Dance With Me (femslash, I/Serena, Adult, 1/1) - [COMPLETE]

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Dance With Me (femslash, I/Serena, Adult, 1/1) - [COMPLETE]

Post by femmenerd » Thu Apr 14, 2005 7:33 pm


Title: “Dance with Me” – Second in the “Lipstick Abduction Series”
Author: femmenerd aka Lucia
Pairing: Isabel and Serena/Sarah – Isabel POV
Rating: Adult
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell or its characters. Not making any dollars off this.
Summary: This is the second prequel tag to my Awakened Dreamer story Second Chances (in which I/S is a secondary couple). You do not need to read that story to understand this one however it contains some spoilers for that fic (the main one of which lies in the way that the pairing is listed, so oh well). It would help, however, to read the first one parter in the “Lipstick Abduction Series” which is called There’s a First Time for Everything. SC, and thus this fic as well, follows canon up to but not including “Chant Down Babylon.” It is set in NYC several years after the end of Season 3. Isabel is divorced from Jesse. She is roommates with Liz and Liz’s son Max and owns a successful beauty salon. Isabel has been seeing Sarah for a few weeks now and the feelings that she is developing for the dark haired beauty are getting stronger by the day.
Author’s note: OK, so the fluff-o-meter is pretty high with this one. Things have been getting pretty intense in the world of my other fics so this is just a little break for me. Well, that and the Abductee squad – alienmom, TrueLovePooh, and Doublestuf – have been working hard to inspire me. You all wanted Isabel’s take on things and now here it is for you.

Check out the beautiful banner my friend Pooh made for this series and our lovely alien ladies in love.

See, here’s the thing about Sarah. She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, yet somehow she doesn’t seem to see it herself. She also doesn’t know that I’m an alien…and I think I’m falling in love with her.

The last few weeks since I met her have gone by like a whirlwind, like a dream. Ever since that first day when she came into the shop and I impulsively asked her to come out with me and the girls, I’ve been a goner. I’ve been entranced, walking around with a stupid grin on my face half the damn time but I don’t even care how silly I might look. Liz has been amazing putting up with me. But then again, she really is just such a great friend – I know she wants me to be happy.

And I am happy. I’m ecstatic. I haven’t felt like this since I don’t know when. Every time Sarah is around I feel like my insides are doing cartwheels. And for the first time since Jesse, I wish that I could tell someone about who I really am. But I know that that’s too risky. For someone like me it’s even risky just to love someone at all after all the upsets and disappointments I’ve had. Alex dying…Jesse and my divorce… The parade of lovers who have come into my life since then have been fun but well, that’s all I’ve really allowed any of them to mean to me. But now it feels like everything is changing…and I couldn’t stop it if I tried. I don’t know why but I don’t even feel all that scared somehow.

All the same, I don’t want to do anything rash or hasty, anything that might frighten away this beautiful elvin goddess who has graced me with her existence. Oh I know that I come off really confident, and I am, but the thing is that despite all that, this slight, dark-haired beauty has really gotten to me. I might not show it all of the time but I really do just want to love and be loved, even after everything that has happened in my crazy life here on this planet.

Crap, she’s going to be here any minute. Better get my shit together and finish the beautification process. We’re going out tonight to a club with the girls from work. I even convinced Liz to get a sitter and come with us. See here’s another thing that tells me that I really like this girl – I want her and Liz to be friends. Most of the rest of the time, I try to keep my “love life” away from our home, me and Liz and little Max. Liz is my best friend now and the fact that I want her to know Sarah really means something…

Arggg, the door bell is ringing. And I haven’t even finished my make up yet. I fumble putting the last pin in my hair and briefly check myself out in the mirror. Haha, success! Messy yet chic. Sometimes I am so good.

I run for the door still in my bare feet. I’m wearing my new leather pants and this crazy bustier thing that Liz and I found on sale the other day at Macy’s. Liz laughed when she found it in the bin and tossed it over to me with a smirk, saying that it was begging for someone with the boobs to handle it. Seriously, that girl is funny sometimes. Just before I open the door I readjust the aforementioned boobs into place. Hopefully this thing won’t be too much but I really want to look hot tonight. Clothes can sometimes give you that extra boost.

I’m slightly breathless when I answer the door but after I do my heart is pounding to boot. She’s standing there biting her lip just the tiniest bit which is just the sexiest thing ever. She’s wearing this slinky black dress…how can she possibly not get that she’s a total knockout when she goes around wearing stuff like that this well?

She smiles a little half smile and I can feel myself light up.

“Hey you,” I say before I pull her in for a quick kiss.

Just at that moment, Liz turns the corner and sees us. “Hey there lovebirds,” she teases.

Sarah blushes a little as I usher her into our apartment. I put my hand on her back affectionately before I say, “OK ladies, I’m going to go dab on some lipstick really quick then I’ll be ready to go. Feel free to talk about me while I’m gone.” They both laugh and Liz sticks her tongue out at me.

“Well, I’m ready already Ms. beauty queen and Max is already down the hall with Mrs. Sutton so it’s just you that we’re waiting on,” Liz adds as I’m walking down the hall.

I wave my hand in the air even though they can’t see me. “Don’t worry. It’ll be just a second.”


When we walk into the club I can see that Sarah is a little dazed. She’s pretty shy and there certainly is a lot going on here – lights and people and commotion. The girls are already here and have gotten us all a table. They’re waving so hard they’re practically straining themselves. I smile and wave back at them. I chuckle to myself lightly and shake my head – I did hire a wild bunch. But they’re sweet and responsible when it comes to work. Jenny is the blonde with pink streaks in her hair. She’s feisty and hilarious and a good time, even when she is in the middle of yet another dramatic break up with her boyfriend Ben, the poetic slacker. Stacie is sitting next to her fidgeting with the tendrils of reddish brown hair at the nape of her neck. She’s kind of my right hand woman at the salon and a good friend. She’s actually the first person I “came out to” - after Liz, of course. Somehow I just knew she would be simpatico.

As we wend our way over to where they are sitting, I squeeze Sarah’s hand reassuringly. I’m really hoping that taking her here won’t be too much for her. But I really wanted her to see another part of my world. Oh, and who am I kidding, I wanted to show her off too.

I deposit Liz and Sarah off at the table and offer to buy them all a round of drinks. Whispering in Sarah’s ear I tell her, “I’ll get you a Fuzzy Navel ‘cause they’re sweet like you. And I’ve heard that they taste like girls do in your dreams.” I grin wickedly as she blushes and pushes a strand of her long black hair out of the way of those amazing green eyes.

“Um…OK, Isabel. I guess I’ll just have to trust you,” she says softly.

As I’m heading back from the bar with the drinks I nearly run head into Damien. We dated a long while back and even though it didn’t work out we still get along really well. I haven’t seen him for ages.

“What’s up Evans, you look smashing as usual,” he says as he looks me up and down in an exaggerated gesture.

“Ah, you dog,” I say as I hit him lightly on the arm, careful not to slip and drop the drinks I’m holding in my other hand. Melissa, the bar tender, just gave me a tray telling me jokingly that I should earn my keep around here.

I do come here pretty often, but I just love dancing. I always have.

Speaking of dancing, Damien’s primary draw is the fact that he’s an awesome dancer. Just as I’m barely finishing that thought, he speaks up again, “So Iz, you gonna dance with me or what?”

“Damien, I just got here, and I’m with friends and…”

“Oh, come on, just one dance. Give those drinks to your friends and they’ll be happy.”

“Ooooookay,” I say witheringly and proceed to walk towards where the girls are all sitting. I can see that Liz has slid in closer to Sarah and they seem to be chatting away, which warms my heart.

Damien follows close behind me and when we reach the table he makes a show of doing some kind of bow thing to the general amusement of the other women who all gratefully pounce on the drinks that I’ve brought.

“And who’s this ravishing young thing here? Isabel, have you been holding out on me?” Damien’s eyes are locked on Sarah’s rosy cheeks.

I swat him with my hand. “Hey watch out there buddy. This here is Sarah and she’s going home with me,” I say.

Damien just lifts his hands to indicate that he’s backing off. “Alrighty then. Message received. Well, I must say that you have some excellent taste. I hope you won’t mind me taking your overzealous friend for a spin on the dance floor?” He directs this last comment to Sarah who just smiles a little uncertainly and nods.

“Sure,” she says. I blow her a kiss and let Damien whisk me off onto the dance floor.

After a few minutes of shaking and gyrating to a fast song with the enthusiastic Damien, all of which is fun but not exactly what I came here for tonight, the first strains of a slow song come on. I look over and I see Sarah looking at us and although she is still talking with Liz and the girls I can see just a hint of wistfulness on her pretty face. This is not who I need to be out here with right now so I pull away from Damien. “It’s been fun Day, but there’s something else I need to attend to right now.”

“Someone else, you mean,” he says with a wink.

“Yeah,” I smile and look over at Sarah again. This time she doesn’t see me.

“OK,” Damien says and rests a hand on my shoulder briefly. “You’re a lucky woman Evans…and so is she,” he adds the last part in an uncharacteristically serious tone.

“Thanks,” I say just before I rush over to the table and grab Sarah’s arm.

“Come on beautiful, dance with me.”

She looks a little startled. “Um, I don’t know, Isabel. I’m not the best…”

“Pshaw,” I say as I pull her up to face me. “You’re going to be fine. Just follow me.”

“OK,” she says doubtfully but I have already got her halfway across the room.

I put my arms around her neck over those birdlike little shoulders of hers and lean my head in close to her so that our foreheads are touching as we sway to the music. I can feel her breath on my face as she moves to clasp her hands around my waist. I meant what I said before when I was joking to her about the drinks – she really is sweet…like peaches and honey and dreamy girl goodness.

As the music keeps playing I can feel her begin to melt into me more. I can’t help but tangle my fingers in her long, soft hair. A little sadly, I remember how much my brother used to be obsessed with Liz’s long, dark hair. Must run in the family, I guess. I sigh inwardly when I think about Max, just like I always do. I wish that he could have met Sarah…seen how happy I am now. Holy crap! Get a grip on yourself Isabel. I really must be falling hard to be thinking like that.

Then Sarah lifts her eyes up to meet mine. “Damien is a really good dancer,” she says. “You guys looked really great out here.”

I detect a note of what might be jealousy if she were anyone other than sweet, angelic Sarah. “Were you two ever….?” she asks quietly.

“A long time ago we were almost…I don’t know what,” I reply because I have to. “But it was over before it even really started. And Sarah…” and then I lift her chin up with my hand, “you don’t need to be thinking about that, really. You are the only person I want to be dancing with right now.”

She smiles at me then and I can feel myself get a little hotter under her gaze. I wrap myself around her even tighter so I can practically feel her heartbeat against my chest. She grinds her hips against mine almost imperceptively but it is enough to send my heart rate skyrocketing. The song is about to end so I whisper in her ear, “Come with me.”

She looks a little confused. “But your friends…”

“Oh, they’ll be fine,” I say as I whisk her away in the direction of the ladies room. Once the door is shut I pull her towards me and kiss her like I’ve been wanting to since the minute she showed up at the apartment tonight. Her lips are warm and sweet, tasting of peach schnapps and desire.

She responds to me with enthusiasm and I am nearly bowled over. Usually she is so shy but tonight something seems to have gotten into her. Before I know it she has me up against the wall, all 120 pounds of her, and she is doing things to my neck with her mouth that have me panting. I close my eyes and drink in the sensations as my hands roam her body over her dress. When she reached the place where the crazy bustier meets my cleavage I bite back a moan as I feel her tongue lapping at me there. This may not be the Sarah that I’m used to but I’m sure as hell not complaining.

The next thing I know she has popped one of my breasts out of the bustier and is looking at it like it’s treasure. As she teases my nipple I am forced to sigh. My entire body feels enflamed, fully saturated with her presence. When she lifts one of her bare legs between mine and I feel the pressure on my pussy I nearly cry out, then I remember where we are. I don’t think that there is anyone in any of these stalls but…

All it takes is a few laps of her tongue and the steady pressure of her thigh moving between my legs and soon I am shaking with pleasure. Good lord, and she didn’t even really touch me.

Even though our friends might be wondering where we are I can’t stop myself from wanting to return the favor, to make her feel as good as she just made me feel. I raise my mouth to hers and while she’s distracted with the kiss I make us switch positions so that it is her this time with her back up against the door. When I reach beneath her dress and into her panties, I find her dripping wet and she moans into my ear as I slip two fingers inside her. I stroke her clit with my thumb and watch with fascination as her delicate features are transformed by ecstasy. She is shaking and I am shaking, my whole world has been shaking ever since I met her.

When she comes, she lets out the most perfect sound I have ever heard and I kiss her gently then, letting go just enough so I can get a good look at her.

“You are so beautiful Sarah, do you know that?” I say and she smiles at me, her shyness returning quickly. She starts to recede under the dark curtain of her hair like she always does when she’s feeling bashful but I don’t let her. I push her hair away and place both of my hands on either side of her face, holding her there lightly as I look directly into her sparkling green eyes.

“You’re amazing and no one has ever made me feel this way before. Made me do crazy things like make love in a dance club bathroom…”

“Make love?” she says quietly.

“Yes, Sarah,” I say fervently. “I…I think I love you.” The words echo through the bathroom and reverberate in my stunned heart.

After what seems like forever she lets out a long breath and say, “Well, I know that I love you.”

So I kiss her. And it is perfect, tasting like peaches and honey and the girl of my dreams.

We tumble out of the bathroom, giggling and holding on to one another. I have straightened up my clothes and applied a fresh coat of lipstick but I doubt that there is any way that I can hide how much I’ve been loved up. But I don’t care. When we reach the dance floor I pull her in close once again.

“Dance with me again?” I ask.

She just smiles and holds me tighter.
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