Rath Worship (Non Dupe/Mature) Complete 02/14/07

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Rath Worship (Non Dupe/Mature) Complete 02/14/07

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Title: Rath Worship

Author: suicide_eagle_rath

Rating: Mature for language and dark scenes of war

Pairings: No real Pairing ... characters involved are the original Antarians Rath and Kortley (Courtney Banks)

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.

Summary: Right before Courtney Banks dies she remembers the first time she meet Rath..

Author’s Note: WARNING: This story does contain battle scenes and some violence.
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Rath Worship

Part One of Three

War + Children = Death


It was hours before the darkness eluded the battlefield. Dawn broke across the skies; the sun peaked above the mountains blood red in color mimicking the earth’s soil rich with the liquid fluid of men. Soon this orb of death was obscured as the fires creating thick black smoke rose into the sky.

Rath stirred, slowly awaking, his body ached and throb, the pain in his head was immense. As his eyes adjusted, he could see he was lying in a large dirt crater, tinged with solidified rock caused by the blast wave that was thrown. Rath rose from the dirt and looked at his surroundings, the sight was dismal. His line of sight was limited to a few feet in front of him due to smoke that had congested the air from shambles of a small farmer’s house that was on fire. He heard nothing, the silence was deadly eerily. Gradually he heard noises to his left, and then as the smoke began to clear, he could see the death gliders busy; the battlefield was littered with the dead both enemy and comrades. As far as Rath could see there was a sea of bodies, the cries of the dying now reached their full potential in volume.

Next to him was a young captain, dead a hole burnet right through him, one of the many men he did not know but who fought to save their prince in that tight spot. The death seekers came and took his DNA before he dissolved into dust. “Treat him with dignity.” Rath told them, “He saved many men, putting his life before others.” The death seekers started towards another body close by, “Wait,” Rath stopped them. “What was his name?”

“My Lord this body belonged to Captain Bedwyr from the House of Javed,” replied one of the death seekers as they glided off.

Rath started walking through the dead; a shooting pain reverberated through his abdomen and back. He removed his shirt to see a large burn over a big section of his abdomen and back. Rath tried to heal the area but he had used up most of his energy during the battle. He had to get back to camp, before he passed out, in the distance, he heard the shouting of healers and the dying pleading for absolution for their deeds before death took them.

Rath kept walking, counting the number of his army that was dead. The ratio was alarming, who was victorious? He was now worried that maybe his army fell in defeat. He started to jog covering more ground, having jumping over the dead in places to get through. The sky was overcast with the smoke; he was still at a disadvantage in knowing if his banner still stood. He headed north to where his command center had been located. This was the fourth major battle in less than two weeks. The enemy was becoming commonplace, the strikes more vicious, and the victories harder to determine.

<center> ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ </center>

After a hour or two, Rath came upon an enemy open air carrier, that was on it’s side as the result of several energy blasts which more than a few large holes in the front and rear areas. The occupants of the carrier were flung all over the ground in a haphazard way. There were over a hundred of them, small children, boys and girls, used by Ki’var to clear the battlefields of booby traps, mines, or other hazardous materials that would inflict damage upon his men. Rath stopped outrage at all these kids, the oldest was maybe twelve, and the youngest was a small girl of five. “Son of a bitch!” Rath screamed into the wind. “Why? Stand like a man and fight! You murderous mother fucker! I swear I will kill you!”

Rath clenched his fists in anger; Ki’var had turned Antarian against Antarian, forcing the Mayuns to kill their own in this carnage. He seduced the throne, waiting it for his mistress; it is he who brought this devastation to the people. Life was a bitch from one pointless war to the next. The enemy was becoming more ruthless in their attacks, disregarding the rules of warfare, as if Rath ever himself obeyed them. However, there was a difference, he was not hurting his own people for glory, but he would do what ever he had to protect his people. That was the difference.

Rath’s concentration was broken when he heard a low groan coming from a pile of dead bodies about twenty feet away. Approaching he saw a boy, maybe ten years of age, wounded, bleeding from a cut to his leg. He was in no condition to fight or even move for that matter.

“I am not going to hurt you,” Rath approached cautiously. The boy was scared his eyes told a story of hatred and abuse from a tyrannical ruler. “It is okay.” Rath tore a strip from his shirt and tied off the vein in the boy’s leg stopping the bleeding. “There it will be all right. I promise.” He smiled at the kid. Come on let us get out of here and get some food. Okay?” Rath picked up the child who could not have weighed 50 pounds and carried him towards the command center, which was a little over ten miles in the distance. The child was so tired he slept most of the way in the arms of this battle field savior. Rath was also tired by the time he reached the outskirts of his encampment, his men stopped staring at the child he was carrying, as he headed to the healers tent.

“Prince Rath here let me take him,” a healer rushed out to relive the burden taking the child into his own arms. “You are hurt?” noted the healers after seeing Rath’s side.

“It is nothing. I am fine.” He smiled at the kid who had woken up and tossed his hair. “You will be okay, these are the best healers around,” Rath then turned as he headed towards his tent to sluice off the blood and rest.

“Who was that?” asked the child.

“That was Prince Rath.”

“What?” the kid spit out “He is our enemy!”

“You are a Mayun?” The medic shook his head, leave it to Lord Rath to find a pathetic enemy kid on the battlefield and carry him here. “From what I can see I would say he is your friend. You are very lucky.”

“No I am Isusin.” The boy now understood he was in the enemy’s encampment. “Are you going to kill me?”

“No, I am going to heal your leg and get you some food.” The medic spoke quietly as he wrapped and healed the boy’s body. “Looks like you are starving.”

“So what do they call you?”


“Come on Ka’el lets get you some food, bath and clean clothes.”

“What a BATH!” whined Ka’el.

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Hey thanks Flamehair and ñusta for the feedback.. thanks to all for reading.. s_e_r


Rath Worship

Part Two of Three

The Follower of Ki’var


Rath took a long shower, his side and back stung from each drop of water that bombarded him. He would have to leave for the palace soon; he was weak and getting weaker by the minute, he could feel darkness overtaking him if he was not healed. It was taking all his energy now just to maintain, not to slip into a coma or worse.

“Your Majesty,” Rath had just come into his living area of his tent, wrapped in a towel, when a general walked in, “Please forgive me but we have taken a prisoner you may want to question.” The general grimaced when he noticed the damage to his commander’s side. Rath nodded, dressed, and headed over to where the prisoner was being held.

He walked into the room, observing that the prisoner was a woman, about 25 to 30, with short brown hair, a hard face, skin more like leather than skin, probably from the north from the look of her. She was tied to a chair in the center of the room. They made eye contact, she examined Rath with a with mixture of emotions; disgust, fear, curiosity, and the most disturbing sexual interest. She liked what she saw; this royal-lover was good looking, a classic profile, broad shoulders; a leader among men.

“W...water...” That was the first word to flow from her dried parched lips. Rath motioned for the guards to give her water. Once her thirst was quenched, she asked “Why...?”

“Why what?” Rath responded.

“Why do you still support a monarchy which treats its people like animals?”

“I am one of the monarchy.” Rath answered, “And I have not treated anyone like an animal.”

“You candy-assed, cock-guzzling, fucked-brain royal,” she hissed in response, and then she spit at him.

“Watch your mouth, bitch.” Rath slapped her face. “Didn’t Ki’var warn your people not to bite the hand that feeds you?” He looked at her, shaking his head, “No I guess not. I will warn you this once, I bite back very hard. Do not piss me off again.”

“Who are you?” she sneered.

“That is none of your business.” Rath shot back. He was testy, trying to maintain the pain and anger was exhausting, he felt very weak but could not show any pain or discomfort, not to her, not to the enemy.

She stared at him, how dare he slap her, she was a servant Ki’var one of his most honored warriors, the prophesized savior. A god in his own right and she was in the top ranks of his command. She looked at Rath, her eyes narrowed as she spat out her hatred towards all of the royal class. “Your kind is dead. We will see you all die.”

Rath just shook his head and took his usual defensive stance, arms crossed staring.

The prison then looked at him again and smiled inwardly, too bad he was the enemy she could have had a fun time tonight. She was beginning to feel pity for him, probably was one of those low class royals, who did as he was told by the commander or King. “You don’t understand anything, do you?”

“Exactly what are you talking about?” snarled Rath.

She was ready to play him, get him on her side by showing him the truth, the way of her savior. “Ki'var warned us about you spreading lies about him making him into a tyrant, he is gentle, a great leader, a …” her words were broke off when Rath suddenly appeared in her face yelling.

“Are you that much of a fool? A skilled warrior who believes in such blatant propaganda. Come on, use your head. He iss grinding up innocent civilians as his weapons of war march across our land, Antar. Why do you fight for Ki’var? Why do you fight for someone who’s trying to enslave our planet for his own personnel gain?”

“We had no choice! You made us attack and fight!” She screamed at Rath. “Our people were on the street, living in shacks on the outskirts of society, many of us lived on dirt poor farms that could not produce enough food to feed one let alone a family. We are deteriorating, victims in your political arms. We are the starving, the poor, the homeless, the infirmed, the illiterate, the unskilled. What has the King done for us?” She looked Rath directly in the eye, continuing the argument, “Ki’var has given us hope, a future, a place in society, a purpose in life, respect. We owe him everything, our lives, our children, our future.”

“You have been brainwashed, mind controlled.” Rath shouted back, “Ki’var is brainwashing your people to become suicide terrorists.” Rath’s anger was beginning to get out of control. “What has he promised your people for fighting for him?” Rath paused “Answer me! What makes you want to be a part of his army?”

Rath had to know what was in her mind, what was compelling her to commit these irrational acts. “Did you look at the recent annihilation he created? Thousands dead for nothing. I passed a carrier loaded with dead children that he used to clean the battlefield for you, his prize soldiers to fight upon. How does that make you feel? A child was sacrifice so you could kill.”

“We love Ki'var. He is our Savior,” she said in a flat monotone voice.

Rath pounded his fist upon a table that sat against a wall as it shattered into a thousand pieces upon the impact. “Do you love him enough to kill and die for him? Killing will not solve your social problems.” Rath stopped again, he was barely able to speak; his hatred of Ki’var was evident. “He doesn’t care about what happens to Antar, or how Antar feels about him. He is after the throne for his own personal glory, his own image in the mirror, so why should he care about you and your kind?”

“You’re wrong! Image means nothing to our Savior. He holds Antar and its people as the most important things in his life. He’s uniting Antar for peace, prosperity, health, and education of our people.”

“He is controlling your people and you know it. Don’t you?” She nodded yes. “You still follow him?” Rath’s mouth dropped open. “Unbelievable!”

“So what! Some of the people are too messed up to care for themselves. Ki’var has taken up their banner to care for them, to love them.”

“What kind of fucked up logic is that?” Rath laughed. “Since the world is a mess lets take away the people rights and freedoms and control them like mindless puppets.” There were no words for this ridiculous train of thought; Rath just shook his head as he examined this blind follower. “That is what you want?”

The prisoner looked away unable to counter his attacks, his words were beginning to eat at her. “Zan is working on solving the problems; it is not an easy job, a job that you are making increasingly more difficult.

“Yeah, I’m sure life is great for you.” The woman glared at Rath. “You are of the royal class.” she sneered.

“You have got to fucking kidding me!” Rath growled. “I fight for my country, for my King, for honor, for your rights and freedom, not mine. No one should sacrifice their lives on the battlefield for someone who uses them as puppets so he could call the world his own!” Rath yelled, the ground shook from his powers starting to leak out. Rath watched as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back. Looking down he saw a pool of blood. “You won’t last that long with that wound.” He walked over and call for a medic.

“I don’t need a healer,” she said. “I await my atonement for failing my Savior.” Her words were rehearsed; a mind technique to beat down the subject, a technique Rath was quite familiar with, having used them himself.

A healer walked into the room, the same healer who helped the boy. Indicating the prisoner, Rath spoke to the healer, “She has a leg wound, heal it, then take her and try to clean her mind. She is the victim of Ki’var’s mind altering techniques.” Taking one more look at her “See that she also gets some food and clothes.”

“Yes your majesty” the healer bowed as Rath left.

“Who was he?”

“Him?” The healer pointed at the door. “That was Prince Rath.”

What!” The prisoner was inflamed; she had the Commander in her grasp and did nothing. “The Commander. Shit I was in the same room as my Savior’s mortal enemy. If I had killed him, I would be famous, a hero!”

“If you had tried to kill him, you would be dead.” The healer said quietly. “Now shut up and let me tend your leg.” He bent down and healed the damage, then placed a circle of iron around her ankle. Rising quickly he placed his hands on both sides of her temples implanting two small circular devises.

“What are you doing?” She was struggling trying to get out of the ropes that held her.

“The devices in your temples are to help you control you own feelings and sort out what is you and what is not. The ring around your ankle does two things. First, it dampens your powers, so you will not be a threat to our soldiers. The other is that if you leave the encampment you will explode. Is that clear?”

“Perfectly, I am you prisoner,” she spitted out.

“Now let’s get you a bath, some clothes and food.” The healer removed the ropes and helped her to stand. “Follow me,” he ordered.

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Hey thanks Flamehair and ñusta for the feedback.. thanks to all for reading.. this completes the thoughts of Courtney in the moments before her death….s_e_r


Rath Worship

Part Three of Three

The True Savior


TellymonRath had returned to his quarters where he attempted to rest, his body was fevered, the agony almost unbearable. It took all his concentration to keep the pain in check, to keep himself under control. The battle was taking much from him as he struggled daily with sanity, even Zan found it difficult to help Rath when he came off the blood quest.

It was in solitude that Rath was able to find some relief, it was in silence he drowned out the battle, it was in seclusion he lived his life. Hours, which seem like days passed, as he waited to return to the palace. He need nutrition, having not ate for the last few days, the battle was intense, the emotions and adrenaline high; during those times of death and despair he would eat little.

Calling to his aid TellymonRath soon learned the carriers were still busy escorting the dead and dying. He could have easily commanded his own back carrier to return and deliver him to the palace, but to Rath his men came first before his own discomfort. He could survive a while longer, but he needed to eat and move about stretching the sore limbs.

Ka’el was eating at a table gorging on a plate of food; he had never had so much food or such a variety. The healer who helped him walked in followed by a young woman. The boy waved at them to sit with him. After getting two plates of food, the two headed over to the boy. “Well Ka’el how are you feeling?” The healer asked.

“Great but my stomach hurts,” groaned the boy taking another big bite of food.

“Maybe because you have been shoving in too much food.” The healer laughed “Ka’elthis is…. I am sorry but I never got your name.”


“Kortley, I am Eldred and this young man is Ka’el.”

The room was suddenly quiet as TellymonRath entered and headed to a back table to eat by himself. Imperial guards immediately appeared blocking his table from anyone getting too close. One of the kitchen staff brought food, which was handed to his aid for inspection before handling it to the Commander. Soon noise began to drift in as the soldiers ignoring the royal in their presence went back tot their business of comradery in their meals.

“Ka’el was carried in from the battlefield today by the Commander himself.” Eldred noted before attacking his food in earnest.

Kortley just sat there wondering whom this mysterious Commander was that she had heard so much about. Why did he care about others? That bothered her. “Hey the food is good. Try it.” Eldred brought her out of her thoughts. She picked up a fork, taking a bite; it was good.

TellymonRath finished his food and sat back to observe his men. He felt that as the head of the military he should be visible, to let his men know he suffered with them, he fought with them, he bled with them, he ate with them. In return his men were loyal to him, they saw him as an honest man, not some distant figurehead, but real. A leader who was ready to die for them and they held that opinion in high regard devoting their very lives to him.

Seeing the boy and Eldred, Rath stood quietly and went in that direction. Eldred looked up to see TellymonRath standing in front of his table He quickly rose and bowed, “Your Majesty.”

“Sit and eat there is no need for such formality.” TellymonRath waved him down. “I was just wondering how the child is doing.” Rath looked at the child, he looked cleaner, more robust. It amazed him how the children were the first to recover in a battle, their ability to bounce back to absorb and survive horrible conditions. “What do they call you?”

The sudden question shocked the boy, Rath wanted to know his name. A personal question, one that was designed to know and honor that soul. The boy sat there to scared to answer, he knew this was his enemy, the royal blood who he was told eat children for breakfast. The royal blood who devoured his people, kill them with out provocation, all the kids knew of Rath, the murderer, the demon of Antar.

“Answer him boy?” Eldred demanded

“It is okay, war is overwhelming to children. Please do the honor for him, tell me his name and condition.” Rath flashed a rare small smile at the child.

“His name is Ka’el and he is recovering nicely your majesty”

Tellymon nodded at the boy and tried for a response, “Do you have any family Ka’el?”

“No.” The sound was low, as Ka’el looked at the floor confused. ‘This is a not demon,’ he thought. But the stories circulated in his head, those false misleading stories.

“No, Your Majesty,” corrected Eldred as TellymonRath stifled a laugh.

“Eldred can you make sure that he is put into a program where he can grow and be safe. “

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“And what of the prisoner, will she recover.”

“Why don’t you ask me yourself?” a sharp female voice rang out.

TellymonRath turned to see a clean, much better looking young woman than he remembered, but still just as feisty. “Okay, are you better?”

“No! I am a prisoner.”

Rath let out a laugh, a mistake as he winced suddenly, gritted his teeth and grabbed his side.

Eldred saw the pain shoot across the prince’s face. “Your Majesty you need to have your wounds looked after.”

“I know Eldred. I have called for a carrier to return to the palace but they are being used for transporting men, the dead and the wounded. As soon as one is available I will leave.”

“If I only could help heal you my Lord Rath.”

“You know the rules. Only Zan can help heal me when I am unable to do so. Sucks being second-in-command doesn’t it.” Tellymon winced and grimaced as he took out a few pills and swallowed them. Kortley recognized them as the vitamin supplements that the shadow warriors used to give them nourishment and kill the pain during a battle. “I am going back to rest. “Keep up the good work Eldred. Ka’el and …” he looked at the woman not knowing her name.

“Kortley,” she supplied.

“Kortley,” he nodded and left.

“What is wrong with him?”

“He received a major energy blast from one of Ki’var’s main generals in a fight yesterday. He was burned deeply over his abdomen, chest and back. Nothing that the King cannot heal.”

Kortley had heard that General Tzvi had died the day before that must have been the fight. The general was a fearless competitor, the battle must have been hard on both the men, obviously, the Commander was the better of the two, and he was still alive.

“Why can’t you heal him?” asked Ka’el.

“Not allowed. Only the King may touch the Commander in that fashion, and vice versa.”

“Boy that does suck,” Ka’el, noted digging into a bowl of creamy dessert. The table was quiet for a while as the three enjoyed the rest of their meal.

“Why can’t he heal himself?” pressed Kortley.

“Because he used up a considered amount of energy in battle and has not had time to regenerate.” Eldred look at her wondering if he had said too much. “If you are both finished eating, I will show you to your quarters.” Eldred said finishing his food.

As the three left the dining hall, they saw TellymonRath exit his tent with a full guard as he headed to a carrier. He was obviously holding his side now, they could see the pain in his face, the hardship of battle wearing through.

‘This is one that has earned the right to be worshipped,’ Kortley thought, ‘Maybe I have the wrong Savior and it is he who is prophesized.” Kortley watched him get in the carrier and fly out of her life but not out of her memory.

That face, the face of Rath the Warrior, of Rath of Antar was the last thing Courtney saw as she committed suicide. She sacrificed herself for her Prince, for her Commander, for the one she came to love and to worship.

She was but one of the Rath Worshippers.