Everything Ends... (XO,BtVS,CC, TEEN) Pt 10 - 06/10/04 [WIP]

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Everything Ends... (XO,BtVS,CC, TEEN) Pt 10 - 06/10/04 [WIP]

Post by lovalien » Mon Aug 18, 2003 4:27 am

Title: Everything ends at the beginning

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Roswell or Buffy the vampire slayer. I wish I did. Based on challenge n°57 by Lullaby on the challenge thread.

Rating: TEEN. It’s CC.

Summary: Set during “Get it done” in BTVS and just after “Harvest” in Roswell. When the Shadow men grab Buffy’s head, it shows her the girl who became the first slayer (instead of the ubervamps like in the episode).
If you want to know more, follow this link

http://www.roswellfanatics.net/viewtopi ... c&start=80

A/N: - I’m not English so will probably have some difficulties with the tense and some expressions. Please disregard that.
- Feedback is greatly appreciated, good or bad.
- When it’s like this, it means thoughts.
- I’m not following everything in season 7, only the basics of this episode. The biggest difference is that the potential doesn't exist here

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Part 1:

It was a somber group who was returning to Roswell. Each one lost in their thoughts of all the things happening around them. The group had splitted up in two. Maria, Mickeal and Courtney in the Jetta. Max, Isabel, Tess and Liz in the Jeep. They had left Copper Summit three hours ago, running away from a dangerous encounter with their enemies.

It had been a close call but all of them had made it out alive. The ride back in the Jetta was the same as before between Maria and Mickeal, arguing and bickering.

In the other car it was completely different, there was only silence. A whole and deep silence caused by everything that was going on in their lives. Neither one of them wanted to break the quietness that had fallen upon them.

Isabel was having a hard time dealing with all the Vilandra’s stuff and the revelations about her past life. It was like she was torn in two between telling her brother and afraid to do so.

Max was lost in his thoughts about Liz, as always like Mickeal would say. He loved her so much and couldn’t understand what had gone so wrong. He had spent the best and most joyful moments of his life with her. He loved her more than anything, but a love so deep could only have two different endings.
She could create so much happiness in his life or the deepest wound that would be inflected on him could be by her. He still couldn’t believe that she had slept with Kyle yet the image of them in her bed together couldn't get out of his head. That night he had been so sure he had crumbled through the walls she had built around herself during the summer. He had been convinced that the Gomez’s concert would be a new start for them. Their confrontation the night before had gone so bad and hadn’t brought him the answer he needed.
They had been foolish to have it in the middle of the street but he hadn’t care. She had answered some questions but had seemed guarded, resigned. When he had asked her what she was hiding, she had answered him quickly, maybe too quickly… he thought. He looked in the rear-view mirror and gazed at her face. She was sitting in the backseat with Tess, eyes half closed, looking through the glass and toward the sun. He quickly looked away, still feeling the agonizing pain in his heart but vowing to get the truth out of this situation.

Why is it so hard? …Why can’t he believe me? She wondered. On one hand she was glad he couldn’t believe it, that his love for her would help him see through the lies. It was her only hope, the only thing that allowed her to keep it together …for now anyway. Seeing the hurt in his eyes knowing she had put it there was tearing her in two, wishing she could erase his pain but also knowing that revealing the truth could bring the end of the world.
At this moment she started to notice something odd, she felt like she was drained of all of her energy. It was starting to worry her. She hadn’t done anything which could have wiped her like this. Her head was spinning so quickly and these symptoms didn’t seem to be ready to stop.

“You’re okay?” asked Tess. This comment seemed to attract the other’s attention.

“I…don’t feel …very well” she stammered

“You don’t look good” said Isabel looking at her tired and pale face.

“I’m going to stop” said Max in a concerned tone.

The Jeep came to an abrupt stop leaving a trail of dust on the dirty and sandy road behind them. Mickeal, Maria and Courtney stopped behind them.

“Max, what are you doing” asked an irritated Mickeal “Maybe the skins are following us”

“There’s a problem with Liz” he said motioning with his hands to where Isabel was helping a weak Liz to get out of the Jeep and towards the border of the field next to them.

“Liz what is …” said Maria stopping when she saw Liz faint.

Max was just in time to catch her. He sat on the ground and gathered her against him looking helplessly at her.

“Oh my God” said Maria wrapped up in Mickeal’s arms.

At this moment a weak glow started to envelop Liz’s body. It was like all the contours of her body were illuminated by a soft yellow light, like an aura.

“I…can’t…breath” she said looking at them. Max tried to connect with her but it didn’t seem to work.

Suddenly something caught their eyes, a few meters away from them. It was like a mirage in the desert. They could clearly see and hear what was happening to a blond girl. Looking at each other in alarm they didn’t know what to do. They were in the middle of nowhere and what was happening was clearly not human. As Liz’s body continued to shine, they watched the scene ahead of them, mesmerized but also completely freaked out.

“What the hell is happening?” asked Mickeal still holding a trembling Maria.

“Hush, listen they’re talking” said Courtney.

(In what seems a mirage)

“You’re pathetic and you obviously have nothing to show me.” Said Buffy.

A fight ensued between the Shadow men and the blond girl. She killed two of them and broke the staff of the man in red.

“I knew it. It’s always the staff.” She said.

“We offered you power” said the only shadow man alive.

“Tell me something I don’t know” she said sarcastically

“As you wish”

At this moment the creature grabs the girl’s head and she let out a loud scream and then the mirage vanished into thin air.

The exact moment the girl started to scream, Liz did the same, letting out a shrilling scream which ended quickly. Maria was near tears and each one of them was scarred for Liz, even Tess.

Liz was now enveloped by a bright light surrounding her body. The shining intensified to the point they were obligated to look away.

Suddenly the light disappeared and Liz, still in Max’s arms, grabbed his wrist and said:

“It’s time. The end of times will be determinated”

Then she went limp in his arms under the fearful looks of her friends.


Giles, Xander, Willow and Dawn were trying to open the portal that had aspired Buffy after they had used the emergency kit that Giles had brought with him.

Suddenly the portal started to appear and Buffy stumbled out of it; Xander was able to catch her before she hit the ground. Everyone gathered around her in time to hear words that chilled them to the bone before she fainted.

“It’s time. The end of times will be determinated.”

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Thanks to : Liz Parker Evans, Sternbetrachter, Lady Undomiel, creative nickname, Anya(x2°), Tuber 1089, Phoenix Flamez, angeleyes (x2), Angel eyes, Panthergirl 2002, Elf3748, Pandas 2001.
Special thanks to Lullaby for all her help
The beautiful banner was made by my friend Marteloise

Part 2:

The two cars were parked behind the Crashdown with the gang waiting for Maria to return. She had gone inside a few minutes ago. The tension in the group could be cut with a knife; everyone was trying to understand what happened to Liz a few hours ago.

Finishing her call to Alex, Isabel joined the silent group and sighed. She didn’t know what to do with the revelation Nicholas had made about her past self. Now wasn’t the time to think about this but to concentrate on what was happening to Liz she told herself. It was unmistakable that what take place during the afternoon wasn’t human.

Coming back from Liz’s house, Maria walked toward the group.

“For once something works for us. Liz’s parents aren’t here for the weekend. They’re in Santa Fe to see friends. They left her a note saying they wouldn’t be back until Sunday afternoon.

“Ok, let’s go” said Mickeal, looking everywhere before motioning for Max to leave the car and go inside with an unconscious Liz.

Seeing Mickeal moving toward the back door of her house, Max readjusted Liz in his arms and walked toward it quickly. Neither one of them wanted someone to see her like this, it would only cause too many question. Question they didn’t have any answers to. Since it was Friday they had two days before her parent came back, two days to have her back to normal.

Walking inside with Maria and Isabel just behind him, Max carried Liz and laid her on the couch. He arranged her so she was on her back, her hands on her belly and her head resting on a pillow. Courtney grabbed an afghan nearby and covered her with it. The silence was almost unbearable when a cheerful Alex walked inside through the door of her house. He looked at all the grim faces.

“Hey guys! What’s up? How did the little trip go?” he said cheerfully hoping to ease the tension.

Isabel in her phone call had just said to come here.

“Alex, it’s Liz” said Maria pointing toward the sleeping girl on the couch. She was near the point of turning crazy since it happened.

“Oh my god!” he said upon seeing her motionless on the couch. His heart started to race faster thinking of all the things of what could have happened to her. None of them were good. ”Did something happen to her with the skins or…”

“We don’t know” said Tess shortly.

“How can you not know? You were there! ” He exclaimed
“If you just let us talk instead of freak out, we could explain” said an exasperated Mickeal. He was the soldier, the protector of his “family”. How could he help or protect them if he didn’t understand what happened. “Sorry” he said seeing the glare Max and Maria gave him.

“It happened about three hours ago. We were on the road after leaving Copper Summit when she started to feel sick. She had difficulty breathing, she was pale, and look like she was…I don’t know…drained from all her energy and strength. We stopped and when she was out of the car she fainted. But that’s not all” said Isabel.

“I’m almost afraid to ask what happened next.”

Max decided to explain it to him when it seemed that no one was going to do it.

“I was holding her on the ground when she started to glow”

“Glow ?” said Alex incredulously

“Yeah, at the beginning it was only the contour of her body but after a few minutes she was entirely shining with a bright light, almost like an aura. And then …” Max stopped not knowing how to explain this.

Seeing her brother hesitation Isabel continued. “Something appeared a few meter away from us. It was like a mirage or an illusion.” She explained to him what they saw and what happened to Liz in the same time. “She only stayed conscious a few seconds and told us: it’s time. The end of time will be determinated.” She finished.

“You’re kidding me, right?” said Alex.

“No, it was something too freaky, even for us. It seems like something from the Twilight Zone “said an agitated Maria. Mickeal grabbed her hand lightly, wanting to reassure her. She looked at him and smiled.

“Don’t you think it sounds like a prophecy or something like that?” asked Tess standing next to Alex near the stairs.

“Yeah but whet does it mean?” said Max.

“I would say that the term prophecy usually doesn’t mean good things and from what she said” pointing toward Liz “it seems pretty bad” said Courtney.

She wasn’t one of them and she was a skin but she was a soldier, loyal to Rath. That’s why she was on this planet and she would do whatever she could to help him.
Something perturbed her about Liz; a vibe or a sensation, like the one she felt on a person who powers had been used on. She couldn’t tell them, not until she was sure. For now it was just a sensation and maybe she was wrong.

“So what are we doing now Max?” said Maria.

They all looked at him but he didn’t know anything more than them. He had so many questions without any answers. Sometimes it sucked to be the leader.


Buffy was lying on the couch of the living room. After she had lost consciousness, the other had moved her so she was comfortable. The portal was now closed completely but the sense of dread that had fallen on the house after Buffy’s announcement could still be perceived. Shortly after her return Spike had come, needing help, he had a run-in with some vampires that had gone bad. He was nursing his injured shoulder when he said:

“Usually vampires had less numerous than now. It’s like they sire more victim than normally like if they were preparing an army. Usually we just eat them”

“Yeah, we know your kind” said Xander dryly glaring at him. Willow and Giles were researching what Buffy could have meant in various ancient books. Both Spike and Giles had never heard it anywhere.

A whining broke the silence and Dawn let out a relieved sigh. She had been so afraid for her sister.

“She’s waking up”

Everyone gathered around the couch. Buffy sat up groggily, holding her head in her hand.

“I saw it” she said cryptically.

“What?” asked Willow

“The slayer can’t win against the first alone. The Shadow men showed me how they made the first slayer. It was horrible but at the end they gave me a vision. Only the first slayer and the last slayer together can stop the First. From what I saw this apocalypse will determine the end of time.”

“The first slayer, the one who tried to kill us?” said Xander. Once had been enough for him he didn’t particularly want to meet her again.

“No, this girl…I saw her…It’s her before her transformation, before they …mixed …her with a demon. She was reincarnated here.” Buffy stammered.

“So in a nut shell, if we want to survive we have to find her.” Resumed Dawn.

“The only problem is how are we going to do this?” said Giles

“So research it is” said Xander grabbing the first book he could.


Tess had explained to Kyle and the Sheriff what happened to Liz and that the group had decided to have a meeting when Liz would be awake hoping she would have some answers. Now she was sited with Kyle on the couch.

“So …you and Liz…? “She said sounding interested.

“Huh?” his eyes widened and he quickly recovered”Oh yeah…I’m going to bed” he said. He was afraid for Liz and too tired to feed Tess lies about his supposed night with his ex.

Neither one of them could see the troubled look of the sheriff at his desk. He was sited in his chair, holding a glass of scotch in his right hand trying to push thoughts of destiny and apocalypse out of his head. He had tried to forget them for so long but today’s events had awoken things in him. A lonely tear made her way from his eye to his cheek and fall on the floor.


If Tess had asked one more time why he had to stay with Maria and Liz, Max would have strangled her. She hadn’t understood why he had to stay and had babbled to him why he stayed after what she had done, that looked fine now and Maria could take care of her. He didn’t how many times she had asked that question during their conversation in the kitchen. He finally had enough and told her to go and explain to the sheriff what happened. Now Maria was calling her mom from the Crashdown phone and he was keeping an eye on Liz during her call. After he will have to leave.He looked at her from the doorway of her bedroom; she looked so peaceful lying there. A flash of Kyle and Liz there stirred in his mind and he left the room quickly. They had decided to separate and all come back tomorrow afternoon. Maria would stay here until then. He found her on the couch of the living room staring into space. He walked toward her and squeezed her shoulder.

She looked up and gave him a wobbly smile.

“She’s sleeping” he said

“Ok” she hesitated “If she could only tell us what…” she trailed off rubbing her eyes.

“Only if she tells us the truth” he said dryly.

“Max” she said startled by his tone “You trust her, you know that she would have told us if something was wrong;”

“I’m not sure right now...Take care of her” he said softly looking toward her room before leaving.

On his way back home, he couldn’t stop to worry about Liz. Whatever happened between them, he didn’t want anything to happen to her. He loved her too much for that.
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Thanks to all of you are reading my story and thanks for the feedback, you can't imagine what it means to me. As always tell me what you think

Author: Lovalien
Rating: PG13
Couples: CC (M/L, M/M, A/I, K/T)

Part 3:

She had been sleeping like the dead for hours and for a long time it had been resting but not now. The tiredness was what kept her asleep but her mind, plagued by nightmares, was screaming at her to wake up.

“Afraid of being found by the demon a seventeen years old brown haired girl was hiding in the shadows of the cave. She knew this area of the woods so well. The elders of her village had always taught children how to hide when the “people of the darkness” attacked.
She was coming back from the river when she had seen a demon. She had run and hides there like they had taught her when she was younger.

After leaving her hiding place she approached the village when she saw several people coming back from the woods. Cries and tears ensued, cries from the ones who found their parents, children, family or friends lying dead on the ground. Watching the desolation around her she felt numb, like someone had emptied her from any emotions.

She walked towards where her family was, only ruins of broken and fuming woods could be seen. Among them she distinguished three bodies, her parents and her little brother. A symbol had been engraved on their chest. It was raw and looked like it had been engraved there by nails.

She kneeled down next to the little body at her right, looked at her parents then at him. Wiping the unshed tears in her eyes she took her brother’s hand, fire and hatred burning in her eyes.

“I’ll kill them and avenge you all”

The people alive took the dead corps and buried them next to the river. It was night and funerals songs could be heard faraway, sang by the people reunited by their loss. All the persons were mourning and grieving, all except one. The girl in the shadows of the trees walked away prepared for the lonely life she was going to live until she had avenged her own.”

Liz awoke suddenly in her bed gasping for breath. The dream had been so real. She had felt every feeling that had coursed through the girl: love, fear, helplessness, grief, pain, hatred…

“What was that?” she asked aloud gasping.


Buffy looked behind her sensing she was being followed. She was on her way back home after her night of patrol. Since the threat of the First had been revealed the vampiric and demoniac activity had increased. She had left the others behind in her house, needing to be alone after explaining everything she knew.

The vampire approached the girl by her left, anticipating a good meal when he heard her say “You know it’s not polite to follow someone”. Letting out a primal growl, he rushed at her only to have her slipping between his fingers.

Buffy sidestepped him and he turned towards her. She backhanded him with her fist and using her leg she hit him behind the knees causing him to fall on his knees. Quickly grabbing the stake hidden in the inside pocket of her jacket and planted it in his heart turning him to dust.

She was close and in no time she was at her house. Deciding not to enter yet, she sat on the stairs of the porch, lost in her thoughts. She knew that if they didn’t find the girl she wouldn’t be strong enough to defeat the First alone, or even with the help of her friends and the world like they knew it, her friends and family will cease to exist. Her first encounter with the first slayer would be enough of a reason for not wanting to meet her again. No she reminded herself it’s her before they transformed her. It was someone like her with slayer abilities. The major difference was that Buffy didn’t have a past life whereas the girl did. The image of this girl was engraved in her mind and hadn’t stopped to pop up in her mind in the last hours. Closing her eyes she could see her face as clearly as on a photo. Long dark hair, brown eyes; eyes which held an air of confidence, a deep inner-strength and kindness. She put her head in her hands, her hair falling loose like a curtain covering her face.

A hand squeezed her shoulders and Buffy looked-up to see Willow with a compassionate look in her eyes. She smiled faintly at her. Willow had seen Buffy come back a few minutes ago through the living-room’s window. Upon seeing the troubled look installed on her face she had decided to go to her to try and help her.

Willow sat next to her on the stairs and Buffy leaned toward her. Willow hugged her best friend understanding her sense of helplessness. Trying to reassure both of them, she said confidently:

“We will find her. We will survive.”


After calling her parents and telling them she felt sick they agreed with her that she kept the Crashdown closed for the entire weekend. It was a good thing since the group had decided to have a meeting there. Knowing they would be there in an hour Liz dressed and went downstairs to find Maria drinking an orange juice.

She had slept until about three in the afternoon when the nightmare woke her up. After it, sleep had seemed impossible, she had felt too energized. The dream had disturbed her for it was too real for her own taste. These sensations didn’t look like they were going to leave. It was like she had been recharged and all her nerves and muscle needed action.

As soon as Maria saw her, she jumped out of her booth and rushed at her to hug her. Her best friend squeezed her like she hadn’t seen her in ages. Liz hugged her tight, too tight for Maria’s taste who felt like she had been pressed like a lemon but it didn’t bother Maria. She was too happy to have her friend back to care about it.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! You’re awake. Are you okay? What are you doing up? Do you still feel sick? Do you want something or…?” babbled Maria.

“Calm down and breath Maria” said Liz at her friend “I feel good, better than that in fact. I need your help for something. Could you explain to me what happened? It’s a little hazy in my mind.”

Maria looked at Liz completely baffled. How could everyone expect from her to calm down when that kind of things happened as daily occurrence in their lives she wondered. “You mean you don’t remember?” she asked as calmly as possible. Liz shook her head no.

At the end of the afternoon Max, Isabel and Michael walked slowly towards the Crashdown after parking the jeep. Max and Isabel had come a while ago to pick up Michael at his apartment. They hadn’t discussed anything about this new crisis because nobody knew what happened. All three of them noticed the closed sign at the entry of the Crashdown. Grabbing the handle, Max tried to open the door but it was locked. Using his power, he manipulated the molecular structure and unlocked it. Once in the restaurant they saw Alex, Maria, Kyle and Tess already there.

“Is she still sleeping?” asked a surprised Isabel.

“No, she’s calling the employees to tell them that the Crashdown will be closed all weekend” said Alex.

Walking through the swinging door, Liz made her way towards the group. Letting out a sigh Max sat down on a chair near his sister. He hadn’t even known he had been holding his breath until he had seen her. It was like all the worries he had had since yesterday had gone away. He had been worried sick all night but he wouldn’t admit it in front of her. He quickly averted his gaze when he saw her looking in his direction.

“Are you okay?” asked Michael

“Yes, thanks. Maria explained to me what happened.”

“You don’t remember?” asked Michael incredulously.

“Not everything. I had only bits and pieces of the whole thing. The last clear memory I have is being in the jeep and feeling sick.”

“So you don’t know anything about what happened to you?” asked Alex gently, concerned for the well being of his best friend.

“I remember Max holding me on the ground, and then feeling like someone was electrocuting me and screaming. After that, it’s all dark. So I don’t know anything more than you to be honest. I just…” she came to a stop at this point. Something stirred in her memory but quickly died down.

“What?” asked Maria expectantly.

“I just have a feeling of helplessness and dread. It’s like I know something is coming. Something big is up and I have to do something. But I don’t know what or why” said Liz forcefully.
These feelings hadn’t left since she woke up and it irritated her because she didn’t know what it means.

A few hours had passed since the meeting had ended. They had discussed everything: what happened to Liz, the mirage, the alien angle, the skins and so on. Maria had put the lights on when the sun had set down and now it was night. Liz had answered their questions, talked about her sensation and even a little of her dream. Now they were with more questions than answers.

“It’s late and we’re all tired. We should call it a night. We aren’t going to do anything more tonight.” Said Max taking charge of the situation. Michael agreed because these talks based on nothing weren’t getting them anywhere.

A sense of danger rose in Liz. It was like everything in her told her that something bad was going to happen very soon. Max noticed the glazed look appearing on Liz’s faces and saw that she had almost instantly tense up and was about to ask her what was wrong when he heard a noise behind them.

And then all hell broke loose.

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Sorry, Sorry for the time it took but RL is crazy these days. Hope the next part doesn't suck because it's the first time I write fighting stuff.

DevilishCas, kameragrl350, Kaela (X2), Liz Parker Evans, omby, Pheobe04, mlover25, Crashdown2006, A Rose Is True Blue, angeleyes, Itzstacie, EarthAngel thanks for the feedbacks. It means so much to me. :D 8)

Lullaby many thanks for the help and of course your feedbacks. :lol: 8)

RebeccaBehr, Frenchkiss70, Marteloise and Babdreamer . I was so glad to see you there when I know that you don't read crossover usually. Thanks and kisses from your friend Deb. :P

Sorry to leave you hanging there :twisted: :twisted: . I hate when I read fanfic like that to be left with a cliff hanger but now I think I understand the other author, the story comes like that. :D :?

Like always, let me know what you think. :wink: :wink:

Part 4:

Max was about to ask Liz what was wrong when he felt something in him, a feeling which told him that something bad was going on. Hearing a noise behind him, he turned around but couldn’t see anything just hear a noise that seemed to come out of nowhere. The tension in the room was increasing second after second. Looking at the others he saw that they all had noticed the tension that seemed to emanate from the room they were in. It was like the air around them had gotten heavier in a few minutes.

Looking everywhere no one could see anything. It was the same place: the booths, the chairs, the tables… Everything was in place but it wasn’t right, like something wasn’t where it should be, something wasn’t in order, the only problem being they didn’t know what.

Michael caught movement in the corner of his eyes in time to see a bunch of knives coming their way through the air. Reacting quickly he grabbed Maria and Kyle’s hands and forced them to jump down, screaming at the same time:


Max had just the time to hold out his hand to create his shield. He felt the power made his way in him and the shield was there protecting Tess, Isabel, Alex, Kyle, Liz and him. A green bubble that allowed himself to protect him and the others in the mean time. This power had come in handy a few times and now was one of them. The knives hit it and after a few moments of trying to force it, dropped on the ground.

In a few seconds the entire group was reunited: the four aliens forming a circle around their four human friends intending to protect them from whatever was happening

“Get ready!!!” yelled Max looking everywhere.


They couldn’t see anything nor hear something. A dead silence that only reinforced their fear and sense of dread.

Tess sensed something in her mind, something powerful. It was like the sensation of a mindwarp, an invisible force that blocked their view of what was happening. Something clicked in her head and the pieces of the puzzle fell into places.

“Guys, I think someone is using a power like mine to make us think there’s nothing. I can feel it in my mind.”

“Try to break it if you can “ ordered Max

He wasn’t about to lose any of his friends now. He would protect them with his life if needed. The four of them who didn’t have any powers were the ones who risked the most. They couldn’t protect themselves and it was up to the aliens to protect them from whatever was happening. He wondered briefly if it was the skins but he had the feeling it wasn’t.

At this moment things went flying everywhere in the restaurant toward them: chair, glass, knives even a table.
He extended his right arm and the objects hit his shield before being sent everywhere. In the corner of his eye he saw Michael and Isabel blasting things that come toward them.

After a few minutes of concentrating hard Tess felt the power the “mindwarp” that was affecting them grew weaker. Suddenly it collapsed and all of them could see something never one of them had ever seen.

Isabel, Tess and Maria let out a loud scream seeing these things. They were four persons, even if this word wasn’t right, wearing a black long tunic, an inhuman head with no eyes, just symbols. They were two of them just in front of the doors, one behind the counter and the last behind tem next to the backdoor of the restaurant.

They extended their arms and with a flip of their wrist Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess found themselves flying through the air and hit the walls of the Crashdown with a loud thud. The creatures dropped their arms to their sides but the four aliens stayed attached to the wall by an unseen force that couldn’t be broken even with their powers. Whatever was happening wasn’t directed towards them since the creatures didn’t do anything more to them. They weren’t even looking at them but in the direction of their friends.

They could see Maria, Alex and Kyle trying to stay as close as possible to each other but Liz stood on the side near the counter a meter away from them. She looked like she was in a trance, staring into space.

The four creatures extended their arms and pointed a finger. A finger they all could see only directed at Liz.

“It’s you” said one of them.


“There’s nothing in this” said Xander closing abruptly a book. He was tired. All of them had stayed up last night to do some research on this prophecy that Buffy had learn during her confrontation with the shadow men. The only one not there was Dawn. She was asleep in her bedroom too tired to help them anymore.

“We will find something to discover where the first slayer is, bring her here and with her help defeat the first and save the world … again” said Willow full of optimism.

“You’re too optimistic to my taste” said Spike.

“I hate to admit it but he’s right. We don’t know anything. We don’t know where we can find her or even if she knows who she is. From what I can see the statistics aren’t in our favor” said Xander looking at Willow.

At this moment Buffy came through the door pushing someone.

“Guys, here!” she said seating the tied vampire in a chair. Giles emerged from the kitchen; a mug of coffee in is hand.

“I found our friend here following me. The First had ordered him to kill me but the most interesting is that he said something about the first slayer.”

The other looked at him as Spike said:

“So we’re going to have a little discussion” understanding Buffy’s meaning.

“I won’t say anything to you” he spat.

“You will” said Buffy grabbing her necklace which represented a cross and shoving it in his mouth

Grumbles were from him and after a few minutes smoke came out of his mouth and he finally relented. Vampire weren’t famous for their secrecy no more that their love of pain thought Buffy ironically.

“New Mexico” he breathed out “that’s all I heard the bringers said about her and something about you needing her. But the fact that I told you that won’t change anything. You’ll be too late. They’re already there and she won’t be saved. The world will finally be ours.”

Grabbing her stake Buffy quickly eliminated him.

“See” said Willow to Xander “Now we have something”

“If you forget New Mexico is big, that’s the problem” said Spike sarcastically and after a few minutes of silence “and too sunny”.


Everyone looked at Liz when the creature pointed a finger towards her. Shock was reflected on each one of their faces, no one understood why everything was happening. Liz wasn’t moving. She stood there almost like a statue fixed on the ground. She looked like she was in trance, looking straight before her. All the energy that she felt since the morning was completely gone.

Maria, Alex and Kyle were gathered together when a force pushed them on the wall near the booths but unlike their alien friends who were still in the air glued on the wall, their feet were on the ground. Screaming Maria told Liz to try to leave. Each one of them were trying to wake her, screaming to move, to run, anything that could get her out of this state but nothing worked. She stood there unmoving.

Liz felt numb, her body feeling suddenly like when you get out of sleep, just moments before being completely awake. Looking at the creature before her she felt like she knew what they were. Like if something in the back of her mind and even body was waiting to be released

Something snapped in her and she decided to act on an impulse. Walking purposefully she headed towards the first one never hearing the frightened screams of her friends. The creature advanced toward her and launched in her direction but she eluded him. Her body was in a few seconds full of adrenaline and before he could stop her she elbowed him in the back. Recovering he grabbed her wrist and tried to grab her neck. Reacting quickly she used her right hand to free herself. She hit him behind his legs causing him to fall on his knees. She grabbed his head and twisted it, breaking his neck. He fell limply on the ground. One of the other three grabbed her from behind and pushed her on the ground. Using her legs she pushed him a few meter away from her and he landed on the glass of the restaurant, breaking it and causing a sharp piece of glass to pierce and kill him.

She looked toward the other two and saw that they were moving towards her. They attacked her at the same time and she fought back. She pushed one of them away and quickly killed the other by staking him with one of the knives that were on the ground. One more she thought. The last one backhanded her and she felt her upper lip split. He tried to grab her again but she did a flip in the air grabbing him and used him as leverage. They landed on the counter before falling on the ground. She quickly rose to her feet and moving quickly brought a hammer kick down on his back. Glass, wood, metal…everything was broken around them. Thinking quickly she grabbed a piece of wood and stabbed him in the heart, not wanting to notice the dull ache in her side. The four creatures started to disintegrate under everyone’s gaze.

Everyone fell on the ground with a loud thud and saw Liz walking difficultly behind the counter and toward them. She helped herself with the wall of the kitchen but started to slide down on the ground leaving a train of blood on the wall.

“Oh my god!! Liz!!!” screamed Maria and Alex

Quickly they all gathered around her and with apprehension Michael looked at Max. Max nodded and Michael used his powers to remove the piece of wood that was impaled on her side. With a scream she regained consciousness.

Max immediately placed his hand on the wound appalled by the amount of blood that was coming out of it. He concentrated hard willing his strongest power to save her. He looked deeply in her eyes never noticing she was trying to elude his gaze. He thought of all the things he loved about her: her smile, her laugh, her hair so sweet to the touch, her perfume, how she always tries to rationalize everything…The list was long. He felt his power mend the skin and the damage the piece of wood had done.

“Oh my god Liz” he said falling backward and looked at her.

They looked at each other and the gaze that transpired between them said everything words couldn’t right now: suspicion, fear, comprehension, forgiveness, admiration, pain but most of all …love.

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Thanks to everyone who left me a feedback, I can?t tell you how wonderful it is. I really enjoy writing this. Time is always what I miss but I try to get updates as often as I can.
Lulu thanks you for all your help and coming up with the challenge. I had always wanted to try and write a fic but I never found the story that inspired me. You did, thank you.

Thanks to everyone who left me a feedback, I can’t tell you how wonderful it is. I really enjoy writing this. Time is always what I miss but I try to get updates as often as I can.
Lulu thanks you for all your help and coming up with the challenge. I had always wanted to try and write a fic but I never found the story that inspired me. You did, thank you.

Part 5:

The deafening silence that followed what happen hadn’t been broken by any one of them. They all looked at the two persons on the ground. Max was looking at Liz, trying to sort out everything in his head. In a matter of seconds the flashes had allowed him to understand what had taken place the last few days but something was nagging at the back of his head, something that perturbed him. He brushed it away and looked at Liz, really looked at her and saw her for the first time since the last few days, weeks even. He could see the pain and the love in her eyes. Liz closed her eyes against the flow of emotions that coursed through her entire being. She knew that she had failed to keep her promise. She had let her guard down for a few seconds when he had healed her and he knew the truth now. She couldn’t hide that a part of herself was glad, feeling free of the burden she had on her shoulders, the pain in her heart slowly fading away. But another part of her, was still feeling this pressure without knowing why.

The silence was only broken by a woman’s voice:

“My God! Did you all decide to destroy this place? It looks like a hurricane passed trough it” said Courtney from the doorway.
She slowly walked toward them.

“Very funny” said a still agitated Maria “You’re late and to ease your mind we had a fight…or more precisely Liz had a fight with some creatures.”

Max and Liz got up and everyone looked around the restaurant, the restaurant was a mess, broken things everywhere. Seeing Liz looking at her parent’s restaurant Max thought that they had been lucky that this happened after nightfall. Hopefully no one had seen anything. He gently touched her elbow and she looked at him.

“We’ll arrange this”

Obeying the unspoken order made by Max, Michael and Isabel started to use their power to repair the damage done by the fight to the Crashdown. After a few seconds of Kyle’s stare on her Tess relented and helped the three other aliens repair everything. In a few minutes everything looked completely normal, not like an odd encounter between a human girl and four creatures had taken place here. Everything was in order and even the broken glass of the entry had been replaced.

“We should take a seat somewhere” said Max

“Yes. It would be better in my living-room. Anyone who passes trough the street could see us here.” Said Liz absently.

They all nodded and started to go leaving Maria and Liz alone to close the lights. Maria grabbed Liz in a fierce hug, her eyes moist, her way of telling her how happy she was that her best friend was okay. Maria released her and as she looked in Liz’s eyes asked:

“What did he see?” she had seen the look on Max’s face and was curious to know what could have made Max react like that.

“It’s a long story” said Liz. She didn’t need to ask what Maria was talking about. It was the flashes. The alien connection that allowed them to connect at such a deep level, and as the case may be have no secrets for each other.

They quickly joined the others who were already seated in Liz’s living-room. Michael, Tess and Kyle were on Liz’s brown couch, Isabel in one of the easy chair with Alex on top of the armrest. Max and Courtney had taken chairs that were nearby. Liz walked toward the other easy chair and sat down, Max not being far away from her. Maria walked towards Michael and he stood up. He hesitantly hugged her, relieved that she was okay and that he could hold her again, even if he would never admit it aloud.
He sat down taking Maria with him and kept her seated on his lap. She smiled at the gesture.

“Ok” said Alex “Tonight was weird! But I want you to know Liz how glad I am that you’re okay.”

“Before we all get teary eyed and someone suggest a group hug, which I would rather hate might I add, I have a question.” Said Michael wryly

“What?” asked Liz

“What the hell happened to you two? You completely spaced out on us a couple of minutes after Max healed you!” shouted Michael.

“Shut up and we will explain” snapped Liz, surprising everyone. But damn, enough was enough; she was tired of being the mat in front of the door for everyone. She didn’t want to tell this story to anyone, no more that she wanted to break her promise but she didn’t have any other choices, it was too late.

“The flashes helped me understand what was going on the last few days. I think it would be better if you explained Liz” said Max trying to keep his head clear and be calm. If he didn’t do that, he would have already taken Liz in his arms and kissed her senseless. Just to show her how much he still loved her and make her realize that they were meant to be together. He had seen in the flashes what he needed to know.

“Before explaining everything I want to say how sorry I am to have dragged you into this without any explanations Kyle” Liz saw him smile, a small smile but still “It started a few days ago when Maria, Alex and I came back from seeing Mrs. Vivian. I was in my room when there was a flash of light on my balcony.” She continued explaining Future Max’s visit. She was only interrupted a few times by a chorus of question like “Are you sure it wasn’t a shapeshifter ? Or a skin? Why didn’t he come to us?”

But about twenty minutes later she finished telling her story to her stunned alien and human friends.

“You think we’ll believe that” said Tess snidely, unable to let Liz made her way back into Max’s life but at the same time wanting to do so.

“Shut up Tess” said Maria defending her best friend.

“You did all this for me, for us” said Isabel with tears in her eyes. She unconsciously grabbed Alex’s hand and squeezed it.

Max surprised everyone with his next words “I think Tess was right” He looked at Liz and saw the hurt in her eyes. He cursed himself for saying things like that. “I mean I think your visit by this future me wasn’t real”. He added quickly.

“What?” asked Liz stunned

“When I saw the flashes they weren’t the same as before between us. They were unclear, distorted or like in the fog. I think it was a mindwarp.” Said Max looking at Liz.

“He is right” said Courtney out of the blue. She saw their demanding looks and said “I wasn’t sure until now that’s why I didn’t say anything but when I’m around you I feel a vibe, a sensation like the one I got when I’m around Nicholas. It’s fading but it’s still there. I think he mindwarped you.”

“How did he know everything he knew?” said Liz. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. All for nothing. “And why would he do that?”

An awkward silence fell until Michael said:

“Divide to conquer. Whitaker was watching you and she must have seen what you meant to Max. Nicholas isn’t dumb. He knew by driving a wedge between you two, we would have been forced to choose a camp and he wanted to destroy our group knowing we were stronger together than apart. As knowing Max would come serenading you” a chuckle escaped his lips “he must have been near and saw him arrive”.

“Oh god!” she said tears falling from her eyes and suddenly flew out of the room.


Buffy was sited in the right side of the couch in the living-room, one hand holding a piece of paper posed on a book, the other going furiously back and forth on it. After receiving the information from the vampire, Willow had suddenly said she had an idea but needed something for it. She had left about a half an hour ago and everyone had decided to wait for her. Dawn, Giles, Xander and Anya were eating something in the kitchen since it was late and they hadn’t eaten for a few ours. She had tried to get some sleep knowing she needed rest only to discover she was unable to relax enough to find it. Instead she had chosen to grab a piece of paper and made a list of what they needed to do but as soon as the pen had had hit the paper it was like her hand had a mind of her own. For the last fifteen minutes she had been drawing the face of the girl that had been haunting her thoughts since yesterday and her encounter with the Shadow men.

Spike entered the living-room, holding a mug of blood in his hand. He saw Buffy and made his way towards her, sitting on the other side of the couch. She handed him the paper and he looked at it, stunned by the clarity of the drawing, almost like a black and white photography of a girl.

“Is it her?” He asked.

She nodded and looked toward the door of the house when she heard it being open. She saw that everyone had heard it too and had come back into the living-room. Willow walked toward them carrying an enrolled map and some other things.

Buffy smiled at her and everyone gathered around the little table in the center of the living-room where Willow was putting everything on.

“Ok I think I know how to find her. Spike was right, New-Mexico is too big for us to go there and start out of nowhere to hunt her down. With this” she gestured toward all the things on the table “I can use the magic to find her.”

“Let’s do it” said Giles. He knew that even if they weren’t running out of time, they didn’t have all the time in the world. They needed this girl, the reincarnation of the first slayer quickly to survive. He also knew that the possibility that she didn’t know anything about her was real and if that was the case, she would need help and training to be able to help them.

Willow arranged the herbs and stones she had found in the Magic shop. Giles had everything in it. She had used a map from an encyclopedia in a bookshelf and made a copy of it, only much larger. She deposed four crystals on each side of the map and held a chain on which another crystal was attached above it chanting:

“Gaya, goddess of the lost one helps me
I beg you to help me find the one I’m searching for
Sow me the way that will guide me to her”

Unfortunately, it didn’t work. She saw Buffy holding something and eyed it a few seconds until something clicked in her head. She gave her a big smile and said “We are really complementary. I had forgotten I needed something of her to make the spell work.” Buffy handed her the drawing and Willow posed it near one of the crystal and kept her hand on the black haired girl’s face. She closed her eyes and started to chant once again but this time the chain started to spin wildly and when she finished, in the blink of an eye, it crashed on the map and pointed directly at a name. They all looked closely at it and saw that it was the name of a famous city: Roswell.


Liz wandered in the park and sat on one of the bench. She had fled her house needing fresh air when she had been confronted with the truth. All for nothing, only lies. Just a mind warp by Nicholas. She had broken Max’s heart and her own for nothing. She felt crushed and at the same time free. It had crashed on her during her walk that she could be with Max now but a part of her still thought the contrary. She didn’t know what to do and that’s why she had left, to have time for herself. Her thoughts were interrupted by a noise. She looked up and saw Tess a few meters away from her.

Tess walked slowly toward her and saw Liz stand up. Everyone had decided to go searching for her. She didn’t know Liz very well so she had come to the park by chance. On her way here she had thought about everything and a part of her had been amazed at what Liz would do for Max but she had brushed it aside. It was wrong. She couldn’t think like that. Liz started to ask her what she was doing here and she gave her the explanation. After a few minutes of talking about unimportant things she said:

“I’m sure the other will tank you for what you did for them even if it wasn’t true.”

“I didn’t told them in order to have their thanks” answered Liz

“Nicholas was still right about one thing. Max and I are meant to be. We’re destined for each other. I love him.” She said unconvincingly. Her voice appeared unsteady, tired and unsure even to herself.

“Do you? Really? You met him just five months ago and from that moment you said you loved him but you didn’t even know him. Do you need him like you need air? Could you love him enough to let him go if it was best for him? Do you love him so much that his happiness is more important than yours? Could you die for him or put his life, his well-being, his wants and his needs first? Could you never love someone else as much as him? Is he your only reason of living? Do you love him like that or do you only love him because someone told you to? If you can say yes to this question I will back off.” Said Liz with tears in her eyes.

Tess stood there unmoving, completely frozen by what Liz had said. It had touched something deep inside of her. Something that was the answer to Liz’s questions. She didn’t hate Liz but she had never tried to understand her or know her. The passion she had heard in Liz’s voice during her speech had made her realize how much Liz loved Max. She didn’t what to do or think. She saw Liz stop a few meters away from her and turned toward her. Liz gave her a small smile and in a sweet voice.

“I’m going back. Are you coming with me?”

Tess didn’t say anything and just started to walk with Liz, side by side, but with no words spoken.


Liz walked in her room and looked trough the window seeing Max apparently asleep in one of her lounge chair. His eyes were closed and he looked more peaceful that she had seen him in weeks, or was it months?

She quietly climbed through her window and looked at him during a few seconds before hearing him say:

“I know you’re here” he had sensed her presence as soon as she had been in her bedroom. He opened his eyes and looked at her. She made her way toward the other chair and sat in front of him. He continued to look at her and she blushed at the intensity of his gaze.

“The others told me you were here, that you had been waiting for me here since Tess called to tell all of you we were coming back.”

“Why did you leave? I was so worried about you, we all were” he said quietly.

“It was too much, I mean, what I learnt and what happened sooner in the night. I needed time to collect myself.”

He nodded showing her he understood. He wanted to talk to her about everything but more importantly about them. From the moment she had left sooner to this moment all he had been thinking about was her and what she had done for him. Even if it wasn’t true it still amazed him that she would do anything for him just because he asked her to. It may be a mindwarp but at that time for her it had been the reality.

“Liz I want to say something to you” when she didn’t interrupt him, he continued “What Michael said was true, if Nicholas tried to break us apart, being all the group or just us, it’s because he knows we are stronger together. What you did for me is unbelievable and it made everything that happened worth it because it showed me what I needed to continue to believe, that I hadn’t been wrong about you and me , and that you still love me.” The past few days had even made him doubt that because if he had been so wrong about her, what else could he have been wrong? Learning the truth had righted his world, so to speak.

“I love you Max” hearing these words made his breath catch. He had been so sure he would never hear them again. “But I’m so afraid that being with me will hold you back or put you in danger. Since you’ve known me it had just put you in danger. If something happened to you I wouldn’t survive it. You’re the only one for me, everybody else is going to be second best but I don’t want to see you hurt or in danger because of me.” She said lowering her head, tears streaming down her face.

He kneeled in front of her and took her head in his hands, wiping the tears that had been falling with his thumbs as he said “My life has always been dangerous but being with you is worth any risk for me.” And then he did what he had dreamt for months now, he kissed her with al the love, the longing and the passion he still felt for her. He smiled against her lips and felt that for the first time in month she didn’t resist or push him away.

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Hey guys I’m sorry I left you there but RL had been hectic for me the last weeks. I’m in the middle of exams and it’s killing my writing time. Also this part wouldn’t come out as I wanted it and I don’t know why.

Dreamertiltheend and Crashdown2006 thanks to have nominated me. I was so surprised when I saw it.

Thanks to all the other for your feedback, they made me so happy.

So here the next part

Part 6:

The sun had set hours ago covering the town in a dark night, only broken by the city lights and the brightness of the stars. It was one in the morning and people were whether at home sleeping, enjoying parties or nights away with their friends or their family, unaware of what was out there. However, a group of ten people knew better than everyone not to believe in everything you see and even for them some things were still mysteries.

Max and Liz stopped at the top of the stairs, looking at everyone in the living room. Michael, Maria, Alex, Courtney and Isabel were on the couch or easy chairs as they were when Liz first told them about her story earlier. Kyle was next to the entry of the kitchen trying to cheer up an unusually quiet Tess. Max turned toward Liz and smiled at her. He had spent the last ten minutes holding her, talking to her and of course kissing her and he would have gladly continued if she hadn’t reminded him that they were needed downstairs. He had missed all this during the last few months and couldn’t imagine loosing her again. He took her hand entwining his fingers with hers, sighing he took a first step and together, hand in hand, they started to walk downstairs.

“Hey” said Liz once in the living room getting everyone’s attention. They all turned towards the smiling couple. Alex and Maria beamed at them, Isabel and the others only smiled. Something good came out of all this confusion. Isabel and Michael had finally come to accept completely the humans love opening their eyes to the fact that they were stronger together. The more eye opening had been for Isabel, she had never been close to Liz and in reality, she had feared Max’s love for her, afraid to lose her brother. But now it was different.

The couple took a space in the living room as everyone had already done. The discussion started easily and little things were discussed. Nevertheless, no one seemed to want to start the real matter at hand until Maria broke in.

“It was real. I mean we all saw and lived the same thing. I wasn’t dreaming and it wasn’t some mass illusion, right?”

They all had seemed to turn around the subject without addressing it and it had only served the anticipation she felt go crazy.

“Judging by the piece of wood I had in the stomach I would say it wasn’t an illusion.” Said Liz. She felt Max tense next to her and she squeezed his hand.

“It was so weird. I mean one minute you were like a statue, I mean you wouldn’t even move when they came towards you and the next minute you were like Jackie Chan, kicking their asses.” Said Alex winning a smile from Liz.

Mission accomplished… he told himself.

“We don’t even know what these things were, what happened on the ride back from Copper Summit or tonight…Nothing.” Said Max resigned by their lack of knowledge

“To sum it up, we don’t know anything” said Maria

“I don’t think it was alien related because: one, they were not aliens and two, it doesn’t give me bad vibes like with Nicholas or the skins” Tess stopped seeing Liz’s eyes cloud over. She was in the dark as much as the others here were but she wasn’t the type to sit back and wait.

“Did you saw the way they vanished into thin air?” said Kyle “It was like magic”

“Does it mean something to you or do you know something more than us that could help” said Isabel softly, looking at Liz “The only thing we know is that they’re after you, I mean it’s pretty obvious. Neither one of us can deny that”

The last sentence hung in the air.

The tension in the room was thick in the seconds that followed, but the silence was broken by a loud knock. Liz made her way towards the door of her entry and was surprised to see the sheriff on the other side. She guided him in the living room and saw the look of surprise when the others
saw the sheriff here.

“What are you doing here?” asked Kyle to his father

“Someone from the neighbourhood heard loud noise coming from here and called my office. I figured something was going on with you guys and said I would come here myself” answered the Sheriff looking at all of them.

In a few minutes, the group had explained to him and Courtney and the Sheriff what had taken place the last few hours, from the start to Max healing Liz and Nicholas’s mind warp. Courtney looked baffled hearing the story entirely for the first time but they all noticed the odd looked the Sheriff gave Liz. He was shocked, yes, but there was something else, something they had never seen in his eyes. Almost like fury, it lasted only a second and then a careful mask of stoicism.

“Do you know what they wanted from you? “He said.

”Or act and move like you did?” said Michael.

“No it was like I was frozen and then suddenly I was fighting with them and the moves flew like water. I knew how to hit them and where. I hadn’t even realizes I did it until after. I don’t know a thing about self-defence but this was almost natural to me.

“You were amazing. It was mind-blowing to see you fight these things. They seemed so intent in wanting to kill you and yet you destroyed them in about five minutes. ” said Alex.

“Yeah, you were so cool Chica, think you could teach me how to do that” said Maria teasingly, eliciting a laugh from her best friend and the others in the room.

“What did they look like?” asked the Sheriff.

“Big with black dresses, no eyes, just symbols like markings.” Said Tess

“They weren’t human. It’s something I’m sure of.” Said Liz

“Oh God!” said Jim Valenti dropping his head in his hands.

“Do you know something? What is it?” asked Kyle perplexed by his father reaction to all this.

“No I don’t” he stammered

“I don’t believe you. You react too strongly to this to not know something. If we want to protect ourselves against this, whatever it is, we have to know everything.” Said Max, his voice rising with each word, his usual iron control starting to crack under the tiredness and lack of answers.

“I don’t want to be a part of this again. It’s too much” said an upset Sheriff.

“What do you mean?" asked Liz as lost as the others.

“They’re demons.” He said in a rush before grabbing his Stetson and walking out of the house slamming the door behind him. Only leaving a stunned group behind him.

“What did he mean by demons? It can’t be, can it?” asked Isabel

Sighing Tess answered “With what’s happening in our lives who knows?”

No one answered, not knowing what to make of it. Not knowing what had made the Sheriff react as he did.

Max looked at everyone in the room and saw their weary faces. Each one wore various degrees of tiredness.

“It’s too late and everyone is too tired to continue this meeting. We should call it a night. Michael and I will stay here in case something else happens.” He said.

After a few grunts and oppositions, everyone agreed leaving Max, Liz and Michael alone.


“What do you think of what the Sheriff said?” asked Mickeal.

He was sited on the counter. After trying to find sleep without any luck, the three of them had decided to come down to drink something hot, hoping to erase some of their tension and their minds too full to find sleep. He looked at the smiling couple in the booth in front of him. Liz was sited next to Max, her head resting on his shoulder and his arm around her. He could see that Max looked more at peace than he had seen him since last May. Looking at them now, he regretted having held Max back knowing what he knew now. Those two didn’t have it easy, at least now, something worth it had come out of this mess.

“I don’t know, it seems a little farfetched but he seemed so sure. He was so upset like it was something he knew personally.” Answered Max

Liz got up and left her seat to pour herself another glass of hot chocolate when she heard Michael scoff:

“Yeah but …demons??? Come on, be serious, they aren’t real.”

“Because aliens are supposed to be?” asked Liz teasingly at Michael. She saw Max smile at her retort to his best friend.

“Ok! You have a point here but…you” he said “Do you believe it?”

She stood at the counter looking at her cup and for a moment the two guys thought she wasn’t going to answer when she said

“I don’t know what to believe. The only real thing I know is that when I was in trance on the ride back the other day I got a feeling of dread and chaos. And I think that the phrase I said was true. Something big is coming. I don't think something could possibly survive it. But it’s just a feeling, like in my dream, I totally thought it was real until I woke up and it’s as if everything is related. I feel like I’m on the verge of discovering something but it’s locked away.” She looked she was getting more angry second after second.

“We’re here for you. Whatever happens you have us. As for the abilities you showed earlier we will help you learn what they mean and control them.” Said Max softly trying to calm her growing anger. She looked tense and ready to snap.

“Liz you have to calm down.” Said Michael also seeing this.

“I don’t know where it comes from Max. It’s like I’m frustrated on ten different levels and I have this energy that surge trough me. With everything and these weird feelings, it’s adding to the rest. And I’m scared too. Not because of these things or what I did but because I feel like I’m developing this because I’m going to need it for something that could end us all” she finished her voice rising sensing the energy spark in her and needing to get loose. She had been pacing in all the room when without conscious thoughts she trough her fist in the air hitting the wall nearby. The two guys jumped up from their place toward her screaming at the same time “Liz”. Seeing her fist impaled deeply in the wall they looked at each other completely astonished.

Grabbing her hand, Max takes it off from where it was in the wall and healed the few scratches.

Liz took a few steps backwards and stared at her hand than at the hole in the wall and at her hand again. In a small voice she asked the question neither one of them could answer.

“What’s happening to me?”

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Hey guys, I try to update as frequently as I can but recently it hasn't been the case. I'll try not to make you wait as much next time.

For those of you who wonder about Valenti, the answer to tour question will be revealed in the next few parts as the story unfold.

Hope you enjoy and please tell me what you think.

Part 7 :

Tess approached the rock formation that housed the pod chamber. She had received a call from Max, as everyone has, telling her to come here. He had informed all of them that they needed to discuss a few things away from everyone since the Parkers had called Liz to ask her to open today if she felt up to it.

In the distance, she could see Max’s Jeep and three persons waiting. She slowed her pace needing to collect her thoughts. After leaving the Crashdown the day before she hadn’t been able to find sleep, her talk with Liz haunting her mind. For the first time she had really asked herself these questions and the result had been that she had felt naked and vulnerable facing her emotions, her feelings. It had helped her admit that Liz was right about what she had said. She had truly believed that she loved Max but the truth was she didn’t. She loved him like a friend and she had just needed him to accept her and not look at her as if she was a threat to him, not that she blamed him after the way she disrupted his life. The last days had taught her that.

She drove toward them and stopped her car near the Jeep. She slowly got out and saw Max’s grip on Liz’s hand tighten. She hesitated a second and smiles uncertainly as she said:

“Can I talk to you Liz?”

“Yes, of course” said the other girl

The two girls walked away in silence and headed toward a rock faraway enough that the other wouldn’t hear them; Tess sat on it facing Liz and started to say:

“I wanted to talk to you about what you said yesterday in the park.”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have let it out on you like that” said Liz “I should have…”

“No you don’t have to” interrupted Tess “you were right. I don’t love Max like you do. I think deep down I always knew it because if it weren’t the case it wouldn’t be so easy to say it.

To Tess’ eyes Liz looked quite shocked. Tess had to smile at her expression. She continued to talk.

“You have to understand that living with Nacedo, always on the run wasn’t easy. The only thing I could hold on was the memories I had of Max and the other and when I arrived here, I wanted everything to fall in place for me. But the last days I really felt like I was accepted and had my place here.”

“You’re at home here. You belong here in this group; just as much as any one of us” said Liz

“I feel it now. What I wanted was to be accepted a part of something else, a part of the group. Like with the Sheriff and Kyle” she stopped a few seconds smiling “I feel like I have a family, kind of… and I like it”

Tess saw Liz smiling at her rant and realized that for the first time she didn’t care if she sounded weak or maybe …human.

“To go straight to the point I wanted to say that I won’t interfere with what happen between you and Max. I won’t be in the way.”

“Thank you. You don’t know what it means for me and Max that you can accept us.” On an impulse, she grabbed Tess into a hug and after a few seconds, the other girl relaxed and hugged her back. They both drew back and Liz added.

“Someone I loved told me to always follow my heart wherever it leads me. You should follow this advice. It gave me everything I could hope for. Your heart always knows the right choice for yourself.”

“You’re a hopeless romantic, you know.” Said Tess chuckling” But we will see.”

The girls looked toward the pod camber and saw that the others were all there and looking at them. They hadn’t realized how far away they had walked earlier and headed quickly toward the group.


“Did I see you and Tess hug?” asked Maria incredulously once she had taken Liz away from the group.

“Yes, she wanted to talk to me after what I said to her in the park.” Seeing Maria’s confused look she added “I kind of told her, more than I should have maybe, if she really loved Max and other things like that. And today she told me she wouldn’t be in the way of us being together”

“At last…she finally got a clue!” said Maria

“Maria! She’s…” warned Liz

“Ok! Ok! I will be friendly toward her…but only for you” sighed Maria.

“ Maria!!! ” bellowed Micheal from where he was with the other “Enough with the chit-chat. We have more important things to do.”

Maria rolled her eyes at Micheal’s outburst some things never change…she thoughts but nonetheless she smiled at Liz and they headed back toward the others. Liz sat on a rock near Max and saw that all of them had taken a place somewhere.

In a few minutes, Max had explained what Liz had done after their departure last night.

“You passed your fist through the wall?” asked a completely baffled Kyle

“Yeah. I didn’t know what to do with all the energy that was running trough me. I had so much in me and I couldn’t seem to calm it down, it was making me crazy. I couldn’t stand it so I just hit the first thing that I saw and unfortunately, it was the wall. I only realized what I had done after.” Said Liz.

“Good thing it wasn’t Micheal or Max. If you did that to a wall, imagine what you would have done to them” said Tess eliciting a chuckle from Maria and Kyle but only the stare of the two boys.

“And you weren’t hurt?” asked Alex

“No, except a few scratches I didn’t feel anything bad”

“There’s more” said Max winning everyone attention “When I healed her yesterday after the attack and with her fist also, it was as if her body had started the healing process more rapidly than naturally.”

“Why didn’t you say anything earlier?” asked Micheal

“I hadn’t really paid attention to it yesterday but this morning when I was replaying the memory in my mind it just hit me” he answered.

The silence stretched during a few seconds, nobody having answers for what was happening until Liz looked at the Sheriff and asked what she had been eager to know:

“Sheriff Valenti, do you know what’s happening to me? You said yesterday that these things were demons and as farfetched as it seems I could believe you, God knows that after everything we learnt in the last 1 year ½ I could really believe anything. But the only thing I’m sure in this mess is that you know something else!” she said her voice rising slightly.

“Liz…” he started softly passing a hand all over his face.

“No. I need to know! Ok?” she said forcefully sensing his reluctance.

“If what’s happening is what I believe it is, this is only the beginning. Fast healing, superhuman force, they’re part of something called the Slayer.”

“What?” asked Isabel bemused

“What’s that?” said Tess at the same time

“No, I won’t say more. You’re better off not knowing. I won’t be the one to destroy your life with this. If it is really happening you’ll know soon enough and then you will wish you had been left in the dark, believe me.” He said bitterly and then added “I’m expected at the office, I must go.”

“Sheriff, please…” started Max

“No! My decision is final.” He said before taking his key from his pocket and started the ignition of his car.

“Ok!!” exhaled Alex slowly “This is getting weirder and weirder.”

“We can’t do anything more without his help and Liz said to her parents she would re-open the Crashdown today so we should go back” said Max “I think we could go to the gym club if you can Liz…to see this force the Sheriff is talking about.” At Liz’s nod, he added “Anyone who wants to come can, of course.”

“Micheal and Maria, you are scheduled to work so could you open for me. I already called the others who have to work. They should be there in…one hour.” said Liz looking at her watches. She saw the look on both of their faces saying they clearly didn’t enjoy having to work today. She knew that Alex and Isabel had planed something so she just looked at Tess and Kyle and saw them nod indicating they would come with Max and her.

A few minutes later, no trace that four aliens, four humans including one who was changing could be found in the usual “calm, dry and boring” desert around Roswell.


“Ok. I have everything” said Buffy closing the trunk of the car. She had taken everything she needed: one bag with clothes, Giles’s bag that consisted of a few clothes and some books and the last one but maybe the more important, a bag full of weapons, just in case. They knew where the first slayer was but the First knew it too meaning the girl was already a target. She looked at the sky and saw that the sun was almost completely up.

They all had decided that Buffy and Giles should be the ones to go and the others stay here to keep an eye of thing. After the decision was taken, they had immediately started to pack. Silently Buffy and Giles walked toward their friends and as Giles told them his last recommendations, Buffy hugged her friends and sister.

Taking one last look at them Giles and Buffy climbed up in the car. Giles took the wheel. Buffy looked at her friends through the window and mouthed, “Be careful”. And even through the glass, they heard her. She sat more comfortably in the car as Giles drove away trough Sunnydale’s streets.

“So, a slayer in Roswell?” said Buffy braking the silence.

“Yes! A slayer in an alien town, kind of weird” he said “Usually they’re in bigger cities or at least fuller of vampires and demons.”

“We have to find her quickly and convince her to help us” she said the tone of her voice making her meaning clear.

“It won’t be easy, especially if she doesn’t know anything or who she is.” He answered calmly.

“I know but we don’t have a choice. I know what I saw and without her everything is going to hell. We won’t win and even if she accepts I’m not sure the two of us combined will be enough.” Declared Buffy. The last year had been hard on her but she wouldn’t back down and give up now.

They let the silence engulf them, each one lost in his mind as they passed Sunnydale’s “Welcome/Goodbye" signs.


Later in the afternoon Max, Liz, Tess and Kyle left the gym club after having spent most of the day testing Liz’s force, much to the amazement of the boys. Stumbling through the entrance, they all let out a chuckle as Kyle said teasingly:

“Did you see the men’s face when Liz lifted up the last one?”

“Yeah, it was so funny. They needed to be two to put it on the chair and then a girl half their size doing it easily.” Said Tess smiling. For the first time she had felt she was where she was belonged, laughing and helping friends. Who would have believed it? She asked herself.

“Too bad the other couldn’t see it” said Kyle still smiling from ear to ear.

They quickly get back to their cars. Tess and Kyle left for the Valenti’s house having work to do. Max and Liz decided to go back to the Crashdown. On the way Max asked:

“Do you want to go out tonight?”

“You mean, on a date?” she asked already smiling at the thought.

“Yeah, we could go at Senor’s show to eat something. We can’t go stay out too late because there’s school tomorrow and after our trip to Arizona my parents wouldn’t be too thrilled but still we can do something.” He answered looking at her beautiful face, her hair flowing lightly in the air.

In a few minutes they took the familiar road to the Crashdown. Turning to the left, he stopped his car next to the restaurant and quickly made his way to her taking her hand in his.

Once inside they joined Micheal and Maria who had taken a pause not having any customers after the lunch rush and in a few minutes had filled them in their afternoon.

“Wow, the Sheriff was right. You’re developing an awesome force, girl.” Said Maria teasingly, squeezing her best friend right biceps.

“Yes. It’s kind of cool when I think about it but in the mean time, it’s scary. I’m afraid of what it means after what the Sheriff said…” she trailed off.

“It’s understandable” said Max gently squeezing her hand.

They all turned toward the door when they heard it open and saw Courtney who headed toward them. She stopped next to them and hesitantly sat down.

“What’s up?” asked Maria. She didn’t like the girl but she would support her for the sake of the other.

“I’m here for a few things. First, I want to say thank you for taking the husk Micheal. I’m wearing it” she said pointing to herself “You saved my life. Secondly, I’m here to say goodbye. I’ve friends that need me and we still need to monitor Nicholas’s moves.”

“Where are you…?” asked Micheal.

“You know I can’t tell you, it would be too dangerous but I will be on the look out and if anything happens with Nicko and his clowns I’ll tell you.” She reached for something in her pocket and handed Max a paper.

“This is my number. If you need anything, contact me. I’ll stay in touch.”

“Thanks and be careful” said Micheal. No one objected knowing it was the best choice. They all nodded at Micheal’s word. Courtney left her seat and walked toward the door when she heard Maria’s voice.

“Good luck.” She said.

Courtney’s only answer was a nod and a slight smile before she pushed the door and left.


From behind the counter, Liz saw Max come back through the entrance. He walked toward her and she bent her head to kiss him, their lips brushing softly letting their tongs intertwine.

“I thought you left” she said once they parted.

“I forgot my valet here” he explained.

“And I thought you missed me so much you couldn’t stay away.” She teased shaking her head.

“Always” he said laughing lightly, the hurt of the past few days already erased.

He began searching the room and a few seconds later found what he was searching for. She followed him outside and toward his car. She was still wearing her usual clothes, her hair damp from her shower and when she saw his questioning gaze, she said.

“I have an errand to run for my parents. They called after you left to say they would be here at about 6 tomorrow morning and they needed something.”

“Ok. So I’ll see you here at 7 tonight” answered Max brushing his lips over her.

She waved him goodbye and headed toward the store where she had things to buy when her phone rang.

“Hi….hey Maria” she said “What?...oh no I can’t….yes we’re going out on a date” she stopped when she bumped into someone, quickly she added to Maria “Wait a minute3

She turned toward the blond girl she had just run into.

“I’m so sorry. I wasn’t looking” The girl nodded her head and Liz continued her way, already on the phone with Maria.

“Oh… my…God” stammered the girl in the back of Liz.

Liz continued her way without turning back. She never saw the glazed look on the girl’s face quickly becoming one of shock in the following seconds. The blond girl started to follow her thanking her lucky star who had made this easy…for once.

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Hi guys I don't have the next part ready but I'm working on it. The last few days had been rough on me, I had some private problems that came up. But I 'm better now so I hope to have something soon.

In the same time , look at this I couldn't believe it


See you soon
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Here's the next part

this part is less long than what I usually wrote because it’s more a transition between things and I preferred to cut it there. If I hadn’t done that, it would have become too long.
And as for the question if it’s only going to be a crossover between only Giles and Buffy and the Roswell gang, No it won’t.
Hope you enjoy, as always tell me what you think of it. Good or Bad it helps me improve the story and my writing



«Are you sure it was her? » asked Giles skeptically.

“Geez…Giles, the girl’s face has been on my mind almost constantly for the last few days. I think I can safely say I would recognize her anywhere”

“Sorry” he said “So, did you find out anything about her?”

“Not much. I followed her but if I had continued, I was afraid it would have been too obvious and she might have been able to notice me. I think she works at a restaurant…the Crash… No, the Crashdown. I heard her on the phone with someone. She’s going out on a date tonight…” she hesitated “Senor Chow’s if I heard correctly.”

“You should go and see if you can find out anything about her before we try to approach and tell her what’s happening.”

“Ok, I’ll go” she said “But if I think they spotted me or something I will introduce myself. We don’t have the time to wait indefinitely. If we want her to trust us we will have to tell her the truth as soon as possible.”

“Yes, you’re right.” Answered Giles “I called Sunny dale one hour ago. Everyone is okay and nothing serious is really happening. The First seems to lay low for now. I think he’s aware of what we’re doing, if he wasn’t he would still be attacking us. He must be doing the same thing, for different motives of course.”

“Yeah. I don’t know when he will act but she doesn’t seem to know anything about what’s taking place.” Said Buffy.

“If it’s the case, I don’t know if it will be easy to make her believe us…” he trailed off.

“Or convince her to come with us to Sunnyvale.” Added Buffy

“That will be another issue that will have to be worked out. I mean we can’t tell her family the truth and if she agrees to help us we will have to find something to tell her parents that will make them agree with her leaving. It won’t be easy to convince them to let her go without a valid motive, one we can’t give them.”

“I know but we can’t wait forever. We will have to move quickly” she said and after a few seconds added “I think I’ll go take a shower then I’ll go find this restaurant and wait for them to arrive seeing it’s already 6.00.”

Giles nodded and twenty minutes later saw a freshly showered Buffy leave trough the door of one of the room they rented in the motel. He picked up one of his book trying to find something, anything that could help them.


It was about 9.30 when Max and Liz left Senior’s chow. Max had picked Liz at seven as he had promised and they walked here seeing it was a warm night and they weren’t far away. The dinner was quick, neither one of them being hungry. The couple passed trough the entrance of the restaurant and into the night, both smiling after their date. It ad been their first date since getting back together and nothing had ruined it for once, no alien invasion, no weirdness, no creepy guys without eyes…as normal as possible in their life.

“You lost!” said Liz laughing “Don’t deny it. You will never win at pool…against me at least”

“I didn’t loose” he teased trying to look as serious as possible “I merely enjoyed letting you win. I made progress since the last time we played.”

“In your dreams!” she answered lightly bumping teasingly into him with her shoulder.

Max took her hand in his and looked at her. Her smile illuminated her whole face, making her eyes sparkle in the night. It was something he had not seen much recently. Even with what happened the last few days she seemed carefree. It was one of the reasons he had wanted to go out tonight, help her relax after the last days.

As they started the walk that would take them back to Liz’s, the brunette that had captured his heart long ago said:

“When do you have to be home?”

“Even if it’s school night my mother said that ‘I’m old enough to know when I have to go to bed but I had better be home for my curfew’…so at most 11.30”

“So you can stay longer when we will be at the Crashdown. We could watch something on TV or something else.”

“Yes, I can” he said smiling. He stopped walking and tugged her to him. He kissed her letting their lips brush and their tongues duel. Liz felt his happiness at being able to love her freely envelop her like a warm blanket. When their kiss ended she kept her arms tied around his waist. As they stood gazing at each other lovingly on the sidewalk, Liz said:

“Thank you Max”

“What for?” he asked bewildered

“For being you. For what you’ve done for me since this thing, whatever it is has begun. For tonight”

He kissed her lightly then took one of her hand as he said “You don’t have to do for something I wanted to do.”

He kissed her palm and they started to walk again making small talk on the way. Soon they found themselves in the park. Everything was quiet here, as it always seemed in Roswell. But they both knew that it was far from the case, even their friends and them knew that Roswell wasn’t as quiet and ‘more or less normal’ as everyone thought.

A queasy feeling settled upon Liz and she stopped walking looking around her. Seeing her expression Max understood something was happening. Fe quickly stopped in front of her as she said “Something is going to happen”

Out of nowhere, three persons approached them. Max thought briefly that they must have been hidden somewhere. In a fraction of second the couple found themselves encircled in triangle between the three guys. At first they looked like normal teenagers but Max and Liz quickly saw they weren’t, their face had morphed into something not human. Max tried to shield Liz with his body but as they only looked at his girlfriend he knew they were here for her. The next few seconds were a blur as the three guys attacked at once. Not wanting to use is power where everyone could see him he answered punches for punches with of them, completely taken off guard by the force he possessed. Fear gripped him as he looked at Liz but he was amazed to see that she was fighting the other two with deadly precision and the force she had just acquired. What was amazing was that earlier in the afternoon when they had tried to see if she had been able to fight as she had done in the Crashdown, she hadn’t been able to reiterate it.

He had stopped paying attention to the one he was fighting and was reminded of him with a vengeance when he was thrown into the ground. The guy quickly moved over him and was about to punch him when someone grabbed him by the collar and sent him flying in the air. A blond girl fought him and in the blink of an eye makes him explode by stabbing him in the heart with…a piece of wood. He got up and as he looked at the girl something snapped in him making him recognize the face of the girl. He watched as in a few seconds she finished with the two remaining guys. In a rush, he quickly grabbed Liz in a fierce hug asking “Are you okay

He felt her nod against his chest as he added, his lips close to her ear.

“This girl is the one we saw in that mirage when you had that thing on the ride back from Copper Summit”

“You’re sure?” she asked

“Yes, it’s her”

Max let her go from his arms but kept his right arm around her waist as they turned toward the girl. She was cleaning her clothes from the dust that had fallen on them. As she locked eyes with them she said:

“Ok, I know we don’t know each other but I’m not here to hurt you, quite the contrary. You can trust me. You must have questions after what happened and I’ll try to answer them but you have to believe me when I say…” she used the term ‘we’ but Max saw that her eyes had never left Liz.

“I trust you” interrupted Liz. And the surprising thing is that it was true. When she looked at the girl she felt something in herself calling to her, something familiar.

“Ok” said the girl slowly a little baffled by the couple’s reaction. She had thought they would at least be freaked, but hey it would come later when the whole story was out “Can we go somewhere to talk?”

“We con go at my home. It’s a restaurant in …”

“I know where it is. I saw you there and I followed you a little. Sorry I needed to contact you and I just wanted to learn who you were” she admitted.

She saw that they weren’t really pleased by that but they kept from commenting.

“Before we go somewhere I want to know what these things were?” asked Liz

“Vampires” answered the girl easily

“Are you kidding me?” asked Liz completely shocked.

The girl shook her head but her eyes gave away to confusion when she heard the brunette said ”Can our life get any weirder?” and then added in her benefit “Inside joke” As the boy let out a small chuckle she really looked at him for the first time, truth was that she hadn’t paid real attention to him all night since she had been always too far away from them. She had only approached when her help was needed but as she did now shock registered on her features. A shocked gasp escaped her lips and she said

“Ford… Billy Fordam!!! Oh my god I thought you were dead!” She said, ready to act if it was the First playing with them with his ability to use dead people’s form

“Sorry, but I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not him.” Said Max in a gentle voice that made her believe him.

“Ok, it’s just that you look so much like him.” He nodded at her explanation and she added “I’m Buffy Summers”

“Max Evans” answered the handsome guy “and this is Liz Parker. We’ll show you the way because we really need some answers and I’m ready to believe that you have them.”

“I just need a minute to call someone that needs to be there for this talk. I’m sure he will be able to explain some things better than me.” She said quietly as she took her cell phone and quickly told what was necessary to the other person.

In a few minutes and with Max and Liz help she had explained to Giles how and where he could meet them. The couple listened to what she said in her phone feeling like maybe some things were going to be explained. An odd feeling told Liz that maybe all this was only the beginning of something more.

When the call ended, Buffy looked at them with warm eyes as she said

“Nice to meet you. I wish it had been under better circumstance” she smiled slightly at them not explaining for now what she meant by that.

The trio walked trough the park quickly and headed toward the Crashdown, only discussing unimportant things on the way, already anticipating that things were going from bad to worse as their life seemed to take another turn in complications.

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Hey !! I 'm back and with the new part.

I wanted to update earlier but I had my birhday sunday and I was hogged all weekend.

So without babbling here's the next part

PART 9 :

Buffy finished explaining to Giles what had happened earlier. She had taken him apart as soon as he had stepped in the Crashdown. They were seated on the stools near the entrance of the restaurant. As they looked toward the booths, they saw the young couples talking in hushed tones.

The love between the two of them was obvious, showing itself through the way they touched, the way they looked at each other. Their love for one another seemed almost tangible, looking at them when they were like that, almost alone in their own world, felt like intruding.

Feeling it was time to get into the matter at hand, Giles made his way toward them with Buffy following at once. They sat in the booth facing the couple.

“So…Max and Liz…” he said before continuing at their nod “As Buffy told you earlier my name is Ruppert Giles. But you can call me Giles, everyone do it.”

“Or Ripper” said Buffy smiling under her hand

“I heard that” glared Giles at Buffy. He hated when someone called him like that. It was a part of his past he wished he could erase.

“Sorry” she answered sheepishly. No one could blame her by saying she wasn’t trying to make this easier by lightning things up.

Max and Liz smiled feeling at ease with them. It was odd since they had know them for about fifteen minutes

“Buffy told me you had some problems the last days. Can you tell us in more details?”

Max looked warily at Liz but seeing in her eyes that she trusted them, he looked back in their direction as he said

“While we were away from Roswell three days ago something happened to Liz. We were driving with our friends following us” he saw their eyes quickly dart in the other’s direction “ She felt ill so we stopped in the middle of nowhere and she fainted in my arms…but then her whole body started to shine almost like an aura” He knew he was giving much but he felt it was the right thing to do “It was as if she was enveloped in a bright light.…She only woke up to tell us she ‘It’s time, the end …’

“Of time will be determined” Buffy finished for him

“Yes” said Liz in a shaky whisper.

“The same thing happened to me except I wasn’t shining. And from what you say it was at the same time as you.” She said quietly.

Seeing that Buffy seemed shaken by this Giles continued

“Did something else happen?”

“Yes” admitted Liz after a few seconds “We were attacked by strange creatures without eyes. Someone we know said they were demons. It was two days ago. I started to develop abilities and our friend said they were the ones of a slayer.”

Buffy and Giles exchanged knowing looks. It was more that they had anticipated.

“They were demons, he was right. Did they have black dresses and huge knives?” said Buffy

“Yes» said Liz

“They were demons called the bringers.” Added Giles

“Am I a slayer? Our friend, the Sheriff said that my abilities were coming from being one. And …What’s a slayer?” said Liz after a few seconds of silence

“Yes, you’re one…No, you’re not really…Giles” Cried Buffy clearly asking for his help here.

“A slayer is a chosen one, a girl chosen to fight demons, vampires and other things like that. It comes from a prophecy that goes like that ‘Into each generation, a slayer is born. One girl, in all the world, a chosen one. One born with the strength and skill to hunt the vampires, to stop the spread of their evil.’ ” explained Giles.

“I’m a vampire slayer. I died and another one was called but that’s not what brought us here.” Added Buffy.

“You died?” said Max incredulously

“I drowned but was brought back through CPR. You see when a slayer dies, the next one is called. You are a slayer Liz but that’s not how you became one, you’re more than that.” Said Buffy. She saw that Max had brought his and Liz’s clasped hand on the table and his grip on her had tightened

“I needed answer and when I was fighting with some prophetic men, they grabbed my head and sent me a vision.” She was interrupted by Max

“We saw you” he saw her eyes widen “It was like a mirage. You and Liz screamed at the same time.”

“Ok!” said Buffy “That’s getting weirder. As I was saying, in my vision I saw you Liz. From what I understand, you’re the reincarnation of the First slayer, the first one that fought demons. We need you…”

“Can you repeat that? That’s crazy” she stammered “Sorry, I don’t want to be rude but it’s so hard to believe.” She stopped for a few seconds before saying “I don’t even know you but something deep down is telling me that it’s the truth” She felt Max squeeze her hand and smile at her in reassurance.

“Why did you need answers?” asked Max. His worry for Liz was increasing as the truth was unfolding before them.

“The First, the primal force of evil, he was the First demon on earth and he engendered all the others. He is at war with us, for lack of better terms. He wants to provoke an apocalypse, destroy the human race and let the world be ruled by demons.”

“Oh my god” was the breathy response that cloud be heard from the two.

“No more words were spoken in the next few seconds as the information sank into their minds. Giles decided to continue

“It started a few months ago. Things started to happen but we didn’t know who was attacking us. When the bringers appeared, we knew it was him. They are the servants of the First, they do his bidding.”

His explanation continued for minutes as he explained them everything about Sunnydale, the council, the first and the hellmouth.

All the watchers and many things that could have been helpful to us disappeared in the fire. We didn’t have a clue about what to do until I met the Shadow men, they explained to me how the slayer was created.” And she explained them only stopping when she saw Liz glazed look.

“Liz?” she asked

“I had dreams like that and about other things too” she said as Max let go of her hand and put his arm around her shoulder.

“That’s horrible. How could they do that?” asked Max. The evening had given them answers but hearing that his fear for the one he loved increased.

“I know” said Buffy feelingly “I refused their ‘gift’ ” she said sarcastically “They showed me that if we wanted to have a chance against the First, the last slayer and the first one have to unite.”

“The fate of the world is resting on both of your shoulders, you and Buffy. You’re the only two who can protect and save us.” Added Giles

“What do you want from us?” asked Max voicing the question he and Liz dreaded now.


Max drove through the street of Roswell lost in his thoughts. He had gotten home last night in time for his curfew leaving the Crashdown just after Giles and Buffy. Sleep had come slowly for him as his mind didn’t want to shut down after everything he had learnt. His thoughts wandered back to Liz and what they had learnt about her. Everything seemed so farfetched but Liz believes it and what he had seen only proved it. What was going to happen was worrying him, to be honest he feared the following weeks. He didn’t fear them for him but for Liz. Everything in her life had become more dangerous and he didn’t like it. Since she had been thrown into his life, he had tried his best to protect her. This, he couldn’t protect her from, it was a part of her as his alien side was to him. IT was her life or more precisely her past life coming to intertwine with the one she lived now. The implications of this slayer thing were giving him a hard time. The harder to accept being the slayer was called upon the death of the last one. Just thinking about loosing her was like squeezing his heart in a death grip. He couldn’t imagine his life without her in it.

Arriving at the school, Max saw Liz next to the entrance and after parking his car joined her.

“Hi” he said before kissing her

“How are you?”

“Good. Asking myself if I’m not locked away in some mental asylum and imagining this in my head but good” she said wryly

“After living a year and a half dealing with aliens, you still are surprised?” he teased and only let out a small chuckle at her glare before continuing. “I was thinking. We’re really a pair, aren’t we? I mean we both have past life coming to haunt us, twisted destinies, complicated life…”

“Ha ! Ha !” she said “You’re a real comic. It’s not funny really” she said lightly pinching his forearm. She saw him make an exaggerated pout and sighed contently as she settled in his arms “It’s good to see you like that” it wasn’t something she could see often.

He completely understood what she was saying, he felt free and sickeningly happy even with everything that happened. Deciding to change the subject, he said

“I saw Mickeal and Isabel and I told them to meet us at Mickeal’s at 6 since your parents are back.

“I’ll let the other know if I see them which is almost sure.” Said Liz as they walked away hoping class would pass quickly.


As always, Mickeal’s apartment was packed for a group meeting. It seemed that most of their crises were discussed here or at the Crashdown. They didn’t seem to go anywhere else. Their little pow-wow as Kyle called it had started after school at Max’s request much to the dismay of the other who seemed to have lost all their ability to wait. The discussion was calmer now, more controlled. Once the chorus of “What?”, “It’s crazy!” and How can you believe that” had passed, it had been easier.

“Look” said Max “I wouldn’t have believed it a few weeks ago but I saw it with my own eyes and Liz believe what Buffy and Giles told her. I do too.”

“Ok.” Said Mickeal sighing “ I’ll believe you but with great doubts. I won’t say anything until we meet them.” Everyone nodded at his words agreeing with him. Max decided to let it go, knowing it would be the best he got from Mickeal.

“So” said Alex “What is Giles? … Since Buffy’s a vampire slayer” the last words were pronounced slowly as he couldn’t believe that he had uttered them. He was used to aliens, it would just take time to accept that now. How did our life become a supernatural mess? He asked himself once he had realized the direction of his thoughts.

“A watcher” said Liz “He guides and trains the slayer when she’s called.” Said Liz

“And they’re called if the last one dies?” asked Maria

“Not if” said Liz quietly “When

A gloomy silence hung in the air after her statement until Tess said

“So, the Sheriff was right” It seemed so unbelievable even for her, an alien walking on the face of earth.

“More or less.”Answered Max. Liz’s statement about the slayer’s death having had the same effect on them as he had on him the night before. Silencing them and make them realise some part of what it meant.

“What do they want?” asked Isabel

“They want Liz’s help against the First” he said even if he didn’t like it.

The Sheriff surprised everyone when he entered at this moment, having heard their conversation. He hadn’t wanted to go in but when he realized what was happening to Liz he knew had to do something . Now he realized that he had to talk to Max and make him understand he had to stop this from happening. He wouldn’t let someone he cared about be taken by this again.

“I have to talk to you Max” he said stonily

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