Rhythm: Rain and Pain (UC/Adt/Slash) Pt 7 06/23/07 Complete

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Rhythm: Rain and Pain (UC/Adt/Slash) Pt 7 06/23/07 Complete

Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Wed Apr 25, 2007 9:27 pm


Title: Rhythm: Rain and Pain

Co-authors: suicide_eagle_rath and RiaRath101

Rating: Adult

Pairings: UC

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.

Summary: On Antar Zan committed a horrendous act against Rath, an act that was buried deep into Rath’s subconscious. Now in their new bodies both the Dupe Rath and Michael begin to remember this act, thrusting them to act of revenge and to take their anger out on the essence of Zan in this world.

Please note: The wonderful banner is done by RiaRath101
This piece is betaed by Roslover 39 .. thank you for all you hard work.

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<center> Rhythm: Rain and Pain


It was the rhythm of the rain, that constant pattering against the tin roof. That sound, that infernal noise piercing the skull that entered Michael’s subconscious. It was something from the past something connected to the rain, to pain, and to blood. Michael stirred in the hot van, the air was thick and hot with depleted oxygen as he sunk deeper into a hallucination. No this was no dream but a nightmare, a damnable existence that he was being cast into. Michael turned his head as he was disturbed by the vision he saw flashed upon his closed eyelids. They could not be true, he thought. That event could not had happened.

Then the memory opened up, flooding his core with the essence that was his former self. He was forced to relive the event and bring the pain from concealment to the surface. Zan who committed a horrendous act,he betrayed their friendship and took what was not his. .

The event that night predestined Antar’s fall in the end. That night, if foretold would have kept one far from the other. For when a man, if he be destined to Kingship or to labor hard, can be driven to madness, and commit acts to hurt another without regret or remorse.

Michael moaned in his sleep as the dream plane delivered him to the past. He was there, standing in a bedroom and yet, it was real to Michael because he had been there before. He could smell the flowers drifting in from the garden below. He could also feel the braziers heat as they keep the chill out. Then he became the focal point as he melted into the dream and became Rath, the warrior of Antar.

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<center> Rhythm: Rain and Pain

The Night of Hell on Antar

He found himself staring at a mirror, the face that stared back was of a Rath barely out of his teens. Young, yes but already a battle harden warrior. On the battlefield he had been baptized in blood and fire, but in social circles and common everyday life, he was ignorant,; naïve even. He had been sheltered by the Warrior’s Temple Complex for most of his life, and knew little of what went on outside that narrow spectrum.

Rath wrapping a the towel low about his hips after he stepped out of the shower. Slowly he walked back into his bedroom while drying his hair with another towel. The shower felt good as it washed away the blood and dirt from the day’s battle. Covering his head in the towel like a prayer shawl, Rath made his way over to an armoire that held his nightclothes. His body was tired and the muscles ached as he selected a pair of black silk bed-pants and matching shirt.He turned around to throw his clothes onto the bed when he let out a small gasped in surprise at the sight that met him. Zan was lying in the middle of his bed wearing only a pair of navy silk bed-pants with a wineglass in hand, smiling. Already it was obvious he had had a little too much to drink.

“Zan, you almost stopped my heart." Rath laughed as he threw the towel that was covering his head at Zan. “Thanks a lot. So, what brings you here?"

Zan tossed the towel onto the floor and stared at Rath with fixed eyes. Then he drained a glass that had been filled to the brim with thick sweet red liquid. He said nothing as he sat up and leaned forward to grab a bottle he had placed on the low chest that sat at the foot of Rath’s bed. Zan refilled his glass, then held it skyward in the light. He was admiring the dark rich red color which resembled the color of blood.

"I brought you this,” he proclaimed while handing Rath the glass of liquid. “Drink!”

Rath took the glass and smelled the contents. There was no doubt in his mind that the liquid was made from Crimson Berries. Those berries were found in the forests about sea level and were prized for their deep blood color, when made into wine. Rath saw them once in person. They appeared as if drops of blood had been collected on the green lush leaves.

Those berries made a powerful drink, a wine not to be taken lightly. It was not a wine to laugh with or drink at dinner; but a wine to fear for few men could remain sane after consuming a large quantity. It fooled the mind and dulled the senses.

The wine had been forbidden by his teachers at the Warrior temple, for it was a dangerous wine they warned. It is this wine, this symbolic liquid that warriors cherished and rejoiced with after battles, reminiscent of the old tradition when they drank the blood of their enemy. The wine called in the vernacular sangr’uius, yet warriors called it Enemy’s Blood.

“Shay’tan Warriors do not participate in the festival of the blood-moon.” He said as he handed the glass back to Zan and stepped away to finish dressing.

“No, but Kandahar warriors do.” Zan looked at him with his eyes on fire as he rose from the bed and stepped toward him. ” Are you not one, or do you deny your ancestral lines?"

“Well yea…”

“No well yeah,” Zan said in a mocking voice. “Drink!” Zan shoved the glass up to Rath’s lips. “It will make you feel incredible.”

Zan watched as Rath’s lips parted at the kiss of the glass. The liquid burned on its journey down his throat, leaving in its wake an intoxicating taste and aroma. Within a few seconds, Rath felt different, calmer, and more carefree.

“You should be celebrating your victory not sitting in your room mediating or repenting for those that you killed. "They opposed us and they deserved death.” Zan’s voice was strong with a definite arrogant overtone.

He refilled the glass and took another drink. “Want more, I brought several bottles.” Zan was certainly pleased with his offering as he sweeped his hand toward the floor where several bottles lay after having fallen out of a tote bag.

Pressing the glass into Rath’s hand, Zan jumped off the bed, picked up several of the bottles and strode over to the black leather sofa that faced the roaring fireplace. The night was chilly and the fire was a perfect addition for spreading its warmth throughout the room,as the rain begun to fall gently outside.

The light danced and flickered across ancient stone walls; falling across the sumptuous soft velvet throws on the sofa, making the area quite cozy. There were luxurious fur rugs spread on the floor by the hearth inviting one to stretch out close to the flames. Zan sank into a corner of the sofa, placing his bottles on the dark wooden table in front of him. Patting the space next to him he said, “Come here!” It was not a request but an order.

Rath drank from the glass greedily, then threw it on the bed, as he watched Zan on the sofa, enticing him to follow. He grabbed his pants and pulled them on but not without considerable trouble. It seemed as thought the pant legs kept moving out from under him every time he went to put his leg in. Finally, he slid the pants over his hips. Deciding he really did not need a shirt; he walked over to the sofa, grabbing his glass as he passed and plopped down next to Zan.

Zan had dispensed with using a glass and was drinking straight from the bottle. “You need your glass filled.” He took Rath’s glass and filled it, drank some of the wine then held the glass for Rath to drink from, “Drink up!” His words were slurred and his mind was foggy as he leaned in to drink from the glass offered by Zan.

Zan surveyed Rath while letting his gaze settle on his full lips.Zan yearned to feel those lips. It is said that Shay’tan warriors contained great power that could be used for good or evil. He had heard stories of sexual acts in which the power created mind blowing orgasms. Zan smiled at the thought that he wanted Rath.
He wanted to inhabit him physically, mentally and to own his soul.

“Drink more,” Zan encouraged, tipping the glass up, forcing more than a sip into Rath’s mouth.

Zan knew the wine would work on Rath to loosening him up, bring him closer to sex and himself closer to harnessing the raw power trapped inside Rath. Zan wanted that power, wanted to taste the evil.He needed to control the Shay’tan and their secrets to ultimately bring them to him on their knees. Never had a King done this, for the Shay’tan had always remained free of domination, political control. They remained totally autonomous.

Zan wanted to be the first King to do, so he planned, even though his seat on the throne was years away. He would show the galaxy that he was truly the greatest King that ever lived.

To achieve this greatness he needed to know more about the Shay’tan's secrets. Rath was just the person to supply the information, yet he would not give up those secrets willingly. Sex will be Rath's downfall, thought Zan as he planned out how to control him, his power, and his knowledge. As he watched Rath drink, a drop of wine slowly ran down his chin onto his chest. Zan reached over and licked the drop off. Feeling Rath tremble under his tongue before he sat back.

“You should attend the blood-moon festival; it is wild, primal, carnal.” Zan looked at Rath hoping to get a reaction from the young male. “You would be shocked at the transgressions that are committed within that thirty-six hour time span.” Zan moved a little closer and felt Rath’s breath as he whispered in his ear. “There are those who go as far as have sex in the middle of the room while everyone else is gyrating to the beating of the drums. Do you know what sex is?” Slowly Zan let his hand trace its way up Rath’s thigh and waited for his reply.

“Zan, I may be years younger than you but I am not a child. I know what happens during sex. I have seen it and been a part of it.” Rath took the glass from Zan, filled it with more of the delectable brew and drank its contents. Filling it again, he held it to Zan’s lips and watched as he partook of the liquid. Rath could feel his heart beating rapidly as his chest rose and fell. The wine was slowly breaking down his defenses as it overloaded his senses.

Zan licked his lips after drinking the offering, but left some of the liquid in the glass. “You may know the actual mechanics of sex, but have you experienced the emotions that going with it?” Zan dipped his finger into the wine and let the drops fall onto Rath’s chest. “During the blood-moon festival, everyone participates.They do so willingly, fervently, lustfully, and passionately.” He then leaned in to lap up the drops as his hand pressed down on Rath’s thigh. The touch sent a small electrical charge upwards as Zan asked, “Have you ever made love with fire, with ice, with abandonment?”

“No!” Rath managed to spit out just before the electrical impulse hit him in the center of his groin. Suddenly he was feeling very warm because the center of his being was inflamed. If not careful he knew this fervor could consume him as he asked Zan, “Have you participated?”

“No, they would know it was me,” Zan said. “The one crappy thing about being is crown-prince royal is that you are limited in what you may and may not do and watched constantly. A couple of times I was lucky enough to view the event through a scope.”

By now, Zan was very drunk and could feel himself grow more domineering and arrogant with each passing second. Placing both hands on Rath’s thighs, he trailed them upwards slowly as he exclaimed, “I could see how free they were and how wild the sex was.” He felt Rath‘s muscles contract as he spread out his palms to apply pressure to his legs and hips. “Tonight, I have sent for my harem favorites.”

Zan brushed one hand against the bulge that appeared in Rath’s lap.The contact made Rath gasp and jump slightly as he noticed Zan smiling at his reactions. Then he closed his eyes to try and gain control over the sensations that were flooding him. “Until they arrive...” Zan brought his hand over the fabric and started kneading the swollen length beneath. “We can occupy ourselves.”

Zan shifted his weight by placing one knee on each side of Rath’s hips and now he was face to face with him. “Open your eyes.” Zan whispered in his ear, pressing their chests together while enjoying Rath’s rapid breaths.

Rath opened his eyes and sensed that Zan was staring right into his soul. “When I am King, I will participate in the blood-moon rituals no matter what. I will make it law.” Zan brought one hand slowly up Rath’s chest to savor the silky texture. “All the warriors will bow before me and ready themselves to do my bidding.”

Zan could not control his thoughts as his mind clouded over with feelings of preeminence and power. He was to be the imperial sovereign; obeyed by all. He leaned his forehead inward until it touched Rath’s. “Even you shall kneel before and serve me. You will be eager to want and feel me. You will obey me; you will be forced to.”

Zan was expecting to hear Rath moan in his thirst and ache for him, asking how he might satisfy his king this night. Zan’s ego was inflating higher and higher. The wine burned into his blood so much so, that he barely heard Rath's words, “I will never kneel down to you Zan.”

The words were caught in dead space.Zan Pulled back from Rath and questioned,” What did you say?”

“I said that I will NEVER be forced to kneel down to you,” Rath replied with confidence

Zan could not believe his ears.

There was a dead cold look in Rath's eyes. “I will never kneel before you to service you like that. I am a Shay’tan Warrior and we will never be forced to bow down to any king.” After tasting freedom, Rath knew that could never be a slave with a master as he was in the Shay’tan Temple. Never again would he be forced to serve anyone like that; not even Zan.

“When I am the King you must obey me!” Zan stood up looking down at Rath.

“No! I will never be forced.”



Rath was shaking from the drink as he stood up to face Zan and explain his thoughts. “Zan I can nev…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Zan’s fist collided with his jaw. The impact sent Rath sprawling on the floor. Zan's body fed on the rush created from the physical contact as he towered above Rath.

Dazed from the wine and the unexpected blow,Rath got up from the floor quickly. He was rubbing his chin when Zan punched him in the nose.The assault put him back down on the floor.

Rath looked up to find Zan standing over him in superiority. A faraway expression washed across Zan’s face as his eyes flashed of fire and hatred.They were eyes that would stop at nothing until he dominated Rath physically, and emotionally.

At that moment, Rath feared for his life and his warrior instincts kicked in. Faster than Zan could react, Rath jumped up and struck back. With precision, he landed simultaneous blows to Zan’s stomach, chest, and face. The fight was on, fueled by the wine and two powerful psyches. Equal in strength; each easily dominated the other for a few moments only to relinquish the position just as fast.

This was Zan's fight for dominance and was determined to triumph for territorial rights and for his right as a future king. Rath needed to be taught a lesson on how to obey and never oppose his will. Zan knew he had to win as they flew over the back of the sofa and landing hard on their sides. He wrapped his legs wrapped around Rath's waist, he brought his torso down and then rolled over so that Rath was under him.

That only made Rath struggle more to get free from Zan, who was getting off on the physical struggle.
"Stop it!" Zan yelled. ”Rath, I order you to stop it now.” He jabbed his knees into Rath’s thighs while effectively trapping his arms above his head with one hand.

Then with the one hand he slapped Rath violently across the face. Rath stopped briefly surprised by the slap when Zan slapped him again savagely.Then he dared Rath to move; which of course he did. Zan clenched his hand in a tight fist and drew back struck a severe blow. It effectively knocked Rath out.

Zan stood up and peered down at his victim. “Why can't you just obey me, Is it that hard? I say kneel and you kneel ; end of conversation.” Zan turned toward the sofa to get a drink breathing hard and unable to focus his thoughts.

Rath pretended to be unconscious, so that when Zan turned his back, he leaped up and rushed for the door. Zan saw Rath run out of the corner of his eye and did not waste a second to block the way.

Rath turned and crossed his expansive bed while aiming for the balcony door located to the right side of it. He felt his legs give as hands on his calves pulled him. The action made him fall downward onto the fur covered bed as Zan moved on top of him quickly. Rath's resistance was hindered as he tried to push off the soft bed with his hands. Taking advantage of the situation, Zan pressed his knees into the small of Rath’s back thereby immobilizing him. Zan grabbed Rath’s arms and twisted one behind his back, elating an agonizing groan of pain from his helpless trophy.

"I'm sorry Rath, but you brought this on yourself. It is your fault that I have to do this. You should have agreed to kneel before me. I cannot have my future Second-in-Command not obey or kneel down to me.”

”Second-in-Command,” Rath punctuated out in surprise.

“Yes, don’t you know that your destiny is to marry Vilandra, be in charge of the army and be my lover? You will be my second because It is what I wish.”

“No, I make my own choices.” Rath reared up his hips in an effort to buck Zan off. “I do not want to be your lover.”

Scanning the room, Zan noticed the gold satin cords on the drapes that covered the balcony doors. With a wave of his hand, two of the cords floated over to the bed. He willed one end of each to curl around Rath’s wrists and form tight knots. The other ends of the cord were pulled taut around his arms as they created a strong knot at the head of the bedpost.

The wine had sealed off Rath’s powers, making him weak, unable to defend himself effectively.

"Zan, what are you doing?" Rath began to shake. "Why are you hurting me?"
Zan was high on the feeling of dominance. This was the most powerful feeling he had ever experienced and Rath’s emotions were fueling that desire. "I've already told you, Rath I'm establishing dominance. I am the future king and you will obey me. You are my property."

Rath began to panic; he had never felt so open, so violated before. The wine defiled his body and he could not summon his powers, making it impossible to function. His muscles were like gelatin, unable to hold his weight or to move the way he wished.

He was not going to submit as he squirmed under the ropes. He was a warrior who had earned his tittle and rank in blood and war. Visions of when he was more a child than a man flood back to his remembrance. A time when a master abused him, hurt him, and used him for his own sexual gratification. He enjoyed tying up the boy for hours and watching him cry out in a dark cavern where no one could hear him beneath the temple square.

Visions of the pain that was inflicted on his physical and psychological well-being were coursing through Rath, resulting in wave after wave of pure terror. "No, Zan don't. Please don't, I will submit to you. Please just untie me. Please just let me go and I will kneel down." Rath whimpered as his mind slipped into a childhood fear he never could escape. The terrified child inside was being raised to the surface.

The wine had made his senses even more acute. The cords felt like weights on his limbs, and the tautness was excruciating to Rath. Images, sounds, light, and smells were intensified. The rain hitting the glass door became intense with each drop plummeting into Rath's consciousness like a knife piercing him over and over.

Rath was being bombarded, assaulted with sensory input while feelings of betrayal, guilt, rejection, abandonment, uselessness, and ultimately resignation washed over him. He found himself drowning in a sea of abuse.

“I have learned my lesson." Rath moved his head from side to side to trying to get a view of Zan. " I will never disobey you again. Please Zan, let up the ropes.”

“Too late!” Two more cords flew across the room wrapping about Rath’s ankles. The pulled taut cords wrenched his legs apart to the right and left sides of the bedpost. He was now spread eagle and nude from the waist up on the bed. His limbs were stretched with the curve of every tight muscle and tendon evident.

Zan looked down at Rath’s back and began to rub his muscles slowly. Starting at the lower back and spreading his palms out with his thumbs aligned along Rath’s spine, he worked his way up. He was amazed at how hard Rath's muscles were under the creamy flesh as he shook. His terror level had reached an all-new high.

Zan felt the tremors and leaned forward whispering in his ear, "Just relax. You will enjoy it, I promise." Zan kissed his back, “I am very good. You will see.” Stopping at his shoulders, his eyes were intent on gazing at the warrior’s tattoo that spanned the shoulder. “Did that hurt,” He asked as he bent down, kissed and nipped the tattoo and the flesh underneath lovingly.

“Yes,” Rath felt Zan’s hands and heard his words but he could not calm down. His body was shaking openly as tears began to form in his eyes. Rath’s mind was in deep conflict. He had trusted and maybe even loved Zan, but now he was committing the same acts of sex and violence that that old vile master done to him so long. Maybe this is what really happens in life,he thought. Acts like this were the only kind of love he had ever experienced.

Rath started pulling at the cords as fear gripped him again. He began arching his back in an attempt to dislodge Zan and break free. “Stop Rath, lie still.” Zan stopped rubbing his back and sat back on his butt. Then he placed his hand at the small of Rath’s back and shot a bolt of energy from his hands. The blow temporarily paralyzed Rath from thought or action. ”Now that is better,” said Zan as he went back to caressing his now very stunned and still prey.

Rath’s pants disappeared when Zan waved his hand over them. Then he looked around and found a bolster pillow, which he slipped under Rath’s hips. The tension on the cords around his ankles was released just enough to pull Rath up onto his knees. Zan could feel his excitement grow; the drug of power was peaking as he looked down at Rath’s naked body. He felt as if it were inviting him to the masterdom of Rath. With a wave, Zan rid himself of own his pants. His cock was swollen, the tip weeping and aching for release. He stroked himself slowly as he watched Rath’s body shake and tremble and thought, this was his property to do with as he saw fit.

Zan could control the urge no longer. Grasping Rath’s hips, firmly he placed the tip of his cock at the anal entrance. "Just relax, Rath, just relax.” With that, Zan slammed his whole length inside Rath, who then collapsed from the sudden pain onto the bed. Zan forced him back onto his knees by slapping his butt hard. “Relax!”

Rath stopped breathing briefly from the sudden impact of Zan’s cock attacking his body from the inside. Blood began to seep from his lips as he bit down. He tried not to cry out in pain as Zan continued his assault; one searing thrust after another. “Zan …you’re… hurting ….me,” Rath managed to gasp out in short bursts.

"Shh, it'll feel better soon." Zan was lost in his own world of lust and power. He was raping Rath but not just physically. He was stealing a power, an energy that was incredibly raw, untamed and primal. Zan did not know anyone who contained so much power. He fed on the electrical charges that crackled with each thrust. “This feels good, I told you.”

Rath did not feel good; what he felt was pain, betrayal, fire, and coldness. Zan’s rough actions torn the tissue,causing blood to drip from Rath’s ass. He was being literally ripped from the insides out and this was far from pleasurable. His muscles, skins, and bones were being bruised and battered from the rough sex act.

He started to yell for Zan to stop hoping the guards would hear him. And Zan did stop, just long enough to shoot another energy bolt into Rath and then stuffed a gag in his mouth. With that done Zan resumed his rhythm, this time more savagely than before.

Zan never even noticed the blood as it pooled under Rath’s body. Zan climbed higher and higher looking for an opening into Rath’s mind where his center of power laid. Deep bruises formed on Rath’s hips from Zans fingers forcing his hips to crash backward onto his cock repeatedly. Bloody welts were shaped in the impressions of the fingers that held him tight and embossed his skin. Then with a crack of thunder, Zan’s world exploded in a white-blue blinding light show. The orgasm crashed over him with each wave growing more and intense. With each wave, he thrusted viciously while driving his seed deep inside of Rath’s body in the same way he would impregnate a mate in the bonding ritual. Then Zan finally collapsed on top of the immobile body beneath him while panting heavily.

Rath never felt Zan’s body as it dropped onto him, he was already passed out due to the pain and heightened sense of terror that Zan had caused. In the end, Rath’s mind snapped. With his will broken, he accepted defeat. He would become the King’s lover and lie in his bed when called upon. Doomed to never know love without pain.


The rain continued as the drops echoed against the window.

Michael was jolted awake. It was still raining and the night was ink black as he looked outside the grimy window. Glancing around, he noticed that everyone was asleep in the small, cramped Volkswagen. That is everyone but Max. He insisted on driving as usual and he looked so innocent as Michael stared at him. He wanted revenge and to him Max was Zan because he carried the essence inside him. Michael swallowed hard; never before had he felt such anger and felt such rage build up inside him. He felt as though he could kill Max right then and there for what Zan had put him through. The revelation of what happened to him in what had to be his past life shook Michael to the core. Vengeance festered in his psyche and revenge was the foremost thought.

Max pulled into a motel as he brought the van to a stop. Getting out he went into the office. Then Instantly Michael felt an odd sensation that someone he had attachments to was close by. Michael looked around but could see nothing, yet he still felt something so strong.

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Rhythm:Rain and Pain Uc Adult Pt 2

Post by RiaRath101 » Mon May 14, 2007 1:13 pm

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<center> Rhythm: Rain and Pain
The Hell on Earth

Rath smirked as he watched Zan; wondering when his victim would wake.He was laid out before him cuffed and shackled to the bed.Rath used thick steel cuffs to bind his wrists together along with thick shackles connected with a chain so his legs could be moved in any position desired. Both gadgets were impossible to break even with alien powers. Not that Zan had use of his powers at the moment since he had miscalculated.

Zan had gone willingly to the local bar believing that Rath was going back to the abandoned house they found afterwards. Little did he know that Rath found the house months ago.He planned on showing Zan just who the man was. Rath had waited until last call to slip the cocaine into Zan's drink knowing that would only hinder his powers temporarily.

Leaning closer, Rath declared to Zan , “Downs dat so we can jets.” Nodding his head yes, Zan downed the drink in one gulp. Rath smirked when Zan set the glass down on the bar. “What’s da smirk for,”Zan asked. Knowing how to play Zan, he whispered, “Just thinkin about how’s ya gonna make me feel.” Zan licked his lips instantly falling for it. Getting up from the bar stool, he stumbled slightly growling,“Should have stopped at da one before.”

Rath raised his right eyebrow while following Zan through the bar. He knew just how long it would take for the drug to invade his system. Leading Zan over to the black firebird, he said, “Iz drivin.” Zan nodded his head in agreement while opening the passenger side door. Climbing into the car, he closed the door and waited anxiously for Rath to get into the car. He couldn’t wait to get back to their new crib. Rath opened the driver’s door and climbed into the car. He knew that Zan was thinking about how he was going to make him his b’tch like on Antar.

Rath started the engine and shifted the gears. While pulling onto the street, he was tempted to speed. Zan watched Rath;his mind filling with thoughts of how he was going to make him scream in pleasure. Glancing out the window to see if they were close to the crib, Zan wondered how Rath could stand being this far away from the city. His head started to feel fuzzy as Rath pulled into the driveway. Rath opened the garage door with his mind and pulled the car into the garage. He shut the engine off as Zan mumbled, “Ya put somethin in my drink.”

Rath turned his head and looked coldly at Zan. “Ya one stupid fuck ta think dat Iz would lets ya fuck me. Especially makes me ya b’tch. Iz bows down ta no one,”Rath growled. Zan fiddled with the door as the fear he felt started to show in his hazel eyes. He felt his limbs become weaker with each movement he made. Rath smirked, enjoying the look of fear as he watched Zan pass out.

Growling in annoyance, Rath opened the driver’s door and climbed out. With a wave of his hand; the garage door closed. Opening the passenger's side door, he yanked Zan out by the collar of his hooded sweat shirt and Tossed him over his shoulder. Then he opened the door to the house and walked inside. Kicking the door closed, he carried Zan through the house into the bedroom.He had set up everything while waiting for this moment.

Rath tossed Zan onto a bed covered with fur. The bed was almost identical to the one that Zan used to brutally raped him on Antar. Deciding that having him on his stomach was not how he wanted him, he rolled Zan onto his back. Then he pulled him down to the middle of the bed . Using his powers,Rath removed everything from Zan’s body. Grabbing the cuffs and shackles, he secured Zan into place. Iz can change how ya positioned later. This will do for now, he thought to himself as he worked.

Glancing away from Zan, Rath looked at the many toys he brought and laid out. You almost couldn’t see the wood on the table; he had so many toys. There was a twelve inch dildo with a handle, a cock ring with vibrating bullet, nipple clamps, weights for the balls, a harness and gates of hell. There was also a whip with metal studs on the end, a metal cane,several different wooden canes, He also had several different leather paddles. They could bring either pain or pleasure depending on how they were used.

Rath couldn’t decide which toy he wanted to use first. But he knew he liked the idea of having Zan hard the whole time he tortured him. Deciding on the Gates of hell, he picked up the leather strap holding the seven steel rings. Rath slipped his tongue out of his mouth and played with the piercing on his bottom lip. Reaching out, he slipped the largest ring over the balls. Then the other rings went from the base of Zan's cock up to the head. He snickered knowing Zan's pain would be immense when he became hard.

Rath sat down in an over stuffed chair. It was the only piece of furniture that didn't go with the decor of the room. He wanted it to resemble his quarters on Antar. Now he was ready and all he wanted to hear was Zan begging him not to make him his b’tch. Ironic since this is what ya have been tryin to do to me, he thought. “Who’s da man now?”Rath growled. He narrowed his eyes remembering how Zan bossed him around in this life since they were hatched. One thing's for sure, ya the same cocky asshole now that ya was then. His stomach tightened in knots while he thought about how Zan practically killed him in their past life.

That memory was one of the first things that Rath remembered when he hatched from his pod. He swore on that day that he would never bow down to anyone. His b’tches all bowed down to him and did anything he wanted them to do. They all loved how he seemed to have a sexual stamina that never seemed to stop. He smirked knowing it was because he was an alien.

Thoughts of his sex life had Rath wondering how he ended up with someone he never imagined being with in his wildest dreams. Rath glanced at the clock knowing that Zan would not be satisfied even after being with Ava for hours. He took great pleasure in making her scream in pain. His need to protect her was the only reason he didn't sound proof his room from the noise.. Each scream and whimper he heard fueled his desire for revenge.

Every cell in his body was telling him there was something different about her screams tonight. The vibrations she was giving off was making the hair on his body stand on end. He intended to find out the moment Zan left the crib. Hearing Zan grunt in pleasure, he knew he would have Ava safe in his arms in a matter of minutes. Unable to stay still, he jumped off the bed and started to pace in his room.

Rath stood by his door as Zan stumbled around in his room. Hearing that familiar click as the front door to their crib closed, he quickly walk out of the room he shared with Lonnie. He knew she wouldn’t return till just before Zan. She was fucking Niko in hopes it would get her a one way ticket back to Antar. Reaching the door, he braced himself knowing that he would find Ava badly beaten. Rath had been healing her body so there were only surface bruising from the first night Zan made his claim on her.

Bile rose up in his throat as Rath looked at the bed. It was so much blood that it reminded him of what had happened on Antar. He noticed her breathing seemed shallower this time and practically ran over to the bed. Ava opened her eyes when Rath lifted her limp body into his arms. Her eyes seemed glassy as he placed his hand on her body..He healed just enough so she could breath correctly before carrying her out of the bedroom and down the hall to the bathroom.caused

Kicking the bathroom door shut once inside, Rath quickly started the water in the shower wanting to wash the blood away so he could see the extent of her injuries. “Ya can’t heal me," Ava said. Rath ignored her thinking Zan had finally caused her to lose her mind. Stepping into the shower, he closed the door and brought them both into the water. Ava whimpered as the warm water came in contact with her skin. Rath growled not caring t about Zan finding out this time.

Ava attempted to swat his hand away from her. She told him, “Zan drugged me," but Rath concentrated on healing every one of her injuries. He growled feeling whatever Zan had given her entering his blood. Ava gasped noticing not even one bruise marring her skin. Rath gripped the tiles feeling the drug racing through his veins. He groaned undeniably aware that this time for some reason he couldn’t deny the effect she had on him. Ava smiled noticing that she and the drug was making him lose control.

“Ya knows its nice ta see ya smile even thought its at my expense”Rath growled. Ava placed her hand on his chest and slowly ran her fingers downward. “Iz tolds ya not ta heal me”Ava said. Rath growled before breathing in deeply. He was having a hard time not acting upon his desires. “Get out n gets dressed so when Zan comes back he won’t see ya body”Rath growled. He breathed in deeply as Ava closed her hand around his hardened cock.

“No. Iz wants to feel pleasure which Iz knows ya can give me”Ava said. She started to pump her hand along his length while looking deep into his eyes. “Ya prides ya self on givin ya b’tches pleasure cause of what Zan did ta ya”Ava said. The distaste of the idea of him being with another showed in the tone of her voice when she said, b’tches. Rath grunted knowing he was unable to fight his desire no matter how hard he tried.She was making the fight virtually impossible. “Protectin me has made ya not gettin a little somethin somethin almost impossible," Ava purred.She knew she was being bold but couldn’t deny that she had wanted him...even when they were on Antar.

“Aves if Zan finds out....”Rath grunted. Ava huffed while she kneeled down in the tub. Rath groaned knowing from her actions what she had in mind. “Ava...”Rath groaned. He couldn’t decide if he was begging her to stop or not. She was right; the thought of touching Lonnie made his skin crawling and making certain Ava was safe had him staying in more. She drew him out of his thoughts as her mouth closed over his head. “Fuck”Rath growled feeling like he might pass out from the pleasure coursing through his body.

Ava hated the actual act of giving anyone head, but was surprised at how much she liked doing it to him. Taking him completely into her mouth, she looked up and moaned as the look of pure abandoned pleasure crossed his face. Rath gripped the wet tiles enjoying a muffled moan. He tried to think if he had ever heard that sound come from her. Ava sucked hungrily while thrusting her mouth along his length. She pressed her tongue into the vein making him grunt in pleasure.

Rath felt his knees becoming weak. Never in his life had anyone given him this much pleasure. He could feel his climax building inside his body with each thrust of her mouth along his length. Ava reached down taking his balls into her hand and gently massaging them. Unable to hold back any longer,Rath thrust his hips uncontrollably as his hardened cock pulsed and his hot seed flowed into her mouth. Ava greedily drank down his hot seed and then slowly slipped her mouth off his hardened cock. Looking up at him, she licked her lips and ran her hand along his length.

“Looks like that drug causes ya ta stay nice n hard”, Ava exclaimed.
. “Could be just ya," Rath replied. Ava couldn’t help but smiled happily. Rath noticed the water was turning cold and thought, So much for thinkin cold shower would work. Ava shivered feeling the cold water against her heated skin. “Still thinks the cold water will works," Ava asked. Rath growled hating that she was right. Turning off the water, he opened the shower curtain and stepped out of the tub followed by Ava. She wrapped her arms around his neck and tried to get as close to his body as she possibly could.

Opening the bathroom door, Rath carried her out of the bathroom and into his bedroom a moment later. Ava reluctantly unwrapped her arms from around his neck and shivered in anticipation when her heated skin touched the cool sheets as he laid her down. She felt his eyes moving over her body and blushed. Rath smirked and climbed onto the bed. Slowly bringing his hands to her legs, he slowly moved them upward watching her intently for her reaction. Ava shivered feeling her body respond like never before..

Ava's voice sounded foreign to her as she begged, “Please...Rath...” His hands touched her heat at the same moment causing her to gasp at the immense pleasure she felt. Rath brought his mouth to hers, saying, “Ya wanted ta feels pleasure.” His mouth came crashing down on hers before she could even respond. Ava kissed him back hungrily and moaned into his mouth as his hands started to move over her body. Breaking the kiss for air, he started to kiss his way down her body. Cupping her breasts in his hands, he thought, Perfect, and said, “Ya tight.” Ava smiled knowing in New York lingo that was an expression of approval.

Rath moved his thumbs back and forth over her hardened peaks watching the expression change on her face. Ava gasped feeling the sensations run straight through her body to her heat. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been so wet. Rath took her right nipple into his mouth sucking hungrily while running his fingers back and forth along her outer lips. His hardened cock jumped in response knowing he was the one who caused her body to respond like this. Slipping his mouth from her right breast, he took her left breast into his mouth and sucked hungrily.

“Ohhh....”Ava moaned as Rath slowly slipped his fingers inside of her heat. Slipping his mouth from her breast, he kissed his way down her body planning on replacing his thrusting fingers with his tongue. Ava thrashed her head back and forth over the pillows feeling pleasure building with each thrust of his fingers. Reaching her heat, Rath licked his lips before slowly running his tongue around her clit. Ava moaned in frustration wanting and needing more. She had heard from many that Rath was a god when it came to what he could do with his tongue. She had wondered what being with him would be like.

Rath slowly moved his tongue away from her clit to her outer lips. Her taste teased him while making him crave more of her. Slipping in his fingers, he thrust his tongue in then slowly pulled his fingers back. Ava gripped the sheets with her hands while he thrust his tongue in and out. She couldn’t determine whether his tongue or his fingers were pushing her closer to the edge. Wanting to watch her face as she climaxed, Rath looked up while thrusting his tongue and fingers faster.

“Rath!”Ava screamed. She thrust her hips uncontrollably as she felt pleasure course through every cell in her body. Her walls clamped down on his tongue and Rath greedily drank down her juices. He made certain to drink down every last drop. Slowly slipping his tongue from her heat, he crawled up her body. Ava moaned when his hardened cock brushed against her heat. Rath captured her mouth in a passionate kiss. Ava moaned enjoying the way she tasted on his tongue. Breaking the kiss for air, Rath looked deep into her blue eyes., reached between their bodies and took his hardened cock into his hand.

Ava gripped his shoulders tightly as Rath slowly filled her. He grunted in pleasure while enjoying how she felt surrounding him. Ava wrapped her legs tightly around his waist. Rath pulled by slowly so that only the head remained inside of her. Then he thrust forward filling her again in one swift motion. Ava thrust her hips matching him thrust for thrust. Her walls clamped down on him when his head brushed against her G-spot. Rath grunted in pleasure enjoying how tightly she gripped him and that he was the one causing her to feel this much pleasure.

His movements increased gradually as they continued to match each other thrust for thrust. Rath was producing wave after wave of Ava's release. Then he finally found his own completion; when hours before he felt as if he couldn't due to the drug Zan gave Ava. “Ava!”Rath screamed as his cock pulsed and his hot seed flowed into her fluttering heat. Ava screamed his name as she climaxed again.His hot seed coated the insides of her heat.

Rath slipped out of her a few moments later while enjoying the alien effect of having been joined with her. It was the ultimate natural high; one he never had the luxury of experiencingl with Lonnie. Unable to hold his own weight his body came crashing down on hers. Ava moaned in frustration knowing she had to get from underneath him. She didn’t care about his weight on her body; only what Lonnie might do if she discovered the wild sex she was having with her man.

They both had other lovers and were not offically together in this life but,as much as Zan felt she belonged to him Lonnie felt Rath belonged to her. Slipping from underneath him, she kissed the top of his head thinking, it was better than I ever dreamed. Quickly she slipped out of Rath's room and hurried to the room she shared with Zan to get dressed before he could discover Rath had healed her.

Rath smirked knowing that was how him and Ava started. They had complications along the way when Lonnie decided Zan needed to be offed. He agreed but warned them of Zan wanting his own revenge. Making certain Lonnie didn’t discover Rath's true feelings had Ava thinking that he had changed his mind about being with her. Especially when it appeared that he had gone along with Lonnie’s plans.

Rath tried to explain himself in Roswell but Ava wouldn’t listen. Lonnie was busy chatting away with Isabel about their pasts in an effort to get something on her to use against Max. Cornering her, he said, “Aves ya has ta trust me.” Ava glared at him feeling like he had thrown everything away when he had planned on putting his past behind him. She knew he couldn’t do that with Zan dead. Running his hands though his Mohawk, Rath said, “Lonnie is more twisted than Zan ever dreamed of bein ya.” Ava cut him off saying, “Ya promised ya was gonna deal wit what Zan did ta ya.”

Nodding his head yes, Rath tried to figure out how to tell her the truth when she wouldn't listen to him. “Hope I’m not interrupting”Michael said. Rath growled in frustration as Ava said, “No ya not.” Looking into Rath’s eyes, she said, “Iz got other things ta worry abouts.” She quickly walked away not wanting Lonnie to find her anywhere near Rath.He stared off wondering what she meant. Iz got other things ta worry abouts, played over and over in his mind as Michael said, “Max wants to talk to you more about the summit meeting.” Rath nodded his head yes thinking, Great just what Iz wanted to do; deal with someone just as stubborn as Zan.

Sensing someone else's presence, Rath pulled himself out of his memories and raised his right eyebrow. Concentrating for a moment, he knew without a doubt that the person he sensed was his dupe. He wondered if Michael remembered what Zan did to them on Antar.

Rath started to feel like Michael was closer than earlier when he swore he had sensed his dupe. Looking at Zan he snickered hoping Michael would join him in his planned revenge. Although he knew for that to happen Michael would have to have remembered what happened. Having that memory was a b'itch, which was why he never offered to help him regain the memory of those events.

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<center> Rhythm: Rain and Pain

The Revenge

Michael threw open the door to the motel room, as he scanned inside another flea bitten room. He found it hot and stuffy as he crossed the room to kicked on the AC. Immediately the appliance began in to wheeze, grunt and groan.

“Great Michael; the AC does not work and it's hot in here.” Maria groaned as she tossed her backpack down on the bed. “I am going for a cold shower. Go get the manager to fit it.”

“All I have to do it zap it." Michael held out his hand.

“Oh, no last time you "zapped it, "Maria stifled a laugh, “well it was not a pretty sight." She quipped while disappearing into the bathroom.

“Yeah!" Yeah I remember.”

Michael grumbled as he headed outside intent on finding the manager. Instead he turned and walked out of the motel parking lot. Soon he found himself far from the motel not even knowing how he got there. He was on some dirt road, heading to an old abandoned house. But this felt right. Something was calling him, luring him to this destination. He continued to walk up the dusty driveway, across the thick matted yard and up the old worn steps. Then just as he knocked on the door, it flew open.

Rath fine-tuned his powers long ago. That was one of the reasons that he could sense Michael long before he reached the farmhouse. Smirking to himself, he practically jumped out of the chair to greet his guest. Opening the door, he was tempted to just yell downstairs to him but felt the effect would be more fun if Zan woke naturally. Rath had spent months rebuilding some of the rooms knowing since the market price was too high no one would bother him. Quietly slipping out of the room, he made it down the stairs and opened the door just as Michael was about to knock.

“Hey there, nice place you got here.” Michael smiled and walked in. “Don’t mind if I come in do ya?

Shaking his head, Rath said, "Nah I sensed ya a while ago was wonderin if ya was ever gonna gets here."

“Rath, how the hell have you been?” Michael glanced around the room. He could sense very strongly who was there, upstairs stirring and coming into conscious. He was in pain.

Zan the dupe had not died, he was still alive; his presence was strong in his twin. Michael took a deep breath drawing in that pain, that sensation letting it fill his lungs, letting the venom of revenge infect him. “Seems as though someone is awake.” Michael smiled, but not a smile of joy but one intent on evil deeds yet to come. “So what have you been up to Rath?”

"Better than ya ain't runnin from da FBI."Rath responded shrugging his shoulders. He watched Michael closely figuring that Michael knew Zan was upstairs. He could sense Zan was in pain, which meant more than likely the moron had been dreaming something sick and made himself hard. Nodding his head yes, Rath said, "Plannin and preparin for my pay back." Sensing Michael seemed different, he asked, "Remember da past now?

“Yeah I remember, I remember exacting what the fucking bastard did to us.He left us to die and then blamed it on the wine.” Fire was in Michael’s eyes as he spoke, an anger built up over a long time up was being released. “No regrets, no remorse. I remember all those nights, I should had stuck my knife blade between his shoulders.” Michael started pacing, edging to the stairs, “I want my revenge! I want him to cry out in pain!”

Nodding his head in agreement, Rath said, "Ya in for a treat then cause my Zan is just like the cocky Zan of da past." Moving closer to the stairs, he said, "Iz was thinkin more along the lines of screamin in pain until he could scream no more." He sensed Zan struggling with the cuffs and shackles in a futile attempt to get free.

“Looks like we are on the same page Rath. I think it is time Zan remembers what we felt. Ten fold of course for interest, it is only right.” Michael started up the stairs two at a time. “Can’t wait until he sees my face; let alone my cock, which I plan to shove into every orifice he has.” Michael laughed over his shoulder. “May even make a new one.”

Rath snickered and followed Michael up the stairs. He knew Michael could follow the pain and it would lead him to Zan. "Iz thought I was the eager one" Rath said with a laugh.

Michael stopped at the door, inside Zan was on display. He put his hand on the door, drawing in the emotions that lay inside. The warrior was surfacing that battlefield cruelty he was known to inflict on his enemy, and that enemy lay within. Michael turned as Rath came up next to him. “Dibs on his ass” as he threw open the door.

"Ya want his ass first; be my guest. Iz just has somethin ta say ta him first" Rath said. His eyes darken while he thought about all the things Zan had done to Ava in this life. Walking into the room, he told Michael, "Iz can heal his ass after ya anyways. Twice the cherry poppin."

Zan was on the bed struggling in vain to get free. His eyes doubled in size seeing Rath wasn't alone but with his dupe, Michael. "Lets me go;” Zan growled. He wanted Rath cuffed and shackled to a bed begging him to fuck him hard and fast. Snickering, Rath shook his head no. His eyes moved over Zan's body wanting to make certain the gates of hell was holding him firmly. Though Rath knew without looking that the device was working.
Clearly he could feel the pain Zan was experiencing. It made him smirk evilly, as his jeans became tighter. "Not what ya had in minds is it?" Rath asked sarcastically.

Shaking his head no, Zan attempted to sound like he wasn't fearing for his life as he screamed, "No!" Rath snickered knowing Zan was terrified. The warrior was at the surface making his eyes take on a black alien look. Motioning to their surroundings which he knew Zan was very well aware of, Rath asked, "Look familiar?" Zan concentrated on finding powers that somehow weren't working. Rath narrowed his eyes growling, "Funny how cocaine works."

He could see the terror in his eyes as if it finally clicked with him about Ava. Glancing at Michael, he said, "The effects of the drug will wear off soon. " Knowing Michael understood what he was saying, he said, "Either ya or Iz can enter his mind stoppin his powers."

Rath knew from experience that Cocaine made their powers ineffective, and the effect was perfect when alcohol was added.

Zan wanted more than anything to fuck which was quite apparent from the way his hardened cock seemed to jump almost as if he was begging. "Ya knows its funny how Iz founds out about what Coke does"Rath growled. Zan stared at Rath in disbelief knowing he should have seen the signs.

“So Zan, how are ya?” Michael smiled as he came around the bed.” “Up to anything good lately?” He grabbed Zan imprisoned cock giving it a squeeze. Zan tensed up under the pain that simple touch brought as a low moan escaped his lips. “Sorry did that hurt?” Michael squeezed harder, “I would not want to hurt you Zan,” Michael leaned in closer and whispered into Zan’s ear “Do you remember what you did, so long ago. Let me teach you of fire and ice.”

Rath snickered enjoying the pain Michael was giving Zan. He wasn't surprised by Zan's refusal to answer him. "Ya so insistent ya da man." Walking over to the toys, he ran his hand along the surface and asked, "Who's da man now?"

Michael stripped off his shirt, throwing it into a corner. His physique had improved over the last year and hard work showed in defined muscle tone. He turned his back to Zan, who noticed the warrior tattoo that was on his shoulder. It was Rath, the warrior, the one from the battlefield was talking over the human Michael. Michael turned again back to Zan, his eyes shone, as he examined his prey. “You will enjoy this Zan, I promise. All my victims do, especially before they die”

Michael stepped onto the bed and kneeled down, his hands began slowly advancing up Zan’s legs. The skin was sensitive as Zan struggled to keep himself from becoming erect, an effect that was extremely painful.

“You do enjoy,” Michael asked as he came up onto Zan’s body. His hands grazed past the enclosed cock, up Zan abs and chest until Michael meet Zan’s eyes. “Right Zan?”

Zan just gulped air as he stared deeply into Michael’s eyes, seeing his former self-looking back at him. “Do you see your past in my eyes Zan? Or do you see your future in your death?”

“No I see your love," Zan spat out.

Michael slapped him viciously across the face. “You see nothing of love in my eyes Zan.” He grabbed his hair which forced Zan's lips closed. “You will feel only my hatred of you.” Then Michael pulled him into a deep kiss; not a kiss of love or commitment or of lover, but a kiss of death.”

Rath smirked watching Michael with Zan. He couldn't wait for his turn with him. Deciding that adding more implements of pain would be nice, he picked the nipple clamps and some weights for his balls. Sauntering closer to Michael and Zan, Rath waited for them to break apart. He snickered as he noticed how hard Zan had become. "Ya won't see love in my eyes either,"Rath growled. Taking Zan's balls into his hand, he squeezed them before placing the leather around each nut;then adding the weights. In an instant, Zan whimpered from the feeling of more pain. "Not what ya had in mind," Rath asked sarcastically. He wasn't surprised when Zan didn't answer. Using his powers, he heated the clamps and then clamped them to Zan's nipples.

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<center> Rhythm: Rain and Pain

First Fire then Ice

Michael sat back and watching as Rath played with his toys. He was also adjusting himself to gain access to Zan’s body. Zan moaned as the implements were attached to him. Michael could not help but add to the pain, pulling on the clamps with his fingers. He watched Zan's lips part in silent protest. Michael caressed his lips with his tongue as he planned what Zan’s mouth could be used for. “Zan?” Michael licked his ear as he exhaled his thoughts. “Do you know what I am going to do? I am going to fuck you, no prep, cold. In one move, I'm going to shove my cock deep into your gut until it comes out of your mouth.”

Zan struggled as Michael whispered to him. “You are going to become so hard, you will turn blue. Try and fucking come as I hit the prostate over and over. You are going to be in so much fucking pain; begging me to release you.”

Michael rose and then stood up to position himself over Zan’s body. Slowly dropped his pants, he showed off a very large and erect cock. Then he started stroking himself while letting the pre-cum drip onto Zan’s chest.

Instantly Michael noticed Zan's eyes, they seemed more lucid and in control. That only meant that Zan was coming out of the drugs and soon he would fully regain his powers. Michael decided he would give Zan a taste of his own medicine by depraving him of his abilities in a painful, burning act. Michael stopped what he was doing and undid the chains holding him. Rath watched not sure what was going on until he saw Michael suspended Zan in mid air and flipped him. Then he dropped him back onto the bed and reconnected the restraints. Now Michael had him where he wanted him; butt naked and on his face. His ass was exposed to the world and was going to be used. A wide grim graced Michael's face as he threw his pants onto the floor and straddled Zan’s firm and muscular ass.

Rath wanted to remove his jeans and muscle shirt as he kicked off his work boots. His clothes felt like a weight particularly around his cock. It was throbbing in anticipation and watching Michael causing Zan pain seemed to add to his already indescribable needs. He couldn't wait for his turn to cause Zan even more pain. Pulling his shirt over his head, he dropped the shirt onto the floor and quickly worked on unfastening his jeans.

Kicking his jeans off, Rath walked over to Zan and peered down at him. He growled, "Michael's not a pussy likes ya thought." He could tell from Michael's breathing that he needed to take Zan and wouldn't wait a moment longer. Rath exclaimed while licking his lips, "Ya gonna makes him scream, cause Iz wants ta makes him scream."

“You must pay!” Michael let his hands slide down Zan’s ass, spreading his cheeks wide as his finger made circles around the opening. Zan bucked as his finger dipped in then teased the opening, letting Zan tense up then release. “Relax Zan, remember you told me to relax and that it would not hurt? With that comment Michael struck Zan hard against the ass as he slid in not one, but three fingers at the same time. Zan yelped in pain, as his protesting sphincter muscle expanded suddenly. Michael put pressure on the prostate, stabbing at it in short jolts. Zan felt his balls and cock strain against the violation.

Michael could sense the fear in Zan rise up and he breathed it in. The sensation made Rath drunk with power; causing the warrior to come forth and allowing the terror he was know for to surface.

“Tell me, do you remember Zan?” Michael whispered in Zan’s ear. “Why didn't you ever admit what happened?”

“M…Michael, I don’t know what you saw and I don’t remember.” Zan's jaw hurt to move as he stammered, and his balls were ready to burst from the pressure of being bound as he begged, “Michael, please let me go.”

Michael put his hands at the base of Zan’s neck letting his fingers caress the muscles. “You're going to learn a huge lesson. Now, tell me the truth.”

“I can’t …”

“Do I have to brutalize you to get to the truth?” Michael placed his lips next to Zan’s ear, “Just imagine what I have in store for you tonight. You're mine now bitch!”

Zan screamed in pain as Michael shot a bolt of energy directly into his spinal column. The pain was excruciating as it radiated right below the foramen magnum; located where the spinal cord enters the brain.

Zan’s eyes rolled back into his head; when he opened them they were black. His body spasmed as the energy exploded inside his head; sealing off his powers.

“Do you remember Zan?” Michael struck him across the back of the head with his free hand. “Do you remember that night, the wine, the blood, the rain?”

Zan sputtered out, “You are… are not Rath … you are Michael.. .. he died…” Pain continued to grip him.

“No!” Michael bellowed, and the windows shook from his rage. Then he pulled his hand out of Zan’s ass and a small gasp of release escaped the prisoner. “You never learn, do you Zan?”

Michael’s cock was swollen; the tip weeping and aching for release. He slowly stroked himself as he watched Zan’s body begin to shake and tremble. He saw Zan as his property to do with as he saw fit. He liked that feeling of all power, of omnipotence. Michael laughed put loud as he positioned his cock at Zan’s hole and rammed inside until he felt Zan’s ass against his balls.

Rath watched Michael spread Zan's cheeks and licked his lips as Zan's attempt to get out from underneath Michael was in vain. "What's da matter Zan, ya can dish out but not take?" Rath growled sarcastically. Zan whimpered then screamed as Michael thrust his cock into him in one swift movement. Rath enjoyed the pained look on Zan’s face as Michael started to fuck him hard and fast. . He seemed to almost loose his breath as Michael gave him no time to adjust to what was being done to him.

Zan stopped breathing briefly from the sudden impact of Michael’s cock colliding inside of his body. Then suddenly he let out a scream of pain, terror, confusion, and fear.

“Oh I can’t have you screaming like that, it just will not do,” Michael shot another bolt into Zan, effectively stunning him. "Now that's much better, it's easier to concentrate in quiet.”

Playtime was over as Michael began to assault Zan’s ass with great speed, momentum, and urgency. The pain was mounting with each thrust, as the tissue tore, and the blood oozed. Michael came deep inside to dry fuck Zan; causing the seed to burn like fire. The ice was yet to come.

Zan struggled as he felt the burning liquid scar and tear, causing his guts to bleed. Killing your enemies slowly from the inside out, was a trick that he learned to do. He would fuck them and change the liquid to an acid that would eat away at them for hours until their insides turned to mush and they died.

“Now the ice!"

Michael pulled out and took some deep breaths, “Did you enjoy the fire Zan?” He kneeled back to notice his cock was still hard. It was strained from the excitement of torture. Michael jumped off the bed and picked up the metal cane, which he fashioned. He made it to be thinner and more flexible; more painful when employed. Testing it, he cracked the stick against Zan’s ass with a red welt springing up within seconds. “Yes this will do, this will do just fine.”

Zan wasn't prepared for the intensity of the pain that shot through his body with amazing speed. He screamed out in pain, only the words had no voice. He was still temporary paralyzed from the shock of the energy bolt.

“Do not lie to me.” Michael cracked the stick against Zan’s ass again, this time drawing a sharp welt immediately. “I remember what you did.” The stick hit harder in the same region and the skin began to tear.

Then Zan started to feel himself come out of the paralysis as he tried to shift his body away from the blows.

“Looks like you can talk again,” Michael smiled. “I want you to count out each stroke," he said. "Don't mess up, or I'll have to start over from the beginning."

“What, no let me go Michael. This is fucked up!” Zan struggled hard, as Michael shook his head, then hit him with another crack of the stick. “Count to twenty and it will end.” Then he hit him again. "I didn't hear a number called out," Michael yelled, “COUNT!”

"One!" Zan yelled.

"Too late, now I have to start over."

Michael hit him again as Zan’s body shook from the blow.

"One," he screamed hoping the non-existent neighbors would hear his cries.

Michael struck him again.

"Two," yelled Zan. The pain reached into the core of Zan’s being and it warned him of what laid ahead.

"That's better,” Michael bent over and kissed Zan on the side of his mouth, “Count it out Just like that.”

Michael began to strike Zan repeatedly with the stick; swinging it through the air with speed and precision, as Zan continued to count off the blows.

"Fourteen!" Zan’s eyes were filling with tears as the numbing shocks of the blows were wearing him down. “Stop it hurts!”

Again, the stick found its target, as blood began to seep under the skin; spilling to the surface of Zan's skin.

“It's suppose to so you won’t forget who you belong to,” Michael informed him.

Michael jumped on the bed and knelt with his knees on the side of Zan’s head. From this angle he could see the damage that he inflicted on Zan’s ass. It was red, swollen and bleeding. Using one hand, he placed it down solidly on Zan’s neck as a reminder of who was the master. Then Michael raised his arm and again struck downward putting everything he had into the last few strokes of the stick, enjoying the screams as Zan counted. Upon reaching twenty Michael stopped the “ice” had numbed Zan, broken him.

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Rhythm:Rain and Pain Uc Adult Pt 5

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Jenn~ Yeah Michael did :lol:

<center> Rhythm: Rain and Pain
The Pain

Rath moved onto the bed after Michael had broken Zan. Wanting to break him all over again, Rath said, “This won’t do.” He knew Zan was clueless to his actual meaning. Waving his hands over the bloody body, slowly he healed the skin just enough to stop the bleeding. After all now it was his turn to cause Zan to bleed. Zan 's eyes showed his confusion as he felt the tingling sensation and sighed.

“Guess ya understands now how Ava healed so quickly,”Rath growled. Zan breathed in deeply knowing he had the rage from the Rath of their past spurring on his present actions . "Iz wants ya just as tight as when Michael took ya." Concentrating, he reformed the ring and cavity so it was like Zan had never been fucked before .

Zan tried to think of a possible way of escape. He even contemplated begging Rath for mercy. All Iz needs is ta gets them off guard n somehow turn the tables on them, he thought. Sensing his thoughts, Rath growled, "Now Iz would love ta see ya not only free ya self but over power both me n Michael." He felt amusement coming off Michael at the mere idea. Spreading Zan's cheeks, he placed his head at the tight ring of muscle and said, "Gonna be a tight fit." Without another word, he thrust himself forward filling Zan in one swift movement.

Rath growled in pleasure feeling the muscles inside being forced to accommodate him. Zan screamed being unprepared for the assault. Rath growled in pleasure enjoying the pain that he was inflicting. An inaudible scream passed Zan’s lips at the same moment that Rath broke through his cherry making him his bitch. Rath hadn't had the pleasure of an ass so tight in a long time and the thought made him snicker evilly. “Ya knows been a long time since Iz had an ass dis tight,”Rath growled. He pulled his cock back and began to pound in and out of him.

Rath knew the real reason he hadn’t had an ass that tight was because he refused to take Ava anally. It was then that his anger for the past and present collided making him thrust hard and fast. "Iz wants ya ta scream likes she did,"Rath growled. Zan continued to scream until he could no more. He thought that he might pass-out from the pain being inflicted as he whimpered. He felting the need to cum unbearable as his ass clenched against his will.

"Please . . . "Zan begged. His voice was weak from all the screaming. Rath brushing against his G-spot and snickered on purpose. "Iz ain't gonna lets ya cum. Maybe Michael will if ya begs" He breathed in and out while thrusting hard and fast. His body was dripping with sweat that rolled off his body and into Zan's open cuts.

"Ya back needs some more pain,"Rath growled. He racked his nails down his back while thrusting deep. His cock pulsed and his hot seed flowed into Zan's insides and making him burn. Slipping out of him slowly , Rath looked at Michael asking, "Ya minds waitin while Iz gives him a few lashins?"
Jumping off the bed, Rath grabbed a metal studded whip. The approval for his weapon of choice showed in Michael's brown eyes that were now more black than brown. Michael stroked his cock while Rath moved back to the bed. "Ya gonna screams for me before ya takes Michael's cock. "

Zan whimpered knowing the whip Rath had chosen. He had used the same one on Ava one night before fucking her in the ass over and over again. Rath brought the whip down hard against the flesh of his back. He licked his lips watching the metal cut into the flesh of Zan's back. "Ya better not bite Michael while Iz continues ta whips ya."Rath said. He brought the whip down again and again making Zan scream in agony.

"How many times did ya use dis on her,"Rath growled. Zan bit his lip not wanting to answer for fear of what Rath might do. Rath concentrated on his powers to heat the metal ends as he growled, "Answer me!" He brought the whip down so hard that the blood started to gosh from the cuts.It caused Zan to scream while panting for air. Rath continued to bring the whip down hard and fast. Then he stopping and waited for Zan to give Michael head.

Rath's actions left him feeling drained as he watched Zan take Michael's cock into his mouth. He had gotten his revenge for the past and what Zan had done to Ava. Amused, he watched as Zan tried in vain to please Michael. He knew that when Zan was done that Michael was going to kill him.


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<center> Rhythm: Rain and Pain

The Rhythm of Zan

Maria heard knocking as she came out of the shower. The sound didn't stop as she dried her body. “Michael,” Maria yelled out. “Will you please answer the door?”

The knocking continued and an exasperated Maria sighed as she grabbed her robe. Perturbed that Michael had not gotten the door, she threw open the bathroom door ready to shake the hell out of him. It was then that she was confronted with the fact that he was no where in sight. “Figures, he is not here.” Maria snorted as she opened the door. “Max?”

“Hey Maria, is Michael here?” Max asked trying to glance around the room.

“No Max, he took off ear….”

Max turned before Maria could finish and began to walk. For some odd reason, he knew where Michael was. He felt something was wrong earlier and he knew Michael had gone and was involved in something sinister. Something he just could not put his finger on. Max had been suppressing his alien senses for months but now he was following his human inner-consciousness.

Within the hour Max found himself at the same door as Michael was earlier. He allowed himself to open the connection to Michael. In doing so he felt he felt the alien Zan, and an overwhelming evil. Zan was the one he had hidden so well, was so careful not to let lose to hurt those he loved.

Max quietly opened the door, entered the room and looked around. He felt the presence strongest upstairs. He could feel Rath from Antar; he could feel that power. He was always drawn to power; it was that power he almost killed Rath for that night so long ago.

Suddenly the door swung open and Michael stared into the surprised eyes of one very shocked Max Evans. For a second everything in that room stood still as Michael took a quick breath; and then their eyes locked. Then each narrowed alluding to aliens elements that spoke of fire. For a spilt second Max feared Michael. There were only a few times in life that Zan ever feared Rath or that Max feared Michael and this was one of them.

Michael’s heart was beating hard when he looked up and saw Max. He had been so intent on making this Zan pay, he had forgotten that a part of Zan was in Max as well. Michael grabbed Zan’s hair and twisted his head around so he saw Max; his twin. Max just stood there stoic, looking at the room. A room that existed so long ago, a room he had in another life filled with pain. Max’s eyes were soon transfixed on the cock in Zan’s mouth as Michael forced fucked the orifice. Max could sense Zan's in pain and that he had been beaten, raped and demoralized through those methods Rath employed so often on the field of battle. But here were two Raths, each holding a piece of the old one deep inside. Each could be a dominant force for evil; an evil that was being displayed in the present.

No more than a few seconds had passed, but in Max’s eyes, mind, and being, another lifetime had came and gone. In an instant he remembers the intensity of raping Rath that night, the demonic pleasures that existed in him. He recalled the foul beast that had reared its ugly head to take Rath and consume the raw energy he possessed. He dominated Rath from that moment on, bringing him under his control; his command.

Michael was intent on fucking Zan’s mouth; determined to forcing his cock in deeper as he locked eyes with Max. He wanted Max to witness him raping Zan and to realize just what he was capable of. He dared Max to stop him, to stop Rath, to stop either of them.

Max just stood there unable to move while watching the spectacle before him. He was frozen in place as his alien side realized that what they were doing was justice. Yet, the human side was terrified that he was next. Michael was still focused on Max as he forced his cock down Zan’s throat. Now he decided that he wanted Max; he wanted him to pay too. Michael looked down at Zan’s lips around his cock and he laughed out loud as he thought about Zan’s final meal being his scalding sperm. Michael had has lost all his humanity; at this point was now more alien than ever before.

Zan started to gasp and choke on the hot liquid that has coursing out of Michael. Liquid steeped not in love or desire but in revenge and hatred. Michael pulled out his cock that glistened with semen and saliva and then shoved Zan’s head out of the way. He stood and then he jumped off the bed. He was heading straight for Max.

Max stood firm in his stance and held his ground, as Michael came towards him.
He dreaded the showdown that was to come. If it came to a fight Max knew one of them was going to pay. His fists clenched in a tight ball ready to strike as he watched Michael’s eyes carefully. He took the fire that radiated in them into account.

Michael approached slowly, his muscles quivered in anticipation of taking Max either in death or in lust. He felt the essence of Zan diffusing around Max. A reserved essence, not the brutal nature that had taken control of Zan the dupe. Michael closed in as Max backed up until he felt the wall behind him. Within a few steps, and a hair’s breath, Michael was on him. But then Michael stopped, turned and watched the commotion going on behind him.

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Rhythm:Rain and Pain Uc Adult Pt 7

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Jenn~ :D

<center> Rhythm: Rain and Pain

The Rain

Rath snickered as Zan realized that Michael no longer cared what happened to him. Zan felt his heart race in his chest. . “Iz ain’t gonna lets ya live,"Rath growled. He also knew that Michael was eager to continue with Max. “Please...”Zan begged. Rath snickered knowing Zan was now begging for his life. Shaking his head no, Rath said, “Iz can’t takes that chance.”

Zan attempted to reason with Rath.“Iz will be harmless without my powers."
Rath paused for a moment almost as if he was trying to decide. Leaning closer to Zan, he said, “Dat might be true.” Zan whimpered in frustration as his cock pulsing in need for release.
“Iz will never come nears ya or Ava," Zan pledged.

The air in the room seemed to become charged at the moment Zan mentioned Ava. Grabbing Zan by his greasy spiked hair, Rath growled, “Ya don’t has the right ta even say her name.” Without another thought, he sent a large blast of energy into Zan , and watched the sparks move along his spinal cord.
Zan thrashed on the bed as his body was being electrocuted. The thrashing stopped and a moment later all that was left of Zan was a pile of dust.

Rath stared at the dust for a moment feeling a giant weight had been lifted off of him. Grabbing his clothes, and boots off the floor he glanced over at Michael, “The last door on da left has a workin shower.Have fun wit Max.” He wasn’t concerned with Max knowing Michael would have him completely under his control. Max is gonna be his b’tch by the time Michael is through with him. He smirked wondering if Ria would like sharing him.

“Ava n Iz lives in LA now so if ya n Ria are ever in the neighborhood,ya welcome ta drops by," Rath said.“Iz sure Ava will have our baby by then.He smirked figuring that that might cause Ria to want a little one of her own.
He wondered if Michael knew all that he would be getting into if they stopped by.Without another word, he walked out of the bedroom and down the hall to take a shower, thinking, Iz gotta get cleaned up so Iz can gets back ta Ava.

“No!” Max yelled out as Zan dissolved into dust and he felt his own life ebb, drain away. It was a strange feeling as if a part o f him died. He tried to move forward but Michael had him pressed against the wall.

“No, if you interfere, Rath will kill you.”

Max swallowed hard as he watched Rath wipe his hands of the deed; seemingly pleased with himself and the kill.
“ Michael,are you going to kill me?” Michael turned back to Max. He was dead, like a zombie, no life, no joy left in him. Hatred had taken him that far. Max looked into Michael’s eyes, searching out any humanity that still existed in him

“Should I Max? Should I kill the monster that raped and left me to die?"Michael sneered sarcastically
“What enjoyment would that give me?”

At that point it became clear to Max what had to be done. He had to heal Michael, heal the pain and heal his heart. With the death of Zan, the dupe,Rath was healed, and the anger in him dissipated.
Now Max had to take the initiative and stop the anger in Michael,before it destroyed them both.

“Michael?” Max spoke softly, almost like a mother would to a child.


“Michael is dead Max, you killed him. All that is left is me, the Rath you created, the Rath of the battle, the Rath of blood and war.” Michael placed his hands on Max’s chest and felt his heart beating under his palm. He smiled knowing how easy it would be to take his heart, to hold it his hand, and feed on the blood.

“No," Max said. " I remember another Rath, one more similar to Michael. That one is still in you.”

“No!” Michel yelled slamming his fist into the wall right by Max’s cheek. “You killed him!”

Max continued to speak softly;cautiously picking his words.
“No I did not, I am no longer that Zan. I have changed just like you have changed.”

Michael placed his hand on Max’s abs to caress the firm muscles beneath the smooth hairless skin.
Slowly he drew his hand up until he cupped the Adam’s apple. He leaned his head forward, snuggling his nose into Max’s hair right above his right ear and savored his scent.

“You will die,” he whispered.Then Michael moved his hand from Max throat which was encircling his neck until it rested on the back of it. Then he pulled Max closer to him.

Michael drew his other hand downward, feeling Max’s spine under his fingertips. He continued down, as his fingers zipped hip spine lightly until he reached the ass. His finger dipping into the crack as he felt Max tense. Michael backtracked slightly as he prepared to stun Max and inflict the deathblow.

Michael looked into Max's eyes. Deep into the core of his soul; it was he could see Zan’s reflection staring back at him. He witnessed the Zan of his past, the Zan of his nightmares, the Zan of his love.
For as much as Rath had hated Zan he also loved him. That was the dichotomy of the situation, the comedy of errors and now as he stood ready to kill Zan. Ready to kill the tormentor, ready to kill his lover.

Max knew he if he could not talk Michael out of his delusion, he would have to kill or be killed. As he powered up his eyes never left Max. The two were locked and their breath shortened.
Max drew one hand around Michael's waist while running the other one from his spine up to the base of his neck. Both were ready to give death blows. Both were ready to die: one in revenge and the other in defense.

Max knew Zan was in him, the Zan of the past, but that Zan did not control Max; Max controlled him. He knew he had to make Michael understand that, that he was his own man and no longer the Zan of the past. He was the Zan of the new future; who understood, who felt remorse, who knew how to love. That is what he had to do.

Max grabbed Michael’s neck tighter and brought Michael to him, “No not death”, he whisper out before he took Michael in a kiss. He put all he had into that kiss, all his love for Michael and all his love on Antar for Rath. At first Michael resisted but he could not deny what was in his heart. He kissed Max back as his hands dropped their clutch of death and took on the feel of a lover.

Soon the need for air was a premium as they broke the kiss, both looking at each other, not knowing what to make of their feelings. Max took his hand and with his fingertips he stroked Michael’s cheek “Not of death,” he repeated “but of life, of love. I have loved you all my life on Antar and cannot deny you in this life.”

Those words were so simple in tone yet so complex in meaning. Michael felt something he had lost so long ago, that part of him, that alien part that yearned for Zan. He also regained that human part of him, the humanity with the attributes of love, need, and touch.
Michael leaned into Max, kissing him with such great need he was drowning in his lover's emotions. The raw power of a warrior was bearing down on Max. They were standing there embraced, one to the other, the sexual energy was flowing, the rhythm of their hearts in tune.

Then Michael stopped, “No not here.” He took Max’s hand and led him out of the death, and the old farmhouse. He led Max into a torrent of rain. The drops washed them clean of the past and preparing them for the future. A little ways from the house stood an old gazebo and Michael, naked as the day he was hatched, walking ahead. His firm ass and legs showing the hills and valleys as Max watched in fascination. Max followed and his clothes were soaked by the time he reached the gazebo as the rain came down harder. The air smelled of spring, of life, and of energy.

Michael turned to face Max with a smile as he kneeled onto the floor and turned part of it into a mattress. Stretching out his hand he beckoned for Max to follow him down. It took only a few seconds for Max to remove his clothes and drop to his knees in front of Michael. There, in the rain, the two consummated their love as their flesh, their souls and their lives intertwined. One bonded to the other and they were stronger and more powerful than they had been before. One would even die for the other. Now they were one, Zan was redeemed, and Rath was healed. They were now the rhythm, the rhythm of the rain, the rhythm of life, and the rhythm of victory.

~The End~