To Meet Again (AU, Mi/Ma, Teen, 1/1) [COMPLETE]

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To Meet Again (AU, Mi/Ma, Teen, 1/1) [COMPLETE]

Post by magikhands » Mon Feb 20, 2006 5:50 pm

Title: To Meet Again
Author: magikhands
Rating/Pairing: Teen / Mi & Mar
Disclaimer: I own nothing of Roswell. If only I did *sigh* Nor do I own any rights to Rupert Holmes song Escape
Summary: I heard the song ‘Escape’ (The pina colada song) and this Candy idea came to mind. This is AU w/o aliens. I use the basic concept of the song and may use a line or two. If you’ve ever heard the song, you’ll know kind of what it’s about…just different. Make sense?

“It’s been three months Michael,” Max said walking in and tossing the morning paper down on the table in front of his best friend. “You’ve really got to get out of this apartment sometimes.” He looked around and found the sparkling cleanliness of the place disturbing. “This isn’t you man.”

“I get out.” Michael scowled and finishing up his toast. “I go and have dinner with you and Liz, I go to work, and I go to the grocery store.”

“You need to get a life.” Max sighed worried about Michael.

“I have a life.” Michael protested as he got up and washed his dish.

“When was the last time you went out and had fun? Or talked with a girl?”

“I talk to girls five days a week. Oh, and didn’t Liz and I just have that discussion last night about cellular microbiology.” Michael dried his hands and turned to Max.

Max sighed. “You know what I mean.” He went to the coffee maker and topped off his coffee. “Come on, let’s get going.”

Michael grabbed his bag and the paper that Max had brought in before following Max out of his apartment. He knew Max was worried about his reclusiveness lately but he just didn’t feel like going out and partying, and especially not into meeting new women.

Michael got in the passenger seat of Max’s car and stared out the window. Three month. Time really flies when your life is turned upside down. She’s been gone for three months. Michael sighed and tried not to think of all the mistakes they had made. They had loved each other for so long but…well, they let it stall. Then it was too late. Or so they thought.

Max was right. He’d not been out for two months now. The first month after she left, he’d gone out to all the bars and dance clubs looking for something…or someone to fill the void. He’d slept little and had a different woman in his bed every night. Then one morning, he’d woke to find Isabel in his bed. His own best friend’s sister. The girl he’d grown up with like a sister. He remembered meeting her at ‘Chaos’ and they had drinks. A lot of drinks. But then the rest was a blur. He didn’t recall how they got to his apartment or even what happened after they got there. All he knew was that he was lying naked against her beautiful body.

When she woke, they had an awkward moment. Apparently Isabel didn’t remember much of what happened either. So they promised never to speak of it again. Max didn’t even know. It was a miracle but he and Isabel are still friends and she called often to check in on him without awkwardness. Like it was before their night together.

After that night, Michael knew that he was going down a dangerous path. That’s when he swore off dating…and girls for the time being until he could get his life back under control. That’s when the cleaning habit started. Instead of going out to clubs and partying into all hours of the night, or sitting at home feeling sorry for himself and making a slob of himself like some guys, Michael started cleaning his apartment. In the past two months, he’d managed to organize and clean every drawer, closet, and room.

Max pulled into the parking lot of West Roswell High and parked in one of the teacher’s spots. Both still laugh at how ironic their lives had turned out. They had spent four years in this school dreaming and planning their escape from Roswell only to end up back in town after six years away. As teachers no less in the very school they hated.

Max shut off the engine and reached back for his bag. He was a 9th grade English teacher. Michael, on the other hand, went toward the arts and was the art teacher. He loved his job and no longer minded coming to school everyday.

“How do you do it?” Michael asked before Max could open the car door.

Max looked at him, brows drawn together. “What do you mean?”

Michael looked down at the gold band wrapped around Max’s left ring finger. “Marriage. How do you keep it together? You and Liz make it look so easy. Like some fairy tale.”

Max chuckled. “Trust me, it’s not easy at all. It takes a lot of work. And sometimes sleepless nights.” He expression sobered. “You and Maria were together for a long time. The two of you had…your own special blend that made you want to be with each other. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you two, but I’m sure you’ll find someone else.” Max sighed. “You think my marriage is perfect like a fairy tale ending? I can honestly tell you that it’s not.” Max looked up and met his best friend’s eyes.

“Last night…we were going to tell you when you came over but then Liz chickened out. After seeing you so bummed, she decided that we shouldn’t add to it.”

“What Max? What didn’t you tell me?” Michael felt his stomach turn and knot. Max was his best friend, but Liz…she was his angel. She was the one who always took care of him. When Maria wasn’t around, she made sure he ate and kept in line. She was the one to encourage him to major in art and to take the teaching job. It was a role she’d started when they were really young and never stopped.

“Liz went to the doctor day before yesterday. She was bleeding and well…” Max rubbed at his neck. Michael knew he was uncomfortable speaking about women’s cycles. Even after growing up with Isabel.

“And…? Is something wrong with Liz?”

“She was pregnant but something wasn’t right and had a miscarriage. We didn’t even know about it until she went to the doctor.”

“Max.” Michael said softly but didn’t know what else to say. Max and Liz had just recently decided that they were stable enough to start a family. But to start out this way? It had to be hard. “You should have told me.”

“I know. I wanted to but it was her decision. She’s taking it well though. The doctor explained that she was only three weeks along and that sometimes this happens. When something’s not right with the baby a woman’s body…”

Michael put his hand on Max’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze. “I’m sorry. And I’m sorry for thinking that your life was perfect.”

“Thanks Michael.” Max gave a small smile. “Just remember, we all have our problems. It just depends on how they are handled as to their outcomes.”

Michael nodded. “Let’s get to work before we are counted as tardy.”

Max chuckled as they both got out and headed toward the school.


It wasn’t until lunch when Michael got around to going through the newspaper. He sat at his desk and thumbed through the articles of crime and politics but saw nothing that picked his interest. He turned it over and went to fold it when he saw the personals were facing out. He sat there a minute and looked at the black ink. Did he dare? Was he ready to go out and meet someone? Was this the way?

Michael knew that going out to bars wasn’t the way to meet a girl he wanted to spend his life with. So why not look? What’s the harm in looking?

Michael sat back in his chair, propped his feet up on his desk and pulled the newspaper closer to read. It was amazing what he came across. It took him a moment to figure out all the abbreviations, but then once he did, it became easier to read…and more wild.

Michael was about to dump the entire idea when one caught his eye.

SWF seeking SWM
If you like riding out into the desert
If you like talking long into the night
Must have an eye for culture
Not for roaming
If you like romantic meals by candlelight
And making love under the stars
Then write to me.

He read the personal over and over. It called to him. Made his pulse race and stomach flutter. He’d not felt this excited in a long time. But what if she’s already had someone answer this? What if she’s already found the man she liked?

His pushed the newspaper away filled with doubt. No, no one would be interested in him. He was boring. He had nothing special about his looks. He was born and raised in a trailer on the wrong side of the tracks here in Roswell. He’d gone to Las Cruses for college and a few small trips that didn’t venture far from New Mexico. What did he have to offer a woman?

He looked at the clock and he still had ten minutes left of his lunch period. He could see the newspaper from the corner of his eye. He tried to ignore it as he looked at his planner but his eyes kept going back to the paper.

Finally giving in, Michael turned to his computer and brought up the local paper’s website.

SWM seeking SWF
I like taking rides into the desert
I like talking long into the night
No roaming eyes here
As we make love under the stars
I must meet with you tonight
At Senior Chows 7o’clock
A rose and candlelight will be waiting

Michael hit the send key and it was done.


“What do you mean you have a date?” Max asked on the way home.

“I, um…” Michael scratched at his eyebrow. “I sort of answered a personal today.”

“You what?” Max asked nearly running a stop sign.

“Yeah, during lunch period, I was looking through the paper and this one caught my attention. So I answered it and said I’d be waiting at Senior Chows tonight.”

“Do you realize how dangerous that could be? And what if several women show up? Then what will you do?”

Michael chuckled. “I hadn’t thought of that. It just…I don’t know. But I felt compelled to do it.”

Max shook his head. “Liz is going to have a fit when she hears about this.”

“Not if she doesn’t know.”

“Michael…you know she always finds out.” His voice was low and very serious. Neither knew how she did it, but every time they tried to keep a secret from her, it didn’t take her long to figure out what.

“I know Max. Just…hold off until tomorrow. That way I can at least see if it was worth it.”

“Fine. But if I get thrown to the couch for this, I’m taking your bed until she forgives me.”

Michael laughed. “Agreed.”


Michael sat and waited. His palms were sweating with nervousness. His hands trembled and his stomach tightened with anxiety. He looked around the restaurant feeling like he would jump out of his skin at any moment.

He had requested the back table and sat so that he could see the doorway. On the table was a single red rose and lit with candlelight. Music played low over the speakers and the atmosphere was filled with romance.

To my surprise a familiar face started my way. Her lips were curved into a smile and her eyes twinkled with delight. She was dressed in a silky red dress that hugged her every curve. Her feet were adorned with two-inch heels. Her hair was swept up in an elegant style and makeup done to perfection.

She sat in the vacant chair and laughed. Michael was wide-eyed and speechless. He never thought he’d see her again.

“Maria.” Her name came out as in reverence. His heart pounded loudly in his chest and he had a hard time catching his breath. His chest ached with the love he’d once held for her, rekindled and new. “I never knew…”

Maria reached out and touched his cheek. “I never knew either.”

The End
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