said in a low whisper.

He stood up and followed behind her. He needed for this war to be over, and as of now it was far from over.


Maria tried to move into a comfortable position, but something was holding her back, she had something stuck to her hand. She went to touch her hand but she couldn’t, it was transparent. What in the world was happening to her, she was there but she wasn’t. She tried to scream but it was nothing but a whisper, she moved her eyes so that they would look around the room, when did Jesse get there? She was scared, and all her mind wanted to do was scream to get every ones attention, but they weren’t looking at her. They were looking at her body.

Her mother was there, Sheriff Valenti, Kyle, some stranger she had no idea who he was, and Isabel was even there. Did she die? No that wasn’t right if she were dead then she wouldn’t have an IV in her hand, what if they were going to do an autopsy on her. No that wasn’t right either, because she was in the Valenti’s family room.

She wanted her cedar oil, okay any kind of oil would be nice right about now, and she tried to sit up. She looked down at her body, her eyes were closed and some annoying machine was beeping. She stood up; she felt light as a feather, almost as if she were floating.

She felt like she was in some really delusional Angel episode, she really needed to stop watching those without Michael or someone else around. She went and stood next to her mother and lightly touched her shoulder her mother didn’t budge. She just itched her shoulder. Great, I’m a minor annoyance even when I’m a ghost Maria stood in front of her mother and put both hands on her, she tried to shake only to end up flat on her butt on the other side. She was facing her mother’s back.

She needed to scream, so she was going to do just that scream, it finally came out like a real scream. It was terrifying to be stuck in this position, was this astral projection? Her mother had always talked about this; she told her that if her body was relaxed enough she could literally jump out of it.

She never really believed what her mother was telling her because she believed that all that metaphysical stuff was hocus-pocus. Well she was wrong, dead wrong. Kyle believed in Buddha, maybe he would be able to sense her presence. Kyle was standing on the other side of the green sofa, god that color was really awful she stood in front of him hoping for a reaction.

Maria was desperate, so she lightly touched his face, there wasn’t a need to repeat the last experience, and she waited for a few seconds to see if he would react. He just swatted his hand in the air so she tried again. He repeated the same action.

“Kyle it’s me Maria,” she said to his face. Nothing. Damn.

She stared straight into his eyes, or was that cats, if you stared straight into cat’s eyes it would make them go crazy, it couldn’t hurt to try. Here goes nothing. The staring went on for what felt like an hour, he did nothing, Buddha was a crock of shit, she moved on to the next person.

She wanted to know what the racket down the hall was, so she slowly made her way to the bathroom; she shook her head when she couldn’t reach the doorknob, maybe she should just go through it. She shrugged her shoulders, and ended up falling through anyway. Liz and Michael were hugging; she looked on the counter and saw the test. Then she felt herself floating away uncontrollably toward the family room.

She was dying this was it.

The EKG machine started to go off like crazy; Maria looked at the strange man he was running towards her body, “Hey stop it, don’t put your hands on me I don’t even know you.” Maria said hitting the man.

The machine was beeping it was rather annoying, she saw the man grab a bag, then pull out two black paddles, he instructed everyone to get out of the way, he put two sticky patches on her chest, “Hey buddy this isn’t a 25 cent peep show,” she shook her head, she felt her body jolt, the man was shocking her chest. She felt her chest tickle. Then silence.
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