Internet Ad (AU/ UC / Slash / Mx/Mi) CComplete 06/06/07

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Internet Ad (AU/ UC / Slash / Mx/Mi) CComplete 06/06/07

Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Fri Nov 17, 2006 9:26 pm


Title: Internet Ad

Author: suicide_eagle_rath

Rating: Adult/ slah

Pairings: AU/ UC Max/Mic

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.

Summary: A man’s sexual fantasy is carried out, but things do not always turn out as one expects.

Author’s Note: This story intended for ADUTS only.
WARNING contains male on male sex (slash)
WARNING contains acts of BDSM: bondage, discipline, dom/sub game play

Dedication: For Antarprince who complained not enough slash to read.. hope you
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Part One of Three

Seeking Daytime Play

Muscular 30 something top looking for adventure in exploring and discipline with fairly young in shape bottom.
I am laid back, relaxed, quiet, and very capable of maintaining.

Max sat back in his chair staring at the screen, he had done it, he had advertised for a sex slave per say. He felt odd; it seemed seedy to ask for sex this way on the net. He had always been able to find men or women whenever he needed, but he had heard guys were out there looking for casual sex and that suited him jut fine. BDSM was not new to him; he had played games before, although he was what would be considered very moderate, bondage and some smacking on the ass of his lover was all he needed. He was not into the more disciplined almost violent BDSM games that some men or women play.

Technically, he was Bi; he liked women a lot and was even married to one for a while, until he found her fucking a colleague in his bed. It was not her first affair; Tess had many affairs during their five year disaster of a marriage. If it had been a man he would had joined in, but it seemed Tess decided somewhere along the line she like women, and that is what she was fucking that afternoon; a very dominant women who like her lovers held captive. Max smiled as he remember coming home early, he had cancelled his classes feeling ill, only to see his wife handcuffed, her ass in the air, as this very masculine looking women fucked her both ways. He stood there watching, laughing at her wanton behavior because she was such a prude always wanting the lights off, having sex with hushed voices as if someone will hear them fucking. And now her she was, the sun streaming in the window, dressed in black leather, her nipples in clamps, screaming like a banshee to be fuck over and over again. Her face was priceless when she turned her head and saw him standing there, clapping his hands at the spectacle. Max then just left, filed for divorce while he himself stayed at the homes various old lovers as he rearranged his life.

Max was still staring at the screen when it flashed he had mail. He took a deep breath seeing not one but four responses from his ad; he read them one by one. Three were duds, none were young or in shape, one even sent a picture of his overweight body although he did have an impressive cock. But Max wanted men in shape. He loved the look of them, the muscles, the rounded asses, the eyes; he could get off looking at a man’s body in top physical peak. He enjoyed running his hands up the harden steel pecs, down the broad shoulders and strong backs. He loved to fuck them deep and hard, it was different from women; less complicated, less time, less worries.

The fourth looked promising the guy and from his picture, in which he was handcuffed to an x-cross he had good muscle tone and a cock that was not too shabby, a little small for his taste but not bad. Max could feel himself harden at the thought of a new lover, someone he had seen nor expected.

“So Max into whips and chains huh?”

Max twirled around in his chair to find himself staring into the seductive whiskey eyes of a colleague on the campus, Michael Guerin, an art historian, although if one were to look at him they would find it hard to believe the guy was an artist let alone an expert in his field of Italian renaissance. Michael was smirking as he read the email over Max shoulder.

“What?” Max stuttered out not sure what to say. He had always been attracted to Michael, but he knew the guy like women, and had a lot of them in and out of his life. Professor Guerin liked his women with fire and spice, who were not passive at all; those who could put up with his shit. “How did the hell did you get in?”

“Leave your office door a jarred you never know who may had walked in.” Michael crossed his arms and looked down at Max with one eye on the email with the naked BDSM scene. “But old fudgebucket would love to get a look see at that.” Michael said indicating the dean of the English department and Max’s immediate superior. “He would blow a gasket if he knew used the university computer for sex.”

“I am not using ... oh fuck you Michael.” Max turned to bring down his windows only succeeding in displaying the BDSM website with his ad clearly showing.

“I bet you would,” Michael said under his breath, his smile widened when he saw that page. He always knew Max had a wild side, a side he keep very well concealed under the reserved disposition of a solitary English professor. “So you top huh?” Michael could not resist digging a little deeper and see how far Max would go.

“Get out Michael.” Max turned off his computer and got up to file some books away. He could feel himself flush, he was embarrassed, not at the thought of fucking Michael, but at being caught in what he considered, up till recently a private fetish, one that the did not want others to know.

“Come on Max do you really want me to leave?” said Michael as he crossed the room and securely shut the door. He leaned against it watching Max putting the books away; Michael appreciated a good male ass as well as any female body. “So tell me what you like: bondage? whipping? or do you go all out for the dungeon approach?”

“Knock it off Michael,” Max slammed some book hard down on the shelf. He did not like to be mocked, especially about his sexuality. He could not help it if once in a while he needed to play role games, to feel a part of some different life. The room fell quiet for a few minutes; Max could feel Michael behind him watching. He wished he would go before he did something crazy like throw Michael over his desk and fuck him instead of lecturing, during his next class.

“You really want to trust some guy off the net to fulfill your desires, Max?” Michael’s voice cut through the silence. “I will play your game.”

Max dropped the book in his hand as he looked at Michael’s face to see if he was serious. His face was stoic, sometimes it was so hard to tell what Michael was thinking. Here was his chance. Did he dare? Making a quick decision he decided he had nothing to lose, Michael already knew he liked a little pain with his pleasure, there was not much more to hide. “Okay, tomorrow, 1pm be at my home ready,”

Michael smirked in that half ass way as he saluted Max with a brisk “Yes Sir.” He turned as exited through the door, walked to the elevator where he stopped still smirking, as he thought to himself. “Yeah Max I let you fuck me tomorrow but the next time, you will be my bitch and I play rough.”
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Internet Ad
Part Two of Three

The hot water felt relaxing as Michael took time in the shower. He wanted to be extra clean, smooth for his playtime with Max as he shaved his pubic hair, taking special care not to nick himself. He felt his balls smooth, he could not help but felt Max’s tongue, gently lapping at them.

The more he thought about Max the more his cock swelled larger and larger. Michael took hold stroking in long fluid movements, his hips thrusted forward, his head tipped back as he braced himself on the tiles. His cock was dripping, clear drops, his hand quicken pace. He saw Max’s eyes when he closed his, Max’s ass, his cock in and out. He cock became steel in his hand as his balls tightened. Then with a primal instinct Michael roared out in triumph, streams of cum hit the tiles and sliding

Michael leaned against the wall and let the water cascade over him, cooling done his skin. He was breathing hard, a little tension was relieved but he still needed more, he still needed Max. Michael enjoy fucking women but they always wanted more, not just a fun fuck and run but a commitment and he had no desire to commit to anyone, anytime soon. Plus he loved a man’s body, the feel of hard muscles, a tight ass, a firm hard cock, Michael took a deep breath as he closed his eyes seeing Max naked in front of him. Men, yeah that is what Michael wanted now; one he could just fuck, cum, then leave, no discussion.

Michael exited the shower looking at himself in the mirror, his toned body yearned for Max. “DAMN!” Michael stroked his own cock, wanting to fuck Max deep and hard. “Damn!” he snarled out again, he should had gone first, taken Max as his, showing him how he can make a man beg for release, a skill he excelled in.

Drying off he dressed in a tight fitting pair of brown leather pants, a tan wife beater over which he threw on a light brown silk shirt. Michael could not help but wonder what Max would be into, he figure the guy was more of a lightweight, he always was so quiet spouting off poetry at the oddest moments. But he extruded a sexuality Michael found enthralling, it drew him to Max, not for love, that he did not feel, not yet, but for physical.

The weather had turned cold, a slight mist of rain had begun which only sharpened Michael’s mood for the game. Michael had already decided to test Max, to see just how far he would go in BDSM, he suspected Max was a soft touch not into the hard dominate acts Michael could get into very easy.

It was the stroke of the clock when Michael knocked on the door. He was about ready to knock again when he heard Max yell to enter. Michael had been in Max’s house before but he could tell already something that was different. As he walked into Max’s house he knew, the time had come to put the test to the limits. There stood Max, in the center of the room, in a tight leather black pants, no shirt, his muscles rippled in the dancing light from the fireplace. The room was basically stripped of all furniture, there now in place was a single large square ottoman on legs and a trunk laying open on the exquisite Seifarian Persian rug. Inside the trunk Michael could see some familiar toys, so Max was somewhat skilled, or at least had some equipment. He would have to push Max, to see if he knew how to use those implements of delicious torture.

“STRIP!” Max order as he slammed the crop into his hand. Michael was taken back for a second at the tone and placement of the riding equipment. “Damn,” Michael caught his breath this is gong to be a great fuck. Max as it turned out was full of surprises.

“Who said you could speak.” Max yelled as he took a step forward coming right up to Michael. Cupping his chin with his hand, he yelled even more forcibly. “You do not talk unless I order you speak. Got it slave.”

Michael knew the drill what Max expected as he nodded and stated very flatly “Yes sir, yes master.”

“That is better,” snarled Max as he leaned in taking Michael in a hungry kiss, then as he pulled out he bit him on the bottom lip to remind him who was the master and who was the sub.

Michael began to protest then remember this was only a game, one testing the other to see how far they would go. A fantasy in a safe environment not meant to harm or hurt the other. He was simply playing a role. Michael wiped his lip looking for blood as Max stepped away. Michael knew had more experience than Max could ever dream of, he would take whatever Max had to offer, then he would return it ten fold, for the next time, he would make Max cry out in pain and in pleasure.

"You are nothing but a fucking slave. In my house my slaves are naked. Take off your clothes!” Max snapped as he turned back, "Then get back on your knees in front of me."

Michael slowly took off his shirt dropping it on the floor. He locked eyes with Max watching his eyes for conformation that Max liked what he was doing. He was slow, methodical as he undressed, taking his time in revealing the skin, making it enjoyable for the both of them.

Max took in a large gulped of air as Michael pulled up that wifebeater, as a glint of gold emerged, Michael wore nipple rings. He wanted to reach out so bad and grab them in his teeth, to give them a slight tug to see Michael gasp and pant in pain and pleasure. He closed his eyes for a second as he got under control.

Michael knew his body was having an effect on Max, as much as Max was having an effect on his cock, which was now hard and straining against the leather. His shoes were kicked off as Michael dropped his pants, smiling when Max showed a very pleased face at the fact he wore no underwear and Michael was neither small nor soft.

Max felt his lips dry as he pants tightened. Michael was certainly no shoddy piece of meat, and for the rest of the afternoon he was in control to use that body as he saw fit. Max was unsure exactly what to do, he really only dabbled in a little BDSM, but he knew he wanted to take Michael, to fulfill his fantasy consisting of sexual appetite. He decided to see how far he could go, how far Michael would let him live out this dark fantasy he held for so long about what he would do to Michael.

Michael slowly advanced to Max then dropped to his knees in front of him, fully expecting to suck him dry.

“Good, now spread your knees further apart.” Max walked around the back of Michael admiring his toned body, his hand could not help to feel his shoulders, letting his finger glide along his skin, down his back. Michael reacted but taking a quick gulp of air as he felt Max’s hands.

"Are you ready to be bound, my slave?" Max whispered in Michael’s ear.

"Yes, Master."

“Lock your hands behind your back.” Michael did as so order as Max grabbed them binding them tightly with lacing.

Max walked around to the front, Michael looked up at him, once again locking their eyes. That made Max uncomfortable, he was so tempted to release Michael and make love to him, sweet seductive love. “Lower your eyes and head. Slaves do not look into my eyes.”

Michael was getting a little pissed at being a sub, being told to bow his head. He was just arrogant enough to break the lacing and show Max how he could fuck him, make him lick his ass and boots. But he was the one who said he would let Max play and now he had to honor those words.

"Are you ready?" as Max, striking the crop again this hand again. Michael was still kneeling, his hands and arms were uncomfortably. Max stood ion front of him, “Suck it and you better be good or I will have to punish you.”

Michael was staring into Max’s groin, but with one problem, his pants were still on. ‘Damn bastard’ thought Michael. ‘How am I suppose to suck him when I have no hands to unzip him.’ Michael though a few seconds, then he bent forward and using his teeth and tongue, worked on Max’s belt. At one point the buckle hit his teeth a little hard making that clink sound, “Damn!” Michael growled out.

“Silence!” Max snapped as he bent over and slapped Michael’s ass with his cane. Not a hard hit but a sound one. Michael winced at the strike it was unexpected. Max would pay for hat he thought as he finally got the belt undone and manipulated the zipper down. The rest was easy as he used his lips and teeth to gently pulled his cock out. Once the cock was free Michael decided to give Max the blow of his lifetime, he knew how to make a man cry out in pleasure. He would have Max on his knees begging for more. He played dirty in these games; he always had to have the last word.

Max was smiling at his authority, he was pleased with his statue, but that smile soon was wiped away as his breath quickened. Michael was good in his technique as his tongue encircled Max’s very swollen cock. He was on fire, he had never felt like this, as that tongue darted out to lick and nip here and there. Michael tongue was warm, a soothing energy was coursing though him, an electricity that snapped and crackled. Max grabbed Michael’s head as he fought to remain up right; he intertwined his fingers into the long locks.

Michael swirled his tongue around the base, dragging it slowly up to the cock about mid-point only to retreat, never to engulf the head. Michael kept up the torture, avoiding the head even as Max defy tried to maneuver his cock into Michael’s mouth. He was teasing Max, driving him to want him to suck him, to drain him dry. Michael smiled inwards, he was enjoying this, even with his hands tied up

Max’s body pulsated for Michael, ‘damn’ Max thought ‘I am suppose to be in control’. Suddenly, Max threw back his head as he took a deep breath the instant Michael sucked in the head in one flew swoop. “Fuck,” the word escaped softy from his lips as he breathed out. He was in pure ecstasy, he had dreamt of Michael’s mouth encasing him, drawing him down into his throat. Max closed his eyes as he thought of the many times during those boring departmental parties he looked across the room to see Michael, with some woman draped on his arm. How many times he envisioned Michael looking up to see him, their eyes lock as Michael pushes his date aside, walking over he dropped to his knees. Max saw so clearly Michael sucking him dry as the department heads gasped in horror.

Michael was intent on his mission, Max was getting harder, the precum was flooding his mouth, it would be only a few minutes before he exploded. Michael slowly let Max’s cock slide out of his mouth, as he ran his teeth along it, scraping and nipping every so gently. He moves his eyes upward to see Max’s face, strained his teeth gritting, eyes closed, he was in rapture. Michael sucked the cock back in, he may be Max’s slave at that moment but he was in control.

Max could feel himself tightened but he wanted in Michael’s ass when he came, he had dreamt of that so often, that more once his awoke with sheets sticking to his body. Mustering all his grabbed Michael’s head and pulled it off his cock, “No, you will take my cum in your ass,” he spurted out, a feral look crossed his eyes as he ‘’

Michael was startled as Max ripped his head back, his mouth fell open, his chest heaving, he wanted Max, he wanted his cock. Max was starting to spill into wanton lust, into finishing his fantasy.

Max took a step backward, still having Michael’s hair as he pulled him upward. Michael struggled a little, being bound made it hard to get up from a kneeling position easily. He looked Max in the eye, daring him to say some thing, to strike him. The game was just starting in earnest. Michael could see Max turn, he was taking charge, that excited Michael. He wanted to see that side of Max, to see how far he would go. To see f he would dare use those toys he had in the box, toys he was sure Max bought but that was as far as he had pushed himself.

Max felt that power of eminence swell up in him he wanted Michael. He stepped forward again, grabbing the side of his jaw. He took Michael in a deep kiss, engulfing his lover’s lips, forcing his tongue. He loved the taste of Michael, the texture of his mouth, hot moist interior space, as their tongue slid against each other. Man dropped a hand down his chest to the nipple rings, gently tugged at them, Michael responded with a short gasp. Max had Michael where he wanted him as they continued kissing. Max’s hand dropped lower to encircle Michel’s cock in a tight squeeze. Michael broke the kiss with an open gap of his mouth forcing in more air as his head tipped backward.

“You want to come?” Max whispered into Michael’s ear.

“Yes” he breathed out

“Yes what?”

“Yes Master.”

“You need to be fucked hard and long before I allow you to come.” Max whispered back, he felt his inner demon rear its head, the demon that was ready to punish and fuck Michael. He took Michael in another deep kiss. Suddenly he let go Michael, who almost lost his balance in the release.

Max grabbed the ottoman and slid it over to Michael who knew the procedure as he dropped again to his knees and laid over it. Max was pleased with how well Michael was cooperating.

“Oh you are well behaved slave are you not,” as Max bent down again taking Michael’s hair again lifting his head up. “Maybe I should award you.” Max laughed as he dropped Michael’s head and reached back into the chest bringing out a wicked looking paddle.

Michel took a breath ‘fucking bastard this was going to hurt’ he thought as he prepared to brace, well as he could brace with his arms still bound and his head hanging off the ottoman.

Max gently glided his hands over Michael’s body enjoying the texture of his smooth skin, the hard tense muscle lying just below. He traced the outline of the tattoo on his upper arm and his finger danced toward the Celtic art on his hip, that one especially fascinated him. He rubbed the tight firm ass, then without warning slammed the paddle as hard as he could against Michael creamy white ass.

Michael heard the whish of the wind a split second before the paddle hit. First shock took hold that Max actually did the act that then he felt the burning pain. Then he felt the paddle strike again.

Max rubbed the tight firm muscles comforting a way the redden skin. He was very horny wanting to bury his cock in deep. Max enjoyed seeing Michael squirm a little, he smiled as his eye once again caught sight of his treasure chest of toys, “Maybe I should loosen you up a little to take me”. He went back to the chest; Michael could see him pulling out a butt plug.

“Fuck he could use the small one”. Michael said under his breath as he prepared for what was to come.

“Yes this one will do nice what do you think Mikey? Can you handle this up your ass.”

“Yes Master,” Michael punched out, internally he was keeping tabs and planning what he would do to Max. He was slowing formulating a plan that would shock and make Max his lover.

Max was enjoying seeing how much Michael could take, he palms sweated at the thought of striking, he had a brief thought that maybe he should use his hands and not the paddle.

“Spread your knees, further,” Max barked out as he dropped to his knees behind Michael. Max began to spread the cool gel all over Michael and inserted a finger slowly, Michael let out a moan at the intrusion. Max could see Michael was enjoying the game as he slid in another he heard fuck escape Michael’s breath.

“Did I hear you speak slave.” Max teased but retained a rough tone to his voice. “Now I have to punish you.” He picked up the plug and upon pulling out his fingers he shoved it in, in one fell swoop until it was inserted all the way.

Michael bite his lip, drawing blood as the plug went in, his body twitched and flexed. ‘Damn it hurt, oh Max would pay for that’ he thought. The he felt pain again as Max started smacking his bottom with the paddle, each hit rammed the pug in harder. Michael’s breath was shortened as edge of the plug hit against his prostate; the euphoria was beginning to build. “Fuck” Michael gulped he was not going to make it without coming fast and hard.

Max must had struck Michael a good 10 times before he stopped, he was dripping precum himself, the feeling of power was an exhilarating aphoristic. He wanted Michael, he wanted now to fuck him hard fast, Max pulled out the plug as Michael let out a gasp of air when the felt the removal. Then without a word he shoved his own cock in deep.

Michael was struggling now, bucking himself back into max, truing to get in deeper, he wanted to feel him. Max soon became a fucking machine, no stopping or slowing down, he had fucked a lot of guys, but damn he was never gotten pleasure like this. He felt his balls tighten up as he began to come and that he did. He deposited load after load into Michael who was gritting his teeth no tot come. The pain for Michael was unbearable, his cock was rock hard and his balls felt like they were ready to turn blue and explode.

Max pulled out, breathing hard as he watched the hole close slowly, his semen leaking out. He reached over and undid Michael bounds, who groaned as he stretched his muscles. Michael pulled himself up, and sat on the ottoman rubbing his shoulders and wrists. He was watching Max carefully wondering if the game had ended when Max freed him.

Max stood there looking at Michael sitting, he no longer wanted to play games he wanted to make love to Michael sweet seductive love. He knelt down to him, took Michael’s hands kissing his wrists. Michele was a bit taken back, then he smiled, this was the Max he watched on campus, the kind gentle Max he wanted to so many times take against the ivy covered brick walls.

Max was not really not into BDSM he had just wanted to explore a fantasy, examine the curious side to his nature. ‘Shit,’ Michael thought if he had gotten of those guys, the ones who really play hard, they would had hurt him mentally and physically then ate him for dinner. Michael looked into those eyes, he could not do what he had planned, not to Max, he was not that type of player. He would have to alter his plans, but he still planned to give Max the fuck of his life.

Michael looked over at Max, took his hand across his cheek, gently softy as he bet forward to kiss Max. The next few hours the two spent the time on the Persian rug, eating, drinking, talking, fucking all the while Max would interject lines of poetry to his lover.

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Thanks everyone for reading... I hope you enjoyed ... the final segment

Internet Ad
Part Three of Three


For the next few weeks Michael and Max saw each other regularly, they grew more familiar with each other’s bodies, needs, and desires. Michael who was normally anti-social began to take more of an interest in attending academic lectures and gatherings where Max was present.

Although they remained discrete as a fully active sexual couple, Michael openly displayed his enjoyment of women. Max was enamoured by Michael; he wanted him more than the few times they would meet. He knew Michael was having sex with women, and that thought did bring out the green eye monster in Max on several occasions, yet despite Michael’s varied affairs, as a couple they were becoming closer. In fact Michael was closer to Max than he had been with anyone else, male or female.

As time wore on Michael started to take note of Max’s likes and dislikes in sexual matters at first then it broadened into everyday mundane items like favorite color and food. Max being more reserved was quieter in displaying what he wanted, once in a while he would loosen up like their first encounter, then shy away again. Michael would note when Max would show an interest in something that was not main stream. He still owed Max a day of fantasy, to fulfill both their appetites, to show Max a little more in the BDSM game. Michael especially was needful.

“Damn Max! Now that is cherry. Michael’s eyes were fixed not on the scantly clad model but the shiny new black Harley. Lights danced off the high gloss black paint, the neon logos reflected off the chrome, the whole package beckoned to the men, luring them in with her sexuality, her wantonness on the road. Michael drooled looking at that baby, how he wanted t feel her beneath his legs, her hard seat, the pulsating rhythm of her engine. His palms grew moist watching the model on stage practically humping the bike; he could see himself figuratively fucking that bike over and over.

“What is Michael?” Max asked looking at the model assuming that is what Michael was referring to.

“Every ride a Harley Max?”

Max then noticed Michael stare and smiled, so that was the glint in his eyes, a bike. “No Michael never did.” His voice trailed off to see some rough looking bikers standing off to the side. Max was staring very intently at the way the leather pants clung to the muscular thighs, the tight ass, as well as a very obvious frontal bulge.

“Max you need to ride that baby with me.” Michael was still fixated on the bike, while Max was staring at the bikers. “Max did you hear me?” Michael turned his head when Max did not answer to se him drooling at the men. He broke out in a smile as he leaned on the rail putting his head down to conceal his laugh as he thought how he would use the leather, bikers and the bike to his advantage. Max would look fuckable bent over the bike, his naked ass high in the air, as Michael imagined how he would plow deep into him.

The next week was busy for Michael as he finished a project for an art opening. Towards the end of the week, Max’s need for Michael was peaking, he even started to watch other guys thinking they were Michael as he daydreamed about their asses. Construction had begun across from his office window, at first it was nice relief but then the candy he was watching did nothing but make him harder wanting to be fucked even more. The guys were muscular in build and usually stripped half-naked in the sun. Two especially caught his eye they dressed in tight jeans as they seemed to wiggled their asses just right when Max was looking at the window. They both somehow reminded him of Michael, whether it was their tight asses, long hair when he saw them he got really hard.

Days wore on as Max watched these guys, every day they pulled up on their bikes, their asses high in the air as they got off. Max started jacking off in the window, watching them as he talked to Michael on the phone. Telling him how they turned him on, how he wanted to suck their cocks and have their firm hard cocks shoved up his ass hard. He was trying to make Michael jealous, to make him come over to his office to fuck him.

Instead of showing up at the office, Michael decided to spend more and more time in his studio preparing for a show. A couple weeks passed, as Max grew expediently horny. His body yearned for Michael, for his touch, his kisses, and Michael’s cock firmly planted in his ass. Max began to daydream about their love trysts at work, during lectures he would scribble Michel name in long arduous love poems. That innocent day dreaming took on a fevered itch as the week wore on, dreams turned to desire, desire turned to lust, lust turned into outright need to fuck Michael deep and hard.

Michael knew what he was doing, he deliberately stayed away from Max to build up the tension, the need. He heard the need in Max’s voice, and saw the men outside working, their bodies glistening in the sun. He found out Max was watching two of them fantasying as he jacked off. That was added to the tension Michael was building. Max was hard, desperate, and ready to fuck a duck if he could.

Inside Michael was jealous Max wanted someone else to fuck him, he would teach him a lesson, after all he owned Max still for that large anal probe and the canning. It was all a part of the plan, a master plan he was preparing to give Max the fuck of his life.

Michael decided to up the anti as he emailed Max pictures of his cock, then moments later call luring Max into sex. He knew just want to say to have Max pull his cock out stroking himself to climax. The best part of his plan was when Michael would stop pass the office for a few minutes for a quick kiss or grope that did nothing but leave Max wanting more. By Saturday afternoon, everything was in order; the actors were in place, time for the curtain to open, the play to begin.

Max just opened his door when two very noisy bikes stopped in front of his home. He watched them get off their bikes and slowly walked to him. They were dressed in tight leather pants, shirtless with vest, bandana and dark glasses. Filing out those leathers was a set of very large, muscular frame. He was startled at first, thinking maybe they were going to rob him.

“Hi there can I help you,” Max gulped a little hard; his nervousness was apparent as he asked if he could help them.

“Yeah Max you can help us.” said the taller one, blonde with a smooth chest, his pecs were moist from sweat, Max found himself fixated on a drop that was slowly descending down the valley.

“How did you know my name?” stammered Max.

“Saw you checking us out at the school,” the other one smiled as he talked coming in closer to Max. “You know up in your office jacking off while watching us.”

Max’s eyes got bigger as he realized that these were the two men he watched from his office window. They had seen him staring, even fucking himself. His breath began to shorten; he was not sure what these guys were going to do to him.

“Figured you would like to put this cock into action,” urged on the taller one as he came close to Max forcing him up against the door as he grabbed Max’s crotch squeezing hard. “You can either let us fuck you of or suck us off which do you prefer,” he whispered into Max’s ear. “Tell me, say I want to suck your cock Studder.”

Max started coughing, he could feel his cock swelling in the guy’s hand as he grew sexually aroused against his better judgement. “Hey listen I am in a relationship, not looking really.”

“We really do not care.” The men pushed Max into his house “we plan to fuck you, deep hard fuck.”

“Fuck you! Now say it. I want to hear you say I want to suck Studder’s cock.” He leaned into Max harder, rubbing his cock now hard and twisting his nipples through his shirt.

Max breathed even harder; his chest was heaving. “I want to suck Studder’s cock.”

“Good boy, now tell Jawcrack here you want him to shove his 10 inch dick up you, in one thrust, no lube as you scream for him to fuck you harder.”

Max winced from the pain as Studder opened up Max’s shirt and bit his nipple, then sucking on it till Max threw his head back breathing harder. “I want your cock up my ass.”

Max was in a predicament, as he watched them take out a set of handcuffs and a whip. “For the next few hours you are our bitch.” As they forced him up against wall stripping off his clothes. “Like this bitch, naked as you serve us.”

“So who whores for you Max,” asked Studder, “or should that be whom do you whore for.” As he grabbed Max’s cock and started pumping, “yeah you will do fine.”

Max was shaking, part form fear, part from the excitement. Where as he was turned on it was not these two, he did not want them to fuck him but Michael. That is what he was beginning to understand. He was intrigued by the idea of BDSM, but it was only a turn on to make him want to be fucked by his partner, Michael.

Despite what he knew inside that he wanted Max could not help as his cock swelled and began to leak. His nipples were sore from the rough treatment as the two men sucked and roughly fondled his cock and balls as he remained pinned against the wall.

What Max did not hear was the big black Harley pull up in the driveway. Another biker was sitting aside the bike looking towards the open door, smiling. He then got off and slowly walked up to the door, where he stopped and watched the men inside abusing Max. Max looked up to see the figure in the doorway, he was wear skintight leather pants, opened denim shirt, and black glasses. Max shuddered as the man watched him being forced to his knees to suck Studder’s thick cock.

“That is it baby, suck it.” Stuffer rammed his cock into Max’s throat as Jawcrack grabbed him from behind, forcing him to his hands and knees, grabbing his hips upwards as his cock aimed for Max’s anus. Max felt the huge head against his muscle as he braced for the assault.

Max could see the stranger watching, enjoying the show as he took out his cock and turning sideways in the doorframe began to fuck himself with long strokes so Max could see each one very clearly.

“Hey Max what cha up to?” The stranger spoke.

Studder looked up at the stranger and smiled, as he removed his cock from Max’s mouth so he could reply.

“Michael?” Max could not believe his ears, it had to be his Michael.

“He is busy, so fuck off,” said Jawcrack as he began to shove in, Max let out a yelp of pain.

“Maybe I want to watch.” Michael said as he continued to pump himself, “I like to see Max get fucked.”

“Michael knock this off,” Max had a touch of fear in his voice as he felt the muscle give in his anus, it was hurting like hell.

“Hey put your mouth to work,” Srtudder yelled as he shoved his cock back in.

“Come one Max you have been drooling out the window all week at them. Thinking of having their cocks in you ass, sucking them off. Go! Do it.” Michael began to slow down the strokes, he felt like coming but he wanted to wait till the time. “Remember you described fucking them to me on the phone.”

Max spit out the cock “Michael that was just to make you jealous. I wanted to fuck you and you were being elusive.”

“So you want my cock in your mouth?” Michael smiled, “up your ass?”

“Yes Michael I am yours.” Max searched Michael’s eyes pleading with him. “I want your cock now.”

Michael stopped his hand as he walked into the room. “Okay, you heard him boys, this is my bitch.”

“Hey we were here first,” as Jawcrack pushed in a little more forcing the tip of his cock passed the rim.

“Well you heard my bitch so get the fuck out of him.” Michael walked towards Jawcrack. “That is my property to fuck.”

Jawcrack winked at Michael and pushed in a little more. Max screamed and dropped his arms, his head on the floor as the cock’s head fully entered him. “That is so you will remember me,” Jawcrack snorted as he suddenly withdrew and zipped himself up.

“You owe us,” Studder whispered into Michael’s ear as they left.

Max began to get up

“Who said you could move bitch!” Michael snapped.

Max was shocked at Michael’s tone as he went back to his hands and knees. He raised his ass in the air, expecting Michael to fuck him.

Michael looked then laughed as he slapped Max hard on the ass. “Bitch get on the back of my bike and we are taking a ride.”

“I am …” Max looked up stammering, “I am naked Michael.”

“Well then you should be glad it is dark outside and I know some back paths up that hill behind us.”

“Let me put on clothes”

“Okay you can dress in this.” Michael threw him a pair of leather pants with the crotch and ass cut out.


“Wear it or go butt naked, hurry up I do not like to be kept waiting, or I will punish you.” Michael walked out the door and sat on his bike waiting for Max who quickly got on the leather pants and ran to the bike, jumped on behind Michael.

Michael started up his bike and headed down a dirt path into the small woods behind Max’s house. Max was holding on for dear life as they bumped along the rough trail. His ass felt bruised from the pounding and his exposed cock was hard as it pressed against Michael. He wrapped his arms around Michael, when he felt his hand being lowered. Max took the cue and quickly unzipped him freeing the swollen cock he grabbed, wanting instead to be sucking him. Michael slowed down as he went into more wooded areas and then stopped.

“Sit in front of me Max,” demanded Michael.

Max got off and went to the front of the bike. As he sat his ass down he felt a cold rock hard cock, lubed already. Max knew what to do as he pushed himself forward and then down as he felt the cock fill and stretch his ass.

“Now you drive as I fuck you.” Michael said as he braced himself. “Go slow I will give you direction.”

Max barley knew what to do as he slowly started forwards, leaned out over the handles it was difficult to steer and control the foot pedals. Each bump drove Michael’s cock into him deeper, and it seemed there were a lot of ruts and rocks to cause such an action. Michele was enjoying the slow action as Max’s ass came upwards with each bump and slammed against this cock it was making him ready for the big event.

They had barely gone a mile when Max came up against a chain link fence and followed it as Michael instructed him to do until he reached area where some boards were placed like a bike rack.

“Back the bike between those boards.” instructed Michael, “and kill the engine.”

Max did as he was told.

Now lean forward a little more,” When Max moved Michael began shoving his cock in deep, thrusting fast and hard. Max was panting as he raised his ass more and more to allow Michael in deeper. Then all of the sudden Michael stopped much to the disappointment of Max who had grabbed his own cock and was jacking off.

“Stop it, did I tell you to jack off,” Michael yelled as he pulled out. “Now I have to punish you.”

“What? Michael what are you saying,” Max was so close to coming his ass ached to finish.

“Quiet,” Michael snapped as he got off the cycle and braced it with some boards he had. He then went around to the front of the bike and threw a heat resistant mat across the top of the engine. He then pulled out some rope from the bike saddles and instructed Max to lean forwards and stretch out his arms. He tied each wrist and ran the rope through a ring screwed into the wood. He pulled the rope tight so Max’s upper body was spread eagle out across the bike. He then put a small pillow under Max’s head for comfort.

“Feel good?” He asked, not expecting an answer as he then placed bocks under each foot to raise Max’s ass and make him more comfortable as he immobilized the legs as well. Finally Michael took a rope around Max’s waist making him incapable of movement. Max was unable to move, he felt uncomfortable yet comfortable. The leather protected his legs from the bike, but his ass was exposed to anyone

“There, now I can fuck my bike and you at the same time.” Michael smiled as he enjoyed the sight. Max tried to look up at Michael but was held tight. “Your as is exposed to any who want to fuck it. Should I go get the guys to relieve themselves inside you?”

“Michael!” Max sputter out against the pillow, “No.”

Michael walked around then kneeled down so he was eye level with Max, he pushed the hair out of his eyes, then leaned in to kiss him. “Max, you tried to make me jealous. You did not have to I will fucking kill anyone who dares even think they can fuck you.”

“What?” Max looked at Michael.

“I am telling you that I like you a lot, okay!”

“Michael you love me?” Max smiled as he looked into those brown eyes.

“Okay I fuckin’ love you.” Michael looked at he ground, “I think you should move in with me. My house is bigger plus my studio is there. Want you in my bed, to fuck morning and night.”

“What?” Max smiled even bigger “Look at me Michael.”

“I am making a commitment Max,” Michael looked up he was serious, a side Max had rarely seen. “ Take it or leave it.”

“So you tie me up to tell me you love me?” Max smirked

“No I tied you up to give you the fuck of your life.”


“Watch,” he started the bike, Max could feel the engine vibrate his cock and balls.

“FUCK, that is so good”

“Like huh?” Michael dropped his pants and kicked them out of the way. He climbed onto the bike and once again lubed up. Then he shoved his cock deep into Max as he fucked him hard. The air was loud with the sounds of his balls slapping against Max.

“Yes Michael, damn fuck me.” Michael leaned forward as he revved the engines, the vibrations shuddered through Max, tingling Michael’s’ cock way inside.

Fuck you Max,” Michael yelled as he grabbed Max’s hips and really started to thrust in harder than ever before. Max could hold out no longer as he came, his body shuddering as he exploded. The semen dripped over the edge of the bike and dripped onto the ground. A few seconds later Michael came as he flooded Max, the semen leaked out as Michael continued to fuck hard. Finally he stopped and slumped onto of Max as he reached up and turned off the bike.

For a long time they both laid there in silence. Max was sore; his arms were still pulled tight. He felt Michael slip out of his ass, he was sure that he now let him up. “Are you going to release me Michael?”

Michael looked up and got off the bike. He cleaned himself off with a damp cloth he had brought. “No I am just starting.” He smiled as Max watched him loose the ropes a little. “You remember how you tied me up and fucked me?” Michael then pulled a very large anal plug out of the bag. “You will love this,” he then shoved it in one movement as Max grunted. “Keep it there.”

“Oh shit.” Max knew he was in for a long night as he raised his chest and allowed Michael to slip in front of him.

Michael placed the pillow behind his head he got comfortable. “Now suck, this is for keeping me waiting.” Michael winked at him as he let his head drop back enjoying Max’s tongue, mouth and even the little nips here and there. As Max licked and sucked on his cock, Michael look at the stars, his hand dropped to his side, gripped the control that started a vibrator inside the plug. Max bucked at the sudden sensation as the plug lay against his prostate.

It was a night to remember:

Max learned that he really did not need anyone else to be a lover to him.

Michael admitted he really loved Max.

The stars got a lesson in restrained sex.