The Love of Hatred (AU / CC / Adult) Complete 3/14/07

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The Love of Hatred (AU / CC / Adult) Complete 3/14/07

Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Tue Dec 12, 2006 1:26 am


Title: The Love of Hatred (Love and Hate Series)

Author: suicide_eagle_rath

Rating: AU CC Adult POV

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.

Author’s note: This story is intended for adults because of the dark nature, very graphic language in this version.

Summary:.What if any of the boys Michael, Max, Kyle, or Jesse, were raised as normal smart ass human males that had a tendency to find women who used them as doormats. And then what if Liz, Maria, Isabel, or Tess came into one of their lives and used that man as some women do for a variety of reasons. Then just when the man though then were okay, she upped and left him, dump them for another man.

What would happen to a man placed in this situation, will he survive or would he succumb to the fall?

Warning: Very dark POV.. you pick the male ... this could apply to any of them

Trilogy: This is the second in the Love and Hate Series, a trilogy of three POV’s concerning the word LOVE…HATE… LOVE / HATE

The first POV of the trilogy is called: The Hatred of Love

The Second POV of the trilogy is called: The Love of Hatred

The Third is called: L O V E … H A T E : To love is to hate, to hate is to love
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Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Tue Dec 12, 2006 1:30 am

The Love of Hatred
(Love and Hate Series)
Part one of one



A power word, a word used to describe everything from fucked up tie your mother-in-law gave you to the intense feeling mankind has for their fellow beings. Hate! What a poisonous word, yet in all its color and abuse that word fits a women who subsist on the blacken nubs of a burned out heart.

For a man I believe the vilest act a woman can do is to strip him of his balls and throw him to the dogs. While this may seem impossible, to a majority of women, it is in all probably done at least one once a day somewhere, at this precise moment in time. A man innocent in all his actions and tones is berated over the coals, beat to within a inch of his life with some form of rolling pin, and then thrown out into the streets, the crotch area of his pants neatly cut out. And yet if we were to complain to put up defense we are shamed into feeling like some weak sub-male chimpanzee, incapable of emotional outburst; no men are forced to wear the stoic ass expressions which society has deemed is appropriate for a male to use.

Most women cannot understand that men can love also, just as deep, as sensuous, as whole as any woman. We can fall in love, lust, desire, need, and feel incomplete without her in our lives. We are not immortal hellish cold beasts as some women think. Take a close look at skin, see the veins, the blood pumping through. We can be killed, our hearts ripped out, the blood drained, leaving a shell of a once human entity.

Yet for all the dangers a woman brings, the desire of her overwhelms the senses, making men comatose, drugged by the musk of her body, the curve off her breast, the temptation of her ass. Yeah no matter how many times a man he burned he returns to life or death not unlike the monarch butterfly that travels thousands of miles in it migratory path only to be smashed into the windshield of a passing car.

Yeah I fell for her, despite warning that were ringing in my head, let her into my life, a whirlwind of emotion, seductive temptress that plied me with erotic thoughts, feelings that I never knew existed. She was a breath if fresh air, made me feel like a Greek god or Roman emperor, hanging on my every word, asking just the right questions, her lithe voice knowing when to raise and lower with tonal quality that made me think she was actually interested.

I should had known better, been prepared, defensive in my action, not I was such a sucker for her face, her full heaving breasts, the seductive way she moved like a cat as she stretched across my lap to grab the remote. I was looking at the shell, visioning the joys it could bring me, thus ignoring the creature, the monster that lay inside. Why did I not just toss her out that day?

Shit I look back and remember that moment, the tear stained cheeks were the perfect addition to her shy and demure exterior. She was so lost, someone I could take care if, like a white knight. I could be the powerful warrior saving his princess from the dragon’s claw. I felt like a hero, someone who was victorious in overcoming evil, taking care of the bad guy, showing him who the man was. Shit I known now it was all a set up, someone she conned into lying for her as she weeping told me how this so-called ex-lover would hurt her when playing games. How she felt dirty and frightened he would try and get her back, how he even took her against her will. How she needed me to be there, to act as her shield.

I should had insisted in calling the police and had him arrested for rape, that is still what they call it when you have sex against the girl’s will right.

But I did not instead I feed into her story. Should had known it was all bull when she knelt down to blow me, what women does that after being rough up by a boyfriend. What was it she was after, the conquest, money, a place to crash, that I could never figure out, even to this day why, why did she pick me?

I was so fuck up desperate, all I wanted was an ass to fuck that night. In the beginning it was all fun and games. She was there to be fucked and I obliged. When did it turn serious? When did I get sucked into the forever and ever bullshit of a happily ever after existence. I never saw it coming until I stood there ring on her finger, tongue in her month, cock up her cunt did I realized, that fuck I married the bitch.

I now look back and laugh, if I had insisted she call the police that night she told me this sad weeping tale of lies, they would had found her in supposed bad boyfriend’s bed riding him high and low. Their faces… my god her face would had been appalled. What of him did he know she was accusing him of rape, or was he part of the whole deviant kinky plot.

Well it took only a few weeks after the happy wedding, to have reality belt me hard. After coming home early after with feeling ill, I walked in on sight to beat all images on the net or a porno flick. There she was in our bed, his cock in her cunt, fingers up her ass as she screamed like a banshee to fuck her harder, be rough. She liked it hard and dirty, I stood there and all I could do was clap my hands. It was quite a show.

The aftermath was even better as she yelled how cold and conceited I was, always thinking of work or myself and never giving her any attention. Shit I fucked her during halftime what the hell did the bitch want. I sent her flowers weekly and even wrote a love poem, maybe not Shakespeare but shit it was damn fine work it I say so myself.

Needless to say the bitch left me that day and did not return, even despite myself asking her to return, why I have no idea, but I did. I still see her around as she struts her ass and tits on her new man’s arms, smiling at me, knowing that still deep down I would take her back and endure the fucked up treatment. Shit I would even allow her affairs just to keep her in my bed, how screwed up is that for a man.

Now as I sit here in my study, I think back on that time, the memories circulating in my mind. I have sworn off women, no more of their bullshit in my life. I have decided to isolate myself here in this tower, made of words, strengthen by anger and hate for all things sweet and innocent.

Those women, those visions of perfume and sex, they are poison to my soul, to my heart. That heart which once beat.

That heart that is now devoid of blood, empty cavity inside my chest
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