Mixed Up (M/L AU ADULT) -(Complete)

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Mixed Up (M/L AU ADULT) -(Complete)

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Winner - Round 9



Title: Mixed Up
Author: Emma
Rating: ADULT
Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell or any of the characters I am just borrowing them for fictional purpose. I also do not own any songs used in this fic.
Category: M/L
Summery: The world of the Evans and Parkers is turned upside down when an accident reveals that their children were mixed up at birth.

Authors Note: Ok first let me clear up the family member situations.

Parkers: Jeff, Nancy, Zan & Liz
Evans: Philip, Diane, Isabel, Max & Serena


John Watson had dealt with many people throughout his 20-year career as a doctor but it never got any easier delivering the results of these types of tests, especially when it involved someone so young.

He walked into his office and shut the door before greeting his patient and his family. “Jeff, Nancy, Liz, Zan,” he smiled, every appointment the whole family was there, it was obvious how close Zan and Liz were, she was by her brother’s side every step of the way.

“Dr. Watson,” they greeted back.

He sat in his seat and sighed.

“So give us the news, Doc,” Zan joked but the way he held onto his sister’s hand showed how scared he was underneath.

Zan’s health had been fading for the past three months, he was tired all the time, and losing a lot of weight until one day, he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. At first they had thought it was just the flu but after running numerous tests, Zan and the Parkers had to accept that Zan was a lot sicker than they wished to believe.

“It’s not good I’m afraid,” Dr. Watson sighed sympathetically. “You’re going to need a bone marrow transplant,” he told him bluntly.

Zan’s eyes dropped to his lap while Nancy Parker cried out. Her children were her life and she couldn’t bare the thought of something happening to one of them.

“What do we need to do?” Jeff Parker asked.

“Well all of you need to be tested, but there is a very good chance that Liz will be a match,” he told them, a small smile gracing his lips. He had a lot of confidence that Zan’s twin would be the one to save his life; thankfully, they had caught Zan’s illness early and right now he did have some time on his side.

“Well then what are we waiting for, lets do this,” Liz spoke up without hesitation. Zan turned to his sister and smiled before pulling her into his arms.


A week later

Zan, Liz, Nancy, and Jeff sat patiently in the waiting room for their appointment with Dr. Watson. Today was the day they would get the results back from the tests and if everything went the way they hoped, soon their son and brother would be on the road to recovery.

John Watson took a deep breath before opening the door and stepping out into the waiting room. All of a sudden it seemed very warm and he tugged at the collar of his shirt.

“Zan, Liz, Jeff, Nancy,” he greeted.

“Dr.” they replied.

“Jeff, Nancy can I speak to you privately?” he requested then wondering how he had gotten involved in what was about to happen.

Jeff and Nancy exchanged confused looks before nodding and following him into the office, once in there they realised that they weren’t alone.

“This is George Wallace the General Manager of the hospital and Eric Grove the hospitals legal representative,” he explained.

They shared polite greetings before taking a seat.

“What’s going on?” Jeff found himself asking. Why would the GM of Albuquerque General and their legal team need to be present for their tests results?

“Jeff, Nancy we got the results back from yours and Liz’s tests,” John explained, “and there were some abnormalities which are of concern,” he said.

“Why type of abnormalities?” Nancy questioned worried.

“Mrs. Parker is it correct that you gave birth to Zan and Liz here on October 15th, 1988, here in this hospital?” Eric Grove asked.

“Y-Yes,” Nancy replied.

“What’s going on?” Jeff demanded then.

“I’m afraid that the test results all came back negative,” John informed them. The look on their faces was of absolute devastation and nothing short of what he expected so he dreaded having to continue. “But they also indicated that not only is it biologically impossible for Liz to be Zan’s twin, but that the two of you are not Zan’s biological parents,” John informed them.

“W-What?” Jeff stuttered out.

“I’m sorry Jeff but Zan is not your son,” John explained.

George Wallace stepped in then. “Since the results came to light we have done some research into the day you gave birth and have found that another set of twins, a boy and a girl were born at the same time. It would appear that your children might have been mixed up,” he told them.

“N-No,” Nancy cried shaking her head in denial. Zan and Liz were her children and they were sitting out in the waiting room waiting for the test results.

“We are taking immediate steps to contact that other couple in hopes of testing their children too,” he assured them.

“Oh God,” Jeff cried, his head dropping into his hands.

“I know this is difficult, I don’t want to pretend I have a clue about what you’re going through but we have to remain hopeful for Zan,” Dr. Watson said.

“What happens now, now that Liz isn’t a match?” Nancy asked. The news was devastating but she had to push it aside and concentrate on the important thing an right now that was getting Zan better by what ever means possible.

John exchanged looks with the other men “We’ll place him on the national register and search for a match but unfortunately that can take some time. In the meantime Eric will be contacting the other couple involved and if we find Zan’s biological twin we’ll ask if they are willing to be tested,” he explained.

“But they look the same,” Nancy cried. “I mean look at them they both have brown hair and dark eyes,” she cried still not able to believe what she was being told. Zan was the baby she had.

Jeff and Nancy nodded and after that, they continued to talk the situation over with the hospital administration and Dr. Watson. They both had so many questions about what would happen.

“What if you’re right and the other couple do have Zan’s twin? Will we be expected to give him back, and will we get our child back?” Nancy asked concerned.

Eric Grove looked at the couple. “It will be completely up to you, but consider the age of the children involved I would say no,” he said, he didn’t think any court in New Mexico would order that.

“Oh Jeff what are we going to tell Zan?” Nancy cried as they stepped out of the office.

“We’ll talk to them when we get home,” he soothed his wife.

He had no idea how he was going to tell his son the terrible news, not only did they not have a match but on top of that they were about to turn his world upside down.


“What’s going on?” Zan asked the minute they entered the house he had lived in his entire life. He wanted to know why he hadn’t seen Dr. Watson for the results and what he had told his parents whilst he wasn’t present.

“Can you guys sit down” Jeff said ignoring Zan’s question.

Liz and Zan took a seat on the couch opposite their parents and waited expectantly for them to start speaking.

They could tell that their mother was very upset over something and to Liz that could mean only one thing.

“I wasn’t a match was I?” she said sadly.

Nancy Parker shook her head.

“I’m so sorry Zan,” she turned to her brother and cried.

“Hey shh munchkin it’s fine,” he said comforting her, but deep down his was scared shitless. He had been holding on to what the Dr. Watson had said all week that there was a very high chance that Liz would be a match since she was his twin sister. He knew she felt bad and he didn’t want her too. It wasn’t her fault; it was no one’s.

“None of us were,” Jeff said then.

“W-What?” Liz pulled back and asked, “How is that possible?”

Nancy and Jeff exchanged looks then. “You know we love you guys more than anything right?” Nancy said.

Both Liz and Zan looked at their parents confused. “Of course,” they answered not sure where their mother was going with this conversation.

“It appears that when the two of you were born that there was some sort of mix up.” Jeff stepped in and started to explain, he knew there was no way that Nancy was going to be able to do this on her own and he didn’t expect her to.

“What kind of mix up?” Liz asked immediately panicked.

“They said that it’s biologically impossible for the two of you to be twins,” Nancy breathed out.

“W-What?” Zan said shocked. There was no way they said what he thought they said, because if they had then it meant that everything he had know for his 17 years of life wasn’t true. Him and Liz were closer than any brother or sister had had ever met before. It was impossible that they weren’t twins they finished each other’s sentences for God sakes.

Nancy reached out for her son’s hand then. “I’m so sorry baby but they said that y-you’re not biologically our son,” she whispered out painfully.

Zan’s eyes immediately filled with tears. “No,” he whispered.

“Oh baby I’m so sorry,” Nancy cried, “but it doesn’t matter to us. You’re our son in everyway that counts, we love you so much honey,” she tried to assure him. “Please don’t ever doubt that,” she pleaded with her son.

Liz sat by with tears streaming down her face. No this had to be a lie. It had to be wrong.

A/N: Hello everyone. Well i'm posting this earlier than i expected too but i couldn't hold off any longer. I'm only planning on updating this once a week. Thank you to my wonderful beta Holly!
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A/N: Ok WOW :!: :!: I never expected such overwhelming feedback from you guys and am so happy that you're liking this so far. Now some of you have hit the nail on the head in relation to the family pairings others are way off but i dont want to give it away yet. So read the next part and it should get you all your minds working along the same lines!

Okay so Thursday night is update night for Mixed Up. At this stage there will only be one update a week. Sorry guys!

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dreamer destiny
Ace Roswell

Part 1

It was just an ordinary day for Dianne Evans in Roswell, New Mexico. Her three children were all in school, hopefully not causing any trouble, and her husband was hard at work at their law firm which she worked in three days a week.

Dianne was busy cleaning her youngest daughter’s bedroom, which was scattered with clothes everywhere when she heard the doorbell. Surprised, she made her way downstairs her arms weighed down with dirty clothes to answer the door.

“Yes,” she said bluntly, the only people that called during the day were people trying to sell you something and she just wasn’t interested.

“Mrs. Dianne Evans?” the man asked.

“Yes,” Dianne answered.

Eric sighed in relief. “Mrs. Evans, I’m so sorry to bother you at home. I’m Eric Grove do you think I could come inside and talk to you?” he asked.

Dianne frowned, he seemed harmless enough, but in this day and age she knew better that to trust anyone.

“What about?”

Realising that this wasn’t going to be as easy as he first thought Eric began to explain with out going into too much detail. He didn’t think that telling her that he suspected her children had been mixed up at birth on her porch was a very good idea.

“Mrs. Evans, I’m the legal representee for Albuquerque General and I really need to talk to you and Mr. Evans. Do you think I could come back later this afternoon to talk to you both?” he asked.

Dianne’s frown deepened. “Um is everything ok?”

“Well we hope so but I need to discuss some events concerning October 25th, 1988 with you”

“That was the day Max and Serena were born,” she said confused. Why would a lawyer who represented the hospital she gave birth in want to talk to her about it, especially a day that was almost 17 years ago?

“Yes Ma’am,” he nodded.

“Um ok then well I guess if you come back around 1. Phillip will be home for lunch,” she said.

“Thank you, Mrs Evans, I’ll see you then”

After Eric left Dianne became increasingly anxious over what he wanted to talk to her about and went and called Phillip. After explaining what had happened Phillip said he would make sure he was home in time for the appointment.

Dianne tried to continue with her housework but she found she wasn’t getting much done and eventually she gave up just before Phillip arrived and ten minutes later Eric Grove was knocking on the door again.

“Come in,” Dianne invited him.

She led him into the kitchen and offered him a seat at the table where her and Phillip were having a cup of coffee.

“Mr. Grove this is my husband Phillip,” Dianne introduced.

Eric offered Phillip his hand and accepted a cup of coffee before sitting down across from the anxious Evans.

“What’s this all about?” Phillip asked getting straight to the point. The visit had upset his wife considerably and he didn’t have the time or patience for games.

“Firstly, I’m sorry for dragging you out of work but a situation has arisen and it was imperative that I speak to the two of you about it.”

“Ok,” they both said.

“We’ve recently discovered that a pair on twins born on October 25th, 1988 were mixed up after birth at Albuquerque General,” he said.

Dianne gasped, her hand covering her mouth as the realisation of what this man was doing in her house became clear.

“What’s this got to do with us?” Phillip asked.

Eric dropped his gaze for a moment. “We believe it might be possible that your children were involved in this mix up,” he said.

“Oh God,” Philip said.

“No that’s impossible,” Dianne cried.

“Why do you think this?” Phillip asked.

“Because in the process of some testing it was established that the male twin was in no way biologically related to his sister or the parents.”

“But I was there when Dianne gave birth I would have known if they had mixed them up,” Phillip tried to deny.

“Can you tell me what you remember seeing first?” Eric asked taking out a pen and opening his notebook.

“Um God, I mean it has been 17 years but Max was born first, he’s our son, and then Serena,” he explained.

Eric looked up at them an idea forming in his mind. What were the chances of two sets of male/female twins being born at the same hospital, on the same day, at the same time?

“Would you have a picture?” he asked.

He could see that they were about to ask him why, so he rushed to explain. “It might help clear this up more quickly and avoid any testing to be carried out.”

Dianne nodded and hopped up to retrieve a recent photo of the kids from the mantel place in the living room and returned handing it him.

Eric had to bite back his gasp when he saw the photo in front of him. Staring back at him was a beautiful blonde who stood taller than her younger siblings but standing next to her with a bright smile was a mirror image of Zan Parker and to his right stood a petite girl who bore a striking resemblance to Liz.

Eric swallowed before he looked up. “What is it?” Dianne asked. She could tell by the look on his face that something was wrong.

Reaching for his briefcase Eric retrieved the photo he had gotten the day before from the Parkers and placed it in the middle of the table so that they both could see.

“Oh my God,” Phillip said when he saw what looked like his son with his arm wrapped around a girl who bore a striking resemblance to his own daughter. Their hair was significantly different, this girls was chocolate brown and straight where his own daughters was reddish and curly but their face and their petite frame was identical.

“Wh-Who is that?” Dianne cried clearly shocked at what she was seeing.

“That is Zan and Liz Parker. Obviously we will need tests to confirm it but I think the photos make it fairly clear. Zan is your son and Serena is the Parkers daughter”

“Oh no,” Dianne cried. “It can’t be,” she sobbed turning to her husband with pleading eyes, begging him to tell her that it was a joke.

“I’m so sorry,” Eric apologised.

He left the Evans shortly after. They had agreed to bring Max and Serena in for some DNA tests after they worked out how they were going to break the news to their children.

Due to doctor patient confidentiality he was unable to tell them about Zan’s sickness. He knew when the tests came back indicating what they already knew, and that was that Zan was in fact the Evans biological son that they would then need to be told. He was just glad that wasn’t his job because he never wanted to have to do what he did today again.

He had seen it twice now. The first time on Nancy Parker’s face and then on Dianne Evans’ face. It was utter devastation over the news that the son or daughter you had raised as your own was not really yours, that you would have to tell your children that they weren’t really brother and sister or even twins for that matter. He wasn’t sure how close Max and Serena were but he had seen first hand how close Liz and Zan were and he knew that they would all be affected greatly by the news.


Dianne was still crying when the kids got home from school, she knew she should pull herself together because it was imperative that she speak to them right away but she was so heartbroken by the news.

Dianne Evans loved her son and daughter with everything she was and she knew that Serena was going to be upset by the news but she was more afraid what she would do. She wasn’t as close with her youngest daughter as she was with Isabel and she feared that this news would ultimately push her daughter so far away she would never reach her again.

Initially she had wanted to tell Eric Grove to leave and refuse to take the tests he was requesting but then she looked at the photo of the boy who would have been her son and she knew she couldn’t deny him. He was a mirror image of her son and she couldn’t deny her son the chance to get know his brother, to feel the closeness of having a twin that he had never experienced with his sister. But she also couldn’t deny her own heart and it was telling her that she wanted to know him too.

“Mum,” Isabel walked into the living room and stopped abruptly when she saw her mother crying in her father’s arm. It was odd enough that her father was home at this time of the day but seeing her mother crying put Isabel on alert right away. Something was terribly wrong.

“Are you ok?”

Phillip cleared his throat and smiled at his daughter. “Honey could you get your brother and sister and come in here please?” he asked.

Isabel nodded and immediately went to get Max and Serena.

Five minutes later the three of them were sitting across from Phillip and Dianne all wearing matching frowns of concern.

“Is something wrong?” Isabel asked.

“Yes,” Phillip nodded. “Your mother and I received a visit today,” he started.

“It was a man on behalf of Albuquerque General the hospital that the three of you were born,” Dianne added.

“Ok,” Serena drawled out wanting the conversation to move on quicker. She hated suspense.

“Apparently they recently discovered a mistake, or a mix up rather”

“What type of mix up?” Isabel asked.

“On October 25th, 1988 they mixed up a set of twins that were born in the hospital,” Phillip said slowly.

Max’s face drained of colour and Serena gasped, “How can they do something like that?” she demanded.

“It was a mix up, sweet heart, a terrible mix up” her mother smiled sadly.

“Who did they mix up?” Max who had been quiet through the conversation finally asked. Every muscle in his body was on alert he didn’t like where this conversation was going.

Dianne and Phillip looked at their son and daughter. “We’re almost positive that they mixed up the two of you along with another set of twins,” Phillip said.

“W-what?” Max stuttered shocked.

Phillip leaned over then and turned the photograph, which was sitting on the coffee table, over. They had asked Eric if the could keep it and he had agreed.

“Oh my God,” Isabel gasped when she saw it.

“He looks just like you, Max,” she whispered.

Serena reached out and traced the photo with her hand, she could see the resemblance between her and the girl in the photo, but what she didn’t understand was why.

“What does this mean?” she asked nervously.

“It appears that they mixed up you and Zan up somehow sweetie. Zan is Max’s twin and biologically our son and you are Liz’s twin,” she cried.

“I’m not your daughter?” Serena whispered painfully.

Max turned to his sister then and pulled her into his arms. They had never been close; something that had always saddened Max. He was extremely close with Isabel but Serena was an enigma. None of them had ever really understood her and now he was finally realising why.

“You’re our daughter in everyway that counts,” Phillip told her.

Serena stood up then. “No, no I’m not. I mean I’ve never felt like I belonged in this family. I guess I know why now,” she cried before running out of the room and up the stairs into her bedroom.

Dianne broke down in sobs the minute she was gone. “I’m so sorry, honey,” she said to Max.

“It’s not your fault, Mum,” Max assured her. He turned to his father then. “What happens now?” he gulped. Was this the part where they told him everything would change? Would Serena go to live with the other family and would Zan come to live with them?

“First thing we have to do is take you and Serena in for some tests to confirm it, after that I have no idea.” he said honestly.

Max’s eyes locked on the photo again. Except for his haircut and clothes he was identical to him. His eyes drifted to the brunette in his arms then, he could see a slight resemblance to his sister, her shortness for one but other than that they didn’t really look too much alike. He did admit however that she was absolutely stunning.

“Will we meet him?” Isabel asked.

“I’m not sure,” Phillip told them honestly. “Right now we don’t know anything.”

TBC....See you all next Thursday.

I am posting Part 1 of Game of Love tonight also. But if you're interested in what my posting schedule is check out my authors page (link in sig).

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A/N: Hi everyone. Thank you for your feedback glad that you're liking this fic so far. I know it kind of feels like forever in between updates and i hope you haven't forgotten about this fic in that time but it gives me plenty of time to write which is great :D

I hope you enjoy this next part :wink: and thank you to my beta Hollybehry for editing this part for me :D

Sweet Liz
dreamer destiny

Part 2

Liz looked out the window and found Zan sitting on the balcony they shared. He had been extremely quiet since they had found out the news that not only was Liz not a match for the bone marrow but that he had been supposedly mixed up at birth. Liz had tried hard to hang on to the belief that some sort of mistake had been made but when her parents had received a call yesterday all her hope was lost. They had found Zan’s biological parents and her biological twin.

It seemed impossible when you thought about it. Since babies they had been as close as brother and sister could be. Even though Zan took the role of big brother it was a role Liz has always been happy for him to have. He looked after her and he loved her with everything that he was. They were different in so many ways but so alike in others. Zan was athletic and popular and a bit of a class clown whilst Liz preferred to fade into the background and let him have the spotlight, she was an excellent student and excelled in science.

But they both loved funny movies and eating plain vanilla ice cream and without a doubt they were each other’s best friends. In their younger years they had travelled a fair bit with their parents. Jeff Parker owned a chain of restaurants across America and every time he opened a new one they would move. It meant that very rarely did either Liz or Zan get the chance to make lasting friendships so most of the time it was the two of them, two peas in a pod.

Liz pushed through her window until she was also on the balcony and quietly took the seat next to Zan. “Hey.”

Zan turned and looked at her and Liz could immediately tell he’d been crying. Liz held her arms out to him immediately and Zan didn’t hesitate in falling into her arms and allowing the sobs to overtake him.

So much had happened in the past few days, so much had changed but he wanted so badly for everything to remain the same.

Liz didn’t say anything as he cried in her arms because she knew there was nothing to say. No words were going to make this all better.

After a while Zan pulled back and wiped his eyes. “Thanks.”

“No problem that’s what sisters are for right?” she whispered. “And I don’t care what a blood test says, you’re my brother, my only brother and nothing is ever going to change that”

“You know I feel the same don’t you? I love you, munchkin,” he smiled back at her.


Nancy Parker took a deep breath as she and Jeff stepped into George Wallace the General Manager of the hospital’s office. It had been a week since they had discovered that Zan wasn’t really their son and in Nancy’s opinion it had been the worst week of her life. They had no idea what to expect from this meeting either and it scared the hell out of her.

“Hi, Mr. & Mrs. Parker,” he greeted them. “Please take a seat”

They greeted John Watson and Eric Grove who were also in the office before taking a seat.

“As you’re already aware we’ve located the other couple who were involved with this mix up.”

Nancy nodded. “Um how did you know it was them?” she asked Eric.

Eric exchanged looks with George before speaking. “It was very obvious,” he said.

“How so?” Jeff asked.

“I asked to see a picture of the Evans children and based on the photo I had of Zan and Liz it was easy to see the mix up,” he explained.

“Would you stop being so vague,” Nancy snapped, “these are our children you’re talking about here”

Eric nodded. “Max Evans is very clearly Zan's twin brother, almost a mirror image and Serena Evans shares some similarities with Liz,” he said.

Nancy gasped. “We have another daughter?” she whispered.

Eric nodded. “I hope you don’t mind but I showed them the photo of Liz and Zan that you supplied me and they agreed to bring Max and Serena in for tests.”

“Wow,” Jeff mumbled.

“Do-Do you have a photo of them?” Nancy asked then.

Eric nodded and pulled the photo out of his briefcase and handed it to then.

“Oh God” Nancy gasped when she saw it.

He was right. Max Evans was almost a mirror image to his son. “That’s unbelievable,” Jeff whispered. “He looks exactly like Zan”

Nancy’s faced trailed the shorter girl next to him then, tears coming to her eyes when she saw the same reddish curly hair that was so similar to her own hair 20 years ago. “Oh God, Jeff, look at her,” she cried.

Jeff wrapped an arm around his wife in comfort, they loved their son, but seeing their daughter made the situation seem more real. Staring at them was their daughter, so much like Liz yet so different.

“The tests came back yesterday afternoon and they confirm that Zan is in fact the Evans’s biological son and Serena is your biological daughter” John confirmed for them. “Max is also a match for bone marrow,” he added then.

Nancy and Jeff both looked up from the photo and at John Watson the man who had been treating their son since he was diagnosed months earlier. “Oh thank you God,” she cried smiling at Jeff. “Did you hear that? Our baby is going to be alright.”

John frowned then. “Nancy, before you get too excited I’m afraid I have to tell you that it isn’t going to be that easy,” Eric Grove informed her.

“What? Why not?” she asked.

“Due to doctor patient confidentiality I wasn’t able to tell the Evans about Zan’s condition. The Evans permitted us to take blood from Max and Serena and by doing so it allowed us to conduct all sorts of tests on their blood including the bone marrow.”

“So they don’t know anything about Zan being sick or that Max could potentially save his life?” Jeff asked.

“No,” he confirmed.

“Well someone better tell them, he’s their son just as much as ours and if something was wrong with Serena I would want to know immediately,” Nancy insisted.

“The Evans have asked to meet you,” Eric Grove informed them, “they will be here shortly but obviously the choice is yours.”

Nancy and Jeff exchanged a look that apparently said a thousand words “We want to meet them,” they both said.

There was a knock on the door then and George’s secretary poked her head in “The Evans have arrived should I show them in?” she asked.

George looked at Jeff and Nancy one last time to make sure that this was definitely what they wanted and when he saw that they were both positive he nodded at his secretary. “Send them in”


Max walked into the Crashdown and looked around for the person he was trying to find and sure enough there she was sitting at her usual booth by herself.

“Hey,” he said sliding in across from her. He had been trying for days to get her to talk to him about what she was thinking and feeling but she was avoiding him at all costs. She hardly ever came out of her room and she even refused to speak to his mother who hadn’t stopped crying since the day they had found out.

But today was the worst so far. They had finally gotten the results back from the tests and it had confirmed everything they had all already known in their hearts. Isabel and his mother had cried, Max had gotten angry and thrown something, and even his Dad had expressed his feelings but Serena had been numb and that scared him more than any other reaction could have.

“HI,” she grunted back. Why couldn’t everyone just leave her alone? Didn’t they realise that she didn’t want their sympathy?

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

Their parents had given them all the day off school knowing that their emotions were too out of control to be there today. Right this moment they were in Albuquerque meeting the other couple, Serena’s biological parents, to discuss everything and they had no idea what time they would be back or worse yet what would happen when they did come back.

Serena shrugged. “Nothing else to do”

Isabel had gone shopping and Max had hopped in his jeep and gone out to the desert to think.

“Want to grab a movie?” he asked.

Serena quirked her head to the side and studied the boy she had grown up with, her brother. “Why?”

Max was confused by her question. “Um because we’re not doing anything else and there are some good movies out at the moment,” he answered.

“No, I mean why now? We never used to see movies together before?” she asked him.

The truth was Max and Serena were like chalk and cheese. Max was the quiet studious type with a love for science whilst Serena was the outgoing cheerleader type. She liked hard rock whilst Max preferred the Counting Crows and Sarah McLachlan.

Max sighed. “I just want to spend some time with you. Is that so bad?” he whispered. Their family was going through a horrific time and if they were going to get through it whole, they needed to stick together.

“No, it’s not but I don’t need your pity, Max. Sure what’s happening sucks but I’ll get through it on my own,” she told him.

“But why when you don’t have to?” he asked.

“Because it’s just the way I’ve always done things,” she said.

Max nodded he could accept that but it didn’t mean he had to like it. “How about we just grab something to eat then?”

Serena sighed and looked at her brother. Max was a good brother she couldn’t deny that. She remembered when he had beat up Tommy in seventh grade because he was teasing her because she was short. He would always do things like that for her and Isabel.

“That we can do,” she told him.

So the two of them placed their order and sat there quietly.


Everyone stood up as Phillip and Dianne entered the office. It was fairly big but with the five people already in the room it was quickly filling up.

Eric Grove stood forward then to make the introductions.

“Phillip, Dianne this is George Wallace, he’s the General Manager of the hospital,” he informed them. “This is Dr. John Watson, he’s an oncologist here at the hospital”

Dianne and Phillip looked at him a little confused and wondered what an oncologist had to do with all this.

“And this is Jeff and Nancy Parker.”

These two couples that had shared so much but knew so little about each other came face to face for the first time then. The men shook hands as the women shared a look and then to everyone’s surprise they were hugging. “Thank you,” they both whispered to each other. They had both lost so much but at the same time been blessed. Nancy had gained a son she never would have had and Dianne a daughter.

George, John, and Eric exchanged small smiles then because that one hug spoke a thousand words. Everything was going to be ok because these two women were too strong to let something like this break their families.

TBC........See you next Thursday

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A/N: HI everyone. Thank you so much for you feedback I seriously enjoy hearing from all of you and i'm so glad that you're liking my little fic. Thank you to my beta Holly for her great work.

Hope you enjoy this part too :wink:

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Part 3

“Thank you for agreeing to meet with us again,” Dianne said to Nancy and Jeff.

After a brief meeting at the hospital the two couples decided to go to Jeff and Nancy’s restaurant for a coffee and to talk things over. It felt too awkward for all of them to say the things they were thinking and feeling around the hospital administration and Dr. Watson.

“No, thank you for coming,” Nancy said.

Jeff looked at his wife then indicating that it was time to tell the other couple about Zan’s illness. “There is something that we should tell you,” Jeff started and Phillip and Dianne looked up surprised.

“The reason this has all come about, the reason the hospital worked out that Zan wasn’t our child is because he had to have some tests,” Nancy stepped in. “Phillip, Dianne I’m afraid that Zan is sick. He has cancer and he needs a bone marrow transplant.”

Dianne’s face paled immediately and she reached for Phillip’s hand. How was it possible that after finding out that she had another son she never knew about that he might be taken away from her before she even got the chance to know him?

“Is he going to be ok?” Phillip asked the question that they both wanted to know.

Jeff and Nancy exchanged looks. “With a bone marrow transplant, yes.”

“Oh my God,” Dianne finally said. “So what has to happen for him to get this?”

Nancy reached across the table and took Dianne’s hand. “Dianne, the hospital ran some tests on yours, Phillip’s and Max’s blood when the DNA tests were conducted and they have established that Max is a match,” she explained.

“Max?” Phillip said.

“Yes so I guess now the question is do you think that Max would be willing to donate his bone marrow to save Zan’s life?” Jeff asked them.


Liz and Zan were waiting when Jeff and Nancy walked through the front door more than three hours later. Both of them looked tired and Zan thought his parents had aged years in the past couple of days. He wasn’t surprised his diagnosis and then the news that he wasn’t actually their son had taken its toll on all of them.

“How did it go?” he asked them.

Nancy offered her son a small smile. “Let’s go sit down,” she suggested. Even though she had been sitting down all day, she wanted to remain sitting for this conversation.

Liz joined Zan on the couch and waited for her parents to start talking.

“Well we met Dianne and Phillip,” Nancy started to explain. “They’re your biological parents, Zan, and they’re lovely,” she informed him with a sad smile.

“Really?” he asked still very unsure.

“Yes, really,” his father assured him. “And we told them about your cancer,” he said.

“Oh,” Zan frowned. “What did they say?” He wouldn’t be surprised if his parents had told them they had run off at the news.

“They were understandably upset about it,” Nancy informed him.

“Right,” he whispered.

“We also have some good news,” Jeff told him.

Liz’s face perked up at the sound of good news, they could certainly do with some at the moment as far as she was concerned.

“Dr. Watson conducted some tests on the Evans’s blood and Max is a match,” Nancy smiled.

“Oh my God,” Liz cried. Her hand reached up to cover her mouth before she turned to her brother.

Zan was in a daze unsure of how he was supposed to react to the news that his twin brother whom he had never met could be the person that saved his life.

“Did you hear that?” Liz smiled at him.

Nancy and Jeff could clearly see the confusion on Zan’s face. He wanted to be happy but he was finding it hard under the circumstances.

“Before we get too excited over this, you should both know that Max knows nothing about this and so he hasn’t agreed to go through with it,” Jeff told them.

Dianne and Phillip had both said they believed Max would jump at the chance to help his brother but Nancy and Jeff weren’t so sure. The procedure wouldn’t be easy on Max and he would have to understand the seriousness of it before he agreed.

“But once he does I’m sure he’ll say yes,” Liz smiled. She had no doubts because if Max was anything like Zan then he would do anything he could to help others.

“So what else did you guys talk about?” Liz asked.

“Well we thought it would be best that you and Zan meet Dianne, Phillip, Max and Serena in the next few days and Dianne thought it would be best if maybe we were there to talk to Max. Since they know so little about your illness they thought it might help him understand and make a better decision having all the facts,” Nancy explained.

Zan blew out a deep breath. “So we’re going to meet them, when?”

“Yeah, sweetie,” Nancy smiled at her son. “So over the weekend we’re going to take a trip to Roswell.”


It was late by the time Dianne and Phillip made it back to Roswell and to their surprise Serena was the only one of the children around. She was sitting in the living room watching a DVD.

“Hey,” she greeted them without looking away from the TV screen.

Dianne slumped down on the couch next to her daughter and kissed her cheek. “Hi, sweetie,” she said.

It had been a tough afternoon and she really needed to just see her children right now to assure herself that they were all right. Hearing the news about Zan had been hard.

“Where are your brother and sister?” Phillip asked her also leaning in and kissing her softly.

“Upstairs,” she shrugged.

“Did you guys eat?” Dianne asked her.

“Max and I ate at the Crashdown earlier and I assume Isabel must have eaten at the mall,” she told them.

“Ok,” Dianne smiled.

Max made his way down the stairs then. He heard his parents talking to Serena and had waited until they were finished before making his presence known.

“Hi,” he said.

Dianne looked at her son and smiled. “Hi. Baby,” she whispered moving to him and embracing him tightly.

“How did it go?” Max asked.

“Ok,” his father answered. “We need to talk about some things but that can wait until tomorrow,” he explained.

“What can wait until tomorrow?” Isabel asked rushing down the stairs.

Phillip sighed. “Nothing. Now that you’re all here we might as well talk about it now,” he said. He knew there was no way he would be able to hold Isabel off. “Honey could you turn that off please?” Phillip asked Serena.

Reluctantly Serena did as she was told and sat up to make room for Max and Isabel to sit on either side of her on the couch.

“We met the Parkers today,” Phillip informed his children. “Nancy and Jeff are lovely people and we all agreed that since the tests have been confirmed that it was time for everyone to meet.”

Serena gasped. She hadn’t expected all of this to happen so quickly, and now that it was what would it mean for her? Would she go to live with the Parkers now?

“So they’ll be coming from Albuquerque for the weekend.”

“Wow,” Isabel said. “Two Maxes and two Serenas. This is going to be so weird.”

“Well if it’s weird for you imagine how we feel,” Serena snapped at her sister.

Isabel always said insensitive things like that. “I didn’t mean it like that,” Isabel said defensively.

“We know you didn’t, sweetie,” Dianne assured her before turning her attention back to Serena. She could tell that her daughter was scared and she wanted to put her mind at ease. “Serena, honey you know that just because they’re coming here to meet you, it doesn’t mean that anything is going to change right? You are still our daughter and an important part of this family.”

Serena nodded wanting to believe it but unsure if she could. She had never felt like an important part of this family. She was just too different from her brother and sister but maybe she wouldn’t be so different from Liz, she thought.

“So they’re going to be staying here with us, so I’ll make up the guest bed for Jeff and Nancy tomorrow, Zan will stay in your room Max and Liz can stay with either Serena or Isabel,” Dianne informed them.

They all nodded before they quietly dispersed back to their own rooms.

The next day Isabel, Max and Serena were all back at school and the group was all waiting for them worried. None of the siblings had talked about what was going on in their personal life but they knew they would have to explain something to their friends sooner or later.

“Hi,” Isabel greeted her boyfriend Alex.

He was a year younger then her and a very good friend of Max’s but he was the sweetest guy she had ever met. “Hi,” he replied. He knew there was something upsetting her but he didn’t want to push her. Alex knew she would come to him when she was ready to talk about whatever it was that was bothering her.

“Max, Izzy where were you guys yesterday?” Maria asked. The Evans kids hardly ever got sick so it was very strange when the whole three of them didn’t show up for school.

Maria was Alex’s best friend and coincidently she was dating Michael who happened to be Max’s best friend.

Serena made her way past the group feeling out of place like she didn’t belong and began walking towards her own group of friends, the popular jocks, and cheerleaders. Isabel was sometimes part of the group too but since she had started dating Alex she spent less time with them, which suited Serena.

“Serena, wait up,” Max called out avoiding Maria’s question and rushing after his sister. “You ok?” he asked. As soon as the talk with their parents was over last night she had returned to her room and he hadn’t had the opportunity to talk to her.

“I’m peachy, Maxwell,” she replied, a fake smile on her face.

“You know I love you right?” he whispered looking at her and pleading at her with his eyes to open up to him.

Unable to deny him Serena’s gaze dropped. “Yeah I know, me too,” she whispered.

Smiling at her Max took a step back. “I’ll leave you alone now, I know what a damaging effect I could have on your reputation,” he joked.

Serena laughed. “That’s for sure,” she agreed before turning and continuing towards her friends.

Max watched her go with a small smile. It might not have been much but he would be happy with baby steps for the time being. They might not have ever been close but he wanted that to change with everything going on in their lives at the moment the last thing he wanted was for Serena to doubt her place in their family.

“Well, that was weird,” Maria commented to Michael as she watched Max and Serena.

“What?” Michael asked.

“Max and the princess, I thought she made it a rule of hers not be seen in public with him?”

“She’s not that bad,” Michael denied. The truth was Michael understood Serena and was probably the closest with her out of the group. Michael had grown up in a bad family environment where his father would drink and belt his mother around. He didn’t understand Serena’s need for the emotional walls she had built around herself but he could respect them and that’s why the two were able to get along.

“So Max, Isabel where were you guys yesterday?” Maria asked again.

Max sighed and exchanged looks with Isabel. “We had some family things to take care of,” he informed her, which was code for “Let’s not talk about this.” He knew they would have to tell their friends eventually but he wanted to wait as long as he could. They all had enough going on at the moment.

“Ok, ok I’ll let you go for now but you can’t avoid telling me forever,” Maria laughed.

TBC........See you all next Thursday

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A/N: Hi everyone. Thank you so much for your feedback, you guys are great and i'm glad you're enjoying this fic.

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Part 4

“You packed?” Liz asked Zan as she wandered into his room. They would be leaving in less than twenty minutes for Roswell. Liz was nervous as hell that she was going to meet her sister. She had to admit that she was excited but she hadn’t confided about that to Zan. Liz knew he was nervous enough about meeting his own twin brother and biological parents. But more importantly she knew what was playing on his mind would be the moment that he had to ask his twin if he would help save his life.

It was playing on all of their minds.

“Yeah,” he smiled and patted the bed next to him in a gesture for her to sit down. Zan and Liz were more like best friends than brother or sister. They didn’t fight like typical siblings did and they told each other everything. “What about you?” he asked her.

Liz shrugged “Yeah, I’m all packed,” she told him.

“That’s not what I mean,” he laughed. “How are you feeling? Ever since we found out about this it’s all been about me but this is big for you too. You’re going to meet your sister,” he said.

Liz almost laughed; sometimes it was like Zan was reading her mind. “I don’t know,” she admitted honestly. “I’m nervous I’ve never really thought about having a sister. I mean I’ve never really had any female friends,” she said.

“You’ll be fine,” he assured her. “It would be impossible for her not to love you.”

“Do you think she looks like me?” Liz asked him.

Zan thought about it. “I think you look similar but her hair is completely different from yours and so are the colour of her eyes.” Serena’s eyes were a lighter brown like her mother’s.

“What about me and Max?” he asked her.

“I can see a family resemblance but I won’t have any problem telling you apart,” she informed him.

“Really?” he asked surprised. They were a mirror image so he was curious to how she thought she was going to do that.

“Yeah, even though you look the same, you aren’t,” she started. “I don’t look at him and think ‘brother’ because I can see the differences. Your eyes are darker your smile brighter,” she informed him.

They sat in silence after Liz’s declaration.

“This is going to be weird, isn’t it?” Zan finally said.

“Hell yeah,” Liz laughed.


“What time are they coming again?” Isabel asked her mother as they all sat around the lounge room nervously. They had the television on and were all acting under the pretence that they were watching something rather than waiting for the Parker family to arrive.

“They should be here any time now, honey,” her father answered.

“How are we going to tell Max and Zan apart?” she asked then and Max looked at her and frowned.

“Are you trying to say you wouldn’t recognise me?” he asked hurt.

Serena giggled. “Max, the two of you are identical should we be able to?” she asked.

Max shook his head “I thought my own family would be able to tell me apart from a complete stranger,” he grumbled.

Dianne bit her lip. “I think Zan is a little leaner than Max so it shouldn’t be hard” she informed them. Jeff and Nancy said that he had lost a significant amount of weight since being diagnosed so he looked different that the Zan in the photo.

Isabel was just about to open her mouth and ask another question when they heard a car pull up in the driveway.

Phillip saw the entire family jump up out of the corner of his eye and rushed to asked them to say where they were. “I’m sure it will be overwhelming enough for them without us all barrelling out to greet them” he told them.

So Dianne and Phillip slowly made their way outside to meet the Parkers who were just exiting their vehicle.


Zan was still sitting in the car and staring at the large house his parents had pulled up in front of. “So this is where I could have been living,” he thought to himself. He loved his family and he wouldn’t trade his life but the idea of growing up in a house like the one in front of him and in the one town your whole life did hold some appeal.

Their own house was as nice as this one but they never stayed in them long.

“You ready?” Liz asked.

“Yep,” he nodded and they both got out of the car just as the front door opened and a blonde woman, about the same age and height as his mum, along with a slightly older man with grey hair walked out of the house.

“Jeff, Nancy we’re so glad you made it,” Phillip greeted them as he approached. He had to drag his eyes away from the young boy who was staring at him.

“Good to see you, Phillip, Dianne and thanks for having us,” Jeff replied shaking his hand.

Liz approached Zan's side then and Dianne smiled at her the way she held Zan’s hand as though she was trying to protect him from them. It was immediately obvious how close they were so she knew right away that this must be hard on them. “Zan, Liz this is Phillip and Dianne Evans,” Nancy introduced.

Dianne had to clench her fists to stop herself from running and taking Zan into her arms. “Hi,” she whispered softly.

“It’s great to meet you, Zan,” Phillip smiled. “You too, Liz,” he added.

“Hi,” Zan nodded.

“Nice town you’ve got here,” Liz smiled.

Phillip chuckled “Why don’t you all come inside and meet Isabel, Max and Serena?” he suggested.

Zan carried both his and Liz’s bags and they followed both sets of parents as they entered the Evans’ home.

“Wow,” Liz whispered.

“Yeah,” Zan agreed.

The place was even bigger on the inside.


Isabel and Max stood nervously as they heard everyone enter the house but Serena stayed seated, clutching the pillow in her lap like it was her lifeline.

“Ok guys this is Jeff and Nancy Parker,” Phillip introduced as they entered the room.

Serena looked up and gasped when she saw her mother. The same reddish curls she had hated her entire life staring back at her. Her whole life she had been jealous of Max and Isabel because they had such beautiful blonde and brown hair. Now she knew where her hair had come from and for the first time in her life she didn’t hate it.

“This is Isabel, our oldest,” Phillip explained. “Max and that over there is Serena” he said.

“Hi, Serena,” Nancy said tearily. Nancy was holding onto Jeff tightly.

“Hi,” Serena whispered as she stared at them.

“And this is Zan and Liz,” Phillip finished as the two Parker siblings came into view.

Isabel rushed forward then and before Zan knew what hit him she had pulled him into a tight hug. He was unsure what to do at first and looked at Liz for guidance but all she did was shrug.

“It’s so great to meet you’” she said when she pulled back.

“Um you too,” Zan smiled.

By this point Nancy and Jeff had moved towards Serena and were sitting near her on the lounge talking quietly. Liz wanted to go up and meet her but she didn’t want to interrupt her parents knowing what an important moment this was for them.

Max approached Zan slowly his eyes studying his brother, his twin. “Hi,” he said offering his hand.

Zan smirked at the man that looked so much like him. But there were also the obvious differences that Liz talked about too.

“Hey,” he replied shaking his hand.

Zan realised Liz was still standing next to him then when he watched his twin’s eyes move to her and widen slightly before they darkened. “Um this is Liz,” he said.

“Hi,” Max said.

“Hi, Max,” Liz replied with a bright smile offering him her hand.

Max took it and shook it softly.

Nancy looked up at her daughter then to get her attention and Liz excuse herself to make her way over to meet her sister and Max’s eyes followed her movements until Zan’s chuckle drew his attention back to him.

“Don’t they have girls in Roswell?” he asked.

Max’s mouth opened and shut like a fish while he thought about what to say in reply, he couldn’t believe he had been so obvious.

“It’s ok, man, even though she’s my sister I’m not blind I know she’s hot but you gotta stop staring at her like that,” he told him.

Max blushed bright red. “Yeah sorry,” he said.

“No problem. Want to introduce me to your other sister?” he suggested then and Max smiled before leading him over to where Serena was sitting with the Parkers and Liz.

The two families spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know each other. Phillip and Dianne were amazed at how different Zan was to Max. Whilst he was very much alike Max in the way he spoke and that he thought about everything he said before saying it, they found that he had completely different interests to Max. Where Max preferred to watch sports and loved science, Zan loved to play it and hated school.

Jeff and Nancy were finding similar things about Serena. Whilst first impressions lead you to believe that she was a polar opposite to Liz when you got into deeper conversation with her you found a lot of things they had in common. Like they both loved to dance. Whilst Serena expressed herself through cheerleading Liz had done years of jazz ballet and to the amusement of Zan they seemed to have a similar sense of humour.

“Oh it’s late,” Dianne said as she looked at the clock. “You guys must be starving,” she said.

“Why don’t we order pizza mum?” Isabel suggested.

“That’s a great idea does every one like pizza?” Dianne asked and when they all nodded, Dianne left it to Isabel to organise. Showing everyone that she was certainly in her element when she was in organising mode.

“What does everyone like?” she asked.

“Lots of pepperoni,” Zan spoke up.

“Eew” Liz replied in the teasing manner that she normally did when he requested pepperoni and like usual it caused Zan to flip her off.

“Pineapple,” Liz and Serena spoke up at the same time, which caused everyone to look at them.

“I guess we can tick food likes off the list,” Isabel commented.

“I hate pepperoni as well,” Serena whispered with a smile and Liz laughed.

After finding out what everyone else wanted Isabel formulated a menu that best suited everyone and ordered enough pizza for a small army.

TBC.......See you next Thursday :D

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A/N: HI everyone. Thanks for reading and leaving feedback. I always love hearing from you guys!

Ok, so i got this totally interesting pm from Lyscat telling me that this really happened in real life! i totally didn't know that but I'm intrigued. So just so you all know this isn't following the real story.

Thanks for reading i hope you enjoy this part

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Part 5

After dinner Phillip, Dianne, Jeff, and Nancy went into Phillip’s study with their coffee.

“I wonder what that’s all about?” Isabel asked.

Liz and Zan exchanged looks. They had a fair idea what the two sets of parents were talking about. In the car they had all discussed the best way about telling the Evans children about his illness and Liz had suggested that they tell Max first privately and talk to him about how he felt about helping Zan. After that they could tell Serena and Isabel and if Max agreed then they would be able to deliver good news at the same time they delivered the bad news.

Everyone agreed with Liz so tonight they would tell Max what was going on.

After a half an hour the parents emerged with empty coffee cups and cake plates. Their faces were all serious which made the teens even more on edge.

Dianne looked at her daughters and smiled slightly “Isabel, Serena could you go upstairs for a little while please?” she asked.

Isabel was about to object but when she saw the “Don’t argue with me” look her father gave her, she reconsidered. So reluctantly her and Serena made their way upstairs to her bedroom.

Nancy looked at Liz then and was about to suggest that she join the other girls but before she could open her mouth, Liz interrupted her. “Don’t even think about trying to make me go upstairs,” she told her mother. “I’ve been here from day one and there is no way I’m going anywhere now,” she added and the look on her face and the tone in her voice left no room for argument. She would be with Zan until the moment he got the all clear or worse case scenario that he didn’t, she would be there till he took his last breath.

There was no way she wasn’t going to be there for Zan while they talked to Max, she also believed that she might be able to convince Max if he had any doubts.

“Ok,” Nancy smiled at her daughter.

Dianne suggested that they go into the living room then so they all made their way in there, including a very confused Max who had no idea what was going on.

“Is something wrong?” Max asked. Everyone had such serious expressions on their face and he was getting a bit worried.

“Max, we need to talk to you about something,” Dianne said.

“If it’s alright I’d like to tell him,” Zan spoke up. If he was going to sit here and ask his brother to help him then the least he could do was be the one to tell him why he needed that help.

He was sitting on the lounge next to Max with Liz at his feet, holding his hand for support. He sometimes wondered what he would have done without his sister. She had been his lifeline at times always there lending support to him.

“You see the thing is, Max, the reason that we found out about us being mixed up at birth is because I’m sick,” he said. Zan was never one for beating around the bush and he didn’t plan on starting now.

“How sick?” Max asked. He wasn’t an idiot. If Zan had the flu they wouldn’t be having this conversation and his parents wouldn’t have such a devastated look on their face nor would Liz or the Parkers.

“Pretty sick. I have leukaemia,” he told him.

Max closed his eyes and cursed under his breath before raising sympathetic eyes to his brother. “I’m sorry”

Zan shrugged. “Shit happens,” he said and then threw his mother and Dianne an apologetic smile.

“Is there a cure?” Max asked then.

Zan looked at his brother for a second and wondered if he really wanted to know the answer to the question he asked but when all he could see in Max’s eyes was fear for him and sympathy, he knew he could tell him.

“Yeah there is,” he admitted. “I need a bone marrow transplant”

Max blew out the breath he had been holding “Wow” he said. “So how do you go about doing that?” he asked unsure. He assumed it would be similar to an organ transplant.

“Well you have to find someone that’s a match. Mum, Dad and Liz were all tested because the most logical match is normally a family member,” he explained. “Obviously they weren’t a match,” he finished quietly.

The pieces were starting to come together for Max. “Do you need me to be tested?” he asked.

Dianne thought it was best if she spoke up then since the tests that had already been carried out had nothing to do with the Parkers at all. “Actually, sweetie, the doctors already tested our blood when they did the DNA samples,” she confessed.

“Oh ok,” Max said.

“You’re a match, Max,” Zan whispered, “and I know how selfish what I’m about to ask you is but right now my life depends on it so I’m just going to come straight out and ask you.” Everyone in the room waited with bated breath for him to finish. “Will you give me some of your bone marrow?” he asked.


“I wonder what’s going on downstairs,” Isabel wondered out loud as her and Serena sat on her bed listening to some music. It was unusual for them to do something like that together but with everything that had happened today and the feeling that something was wrong, the girls were clinging to each other.

“Could be anything,” Serena shrugged. She tried to pretend that she wasn’t worried but like Isabel, she was feeling on edge.

“Don’t you think it’s weird that we were the only people that were asked to leave?” she continued.

“Yeah, I guess, but you know mum and dad don’t keep things from us, Isabel, so if we need to know they’ll tell us,” she told her.


Max’s reaction and answer was instantaneous. “Of course,” he replied. “Just tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it,” he told him.

Zan allowed a small smile to form on his face as he looked at his twin.

“Max, honey,” Dianne smiled relieved. “It’s wonderful that you want to help, Zan, we didn’t expect anything less but there are some things you need to know about the procedure before you agree,” she explained.

“Yes, your mother is right, Max, but if you’re serious we would love for you to meet Zan’s doctor so he can explain,” Nancy added.

Max looked between the parents and Zan. “I realise that I don’t know very much about this but my decision is still the same. Yes, whatever it takes,” he said.

Liz turned her big brown doe eyes up to Zan then. “Do you know what this means?” she whispered and Zan just continued to look at her in shock. Liz kneeled up and hugged him to her chest then “You’re going to be ok,” she cried. “Oh God, Zan, you’re going to be ok” she repeated again.

Zan nodded and smiled at her before letting her go.

Liz was unable to hide her happiness any longer and before anyone knew what was happening she moved from her seat on the floor and was throwing her arms around Max. “Thank you, thank you so much,” she whispered. He had no idea how much it meant to her family.

Max held her firmly against his chest as she cried and looked over her shoulder at Zan who had the hint of tears in his eyes. “Thanks, man,” he whispered. There should be so much more to say to him but words just weren’t there at the moment. All he could feel was relief and for the first time since his diagnosis he felt hope.

Nancy and Dianne had also started crying happy tears.

“Set up the appointment as quickly as possible,” Max reiterated.

Nancy nodded. “Thank you so much, Max, you have no idea what this means to us,” she told him.

Max smiled and let go of Liz who finally pulled back. “Yeah I kind of do. I just gained a brother, Mrs. Parker. I’m not ready to lose him before I get to know him,” he told them.

“We’re so proud of you, Max,” Phillip Evans told his son as he smiled at him with every inch of the pride he felt for what his son was doing to help an almost complete stranger showing on his face.

They took a few minutes to calm down then. Liz hopped up and joined Max and Zan on the couch. Holding one of their hands in each of her small hand.

Isabel and Serena joined them then and this time Zan let his parents explain to them what was going on. By the time they had explained Zan’s illness to them Isabel was bawling her eyes out and Serena was also slightly upset.

Isabel moved off the couch and hugged Zan tightly while she cried for him. “Shh, Isabel,” he whispered. “It’s going to be ok,” he assured her.

After Isabel calmed down slightly and rejoined Serena on the lounge, they then went on to explain in small detail how Max could help Zan and about the things that would be happening over the next few days.

By the time they were done, everyone was emotionally and physically exhausted so they decided to call it a night. The Parkers headed to the spare bedroom whilst Zan followed Max to his room and Liz decided to share with Serena, wanting the opportunity to get to know her a little better in the small amount of time they had together. Liz could tell that Isabel was disappointed and had shared a look with Serena briefly before inviting Isabel to stay with them as well. It would be squashy but Liz had no problem taking the floor so the sisters could share the bed.


When they were finally alone in Max’s room Zan sat down on Max’s bed and put his head in his hands and let the tears fall. Max was using the bathroom and Zan took the opportunity to let his emotions get the better of him. So much had been happening in the past couple of weeks, he had tried to be strong for his parents and Liz but he couldn’t hold it in any longer. He knew he shouldn’t get his hopes up but today there was lot more to be hopeful about.

Max opted for a quick shower and once he was out he realised that he forgot to bring some clean boxers and a shirt into the bathroom with him. He wrapped his towel around his waist and walked out of the bathroom quietly prepared to let Zan know it was his turn. The sight that greeted him however was one he wasn’t expecting.

There was his brother sitting on his bed clearly crying. He thought about leaving him alone and going back to the bathroom but then it would seem as though what Zan was doing was wrong and as far as Max was concerned it wasn’t. Zan had obviously been through so much over the past few months and top of that he had to find out that the only family he ever knew weren’t really his family. So instead of leaving, Max decided to just be discreet. “Bathroom’s free,” he told him.

Zan’s head snapped up and he wiped his eyes with the bottom of his shirt. “Thanks,” he replied and the double meaning behind his words did not go unnoticed by Max and so he smiled in reply.

He used the time under the hot spray to think about what lied ahead. He would never be able to repay Max for what he was prepared to do for him but he wished he could express to him how much it meant.

He pulled on a pair of boxers and a shirt and dried his hair off before he walked back into the room. Max was sitting on his bed flicking through a magazine and looked up when Zan walked in and just stood there staring at him.

“Nothing I say or do is ever going to be able to repay you for what you’re prepared to do for me but you should know that I’ll be forever grateful,” he whispered.

Max looked up and smiled. “I know,” he replied, “and I meant what I said downstairs, I just found out that I had a brother and I want to get to know you,” he admitted.

Zan laid down on the trundle bed that was already set up for him. “Me too,” he said.

TBC.......See you next week :D

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Hi everyone. Thank you for the feedback. I know there is still a little confusion left over the switch but later parts will hopefully answer those.

I hope you enjoy this next part, and thank you so much to everyone for your support. I really appreciate it

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Part 6

“Your room is really nice,” Liz commented as she pulled out her pyjamas from her overnight bag.

“Thanks,” Serena smiled. “It’s not that big but I like it,” she replied.

The room was painted a dark grey and the walls were covered with posters of various rock bands that she liked.

“So this must be weird for you,” Liz finally said.

Serena looked at Liz before she answered. “Yeah it is,” she admitted. “But no harder for you”

“It’s hard but I’m not the one who just found out the people she thought were her parents aren’t.”

“Would you think it was horrible if I told you I’m relieved?”

“What! Of course not but why?” Liz immediately answered taking a seat next to Serena on the bed.

“Even though we only met this afternoon I can tell already that you and Zan are close.”

“We are,” Liz confirmed.

“I’m not close with Max or Isabel,” she told Liz. “I’m not even close with my parents. For so long I’ve felt like an outsider in this family and I remember thinking that it must have just been something, or me, that I was weird or defective. So it’s a relief for me to find out why I don’t belong.”

Liz was surprised by her sister’s confession. The Evanses seemed like lovely people and it saddened her that Serena hadn’t been as happy as she and Zan had been with their parents.

“Don’t get me wrong, Liz, I love my family. They just don’t get me,” she laughed.

“Well I hope that we’ll be able to get to know each other,” Liz told her then. “I’ve never had a sister so I might not be very good at it but I want to try,” she said.

Serena grinned. “You’ll be a great sister, don’t stress.”

“Same for you, but for the record, I think you fit pretty well with the Evanses, you just haven’t realised what your place is yet.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Think about it, if every person in every family was the same how boring do you think that would be?”

“Um I’d say pretty boring,” Serena agreed.

“Right so I don’t know your family very well but it’s obvious that you’re the challenging person in your family. You don’t just accept things and you don’t just bottle in your emotions which makes people deal with their feelings,” Liz shrugged.

“Wow you got all of that out of an afternoon?” she laughed.

“Well Max is quiet I doubt he ever says much at all,” she grinned knowingly. “Isabel on the other hand is the organiser and the strong family person and since both your parents are lawyers I would imagine that they’re the type of people that talk about everything to death.”

Serena snorted she was laughing so much. “Oh my God you have no idea how right you are.”

“See like I said if you were all the same you would be completely boring.”

“Thanks, Liz,” Serena said.

Liz smiled back at her sister happy that she had made her feel better. Isabel walked into the room then already dressed in her pyjamas. “Hey guys.”

Liz and Serena looked up “Hey.”

Liz picked up her own stuff then “Which way to the bathroom?” she asked.

“Oh let me get you a towel and I’ll show you, Liz,” Isabel volunteered. “Unfortunately we have to share with Max though,” she added.

“That’s ok as long as him and Zan are finished.” It wasn’t really a big deal for Liz since her and Zan shared a bathroom at home anyway so it didn’t really bother her.

Isabel handed her a towel and showed her to the bathroom where Liz knocked before entering. Looking around the bathroom she couldn’t help but chuckle to herself. It was cluttered with every female product imaginable and she thought that was amusing because obviously it was Max who she should be feeling sorry for.

Once she was done, Serena went for a shower, which left Liz some time to get to know Isabel.

“This is so weird, isn’t it?” Isabel said.

“Yeah weird and hard,” Liz replied.

“How is Zan really?” Isabel asked. She was very upset to find out that her brother was sick but she was also very worried about what the effects the bone marrow transplant could have on Max.

“Zan is ok under the circumstances. He’s pretty emotional right now and he’s probably stressing himself stupid thinking about how to thank Max for what he’s willing to do,” she told her.

“Do you know much about what will happen?” Isabel asked.

“I did a little research into it when the doctor told us. I could give you some to read through if you would like,” she said.

“Thanks, Liz, I would really appreciate that.”

“No problem, it’s great that you’re interested,” Liz told her.

“Oh of course I am. I mean this involves my brothers, so I intend on being there every step of the way,” she said. She could see Liz tense then and instantly went to reassure her.

“I know that you and Zan are close and I didn’t mean that Zan is any less your brother than he is mine,” Isabel said.

“I know you didn’t,” Liz said. In first, part of her comment hadn’t upset Liz but she just didn’t think that there was anyway that Isabel could understand what it had been like to be there from the very moment that Zan had been diagnosed. To hear Isabel say that she intended on being there as his sister hurt because it reminded Liz that she wasn’t Zan's only sister anymore, that in fact she wasn’t really his sister at all.

“I just want to be there for him,” Isabel assured her.

“I know you do and that’s great but you need to be open to the idea that that might not be possible.”

“What? Why?” Isabel asked.

Liz thought about the best way to express to Isabel what she was trying to say without sounding like a bitch. “All I’m trying to say is you’re not the only person that intends on being there that’s all.”

Isabel looked at Liz then, “I’m not trying to take your place,” she told her.

Liz looked at her to see if she was telling the truth. She didn’t know how to take Isabel. “Maybe not but it kind of feels like it.”

Isabel looked at Liz startled, she wasn’t sure how to respond to that “I-I…”

“Look I’m sorry but this is just a hard situation,” Liz whispered.

Serena chose that moment to come back from her shower and instantly felt the tension in the room between Liz and Isabel and wondered what her sister had done to upset Liz.

“You know what I’m really tired so I think I’ll just sleep in my own room tonight,” Isabel whispered.

“Um ok,” Serena shrugged she hadn’t really been sure why Isabel was sleeping with them to begin with.

“Night, Isabel,” Liz whispered. She felt bad about the way she acted. She knew Isabel hadn’t meant for her to feel that way but she had all the same. Liz could feel the tears starting and she tried to stop them.

“I’ll be back in a second,” she said. “I just want to say goodnight to Zan,” she explained and rushed out of the room and across the hall to Max’s room. Liz hesitated a second before knocking on the door softly.


“Come in,” Max called when he heard the knock.

Liz opened the door and popped her head in. “Um sorry I didn’t wake you, did I?” she whispered.

“Liz?” Zan sat up and looked towards the door concerned.

As soon as Liz saw Zan’s head pop up from the other side of Max’s bed she felt a few tears fall down her face. Zan sensing something was wrong immediately jumped to his feet and walked towards the door.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I just wanted to say goodnight,” she lied.

Zan pulled her small body into his arms and hugged her tight.

“I’m just going to go downstairs and grab a glass of water do you want anything Zan?” Max said discreetly. He also sensed that Liz was upset and needed to talk to her brother so he wanted to give them some privacy.

Zan shook his head and smiled at Max in thanks and when he was gone he pulled Liz into the room and shut the door.

“What’s wrong?” he asked worriedly.

“I’m sorry I’m just being stupid. It was just something that Isabel said and I totally overreacted,” she told him as she wiped her eyes.

“What did she say?” he asked worried.

“She was just asking questions about your illness and I told her I would give her some things to read that I had and she just made this comment about how she intended on being there for you since she was your sister and I…”

“Hey I don’t care how much blood I share with her, you are my sister first. You know I can’t do this without you, right?”

“I’m sorry I’m being such girl,” she said.

Zan laughed. “You are a girl, munchkin,” he reminded her. “And hey maybe I should be worried that you might decide to make Max your brother too and like him better,” he joked.

“Max is sooo not my brother,” she said. “We’re in no way related at all,” she told him.

Zan laughed “Ok noted,” he told her. Zan hugged her close to him then. “Love you, munchkin,” he told her.

“I love you too, bro, thanks for putting up with me,” she whispered.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he assured her.

Max returned then and after bidding them both a good night and apologising to Max for kicking him out of his room Liz returned to Serena’s room.

“Is everything ok?” Serena asked Liz when she entered the room. It was obvious from her slightly puffy eyes that she had been crying.

Liz smiled. “Yeah I’m sorry. I just needed to talk to Zan,” she said.

“What did Isabel say?” Serena asked.

“Nothing,” Liz shook her head, “and it probably wasn’t what she said it was how I took it. I guess this whole situation is just finally catching up with me,” she explained.

“That’s understandable,” Serena told her.

They laid down together and turned to face each other. “I know this sounds selfish and stupid but it’s just been me and Zan our whole lives. We’re best friends since neither of us really have any other friends and it’s hard that now I have to share him,” she explained.

“He has to share you too,” Serena pointed out.

“I know. I think it’s just a female thing you know two females butting heads for the rule of the roost,” she said.

“That sounds like Isabel,” Serena laughed, “and Max has always just let her be like that with him”

Liz laughed at that too. “I’m just being silly,” she said.

“So how come you and Zan don’t have any other friends?” Serena asked curious.

“My dad owns a restaurant chain called Parkers,” Liz told her.

“Oh I’ve heard of that they have one in Albuquerque.”

“Yeah which is why we live there,” Liz said. “Every time Dad opens a new restaurant we have to move and when he was starting up we moved from place to place to try and find the most suitable place to open. You change schools enough times you just sort of give up in the end,” she shrugged. “Zan loves to play basketball but he could hardly ever play at school because we’d never be at a school long enough. It’s just hard to make friends.”

“Wow that must suck.”

“Yeah it does.”

“Your not moving again soon are you?” she asked worried.

“God I hope not and I don’t think Mum would let him move either. She wouldn’t be happy about being too far away from you,” Liz assured her.

Serena smiled. “Good because I kind of like the idea of you being kind of close by,” she said.

“Me too,” Liz agreed. Maybe having a sister would be great after all, she thought to herself. “I just wish we were closer than Albuquerque.”

TBC......... see you next week

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A/N: Hi everyone. Thanks for your great feedback and a big hello to all the new readers. Wow we're up to part 7 i can't believe it. I haven't been getting much writing done on this, or any of my fics for that matter much lately but i will try to start working on it again so i can post a little quicker.

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Roswell 10/2/00

Part 7

Breakfast was an awkward affair the next morning. There was obvious tension between Liz and Isabel but the parents seemed to be oblivious to it and Liz was feeling like shit as she watched the way her brother was wary around Isabel knowing that it was her fault.

“Ok what’s on the agenda for today?” Isabel asked once the breakfast dishes were cleared away.

“Actually the four of us were talking last night and we thought it would be nice if we could spend some time with Zan and Serena today.” Dianne answered Isabel

“Oh,” Isabel said. “Well what about the rest of us?” she asked.

“Well I thought that you and Max could show Liz around town,” Dianne smiled at her daughter. It wasn’t that they wanted to exclude the other children they just wanted the opportunity to get to know the son and daughter they had never known, then on Sunday they could all do something together.

“We could go to the mall?” Isabel turned and smiled at Liz.

Max groaned and Liz couldn’t help but giggle. “Um I’m not much of a shopper,” Liz explained to Isabel.

“Oh,” she frowned. “What will we do then?” she asked, as though shopping was the only thing in Roswell worth doing.

“There’s no rush how about we all get ready and then Phillip, Zan, Jeff, Nancy, Serena and I can take off,” Dianne jumped in.

“Sure,” they all agreed.

“I’ll clean up,” Liz offered then, “free up the bathroom for everyone else.” she added.

“I’ll help,” Max quickly volunteered. He had wanted the chance to talk to Liz and get to know her better and this looked like the best opportunity.

“Thanks Max,” she said.

Max showed her where everything was and soon they were washing and drying dishes along side each other.

“I hope Isabel didn’t say something to upset you last night,” Max finally broke the silence.

Liz looked up at him; she was surprised that he had put everything together so easily. “No not really. I just overreacted,” she told him.

Max nodded. “Isabel can sometimes speak before she thinks about what she’s saying and often comes across like a royal bitch. When you get to know her she’s a great person,” he told her.

Liz smiled at Max. She thought it was sweet that he was trying to defend his sister. “I don’t doubt that, Max, and like I said, she didn’t mean to upset me. I think everything finally got to me. I’ve tried to be strong over this whole situation because I want to be there for Zan and last night I just couldn’t anymore,” she confessed.

Max nodded. “You’re a good sister,” he told her, “and I want you to know that if at any time you need to vent or cry or even if you just need a sounding board, I’m here,” he told her.

“Thank you, Max,” Liz smiled at him. It was weird looking at him. She could see the similarities between him and Zan but at the same time she didn’t think of Zan when she saw him or even have brotherly feelings towards Max. For the first time she noticed how gorgeous Max was and wondered if that’s what other girls thought when they saw Zan.

“So, Max, what is there to do in Roswell other than going to the mall?” she asked him then.

Max chuckled at that. “Thank you for that, by the way. You have no idea what Isabel is like when she hits the mall. I would have been carrying bags for the rest of the day and ended up with blisters,” he told her.

“No problem and for the record I would have hated it as much as you, I’m not really a shopper,” she said.

“You’re kidding?” he asked. “I thought every girl loved the mall,” he said.

Liz giggled. “Oh so you fancy yourself an expert do you?” she asked.

“Not at all,” Max said.

“So Roswell, fun?” Liz asked again.

“Well there isn’t much here but we normally hang out at café called the Crashdown. Our friends Maria and Michael work there,” he told her.

“Is it alien themed?” Liz asked amused.

“This is Roswell,” Max told her.

“Cool. I’d love to see it,” Liz said.

“Great,” Max smiled. “Well how about we hang out there and grab some lunch and maybe afterwards we can watch a movie or something,” he suggested.

“Sounds like a plan,” Liz said as she finished washing the last dish, which she handed to Max.


Upstairs Zan let Serena have the shower first and was sorting through his suitcase to find something to wear when there was a knock on Max’s door.

“Yeah,” he said without turning around.

“Hi,” Isabel whispered nervously from the door.

Zan turned around when he heard her voice. “Hi,” he replied.

“How are you? I mean how are you feeling today?” she asked.

Zan smiled. “I’m fine thanks, Isabel. Look, I’m not going to break so you don’t have to worry about me,” he told her.

“I know but I mean you’re pretty sick,” she said. “I just don’t want to lose you before I get to know you,” she said.

Zan put down the shirt he was holding and sat down on the bed. “Thanks,” he said, “but hopefully after the transplant I’ll start getting better. You’re not going to lose me, Isabel,” he said.

“Good,” she whispered. “Liz is going to send me some stuff that I can read so I’ll be prepared when you have the procedure,” she said then.

Zan nodded. He didn’t tell her he already knew because he had spoken to Liz.

“You and Liz are really close aren’t you?” Isabel asked him.

“Yeah she’s my best friend,” he told her.

“That’s great. Max and I are close too but I hope we can be as well,” she told him.

“I’m sure we will,” he said.

“Shower’s free,” Serena yelled then so Zan picked up his stuff and walked towards the door Max had in his room. “I’m just going to…” He said pointing in the direction of the shower.

“Sure. I’ll talk to you later,” Isabel smiled.

“Isabel,” Zan called out then.


“Go easy on Liz,” he told her. “We’re all each other had for a long time and it’s not easy to have to share all of a sudden,” he informed her.

Isabel looked at Zan a little shocked. “Um, yeah sure,” she stammered.

“Thanks. She’s like my rock, Isabel, and I’m really going to need her through this and right now she’s feeling a little insecure about her place in my life,” he explained.

“Ok,” Isabel whispered


“So what did we decide on?” Isabel asked as she breezed down the stairs looking like she just stepped out of a magazine. Liz wondered how she did it. There wasn’t a hair out of place and her clothes looked perfect.

“Well I told Liz about the Crashdown and she wanted to check it out so I thought we could have lunch there,” Max said.

“Sounds good. We could meet up with the everyone else too,” she said. After her conversation with Zan, Isabel felt a little uneasy around Liz. She knew that she had upset her the night before but Liz had seemed fine that morning towards her even though things were a little awkward at first. She now realised that obviously Liz had been a lot more upset than she had let on. So upset, in fact, she had gone to Zan about it.

“Um yeah I guess,” Max shrugged. “Would that be ok?” he asked Liz.

His parents and Zan had left ten minutes earlier. They were going to an early lunch at a restaurant in town and then planned on showing Zan around Roswell. The Parkers found it a little harder to decide what to do though because they didn’t know the town very well so they had asked Serena if there were something she would like to do. In the end, they decided to go to lunch at Senor Chows and then Serena was going to show them around the UFO Museum.

“That’s fine,” Liz said.

“Great,” Isabel beamed. “I’ll call Alex right now”

“Who’s Alex?” Liz asked Max when Isabel walked off to grab the phone.

“Isabel’s boyfriend,” Max answered.

“Oh,” Liz said surprised.

“He’s a great guy and he’ll probably call our friends Maria and Michael, who are also dating, if they aren’t already working” he said.

“Ok,” Liz said. She liked the idea of meeting some of Max’s friends, but she was also envious of them. She loved Zan but sometimes she got lonely and would love to have some other friends. “What about you?” she asked him then.

“What about me?”

“Well do you have a girlfriend or something?” she asked.

“Um no,” Max scratched his ear nervously.

Isabel chose that moment to return. “Alex, Maria and Michael will meet us at the Crash in half an hour,” she informed them. “So we should get going before the lunch crowd so we get a good seat,” she told them.

“Let me just run upstairs and grab my wallet and keys,” Max said.

When they were alone Liz turned and looked at Isabel. “I wanted to apologise for the way I reacted last night,” she said. “I understand that you just want to get to know Zan and I totally over reacted.”

Isabel smiled. “It’s fine. I don’t blame you, and besides, the way I said it did make it sound as though I thought I was more his sister than you,” she said. “But I can see how much Zan relies on you and even though I do plan on being there for both him and Max, I wont get in your way,” she told him.

“You wouldn’t be getting in the way,” Liz rushed to assure her.

“I know that. What I mean is that Zan needs you and I can respect that just like I’m sure at the same time Max will need me,” she smiled.

Liz smiled and nodded happy that they had found a happy medium.

“Ok ladies, lets go,” Max said as he returned from downstairs and waited at the front door for them.

As they walked out towards the car Max turned to Isabel. “You do realise that they’re going to want to know who Liz is don’t you?” he told her.

Isabel nodded. She had been wanting to confide in Alex about what had been going on for days now but had held off because she knew that Max and Serena were reluctant for everyone to know.

“Yeah so we’ll tell them that she’s the daughter of friends visiting our parents,” Isabel said, “but sooner or later we’re going to have to tell them,” she told him.

“I know. I just don’t think we should do that without talking to Serena first,” he told her.

Liz listened with interest and when Max saw her curious expression in the rear view mirror he started to explain. “Our friends don’t know what’s going on yet, Liz,” he said.

“Oh!” she said surprised.

“Yeah so if you wouldn’t mind, could you play along with the daughter of family friends story?” Isabel asked.

“Yeah sure I don’t mind but you do realise that there is a double of you walking around Roswell with your parents, don’t you?” she said. “And don’t you think your friends might see the family resemblance between me and Serena?” she asked.

Max looked as Isabel and sighed. “She’s right,” he told her.

“I know,” Isabel agreed.

They both looked at Liz then waiting for her to make a decision. “What?” she asked.

“What do we do?” Isabel asked her.

“Well these people are your boyfriend and best friends. Just tell them the truth. Everyone is going to know about it sooner or later,” Liz shrugged.

“You’re right,” Max agreed

“So we’re telling them?” Isabel asked.

“Yep,” Max replied just as he pulled out the front of the Crashdown

“Oh my God,” Liz giggled in the back.

TBC........ see you next week :D

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A/N: Hi everyone. Thank you for the great feedback and for reading my unconventional fic lol. Hope you like the next part :D

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Topy458 - I guess even though Max and Zan are identical she recognises him as a different person to Zan. She doesn't see all the similarites that everyone gets caught up on.

Part 8

“What?” Isabel asked her.

“I’m sorry,” Liz continued to giggle. “It’s just so tragic,” she said referring to the alien themed restaurant.

Max chuckled. “Yeah we know. We’re just used to it by now,” he told her getting out of the jeep and offering her his hand to help her out as well.

The bell chimed as they walked in and looking around it was fairly quiet and Maria, Michael, and Alex hadn’t arrived yet. Isabel walked directly to their usual booth and sat down and Max followed sitting across from her so Liz slid in next to him.

“So is everything in Roswell like this?” she asked still looking around at the alien mural painted all over the walls.

“Pretty much,” Isabel scoffed.

Max handed Liz a menu then. “Check this out,” he told her and watched in amusement as Liz giggled over the names on the menu.

A waitress appeared then and asked them if they wanted something to drink and Liz had to bite back her giggle when she saw what they were wearing.

“We’re still waiting for some friends,” Max explained.

“Oh my God,” she whispered to Isabel when the girl walked away.

“I know,” Isabel said, “but just a warning: Don’t make fun of the uniform when Maria gets here,” she said.

“Ok,” Liz agreed remembering that Max said Maria worked here.

Right then the bells jingled and whom Liz could only assume were Maria, Michael and Alex walked through the glass doors and headed straight to their booth. At first they seemed oblivious to her presence. Alex slid in beside Isabel and kissed her in greeting and Maria sat down next to her and immediately started chattering on about something Michael had did. It was only when Michael stood looking confused that there wasn’t enough room for him to sit that someone finally noticed her.

“Who are you?” he asked.

Liz blushed and looked at Max. “Um guys this is Liz,” he introduced. “Liz this is Michael, Maria and Alex.”

“Hi,” Alex greeted.

Maria turned in her seat and looked Liz up and down and smiled “Hi,” she said.

“Hi,” Liz smiled shyly.

“Michael, why don’t you grab a chair?” Max suggested since he was still standing there staring at Liz confused. Anyone would think he had never seen a girl before.

“You finally found yourself a girlfriend, Maxwell?” he asked with a smirk.

Max blushed bright red and Isabel almost choked when she heard Michaels comment.

“Um no Liz is…” he said, but he didn’t finish his sentence because he wasn’t exactly sure what to say.

“You know what?” Maria said looking at Liz. “You kind of look a little like Serena,” she chuckled.

Isabel and Max both stiffened which didn’t go unnoticed by Alex who quickly turned to his girlfriend. “You ok, Iz?” he asked.

“Sit down, Michael,” Max whispered. “We have to tell you something,” he said.

Liz unconsciously placed her hand on top of Max’s on the table giving him her silent support.

“The reason that Liz looks like Serena, Maria, is because Liz and Serena are actually twins,” Max explained.

“What?” Alex was the first one to speak up and ask. It was obvious that they were all very confused.

“Maybe I should explain,” Liz spoke up and looked at Isabel and Max to make sure it was okay before she started speaking.

“A couple of months ago my brother Zan was diagnosed with cancer,” she said. “He requires a bone marrow transplant, so my parents and I were all tested to see if we were a suitable match. Since Zan and I were supposed to be twins it was assumed I would be a match but when the results came back, I wasn’t. It was then that the hospital administration realised that Zan wasn’t in fact my twin brother, that he wasn’t biologically linked to my family at all,” she said.

Max turned his hand on the table and entwined his fingers with Liz this time offering her support as she told their story to his friends.

“When we were all born there was some type of mix up, we have no idea how it happened but it turns out that Serena is actually my twin sister while Zan is Max’s twin brother.”

The table was completely quiet.

“Wow,” Alex was the first one to speak.

“How long have you guys known about this?” he asked Isabel and Max.

“A bit over a week now,” she told him with an apologetic smile.

“So that’s why you guys were all off school earlier in the week,” he said.

“Yeah,” Max nodded.

“God, I don’t know what to say,” Maria finally spoke. “I can’t even imagine what you guys are going through,” she said sending Max a sympathetic look.

“Yeah it’s been hard,” he smiled weakly.

“How’s Serena?” she asked then. Maria and Serena weren’t the best of friends but the blonde was still concerned about her.

“She’s ok,” Max answered a little unsure of how his sister was himself since she was reluctant to confide in him.

“So where’s your brother and Serena then, Liz?” Michael asked. Michael was a guy of few words.

“They’re spending the day with our parents,” she said.

“Oh ok,” he said.

“So will Zan be ok, Liz?” Maria asked then.

“Um yeah we hope so,” she said.

Liz cast a look at Max then to see if he wanted them to know what was happening and when he nodded Liz explained. “It turns out that Max is a match so he’s going to help Zan,” she smiled.

“Oh, Max, man that’s great,” Alex nodded.

“Thanks,” he said, “but any of us would do it,” he added trying to play off what he was doing, he was never comfortable being in the spotlight.

“So, Liz,” Maria said then. “Where do you guys live?”

“Um, Albuquerque” Liz explained.

“Oh so not too far away. That’s good, I guess,” Maria smiled.

“Liz’s parents own Parkers,” Isabel added then.

Michael, Alex, and Maria’s eyes all lit up obviously having heard of the restaurant chain before. “Impressive,” Alex said with a grin.

“Yeah,” Liz shrugged. Obviously these people had no idea how much being the owner of a restaurant chain effected your life. That her and Zan didn’t have friends like them because they never stayed anywhere long enough.

The waitresses came back over then and the group ordered lunch. Liz had no idea what to order so in the end she went with a galaxy sub which was recommended by Max and given the thumbs up by everyone else at the table. She had to admit that Max and Isabel’s friends were nice.

Alex was goofy and it surprised her that he was dating Isabel they seemed completely different but she could also see that Alex brought out a softer side of Isabel. Isabel didn’t seem to need to be so in control when Alex was around and she would just relax and have a good time.

Maria was completely eccentric. At one stage Liz was sure that if tested, Maria could talk under water and wondered if there was any subject matter she didn’t have an opinion on. Her clothes were bright and she seemed to have a bit of a thing for the 70’s.

Michael was the hardest to work out. He had a scowl on his face most of the way through lunch and Liz didn’t know if he was always so guarded or if it was just because she was there. But then she would see Maria lean over and whisper something in his ear and a small smile would appear on his face or he would kiss her gently.

“So, Liz, how long are you guys staying?” Maria asked.

“Oh we leave tomorrow,” Liz replied as she finished off the last of her sub. They had been right; it was wonderful she made a note to bring Zan here before they left tomorrow. She was sure that they would be visiting Roswell a lot in the future.

“Oh what a shame. If you were staying longer we could have gone shopping or something,” she smiled.

Liz inwardly groaned and apparently Max knew exactly what she was thinking because he nudged her in the side playfully.

“Maybe some other time,” Liz said to be polite.

“Excellent,” she smiled.

They stayed at the Crash for a few hours before Maria and Michael had to leave so that they could get ready to start their shifts.

“We were going to watch a video back at our house if you want to join us, Alex,” Isabel said to him.

“Sounds good,” he smiled.

Since Alex had driven, Isabel rode with Alex in his little rabbit while Liz climbed into the jeep with Max.

“So...” he said.

Liz laughed. “So your friends are an interesting group,” she told him.

“Yeah they’re good value,” he added as he started the drive home.

“What are your friends like?” he asked.

Liz’s smile slowly turned into a frown as she turned her head to look out the window.

“Liz?” Max questioned. “Did I say something wrong?” he asked.

“No,” Liz shook her head. “I’m sorry. Your friends are really great, Max. To tell you the truth though I don’t really have any friends,” she admitted.

“Oh,” Max frowned he thought it was odd that someone as nice and beautiful as Liz wouldn’t have any friends.

“We move so much its just hard,” she said. “You kind of learn after a while that if you get attached it’s just harder when you have to go.”

“Oh,” he said. His heart going out for her, he was wondering if it was the same for Zan as well.

“What’s the longest you’ve ever been somewhere?” he asked her.

“If we finish a school year we’re lucky but we’ve been in Albuquerque almost a year now,” she said.

“Wow. That’s not long. It must really suck.”

“Yeah suck is one way of putting it,” she agreed.

They pulled up in the driveway then and joined Isabel and Alex who were already in the house.

“Alex and I will get the popcorn and drinks. Why don’t you and Liz pick a movie,” Isabel suggested.

“Sounds goods,” Max smiled and then turned to Liz with a grin. “So, Liz, are you an action girl or a romantic?” he asked.

TBC... see you next week

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A/N: Hi everyone. Thank you for the feedback :D and welcome to the new readers, i'm so happy that you're reading.

Just dropping this off tonight so i hope you like it!

dreamer destiny

Part 9

“So how was it?” Liz asked Zan.

Zan turned and smiled at his sister as he looked through his overnight bag to find some clothes. “Ok,” he replied.

The Evanses and Zan as well as the Parkers and Serena had only returned an hour ago and then the parents announced they were going to dinner and left the kids to fend for themselves.

“Just ok?” Liz asked.

“Yeah. I mean it was nice talking to them. They’re interested in getting to know me and stuff but they’re not mum and dad,” he said.

Liz sighed in relief.

“You weren’t worried I’d like them better, were you, munchkin?” he asked.

Liz squashed her nose up at the familiar endearment. “No.”

“No?” he asked.

“Well maybe just a little,” she admitted.

Zan chuckled. “You don’t have to worry, ok? Like I said, they’re nice and I want to get to know them, but mum and dad will always be mum and dad.”

Liz walked forward and hugged her brother from behind. “Good,” she said.

“What about you, how was your day with Max and Isabel?” he asked, and even though he was smiling, Liz could tell that there was a little bit of concern in his voice.

“Good. I met some of their friends,” she explained.

“Oh cool,” Zan smiled. “What are they like?” he asked interested.

“Interesting,” she smirked.

Zan raised a questioning eyebrow at her.

“They didn’t know about all this so I was kind of the one who explained,” Liz added then.

“Ahh,” he said. “Lucky you”

“Well Max can’t explain his way out of cardboard box,” she giggled. Truthfully Liz thought Max was so adorable. He was so different from Zan and the more she got to know him, she was finding things about him that she liked.

“I’ll let you have a shower but come downstairs after, ok?” she told him.

“Sure,” he agreed.


Downstairs in the kitchen Max was having a similar conversation with Serena.

“How did it go?” he asked.

Serena looked up surprised at his interest. “Good,” she smiled.

“Yeah?” he said. He was a little shocked to see his sister smiling.

“It’s kind of nice to know where you come from,” she told him.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

Serena snorted. “Come on, Max, it’s not news to you that I’ve always felt out of place in this family. It’s just nice to know why that’s all.”

“Serena,” Max said, his voice softening. “You are a very important part of this family,” he said, his heart going out to his sister.

Serena smiled again. “I know,” she said. “I do. It’s just kind of nice to know why I’m allergic to honey when you’re not.”

Max raised his eyebrows at her.

“Nancy is allergic and Liz has a small allergic reaction to it too,” she told him.

“Well I’m glad that you have some of the answers you’ve needed but you’ll always be part of our family, Serena.”

“I know,” she told him.

Max was shocked at the change he had seen in his sister in the past two days and he couldn’t help but wonder if this was what she had needed, to feel why she belonged where she did.

In the end, they all stayed at home and watched scary movies and pigged out on a lot of junk food. Both Serena and Zan had a long day and Liz could see that her brother was feeling extremely tired and opted to stay in. It was good a opportunity for them to get to know each other as well and by the end of the night they were all good friends including Liz and Isabel who had started off roughly.

The next morning Liz and Zan were all packed and ready to go when they headed downstairs for breakfast. In truth they were sad about going, a weekend didn’t seem long enough even though they knew they would see their newly found siblings and friends soon.

“Morning, guys,” Nancy and Jeff greeted their children in the living room.

“Morning,” Liz and Zan greeted, both giving their mother a kiss, and Liz also giving her father one.

“Can we talk to you guys for a few minutes?” their parents asked.

Zan and Liz shared confused looks both wondering what on earth their parents needed to talk to them about but followed them into Phillip Evans’s office.

“What’s going on?” Liz asked worried.

“Well,” Jeff stated. “Actually, we were wondering what you thought of Roswell,” he said.

Zan shrugged. “It’s ok actually,” he said.

“Liz?” Nancy asked. Her daughter always took their moves the hardest.

“I don’t know. The alien stuff is a bit funny but Max and Isabel’s friends are really nice,” she said.

“We wanted to talk to you about something that your mother and I discussed last night with Phillip and Dianne,” Jeff said then.

“Ok,” Zan nodded.

“We were wondering what you would think about living here.”

“What do you mean?” Liz asked.

“Well,” Nancy smiled. “The house next door which is almost identical to this is for sale and we’re considering buying it and moving to Roswell,” she said.

Liz and Zan looked at each other “Are you serious?” Liz asked.

“Yes,” they nodded.

“So you’d open a restaurant here?” Zan asked.

“Um, probably not,” Jeff said. “I don’t think Roswell is big enough,” he informed them.

“For how long?” Liz asked then and there was a hint of anger in her voice.

“What, Liz?” Jeff asked.

“How long would we be here before you move us again?” she asked.

Jeff looked at his daughter shocked.

“I mean, what’s another move right?” she said sarcastically.

“Liz,” Nancy said her voice rising a little.

“I’m sorry but I’m sick of it,” Liz said.

Jeff looked crushed as he listened to his daughter. “I didn’t know you felt that way, sweetheart,” he said.

“Well I do. We’ve never been anywhere longer than a year and half. Do you know how hard it is to make friends? To join teams?” she asked, tears glistening in her eyes. “The only reason we’ve been in Albuquerque is because Zan’s been sick,” she said quietly.

“Oh, honey,” Nancy sighed.

“If we move to Roswell, will it be for good?” Zan finally spoke up and asked.

Jeff and Nancy shared a look. “Yes,” they said. They were willing to make that commitment to their children and they realised now that they should have done it a while ago.

“Then I want to move,” he told them and then looked at his sister.

“Yeah,” Liz smiled. “It will be nice to be near the Evanses,” she said.

Jeff and Nancy smiled. “Ok, then we’ll make an offer on the house before we go, do you guys want to see it?” he asked.

“Sure, why not?” Zan and Liz agreed.

All the Evans family were outside waiting for the Parkers and Max and Phillip were manning the barbeque where eggs, sausages, and bacon were cooking.

Liz took a seat next to Serena who immediately looked at her concerned when she saw the tears in her eyes.

“It’s ok,” she assured her.

Dianne looked at Nancy with a hopeful smile and Nancy nodded. “Yes,” she squealed, which shocked everyone.

“I’m sorry,” she apologised.

“What’s going on?” Isabel asked.

“Well actually, Isabel, last night your parents and Nancy and I had a talk, and we’ve now discussed it with Zan and Liz and we’ve decided to move to Roswell,” Jeff informed them.

“Really?” Serena asked her eyes lighting up.

“Yep,” Nancy smiled. “In fact, we’re hoping to make an offer on the house next door if everything checks out.”

“That’s great,” Phillip smiled.

“Yeah,” Max agreed nodding at his brother and smiling at Liz.

After enjoying the great breakfast, the Parkers met the realtor next door to have a look at the house. Jeff had been right, the place was almost identical to the Evans’ except out in the back it had a hot tub instead of a pool and the upstairs was in reverse which meant that Max’s and Isabel’s bedroom windows faced the rooms Zan and Liz would have.

The realtor gave them some time to look through. “What do you guys think?” Nancy asked. She personally loved it and the she thought it would be so great to be next door to the Evanses.

“It’s nice,” Liz smiled.

“Yeah,” Zan agreed. It didn’t really matter to him. It was just a house, and they had lived in a lot of different ones over the years.

“Well I love it, I think we should make an offer, Jeff,” Nancy told her husband.

“I agree. We’ll get a building inspection and pest test and if everything’s good we’ll buy it,” he informed them before he walked off to talk to the real estate agent. Nancy followed after him.

“So…” Zan said.

“So are you ready for Roswell?” Liz asked.

Zan smiled. “Yeah, you know what? I think I am,” he told her.

“What about your treatment though?” Liz asked concerned. She was worried if he had to keep going to Albuquerque that she wouldn’t be able to go because of school.

“I guess we’ll talk to the Doc but I think Roswell has a fairly good oncology facility,” he told her. He remembered John Watson mentioning it before.

“Good,” she smiled relieved.

“This is a new start for us, Liz,” he said then. “We wont have to worry about moving because I doubt mum will let dad leave where she cant see Serena, or that the Evanses would be happy if they took me away where they couldn’t see me,” he told her.

“I hope so. It would be nice to stay somewhere, have our senior year somewhere,” she said.

“Yeah and you’ve already made some friends,” he pointed out.

Liz smiled at that. He was right she had made some friends. And maybe Zan was right about another thing; maybe this was the new start that they all needed.