Pygmalion of Print (AU/ M/M /Adult) [Completed]

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Pygmalion of Print (AU/ M/M /Adult) [Completed]

Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Mon Jan 15, 2007 2:33 pm

The Pygmalion of Print


Title: The Pygmalion of Print

Author: suicide_eagle_rath

Rating: Adult

Pairings: AU/ CC Michael / Maria

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.

Summary: A woman’s fantasy comes about through the written word and a little magic
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Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Mon Jan 15, 2007 2:35 pm

<center>The Pygmalion of Print
Part One of Two</center>

The words flowed onto the screen like a painter, she was in heaven writing was a passion she had always enjoyed. She often prayed for her own computer one that she could write out her dreams, desires, fantasies for her own life had become mundane, dirty, everyday hell that she herself helped to create. She had won the computer in one of the door prize give always at some fancy Greek inspired shopping mall, “Olympus, where all you dreams come true.” She could not believe when the men arrived that morning to set it up in her home.

The second she sat down and opened up the word processing program Maria was in heaven, the seventh dominion of the Olympic gods themselves. She wrote down her heart’s desires, passionate kisses filled page after page. The emotions were aflame as each hour went by until she heard that damn inferno voice shocking out of a safe embrace thrust her into the cold stark reality of her dismal life.


Those words pierced her sanctuary inside the bedroom as Maria took a deep sigh and saved her story of young romance.

“MARIA,” he yelled again as he cleared the threshold. “WHERE IS MY DINNER.”

“Fucking ass,” she clenched her teeth, “god I am here cannot you not hold on to your horses.”


"Coming, dear!!" The words tasted sour in her mouth. Once she use to fling herself into Michael’s arms for kisses, now she could barely stand to be in the same country with him let alone the house.

She entered the front room to see her husband sitting in his ratty old recliner already stripped down to his shorts and grimy T-shirt. She glanced off to the side and saw his dirty greasy, clothes thrown onto the clean floor. Sighing she went picked them up and headed out to the washer. This was the same routine night after night. She would now go in and he would paw her before dinner. She looked at the clothes in her hands, what had happened to her fairly tale life, the one she was suppose to be living. She threw the clothes into the washer and started it.

Michael looked up as she entered the small living space. “Come here woman give your man a kiss.” he grabbed her pulling her into the chair.

She smelled the sweat, beer, and cigarettes, the smell of a man who worked hard at construction all day then spent time at the nearby bar. Use to be that smell turned her on, the smell of a man’s sweat from laboring, now it sickened her, he had grown into a vulgar common ditch digger

“Come on baby I know you like this,” he said as he grabbed his dick, you love it, come show daddy a little loving.”

“God Michael do you have to be a pig.” she protested shoving his hands off her. “You are drunk again.”

“Need to be drunk to come home to this dump and you,” he snarled back. “Where are you going?” he snapped as she got up to leave.

“To get your dinner.”

“Then be quick I have a hankering to do me some luvin’ after the hockey game.”

Stopping momentarily before she entered the kitchen Maria glanced backwards. Placing her hand on the well-worn corner, she leaned her weight into it, as she wiped a tear that had begun to form. The words she spoke everyday were foremost in her thoughts as once again silently mouthed them. ‘Look at him, what happened. I stayed in shape to please him and look the dumb ass anymore rarely showers once a week. What happened he used to be good looking, the bad boy of Roswell, that hint of danger every woman loved mixed in with a touch of caring.’

Mari held back the rest of her thoughts as she went to the kitchen and busied herself. The knife came down hard that day on the vegetables.

“Pig!” she spouted off as she cut the carrots in half.

“Male dog!” she snorted out as the knife sliced through the chicken joint.

“Hump what the hell am I in.” the knife made it’s way through the potatoes like butter.


“Damn it!” she snapped as she slammed the oven closed. “That man."

“Here is your beer,” he barely recognized her as he automatically reached for the beer, eyes glued to the ice in front of him. “Anything else.” Her words fell on deaf ears as she headed to the bedroom knowing she was free for a while.

Again she took up residence in her chair, noticing her story was still on the screen. She read the love of love and adornment the couple had for each other, okay maybe it was way over dramatic but that is what she wanted right now, a fantasy. She sighed hard, only if people could actually live out their fantasies, in that make believe world she had elevated with such perfection,

She began to write again, creating a scene of lust, where the man takes her into his arms and places seductive kisses on her neck, tailing downward as she felt the heat inside her rise. Maria was getting into the story just when….


“Damn!” she banged the keyboard, “what now!”


Maria tried to finish the sentence and instead if typing in how the man, the hero of her story, wanted to kiss his lady, she typed ”Yeah screw that mister, no what you need is a dick, because you have NONE,”


Maria stopped typing, she glanced up at the screen, and began to laugh. She erased what she had, opened up a new document and wrote in large letters

…..Michael is a jerk….. See Michael…… Michael has no DICK…

'Oh well' she smiled as she got up to get his beer, 'maybe I should save this page, a journal to help me laugh.' She entered saved and titled the page My Life. The computer suddenly began to flash on and off, Maria panic for a second then it settled down and her page was saved, but now for some reason had a pinkish cast.

“Great I have a weird monitor,” Mara spoke out loud, as she looked at the words, they seem to glow… Michael has no DICK…. Maria began to laugh harder, then she heard a shriek.


Maria came flying out of the room, Michael never screamed like that. She found him in the front room standing there, his back to her, his shorts around his knees.


Michael turned around his face was in terror as he held his hands in front of him.

“MARIA!” his voice trembled as he spoke her name. “MARIA it is gone.” He begun to shake from the trauma that he apparently had seen.

“What is gone?” Maria stepped forward. "What has happened?”

Michael removed his hands, and believe it or not, from where his penis had once been, there was nothing but smooth skin.

Maria looked at Michael and the only thing that came to mind was the computer and what she had written. “OOOPS!”
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Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Wed Mar 07, 2007 11:06 pm

<center>The Pygmalion of Print
Part Two of Two</center>

Maria stared at Michael as her mouth dropped opened, ‘This cannot be happening.” Her mind spoke out loud,

“What the fuck Maria? Michael stood there in disbelief. “What the fuck happened?” His hands still where his cock should have been. “How does one’s cock disappear?” He looked up at Maria with such bewildered look it was almost comical.

“Michael….ummm. Oh boy. Be right back.”

Maria raced back to the room and sat in front of the eerily glowing screen. Her hands were trembling as she typed.

<center> /,/…Michael ahs a dork and noremmbverwhthapp…</center>

She looked at he screen, she was so nervous and shaking, the words were jumbled. She took a deep breath and blew out. Then erasing the screen she tried again

<center> …..Michael has a DICK and does not remember just now what happened….. </center>

She hit and save button and waited. Once again the monitor flashed and danced with lights. Once again she hear a yell form the front room.


“Oh Lord what happened now?” Maria pushed her chair back while at the same time jumping up causing it to topple. She raced down the hall to see him sitting in his chair, with cock in hand stroking it.

“Wanna taste some candy?” Michael leered at her thrusting his cock in her direction. “Little Mikey needs a pussy.”

Maria was indignant as she put her hands on her hips, he was so crude now-a0-days. Those men in that run down bar were he drank with a bunch of foul-mouth women haters. Maria blew out a breath of air as the words she was thinking sailed out as well. “Michael you are sick!”

“Sick what can of talk is that! Michael gave his cook a hard tug, as he became to rise. “You use to lick to suck my cock bitch. What it is not big enough for you. Maybe another women will like to suck it and out little Mickey deep into her cunt.”

“Yeah well you use to weigh a hell of lot less.” Maria screamed back. How dare he threaten to find another woman to fuck someone else? She was incense, “Your new woman may find it hard to see with all that fat rolled out over it.”

Michael was taken back, shit he was still in good shape, okay maybe he was overweight a little as he looked downwards at his gut. ‘Fuck’ he though, ‘I cannot see y dick, damn her’. “Well fuck you, Maria!” As he flopped back into his chair, a distinct WHOOSH sound was heard as the large ass compressed the cushion. “Get me a beer bitch.”

“Why is the beer gut empty?” Maria shot back “get it yourself.” With a huff Maria stomped off to her room.

“Damn you woman get back here and suck my dick.” Michael continued to blast obscenities her way. “Get me a beer first, you can drink my cum.” Michael laughed at his drunken remarks in the morning he would have a hangover and not remember anything. Grumbling he stood up again and then slowly he stumbled into the kitchen for more of his liquid dinner.

Maria went back to her room, slamming the door shut. Tears began to flow as she sat there in anger, tired of her life, tired of her marriage, and tired of what Michael had become. Before she could stop herself she type out

<center> Michael Gurein does not exist, he never existed. </center>

She caught herself just as her finger touched the save button. She was shaking, she so wanted out of this life, a new life the one she was meant to have with the Michael she fell in love with, her spaceboy, her lover of night fantasizes.

For several minutes she stared into the computer monitor, the screen flashed those words on and off..

<center> Michael Gurein does not exist, he never existed. </center>

With one small stroke of the finger, she could be free, free to marry another, free to love again. With one stroke of the finger she could end his life.

Maria closed her eyes as tears ran down her face. She did not want anyone else, she wanted that big blob out in the front room fucking himself. She wanted him, like he was.

Suddenly it hit her as she wiped the tears with the back of her hand, an idea: the perfect solution.

She erased what was on screen and began to type.

‘I married Michael Guerin when we were just 19. We were so much in love. A live that has not diminished one minute since we first said I DO.

The last 5 years have been blissful, Michael went to school to be an art teacher, and with me by his side he made it through the long hours of work and school. We worked together to make the marriage work, we were unified as a team, one cohesive unit.

I concentrated on him and our life putting us first and not our friends or silly television shows. Michael did the same, the harder I tried, the more he did also, resulting in our succeeding together. He worked at being the best husband a wife could want.

Together we decided to work out at the gym to help keep in shape. We even traveled a little since we now both work at good jobs full time and have decent income. We bought a small but nice house in Roswell, close the school where Michael teaches. I opened up a bakery with mom and we are specializing in homemade desserts.

Our life could not get any better, with once exception, this year we plan to conceive a child. I have the perfect husband, a great lover, a true friend and my life is back before any deviation from it’s intended destiny.’

Maria looked at what she had typed. This is what she dreamed of, the marriage they would had have if she had been more supportive, if he had been more goal orientated. Somehow after that first year of marriage that had gotten off track, she had become a couch potato daydreaming in television fantasy, spending more time with the girls than her husband. Michael lost sight of his schooling and began to hang out more and more at the bar after work.

Maria smiled, this is where they should have been and now she had a second chance. A one-time shot to reclaim what was lost and this time she would not fail nor let Michael fail. She hit the save button as the monitor flashed and danced with lights again. Seconds went pass, time was elongated held captured for each breath she took.


Maria tensed up as heard her name, she feared to turn around, to see the monster that their marriage had created. She wanted so desperately to see her Michael, the man she loved so deeply, so completely.

“Maria, come to bed my darling.”

Maria turned her head to see an older version of the teenage boy she had dated, given herself to and finally had married. Her only lover, her only friend, he had returned.

“Is something wrong? He looked at her, his eyes were smiling yet a tinge of concern passed over. “You have been writing for hours, come to bed, you can rewrite your story tomorrow.”

Maria’s body tinged as he laid a hand on her should. She turned to face him, rising slowly from the chair. Here eyes drunk in his body as he stared at him: the smooth tanned skin, curves of the muscles, the new tattoo on his left pect, he was perfect. She felt herself swoon slightly as she began to run her hands up the tight abs, her fingertips spread outwards. She breath cinched up as he looked up and into his eyes, those brown clear whiskey eyes. Maria was in a daze; her mind was having trouble grasping what had happened. She felt as if she was 19 and this was their wedding night all over again.

“Maria,” Michael whispered as he drew a thumb across her chin. “Do you remember what we wanted to do in this year?” He began to kiss her neck drawing her up and against him.

Maria could feel his length grow harder through his silky pajama bottoms, as he clutched her ass pulling her against him, inciting her core to want him, to desire him. She was in a dream as he lifted he up into his arms and carried her to the bed.

He placed a knee on the bed as he lowered her down gently, covering her body with his as he slowly kissed his way to find her pulse point as his hand examined her breast. She was so soft and silky. Her breast fit into the palm of his hand and the nipple harden at his touch. He heard her sight and then gasp as he slightly squeezed the hard tip. Responding to his touch, Maria’s hands meandered downwards and were stroking the hardness beneath the thin layer of black silk. Michael began moaning loudly and found himself softly thrusting into Maria’s hand. His breath was ragged as Maria started to pull at the waistband of his silk pajamas down eager for him to leap forward into her hands.

She was stroking Michael, feeling his harden length grow even longer and harder in her hands, the tip began to weep as she spread the fluid over his cock.

He moved his knee between Maria’s thighs and gently parted them His hands began to wander down her body delighting in the coolness of her skin. His destination was between her legs where she was on fire eagerly awaiting his intrusion.

Michael’s chest was moving with rapid intakes of air as slowly encircled her opening and slid one finger between the folds to find her wet. Gently he pushed in as Maria tightened around him and gasped loudly. He slipped in another finger and started to slowly moving in and out. Maria began to thrust her hips increasingly upward forcing him to pick up the speed, sending her spiraling out of control.

Mara closed her eyes as the sensations washed over her again and again. Maria felt her body being elevated higher and higher. She was never coming off this high; it felt way too good.

Then Michael abruptly removed his fingers as she began her descent only to have him suddenly fill her in one swift movement. She soared higher than ever before as he plunged deeper and deeper inside of her. Just when she felt she could take no more and was ready to climax, Michael changed his tactic and sent her further over the edge than she had ever been before. Maria felt the universe open up to her.

Her body yelped as an energy beyond measure surged though her. She wanted more and clawed at Michael’s back, shoulders, and arms. Maria was unable to open her eyes, as images of Michael’s past, his hopes, his love, and his wants assaulted her. Maria was inside his mind occupying the space behind the stonewalls. Then suddenly the world shattered into a million specks of light as she felt herself come apart and shake as the energy left her body and she fell like a rag doll onto the bed.

The experience was the most earth shattering sex she had ever had, sex that resulted in a future family for them. Maria smiled the program she would save this was their new futures, their true destiny, a chance to redeem themselves.