The Bond - L/M/Mi - ADULT - Complete

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The Bond - L/M/Mi - ADULT - Complete

Post by magikhands » Thu Oct 16, 2003 9:31 pm

Title: The Bond
Author: magikhands
Rating: ADULT
Disclaimer: I own none of it!
Summary: Liz surprises Max then she is surprised

Liz lay in bed listening as her parents got ready for bed. It seemed to take forever for them to settle down for the night. Finally the house got quiet but she continued to wait until she knew that they were asleep. When the moon rose high in the sky she knew that it was time. Quietly she climbed out of her window and down the fire escape on her balcony.

It was summer and the heat of the day still filled the dry air. There was very little breeze making it stuffy feeling at times. Liz drove to the white house that was several blocks away and parked down the road from it. She walked the rest of the way and made her way to the back of the house.

Liz stood outside of a window and looked in at the sleeping figure on the bed. The moon was full and illuminated the room. She knew that his parents were out of town and his sister Isabel was out with Alex for the night.

Liz entered Max's room quietly through the open window. She stood by his bed and watched as he slep. He was wearing only his boxers and was a glorious sight to her eyes. She slipped off her shoes and got into the bed curling her body around his. Max stirred but did not wake. She placed light kisses on his neck making a trail up to his lips and then licked their softness.

This action woke Max and he knew immediately that it was Liz. Only she could fill his senses with her intoxicating sweetness mixed with apples. He gave her a smile that totally melted her insides. He turned toward Liz and wrapped his arms around her capturing her mouth with his.

Her hands began to caress his smooth chest feeling the muscles flex under her fingers. It had been so long since they had been together like this. Liz too his nipple between her thumb and finger and gave it a squeeze causing Max to gasp as it hardened. He in turn lightly brushed her breast gitting the same response.

Liz broke the embrace sitting up and pulled her shirt off giving him a view of her breasts as the moonlight softly grazed them. He raised his hands and stroked them gently feeling their firmess fill his hands. She stood and pushed down her shorts giving Max full access of her body. He lay on the bed mesmerized by her beauty.

Seeing that Max was not taking action but gazing at her, Liz grabbed his boxers and tugged them down allowing his erection freedom. She reached down and took him in her hand bringing a moan of pleasure from him.

"Liz..." he tried to speak but she quieted him with a kiss and all of his thoughts scattered.

Liz straddled Max and slowly lowered herself onto his cock. He gently slipped into her moist core feeling her tightly surround him.

"Ohhh...Liz..." was all he could utter.

She began to rock, indulging in the pleasure that shot through her body. She watched Max's reactions as she varied her rhythm and speed as she grinded into him. He breathing became ragged and unstable as he became close to losing his control. She loved that she was in complete control of him.

Suddenly Liz felt hands on her shoulders followed by warm kisses on her neck. She gasped with surprise as her body went still and rigid.

"Relax Liz. It's just me." She heard whispered in her ear. The voice belonged to Michael.

Michael had decided to crash at Max's that night instead of heading home so late. He was sleeping on the floor until he was wakened by the sounds of moans. He had lay on the floor and watched as Liz seduced Max. He tried to ignore them and go back to sleep but he had become so hard that it was becoming painful. He had the greatest urge to touch Liz's soft, silky skin. Michael knew that Max would go crazy if he tried anything but the urge was so strong that he did not realize that he had gotten up and approached the couple on the bed. She smelled so delicious that he had to risk Max's wrath.

Liz could not believe that this was happening. Michael was her best friend's boyfriend. She didn't think that he even liked her in any way because of how he acted around her. He did not like that fact that Max had gotten so involved with her even though he was with Maria. Yet here he was licking, biting, kissing and snuggling against her neck. She was about to tell him to leave when Max began to move under her. The sensations he was creating along with what Michael was doing sent her reeling making her body burn with a raging fire and all logic and uncertainty fled her mind.

Max watched Michael's hands roam on Liz. His arousal grew. He never thought that he could handle someone other than himself touching Liz. The thought of it brought a sharp pain to his hear but now as he watched his best friend, his brother, caress her, his cock grew harder and his need made him throb. Max thrust his hips up deep in her core feeling her walls take hold of him.

Max raised his hands and joined Michael's stroking. Liz leaned back on Michael's chest for support and closed her eyes allowing her body to soak up the sensations of four hands traveling her body while Max pushed in and out of her. Never had she dreamed that anything could feel so wonderful and sensual.

Michael slid a hand down to the moist heat between her legs and found her clit. It was swollen and wet from her juices. His fingers rolled it between them receiving a groan from his action.

"Oh god. Max! Michael!" she yelled as she orgasmed. Max felt her soft tight walls begin to pulsate and tighten around him as she came. He coudl feel her wetness drip down hsi still throbbing erection.

Several minutes passed before Liz was coherent enough to sit up. Her face glowed as she smiled at the two guys that surrounded. She could feel Michael's erection on her back and felt Max still in her, hard and throbbing.

Liz got off Max instantly feeling the lost of him but turned to Michael bringing him to stand in front of her. She pulled off the gray shirt he was wearing and reached for the waitband of his pants. Michael grabbed her hands stopping her.

"Liz." She looked into Michael's passion filled eyes. She could see that he wanted her but he did want her to feel that she had to. Liz felt the need to connect with him as she did with Max. She wanted to please him and give him the same satisfaction that he helped her achieve. She leaned toward him and kissed him softly, letting her tongue flick over his lips. They were soft like Max's yet different. Her tongue slipped in and gently caressed his.

Michael released her hands and allowed her to strip him of his clothing. Liz leaned into Michael as she continued to kiss him causing him to lie upon the bed again. Their naked bodies melted into one as she deepened her kiss. She took her time trialing kisses down his chest. She stopped at his nipple and captured it with her mouth. Her tongue teased it until it was stiff. She kissed her way across his chest to share her attention to the other nipple before she continued her trip down his body.

Michael could not help the moans that escaped his lips. He was savoring her mouth on his body, loving the softness of her lips as they touched him.

Liz noticed for the first time how different Michael and Max were built. Max was leaner and more defined than Michael. Her mouth and hands traveled his body determined to find all the differences.

Max sat up and watched as Liz slowly drove Michael crazy with her touches and kisses. His need for her grew. His body hummed and he could feel the affection that Liz was starting to feel for Michael. As if she could hear his thoughts Liz turned and gazed into Max's eyes for a moment. They reached his soul. He saw the love that she had for him and he knew that she was his forever.

He slowly watched as Liz used her tongue to circle the head of Michael's cock. Then she slowly slid it into her mouth finally tearing her eyes from Max. Taking her time, she suckled it bringing moans from Michael as his hips bucked trying to get deeper in her mouth.

Max's hard erection twitched as he watched Liz. He could feel the warmth of her mouth on it as she slid up and down Michael. Max closed the gap between them and positioned her on her knees then came up behind her.

Michael saw Max move behind Liz. Her mouth continued to work him as she varied her rhythm. He noticed that her sucking grew stronger when Max was near.

Max reached between her legs and stroked her knowing that she was ready for him. Liz moaned at his touch and Michael felt it vibrate through his entire body. "UUUhhhhggg....Liz..."

Max quickly drove his cock into Liz. He was deep and feeling her tightness once more.

Immediately Michael, Max and Liz connected. Their feelings were intense as emotions flooded their senses driving them wild. Their pace quicked as raw passion sent them closer to their climax. Together they exploded.

They collapsed feelign drained yet very satisfied. Liz lay between Michael and Max allowing the warmth of their bodies embrace them. No one spoke, not wanting what ever enchanted them break, bringing reality back on them. Though it was unspoken, they all knew that something special had happened. A bond was formed. They would find out soon enough that a King and Queen of another planet had just bonded with their protector forming a protective shield around them. They slowly drifted to sleep huddled close together.

Hours later, Liz crept out of the bed and dressed silently. She watched Max and Michael as they slept soundly. Max's lips were curved into a slight smile. She knew that he was thinking of her. She knew that without a doubt that he was happy. She could feel him.

Liz looked to Michael. He was totally relaxed. She'd never seen him this way before. This was the first time that he was without his trademark scowl. During their connection she felt his distrust of humans. Maria was the only one had been able to break that wall. Now Liz knew that she was allowed in also.

Liz thought of her best friend. She was lucky to have him as he was lucky to have her. With her thought of Mari his lips began to take the shape of a smile. Their connection was still strong. She then felt how great his love was for Maria. It was like her and Max.

Liz bent over and kissed each one lightly on the lips. She smiled as she quietly slipped out of Max's window into the predawn morning. Tonight she had received a very precious gift. She now had two men in her life protecting her and loving her. She knew that she would forever have this night in her memory along with their love and affection for her.