L O V E … H A T E (CC/AU Mature) Complete 04/12/07

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L O V E … H A T E (CC/AU Mature) Complete 04/12/07

Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Wed Mar 14, 2007 11:32 pm


Title: Love Hate: Part Three of the Love and Hate Series

Author: suicide_eagle_rath

Rating: AU CC Adult POV

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.

Summary:. We had hate and love shown through female and male perspective. Now it is

Trilogy: This is the second in the Love and Hate Series, a trilogy of three POV’s concerning the word LOVE…HATE… LOVE / HATE

The first POV of the trilogy is called: The Hatred of Love

The Second POV of the trilogy is called: The Love of Hatred

The Third is called: L O V E … H A T E : To love is to hate, to hate is to love
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Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Wed Mar 14, 2007 11:48 pm

L O V E … H A T E
To love is to hate, to hate is to love

Love and Hate Series
Part Three of the Trilogy


<center> L O V E </center>

Love such a simple word, spoken by a wide variety of minds from those whose cause the word to be uttered in first blush of romance to shadowed version that flows off the lips of one who had kissed the blarney stone one to many times.

Love such a powerful word in whose name nations have fallen, kings have died, and civilizations have been razed, their ruins are all that remain of their existence.

Love such a misused word. For is it not all madmen, psychotic killers, tyrants always blame their actions on LOVED. I loved her, I love my country, I love my people. I had to kill because I LOVED

Love such a dichotomize word, to kill is to love, to hate is to love, to love is what? Does anyone know?

<center> H A T E </center>

Hate the word that invokes passion and fear in man. A word so powerful, people today fear to speak of its name. As if the name itself can cause the mountains to tremble the seas to floods the lands.

To say “I hate” carries a weight leaded ballast when used in ignorance, yet when used deliberately, with malice and forethought, hate is a missile, an atomic weapon of immeasurable kilotons.

We allow the word hate to control us, to determine what in life is good and bad. Instead the word hate should be respected not feared.

Not in control of us but we as a people in control of the word HATE.

<center> L O V E H A T E </center>

LOVE: adulation, affection, amour, cherishing, devotion, emotion, enchantment, enjoyment, infatuation, lust, passion, rapture, sentiment, tenderness, yearning

Love a power word used and given so freely no a days, yet the meaning is lost to many. Love the word that makes a heart jump for joy. Love a word that lifts the human spirit to fly up to the angels, to soar over that rainbow. Love is a child’s laughter, a quiet pond, forces that instill sanity to all.

Love, it this was the concept that the Olympic gods recognized. A force more powerful than death itself, more fearful than a warrior in battle, more gentle than a baby’s sigh, and more fierce than a lion in heat: a precious sexual potency.

Oh how I feed on words of love, the emotions that are invoked, the rapture I can feel spreading through my being, the warmth starts low, that pivotal point in one’s body that radiates outwards.

Victory in the taste of one’s first kiss, one’s first encounter. Mortal man is blessed to know the touch of another being, to

Empathy or would one call it sacrifice, when Alcestis volunteered to die for her husband so he may live. Was it empathy? Did she feel his pain and wish to take it away? Whatever the cause of the sacrifice it is that action, the actions of a woman, that the Olympic gods gave honor to LOVE because of the courage that came with it. It takes courage after all to endure pain, hatred, sacrifice.

<center> L O V E H A T E </center>

HATE: abhorrence, abomination, animosity, antagonism, aversion, disgust, hostility, loathing, malevolence, repugnance, repulsion, resentment, revenge, revulsion,

Power words to invoke images of death and life. Yet it is not the words that give life to such actions, but those who put the word into reality. Those people who know how to use these words to incite and stir the souls of the masses, to bend and conform their ways of thought, to train them to do mindless bidding.

Hate those emotions of cruelty, depravity, anger at man and circumstances. Oh yes that is hate, all the vile venom we can sum up in one little word.

A myriad of word creations, images that open the eyes, set fire to the heart, burns the mind. Horrors that man produces against man, nature, gods.

Translucent that is the true look of hate. Fluid goes form person to person, never staying long, only around to cause damage and flutter on. Nothing to hold on to, but that is the power of hate, it keeps coming back because mortal man fails to see it.

Emotions, vivid heart pounding, thumping wildly against your chest as you breathe in and out rapidly. That feeling, internal demonic drives that can propel one man to kill another, to love another.

<center> L O V E H A T E </center>

But who am I to know of LOVE.

I have many names, many faces throughout the ages. I am eternal, I was here when creation began I shall be here when the worlds die. How you choose to envision me I shall be known by that: Freya, Aphrodite, Eros, Tlazolteotl, Isis, Xochipilli, Venus, Ishatar, Cupid, Astrild, Turan, Kama, Qadesh, Oshun, Semara.

I am neither male nor female, yet I encompass all the genitalia of those sexes within me. From the mood swings of PMS to the aloof ministrations of the male mind, I am all.

I can feel the love of a women at that first moment when a man touches her, that first blush of love as it settles on her chest spreading its way south. The ecstasy of a man’s cock as it enters her vagina, I can feel all the emotions that one simple act of love entails for a woman, the feeling of being wanted, of being needed, of being accepted, of being loved.

I can also feel the want of a male, not just the physical need to ejaculate into something, anything. I was there when he first stoked the penis to feel the warmth inside take over, though alone, the physical aliment was abetted. I was also there when he first learned the beauty of a female’s body as he pumped his way to completion. Yet in all the physical energy that the male is known for, it is the emotional need a man has, that need for human touch, for human kindness, for love.

<center> L O V E H A T E </center>

But who am I to know of HATE

I have many names, many faces throughout the ages. I am eternal, I was here since the beginning, for hate was forged in the fire of war, the war of creation. I shall be present in the destruction of the worlds. You mortals choose to envision me thought the likeness of: Ares, Erida, Yum Cimil, Athena, Neith, Discordia, Camaxtli, Agrona, Amatsu Mikaboshi, Perkele, Quirinus, Tezcatlipoca, Seth, Malsumis.

I am neither yin nor yang, I am neither good nor bad, no male or female. For I am all, I encircle the great and harbor the meager. I am all that you can dream of. I am all that words can describe. I am the beginning I am the end, the alpha, the omega of man.

I have become more powerful thanks to man, to his need for me, the need for me to show him cruelty to show him how to use hate seeking out love, but what is even more rewarding is using love to show hate.

Oh how the taste lingers on my lips, rubbing up against my palette. Those emotions of lost and anger, how they permeate a room, infusing it scent for me to dwell upon. As stoic as one wishes to be, those leek through mortal man like a water through a sieve. Oh How I enjoy the smell, the sulfur acid smell of hate, in a room, as I play up those of mortal breath, one against the other.

<center> L O V E H A T E </center>


I am in every story on this board, in every reader’s heart, in every author’s pen. I come to life in these words, I take on breath substance, I can love or kill as I see fit. I have the power, given freely to me by you.

I was there when the man shot the bullet. I was also there when Max saved his love.

I was there when Michael cried out from abuse. I was there when Max felt anger at the black eye. I was there when Isabel cared.

I was there when Maria felt rapture from Michael’s touch, I was there when Liz felt that twang of jealousy.

I was there when Max let his guard down. I was there when Liz glowed. I was there when Michael stayed. I was there when dreams occurred.

I was there when Tess mind warped Max. I was there when he created the baby. I was there when Liz wept.

I am there with all the writers in their creations. I am in the ink, in the minds. I lie dormant in dead files. I blaze across the screen.

I am in the discussions. I am the dissuasion. I fuel the passion of dreamers. I envision the worlds of the unconventional.

I am the love of life. I am the love of words. I am the love of being,

I am the hate of bitterness. I am the hate of selfishness. I am the hate of ignorance.

<center> Which way do you envision me? </center>