My Darling, One Last Valentine (CC/M/L/Teen) Complete 3/1/07

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My Darling, One Last Valentine (CC/M/L/Teen) Complete 3/1/07

Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Wed Feb 14, 2007 9:23 am


Title: My Darling, One Last Valentine

Author: suicide_eagle_rath

Pairing: CC M/L

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.

Summary:. The last love letter written from Max to Liz on their wedding 72nd anniversary. The letter is discovered by their son, Alexander and read by him to his wife Ella.

Warning: …. a sappy gooey heart wrenching love letter…..

Author note: The story may be a small contribution to Roswell fiction but one with lots of meaning in relationship to the idea of romance and love ... the heart of Roswell itself ...personally I think this selection turned out quite well ... a rarity for me to admit ...

CC Version: There is a UC version of this story One Last Valentine done originally for the contest at Majik's World of Fan Fic called New Year, New Challenge! Romancing Fifthwheel
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Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Wed Feb 14, 2007 9:26 am

My Darling, One Last Valentine
One Part Only


“Alex, are you okay?”

“She is gone Ella.”

Ella took her husband’s hand, “My darling Alex your mother lived a long life. The doctors thought she would die long ago. For that you must be grateful.”

“I know Father keep her alive way past her mortal destiny.”

“He keep her comfortable in this last few months, the time has been hard on all of us. Time is now to heal.”

“No you do not understand. They are gone Ella, they are both gone.”

“Oh no, honey I am so sorry.”

“How could he die, he was not fully human.” He turned to face his wife of over twenty years, the tears stained his cheeks. “The doctors found him next to her, they think he died only seconds after she did.”

“I know Alex, but your father was connected to her, their love was eternal. Did you truly think one would continue to exist without the other?”

“He lived for her Ella, he died with her last breath.”

“Alex, what is that in your hands?”

“His last letter to her. Every Valentine’s day on their wedding anniversary he would write this long sentimental love letter in his own hand. He would tie it with a ribbon and leave it on the pillow for her to read. Dad always said it was silly and sappy thing to do and he only did it because Mom loved the letters. But I knew he loved to write them to her, I caught him crying one time when I was a teenager as he sat composing.”

“They loved each other very much.”

“Yes, a rare event.”

“Read me his letter, “My Darling” read me the “One Last Valentine.”

<center>My Darling, Liz, my love, my hope, my dreams, my beautiful sweet wife </center>

My dearest love, my eternal flame, to you I compose these words of love, admiration, veneration, and friendship. My love, even today I still awake, my mind and soul filled with thoughts of you, my life; my eternal companion throughout the ages, in this life or of the next.

Ah my beloved, should that I paint a picture of the love held inside this mortal confides of my heart; canvas so vast would be needed to contained all that is me from our first kiss to your last breath. For what you were and forever will be, my enduring sanctuary from the world, mio dolce amor, my sweet love for none came before you and none shall come after you.

Memories fall back into time, days vanish, years slip away as we once again stood in that awkward silence, not knowing what to say: the word thanks was never deep enough. That day of infamy, that immortal day that threw us together, that day is riveted to my being.

You looked so adorable in your cute alien waitress outfit, the heads bopping along with each step, the skirt barely covered your posterior. I use to sit there in those seats, just hopping it would creep up a little farther. I admit I was a boy in lust, no a boy in love.

I can still hear the men arguing the tension filled the café. Then in horror, I saw you die. I saw the bullet as it struck deep into your body, in the slowest of motions you dropped to the floor. I had no choice in saving your life; not to do so would have ended mine.

In those fleeting few seconds between life and death, in that spilt second our destiny, our future together was born.

I saw that day what made your Liz, what made your soul, your body. We became one, a flame that would not be extinguished, a passion that could not be stopped. A love I desired and sought out, never to regret, never to look back upon in shame.

That day was but the beginning, a start of a life that poets only write of, a blissful life depicted in those golden Hollywood movies. How did I get so fortunate to find you, my dear Liz, my wife, my friend, my lover, my existence,

My dearest do you know this is our wedding day, no that is wrong, how the mind slips, it is the anniversary of our wedding. I still remember every detail as if it was yesterday maybe it was today. Do you remember that day Valentine’s Day, my love, can you still see it in your mind? We were but twenty, so naïve and young with love fresh on our lips and tongues on that day so long ago.

I still find a thrill in the feel of your hand, though so cold, so very cold, now as I sit here in this inferno damnation of a hospital. It is only time I know my love before we part, I cannot defy death.

The world then was so small, so different, so much has happened in the last 72 years since we said I DO. It was the beginning a new era, an opening of realms before were never thought possible, and we, my love, were their to witness man’s greatest triumphs and worse defeats.

We together have roamed the vast world, seen sights one only envisions through brightly colored travel books, we have met the most fascinating people and raised loving children. All that I experience and lived could not have been done without you by my side, my support, my love.

Most couples barely it make it to 30 years, our love doubled that, every minute of our together you never left my mind nor my bed, can a husband ask for anything more. But I received so much more, I had you, your devotion, love, friendship, forces that kept me on this earth far pass my due date. But now in the twilight years of our life the darkness descends rapidly. My bargain with the reaper is coming to a close, for I asked only to be with you, eternally, you would never feel loneliness.

Now I sit here on this final Valentine, our last anniversary, my soul aches for you with sorrow, for there can be no rest for our devotion of one to the other. For a lifetime you have been there, my rock of Gilbrater, with you we have raised a family, with you I have cried, and with you I have lived. This last Valentine I write with hope that you will hear though the fog and the midst, that your passage will be easy, now that you my love are the eternal flame.

My children I ask that you look to the world around you and see us everyday, for your parents have not left you but have transcended time and space. Your mother and I are in the sky, the wind, every blade of grass, every grain of sand, all that you see we are there. Love your spouses and my grandchildren with devotion unyielding, with all you heart and soul, make them your life, you will never regret that small decision. We are in your children, our continued existence and now you live now for them, as we lived and loved for you.

I hear the trumpets calling, the drums awakening, they are calling us, my love, it is time to go. In these last fleeting moments, the past is so crystal clear, every detail, touch, smell, sound they are all real, tangible once again. In these last few seconds, I have experienced my entire 92 years of life: the joy, the sorrow, the anger, the love, the despair, the hope. It is as if in these last seconds of breath, time stood still, let me savor, remember one final time.


It is with a clear conciseness and a full heart that I can freely state
I do not regret my life, any decisions, or my love to you dear Liz, my eternal aflame.

Devoted always and for a day
Your Loving Husband


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