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Title: Made For You
Author: Magikhands
Category: UC & CC
Rating: ADULT for now to be safe (Most likely ADULT later on)
Disclaimer: I own none of the Characters here, they belong to anyone associated to Roswell (I guess)...I own nothing but the idea of this story, just borrowing the characters

Summary: I really hate this part. Let's see, Max, Michael, Tess and Isabel grow up in Roswell and finally go home to Antar but what they find there is not what was expected...That's it, you'll just have to read to find out more. Enjoy

Thanks to Yelsir for the banner!! :)

Chapter 1

He looked around the small, sterile, white room he was in and wondered why he wasn’t at home in his safe, comfortable room, sleeping in his warm bed. Looking across the room he felt a small amount of comfort seeing his best friend sitting much like he was, back against a wall, knees drawn up, arms resting on them. They both wore white scrub pants, their chests bare.

Michael looked up and silently communicated his understanding, telling him that this was not his fault. They had all made this decision. Max was glad that their connection had not been severed. He had to hope that their captures did not know about it. It was the only thing keeping him sane at that moment.

Max thought back on how they had come to this place and time and blamed himself. The others looked to him for answers and guidance. Had always been that way. He felt responsible for them. They were his family.

He, Michael, Tess and Isabel had emerged from their pods about 13 years before, near Roswell, New Mexico. They emerged looking to be about six years of age not knowing who or where they were. He and Isabel came out first and wandered out of the cave that held their pods. They were found walking together by Diane and Phillip Evans who quickly adopted the two abandoned children. Michael was found next and taken to Child Services. His foster father, Hank Guerin took him into his home and gave him a name but soon became an alcoholic and abusive after his wife died. Tess was found last who was also taken to Child Services and was quickly adopted by Ed and Tammy Harding. The couple soon divorced leaving Ed to raise Tess alone. Tess was found herself in the hands of babysitters a lot because Ed was gone because of his government job.

The four found each other when they all started the second grade. Since then, they have been almost inseparable. They sensed that they were different from the beginning and kept no close ties except with each other. By the age of 9, they began to develop their abilities that they knew that others could not do. They each had had unique gifts but also many that they shared.

The four swore never to tell anyone their secret including their parents for safety. Living in Roswell, the alien capital of the world, they heard about what was done to the supposed aliens in the crash of ’47. That pact kept until they were 16. There was a vehicle accident and Diane was severely injured. Max was distraught and could feel that Diane was going to die before help could arrive. He healed her just as the Sheriff, Jim Valenti, came upon the scene. The three adults were shocked at what they’d seen and experienced but said nothing at the time seeing the fear in Max and Isabel.

Sheriff Valenti drove the Evans home and stayed wanting answers to what he’d seen Max do. He could see the terror that etched Max’s face but with Isabel’s urging he finally told the three adults about Isabel, Michael, Tess and himself. The Evans took it surprisingly well and immediately regretted not finding Michael and Tess as well. Though the two had always been around, the Evans now made sure that Michael and Tess were more included in their family, feeling that they were.

It was the Sheriff that shocked the kids most by immediately protecting the four teens and taking them under his wing. Especially Tess. He felt drawn to her. He knew that her father was gone for long periods of time, leaving her to fend for herself or staying with the Evans. He never liked the thought of her by herself so he always looked out for her in the background through the years. Unknown to them, Valenti had been watching the four for many years, sensing something different about them. They were four children found in the desert close to the same time, in the same condition and could not remember anything before being found then had to be taught everything much like an infant.

When the four teens turned 18 they began having dreams. These dreams gave them information on who they were, where they were from. They learned that Max was a King, married to Tess. Michael was a General, Max’s second, and married to Isabel. With the memories of a past life, they knew that it would not be so in this life. They each felt as if they had someone out there waiting for them somewhere. Someone they were made for. Eventually they found the pod chamber and Granilith along with their way back to Antar, where they had been born then engineered.

After many argument and deliberations, the four decided to finally travel to Antar for answers. They were 19 and knew that they would never be able to go forward in life without finding out their complete past and why they were sent to Earth. The Evans and Valenti did not want them to go but supported their decision, knowing that it was a difficult one. The four grieved the day they entered the Granolith, not knowing if they’d ever see their families or Earth again.

Max remembered that within moments of arriving on Antar, deep in the woods, they had been captured. Each of them had fought back but their powers drained quickly and were soon overtaken. Once they reached what looked to be a palace they were separated. He and Michael in this small, white room and Isabel and Tess taken elsewhere. He could feel them, that they were well but with the distance between them, he was unable to communicate directly with them.

Max again looked around the room, his eyes landing on the door. They did not really know how long they’d been in there. There were no windows in the room so no way to track the day and night. He estimated about three days. The only people they had seen since being placed in the room were ones wearing medical garments. He and Michael had received three shots that had suppressed their powers and made them weak. During that time, they had been given little to eat and tests were done on them. Michael fought each time the medical people came in but they had powers and strength, enabling them to hold them down with little effort. Still, Michael was persistent. Max tried to intervene but found himself thrown against a wall or pinned to the floor for his efforts.

The first day was the hardest for them. They were each held to a table with the use of powers and the medical people poked and prodded them in every imaginable place causing pain and discomfort they never imagined. Samples of skin, hair and blood were taken. They had even had semen drawn from the bodies to be tested. He and Michael were helpless and could nothing but try to keep their sanity hoping the girls were not experiencing the same. But through Max’s connection, they knew that they were.

The door to the room opened and both Michael and Max looked up from their positions expecting to see another team of medical personnel for more agonizing tests. What they saw was a petite brunette enter the room and stand just inside the door looking down at the two.

“So this is what has become of the great King Zan and his mighty commander Rath. Two weak hybrids.”


I know this is a little short but it will get you started with the background...The next part should be longer
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Chapter 2

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I'm really thrilled at all the feedback. Thanks so much. :D Yes the Pod Squad left Earth and are now on Antar. The reason for their treatment will be explained in later chapters. OF COURSE IT'S LIZ :P who else would be appearing to the hot aliens??? Enjoy!!! 8)

Chapter 2

On the first day of their capture, Isabel and Tess were treated much the same as Michael and Max. They were held to a table with nothing but a sheet over them while tests were performed and samples taken. After that they were taken to another room, one that was not sterile white but painted a pastel blue and housed a large bed for them to share. There was also a small bathroom that they were able to shower in. They were given the same injections that repressed their powers leaving them with a weak feeling. They had been given scrubs to wear and were left alone except for the visits from the medical personnel doing more tests. They could feel Max and Michael through their connection but it was weak but at least they knew that they were alive.

After the third injection their door opened and a young, blue eyed, brown haired man walked in.

“Queen Ava. Princess Vilandra.” He said walking into the room watching as the two women moved closer to each other on the bed.

“Who are you? What do you want from us?” Tess asked trying to keep her voice steady. She knew that they needed to keep a clear head if they were going to find out any information but her insides were quaking from fear. This was the first time anyone had spoken to them and she wanted answers and she knew this man had them. She squared her shoulders and sat straighter, looking him in the eye. Those soft yet intense blue eyes. “Why are you keeping us here and doing these things to us? What did we ever do to you?”

He looked at the women before him. His job here was sensitive. He looked to Vilandra and saw that she was an emotional time bomb just waiting to explode. The medical staff was complaining about her aggressiveness and violent outbursts. He turned his attention to Ava who sat straight and kept eye contact with him, icy blue eyes that demanded answers.

“My name is Kyle. I know that you are confused and scared but all of your answers will eventually be answered. The injections you have been receiving are for your protection. I am here to suggest that you not fight it or the people administering the tests. They are just doing their jobs.” He said eyeing the various bruises that covered the girl’s arms.

“What do you mean for our protection?” Isabel finally found her voice though it was shaky.

“Your powers are weak. Though your bodies are matured, your powers are on the level of a 9 year old. We know that you will try to escape using them and to use them against anyone here would be suicide. You are wanted alive and unharmed.”

“But…” Isabel started but Kyle quickly cut her off.

“Our intentions will be revealed soon. Until then just stay put and don’t cause any more problems” Kyle turned to leave when Tess’s voice stopped him.

“What about Max and Michael? Where are they? Are they OK?”

Kyle didn’t understand where the sudden tightening of his stomach came from when he heard Ava mention the King’s Earthly name. Kyle continued out the door without looking back leaving them with “They are fine.”


Michael and Max stood and looked down at the petite girl. She was young about their age. Her long brown hair flowed loosely around her shoulders. Her large brown eyes were intense and somewhat hardened. Michael approached her firing questions.

“Who the hell are you? Where are Isabel and Tess? Why are you holding us here? What do you want?”

Liz looked at Max but raised her hand to the one coming at her. Michael suddenly flew back to the wall slamming hard into it, knocking the breath out of him and he slid to the floor.

“I see he still has Rath’s temper but Rath always kept it under control.”

Max wanted to go to his friend but he was unsure that if he moved, would she do the same to him? He’d had enough of being thrown around. Unlike Michael he’d learned not to mess with these people. But he needed some answers. He could feel the immense power flowing form this small woman. “Who are you?” he asked through clenched teeth, holding his anger in check.

She turned to Michael who was once more on his feet and headed toward her again, his anger evident on his face.

“Stop.” She commanded. Michael’s feet froze to the floor and he was unable to move. He looked at her and started a string of cursing, directed at her.

“Michael!” Max barked getting his friend’s attention. With one look Michael closed his mouth and scowled at the woman. Max looked back at her, waiting for an answer.

“Impressive.” She said looking him up and down. She could not help the appreciation she felt for the beauty of his body and handsome face but when she turned her attention to the Commander, a fire ignited deep in her stomach warming her body. She forced her eyes back to Zan. “My name is Liz.”

“What do you want from us?”

“That right now is a complicated question. Just know that if you were not important, you would already be dead.” She eyed them both. Her voice was harsh with a hint of contempt. “I’ve come to tell you to stop fighting with everyone who enters. You are needed unharmed and you need not be hurt more than you already are.” She indicated the bruising that littered their exposed upper bodies.

“This is bullshit. You can’t keep us here and experiment on us.” Michael practically shouted. He’d always feared what would happen if they were found out on Earth. Now they finally get to where they come from only to find that his nightmares are coming true.

Liz approached Michael and looked up in his eyes. She sensed fear under the anger. “You made the choice to come back here. You could have easily lived out the rest of your lives on Earth.” Liz knew that Khivar had planned to get the Royal Four within a couple of years but they did not need to know that. Maybe on Earth they could have had a chance. “I just don’t want you getting hurt any more than necessary.” Her voice became softer with the last sentence. She reached up and her fingers touched a bruise on his cheek meaning to heal it.


*She saw a small boy hiding from someone. Someone calling his Earth name. Fear tore through his body, freezing him in place.

*She felt his fear of being poked, prodded and cut open and seeing his family treated the same.

*She watched as he kissed Vilandra and felt the confusion of emotions.
End Flash**

Liz was not the only one to see things with her touch.


*He saw her as a teenager, walking alone, feeling alone, with the weight of the world resting on her shoulders.

*He felt her fear that lingered beneath her hard, controlling appearance. Fear for herself, her family, and…them.
End Flash**

Liz jerked her hand away from his face, the bruise healed. Before he could say anything she turned and fled the room.

Max had stood quietly and watched Liz and Michael’s interaction. He knew something had happened between the two though she only touched Michael for a second. When the door closed he felt the hold she had on Michael release and watched as he went back to a corner and sunk to the floor.

“What happened Michael?” Max asked sitting next to his friend.

Michael shook his head. “I don’t know. But I do know that we are not going to like the reason we’re here.” He leaned his head against the wall and closed his eyes knowing that Max was watching him, trying to figure out what went on between him and Liz. He ignored Max and tried to process the images he’d seen and the feelings he felt.


When Liz got out of the room she released the breath she’d been holding and gasped for air to fill her lungs.

“Liz. Are you OK? What happened in there?” a voice sounded behind her.

Liz looked back and saw her friend. “I need some air. Let’s go for a walk. There are some things that need to be changed.”

“Khivar said no changes.”

“I know but there has to be if this is going to work.”

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Chapter 3

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Hey guys, I'm glad that you are enjoying this story...Just wanted to let you know that I'm working hard on the next part of Unusual Loves and should be out toward the end of the week (hopefully)...Another part of this story will also be out then...Thanks again for all the feedback (bouncing around with excitement!! :) )

Chapter 3

Isabel paced the room only to stop to occasionally pound on the door screaming. Tess sat on the bed and just watched Isabel’s tirade. She knew that Isabel was past the scared, crying part, she was now pissed and Tess knew that an angry Isabel was not a good thing. They now had been given five injections and she figured they’d been here five days. Isabel was getting more restless and sometimes very aggressive as time passed. She was not one to stay in a confined area for long. None of them were really. It all went back to the thoughts of what would happen to them if their secret was ever exposed on Earth. They had seen no one but more medical people since Kyle left two days ago and both she and Isabel were on the verge of a breakdown.

The door suddenly opened and Isabel lunged for whoever was coming through before Tess could stop her. With a flick of the wrist he sent Isabel reeling back to land on her bottom. Tess ran to her and helped her up. With a frustrated yell, Isabel shook Tess off and lunged again at the person who had just entered the room.

“Stop.” He commanded. Isabel did just that and was stunned that her body would not move. She looked up and glared at the dark haired man that stood at the doorway.

“Where are Max and Michael? I demand to see my brothers!” Isabel started yelling. Her voice was hoarse from its use.

“Isabel.” He said softly but she continued her ranting not hearing him. He tried again but she did not listen. “Enough!” he yelled.

Getting Isabel’s attention she shut her mouth and closed her eyes expecting him to throw her back again.

“Isabel” he said softly. He really hated yelling but she would not shut up.

She opened her eyes surprised. Besides Tess, he was the only one who had used what she thought of as her real name. The medical personnel had always called her Vilondra and she hated that name.

“My name is Alex and I will take you to your brothers but you have to do something for me.”

Isabel eyed him wearily not knowing if she should trust him. Her eyes locked with his and suddenly she felt light headed, a little off balance. “What?”

“Stop attacking everyone who comes through this door. People are getting hurt but you are taking the brunt of it.”


“Iz.” Tess warned.

Isabel hung her head in defeat. “Fine but I want to see them now.”

“Of course.” Alex said and looked at Tess who had stood next to Isabel and watched their interaction with interest. From his observation of the two sets of hybrids he was glad that there was one that was calm and level headed in each group. He wondered how it was that they were never discovered on Earth. Alex motioned for two men to enter and each took one by the arm.

“Don’t touch me.” Isabel grounded out, jerking her arm away.

“Isabel.” Alex said calmly. “If you want to see Max and Michael, this is necessary.”

Isabel sighed and allowed the man to take her arm again and lead her out the door. They were led down a series of hallways until they came to a door where a guard had just stepped out of a room. Tess and Isabel knew that Max and Michael were behind the door. Their connection was strong once more.

“Are they ready?” Alex asked the guard.

The guard wiped the sweat from his brow. “Yes sir. Take a look.”

Alex looked at the monitor by the door and saw that two men. He could not help but chuckle. “I see that you are not the only one who’s been giving us trouble.” He turned to Isabel who blushed.

Alex opened the door and let Isabel and Tess enter the white room. As soon as the door closed behind them, the hold that held Michael and Max against the wall dropped. Isabel rushed to Max and embraced him before he could stand on his feet. Tess went to Michael and helped him up. The four then embraced making sure that everyone was alright. They then sat together huddled on the floor making sure that they were touching the person next to them.

“Max why is this happening? What did we do so wrong? We just came here to find out who we were.” Isabel asked.

“I don’t think we did anything wrong but who we are or at least were. I think coming back here may have been a mistake.” Max answered his sister. He reached out and took her hand trying to comfort her. He could feel her fear and her Ice Princess façade was long gone. “They want something from us but I don’t know what.”

“So what? We wait until they get what they want then kill us? I don’t think so Maxwell. We need to do something.” Michael said. He wanted to get up and pace, maybe punch a wall but he knew that Isabel and Tess needed his comfort as much as he needed theirs.

“I’m not saying that but we do need to find out what they want. Apparently we are important to whoever is holding us but we need some information before we act on anything.” Max tried to keep his head clear and calm. Panic would not help them.

“I agree with Max. I don’t get a sense of hostility or hatred from Kyle or Alex.”

“Who?” Max and Michael asked together.

They spent the next half hour exchanging information that they were told by their ‘visitors’ and tried brain storming, trying to put the pieces together. During this time they were oblivious to the four sets of eyes they watched their interaction carefully.


The door suddenly opened and the group jumped to their feet. Kyle entered and Michael immediately charged him. Max tried to hold him off but Michael had moved too fast.

“Michael, don’t.” Tess called out but too late.

With a flick of the wrist, much like what Alex had done, both Michael and Max were pinned to the wall once more by an unseen power that filled the room. Isabel took a step toward Kyle anger flared in her eyes but Tess anticipated it and stopped her.

“Isabel. No. This doesn’t help things.” They both looked back at Michael who was struggling to free himself and Max who stayed still, his body rigid. They could see the anger burning in his eyes and how his jaw clenched knowing that if he could, Kyle would probably be dead now.

Kyle watched the interaction between the two women, fascinated with the smaller blonde. He noticed how she looked to the would-be King and his stomach tightened again. “It’s time to go.” His voice came out harsher than he intended.

“We don’t want to yet.” Tess said meeting his gaze.

Kyle looked at the small group and sensed their fear and the dread of separation again. He could understand how they felt. “It’s just until your more permanent quarters are ready.” His voice softened. “Another day or so. I promise, then you will be together again.” Kyle said keeping his gaze steady.

Tess nodded and looked once more at Max.

‘It’s alright. Go. I’ll deal with Michael.’ Max said through their connection. He swore to himself that if this man harmed either one of them, he’d kill him personally, powers or no powers.

Tess nodded and took Isabel’s arms, dragging her out of the door behind Kyle.

While Kyle was in the room, no one noticed the blonde who stood behind him. It was not until he left with the girls that she was seen.

“Welcome to my hell.” She mumbled approaching them.

“Who are you?” Michael barked. He was beyond agitated. All he wanted to do was hit someone. Let someone else feel pain. And he was also tired of being slammed against the walls and floor.

Max looked at his friend. ‘If you’d calm down and quit attacking people, maybe you’d save yourself and me some pain and bruises.’

The girl looked at Max suddenly, surprise flickered on her face. She’d just heard what he’d said to the Commander through their connection. ‘How is that possible?’ she asked herself.

Max’s head swung to the girl. Did he just hear her in his head?

Michael sighed knowing that Max was right but he couldn’t help it. He felt like a caged animal. “Helloooo. Blondie! I asked a question.”

She looked from Max to Michael then back to Max. She’d never experienced anything like that before but for now she pushed it aside. She was there for a reason.

“My name is Maria.” As she went closer to Michael she could see that his body was rigid as he still fought the power that held him to the wall. She had to wonder if he’d ever give up.

‘Not Michael.’ She heard in her head. She gave no indication that she’d heard him and continued to assess the man in front of her. “Michael, correct? Don’t look much like a Commander to me.” Her voice held a taunting tone.

“Let me have my powers back and I’ll show you a Commander.”

Maria laughed. “I’ve seen your blasts. Five year olds are stronger and more accurate than you.”

This pissed off Michael and he began physically struggling again and throwing out curse words at her. Max could see that her eyes narrowed at Michael and saw a shimmer that encased Michael’s body. Through his connection he could feel the pressure put on Michael’s body, slowly becoming more, pushing the air from his lungs.

“Michael!” Max barked getting his attention. “That’s enough.” He said in a quieter but firm voice. When Michael stopped moving, the pressure released.

Maria walked to stand in front of Max. “That sounded a lot like King Zan.”

“Max.” he said getting his first look at her soft, glimmering green eyes.

“Hmmm?” she asked, feeling drawn into his golden depths.

“My name is Max, not Zan.”

Maria shook off the lightheadedness and got back to reality. “Right. Max.” She repeated as if trying out the name. She looked at both men then walked out of the room. As soon as the door closed behind her, the hold on Max and Michael released and they both dropped to the ground.

“This is total bull Maxwell.” Michael was still catching his breath from the pressure that had been applied to his chest but he wanted Max to know what was on his mind. “We should…”

“Not now Michael.” Max interrupted. He crawled over to a corner, his body feeling every bruise that littered his body, trying to sort out what just happened. He’d heard Maria’s thoughts, felt her confusion as she looked into his eyes. He’d only been able to do that with Michael, Tess, and Isabel. Was she like them, a hybrid? What about Liz and the others, Kyle and Alex?

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Chapter 4

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Hey guys, it's me again :D ...Once more thanks for the keeps my muse going...I will admit that I've made Michael and Isabel a little hard headed in this while Tess and Max are the rational ones...Just for kicks, Maria and Kyle are the stubborn ones while Liz and Alex are more logical. See a pattern??? (HINT, HINT)
Yes Dee, I remeber that episode and loved it, too bad that I didn't think of it sooner...Oh well, what I have works better with my over all storyline...

Chapter 4

Another injection and a few more less evasive tests later Liz and Maria entered the room. Michael had finally calmed down enough to quit attacking everyone who entered the room thanks to Max having to constantly calm him through their connection.

“Moving day.” Maria announced brightly as she looked at the two guys sitting next to each other against a wall.

“Where are we going?” Max asked.

“To more suitable quarters. Bigger, with windows, and fresh air. Let’s go.” Liz said turning to leave. When she saw that they did not follow, she turned back and looked at them. “Don’t you want to get out of this room?”

“Yes but how can we trust you?” Michael glared at her. His mind was still confused at the images he saw and the emotions he felt from her. Since she first touched him, he felt drawn to her. She seemed to calm him with her presence.

“You don’t have a choice really. Now, get up and follow me.” Liz said firmly making sure her eyes locked with each one.

Feeling much like puppets, Michael and Max both rose from the floor and walked out of the room following Liz, Maria following behind them. The guys had no control over their bodies as they followed Liz down a series of halls.

“How did you do that?” Max asked finally giving up the fight against his body.

“It’s genetic encoding.” Liz said as if it was everyday knowledge.

“Genetic encoding?” What exactly did she mean? How did she know? Were all Antarians like that? He hated knowing so little about who they were.

Liz sighed having little patience for questions. She’d not slept well the night before and Khivar was not happy with her.


Liz stood in front of Khivar’s desk waiting for him to acknowledge her presence.

“You have progress?” He asked without looking up.

“No sir.” Liz said and steeled herself for his reaction. “We need to make a couple of changes.”

Khivar looked up at Liz then. “Changes? No, we stay with my plan.”

“It won’t work.”

Khivar eyed the young girl. He had always admired her courage to speak her mind to him. “What do you propose?”

“Maria and I need to switch subjects.”

“Absolutely not. I want the leaders together.”

“I know that but it won’t work. We don’t match.”

“What happened?” Khivar trusted Liz’s intuition. She’s never led him wrong, especially concerning the Royal Four.

“When I’m near Zan, I admit that there’s a connection but it’s weak and forced. It takes work. But with Rath, it’s immediate and strong.”

“What about Maria? What does she think?”

“She agrees with me. She feels a stronger connection to Zan than Rath. In fact she and Rath don’t seem to get along all that well right now.”

Khivar rubbed his chin in thought. “Zan is too serious. Maria is so…not serious.”

“Exactly. They will balance each other as will Rath and I.”

Khivar took a deep breath. “Alright Liz. What else?”

Liz fought the urge to shift from one foot to another. She’d never shown her unease before, she would not start now. “We have to tell them. They need to know their purpose here.”

Khivar stood and paced a little before coming before her. He looked down at her. “Why?”

“From what I have observed and my interaction with Rath and Zan, I have found that they are scared and want answers. Who they are, why they were sent to Earth, why we are holding them here and doing tests on them. Not getting any answers is making them uncooperative. They only came back here to find answers. They are smarter than you give them credit for. If we keep this from them, it makes it harder for us to do what we must and you know that we cannot force them to get results. Plus they will eventually figure it all out then all of our work would be for nothing. If they know who they are and why we want them here from the beginning we can work out the kinks early, gain their trust and eventually do what is best for their people.”

“How can you be certain?”

Liz looked Khivar in the eyes. “I can’t be certain about any of this but I just sense that this would be the right approach for the best results.”

Khivar paced for another moment letting her words roll through his mind. He trusted her instincts. The hybrids could not be forced or he would get no results. He turned to the large window behind his desk and sighed. “Alright. Do what you need to do, just keep me posted with daily reports.”

“Yes, your Majesty.” Liz said and left the room to meet with the others.
End Flashback

“Yes” she answered. “The scientist who engineered you placed inside of your DNA a genetic mechanism that makes you follow orders from certain people. Antarians have used this technology on Protectors for Royalty for hundreds of years.”

“So who is it that could order us like that? Obviously you.” Michael was curious at who he would have no choice but to do as they say. He did not like this at all. If they were Royalty, why would the scientists do that to them?
“Just the four of us. Maria, Alex, Kyle and I.”

“Why just you four? Why are you special?”

“No one knows.”

“What do you mean no one knows? You apparently know. Why don’t they ask the ones that made us?” Michael demanded, his agitation rising again.

Liz sighed. “Enough. No more questions right now. We’ll explain everything later tonight.”

They stopped in front of a door; Maria reached around them and opened it while Liz led the way in. They stepped into a large round room. It consisted of a kitchen area, dining area with a large round table and chairs, then an area with a couple of couches. It was decorated in light colors and brightly lit. In the center of the ceiling was a big glass roof that allowed natural sunlight to enter along with giving them a view of the stars at night. At equal intervals around the living area were four doorways that led into private rooms. Beside each opening was a control panel and one of the hybrids’ names.

Isabel and Tess entered the room followed by Alex and Kyle. The girls immediately embraced Max and Michael while Kyle and Alex joined Maria and Liz. The two sets of four looked at each other, sizing up the other group. This was the first time the eight were together. Max felt something shift in the room. He wasn’t sure what it was or if it was good for them but he knew that these four would be forever linked to him and his family. Liz looked at the hybrids and her stomach clinched feeling that things would not happen as Khivar planned.

“What is this place?” Isabel asked.

“This is your new quarters. Each one of you has your own room. The doors inside the rooms lead to the outside but do not try to use them. They will only open to one of us.” Liz informed them. “For now, I need you to each go to your room.” Her voice and expression was soft and kind but the tone carried an order that the hybrids could not ignore. Once each was in their assigned room, a shield came up over the entrance as Liz or one of the others placed their hand on the control panel. Once everything was set, they left the hybrids.

Tess lightly touched the shield and jerked her hand back quickly as a shock ran through her hand. “Guys, don’t touch the shields. They shock.” She warned knowing that Michael or Isabel would try something.

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Chapter 5

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I've had a good weekend and managed to finish this next part...Whew, it was so hard to stay away from my other fic :P but I managed to put some time into this one...

Part 5

Sometime later two medical personnel entered the large living space followed by Liz and the others. Each stood by a door of a hybrid and watched the team set up a table and some equipment.


Maria was surprised to Max’s voice inside her mind and swung her head to where he stood near the shield. Her green eyes met his amber. She quickly looked back at the medical team trying to ignore what she’d just felt.

‘Maria, what are they going to do to us?’ Max calmly asked. His suspicion of their connection was confirmed when she had turned and looked at him and their eyes met. He was a little taken back by the feeling that ran through him.

Maria paused a moment deciding if she should tell him. ‘They are going to implant a chip in each of you so that we can control your powers.’

She was met with silence. No more questions, no protests. She took this as his acceptance of what she told him.

When the team finished, one looked to Liz. “Who is first?”

“I say the fearless King is first.” Kyle said quickly. He’d been watching Tess and hated how she kept looking to Max for comfort or approval. Jealousy seeped into his veins.

Liz nodded to Maria who lowered Max’s shield. She took his hand and was glad that he did not pull away or protest. In fact the warmth from his hand ran up her arm and left her a little lightheaded. She led him to the table and had him lie face down on the table.

Max took several deep breaths unsure exactly what was going to happen but felt that he could trust Maria and not be harmed. Suddenly he felt a sharp pinch in the back of his neck. He stiffened and a small yelp escaped as the pain intensified for just a second before it backed off. He felt lightheaded and the other’s voices filled his head asking if he was alright. The voices were loud and left his head aching but the one that he felt the most was Maria’s. He could feel her distress. With much effort he pushed out all the noise.

‘I’m fine.’ He sent out to the four of them. He could feel Maria’s distress calm as she soothed him mentally.

Max was grateful for Maria’s assistance off the table then her support as she took him to a couch. He still felt lightheaded and weak, the headache still strong.

Alex opened Isabel’s door next but she had taken several steps back from the shield and just stood there shaking her head, looking ready to flee at the first chance.

“No. You are not going to do that to me. What did they do? No more. I’m tired of all of this.” She started to yell, her voice getting higher with each word as she began to panic.

Max felt every word she said pound against his head making the pain worse. He lifted his head form his hands and looked to where Isabel stood.

“Isabel!” he barked wincing at the pain his words brought. “Just do it.” He said softer, pleading with his sister. He didn’t want anymore harm to come to any of them knowing that they would force her to do this anyhow.

“Isabel.” Alex called to her softly, holding out a hand to her.

She looked into his soft blue eyes. She could sense his caring and kindness and could tell that he was a good guy but she had trouble trusting her feelings with the predicament they were in. Seeing no way around it she finally took Alex’s hand and let him lead her to the table.

After Isabel’s chip was inserted, Michael was next. His face wore a scowl but said nothing as Liz led him to the table. Tess was last. On the outside, she looked calm and showed no fear but inside her stomach churned and was upset. She looked to Max several times for the encouragement and comfort he sent to her. Max in turn ignored the heated glare Kyle gave him, concentrating on his family.

When the four hybrids each had the chips in place, the medical personnel started packing their equipment. Max looked at his family and noticed how each had one of these strangers hovered near them as Maria was doing with him. He had to wonder the significance of it. Once the medical team left, Liz and the others took the chairs from the kitchen and sat them near the couches.

“I think it is time for us to talk.” Liz started, suddenly feeling nervous as four sets of eyes turned on her. “You four are here and alive for an important purpose.”

Suddenly Isabel rose with her hand covering her mouth. “Oh god. I’m going to be sick.” She mumbled and rushed to the kitchen sink to vomit. Alex was right behind her, grabbing a towel to attend her. Max and Michael stood also to go after her but abruptly sat back down as nausea and dizziness overtook them.

Liz watched as their faces turned pale, fighting the side effects of the chip placement. She wanted so badly to feel nothing for these four. It was because of them that she was taken from her parents, family, her real home but she had observed the love and caring that they held for one another knowing that the two groups were more alike than she’d first thought.

Liz rose and went to Michael who sat, taking deep breaths, his eyes closed, trying to calm the revolt his stomach was creating. She placed her hand on his neck, the connection immediately flared to life.

She watched a frustrated Michael running through a worn down, dirty trailer park late at night. He looked to be 13 years old. Tears streamed down his face, glass shattering as he passed by some cars. She could feel his anger, frustration, hurt and loneliness. The emotions overwhelmed her, making her gasp.
End Flash**

Michael’s breath caught as he felt her warm energy rush through his body.

He watched a 10-year-old Liz walking through a forest. He felt her frustration as if it were his own. She stopped and looked to a large branch of an old tree. Raising her hand, she sent a blast to it; only it did not go to where she’d aimed. Instead it veered and hit a beautiful colored bird. She watched in horror as it dropped to the ground. She rushed over and picked it up in her hands. It wasn’t hurt but dead. She began to sob. She’d actually killed a living creature. She was crying so hard she did not notice her hands glowing as she cradled the bird in them. She gasped as the bird began to stir then fly away.
End Flash**

Both Liz and Michael blinked, confused at why the flashes were occurring when Isabel rejoined the group, sitting near Tess who tried to comfort her but feeling as if she would hurl at any moment also.

Maria noticed Michael’s color had returned to normal and he looked better than the other three and knew that Liz had healed the side effects for him. Seeing that Liz had not made a move to do the same for the others, Maria cleared her throat getting Liz’s attention. When Liz looked at Maria, she knew what Maria expected her to do, her bright, green eyes scolding Liz.

Liz sighed and went to Isabel and healed her of the sickness. She did the same with Tess then Max. This also gave her the opportunity to create a connection with each hybrid. Her connection to Isabel and Tess was weak. She had felt their fear and confusion but it was like a flutter in the back of her mind. Max’s connection was stronger and felt the power that he held inside. She also felt his determination to keep his family together and safe. But Michael’s connection had sent her control spinning. He was so intense; she felt everything that was in him like her own.

“Now that that is taken care of, let’s continue this.” Alex said interrupting Liz’s thoughts. She mentally shook off her feelings and looked at the group of people before her.

“We are going to tell you everything that we know about you. We are telling you this because we believe you have a right to know what is happening and why. Just remember that because I am telling you this does not mean that you have a choice. You don’t, it has already been made and has been in the works for years, before any of us were born.” Liz began looking at the four hybrids.

“You were killed during a rebellion uprise over 50 years ago here on Antar. The King, his sister, the General, and the Queen were referred to as the Royal Four. The four were powerful and very close. They ruled fair and were loyal to their planet. However, there were others who thought that others would be better as a ruler.”

“After you were killed” Alex took over. “Four scientists found a way to take your essence and combine it with human DNA making an Antarian hybrid. They placed each of you in incubation pods and stole a ship and headed for Earth. They were to be your protectors, your teachers”

“Why did they do that? Why’d they have to steal a ship?” Michael asked.

“No one knows those answers.” Maria answered. “With Zan, Ava, Vilondra, and Rath dead, the next in line to the throne was Zan’s cousin Khivar. The war lasted about two weeks and then came the mourning of their leaders so Antar was in shambles. It was weeks before anyone realized that the four scientists were gone and even longer to figure out what they had done and where they’d gone.”

“It was about 10 years after that war that the decline in population was noticed. There had been very few births since the war. The babies that survived birth were often weak or had birth defects. Older Antarians were dying and there was not a new generation to replace them. They found that Antar’s water supply had been contaminated during the war and the damage it had caused was irreversible even after it was cleared as best as possible. The Antarian species is now ruined. Khivar then went in search of the four scientists.”

“When he finally found where they had landed, he found that three had died in the crash and one was captured by your government.” Alex continued. They’d heard this story over and over and knew it by heart. “But not before he could hide your pods out of harms way so you could develop freely. Khivar spent years trying to find you but he could not. He concluded that you had not come out of your pods so he waited and watched. During this time, he tried several ways to continue the Antarian species only to fail time after time.”

“OK. Obviously Antarians and Humans are similar in their genetic make-up so why not just mix the two or even make more hybrids like us?” Isabel asked.

Kyle shook his head. “Didn’t work. Both Antarian and human females died along with the baby. As for more hybrids like you? Impossible. It can’t be replicated. The scientists used a rare organic organism called Gandarium to blend the two DNAs together. The process was lost with the scientists along with any information on where the Gandarium came from.”

“Khivar formed another plan.” Liz drew their attention. “One that involved several different phases. About seven years before you emerged from your pods, Khivar chose four human infants, two boys and two girls, and brought them here to Antar. They were raised here; the reason for their life was a mission. When the time was right and the hybrids returned, these humans were to reproduce with the hybrids.”

“You’re entirely human?” Michael asked shocked. What she was saying immediately clicked in his head. They were the hybrids and Liz, Maria, Kyle and Alex were the humans. That was why they were the only people to have any real interaction with.

“But you have powers.” Isabel stated confused.

“Yes we do.” Liz said. “As you said, genetically Antarians and humans are very similar. An Antarian’s abilities come from the cerebral cortex. Human’s minds are underdeveloped. Being here, raised on this planet has helped it develop like the Antarians. We were Khivar’s Phase I.”

“Khivar knew where we were?” Michael asked.

“Yes.” Liz said. “Somehow he knew when you were to emerge from your pods.”

“If Khivar knew where we were, why didn’t he come to bring us home then? He is related to Max and Isabel, correct?” Tess finally asked, trying to absorb all the information.

“He wanted to wait until you were old enough. For you to remember who you were, where you came from, letting your genetic encoding take effect.”

“So he could control us.” Max stated, anger filling him. He hated that these four humans could control them with just a word. It took away any free will they had.

Liz just nodded, sensing the anger that filled him.

“Why you four? What is so special about you?” Michael asked.

“We don’t know really. The small amount of information that was found about the hybrids mentioned that they were engineered to reproduce with four humans. That as they grew older, they would be drawn by instincts to find that person.”

“So, you are saying that we are to have sex with you and make babies to populate Antar again because of the way we were made? How do you know it will even work? It could kill Tess and Isabel or even Liz and Maria.” Michael asked trying to control the anger that surged through him. No one was going to tell him who to be with. And the thought of Liz dying because of a baby they produce is unacceptable. ‘Wait. Where did that come from? He thought.

“We don’t really know if it will work.” Alex said. “It is all a theory really. Through years of research and what Khivar has provided, it is thought that the Gandarium is the key for an Antarian to breed with a human since it is what enabled you to be created. Our children should carry it in their DNA making it possible to be with a pure Antarian. In turn saving this world.”

The hybrids sat in stunned silence. They were not sure what they should feel. Honored to be helping to save their dying world or anger at being produced and used as such? Was this the only reason they were created? To breed?

Liz stood. “We’ll leave you to discuss this. Get some sleep tonight. We start early in the morning.”

“What will we start in the morning?” Tess asked cautiously, not sure she was ready for the answer. Would they force them to have sex? Would she and Isabel be raped?

“To start Phase II. Your training. You will fully develop your powers. Then we will be able to see how the human DNA has effected your abilities.”

“The reason for the chip and why you are the ones having contact with us.” Max said looking her in the eye.

Liz nodded. “Thos chips will be for your protection.”

When the humans left, Max, Michael, Tess, and Isabel sat where they were, each lost in their thoughts.

“What do we do Max?” Tess asked.

Max got up and started pacing, running his hand through his hair. Sometimes he hated being the leader. Though they never verbally acknowledged it that way, the others just naturally looked to him for answers. It sucked to be the King.

“I don’t know right now.”

“So we are going to do nothing, let them impregnate Isabel and Tess to see if they survive, Maxwell?”

Max stopped in front of where Michael was standing. “What do you want me to do? We have no powers; we are weak in strength with no allies, on a strange planet. You’ve experienced first hand our encoding. We have no choice right now but to do what they want. We develop our powers and wait for our opportunity. Unless you have any better ideas you’d care to share Michael?”

Michael fidgeted, scratching at his eyebrow. He knew that Max was right and it made sense. Khivar wanted them to grow stronger. Maybe it would work to their advantage with their escape.

“So. Phase II is just building our powers. We’ve got some time, right?” Isabel asked, eyes going back and forth between Max and Michael looking for some assurance.

“I hope so.” Max said.


Liz and the others walked a little way down the hall to their own living quarters. It was identical to the one they’d just left. They sat on the couches exhausted.

“You think they’ll cooperate?” Kyle asked.

“They don’t have a choice.” Alex said.

“In a way they do. They could make this really difficult for us and in the end it won’t work.” Kyle said.

“Making our lives more of a hell here.” Maria mumbled.

“Guys, they’ll do it.” Liz stated, sure of herself.

They sat there in silence a few moments each in their own thoughts.

“Kyle, you need to lighten up a bit.” Mar started. “Especially with Max. I see what you are doing.” Kyle opened his mouth to protest but Maria kept speaking. “You will have to work with him one on one and your glaring matches and attitude will not help him or us. Tess may not see it now but she will the longer we are together. Who do you think she’ll side with Kyle? Someone she grew up with and trusts or the person possibly forcing her do things against her better judgment?”

“I know. I’m sorry.” Kyle said, his hand rubbing the back of his neck.

“It’s OK Kyle. I just wanted you to know that we all see it and sense it. I have a feeling that we’ll all feel the jealousy bug at one time or another at their closeness but remember, Max and Tess were married in their past lives, not now.”

“That’s something we all have to keep in mind.” Liz said remembering her stomach lurking as she watched Michael hold Isabel. “Let’s get some sleep. Tomorrow is going to be long.”

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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Alex opened the door to the hybrids’ room and stopped in his tracks. On the couches the two sets of hybrids were sleeping. The little green-eyed monster tried to come out but he quickly pushed it back remembering the talk they’d had last night. He was being silly but the sight of Isabel in another man’s arms was bothersome, even if it was her brother. He wanted to be the one holding her. Upon further inspection of the four, he saw that Max and Michael held the girls as if trying to shield them, protect them from harm yet comforting them.

Maria and Kyle approached the couches while Alex and Liz went to the kitchen to start breakfast. Maria squatted down near Max’s head and gazed at his peaceful sleeping face.

‘Max’ she whispered softly in his mind. Max shifted pulling the warm body next to him closer. He heard her again. The one whose voice haunted his dreams, whose voice was like beautiful music.

‘Max. Wake up. Open your eyes.’

He did so even though he wanted to stay in the warmth of his dreams but what he saw was more beautiful than anything he’d ever dreamed. Max stared into the sparking green eyes that shined with life.

“Hey sleepyhead.” She smiled at him and was glad when he smiled slightly back at her.

“Time to get up. Breakfast will be ready in a few.”

Max felt something move in his arms and saw Isabel curled into him. He sighed as their situation came rushing back to him. He would protect them with everything he had but he also knew that his desire to be with Maria was just as strong. His dilemma was getting more complicated he thought as he watched her walk away.

Kyle knelt where Tess was lying in Michael’s arms. He didn’t like it but knew that she sought him for comfort and familiarity. He lightly brushed the golden curls from her face and called her name. “Tess.”

Her eyelids fluttered then opened to see Kyle’s face near her own. Her stomach started doing flips. She was uncertain why she reacted so to a stranger.

“Time to wake up. Breakfast is almost ready.” Kyle said and looked to Michael who still slept. He thought about trying to wake him but he had a feeling that Michael was not much of a morning person and was not anxious to see his scowl.

Tess watched Kyle get up and she wanted to follow him. When she tried to move the arm wrapped around her tightened its grip. Tess looked up and saw Michael still sleeping.

“Michael.” She said with no response. “Michael, wake up.” She said louder only to have him pull her tighter against him. Tess sighed and hated to wake him this way but it wasn’t the first time. She took her elbow and jabbed it into his gut. Michael grunted and released his hold.

Tess sat up and looked back at Michael. He was staring at her with disapproval. “You didn’t have to be so mean.” He mumbled.

“You wouldn’t let me up.” She said chuckling at his hurt expression. She knew he was just trying to protect her. He had taken the role of big brother to her a long time ago. “Come on, let’s see what’s to eat. I’m starving.”

Michael sat up and looked at Max who was trying to wake Isabel. He smiled and shook his head. Isabel was such a grouch if she did not get all of her beauty sleep. He would never admit it to anyone but he and Isabel were a lot a like. You’d think that they were brother and sister instead of Max who was quiet, thoughtful, passive person unless forced into action. Michael, not for the first time, had to wonder if that was what made him a great King and he a great General in the past.

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Chapter 7

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The last chapter was a little short so I thought I'd go ahead and post this one too...

Chapter 7

After a simple breakfast, the group of eight headed outdoors. They stood in a large courtyard surrounded by a high wall. On top of the wall were two guards patrolling, keeping watch over the group.

Alex, with a small computer device in hand, looked at the Royal Four. “Today will be easy. We are going to see the extent of your powers. We’ll measure and record how much energy is used and how much power is emitted. We’ll also see who has exactly what abilities.” He eyes the four before adding. “You will not hide any information about your abilities from us.” He said firmly making it very clear that he wanted to know everything. “Before we can start strengthening your powers, we need to see what level you’re at.”

Kyle laid a case on the table near them. “Who’s to volunteer first?” he ask as he pulled wires from the case.

“I’ll go first.” Tess stepped up. She was nervous but she was actually very curious about her powers. They never had anyone to help them or train them. She thought that this could be interesting and educational for the group.

Liz and Maria hooked the wires to various places on Tess’s body that went to a machine, which would record everything she would do. It reminded her of the time she went with her father to the hospital to visit a sick co-worker.

“OK. First off, what abilities do you have?” Alex questioned, entering information into his device.

Tess shrugged. “The basics?” she wasn’t really sure what they were. She just knew that she and the others could all do them.

“Moving objects? Changing the molecular structure?” Alex asked and Tess nodded. “How about energy blasts?”

“Yes, but I don’t think they are very strong and they are hard to control.”

Alex nodded as he entered the data. “Anything else?” Something the others can’t do?”

“Well, I can make people see things that aren’t there.”

“Good. We call that mindwarping. OK, let’s get started. I want you to demonstrate each ability and make sure you use full strength so we can get an accurate reading.”

Tess went through and demonstrated each ability Alex named off, after the chip was deactivated. It felt good to feel her energy flow freely once more through her body. She’d never had it blocked before so it felt weird not feeling it. When it came to her demonstrating her mind warp, they made her use it on Max but she was unsure what to make him see that would not upset him. Finally she decided on making him see the reservoir, where they all used to meet. The place held both good and bad memories for the group but none that would set his emotions reeling.

When Tess was all done, Alex looked pleased. “Thank you Tess. You did very well. You average the strength of a 12 year old in everything but the energy blasts but we’ll work on that. Who’s next?” Looking at the remaining three.

“I’ll go.” Michael said stepping up, his scowling expression covering the nervousness he felt.

Alex went through the routine again and had Michael exhibit each ability he had. As the test went on, Michael felt more frustrated and what little control he had over his energy wavered when he sent an energy blast off target, going high and came close to hitting one of the guards.

Alex frowned at the data that blinked up at him. Liz went and looked also. During the exercise, she could feel his frustration dancing in the back of her mind. She could sense the disappointment in himself also.

Liz looked at Michael and smiled. “It will be OK. We just have to work on your control.” She tried to put him at ease.

Michael felt a little comfort with her smile. He liked how her face shined when she smiled. ‘She should do it more’ he thought. “So what level am I at?”

“Well…The strength of your energy is that of an adult however, your control is that of a 5 year old.” Alex said, glad that he had reactivated the chip before saying anything. From the glare he received, he knew Michael would have blown him or something else up.

“Let’s break for lunch then do the last two.” Maria announced smiling at everyone. She could feel the tension rise throughout the group and wanted to give them all a break.


Back in the courtyard, Isabel volunteered to go next. She went through the tests the others did but when she came to her dreamwalking test she looked at the humans, uncertainly.

“I can’t get into anyone’s mind or dream with them awake.”

“You’ve actually tried?” Alex asked gently not wanting to upset her. Isabel nodded. “Alright, then, choose one of them.” He said indicating Michael, Max and Tess. “And we’ll put them to sleep so you can do it.”

Isabel looked at her family. She chose Tess hoping she’d be the easiest to enter and knew that she would not balk at her entering the dream. Max and Michael had gotten upset with her when they were younger and she’d learned the hard way that she did not want to see what they dreamed of.

Tess lay on the soft ground with her head in Kyle’s lap. She looked up into his soft blue eyes that begged for her trust. “Are you ready?” he asked.

She took a breath and tried to smile at him. “Ready.”

Kyle lightly touched her forehead with his finger and she closed her eyes. A minute later Kyle looked up at Isabel and nodded.

“I’ve really gotta learn that.” Max muttered to Michael who chuckled, knowing that he wanted to use it on Isabel when she got real emotional.

‘You will.’ Maria said inside Max’s mind. Max no longer reacted physically to hearing her but tried to grasp and hold on to her warmth that filled him when she entered his mind.

When Isabel was finished Alex looked pleased with her results. “You’re about the same level as Tess. Our main concern will be strengthening your energy and control.”

Isabel nodded and tried not to show her giddiness at the approval she heard in his voice. She turned to Max. “Your turn dear brother.” Max simple raised an eyebrow at her light mood. Michael and Tess looked at her also.

Max went through the same basic tests as the others with ease. Since Max was able to do a protective shield, Alex had him activate it then one of the guards sent a blast at it. This made Michael react on instinct and move toward Max but Liz had positioned herself next to Michael, expecting his reaction.

“No Michael.” She said soft but firm. Michael’s feet froze and he cursed her in his head, so as to not disturb Max’s concentration.

Isabel and Tess yelped at the blast but felt relief when the shield held, absorbing the energy, making it glow brighter green.

“Wonderful.” Alex said smiling. “You absorb the energy for your own use instead of deflecting it. OK, final one.”

“Wait, how are you going to test his healing?” Tess asked. She was scared that they’d hurt one of them for Max to heal.

“Simple.” Maria said as she walked up to the group with a bird in a cage. She took it out and approached Max. Her hands glowed and the bird stilled. She handed it over the Max and nodded. He looked at his hands to the lifeless animal they cradled.

‘Piece of cake.’ Maria whispered in his head.

Max took a breath then concentrated. His hands glowed and the bird flew into the air.

“Wow.” Alex said softly, his voice holding awe, as he looked down at his device. The seven looked at him. He noticed how quiet it had gotten and looked up to see them all watching him. “Oh, sorry. You, Max have the energy level of a full grown adult but…I see where the problem lies.”

“Where’s that?” Liz asked curious. If he was so strong, which by Alex’s reaction, he was, then how were they captured so easily?

“Control. He has too much control, it almost suppresses your energy.”

Michael had to chuckle and pat Max on the back. “I always knew you were a tight-assed control-freak. Here’s the proof.” Max could not help but smirk at his friend knowing that it had been something that they had fought about their entire life.

“One more thing Max. What about telepathic communication?”

“What about it?” Max asked cautiously. He didn’t want them to know about it and try to suppress it like the rest. It was the only thing keeping him sane.

“Can you do it?” Alex eyed him.

Knowing that he was unable to lie to Alex, he nodded.

“With Michael, Tess and Isabel?” Alex queried, entering data. Max again nodded unwilling to let his voice rise about the lump that formed in his throat. “How about with anyone else? Ever communicated with someone besides the other hybrids?”

Before Max could answer, Maria interrupted. “Come on Alex. He can communicate with them because they are genetically alike. Besides, if he’d done that with anyone else their secret would have been reveled on Earth. Do you think he would really risk it?”

Alex looked at Maria questioning her interruption but he saw her eyes pleading for him to drop it and move on. Alex decided that he’d question her later about it, in private. Kyle, Liz and Max did not miss this silent exchanged.

“All right. I guess we are done for the day.” Alex announced as he looked at the setting sun and the stars coming out.

‘Wait a minute.” Max caught their attention. “How did you know about me being able to communicate with the others? You never asked the others. Why only me?”

“Max, you have King Zan’s essence in you.” Liz said. “It was said that he had a special ability to telepathically communicate with others. It was so strong that he could form a connection with an Antarian that was nowhere near him and sometimes read other species. All Antarians have the ability to communicate in a basic way, but it is weak and more of sensing things with someone close to them, like a mate or family. We figured you had that ability but there is no way to exactly measure it to see if it is as strong as Zan’s. We don’t know if the human DNA has weakened it.”

Max responded with silence and nodded his head acknowledging her. Was that why Maria could hear him and he hear her? But she was human and Liz had said that he could do that with only Antarians. Did he tap into something in Maria without realizing it? Max had a lot of information to sort in his head. This was just one more to add to the building mysteries.


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Part 8

Post by magikhands » Thu Apr 29, 2004 1:24 pm

Thanks for the FB guys...i know that this is totally different from the other fic I'm working on but I am glad you are being so supportive...
Sorry Dee, wrong fic, this will turn NC-17 but not until later. To get your dose of smut you have to go to Slash Ho Central...

Part 8

The next morning, the humans entered the hybrid’s living quarters ready for their day to begin. Kyle snorted as he looked down into the living area.

“Should we just get them a huge bed and put it out here for them?”

Maria reached over and punched his arm. “Let them be. They are a long way from home and it makes them feel better to be together. Come on, our turn to do breakfast.” She said pulling Kyle toward the kitchen.

Liz and Alex went to the hybrids that were sleeping on the floor. They were not cuddled together but they were close, the boys flanking the girls. Alex noticed that they were all touching the ones beside them either with a hand or foot.

Liz sunk to her knees near Michael. “Michael.” She called softly. She called his name again but he still didn’t wake. She placed a hand on his arm to shake him and energy ran up her arm.

She saw Michael sitting with the other three in an alien themed restaurant. They were eating, talking and laughing like normal teenagers.
End Flash**

Michael woke at Liz’s touch.

He saw Liz and the other three in their quarters sitting around a table laughing and eating. Behaving much like normal teenagers.
End Flash**

Michael became aware of the warmth that Liz’s hand gave off, still on his arm. He turned to find her doe-eyes wide and looking at him. She quickly caught herself, pulled back her hand and tried to smile.

“Morning.” She whispered. Michael gave her a smirk knowing the she saw a flash like he had.

Alex knelt near Isabel. She looked so peaceful when she slept, her face was relaxed and soft. Her lips were slightly parted and as Alex watched them, he felt an ache to taste them. To see if they felt as soft as they looked. He could sense that she was still deep asleep so he took a deep breath and took a peak.

Alex found himself at a strange looking rock formation in a desert. It was nighttime and the stars were shining brightly down upon him. He saw Isabel sitting on a large boulder with someone but the rock’s shadows blocked his view of her companion.

“I can’t believe I finally found you after all this time.” She whispered, reaching up and running her hand on her companion’s cheek. “I have felt you within my head and heart since I first emerged. I was made to be with you and only you.”

Her companion leaned in and took her lips to his. Alex suddenly felt disappointed and now bad for spying on Isabel. He was about to leave when he heard Isabel speak again.

“Alex. Please say you’ll never leave me.”

“Never.” He heard her companion say in his voice. Alex spun around and saw Isabel resting in his own arms kissing.

Alex’s eyes flew o-pen and looked down at his angel. She was dreaming of him. He could not help the smile that formed on his lips. He took his hand and brushed it along her cheek, much like she’d done in her dream to him.

“Isabel, wake up.”

Isabel stirred, not wanting to leave her peaceful slumber but she heard him calling. She opened her eyes to meet his smiling face. It was contagious and smiled back at him.

“Good morning my princess.” He said helping her up.

After the group ate breakfast, they split up into small groups. Liz had explained to the hybrids over breakfast that for the next two weeks they’d be paired up to work and train on getting their energy levels higher and stronger. Alex took Isabel outside through the door in her room. Kyle took Tess, Maria took Max and Liz led Michael out. Each had their own section to work in.


Liz once more stood before Khivar’s desk waiting for him to acknowledge her.

“How is it going with the hybrids Liz?” he asked without looking up.

“Majesty, the reports…”

“I’ve seen the reports Liz. I want to it hear from your mouth. How are they doing?”

“They’ve shown exceptional progress. Their energy levels are now full strength but their control is still being worked on. The next two weeks we will switch trainers, concentrating on specific abilities then the last two weeks we’ll work as a group teaching them new skills. The six week time frame should be sufficient sir.”

“Everyone is getting along?” He inquired, finally looking up at her.

“Yes.” She said simply.


“Overall yes. We share lunch and some down time with the hybrids and sometimes breakfast. I like to think that we girls will end up forming a bond but the guys still need to work on the ego, male dominance thing. They are used to their positions in their own small group but now it is larger and they are having to deal with their new places among each other along with sharing us girls.”

“Hhmmm. Humans are interesting when it comes to emotions. Are you still sure about the pairing?” Khivar studied Liz.

“Yes your Majesty.” Liz thought back to the progress she’d made with Michael the last two weeks. She’d gotten him to let his guard down some to relax, laugh and have a little fun with his training. When he was in that frame of mind, his powers intensified and his control was better.

She also remembered watching Maria with Max several days ago. He was smiling and laughing with her. She also felt how his powers were extremely intense and powerful during that time. She’d seen Maria’s reports and knew that she was making Max seem like the rest of the hybrids. Liz briefly wondered if he’d be that intense in bed. She mentally shook that thought off. She knew that Max was attractive but she was drawn to Michael. She decided the attraction was because of her upbringing where she was to be Zan’s mate and she knew so much about Zan and Max. “Yes, I’m sure that it will work best the way we have it.”

Khivar eyed Liz a moment before excusing her. “Thank you Liz. You may go now.”

Liz bowed her head. “Good-night your Majesty.” She said before leaving the room.

Khivar watched Liz leave and wished for the thousandth time that he could have the little firecracker but he had a mission to save his planet. Even if he had to use the Royal Four as studs to do so. You could not rule a planet unless you had subjects. Well at least Liz did not end up with Zan, he thought letting his petty jealousy play out. He then pictured the type of children she and Rath would produce. The heir to his Army.

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Chapter 9

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Hello everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend. Scottie, Dee, you caught me. I will admit, I have a thing for BIG beds. They are so big, comfy, and they have plenty of room for lots of people. :P
I'll give you a hint, Khivar is good and bad...depends how you look at it but that will unfold as time goes by...

Chapter 9

Max sat on a picnic table that they had constructed earlier in the week. He couldn’t believe that they’d been on Antar for almost four weeks now and they had seen nothing but their rooms and these little areas that they were restricted to. He always thought he’d be happy once they got to Antar. It was their home, right? They could finally be around people like them and not have to hide their powers or be afraid of someone finding out about them, doing experiments on them. He was wrong. He was not happy here, in fact he hated it. Thoughts of how to keep his family safe from harm constantly plagued him along with how to get out of this breeding experiment and go back to their real home, Earth.

The one thing that had brought any relief since being here was Maria. There was something about her that made Max relax and feel like himself when she was around. He liked having her around and looked forward to seeing her each day. He could now constantly feel her in his mind. She was like a tingle just sitting there waiting for when he needed her. When he felt frustrated, angry or hurt she’d pop in with soothing words and comfort.

Max had also gotten used to doing much the same for her. He felt when she was excited or angry at something. He would try to soothe her much like she did for him. It was strange to have someone else’s emotions run through him but he was beginning to like it.

Max just wondered how long they could keep their connection from the others. He knew how Isabel and Michael would react, defensive and take offense that he didn’t tell them. He also knew that the humans would react much the same except maybe Alex and Tess. They both seemed very calm and not surprised by some of the events that had occurred.

Max looked up and saw his teacher for the day making his way to where he sat. He took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying not to match Kyle’s glare. Both Maria and Tess had talked to him and begged him to try and get along with Kyle. They all saw the tension between he and Kyle and wanted them to stop their silly male ego thing. Max had promised to try.

Kyle walked toward his student, trying to keep an open mind and not glare, too much, at the former King. Tess had sat and spoke to him explaining her relationship with Max. She could feel his jealousy shouting at her and wanted him to get over it. Not to mention Maria’s nagging he had to endure the night before.

“Kyle.” Max acknowledged him.

“Max.” he responded. “I hear you’re having a little trouble with the mind warp.”

Max hate to admit his weakness but he knew that they had to learn all they could to get out of this situation. “Uh, yeah. Can’t seem to get it focused.”

“I think I can help you there.” He said smiling. Maria had already told him the difficulties Max was having and planned ahead for his lessons. Maria had coached him on how to get Max’s fullest concentration. Kyle had to agree with her techniques.

A young man in the Antarian guard uniform joined Kyle and Max. He stood in front of Kyle at attention. “Private Nephram, sir.”

“Good morning Private. Have a seat in the chair.”

As the young man, not much older than Max or Kyle sat Kyle explained the situation. “This is just a training exercise Private. No one is armed here and you will not be harmed in any way. Do you understand this?”

Private Nephram nodded. “Yes sir.” His eyes looked to Max then Kyle a little unsure of his purpose.

“Alright Max.” Kyle said sitting next to him on the picnic table. “I want you to close your eyes. Picture Private Nephram there. Reach out to his mind. Concentrate.” Kyle paused. “Can you feel him?”

Max nodded, his eyes closed, eyebrows scrunched together in concentration.

“Good. Here’s what I want you to do.” Kyle then whispered in Max’s ear what he was to do.

The Private risked a glance over at the two men when he heard one ask, “Are you sure Kyle?” He was suddenly nervous but that left him as soon as he saw a beautiful brunette come walking across the small yard toward him. He felt as if the air had been knocked out of his lungs. She was the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen. He watched her hips sway with each step she took until she stopped right in front of where he sat.

Private Nephram found himself gazing into the most amazing violet eyes that shimmered in the morning sun. Her lips were deep red and begging to be kissed and her breasts, the gods, her breasts were huge and falling out of her skimpy blue top she wore. He finally broke his gaze to move lower, down to her short shorts that barely covered anything above her long, tone legs. A Goddess stood before him, he was sure.

“Good morning Private.” She cooed at him with a soft, silky voice. “I believe you missed breakfast this morning.”

Private Nephram shook his head. “No ma’am. I ate with the others men this morning.” He stumbled upon his words.

“Apparently not a well balanced one because you forgot to include me in it.”

“That’s good Max. Keep it up. Let your energy flow through your whole body. Picture what you want to happen.” Kyle whispered to Max, encouraging him. His hand was touching Max’s arm with a connection opened so that he could see what Max was doing.

The Private sat shocked, mouth hanging open. The woman sat straddling his lap and licked her lips slowly. The woman took his hand and pressed it to her breast. He could not resist giving it a little squeeze as it filled his palm and she moaned. Then he felt his hand going to her crotch only to come in contact with a lump. He looked down to see a bulge now under her shorts where he knew a good size penis and balls were cradled.

Private Nephram screamed, jerked his hand away and stood abruptly causing the chair to fall over, his curses filling the air.

Kyle started laughing out loud but controlled it long enough to dismiss the Private. “Thank you Private Nephram. I hope we did not inconvenience your day by this training exercise. Your help was greatly appreciated and apparently a success.”

The Private just looked at the two men blushing and quickly took leave before more could be done. He did not even think to question who the dark haired man was.

“I didn’t know you had it in you Max to be so…imaginative. I don’t think Private Nephram will ever look at another woman the same.” Kyle said still chuckling. “I think you’ll do fine now but let’s do a few more exercises I’ve prepared.”

Max looked at Kyle and was smiling, Kyle had told him the basics of what to make the young man see but he threw in the last part to see how Kyle would react. Maria had told him that Kyle was a great jokester and decided to try to make peace with something in common ground.

Kyle took a small device out of his pocket and spoke into it, looking up at the guard on the wall that had been watching over them. “Are you ready?”

“Yes sir” a voice replied.

“Alright Max. I want you to do a series of scenes for that guard up there to see down here.”

Max nodded and closed his eyes and reached out. He found that it was easier this time, he felt more relaxed and at ease with the sensations that ran through him. He then felt Kyle touch his arm again and felt their connection flare to life.

“Ready when you are.” Kyle said quietly and Max was sure that he heard encouragement in his voice.

Over the device Max heard the voice come through. “I see a green shield surrounding you both.”

“Next one.” Kyle said.

“I see a lot of different animals around the yard, the shield now gone.”


“The entire yard is filled with a variety of colorful birds.”

“Last one Max.”

“All I see is the table you were both… Whoa!” the voice yelped.

Kyle looked up at the guard and saw that he was looking next to him. “What do you see?” Kyle asked.

“Oh, sorry sir. I was just surprised to see you standing next to me suddenly.”

“Thank you. That will be all.” Kyle released the connection and looked at Max. “That was good. Let’s move on. On the other side of that wall are 10 people. I want you to make them see the morning sun set. Now doing more than I person, you will have to use more concentration and reach out to that particular area of focus and catch all of them before you begin. Ready?”

Max and nodded and just stared at the wall, not needing to close his eyes as it began to feel almost second nature.

Kyle’s device immediately came to life. “Sir. We all are watching the sun now set. It looks like the real thing sir.”

Kyle was impressed with the speed that Max had managed at capturing the 10 minds. Also with how fast he had improved. He looked to Max and found him with a large smile on his face.

“Don’t get too smug yet. One more and this is more difficult. Near here is a room, an auditorium actually, filled with a number of people. I will not tell you how many. Find them and let them see something.”

Max closed his eyes knowing he’d need his full focus and reached out with his mind. Kyle once again made the connection, interested in what Max would cause them to see. Kyle felt when Max found the occupants that were waiting, it was done very quickly and Kyle was overwhelmed by the power he felt coming from the former King.

“There are fifty-three occupants, all male, all part of the Antarian Army.” Max commented, opening his eyes but still focused. He took a quick glance an Kyle whose eyes were closed keeping their connection open and smirked, knowing that he was watching. “Let’s give them something fun.” Max said softly as his power soared through his body, filling every nerve.

Kyle began to smile as he saw the same woman that Max had conjured for Private Nephram walk on the stage before the occupants. Her clothing was not a revealing but soon she began a slow dance, her hips swaying enticingly for her audience. Slowly she began removing articles of her clothing one at a time.

Kyle’s communication device flared to life. Behind the voice he heard sounds of shouting and whistling. “Uh, sir, we have a woman here. A very beautiful woman taking off her clothing.” Kyle heard the man’s voice hitch a notch higher, knowing the woman had just taken off her top.

“Thank you Sgt. That will be all.” Kyle looked at Max and laughed. “Impressive. We now have a small portion of the Antarian Army horny as hell because of you. I think you’ve got mind warping down pat.”

The two men sat in silence for a few minutes.

“Max. Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure.” He said having a feeling it was about Tess. He’d seen how Kyle acted toward her and when Kyle had connected to him, he’d felt how he was genuinely concerned and cared for Tess.

“You and Tess. You were married before, here on Antar, but now… Well were you two ever together back on Earth?”

Max shook his head. “No, not really. We grew up knowing we were different but she has always been more of sister to me like Isabel. After we regained some of our memories and found out that were married we thought about it. We dated for maybe a whole two days. It was awkward and it just didn’t feel right. Some of my memories really give me the heebie-jeebies. I mean I think of her as a sister and to know that I’ve made love to her in the past is just so wrong. In this life, we’ve always felt that there was someone out there waiting on us. Someone we were supposed to be with, not each other.”

Kyle felt relief wash over him. But so what if Max and Tess may have been together. They aren’t now. But he was just glad that they had not been.

“What about you and Maria? You two seem real close. You all are really. I guess it comes with the territory of being the only humans here. Much like us back on Earth.”

Kyle shifted in his seat, not really sure what to tell him. He and the others grew up so different than the hybrids. Max’s group had a life, as normal as they could get. They had choices, friends, parents. He, Liz, Alex, and Maria had been raised with no one loving them but each other. No parents, no choices, just guardians and teachers. They had one goal, the hybrid mission. There were things that they had to do that none of them were happy about doing.

Max saw how uncomfortable Kyle got with his question. He sensed that Kyle did not want to lie to him but it also went into Maria’s life. He knew that Kyle was not scared of him, in fact Kyle had the advantage over Max right now since he had activated Max’s chip again. He knew that Kyle just wanted to protect Maria.

“It’s ok man. You don’t have to answer that. If I want to know about Maria’s life, I will have to ask her.” Max held out his hand. “Truce?”

Kyle looked at Max and saw the sincerity in his eyes. He reached out and took the offered hand. “Truce.”

Kyle went to pull his hand away but Max’s grip tightened. Max looked at Kyle in the eye; Kyle saw his amber eyes grow cold. “If you hurt her, I will kill you, powers or no.”

Kyle met Max’s glare with one of his own. He knew Max meant every word he said and knew that he was determined enough to find a way to do as he said. “Same goes for you.”

Max release Kyle’s hand, an understanding passing between the two. “Agreed.”

Kyle got up and stretched his legs. “Well, we’ve got some time before lunch then you’ve got the afternoon free since you did so well. What do you say to going and finding two certain girls and see how they are doing.” He offered knowing that Maria was working with Tess that day.

“Lead the way.” Max agreed smiling at the thought of see Maria again.


Another part for UL will be cuming soon!!!
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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Liz sat next to Michael in a large courtyard that held a garden. It was a beautiful day and they had decided to have a picnic. She really wanted to be sitting between Michael’s legs with his arms wrapped around her but she settled for sitting close, thigh-to-thigh, their touches playful. Their flashes were now more controlled as their contact had increased but she still felt the heat rush through her body every time they touched.

Liz looked around at the three other couples spread throughout the garden. Maria, Alex and Kyle all agreed with her on how they felt drawn to a certain hybrid and she also knew the hybrids felt drawn to a certain human. She knew the attraction the hybrids felt for them were without the use of suggestion or chemical help. But would that be enough to move to Phase III when the time came?

Liz knew that she should be happy. The hybrids were progressing but something still nagged at her on the edge of her mind that she could not quite grasp. They were closing on the fourth week and the hybrid’s abilities were fully developed, in fact they were stronger than a full Antarian. Alex had run a new batch of test two weeks early to compare their actual progress. The eight were shocked with the results when compared to a normal Antarian. Apparently, the human DNA has increased their powers instead of decreasing it as Khivar originally thought.

Liz and the others also decided to sit down and talk to the hybrids that night. The hybrids had been asking questions about them and who they were for the past two weeks. Liz thought that there was important information to share before moving to Phase III. She knew that they had at least two weeks to work out any kinks this new information might cause before Khivar demanded action.

Liz and the others made sure they doctored their reports sent to Khivar making the hybrids as normal as possible. Alex had also changed all of the test results. Liz did not want Khivar to get defensive about his throne or his powers. She knew that if he felt threatened, he would eliminate the threat meaning the hybrids. Then the humans also since they would no longer be needed. This could not happen.

Michael watched Liz and saw how her features were etched with concern. He wondered what was on her mind as her eyes slowly went to each couple around the garden then to him.

“You ok?” He was still amazed how her doe eyes ignited the fire in his groin.

“Yes.” She said trying to smile. “Listen, let’s all have dinner tonight then we all need to talk.” She sighed. “I think it’s time you all get your answers about us.”

Michael nodded. “I’ll let Max know.” He could not help but be a little concerned at her tone.


After dinner the eight sat in the hybrid’s living area, the humans facing the hybrids. The tension that filled the room was great. The hybrids were unsure about what they’d be told, the humans filled with anticipation at what they may find out.

Liz started. She was the leader of their group so she thought it was appropriate. Since they were very young, the other three looked to her for guidance and support. She looked at Max and felt a kinsmenship to him. She knew exactly how he felt, carrying the burden of the safety of their family on their shoulders.

“From the beginning, we’ve tried to be as honest as we could to you. We’ve never lied to you. I know you have each been asking questions about us and we have been avoiding them. I hope that we may finally answer them the best we can.” She paused a moment and looked again to Max. He nodded his head slightly indicating for her to continue.

“The truth is, we don’t know much about ourselves. We were brought here to Antar as infants and raised by nannies and teachers. We always knew there was something different about us, like we didn’t belong here. We were isolated much of our years here but Khivar made sure we were taught the customs of both Antar and Earth. We were always told that we had only one purpose in life… to breed with the hybrids when they came back.”

“How did Khivar know that we would ever come back?” Michael asked.

“I’m not sure but he did have a plan to bring you back by the time you reached the age of 25.”

“That bas…” Michael began.

“Michael.” Max interrupted before he could begin his tirade. He could feel Michael’s anger building. Michael had always hated when others tried to control his life. Max turned back to Liz waiting for her to continue.

“By the age of five, we began to show signs of the abilities that Antarians had. Of course this completely shocked and baffled Khivar causing us to be scrutinized with tests and more teachers. As we grew so did our abilities.”

Max briefly wondered how the human’s strength compared to theirs now that their energy was fully developed.

‘Don’t ask that out loud.' Maria said. ‘We can talk about that later, outside.’

Max acknowledged her then mentally told the others not to bring the subject up yet.

“At the age of 13, when we no longer needed a constant babysitter, we were moved into our room much like this. By then we had full access to the palace but never left it’s walls. We continued our training and lessons under the strict direction of Khivar, making sure to remind us over and over of our purpose.

“At 16, we were expected to do certain things but instead, we used it for bargaining.”

“What was it that was expected of you?” Michael asked, curious but had a feeling that he would not like the answer.

Liz said nothing, suddenly finding her hand interesting. The others did much the same, not meeting any of the hybrid’s eyes. Kyle looked up and saw Max scrutinizing him. He shifted uncomfortably and sighed.

“Max, you remember our conversation the other day?” Max nodded slowly. “And the question that you asked?”

Max’s eyes widened just a little as realization hit him, what he had feared was true. He got up and paced behind the couch, his thoughts in turmoil. Max felt the anger rising in him, filling every space in his body. He couldn’t believe that someone would use him and his family so. To treat his friends as tools.

Max stopped his pacing and looked at the four humans. He’d just called them his friends. When had that happened? Suddenly he did not care. They were in the same situation as he was; only they had no choice in their lives. He and the others had chosen to come to Antar. However if what Liz said were true, they would have been brought here against their will or tricked into coming soon. It no longer mattered who was who in Max’s mind. They were family now, the eight of them.

Max looked at Maria and she smiled at him. He knew she’d heard the rambling of his mind and his conclusion. He could see and feel that it made her happy. They were in this together till the end.

“Could someone explain what is going on? What was expected of you?” Isabel asked, annoyed with her brother’s reaction. Everyone knew how sensitive and emotional Max could be and he radiated anger at the moment.

“Well, um…let’s just say that Khivar wanted us schooled in sex and be experienced so we’d know what to do when the time came.” Kyle stammered out.

“You mean the four of you…?” Michael asked understanding Max’s anger and was unable to finish the question.

“You’ve been seducing us?” Isabel asked, her voice raising a pitch. She had felt she could trust these four, especially Alex and now they could have been tricking them, leading them into this breeding thing.

Before anyone could answer Tess laid her hand on Isabel’s arm. “No. They haven’t.”

Isabel opened her mouth to ask Tess how she knew when her heart told her that she herself knew also that none of the humans had done such a thing.

“She’s right. We haven’t seduced you.” Alex spoke up. “I think we all feel it. The natural pull we have toward each other, pairing us off, drawing us all together as a unit.”

Silence filled the room, each person knowing what Alex said was true but none wanted to get into it at the moment.

“You said that you used it to bargain with. For what?” Michael asked deciding to move on for now.

“We knew nothing about ourselves, who we were, where we were from. We didn’t even know our last names. So we confronted Khivar.” Liz continued their story.

“You told him you’d do what he wanted in exchange for information.” Tess stated looking at Kyle who had a hard time looking her in the eyes. Looking at the four before them, she could feel that they did not want to admit that they’d had sex with each other because they were forced to. But she understood their situation. They had no choice. It would have happened one way or another.

Liz nodded. “Seeing that our performance had dropped some at that time, he of course took our offer. He wanted better results, which we promised him so he gave us what we wanted. We found out that we were actually human and born on Earth. He even told us our last names but that was all the information he had for us. Now we are hoping you would help us find out more about our families. Who we really are.”

“How can we help? We are stuck here with no resources.” Max asked.

“We were born in Roswell. We are hoping you’d know about our families.” Maria said softly.

The four hybrids looked at the four humans with surprise. Something was pulling in the back of their minds but it wouldn’t come forward. These four were born in the same town they’d grown up in. Did they really know their families?

“My name is Elizabeth Parker.” Liz’s voice was soft.

“Kyle Valenti.”

“Alex Whitman.”

“Maria Deluca.”

Each had said their name soft and tenderly as if it was the most precious thing in the world.

Isabel gasped, her hand going to her mouth. At the moment of hearing their names, something clicked in their minds as one. They couldn’t believe whom they had before them. The famous four missing infants!

“Do you know them?” Maria asked looking into Max’s eyes across the room, hope filling her voice.

“Yes. We know all of them.” He said slowly trying to decide what to say to these four who at first held so much power over them but now considered friends. Max thought it was ironic how it was they who held the key to who these four were. Information that was precious to them.

“About six years before we emerged from our pods, four infants went missing within a six month time. Besides the ’47 crash, that is the greatest mystery of Roswell, still unsolved. The story is that aliens came and took them to replace the four that had died in the crash. I guess now we know it’s partly true.” Max said looking at the four humans. He turned to Kyle.

“Kyle, your father is James Valenti, Jim to us. He’s the Sheriff of Roswell. He’s a good man and has helped us a lot the last few years. He also knows who we really are.”

Kyle’s eyes widened. His father’s name was James. A sheriff? He wondered if they looked alike.

“I should have made the connection sooner because you look a lot like him.” Max said with a small smile. He couldn’t read Kyle’s mind but felt the questioning emotions that radiated from him.

“My mother?”

“I’m sorry. She died in childbirth. Her name was Michelle.”

Kyle nodded and tried to blink back the tears that threatened to spill. James and Michelle Valenti. Sorrow and anger filled him knowing that his father had lost both his wife and child near the same time. Was he a hard man for going through that tragedy? He would question Max later Kyle decided.

“Alex, your father’s name is Charles.” Isabel said. “He owns a computer company and is very successful. He is a client of our father and a really great friend. Max and I grew up calling him Uncle Charles.” She paused and looked at Alex. “I always wondered, when I was younger, why I’d see sadness in his eyes when he looked at Max sometimes. Later I found out about his son and now looking at you, I see why. Max was just a reminder of you.”

“And my mother?” he asked cautiously.

“We never met her. They divorced after you disappeared. I think she’s remarried and living in Europe somewhere. You know your father never stopped looking for you.”

Alex nodded his head in thanks. He had parents and they were alive. His father never gave up on him. Happiness swelled in his heart.

“I know your mother Maria.” Tess said. “Amy Deluca. I worked for her while we were in high school. She owns this crazy alien theme store. She’s a bit of a hippy but she’s sweet. She’s energetic and sometimes peppy much like you. She also makes the best pies in town.”

“Amy.” Maria said, trying the name then looked back to Tess. “And my father?”

Tess shrugged her shoulders. “No one knows who your father was. She’s never told anyone and never talks about it. Also…um, well…she married Kyle’s father a couple of years ago.”

“What?” Both Maria and Kyle asked in unison. They looked at one another and their faces paled.

Max rushed to Maria’s side and placed his hand on hers giving her support and comfort. He’d heard her thoughts in his head loud and clear and felt her disgust at what she’d done.

“It’s alright. You’ve done nothing wrong.” Max tried to sooth her.

“But…” Maria gulped, keeping her eyes on Kyle knowing that he felt the same. “He’s my brother.” She shivered when she said the word brother and Max could see the tears that had sprang in her eyes. Not caring what the others thought, he pulled her into his arms and he saw that Tess had gone to Kyle.

“Maria. You two have lived together all of your lives but you share no blood ties. The only thing that was wrong was that you were all forced into this. It’s alright. ”

Max felt her relax into him and saw that Kyle had gotten some of his color back as Tess held his hand and talked to him softly.

‘Thank you Max.’ He heard her say in his head and pulled him closer to her.

“What about my parents?” Liz asked, not sure if she really wanted to know the answer.

Michael took a deep breath. He still couldn’t believe that she was the Parker’s daughter. “They are great people. Nancy and Jeff. They own an alien themed restaurant called ‘The Crashdown Café’. I’ve worked for them since high school. They kind of took me under their wing when I became emancipated at 16. They looked out for me.”

Liz’s eyes shone with tears. Jeff and Nancy. The people who gave her life, who nurtured her, loved her. “Did they have any more children?” Did she have any brothers or sisters still on Earth?

“No. From what I understand, there were complications with your birth. Your mother almost died. She was unable to have any more children.”

Michael had gravitated his way to Liz and now knelt in front of her, holding her hands in his. Liz looked around and saw that once again they’d paired off, the strange force pulling at them again. She could feel that pain and loss in the room. The hybrids had lost the only life they once knew and were forced to live this one now. The humans felt the loss of the families and lives they never knew. The families, who’d suffered greatly, losing not only their children but also other loved ones in death, or grief and their futures and dreams.

Liz caught Max’s eyes and he reached out to her. He felt her sorrow and anger. They both knew that only one person was to blame. He was not surprised as their eyes saw into the depth of each other, that he heard her silent vow to herself. ‘One day, one day soon, I will make him pay for everything his has taken from us. All of us.’

Liz’s eyes widened slightly when he answered in her mind. ‘We will. We all will and then go home to our families.’

That night, the eight spent the night together, the hybrids telling the humans about their families and the lives they left on Earth. The humans thought it was funny how Max worked at the UFO Center, Tess at Amy’s alien shop and Michael at the Parker’s alien restaurant. That night they all laughed and cried together and a bond grew. No more was it humans vs. hybrids but the eight of them working together in a common goal. To go home to their families. To be free from Khivar once and for all.

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