My Adversary Ki’var (M-I/AU/UC/Adult) One Part 07/30/07

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My Adversary Ki’var (M-I/AU/UC/Adult) One Part 07/30/07

Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Tue Jul 31, 2007 12:31 am

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Title: My Adversary Ki’var

Author: suicide_eagle_rath

Rating: Adult for language mostly

Pairings: AU / UC

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.

Summary: Michael has an adversary for the love of Isabel: Ki’var

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Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Tue Jul 31, 2007 12:35 am

My Adversary Ki’var
One Part Only

I should had known before I ever got into this mess, the minute I heard her whisper in my ear as I was fucking her, that she had to hurry and get home to Ki’var, I should had left. I was in the midst of a sexual fever and did not hear the sentence; well more like it did not register in my head.

After the point of culmination, I lay there holding her in my arms, her blond hair fanned out against my chest. The room was silent except for our breathing, as those words suddenly became clear. “Fuck!” I thought, “She’s married?” My breath held in the words. Damn I was a real fool to fall for a married woman, but damn I was already falling in love with her. Those long legs, those eyes got me going faster than any woman I had ever known.

That night I took her back to her well-manicured lawn, luscious flower beds, and the white picket fence. I wonder what Ki’var looked liked as she got out of the door, leaning in to give me a full kiss. I then wondered if Ki’var could see us, and would I be eating a load of buckshot anytime soon.

But nothing happened as she said goodnight and went into her home. On the way back to my apartment, along the dark roads at night, I contemplated behind that wheel between torch songs if I had it in me to let the one I love be touched by another. I thought long and hard that night and into the next day. My work suffered as I devised plans for eliminating her husband so I could keep her all to myself. Silly plans: plans that were mere fantasy, an exercise of the mind.

The next time we met for cocktails and dinner I suggested a weekend away, at a small bed and breakfast I had heard of. She calmly mentioned that Ki’var got lonely when she was away and would tear the house apart. I was seething through dinner, who cared if Ki’var was lonely, I was her lover she should be concentrating on me. Anyway what kind of a man throws a fit and tears the house apart, a psycho? Who or what monster is this Ki’var was I had to know.

The next day I waited across the street in a rented car and sunglasses and baseball cap to watch her house and see what this man looked liked. Never once did he come out. Isabel came out and went to work, but there was no sight of him. Figuring he had a day off and was laying around the house, I repeated my actions the next day but this time in a truck and Hawaiian luau shirt and sunglasses. Once again Isabel came out and went to work but no husband. On the third day I decided to see if I could get a closer look. Maybe he was at home sick, so I grabbed a used pizza box from the night before and around lunchtime rang the doorbell. No one came. I rang again. Still nothing. I snuck around the side and peered into the window. There was no one home I started to turn when all of the sudden a damn cat jumped up into the window. I do not mind saying that cat scared the daylights out of me. It stared at me with those green eyes of jealousy, as it scratched and hissed at my form through the glass. I sneered back in a childish manner at the demon glaring at me, I snarled even as the superior animal on the food chain. Then I turned and left.

My affair with Isabel continued that month as I tried to ply out of her just who Ki’var was: her husband, her boyfriend, or her father? Just who the hell was taking her time on weekends and late nights? Who was it that took her away from my arms, inferred in our lovemaking? I could come out and ask straight away, but I was not sure if she had already told me and I was looking at her voluptuous breasts ignoring the words. I could not be seen as insensitive could I? So I went the long way trying to find out. I did notice she wore no wedding band so that may mean she was not married, or had thrown it down the garbage disposal. Hell my first wife Maria did that, guess she had a right I was screwing around on her. It was just so hard to remain faithful with all the girls at the bar where I worked throwing themselves at me for a free drink or to be let in.

Then the day came that my question was to be answered. She wanted me to stay at her house so she did not have to leave Ki’var alone. I was curious I have to admit, having sex with her in front of Ki’var or behind his back. Did she expect the both of us to make love with her? And god forbid did she expect me to fuck Ki’var. I shuddered at that thought as I stood on her porch ringing the doorbell.

Her house was as I expected stylist the same as her. The house was quiet; some soft Mozart played in the background as I smelled gardenia and sandalwood in the air. There appeared to be no one else at home, only that damn cat that came in and proceeded to wind in and out of my legs, marking me as it's territory.

The dining table was set very exquisite; even I know fine quality glassware and fine china when I see it. Momma did not raise a stupid child. Isabel was an excellent gourmet cook as I wolfed down the dinner noticing only two plates were sat. Ki’var obviously was not expected home for dinner at least.

The night went on, and as expected things got real hot and heavy and before long we were in bed frantically fucking away like teenagers fearing the cops finding them in lovers’ lane. She was on top, my hands on her breasts, my cock in her pussy, just at the point of culmination when her black cat walked up and into my face. I removed my hand and threw the cat off the bed with a swipe of my arm, when Isabel yelled out “Ki’var!”

“Fuck!” I yelled out as I grabbed Isabel and rolled her under me, covering her with the sheet. In what seem like an eternity, but in reality was only seconds I jump out of bed ready to defend myself against Ki’var. My heart was beating a thousand times a minute; I was scared shitless at being shot at by an irate husband. I looked all over, but I saw no one.

“Ki’var my poor baby are you okay.” I turned around and there was Isabel, naked in the moonlight holding that damn cat, petting it. “Michael you could had hurt Ki’var.”

What the fuck? I could not believe my ears. Ki’var was the CAT. I scratched my head and looked around just in case a man was standing in the shadows. “Ki’var is your cat.” I sputtered out as I looked back at her.

“Of course silly whom did you think Ki’var was?” she looked inquisitively at me. I could see the gears turning on what I had been up to. “Remember I told you all about him the first night we met.” Now I could had answered that question as ‘No I do not remember’, but there was no way I was going to admit that I never heard a word she said. I would look like an idiot saying Ki’var was her husband.

“The cat? Of course I remember.” I lied.

“You do like cats?” Isabel was scratching Ki’var’s head as he snuggled up to her breasts. All I could think was that I wanted to be snuggled to her breasts. “Michael?”

“Sure,” I gulped out, coming closer to her as I gave the heathen animal a small pet. In reality I could care less about the cat. “I like cats.”

Needless to say sex was killed for that night as I gathered up my clothes and headed for home. She was soothing the damn cat after I supposedly scared it. All I got was the cold street while Ki’var snuggled into her warm bed for the night.

It would not be long before I found myself at her house again staring into Ki’var’s green jealous eyes. Isabel went to dress for the movies as I was left alone with Ki’var for a man to cat talk.

“So Ki’var this is the way it will be.” I stood over him to let him know who was higher on the food chain. “Isabel is MY woman. She is with me. Got that?”

Ki’var just looked at me, I swear his eyes began to glow. I would not doubt he was an alien sent her to infiltrate human race as a spy.

“When we are in bed you stay away.” The last thing I needed was the damn cat watching us making love. It was just unnerving. “Stay downstairs doing what cats are suppose to do, catch mice.”

Ki’var glanced up every once in a while, then sat down on his haunches and proceeded to lick his butt. I wondered if that was an indication I was an ass or a subliminal note that he was going to lick my ass. I gruffed out a note of disgust as Ki’var looked up and I swear he smiled, an evil wicked smile. No cat was getting the best of me. I puffed out my chest as Isabel walked in. “Ready?” I flashed a look at Ki’var as I placed my hand on her butt as we walked out.

That night after an hour of making passionate love, I lay awake, her head on my chest as I lulled half in dreams and half in reality. Suddenly I felt a presence by me. It was an odd feeling as I stirred to come back to consciousness. There was a pressure on my chest, I thought it was Isabel asleep but as my eyes opened I was looking into the cold eyes of Ki’var. I swear I saw skulls in his pupils, symbols of death, he wanted to kill me. Now maybe the skulls were an active part of my fertile imagination, but there have been paranormal stories about cats, and I am sure I read where a cat killed a guy in his sleep.

I laid there staring at Ki’var, I heard him speak though those eyes. “Careful Michael, do not close your eyes. You may wake up with them scratched out for daring to look at the love of my life. Or maybe I will pee in your mouth for touching her. Or maybe I will rip your throat out for taking my mate.”

I started to cough as I threw the bastard off me and got up to leave. Isabel woke up just then and I had to make a lie fast. Good thing I can think in a tight squeeze as I explained I needed some sinus medication at home as I felt an attack coming on. I kissed her and said I would see her later that morning, I would be back for breakfast, when the fucking cat would die.

Needless to say I did nothing to the cat in the morning. When I arrive with breakfast for Isabel and me and a box of rat poison for Ki’var. Fortunately for the demonic creature, he was outside chasing a bird, as I entered the house. I left the breakfast on the table and went immediately to Isabel’s room where I made love to my waking angel. During the day I never saw the cat, I spent my time in Isabel’s arms as we talked and laughed. I pretty much forgot my delirious dream of the cat talking. That was until night approached again and I found Ki’var sitting between us at the midnight hour staring again at me.

Once again my mind swore he smiled that evil grin. Okay by this time I figured I was going nuts so I laid there with my eyes closed figuring he would go away and I would gain back my sanity. After a period of time I popped open one eye to see him still staring at me, never once blinking. I close my eye quickly and waited barely breathing for what felt like an hour until I felt a cold pad on my cheek. My eyes flew open to see Ki’var on top of me.

“Back huh Michael, I thought I warned you not to touch my mistress. I am her mate not you. Now leave before I draw blood.” The hissing sound echoed in the night air.

No cat was going to kick me out. “Fuck you,” I snarled at the cat.

Then I felt sharp pain on my hand. I looked down to see the cat sinking it bright white fangs into my flesh. Ouch I screamed out as I shook the cat violently off my hand. The commotion of course woke up Isabel was startled and not sure what was going on. All she saw was me throwing Ki’var across the room and my hand bleeding.

“Michael my darling,” she cooed as she led me to the bathroom. “Ki’var must have been playing with your hand and nipped a little hard.”

Nipped fuck that, after a trip to the ER and 5 stitches that was not a fucking nip. Isabel cared for me, as she kissed and showered me with affection. Ki’var watched with anger in his eyes, they glowed even brighter green watching his mistress sit on my lap kissing me.

This was war and I was not going to be taken. When Isabel went to work I snuck over and left poison laden meat for the beast. Only Ki’var was fussy and only eats Cat’s Supreme brand food, so I laced a can of that also. But the beast was careful and smelled fist detecting each poison I used.

As the week wore on our sex life began to suffer, he would sit there on the chair staring at me as I performed, watching me, waiting for me to sleep, taunting me with death. I forced myself awake, terrified of having my throat cut open.

I slept at work, as my job suffered dramatically. I snapped at my colleagues, yawned in meetings, and showed a basic lack of concern. Dates came and go as reports failed to be on time. My superiors were being to grow agitated at me and finally delivered the famous ultimatum, shape up or ship out.

Finally after a couple weeks I decided I had enough and would confront Isabel, It was the cat or I. After all I was a human, her lover for Pete’s sake, surely she would choose me.

I told Isabel I loved her and wanted to marry her and live in my condo building, which by the way had a no pet rule. That interested her, she loved the condo unit, it was an elite address and had all the amenities. But Ki’var had to go. She accepted my proposal as Ki’var sat watching with evil eyes. I had won. The cat would soon be gone and Isabel would be mine forever.

The next day as I drove toward the house I saw Isabel in the front yard wave at me. I took my hand off the steering wheel for a moment as I gave her a two handed wave. I suddenly felt a terrible thud. I screeched my convertible to a halt as I heard Isabel scream. I jumped out half expecting to see a kid under my tires, but what did I see Ki’var. I KILLED THE DAMN CAT.

Isabel was beside herself with grief. She blamed me for not paying attention and looking where I was driving. I never saw the damn beast cross the road. I grabbed a towel and scooped the cat up in it, rolling it around tight then placed the corpse on the porch as I looked for a shovel. Isabel sat there crying, her tears told the story.

“How could you kill my Ki’var” she cried out in staccato voice.

“Isabel I swear..” I started to speak when I returned with the shovel in my hand.

“Is that all you can do is think about burying his body.” She sobbed, “What about a funeral?”

“A funeral ... It is just a damn cat Isabel…” I stopped in mid sentence, I just made a horrible mistake.

“Just a cat!! Well I am glad this happened. Now I see your true stripes. You deliberately killed Ki’var." She stood up and hit me with her fists on my chest. “You hate cats and lied to me. Get out!!!! I am so glad I found this out before I married you, you pig you.”

“But Isabel…” I stammered

“Go!” she screamed as she fell back onto the steps weeping over the body.

I went in the house and grabbed some clothes I had there throwing them in a plastic grocery sack. As I left I noticed the towel with Ki’var was gone. I figured she took Ki’var to a funeral place for pets as Isabel was not in sight either.

I got into my car and backed out of the driveway. Just then I saw Isabel come from around the side, her head in her hands still crying. She stooped at the porch where Ki’var was suppose to be and screamed. She then turned and began yelling at me, about stealing the body.

I had enough as I gunned the gas and pulled into the street. I did not even stop at the stop sign as I rounded the side of her house. Suddenly I screeched to a dead stop in the middle of the road. There was Ki’var standing on the sidewalk, ALIVE. He was licking his fur as he looked up, smiling his evil grin, the towel lay next to him. I just stared as he stretched his body giving out a low hiss in my direction. Then with his head held high he pranced off to the house where I heard Isabel yelling “Ki’var! Ki’var! You are alive my precious baby.”

I shook my head in disbelief, the fucking cat had beat me. I drove off never to see Isabel or Ki’var again. A new rule I have now is to ask any date 'Do you have a cat?' If they say yes, I say GOODBYE…….. and RUN.......
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