Gone But Not Forgotten(UC/CC/Slash Adult) [COMPLETE]

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Gone But Not Forgotten(UC/CC/Slash Adult) [COMPLETE]

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Title: Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar

Author: suicide_eagle_rath

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended. I am only attempting to finish a riveting story from one point of view.

Rating: Adult Only

Pairings: UC CC Slash

Summary: This is a series of books that will delve into the origins of the Pod Squad, the confrontation of their past lives, their eventual return to Antar and the problems that ensue thereof, their confrontation with Ki’var, and the consequences of their alien consciousness coming to life.

The first book ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’ explores the psyches, problems, and situations caused by Max, Michael and Isabel as they are merged with their alter egos and solutions and decisions that are made.

In the second book ‘The Past Returns’ Max, Michael, and Isabel will face their past through a series of memories.

The third book ‘Rebirth’ explains in more detail the childhood of Max, Michael, and Isabel.

In the fourth book “History Repeats’, before the Pod Squad can leave for Antar, Michael, Isabel and Maria are imprisoned by the skins. The book will deal with their year in prison, Max’s guilt and determination to save them, Michael’s transformation into Rath, and Max’s transformation into a King.

The fifth book ‘The Return to Antar’ will deal with their return, the war that ensues and the eventual confrontation with Ki’var.

The sixth book onward will be announced later.

Author’s Note: Profanity, strong language, violence, war/battle descriptions, rape and sexual abuse situations will occur periodically in the various books. These situations are intended to explain current psychological and social dysfunctions that are prevent in the character profiles and NOT added for shock value or useless content. I will endeavor to warn the reader at the beginning of each chapter containing violence, extensive profanity, or intimate scenes.

Warning: Read at your own risk.


Book 1: Section1: Chapter 1: Part 1 of 1

Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar
Section 1: The Longest Year
Chapter 1: Get Reddy… Aim…
~ Prologue ~

Timeline: Graduation Day

“Mysterious shade that took its form. Or what it was, incarnation, three stars. Delivering signs and dusting from their eyes.” “Concerning The Ufo Sighting Near Highland, Illinois” by Sufjan Stevens

“Dead. Kaput. Finito, Michelito.”

“Believe in the love.”

“…you're just gonna leave me here??.....”

“…. perfect way to end this entire... stupid thing.”

“We should start leaving right after graduation. …And we don't look back.”

“You're gonna go off with them and leave me in Roswell…”

“These four. This is everyone. Now we can move.”

“Someplace where they won't expect it to happen.”

“...Forever may only be twelve days...”

“This is Viceroy. All shooters report in, please.”

The above quotes are from Roswell TV series Graduation Episode

~Let the Games Begin ~

Book 1: Section1: Chapter 2: Part 1 of 7

Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar
Section 1: The Longest Year
Chapter 2: Federal Manhunt and Priorities
~ Aliens They Do Exist, They Do ~

Timeline: Graduation Day

“We all know conspiracies are dumb. What if people knew that these were real,” “Aliens Exist” by Blink 182

"Alpha team this is Viceroy. Check in!"

"Viceroy this is Bulldog, status green!" The sharpshooter replied as he steadied the crosshairs of his rifle at his intended target, Max Evans.

"Viceroy this is Pointer, status green!" Pointer issued his status and sighted his target on the beautiful face of one Isabel Evans.

"Viceroy this is Terrier, status green!" Called back Terrier who had his rifle trained on the back of Liz Parker’s head waiting for the order to execute.

"Alpha this is Viceroy. Roger that. You have the green light to proceed; I repeat you have the green light to proceed."

It seemed like an eternity waiting for the sound that would indicate the targets were down. The guest speaker for the evening Bryce McCain had begun his speech, the snipers would begin their assault within seconds. Suddenly Bulldog’s target Max Evans got up and walked onto the stage, talking to Mr. McCain who proceeded to exit quite rapidly.

“Viceroy this is Bulldog,” announced the sniper trained on Max. “Target is mobile. Repeat target is mobile.

“Bulldog this is Viceroy, maintain your target in the kill zone.”

Max turned to the audience and began to speak when suddenly the auditorium was plunge into pitch darkness, with a only single spotlight centered on Max’s figure as he now stood behind the podium.

“Alpha this is Viceroy. Status report,” yelled Viceroy into his microphone.

“Viceroy this is Terrier. Target is negative. Switching to night scope.”

“Viceroy this is Bulldog, status green!"

“Viceroy this is Pointer. Target is negative. Switching to night scope.”

"Alpha this is Viceroy. Roger that. Wait for all targets to be in the kill zone.”

There was nothing but silence as Viceroy waited for Terrier and Pointer to scope their targets. Suddenly a blinding white light flooded the auditorium accompanied by a racing motor was heard as it entered the room when the back doors burst opened. A motorcycle, driven by an unknown helmeted figure, raced down the aisle and flew up onto the stage where Max Evans hopped on. The bike then jumped off the stage and down the other aisle towards the closed and bolted door. The motorcycle almost knocked down Viceroy and members of the Special Unit as it roared out of the auditorium.

This action threw the auditorium into frenzy. Parents started looking around questioning what happened. The school officials tried to get the crowd under control but the microphone appeared to be disabled.

Looking over towards the doors one student saw the Special Unit with guns and started screaming, “They have guns.”

Another student yelled, “Run for your life.” Within mere seconds, parents and students began screaming and running for the doors effectively blocking the special unit from following the motorcycle carrying an unknown person and Max Evans.

“Viceroy this is….” The communication systems, crippled by static discharge in the air, were making team coordination impossible. “Target
is lost.” Alpha Team’s communications began to crackle when the ‘whiteout’ first appeared. “Repeat target is lost.”

“Alpha this is Viceroy. Status report,” the radio popped and hissed as Viceroy struggled to get the whereabouts on his men. “All units repeat status report."

“Viceroy this is Terrier. Target is negative,” answered the young sniper speaking softly into the thin communication wire that curved from the receiver in his ear.

“Bulldog, Pointer report in,” ordered Viceroy.

“Viceroy this is Bulldog,” responded Bulldog, his voice was distant, almost incomprehensible. “Target is…repeating target…repeat… negative.”

“Got it Bulldog target is negative. Pointer report in.”

“Viceroy this is Pointer. My target is also negative. Night scope is disabled. Regular vision impaired.”

“Alpha this is Viceroy. Abort! Repeat. Abort! All personnel report to me immediately at the designated location.”

“Roger Viceroy, Abort!” responded the three soldiers.

The radio scratched and screeched, “Viceroy! Can you control the situation?”

“Negative. Operation Urgent Fury is a wash.”

“Report to me immediately for new orders.”

“Yes sir, on my way.”

Major Carlson turned around and found himself staring into the face of what appeared to be the school’s janitor. “Get out of my way,” yelled Carlson as he attempted to push by the man.

“I am sorry, Señor,” said the Hispanic male figure, “but there is some kind of electrical problem inside. You need to go to the parking lot where you will be safe.”

“Listen you, I am the Army. No one tells me where to go, especially some school janitor. Now get out of my way.” Major Carlson sneered as he attempted once again to get pass the janitor.

“Yes Señor, I understand,” noted the figure as he placed a hand on Carlson’s chest.

“What the f...,” was the last words that Major Carlson spoke before he dissolved into a pile of dust. His uniform and communication device dropped silently onto the grass.

“Humans talk way too much,” the figure, sighed. With a small wave of his hand, he transformed into the image of Major Carlson. The dress uniform swirled around the new form pressing itself into place. Picking up the radio this newer version of Major Carlson headed to meet the Alpha Team leader Viceroy.

The Major rounded the side of the school heading for a section of the P.E. building known as the prime make out site; it was one of the few places on campus where no one could directly see you from any vantage spot. Viceroy was there waiting while his men gathered in the black van near the back gate entrance. People were still milling about; confusion abounded with some yelling that there was a fire, others screaming about gunmen in the auditorium. The Major came into his view as he entered the site.

“Major are we to track the aliens?”

“No,” The Major replied, “we need to hold back. What have you told your men?”

“Sir, the agreed on story, that the kids are terrorists having weapons and access to bombs.”

“Good soldier. Now no one is to know who these kids are. Is that clear?”

“Sir, yes Sir. Do we have new orders Sir?

“Yes Viceroy you do!” The Major smile as he slapped him on the back, the Special Agent tensed and then fell to the ground dead, his back showed a red glowing mark burned into the flesh. “Well that is two down, now to the team.” The shape shifter took on the identity of Viceroy, he cracked his neck as he popped open a Tic Tac bottle and chewed on a couple mints. He bent down and turned the soldier into dust, which he scattered with his feet.

Viceroy opened the van door to see the crack shot Alpha team assembled; they were some of the most expert and deadly sharpshooters in the country, recruited from all areas of the military for special assignments in the United States. They are the most dangerous and highly skilled warrior professions that our country has yet to produce. Trained to suffer through weather, terrain, and enemy action, to lay unmoving for days on end, and take out their targets with unerring accuracy. Their slogan was ‘One Shot, One Kill’ and their mission to wait, watch, and to use only one bullet on the target as indicated by the crosshairs on the kill zone. These men trained to follow orders without question will accept what false Viceroy tells them, if he is careful to word it right.

“Men! New orders. We are to report to base and await the next assignment. It would appear that the information collected about these kids was bogus, none of them had a rifle or access to bombs, it seems as though they were running away from home tonight. Some jealous girlfriend made up the whole story. The Special Unit is checking out the parents right now to confirm. Good work team if this had been a terrorist event we would have been ready and eliminated the threat.”

The Alpha Team was glad to hear that they would be heading home, their plane sat waiting at an abandoned airstrip in the desert to take them back to the Air Force base in Phoenix. Viceroy shut the door, jumped in the passenger seat signaled for the driver to pull out. Before Viceroy could disappear, he would need to make sure the paper trail was completed.

It took the shape-shifted Viceroy almost four hours to complete all the loose ends; paperwork typed up, signatures procured, and superiors debriefed on situation. He then drove Viceroy’s car towards Viceroy’s house but made a scheduled stopped on a street in the downtown region of Phoenix. Getting out of the car, he crossed the street and bought some minor groceries at an all-night convenience store, and then he exited the store making sure he was visible in the cameras.

Walking to his left he looked down the alley and found what he wanted, a dirty homeless man lying drunk in a cardboard box. Viceroy went over to the man, laying his hand on his body he killed the poor soul, and then rearranged the man’s face and body to resemble Viceroy. He also adjusted the age of the internal organs, transferred fingerprints, flushed the alcohol content from the blood, and altered the bones and teeth to match the real Viceroy. He then placed Viceroy’s identification and clothing on the body. Concentrating the shape-shifter manipulated the dead body into a staccato walking gait, aimed for the gutter where the decoy stood waiting for the right opportunity. When the time came, he made the dead man appear to walk into the path of a truck coming down the 35 mph street at a good 45 mph clip. The truck struck the homeless man with considerable force as he spattered all over, along with the bag of groceries. The shape shifter calculated the police would determine that Viceroy died in a horrible accident. He now needed to get back to the deserted airstrip outside of Roswell. For that deed, the shape shifter resurrected Major Pete Carlson.

~ Aliens 3 / FBI 0 ~
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Gone But Not Forgotten(UC/CC/Slash Adult)Sec1:2:2-3 11/01/05

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Book 1: Section1: Chapter 2: Part 2 of 7

Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar
Section 1: The Longest Year
Chapter 1: Federal Manhunt and Priorities
~ Alien Search Warrant? ~

Timeline: Graduation Day

“Take me on board their beautiful ship, show me the world as I'd love to see it.” “Subterranean Homesick Alien” by Radiohead

“Go! Go! Go!” yelled Agent Sanders into his headset, as one of his agents kicked in the door to Michael’s apartment. With rifles in hand, the agents quickly scanned main room, bedroom, bathroom and small common patio.

“All clear,” one of the gunmen notified Agent Sanders still standing outside the apartment, holding his own government issued small hand weapon.

“Secure the perimeter.” Agent Sanders ordered adjusting his bulletproof vest to fit snug on him before he walked in. Being only four months from retirement, the agent was not taking any risks.

“Yes sir.”

“Thorough search, you know the drill. Anything that looks like a foreign language, strange symbols, mechanical or electronic devises that you cannot recognize.” Sanders pulled out a drawer looked through it and dumped the contents on the ground. “Make sure you secure all computers, CD’s, DVD’s, video tapes, files.” He pulled another drawer, looked through it and dumped that drawer on the floor. “Take anything that looks suspicious.”

This same scene was played out at the Parker, Evans, and Deluca’s homes. Their businesses were also broken into and surveillance equipment installed. The teams were vicious in the searches, leaving no stone unturned. No only did this provide a thorough search but also the action instilled fear and a sense of vulnerability in the victims.

Sanders heard the ripping of the sofa’s cushions and mattress behind him, “Be sure to check under the furniture and inside picture frames.” He was determined to find some evidence linking this kid Guerin to bomb making equipment or weapons.

The men check the refrigerator pouring perishable items out onto the floor then smashing the containers. The same for the cabinets, cereal boxes were opened and spilt all over the countertops. Canned foods were opened and pour one on top of the other in the middle of the floor. Dishes were thrown onto the floor or broken into the sink. There was nothing left in tact, unopened, unbroken, or not shredded.

They gutted the punching bag Max and Michael used when working out and broke up the foos ball table looking for evidence. Books were opened and pages torn out. Whatever clothes left in the apartment were inspected and shredded, even those in the hamper. The garbage from outside was brought in a dumped on the front room floor. One agent took his knife to pull off any loose wallpaper, while another ripped up sections of the carpet.

All they found was a typical teenager’s first apartment, hard rock CD’s, Metallica posters, unmade bed, and unwashed clothes on the floor. No terrorist paraphernalia or contraband was found, and the only thing alien was the mold and dust bunnies inhabiting his or her respected environments.

~ The Ball is in Play~

Book 1: Section1: Chapter 2: Part 3 of 7

Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar
Section 1: The Longest Year
Chapter 1: Federal Manhunt and Priorities
~ Alien Hunt ~

Timeline: The Day After Graduation

“Sitting and waiting and waiting and watching and watching and waiting cause I am the alien.” “Aliens” by Atomship

“Major Carlson, where have you been?” demanded General Thompson standing by the deserted hanger smoking a cigar. “It is past midnight.” Over six hours had passed since the incident at the school, parents of the individuals in question were being interrogated, and the murderous aliens were still on the loose. The General puffed on his cigar warming is hands in its smoke and feel, Roswell’s night air was chilly for that time of year. “Damn cold air, thought the desert was supposed to be warm.”

Major Carlson saluted, looked at his watch and paused before he explained his actions. “I had to make sure the Alpha Team got started on their new assignment tracking the aliens. We have them in them in our sights, General. We will be picking them up momentarily.”

“Good, Good, that is what I like to hear. These creatures will soon learn the power of the United States military.” Pointing his head towards the hanger, “The parents are claiming not to know anything. These aliens are devious; we must make sure they eliminated, after the scientists have completed their study of course. The parents also, no questions asked, no loose ends. You understand, Major?”

“Yes, Sir!

The General turned to walk into the hanger.

“Sir, may I have a moment of your time? The Alpha Team found a map on the floor of the auditorium, in all the chaos, with an x drawn in red. I traced the location, and found something of interest. Would you care to take a look?”

“Certainly Major. Where is it? Can we see it in the dark?” The General was all ears, he was desperate to prove his theory of alien invasion to the President, who quite frankly, thought the man was daft.

“Yes, the alien material glows in the dark. You will be impressed.” The Major smiled, as the two began walking towards the parking lot. “It is located only a few miles away.” Then Major paused for a second, “One small problem. The rental I got blew a tire over on the way over here. I walked the last mile.”

“That is okay my car is over there, you can drive.” The General threw him his keys. “We can check on the rental on our way back.” The Major followed the General around the side of the hanger to a blind area where his car was parked. “No scratches parking away from the rest of the herd in that corral.” The General indicated the parking lot.

Looking around to see if there were any guards watching his movements, the Major got into the car with the General. They drove out into the desert and parked behind some large boulders. Getting out of the car, the General looked around seeing nothing in the distance.

“There appears to be nothing here Major.”

“You are wrong General. There is an alien here.”

“An alien? Where?” The General scanned the desert landscape, putting his hand over his eyes as a visor, as if that was going to help him see in the pitch-blackness. The General then walked around to the trunk, opening it, retrieving a high beam flashlight. “I cannot see anything, Major. Are you sure we are in the right place.” The General scanned the landscape, beams of light bounced off the various rocks and cacti. “Major, where is the alien?”

“Right here General.”

General Thompson turned around to stare directly into the face of the shape shifter’s back eyes and luminous skin

“No…” was the only word the General got out before he fell dead, his heart stopped. Opening the car door, the shape sifter deposited the General on the seat. The shape shifter then drove the car to a previously scouted area of the road where there was a sharp curve and steep embankment with not much of a guardrail for protection.

“Perfect location for a bad wreck,” the shape shifter noted scanning the location for any cars. Stopping the car, he maneuvered the General into the driver’s seat. “It is too bad that you had a heart attack right on this curve, General.” Using his powers the shape shifter sent the car flying off the embankment into the ravine below; igniting flames engulfed the vehicle and occupant.

The Major then took a field advancement in rank to General, specifically General Thompson. He would arrange for Major Carlson’s death later, until then he would be on special assignment, a deadly top-secret assignment. Looking around, the General walked a few hundred feet into the desert behind a large outcropping of rocks where a car sat, stolen not rented.

“Piece of cake,” he muttered as he reached into the car finding a small container. Opening the lid, he dumped a couple of small white mints onto his hand as he scanned the sky overhead. If he looked at little to the left, he could almost make out a faint star that was also noticeable from Antar. “Oh to be home again,” he mused aloud. “Well back to my job.” Chomping on the Tic Tacs the new and improved General got into the car, and drove to about a mile from the hanger, stopping just below a rise next to a small hill. Getting out, he melded the car into in both color and molecular content of the hill.

He then took a brisk walk to the base, where he met up with the two special agents that did the original surveillance to determine which of the kids being investigated were aliens. The three went into the small observation room where they could review the findings.

~ Aliens 4 / FBI 0 ~

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Gone But Not Forgotten(UC/CC/Slash Adult)Sec1:2:4-5 11/01/05

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Book 1: Section 1: Chapter 2: Part 4 of 7

Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar
Section 1: The Longest Year
Chapter 1: Federal Manhunt and Priorities
~ Alien Heartache ~

Timeline: The Day After Graduation

“Will you play with me?” “The Alien” by George Duke

“We do not seem to be getting anywhere.” Agent Smith pointed to the room holding Amy DeLuca. She has done nothing but cry about where her daughter is. Agents Ladont and Garrick have cross-examined her but with no results.” Smith paused for a second, watching Ladont through the mirror leave the room. “General, what should we do with the parents and related family members kill the whole or...”

There was a knock on the door. At that point Agent William Ladont, walked into the surveillance room, halting all conversation between the three.

“Agent Ladont, how is the interrogation going with Amy DeLuca,” asked Agent Smith.

“Sir we feel that she has no knowledge at this time of where her daughter is or what she is up to. I feel that if she is allowed to return home, that the daughter will contact her.”

“What about her home?”

“Clean as a whistle.”

“All right, send her home as soon as the recovery team is finished with her home. Keep her under surveillance,” ordered Agent Jones.

“Yes sir,” Agent Ladont left the room.

“That leaves the Evanses and Parkers.” The General looked around, “Where is Ramirez?”

“We do not know sir. We are unable to locate him at the moment.” Agent Smith replied, “We will bring him in soon. We have men stationed at the house.”

The General eyes looked over to room where two other agents were interrogating the Evanses. “What have you told these agents doing the interrogations?”

“Only that the kids are terrorists with access to bombs and possible weapons, the agreed on story, General.”

“Good! No one outside of us three and Viceroy are to know what these kids are.” A knocking on the door interrupted the last of the General’s statement. “Come in.”

Agent Lopez who had been the leading the investigation on Mr. and Mrs. Evans came walking in. “Sir, We have no further information on the kids from the Evanses. He is a lawyer and refuses to speak, spotting his rights and so forth. What do you want me to do, place them under arrest?”

“How long have they been held so far?” Inquired Agent Jones, picking up the file concerning the Evan’s household.

“Over five hours, with no signs of cracking.”

“Wait three more hours to see if anything develops. If nothing go ahead and send them home as soon as the recovery team gives a clean report,” ordered Agent Smith.

“Yes sir,” said Lopez as he exited.

“These two did adopt, it is possible that their children have been able to fool them all these years,” noted Agent Smith.

Agent Jones’ cell phone started to ring.

“Talk!” He listened for a few minutes flipped his phone shut with a sharp snap of the wrist. “Ramirez had been located. Agents have been dispatched to round him up.” said Agent Jones with a satisfied smile. “That makes the last one.”

~ Half Time ~

Book 1: Section 1: Chapter 2: Part 5 of 7

Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar
Section 1: The Longest Year
Chapter 1: Federal Manhunt and Priorities
~ Loving the Aliens ~

Timeline: Timeline: The Day After Graduation

“I never noticed how lovely were the aliens” "Loving the Alien" by Velvet Revolver

“What about the local law enforcement. Have they been helpful or a hindrance?” inquired the General.

“Helpful sir. We have had no problems as of yet?”

“And what do they know?”

“Only that we responded to a possible weapons violation and threat to the student body.”

“Good! Good!” Then I will be leaving for now. Let me know if there any sudden developments.” The General started to the door. “Agent Smith will you accompany me to my car.”

“Of course, sir.”

Agent Jones caught Agent Smith’s arm on the way out and whispered, “The old guy is afraid an alien will get him.”

“You wish,” quipped Smith as he followed the General out the door.

“Thank you Agent Smith my car is this way.” Looking around he noted there were no security on guard. “Where is your security? I see none.”

“They walk the perimeter, two by two. Being this far out we only need two, under these special circumstances, Jones and I thought the less the better.”

“Are you not afraid of an alien attack?” The general questioned as he reached his car.

“No sir, we have all the invaders under surveillance, they will be in our hands soon, and the Alpha Team is quite good at their job.”

“I would not say all the invaders Agent Smith.” The General stopped in front of a Blue Buick sedan. “Well here we are.”

Smith looked at the car they were standing in front of; it was his. “General, this is my car.” ‘Maybe the rumors are true and the old man is daft.’ Smith thought to himself.

“Are you sure Smith see my key opens the trunk.” The General used his special abilities to open the truck, effectively blocking the pair from view of the hanger door.

“Well isn’t that strange!” Smith laughed as he reached in his pocket pulling out his keys. “Our cars must be keyed alike,”

“I wouldn’t say that was strange, Agent Smith.”

“Then what is General?”

“This!” The General’s eyes turned black reflecting Agents Smith’s silent scream of terror before he died.

He pushed body of Agent Smith into the truck, closing the lid with a dull thud. “I really should have been an actor,” remarked the shape shifter as he evolved into Agent Smith. ‘How creative our agents were in their aliases Smith and Jones.’ He sneered at the thought, ‘my tax dollars hard at work.’

Suddenly the two security guards appeared on the roof area overlooking where he was standing. He looked up, acknowledging them, ‘that was too close, now for Agent Jones,’ Smith thought with a sickening grin; he would have to take care of Agent Jones away from here at a later date.

“So did the general get off safely,” asked Agent Jones as Smith walked back into the observation room.

“Yeah the guy was actuality scared that an alien would be waiting for him in his car. Had me even scope it out for him,” Smith laughed. “So do we have any more developments here?”

“No we are driving DeLuca dame home now.” Jones indicated to the window, “Ladont and Garrick will tail her and report directly to us.” Pointing to another room, “Mr. and Mrs. Parker there are also a no show. They seem to be completely in the dark about their daughter. We have got details about Max Evans from the father such as he is untrustworthy, sneaky, leading his daughter into criminal activities. The kind of stuff you would expect a father to say.”

“Therefore, I gather we are letting them go also?”

“Yeah I think that would be the best direction to go at this time. One of those kids will have to make contact.” Jones rubbed his neck. “How much longer do we have to put up with the General, this should be a “Special Unit” project.”

“Hopefully the General will drop off the face of the earth.” Agent Smith laughed internally at his little secret. “Until then we suffer, you know the military they want credit for everything.”

All of the sudden there was some commotion in Amy’s old holding area as Jesse Ramirez was brought into the room in chains.

“Well it looks like the final conspirator has been found.” Jones smiled.

~ Aliens 5 / FBI 0 ~
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Gone But Not Forgotten(UC/CC/Slash Adult)Sec1:2:6-7 11/05/05

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Book 1: Section 1: Chapter 2: Part 6 of 7

Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar
Section 1: The Longest Year
Chapter 1: Federal Manhunt and Priorities
Alien Lovers?

Timeline: Timeline: The Day After Graduation

“I’m an alien. You’re an alien” “Alien” by Bush

The rest of the day went pretty much the same The Evanses and Parkers had no information, the agents scheduled them for release in the early morning hours. Jesse though was held until late in the evening, Agent Jones was sure he had some information. The shape shifted Smith could care less about interrogating the humans, but he had to play his part as a FBI agent well. Being a faithful servant of the Crown, the shape shifter personally wanted to practice his torture techniques on Jesse Ramirez for daring to touch the property of the Royal Commander; ‘he deserves death’ Smith thought more than once during the interrogation.

Smith and Jones repeated the same usual questions incessantly; where were you, why did you leave the auditorium, where is your wife. Getting nowhere after almost four hours, they left him to sit alone, while they got a couple of burgers and a short nap. Refreshed Smith and Jones were ready for round two.

“Why did your wife leave you Mr. Ramirez?” asked Agent Smith, as he sipped on a coke. Jesse licked his dry lips at the sight of the water droplets forming on the can. “What was she into?”

“Why are you protecting her? We know that you do not trust her. The information from your psychiatrist indicts that she is with the mob,” Jones egged him on.

“That is what I told him,” Jesse began to explain. “But it was only an example.”

“So your wife is not with the mob?”

“Right, she has no connection to the mob.”

“Then why did she try and blow up the school?”

“Isabel would never do that!”

“Our information says that your wife and her brother are terrorists. They planned to kill a lot of people today.”

“Your information is wrong.” Jesse paused, “I know my rights and you guys are violating them.”

“No sir we are not. We have the right under the passage of the Patriot Act to investigate all known threats of terror.” Agent Jones notified the young lawyer.

“Your wife is a threat and that makes you a conspirator,” added Agent Smith.

“What? I have done nothing.”

Jones stopped for a minute listening to the device in his ear. “Be right back,” he whispered to agent Smith. Jones returned a few seconds later with a worn cigar box.

“Do you really want to know why she left?” Agent Jones looked at Jesse as he nodded. “Maybe you should see this,” he handed Jesse the box.

Jesse looked at the various items, some trinkets, old photos, and pieces of paper. He unfolded one that revealed an old handmade Valentine’s card from Michael to Isabel confessing his love to her in the 3rd grade. Jesse crumbled it in his hand, and let the wadded paper fall back into the box.

“It would seem as though your wife had a lover.” Agent Jones watched Jesse closely; surely, he would now crack. “Ever hear of Michael Guerin?”


“Read this,” Jones reached over a pulled out anther slip of paper. Unfolding it, he handed it to Jesse.

Jesse’s face remained stoic as he read the words; inside though he was torn apart. “Okay it means nothing except they may have had a past.”

“What kind of past?”

Jesse was quick on his feet remembering something on late night TV the previous night when he couldn’t sleep. The program was about people who believed in past lives and were trying to connect with their past. “Michael believed that they lived before, you know past life regression all that crap”

“Isabel believed him?”


“When and where did they live before,” Agent Jones felt they were finally getting somewhere.

“Back in the Civil War era. Down south. She was supposed to be some southern belle with hoop skirts and all. He was supposed to be some union soldier that she fell in love with. They were both killed in the war. Stupid huh!” Jesse was grateful that he actually listened to that asinine program, it made the lie easier.

“More real than you may think,” noted Agent Smith under his breath.

The agents retreated to the observation room where they finalized the arrangements for Evans couple to be let go. Their home was thoroughly bugged as well as the Parkers’ home and business. They would also have their agents subtly break in tonight and bug the Evans law firm.

“Well what is your opinion of Ramirez?”

“She had him fooled, these aliens are good at that,” remarked Smith. “She may contact him for money or for help in the future. He looks like a good patsy, a sucker for a pretty face.”

“Yeah I agree we need to let him go but keep him on a short leash. They are bound to slip up. After all how smart can some alien be compared to good old American intuition?” Jones laughed under his breath, “For aliens these kids really are dumb.”

“Right,” sneered Smith as he thought ‘killing him will be a pleasure.’

By late afternoon they had let Jesse go, he had no more information and letting him stew was getting them nowhere.

The agents Morrison, Johnson, Campbell, Garrick, Lopez, and Ladont were ordered to remain in New Mexico, low profile, and keep an eye on the conspirators reporting to Smith and Jones.

After a quick trip to the sheriff’s office to conduct an interview with Deputy Valenti, the Agents had the hanger stripped; all the information was placed into boxes, sealed, and trucked back to their offices in Washington DC.

~ Overtime ~

Book 1: Section 1: Chapter 2: Part 7 of 7

Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar
Section 1: The Longest Year
Chapter 1: Federal Manhunt and Priorities
~ Aliens-7 FBI-0 ~

Timeline: The Day After Graduation to Six Months Later

“Would it make you feel much better, if it was you against the world, if you were an alien, if it were conspiracy?” “Alien 8” by Lagwagon

Over the next five months, Smith and Jones keep track of what was happening in Roswell. There was no sign of the kids, at least as far as Jones was concerned; none came across his desk. Smith lived day and night at the office, intercepting messages and waylaying the agents involved. Finally, after six months the time came to end the charade.

The real Smith and Jones would be easy to forget, they had no family, no wives or girlfriends. They were true special agents; even their names were unknown to all but one man. Their deaths would go largely unnoticed. Smith recalled the agents from Roswell placing them on other assignments regarding some Middle Eastern terrorist cells forming in the Eastern United States. He destroyed all documents, both paper and cyber concerning alien activities at Roswell involving the kids.

Agent Smith then convinced his superior that the whole Roswell incident was a hoax created by the combination of jealousy and a high school rumor mill. A jealous pregnant ex-girlfriend, Tess Harding, angry because Max Evans denied her baby as his, perpetrated the original rumor. The girl, Tess, has since disappeared; officially, she is listed as a runaway. The intent was to have him kicked out of school for cheating on tests and as a thief.

Smith theorized that the rumor metamorphosed over the next few months, as it spread from the mouth-to-mouth communication circuit found in every high school, until a teacher overheard a version that sounded like Columbine. The FBI was involved when an anonymous tip originating at the school was called into the regional office. It was determined that the caller was a teacher at the school using a public pay phone, refusing to leave his or her identity for fear of retribution.

He pointed out to his superior that this line of ludicrous, unproven and unimaginable alien theory had caused the government dearly in lives and money. There was General Thompson who in his attempt to prove aliens exist, cause his heart to stress resulting in a heart attack leading to a car wreck. Major Carlson, an accomplice in the General’s crazed theory was found dead at bottom of large apartment building in San Francisco, where he was on Special Unit assignment seeking the so called aliens. The coroner listed the death as unknown possible accident or murder, although he could not rule out suicide; Agent Smith was the only one that knew the truth, the body used for Carlson was definitely murdered minutes prior to his body flying off the roof; another transient that no one would look for.

The Military Base at Eagle Rock exploded due to the chemicals the scientists had used in their attempts to create a flying space ‘saucer’ according to the paperwork Smith created and not the work of ‘evil alien invaders’. This was the same base that General Thompson’s supposed alien spacecraft was located. Much of that evidence was destroyed including the all the data, research paperwork, as well as the scientists, assigned to that project. Smith arranged for a piece of the General Thompson’s UFO to be located and determined to be a piece of space debris; precisely a fragment of the disintegrated Mir Space Station that failed to make its reentry target as scheduled instead falling into the desert near Roswell.

Once all the loose ends were tied up, it was time to eliminate Agent Jones, the last link in the chain. Smith had to come up with a plan that would reduce suspicion and close any more investigation.

“Hey Jones are you ready for our trip to the glorious state of Georgia.” Smith was waiting by his car for his partner. Jones came of his apartment building carrying a small suitcase, looking the worse for the wear at three am.

“Yeah, been waiting for four months, only wish I could have slept last night. The paperwork for this little excursion had me at the office until midnight.” He yawned and punched Smith in the arm.

“Hey don’t complain, I left the office at half past two, fortunately I never unpacked from the last trip,” retorted Smith, who was busy from midnight to two making sure all of Agent Jones’ files were clean concerning the aliens. Smith had even gone so far as to do a clean sweep of the agent’s apartment while he was at work earlier that night.

Jones handed Smith his suitcase, “Good old boys got one of our aliens in a holding cell. Cannot wait to see one up close.” Jones slid into the passenger seat and tipped the chair back as he adjusted the seat. “Yes sir, the autopsy should be fascinating.” A smile crept across his face.

Smith clenched his fists barely able to contain himself as he threw the suitcase into crowded trunk: which consisted of two small suitcases and a body bag.

“Good thing I was in when that call came in. We will get an early start; otherwise the paperwork would still be sitting on some secretary’s desk.” Smith said as he got into the driver’s seat and started the engine. “I knew that one of them would slip up.”

They were silent as Smith maneuvered his way through the interstate and off roads until they came upon a small out of the way airport. “I will get the suitcases and make sure the plane is gassed. Why don’t you get some breakfast. I will come and get you when I am ready.”

Smith dropped Jones off at the main airport building and proceeded to go to the small plane office. There Smith signed in and prepared the paperwork needed, then headed for the plane. He opened up the cockpit and tossed in the suitcases and his special surprise for Agent Jones. He then parked in the long-term area and headed towards the main hanger to pick up Jones.

“Is this place opened this early?” Jones looked around seeing a deserted airstrip as they headed to the backfield.

“They must be all in having donuts.” Smith kept walking out to the edge where his plane sat. “Here is our transportation,” pointing to a small four-seat single engine plane, the same one real Smith had rented on many occasions on Special Unit business. The real Agent Smith fortunately had an a pilot’s license and experience, the shape shifter was fortunate to stumble upon that little tidbit of information while determining what type of accident Smith and Jones would suffer. This was the perfect solution.

“Are you sure you can fly this?”

“Of course now get in,”

“Hey what is this in the back seat?” Jones was startled to see Smith’s dead body, well preserved for these many months.

“You wanted to see an alien up close right?” Jones turned around to see the black eyes burning a hole into him, literally, as Smith removed his hand covering the large burned area on Jones’s chest. Jones fell into the plane as Smith caught him and buckled him into the passenger seat before he taxied down the runway

Flying over a dense swamp area, Smith put the autopilot on and dragged the real Smith into the front seat, securing him in. Burning both bodies beyond recognition, he turned off the autopilot, killed the engine with a blast, and then tilted the plane; nose first into the swamp. At the last second the shape shifter exited the plane, using his energy to maintain his buoyancy in the air as he slowly descended onto a small patch of dry land. The only things in this part of the swamp that saw the shape shifter make his landing were a few snakes, rats, and herons. A couple of minutes later he heard the plane crash into the thick underbrush and a cloud of smoke billow upwards.

“Well that takes care of that.” He laughed as he changed into a young black man and then started walking through the swamp underbrush as he threw a couple of mints into his mouth. “What would the Royals of Antar do without me?”

~ Aliens 7 / FBI 0 ~

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Book 1: Section 1: Chapter 3: Part 1 of 3

Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar
Section 1: The Longest Year
Chapter 3: Philip and Diane Evans’ Experience
~ A Gray Day Indeed ~

Timeline: Graduation Day

“That’s all I had to say, but it’s all right, I will get by, I will get by, I will get by, I will survive. it’s a lesson to me, the devils and the east and the free” “Touch of Grey” by Grateful Dead

“Mr. and Mrs. Evans?” Diane and Philip had just exited the door when a short, slightly built middle age man came up to them. “Yes,” said Diane “Can we help you?” Diane and Philip were trying to follow Jesse; he exited right before them, just after the motorcycle took off with Max.

“Please come with us, it is about your son and daughter.” Another man walked up taking hold of Mr. Evans elbow.

“Hold on, just who are you?” Mr. Evans demanded. The agents looked at each other and discreetly flashed them their FBI badges. “I am Agent Johnson and this is Agent Lopez.” Agent Johnson released his hold on Philip. ”Please sir if you would follow us.”

Agent Johnson was the clean cut Marine type, he had served in the military before joining the FBI. The other agent was a bit heavier, shorter and obviously older as his salt and pepper hair would indicate.

“Mrs. Evans” Agent Lopez waved his hand indicating for her to follow.

“Excuse me but you said this was about our son and daughter?” Philip questioned, having remained in place as he encircled his arm protectively about his wife. “What is this all about?”

“Please sir; we need you and your wife to come with us now,” said the older Agent Lopez, “for your own safety.” Philip and Diane looked at each other and decided to cooperate for now. The agents drove them out into the desert to a hanger, where they were led to a small room with a large two-way mirror.

They sat there quietly. “Let me do all the talking,” Philip informed his wife,” we have rights that must be obeyed, even by the FBI.”

Diane sat on the steel chair as she wrung her hands. “What about Max and Isabel, Philip? What has happened? Are they okay?”

“I don’t know let’s see what information these guys have.” Philip said motioning to the mirror in front of them as he sat on the table waiting patiently as minutes turned into hours. Diane took a book out of her purse and proceeded to read it, trying to keep her mind calm as her husband just sat and stared at the mirror thinking.

Agents Lopez and Johnson were watching the two through the mirror as they received the reports on the clean sweeps of the Evans’ home, Michael Guerin’s apartment, and Isabel Ramirez’s home. The reports were that all were clear, listening devices installed as ordered. The Agents knowing they would get very little from the lawyer proceeded into the room hoping they could trip Mr. Evans up.

Mr. Evans looked up at the door as it opened as he stood up. “Gentlemen are you now prepared to tell me why you have detained my wife and me?”

“Mr. and Mrs. Evans do you know here your son and daughter are?”

“No not off hand. Is this in relation to the stunt Max pulled off during the graduation ceremony?”

“In a way yes sir.” Agent Smith looked over the senior Evans with interest: ‘so this was the man that raised our King after he emerged from the pods. I wonder what effect his influence will have on the young King.’ The shape shifter could not help but contemplate these and other thoughts.

“Why is the FBI involved? It was a school function that Max ruined.” Philip pushed for an answer, “It is not like this is an international incident.”

“Do you know Michael Guerin, Elizabeth Parker, and Maria DeLuca?” Agent Jones wanted answers and these two lived with the aliens. How he wanted to get one in his clutches, he was as much of an UPO freak as were the General and the Major.

“Yes, they are his friends; Liz is his girlfriend and Michael, he has known Max and Isabel since third grade. Why? Has something happened that we should be notified of?” Mr. Evans was being very careful on what information he would give the agents and what to hold back.

“Mr. Evans we are not regular FBI.” Agent Jones took a breath and checked with his partner for confirmation before continuing. “We are with a Special Unit of the government created to combat terrorism.”

Agent Smith leaned forwarded and handed a business card to Mr. Evans containing his name and cell number.

Agent Jones continued, “We have reason to believe that Max, his girlfriend Liz Parker, Isabel and Michael are terrorists. They planned to kill an undetermined number people at the graduation ceremony with weapons and simple pipe bombs scattered throughout the auditorium.”

“You are wrong! Max and the rest would never do such nonsense.” Philip shot back, “Someone has misinformed your department.” He then collected his thoughts “What type of evidence have you recovered.”

“Nothing as of yet Mr. Evans. Soon we will be arresting your son and the rest with the weapons on them or we find a one of the bombs. The dogs are searching now; it is only a matter of time,” replied Agent Jones.

For almost three hours, the agents harped on Mr. Evans trying to trip him up. Finally, they ceased and decided to try another strategy.

“How close were Michael Guerin and Isabel?” inquired Agent Jones.

“Friends.” Answered Philip.

“Just friends?” Agent Smith looked down at the note Jones had written concerning the cigar box. He nodded and continued, “This Michael Guerin and your daughter are you sure they are just friends?”

“What are you getting at?”

“Why did Isabel leave her husband?” Agent Smith pushed forward. He really did not care, Isabel was Vilandra and belonged to Rath, but he had to make a good show for Smith’s ID to hold up to scrutiny.

“I don’t know. They have been having some problems lately.” Philip looked at the two agents and zeroed in on a cigar box that one was holding. He recognized it as one of his old ones that Isabel had kept. “You know newlyweds; things are not always roses and Champaign.”

“Was Isabel having an affair with Michael?” pressed Agent Jones. “Do you have any idea whom your son and daughter are involved with?”

“What! No! Maria is his girlfriend, and Isabel is married.” Diane interjected.

“Would it be of interest if we told you we found evidence that the two have been having an affair for the last two years?”

“You are making all this up.” Philip was getting irritated, “Why is this of any interest to the FBI. If Michael and Isabel were having an affair that is between them and Jesse, it is none of our business.”

“Maybe you do not know your children as well as you thought you did?” implied Agent Smith. He knew he should be easy on the King’s adopted parents but he could not resist the urge to mess around with a couple of humans, he would be easier than the real Smith would.

“You do understand how serious this is, right Mr. and Mrs. Evans.” Agent Smith inquired. “Your son and daughter and this Michael Guerin have brought others into their little terror cell. They are armed and considered dangerous to all law enforcement personnel.” Agent looked at Mrs. Evans who had tears streaming down her face; the King certainly did have kind human parents, the shape shifter hoped King and the Princess appreciated them. “You son Max has already rob a store in Utah with Liz holding a gun, there is precedent for our action.” He hope his veiled threats would make they realize how dangerous Roswell was for the King right now and urge them to stay away.

“Yes, I understand. As an officer of the court, I will inform you if Max or any of the kids contact me.”

“That is good to hear, you have my number, 24/7” Agent Smith indicated the business card Philip was still holding, “We have someone to drive you home when we are given the clear sign.”

~ Secrets that are Alien ~

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Book 1: Section 1: Chapter 3: Part 2 of 3

Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar
Section 1: The Longest Year
Chapter 3: Philip and Diane Evans’ Experience
~ Secrets of the Castle ~

Timeline: The Day after Graduation

-- Musical interlude -- "Secrets of the Castle” by John Williams

Diane and Philip were exhausted when they came home that night; they had been detained and questioned for hours about their children. They swore they had no idea where their children were, which was the truth; they had no idea where they had fled to during the night. They played their parts to perfection, the distraught worried parents that had no idea what the government would want with their angels. Knowing the truth made it difficult, Philip Evans knew they would never survive a polygraph, he hoped it would not come to that. Luckily, no one asked them if their children were aliens that might have been harder to disguise in their facial expressions. Finally, they were release, with hopes that the kids would contact them; at least the FBI Special Unit had hopes.

The Special Unit van pulled silently away from the Evan house as Diane opened the door. Philip checked the car in the driveway, they would have to go and retrieve their other car at the school. She let out a scream as her husband came running and found her in the middle of a tornado zone, crying into a ripped pillow that had at one time said MOM, a present from Isabel.

“Come on let’s go to a hotel.” He held his wife close and led her to the car. Although the car had been thoroughly searched, it was not shredded or tampered with as the house was and therefore useable. On the way to the hotel they stopped to check out Michael’s apartment were Max had been staying.

“Do you think they did the same to Max’s stuff at Michael’s?” Diane inquired as they pulled up to the apartment complex. They found the door jarred opened, Philip had to push on the door to open it enough so they could step in.

Michael’s apartment was even in worse condition, there was nothing left in tact. Philip and Diane wandered through the small apartment; they never had been there much before this. They found a couple of Max’s shirts that were not shredded and one of Michael’s under a pile of books. Diane also found a very unmanly item, a black lace bra wedged between the bed’s mattress and wall, covered partially by a shredded pillow. “Please tell me this is Liz’s or Maria’s and not one of the boys,” she found herself saying aloud.

Philip turned around and laughed, “I agree with you.” He was looking through stuff dumped on the bed where he found lubricant and condoms. “Well at least they were careful,” he noted to Diane, holding up the box.

“Oh!” Diane cheeks began to glow red. “I guess they are adults now, I still cannot fathom my babies having sex. It was only yesterday I was getting their school lunches ready.” Diane was looking at a pile of papers thrown into a corner. Diane picked up a piece of art paper and stared at it, as she traced the figure with her hand.

“Look Philip. Did you know Michael could draw?” Philip looked around; there were many sketchbooks and pages strewn all about. He started to pick them up and stopped looking at one of Isabel, so lifelike. She was dressed in a black off the shoulder dress with her blond hair hanging loose over her shoulders. In fact Isabel was in many of the pictures; sometimes just her face or an eye, some were very provocative. One was her sitting almost nude on a hill out in the desert; behind her was a starry night with an odd-looking V shaped constellation.

On top of another pile, a portrait that caught Max asleep on the sofa, sprawled out his legs partially opened, one arm across his stomach, the other over his head. Diane came over to Philip with another handful of pictures. On the top was a colored sketch of Maria, barely covered in a sheet asleep on his bed. There was such realism, such love in the sketches.

“Take these Diane, there is no need to leave them here.” Philip gathered up the sketchbooks. “I will have some cleaners come in tomorrow and pack what is salvageable.”

“I want to be here Philip in case there is anything.”

“Of course.”

They drove past Isabel’s apartment and knocked but no one answered, the door was jammed when they tried to open it.

“Let’s go pick up our car at the school, find a hotel and sleep.”

“Sounds like a good plan.” Diane said as she rested her head on Philip’s shoulder.

The school was under a lock down with temporary wire fencing all around the perimeter. The Evanses could see men mulling about with dogs in tow. “Those must be the bomb sniffing dogs,” noted Philip as he continued pass the school a couple of blocks to a small park where parked on the street was their car. Fortunately, they were late getting to the school and were forced to park on the street. Philip switched seats with his wife as he got in the other car started her up. Diane followed him to the hotel and a listless rest for them both.

Amy Deluca came past the Evans house late the following day. She saw a flurry of cars around, cleaners, movers, painters, and deliverymen. Diane was standing outside directing traffic. “Amy?” Diane came over and pulled her into a tight hug. “How are you doing?”

“Terrible! Do you know where Maria and the rest are?” Amy could see the circles under Diane’s eyes, she hadn’t slept either.

“No, there is nothing I can tell you. We are in the dark as much as you are.”

“You don’t know anything?” Amy whimpered in a small child like voice, “You don’t know where Max or Isabel is?”

“No!” Diane shook her head, she felt so guilty about keeping secrets from her. “I’m sorry; I wish I could tell you where she was.”

Looking at all the men coming and going, Amy had to ask, “Did they also trash your home?”

“Yes, it is horrible what those brutes did. They destroyed Michael’s apartment as well.’

”I know, I went pass there yesterday, the door was kicked in, the place was in ruin.” Amy subconsciously was balling up the side of her long skirt.

“We have cleaners over there today. If we find anything of Maria’s I will let you know.” Diane patted Amy on the back; the poor woman was in this all alone, at least she had Philip.

“Thanks, Have you talked with the Parkers?”

“No not yet I am afraid Jeff Parker will be less than cordial considering Liz must be with Max.”

“Keep in touch please.”

“Sure I am so sorry. Let us plan on one day a month where we all can sit down and talk. Okay, I will call you with the details.”

“Okay,” Amy turned and left. She had a gut feeling, down deep inside, that Diane knew something, but what did she know and why would she not say anything? The one thing Amy was sure of was that her daughter would never leave town without a word or a note. There had to be a good reason; that is what scared Amy, the reason.

~ Secrets of the Bedroom ~

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Book 1: Section 1: Chapter 3: Part 3 of 3

Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar
Section 1: The Longest Year
Chapter 3: Philip and Diane Evans’ Experience
~ Forbidden Love ~

Timeline: A Few Days After Graduation

“When I look into the mirror I see someone who life will never be the same again” “Forbidden Love” by Third World

The hardest time for Diane and Philip came when Jesse called a few days later to tell them he was packing for Boston and if they wanted to store any of Isabel’s things. They came over with a box; Isabel’s apartment looked like Michael’s, there wasn’t much left.

“I already packed up much of what was Isabel’s that is worth keeping.” Jesse said handing them a box filled with some clothing and bric-a-brac. “The cleaners will be here later today to finish.”

“I am so sorry Jesse that things had to happen this way,” Diane placed a motherly hand on his arm.

“Here,” Jesse threw down a box on the table in disgust, “You may want to keep this for her.”

It was an old cigar box of Philip’s that Isabel had used to keep her ‘treasures’ in as she was growing up. It was the same one Philip had seen at the FBI interrogation. Diane opened the box and found a blue marble, a postcard from their trip to Florida, even an old valentine all crumpled up. Diane smoothed it out to see a perfect heart, made from a scrap of paper, signed, ‘I always will love you Michael’. There were pictures of her and Philip, grandparents, Max and Michael when they were younger.

Then Diane noticed something, at the bottom of the box, stuck, it was a letter from Michael to Isabel that had to have been written prior to her wedding.

It is unfair of you to ask me to condone your marriage. I cannot, I will never, but I also cannot deny you some happiness in this retched planet that we are forced to live on. I will tolerate it, for now, but in time, you will return as my wife, you know that must be. I still love you and always will that I cannot change, I will not change; you were my first that I cannot forget nor will I ever forget. You were given to me, you belong to me that is the way things are destined, not by you or me, we had no choice in the matter.
I will always be there for you.

“Oh my!” Diane looked at Jesse, who was obviously peeved, he had read the letter.

“The FBI showed me the box and that letter. They wanted to know what it meant.” Jesse paused as he took a deep breath. “I told them exactly it meant, my wife took off with her lover.”

“Jesse, she and Michael are not lovers,” Diane spoke out, “Isabel would never do that to you.”

“It was the best way to get them to believe why she left me.” Jesse explained, “I told the FBI they believed in past live experiences, and that they lived during the Civil War.”

“Did they believe you?”

Jesse shrugged his shoulders and was quiet for a few seconds before he spoke again. “Did you know Michael attacked me when he thought I had betrayed them to the FBI, he said that Isabel was his first and they would be together when I was nothing but dust. You could see it in his eyes, he meant want he said; he would kill for her.” Jesse stopped and thought. “It was Michael who brought her back when she was hurt. She said she followed his voice, it was he that gave his blood for a transfusion.” Jesse looked at his in-laws “They had a whole life together, a life that did not include me or you either.”

Jesse sat down on his heels and picked up his wedding picture, the shards of glass dropped as he stood up. “Was it all a sham, a roost? Was I just a distraction while they hid here in Roswell waiting; waiting to return to home or be together?”

“Jesse I don’t know what to say,” Philip started.

“There is nothing to say. It is over.” Jesse interrupted his father-in-law. “I have taken the job in Boston. It will be a good change of pace.” He turned to face them. “I will call and give you my number just in case anything happens.”

Diane nodded not knowing what to say or do; her face was picture of an unhappy, confused, and depressed mom.

“Thanks for everything,” Jesse held the door open for them.

The next few weeks were difficult for the Evanses. There was a parked van across the street at the most days. Silence consumed their life as the notoriety of being under suspicion overwhelmed them. They were empty shells waiting for the next problem to drop onto their doorstep.

Soon the van disappeared and strangers quit showing up all around them. Life slowly returned to normal. They found companionship in their monthly and then weekly lunches with the Parkers, Amy and Jim. They waited, they were patient, and they were steady in their love for the kids. Yet they still heard nothing from the kids, as Diane prayed every night for her children’s safety.

~ Secrets that are Forbidden ~

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Book 1: Section 1: Chapter 4: Part 1 of 4

Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar
Section 1: The Longest Year
Chapter 4: Jeff and Nancy Parker’s Experience
~ Under the Black Sun ~

Timeline: Graduation Day

“…everybody asks me how I’m doing I’m doing everything alone…” “Under the Big Black Sun” by X

“Mr. and Mrs. Parker?” Jeff and Nancy looked around to see who was shouting at them, they saw two men in dark blue suits walking towards them.

“Yes,” answered Jeff. “Do I know you?”

Nancy was scanning the kids for Liz, the school was in a panic, people were running everywhere yelling about guns, fire, and terrorists; all sorts of stories were circulating.

“Please come with us, it is about your daughter.” The man issuing the request was young, tall, over six-foot with brown wavy hair. He had a microphone in his ear and dark reflective sunglasses.

‘He looks like a secret service agent’ though Jeff Parker.

“My daughter? Liz? Where is she?” Nancy spun around looking for her daughter. “Well, where is she?”

“Please we need you to come with us now,” said the older grayed hair man “for your own safety.” The agents took each of the Parkers by the elbow and led them towards a dark blue sedan. They drove far into the desert; Jeff recognized the area as an old airstrip that was in use before World War II and abandoned in 1950. Up ahead he saw a new prefabricated hanger, their designation.

Nancy and Jeff Parker were placed in a small room with a large mirror reflecting the image of scared clueless parents who watched their daughter walk out on the biggest night of her life. She disappeared into the night, no clues, no one helping them. Jeff knew that Max had to have something to do with her kidnapping, that is why they were here waiting for the FBI, ‘they deal with kidnappers right? But how did they know so quickly what Max had done?’ he thought.

Nancy sank down onto the cold steel chair and dropped her head on the table. She was tired, exhausted from the stress at trying to find her daughter. Jeff paced back and forth, “Why did they leave us here Where is Liz? What is going on?” He spouted aloud pointing a finger at the mirror.

Nancy did not answer just sobbed quietly into her arm as her warm forehead found relief in the steel table, chilled from the air conditioner. Minutes passed into hours. Jeff finally sat down on the ground, his back against a wall staring at the mirror.

Hours past when the same two men that had absconded them at the school came walking into the room. They nodded to Jeff who got off the floor.

“Well are you going to tell me were my daughter is?” asked a very pissed off father.

“That is what we need to know. Where is your daughter?”

“We do not know. She left during the ceremony, I tried to follow her but someone closed the doors. Then a white light blinded me, I head the door open and a motorcycle crashed through, went right past me, and out the other side. I ran outside looking for her, but everyone was screaming. Then you dragged my wife and me to your car. Now you tell me. Where is my daughter?”

“Do you know Max Evans, Isabel Evans Ramirez, Michael Guerin, and Maria DeLuca?”

“Sure Max is Liz’s boyfriend, and Michael and Maria work for us. Maria is also Liz’s best friend. What does this have to do with anything?”

The two Agents eyed each other, and then glanced at the mirror. Finally one spoke: “We are with a Special Unit of the government created to combat terrorism. My name is Agent Campbell and this is Agent Morrison.”

The other agent chimed in: “We have reason to believe that these people are the terrorists. They planned to kill people at the graduation ceremony with a bomb device. They, including your daughter, are to be considered armed and dangerous.”

“You must be mistaken, my daughter is Elizabeth Parker. She is a good girl. She is going to Northwestern to study biology. She is an honor student, check with the school they will tell you.” Nancy was sobbing as she spoke. “Please where is my child?”

“What? Kill people?” Jeff was up pacing shaking his head. "No! No! No way. There must be some mistake.”

“Your daughter was arrested earlier for armed robbery in Utah is not that correct?” asked Agent Morrison.

Jeff turned a pointed finger at the Special agents, “They are good kids, sure Max and Liz got into trouble in Utah because of a stupid prank. It was all a misunderstanding in the end.”

“Prank or no prank, we are now dealing in a serious matter. We know that Max Evans was planning to bomb the school according to an informant. We have theorized that Michael Guerin and his lover Isabel Evans Ramirez also had a hand in the weapons.” Agent Morrison paused letting that information sink in as he continued his attack. “Now Maria DeLuca may have been taken against her will or be willing participant due to her infatuation with the Guerin kid.”

“No your information is wrong. Isabel is married and Michael is dating Maria,” challenged Jeff back. “There is no way Max or Michael would be into killing people or bombs. No way.” Jeff slid down a wall as he sat on his heels.

Agent Campbell crossed over the room and bent down to Mr. Parker’s ear, “Liz may also be an innocent victim or if we choose a suspect to be considerate armed and dangerous. Which will it be Mr. Parker?”

“You mean if we cooperate with you will treat her as a victim.” Jeff looked at the agents, “If we don’t she will be considerate an accomplice. Is that correct?”

“You learn quickly,” smiled Agent Campbell.

“We know nothing. All Nancy and I know is that our daughter has been hypnotized by this Max Evans for the last two years causing her to do things she would never would had considered in the past. “

“Such as the armed robbery, lying, hiding secrets,” inquired Agent Campbell as he stepped up to the mirror looking at his teeth, winking to the men inside.


“I’m sure your daughter will be fine, if she is a victim. But we need your assistance.” Agent Morrison stepped forward and handed Jeff a business card with his name and cell number. “You will keep us informed of her activities if she contacts you?”

“Yes,” said Jeff as he took the card. “You will protect my daughter.” Jeff ran a hand through his disheveled hair. “She is innocence. Keep that in mind when you arrest the others.”

“Can we go now?” asked Nancy.

“In a few hours, when we have clearance from the big shots upstairs. We will let you know.” Agent Morrison leaned forward so only Jeff could hear his words, “Don’t fuck with us; we will only help her if you cooperate. You do understand right?”

Jeff nodded as they opened the door and left.

“Oh Jeff! What has Liz done?”

“Nothing, Nancy, Liz is still our innocent daughter. It is all that Max Evans. He was always a shady character. We should have moved out of town after Utah. That boy is nothing but trouble.”

~ Secrets Under Cover ~

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Gone But Not Forgotten(UC/CC/Slash Adult)Sec1:4:2 11/06/05

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Book 1: Section 1: Chapter 4: Part 2 of 4

Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar
Section 1: The Longest Year
Chapter 4: Jeff and Nancy Parker’s Experience
~ Secrets I Kept So Well ~

Timeline: The Next Couple of Days After Graduation

“Time to say goodbye” “Time to Say Goodbye” by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli

The Parker’s returned to a destroyed home and business. The Crashdown looked although it went through an earthquake, plates and dishes were scattered over the floors, the booths were unbolted and turned upside down, and the famous alien painting had chunks of it removed.

“Looks like we are remodeling?” quipped Jeff in an attempt to make light of the situation.

Nancy did not look amused as she checked the kitchen and storage rooms. Both rooms went through the same FBI careful search methods; she closed the doors to the walk-in refrigerator, noting the food deliberately spilt on the ground. “I hope the health inspector does not make a surprised visit tomorrow.”

As Jeff and Nancy went up stairs, they were shocked to see the destruction. Fabrics ripped, rugs torn up, wood paneling removed, loose bricks pulled off the walls, as the violators of their hearth and home searched for secret compartments.

Liz’s room was in shambles. Her bed looked as though they took a knife blade right down the middle and then pulled out handfuls of stuffing. The frame of the box springs was broken apart with an axe and the fabric torn off. All her clothing was shredded, her drawers opened and dumped onto the floor. The grout between the bricks in her wall was chipped out and loose bricks removed.

The small terrace outside her window had also been scrutinized, the lawn furniture broken up, the fire escape examined as it was pulled out of the wall. It seemed to Jeff that much of the destruction was more psychological than to look for evidence. These acts were meant to terrify him and Nancy into obeying what they said. Seeing his home in this condition, made Jeff determined not to be intimidated by the FBI’s Special Unit.

“Liz…” Nancy called out as she stood in Liz’s bedroom, trying to piece back together her favorite stuffed bear.

Deciding Nancy had enough Jeff announced they were going to a hotel for a few days, he would arrange have the mess cleaned up tomorrow. Nancy was sobbing by this time openly on Liz’s floor. “Come on,” Jeff picked her up. “Let’s go, no one will defeat us.”

The next day Jeff arrived early, there was a sign on the restaurant that said ‘closed for renovations’ and his employees were inside cleaning the place.

“Heard you had trouble boss,” remarked José one of his long-time fry cooks.

“Yeah you could say that.”

“Well no matter. What the people say. Liz, Maria and Michael would never do anything like that. You just remember what old Jose said.” José went back to the kitchen grumbling about the government being full of ‘gorrino’. Jeff smiled he had forgotten how good his employees were and how lucky he was to have loyal friends during these times.

The day was long; the worst mess was the strewn files from the office. Using the tables out front, Jeff lined up one paper pile after the other. The stacks seemed never-ending.

“How long am I supposed to keep this stuff,” mused Jeff looking at a 1992 bill for lettuce.

“Probably forever,” came a sad but angelic reply from his left side.

“Nancy!” Jeff reached over and gave her into a big hug. “Are you feeling better.”

“Yes thought I would come help with the restaurant but it seems as though it is well in hand.

“Yeah everything here is going okay. Jose has some relatives in home maintenance and he called them. They are working upstairs. Give it a couple of days, there is some items we need to fix like the smashed toilet in Liz’s bathroom and the sink in ours. We will be repainting, you can choose a new color if you want.”

Nancy smiled at him, “You are not going to buckle under them are you?”

“Nope this is our house and I will be damned if I am scared in it.”

In the distance, Jeff could hear the phone ringing somewhere in the office. He plowed through the files scattered everywhere to finally find his phone.


“Hi Jeff, its Amy DeLuca,” said a frazzled worried voice.

“Amy! Are you okay?”

“Yes. Do you know where the girls are?”

“No I don’t know. I am so sorry Amy,” Jeff sighed into the phone,

“Who is it?” asked Nancy.

“Amy DeLuca”

“Oh here let me,” Nancy took the phone away, ignoring Jeff’s annoyed look. “Amy it is Nancy are you okay?”


“Did they question you?”

“Yes, it was terrifying. They threatened me. They said Maria was taken against her will and that Michael will harm her. Is that true?”

“No Amy,” Jeff had picked up another phone. “I saw Maria leave with Liz.”

“What do you mean?” asked Amy.

“Let me start from the beginning, Max must have been playing a practical prank by walking onstage to deliver this really strange speech. Then the lights went out, except for a spotlight on Max. I could see Liz get out of her seat pass me and go outside. I figured she was going for the restroom especially when Maria followed her. When they failed to return immediately, I tried to find them but the doors were bolted. I hear a motorcycle in the hallway when the doors flew open and a blinding white light flooded the auditorium. I was barley able to see Max get on the back of the bike and race out the other door. Then people started screaming about guns and a fire. I grabbed Nancy and we started looking for Liz. That is when the FBI came and told us to come with them.

“A motorcycle, that had to be Michael, who else would Max go with,” noted Amy.

“You are right it was Michael’s bike, I recognized it,” said Jeff wondering in his mind just what he and Max were up to. “Have you spoken to Diane or Philip?”

“I saw Diane earlier; they have no idea where the kids are either.” Amy was careful not to mention that Diane was afraid to contact the Parkers because Liz had to be with Max, she was not sure how they would react. “Did the FBI destroy your home, mine is in shreds as well as Diane’s, Michael’s, and Isabel’s. Do you know what they were looking for?”

“They searched our home also. I have no idea, drugs weapons, bomb making paraphernalia figuring what they are accusing our kids of doing,” remarked Jeff.

“Maria would never do what they said she did.”

“Neither would Liz, but to be honest I am not sure about Max Evans,” snorted Jeff, he had a bad feeling that Liz was in deep over her head.

“I know what you mean right now I am not sure about Michael either.” Amy said with such sadness in her heart.

~ Secrets Cost Dearly ~

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Book 1: Section 1: Chapter 4: Part 3 of 4

Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar
Section 1: The Longest Year
Chapter 4: Jeff and Nancy Parker’s Experience
~ Secrets I Kept So Well ~

Timeline: A Few Weeks After Graduation

“I know something that I can't tell. Won't find out cause I keep it so well” “Secrets” from Dexter’s Lab by Black Eyed Peas

“Good morning Jeff,” said Amy laying some pies down on the counter. “Here are the pies you ordered.”

“Thanks Amy,” Jeff smiled. “How is it going today?”

“The same,” said the depressed and sadden figure in front of him, “the same.”

“I know what you mean.”

“Mr. Parker?” Jeff turned his head. He had failed to hear the Fed-Ex man enter the diner and was now standing directly in front of him. “Please sign here. “

“Oh good some restaurant software I was expecting. It is about time.” Jeff signed the slip and took the box, putting some menus on top of it. “Amy try and take care of yourself. Our lunch is still on for Sunday right?”

“Right,” Amy smiled a sad tear filled smile. “See you then,” she waved as she walked out the door.

Jeff walked on back to his office he was behind in his work for the day, the inventory needed to be done as well as the receipts from last night. He threw the delivery box down on pile of shortening boxes and concentrated on the bookkeeping. By the time he finished all the business aspect of the café it was dark and the closed sign was on the door. Taking a cup of coffee and the box, he went to make himself comfortable in a booth while he checked out the software and instruction manual.

He pulled the tab on the back that unzipped the cardboard box, instead of software a large blue hardback book fell out. He recognized it immediately as Liz’s journal. Turing the box over, he saw for the first time his daughter handwriting.

His hands shook as he read those unforgettable words. “September 23rd. Journal entry one. I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. After that, things got really weird....”

Tears streamed down his face as page after page was consumed by him. Minutes tuned into hours as the early morning light streamed through the curtains. Nancy came down looking for Jeff wondering if he fell asleep again in his office chair. Instead, she found a distraught individual, in hysterics over a tear stained ink smudged book.

“It is her journal Nancy. Liz’s journal.” Jeff looked at his wife, tears still streaming down his face. “They are aliens. My god my daughter is married. What do we do?” Jeff whispered to Nancy as he handed her the book.

Nancy picked up the book and glanced at page one, she dropped like a lead weight into the seat, her eyes could not believe what she was reading. She spent the morning reading the pages.

“Jim Valenti knew,” Nancy observed, “Liz what have you done?” She turned page after page, mesmerized by the written words. “What about Amy? Maria is dating Michael and he is also one.” Nancy stopped for a minute. “What will this do to her?”

“I need to speak to Jim and see if this is all a hoax, maybe aliens is a code word.” Jeff whispered to his wife

Jeff got on the phone and called in a possible break-in to the sheriff’s office. Then he sat back and waited for Jim, after securing the book away.

Deputy Brown arrived within minutes instead of Valenti. “Mr. Parker, you reported a break-in?”

“Well, yes err no. I don’t know.”

“All right. Let’s start at the beginning,” The Deputy was aware of the trauma people feel when they are robbed and some have a tendency to be incoherent at first. ‘It would appear that Mr. Parker fit into that category’, the deputy thought. “Where did they break-in at?” Deputy Brown took out his notebook. “What items were taken?”

“I am not sure just some stuff is missing.”

“Well let me look around and see what I can find.”

Jeff waited anxiously for Jim to arrive; in the meantime, every time Deputy Brown asked him a question he flopped all over the place. Jeff’s mind was elsewhere, not concentrating on creating a lie. He was sure the Deputy would have him examined for possible psychological problems.

Finally, Jeff saw Jim walk in and talk to Deputy Brown, who after few words said goodbye and left. ‘Thank God,’ Jeff muttered under his breath.

Leading Jim to the freezer, where he knew they could talk in private, Jeff was thinking about the one word that had haunted him all night: aliens. Jim really did not want to go inside; Jeff practically pushed him into the room. Once the door was closed, Jeff tore into Jim wanting to know if he was crazy, or his daughter was insane.

As they stood there in the freezer, the fog from their breaths hung low over them as Jeff tried to comprehend the truth. Max Isabel and Michael were aliens and somehow his daughter was saved from death. His daughter was dying and Max Evans saved her. His mind was spinning.

Jim had known for months. At first, Jeff wanted to punch him out for keeping them in the dark, and then he realized Jim was protecting them keeping them safe. Jim looked over the book and verified the information was contained between the cover, he also offered to break the news to Amy. On Sunday, they would get together along with Philip and Diane to talk. His in-laws, they probably did not even know yet that Max and Liz were married. Married! He still could not get that image clear in his head.

Jeff picked up his guitar and strummed a few notes as he mind contemplated several questions. How would he ever thank Max Evans from saving his daughter from death? What would he do when he saw him? What would he say to his daughter?

~ Secrets of a Good Scientist ~
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