The Prom (ML, TEEN, 1/1) 4/23/05

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The Prom (ML, TEEN, 1/1) 4/23/05

Post by kay_b » Sat Apr 23, 2005 10:56 pm

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Roswell, not the show, not the actors and most definitely not the writers. Oh and the first dialogue from Liz was taken from’s transcript for Heart of Mine.

Rating: TEEN

Author’s Note: Well, what do you know, I'm back! This isn't one of the many I still have to write but watching Heart of Mine, I was so pissed with Liz’s dialogue during her dance with Max. So this is my take on the ending of that episode. I’ll probably end up making one-parters for each couple but don’t count on that too much. Hope you'll all like this one.

The Prom

Liz began discussing their past as the two danced in the middle of the decorated auditorium. “Max, maybe we should just let go. I have been in so much pain. This whole year, and it's like I'm suffocating.”

Max quickly interjected, “And I wasn’t?!” He couldn’t believe he was having this tirade from Liz. She was the one who threw it all away by leaving to go to Florida last summer to escape the alien abyss. And no matter how many times he wanted to get her number and call her, or even fly all the way to the east coast to go after her and just be with her; he respected her wishes and gave her the space she needed. He remembered how he kept hounding Maria for Liz’s number and address but she didn’t want to betray her best friend’s trust so he spent the summer moping and pining for his love.

And when she came back and he thought he was finally making progress, the person he considered the love of his life did the ultimate betrayal…she slept with someone else.

Liz was shocked by Max’s outburst. It actually jolted her back to that night when a future version of the only man she ever loved asked her to give up a future with him for the safety of the world. But standing in front of him now, with the pain they went through now all out in the open, it was time to end this once and for all.

“You think I didn’t go through pain like you did? You left me here last summer. The one person I trusted with my entire being just decided to up and leave because of some destiny crap.” Max said in a harsh whisper.

“I needed you. I told you I love you but you just threw it back to my face when you walked away. Then when you came back, I did everything I could to win you back in my life. And I was the fool who thought we had something. But again you went off and slept with Kyle. So don’t you dare talk to me about the pain you suffered. You made that choice. You caused your own pain. And only you can end it. I did nothing but wait for your return. I was the one who looked stupid pining away for something that was already gone.” Max took in a deep breath and exhaled it tiredly. He was so exhausted, it was time to give up, like Liz had.

“But you want to know what’s so sad about this, Liz? I still love you. And trust me, I tried my hardest to stop…but I can’t.” And with that it was Max’s turn to walk away this time, leaving Liz staring after him on the dance floor as he stormed out of the auditorium.

Liz was stunned as she digested Max’s speech. Everything he said struck her deeply. He was right. She had the power to change it all. All she had to do was tell him the truth and all the hurting would stop. And it was time it did.

“Max!” Liz yelled after she saw him walking down the darkened hallway. When she realized that it was time to stop the charade, she ran after him, bursting out of the auditorium despite Maria’s voice yelling after her, despite the bewildered looks of Isabel and Alex; all she knew was she just had to get to Max.

Max stopped in his tracks and turned around upon hearing Liz’s voice calling after him and her high heeled sandals clattering noisily as she ran towards him.

As soon as she reached him, she threw her arms around his neck and sobbed. “I’m so s-sorry, Max. You ha-have to understand, I only d-did it because you asked m-me to.”

Max held on to Liz while he tried to decipher what she was saying. “Liz, calm down. I’m sorry too.” Then Max decided that they had to be alone so they can talk. He led her back to his mom’s car that he borrowed for the night. “Come on.”

Liz continued to cry silently as Max drove them back to his house. Since his parents were out for the night, he thought it would be the best place to talk because no one would disturb them there. Now that they were finally going to talk about their relationship, he wanted their focus to be on each other alone and maybe this will finally bring them back together.

Once they were in his room, Liz sat down on the bed and still wept as she remembered the stupid lie of a speech she gave him about wanting to date normal guys and her unwillingness to die for him. On the contrary, she would do anything for him, including giving up her love.

“Max, I know what I’m about to say will sound crazy but please just listen until I’ve gotten it all out. I can’t keep this inside me any longer and I don’t want to. It’s time for the hurting to stop. I’m so sorry for causing it to begin with.” From there Liz proceeded to tell him everything, starting with the trip to Madame Vivian to her wedding dance on her balcony.

Max was astounded with her tale. “And you did all that because a future me asked you to, even though you knew it would mean breaking your heart. Why Liz?” he asked as he paced in front of her.

Liz’s tears flowed silently as she looked up at him. “It was you.”

Max recalled those words. It was his exact explanation as to why he risked his life to save hers. And now, it was her only explanation as to why she destroyed her heart for him. And that only made him love her so much more.

He knelt down in front of her and wiped her tears away with the pads of his thumbs. He cradled her face in his hands and stared into her eyes, their connection once again flaring to life. After an entire year of heartache, it was finally time to love again. And then they kissed, signaling the start of their journey towards their happily ever after.