The Executioner's Dilemma (M/L,ADULT) - [COMPLETE]

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The Executioner's Dilemma (M/L,ADULT) - [COMPLETE]

Post by cherie » Sun Jun 15, 2003 11:20 pm


Author: Cheriedreams
Title: The Executioner's Dilemma
Category:CC M/L
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Just like to play around with the characters of Roswell.
Summary: Max takes Liz to the desert and finds out the truth about FM

She was his prisoner. He had climbed the ladder to her balcony,entered her room and captured her. He had put his finger on her neck and taken the voice from her vocal chords. She sat silently in the jeep as he drove into the desert. He could tell by her eyes she was terrified,and for some reason it made him feel powerful. He was angry, hurt and confused by what she had done. The events of the evening before kept flashing through his mind. He had come to serenade her with every intention of winning her back. He had armed himself with music, roses, concert tickets and a condom in his back pocket, ready to do battle with her heart.
And she had betrayed him. She had slept with Kyle Valenti. She had given away what he desired most in the world. To be her first and only lover. He thought of the way her leg had dangled carelessly over the side of the bed, how her soft brown hair fanned out on the pillow as she lay beside him, laughing. And the way she had looked at him through the glass of the window. A mixture of smug and shame.
His body had went numb as he descended to the street. He walked,dazed and unbelieving, finally coming to rest on a bench in the park. He struggled in vain to process what he had just witnessed. Suddenly Tess was there. The other alien. He regarded her with an empty stare. He didn't want her near him. She troubled him with all her talk of destiny and awakening dreams. He didn't give a shit about her urges. He rose from the bench and left her standing alone before she could say a word.
He hadn't slept that night because he was formulating his plan. He reworked it a thousand times until it was solid. He would confront her one last time before he left Roswell. He would leave this crazy life behind him.
But first he had to kill this thing, this connection between them once and for all. In doing so, he would sever all ties and commitments he had ever made to Liz Parker.

He parked the jeep, got out and opened her door. He slung her over his shoulder and carried her deeper into the desert. She struggled against him and pummeled his back with her tiny fists, but she couldn't scream. He deposited her unceremoniously on the desert sand and with a wave of his hand,he rooted her to the spot where she stood. He touched her neck and gave her back the power of speech. He waited for the tirade of words to fly out of her mouth. And was absolutely stunned at her silence.
She lifted her head and stared him down with icy defiance.

He was pissed. He hadn't expected this. He circled her warily,knowing how trapped she felt. He wanted to shake her, to make her talk. He needed her anger, her fury. He needed her to twist the knife that she had
plunged into his heart,to deal the final blow that would release him from her spell. He decided to torture her, the way she had him.

His lips brushed against her ear. " Was it good for you,Liz? When Kyle was fucking you-did you see stars,did you fly through space? Are you sore? Let me heal you." He shoved his hand between her legs and she flinched.
"Would you die for HIM?" She didn't answer.

He took her face in his hands and willed her to look at him. Her brown eyes were pools of sorrow,full of despair. His eyes were molten gold,shooting daggers to her heart. "I need to see it, Liz-you and him. Then I'll know there's no hope for me." His voice was cold and hard as he made the connection between them.

He came undone as the flashes rushed over him in waves.
Himself. In leather,long hair. Much older. 14 years older. Explaining to her that she had to make him fall out of love with her. The deaths of Isabelle and Michael. The war and the end of the world. The rehearsed Romeo and Juliet speech,the plot with Kyle. The wedding dance.
Her words: "You're the love of my life." He watched it all as the scenes unfolded before him.
He jerked his hands away and fell to his knees,dumbfounded by the truth.
What had he done? He wrapped his arms around her legs,the enormity of the situation hitting home. He freed her from the ground and began to cry with deep shaking sobs that wracked his body. What he had put her through was unforgivable. He should have known. This small wisp of a girl would sacrifice anything and everything for him. Christ, at this moment he would have ripped out his heart and lay it bleeding at her feet if she would only ask him to do it. He was in agony,he wanted to beg her forgiveness,but he knew the damage he had done was beyond repair. Especially after the way he had treated her tonight. His voice was barely audible when he finally spoke. "I'm so sorry, Liz."

She hovered above him for a moment, then slipped to her knees and put her arms around him ,pulling him forward and cradling his head against the crook of her neck. She held him tightly until his breathing calmed. He lifted his head and put his arms around her. She leaned into his embrace
for the kill.
She captured him with her kiss. He was her prisoner now. Her lips were full of liquid fire burning away every thought he had ever had up until this
fragment of time. He wasn't a King, an alien, wasn't even human. He was putty-playdough-and she was molding him to her will. She deepened the kiss and his tongue found hers and began a duel for space to fill up with love. They swayed together in the dance of the ages-primal-wanton.

His skin was on fire everywhere she touched him. She watched his eyes grow dark and fill with lust,her own passion building as he began to grind his body against hers. She could feel the hardness of his erection against
her body. She reached down and unzipped his jeans and wrapped her small hand around him. He groaned against her neck in pleasure and he began a trail of kisses behind her ear and down the side of her neck. He disposed of their clothing quickly and the garments fell to the ground . He
pulled her to the ground atop the discarded clothes and they lay facing one another. He ran his fingers down her arm and watched the little trail of silver ripple across her skin. Alabaster-that's what her skin was like. With two rosebuds lying on the alter of her breasts-he wanted to worship her and make sacrifices to this temple that was her body.

"Love me ,Max." she whispered in his ear. He wanted to ask her if she was sure, but the glazed look in her eyes answered his question. He lost himself in that instant. Fuck destiny! Fuck Tess! He was done for. He ran his hand up the inside of her thigh and dipped his fingers into the wetness of her cleft. He curled his fingers upward,reaching points of pleasure she hadn't even known she had possessed. She gasped at the intimate touch and a low moan escaped her throat. She felt his lips around the peak of her breast as his tongue gently flickered over it,teasing it to hardness.
The hot waves of sensation ran all the way to her loins. She felt heat as his fingers moved inside her and she released her pleasure with a shudder that shook her small frame. When he removed his fingers from her, she mourned the loss.

He lifted himself over her body and spread her legs so he was between them. He felt his heart trying to escape from his chest. "God, Liz, I love you." he cried. She took his cock in her hand and placed the head of it at the entrance of her womanhood. He began the descent into the deepest part of her body. She was wet and hot and he wanted to be gentle for her. He slid into her slowly at first and when he felt the barrier of her hymen, he hesitated. She was aching for him to fill her up. She wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him in hard. The pleasure and the pain was exquisite. She arched her back and rose to meet his thrusts. She matched him one on one with every stroke. He was wild with desire and had no control. He pumped into her hard,fast and deep, and was rewarded with her cry of ecstacy as she rode the orgasm that flowed through her . He followed her over the edge and summoned all their senses into one shattering,
shimmering pulse as he spent himself dry and mindless and they both slipped into oblivion. They had died the little death. The one like no other. The first time that love kills you and takes your breath away, only to be resurrected with the hunger to die again.

They had defeated their enemies. The lure of Tess and the spectre of a Max from the future, who had asked too much of both of them. It didn't matter if they had 14 hours, days, months or years. They were cemented
and would walk the future together no matter what it held.

If all is not lost, then where is it?