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Post by dreamangel » Thu Nov 20, 2003 1:44 pm

Below are links and prologues to all of my fics currently on this board.

Title: Like Father, Like Son
Author: Nicole
Rating: MATURE
Disclaimer: Roswell does not belong to me.
Note: Complete. Post Departure.


He wasn't really aware of anything except her voice, her sweet voice, reverberating in his head. She had told him to wake up. How was he to do that?

So now he was here, staring up at the night sky, the billions of twinkling lights surrounding Earth as well as his home. But wasn't Earth his home? He knew he had tried to make it his home, tried to belong, but everything was falling apart, and now he was lost and confused.

He heard another voice, not her voice, but one he was beginning to find comforting. One that often told him about home, one that helped him see home. The place where he had once belonged. Did he belong there now?

"Max?" He turned his head, near tears, and she was there. She was always there, ready to comfort and sympathize. Like Liz used to be.

But she wasn't Liz. In fact, she was the exact opposite of Liz. Maybe that's what he needed now. Maybe...

Maybe she could help him wake up.

The skin-to-skin contact was odd. How had he ended up naked? How had she ended up naked? Why was the floor so damn hard?

He opened his eyes and smiled, Liz was kissing him. Making love to him. He knew it was Liz, it had to be, he wouldn't be loving anyone but Liz.

She smiled at him, brown eyes sparkling, though for a second he swore they were blue, but no...

"Max..." she cried as her orgasm hit, sending him spiraling after her. He remained in the pleasure-shrouded haze for nearly an hour. Was that normal? he wondered as he fell asleep.

He opened his eyes, very, very sore, and looked down. To say he was surprised was an understatement. About the biggest understatement since the forming of the Universe.

Tess. Tess was naked. In his arms. What was Tess doing naked in his arms? That wasn't right, Liz should be with him. Only Liz. Why wasn't she here?

Memory hit like a ton of bricks. Liz was in Sweden, very likely exposing them. He was angry at her, had issued an ultimatum. One that hadn't gone his way. He had tried to make her choose between him and the truth.

She had chose truth.

So he had wound up at the observatory and eventually wound up in Tess. That wasn't right. He had been remembering things from his past, and she had been helping.

He remembered how much he had loved her. How much Zan loved Ava. For a time at least.

He remembered how quickly his infatuation with her had ceased, leaving him stuck in a marriage with a woman he didn't love. He had always been kind to her though, never let her think, even for a moment, that his adoration of her had ended.

She woke suddenly, and said, "Morning." He smiled and nodded, waiting until she was clinging to him again before allowing his face to show actual emotion again.

He didn't want this.

He felt so awkward. He didn't know how to act around Tess anymore. Before he had acted as though she was his friend, and that had become true.

But how was he supposed to act now? She wanted more, expected more. After all, they had just had sex. A step forward would be natural. Right?

So he took her hand. Trying to forget the difference between being her boyfriend and being Liz's. When he had been Liz's, touching her had been as essential as breathing, but touching Tess...It just wasn't that appealing.

Holy shit!

Tess was pregnant with his child. That wasn't right either. Nothing about this thing was right. He couldn't conceive a child with someone he didn't love. Weren't there, like, Laws of Nature prohibiting such an act?

But he had been thinking of his love at the time. He had been thinking of Liz, wishing for Liz, as he had sex with Tess. Maybe the whole thing had just manifested itself into a child.

A child that should be he and Liz's.

He loved his son. He did. How could he not? There was a tiny, infinitely precious being that he had helped make. It was a part of him, a better part maybe.

The fault was entirely his own that the boy would have the wrong mother.

Liz. Always his thoughts returned to Liz. She hadn't left. She had stayed, she had been in Roswell while he had been doing what he had been doing with Tess. The thought nauseated him.

He'd yelled at her again. He'd been doing that a lot lately. So much that it didn't seem like it was him. He had hurt her too, grabbed her arm so hard...He hadn't even been conscious of it.

Why was he projecting his self hate toward her? She didn't need that. She had enough to deal with with Alex's death, she didn't need a psychotic stalker too. Especially not one who had betrayed her.

But she had betrayed him, a small voice argued.

He suppressed it instantly. That train of thought only led to more conflict between his heart and head. One arguing what he saw and the other what he knew. He was confused enough. He didn't need that.

What he needed was a focal point. What he needed was a clear truth to concentrate on. And the only reliable thing right now was his son.

He'd focus on keeping him safe.

His son was dying! The thought nearly paralyzed him. When he had seen Tess fall...

He hadn't been concerned for her, he couldn't bring himself to be, but the baby...

And now this...

No. God, please, no! Don't take his son from him. He needed him, like he needed Liz. And if he couldn't have both he needed at least one.

God, please...

Why was he praying? He didn't believe in God. How could something he didn't believe in help? He didn't know, but he'd take whatever he could get right now. Too much was happening.

Alex had translated the book. She had been right, and she hadn't rubbed it in, she just helped. And now they could go home. To a planet they had never seen before except in blurred memories.

He wasn't sure he wanted to go. Before it had seemed like salvation, but now...Liz was in Roswell. Could he leave Liz?

He had to, for his son. Everything had to be for his son now. Even caring for Tess.

They had a month before he was born, and they had to get off the planet before then. He could die if they didn't, and that wasn't an option. His son had to live.

So they were using the information Liz had provided unhesitatingly and using the Granilith and going home. Where he would be King and Tess would be Queen and they would save the planet from Kivar's tyranny and his son would be safe.

He had 24 hours. 24 hours in which to accomplish everything. He had to find a murderer, he had to apologize to Liz, he had to comfort Isabel, say good-bye to his parents, and figure out a way to explain their disappearances.

And he had to tell Liz about he and Tess.

He wanted to die.

He told her. Finally. He had felt so sick, and the look on her face…

The betrayal there.

He knew what his face must have looked like when he had seen her in bed with Kyle.

She hadn't slept with Kyle! The joy he felt soared high, so high, above this tiny world, and then came crashing back down. He couldn't do anything about it now.

Tess was pregnant and he had to leave. He didn't want to go. He wanted to stay and do everything over, make everything up to her. But he couldn't.

He gave her his pendant, the one that meant home, and they said good-bye, and she asked him if he loved her.

"Not like I love you."

Yet another understatement. Tess was carrying his child, but she wasn't Liz. She'd never be Liz. How could he love her? He couldn't ever love her like he loved Liz. Liz was his everything, his sun, his moon, his sky, his earth, his air, his stars, his love, his heart, his soul, his home...

And he was leaving her.

Michael was staying. Good. One of them should follow their heart. Now at least they had someone to protect the others. To protect Liz.

But he was going. He and Isabel and Tess. And his son...

Tess killed Alex.

Tess killed Alex.

Liz had told him, Kyle had backed her up, when only a week ago Kyle had been backing Tess. The memory of that confrontation was like a whip to his back. But Tess had been messing with everyone's heads.

Messing with their lives.

Couldn't she understand that life mattered? Everyone's lives...But no. She was too alien, and she expected him to be like that too. She had actually had the nerve to call Liz a bitch.

His sweet, loving Liz a bitch. He had wanted to kill her then. But life was precious, even hers, and she was his friend, the mother of his child.

She was so quick to point that out, even as she informed him of her betrayal. She was going to deliver his son to Kivar and kill him and his family off.

And she expected him to love her?!

She dared him to kill her. He would have too, but he couldn't risk his son. So he had let her go, taking his son with her.

He had to stay for the chance to save him. He needed to live to save him. He had to stay with Liz, he needed her right now.

She looked at him, and he looked at her, and he told her the truth.

"I've been really wrong about a lot. But I was right about one thing: To get you into my life, to be around you, to love you."

She let him hold her close, like he'd desperately been wanting to do since last summer when she'd run from him. He'd fix things now.

He was finally beginning to wake up.

"What happens now, Max?"

"I have to save my son..."
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Post by dreamangel » Thu Nov 20, 2003 1:46 pm

Title: Kalila
Rating: ADULT
Author: Nicole
Disclaimer: ROSWELL does not belong to me.
Summary: Past Life fic
Note: Complete

KALILA Prologue

He rode his Gem horse through the dusty streets of the Zion province. It was the last of the eight provinces the new Emperor of Paerhna had to visit. His journeys to the previous seven had been most rewarding. He had succeeded in gaining support for the rebellion against Antar from the governors.

He had also managed to re-establish the traditional wife-giving ceremony, and had seven of the most exquisite specimens of femininity available already on their way back to his palace, to form a harem.

Now he was on his way to see Thane, governor of Zion. He had heard the man was fair and just, but weak. He would be easily persuaded to join the uprising. He might also be persuaded to provide adequate mounts for Paerhna’s warriors, seeing as Zion had the largest supply of Gems in the universe. Yes, Kivar thought, this province would be highly profitable.

He glanced lazily around the crowded market area, not noticing the lowly people rushing to get out of his way. His violet gaze skittered over small shops and loud merchants, and came to a sudden stop on a pair of girls.

One was fairly tall, possibly seventeen, with light brown hair that was almost a dark, dirty blond, and dark gray eyes. She was pretty, he supposed, but he bypassed her immediately. She was nothing compared to the vision beside her.

He felt a tightening in his loins as he watched the petite girl avidly. She was gorgeous. Utter perfection. Dark, rich, lustrous brown hair fell to her mid-back, deep brown eyes glittered in the sunlight, full lips begged to be kissed…But she looked so young.

He decided her age was of no consequence. Maturity would come, and he would be there every step of the way, molding her into the perfect companion, the perfect wife…

The perfect Queen.

He turned to the escort Thane had provided. “Who is that?” he demanded, pointing to the girl.

He followed the direction the Emperor’s finger was aimed at and saw the two girls. He figured Kivar was asking about Serena, the province’s beauty. He paused a moment to admire the long clean lines and ripe curves of the older girl, before answering Kivar.

“That is Serena and her sister. They’re the governor’s daughters,” he paused, then added, “Sweet girls, best in the province.” He nodded, secure in the knowledge that he had helped his Emperor.

“Really?” Kivar said, though it really wasn’t a question, “That’s interesting.”

He prodded his horse faster and the guard had to scramble to catch up, wondering the whole time why the Emperor looked so speculative.

“Do you understand my point of view, Governor Thane?”

“Yes, your Imperial Highness,” he responded eagerly, “Those Antarians need to be shown what for! I’d be honored to participate in disposing of that smug Tynan.”

Kivar smiled at him, and Thane began to feel that thrill of pride in serving his Emperor. He hadn’t had that feeling since becoming governor ten years ago. He fully admired the new ruler and was extremely pleased to be included in these plans of his.

“I thank you for your support Thane. But I’m sure you realize that as a new leader, I’ll need certain…reassurances, from the provinces.”

“Reassurances?” Thane questioned uneasily. What sort of reassurances was he talking about?

“Oh, don’t worry, nothing big,” Kivar said smoothly, assuaging the governor’s fears. Thane began to relax slightly, but tensed back up at the Emperor’s next words: “They’re just in exchange for protection.”

“Protection?” he asked guardedly.

“It’s a large world, war can sometimes…blur the lines between friend and foe. Personal guards stationed around could prevent a misidentification or an ill-fated incident,” he leaned forward, “Are you catching my drift Governor?”

“Y-yes, your Highness.” He cleared his throat, “What would reassure you of Zion’s loyalty?” Kivar smiled.

“That’s really, very easy. I simply wish to take possession of your daughter, Serena. She will become one of my wives, join the harem at the palace. I assure you, she will have the best of everything: food, lodgings, clothing, whatever her heart desires.”

Serena, Thane thought dully. This might not bode well for Zion. “I’m afraid that is quite impossible, sir, Serena is already betrothed.”

“Betrothed?” the Emperor frowned deeply, unnerving the governor.

“Yes, to a lord on Vaina. It would not be wise to break the intended marriage.” He sincerely hoped the Emperor would not push the issue. The up-coming nuptials would form a good alliance that, if Kivar’s plan did not succeed, might be useful.

“Well,” Kivar’s voice was dripping with fake sympathy, “That is unfortunate for you. Isn’t it governor?”

He felt his eyes widen in distress as the Emperor rose to leave. This would not do. He could not afford to alienate his ruler. “Wait,” he called, nearly frantic. Kivar turned, iced amethyst eyes watching him impatiently.


“Mayhap…Mayhap we could strike a different bargain?” he suggested desperately.

He raised an eyebrow at the plea. “Very well,” he offered, “What do you have in mind?”

Thane thought quickly. “Wha-what if you took my second daughter instead.”

The intrigue in the purple eyes faded. “Is that it? From what I’ve seen, you’re other daughter is not worth my time.”

He gritted his teeth at the insult, but knew he couldn’t afford to offend the Emperor. “I’ll add a hundred Gems to sweeten the deal.”

Kivar appeared to contemplate the addition. He looked to be on the verge of saying ‘no’, but he couldn’t fool Thane. The governor knew that the horses were going to be needed. There was no way Kivar wouldn’t accept the gift of one hundred Gems, if he did, it would end up doing more harm than good.

“Very well. I’ll expect the horses along with the girl in two weeks. Good-day governor, it was a pleasure doing business with you.” He gave a fake smile and swept out the door, leaving behind a very stressed Thane.

“What have I done?” he asked himself wearily, picturing his small daughter in the arms of a man like that. He rose from his seat, a man with an unwanted burden, and prepared himself for carrying out the distasteful task.

He would have to tell his beloved child of her fate.

Kivar descended out to the gates of the palace in a foul mood. Today was the day that chit came from Zion. Imagine the nerve of that governor to even think a substitute would take the place of his dark-haired desire. Like he would even touch the dirty-haired sister! Although, the horses would serve him well. That, at least, was something.

He vaguely heard the guardians announcing his presence to the caravan from Zion, but the one thing that brought him from the dark depression was the sound of a low musical inquiry. He looked up, and stood stock still, hoping beyond hope that the sight before him was not a hallucination. Turns out it wasn’t.

The tiny brunette before him was very, very real. He wondered if the betrothal had fallen through or if Thane had just changed his mind. But it didn’t matter, he had his beauty, and that was what counted.

She curtseyed deeply, cleared her throat, and looked him straight in the eye. He found himself enveloped in the darkness. “Your Imperial Majesty,” she began, the speech obviously rehearsed, “My father, the Governor of Zion, Thane, has asked me to convey his deepest apologies that my sister, Serena, was unable to comply with his Majesty’s request. He asks instead that you be kind enough to accept the gift of myself, his youngest daughter, and the one hundred Gem horses agreed upon previously. My father humbly begs forgiveness and, in no way, wishes to displease his ruler. Thank you.” She curtseyed again.

He smiled, finding her completely enchanting, and stepped forward. “My dear, I am happy to accept your father’s offer, and I would like to welcome you to your new home.” He extended his arm, reveling in the warmth she gave off as she took it, and proceeded to lead her into the palace.

“I don’t believe you’ve told me your name, little one?” he said gently. He looked at her sideways, watching as a blush overtook smooth cheeks.

“I am called Kalila, your Highness.”
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<center>DISTORTED REALITIES</center>

Title: Playing For Keeps
Author: Nicole
Rating: ADULT
Disclaimer: Roswell does not belong to me.
Summary: AU, contains aliens. Liz Parker is new to Roswell, and she manages to catch the eye of the West Roswell High School's biggest player.
Note: Complete. Banner by Destinee.


Roswell is a fairly small town. Practically everybody knows everybody else. But, surprisingly enough, the high school halls are filled.

The hierarchy of West Roswell High goes as follows: At the very bottom are the geeks. The nerdy kids in Chess Club. On top of them are the semi-cool kids, followed by the popular kids. These were the jocks, their girlfriends, or anyone else between the geeks and the unattainables.

The unattainables. The untouchables. The most ultimately cool kids you could possible imagine.

There were four of them. Haughty, indifferent, and uninvolved. The girls were bitches and the boys were players. But every guy wanted to jump the girls' bones and every girl was willing to be played.

Title: Being Just Friends
Author: Nicole
Rating: ADULT
Disclaimer: Roswell is not mine.
Summary: AU, no aliens. Max Evans and Liz Parker have been best friends since Max moved to Roswell, now they're in high school and everthing's changing. Can they be just friends?
AN: Complete. Banner by Destinee

Prologue: The Kiss of the Millennium

It was a stupid argument. Liz and Max had been the best of friends since third grade. They never fought about anything. Totally in sync. That’s what everybody said. So why were they fighting now? Neither one had any idea, besides the fact that neither one liked the person the other person was dating. Neither one had any idea why it bothered them either, but it did.

“Okay, okay. Let me get this straight,” Liz Parker snapped, dark eyes fiery. “It’s okay for you to go out with Tess even though I don’t like it, but I can’t date Kyle because you don’t like it.”

“Exactly,” Max Evans snapped back. An angry flush rose in her cheeks.

“That is the most screwed up logic in the world, and I’m not talking to you until you start making some sense.” She started to stalk away, but Max grabbed her arm, stopping her.

“You don’t like me going out with Tess?”

“No,” she said firmly.


“Because you don’t belong together!” she cried. He grabbed her other arm, making her face him.

“Do you belong with Kyle?”

“No,” she said quietly.

“Then why are you going out with him?” he asked, exasperated with her feminine logic.

“I don’t know,” she whispered. She looked down. “He’s just like this good friend I let kiss me sometimes.”

“And do you let all your good friends kiss you?” he asked, scornful and wondering at the same time. The sharp retort on her lips died when she looked up into his intensely burning brown eyes. She felt an excited shiver run through her body. Max was going to kiss her. Max leaned in, giving her room to pull away, but she didn’t want to. Liz raised her lips to his, and they kissed.

Everything exploded. It was the Fourth of July, fireworks, stars exploding, the universe seemed to just fill them. Liz felt dizzy from the rush of emotions and heat coursing through her. Max released his grip on her arms. His hand traveled upward, tracing her cheekbones, twining in her hair, caressing the sensitive skin on the back of her neck. Liz felt herself losing consciousness. She was having a meltdown. She had to touch him back, so she did. Her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer.

They broke apart, breathing hard, lungs crying out for oxygen. They looked at each other, incredulous. Both not very sure of what had just happened, but both knowing that nothing was ever going to be the same again.

Title: Fading Away
Author: Nicole
Rating: TEEN
Disclaimer: Roswell does not belong to me.
Summary: AU, no aliens. Max Evans is an army brat, and Roswell's his dad's newest post. Liz Parker has had a hard life, she's introverted and never speaks. Max takes a decided interest in the unnoticed girl and attempts to bring her out of her shell.
AN: WIP. Liz was not raped. Banner by Destinee


She was quiet, always fading into the background. It was in her nature not to be noticed. She knew what happened when you were noticed. People speculated, made up lies about you to explain why you were the way you are. They pretended to be your friend to discover all your secrets, and then they told the world, turning their backs on you immediately.

She had been watching it happen for years. Watched the falsities and pretenders obliterate helpless lives. She watched the popular kids interact with each other, hiding behind masks, grinding real, honest people beneath their high-heels and thousand-dollar sneakers.

The real people didn’t deserve that. The real people deserved respect for allowing their emotions to show. For feeling. For being real.

She was watching her favorite real people at the moment. She was sitting alone under a small tree in a corner of the quad. The four favorites were eating lunch together at a table nearby, laughing at something.

Michael and Isabel Guerin had an amazing brother/sister relationship. The bond between them was unshakeable, not straining even when their other halves were involved. Those were her other two favorites, the bouncy Maria DeLuca and the ever-grinning Alex Whitman.

They had been friends since second grade, and the bubble of happiness enclosing them had been openly expanded to include their new love interests. And then Maria and Isabel had bonded over girl’s nights while the boys watched hockey.

She heard them discussing weekend plans all the time, or laughing over some event that had happened the day before. She yearned to join in, but she always stopped herself from speaking out. She was an unknown, and while there was a slight possibility of them extending their tight circle, it probably would not be towards her.

A flash out of the corner of her eye snapped her out of her wishful thinking. She shifted her attention and gazed intently at the principal’s office window. Movement was made again and she recognized the outline of a body. An outline not familiar to her, which meant whoever it was, was new.

She couldn’t help but feel something big was going to happen. She shivered in anticipation. Good or bad, she wasn’t sure, but her life was going to change.
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Title: Sweet Rosalyn
Author: Nicole
Disclaimer: Roswell is not mine, and neither is Zan. (Damn it!)
Rating: MATURE, for language, violence, and sexual situations.
Summary: Zan meets somebody... Leads up to Meet the Dupes
AN: WIP. Banner by Anniepoo98


Zan finished scarfing down the hotdog he and Rath had managed to scam off the vendor on the corner, and then unceremoniously wiped his hands on the back of Rath's shirt.

"Yo, Duke!" Rath exclaimed, pulling away, "Use ya own."

He smirked, "An' get my new vest dirty? Ain't no way." He hefted his backpack higher up, the food they'd managed to snatch, inside of it. It would have to last them til the end of the week, he figured. By then he'd have money to actually buy some.

"We should go clubbin' t'night," Rath said as they descended the steps into the subway, "Lonnie scoped out that new joint, Haze, las' night. She says it cool."


"Why da hell not?"

"Gotta work."

"Work?" Rath paused and turned to his leader, "Since when d'ya work?!"

"Since yesta'day. Gotta job tendin'."

"Yous too young ta tend."

"Yeah, but dey's don't know dat."

A low chuckle came from the mohawked freak next to him. "Yous da man, Zan."

"I knows." He glanced at him from the corner of his eye. "Don't yous and Lonnie fa'get it either."

Rath stopped, his stormy brown eyes met Zan's. "Yo, man, Lonnie din't mean nothin'. She jus' trippin', 'cause ya ain't listnin' ta her."

"I'm da King, Numba Two, not my sis, and da bitch had gotta start respectin' dat." Rath didn't reply.

They were moving deftly between the people waiting for the subway train, heading toward the blocked off route that led to their home.

"Hey, Duke, check out the Cat."

Zan looked up and another smirk crossed his face. The girl was standing at a platform, patiently waiting for the next train. And she was, as Rath had said, the definition of a Catholic schoolgirl.

Shiny black Mary Janes graced tiny feet, white knee-highs slithered up slender legs. She was wearing a fairly short, pleated, gray plaid skirt, white undershirt, and a gray cardigan sweater. Brown hair was pulled back into a severe bun, leaving her face bare beneath the black glasses.

Zan was surprised to see that she was cute. More than cute even, she had the potential to be labeled HOT! "What say wes has ourselves a little fun?"

"Wit'cha Duke," Rath sniggered.
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Title: You're My Destiny
Author: nicole
Rating: YTEEN
Disclaimer: Roswell does not belong to me.
Category: M/L
Summary: Takes place after Summer of '47, kind of AU. Matt Hunter is new to Roswell and he's after Liz, much to Max's displeasure. Alternates two parts present, one part past.
AN: Complete, to be revised

He knew it was her immediately. He stared at her out of emerald green eyes, taking in her big brown eyes and long brown hair. He could tell it would be soft and silky even from this distance. It would be exactly how he remembered it.

He frowned suddenly as her expression dawned on him. She was sad. She looked so, so lost…What had happened in those years he had been gone? He ran his hands through his jet black hair, making the top even more spiky, took a deep breath, and started walking. He needed to see her smile.

“Excuse me?” Maria looked up at the boy before her. God, he was hot! “Can I sit here?”

“Sure,” Alex said as he slid over. Maria was still trying to get her vocal cords to work. “I’m Alex.”

“Matt Hunter.”

“I’m Maria!” She finally got out, trying to sound as sexy and desirable as possible. Kyle and Alex each gave her an amused glance, but Liz didn’t even look in Maria’s direction, she was staring out into space again. Lost in space…Maria thought, giggling, but then sobered. Liz was really lost somewhere, and not even Maria could find her.


There was a pause in which everyone looked to the pale girl in black, who gave no sign of an outward response. “Liz,” Maria whispered as Kyle nudged her best friend.

“What?” she finally asked, acknowledging the real world.

Maria looked pointedly at Matt. Liz’s eyes widened as she looked at him. There was a recognition in her eyes, as if she already knew him. But that’s impossible, Maria thought, I’ve known her forever, and she doesn’t know anybody I don’t know.

“I’m Matt,” he repeated gently.

Liz smiled, “I’m Liz.”

Maria watched her friend in awe. This was the first time she had smiled since last year, when she and Max were officially over, and even though Maria had been thinking of coveting the new hottie all to herself…If he could make Liz happy again, she’d give him up willingly.

Liz felt herself smile at him. It felt strange. She hadn’t smiled in a year. What was it about him? She knew she knew him. She was sure of that fact, but she couldn’t put a finger on where exactly she knew him from.

He remembered that smile from before. He remembered everything about her. The way she tucked her hair behind her ear, the way her nose wrinkled when she was thinking hard…How much she loved the stars, the unknown…He had memorized every tiny detail about her in the years they had spent together that lifetime ago.

Excitement grew as he pictured how pleased Rafe and Sandry would be when they learned Matt had found their fourth. That he had found Verina.

His bride.
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Author: Nicole
Disclaimer: Anything associated with Roswell the tv show or Roswell High the books does not belong to me.
Category: AU/TEEN/ML/fairytale
Summary: The story of a young Lady, the King who loved her, the Queen who hated her, the Princess who betrayed them all, and what came after.
Author's Note: Not a past lives fic. I was originally having it be a stand alone, but I wanted to expand. Please let me know what you think. Banner done by Faithlee. *Thank you!*

<center>Awaiting Execution


I consider this journal a vent for my emotional frustrations. They do not treat us so badly here, as we are to die shortly, but some things… These are my memoirs, my last thoughts on the injustice of the High Queen. I write these just in case I am not lucky enough to escape my sentence before Max comes back to Roswell.

I am a prisoner, awaiting execution at the High Queen’s command. What did I do to provoke such a dire sentencing? Did I commit an act of murder? Did I plan an assassination? The answer is no, nothing as monumental as that. I merely spoke up against the government. Against her.

Queen Tess was left in control of Antar when her husband, the High King Max, left with his armies to combat against the would-be usurper known as Khivar. Tess was left here, on the throne, with the Princess Isabel, who was beginning to be suspected of treacherous intent against her brother.

Gossips in the marketplace were saying that Tess was allowing Isabel to use her as a puppet, that the Princess was encouraging Tess to rule with an iron fist. No mercy. And so, people were taken from their homes and thrown into this camp, away from Roswell, the Capitol City, for crimes as slight as not averting their eyes when Tess' veiled carriage rolled past.

I felt it to be too much when one of my closest friends was dragged from his home. I went to the palace, friends and relatives with me; other people joined the ranks, protesting this treatment of the Antarian public in general, and Roswellian citizens in particular. Our main argument was that King Max would never condone such a broach against his subject’s rights and freedoms.

Tess, with Isabel looking on, a smug smile in place, sentenced us all to the prison camp to await execution. So we are awaiting, some with dignity, some with hope that Max will save us, and some with pleas for forgiveness. I am one of the hopers. King Max will come, and he will put everything to right.

She comes in now, and I watch her, wondering again. She was here when I got here, but I had never seen her before that first day at camp. I know nearly everyone else, and have asked them, for she makes me curious, but no one knows her name.

She doesn’t belong here. She’s different, you can tell just by looking at her. She’s delicate, with large brown eyes and long brown hair. She’s not from the City streets. She’s not a merchant’s daughter. She’s soft, and sweet, and I really want to know what she could have done to get herself trapped here with us common people. And for once, I find the courage to get up and walk toward her.

“I’m Maria,” I say as I sit down across from her. She looks up at me, brown eyes startled, and then she smiles.

“Liz,” she tells me, “My name is Liz.”

I smile at her, because I had almost lost my will to ask on the way over, and it would have been a loss if I had. She seemed so nice, and looked so lonely. “So,” I start, leaning toward her conspiratorially, “What are you in for?”

The smile fades from her face, and she gets this sad, far off look, and I’m sorry I brought it up. “I stole something,” she says finally, “Something the Queen treasured.”

Now it’s my turn to blink in surprise. This tiny wisp of a girl had stolen something? From the Queen, no less? What could have possibly possessed her? And, what had this ‘treasure’ been? So many questions…

The claxon bell rings loudly, signaling the end of our free time. She gets up and starts walking in the direction of her work station. “Wait!” I call. She turns, expression curious, and waits while I catch up. “What was it?” I ask breathlessly, dying to know.

She gives me an enigmatic smile. “The King’s heart.”
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Title: Only Skin Deep
Author: Nicole
Category: M/L, AU
Rating: Um, I'm only seeing TEEN right now, but who knows, there may be nookie, I haven't got that far...
Disclaimer: Roswell and it's affiliates do not belong to me, I'm just borrowing here and there... (hee-hee, I'm a Borrower!)
Summary: Post-Destiny, Liz is kidnapped and made to believe she is Max's enemy. Grant, Vanessa, Nicholas, and Courtney are Skins.
Author's Note: Um...I really don't ahve anything to say at this point except, "Hope you enjoy it!"

Only Skin Deep


Liz hugged herself tighter, willing the chill that had seeped through her skin and into her bones away. It didn’t help, she still felt cold, numb even. The voice os Max’s real mother was ringing in her ears, as well as Tess’ and Max’s last conversation.

The four of them…

Max, Isabel, Michael, and Tess. No Liz. There was no room in Max’s life for her, not now that they had discovered their true destiny.


She closed her eyes against the pain in his voice, the confusion. Two emotions she was feeling equally as much. But she turned back to him, unable to deny herself one last look at his beloved face.

Max shook his head at her set expression, his beautiful eyes begging her to come back to him, but she didn't go to him, and he didn't go to her. This wasn’t the middle of the night, they weren’t alone and running for their lives. They couldn’t pretend, not now. It wasn’t just about them, not anymore.

She turned away and began walking, tears flowing freely down her face. She didn’t look back again, but when the temptation began to grow too great, she ran, ignoring her stumbles and trips, concentrating on blocking out the agony her soul was in with each step she took away from him…

It was some time later that she realized she was lost. Liz had grown up in Roswell, but the only time she had come to the desert was with Max, and then, she was in a car. But now, in her determination to avoid the heartache of this final separation from her soulmate, she had gotten herself thoroughly lost in the middle of nowhere.

She sniffled, wiping away the last of her tears, and then squared her shoulders. She was Liz Parker, and she could do anything. Yeah right, a little voice muttered, then why aren’t you with Max?

No! She couldn’t think like that. She wasn’t with Max for a reason, a very good reason. He had a wife in Tess, and a planet to save, and he didn’t need a small town girl muddling up his destiny…

Anguish welled up within her, overwhelming her, and she fell to the ground, curling up into a fetal position and rocking back and forth on the sandy desert floor as a fresh wave of sobs came wrenching from her.

Her gaze, before sleep overtook her from exhaustion, was fixed on a bright, V-shaped constellation glowing in the night sky.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
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My author's note got lost when the site was revamped, so I figure I'll write another one. I just wanted everyone to know what fics are about to be completed and what's up next on my agenda.

1. Sweet Rosalyn on the UC Board is two-and-a-half parts from completion.

2. DR #3: Fading Away (tbp on AU Board) is coming soon.

3. Know By Heart (tbp on CC Board) is coming soon.

4. Awaiting Execution (tbp on AU Board) coming soon.

5. Only Skin Deep (tbp on CC board) is coming soon.

Please keep in mind that I will need to devote time to Little Slayer and Little Extras as blake. Thank you!

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Re: dreamangel's Fanfictions

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Why in the heck these stories: "Fading Away", "Awaiting Execution", and "Only Skin Deep" not posted?! :( :( :( :(

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