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Title: Taken
Author: Magikhands
Disclaimer: I own none of it
Summary: I'm not good at summaries. This takes place in season three. Tess does not kill Alex nor is there any bad agenda from her. This is all CC except this first chapter but there is a good reason for it that will be explained later. Don't get mad, I promise they are only together once, it's an alien thing.
WARNING!!! Tess is a main character along with Max and Liz- Not a M/T couple story
Feedback!! This is my first long one

Chapter 1

Liz grasped Max's hand tightly as they stood in front of a door as he rang the doorbell. They decided to confront the one person that was standing in the way of their future. She could feel how nervous he was but was determined to make things right so that they could finally go on with their lives. All of them.

A look of surprise crossed Tess's face when she saw that her visitors were Max and Liz.

"May we come in?" Max asked.

Tess simply nodded and moved so that they could enter. She led them to the sofa in the living room and sat in the chair across from them. Before anyone could say a word the phone rang causing them all to jump. Tess answered the phone thankful for the break in the tension that filled the room.

"Not tonight Kyle." she said. "I will call you laker, ok?" then she hung up. Max looked at her with question but she simply shrugged and tried to hide the smile that tried to emerge from hearing Kyle's voice but Liz saw it.

"We need to talk." Liz stated. The three young people sat and talked at length fro a while about all that had happened the last several months.

"I know in my heart that you are right." Tess side. "Anyone can see that you two are meant to be together and how much you love one another. I've spent 17 years searching for Max and believing that he would be mine again like on Antar. I know that you don't have those feelings for me and I am sorry for making it hard on you." Tears gathered in her eyes and she looked away trying to hide them. "I like you Liz and I want to be friends. I just need some time. I want to stay here because Max, Isabel, and Michael are the only ones I can honestly call family. I no longer have any interest in Max in any way but friendship. Please believe me."

Max took that moment to go and kneel in front of Tess and embrace her. He felt so much compassion for this girl who had been raised by an unfeeling alien. He knew that she had difficulty showing her emotions. The one who raised her had taught her that her human side, her feelings, were a weakness. She never had friends or family to lean on before coming here to Roswell.

"I care about you Tess. You are a part of our family now and always will be. We aliens need to stick together." Max smiled trying to lighten the moment.

Tess shook from her sobbing finally allowing her tears to flow freely. As she calmed, he suddenly became aware of how warm her body was next to his. Her body felt right and familiar. he could not explain in words what he began to feel but acted on instinct. He lowered his head and gently kissed her lips. They were soft and warm and tasted sweet. His mind was screaming at him 'Liz is here, right behind you! This is so wrong!!' but his body had its own agenda. He felt as if he was on autopilot and could not control what he was doing. Max's hands slowly began to move over her body and their kiss deepened.

Liz sat in shock at what had unfolded before her but yet it looked and felt so right. The scene was erotic as the two explored one another's bodies. She could feel her own wetness seeping into her panties. Suddenly she felt drawn to them. She knew that she needed to join them. Liz stood and placed a hand on Max's shoulder. As if in a trance he looked to her and she saw the confusion that filled his eyes. She smiled and took both his and Tess's hands and pulled them upstairs to the bedroom.

Liz released Max in the bedroom and turned her full attention to Tess. She reached out her hand and caressed the other girl's cheek. Liz allowed her body to take control as she undressed Tess with pain staking slowness.

Max knew that something alien was happening to the three of them. In normal circumstances this would never occur but they were no longer in control of their bodies. He tried to break the force but all he could do was stand frozen to the spot Liz left him and watch. In the back of his mind he knew that if he was to have a furture with Liz then this had to happen this way. But Max always had trouble with others in control He had felt his loss of control since Tess came to town. He was drawn to her and he hated that he could not control it and then they were told that they had no control over their own destinies. As a group they had decided to find their own way in the world but Max always felt a barrier with Liz. He felt restrained toward her, like they could only go so far.

So he stood and watched as Tess took her time undressing Liz befor they both turned to him. When both girls touched him a warmth spread through his body leaving a light that faded everywhere their hands touched. When all three were completely undressed only then was he able to move. They went to the large bed and immediately tangled together allowing their hands and lips explore.

When they finally broke apart for air Max immediately pinned Tess under him and entered her. She gasped as he filled her causing her to stretch to accommodate his size. What they shared felt like a mating ritual, it happened quick and primal. Liz laid next to them watching, listening to their groans and grunts while caressing Max's backside. She never dreamed that she would be able to watch as Max had sex with another woman. Just the thought of him doing it tore her heart but this felt right, needed even.

Max and Tess climaxed together and he rolled off her allowing her to be next to Liz. She had switched her caressing hand from Max to Tess feeling the sweat on her body and waiting for her breathing to slow. Liz bent over and flicked Tess's nipple with her tongue smiling when the other gasped at the sensation. Liz let her hand travel down to her nest of blonde curls and she felt the slickness of Max and Tess mixed together. liz found her nub and began to rub it causing Tess to buck her hips. She looked up at the blonde's face and kissed her lips. They were soft and sweet, so unlike a man's. Tess reached down and found the slickness of Liz and together they found sweet climax together.

Max again watched as the two girls caressed and made love to each other. Normally this was any guy's dream but this situation was a bit awkward to an outsider. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sounds of pleasure coming from the two as they came closer to ecstasy. He could not wait for them to be finished because he knew that it would be his turn with Liz.

Before Max could break in when she and Tess completed, Liz moved over and pinned him under her. He was heard again adn waiting and she slid slowly down his throbbing penis. He stopped her when he felt her barrier. She saw the love that he had for her in his beautiful golden eyes.

"I don't want to hurt you." he said softly.

"Liz bent over and took his mouth in hers letting their tongues mingle as one then she pushed fully on him finally breaking all barriers. Max felt the pain that held Liz still and wanted to heal her but she seemed to know what he was thinking. She shook her head and started to move sending waves of pleasure through his body.

Tess had caught her breath and watched in awe as Liz and Max made love. She wanted to get up and leave them to be alone but her body would not listen. She still felt the need to be with them and join them so she slid next to them and began to caress and kiss both of them all over as Liz rode Max. Tess felt the pleasure of both and again enjoyed her own release as the two lovers climaxed. She knew that now she oculd get on with her life and let Max go finally. He was in good hands.

Max kissed Liz as she rolled to his side then he turned to Tess and kissed her.
"Thank you" he whispered to her. Then with one girl on each side, he pulled them both close and they drifted into sweeet slumber.


The man waited for the signal as he kept his sites on his target. Looking through his scope he could see three figures sleeping. 'Lucky guy' he thought as he target moved slightly between the two women pulling them closer. He had no idea who these young people were and he wished he was not here but orders were orders then he would be told that this never happened. It occurred that way every time. The order was barked into his ear and the man pulled the trigger. The male jerked slightly as the dart hit the perfect position in the neck. Beside him the two females did similar motions. All targets were hit. Mission completed.
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Taken: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

A blinding headache woke Max. A hard, cold surface supported him sending chills through his body. He tried to open his eyes but they were so heavy. He tried to move his limbs but they felt like lead. The pounding of his head caused tears to come to his eyes. He moaned as he coaxed his body into switching positions. His body felt bruised. His mouth dry and tongue thick.

Max lay there and strained thinking about what happened. He remembered going to Tess's with Liz then things got blurry. The last thought he remembered was how happy he was that Liz was totally his now and how good it felt between the warmth of Tess and...LIZ!

The thought of Liz made his eyes snap open but he immediately shut them due to the blinding whiteness he saw. Willing his body to move he turned and felt around him and found a wall to his back. He made himself sit up and lean against the wall while his groans of pain filled the silent room. Slowly he opened his eyes again a little at a time allowing them to adjust to the brightness of the room.

As he looked around he knew that he was not longer in Tess's room. The room he now occupied was very small and everything was white. In the middle of the room was a steel table. It looked to be the type you would find in a morgue.

"Hello Max." a voice boomed from unknow speakers.

Max placed his hands over his ears, the voice causing his head to pound more. Max stood using the wall for support. His head swam threatening to engulf him in the darkness that outlined his vision suddenly. He felt nauseated and weak but was determined to fight it.

"What did you do to me?" he croaked, his throat dry and scratchy, then grimaced at the sound.

"Don't worry Max. The effects of the drugs will eventually wear off."

"How do you know who I am? Where's Liz? Tess?" Max tried to sound forceful but his head felt so groggy that he had a hard time concentrating. The pain sharpened.

"For now they are fine." the voice assured him. The sounds made him wince. "I need your cooperation right now. I want you to lie on the table and be completely still. No matter what you feel it is important that you must not move. Will you do that?"

Max wanted to shake his head but the darkness edged closer in his vision. "Tess?" he asked again. "Liz?"

"If I show you that they are all right will you cooperate?"

Max was having a hard time focusing but he finally nodded knowing that he would endure anything to keep them safe.

"Look to your left."

As he turned his head to the left the wall seemed to fade into a window. He saw Tess lying on a silver table . Her eyes were squeezed shut and tears ran down her face.

"What are you doing to her?"

The window became a wall again. "Look to the right." the voice sounded ignoring his question.

The wall to the right became a window and he saw Liz lying on the silver table in the same position. He could see that she was in pain. "Liz." his voice caught on her name. He leaned heavily on the wall as he watched her fade, the window now a wall again. "What the hell are you doing to her?"

"Max. Lie on the table."

Max's emotions overcame him. he knew that he was pwoerless to help either of them. he could not stop what was happening. His legs sagged under him wanting to collapse.

"I showed you that they were safe, now do what you said you would. I don't want any harm to come to you."

Max pushed himself off the wall and stumbled to the table. Each step seemed to drain more strength from him. It took the rest of it to climb on the table. The darkness had almost filled his vision now.

"Close your eyes and keep them closed. No matter what you feel keep still or we will have to begin again."

Max obeyed and began to drift into the darkness but the pain that started at his feet brought him back. With the slowness of a snail, the pain drifted up his body. He squeezed his eyes shut soon feeling the tears run down his face as he had seen on Tess and Liz. He knew that as long as the pain crept in his body the darkness would not consume him. he waited for the pain to finish its path up his body and as it ended in his throbbing head he finally gave in and screamed.

Exhaustion filled his body when the pain left. He heard a door open and felt his wrists and ankles being secured to the table. He opened his eyes and saw through his blurry vision two men in white securing him. He had no strength left to fight them. One man reached into a bag and pulled something out. When Max finally focused on it he saw that it was a syringe. The sight caused Max to struggle but in his weakened state it did not amount to anything but some movement.

"No" he managed to cry as fear filled him. The other man held Max's arm still as the first one drew several vials of blood. Finally Max's system shut down allowing him to be consumed by the darkness that beckoned him.


A man watched a wall filled with monitors paying special attention to the three directly in front of him. He was an older man with salt and pepper hair looking to be close to his sixties. He wore a casual sport shirt and kakis. He had an aura of authority.

Another man walked into he room and laid a large stack of papers in front of the other man. This one wore a whit lab coat and he was built lanky, kind of nerdish with a balding head.

"Tell me the main points so far Peterson" he said continuing his watchful eye on the three sleeping figures.

"Well, Dr. Harper, the male is as you suspected, not fully human. The blonde female is also not fully human. The other female is 100% human but..." Peterson paused wanting all of the doctor's attention.


"She's pregnant."

This brought Harper's eyebrows up. "How far?"

"Uuh, about 24 hours by our calculations sir."

"His." It wasn't a question but a knowing statement then he smiled. "We'll keep her too. Do the tests needed on her and when they wake start the psychological assessment. We are done with the physicals correct?"

"Yes Doctor."

"Good. Here are the instructions to follow." He handed Peterson the file as he left Harper alone. He turned back to the monitors. "An heir is on the way."


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Taken: Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

When Max woke again his stomach cramped and the nausea hit him. His body ached and he felt like a truck had hit him. He found himself on a mat in the same small room. He remembered nothing since he blacked out.

Max heard the door open and saw two large men enter. They wore blue scrubs that their muscles seemed to stretch the seams to the fullest. They both sported crew cuts with features that resembled each other. They each took an arm and hauled him out of the room down a long hall lined with closed doors. At the end they opened a door and shoved him in. Max fell to his hands and knees but raised his head to see where he was.

It was a good size room with a large shower area with several showerheads in the wall and a couple of stalls with toilets but no doors. Also there were several sinks and cabinets. Max crawled to the shower area and pulled off the shorts he had on. He reached up and turned on the shower as hot as he could stand and sat there letting the water run over his hurting body.

He rose to his hands and knees again with the intention to try and stand when his stomach forced its contents up. Max felt a little better and stronger afterwards. He was able to pull himself up to his feet leaning against the wall still letting the hot water run down his body. While he stood there he vomited several more times, his body trying to get the drugs out of his system.

He finally found the strength to leave the shower and walk to the sink. He looked in the mirror and saw a stranger looking back at him. He looked like hell with dark circles under his eyes and face filled with fatigue and sickness from the drugs he had been given. He noticed a thin band around his neck and fingered it. He tried to use his posers to remove it but they were restrained, somehow blocked. Max found a pair of white scrubs laid out on the cabinet and put them on. 'Why does it all have to be white?' he thought.

The two men came back in as soon as Max finished dressing and escorted him back down the hall to another door. They pushed him inside then closed the door. Max turned and tried the door but it was locked of course. He looked at his new surroundings and found himself in another white room. He was really beginning to hate the color. There was a small table with three chairs and a large mattress on the floor serving as a bed. A screen that sectioned off a corner of the room concealed a sink and toilet. Still feeling weak and tired Max plopped down on the mattress closing his eyes against the brightness of the white hoping that the throbbing still present in hes head would subside.

Max must have drifted off because he did not know how long he laid on the mattress when he heard the door open and an umph sound. He sat up and saw Tess on the floor. She wore an outfit like his and looked pretty bad off. Like him also, she had dark circles under her eyes and looked like hell. The drugs really messed with their systems.

Tess looked up and relief washed over her face. She struggled to get up when Max jumped up and helped her. When he reached her, she clung to him tightly.

"I don't feel so well." her voice coming out as a whisper.

Max helped her over to the toilet knowing that she was having a strong reaction to the drug leaving her system. He wet a cloth and held it to her head cooling her hot skin as she struggled to get the drugs from her body.

Though he was still weak, Max picked Tess up and carried her to the mattress and held her until she quit shivering. As he sat there with her in his arms he felt her fall into an exhausted sleep. He knew that she was feeling better. He did not know how but their alien connection was growing stronger. He could feel the fear and worry from her concerning him, Liz and herself. He sat and allowed the images of their time at Tess's home to rush back and contemplated it's meaning to them.

Time seemed to stop while Max sat in the bright, quiet room. He had to try hard not to think of Liz too much and what they could be doing to her. He could feel her through their conneciton that had formed when he healed her but it was weak and he could not tell where she was.

When Max let his mind wander too far his fear rose in his chest and he felt that he would explode. He had been through torture and tests when Pierce had captured him and he had swore that it would never happen to anyone else. But he had failed. Now Tess and Liz would have to go through unspeakable hell at his expense, just because they were with him.

Max took a deep breath. Having a pity party for himself and laying all the blame on himself will not help them get out. He tried to keep his thoughts simple and clear. How long have they been gone? Did Michael and Isable know they were missing? Is it day or night? What day?

Tess whimpered and moved in his arms and he soothed her running his hands through her hair letting her know that he was there. She quickly quieted down slipping back into a deep sleep. He looked down at her peaceful face wishing that sleep would come that easy for him.


Isabel stood at the door and knocked. There was no answer but she knew he was there. It was late and he was probably asleep but this was important. She started banging on the door. She could have just used her powers to unlock it but Michael had asked for some privacy when it came to his home. It seemed to be alien central most of the time.

"Screw privacy" she muttered as she placed her hand on the knob. The door flew open startling her.

"What?" Michael yelled at her.

Isabel looked more startled by his appearance. She could tell that she had woken him but he camed to the door in his boxer and she saw that there were marks all over his chest.

"UUhh, Michael..." she stammered.

Michael ran a hand through his hair and sighed.

"I'm sorry Iz. What is up?"

"Have you seen Max?"

Michael shook his head. "No, not since yesterday. I thought he had to work today."

"He was suppose to but he did not come home last night and Brody said that he did not show up for work. I can't find Tess or Liz either. I am really starting to freak because I can't find Maria now. I know she had the day off. Do you think something happened?

"Iz, come inside."

While Michael went to his room, Iz paced the floor. She had called Kyle and Alex but they had not seen the others today. They were out looking for them now and said that they would meet back at Micael's. Michael returned from his room fully clothed and Maria following behind fixing her shirt. When Maria looked at Isabel she blushed and looked away.

"Ok. Now tell me what is goig on." Michael said as he sat on the couch with Maria next to him.

"Last I saw Max was yesterday before he went to Liz's. He had told me that they were going to go and talk with Tess. He never came home. Liz's parents are worried about her. I'm worried about them all."

"What about Tess's? Did you check there?"

Just then there was a knock at the door then it opend and Kyle and Alex enterd. Isabel turned to Alex. "Did you find them?"

He shook his head as he sat on a stool.

"Did you check at Tess's house?" Michael asked again starting to get worried.

"Yes but no answer."

Kyle was still at he door looking at the group in fornt of him. "Let's go check it out agian. That was the last place that we know they all were."

They all nodded and left.


(Don't worry. Max and Tess are not together. Just comforting each other during this ordeal. Liz is still very much in the picture. :) )

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Taken: chapter 4

Post by magikhands » Mon Oct 13, 2003 8:42 pm

** Thanks for the feedback- I promise it is not a M/T story/ uugh!!! Just bare with it for a little while. It all falls in place. These parts with Tess establish that they have put the past behind them and are there for each other in rough times. Liz is Max's first choice but things had to be done that way. Sorry **

Chapter 4

Max knew that Tess was awake before she moved. He felt her in his mind. Tess laid there in Max's arms accepting the warmth and security he was providing but wished that it was someone else. She rose off of him and looked into his eyes and saw it in his golden eyes. Could he actually care and worry about her after all she did to him and Liz? What about Liz she thought. Where was she?

'I am worried for all of us' Max's voice came through her head loud but his lips had not moved. She looked at him stunned and he gave her the slightest smile and glanced toward a camera in the corner of the room by the door.

'A new power developed. Let's not let Big Brother know.' Tess almost nodded her head but remembered the camera.

"Are you alright?" her voice sounded gravelly.

"Yeah. Better. How about you?" Tess nodded and immediately regretted it.

"The headache will go away. It's the effects of the drugs."

Max noticed that Tess also wore a band around her neck. He reached out and fingered it bringing it to her attention.

"It suppresses out powers" he whispered to her. Max released the band ran a hand through his hair.

"Have you seen Liz?" he asked his concern evident.

"No." Tess could feel his fear for Liz growing. She saw guilt flash in his eyes. "Quit blaming yourself. I have a feeling that we will be seeing her soon."

Max nodded. 'I feel her Tess. I know that she is here but I can't get through to her. I can't tell if she is hurting or what they are doing to her.'

Tess put her hand on his shoulder trying to comfort him. She didn't know what to say to make him feel better. If Kyle was here he would quote something from Budda that did not always make sense but somehow made you feel better.

The door opened and the same two thugs from earlier entered. They placed some food and drink on the table then left without a word or glance. Max knew that they were both weak and needed to find a way to keep their strength if they were to get out of this situation. He helped Tess over to the table where they picked at the food not really wanting it. When they finished playing with it they both went to the matress to rest.


When the group arrived at Tess's house it was dark inside. They went around to the back and tried the door. It was locked but that was not a problem for Michael. Using his powers he heard a click and turned the handle. Michael went first followed by Kyle then the girls with Alex in the back. The turned on a few lights as they went searching for clues.

In the Den they found Liz's purse beside the couch, also several glasses on the table filled with warm coke. When they reached the upstairs bedroom they saw that the bed was not made. In fact it was in a very rumpled state. They also noticed the window open but nothing else appeared out of place. No other clues could be found.

"Well now what?" Alex asked as they stood in the room looking at the bed.

Michael shrugged and sat on the bed. The contact of his hands on the sheet caused flashes.

**He saw Max and Liz and Tess in the room
**Then he saw the three lying in the bed naked embracing one another
**Then they were sleeping
**Finally he saw men dressed in black carrying them out

"They have them." Michael stated.

"Who?" Kyle asked at they all turned to Michael.

"I don't know but they were here. I saw flashes then men dressed in black carrying them out. They were unconscious."

"Not again." Maria whispered as she hugged herself. She was thinking of when Max was taken by Pierce.

"Where did they go?" Isabel asked her voice a pitch hight showing her anxiety and desperation in finding them.

"Iz, try reaching them. Maybe they can help us find them."

Isabel nodded then laid on the bed and tried to relax as the others sat on the floor, Alex taking a spot right next to the bed by her. Michael sat with her on the bed and held her hand, ready to lend her any energy she may need. Isabel took several deep breathes and thought of Max. She pictured him in her mind and reached out to him. Nothing. She tried Tess. Again nothing. Then she tried Liz. She felt Liz. She tried to reach her but something seemed to be blocking her. As she pushed deeper, closer to Liz, Isabel felt pain. It was a sharp, burning pain flowing through her body.

'Liz!' she tried calling out but no answer came. She could go no further, the pain was too intense.

Isabel sat up and pasped for breath as the pain she felt subsided.

"What did you see?" Michael and Alex both reached for her.

"Nothing." she said her voice empty. "I found nothing of Tess or Max but.." She paused to take another breath clearing her head. "Liz. I felt her. I could not get close though. Maybe she's drugged but I felt a lot of pain. Oh, Michael. What are they doing to them?" she sobbed leaning on him.

"It's alright. Shhh. We will find them." He looked at the others. "Let's go back to my place and we will try again later. Kyle, call your dad and let him know what is going on. He will be a big help."


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Taken: Chapter 5

Post by magikhands » Mon Oct 13, 2003 10:34 pm

** Remeber that the evil Dr. is doing physical experiments and psychological research on them. Seeing how they handle different situationss all to test his theories on aliens. PLEASE don't go postal about the shower scene. The thugs are just perverted paid evil help getting their rocks off hurting people.**

Chapter 5

Dr. Harper sat watching the monitors again. Over 36 hours had passed and the couple in the room spoke little and in hushed tones. They comforted each other there was not any sexual intimacy. He picked up the phone still watching the couple, he had to be sure that he was right. "Start the next Phase."

The two thugs barged into the room. They were the only people that Max and Tess had seen and he started thinking of them as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum with the exceptions of lots of muscle bulk instead of fat, jolly stomaches.

Max and Tess were taken to the large bathroom. The door was closed after the four of them entered. The men stood in front of them each smilied evil smiles. Tess stepped closer to Max. She did not like the looks on their faces.

"Take off your clothes." Tweedle Dee demanded.

Rage built in Max slowly rising to boiling. "Go to Hell!" he growled.

Tweedle Dum looked over at Tess and his smile became broader. Max saw this and moved to block Tess. He knew that these men could easily hurt them both but he would not show his fear.

The one who spoke pulled a small device from his pocket and showed it to Max. An image of Liz appeared. She was lying on the cold, hard table and appeared to be sleeping.

"One press of a button and your friend's body will be filled with excruciating pain."

Panic swept through Max. He could not let them cause Liz pain. He would do anything to protect her. Max shed his clothing while Tess followed suit. She still stood behind Max allowing him to block her from the thug's learing eyes.

Tweedle Dee smiled approvingly at Max. He loved having so much power over people. It was intoxicating as the rush ran through his body. "Go shower." And they left.

Max stood staring at the closed door. He dreaded turning around knowing that Tess stood nude behind him. He had no attraction to her. They had seen each other the night they were all together but things were different then. He felt no attraction to her that night either but his body responded anyhow.

Max heard Tess walk across the floor and start a shower. He let out a sigh of relief. Quickly he walked to the shower farthest from Tess and turned it on.

The hot water felt wonderful on his sore body. He remembered little of his last shower. The anger that he felt was finally calming but his worry for Liz increased. What were they doing to her? He needed to hear her voice, to touch her. His heart was aching knowing that she was alone. Could she feel him as he could her?

Suddenly he felt a sharp pressure through his body then a whimper from Tess. He spun around and saw that she had crumbled to the floor. "Tess!" He ran over to her and took her in his arms. She was in intense pain, he could feel it and it was etched on her face.

As quickly as the pain began, it ended leaving her feeling drained and weak. She sat in his arms shaking and sobbing as he tried to sooth her assuring her that she was ok. When she finally quit shaking he helped her to her feet then helped her dress. While he dressed she sat leaning against a wall starring out at nothing.

Tweedle Dee and Dum came to escort them back to their room. Max refused to let one of them touch her so he carried her back setting her on the mattress. They sat on the bed while Tess regained control of herself when the suffocating pressure returned. This time it was different, it was only a strong discomfort. She looked at Max and saw that it was he who was experiencing the sharp pain now. She grabbed him and looked to the camera shouting at it.

"Stop! Stop it! Please!" The last word begging, full of pain as her tears flowed.

The pain continued longer than it had for Tess. The one in control seemed to be testing their pain threshold. As the pain left she sat with Max soothing him as he had done with her.

Isabel and the others met with Kyle's dad, Jim. They told him what they thought had happened. Being the Sheriff he pulled some resources and looked into some leads but they were all dead ends. They decided as a group that they would cover for Max and Liz letting their parents believe that they ran away together. Meanwhile Isabel would continue to try and reach one of them.

Dr. Harper was estatic. His theories were being proven true about the aliens. For over two days he had tested them and the results were fantastic. Their bodies were very adaptable. The male and female seemed to be bonding a close friendship but that was all. They comforted each other.

He also noticed the males agitation. The bands monitored their heart rate and his had began to rise slowly as his agitation grew. He spent much time pacing the room. Harper knew that he was worried about the human. He had purposly withheld her from him.

Peterson entered the room. "Dr. here are all the tests results on the human. We are done for now and you will be pleased. She is in perfect health and the baby is fine."

"Perfect." Harper looked at the other man and handed him a folder. "Time to switch."

TBC... (Here comes Liz! :D )

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Taken: Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Tweedle Dee and Dum entered the room Max and Tess were in. They ignored Max and grabbed Tess from the bed and pulled her to the door. She struggled against them yelling. Max tried to intervine but Tweedle Dum swatted him away like an annoying fly. He was still weak from a recent round of surges from the neckband so he could only watch as they dragged her out and closed the door. An image of blasting the thugs with his powers like Michael did to Pierce came to his mind. The picture made him smile slightly.

'Tess where did they take you?' Max asked in her head.

'I am in the little cell again where we started out.'

'Are you ok?'

'Yeah, I'm fine. They did not do anything but shove me in here then leave.'

Liz was tired and weary. She felt like she'd been here forever. All concept of time was gone. She had spent the many hours alone sleeping. The only people she had seen were the medical people who came in garbed like surgeons. They did a lot of testing on her. Sleeping was her way of escaping what they were doing. When she slept she was with Max and felt safe and sane. She was really worried about him. She had not seen Max or Tess since she woke but she could feel tell that they were near. She could feel them.

Two huge men came in her cell and took her down a long white hall. They roughly shoved her into another room. At first the brightness of the room blinded her but as her eyes adjusted she saw a dark haired figure sitting on a mattress staring at her.

"Liz?" he croaked, his voice filled with emotion. He could not believe that she was there in front of him. It had to be a dream.

"Max!" her voice full of relief. She ran to him and they held each other tightly. She grabbed his face and kissed him but he withdrew wincing at the pain. She then noticed the cut on his lip and the blood drying on the swelling lip. Her face fell. He was hurt and it tore at her heart seeing him like that.

"Oh, Max. I'm sorry. I did not mean to hurt you." he eyes filling with tears.

"It's ok. It will heal." he said trying to give her a reassuring smile without grimacing at the pain it caused. He took her face in his hands and gently kissed her lips, their softness intoxicating him. Slowly he deepened the kiss so it was comfortable for him. Then the flashes came.

**He saw how Liz smiled at him while they sat on her balcony talking before going to Tess's
**He saw how sick she'd been when the drugs wore off
**He could see how alone she felt as they performed tests on her
**He saw and heard another heartbeat in her body!!

Max broke the connection and stared at her stunned.

'She's pregnant with my child' he thought.

Liz smiled and nodded. Max's shock intensified.

'You heard me?' he tried again in his mind.

'Yes' she answered in his head.

Max pulled her near and held on for dear life. The excitement and joy he felt overwhelmed him. He could not believe that they had made a baby. He again kissed her allowing the love he felt for her flow into her mind as she did the same.

They lay wrapped in each other's arms for hours caressing and softly talking. They were very aware of 'Big Brother' watching and felt shy at doing much more. They were very content just being with one another knowing that they were safe for now.

Max relayed to Tess that Liz was with him and she was fine. Tess told him that she was lonely and missed them.

The Tweedle twins barged into the room causing Max to pull Liz closer to him if that was possible. Adrenalin began to pump through his body waiting to jump into action. The men stood above them trying to be intimidating. Max's expression hardened. This brought a smirk to Tweedle Dee's lips knowing that he could easily handle this kid. He could not wait to knock him down a notch or two. Show him who was in control. A voice sounded in the earpiece that he wore wiping the smirk off his face. Damn, there goes the fun.

"Let's go, both of you." Tweedle Dee said making room fro them to rise.

They were taken to the bathroom. Liz thought how wonderful it would be having the hot water run down her body washing away the feeling of others hands upon her.

Max turned when he heard the door close. He expectied to find the thugs standing there but they had left.

He turned back to Liz and gathered her into his arms. He ran his fingers through her hair feeling her shiver responding to him. Kissing her lightly Max moved his hands to the bottom of her shirt then pulled it up over her head so he could have full view of her breasts. They were beautiful. He reached a hand out and softly caressed ones edge. Her nipple hardened in reaction to his touch sending a surge of blood to his groin.

Max bent and took the nipple in his mouth, his tongue caressing it. His other hand sought its twin and rolled the nipple between his fingers. The assault brought a gasp from Liz. Her hands went to his hair and pulled him closer.

Max lifted his head and kissed her deeply as his hands moved further down to her waist. He broke the kiss and bent down taking her pants with him. he was eye level to her core and he could smell her essence. He wanted to taste her so bad and he knew that she wanted it too but first they need to shower. He could also feel how bad Liz wanted to wash away the memories of what they did to her.

Max rose to his feet and saw the disappointment in her face. He could not help smiling. She looked like a three year old who had dropped her lollipop in the dirt.

"Let's get cleaned up." he whispered in her ear as he licked the lobe.

Shivers ran down her spine as she felt his warm tongue on her skin. She nodded and watched amazed as he stripped his clothing. 'My god, he's beautiful.'

Max blushed as he looked up at her. She had forgotten about the telepathic thing and a blush crept to her cheeks. She did not know if she would like this power. It could be inconvenient at times. Max just smiled and led her to the showers.


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Taken: Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Max led Liz to the shower. He turned on the water making it as hot as they could stand it. They stood together in each other's arms letting the water pound their bodies.

After several minutes Max broke away and reached for the shampoo. He poured some in his hand then proceeded to wash her hair as he gently massaged her scalp. Liz totally relaxed leaning back resting on his chest. The feel of his fingers on her sent shivers through her body. Max then found the soap and with deliberate slowness lathered her up covering every inch of her body. Max's hands on her body sent her close to the edge. Her body felt hot and burned with a consuming passion that threatened to explode.

Max then completely rinsed Liz of all soap. As soon as he was done Liz turned and returned the favor. Liz made sure her hand lingered longer in his groin area noting how he stood erect and waiting. Liz went to her knees as she washed both of Max's legs and as she rose she flicked her tongue across the head of his length. Max groaned and twitched with pleasure.

Max embraced her and gently kissed her soft lips. 'I love you.'

'I love you Max.' Liz said as she turned and rested against his back. She had her eyes closed and enjoyed the mixture of Max's arms around her and the hot water that still pounded their bodies. Suddently Liz felt a sharp pressure in her body and felt Max slip away from her. Her eyes flew open and saw him on hte floor croutched in a fetal position, his face filled with pain.

"Max!" She yelled "What is wrong?"

Wave after wave of pressure crashed into her as he suffered some strange ailment. As fast as it had begun the sensations stopped leaving Max not looking well.

"What happened?" she asked but Max just shook his head trying to catch his breath and rose unsteady using the wall for assistance. He turned off the water and led her to the cabinet to get dressed. Liz was really worried about Max. His face was pale and unshed tears glistened in his eyes. He allowed her to help him dress.

Once in their room again Max collapsed on the bed, his energy totally drained. Liz was immediately by his side. He saw the concerned that filled her eyes and could feel her emotions bombarding him. The worry and fear overwhelmed him but under it all he felt the love for him.

'Max are you ok?' Tess asked.


'That was more powerful than the others. Are you sure you are ok?'

'Yes. Liz is here.' Tess left his mind knowing that Liz would take care of him.

Max looked at Liz and gave her a smile trying to comfort her anxiety but it looked weak.

"I'm alright. It was pass, it just takes a while to recover."

"This has happened before?" she asked shocked. She had not felt anything until now from him.

Max nodded then fingered the band on his neck. Liz had noticed it earlier but it did not register until now what it could be.

'It seems to block our powers. Somehow they know enough about our physiology that they found a way to suppress them but it has brought out our telepathic abilities.'

"Tess also has one." he said ever mindful of what he said out loud.

Liz leaned closer and placed her lips to his. Already his sore was almost healed as he healed faster than a human and the pain was gone. At first the kiss was light and cautious but their desire and need for one another grew the kiss deepened. The images of what happened in the shower entered their minds and the passion was renewed.

They quickly shed their clothing as their desire took control. The need to be together was too strong to resist. Max ached to encase himself inside of Liz, to feel her tight, wet core wrapped around him. Liz's body hummed with her need. She needed to touch him all over and taste him.

Liz slid down his body and placed a kiss on his erection. He twitched and moaned at the sensation. Slowly she place his length into her mouth letting the warmth embrace him.

"UUUggggghhhhhh! Liz!"

Slowly she slid her mouth up and down feeling herself start to drip with need. Max rode the waves of pleasure until he could take no more. Swiftly he lifted her off of him and flipped them so that he knelt over her. She was so beautiful but his desire grew more and his urge to be inside of her took control. Max plunged into Liz hard and deep.

"Max!" Liz gasped as he filled her.

They melted into one as the connection took hold. They could not tell where one ended and the other began. They were now one. Slowness was thrown out of the window as their primal urges possessed them. Max plunged into her deep and hard as she met him with each stroke. Soon the pleasure was too much for their bodies to hold and they exploded together crying out the others name.

Max collapsed on Liz then rolled to the side taking her with him. She nuzzled into his neck and sighed. No longer did they care that they were being wathced. All they knew was that they had each other.

More next week, going out of town for the weekend with no computer around.

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Taken: Chapter 8

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Had a great weekend. Was surrounded by thousands of bikers at a beach. Fun, eh? Too bad I can't incorporate all the leather I saw in here 8)

Chapter 8

Dr. Harper was sitting in front of the monitors again. He could not help but smile. This was getting more and more interesting. Peterson entered the room and sat next to Harper.

"He has chosen the human as his mate, not one of his own."

Peterson shook his head. "But Dr., we found them all together. Our surveillance picked up what they did. Could he not have more than one?"

Harper shook his head and looked at the man next to him. "No. He is part human so he can be with them like us but only his mate that he chooses can carry his child. He has feelings for the femal but it is the human that is carring his child."

Peterson looked at the monitors still looking perplexed at it all. He figured that some things were beyond his comprehension.

Tess lay on the mat in the small cell. She hated the quiet that surrounded her. She had never felt more alone in her life as she did at that moment. She never did like being alone yet she was all of her life. Nassado never allowed her to get involved with others until they found Max, Michael, and Isabel. They were her family.

Tess felt Max reach out to her. He had felt her lonliness and was trying to comfort her. He was with Liz and Tess thought that she would feel jealous but she realized that she had let all of those feelings go the night they were all together. She could feel the love that Max had for Liz and she wished for a love like that. Tess thought of the brown haired boy who had captured her heart. If she got out of here she would make her feelings known to him, she swore to herself. Maybe she could have a second chance. Tess closed her eyes and took comfort in the thought of someones arms embracing her, holding her close. She no longer felt so alone.

Harper picked up the phone next to him still feeling giddy inside. (Yes, I used the word giddy). Things were going as planned, if not better. The test results were encouraging.

"Time to switch." he said when someone answered the other end.

Max woke from another strange dream. They were occuring more often. The dreams had started about two weeks before they were taken. He had told no one because they were so jumbled that he could barely remember them. They were slowly begining to make sense but he still did not want to say anything about it yet. He tightened his grip on Liz pulling her closer.

Max lay there thinking. Looking back on the days he had spent in this hell he realized that they were being experimented on. Not like what Pierce wanted to do but more mentally. He had noticed some similarities of occurances when he was with Tess and then with Liz. They were watching how they reacted to different situations. But Max could not determine what exactly were they looking for. His instincts told him that they would be getting visitors again soon.

Tweedle Dee and Dum finally made their appearance later that day and Max jumped to his feet protectively standing in front of Liz. Tweedle Dee smiled knowing that he was thinking that the girl would be taken from him but that was not to be the case. The two men went straight for Max and they each grabbed an arm and started to drag him to the door.

Too late Max realized that they had come to take him instead of Liz. He saw Liz get up and there was anger and fear mixed in her dark eyes. He struggled against the men.

"No, Liz. Don't." He called to her when he saw her step toward them. In her mind she heard his sweet words of love and comfort and stayed where she was.

In the hall Max quit struggling and became limp. When the men's grips eased Max took the advantage and broke free of them and ran to the door that they had just exited. The sharp, blinding pain began suddenly causing his legs to collapse. The pain was more intense than ever before and it stayed for a longer than before. Max was having trouble breathing as his body felt like it was burning. His vision began to blurr then the blackness started to surround him. The pain finally ended right before he passed out. The men approached Max and scooped him up, taking him to the small cell from earlier.

Liz stood frozen staring at the closed door. They had taken Max and left her alone again. Tears were building in her eyes when she felt the pressure in her body. She knew that they were using the damn band on Max and grimaced feeling the pressure more intense than usual.

'Max!' she yelled in her head.

'It's ok.' she heard weakly in her head. It was filled with pain.

'Don't worry. I will be alright. Do what they want, Please!' she begged know that the two large men had little patience and wanted nothing more than to make their lives more of a hell than they already were in, especially Max.


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Taken: Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

The quiet was making Liz's nerves rattle. She felt edgy and anxious. She felt like she was about to lose it all and go crazy. She had shed so many tears that no more would form. She paced the room trying to get rid of her nervous energy and keep busy. She had to keep her mind clear and off of Max. She had tried to keep in contact with him but he was so exhausted and weak from that last surge from the band that she wanted him to rest and gain his strength back.

Liz turned at the sound of the door opening. She hoped to see Max but saw Tess standing there. Liz ran to her and hugged her fiercely. Tess was surprised by Liz's reaction to her and stood there a moment before akwardly returning the hug. The both felt the immediate connection. Tess pulled away and looked at Liz shocked.

"OMG." she whispered. Liz just smiled and nodded.

'Shhh. I don't think they know that we can tell.'

'How can you do this?' Tess asked again surprised.

Liz embraced her again and pulled her to the bed.

'I'm not sure. It is either because of Max healing me and changing me like Ava said or by carrying Max's son.'

Finally Tess gave in to her feelings and gave Liz the most heartfelt, sincere hug she had ever given. They were both happy not to be alone anymore.

"Where's Max?" Tess asked. 'I haven't been able to contact him. Is he alright?'

"They took him a while ago." Liz said as the happiness faded from her face. 'He says he is all right but he is very weak. He was trying to rest.'

'I knew I felt that something had happened but it was weak and could not tell exactly what then he was blocking me. I was really scared.'

Liz reached for Tess's hand and patted it. "He will be ok." 'He is strong and will not leave us if he can help it.'

The following days were spent much like the ones before. There was no way of knowing if it was day or night but they slept often. Tess and Liz had long talks and really got to know each other. How could they not locked in the same room with each other hours on end.

They checked on Max often. Liz's connection to him was the strongest and she got the feeling that he was hiding something. He was trying to block them but they felt emotions of anger, pain, sadness, lonliness, and guilt pouring out of him. When they questioned him, he refused to talk about it.

Finally Tess brought up the subject that they both were ignoring. Max. Tess looked at Liz with sincerity. "I'm sorry Liz."

Liz gave her a puzzled look wondering what she was talking about. "For what?"

"I'm sorry for everything. I have screwed with your life since I first came to Roswell and I now wish that I hadn't. I know that you are his true destiny in this life. I've known it since I first saw you two together but I did not want to fully accept that he had found someone else. That is until you came to my house that night. I care about Max a lot, I feel connected to him as I do with Michael and Isabel but I don't love him like I did in our other lives. I don't think I ever really did. He was mine then but he truly belongs to you now. Will you forgive me?"

Tears came to Liz's eyes knowing that Tess meant every word she said. She could feel that it was the truth. She also knew that it took a lot of courage to show how she felt. The emotions she felt for Tess at the moment was overwhelming.

"Of course I forgive you." Liz said giving her friend a hug and allowing her love wash through Tess who began to cry also. For the first time in this life Tess felt love and acceptance from two people who she knew would never leave her alone again.

Liz pulled away and looked at Tess and smiled. "So, tell me about you and Kyle. I remember the smile on your face when he called." At the mention of Kyle's name, Tess blushed and smiled.

The experiments continued. They could all tell when a neckband was being used because they all felt the tight pressure. This kept Max and Tess drained of a lot of their energy part of the time. The sessions of pain seemed to get longer, allowing the person controlling it to see how much pain the two could endure before totally giving in and passing out.

This scared Liz as she watched it happen to Tess and felt it from Max. Because of her condition and the possible harm it would cause to the baby Liz did not endure the pain except what she received from Max and Tess but she kept it hidden. She did not want THEM to know about the connection she had with the other two.

Harper leaned back in his chair done with his notes for the moment. He was happy. This was more than he ever hoped for. The decision to take all three was benefitting him. All the years of hard work and preperations were finally paying off. His research was very productive and it seemed that everyday he was finding out more about these beings.

Harper could not help but admire the young ones for their strength, unity, and determination. They were not breaking as he thought that they would. Even the human who Harper thought would be the weak link surprised him. She had such a feisty spirit in her. She was actually turning out to by the strongest in the group. No wonder he had chosen her.

Peterson walked in and lay a thick folder in front of Harper only to pick up another then exit. Harper was still smiling after he left.


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Taken: Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum entered Max's cell, picked him up and dragged him down the hall. Max was so weak and tired that he didn't fight them. Most of the time he spent separated from Tess and Liz was hell. He was kept awake while experiments were performed on him. Most were mental ones as they dug inside his head. Max felt like they were raping his mind, trying to get to his memories but he was able to block most of it. There were times when he felt like Pierce was in control again and he would have to push down the panic that welled up in him threatening to explode.

When Max tried to block all of it the neckband would start the sharp pressure jolting him awake again and again until it was too much for his physical body and it shut down completely, allowing him a small amount of time before they woke him again to begin the process over.

Max was dropped just inside of the door to the large room where Liz and Tess were. They rushed to him and helped him to the matress. They carefully checked him over for injuries and found a few bruises that were healing and markings from the restraints that were on his wrists and ankles. His skin was pale with dark circles under his eyes. Max was still blocking everything from them.

"Max, what did they do to you?" Liz asked anger rising in her voice as she gently stroked him. Tess cradled his head in her lap as she brushed his hair from his eyes trying to find a way to ease the pain he felt. Being so close to him, she felt it radiating from him but she could not pinpoint the source without her powers.

"I'm ok." Max croaked reaching for Liz. With their closeness he felt the pain ease some as their love soaked into his weary body and he drifted into a deep sleep.

"God, what did they do?" Liz asked again watching Max pass out from exhaustion. She curled her body next to his and held him close letting the tears flow.

When Tess knew that Max was finally alseep, she laid his head on a pillow and slipped out form him allowing Liz to arranged herself closer to him. Tess looked at the couple and knew that he needed Liz right now. She felt like a third wheel so she went and sat at the table letting her thoughts wander to a certain blue eyed guy so that she could erase the feelings that she was getting from Max.

"Tess!" she heard Liz cry out.

Tess turned around and saw Max tossing and turning almost violently and Liz having a hard time retraining him. She rushed over to Max who had begun to moan as if in pain. Tess reached out and touched his forehead, immediately she felt the sweat and heat coming from him. With her touch Max stopped his turning and moaning, slipping back into a peaceful slumber.

Liz saw how he reacted to Tess and glanced at the other girl who continued to smooth his hair back off his forehead. Liz could feel her concern and confusion from her. When Tess was about to get up again Liz reached out and stopped her.

"Stay with us. He needs you and ... so do I." Her voice was shaky and sacared. She did not know what was happening to Max but she did know that he needed them both with him.

Tess hesitated. This was still new to her, these feeling and someone actually needing her. She nodded and arranged herself so that she lay near Max as Liz held him close.

Max was standing by a cliff at the quarry that was outside of town. He was watching as the sun set in the horizon letting the pinks and oranges color his world. This was his favorite time of the day as the sun made the sky its masterpiece. He nodded his head in agreement to a voice that only he could hear. He was having a quiet conversation with the warm wind that blew across his face. It was speaking to him, telling him important information that he needed to remember.

"Max? Who are you talking to?"

He turned and saw Isable standing behind him. The peace he had felt left him as a cold wind rushed by.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, his voice edged with coldness.

"I need your help Max." she ignored his tone. She was intruding on his dreams and felt the peace that he felt and hated to inturrupt it. "Where are you?"

Max felt confused and looked around. "I am right here. Why are you here, you never come out here with me."

Isabel shook her head. "No Max. This is your dream. Where is Tess? Liz? Are they with you? Who has you?"

Confusion still etched Max's face. Suddenly the scene changed. He was secured to the cold, steel table and pain radiated through his body. He saw Pierce leaning over him laughing then it was replaced by the two thugs sneering at him.

Isabel was right beside him. "Come on Max. Help me out. We want to find you and get you out. Please." she begged. "Where are you being held?"

Max started screaming because the pain became overwhelming. Isabel reached down and placed her hands on both sides of his face instantly connecting with him. She was flooded with so many images that it was hard to sort through them. She saw things dredged back up from what Pierce did to him, then saw everything he had been through. She saw that Tess and Liz were with him now as he slept. Isabel started to cry.

"Izzy, help me." Max begged. "Make it all stop. It hurts so much."

"I will Max. We will find a way to get you out. Just stay strong and alive." Isabel said as she faded.

"Isabel!" Max screamed out as he bolted upright in bed knocking Liz and Tess away. They were both immediately next to him trying to calm him down. When his breathing slowed he turned to the girls.

"I'm ok. Sorry, bad dream." He lay back down and the girl went with him.

Isabel woke with a start. She sat up and cried, she couldn't help it. She could not get the horrible images out of her head. Arms wrapped around her and she leaned back into them.

"Are you all right? What did you see?" Michael asked rocking her.

"I saw Max. I got through. He had so much pain." She sobbed. "I think this is worse than the white room. They are doing experiments on them. On him. He was awake and alert the entire time Michael. They are slowly killing him, breaking him down mentally and physically." She took a deep breath trying to calm down.

"I will call the others while you rest." He stood to go to the phone but waited and watched as she lay back on the bed. He knew that what she saw would stay with her. He knew that she still had nightmares from her contact with Max when the Special Unit captured him. Michael wished that he could be the one to dreamwalk so that she would not have to face Max's demons. Michael felt a sudden rush of guilt for his best friend, his brother. Why Max? Was it because he was king? With a sigh he turned and went out of the room.