Quote:Next Time I will Stay(UC, Adult, Slash) [COMPLETE]

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Quote:Next Time I will Stay(UC, Adult, Slash) [COMPLETE]

Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Sat Mar 11, 2006 11:05 pm

<center>The Continuing Saga of Zan and Rath</center>

Title: Quote: “Next Time I will Stay!”

Author: suicide_eagle_rath

Rating: Slash / Adult Only

Pairing: Zan and Rath (a.k.a. TellymonRath or Tellymon in my books)

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended. I am only attempting to finish a riveting story from one point of view.

Summary: This is on Antar—in the past. TellymonRath wanting to escape from the Palace and Zan for a couple of days takes off to do a routine rooting out of rebel terrorists in a nearby small city. He is injured and returns home, back to Zan who has learned to wait patiently for TellymonRath to be comfortable with relationships.

TellymonRath has a problem with romantic interludes involving Zan and tends to create a reason to be away from the Palace when Zan makes plans for the two of them. He must come to term with his relationship with Zan and that involves any factors before he finally tries to do what s right.

Author’s Note: The story is one of many that has come about since I have been to post Gone But Not Forgotten Book One:The Chronicles of Antar These additional stories came about through a series of contests, ideas, scenes from the book that have been expanded and posted to sites where the entire series is not being posted and even challenges. Many of these will be incorporated in Book 2 onwards, so look for them and how or if they changed.

This is a new material written for The Past Returns: Book Two of the Chronicles of Antar. There will be many terms, events, or items may be hard to understand without prior knowledge of the series. I will try to explain some in this piece, but not all explanations will be possible.

Warning: Read at your own risk. Profanity, violent fight description and sexual scene between m/m do occur in this piece.

Originally done for three different contests in three different pieces.

Quote: “Next Time I will Stay!”

Part 1 of 3

TellymonRath was disturb something was wrong. He had paced for almost two hours his senses heightened, watching the streets below his window at the inn, the streets that were just too quiet, the streets that were just to void of life, the streets that spoke of death more than life.

Not liking the feeling, he ordered the Imperial Guards, which had accompanied him, to dress and remove themselves from the city, a city that had until recent times been a stronghold with the ‘House of Thardan’.

They would take up camp just on the outskirts of the city. Quietly his men dressed and prepared the mounts as they silently stole away in the dead of night. They returned quickly, their steps were soundless as they took up surveillance positions from outside the inn.

Tellymon stayed behind, he wanted to know who was at the heart of the terrorism that had enveloped the small city residents. The Imperial Guards balked at his decision it was their duty to guard the Royal Prince, but TellymonRath would have none of it. This was not the first time he had ordered them away, nor would it be the last. Tellymon was more than qualified to handle this little situation.

Tellymon took up residence jus down the hallway in a little alcove that permitted a view of the street below and of the door to his room. Minutes passed into hours as he sat there posed to strike, the Temple had taught him great patience when hunting an enemy.

Then suddenly out of the corner of his eye, Tellymon saw some movement, three dark figures, their faces concealed approached the rooms that he and his escort had occupied; the rooms where he and his men were supposedly sleeping; dummies now lie in their beds. Tellymon crept towards the room, he watched as the door opened and the figures attacked the still figures with great zeal and pleasure apparent in their utter destruction. Soon though they noticed, there was no blood apparent to the nose or eyes, nor any sounds of screams, or moans to the ears. Their blades were clean as the metal gleamed in the moonlight.

Tellymon entered the room without their knowledge; before they could react, he struck fast and accurately. Directly in front of him was the first to die, his blade succeeded in cutting almost though the neck in a single swipe. The man fell to the ground before he uttered a single note of speech.

The other two turned to defend themselves against this unknown assailant. Tellymon countered by disappearing and then reappearing to the left of the second man, his knife finding its home in the heart, which he carved out of the man’s side like a surgeon of old.

Smiling he held the beating heart in his hand, the eyes of the man screamed in terror as he fell onto the ground, with a deep barbaric laugh Tellymon dropped the heart dropped onto the corpse.

The final man was scared; he had never come upon an enemy so fast and unpredictable before. The man stabbed widely in the air towards Tellymon, he was backing up tying for the doorway. Once again, Tellymon countered the move and caught the man off guard, as his suddenly appeared in front of man. With one quick slice of his blade Tellymon cut through the man’s wrist that was wielding knife, effectively severing the tendons causing the hand instantly to drop the knife. Within a second the gold double edge blade came back and up, hitting its target securely holding the man’s throat.

The pain traveled quickly up his arm as the man realized the wound that had been inflicted. The would-be assassin started shaking, begging nonverbally to die a merciful death, hopping that the knife at his throat would be quick and pain.

Tellymon paused momentarily before he severed the man’s head. “Who are you? What do you want with us?”

The man did not answer; trembling from the loss of blood, he began to cry for death. Wanting an answer, Tellymon decided to heal the wound that was bleeding profusely to a slow drip so the man could answer before he bled to death.

“Tell me!” TellymonRath yelled, “Who are you? What do you want with us?” the rage was just below the surface, the pressure was mounting to torture the enemy into talking. “Tell me!” The rage would take great pleasure in torturing, the emotions culminating in terror, fear, those images the rage would swallow whole and spit back as venom directed at the enemies veins. Tellymon took a deep breath as he brought the rage under control. “Tell me!” He yelled again as he backhanded the man, throwing him against the brick wall.

The walls shook and the resounding thud had disturbed the other residents who now dared to venture into the hallway. The Imperial Guard, who had come running when they heard the thunderous yell of TellymonRath’s voice, however they would stay out of the room, until so ordered by their Prince. They dutifully cleared the hallway; the people moved quickly when they saw the Imperial uniforms. That meant there was royalty close by. Many of the commoners held up in a couple of rooms connected by an adjoining door. There they speculated in quiet whispers on just whom the royal visitor was.

The man was terrified he could feel the cold terror, sadistic and savage, ebb off TellymonRath in waves; pure unadulterated evil. Whoever this man was he was probably powerful, the man now knew that he would die but his family may also suffer due to his transgression.

“Please my Lord,” the man finally spoke in barely an audible raspy voice. “I beg not for my own life but for that of my family. They know nothing of my transgression.”

“Why?” The room shook with fear. “Why did you attack me?”

“I was hired to kill the men staying in this room.” The man was on his knees as the words stuttered out, “I was not told who they were.” He body was shaking as he continued his confession “I was told you and your men raped a child as a sacrifice to ancient she-beast” The man was wiping the tears from his face. “I needed the money; my wife is ready to have our child. We do not have money for the medical treatment she will need; she will die when the child is born.”

“Can you describe the man who hired you?”

The man pointed to the dead body on the floor. “I was downstairs in the bar when he approached me and said I could earn some good money to kill you. I figured justice would be done.”

Tellymon took another deep breath, as he determined if the man was lying and should die by his hand or was redeemable considering the circumstances. The demon he spoke of the one referred to in hushed tones, as the Evil Bitch Monster of Death was a regional legend that the locals actually believed in when ever children were missing. They were a superstitious lot in this village; Tellymon took a deep pure breath as he allowed himself to enter the mind of his enemy verifying if what he said was truth or lie. The man screamed in pain as Tellymon forced himself inside; it was a horrible invasion, especially for the lesser races because they are ill equipped and unprepared for the procedure.

Satisfied with what he found, Tellymon finished healing the man’s wounds. Pointing to a bed, he ordered the man to sit as the Imperial Guards entered the room.

Tellymon shook his head at the man and looked at the dead body, “Damn.” He shrugged his shoulders and looked around the room, “You’re pretty good with that blade when your victim is asleep. How good are you when he is awake?”

“I thought I was pretty good until I saw you. I have never come upon a fighter like you. You should be in the army; Commander Rath could use you against the Ki’var.”

“Funny I was just thinking the same about you.”

The man looked at the Imperial Guards who had gathered by the door awaiting orders, he wondered if he was to be arrested. Then he looked back at the man he almost killed. The light in the room was increased and now he could see the face of his intended victim. His long platinum blonde hair and silver eyes marked him of a Royal class, yet he wore clothes of a Shadow Warrior. Who was he that he had been commissioned to kill? He suddenly felt that he was duped, these men were not rapists, but something else far more sinister was involved.

Tellymon turned to the Imperial Guards, “I want these men,” pointing to the two dead bodies, “examined and determined who they are.”

“Yes Your Majesty. Are you all right”, asked the captain of the guards.

“Yes fine.” Actually, he was not fine, Tellymon was quick but not quick enough this time as a blade did cut deeply into his side and back. “They were hired to eliminate us, that one there has no idea of who he was to kill. Only that he needed money and would do the task.” Tellymon winced as he felt his back wet; the moisture was beginning to run down the band of his pants.

The Guards looked at the man who was starting to shake. “Take two men and escort this man to where he lives. I hereby order the doctor in this town to attend to the birth of their child; he will pay for the doctor with his new job. Find him a position in the Imperial Army, he is good with a blade, just needs to channel his energy in a more positive path.”

“Yes your majesty.”

"The rest of us will head for the Palace now." Tellymon turned and walked out the door, He was concentrating on sending the healing energy down to his wound, but the fight had tired him, add the fact that he was pissed that he had been out maneuvered and injured, both elements were detrimental to his healing abilities the process was slow.

“You let’s go.” one of the Imperial Guards pointed the way to the door.

“Who was that?” the man asked as he got up slowly from the bed.

“Him? You really do not know who that was.” the soldiers all started laughing. “Why my lad that was the Warrior Price TellymonRath.”

The man turned pale as his knees buckled, he collapsed back down onto the bed. “Commander Rath?” His life had been spared by his idol, the one he had waited for, the one they worshipped, the prophecy that had been told.
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Warning: Explicit Sexual Content / Slash

PART 2 of 3

Fortunately, Tellymon was only hours away from the Palace. He set the pace for the animals hard and fast, not letting up until he was in the palace complex. Going up the backstairs, he reached his section of the Palace. Even though Vilandra was at the Cremsian Castle tending to the needs of the ‘House of Rath”, he entered their quarters quietly going straight to the bathroom, where he stripped off his black shirt. Looking in the mirrors he saw the gash, still slightly bleeding, an open wound almost 6 inches across and a couple of inches deep. “Damn!” he yelled, his emotions were no longer in check, “Damn!” he pounded his fist on the beige gold veined marble counter.

Zan awoke, he swore he heard Rath in the palace,. That could not be, he had left earlier to check out a slight disturbance in a small city to the south of the White Palace. He left without even telling him where he was going, Zan had to find out from the guards on duty.

Zan could feel something was different; the air had changed somehow. He turned to go back to sleep. Suddenly he shot up as a pain seared through his side, as if a hot blade had been driven across his flesh. “Tellymon!” he screamed as he jumped out of bed, ran to the hidden panel that separated their two rooms

Entering Tellymon’s quarters he saw the drops of blood on the floor, the trail leading directly to the bathroom. He quickly ran up the steps to the door, taking a deep breath he slid it opened seeing Tellymon standing before a mirror looking at his side. “Damn!” Zan smiled as he heard Rath cuss, that meant he was alive and okay, wounded, yes, but okay.

“Need help?”

“No, I can take care of it myself.” Rath stole a glance at Zan in the mirror as he tried one more time to heal the wound. “Damn!”

Zan smiled even more as he approached Tellymon, “Here let me,” he said in a soft voice as he laid his hand upon the wound finishing the healing. Stepping back, he examined the unblemished skin, “Feels better doesn’t it?”

“Yeah!” Tellymon watched Zan carefully in the mirror, wondering if he was mad because he left the palace without a word. Zan had this whole romantic night planned, dinner, music, everything, every detail. The plan made Rath uncomfortable so he left at the first chance that presented itself. Now he regretted leaving so hastily.

“What happened?” asked Zan as he closed the gap between them, his breath was hot against Tellymon’s neck.

“Assassins tried to murder us in our sleep. I did not sidestep quickly enough. That’s all.” Tellymon shrugged his shoulders; he could feel Zan hair against his cheek.

“Happens to the best warrior,” whispered Zan into Tellymon’s ear, as he fingers caressed his cheek. “Even you have an off day.”

“Yeah, well I don’t like off days,” snorted back Tellymon, his mind was beginning to cloud over with other thoughts than that of the fight.

“So are you staying for a while or are you off again,” Zan’s hot breath mouthed the words against his neck quietly as he drew Rath in closer.

Tellymon smiled a lopsided smile, “Staying. I will send guards down to root out what is going on.” Rath broke the embrace Zan was trying to create, “I think I have some unfinished business here to attend to,” he said as he walked out of the room.

Zan stood there stunned; this was the second time that day that Rath had spurred his advances. He was fast losing patience as he turned walking into the bedroom fully attending to yell at TellymonRath and find out what the problem was. He stopped dead in his tracks.

Zan could not help but gazed with a mixture of love and lust at the sight that lay before him. Tellymon was laying in the center of the bed, buck-naked, his cock bobbing back and forth gracefully in the air. Tellymon was smirking with one of those ‘come and get it looks’ that only he could produce.

Zan just shook his head, no matter how many times they are together TellymonRath always managed to spring a surprise on him. Zan removed the dark blue silk bedclothes as he jumped onto the bed and walked slowly and sensuously across the expanse. Tellymon opened his arms invitingly as Zan dropped himself down and stretched out on top of him, sighing as their bodies made contact.

Their mouths met in a sweet and tender kiss that within seconds became passionate; a kiss of lovers, a kiss of expectancy, a kiss of erotic images. Their tongues greet each other in a lover's dance. They were consumed one by the other, their passion equal, their arousals hard as steel.

Zan could feel the strength and authority that radiated off Rath’s body; Zan yearned for exploration, for desire, for fulfillment.

Their bodies move together; skin sliding across skin, harness again hardness, as they rolled around on the bed. Their hands roamed freely and their mouths placed hot, wet kisses wherever they could reach.

Zan raised his body slightly off Rath causing their cocks to rub one against the other. Tellymon shut his eyes as wave after wave of lust coming off Zan bombarded his senses. Zan carefully shifted his hips in a slow thrusting motion, elating in the low guttural moans that escaped from Tellymon’s throat.

Dropping himself once more down, their lips interlocked, until their breath was exhausted. They broke the kiss as Zan found his way down Tellymon’s fevered body, his tongue danced against his skin, feeling the blood rise just below the surface. Tellymon groaned feverishly and arched his back when Zan tongue circling its intended target finally zeroed in, capturing the sensitive nipple gently in his teeth. Tellymon’s finger intertwined with his hair as Zan licked his way back up for a deep, erotic, sensual kiss, which spoke volumes of the act to follow.

Growling loudly Rath easily flipped Zan onto his back "I missed you," he rasped out huskily into Zan’s ear.

"That's nice," Zan whispered back as he flipped Rath onto his back. “Next time don’t leave, I had a whole night planned out, and you bailed. Why?”

“I don’t like your plans. Not use to such things.” Tellymon sighed as his admission. Even though they were confidents one of the other, he still was uneasy about being together in a couple way, not the sex part, but the relationship part. He had the same problem with Vilandra.

Zan already knew the answer and understood better than TellymonRath would ever know. He was not comfortable with anything intimate outside of the bed. Vilandra complained constantly that he forgot important days, failed to send flowers or jewels when he should.

Tellymon tried, he really did, but it was such a strain for him. When it got too bad, he would disappear on some fabricated mission, usually he showed up in a day or two.

“Lay back.” Zan whispered against Tellymon’s ear. “Let me for once show you ecstasy, what you almost missed. You will enjoy it. So relax.”

Zan slowly massaged his way down Tellymon’s body feeling him begin to relax. Sensually, Zan placed his hands on the inside of Rath’s thighs and spread them apart. He then knelt in the center, as he leaned forward taking one last kiss. Sitting up, Zan smiled wickedly and then in one fluid movement he bent down and took Tellymon’s cock into his mouth.

“Oh… Fuck...” Tellymon gasped out as he watched with wide eyes. “Oh… fuck… don... stopp… please.”

Zan could feel the thick vein against his lips as he slowly slid from the base to the tip and back down. Tellymon moans grew louder. Slowly he let the cock slide out until only the head was left in as Zan flicked his tongue across the tip, feeling Tellymon shuddered in response. He then took Rath’s cock in deeper, past the soft palate, as his throat muscles made way for the expansive piece of harden steel. For a few seconds Zan rested as he felt Tellymon breath shorten.

"Oh... yeah…more " Tellymon gasped out in short sputters, his hands clawing at the black silk sheets beneath them.

Zan knew Tellymon would like this movement; slowly he began to move his head up and down treating Tellymon’s cock slow deep-throated strokes. Tellymon’s eyes rolled back as he shook from the emotional upheaval. His body gave into Zan as the blue shield enveloped them both, protecting them as they succumbed to the alien high that would be so explosive for them both.

Zan then heard the sound he had awaited for, the deep chuckle that Tellymon only made during sex, when he was so wrapped up in the actions, his mind was unguarded allowing his emotions to wash over the dam and into Zan’s soul.

"Oooo yesss!” Tellymon exhaled through gritted teeth. “Fuck Zan!"

Zan could feel Rath was close, but he wanted much more physical action before the evening was over. Zan pulled away much to the groans and moans of disappointed from his lover.

Zan leaned in for another kiss, Tellymon eagerly sucked on his tongue, wanting to finish the act they had started. “If you liked that you will love the rest.” Zan whispered against his ear as he broke away from the kiss.

Zan gently turned Tellymon over as he massaged and kissed his back, marveling at the rippled muscles. Zan started kissing his shoulders, his nose tickled by the hawk tattoo, whose texture was so much like the feathers of a real hawk. He pulled Tellymon’s head back as he kissed the side of his neck, exposing his soft skin, skin he would never expose to another man; the soft skin that a blade could so easily sever.

Tellymon’s eyes close as he drank in the sensations; the hot cock between his cheeks, the body against his back, the hot excited breath on his neck, the teeth lightly biting his shoulder.

Zan was hot, eager for fulfillment as his cock throbbed and yearned for Rath’s body. He could feel Rath relaxed, his muscles loose, drugged on his own natural high, desiring Zan’s body, lusting for the sexual act.

Zan slid his hands downwards as his fingers scouted out the entrance. Slowly one ventured in, massaging the alien gland, releasing the moisture, as Tellymon began to buck and move as the pressure build up inside him.

"You like that?" asked Zan as he teased him, finger fucking him, feeling the pleasure increase tenfold with every thrust.

"Fuck you Zan!” Tellymon hissed, “You know I do!"

Zan moved into position as he encouraged Tellymon to rise onto his knees, his face buried in a pillow, Tellymon felt Zan mount him, his cock slid in fluidly, the full length pushed all the way in until there was no more room.

“Oh… fuck… Zan,” Tellymon moaned into his pillow as his body writhed in anticipation of the action.

Zan grabbed Tellymon’s hips as he began a rhythm, varying the depth with random thrusts. Tellymon’s relaxed body rocks to his motion. Zan was fixated on watching his cock slid in and out of Tellymon’s ass. Zan was in his own world as his cock filled the tight space, the rubbing was exquisite; he never tired of their sex.

Tellymon’s breath was labored and heavy, he was fighting the impeding organism he was feeling. Zan was also getting close.

“Damn you ass is so tight…” Zan moaned. “Shit I want to come, but I want to fuck longer.” He was fighting the inevitable end.

Zan breath was more urgent, his thrust became more forceful, more violent as his grip tightened. The sound of the flesh against flesh was clear in their ears, as Zan pounded Tellymon’s ass in a few bone-shattering thrusts. Then with a sudden released of pressure he exploded into Rath, his body shook and shuddered as the muscle relaxed.

Zan no more than slumped forward and began to withdrawal, than Tellymon expertly, rolled them over so that he was now on top. He took Zan in a hot fevered kiss, their tongues battled for dominance. His cock was full wanting release, painfully reminding him, as he broke the kiss.

Tellymon took Zan’s legs firmly and wrapped them around his waist. Zan held his breath in anticipation and stared straight into Tellymon’s silver eyes penetrated him, his cock waiting by the entrance. Tellymon leaned forward and slid his tongue deep down Zan’s throat as thrust forward with all his might; in one single thrust, he filled him to the hilt.

Zan growled and moaned deep into Tellymon’s mouth as his arms wrapped around his lover’s strong back. He arched upwards off the bed as Tellymon slammed his steel rod deep into Zan’s body.

Tellymon began to move slowly in and out, he was not in the mood for a gentle fuck, but one unrestrained as he was ready to finish.

They were soon lost in passion as the sexual act that followed was incredible in its visual effect, intensity of the sounds, and most of all the fevered pitch of their love for one another.

Tellymon broke the kiss and buried his face in Zan’s neck as he picked up speed. He could feel Zan’s cock again harden under his stomach as he placed friction on it. Soon Tellymon was pounding in and out of Zan’s ass. They held each other tightly as they fucked furiously.

Finally Tellymon straightened up so he could get a better angle as he placed Zan’s calves on his shoulders and raised his ass with one hand, the other tended to Zan’s already harden weeping length.

Their words of endearment and care soon degenerated into a sexual, primal, carnal babbling; which neither understood nor they wished to or needed to. What they needed to do was to come and come hard.

Tellymon thrust once more into Zan, as he threw his head back, “FUCK.” He howled as the salty liquid raced up and out of his cock spraying inside of Zan’s body. The bed shook from the emotional overload that poured off Tellymon. At almost the same time, Tellymon felt Zan tense just as his hand was flooded with a hot sticky eruption.

All around them, the blue shield shimmered and sparkled as small bolts of electricity coming off their bodies hit against it as they climax repeatedly one after the other.

As their bodies began to wind down from the culmination high, Zan took Tellymon’s face in his hands and softly kissed his lips.

"Tellymon you know I love you."

"I know” Tellymon sighed as he sprawled out to sleep. Zan just shook his head, as he laid it down on top of Tellymon’s back. Zan breath grew heavy as sleep overcame him.

Figuring Zan was asleep, Tellymon whispered, “I love you also Zan, next time I will stay.”

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Part 3 of 3

A few months had passed since the assassination attempt. Vilandra had become pregnant and he was with her night and day, both before and after the baby was born. Even though Zan was ecstatic about his new little niece, she looked just like her mom, gorgeous, he missed his private time with Tellymon.

And then there were the uprisings north in the alpine regions, that needed the Commander’s constant attention when he was away from Vilandra. So Zan waited and was patient, he knew things would calm down again. He bided his time waiting for the Women’s Festival, Zan knew Vilandra and his mother would travel there, leaving TellymonRath who was schedule to arrive back at the Palace at the same time since all males were forbidden during the rites, which would last four days.

This last time he had been gone for three weeks, arriving time just in time to see Vilandra and Queen Elsiya preparing to leave to attend the yearly Women’s Festival at the Temple of Western Wind, in the nearby city of Tranlan. Woman attended the festival from all over Antar; they would bring their newborn children to be blessed and to attend seminars, enjoy the fellowship, and refresh their souls.

Vilandra was taking their daughters to the Festival. The oldest Poshar, named after the month in which she was born, an ancient rite that would ensure her longevity in both spirit and soul whose name meant, ‘enduring forever’ would be blessed by the Ancient Priestess for health and humility. The new baby Azzal named for the blue iridescent sparks that enflamed her eyes were deep like the gem Azzal; she was also a royal treasure.

Zan gave his sister and mother a kiss as they boarded the heavily escorted transport. Tellymon had grown quite close and protective of Vilandra and the baby in the last 58 days since her birth, it was hard to let her go away from the Palace walls, hence the heavily armed escort, including female soldiers who were duty bound to give their life for the Royal family.

Barely having a few minutes to say hi and bye, the Queen and Vilandra were off, with a very pleased Zan anxiously escorting TellymonRath to their private quarters. “They will be back soon, four days will go by like that,” said Zan as he took Tellymon arm and lead him inside and up the back stairs. As they entered the common living area, the servants rushed out leaving the two alone. Zan began to walk over to the table where he had placed earlier a chilled bottle of blood wine and a single glass. “I have some surprises for you this…”

“Ahh… Zan I am sorry but I have to check on the forward camps up in the mountains." Tellymon stammered as he rubbed the back of his neck, “I should double reinforced them this evening…” he was feeling pressured to conform, to stay in the little palace role of gentility and loving partner. “I need to check on the reinforcements I sent up last week.” Tellymon already knew what Zan had planed and he just could not take the entire romantic pish posh crap. ”It will only take a couple of days.”

If the truth were to be known, TellymonRath had no idea of what it was to be in a real relationship, how to make time for each other, how to take the time given and make it enjoyable; he had no idea. He had no such role models as a youth; he knew only hatred, pain, and degradation. Once Zan and Vilandra found out about what he had to endure as a child,, they just gave into his temperament and demands, giving up on any reciprocation.

Zan stopped in mid-stride and turned to Tellymon, “You lied to me?”

“No Zan I have to go,” In reality, Tellymon should have checked the camps days ago.

“No you lied to me. I wasn’t asleep you said and I will quote ‘Next Time I Will Try’.” Zan took a deep breath, “Why do you lie to me, Why? Just say you don’t want to be with me and that is that.” His voice had a tonal quality that hinted at his anger and hurt feelings. Zan picked up his robes from the chair, where he had thrown them earlier that day. “You have a good trip. If you want I will see you when you return.”

“Where are you going Zan?”

“I have ambassadors and statesmen from Solic who want to see me.” Zan threw open the doors and then slammed them with his powers, the wall reverberated from the impact.

Tellymon knew exactly what Zan was referring to, Larek. His blood began to burn as he narrowed his eyes. Larek, he knew had tried several times to get Zan to be his confident, they were good friends from childhood, he was not sure how far their relationship went, but he knew he did not want Zan around him. Rath hated him; he did not trust him. All Larek wanted Zan for was the ability to control Antar through the bedroom doors.

Tellymon was pissed as he paced back and forth, the rage was building inside of him; he slammed his fist into the burnish green marble column cracking it from the midsection to the base. “Damn,” he threw another punch, one more devastating than the last, splitting open the skin, as his fist began to bleed. “Damn,” he slammed into the column again, this time using the full forced of his weight and shoulders. The bones in his hand and upper arm shattered on impact, but he did not feel the pain, only the anger and hurt in his heart.

He knew what he had said to Zan and at the time, he did mean it. Tellymon sank onto the floor, tears refused to form, even with the extricating pain; he had been trained well by Master Jalan, trained to hate, trained to kill, trained to be skeptical and to mistrust everyone.

Even after all these years the palace social life was strange and foreign to Tellymon, he had tried so hard to adjust and to fit in. Never being raised as a royal, he had no idea when he first came to act. He watched and emulated Zan from those first few moments when they met, determine to stay in the only place where he had family.

Tellymon was a natural warrior and soon he earned the title Commander from his daring and unpredictable defeat of the Ensandmens, a task every general had failed to accomplish. ‘Have I not shown Zan how much I love him, by keeping him safe and on the throne?’ thought Tellymon, “What else am suppose to do? Fiddle around like some old woman, making dinner and preparing the bed for a romantic night,” his voice spat out the words, as his mind conceited to what Zan desired, a relationship, not just sex, not just friendship. “Damn” Rath screamed, standing up he walked to the glass doors and threw them open, as he stood on the balcony getting some fresh air.

The steward in the hall heard Tellymon yell and debated on whether or not to enter; he was afraid of Rath and did not know what the prince may do if angered. Taking a deep breath he knocked, “My Lord did you request my services.”

Tellymon turned around, at first upset that he had been disturbed his eyes flashed fire. The steward felt his knees weaken when he saw the fury in his eyes and then looking to his side, he saw the smashed marbled pillar. The steward was readying to back out mumbling apogees when Tellymon spoke up, “Steward, have a dinner for two set up on the balcony of my private bedroom in two hours. Also have the room cleaned and freshened.”

“Yes your majesty anything else?”

“Have flowers sent in, attend the fire and braziers, and set out candles.” Tellymon pondered for a few seconds on what Zan always attended to, those small details that Rath pretended not to notice but did, “and make sure the room is ummmm…”

Inwardly the steward smiled, he knew what the prince was requesting, “It will be done your majesty, just leave it up to my staff.” He bowed deeply and exited the room calling his staff to prepare the room for a night of romance.

Tellymon arm and hand were throbbing but he was still too angered to feel the pain. He walked over to the table and uncorked the bottle of blood wine, using his one good hand. He downed almost half the bottle before breathing. Wiping his mouth off, he sat down the bottle of strength, turned and headed to the reception hall where Zan would be entertaining guests of the Palace.

The corridors were busy as servants rushed about making sure to stay clear of TellymonRath who looked like he could eat nails. As he passed the Courtyard of the Ages, the men were busy, trying to find out what was stopping up the fountain. They noticed Rath breezing through as one quipped, “Now what has happened between him and the King?”

Passing by the Hallway of Mirrors Tellymon, stopped momentarily noticing that he looked like hell, his clothes were wrinkled and dirty. “Shit,” he thought as he passed a hand over himself changing his clothes. He chose a tight fitting leather pants that Zan always enjoyed seeing him in and a black silk shirt. He felt like some damn bird preening its feathers to win the affections and right to mate with another. Rath ran his hand over his head, setting the strands and braids back into place; he overlooked himself, pleased he continued.

Continuing down the hallway, he passed scores of people who moved quickly aside, they stared the Prince. “I feel like a damn goldfish in a bowl, looking for attention,” he
snapped aloud as he faced the door to the reception hall.

The door flew opened ceremoniously as TellymonRath entered the reception hall. There was instant silence as those of both noble and royal blood stood waiting for him. It was a protocol although most were silent because they feared Rath and his powers. Tellymon overlooked the crowd, his eyes narrowed as he scoped out Zan talking with Larek and the delegates from Solic. Taking a deep breath he walked down the steps, crossing the room with a determined look on his face as people moved quickly to get out of his path.

Off to the side was a group of young nobles, taking bets on a sporting event that was being held just outside. It was a no rules fight between the best warriors among the southern tribes. Matches such as these were common when the various tribes gathered, one always trying to outdo the other. Tellymon could hear the cheers of the crowd just pass the heavy copper doors. The nobles observed Tellymon as he entered, the sensations that flowed from him were anything but gentile; coarse, anger, terror were prevalent. As if he was a racehorse, the young nobles changed their betting options to whom TellymonRath was going to kill today.

Zan saw Rath standing at the top of the steps. He was displeased as Tellymon approached, still angry about their earlier talk, “Coming to say goodbye?” asked Zan sarcastically.

Tellymon glanced at Zan then stared down Larek letting him know in no uncertain terms that he disproved of his close proximity to Zan. Larek could feel the air change, he stepped away slightly from the King as Tellymon relaxed his jaw.

Zan restated his question, “Ready to leave?”

Tellymon finally took his eyes off Larek as he answered Zan taking his usual arrogance stance, “No, decided that one of the generals could look into the situation at the camps and report back to me.”

Anyone else talking to the King in such a disrespectful manner would be drawn and quartered, but TellymonRath could get away with anything around Zan and the court knew it and tolerated his behavior.

“So staying huh,” a slow smile crept across Zan’s face, “Plans?” Zan noticed that Rath was wearing those black pants, the ones that showed off his ass like a finely chiseled black marble statue. He let his eyes wander down when he noticed blood, drops of blood on the floor.

“Tellymon you’re bleeding,” Zan followed the drops up to his hand, “Your hand what happened,” Zan reached out and gently held his hand, that is when he noticed the broken bones as Tellymon winced having his am move. “Your arm what happened.”

“Nothing,” Tellymon shrugged his shoulders, “a marble pillar got in my way.”

It was obvious to all that were there he had hit his fist into that marble pillar. Zan just shook his head, “Come on let’s go over and sit.” Zan started walking Tellymon over to a grouping of chairs and sofas near one of the fireplaces. Larek and the rest followed.

Zan sat down next to Tellymon, “Your hand is shattered,” he ran his own hand up Rath’s arm, as it glowed blue. “Looks like your arm as well, it must hurt.”

Tellymon did not say anything just looked past Zan to a wall. Zan knew he had to be in a considerable amount of pain. He leaned forward, he could smell the alcohol on his breath as he brushed the hair out of his eyes, “So just what did the pillar do to you?” as he begun to heal the bones, veins, and muscles.

Tellymon glanced at Larek, “Nothing just got in my way,” he reiterated. Larek got the full meaning of that statement.

The men group around them could not help notice the way Zan was with Rath, gentle and soft-spoken; he touched him comfortably, knowingly. They also noticed TellymonRath, the man that could instill fear with a look or a single word into the hearts of friend or foe was calmer, almost childlike in his interaction with Zan. It was as if Zan was the parent healing a scrape on a child’s knee.

“There better,” Zan, asked as he smiled at Tellymon.

Tellymon smiled, a brief smile but one that the onlookers all saw, before he face went stoic. “Yeah thanks Zan.” He flexed his fist in and out, “Feels okay.”

Zan still had a hand on Tellymon’s arm, not letting him leave or run away. He leaned closer; their thighs were almost touching, “Have you had dinner yet?”

“No, I am having some sent up to my private room in about an hour.” Tellymon rarely showed any emotion in public, but he was in a war with Larek, and he did not lose wars. He let Zan keep a hand on his arm, and did not resist when Zan moved to interlace their fingers.

“Eating alone?” Zan noticed that Rath was compliant this evening. He was not that drunk, so it was not the wine. It must be Larek, Rath was extremely jealous of their friendship.

“No, I am planning on company,” the corner of Tellymon’s mouth turned up in a slight smirk.

Larek got the message loud and clear when Zan held Tellymon’s hand, ‘That punk, how dare he slide into the King’s bed and favor over me.’ His face turned a sick pea green color, reminiscent of pond scum; he wanted Zan for the power. Larek was beside himself in his thoughts. He had come to the Palace of the Silver Rose once again in an attempt to secure Zan for himself. Things were looking favorable, that was until Rath walked in. Larek, keep a stoic scowl on his face, as he watched the King smile, talk, and hold Tellymon’s hand.

“Company? Anyone I know?” questioned Zan as he indicated to a servant for a glass of wine. He took hold of the glass with his free hand, drank then passed it over to Rath. This was their ritual; they only used one glass between them. Many in the palace thought Rath was checking for poison, but that notion died down quickly when the court saw one day the King drink first and then hand a glass to Rath.

“Maybe?” Rath smirked, as he looked deep into Zan’s eyes reciprocating with the wine.

Zan leaned in, whispering in his ear “Just how much wine have you had?”

Rath squelched up his lips as if pondering a difficult military question, “Enough to fuck you right here and now,” he whispered back.

Zan sat back and coughed. He then let go of Rath’s hand and turned to his guests. “Well gentlemen, is there anything else I can do for you this evening? The time is getting late, and I have yet to eat.”

“No Zan nothing, you have been most gracious,” spoke up Larek, speaking for his home world concerning the matter of medical needs for an epidemic that broke out in a small isolated area of Solic.

“I hope everything works out.” Zan said holding out his hand to shake Larek’s. Rath almost went ballistic. He did not like anyone touching Zan or Vilandra, skin-to-skin contact was dangerous if the person was a master or an Assass’inay; there are potions, drugs, incantations that can bind your soul or drug the senses compelling you to another’s will.

The contact was brief as Zan turned to leave, Rath waited a second and then leaned into Larek’s ear, “If you even think about fucking Zan, I will rip your heart out.” He then stepped back smiled and turned to leave.

Zan was waiting by the entrance for him. “What did you say to Larek?”

“Nothing just told him to say hello to Lantrow for me.” Tellymon lied as he walked away with his lover.

The distance to their rooms was short; when Zan walked in, he was amazed. The room was glowing in soft golden light. Candles were everywhere; their scent complimented the various bouquets of fresh flowers that were placed throughout the room. Music floated upon the air as soft strains melodic harmony echoed out.

Through the balcony doors, Zan could see a romantic table set for two. He walked out to the table, lifting the covers to see his favorite meal.

The bed had been freshly made, the covers pulled back, inviting the occupants in. On the table at the foot of the bed laid a golden tray containing the most succulent chocolates that the confectioner could design.

Zan took a deep breath, he was always amazed by Tellymon. Once he thought he had him all figured out… whamm he would go and do something like this.

“Well it is too bad…” Zan stated.

“What is?” Tellymon looked around puzzled, this is what Zan always did, he was sure of it. What had he missed?

Zan came in close to Rath, “It is too bad the food will get cold,” as he ran his hands up Tellymon’s silk shirt, around his chest and then down his back, grasping firmly the leather encased cheeks.

“You like the room?” Tellymon asked. “If you want something else I can…”

“No the only thing I want is right here, this time you did stay.”
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