Quoth the Max, Nevermore!(UC, Adult, Slash) [COMPLETE]

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Quoth the Max, Nevermore!(UC, Adult, Slash) [COMPLETE]

Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Thu Mar 30, 2006 1:57 pm

Title: Quoth the Max, "Nevermore!"

Author: suicide_eagle_rath

Rating: Adult / Slash

Pairings: main paring: Max / Zan of Antar and Michael / Rath of Antar

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.

Summary: Parody on “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe ... thougn more dark and serious than cute and funny as parodies go ... only 1 part


Quoth the Max, "Nevermore!"

Once upon a midnight hour, while I dreamt high and nigh,
Chimera are we alien human; emblazed on metal forged sheets of lore
Illusions of past, fog, nebula of vision long gone, came a knocking,
Softly as if, he was knocking, knocking at my window’s sash
"'Tis my visitor," I murmured, "knocking at my window’s sash”
Quoth the Max, "Nevermore!"

Only him, my incubus and nothing more, I slip into hazy repose
Ah, distinctly I remember, ebony silk sheets against ivory skin
Fireplace embers sparked crackled did adore the polish marble floor
Vainly I sought to borrow the night, wished not for the morrow
Warriors vanish, blood remains, epic poems the words entail
And the Warrior said, "Nevermore."

Then silken rustling of the bed sheets awaken me
He did so thrill me; fill me, erotic, lust never felt before;
So now, to the beating of his heart, I lay breathless aroused
"Tis my love, my late night fiend, my warrior of old,
My late night lover, illusionary enchanted fantasy of ancient lore
Quoth the Max, "Nevermore!"

Presently my arousal grew harder; waiting no longer could I
"Rath," breathed I, it is you I need, my soul cries out, I implore;
Beneath this parchment of human flesh, inside Michael’s chest
And so faintly you came knocking, knocking at my window’s sash
Haunting sounds, I had heard in dreams, darken hallucinations
And the Warrior said, "Nevermore."

Deep in the idyllic realm I wandered, to far off distant shores
Illusionary dreams, where mere mortals dare to venture forth
Phantasm revealed, ghostly midnight apparition knocking
mysterious, far off knocking at my window’s sash
“Rath,” I whispered, silence answers, it was but a dream
Quoth the Max, "Nevermore!"

Back to my bed, insides turning yearning, my soul burning,
Soon again I heard a knocking, louder than before,
"Surely," said I, "there is someone knocking at my window’s sash
Let me know, what is there knocking, a mystery not to ignore.
Let my heart still, intrigued at this knocking, a mystery to explore.
And the Warrior said, "Nevermore."

I flung up the window, ready to yell, ready shout who the hell
There stood Rath stately, arrogant, masterful as in the days of yore.
Passion permeates the air, erotic, sexual, explicit visions spark
Unyielding approached his destination, strength is aroused
Dominate, proud, arrogant the night howls amativeness
And the Warrior said, "Nevermore."

He smirked as he laid his weight subjugating me, willingly
The stoic countenance fell away, his love doth shone through
"Though thy crest be of blood and black” I said, "thou art no caitiff”
Strong, powerful, hips crashing, legs locked, muscles unyielding,
Memories unfold, sweet embraces on this night’s distant shore
Quoth the Max, "Nevermore!"

I marveled at this statue like figure, words of discourse so plainly,
Thrown upon the bed of Procrustes, molded to his frame at last
His breath grew heavy, staccato, chests heaving, speed increasing
Angelic bore the face above me, rough yet gentle, fragile youthful
Upon the sculptured chest above, no finer chisel hath man implored
And the Warrior said, "Nevermore."

Words fail, mind clouded, common sense has yet to prevail
No articulated verses of mirth no rhyme, no poems of love divine
He scarceness muttered in my ear, "Ask of me nothing more;”
I ask nothing but for that love that is thine, for the love that is mine
On the morrow you will leave me, as the dawn awakens once more.
And the Warrior said, "Nevermore."

No vowels can form, no words can describe, no verbs can impart
"Incredible,” said I, "the feeling of the warrior inside”
The ebbs of sensuality, the primal animalistic drive, fast it did go
Followed fast, followed faster, still faster, ‘till his song did end
Till the last dirge was spent, ‘till last note did flow
And the Warrior said, "Nevermore."

No man, no woman so beguiled my soul into longing
I place my hands each side of the marble Achilles bust before me
Deep into the eyes of the one I trust, my beloved Rath, I am Zan
Then, sinking down upon the velvet, I betook myself to suckling
Rapture unto rapture, I drive into, back to the days of yore
And the Warrior said, "Nevermore."

No syllable express that which our bodies yearn, desire, reach out for
To my warrior whose fiery eyes now burned into my soul’s core;
Pounding harder, bone crashing earth shattering, remains for evermore
Nepenthe, the drug of forgetfulness, our memories were so drowned
Now released, the sinful, evil will suffer the penalty of righteousness
And the Warrior said, "Nevermore."

The air grew denser, heavier we sank, perfumed lust, sanity unveiled
Expelled up on seraphim’s wings, the righteous penalty of sin
"Rath I cried, "the Ancients hath sent thee, memories we entrus!"
Remember, our life, remember our death, thy memories of Antar!
Quaff do I , Oh Rath, I drink freely of your blood, I drink freely of your love!”
Quoth the Max, "Nevermore!"

"Prophecy!" said I, "we are damned to fulfill, divination, salvation
Necromancy, unnatural, prophetic words of our demise, exiled
yet we stand undaunted, in this desert land of enchantment
From my throne lamenting, lament for our lost Antar tell me I implore:
Can you envisage a world at peace? Tell me--tell me I implore!"
Quoth the Max, "Nevermore."

"Prophecy!" said I, "we are damned to relive, prevision, redemption
By the Ancient who reign above us… by Antar that we both adore
Prosperous; golden, halcyon years, so long ago, so dark ago
In all its agrestic simplicity, complex yet sublime that what was deemed Antar
Exquisite, rare, a radiant jewel, whom the Ancients named Antar
Quoth the Max, "Nevermore."

"Be that which is our duty, friend of friend!" I shrieked, realizing
"Takes us back to our home of death and destruction, the land of hell!”
Phantoms, apparitions, specters of the past, rise up again to haunt us
Violence runs rampant, rivers run red, sky rains blood in our beloved Anatar
Take the sword from midst my heart, use it to carve Kivar’s out, beating still
Quoth the Max, "Nevermore."

And the Warrior, always stoic, commanding, still commanding
In my bed, becalmed, quiet, he does repose, alien body he does repose
His eyes shone the demon held at bay within, my Rath immortal
His ambiance overshadows all who oppose, friend or foe, there are more
My souls lies in that shadow that destiny cast over us into the fire
Quoth the Max, "Nevermore."