The Third Time...(CC,M/L,Teen/Mature) Ch 20 - 05/04/09 [WIP]

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The Third Time...(CC,M/L,Teen/Mature) Ch 20 - 05/04/09 [WIP]

Post by Zanity » Wed Oct 12, 2005 12:05 pm

The Third Time is the Charm (CC, M/L, Teen/Mature)

Author: Zanity

Summary: Things didn’t turn out so good the second time around so; the gang tries for round three.

Pairings: M/L, M/M, I/A But mainly M/L

Rating: Teen for now but it will probably have one chapter of Mature when Max and Liz get around to cementing their relationship.

Disclaimer: The characters and storyline of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended.

Authors Note: This fic will be following the show closely, moving further and further away the longer it goes until I almost completely abandon it sometime in the middle of “Heart of Mine” as almost all the episodes after that are based on problems that either won’t exist or will already have been solved by that point in my story. Once again I don’t own anything.


Timeline 2 – 2014 – Ruins of Roswell

Twin blasts of white hot energy hurl through the air and strike their targets. Nicholas and Khivar both crumble into a pile of ash.

Michael came out from behind the ruble he was using for cover and exclaimed, “That’s it! It’s over! We’ve won!”

Max too walked out in the open and dejectedly responded, “The price was too high. Too much was lost. The victory is meaningless.” At Michael’s incredulous look he continued, “Look around you Michael, almost every major city on earth is as desolate as Roswell!”

As the rest of their group assembled, Kyle jumped in with, “All our parents are dead.”

“Alex and Jesse are dead,” Isabel chimed in.

“And in the ultimate scorched planet strategy, when Max turned the Council of the Planets against him, Khivar used the granolith to supernova our sun; just as he left with his entire army for earth,” Serena added.

Maria stepping up to defend her husband snaps, “But it’s over now…” pointing to the two piles of ash, “… they can’t do any more damage! So we should celebrate. What exactly would you have us do?”

“Fix it,” Liz replies, “we go back one more time and fix it. But this time we go back to the beginning.”

“And how are we supposed to do that Liz? The Granolith isn’t even on this planet any more.” Michael rebutted.

Then Max spoke up again, “It doesn’t need to be, at least not in this timeline. My connection to it has allowed me to get flashes of the other timeline and piece together what originally happened. In two weeks we have a window of opportunity, I’ll be able to tap the temporal energy from timeline one as it begins to form. Then if you guys feed Liz your energy she should be able to project herself back. Then I use the temporal energy to complete the job of sending her there physically.”

Serena exclaims, “That could work!”

“So then,” Liz resumed, “as I was saying we have two weeks to plan. When I get back I’m going to connect with their Max and give him a series of flashes and memories. Max and I will work on figuring out exactly how much of their future I’m going to give them. Michael, you prepare a series of flashes of your memories from when you were learning to control your powers to add to the end of that; that way their Max can pass them back to their you and you’ll get a jumpstart in that department. If anybody else that can think of something they want their past selves to know; prepare the memories then pass them to me. Let’s get started, we have two weeks to gather the information necessary to save six worlds.”

Chapter 1a

Timeline 3 – Pilot – Part 1

Disclaimer: This part contains large portions of “Pilot” I don’t own it.

A/N: Due to Anti-Plagiarism policies I can’t make the first few chapters as complete as I would have liked; so unless something I’ve written contradicts it, assume anything that’s omitted from, or glossed over in my story happened just like it did on the show until further notice. I will be focusing on those events that change in my new timeline, though I will include other events that are important to the new timeline. For those who have not seen the show in a while and would like refreshers, transcripts can be found at: Crashdown and Antarians.

In the Crashdown…

Liz and Maria are walking back to the register as Maria says, “You are soooo bad girl. Oh, and Max Evans is staring at you again.”

Liz responds, “No way. Maria, that is so in your imagination,” as she looks over at Max thinking, “If only!” Seeing that Max is not looking at her she turns back to Maria and points at her face, “Max Evans? This? No, un uh…it's not...”

Maria grabs Liz’s cheeks and interrupts with, “And with those cheeks! Preciosita tan linda!”

Liz shocked cries, “Maria!” Then regaining her composure states, “And, and even if it weren’t, I'm going out with Kyle. I mean, he's steady and loyal, and he appreciates me.”

Maria condescendingly answers, “Sounds like you're describing a poodle.”

Just then the argument across the café gets heated and one of the customers knocks the plates on the table to the floor while he grapples with the other one for the gun. Maria shouts at Liz trying to get her to run for cover but Liz is frozen to her spot. The gun goes off and Liz is hit and collapses to the floor. Maria sees her and cries out her name.

Max sees Liz injured and immediately gets up to help her only to find himself being restrained by Michael. Fury over takes him and he shouts, “What are you doing? Let go of me.”

Michael retorts, “Max, what are you gonna do?”

Max shakes free and calls out to Maria, “Call an ambulance.” He then kneels over Liz and tears her waitress uniform open to see the gunshot wound. Speaking softly he urges Liz, “'s gonna be OK.”

One of the tourists approaches and gasps, “Oh my god!!” before Michael ushers her back.

Max cradles Liz’s head with one hand and begs, “Liz, LIZ! You have to look at me. You have to look at me.” As Liz weakly complies Max places his hand over the wound and establishes the connection he needs to save her life. In a near panic to save Liz’s life he allows his alien healing instincts to roam freely fixing everything they can find wrong with her; all the while his mind is assailed by memories of Liz’s life. As he completes his tasks he lets out a sigh and comforts, “You're all right now. You're all right.”

Behind him Michael demands, “Keys! NOW!!”

Max tosses him the keys, then grabs a ketchup bottle and breaks it pouring the contents on Liz before pleading, “You broke the bottle when you fell, spilled ketchup on yourself. Don't say anything, please.” Then he ran out of the café.

After his exit Maria approached Liz asking, “Are you OK?”

Later that evening…

Liz sighs as she finally makes it to the sanctuary of her room after many rounds of questioning and lies; she examines the bullet hole in her uniform before taking it off and shoving it in her book bag. Then she spots the silver hand print glowing on her stomach and for the thousandth time since that afternoon she ponders exactly what did Max do?

Meanwhile across town…

Max lies in bed reviewing the events of the afternoon. He had saved the life of the girl he loves. He knows she’s going to have questions tomorrow and decides he’s finally going to tell her the truth about himself. As he’s about to fall asleep he hears a tapping at his window and growls; he so does not want to hear Michael’s complaints tonight. But he’s surprised to find Liz there, but something’s wrong Liz looks years older and he gasps, “Please tell me that’s not a side effect of me healing you.”

TL2 Liz crawls through his window smiling and thinking, “That’s my Max concerned about me as always.” She scoldingly answers him, “No, at least not in the way your thinking; but even if it were it would be a heck of a lot better than dead so stop with the guilt trips.” Taking a seat on his bed she tells him, “I’m from fifteen years in your future, I can’t go into exactly how I got here just yet, but suffice to say we made a lot of mistakes and I’m here to help you fix them. I know you have a lot of questions but I can’t answer them yet… for the next few days I’m going to need you to just trust me. Will you trust me?”

Max processed this information as he sized her up. Her story was farfetched but he knew one thing for certain; the sixth sense he had when it came to her told him this was definitely Liz and he trusted Liz implicitly. So he answered, “Yes, I trust you.”

TL2 Liz responded, “OK then, Monday I’m going to drag you into band room, er my past self will, and she’ll want answers. Originally you gave them to me right off, this time I need you to ask her if she brought her uniform with her. She will have; and you need to get rid of the evidence on that uniform. You know fix the bullet hole and get rid of the blood but leave the ketchup. Oh and tell her the handprint will disappear in a day or two. Other than that I need you to act as if I never showed up here. Can you do that?”

Max nodded his head before something struck him and he questioned, “Handprint?”

TL2 Liz made her way to the window and smiled, “You’ll see, and I’ll be in touch.” And with that she was gone.

Monday at school…

Max walks in late, and sits next to Liz, absentmindedly chewing on his pencil. The teacher looks at him pointedly and resumes with, “Mr. Evans, so nice of you to join us. Ok, everyone on the right prepare a slide with the vegetable sampling, everyone on the left, take a toothpick and get a sample from your cheek.”

Max panics knowing that there is no way his cheek cells could be used for a science experiment. He drops his pencil on the desk and stands up. When queried by the teacher he asks, “Could I get a bathroom pass?”

The teacher just shakes her head and gives him a pass, stating, “High maintenance today aren't we?” She hands Liz a toothpick and resumes her class, “It's very easy to look on the outside and say what differentiates humans from other species. But what about what's on the inside, everyone, look at the human cells and describe everything you see on your lab sheet.”

Liz takes a sample of her cheek cells and examines them before she gets an idea. She takes a saliva sample of Max’s pencil and examines it. To her shock the cells are radiating a green energy.

As class ends Liz rushes out into the hall calling, “Max! Max!! Excuse me, excuse me. Max, I have to talk to you.” She grabs his arm and drags him into the band room. As they enter the room they find Kyle beating on some drums and Liz exclaims, “Kyle!” in shock.

Kyle turns around and seeing Liz says, “Hey.”

After a few moments of awkward conversation Liz insists, “Kyle, we’ve gotta study. Sorry.”

Kyle a little taken back says “Right.” Then he turns to Max and says, “See ya Max.” and leaves.

Alone at last Max questions Liz, “So you’re going out with the Sheriff’s son?”

Liz sheepishly begins, “Um, yeahh. Well, it’s kind of like this casual…” Remembering why she dragged him in here in the first place Liz shakes her head and interrupts herself, “Ok! Max? Can we just focus for one minute please?” She then proceeds to slowly lift her shirt exposing the handprint on her stomach.

Max responds, “Wow.” Then remembering what TL2 Liz told him he continues, “Yeah um, that should go away in a day or two.”

Liz looks a little relieved and moves on to her next point, “Um, I-I scraped some cells from your pencil. This is really hard to say, I'm trying to keep from blacking out here. Um, the cells weren't normal. So, Max, what I'm gonna suggest to you is that we just go back to the bio lab now, so that I can take a sample, so that I can see what I'm thinking is wrong, you know? That I got the wrong cells.”

Max shyly states, “You didn’t.”

Liz pales a little bit and pleads, “Ok, um. So help me out here Max. I mean, what are you?”

Max still remembering the conversation with TL2 Liz says, “Liz I’ll answer all your questions, at least the ones I know the answers to myself. But first, did you bring your uniform with you?” Liz nods her head and pulls the uniform out of the book bag and hands it to Max. She then watches in amazement as he waves a glowing hand over it and the bullet hole disappears and some of the red stains change shades. Max hands it back to her and announces; “Now there’s only ketchup left. As for what I am, well, I’m not from around here.”

Liz puts the uniform back in her bag, as she questions, “Ok, so where are you from?” When Max’s only response is to point up, she questions, “Up north?” Max just points higher and Liz has to suppress a laugh and rolls her eyes as it dawns on her what he’s saying. She questions further, “You’re not an, an Alien. I mean…” Then realizing after what she’s been through lately she grows serious again and asks, “Are you?”

Max tries to lighten the mood and jokes, “Well, I prefer the term not of this earth.” But the smile quickly disappears from his face when he sees Liz is not in the mood and he amends, “Sorry, it’s not a good time to joke.” Max a little pensively says, “Yeah. I am.” Then his mood lightens a little and he states, “Wow, it’s weird to actually say it.”

Liz starts to leave and Max calls out to her, but Liz just rambles, “Um, Max, you know, I have… I’m gonna be late for my US Government class, so I’m just gonna…”

But Max stops her at the door and pleads with her, “Liz, listen to me. You can’t talk to anyone about this. Not your parents, not Maria; no one. You don’t understand what’ll happen if you do. Liz please? Now my life is in your hands.” Then he lets her leave.
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Chapter 1b

Timeline 3 – Pilot – Part 2

Disclaimer: This part contains large portions of “Pilot” I don’t own it.

After being confronted earlier in the afternoon by Michael and Isabel about his behavior towards Liz he realized Liz and he need to talk some more. So here he was standing in the alley way beneath Liz’s balcony as he calls up to her, “Liz!” As he sees her look down at him he states, “I have to talk to you.”

Liz meets Max downstairs in the Crash and Max begins, “I can't imagine how you must feel right now. I mean, I've thought about telling you a thousand times.”

Liz skeptically questions, “You have? Me??”

Max nods then suppresses a chuckle and Liz self consciously asks, “What?”

Max apologizes, “Sorry, I just, uh, I just keep picturing you in that, that dress, with the, uh, the cupcakes.....on it.”

Liz looks confused as she asks, “What?”

Max dismisses her question with, “Forget it. It was a long time ago.”

As realization dawns on Liz she exclaims to a smiling Max, “Oh my God! That's, that's right. I can't believe I actually wore that thing!!” But then something else dawns on her and she accuses, “I had that dress in kindergarten. I didn't know you until the third grade.” She starts feeling afraid and violated and it shows in her voice as she asks, “Did you like, read my mind or something?”

Max wanting to assuage her concerns, asserted, “No, I don't read minds. When I healed you, I made this, this, I don't know, this connection. And I got this rush of, of images.... An image of that dress flashed into my mind, and, I knew how you felt about it.”

Liz was feeling a little better but wanted to test him so she asked, “How did I feel about it??”

Max answered, “It was the single supreme embarrassment of your life.” As she hears him begin she realizes that he’s exactly right and carefully compares the rest of what he has to say to how she feels. “But your Mom made it for you. She was so proud of it. She'd never made a dress before. So you wore it, for her sake.” Liz nods her head in confirmation.

Max seeing that she’s still a little nervous offers, “I've never tried this before, but maybe I can make the connection go the other way. So you can see, you know that… that I'm still me.” He approaches her, and explains, “I have to touch you.”

Liz nods her consent, and Max puts his hands on both sides of her head saying, “Now just take deep breaths, and try and let your mind blank out.”

As Max reverses the connection to Liz the flashes start:
Max and Isabel walking down the road and the Evans finding them.
Max feeling lonely on the first day of school in the third grade until he sees her.
Max watching Liz in the halls at school talking to Maria; being so captivated by her beauty that he walks into another student.

She could feel everything he was feeling. For the first time she was really seeing Max Evans. She saw herself as he saw her; and she was amazed that in his eyes, she was beautiful. Over the course of the connection, all of her nervousness fell away, and she fell in love.

As the connection ends Max pulls away asks, “Did it work?”

The only response Liz can give is to nod her head as she stares at him in amazement.

After Max leaves Liz puts her uniform in the wash.

The next day…

Sheriff Valenti walks into his office and says, “Afternoon Ms. Parker. Your father said it would be all right if I talked to you. I'm sorry to have to show you these.” He shows her some pictures of a dead body with a silver handprint on them that are dated November 16, 1959. Then as he studies Liz for her reaction he asks, “This man was found dead, no apparent cause of death. Except that. What do you make of that mark??”

Liz covers her shock and answers, “I have never seen anything like that before.”

“Kyle said he saw a similar mark on your stomach.” Valenti countered.

“He was wrong.” Liz denies.

Valenti probes further, “I'm sure, Kyle's got a pretty wild imagination. I'm gonna need to see for myself Liz.”

Liz remembers what Max said about the handprint fading so she confidently says, “Come on sheriff, this is ridiculous.”

The Sheriff persists however, “Liz, please?”

So Liz stands and pulls her shirt up to show him her stomach, as she announces, “See Sheriff, nothing silver on my stomach.”

Valenti unconvinced states, “The mark faded on the corpse too. What do you know about a kid named Max Evans?”

Liz questioned, “Max Evans?” And the sheriff verified she herd him and she responded, “Um....I don't really know him all that well.”

The Sheriff asked, “Was he one of the kids at the Crashdown that day?”

Liz a little to quickly denies, “No.”

A little later…

Sheriff Valenti is talking to the Agent Stevens of the FBI, “A shot was fired, and I saw red stains on the dress. I'm telling you, the girl was shot.”

The Agent stands and begins to brush the sheriff off but the sheriff persists, “Listen, you guys told me to call you if I saw anything. Well, my son saw that handprint.”

Agent Stevens, just answers, “I'm sure he did.” He then continues with standard company lines giving the sheriff the brush off and trying to discourage any further involvement.

Later that afternoon two FBI agents snuck into the Parkers’ apartment and retrieved the uniform as the sheriff covertly watched from across the street.

Meanwhile back at the school…

After another talk with Max, Liz informs him of her visit to Valenti’s Office. “Um Max, Valenti showed me this photo of a corpse… a murder victim. It had the same silver handprint on its chest.” Max denied it in shock but Liz continued, “The photo was marked 1959.” As max continued in his denial, Liz informed him, “Kyle saw the handprint on my stomach and told Valenti and he just asked me if you were in the cafe during the shooting. Max, he suspects you.”

Max all of a sudden panicked and ran out of the room saying, “I have to go.”

Max went to go collect Isabel and Michael to leave town while Maria coerced the truth out of Liz. Liz spotting the aliens on there way out of town had Maria follow them. They all met in an alley way and made plans to throw Valenti off Max’s Trail.

At the Crash Festival…

Max is walking around waiting for Valenti when TL2 Liz pulls him off to the side and begs, “Please, tell me you reversed the connection; that you let her see into your soul.”

Max a little caught of guard confirms, “Yes, I did. But what are you doing here.”

A relieved TL2 Liz sighs, “Good, I was afraid contacting you before you did that might ruin everything but it was too important that Valenti didn’t get my uniform with a bullet hole still in it.” Then turning to matters at hand she says, “Ok, two more mistakes to take care of tonight, then the next time we meet I’ll explain everything. Ok?”

Max cautiously agrees and TL2 Liz continues, “First is your cover story, when the Sheriff questions you. When the gun went of you thought I was shot, you had Maria call an ambulance then you ran up to me to see if there was anything you could do. You saw that I’d just fainted and spilled ketchup. So after assuring that I was Ok, you ran after the guys with the gun but lost them. When you calmed down and started thinking more clearly you thought you’d get in trouble for leaving the scene so you didn’t come back. Got that?” In response to Max’s nod she finished, “Ok, then the other thing I want you to change is that at one point tonight my past self is going to say `I don’t care!? and this time around your response will be to kiss her.”

Max looked at TL2 Liz incredulously for a moment before objecting, “Liz, you don’t know what you’re asking. It’s…”

TL2 Liz interrupted him, “I’m from 15 years in the future Max. I know everything you guys are going to learn about yourselves in that time. I know all the obstacles you’re going to face. I know exactly what I’m asking.” The she held up her left hand, indicated the rings she was wearing and argued, “Besides, if I can’t ask my husband to kiss me who can I ask.”

The shock on Max’s face was evident as he stuttered, “Y-yo-your husband? I’m your h-husband? We got married?”

TL2 Liz smiled, “Yup, we’ve had 12 wonderful years of marriage and I don’t plan on giving them up in this attempt to fix things, so when she says, `I don’t care!? you kiss her. Got it?”

Max grins like the cat that just ate the canary as he says, “Got it.” And with that TL2 Liz left.

As their plan went into motion, Max modified his story to the sheriff’s inquisition as instructed. After the ship crashed Max saw Liz standing alone and went up to talk to her. They greet each other, and Max reaches out and fixes a stray hair, putting it behind Liz’s ear. Liz lets out a disappointed sigh as she realizes that that was all he was doing. Max tries to clarify his actions with, “You had a, uh....”

But Liz interrupts, “Hair thing, right. Thanks.”

Max seeing her disappointment tries, “Sure… Liz, it's not safe. I mean… for you and… and me's not safe.”

Liz objects, “I don't care!”

Max hearing his cue takes his hand and caresses her cheek before pulling her into a tender kiss. Has he breaks the kiss he looks into her eyes and the love he sees there causes him to kiss her again. This time more passionately as their mouths open and their tongues dance a lovers dance. A connection opens up and they each feel the others’ emotions wash over them. After a few moments he releases her and backs away saying, “I'll see ya at school.”

As Max walks away Liz calls out to him. When he turns around Liz says, “I never got to thank you… for saving my life.”

Max just smiles and says, “Thank you.” before walking away.

Later that night…

Liz sits on her balcony writing in her journal,

September 23rd, Journal entry #1.

I’m Liz Parker and five days ago I died…
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Chapter 2

Timeline 3 – The Morning After

Disclaimer: This part contains large portions of “The Morning After” I don’t own it.

It’s early Monday morning as Liz writes in her journal:

September 27,

I'm Liz Parker and I will never look at the stars in the sky the same way again. I'll never look at anything the same way again. What did Max Evans mean when he said, "I'll see you in school?" Was it, "I won't be able to breathe until we meet again!"? Or was it just something someone says to, like, fill space? And what is he thinking right now? Is he also obsessed, tortured, going through one sleepless night to the next, wondering what's going to happen between us?

While across town…

Max is sleeping until he hears a knock at his window. He goes to answer it and finds TL2 Liz standing there. She promptly commands, “Get dressed. We’re going for a drive.” Max complies and climbs out his window to see TL2 Liz get in the driver seat of the jeep, cast a force field over the hood and uses her powers to silently start the jeep. “Get in.” she orders, and as soon as Max once again complies, she drives them out of town… straight to the pod chamber.

Fifteen minutes later Michael snuck into Max’s window. Finding Max gone he decided to wait.

At the pod chamber…

TL2 Liz opened the chamber and led Max inside. TL2 Liz let Max explore a little before leading him to the Granolith chamber. Once inside she told Max, “I know you have questions, I will answer what I can but best way to do that is to give you this.” She walked up to him and placed her hands over his temples and formed a connection sending him the memories that had been prepared for him. The majority, of the stream of flashes, was from both Max and Liz’s point of views, however every so often a third or even a fourth point of view would enter the steam as necessary.

Max saw:
*Every detail of the events from the shooting until Liz showed up in Michael’s apartment during “Sexual Healing”**Max and Liz showing up at the Crashdown with the orb**Topolsky’s return**Tess coming to town and mindwarping Max**Tess forcing Max to kiss her**Finding out Tess is an alien**Tess getting the destiny book**Figuring out where the pod chamber is**The whole destiny speech**Liz getting kidnapped**Max getting captured**Brief highlights of the white room**Max getting rescued**Max saving Kyle**Michael killing Pierce**Max sending Nasedo to replace Pierce**The Orb Message**Liz leaving for the summer**Max trying to win Liz back**Nasedo Dying**Brody showing up**Max trying to win Liz back**Tess’s kidnapping**Isabel killing Whitaker”*Max trying to win Liz back**Max and Liz cementing their relationship the night of the Gomez concert**Tess Leaving**Max, Isabel & Michael turning their backs on their alien heritage**Max and Liz graduating and going to Harvard together**Max and Liz getting married**Max and Liz having their first son**Max and Liz having twins a boy and a girl**Khivar attacking Roswell killing all the parents as well as Max and Liz’s kids who were visiting their grandparents so Max and Liz could have some alone time**Max, Michael, Isabel, Liz, Maria, Alex & Serena fighting to save earth**Maria & Alex dying**Isabel dying**Michael dying**TL1 Liz seeing TL1 Max off to the past**TL1 Max convincing Liz to try and make Max fall out of love with her**The measures Liz takes through faking sleeping with Kyle**The trip to Copper Summit**Defending Roswell against the skins reprisal**The Dupes coming to town**Max going to the summit in New York**Liz tapping energy for the first time to save Max**Max failing to save the guy saving his daughter**Max healing the cancer patients**Isabel helping the sheriff rescue the Dupree girl**Stopping the Gandarium**Finding out about Michael's genetic donor**Trip to Vegas**Prom Night**Alex’s Death**Max and Liz fighting about the cause of Alex’s death**Tess trying to seduce Max but Max refusing**Tess using mind control to rape Max then alter his memories**The investigation into Alex’s death**The events leading up to Tess’s departure including her confession of Nasedo’s plan and Alex’s murder**Max’s quest for his son**The energy that had been building in Liz since she first tapped it beginning to overload her system**Max’s attempt to heal her**Liz leaving for Vermont**The crisis at Metachem and Max’s death**Max’s Return**Max taking the seal back**The crash and helping the air force pilot**Tess’s return and death**Liz’s powers coming to the surface in time to save them at Graduation**The gang wondering why Kyle wasn’t developing powers after a year on the run**Max remembering “healing” Liz’s mental pathways in his panic to save her**Max giving Maria and Kyle both powers**Discovering that powers are available immediately if you learn how to use them**The gang on the run for the next five years using and developing their powers**Khivar wiping out Roswell**Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Isabel, Kyle & Serena fighting for earth**Max contacting the Council and claiming his place as King**Antar revolting against Khivar with the Councils full support**Khivar evacuating his army to Earth before destroying their sun**Khivar’s eventual defeat after destroying most of Earth*

After these images came a series of flashes from Max, Liz, Michael, Maria & Isabel each containing memories of every single time they used their powers, plus a few important memories and a message to give to their past selves.

The Message to Max:

Max standing in front of a mirror says, “If you’re receiving this it means Liz successfully made it back in time and has given you the memories you will need to assure the safety and freedom of six worlds. You should now know how to use all the powers I’ve discovered over the years, use this jumpstart to your advantage. You will have to hide your future knowledge from the others until they have completed certain key tasks. You can give Michael his message as soon as you get back from seeing Riverdog after the trip to Marathan. Give Isabel hers after the Party at the soap factory. Give Maria hers only after both Michael and Isabel have theirs. If all has gone according to plan you should be able to give Liz hers during your first meeting in the eraser room. One of our biggest problems has always been that we were always in the dark, with no clue what was going on, while our enemies had all the answers; this should help balance the scales. I have one very important piece of advice that my Liz and I have learned, secrets between the two of us are never a good thing… with the exception of romantic surprises. Trust her, she will be your greatest strength, and her absence is your greatest weakness.”

As the flashes ended, Max looked over at TL2 Liz who was already beginning to fade after accomplishing her mission and asked, “What’s happening to you?”

Liz smiled and responded, “I’ve finished what I came here to do, time is correcting itself and I no longer have a place in it. The Liz from 2014 in the new timeline won’t be here she’ll be in your future where she belongs.”

Max asked, “Why didn’t you let me see where the orb was?”

Liz smiled and laughed, “Insurance Max. If you want the orb you can’t unilaterally decide your life is to dangerous for me; you’ll have to let Liz lead you to it again.” With that she was gone.

Max smiled and thought to himself as he opened the cave and left, “Like I would need insurance, how on earth am I supposed to try and stay away from her now that I remember what our bond can be like, not to mention what it’s like to be married to her. I need that again there is simply no choice.”

Max returned home to find Michael in room, “Argument with Hank?” he queried.

“Couldn’t sleep, where have you been?” Michael responded.

Max replied, “I couldn’t sleep either so I went for a drive.” Then he tried to settle in for some sleep, but Michael just stood there so Max announced, “Hey, I was going to try again.”

Michael shook his head, “Amazing.”

Max questioned, “What’s amazing?”

Michael answered, “That you can try and sleep when the key to our entire existence is out there.”

Max knew the answers now but he also knew how this conversation had to go so he played his part, “Michael. . .”

Michael saw Max’s lack of enthusiasm and elaborated, “Max, listen that picture Valenti showed Liz means there’s someone else out there, someone who was here in 1959. That means he was here when it crashed. He knows where we come from. He knows who we are and he knows why we’re here. Maybe he knows how we get back.”

Max drew upon the emotions in his new memories and spoke his next lines, “Michael, I know how you feel… Believe me! I want to know too. But the sheriff has that picture so we’ll never see it. I mean, that would be impossible, right? Michael?”

At school…

As Max watches Ms. Topolsky enter the classroom he thinks to himself, “Oh great here we go again.” And he prepares himself for a day of acting until he can get Liz into the eraser room.

Later in the halls…

Maria warns, “Kyle Valenti, headed this way.”

Liz cringes, “Like, in this general direction, or like, towards me?”

Maria answers, “Like, the latter.” And Liz shudders, “Oh God,” before Maria asks, “What are you gonna say?”

Liz rationalizes, “I don’t even know if there’s anything to say. I mean, I saw him over the summer, and it was casual. I’m sure now that we’re back in school, he’s just thinking of me as a summer thing.”

Kyle walks up to hug Liz exclaiming, “Liz! How’s my girl?”

Liz answers, “Kyle!” and shoots a pained expression at Maria who says her goodbye and leaves Liz to deal with Kyle on her own. Returning her attention to Kyle, Liz says “Hey.”

Kyle responds, “Hey. How’s it going?”

“Good. You know, I’m just pretty loaded down with all this school stuff.” Liz placates.

Kyle agrees, “Yeah I know. You take all that stuff pretty seriously.” Liz replies with an awkward “Yeah” trying to end the conversation. And Kyle responds with an equally awkward “Right. Okay.”

Liz says, “All right” and turns to leave, but Kyle steps in front of her with; “Listen Liz, I think it’s important that we be honest with each other. I was talking with Tommy Hoeg on the team, and he agrees with me. A person should be on time, Liz. I know we left things casual, and I understand that, but you did say that you would meet me at the Crash Festival. I just feel that if you care about a person, which I do, then you should be on time.” As he’s speaking Liz spots Topolsky walking out of an office carrying files, but she decides this conversation is with Kyle is important; Kyle continues, “The truth is if you were just some girl and you stiffed me like you did, I would walk in a second, but you’re not…”

Liz gets impatient because she still hopes to catch up with Topolsky so she interrupts, “Kyle, you’re right I haven’t been very fair to you lately and I’m sorry. Do you remember when I asked you if you felt things when you looked at me?” She waits for his nod before continuing, “Well you see Kyle, the thing is, when I look at you, when I’m with you, I don’t. A-at least not what I should be feeling if you were the guy I was going to spend the rest of my life with… and well there’s someone else I am feeling things for and I don’t think it would be fair of me to continue my relationship with you. Now right now I’m kind of in a hurry but if you want to talk about this later I can. I won’t change my mind but maybe I could do a better job of explaining. I’m really sorry Kyle but I’ve gotta go.”

With that Liz left and ran through the halls to catch up with Topolsky. As she rounds a corner, she accidentally bumps into her and sends the files flying to the ground. One file lands open, a file belonging to Michael Guerin.

The next day in the girl’s bathroom…

Maria questions, “The Eraser room, huh? Liz, do you know what the 2nd floor eraser room means?”

Liz indignantly replies, “Of course I know what it means. . .” then a little embarrassed, “What does it mean?”

Maria explains, “It’s where Greg Coleman gave Marlene Garcia that hickey the size of a softball. It’s where Richie Ruehl and Amanda Lourdes consummated everything…

Liz interrupts, “Okay, Maria, you know what? You’re just making this into something it’s not.”

Maria persists, “Liz, I don’t think you should do this. Okay? I mean, we don’t know what can happen. I mean, the guy touched you and you saw into his soul. How do we know what happens if he kisses you? How do we know what it is to be kissed by a Czechoslovakian? You don’t.”

Liz gets a dazed smile and answers, “It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. It was like, a moment of crystal clarity when we both knew exactly how each other felt…”

Maria interjects, “Oh my God, it’s not just kissing that goes on in the eraser room.”

Overhearing the last sentence another girl chimes in, “She’s got that right,” before walking away.

Maria continues, “The eraser room does two things: cleans erasers and takes our innocence. Do you know what I mean by 'takes our innocence' Liz? The eraser room has taken some of the best of us.”

At the sheriff’s office…

Valenti is sitting in his office when Agent Stevens walks in stating, “Afternoon, Sheriff.”

Valenti sarcastically answers, “Agent Stevens. You don’t write. You don’t call.” Then looking a bit more serious, “I- I’m sorry about kicking junior out of here the other day, but he had no jurisdiction. No offense.”

Agent Stevens replied, “None taken.”

The Sheriff questioned, “So… what’d you guys find on that waitress uniform?”

Agent Stevens started to deny that they even had a uniform but the sheriff pipes up, “I saw two agents remove it from the apartment.”

Agent Stevens defeatedly answered, “Well several things actually, sheriff: tomatoes, salt, water, sugar, vinegar… ketchup, Sheriff, no blood, no bullet hole.” Reaching into his briefcase he continued, “Here’s the report. We’ve wasted enough tax-payer dollars to try to find something that isn’t out there. No space ship landed here in 1947. No aliens are currently residing in Roswell, New Mexico. This thing is over sheriff. Don’t call me again unless you have something concrete.”

In the eraser room…

Max is cleaning erasers as Liz enters, “So, um, this is the Eraser Room.” Then feeling the need to clarify she add, “I’ve never been here before.”

Max replies, “I just thought we should be somewhere private.”

“Right.” Liz agreed as she locked the door with a small smile playing at the edges of her lips.

As Liz turned around, Max approached her and began nervously, “Liz, about us… our relationship…” As Max paused to collect his thoughts Liz felt her heart constricting because she thought he was going to tell her they couldn’t be together. But Max continued, “I’ve recently discovered some things about my past and my future that you need to see. If you’re still willing to be with me once you know everything… It would be my greatest dream come true, but I can’t let us continue until you can make your decision with full knowledge of the consequences.” Max getting even more nervous asked, “Will you let me show you?”

Liz was a little apprehensive, but really curious so she nodded her consent. When Max placed his hands over her temples she knew what was coming and prepared herself for it. Max showed her everything TL2 Liz and showed him, then for good measure he showed her everything he’d experienced from the day of the shooting; so she could tell how much had already changed.

The Message to Liz:

Liz standing in front of a mirror says, “I only have one piece of advice for you but it’s important. Don’t listen to anyone who says you and Max don’t belong together. Not Maria, not Max’s alien mother, not even Max himself. He is your strength and you are his you need each other. No matter how bad it looks things only get worse if you are separated.”

As the flashes stopped, Liz ached for the bond with Max she could now remember having and became consumed with trying to get it back. She knew her energy supply for her powers was at an all time low but she mustered up all the energy she could as she attacked Max with a passionate kiss. When she knew she’d gathered enough energy she altered the molecular structure of Max’s shirt and allowed it to pass right through his body to the floor.

At the feel of Liz’s hands caressing his bare chest and back, Max broke the kiss and said, “Liz, we can’t do this, not here, not now.”

Liz complained, “But Max, now that I know what it’s like to have your feelings in my heart, your thoughts in my mind, and your presence in my soul; it’s so lonely in here all alone… I need you.”

Max replied, “I know my love, I need it too, but I can’t let our first time be a tryst in the eraser room. You deserve so much better than that. Besides, do you have any idea what Maria would do to us if we cemented everything right now, after that speech she just gave you?”

Liz realized what Max was saying and flushed, “Oh my God! This is impossible Max. What are we going to do about our parents and friends? I mean, I can remember what it’s like to be married to you for 23 years across two timelines. I know what it’s like to have your children; our three little angels. But I’m still only turning 16 in two weeks, and to everyone but you and me we barely know one another. But I need our bond Max, or I might just die of loneliness.”

Max commiserated, “I know what you mean.” Then a plan formed in his mind, “I’ll tell you what, I’ll plan a romantic getaway for us soon. In the meantime…” As his words trailed off he looked into her eyes and focused everything he could on deepening their connection, as Liz realized what he was doing she too focused on deepening their connection. Soon they felt it, they were complete again. They knew it was only temporary, that if the lost eye contact the intensity of their connection would waver and if they lost physical contact that it would recede to the periphery of their consciousness. But for now they reveled in being one, each hoping to soak up enough of the feeling to tide them until they could do this again, as they spent the rest of their time in the eraser room communicating silently about events to come.

When they heard Topolsky coming in to her office; they finally broke into one last searing kiss, before Max retrieved his shirt and they went back out to join the world.

Outside the Crashdown…

As they pull up Liz gets out and Max tells her “5 minutes” and she acknowledges him and heads into the restaurant.

Michael runs up to the jeep and Max tells him, “Michael, something’s up. The woman who pulled your records, she’s on her way to your place.” Michael tried interrupting but Max continued, “So while she’s there you and I’ll be at the sheriff’s office.” Michael smiled in response.

Liz came out of the Crashdown with a file and filled with blank paper and handed it to Max. He thanked her and she replied, “No problem, just be sure and fill me in later.” With that she went back in to finish begin her shift. Just as Kyle pulled up and entered the diner.

At the sheriff’s station…

Max climbed the drain pipe ahead of Michael. After opening the window and disabling the security system with his powers they went inside. Michael searched the cabinets until he found the one with the photos of the corpse from 1959. As he touched the folder he received a flash of Valenti removing the key from it and putting it in the lid of his thermos.

Michael handed the folder to Max who set it next to the folder he brought on top of the cabinet. Max proceeded to wave a glowing hand over the two files. He then put the original back in the cabinet and showed Michael the duplicate he made.

Michael then went to retrieve the key from Valenti’s desk, as he did he received flashed of a geodesic dome. Having found what they came for they locked up and left.

In the Crashdown…

The dinner crowd is clearing out and Liz gets her break. Kyle asks, “Liz can we talk?” Liz agrees and sits down across from him. Kyle prods, “You said you can explain things better.”

Liz takes a deep breath and begins, “It’s complicated Kyle, but there are a few basics. First our futures are headed in different directions, I want to go to Harvard and get a job doing scientific research in Boston. You want to go wherever you can get a sports scholarship and end up playing baseball in Texas. And my feelings towards you aren’t anywhere near strong enough to give up my dreams for you, nor ask you to give up yours for me. That means the absolute farthest we could go is a breakup just after graduation. And I can guarantee the farthest you’d get in that time is first base, because beyond that is reserved for the guy who will possess my heart and soul.”

Getting a dreamy look on her face she continues, “Which brings me to the next issue, I think I’ve found someone who has a chance at that, and I intend to give him that chance.”

Kyle looks at her and says, “It’s Max isn’t it? You’re with him now.”

Liz nods and says, “I have to get back to work, I’ll see you around Kyle.”

In front of Michael’s Trailer…

Michael holds the key trying to get another vision from it. When he fails he hands it to Max. With the new knowledge of his powers he got from TL2 Liz, Max easily gets flashes of both the dome and the secret keyhole to open the basement, but he remembers how this is supposed to go. That this is Michael’s quest so he just shakes his head, “Nothing” and passes the key to Isabel.

Isabel makes a show and gasps like she got hit with a flash, but when Michael asks what she saw, she replies, “Ricky Martin in the shower.”

Michael snatches the key from her hand and walks off towards his home and Max lets him go.

On Liz’s balcony…

Liz sits, writing in her journal,

Ever since I found out about Max and Michael and Isabel, I’ve been thinking a lot about secrets…
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Chapter 3

Timeline 3 – Monsters

Disclaimer: This part contains large portions of “Monsters” I don’t own it.

Liz walks down the hall with Maria questioning, “Okay, so you rear ended Sheriff Valenti, are you okay?”

Maria dismissingly responds, “Yeah, it was a love tap, it was nothing, I can handle it. “

Liz still worried checks, “Okay, Are you sure?”

Maria confirms, “Yeah, I'm telling you, it was a total fender bender, minor damage. And you know what? It probably wouldn’t have happened if Miss Isabel hadn't been playing with my head.”

Liz questions, “Wait, why was she playing with your head?” She remembers how this conversation went the first time and decides she’s going to do better this time.

Maria states, “She was like, deliberately trying to freak me out.”

Liz questions further, “How?”

Maria explains, “Okay, she like, made my air conditioner blow like a hurricane.”

Liz smiles and innocently asks, “So did she make it freezing to be mean, or just more comfortable to help you out?”

Maria exasperates, “Liz! You are being entirely to blasé about this? Hey look, listen, I was there to extend myself. You know? I gave her a lift; trying to reach out give her that old `I come in peace´ thing. You know? Look, Liz, it like, takes two people to tango. You know? And how can I tango with the girl if she's going around creeping me out like that?”

Liz realizes Maria just isn’t ready for this yet and concedes, “Okay Maria, look, I will talk to Max and I will have him talk to Isabel. But the important thing is for us to stay in control. Okay?”

Maria defends, “Hey I am in control. You know, I am like, in control.” As they arrive at Maria’s locker they see a poster with an alien creature. Maria shoots Liz a pointed look and Liz rips it off.

Later that day…

Max is waiting around the corner, while Liz is talking to some friends. Liz finishes, “Okay sure, so we'll talk about it later. All right, see ya guys later. Bye.” As she walks down the hall Max comes around the corner and meets her with a kiss. When they break for air Liz dreamily asks, “What was that for?”

Max smiles, “Just trying to do a better job of stepping out from behind the tree this time around.”

He is rewarded with a playful slap on his arm from Liz who says, “So about Maria…”

Max answers, “Yeah I was thinking…” as he pulls her aside for some privacy. They gaze into each others eyes and form the connection they’re both craving. The rest of the conversation takes place silently across the space of about half a second as their minds supply complete understanding to each other. After they are both satisfied with the plan they share another kiss before heading off to their respective classes.

Later in the back of the Crashdown…

Maria does a turnabout and walks back into the room with, “You know what? You take the front. I'm going to go do that can inventory that your father was telling me about.”

Liz indignantly calls, “Maria!”

Maria exclaims, “She's out there!”

Liz questions, “Who's out there?”

Maria answers trembling, “Queen Amidala!”

Liz admonishes, “Okay, Maria, you've gotta calm down here. You've got to control yourself.”

Maria coaches herself, “I am in control. I am in control.” Before turning to Liz, “I'm not in control! Liz! Look! Let me just confide here, okay?” Liz agrees and Maria continues, “I live my life in constant fear of her. Okay? Moment to moment, knowing that each one could by my last. Okay, I'm sorry, it's just…”

Liz comforts, “No, no, no, no. I get it. Look, what if I asked Max to give you powers of your own; that way you wouldn’t have to worry about her so much.”

Maria looked at her like she was crazy and asked “He can do that?”

Liz checked to make sure no one else was around, then turned her uniform red and then back to its original color. “He didn’t mean to, but when he healed me he tried to fix everything that his senses told him was wrong with me. He was afraid I might die of a concussion from the fall or something else after he healed the bullet wound so just to be sure, he fixed everything. Afterwards he realized one of the things he fixed is that I hadn’t developed to my full genetic potential.”

Maria even more scared asked, “So he turned you into an alien?”

Liz answered emphatically, “NO Maria, He just activated certain latent abilities I already had. Now I can do things most people will be able to do a couple of thousand years from now. But I’m still me.”

Maria relaxing a little stammers, “I-I-I don’t know.”

Liz resumes, “I know this is hard but we're just stuck with each other. You know… the five of us? For me, just try and be friendly with Isabel.”

Maria takes a deep breath and mumbles, “Okay, sure, great, all right, just one big happy family. Ok.”

As she walks back out front Liz calls to her, “You can do it.”

Two days later in the Crashdown…

Isabel is eating while Maria is busing a table. She smiles and says, “Some people are just pigs.”

Maria is startled, causing Isabel to laugh to herself. Maria drops off the bus pan, turns as sees Valenti sitting at a table, in the same position as in her dream. She exclaims, “Sheriff! What are you doing here?”

Valenti answers, “I enjoyed the coke so much I thought I'd try breakfast. Anything special you'd like to tell me about?”

Maria quickly responds, “No.”

Valenti smiles and questions, “Well, the board says you've got corned beef hash.”

Maria answers, “Right. Sorry. Heavenly Hash Special.”

Valenti asks, “Is that what you'd recommend?”

Maria confirms, “Oh absolutely.”

Valenti replies, “You seem to know a lot about what goes on around here, so I'll trust you.”

Maria nervously responds, “Right, one heavenly hash special. Uh, to go?”

Valenti answers, “No, I think I'll eat it right here this time.” Maria acknowledges it and Valenti announces, “Oh, by the way, the insurance company took care of everything. It's good to have a strong, dependable institution like that on your side.” Maria walks to the counter and Valenti follows her asking, “How's your neck doing?”

Maria a little confused questions, “My neck?”

Valenti clarifies, “Yeah, that was quite a hit you took from that car the night of the festival.”

Maria brushes it off, “Oh right! That was nothing.”

Valenti pushes, “You seem to be having a lot of accidents lately though. I'll tell you what. Why don't you stop by my office, say, tomorrow about this time? You and I can talk.” When Maria agrees he says, “Oh, and I'll take that order to go.”

In class later that day…

Max drops his notebook on the floor; as Liz goes down to retrieve it Max joins her. They spend a moment renewing their connection; as they break Max says, “Thanks, I needed that. So, are we still on track with Maria?”

Liz answers, “Yes, but you know she did come through for us the first time around.”

Max responded, “Yeah, I know but once I started changing things the future became uncertain. I just like hedging our bets.” They shared another kiss before going back to work.

In the back of the Crashdown…

Liz coaches, "Okay. You got tapped by the car, and you blacked out. And yo-you just, you don't remember a thing that happened after that. Now, let's pretend that I'm Valenti. What did you see in the parking lot that night?”

Maria looks at the cheat sheet that Liz gave her and reads, “Nothing, just headlights.”

Liz praises, “Perfect. And, um, all right, and how did you get that handprint on you?”

Maria references her cheat sheet and responds, “I don't know; I was unconscious?”

“Right.” Liz congratulated.

Maria bursts out, “Wrong, Liz! This is like, so ludicrous! The sheriff is smart! He's going to find out the truth… And maybe that wouldn't be so bad. He's Kyle's dad. He said he was here to protect us.”

Liz incredulously asks, “Do you think we need protection from Max and Michael and Isabel.”

Maria emphatically responds, “Yes!” Then a little less sure, “Maybe, I don't know. I just wish that you’d stop trying to control the way I feel. I am not you Liz. Look I just, I have to do what I think is right…”

Liz interrupts, “He saved my life Maria! A-and you’re talking about repaying him by ruining theirs. Don’t you understand Maria? The sheriff had Max in handcuffs at the Crash Festival. When Max asked him if he was going to read him his rights the sheriff asked him if he had any. If you tell the sheriff he’ll turn them over to some government agency and they’ll be locked up and experimented on. At best they’ll be forced to work for the government; at worst they’ll be killed and dissected.” Liz then slumped to the ground and announced, “Maybe he should have just let me die.”

Maria ran up to her and argued, “You don’t mean that.”

Liz replies in tears, “Yes I do. If he let me die, the secret they’ve been keeping all their lives would be safe. You wouldn’t be afraid of them and they’d be safe. My life isn’t worth the three of theirs.”

Maria comforts, “I’m sorry, look, it will be ok, I won’t tell the sheriff anything.” Then she looked at the clock, “But I’ve gotta go.”

At the Service Station…

Maria is waiting for her car when Isabel and her mom pull up. Maria watches as they hug each other before Isabel gets out of the car, as Mrs. Evans calls, “Bye sweetie, have a good day.”

Isabel answers “I will.”

Mrs. Evans questions, “Will you call me?” and Isabel agrees. As she watches the interplay between mother and daughter it strikes a chord in her and she thinks about what Liz said would happen if their secret got out.

Isabel walks up to Maria and they share look an uncomfortable silence until the mechanic walks up and tells Maria, “Replaced the headlight, popped out the fender.” Then turning to Isabel, “Repaired the leak in your radiator hose.” He handed them their keys; as he walked away he finished, “You can pay at the cashier, ladies.”

In the school lobby…

“She’ll be fine Michael.” Liz insisted.

Michael questioned, “You’re sure?”

Liz answered confidently, “I’m positive, Michael, she knows what’s at stake, and she won’t say anything.” Michael wasn’t convinced and stormed off.

Max pulled Liz onto his lap and soothed, “He’ll be ok, just give him time.”

Liz responded by diving into their connection and kissing him.

In the Sheriff’s Office…

Valenti questioned, “What are you afraid of, Miss DeLuca?”

Maria answered, “A lot of things.”

Valenti pressured, “You know what I think? I think someone is controlling you, controlling you through fear. Am I right?”

Maria denied, “No, I’ve just been real nervous about the accident.”

Valenti ignored her denial and continued, “I'm here to help you. You know that, don't you?” He waited for a nod before asking, “Then tell me what's frightening you so badly. What you saw the night of the crash festival? You were in that parking lot to meet whom?”

Maria answered, “I was going to meet Liz and Alex.”

Valenti decided to try a different approach and asked, “Who is Isabel Evans?

Maria answered, “Um, she's a girl at school.”

Valenti pursued, “Why does she make you so nervous?”

Maria once again denied, “I'm not nervous.”

Valenti tried again, “Isabel and her brother Max. How well do you know them?”

Maria answered, “Not well, not well at all.”

Valenti switched tactics again, “You know, I think you and I have something in common. I never really got to know my father very well either. He was the sheriff around here about forty years ago. Did you know that?” When Maria said she didn’t he continued, “Strong man, strong hands, and he had this theory, you know? About aliens? That they were real. Sounds awfully silly, doesn't it?”

Maria agreed and Valenti continued, “That's what everybody thought. But my father was a, he was a very stubborn man. And he wouldn't let it go. He believed, and he lost his job over it. And, uh, he lost his family over it. Now I would hate to see that happen to any other family in this town, wouldn't you?” Soliciting a nod from Maria he continued, “Now there's one more thing that you and I have in common, isn't it? We've both seen things recently that have made us start to wonder; made us question ourselves, our beliefs, and I think, that if we share those things with each other, we're both going to feel a little bit safer. Now Isabel Evans she's just a girl?”

Maria answers, “She's a girl from a very nice family. And like you said sheriff, we wouldn't want to destroy any other families in this town, would we?

Out on the highway…

Maria is driving along the road, and pulls up next to Isabel, whose jeep has broken down again. Isabel questions, “You’re alone?”

Maria answers, “Do you see the army behind me?”

Isabel sighs, “You lied.”

Maria replies, “Like a rug.”

Isabel asks, “Were you scared?”

Maria answers, “Understatement. But that's when I realized what it's like being you.”

Isabel slips into her Ice Princess persona and quips, “You look awful.”

Maria scoffs back, “Thanks for saving our butts, Maria. Oh, no problem, Isabel.” Then she pauses before asking, “So, need a ride?” Isabel smiles and gets in.


Liz writes in her journal,

The future was always so clear to me, a straight path towards my goal. Now, the future is even more clear, but the path is anything but straight. Max and I have to be careful as we guide the future. The last time we tried changing things, things got worse in a lot of ways and better in only one. I pray that this time we get things right.

When she stops writing she finds the brick she hid her journal behind in the last timeline. After hiding her journal she uses her powers to seal the brick in place. She then sits down and writes another journal complete with a few future entries and places it back in her drawer for Michael to find at a future date.
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Chapter 4

Timeline 3 – Leaving Normal

Disclaimer: This part contains large portions of “Leaving Normal” I don’t own it.

A/N: The new timeline has is changing enough now that some events will be prevented so, things omitted from this point forward aren’t happening, but unless something I’ve written contradicts it, still assume anything that’s glossed over in my story happened just like it did on the show until further notice. I will be focusing on those events that change in my new timeline, though I will include other events that are important to the new timeline.

On Liz’s Balcony…

Liz is writing in her journal,

It's October 19th. I'm Liz Parker and this is what I've been thinking… Last time I wrote about things going back to normal, about how part of me wanted to stay safe and go back, but another part wanted to go forward into the unknown. This time I’m not divided. I don’t want normal, I want Max. Terrible things are going to start happening soon, and I don’t want to deal with them the normal way. I want to deal with them with Max by my side and me by his. Together we’ll make it through.

In the Crashdown…

Liz and Maria have been catering to an orthodontist convention and talking about Liz’s Grandma Claudia, when Max walks in and takes a seat at his regular booth. Liz makes her way over to him and says, “It's an orthodontist convention.”

Max smiles, “I remember, you still in the mood for an alien blast?” He smiles wider as he raises his eyebrows suggestively.

As Liz remembers what he’s referring to, she blushes, “We’re a bit busy right now, but I’ll get you yours.”

Max turned serious, “I’ve been meaning to ask you…”

He trailed off and Liz questioned, “Yes?”

Max looked for the right way to say this and asked, “You know what’s going to happen tomorrow, right?” To Liz’s nod he continued, “I still can’t stop what’s going to happen; but, maybe if I get to her before the stroke I could give you and your family a few extra days. It would mean connecting to her like when I healed you, we’d have to tell her something, but I’ll do it if you want.”

Liz’s heart soared with love for him as she comprehended his offer, but she couldn’t let him do it. She declined, “No Max, it was… er will be her time. Just come to me at the hospital when you get off work; I’ll need you.” Max nodded his understanding and Liz got back to work.

The next day at school…

Liz got caught by Maria while she was waiting for Max, but they say goodbye to each other just as Liz feels Max coming.

Liz walks around the corner and meets Max with a kiss. As they break the kiss they look into each other’s eyes and connect for a few moments. When they hear the warning bell ring they break apart and Liz questions, “So I’ll see you tonight?” Max silently confirms through their fading connection as they each head off for class.

Later in the Crashdown…

Jeff is listening to “The Band” with Liz restocking muffins at the counter next to him and when her Grandma Claudia enters. Liz hears the door chimes and turns to look. She cries out, “Grandma! Hi!”

Claudia answers, “Honeybear!” As she hugs Liz, then she turns to hug her son, “Ooh, hello Jeffrey....”

Jeff lovingly greets, “Mom.” Then as it registers what’s playing, Claudia cautions, “Oh, you're still listening to them. You're dating yourself.”

Jeff defends, “Well, you know, some things defy time.”

Claudia gives Liz a look over and exclaims, “Oh, look at you!”

Liz questions, “What?”

Claudia answers, “Last year when I left, you were a child. Now I come back to find a beautiful young woman.”

Liz blushes, “Grandma,” then composing herself, “Let me help you upstairs with your stuff.”

Claudia dismisses, “Oh, Jeffrey will get it, won't you dear?” Jeff just nods.

Liz knew she was coming but needing to play the part, “I thought you weren't supposed to be here until Friday.” As they enter the back room she questions, “Ok, so tell me what's going on. Did you finish that book you were working on last time?”

Claudia answers, “Oh, book, schmook. Let's dish.”

Nancy walks down the stairs with a basket of laundry and greets, “Hey Claudia.”

Claudia excitedly returns the greeting, “Nancy, oh it's so good to see you. Hey, come with us. We're going upstairs to catch up.”

Nancy looks to Liz and questions, “Really? Should I?”

Liz is a little unsure but says, “Yeah, definitely. C'mon mom.”

Nancy senses her daughter wants some time alone with her grandmother, so she answers, “I don't think so. I have a lot of laundry to do so...”

Claudia tells her, “We'll be back just as soon as Liz has told me about all the boys who are head over heels in love with her.”

Nancy cautions, “Don't waste your time because she never talks about that stuff.”


Liz explains, “So Kyle and I went out over the summer and it was fun but he just wasn’t the guy for me. And he’s not too happy about our breakup, but I found Max and he’s simply amazing. He’s thoughtful and caring and romantic. He has these eyes that I can get lost in, and when he holds me in his arms… it’s like I’m wrapped in love and safety… like I’ve finally come home. When we part it’s like a part of me walks away with him. It’s like; with out him I’m no longer complete.”

Claudia has a smile on her face as she asks, “So you’ve found him already? Your soulmate?”

Liz smiles she knew her grandmother would understand, “Yes I have.” Then dreamily she states, “I love him.”

Just then Maria barges in, “Grandma!”

Claudia greets, “Oh, Maria! Look at you. Another beauty. Ooh! God help this poor little town with you two running around.”

Maria responds, “Ok, I love this woman.”

Liz excitedly interjects, “Wait...look at this. It's an article on the first findings of the Navajo Indians in hundreds of years. Lost Treasures by Claudia Parker. It's going to be in the American Journal of Archaeology.”

Maria replies, “That is so cool.....ok, alright, so let's talk about me. The hair thing...does it work for you? I kind of see it as a Meg Ryan style after an electric storm.”

Claudia ponders the look for a moment and answers, “I think it's you.”

Maria brags to Liz, “She's good.” Then she asks, “Ok, so what were you guys talking about?”

Liz denies, “Nothing.” But Claudia answers, “Boys.”

Maria looks at Liz and questions, “Oh...Kyle or Max?”

Liz gives Maria a “duh” look and responds, “Max of course.”

Claudia grabs both girls into a hug and responds, “So, what are we doing tonight?”

Liz knowing this will be her last night with her grandma answers, “Anything you want as long as we do it together.”

Several hours later Claudia’s speech begins to slur just before she looses consciousness.

At the Hospital…

The doctor asks, “What have we got?”

The nurse replies, “Patient complained of weakness in her left side and her family members noticed slurred speech before she lost consciousness. BP 160, pulse 100, respiration 20.”

The doctor orders, “Gimme an EKG....keep them out of here, please.”

The nurse begins closing the doors, “I'm sorry, I need to have you wait.”

Jeff shouts, “That's my mother.”

The nurse insists, “I understand that, but I need you to wait out here.”

In the waiting room…

The Parker family is waiting for news about Claudia and Max walks in. Liz gets up and runs into his arms. Max soothes, “It’s ok I’m here, and I’ll be here for as long as you need me.”

Liz turns around and introduces, “Mom, dad, this is Max; Max these are my parents.”

Max looks over at Jeff and Nancy; he knew them very well in the first timeline not so well in the second. He decides to try and make the third timeline like the first in that regard and greets, “Mr. & Mrs. Parker.” As Max sits down, Liz sits in his lap. Their eyes meet and they open their connection wide. Max sends Liz all the love and support he can muster, and Liz immerses her consciousness in it. Liz then rests her head on Max’s shoulder while Max protectively encircles her with his arms.

Both parents are shocked by Liz’s behavior but neither one miss the air of protectiveness Max is exuding. They both decide that this relationship bears further attention but they decide to let Liz receive her comfort where she can for now.

Dr. Sanchez walks in and Jeff greets him. He returns, “Jeff, hi. Nancy.”

Nancy gratefully exclaims, “Thank you for coming! We're so glad you're able to be here.”

Dr. Sanchez dismisses, “Of course.”

Jeff asks, “How is she?”

Dr. Sanchez answers, “Jeff, your mother's had a stroke. This is serious, but she's been responding really well. Her vital signs are good. She's stabilized.”

Jeff questions, “Is she going to be ok?”

Dr. Sanchez responds, “A lot of people fully recover from a stroke like this, but it's early. We're going to need some time to determine what the repercussions are.”

Nancy states, “Thank you.”

Dr. Sanchez comforts, “We have reason to be positive here.”

Jeff responds, “Ok, thanks.”

All the while Liz just snuggles more deeply into Max’s embrace. She’s heard those words before and this time around they don’t give her any hope. She desperately pushes herself further into their connection burying herself in Max’s love for her. She hears Max’s voice soothing her, “It’s ok. You’re going to be all right. I’m here for you.” And she feels a sense of peace wash over her.

The next day in school…

Liz catches up with Max, “Max! Hey”

Max turns to Liz and draws her into an embrace. He looks into her eyes and asks, “How are you doing?”

Liz answers, “Better now.”

Max smiles as he caresses her cheek and chastises, “Liz. Talk to me.”

Liz pulls Max into a tighter embrace and lets her emotions out, “It’s just so hard, you know? I mean, I thought it was hard to go through last time; not knowing what was going to happen. But it’s worse knowing but having to keep it a secret.”

Max consoled, “I know but in a couple days I’ll help you say goodbye and that part will be over; and until then I’ll be there for you as often and for as long as you need.”

Liz smiled up at him, “Thank you Max, for everything.”

Max dismissed it as he honestly answered, “It’s my pleasure.”

Later in the hall…

Liz is sitting on a couch in a hallway at school and Maria comes by asking, “Liz, how's she doing?”

Liz answers, “Ok...we're just going to wait and see.”

Maria comforts, “Come here.” Liz lies down on Maria's lap and Maria starts twirling Liz's hair as she asks, “What are you doing at school?”

Liz states, “I was at the hospital all night. My parents just wanted me to take a break. My mom said she'd page me if anything changed.”

Maria suggests, “Well, you know, you should be at home then... You know? Binging on junk food and Rosie.”

Liz sits up and shakes her head no, “I couldn’t stand to be that far away from Max right now. He’s been so good to me through out this whole thing.” The bell rings and Maria starts to leave. Liz states, “So, I'll just, I'll see you at work.”

Maria immediately argues, “Work? No way you're working tonight, Liz.”

Liz insists, “No, Stephanie's on vacation, Karen's pregnant, and those tooth people are going to invade. I cannot leave you by yourself.”

Maria holds firm, “Liz, you should be with your family. Ok? I can handle the Crashdown.”

Liz questions, “Are you sure?”

Maria answers, “Absolutely! And besides, I'm not alone. I have Agnes.”

Later at the Crashdown...

The place is packed and the customers are getting impatient. Maria is trying to do three things at once when a group of customers comes in and Agnes goes out. Maria follows her out and demands, “Agnes! What are you doing?”

Agnes shrugs, “I'm on break.”

Maria accuses, “Break? You're on a break? You just had a break!”

Agnes nonchalantly replies, “They'll get their food when they get their food.”

Maria gets out her cedar oil and starts sniffing it, proclaiming “Oh no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.” Isabel walks by and Maria perks up, “Isabel.” Quickly catching up to Isabel she calls out, “Isabel.”

Isabel in full Ice Princess mode responds, “I'm sorry, do I know you?”

Maria pleads, “I have to talk to you.”

Isabel tells her friends that she’ll meet up with them at the movies and turns back to Maria, “I thought we agreed that you would never address me until we'd established complete privacy.”

Maria explains, “Ok, I am going to hate myself for this but I need to ask you for a favor that will leave me forever indebted to you. I am so dead here. Will you help me wait tables?”

Isabel chuckling, “You're kidding, right?”

“Please.” Maria begs.

Isabel declines, “To put this as succinctly as possible… I'm not really a service oriented person.”

Maria not giving up continues, “Wait, wait, wait; Liz's grandmother is in the hospital. Ok, and if she doesn't think that I can do this, it's just going to give her one more thing to worry about. Please. Look, it's not for me, it's for Liz.”

Isabel responds, “Well, since you put it that”

At the hospital…

The Parkers are telling tales of Claudia’s adventures to Max and Liz when over the intercom comes, “Code Blue, ICU, Room 104. Code Blue, ICU, Room 104.

Jeff mutters, “Oh my God. It's her.” And they all rush in to watch the doctors revive her.

Later on…

Maria is visiting Liz and encourages, “She could still come out of it.”

Liz has known she wouldn’t since before the stroke, but she plays her part and responds, “Well, the doctor doesn't think so. I saw it in his eyes… I can't believe this. I mean, you saw her yesterday, you know? She was so full of life.”

Maria agrees, “I know. Are you sure you don't want me to stay?”

Liz responds, “Yeah, it's fine, Max will stay with me, but thank you.”

Maria hugs Liz and says, “Ok, I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Liz answers.

The next day at the Crashdown…

Isabel is waiting tables and using her powers to fix messed up orders as Maria comes by, “Hi. Can you heat this?” Isabel quickly heats it and Maria responds, “You're a genius. Thank you.”

In Claudia’s Room…

Max and Liz wake Jeff and Nancy and hand them some coffee. As Nancy thanks them, Liz suggests, “Why don't you guys go outside and get some air?”

Jeff questions, “You sure?”

Liz answers, “Yeah, we’ll be fine.”

After the parents leave Max and Liz form a connection and combine their energies to revive Claudia. Claudia’s form appears beside them and calls out, “Honeybear.” Liz goes and hugs her and grandma questions, “Let me guess...Max?”

Liz nods, “Grandma, I guess the thing I wanted to say to you more than anything else is just how much you mean to me, and somehow you just always manage to make me feel really special, and I, I just don't know what I'm going to do without you.”

Claudia replies, “You're going to do just fine, and I want to tell you something. When I look at you so excited about life, I see myself, and that's a gift, a gift that I will take with me, that I'll always treasure. Promise me one thing, that you'll follow your heart wherever it takes you. Trust it. Will you do that?”

Liz responds, “I will. This time I swear I will.” Claudia’s form disappears as the instruments flatline.


Max and Liz are standing outside the Crashdown as Liz asks, “Please don’t leave me alone tonight?” Max smiles and leads her to her room where they take off their shoes and climb into bed. They leave the door open and their clothes on to show her parents that this is innocent. Within minutes Liz falls asleep with her head resting in the crook of Max’s neck and his arms wrapped securely around her. Max follows her moments later into the land of dreams.
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Chapter 5

Timeline 3 – Missing

Disclaimer: This part contains large portions of “Missing” I don’t own it.

Jeff and Nancy come home and Nancy decides to check on Liz. When she finds Max in Liz’s bed her first instinct is to wake them up and chase Max out of the house. One look at the tear tracks that still stained her daughter’s face however was enough to change her mind. She called the Evans and told them her mother-in-law had just died and that Max had apparently fallen asleep after comforting Liz to sleep.

The next morning Max and Liz awoke simultaneously from their shared dream. Max smiled down at Liz, “Feeling better this morning?”

Liz smiled back, “Much. Thank you again… for everything.”

Max responded, “I’ll always be here for you Liz, for anything.” He punctuated his promise with a kiss and Liz melted back into his embrace, and dove into their connection. They laid there for the next hour reveling in the feeling unity and their love for one another until Nancy walked in.

When she entered Liz’s room she found Max and Liz lying in bed cradled in each other’s arms, just gazing into each others’ eyes. The love emanating from each of their eyes was like a blazing fire; captivating, unmistakable, and undeniable… even to an overprotective mother. As she observed the scene she felt a twinge of jealousy, and wondered how two so young could have a love so strong. When she regained her composure she cleared her throat. On the fourth try she finally got the kids’ attention, “Max, I think it’s time you got home.”

Max looked to Liz, “Are you going to be ok?” Liz nodded and Max gave her a parting kiss before putting his shoes on and heading home.

As Max left Nancy sat down with her daughter it was definitely time to have the talk.

At Max’s house…

Max had just finished showering and getting dressed and was on his way down for brunch when he runs into Isabel and gives her a hug, “I heard you covered for Liz at the Crash. Thanks Iz.” After brunch he headed off to work.

In the back room at the UFO center…

“You’re getting in too deep, Maxwell,” Michael outraged.

Max angrily fired back, “Michael, I know what I’m doing. Yes I broke the rules when I healed her, and yes I broke them again when I told her the truth, but the damage is already done now, and I don’t regret the decision. Now I don’t have to worry about hiding anything from her, she knows the risks as do I. There is nothing suspicious about having a girlfriend and for the first time in my life a have a chance to be happy and I’m going to take it.”

Michael retorted, “We have to be ready to leave Maxwell.”

Max shakes his head and argues, “I can’t live my life on what ifs Michael. What if we don’t have to leave for 15 years? Or 50? What if we never have to leave? Do you really want to spend your entire life alone?”

Michael could see he wasn’t going to change Max’s mind so he replied, “I just hope we can trust her.”

Max replied, “We can, Michael, we can.”

Michael hostilely replied, “Well, I don't trust anyone these days.”

Later that night…

Liz checked her drawer and smiled. She used her powers to reach through the brick hiding her journal and pulled it out; then wrote.

October 24th, I’m Liz Parker, and it’s begun.

In the middle of the night…

Michael wakes up and starts drawing. He then takes his drawing and goes strait to Max’s room where he wakes Max up, “Hey man, what's going on?”

Max complains, “Since you asked, REM sleep. Please tell me this is important, Michael.”

Michael excitedly replies, “It is. I dreamt it, Max. I've seen it more clearly than I ever have.”

Max’s mind starts to clear and he remembers his lines. “What?”

Michael answers, “This. It's what I saw that night at Valenti's office. When I touched the key, that's what I saw.”

Max incredulously asks, “You saw a semicircle?”

Michael corrects, “No! No, no. I saw this, Max. This. This!”

Max questions, “And what is this?”

Michael admits, “I don't know yet. But I saw it. I didn't even remember until tonight. I had to tell somebody.”

Max deadpans, “And I appreciate that I'm the one you chose to wake at three in the morning to tell that you've been dreaming about semicircles, but maybe we can talk about this in the morning?”

Michael calming down a little agrees, “Yeah, ok; in the morning.” Then gesturing to the floor he asks, “Would you mind?”

Max answers, “No, no. Go ahead.” Michael unrolls the sleeping bag and they both go back to sleep.

Back in school…

Max uses his powers on the vending machine a little more efficiently this time and makes it drop just the bag he wants. Liz walks up to him and greets him with a kiss, “So not as hungry in this timeline?” she jokes.

Max chuckles and quips back, “I just have a better idea of what I want.” He kisses her to prove his point.

Liz getting back to business says, “So, Michael took my journal yesterday.”

Max replies, “And he’s woke me up this morning with his first sketch of the dome so everything’s on schedule.” They share one last kiss before Michael walks up and Liz leaves.


Liz is sitting in a dark classroom think about everything that’s going on when Topolsky walks in and questions, “Liz?”

Liz responds, “Ms. Topolsky? Oh, um... yeah, I was just... I was just leaving.”

Topolsky questions, “Not on my account, I hope?”

Liz parries, “Oh, no, not at all. I was... I'm just ah... late… I’m just late for something.”

Topolsky pursues, “Liz, I'm sure you have a fine reason for sitting alone in a dark classroom, but I wouldn't be much of a guidance counselor if I didn't ask what that reason is.”

Liz answers, “Oh, it's nothing. I just got lost in thought.”

Topolsky prods, “Sometimes we think we're all alone, but we're not. There’s people all around us willing and eager to help. Maybe I'm not the first person you'd turn to in a moment like this, but I want you to know I'm not only a guidance counselor.”

Liz questions, “You're not?” All the while thinking, “That’s right you’re also part of the FBI special unit sent here to investigate Max.”

Topolsky answers, “No, I'm also a, does that make it any easier?”

Liz placates, “ does.”

Topolsky affirms, “Good… Is everything really ok, Liz?”

Liz concludes, “Everything's great. Thank you,” and leaves the room.

In art class…

Michael shows up and the teacher questions him, “Mr. Guerin. To what do we owe this pleasure?”

Michael innocently asks, “What pleasure?”

Mr. Cowan replies, “You, of course. I mean, it's Thursday, and I don't think I recall seeing you since Monday...of last week.”

Michael apologizes, “Yeah, I'm sorry about that...but I kinda just really want to draw.”

Mr. Cowan disbelievingly repeats, “You kinda just really want to draw?”

Michael confirms, “Yeah...I didn't when they first made me take this class, but now I do. I'm just gonna take this easel here...” Then after an awkward moment begins working on reconstructing his vision.

At Crashdown…

Isabel complains, “Michael, do you really think you should be doing that here?”

Michael questions, “Doing what?”

Isabel clarifies, “Drawing that thing...whatever it”

Michael replies, “It's getting clearer.”

Isabel counters, “It's getting weirder is what it's getting. Max, will you please tell Michael this isn't a good idea?” But Max is busy reading the copy of Atherton’s “Among Us” Milton gave him earlier. Isabel questions, “Max, you ok?”

Max finally answers, “Yeah, yeah. No, it's just, uh, Atherton. Listen to this. He says... this guy is nuts... that aliens wouldn't possess the lung capacity or brain capacity for more than short-term survival on Earth… Brain capacity?”

Isabel pleads, “Max, will you say something to Michael please? He'll listen to you.”

Michael shows Max his drawing and Max replies, “Wow, that's getting pretty good.”

Michael explains, “I've been working on it in art class.”

Isabel complains, “Max, this isn't right. I mean, we're getting careless.”

Michael retorts, “Isabel, it's just a sketch, all right?”

Isabel argues, “We can't keep pretending that what we do doesn't matter, that what we do isn't noticed, because it is. And if we're not careful, then...”

Max interrupts, “Isabel, I know what you’re saying.” Remembering flashes of the white room he continues, “Believe me I do, but look around you,” he gestures to the walls, “It isn’t exactly the weirdest art present.”

The next day…

Michael continues working his drawing by adding paint to it. When he is finished it’s displayed in the school gallery. As Isabel examines the painting she states, “This isn't good, you know.”

Max responds, “No, I see that.”

Michael walks up and declares, “It's pretty good, huh? I didn't even know I could paint. But Mr. Cowan said it's the best thing that's come out of this class all year.”

Isabel complains, “Michael, this isn't right.”

Michael asks, “What isn't?”

Isabel answers, “A public display...your thing just sitting here.”

Michael objects, “This is not a thing, all right. It's...I'm not exactly sure what it is, but... “

Max interrupts, “Michael’s right Isabel it doesn’t mean anything to us or anyone else it’s just a painting.”

The next day in class…

Mr. Cowan comments, “I see you've chosen your favorite subject.”

Michael answers, “Yeah, you know I just can't seem to get it out of my head.”

Mr. Cowan compliments, “Yeah, I see. That's quite good, Michael. It is.” Michael thanks him and he continues, “But don't you think it's time you drew something else?”

Michael questions, “Something else?”

Mr. Cowan explains, “Well, when the, when the class drew fruit, you drew this. When the class sketched the human form, you drew this again. You're a talented artist, Mr. Guerin. But you can't go through the semester drawing only a geodesic dome.”

Michael asks, “A what?”

Mr. Cowan answers, “A geodesic dome. Uhm, er, perhaps before your time. It's a type of house… architecturally postmodern.”

Michael zones out of the rest of the conversation as one thing repeats in his mind “A house...”

Michael's house that night…

Liz knock on the door and Michael answers, “Liz what are you doing here?”

Liz demands, “Did you destroy it to be safe or were you planning on giving back to me?”

Michael questioned, “What are you talking about?”

Liz answered, “My journal.”

Michael opened his mouth closed it again then asked, “How did you know?”

Liz shrugged, “I told Max as soon as I found it missing, he had a flash, and I told him I’d deal with it.”

Michael retrieved her journal and handed it back to her asking, “Are you upset?”

Liz returned question for question with, “Did you get what you needed?” To Michael’s confusion she continued, “You didn’t trust me, my actions in lying to the sheriff and coming up with the plan to throw him off your trail, and alerting you to the possible problem with Topolsky weren’t enough to gain your trust. Max has connected with me and seen into my soul and trusts me, but you don’t trust his judgment regarding me because you believe it is biased by his feelings for me. You needed something else so you took my journal. Did you get what you needed? Do you trust me now?”

Michael was shocked and a little embarrassed at how accurately she’d read him and he shyly answered, “Yes.”

Liz responded, “Then I’m not upset,” and left. As soon as she was out of sight her hand glowed slightly as she vaporized the journal.

The next day…

Max questions, “Michael, you ok?”

Michael answers, “Yeah. I just wish I had a few more answers. The dome, you know? I mean what's the point of having a vision if it doesn't mean anything?”

Max smiles, “Patience, space boy… Anybody want anything?”

Michael answers, “I'll go with you.”

Max questions, “Isabel?”

Isabel answers, “No thanks.” She flips through the book Max was reading and mutters, “Boring.” As she drops the book it opens up to the last page with a picture of the Atherton in front of the geodesic dome. She exclaims, “Max! Michael!”

Max comes back with Michael and asks, “What's the problem?”

Isabel answers, “This. Michael, it's your vision.”

Max wanting to head off problems tells Michael, “I’ll get more information on it for you from Milton’s library.”

On Liz’s balcony…

Liz writes in her journal,

October 28th. Last time I wrote that the bigger your world gets, the bigger your problems get, too. I was right but this time I’m dealing with multiple worlds and multiple times and my problems are bigger still.
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Chapter 6

Timeline 3 – 285 South

Disclaimer: This part contains large portions of “285 South” I don’t own it.

A/N: I apologize for this chapter. It was really tricky to write without violating the plagiarism guidelines on the title episode. There was just too little to change or delete. The next chapter will be better. Also it’s important to note that while I had to gloss over and summarize them, all the Maria/Michael interactions in this chapter are identical to TL2 and the show.

Mr. Sommers begins, “Everybody has their secrets. There isn't a person alive today who's what they appear to be. Exposing these secrets is the job of the...historian. Even the most normal of us has extraordinary qualities just waiting to be uncovered. For tonight's assignment, I've paired you together. It is your job as...historians, to find out as much as you can about your partner by asking these specific questions, and then writing up an oral history report for tomorrow.”

Maria objects, “Uh, excuse me, but these are kinda personal, don't you think?”

Mr. Sommers replies, “Exactly. Personal is the goal of the professional biographer. And who knows? You just might make a new friend. Ok, so the partners are as follows: Daskal with Hausman, Kalinowski with Nell. Parker with Evans...that's I. Evans. M. Evans is with...Valenti. Papas with Cooney, De Luca with...Guerin.”

Maria questions, “Wait, did you just say Guerin?”

The teacher confirms, “Yes, Michael Guerin.”

Maria objects, “No, no, I'm sorry. That's unacceptable.”

Mr. Sommers responds, “I beg your pardon?”

Maria clarifies, “I mean, the guy's not even here.”

Mr. Sommers, returns, “Well, then it'll be like true field work, tracking down your subject. Trussell with Wolf…”

In the hall…

Kyle tells Max, “All right, so let's meet at the Crashdown after school today, get started on some of these questions. Get to know each other a little.”

When he walks away Liz comes up to Max and questions, “You ready for this?”

Max answers, “I guess we have to be, I’ll meet up with you later, right now Michael’s waiting for the info on his dome.”

Back in the class room…

Mr. Sommers thanks, “Thanks again for your suggestion. These...these questions are so, insightful.”

Topolsky responds, “My pleasure, Steve. As you know, I did my graduate thesis on the importance of oral history in psychology. So, did you pair up the students the way I suggested?”

Mr. Sommers answers, “Oh, yes, yes. It should prove quite interesting.”

Topolsky concludes, “Sometimes you end up with the most revealing details, just by putting the right people together.”

On the playground…

Max hands Michael the sheet he printed about Atherton and Michael exclaims, “This is it! The thing from my dreams.” Reading through the material he says, “Marathon, Texas. That's where this place is. That's where the lock is that the key fits. I'm going there.”

Isabel objects, “Have you completely lost it?”

Michael argues, “No, Isabel. I've found it. And you guys are too scared to admit it. Gimme the keys to the jeep. I want to go to Marathon.”

Max tries placating, “Look, let's just wait until we can find out more about this place.”

Michael belligerently argues, “Max, I’m connected to this thing, all right? I mean, I see it when I close my eyes. I dream about it when I go to sleep. And it's not letting me wait, no matter what you guys say.” And then he storms off.

Max knows what’s going to happen but for Isabel he comforts, “He won't get far without a car.” Even as Michael’s putting a plan in motion to get Maria’s car.

At the Crashdown…

Isabel, Liz, Max and Kyle have been answering questions. When Liz goes over to check on Max and Kyle, Kyle decides to get a little revenge on Liz for dumping him and says, “I'm glad you came over, too, 'cause I was hoping that we could skip on down to question number 8. Have you ever been in love?” After seeing the uncomfortable looks on both Max and Liz he pushes, “Hmm? How 'bout it, Evans?”

His plan backfires however when Max smiles over at Liz and says, “Just once; it was love at first sight, and I will still love her with my dying breath.”


Maria arrives at the gas station getting frustrated by Michael’s obviously fake answers to the questions. When she gets out to make her delivery, Michael hops in the driver’s side and begins to drive off. Maria stands in front of the car to stop him, before getting back in on the passenger side. When she realizes Michael’s abducting her she calls Liz.

Liz answers the phone as soon as she realizes it’s Maria she hangs up and tells Isabel, “That was Maria, Michael’s got her and their on their way to Marathon.” They rush over and tell Max they have to go, then all three run outside and hop in the jeep. Max takes a moment to focus on the Agents car and gives him a flat. Then they drive off leaving a very confused Kyle in their wake.

The agent calls Topolsky, “I'm outside the Crashdown. Parker and the two Evans kids just a hurry.”

Topolsky replies, “Let's find out where they're going.”

The agent answers, “Yes ma'am,” hangs up the phone, and attempts to drive off, only to lose control of his vehicle as realizes the flat.”

In her office Topolsky types out an encrypted e-mail…

Special Investigation Unit,

Code Name: West Roswell High.

Tension in the Ranks. Waiting for them to slip up. Will happen soon.

In the jeep…

Liz uses her cell phone to tell her parents she’ll be staying with Maria for the night.

Meanwhile in the Jetta…

Maria and Michael are arguing when Michael gets pulled over. Michael shouts, “Are you happy now? Go ahead, tell 'em I kidnapped you and I stole your car. I mean, what's one more arrest on my record, huh? Damn it!”

Maria questions, “What do you mean, this could be the most important day of your life?” Michael tries to shrug her off but Maria persists, “You have 20 seconds to convince me.”

Michael frustratedly answers, “See this place? It's the first real connection we've ever had to finding out where we come from and it's in Marathon, Texas. If I don't get there, or if somebody else gets there first, the only link we've ever found will be gone.”

As the officer approaches the vehicle Maria decides to help cover for him, and they’re on their way again after receiving a speeding ticket.

Back in Roswell…

Sheriff Valenti comes home as Kyle tries to track down Liz, Max and Isabel. Kyle asks, “Um, when did you get home?”

The sheriff answers, “I don't know. A couple phone calls ago. The Evans, the Parkers and the De Lucas. What’s this about?”

Kyle replies, “It's just Max Evans, or more precisely, the way Liz is when she's with him. Like there's always something weird going on. today at the Crashdown. Max and Isabel leave in some big hurry and they take Liz with 'em. Like, right in the middle of our conversation, they just drove off. They're not home. They lied to their parents. It's just weird, you know?”

The sheriff asks, “Do you have any idea where they went?”
Kyle denies, “No.”

The sheriff admonishes, “Well, I don’t want you hanging around Max.”

Kyle questions, “Dad, what do you know about Max Evans?”

The sheriff states, “Just stay away from him,” as he heads back to the office.

Kyle decides to find out where they went and hops in his car and drives out of town.

At a rest stop…

Liz brings Isabel some coffee, but remembering the last timeline she stands back to give Isabel room to turn around as she calls, “Isabel?”

Isabel turns around and snaps, “What?”

Liz replies, “I brought you some coffee.”

Isabel takes the cup and says, “Thanks.”

Liz tries to comfort, “It’ll be ok you know?”

Isabel tersely questions, “What will?”

Liz tries another approach, “You’re not going to lose them, Max and Michael, you’re not going to lose them. Everything’s going to be ok.”

Isabel give Liz a small appreciative smile as Max comes back out and they hit the road again.


The Jetta breaks down instigating yet another argument between Michael and Maria. Michael tries to fix the car with his powers but fails miserably. After another round of arguing he decides to check into the motel across the street and Maria follows him.

Back in the jeep…

Isabel states, “I hate to say this, but maybe we should get some help, Max. I mean, it’s getting late and I never liked the idea of Michael going into this place without us checking it out first.

Max answers, “No. Nobody can know about this.”

Isabel retorts, “I'm worried about Michael, and all you seem to care about is what's inside that dome, alright?”

Max defends, “I didn't say that.”

Isabel accuses, “You didn't have to!”

Max reasons, “Isabel, trust me here we have to do this.”

Just then, Liz's cell phone rings. Isabel orders, “Don't answer that.”

Liz questions, “What if it's my mother?” The Phone rings a few more times before Liz answers it, “Hello?”

Kyle responds, “Liz. Hi.”

Liz shook her head, “Kyle, this isn’t a good time. I’m kind of in the middle of something here so whatever it is; I’ll talk to you at school tomorrow. Goodbye.”

As Kyle hears the line go dead he mutters, “Maybe even sooner.”

Meanwhile back at the sheriff’s station, the sheriff finds out from the highway patrol that Michael Guerin got a ticket heading south on 285 in the DeLuca vehicle and he heads out.

Maria and Michael enter the motel room and promptly start arguing again and Michael leaves to go get food.

Back in the jeep they hear about an accident ahead blocking the highway. When Max suggests they rest in the jeep Isabel flips out but Liz just smiles.

In the motel room Maria and Michael work on the history assignment and begin to bond over a mutual desire for something better than Roswell before deciding to get some sleep.

Back in the jeep…

They’ve reached the road block and while Isabel is out talking with the policemen Liz fumes to Max, “I can’t believe Kyle is still following us out here. I mean in this timeline we’ve been broken up for over a month and he still thinks he has a right to follow me.”

Max comforts, “Don’t worry we’ll take care of it.” He couldn’t stop himself from caressing her cheek and forming their connection. Once again, for a few short moments, they were complete. When Isabel returned they were both in a better mood.

Isabel spotted the Jetta and they headed over to the motel. Upon finding the room Isabel opened the door startling Maria out of the bed and onto Michael. This leads to a round of jokes at Maria’s expense before Michael and Max get down to business.

Michael questions Max, “So I guess you're here to be supportive, as usual?”

Max answers, “No. I'm here to clean up your mess as usual. Michael, what were you thinking?”

Michael replies, “I was thinking I can't wait around for the two of you anymore. You like Roswell, and you like your family, and you like your make-believe life. That's great, Maxwell. Keep pretending. But don't think it's gonna last, because one of these days, they're gonna find out about us, and when they do, everybody in this room...

Just then Kyle walks in.

Liz looks at him and demands, “Kyle, what are you doing here?”

Kyle ignores her and questions, “Everyone in this room is what?”

Michael demands, “Get out.”

But Kyle just prods, “Why don't you go ahead and finish what you were saying? Or are you afraid that I'll find out what your little secret is? Are you afraid that I might find out what the hell you guys are doing out here? In the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night?”

Liz demands, “Kyle, Leave.”

Kyle responds, “Liz, I don't know what's going on here, and I don't care. I just want you to come back with me.”

Liz looked at him shocked, “Excuse me. We broke up Kyle, I’m not going anywhere with you, and I most certainly am not going to leave with you over Max. This is none of your business Kyle, you don’t belong here.”

Kyle shook his head in disgust as he left, “I don't know...I don't know what I ever saw in you.”

As he left Liz turned to Michael, “Now let’s go find out what’s in that dome.”

At the dome…

Isabel comments, “It's just like you drew it, Michael.”

Michael feeling vindicated, responds, “I told you it was something.” He tries to unlock front door with key but it doesn't work.

Max unlocks the door with his power stating, “We've come this far. Maybe it unlocks something inside.”

After searching for a while Isabel suggests, “Try holding the key again.”

Michael tries but isn’t able to see anything, Maria steps up to support him and prods, “Try it again.” With Maria next to him, Michael is able to tell there’s a hidden room.

He begins looking as he announces, “There's something here. A room.” He finds a hidden keyhole behind a rock.

Isabel instructs, “The key, Michael.”

Michael puts the key in and it turns. A hidden staircase comes up from the floor and they investigate.

In the basement Isabel lights a lamp and Michael exclaims, “Jackpot, Maximilian.”
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Chapter 7

Timeline 3 – River Dog

Disclaimer: This part contains large portions of “River Dog” I don’t own it.

Max takes charge, “Ok, let’s start packing. Papers in this box and anything that looks alien in that one.”

Michael starts shoving papers in the box while Isabel spots a hanging necklace. She stares at it transfixed for a few moments before grabbing it and putting it on. Just as they’re finishing packing they hear a noise upstairs. They all glance around silently and Liz shows them the hidden exit.

As they reach the jeep they spot both Sheriff Valenti’s cruiser, and Topolsky’s car parked near by. They hop in the jeep and take off.

Back at the Jetta…

Max uses his powers to fix the car and Maria and Michael head off towards Roswell. On the way back Maria keeps looking at Michael; he gets irritated and questions, “What?”

Maria answers, “No, it's just kind of funny how surprising things can get. All this time that I've known you, I've just always thought of you as like this guy, you know. Like this weird guy from the other side of the tracks, going nowhere in life, which, of course, you know, you still are that but...what I didn't realize was that there's this whole other side to you.”

Michael gestures up and asks, “What, that I'm from…”

Maria replies, “Well, clearly there's that, but putting that aside, underneath that, um, weird, poorly bathed exterior, there's like, this whole...deeply wounded, vulnerable guy.”

Michael getting uncomfortable states, “Listen, all right, in terms of what happened yesterday between us, that was just we were on the road. All right, we talked. That's all over.”

Maria acknowledges, “Of course.” Then thinking about it amends, “Wait. You think something happened between us?”

Back at the Evans’…

Isabel searches through some old photo albums and picks out a photo. She heads over to Max’s room. As she enters Max quickly hides the box of papers he was looking through under the bed. When he looks back up and sees her, he asks, “What is it?”

Isabel questions, “You remember when Mom and Dad took us to Florida that summer?”

Max replies, “Sure. You had sunstroke all of August, and I sprained my ankle on the shuffleboard court.”

Isabel coaches, “Before that. We were on the beach one day, and we drew this thing in the sand, this symbol together. Do you remember that?”

Max answers, “Yeah,” and he grabs a pad and pencil and draws the spiral symbol, “this symbol right?”

Isabel nods shows him the picture and questions, “We had never seen it before, but somehow we drew it together. We both knew what it was supposed to look like. Why did we both know that symbol, Max?”

Max questions, “Isabel, what is this all about?”

Isabel answers as she shows him the necklace, “I found this at Atherton's house.”

Just then their mother walks in, “Hey! Where is everybody? You kids ready for some breakfast?”

Isabel replies, “Morning.”

Diane comments, “You two look exhausted. How late were you last night? I didn't even hear you come in.”

Max covers, “Sorry. We lost track of the time cramming for that math midterm.”

Diane replies, “Well, just do me a favor, huh? The next time you're studying that late, will you do it here? Ok, let's get a move on. I don't want you to be late for school.”

Isabel responds, “Ok, we'll be right down.” Then speaking to Max, “I hate lying to her.”

Max pulls out the boxes they brought from Atherton’s and waves his hand under the bed. When he pushes the boxes back they drop into the floor. He waves his hand again and the floor is once again solid. With their treasure safely hidden they head downstairs for breakfast.

Later at school…

Maria is chatting with Liz, “The thing about Michael is that he's weird but surprisingly interesting.”

Liz raises her eyebrows and questions, “He's interesting?”

Maria backtracks, “Not interesting for me, obviously.”

Liz sarcastically agrees, “Oh, yes, obviously.”

Maria clarifies, “I mean, it can never be. There's a number of obstacles. His hair, his personality, the fact that he was hatched.”

Liz knows what happened but also knows Maria needs this conversation so she prods, “Can you please tell me what happened in that motel room?”

Maria insists, “I told you, Liz, nothing happened.”

Liz pries, “Are you sure?”

Maria admits, “Nothing physical, although it wasn't very verbal, either. What Michael and I share, well, it's non-verbal. Michael is the type of person my mom likes to refer to as a vibrator.”

Liz suggestively questions, “A vibrator?”

Maria elaborates, “You know what I mean. Someone who communicates by, you know, sending vibes out into the atmosphere.”

Liz playfully teases, “And what kind of vibes was he sending you?”

Maria responds, “Vibes that are, you know... interesting.”

Liz unconvincingly agrees, “Uh huh.”

Maria changes the subject, “So, um, I guess I'll see you at Max and Isabel's later.”

Liz replies, “Yup, I will be there.”

In Topolsky’s office…

Topolsky is exercising while talking with Agent Stevens of the FBI. They argue about her recent actions, and he orders her to get details on the recent trip to Texas through any means necessary.

In the jeep…

Michael questions, “So there's kind of a lot of stuff to go through, huh? The files?”

Max replies, “We'll do it piece by piece.”

Michael questions, “The three of us? 'Cause there's some other people that might wanna help out with that stuff.”

Isabel smirks, “Some other people?”

Michael clarifies, “Yeah, you know, that Maria girl.”

Isabel is amused at Michael’s choice of words and questions, “That Maria girl?”

Michael admits, “I sort of told her we were gonna pick her up.”

Isabel scolds, “Michael!”

Michael justifies, “You know, she pushed it. She's got this whole thing. She's a real vibrator.” To Max and Isabel’s inquisitive looks he elaborated, “She sends out these vibes. It's...”

Max placates, “Don’t worry Liz want’s to help too.”

As they approach the Evans’ house they see all sorts of police cars and Isabel questions, “What's going on?”

Max responds, “We'd better go find out. Michael, get out of here.”

Isabel argues, “Wait. Are you sure we should go in there?”

Max states, “It's where we live. We don't have any choice.”

Michael disagrees, “Nah, I don't like this.”

Max insists, “We'll meet you at the Crashdown later.” And Michael takes off.

As they pull up the sheriff greets, “Mr. Evans. Isabel. I'm afraid I’ve got some bad news for you.”

As Diane comes out of the house a little later, Isabel calls out, “Mom!”

Diane replies, “Oh, Izzy. Max. Kids, they robbed the house.”

Isabel replies, “The sheriff told us. When, when did it happen?”

Diane answers, “This morning, I guess. I stopped at the house on my lunch break, and whoever did it was already gone.”

Max asks, “Are you ok?”

Diane replies, “Yeah, just a bit shaken.”

Max questions, “What did they take?”

Diane responds, “The TV, the stereo. I haven't even checked the bedrooms yet. I called your dad. He's on his way.”

Isabel states, “We're gonna go check our rooms.”

Max checks that the floor is still intact and smiles.

Isabel upon seeing the state of Max’s room exclaims, “Oh, my God. They didn't come for the TV, did they, Max? Someone knew what we have here. Someone wanted it.”

The sheriff comes in, “Sorry. Wow, I can only guess what it must be like to have your house broken into like this. A real violation.” Isabel agrees and the sheriff questions, “So what'd they take from in here?”

Max responds, “Actually, nothing seems to be missing.”

The sheriff suspiciously suggests, “That's odd. This place has been ransacked worse than the rest of the house. Almost as if they were looking for something.”

Max replies, “Well either they didn’t find it, or whatever it is isn’t something that I can tell is missing when the rooms this messed up. If I find anything missing I’ll give you a list when I get it cleaned.”

The sheriff questioned Isabel, “How about from your room?”

Isabel replied, “I haven't, um, looked there yet.”

The sheriff questioned, “You checked out your brother's room before you checked out your own. Why is that?”

Max glared at the sheriff and quickly answered, “I’m a little protective of my sister sheriff, and under the circumstances I didn’t want her going to her room alone so we thought we’d check the rooms together. Mine was closer.”

Isabel spoke up, “We should go and check my room now.”

As Max and Isabel are looking through her room Deputy Owen states, “Miss Evans? I'm sorry. I just need to take a statement. I can come back later.” As Isabel turns and acknowledges his statement his eyes are drawn to her necklace and he asks, “Where did you get that?”

Isabel covers, “At the mall. Kind of like the retro look. Why?”

Deputy Owen replies, “I just haven't seen anything like that since I left the reservation.”

Isabel suggests, “Well...maybe they're branching out.”

Deputy Owen answers, “Right.”

Isabel wanting to learn more about the pendant asks, “Which reservation?”

Deputy Owen responds, “I grew up on the Mescalero reservation just outside of town.”

At the Crashdown…

Michael enters the Crashdown from the backdoor and runs into Maria, scaring them both. Michael scolds, “Never do that again.”

Maria argues, “I didn't do anything.”

Michael insists, “You startled me.”

Maria incredulously asks, “I startled you?”

Michael confirms, “Yes. Did Max and Isabel get here yet?”

Liz walks in just as he asks, and is immediately followed by Max and Isabel. Max states, “We need to talk somewhere. In private.”


Michael states, “I can't say for sure I was being followed. I just had a feeling, that's all.”

Max questions, “What did he look like?”

Michael answers, “I don't know. A man in a suit. 30-35. Tall. Brown hair. He looked suspicious to me. What can I tell you?” Max reaches his had around the back of Michael’s neck, looks him in the eye and sends him an image of the agent who’s in the car from the day before. Michael is a bit shocked but answers, “Yeah, that’s him.”

Max explains, “He tried following us yesterday. I gave him a flat tire. I didn't say anything because I didn't want anyone to get worried.”

Isabel worried, “I can't believe what's happening here. Someone broke into our house. Someone's following us. It's just too real.”

Max comforts, “It's gonna be ok.”

Michael stares at Isabel's necklace and she questions, “What?”

Michael exclaims, “I know that. I know that. How do I know that?”

Max explains, “All three of us know it. We think it's from the past.”

Isabel comments, “Pretty wild, huh? I found it at Atherton's.”

Michael urges, “This has to mean something.”

Isabel states, “You know that Native American deputy? He said he recognized it from the Mescalero reservation.”

Michael shoots a glance at Max signaling he wants to follow the lead but Max cuts him off, “We can't go anywhere right now. We can't make any suspicious moves.”

Michael complains, “Come on. We gotta go.”

Max insists, “No one's going anywhere. Not right now.”

In Topolsky’s office…

The sheriff and Topolsky run verbal bouts. The sheriff implying his knowledge of her recent activities and Topolsky implying he should back off the case.

In Max’s Room…

Liz appears at the window and Max helps her in. He knows what she’s here for. He places the necklace around her neck and uses it to pull her into a kiss. As the kiss deepens they connect as deeply as they ever have and Max silently communicates to be careful. Liz sends her acceptance back before they break the kiss and Liz heads of to the reservation.

At the reservation…

Liz ignored the lady she spoke to in the previous timeline and instead searched out River Dog. Finding him, she displayed the necklace and asked, “What does this mean?”

River Dog replied, “Where did you get this?” Liz refused to answer and repeated her question. But River Dog asked, “How did you know to come here? Were you followed?” Liz shook her head and repeated her question again. River Dog finally answered, “This is dangerous. It brings death.”

Liz finally getting the answer she wanted responded, “I have a friend who comes from the same place as this necklace, and he brought me life.”

At the Crashdown…

Liz questions, “Can I help you?”

Eddie answers, “I think I'll try the redskin basket.”

Liz offers, “Oh, yeah, I've been trying to get that off the menu for months.”

Eddie acknowledges, “Thanks for the effort. My people are indebted. My name's Eddie.”

Liz greets, “Hi. I'm Liz.”

Eddie states, “I have a message from River Dog.” He shows her the other piece of the necklace and continues, “He'll meet you at 10 o'clock tonight.”

Liz confirms, “Tonight.”

Eddie state, “Come alone.”

Liz says, “I’ll be there”

Later that night…

Michael and Isabel drop Max off at the movies where Liz is waiting and then take off to try and loose Topolsky who is following them. Max and Liz go through the theatre and exit out the back and wait for Maria.

Maria shows up apologizing, “I am so sorry. My mom's acupuncturist appointment ran late. I'm so sorry.”

Liz dismisses, “No, it's ok. It's ok.” And Max and Liz drive off in Maria's car.


After loosing sight of the jeep Topolsky pulls over and the sheriff pulls up behind her, “Did you lose something?”

Topolsky questions, “What about you, sheriff? Do you always chase cars when you're off duty?”

The sheriff nonchalantly answers, “Only when they blow through 3 red lights, 2 stop signs, and do 70 in a 30-mile-an-hour zone. Ms. Topolsky, you are a walking, talking, moving violation.”

Topolsky deadpans, “I'll take that the best way I can.”

Sheriff offers, “Now, I could bring you in, hold you overnight, while I'm at it, do a thorough background check to find out what our new guidance counselor is really up to, or we could just have a nice conversation.”

At the reservation…

Max and Liz arrive and wait for Eddie. When he shows up he questions, “Who's this guy?”

Liz answers, “Oh, uh, he's my friend.”

Eddie points out, “I invited you, just you.”

Liz justifies, “Yeah, I know, but this is really important to both of us.”

Eddie says, “Sorry,” and begins to leave but Liz stops him, “Wait, you can't just leave.”

Eddie questions, “Why not?”

Max holds out the necklace and answers, “Because I know this symbol. It means something to me.”

Liz begs, “Please, it's important.”

Eddie states, “There will be a test. If you pass the test, River Dog will answer all your questions.”

Liz acknowledges, “Let's go.”

Back at the Crashdown…

Michael, Isabel and Maria wait for Max and Liz to return. As they wait Maria learns about the Aliens dietary quirks.

Out at the cave…

Eddie announces, “You're here. Good luck.”

Max creates some light too explore the cave with, as they enter they spot River Dog who announces, “You have passed the test.”


Sheriff Valenti and Topolsky are chat at a bar where he informs her that her cover is blown and she offers to cooperate with him if he doesn’t contact her superiors.

Back at the cave…

River Dog began, “I once knew someone like you. I didn't know where he came from or why he was here. He stayed pretty much to himself. He befriended me and everyone here. He began to trust me.”

Max decided to cut to the chase and offered, “Nasedo, and he killed Atherton, the guy who had this necklace.

River Dog was surprised but nodded and answered, “I have one more thing to show you. This way.”

At the Crashdown…

Maria starts to get very anxious because Max and Liz haven't returned yet and she rambles, “This is taking too long. They're in trouble.”

Michael tells her, “Cool your jets.”

Maria suggests, “We should go out there.”

“They'll follow us.” Michael argues.

Maria questions, “What are we supposed to do?”

Michael just shrugs and answers, “We wait.”

Maria begins rambling again, “You know, now I know why Isabel left. You are obviously the last person to be around in a crisis.”

Michael insists, “We were told to sit here and wait until they come back, all right, and that's what I'm doing. I'm not the one freaking out. You're freaking out.”

Maria objects, “I am not freaking out.”

Michael shouts, “You keep pouring sugar from one container to the other and then back again. Quit it, it's driving me insane!”

Maria complains, “I just...I wish you would say something.”

Michael questions, “Say what? What do you want me to say?”

Maria answers, “I don't know what. Just say something, you know, to make me feel calm, to make me feel like it's gonna be all right.”

Michael remarks, “Maybe it's not gonna be all right.”

Maria sarcastically responds, “Thanks, that helps a ton.”

Michael getting frustrated yells, “What do you want me to do?”

Maria replies, “I don't know.”

Michael yells, “Shut up, then!”

Maria yells back, “I hate you!”

Michael shouts, “Ditto!”

Maria raves, “You know, all I ask of you is just to try to make me feel better, you know, be a guy or whatever. Forget it. I have obviously tried to bark up the wrong tree.”

Michael approaches Maria and kisses her then states, “That was to calm you down.”

Maria thanks him and they walk off in opposite directions.

Back in the cave…

River Dog shows Max some drawings on the cavern wall that Nasedo drew.

Max looked it over and asked River Dog, “Where are the healing stones?”

River Dog retrieves them and gives them to Max. Max thanks him and Max and Liz begin to leave. River Dog reaches out and grabs Liz's hand, “Wait, wait. You're not one of them… Make sure he deserves your trust.”

Liz replies, “There is no one on this planet or any other more deserving.”

Back in Roswell…

Max approaches Michael, “Can I speak to you alone for a moment.” They head to the back room and Max says “There’s something you need to see.” Once again he sends Michael images, this time he sends the images TL2 Liz gave him for Michael.

*Michael perfecting his powers**The fallout from going into the sweat**What he experienced while his balance was being restored**The orb message**Michael deciding to stay on earth for Maria**Tess’s confession to Alex’s murder and hers and Nasedo’s betrayal**The results of getting drunk on New Years Eve**His wedding day*

The Message to Michael:

Michael standing in front of a mirror says, “If Max has done as I asked you should be getting this shortly after you kissed Maria for the first time. I’ve never been good with words so I’m just going to say it. Maria is the best thing that ever happened to me, don’t hurt her with your stonewall routine like I did. She makes you a better person. She makes you stronger. Oh and stay away from alcohol and anything called a sweat.”

When he was finished, Max left Michael to process what he’d just learned.
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Chapter 8

Timeline 3 – Blood Brother

Disclaimer: This part may contain portions of “Blood Brother” I don’t own it.

Max approached Liz in the school hall before first period, “If you’re up for a little getaway, we could skip today, and I promise no horses.”

Liz smiles, “Ok. Let’s go.”

They get in the jeep and take off down the highway and pull off onto and old dirt road. Soon they arrive at a cabin. As they enter the cabin Max snaps his fingers and Gomez starts playing in the background as candles all over the cabin flame to life. After a candlelit brunch Max leads Liz to the bedroom.

Neither one is uncertain or unsure; both have wanted this ever since they got their memories of the past timelines. Max, however, has something he needs to do first.

They sat on the end of the bed and Max picked up a velvet bag. Max removed a ring from the bag and explained, “This ring is made of pure titanium, one of Earth’s strongest metals. It represents you, one of the strongest people I know.” He put the ring on the tip of his index finger and pulled out another ring.

Displaying the second ring he continued, “This ring is made of cadium-x, an element created when alien energy interacts with terrestrial matter. It represents me, alien essence with human DNA.” He put this ring next to the other one on his index finger and pulled out a third one.

Holding the third ring in his hand he stated, “This ring is made of the same material as the Granolith. It’s mysterious and alien, and in two timelines all that we’ve learned about it is that it’s powerful; just like the bond we will share.”

As he finished he held the third ring next to the other two. Then his hand glowed as the third ring expanded and surrounded the other two rings binding them together as one.

Max resumed speaking, “But more than an alien connection binds us together…” He pulled a strip of gold out of the velvet bag, “Love, like gold is something rare and precious; and not entirely uncommon on Earth. I’ve made this gold 100% pure, a feat unmatched by human science. Thus this gold, like our love, is of a unique purity.”

Once again his hand glowed and the gold spiraled itself around the ring and its ends fused together seamlessly. His hand glowed for a few seconds longer and the gold fused itself to the ring forming one smooth surface.

Max reached into his bag one last time and pulled out a lump of coal. Within moments he’d turned it into a diamond. Moments later he’d turned the diamond into five smaller diamonds. Max stated, “These are diamonds, some of Earth’s most precious stones, even as you are Earth’s most precious treasure.” Liz blushed at the compliment.

Max used his powers to set the stones in the ring, one dead center, two a little further up at one quarter and three quarters of the way across the ring, and the last two a little further up and right on either edge. He then explained, “This is the Royal Seal, my seal, it represents me. And even as the diamonds, which are the hardest substance known to man, lend their strength to my seal, you are my strength.”

A moment later there was a flash of light, and the ring split into two rings right down the center, even splitting the center stone in half. Max set one of the two new rings on the bed and took the other in his hand, knelt before her, and placed it on Liz’s left ring finger asking, “Even as this ring is incomplete without its other half, so I am incomplete without you. Liz, will you join with me, complete me, and make me whole?”

As Liz listened to Max explain the significance of each part of the ring she felt all the emotions he felt behind it, and knew he meant every word. Her heart soared with love as she answered, “I will.” As she did, the ring glowed and fitted itself to her finger. She felt it as it bonded with her and became a part of her; she knew it would never come off again. She picked up the other ring, knelt before Max, and repeated his words with just as much emotion as she placed the ring on his left ring finger, “Even as this ring is incomplete without its other half, so I am incomplete without you. Max, will you join with me, complete me, and make me whole?”

Max answered, “I will.” As he did his ring also glowed and fitted itself to his finger. And he also felt it bond with him and become apart of him; and he also knew that it would never again come off. But when it finished bonding with him the other half of the ring appeared as a phantom ring glowing beside it. The complete ring glowing on his hand, he looked over at Liz’s hand to see that she also had a phantom ring completing hers.

As Max and Liz witness this phenomenon the seal in Max’s head glowed brightly and left him. The seal split in two and inhabited the stones in the solid halves of the rings. As they did Max and Liz could feel the two halves bonding together and bonding them together by extension. They both knew what their bond had felt like in past timelines but this was different, stronger in some ways, weaker in others.

While they were still adjusting to this new bond each ring shot a complete copy of the seal out into the room. Each of the two seals took up position at the foot of the bed Liz’s on the left, Max’s on the right. Then the original seal left the rings fitted itself back together and took up position at the head of the bed, dead center.

Both Max and Liz were beyond questions at this point, this new bond was nice but they needed, they craved more. They craved the bond they shared in each of the other timelines; the bond that made them truly complete.

They slowly and reverently undressed each other, caressing and exploring each other; inch by inch reclaiming each other. Everywhere they touched one another began glowing, evidence of their claim. When neither had a single cell left that wasn’t glowing in reaction to the others touch, they locked eyes and formed their connection. They fought to deepen their connection as deep as they could, claiming each other heart, mind and soul.

Then a sudden thought occurred to them, and Max ran his hand over her abdomen and dissolved the two eggs he found. They both smiled knowing if they hadn’t been careful they might have conceived twins today.

Max picked up Liz and laid her down on the bed and took position over her. Neither noticed that their rings hadn’t stopped glowing, and neither noticed the shield that formed between the three seals to protect them as the young king claimed his queen. Max entered her but stopped when he reached her barrier, and withdrew. He repeated this over and over as he massaged one her breasts with his mouth and the other with his hand.

Liz ran her hand along Max’s chest and back before drawing him up for a kiss. As the kiss deepened their tongues danced around tasting and exploring every inch of each other’s mouths. Through their connection each was just as aware of the other’s body as their own. When Max sensed it was time he plunged into her one last time completely.

Three things happened simultaneously, one he broke through her barrier, two their connection was forged into a permanent bond, and three they experienced each other’s simultaneous orgasms. The pleasure and sheer ecstasy of the experience completely blocked out the pain and Max quickly healed what remained of the membrane to assure there would be no further pain.

Max’s recovery time was instantaneous and they began a dance of love as old as time that would last the next six hours, until they passed out from exhaustion. The rounds of lovemaking ran together as over and over each time they would find their release together, and each time Max’s recovery was instantaneous.

As the lovers’ dance continued, neither noticed the glow of their rings pulsing with in time with the seals. Nor did they notice the energy pulses that their bodies absorbed which emanated from the trinary seals with each orgasm.

And in the Granolith chamber nobody noticed the Granolith glowing with the same rhythm as it did its duty following the king’s actions and completed the ceremony, bonding itself to the new royal couple. As it did it realized that the young king was unaware of what he had done. But that was ok, because when they awoke both king and queen would understand exactly what had been done, and what was still left to do.

An hour later…

As Max and Liz awoke, they could feel its presence. They could sense its power flowing through them and its knowledge was available to them. They locked eyes as the realization of what happened. Then came the knowledge of what the Granolith’s purpose was and what it was capable of, and they both knew it was another secret they’d have to keep for a little while longer.

They released the shield around them and the seals retreated; one into Max, one into Liz, and one into the rings. As the last of the seals vanished the phantom rings did too, leaving only the original two half rings.

Having worked up quite an appetite, Max and Liz worked together to prepare another meal. After eating they cleaned the place up and headed back into town.

In Max’s room…

Max and Liz walked in hand in hand to find Michael, Isabel, and Maria already waiting for them.

“Where have you two been?” Isabel demanded.

Max shrugged, “With everything going on lately we needed a break, so we went for a drive.”

Maria was quick to spot the rings they were both wearing, “Oh my God, you two didn’t elope.”

Liz denied, “Of course not!” Then she amended, “Not exactly anyway.”

Maria questioned, “What do you mean, ‘Not exactly’?”

Max answered, “We didn’t get married, at least not by Earth’s standards. I made the rings with my powers. The materials and design are symbolic of us and our relationship. But something about the way I made them, or the way we exchanged them, or our feelings at the time… I don’t know, but the rings became unity bands and bonded with us, they don’t come off now. We think, we think we’re married by our people’s traditions.”

Maria’s jaw dropped, a shocked look crossed Isabel’s face. Michael smiled. He was still sorting out this future stuff and granted he didn’t know much about what was going to happen. But he did know Max and Liz were already married when he and Maria finally tied the knot. He also knew Tess was going to come and claim to be Max’s destiny bride and betray them all, so as far as he was concerned, if Max was already married to Liz by alien standards when Tess arrived, that could only be a good thing.

Isabel spoke up, “I can’t believe this Max. What are you going to tell our parents, or hers?”

Liz answered nonchalantly, “That they’re commitment bands, a romantic gesture on Max’s part because we’re going steady.”

Maria incredulously asked, “And you’re ok with this Liz?” Then after one look at Liz staring lovingly up into Max’s eyes she amended, “Of course you are, sorry, stupid question.”

Max tried to gain control of the situation, “Ok enough about this. It happened, there’s nothing we can do about it now and I don’t regret it. We’re here to look over the information we got from Atherton’s place so let’s get started.”

Michael deadpanned, “Love to Maxwell, but you’re the only one who knows how to do the reach through the floor thing to get it.”

Max retrieved the boxes and they spent the next several hours looking through the stuff. Unfortunately they didn’t find any more alien artifacts but the papers were a wealth of information. Apparently they were a rough draft for a new book Atherton was going to write. They told the story of the aliens past lives and deaths on Antar in detail. They told about the four leaders who were sent to earth to be reborn so that they could one day return and save their world; and the enemy race that followed them here. Apparently River Dog was right, Nasedo had trusted Atherton; but Atherton was going to betray that trust. That was probably the reason Nasedo killed him.

Max and Liz were even able to garner some new information from it. Zan’s marriage to Ava was political, it was a last ditch effort to prevent the war that ended up killing them. And while Khivar was in love with Vilandra, she didn’t reciprocate. And lastly it was Ava not Vilandra that had betrayed them in the past.

As they wrapped up their study session Max hid the files back in the floor under his bed. Maria insisted on taking Liz home, so Max and Liz said goodbye with a searing kiss, and Michael left via his usual route… the window.

In the Jetta…

“Ok, so spill.” Maria demanded.

Liz played innocent, “Spill what?”

Maria shot her an incredulous look, “You know what. If you’re married by alien standards, did you two consummate that marriage?” Liz’s silence spoke volumes to Maria who cried, “Oh my God, you did! Didn’t you?” Liz nodded, and Maria prodded, “So?” After a short silence she prodded further, “I want details girlfriend.”

Liz shook her head, “Sorry, those are private.”

Maria not giving up, “Did it hurt?”

Liz reluctantly answered, “No, Max made sure it wouldn’t.”

Maria questioned, “And you’re ok? I mean no weird Czechoslovakian side effects?”

Liz shook her head again, “No, no side effects, though there are few fringe benefits, and perks. And before you ask, you’ll have to figure those out for yourself if you want to know.” As they pulled up to the Crashdown Liz finished, “And that’s all I’m going to say on the matter. Goodnight Maria. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

With that she got out of the car and entered her apartment.

In Max’s room…

“What are we going to do Max?” Isabel questioned. To Max’s confused look she elaborated, “I mean about what we just learned.”

Max sighed, “We’re not ready yet Iz, we’re going to have to improve our powers and make sure to stay low key so our enemies don’t find us until we are.” He didn’t tell her that they’d be getting a jumpstart in that department shortly but he did try comforting, “Don’t worry about it, I’m already starting to come up with a few plans, but our primary concern right now is dealing with these FBI agents that are following us.”

As he was talking, he noticed his ring begin to glow and his half of the trinary seal formation taking shape around his bed. He looked to Isabel who didn’t appear to see anything. A second later the other half of the seal formation appeared and he felt space beginning to fold around him. Moments later Liz was lying in his bed. He looked to Isabel again who questioned his strange behavior, “What’s going on Max?”

As Max looked between Liz, who had an amused smile on her face, and Isabel who seemed oblivious to the fact that Liz had just materialized, he questioned, “You don’t see anything happening in this room?”

Isabel looked at him like he was crazy and answered, “Just you acting ridiculously.”

Max decided to cover, “I guess I’m just tired, I’ll see you in the morning. Goodnight Iz.”

As Isabel left Max turned back to Liz and silently questioned, “So how’d you get here? And why couldn’t she see you?”

Liz answered telepathically, “It’s the rings Max. You made them out of Granolith material and combined that with your seal. I’ve been going through the information the Granolith has and apparently that’s never been done before. It’s tableau because the Granolith can and does fold space to unify itself, which now includes our rings, and by extension us. Technically I’m still in my room but you and I exist in both places simultaneously right now. That’s how I got here, as for why she couldn’t see me; I guess the workings of the Granolith must only be visible to those involved.”

Max quickly accessed the Granolith’s database and verified the information. Then he smiled, “This has possibilities.” as he leaned over and kissed her hungrily.

Liz sighed, “Mmhmm, we don’t have to sneak around to be together.” With that statement Max’s control snapped and soon they were making love until they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

As they awoke together the next morning still wrapped in each other’s arms, they smiled knowing they would never again have to sleep apart. They kissed each other good morning before they allowed the trinary seals to return to their resting locations and they each found themselves alone in their own room.

Later that day…

Max and Liz had decided on a plan to deal with Topolsky it was risky, but if it paid off they’d have an ally. So Liz entered Topolsky’s office and asked, “Can we talk?” Even as she did she activated her ring allowing Max to enter the room for Liz’s eyes only.

Topolsky answered, “Of course Liz, what can I do for you?”

Liz pretended to collect her thoughts and waited as Max checked the office for recording devices and disabled them. The space folding would scramble any transmissions. When the room was secure Max signaled Liz and she began, “Miss Topolsky can I ask you about a hypothetical situation?”

Topolsky grew curious and said, “Sure.”

Liz took a deep breath and started, “Ok, let’s say, hypothetically, that you’re part of a special unit sent here to test certain theories regarding a hypothetical friend of mine. What would happen, hypothetically, if those theories were confirmed?”

Topolsky gave Liz a surprised look, then answered in a tone that said she knew exactly what Liz was talking about, “Well this friend of yours would be taken into custody and we’d want to run some tests on you to make sure you weren’t harmed.”

Liz replied, “That doesn’t work for me. You see, the head of this hypothetical special unit, a man who, for the sake of argument, we’ll call Agent Pierce; is a monster who would perform all kinds of atrocities on my hypothetical friend, all the while deluding himself into thinking his actions are justified in the name of ‘National Security’.”

Topolsky answered, “If our, hypothetical theories panned out, your friend would be a threat to national security.”

Liz shook her head in disbelief, “I’m disappointed in you Miss Topolsky. If you believe that, you’ve lost your scientific objectivity. You’re operating off prejudice and propaganda. My hypothetical friend was born in this country, raised by two citizens of this country, and is legally a citizen of this country. He was educated in this country’s schools and believes in the founding principles of this country. He’d like nothing more than to be allowed his inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And the only reason you have any theories about him, is because he risked exposing his secrets to monsters like Pierce in order to save someone’s life.”

She took a breath and switched tactics, “A while back you told me you were a friend, well, I choose my friends very carefully these days, but I thought I’d give you a chance. You see my hypothetical friend met a hypothetical person a while back. For the sake of argument we’ll call this person an oracle. This oracle allowed us to see certain events that would happen if we didn’t change the way we were doing things. So I thought that you should see the parts that relate to you, hypothetically, so you could make an informed decision.”

As Liz reached this point in her dialog Max was careful not to alert her to his presence as he formed a controlled connection to Topolsky and showed her some of the images he got from TL2 Liz:

Alex exposing Topolsky as FBI
Topolsky’s speech to Liz about being on her side before leaving town
Topolsky looking like she’d been through hell meeting up with Max and Liz at Buckley Point
Topolsky talking to Liz at Senior Chows
Topolsky speaking with Michael
The gang talking with the sheriff and “Dr. Margolin”
Max talking with the sheriff about Topolsky’s death

When he was done he quickly broke the connection and signaled Liz, who finished her conversation with Topolsky, “So I’ll just let you consider that hypothesis if you’re really interested in being my friend, and all that that would entail, you’ll know what to do.” Then she deactivated her ring and left.

Later that night…

Liz writes in her journal,

Max and I are once again complete. But in the process we gained one more secret our friends are not yet ready to hear. I’m tired of keeping secrets from our friends, but the time for secrets is almost over. Then it’ll be the six of us as it was always meant to be.
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Chapter 9

Timeline 3 – Heat Wave

Disclaimer: This part contains large portions of “Heat Wave” I don’t own it.

Maria is cleaning the Crashdown while Liz is studying upstairs. She turns around facing the entrance of the Crashdown and sees Michael outside looking in. Maria opens the door for him and immediately Michael attacks her lips. Soon their tongues are dueling as he carries her across the room his lips never leaving hers.

Liz comes downstairs looking for something to drink, and hears noises so she slowly sneaks a peek into the main part of the restaurant only to see Maria and Michael together on the counter completely oblivious to the world around them. She smiles and heads back upstairs activating her ring and summoning Max to her bed. Very quickly Max and Liz are just as oblivious as they loose themselves in their love for each other.

The next morning…

Liz is writing in her journal…

December 2nd,

I'm Liz Parker, and this heat wave has made everyone crazy. Heat expands, melts things… makes things boil, sets things on fire. Max and I haven’t been able to keep our hands off each other, and with our new ability to be two places at once, if either of us has any free time the other can’t get anything done.

In the janitor’s closet at school…

Michael and Maria making out as Maria moans, “Oh, my God.” They can’t get enough of each other, and as Michael begins his next assault she moans again, “Oh, my God. This is so uncharacteristic.”

In the hall…

Liz runs into Kyle who exclaims, “Liz!”

Liz smiles and answers, “Hi, Kyle.”

Kyle introduces, “Hi. You know Vicky Delaney.”

Liz replies, “Oh, sure. Hi, Vicky. How's it going?”

Vicky answers, “Really good actually. Um, hey, Kyle and I are going to this thing on Friday night. You should come.”

Kyle interjects, “No, no, see, that's not Liz's kind of thing...”

Liz questions, “A party?”

Vicky smiles, “Yeah, it's at the old soap factory. It should be pretty wild.”

Liz states, “You know, um, a party on Friday really sounds great. I'll tell Max and maybe we’ll see you two there.”

Vicky looks back to Kyle and scolds, “See? I told you she'd be cool.”

In the library…

Liz spots Max and runs up to him, greeting him with a kiss, “Hi, so um, it’s time we got Isabel to dreamwalk Alex so we can bring him into this.”

Max sighs and replies, “I know, time to go play our parts.”

Later, in the girl’s bathroom…

Liz asks Maria, “What are you doin'?”

Maria denies, “Nothing.”

Liz parries, “Maria, it's 105 degrees outside, and you're wearing a turtleneck.”

Maria shrugs, “So?”

Liz offers her some make up, “Here. Try this. I saw you and Michael together at the Crashdown the other night.”

In the boy’s bathroom…

Max greets, “Hey, Michael.”

Michael responded, “Max.”

Max questioned, “How's it goin'?”

Michael answered, “Decent.”

Max questioned, “So how are things going between you and Maria?”

In the girl’s bathroom…

Maria states, “We were just sucking face.”

Liz asks, “So is this going to turn into something, or is this just suddenly there is this heat wave, and everybody is going for it?”

In the boy’s bathroom…

Michael responds, “Pretty good, I just wish she knew how much we meant to each other in the last time line, you know?”

Max states, “Liz and I actually have memories to give her, but the Liz that gave them to me told us to wait to give them to her until after we give Izzy hers.”

Michael questions, “And when do you do that?”

Max answers, “Friday, after the party and after she tells Alex the truth about us.”

In the girl’s bathroom…

Liz points out, “Look, Maria, Do you two talk or do you just like...”

Maria interrupts, “Of course, we talk.”


Maris is making out with Michael, “Shouldn't we like, talk or something?”

Michael questions with out letting up, “About what?”

Maria, still devouring Michael, responds, “I don't know, you kinda just pulled me and dragged me in here. Shouldn't we at least like, exchange pleasantries?”

Michael shrugs and asks, “How you doin'?”

Maria replies between kisses, “Fine, and you? So, did you hear about this party Friday night at the old soap factory?”

Michael, still lavishing her with kisses, states, “I guess.”

Maria questions, “Are you gonna go?”

Michael answers, “Only if you’re coming with me,” just before launching another assault.

At the Crashdown…

Jeff questions, “So, um, what are these guys?”

Amy answers, “Cocktail stirrers. Take a gross. People love them.”

Jeff decides, “Hmm....ok.”

Amy hits her next selling point, “And this one glows in the dark.”

Jeff states in disbelief “Get out of here. Really?”

Amy confirmed, “Yes.” Just then the sheriff walks in and Amy stumbles over her greeting, “Sheriff, uh...”

The sheriff calmly greets, “Hi. I stopped by your shop. They told me you were here.”

Amy nervously questions, “Oh, nothing's wrong?”

Valenti responds, “No, nothing's wrong. It's just, uh...” turning to Jeff he states, “It's kinda personal.”

Jeff chuckles, “Oh” and leaves to offer them some privacy.

The sheriff resumes, “Um, Amy... listen, about what happened. It's just, uh...I realize it was a long time ago, and I just want to make sure that you know that...I was just doing my job.”

Amy sarcastically comments, “Oh, yeah. Well, I appreciate the sentiment, Sheriff, but it did scar me for life and all, so...”

Jim defends, “You were breaking the law. You were stopping honest, hardworking people from doing their jobs.”

Amy objects, “Those honest hardworking people were destroying a 200 year old piece of Native American architecture, raping our town of its history.”

But the sheriff argues, “Amy, the Native Americans wanted that thing torn down more than anybody.”

Amy obstinately states, “That's not the point.”

Jim counters, “Well, it is kinda the point...”

Amy tries a different approach, “There were more than 20 of us out there that day. I was 18, naive, clueless. Why did you pick on me?”

Jim answers honestly, “’Cause you were cute.”

Amy is shocked, “Cute?”

The sheriff explains, “You were wearing the cowboy boots and a little skirt. Well, I had to arrest somebody, so...”

Amy nervously laughs, “Well, I don't know what to say. I'm outraged. I am now outraged. You are looking at an outraged woman.” As she began to wipe perspiration from her face she apologized, “Sorry. It must be the heat.”

The sheriff concludes, “I just, uh...I just wanted to apologize. It's good to see you again, Amy.”

Amy softly chuckles, “Well...”

But Maria walks in and interrupts, “Mom. What are you doing here?”

Amy looks to her daughter, “Oh, hi Maria. Um, you know Jim.”

Maria incredulously asks, “Jim?”

Outside the school…

Liz and Isabel are painting their toenails together when Liz questions, “So, um, what about guys? ‘Cause it kinda seems that you've got all these guys in school interested in, practically every single one of them, but you kinda tend to keep pretty platonic.”

Isabel suspiciously questions, “Have you been researching me or something?”

Liz denies, “No, I haven't been researching you. I just... I don't know, I was just kind of curious if there was a reason you don't move forward with any of it. If it's because of the fact that...”

Isabel asks, “Are you afraid...I mean, to let someone in? To let someone see who you really are?”

Liz answers, “Yeah, of course I am,” then she amends, “with a few notable exceptions.”

Isabel explains, “Well, multiply that by about a million.”

Liz nods her understanding, “Yeah, right.”

Isabel looks over and sees Liz’s nail polish is clear. She touches her index finger to one of the blue flowers on Liz's sandals and orders, “Open your hand.” When Liz complies, she touches the bottle of nail polish and it turns into the same shade of blue, stating, “At least we can do cool stuff like that.” Seeing a far away look in Liz’s eyes she questions, “What are you thinking about?”

Liz answers, “I’m worried about Alex. We’ve been drifting apart ever since Maria and I found out about you. He seems hurt; I kinda just wish I knew what was going on inside of him.”

Isabel decides she’ll help Liz, “I'll look into it.”

That night…

Isabel touches a picture of Alex in her yearbook and begins dreamwalking Alex. She follows him into a ballroom. Alex is preparing a romantic evening for his date. A singer walks in and grabs the CD Alex was about to cue up, “We'll take it from here.” Along with her band they begin the music.

Dream Isabel greets, “Hello, Alex.”

Alex returns her greeting, “Hello.”

Dream Isabel thanks, “Thank you for inviting me.”

Alex insists, “My pleasure.”

As they begin to dance, Dream Isabel questions, “What do you really think of me?”

Alex replies, “I think that underneath that beautiful exterior is an even more beautiful interior.” After a short pause he continues, “But I have a feeling that not too many people get to see that interior, do they?”

Dream Isabel, “No, they don't.”

Alex commiserates, “’Cause it's too scary to show who you really are. You can show me.”

Dream Isabel questions hopefully “I can?”

“Yeah.” Alex confirms.

As Dream Isabel and Alex move in for a kiss, Isabel wakes up wondering at how perceptive and sweet Alex is.

The next morning…

Max caught Isabel dressing up and questioned, “Iz, what’s up?”

Isabel answered, “Just trying to look good.”

Max tried a different approach, “What do you think about Alex?” Isabel looked at him questioningly, and he clarified. “Liz is worried about him, they used to be the three musketeers just like you me and Michael were before everything happened. I guess I was just wondering, what would you think about telling Alex the truth?”

Isabel remembered Alex’s dream from last night and part of her wanted to, but another part of her was still afraid so she replied, “I don’t know Max.”

Max knew he was supposed to wait until after the party to show Isabel the future, but he decided it would do more good to show her now. He went up to her and explained, “Iz, I need to show you something.” And connected with her sending her what TL2 Liz wanted her to receive.

*Isabel perfecting her powers**Isabel showing Alex her powers**Isabel kissing Alex when Max and Liz were Missing**The orb message**Prom Night**Alex’s Death**Isabel’s reaction to it**Tess’s confession in the pod chamber*

The Message to Isabel:

Isabel standing in front of a mirror says, “If everything is going according to plan you should be receiving this the night of the party at the soap factory. I have two very important pieces of advice. First don’t trust Tess. Second don’t waste your time being afraid of letting Alex in. Life is too short.”

Isabel looked at Max in shock. “How?” was all she could say.

Max answered, “We made a lot of mistakes Iz, a version of Liz came back in time to help us fix them. Everyone of our group still alive at the time sent a message back to their former self.”

Isabel nodded, as she finished processing everything she announced, “Then it’s definitely time that we told Alex.”

In the bio lab…

Max questions “Any better luck getting them to mate this time around?”

Liz smiles, “No but I’m having much better luck with my interspecies mating project.”

Max blushes before stating, “I had to give Izzy her memories a little early.”

Liz answered his worried expression, “Don’t worry everything’s going to work out.”

In the hall…

Isabel greets, “Hey, Alex.”

Alex nervously answers, “Hi.”

Isabel compliments, “You look good today.”

Alex replies, “I do? Oh, thanks.”

Isabel asks, “So, tonight... that party everyone's talking about, you interested?”

Alex dismisses, “Yeah. Yeah, sure. Tell me how it goes.”

Isabel corrects, “Interested in going?”

Alex turns around in shock. This was not happening Isabel Evans was not asking him out.

Isabel unbuttons the top button on Alex's shirt and says, “Meet me there at 8:00.”

At the party…

Max and Liz arrived at the party together, they both knew there was a time limit on this party and they had warned Michael and Isabel. They found Maria and Michael already dancing and enjoying themselves. Max and Liz quickly joined them.

Alex showed up and started looking for Isabel. When he found her called out, “Isabel!”

Isabel answered, “Alex!”

Alex greeted, “Hey!”

Isabel responded, “Hey! You look, you look great,” as she unbuttoned the top button of Alex’s shirt.

Alex replied, “You, too. You know, I like the way you look in red.”

Isabel acknowledged, “I know you do.”

Alex still shocked that Isabel was even talking to him questioned, “So, listen, just to-to clarify, wh-when you asked me to come to this party tonight, did you mean like come with you or-or was it more just like letting me know that this party existed? You know, because that would be amazing in and of itself. I'm-I'm just curious.”

Isabel invited, “You wanna go someplace?”

Alex asked, “Go-go someplace?”

Isabel clarified, “To talk.”

Alex agreed, “Oh, talk. Yeah, sure... sure.”

They headed to a secluded part of the soap factory and Isabel stated, “You're a really, really good guy, Alex.”

Alex dismissingly replied, “Oh, thank you, Isabel. Thank you.”

Isabel insisted, “No, really. I mean, most guys are just disgusting animals whose sole purpose in life is to try to maul me. But you're different.”

Alex responded, “I am? I mean, I am! Yeah. Oh, yeah. I just... I don't see you that way, Isabel. Not that I wouldn't want to...”

Isabel interrupted him, “I think I know how you feel.”

Alex honestly questioned, “You do?”

Isabel confirmed, “Yeah, which is why I think I know that I can trust you.”

Alex asked, “Trust me?”

Isabel replied, “I like you Alex, and there’s something about me you should know. If you’re still interested afterwards…”

Alex was sure this was a dream, but he immediate tried comforting Isabel at her hesitancy, “Isabel you’re the most amazing girl I know, I’ll always be interested.”

Isabel shook her head said, “Alex, I’m not human.”

Alex laughed, “What?”

Isabel replied, “I’m not human, I came out of an incubation pod that survived the ’47 crash.”

Alex looked at her like she was crazy and said, “Quit joking around.”

Isabel waved her hand over her dress. It glowed briefly and when she was done the dress was identical to the one she wore in Alex’s dream. She stated, “I’m not joking, I’m not human and neither are Max or Michael. Liz and Maria found out when Liz got shot and my brother healed her. That’s why they’ve been clamming up around you. They’ve been protecting us. But Max, Michael, and I decided we could trust you.”

Vulnerability flashed through her eyes as she tried to gauge Alex’s reaction. She shyly continued, “If you’re still interested in me, knowing what I am, then the answer to your question before is that I’d like this to be our first date.”

Before they got any further Max, Michael, Maria, and Liz all showed up with Max exclaiming, “The sheriff’s here! It’s time to leave.”

Back at the Crashdown…

The café was closed as the six teens sat inside bringing Alex up to speed on all that they’d been through for the last two and half months. As they did Max and Liz both had their rings active, the shield that the trinary seals formed, visible only to Max and Liz protected them from eaves dropping parents.

When Alex was up to speed on everything but the time travel, Liz turned to Maria, “Remember when I said you could have your own powers?” Maria nodded and Liz reached out and connected with her. She used the Granolith to tap Max’s abilities and “healed” the mental synapses required for Maria to begin developing her powers. Then she sent Maria the memories her future self wanted her to have.

*Maria developing and perfecting her powers**Michael coming out of the pod chamber telling her he chose to stay on earth for her**Tess’s confession**Her attempt at a career in Music**Her wedding day with Michael*

The Message to Maria:

Maria standing in front of a mirror says, “You should be receiving this shortly after the soap factory party. I know Michael can be annoying, I know he can be a pain, but he loves you, and we’re good together, trust that. And Dominque wanted to ruin my music don’t trust her.”

As Liz finished she turned to Alex and explained to him about their visitor from the future. They all discussed Tess and the aliens’ destinies. They talked about the war that was coming and asked Alex if he would mind if Max gave him powers, so that he could help save the planet. When Alex agreed Max formed the need connection and gave them to him. Isabel volunteered to work with him to develop them since he was the only one who didn’t have the benefit of future training and they had no idea what his specialty would be.

As the group parted Max and Liz felt a whole lot better, now they were six again. Now the only secrets still being held back were specifics of the past timelines and the Granolith, but they’d share those in due time.

Later that night…

Liz writes in her journal…

We’re all together again, the six of us. And there’s no more acting or pretending necessary within our group. Granted Max and I are still carrying secrets but now we don’t have to pretend we don’t have them. The group knows we’ll tell them what’s coming when the time is right, that we can’t risk changing things prematurely. We have things planned to give us the biggest advantage. I just hope it’s enough to save our planet this time around.

After she used her powers to put the journal back inside her wall, Max activated his ring and appeared in her room. They made love and fell asleep contently in each other’s arms.
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