Risen In Light - CC - ADULT - {COMPLETE}

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Risen In Light - CC - ADULT - {COMPLETE}

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Risen in Light

Rating: ADULT, for language and situations.

Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters; never have, never will!

Summery: New revelations are made about the Antarians and an old friend as he returns with revenge on his mind and a need to set things right.

Couples: All CC

Email: alex_g_smith@hotmail.com

Author Note: This is my third story (Roswell) and so, as usual, much feedback is appreciated!

Segment in italics is a character speaking to audience.

It starts in the final Granolith Chamber scene in “Departure”. Segment between the ~~~~~~*****~~~~~~ is a direct excerpt from that scene. The second mark is where my story begins.



Max looked at Tess, “Did you kill Alex?”

“I didn't want to. I wish I hadn't, but I did.” Tess said

“Why?” Max asked

“Look Max, the-the clock's ticking, we don't really have time...” Tess said


“He would have told you what I did and I couldn't let that happen.” Tess said

“So you just, you just killed him?”

“I didn't mean to. His brain was just so weakened by the mind warp, and…look, none of this matters now.”

“Life matters Tess. My life, your life, his...”

“What matters is getting home, but you could never understand that could you? I might have been able to teach you but that stupid bitch had you wrapped around her...” Tess said

“Don't you ever call her that!” Max said

“See! Look how fast you run to her defence! Why couldn't you ever feel that about me? I'm your wife, Max! I'm carrying your child!” Tess countered

“This was all some kind of plan to get pregnant and go home, wasn't it? Home to what, Tess? To Kivar? To our enemies?” Max said

“They're not my enemies, Max.” Tess said

“You made a deal with them, with Kivar.” Max stated

“No, Nasedo made a deal, 40 years ago.”

“What was the deal? Tell me!”

“To return home with your child, and deliver the three of you to Kivar.”

“And what would happen to us once you delivered us?”

Tess didn't answer.

“How did I ever fall in love with someone like you? How could I ever marry you?” Max asked

“You were different-- you were a king! Now you're just a boy.” Tess said with distain

Max raised his hand to Tess' neck…


…and then the hum of the Granolith stopped. The countdown clock on the wall halted, it flashed on and off as it became stuck between the seconds. The distraction allowed Tess to break free of Max’s hold on her neck and both looked around.

“What happened?” Tess asked

“I happened.” Came a voice from the wall.

The blue lining shimmered and rippled as a form began to emerge from the wall. Both Max and Tess couldn’t believe what they were seeing as the face became clear.

“What the hell?” Max said

The arrival smiled at the pair before raising his hand, in that same instant a beam from the Granolith shot Tess back against the wall and pinned her against the wall.

Well I bet you never expected to see me again did you? After all when someone’s six feet under they tend to stay there. But right now you’re probably wondering how I, Alexander Whitman, got here. Facing off against Tess, whom from what I now know should have been the one person I could trust but instead she killed me. But, before we get back to this little drama, the back-story. You see it all started 3 weeks before I died…well no, it started back when I was born…or on Antar…oh hell it technically began the second the universe was born but we don’t need to worry about that yet. Anyway…

Denver, Colorado, 02:15am Monday Morning, 3 Weeks Prior to Alex’s Death

It was pitch black, all the power in the city suddenly died during a violent lightening storm but that had passed and all that remained was the puddles on the ground. Anyone with sense was inside that night but a few didn’t have a choice. One hooded man was running for his life through the empty streets and behind him, three Skins were hunting him relentlessly.

He had managed to evade his pursuers a couple of times but they always managed to find him again thanks to their hexagonal devices. After all, in the mass of humans in the area, he was unique. It never took long for the enemy to lock back onto him. He knew that they would soon catch him it was inevitable. The Skins would never let a prize like him slip through their fingers but he had a purpose to fulfil and he was the only one who could do it.

Soon he found the police station, it was the only place that still had any light because of a backup generator. Quickly he ran inside to find a lone office behind the desk.

“Can I help you sir?” asked the officer

The man just tossed back his hood and moved breathlessly up to the desk. Officer Beck moved around the front to help him, he was able to catch the stranger before he collapsed.

“Well this is great for my second night on the job.” Beck said

In that second the man latched his hand on to the side of Beck’s head. Beck jerked his head back but his body became frozen in place and couldn’t break the grip. Then the area of Beck’s head that was touched started to glow as the energy began to pulsate up the mans arm and into Beck’s head as though he was feeding the energy into him.

“I’m sorry but I need you’re help.”

“Ple…please…what are you doing to me?” Beck asked

The man then closed his eyes and concentrated.

“Oh god…” Beck gasped, “Oh my god.” He said more calmly

“Do you understand?”

“Yes?” Beck answered

“I need your help, he needs you…do you accept?”

“Yes.” Beck said

The man sent his legacy into Beck, everything he had to give was sent.

“You don’t have much time, you need to be there for the Awakening.”

Then he sensed the approach of the Skins and quickly lifted Beck up before tossing him over to the other side of the desk where he started to glow. Just in time for the Skins to burst through the door.

The man stood up and faced the three Skins.

“You will come with us.” Said the Skin commander

“Not likely.” He said as he raised his hands.

Two of the Skins blasted him quickly, sending him back against the desk before he slumped down on to the ground.

“Actually I think it’s very likely.” Said the commander

He just looked up at the three aliens and smiled. “For the Hierarch.” He said before raising his hands again

The three Skins quickly acted to shoot him with their powers but the two blasts met each other in a blinding flash of light that exploded. The blast engulfed the four of them, leaving nothing but ashes, before it caught a nearby gas pipe and caused the entire building to erupt in a huge fireball that engulfed everything. Behind the desk, Officer Beck still glowed in an aura that protected him from the inferno and the collapsing building.

1 Week Later…

News Report: “It has been one week since the unexplained explosion in the Denver Police Station claimed the lives of all but one of the 32 officers that were inside. Federal investigators, hoping to question the sole survivor, Officer John Beck, were disappointed when he eventually came out of his coma but had no memory of the incident. Doctors at the hospital say that the loss of the memory may or may not be permanent. They put the loss down to an injury sustained on the back of his head, other than this his only injuries were minor burns and lacerations. His survival is described to be a genuine miracle.”

Room 1212, Denver Hospital, 15:00

Beck had been going stir crazy. He couldn’t remember anything of how he ended up in the hospital but he could feel a sense of urgency and knew he was running of out time. Just then his doctor came in to the room with his clipboard.

“Hi John, how are you doing?”

“Going stir crazy. Come on Doc, when can I get out of here? You’ve bandaged anything that need bandaged, everything works fine and I want to stop looking at these walls.” John asked

“Well, everything isn’t working fine. You’re white cell count is through the roof like it’s trying to fight off an infection but we can’t see anything. And then there’s that memory of yours.”

“I thought you said that the loss of short term memory is permanent?” John asked

“Well to be honest we don’t really know. As much as we’ve learned of the human body, the brain is still a big mystery. Our best guess is that you wont remember but there is a chance, which is why you’re friends are back outside.”

“Oh for fuck sake, I don’t remember it. Why can’t they just leave me alone?” John asked as he moved over to the window

“Because 31 men and women died that night and they don’t have a clue what happened. They think the explosion happened less that 20 feet from where they found you…actually they think there was two explosions, the first set of the gas mains in the building.”

“Hey, if I could tell them something I would. I saw their families at the memorial…I just don’t remember. Ugnnnn…okay what about this infection thing?” John asked

“Well we’re still running tests.”

“But do I need to stay here for that. You know where I live and if you forget just follow the F.B.I, I’m pretty sure they have my place bugged by now.”

“Oh come on, talk about paranoia.”

“Hey I may be a rookie but it doesn’t take an expert to know they think I’m a suspect.” John said

“Oh yeah?”

“Well I am the only survivor from a huge fireball and a pile of rubble, that’s got to raise some eyebrows. Hell if I was in there shoes I would think I’m a suspect.” John said

“Hmmm, okay you’re definitely paranoid. But I guess you’re right you don’t need to stay here while we run the tests. We have sufficient blood samples.”

“Really?” John said excitedly


“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” John said, “How soon?”

“Pack your bags. I’ll get the forms but you still have those guys outside.”

“Grnnnn…okay, send them in.” John said

Main Office, Jericho Publishing, Los Angeles, 1 Week Later

Jacob Jericho entered his office after receiving a page. He quickly locked the door and told his secretary to hold all his call before he moved over to the statue of an eagle. He took off his ring and placed it in the open beak of the eagle and caused the eyes of the stone bird to glow. He removed his ring and moved over to the wall and passed through it as though it was air.

He arrived in a giant circular room with a path of lights leading up the control post. The walls were one big screen showing star patterns, planetary alignments and a thousand other readouts. Quickly Jacob moved along the path and approached the controls and the man operating them.

“Eric, what’s going on?” Jacob asked

“Sir, I’ve just picked up a shift in Earth’s metaphysical field.” Eric said

“There’s about to be another Awakening? How soon?” Jacob asked

“Maybe 5 days…a week at the outside.” Eric said

“Excellent, track the disruption to its source and contact Kane. We need him there as soon as…”

Eric then interrupted him. “Sir we’ve got a problem…actually we have two. First is that Kane hasn’t checked in for the past two weeks. His last report was from Colorado but we have no idea where he is now. And second…sir, this disruption is in a state of extreme flux, even if I had Antarian equipment I done think I could lock on to a stable enough ripple to track it down. I’ve never seen anything like this. Whoever this person is, his power level is far beyond that of the rest of us.”

“You think it’s…”

“AH…no, I’m not going to say it. If it is, it is but if not…I’m not going to jinx this.” Eric said

“Either way, at this power level the Council needs to be informed. And do your best to track down Kane, we need him to assist in the Awakenings…and narrow down that disruption.” Jacob said before turning back down the path and out through the wall.

The second he was back in his office he moved over to the eagle statue and pulled on one of the stone feathers. The lights in the room darkened and a circle of eight lights appeared on the floor. In the centre of those lights stood eight transparent holograms of people.

“Jericho, why have you called this Council?”

“I have just received information. We are currently tracking a ripple in Earth’s field, the power level is off the scale.” Jacob said

“Do you believe it is the Hierarch?”

“I do not presume…” Jacob said

“But you do.”

“If this person is the Hierarch so be it but that is the judgement of this honourable Council to make. The death will occur soon and not to long after the Awakening will happen. So far we are unable to see through the disruption to identify the location.” Jacob said

“What of Kane, his heightened awareness of these matters should allow you to track the disruption.”

“We’ve lost contact with Kane. He hasn’t checked in for the past 14 days.”

“WHAT? Kane’s abilities are unique and are irreplaceable. What was his last location?”

“Colorado, that’s all I know.” Jacob said


“Yes. Why?” Jacob asked

“2 weeks ago in Denver there was a class 6 explosion that killed 31 individuals. As of just now the explosion has yet to be explained. Through routine monitoring of Antarian frequencies we know that three Antarians of the Skin sect were in that area. They too have not been heard of for two weeks.”

“The Skins know of us?”

“Negative, details were not reported to the Skin command units. They only reported that they found something connected to Antar and were investigating.”

“And the next thing was the explosion and we loose contact with Kane.”

“We must conclude that Kane has expired. Send word to the others and let them know. His loss will be painful to all of us. Jacob, do what you can to track this new Awakening, if it is the Hierarch then we need it now more than ever. Without it our time on this world is limited but now it could be the only one with the ability to identify the members of our race.”

“I will proceed now.” Jacob said

“Wait. What of the artefacts?”

“All have been located, the final one shall arrive to my facility tomorrow. However only the Hierarch can extract the crystals. Farewell.” Jacob left the lights and returned to the statue to deactivate the holograms. Once they were off, the lights returned to their normal levels.

He unlocked his door and started to make phone calls all over the planet. He had a lot to make and didn’t finish until the sun had set.

Beck’s Apartment, Denver, Colorado, 21:50 3 Days Later

John sat on his chair, wrapped up in a blanket with his feet in a steaming bucket of water. Ever since he got home from the hospital his mysterious infection hit him full force with flu like symptoms. The investigators stopped their constant questions after they got it through their heads that he couldn’t remember what happened. The day after he left the hospital he went by the burnt out remains of the station and looked over it, he couldn’t understand why he survived. He was a picture of the rubble he was looking at when he drifted off to sleep.


John was walking through the debris of the police station, the silhouettes of three people standing menacingly over a forth. They were nothing more than black shapes but John felt like he recognised the forth.

“Hello again.” Came a voice from behind him

Beck turned around to see someone come towards him, floating an inch of the ground.

“I know you.” Beck said

He nodded, “Yes, we met the night this happened. My name is Kane and I’m sorry about this.”

“You, you caused this?” Beck asked

“Unfortunately. My attack was only supposed to destroy my attackers but there was a gas pipe nearby.” Kane said

“Tell that to the people who died.”

“Well I wish I could but I’m dead too.” Kane said, “All that remains of me is inside you and now I need you to remember.”

“Remember what?”

Kane extended his hand. “To remember why you are alive. Take my hand.”

Beck hesitantly took it and for a second the two glowed.

Real World~~~

Beck snapped awake and jumped up but his entire body tingled.

“Oh god.”

The memories flooded his mind, everything from what happened to what he agreed to. He understood his purpose and what he needed to do; then he turned and looked at his mirror. He moved up to it and looked at his reflection – his eyes were glowing brightly.

“Oh man this is wild.”

Then he got a sense of something, something in the distance. It was calling out to him like a voice lost on the wind but as he tried to listen it became louder, clearer and he understood it.

“He needs you.” Boomed a voice in Beck’s head, “You have accepted this and now you must complete the journey. None of the others can do what you can…go to him. If you don’t arrive on time he will not Awaken and my people will fall.”

Beck looked back at the mirror and blinked a few times. The glow stopped. “Roswell.” He said, “That’s where you are. Roswell, New Mexico. Oh what the hell am I saying, I’m dealing with freaky alien shit, of course it’s gonna be Roswell.”

Quickly he ran into his bedroom and packed a bag before running down to the parking lot and getting into his car. During his drive he learned to control the glow of his eyes, he could turn the glow on and off at will.

Cemetery, Roswell, New Mexico, Midnight, The Night After Alex’s Funeral

When Beck arrived in Roswell he kept his distance from everything, he relied only on his instincts to guide him to what was calling to him. However he was drawn to the cemetery and watched as the coffin was placed in the ground. He never left the cemetery after that, he kept to the furthest edge of the grounds and waited until midnight.

When the alarm on his watch went off he opened the trunk of his car and pulled out a shovel. He moved over to the new grave.

“Oh yeah…this job has really great perks.” He said sarcastically, “Sorry kid…but I do have a feeling you’ll thank me.” Beck said and started to dig. John found that despite the lack of light he could see as clearly as he could as if it were daylight.

30 Minutes Later…

John eventually hit the wood of the coffin but was covered by mud as a result. He looked down at the lid and felt hesitant. “I hope to god I’m right about this.” He cleared the sides of the lid and used the edge of the shovel to pry the lid open…

The blast of light was blinding but it only lasted a second. It sent John flying backwards out of the hole he had dug as a mass of light floated out of the coffin. John could see through the light and saw a body regenerating the damage it had suffered. When the light stopped, the body floated down onto the ground before Beck. John knelt down next to the body and then it opened his.

“Aghhhhhhhhhh!” John cried out after being startled by it.

“Christ man, keep it low. Major headache.”

“Uhhhh…sorry, I’m just a little new to this. I’m Beck, John Beck.” He said

“Alex Whitman, nice to meet you.”

“Hi…forgive me but you don’t seem to freaked out about coming back from the dead?” John asked

“That’s because I know what I am now…wait…you’re not?” Alex asked

“Uh no. I kinda got drafted.” Beck said

“Oh, okay.” Alex said as Beck helped him up

“So do you know everything?” Beck asked

“Unfortunately no.”

“But I thought, during the Awakening you were supposed to…”

“I know but I don’t. Something must have interfered with the process…oh…Max.” Alex said

“Who’s Max?” Beck asked

“He’s an Antarian Human Hybrid, one of the Royal Four…and a good friend. He probably tried to heal me when I died. His energy could have caused some block in my memory, it should eventually come to me but…oh god Isabel.”

“You’re girlfriend?”

“Yeah, and Max’s sister.” Alex said

“You know you can’t go to them, at least not yet anyway.” Beck said

“I know…but I need to get to L.A. and I need someone out here to keep an eye on Tess. Something isn’t right with her.” Alex said
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next segment

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“Well…she killed me. Whatever she had planned, she’ll move soon.” Alex said, “But in the meantime…you’ve done what you needed to do. Kane’s legacy can’t survive in you for long and you should get back to your own life.” Alex said

“Yeah…okay I knew that but you should know what happened in Denver.”

“I will in a minute.” Alex said as he extended his hand.

Beck took it and an immediate connection was formed. His body jerked slightly as light travelled from his head, down his body and along his arm where it was absorbed in Alex.

“Oh…okay, yeah Denver could be a problem. Okay this is the excuse you’ll use for you’re absence – you went to see a specialist about you’re memory loss. When I get to L.A. I’ll arrange for the necessary cover for you.” Alex said

“Thanks. I take it that the specialist wont be able to help me?” Beck asked

“Ah no, I think it’s best that…at least for now, you continue to say you don’t remember. Sooner or later the explosion will get ruled as accidental.” Alex said

“Well, I better give you a lift to L.A. Come on, my car’s on the other side of that hill.” Beck said

“Thanks.” Alex said before turning to his grave. He focused on the dirt and it suddenly flew into the hole. Then he conjured up a little bad weather to soak the area so that no one could see that the grave was tampered with.

The two moved over to the car, when they were up on the main road Alex asked Beck to pull over. Alex got out and looked over his hometown.

Lobby, Jericho Publishing, L.A., 11:00 The Next Morning

After arriving in L.A., Beck gave Alex some money before leaving. Alex rested a little in a small hotel, got cleaned up and got some clothes other than the suit he was buried in. As soon as he was ready he caught a cab and went to his peoples front company. As he entered the lobby he went straight over to the receptionist.

“Can I help you sir?” asked the receptionist

“Yes, could you please tell Mr Jericho that Alexander Whitman is here to see him.” Alex said, as he looked at the woman before him he could sense that she was more than she seemed

“Do you have an appointment?”

“I’m afraid not.” Alex said

“I’m very sorry but Mr Jericho is a very busy man. If you tell me why you wish to see him I can arrange a future appointment.”

“Perhaps you can tell him it’s about the Hierarch.” Alex said

The woman looked sharply up at the young man, “Excuse me?”

“You heard.” Alex said calmly

As did many other people in the lobby who were the same as Alex. All looked at him but quickly went back to their work in order to maintain the cover for the humans around them. The receptionist pressed a button beneath her desk and stood up.

“Please come this way Mr Whitman.” She said

Alex followed the woman to a nearby elevator. Soon they were up the 45 floors to the top of the building. The two went out and followed the long hallways down to Jericho’s office.

“Hello Helen, what can I do for you?” Jericho’s secretary asked

“Emma, this is Mr. Alex Whitman. Mr. Jericho is expecting him.”

“Oh yes, you’ve to go right in Mr Whitman.” Emma said as she stood up, knocked the door and opened it.

Jericho’s Office…

Jacob got up from behind his desk and went to meet the young man.

“Mr. Jericho.” Alex said, “I’m Alex Whitman.”

“Yes, Mr Whitman, it’s good to meet you. How can I help you?” Jacob asked

“I’m here about the Hierarch.”

Jacob was wary. None of his race met him like this, at least never unescorted by Kane or one of his representatives. He couldn’t help but wonder is the person before him was a human; playing with some information he got a hold of.

“Yes, I’m curious as to what you mean by that.” Jacob said

“Well. It’s just that he’s standing right in front of you.” Alex said as his eyes lit up with a warm golden glow.

Jacob looked at him and smiled before descending to his knees. “Hierarch…I’m honoured. I knew it was you’re arrival we picked up on.”

“Oh please don’t do the kneeling thing. I hate that. Besides, I still have to be confirmed by the Council.” Alex said

“Oh course Hierarch. I will call them now.”

“Thank you…oh and don’t call me Hierarch. I’m not exactly the same as I was up there, none of us are. Call me Alex.”

“Of course…Alex.” Jacob said as he moved over to the eagle. “Alex, can I ask…when do we strike back?”

“Against who?” Alex asked

“Who? The Antarians.”

“We don’t…at least not against the general population. Remember it was Kivar and his people who massacred us. The other four worlds are innocent and remember; he affected them just like us. Besides, before my Awakening I was very close to the Royal Four…I am…was in love with Isabel – Princess Vilandra. I think dying caused a major wrinkle in that relationship. Our quarrel stays with the Skins where it belongs. You do have the artefacts?”

“Yes, but only you can remove the crystals from them safely. Hierarch…Alex, many of our people are angry that the other worlds of Antar did not strike back against Kivar for the genocide he committed. As for the Royal Four, given what Kivar did to them we consider them potential allies…we were very close to the Antarians once and Zan was our greatest friend…at least until this travesty.”

“Jacob, I understand. I do remember some of it but they are dying without our help. For millions of years we were apart of them, we cannot hold an entire species responsible for the actions of one faction.” Alex said, “Please call the Council.”

Jacob pulled the feather on the stone eagle and the lights dimmed as the holograms of the Council appeared in the office. The second they say the young man before them they moved down to their knees, they felt the power and the gold light of his eyes confirmed it.

“Hierarch.” They all said together.

4 Hours Later…

The meeting with the council had finished and Alex sat on the office couch next to Jacob.

“Do they always talk that long?” Alex asked

“Usually. But remember, you can order them to shut up.” Jacob said

“Oh. That’s a plus. Jacob, listen I need you to send someone to Roswell to keep an eye on my friends. Sooner or later Tess will make her move, I need someone to interfere when that time come…I’ll tell them the details of what I wont done when it happens but I need you to select someone suitable.”

“Consider it done Alex.” Jacob said, “I still find it hard to believe that Tess did this. The plan conceived by Hierarch Colony called for…”

“I know, believe me I’m as confused as you are. Her instincts should have caused her not to kill me but she did…maybe being raised by Nasedo caused the problem.” Alex said

“No. I don’t know what caused it but her instinctual nature should have prevented her actions.” Jacob said

“Ugghhhhhh…hell for all I know there could be a problem with her genetic structure. What about the artefacts?” Alex asked

“Oh yes, this way.” Jacob said.

He placed his ring back in the beak of the eagle and stepped through another of the walls. They entered another elevator and dropped deep beneath the city street level.

“How far down are we?” Alex asked

“1 mile. This is the only place in the city that’s free of the seismic activity L.A. experiences. They’re through here.”

Alex followed Jacob through the hallways of the underground facility and came to a storage room in the centre of which was a table. One the table was 3 items.

“Amazing. The ancient mythical items of ancient Earth…Thor’s Hammer, the Staff of the Mage and Excalibur.” Alex said

He moved over to each item and ran his hand over them, concentrating as he went. The materials that made up each item disintegrated leaving 4 crystal rods similar to the Granolith Crystal.

“Well here we go, now all we need is the generator. Do we know where it is?” Alex asked

“Unfortunately no, that knowledge was lost along time ago. You know that it was built inside one of the Research colonies on Earth but there were dozens of them. Most have been destroyed over the centuries, many have been built on top of so many time that we’ll never find anything of the original structures. However we believe the location was imprinted in the genetic structure of the Royal line.” Jacob said

“So Max and Isabel have it…and I can’t go speak to them about it. Great.” Alex said

“There is another option.” Jacob said

He left the room and Alex followed him to the other end of the facility to a medical wing. As Alex entered he saw someone hooked up to very advanced life support machines. While the face was familiar, it didn’t take long for Alex to realise who it was.

“Oh my god, Zan.” Alex said, “I thought he was dead?”

“One of our people saw what happened to him. Since humans are barely evolved enough to have psychic powers let alone those displayed that night we knew who they were. Fortunately Rath and Lonnie didn’t bother checking him. He was still alive but only just. We got Zan here and hooked him up. I take it you met them?”

“Oh yeah. They nearly killed Max because they wanted to get to Antar.” Alex said

Jacob looked confused for a second, “Get to Antar? They do know that’s impossible right? Well at least until he plug those crystals into the generator.”

“They don’t have a clue. They think Antar is a planet, and the other worlds for that matter.” Alex said

“Oh dear.” Jacob said

“Yeah. Anyway…” Alex said as he sat on the bed next to Zan and took his hand.

He formed a connection to the comatose alien and focused.

“Zan…can you hear me?” Alex asked

The energy being fed into Zan gave him the ability to respond.

“Yes.” Zan croaked, his eyes still closed and still unconscious

“Zan, the Byzenium generator built by the scientists of Antar in the third golden age. It was built in a research facility on Earth…where is it?” Alex asked

“Byzenium?” Zan said

“Yes, the Byzenium generator.” Alex said

“Nara’colus.” Zan said

Alex nodded, “Rest Zan, let yourself heal.” He said as he broke the connection

“Nara’colus? I’ve never heard of it.” Jacob said

“That’s because it’s a code name.”

“Code name for what?” Jacob asked

“Atlantis, they built the damn thing on the lost continent.” Alex said

“Well…we’re screwed.” Jacob said

Jacob’s Office, 12:00, A Few Days Later

Jacob had been spending most of his time helping Alex recover the race memories that were still blocked by Max’s vain attempt to heal him. For the most part he succeeded but there were still some areas he couldn’t access. It was during one of their sessions that the door to the office burst open.

“Sorry to intrude sir…Hierarch.” He greeted both men

“It’s okay, what’s going on?” Jacob asked

“Sir I got here as soon as I could. As you expected Tess made her move last night. Her plan was to conceive a child with Max Evans.”

“What?” Alex asked

“Hierarch, we followed your instructions precisely.”

“You’re sure?” Alex asked

“Yes sir. All is as you planned.”

“It’s time I go home.” Alex said to Jacob, “I’ll watch for a while in the Granolith Chamber…is my cover story in place?”

“We set the final pieces anywhere where the relevant data is stored but the memories will need to be implanted into you’re parents and medical workers from back when you were born.”

“I can use the main system in the Granolith Chamber for that but the false memories, have you constructed them?” Alex asked

“Yes.” Jacob said as he reached into his desk and pulled out a crystal the size of a CD-ROM. “Just put this into the system and transmit.”

“Thanks.” Alex said as he took the crystal

“Good luck, Hierarch.” Jacob said

Alex looked at him and the two men shook hands.

Well that’s it, that’s how I woke up to a new life…now on with the story!

Granolith Chamber, The Mountain, New Mexico, Present Time

“You were different-- you were a king! Now you're just a boy.” Tess said with distain

Max raised his hand to Tess' neck and then the hum of the Granolith stopped. The countdown clock on the wall halted, it flashed on and off as it became stuck between the seconds. The distraction allowed Tess to break free of Max’s hold on her neck and both looked around.

“What happened?” Tess asked

“I happened.” Came a voice from the wall.

The blue lining shimmered and rippled as a form began to emerge from the wall. Both Max and Tess couldn’t believe what they were seeing as the face became clear.

“What the hell?” Max said

The arrival smiled at the pair before raising his hand, in that same instant a beam from the Granolith shot Tess back against the wall and pinned her against the wall.

Max then quickly raised his hand to blast at Alex, thinking he was a Shape shifter but only succeeded in getting himself pinned against the wall.

“It is me, Max…surprise.” Alex said

“No…you’re dead.” Tess said

“I know. And you did a very good job on it to.” Alex said

“Then how?” Tess asked

“I am Shao’li.”

Tess looked at him; her face became deadly serious with just the right amount of fear to satisfy Alex.

“That’s impossible, the Shao’li are dead.”

“Yes, Kivar did a very good job in wiping us out but a few survived and came to Earth in the hybrid pods.”

“But you’re microbes…a microscopic intelligence.” Tess said

“Well you’re two for two. We arrived on Earth and bonded with a thousand or so human’s embryos for the last 60 or so years. We hid in the junk D.N.A of our bodies until they died, at which point they…we were Awakened and regenerated. We became fully aware of who we truly are; we are hybrids, just like you four. I was…am Hierarch of the Shao’li. I am their ruler and until Kivar betrayed King Zan I…that is the Hierarch Colony that I once was apart of the king. You and I are apart of each other Max. Now Tess, tell me why.” Alex ordered as he moved closer to the hybrid

He stopped dead in his tracks as he felt an unfamiliar presence. “You…you’re a Morphic.”

“Morphic?” Max asked

“A shape shifter, she has the ability to mimic any power she’s exposed to. That’s how you killed me…you’re not Tess.”

“No. But she’s being kept company.” The Fake Tess said

“Where is she?”

She just smiled.

“WHERE IS MY SISTER?” Alex yelled

“What?” Max asked

“Tess was the first one of us made, the Hierarch Colony was in Tess’s pod and bonded to her before they hid in my mother before bonding to me. She’s my sister, which is why none of my people could understand why she killed me. But she didn’t…you did.” Alex said, “And as soon as I see her again I can induce an Awakening…if she wants it. Now, Blondie…where the hell is my sister?”

“I don’t know.” She answered

Alex bent his head slightly towards the black machine and it sent a wave of pain into Fake Tess



The other’s waited and all were on edge, none of them were aware of what was happening inside the Chamber. “Something’s wrong.” Michael said, “The timer should have finished long before now.”

“That’s it, I’m not waiting.” Liz said, her concern for Max had doubled in the few minutes since Max ordered them all out of the Chamber. She moved back over to the door into the cave and all the others followed. Then they heard the scream and ran into the chamber.


“Hey guys.” Alex said as he felt the others approach.

All stood dumbly by as they saw Alex, with Max standing next to him and Tess pinned against the wall.

Michael was ready to attack but Max stopped him.

“No Michael, it is Alex…and that isn’t Tess.” Max said

“What?” Liz asked

Isabel couldn’t believe her eyes as she stared at Alex. In her head she could feel his caress but thought it was just her imagination…until he looked at her and smiled. Then his eyes glowed with the bright gold light and snapped his head back to the shape shifter on the wall.

“Where is she, where is Tess?” Alex asked

“Baltimore. I switched places with her when Whitaker grabbed her. But that doesn’t matter Max…I carry your child.”

While Liz had a pained look on her face at being reminded about Max sleeping with Tess…or Fake Tess, Alex had a smile on his face.

“Actually you’re not pregnant…you and Max never slept together. I had a friend of mine keep an eye on you all. When he realised what you were up to he used a sedative gas on you both, the memories you have of having sex are a mind warp just like your pregnancy symptoms. Oh and Max, you never loved Tess. This…thing has the ability to create synthetic emotions in people and she did that to you. Because it was fake and constantly pumped up every day you saw Tess it became a little overwhelming and that’s why you almost screwed her – it wasn’t you’re fault.” Alex said happily but not as happy as Max and Liz who held each other’s hands.

“So what are you going to do to me?” Fake Tess asked

“Well I’ll give you an option. I send you back to your Skins and let them follow Kivar’s orders for your failure, or I deconstruct your molecular structure and let it be absorbed by this place.” Alex said

“You know that’s not an option. Kivar would tear me a part a thousand times…your method.” She said

Alex gave a fake smile, she was hoping she would take her chances with Kivar – futile but at least her death would have been suitable punishment for what she did to him. “Fine.” He moved over to the device in the middle of the room and touched his hand to it. In seconds the alien was gone, her remaining particles were so small that they could not be seen.

Alex then turned his attention to his friends. “Hi guys…I’m back.” He said with turning off his glowing eyes with a blink

“Alex? What…what happened?” Maria asked

“That’s a long story.” Alex said, “And I’m sorry about having to let you think I was dead. It was necessary so that bitch could continue her plan and I could find out what she was doing. I didn’t even know she wasn’t Tess until just now.”

“So what now?” Liz asked

Alex looked at Isabel and moved closer to her. “Are you okay?”

Isabel just grabbed him and wrapped her arms around Alex. He held her back and could feel her crying against him.

“I’m so sorry Isabel.” Alex whispered to her while running his hands over her back, “I’m so very sorry.”

“It really is you.” Isabel stated

“Yeah, it is.” Alex answered

The two the released each other and Alex wiped away her tears from her cheek. But Maria couldn’t resist and latched onto her long time friend. When she pulled back she punched his arm.

“OW!” he said

“Don’t ever do this to me again.” Maria said, of all the things going through her mind she was just happy to have him back.

“Or me.” Liz said as she moved in closer

“I heard you went all out to find out what happened to me?” Alex said

“Yeah well, you know…miles to go before I sleep.” Liz said, she started crying and hugged her friend

“I’ve missed you.” Alex said as they let go, “I’ve missed all of you.”

Michael, Kyle and Max moved in and welcomed him back with handshakes and slaps on his back.

“Well…now I’ve got to put in final little piece of my cover story and then I can get one with finding Tess.” Alex said

“Do you really think you can find her?” Max asked

“We’re both Shao’li, we’re connected on some level.” Alex said, “Right now, I’ve got a little story to tell you.”

They all sat down on the ground as Alex relayed to them the events of the last few weeks. They all wanted a drink by the time he was done.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 2

Granolith Chamber, The Mountain, 2 Hours Later

The group sat around the chamber, listening as Alex relayed how he came back to life.

“So, what’s this Shao’li thing?” Max asked

“Well Tess…hmmm…fake Tess was right, we were a microscopic intelligence. No bigger than a bacteria. But as smart as we were individually, we couldn’t express that intelligence without bonding together. Those that did bond became what we call Colonies…the one that created myself and Tess was the Hierarch Colony. They stowed away in Tess pod and altered her during her gestation and after a while they left her, found my mother and altered me. They died shortly afterwards but several other colonies escaped Antar and did the same to other humans around the country. We were born in the energy of the big bang and for a while we just drifted in space, until Antar was formed. For some reason we were drawn there and when we arrived we inhabited the Antarians, helped them along. Eventually a scientist discovered us and from then on we worked together. They were after all the only way we could give form to our ideas but then Kivar came along and…well.” Alex said

“And your cover is a publishing firm?” Michael asked

“Well no, that’s just the L.A. office, we’ve got several others around the U.S.” Alex said

“Okay, here’s a question for you.” Maria said, “Given that everybody thinks that you’re…you know…how do you plan on walking about the streets without anyone recognising you?”

“I’ve already got a cover in place, I just need to edit my parents memories a little with this…” Alex said as he held up a crystal disk, “…and then I’ll take it from there, but right now my priority has to be Tess.”

“Do you really think you can find her?” Liz asked

“She’s as much Shao’li as she is human and Antarian, if I focus on her then I should be able to direct my people to her. Unfortunately, Jericho wont let me go get her myself.” Alex said

“Why not?” Maria asked

“Oh some small crap about risking the end of everything they’ve worked for. My own sister and they wont let me get her away from those Skins.” Alex said, hating the fact that the Council backed Jericho on it. He could have overruled them but he was still adapting to his knew status.

“Well for what it’s worth, I agree with them. I’m not letting you out of my sight again.” Isabel said

Alex smiled at her as he held her hand securely. He’d missed her greatly and he didn’t miss the light in her eyes when she first saw him, it warmed his soul no end.

“Well at least Kivar wont be getting his little agreement fulfilled.” Max said, “Oh and Alex, next time you get your guys to mind warp us, you could have kept me out of it and just did Te…her.” Max said

“Yeah, sorry about that but I didn’t give specifics. So long as the plan was stopped when it presented itself then I was fine, besides you’re reactions had to be genuine. But you guys should know that Kivar would never have gotten a hold of your son…if there were one. You see there was no way…uh…crap…okay, Antarian history 101. Antar isn’t exactly a planet.”

“What do you mean it isn’t a planet? What else could it be?” Michael asked

“A ship…a really big ship. About 3 thousand years ago Antar became very unstable, violent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions - the works. So they abandoned it and built a ship…one that was identical in size to Antar. It was effectively a moving space station, deck upon deck of metal, thousands of them with the gravitational engine in the core that’s about 2 miles across and folded space to go from one point to the next. In that thing they travelled the galaxies.

Eventually the decided to experiment; they built an atmospheric shield, found an uninhabited planet and transferred it’s atmosphere, plants, trees, animals, soil, rock, everything they could get and give life to the metal. A lot chose to live on the surface but eventually their populace grew to a point where they had to build a second ship, and another, another and another.” Alex said

“And those things you told us about, that Jericho found?” Max asked

“Oh you mean the Hammer, staff and Excalibur. Yeah, well when the ship was created it needed a system to control it – the granolith. It was impossible to create another without severe problems to the Antar vessel so they decided to link the other ships into it by using control crystals. During Kivar’s attack, there was an accidental surge in the power core resulting in a space fold that sucked in all the ships. The only way to stabilise the reaction was to completely shut down the system and jettison it. The granolith was recovered but the four control crystals were sent through folded space and ended up on Earth…only it was way, way in the past. The ancient peoples that found them realised their power and placed them inside weapons. Now that we have the crystals and the granolith back, all I need to do is connect them to a generator that was built in an old research station on Earth. When that happens, the fold with stabilise and let the ships leave into normal space.” Alex said

“Wait…if Antar can’t be reached, where the hell was Blondie going?” Liz asked

“Probably just into orbit for about a year, the Granolith would place her in suspended animation and then it could come back down somewhere where the Skins could retrieve it.” Alex said, just then Alex stopped and held his head with his hand.

“Alex, what’s wrong?” Isabel asked immediately moving to help him

“Nothing, it’s okay.” Alex said as the pain passed, “An Awakening can sometimes have a little side effects, especially when one of us is in pain.”

“Pain, who is it?” Max asked

“Tess, the Skins don’t know she is Shao’li. They don’t have the equipment on Earth to identify those particular genetic traits, at least while she is dormant. Until now none of my people knew where this pain was coming from but now that I know Tess hasn’t been here…” Alex said, “But they still think she knows the location of the Granolith because she was raised by Nacedo and because of that they’re…” he could finish the statement, knowing that the Skins were doing every form of torture they could think of on his sister.

The others immediately knew what Alex could say and none of them wanted to say it. Then his watch started to beep loudly. Alex stopped the sound and looked at the time.

“Damn I forgot the time. Listen guys, I want you all to go home…”

“No.” Isabel, Liz and Maria said

“I’m not leaving you.” Isabel said

“But you have to, unless you want you’re parents to find that tape.” Alex said

Isabel’s eyes opened wide as she remember and quickly looked to her brother. “Max…oh god we even trashed the car.” She said

“I can fix the car, but you guys need to get home, speak to the sheriff and keep quiet about this.” Alex said, as he closed his eyes and focused. “There is a car on a road nearby, they’re crossing the desert as a shortcut to get to Roswell…they’ll be in position in 1 hour.”

“How’d you know that?” Liz asked

“I’m Shao’li.” Alex said confidently. “Look, I can finish what I need to do here and be meet that car in time. I can make myself look like I’m dehydrated, battered and weak…just like I was crossing the desert on foot. Don’t ask how but I know those people will get me to a hospital.”

“Do you need to fake a blood test?” Kyle asked

“No, humans have no where near the technology to identify my status.” Alex said as he closed his eyes again. “Go, quickly.” He said

They all looked at Alex again before reluctantly leaving the room. Out by the side of the mountain, they found Maria’s car and next to it was the jeep and looking brand new as if Max and the other alien didn’t send it off a cliff. Each looked up to the mountain and wondered just how extensive Alex’s abilities were.

Back in the cave, Alex took out the disk and moved over to the Granolith. He inserted it into the base of the device and images appeared inside the main unit, images of Alex’s parents with three newborns instead of one.

“Granolith, transmit.” Alex ordered

The Granolith buzzed as it did as it was ordered. Alex then knelt by the base and extracted the main crystal rod that had been inserted earlier.

“Well then, lets get you to your brothers.” He said to the crystal, “Granolith, comm. link, frequency R354454J…target: Los Angeles.”

As the Granolith complied, it shot a beam that became a hologram of Jericho.

“Hierarch.” Jericho greeted

“Hi Jacob. How are tricks?” Alex asked

“Not bad, the Council’s still on my back about not sending security with you.” Jacob said

“Well that was my call. The only reason I can get back into my life here is because of my friends being Antarian. Anyway I have news. Number one: I have the Granolith Crystal and I’m sending it to you now.” Alex said

He held out his hand and the crystal broke apart into sparkles of light and then disappeared.

“Okay, I have it.” Jacob said, “What else?”

“I know why Tess killed me.” Alex said

“Really? Why?”

“She wasn’t Tess. It was a Morphic under Kivar’s control.”

“Well that answers a few questions”

“Anyway she’s dead but Tess was captured by the Skins, all I know is that’s she’s somewhere in Baltimore.” Alex said

“Baltimore?” Jacob asked

“Yeah, does that mean something to you?” Alex asked

“There is a lot of Skin comm. traffic coming out of Baltimore. We have twelve people in the city that tracked it all to sub surface caves, we think…well they think it’s a minor base for their operations, used to distribute orders to their field personnel.”

“Minor base? As in low security?” Alex asked

“They do estimate a contingent of about 20 Skins. However, if they are interrogating Tess in that base then I would have expected a lot more.” Jacob said

“Well, when Max and the others wiped out the Skins replacement husks they could have scattered to work on replacements…listen I want Tess out of there, you and the council wont let me go so…”

“I’ll speak to the Council now but quite frankly I don’t think they’ll give their consent. The potential exposure of our people to the Skins is…”

“I know, I know. But tell them this. There are only two of our people born of the Hierarch Colony, Tess and myself. If something happens to me then Tess is the only hope for our people’s survival, as powerful as they Council members are, I’m a thousand time better in every way and there is no way they can replace the energy I have and what Tess could have. I want her back here as soon as possible, back where she belongs with me and the others and because it’s in our peoples best interests.” Alex said

“Hopefully that will convince them. With any luck Tess will be back in Roswell soon. Listen, I’ll be keeping a close eye on you. Your cover story will certainly gain some attention from the media.”

“Yeah I know, but people will believe anything especially with some of the loons around. They’ll believe this.” Alex said

“I hope so, because rising from the dead…they haven’t believed in that happening for two thousand years. Good luck Hierarch.” Jacob said before his hologram vanished

Alex looked around the chamber once more before leaving for the cave entrance. “Well Alex, time to get back to your life.” He said to himself. His body became nothing more than a sparkle of light that drifted over the desert towards the road and the car he knew was approaching.

When he became flesh again he altered his body. His skin pealed, his lips cracked, he changed his vitals so they were weaker and caused blisters on his feet. It was all to give the impression that he had crossed the desert on foot and had been without food or water for some time. As the car approached, Alex stumbled onto the road and collapsed. The vehicle came a sudden stop and the couple inside got out.

“Hel…help me.” Alex gasped with a dry throat

“Oh god.” Said Jack, the middle aged man. “Allison, clear the back seat.”

His wife did as she was asked and put the contents of the back seat into their trunk as Jack lifted Alex into his arms and put him into the car with his wife’s assistance. As he got back into the car he got a bottle of water out and gave Alex a few sips before driving off to the Hospital in Roswell.

Hospital, Roswell, 1 Hour Later

The couple had called ahead to let the hospital know they were coming and at the front entrance staff and a gurney met them. Within minutes he was inside being examined by doctors, one immediately recognised him as his next-door neighbour.

“Jesus.” He said

“What?” one of his colleagues asked.

“His name is Alex Whitman, he died a while ago.”

“Died? He’s weak but still got a pulse. How’d he die?”

“Car accident, ruled as suicide but I knew this kid. There is no way. Anyway the Sheriff got called and well lets just say I watched him being buried – it was open casket.”

“Well now he’s very much alive. Dehydrated severely, blisters, exhaustion…you better call the Sheriff to be sure and then call his parents.”

“Yes doctor.”

Sheriff Station, 10 Minutes Later

Jim had got the call but couldn’t understand the cryptic message. He had been called down to confirm an identification and that was it. Nothing else. He wasn’t having a busy day anyway, not with four of the kids leaving. When he got outside he moved over to his car and pulled out his keys.

“DAD!” Kyle called after him

“Sorry Kyle, I just got called down to the hospital. Can it wait, something weird is going on?” Jim asked his son

“Yeah dad, you just don’t know how weird.” Kyle said

Jim looked at his son and instantly knew that he knew something. “Get in, we’ll talk on the way?”

Both Valenti’s got inside the SUV and drove off while Kyle relayed to his father what had happened up at the Granolith and the truth of Tess. It didn’t take long for them to get to the hospital. Jim told his son to wait in the car while he took care of this but he still couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Alex lying in the hospital bed.

“Holy…” Valenti said

Alex heard him and opened his eyes for a second. When he saw the Sheriff, Alex smiled before he closed his eyes and pretended to be unconscious. Jim smiled back and went to speak to the doctor.

“Yeah, that’s Alex all right.” Valenti said

“How could he be, I mean we were both at the funeral.” Said the doctor

“I wish I knew but I still have to speak to his parents.” Jim said


“What about the tests? Anything unusual?” Jim asked

“No, nothing other than what I would expect from someone in his condition. He must have been in the desert for weeks. I’m amazed he got as far as he did.”

“Any idea on where he was coming from?” Jim asked

“No the couple who found him said he was coming from the west. It looks like he’s been walking for a long time…maybe even out of state.”

“West, that’s Arizona.” Jim said, “Urrrrrr…okay, I’ll go talk to his parents.” Jim said and then left.

When he was back out in the car he told Kyle to go to the Parkers. His instructions were act all excited and since he knew Liz and Maria would be there, to tell them that Alex was alive. Since Jeff and Nancy were likely to be there it would work for letting the story out. Then he was to head over to the Evans and do the same thing.

Alex’s Room, Hospital, Roswell, 30 Minutes Later

The second Alex’s parents were informed; Charles and Mary were in the Sheriff’s car and on their way over to the hospital. His mother couldn’t hold back the tears as she saw her son lying in the bed.

“He’s been through a lot but he should be fine. Right now we’re trying to re-hydrated him so we’re putting fluids into him as fast as we can.” The doctor said to his parents as they moved to the bed.

That was when Alex decided to wake up.

“Mom…Dad?” Alex croaked out

“Alex, how are you feeling son?” Charles asked

“Where am I?” Alex asked

“Roswell Son, you’re home.” Alex said but decided to leave it a while more. He had to play this out so that he could appear to be exhausted and so he deliberately fell unconscious again.

3 Hours Later…

By now everyone was in the hospital, Kyle did his job and everyone did their best of acting as surprised and shocked as they should do. Isabel never left the window into Alex’s room as she watched him sleep but she could feel him. While he could shut down his body on command, his mind was still active and reaching out to her. His parents never left the room and sat next to him.

He’d woken up several times, each lasting longer than the last until he was completely awake. “Water.” He gasped.

His mother quickly poured a glass and gave Alex a few sips.

“How are you feeling?” Charles asked

“Tired.” Alex said, “I’m really home?”

“Yes you are.” His mother said, “Alex…I…what happened? I mean you died.”

“WHAT?” Alex said, “Oh…that wasn’t me. It, it was Alan.”

“Alan? Who’s Al…an.” Charles said as his fake memories kicked in and at the same time it happened with his wife. In that second he remembered that Alex was one child of triplets that they had, 2 boys and a girl and that they were going to name their other son Alan. Then came the next memory that two off their offspring were taken from the hospital and never found, it was only Alex who was left and that was because of a security guard who interrupted the kidnappers.

“It can’t be.” Mary said

“Alex, how do you know?” Charles asked

“He was raised by some UFO cult out west. He thought they were born there until he found an old news article about them. Alan got out for a while and found us…he wanted my life and took it, sent me out there to replace him.” Alex said

“That’s why your school work went downhill before he died.”

“What?” Alex asked

“It’s okay, that can wait. Alex what about your sister? Was she taken by them?”

“Yeah, she escaped a few years earlier with an older friend. She followed the path of clues back to Roswell and they came here. He had to leave to keep her safe…she’s Tess Harding.” Alex said

“Tess? Isabel and Max’s friend?” his mother asked

“She couldn’t find the trail after coming here. She didn’t know who we are. I managed to get away a while ago…didn’t have any idea where I was going but I made it.” Alex said with as much of a smile as his flaked face could make.

“Yes you did.” Charles said, “You better rest.”

Alex nodded and looked over to the window to see Isabel. When Isabel saw his she waved through the glass and held her hand again the pane. He smiled and then closed his eyes. {I’ll speak to you later.} He said, speaking directly into her mind.

Doctor’s Office, The Hospital, 19:00

The doctor was sitting at his desk with Alex’s parents on the other side of it. Neither wanted to be away from Alex for long but the doctor did need to tell them of Alex’s status.

“There isn’t any problems is there?” Charles asked

“No, nothing major at any rate. Alex’s body is absorbing the fluids at an excellent rate but he’ll be wearing bandages on his feet for some time. The severity of the blisters…its amazing he could kept going through that amount of pain but I suppose it got so bad he just stopped feeling it or he was just determined, the body is an amazing thing under the right conditions. The main problem is Alex’s left leg, there was so much strain put on it that there is a crack in it. It will heal and with Alex’s metabolism it should happen fairly quickly but he will need to walk with a cane for a while. He just needs to keep the strain off of it.” The doctor said

“That I’ll make sure he does.” Charles said

“Good, other than that he’ll be fine. We’ll keep him in for the next few days for observation and rest.

“Thank you doctor.” Mary said. Then both parents left to meet up with the others.

“Alex, is going to be in here for a while. If you want to, you’re welcome back tomorrow. I know Alex will want to see you all, especially you and Maria.” Charles said while looking at Liz.

“Can I?” Isabel asked

“Of course dear.” Mary said

Isabel smiled as she looked back into the room but she continued to feel Alex’s soothing thoughts, telling her that he wasn’t going anywhere.

Dinning Area, Crashdown, 21:00

After dispersing to their homes, they did what ever they needed to do but Max and Isabel asked their parents if they could go and see Liz and the others at the Crashdown. Diane and Philip readily agreed given what had happened.

“I still can’t believe this.” Isabel said

“Believe it.” Liz said, “Our lives just became even more interesting.”

“Tell me about it.” Maria said

“Oh hey, what did you two do with that tape you left for your parents this morning?” Michael asked

“We erased it with our powers and then turned it to dust to be sure.” Max said while looking at Liz. “Can we?”

“Sure.” Liz said, both got up and went through to the back room.

“What do you think that’s about?” Michael asked

“Making up for lost time I bet.” Maria said as she held Michael’s hand, she still couldn’t get over the fact that Michael had chosen to stay with her.

In the back room, Max and Liz sat down on the sofa.



They both spoke at the same time and both smiled.

“You first.” Liz said

“Uh okay. Liz, I’m sorry about everything that’s happened between us. Despite what Alex said that Morphic was capable off…”

“Max it wasn’t you’re fault, she manipulated you and the rest of us. Besides, things happened that was my fault as much as they were yours.” Liz said

“I guess. But I do know one thing, telling you about us, healing you and bringing you into my life & being part of yours, none of it was a mistake. I’ve never regretted it…well except when we thought Alex was…I love you Liz.” Max said

Max held her hands in his, both looked into the other’s eyes. “I love you too Max. I never stopped, even when things got really bad between us.” Liz said. Their heads inched closer together until there were engaged in a kiss that reawakened the flashes between them. Once again they were fully connected and a tear crossed Liz’s cheek.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 3

Subterranean Caves, Baltimore, Same Time

While Alex was stuck in a hospital bed to reintegrate himself back into his life, Tess was strapped to another bed. A harder, colder bed that was made of metal with restraints that held her hands and feet in position. Above her was another device, one that had several sharp knives, needles and a dozen other unpleasant looking implements that were used for torture. Right now the one that was directed to her chest was shooting a beam of energy into her.

“ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” her screams echoed through the caves as she writhed in pain.

“Tess, it can end. Tell us the location of the Granolith. We will let you return to your king, to Roswell. Just tell us.”

The beam stopped and Tess turned her head. “No.” She said defiantly but the second she said it the beam started again and so did the screams.

“We’ve been doing this for months and we’re still no closer.” Said on of the Skins watching her

“Her resilience is extraordinary, much more than I would have expected of her. Is it possible she doesn’t know?”

“She was raised by the one who hid it. For him not to tell her would have constituted a major lack of foresight on his part. No, she knows.”

“Then perhaps it’s about time we took more drastic measures.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Bramus Worms.”

“Bramus? They’ll completely decimate her brain tissue. Then they’ll start to feed on the rest of her.”

“Yes but with the worms she will answer any question we asked of her.”

“But the General wants her alive.”

“He said within reason. He gave me discretionary powers to use whatever means necessary. The worms were a last resort but I think we’ve reached that point.”

“Very well, I recommend implanting one worm only. Any more and it could result in her termination before we get the answers we need. Its reproduction rate will produce an additional worm every 4 hours. The pain will be quite memorable…if she had a brain left by the end to remember it.”

“I will go and retrieve our little friend.”

With that one of the Skins left the room while the other approached Tess. He shut down the beam and then reversed it, so that instead of pain Tess felt a surge of inner well-being and contentment. “Tess…Tess wake up.”

Tess opened her eyes slowly, “What? Oh its you.”

“Tess, he’s going to use Bramus worms on you.”

“Bramus? Nasedo told me about them…you can’t be serious?” Tess asked

“I am. There is nothing I can do to stop him and he will get what he wants from you.”

“You can’t let him. Those things will kill me.” Tess said

“I know but there is nothing more I can do for you. Recalibrating this machine to give the lowest level all the time and coating the blades and needles with an anaesthetic was hard enough but to directly go against him…I cannot do that.”

“You’ve done more than I could have asked but you are an agent for my father…”

“And your father is with the rest of our people, trapped in the spatial fold and will be pulled apart by the gravitational forces in 3 years. I want to help you but my mission to eliminate the 40 traitors of your father who aided Kivar must be my priority. It took everything our people had just to get me among Kivar’s troops that came here…dozens were critically injured to get me here.”

There was a tear streaming down Tess’s face. “How long?”

“We keep the worms in the deepest cavern behind a thousand tons of steel to keep them from infecting Earth…at least until there ready. It’ll take an hour to get down that far and then another 2 to extract the worm from the Bramus Mother.”

“Is there any way you can get a message to Roswell…I’d like them to know what happened to me.” Tess asked

“I’ll do what I can.”

Just as the door opened and the Skin commander came in.

“What are you doing?”

“Regenerating her. If we wish her to last long enough I believe she must be as healthy as possible.”


“Why are you back so soon? I thought it would take hours to procure a worm.”

“I received a message from our agent in Roswell. The human Whitman is back.”

“What? How? Shagra killed him.”

“All I know is that he was found in the desert and is now in a hospital.”

“Hospital? Then he isn’t a Shape shifter or Morphic?”

“No, blood tests would have found that out by now and Roswell would be swamped with reporters. Then there is Zan, Rath and Vilandra. They all believe he is genuine and Shagra is no longer in town.”

“We should hold off on the worm for the moment. At least until we understand what is happening with our enemy.”

“Agreed. One of our people is undercover with one of the media outlets, the General has ordered her to investigate but I should still retrieve a worm, for future use.”

“Very well.”

Bramus Cave, Skin Hideout, Baltimore, 1 Hour Later

For our hour the Skin stayed in the elevator, descending as fast as it could deep into the bowels of the Earth to a point that was just about the mantle of the planet. The journey seemed to last forever and every so often the elevator car adjusted to the increase in pressure and temperature. Then it came to a stop.

“Isolation shield activating.” Came an electronic voice from the car.

A shimmer of light surrounded the Skin and formed an invisible bubble around him. It rippled with each step he took as he moved to the door. It opened and mist poured into the car as the Skin walked out, entering a hidden primordial world they hid here on Earth.

In the middle of the cave was a crystal that generated continuous ultraviolet light. The intense heat of the cave was generated from the ocean of molten rock that was barely 500 yards beneath them. Then entire cave was nothing more than a swamp with sounds of insects and something else.

The Skin moved through the cave, using his powers to brush aside the vines that hung down from the roof. Then it came flying toward the Skin, a foot long slug with small bat-like wings. It impacted the shield, as it tried to latch onto the Skins next but couldn’t penetrated the skintight barrier.

“Pathetic parasite.” He said as he grabbed the creature and squeezed it, crushing it completely before throwing it to the floor and whipping his hand to get rid of it’s guts and blood. “Now my pet, where are you?”

He continued to move about the cave, looking for the great worm that hey had brought to Earth. He brought it was a pet but Nicholas had decided to let him keep it for the time when they had finished their work on Earth. At which point they would open the door and leave the shaft unprotected so that the Bramus Mother and her young could travel to the surface unhindered.

Then the Skin heard a sound; the sound of thick liquid, gelatinous slime moving against rocks and water that was followed by a gurgling bubbles. Within seconds a seven-foot worm came out of the swamp and dived back under. Throwing globs of ooze everywhere as it moved, as the ooze it off rock it started to sizzle and steam, eating its way through the rock. The crystal that emitted the light shot a beam to all the ooze spots and neutralised it.

“Ahhh…there you are.”

The Skin reached into his pocket and pulled out a whistle. He blew it deeply and like a dog whistle it went unheard, except by the giant worm. It came back up to the surface just long enough for the Skin to hit it with a sedative dart that kept it from digging its way back under. He then used his powers to roll the creature onto its side, revealing layers of sacks across its belly. The sack pulsated and squirmed like giant maggots on the huge creature but the Skin was unaffected by the disgusting sight before him.

Then he put the whistle away and pulled out a blade that was made from a crystal that was harder than diamond, it was the only one that could penetrate the sacks. He stabbed it deep into the sack and started to slice it open, revealing a writhing mass of long squiggly black, slimy worms. There was a thousand per sack, all slithering over each other. Then out came the tweezers and a test tube that was built to contain the worms. The Skin reached into the sack with the tweezers and fought as he pulled out one single worm that was latching itself onto the sack and its fellow worms. Eventually it lost its fight and the Skin placed it into the tube and sealed it, by that point the tweezers were coated in slime that caused it to melt.

The Skin held up the tube and shook it a little, “Gotta love thing that have their digestive juices on the outside.” He then sealed the sack, put the tube in his pocket and returned to the elevator.

Alex’s Room, Hospital, Roswell, Midnight

Alex couldn’t sleep that night, but he could meditate. He couldn’t stop thinking of Tess, his sister who was being tortured. Max and the others told Alex’s parents that Tess decided to leave town for a while to sort some things out, that the frustration of not getting to identify her missing family got to her. It was the only thing they could think of given that she was there one day and gone the next thanks to the impersonations of the Morphic. They also said that they didn’t know where she went or how long she was gone for but that she would come back.

However, now that he knew the torture was happening he couldn’t stop his mind from seeking hers out. As much as he tried he couldn’t get through to her, until her Shao’li side was awakened all he could do was watch and not talk. It pained him to see it but he couldn’t help where his mind was taking him.

“Is this what they’re doing to her?” Isabel asked as she appeared behind him.

“Doing a little Dream walking to make sure I’m me?” Alex asked, feeling her presence enter his mind

“Actually I didn’t start this, one second I’m having a dream and then I’m here with you.” Isabel said

Alex took his eyes of Tess and looked at Isabel, wearing nothing but her pink satin pyjamas. He had to blink to stop looking at her body and back to her face.

“Sorry.” Alex said

Isabel smiled and blushed, “It’s okay, besides I’m guilty of doing a little looking myself.”

Alex looked at her questioningly and then looked down. It was then he realised that he was only wearing a pair of briefs and tight briefs at that. “Oh.”

“Yeah. So is this real?” Isabel asked

“Yeah, it’s all based on what Tess has seen of the room and I can only see what she sees just now. Apparently they don’t like her sleeping so deprivation is taking its toll. You know it’s strange, before I died I never felt anything for Tess beyond the fact that I hated her for trying to get between Max and Liz and now…”

“Now?” Isabel asked

“I feel like she’s my sister, I love her and want to rip these guys apart for what they’re doing to her.” Alex said, “And now they’re going to use a worm on her?”

“Worm? I don’t get it?” Isabel asked

“Bramus worms, they’re a parasite from a moon in the original Antar star system. Imagine the most inhospitable environmental conditions, add a tropical eco system and the heat of a planets core then you’ll have it. They eat anything but when it comes to organic food, they like brain tissue first before moving on to the rest of the body. If they use it on her, it’ll take 3 days for her to die but the second it’s inside her it’ll be to late. Right now their plan to use it was put on hold because they now I’m alive and don’t know how.”

“Well I’ll take blessings where I can get them.” Isabel said

“Yeah. So, if you didn’t dream walk how did you get here?” Alex asked

“Well, all I know is that from the second I saw you…” Isabel started

“The connection between us became stronger.” Alex said

“More intense.” Isabel continued

“Like there was a fire around us, pushing us together.” Alex said

“So you felt it too huh?” Isabel asked

“Pretty much.”

“I love you Alex, when you…I wanted to die too.” Isabel said

“Well I’m glad you didn’t die because I’m in love with you too. And if I was dead I would have met you in heaven and kicked your ass.” Alex said

“Welcome back.” Isabel smiled as Alex’s image rippled and faded, “Alex?”

“There’s a nurse coming to my room, I’m coming out of my meditation. I’ll see you lat…” Alex couldn’t finish is sentence and faded and a few seconds later Isabel snapped awake in her room.

As Alex looked around his room and sat up when the nurse entered.

“You should be asleep, you need your rest.” The nurse said

“Yeah well, I’ve been out for most of the day. I guess I’m just sleeped out.” Alex said

“Well I suggest you try. Judging by the news tonight you’ll be in the spot light for a while.”

“Why? I was only kidnapped by my identical and evil twin brother used me to replace him with a cult of psychos while my twin sister was right under my nose and didn’t know it. Alan, A.K.A. Evil Alex, pretended to be me and quite well I might add except for my school work, got in tight with my closest friends without too much effort and got to take Isabel to the dance thingy. Then, if it wasn’t bad enough, he had to get himself killed before I got to escape the Marvin the Martian Cult, so now everyone thought I was dead until I was found in the desert…is it just me or does this sound like a bad soap opera?” Alex asked

“A little. But that’s in the past; your home now and your parents must be thrilled. Isabel? That’s the tall blonde that was here earlier right?”


“Well judging by the look on her face, she was very happy to have you back.”

“We were very close.” Alex said, “Which is probably why Alan could get close to her. From what I was told, aside from the bad guy evilness, he was a lot like me. Maybe there’s something to that twin thing after all.”

“Maybe.” The nurse said as she finished what she had to do in his room, “But he’s gone and your sister…where is…uh…Tess?”

“Yeah, Tess. Max said she left town to clear her head, typical bad timing. I come back knowing who she is and she leaves because she can’t find her natural family.” Alex said

“Oh that is bad timing. Oh well, she’ll come back when she sees your alive. You were a friend before this right?”

“Yeah but I have a feeling she would have gone somewhere free of televisions and newspapers. It’s the way she is.” Alex said, hoping to find a suitable excuse in case his people can’t get her back soon.

“Well I’m done here, try and get some sleep.”

“Thanks.” Alex said as he pulled the covers over him but he still couldn’t find sleep.

Maria’s Bedroom, Deluca Residence, 08:00am The Next Morning

Maria had woken up early just as the others so they could visit Alex. Maria had showered, gotten dressed and was brushing her hair when there was a knock on her window. Michael had arrived and Maria let him in, within minutes they were on the bed. Their bodies were on fire as they kissed, holding each other tightly.

“Maria.” Michael gasped before burying his face in her neck

“Oh Michael.” Maria sighed as her leg rested over his thigh. Both needed to be closer, the need of it burned within them as their tongues duelled together. It was almost overpowering. “I need you.” Michael breathed out

“I know Michael, I need you too.” Maria said, “I need to feel you.”

Michael’s hand glided over her tight body and cupped her sweater-covered breast causing her to moan into his mouth. They could feel the thunder of each other’s heart that pounded in their chests. Then reason came back to them. Michael pulled back from the kiss, ran his fingers through Maria’s soft blond hair before cupping her cheek in his hand, all the while he looked deep into her eyes.

“Why can’t I stop feeling like this?” Michael asked

“Because you’re in love with me.” Maria stated confidently

“Just as much as you’re in love with me.” Michael said just as confidently

“ But it’s time to go?” Maria asked, the disappointment was evident in her voice

“Yeah, the other’s will be waiting for us.” Michael said, “What about your mom?”

“She’s still asleep. She said she felt really tired last night and didn’t need to work today so she’s sleeping in.” Maria said

“She knows I’m picking you up to visit Alex?” Michael asked

“Yeah. I didn’t need to tell her, she kinda guessed that we’d all be keeping a close eye on him for a while.” Maria said

Michael sat up and Maria followed as they straightened their clothes.

“We’re really not gonna make it are we?” Maria asked

“Excuse me?” Michael asked slightly agitated

Oh no, I didn’t mean that you and me wouldn’t last. I meant before we end up…you know.” Maria said with a sultry smile and a look down to the bed.

“Not if the last five minutes was anything to go by.” Michael said

“Babe we’ve been here for twenty minutes.” Maria said

“What?” Michael asked as he looked at his watch, “Damn, it is. Come on Honey or we’ll really be late.”

The two stood up, Maria closed her window and then stopped.

“Did you just call me Honey?” Maria asked

“Uh, yeah.” Michael said

“Didn’t Isabel make a comment about that when we were in that motel room?” Maria asked

“Yes, but I mean it this time. And when Isabel hears me say, she will be speechless.” Michael said as he brushed some of Maria’s hair from her face.

Maria smiled but they couldn’t hold off any longer, the two left the room and exited through the front door. Meanwhile, in Amy’s bedroom, she was tossing and turning in her sleep.

Alex’s Room, Roswell Hospital, 09:00am

The doctor was in Alex’s room checking on his patient’s condition when the group arrived. On mass the teenagers entered the room, Maria jumped up onto his bed and placed a small fuzzy alien doll by his head.

“I’ll leave you alone for a minute.” Said the doctor and then left

“What’s this?” Alex asked

“A ‘get out of hospital soon’ present from everyone at school. Word as spread and there are about a million card back at your house.” Maria said

“And since the doc said you have to keep the weight off your leg for a while we got this.” Michael said as he revealed a black cane from behind his back with a silver bird head on top.

“Where’d you get that?” Alex asked

“We made it.” Max said

“Cool, thanks.” Alex said

“Why’d you do that much damage to your leg anyway?” Liz asked

“Well I had to make it look good.” Alex said, “Besides I heal fast, I’ll be walking on my own two legs soon enough.”

“That is very good to know.” Isabel said as she sat near him and held his hand. “Oh, that guy you told us about…Jericho in L.A. called this morning. Sounded weird but I left it alone, he said that your forces are in Baltimore. This Council of your didn’t like the idea but accepted it.”

“Yeah what’s with them, I thought they’d want to get another Shao’li out and about?” Michael asked

“It’s nothing to do with being Shao’li, it’s because she and you are part Antarian. When Kivar massacred our species and the original Zan, Vilandra, Rath and Ava, the other Antarians did nothing to stop it. He just released a genetic virus to kill us and they didn’t say anything about it so among my people, Antarians are not popular. They know who you are… or rather were, but that doesn’t matter right now. They’ll get over it and they do what they do to help you because it was commanded by the Hierarch and that’s enough for them just now.” Alex said, “Ugnnn, this situation sucks. I’m going to have to do something about it sooner or later and I don’t want to push there buttons to much this soon.”

“Well Kivar caused this, what if Max…I don’t know apologises for it?” Isabel asked

“Excuse me?” Max asked

“Actually that’s a bad idea. You were the king and technically still are, a formal apology from the king for Kivar’s actions would do at least some good.” Alex said

“Well if you really think it would help. But I’m not a king just because I have Zan’s D.N.A. and I don’t think they’ll listen to me.” Max said

“Oh they will, D.N.A is a lot more important than you or any one on Earth knows. Trust me Max, you are a king.” Alex said

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Liz asked

“What, the D.N.A thing? Well it’s just that it’s the building blocks of any living thing that just so happens to contain the total knowledge of a person’s ancestors. It’s just like instincts passed from one generation to the next. It’s like a race memory, it doesn’t just tell something how to grow and develop but it contains everything a species is. When humans grow up they’ll be able to access it, Antarians are nearly there themselves but you need a couple of thousand more years.” Alex said, “So…no grapes, chocolates…nothing?”

“Well we thought about it but then you’re not really sick.” Maria said

“That and you would have eaten them by the time you got up here.” Alex said

“That too.” Maria said

“So how long before you get out?” Liz asked

“Not long.” Alex said as he sharply turned his head and looked at the floor, his angle matched the direction to the main entrance to the building.

“What?” Isabel asked

“F.B.I. They’re here.” Alex said

“What?” Max asked as everyone stood up, they were all panicked.

“No, relax they’re here to speak to me.” Alex said.

They all looked back at him and his eyes glowed with the golden light.

“Alex unless you want a visit from the Special Unit, cut out the light show.” Kyle said

“Hmm? Oh yeah, sorry.” Alex said as the light faded. “Anyway, I should have known they wanted a chat after the story broke.”


“Because as far is everyone else is concerned I was kidnapped minor, taken across state lines and held against my will…that’s got to be federal. So each of you calm down, relax and don’t say anything unless they ask you a question.” Alex said

“Right.” Max said, “Yeah I think I’ll just sit down and keep quiet.”

Liz moved right next to him and held his hand while he held hers. Both had the memories of the White Room thanks to their connection and couldn’t bare it if one or all of them were back under F.B.I. control.

“Well, we still have some time before they come up here and my parents and hospital staff will run defence. So, Maria, how’s your mom doing with the alien thing?”

“Come again?” Maria asked

“Well the whole reason you guys went up to the Granolith is because the mind warp she was under started to break down.” Alex said

“You know about that?” Liz asked

“I was watching for a while.” Alex said

“Well, it looked like it only lasted a minute. She’s back to normal now.” Maria said

“Uhhh…no.” Alex said

“No, what do you mean no?” Michael asked

“That Morphic wasn’t natural at mind warping, she absorbed the ability from exposure to Tess using it. Once one of her mind warps breaks down it’s permanent, just like it happened to Kyle and me. Your mom should remember.” Alex said as he sat up more in bed

“Oh god.” Maria said as she looked at Michael

“Alex, are you sure?” Michael asked

“Oh yeah. Even id the warm did re-establish itself, it would have lasted five hours…maybe 7.” Alex said, “When she woke up this morning…”

Maria stood up and started to sniff some cedar oil. “Alex, I’m sorry but I need to…”

“Maria, it’s okay. Go.” Alex said

“And I’m coming.” Michael said as he moved to the door with Maria.

Then Maria stopped and turned back to Alex. “Alex, when you said you were watching, does that mean…everything?” she asked, immediately thinking back to when she and Michael made love.

“Almost.” Alex said, “I turn it off when things get somewhere.” He said not wanting to give to many details. He knew what had happened between the two of them and knew he should advertise the fact it happened to their friends.

“Oh.” Maria said before leaving the room. On the way to the car Michael wrapped a reassuring arm around her.

When they were leaving, they passed Alex’s parents arguing with a couple of suits. It didn’t take much for the young couple to realise they were the F.B.I agents that Alex picked up on. A brief pause for eavesdropping and they heard that Alex’s parents preferred their son to be left alone until he’s recovered but the agents gave reason after reason for them to go in and see their son now – eventually the Whitmans gave in.

The agents entered the hospital room and the teens all tensed up. “Mr Whitman, I’m Special Agent Newman and this is Special Agent Rooks of the F.B.I. If you don’t mind we’d like to ask you a few questions about what happened to you?”

“I take it my parents said it was okay?” Alex asked

“They were a little reluctant given that its so soon since you got back but yes, they’d like to find the people who took you…and of course your brother and sister.”

“Sure…oh these are my friends, I like them a lot, I’m pretty weak and they’re very protective so please be nice.” Alex said

“Of course, and you guys should relax. We’re agents of the F.B.I, we work for the Federal Government…we’re the good guys.” Rooks said

It was right at the point that laughter erupted in the head of the group. After everything they’ve experienced with the Bureau, to hear an agent say that they were the good guys…Max really wanted to punch them right now.

Alex could sense it and looked to Max and Liz. “Guys, could you get me a snickers and a coke?”

Max, eager for a reason to walk out of the room for a few minutes, took the opportunity. “Sure, Iz, Kyle, do you guys need anything?”

“No thanks.” Kyle said and Isabel shook her head.

“Are you allowed candy right now?” Isabel asked

“Just so long as the hospital staff doesn’t know about it.” Alex said with a smile, “So, question 1?”

“Right.” Newman said as he pulled out his notebook

Out in the Hall…

Max and Liz made it round the corner and out of sight of the room to the vending machines. When she was sure that the coast was clear, Liz pressed Max against the wall and kissed him hard for a few minutes.

“I needed that.” Max said when Liz backed away

“I know.” Liz said, “Hmmm, you’ve been eating mints.”

“Yeah.” Max said

“Are you okay?” Liz asked

“Well until that kiss, which was really, really good by the way, I felt like running to that bathroom over there and bringing up my breakfast.” Max said

“Well, so glad you didn’t. Come on, let’s get Alex his snickers bar.” Liz said

Max reached into his pocket and pulled out some change, pushed it into the machine and pressed the button. Liz did the same with the next machine and got Alex a coke and they started back towards Alex’s room.

“Do you think something happened with Michael and Maria?” Liz asked

“Well, Michael did decide to stay here when we were at the cave. There has to be a reason.” Max said

“Oh yeah, I’m so gonna be asking Maria about this.” Liz said

“If she’s not too busy keeping her mom calm.” Max said

“Yeah.” Liz trailed out

“I think I better pay a visit later.” Max said

“I’ll join you.” Liz said

“You sure?”

“Oh yeah. I know her, she likes me so it’ll help.” Liz said

Just before they got to Alex’s door, they paused and took a deep breath before entering.

“All I know about their compound was that it was hidden by a bunch of mountains in the desert. The only way in was a cave by I found a narrow passage, like a fissure or a crack in the mountain. A stream of water widened it and I broke through.” Alex said as they entered

“What about it’s location.” Rooks asked

“No clue.” Alex said

“You must know something, landmarks, geological structures…something?” Newman asked

“No, the desert was empty for the most part. I walked for…I have no idea how long, days…weeks, but I just kept heading east. If I found a main road I stayed away from it because I thought the cult might be after me, well at least until I hit 285 South. I followed it from a distance until I saw a sign for Roswell and a car was passing at that point so I just hoped they were safe.”

“What about food and water?”

“I passed a few streams and then there was all those cactus, I took a bottle from the cult and used that. The cap I used for rationing it…I ran out two days ago. Food, well I just grabbed what I could. Usually it was the flesh of the cactus, just enough to keep me going.” Alex said

“Not bad.” Rooks said

“Yeah I was watching one of those survival shows before it happened, I guess it just stuck with me.” Alex said

“Mr Whitman, if you don’t mind me saying so. For someone who’s been through a traumatic experience you don’t seem too…troubled.” Newman said

“That’s because it wasn’t traumatic. I mean yeah, at the start I was scared shi…I was scared but they treated me all right. I was taken care of, I wasn’t beaten or anything but they did keep me locked up.” Alex said

“Why’d they take your brother and sister in the first place?” Newman asked

“Actually they tried to take me as well. Some weird thing they have, they think triplets are important.” Alex said, “They planned to catch up with me at later date which is why they sent out Alan but he decided to stay instead of heading back with me. Anyway - the triplet thing, these guys are really nuts. From what I heard, they think that the end of the world is coming and that some alien would come and, I’m gonna quote this one, ‘gather those born of three unto him, into the valley of his children where the many shall give birth to the new world’. The cult believes it’s their place to get the triplets. They’ve been busy in the last 20 years or so and they don’t limit themselves to the U.S.”

“They’ve kidnapped children from other countries?”

“From anywhere that the kids match the requirements…don’t ask; I don’t know what they are. They just do what their leader say’s, they call him the Light.” Alex said

“The Light?” Rooks asked

“Yeah, the Light of the Star.” Alex said as he yawned; “Guys of you don’t mind, I’m wiped? Could we do this another time?”

“Yeah, sure.” Rooks said as he stopped writing and closed his notebook.

The two agents looked at each other, nodded and then left. Kyle moved out of the room to trail the agents and once they were inside the elevator he ran back to the room and looked out of the window. “Okay, they’re gone.”

“Alex, are you nuts?” Max asked

“Yeah man, they’re gonna go all out to find that cult. I mean abducting kids from all over? Jesus.” Kyle said

“Maybe, but we need it to keep you guys safe.” Alex said

“What do you mean?” Isabel asked

“The Skins have been manipulating people for decades, there are at least 3 cults in the States that will follow them blindly and if the Skins say to kill you then that’s what they do. And besides there is a cult out there that does that crap I described. The F.B.I will do what they can to find that cult and they’ll keep an eye on all of them. Besides I have a guy in the N.S.A who keeps an eye on the agencies, he’ll send information to Jericho if something comes up.” Alex said. Then he yawned again.

“Hey you really are tired aren’t you?” Isabel asked

“Yeah, my body’s still adapting. The more I use my powers the faster I adapt but right now I’m wiped. Being dead really takes it out of you.” Alex said

Somewhere in Baltimore, 11:00am

It was in one of the city parks that three cars pulled up and 15 people got out of them. They moved around the park and stopped when they found what they were looking for, they just stopped.

“This is the place.”

“They are beneath us now.”

“Shall we proceed?”

“The Council is concerned.”

“She is the sister of the Hierarch.”

“She is Antarian.”

“She is also of us.”

“She is also human.”

“We have the order of the Hierarch.”

“Then we proceed.”

They spoke one after the other and after making sure the coast was clear, they placed their hands on the ground and wall before them. The ground rippled like water after a stone had been thrown into it.

One by one, the 15 Shao’li moved into the ground and into the caves beneath them.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 4

Skin Base, Subterranean Caves, Baltimore, Immediately Following

The large section of metal lining of the cave wall started to ripple and distort but luckily no one was nearby the chosen entry point for the Shao’li. Slowly the metal then separated and speared out toward the opposite wall, creating a sealed of space and one by one the 15 invaders entered the gap.


“There are no Antarians within 500 meters. There is a unique bio signature located 542 meters down and 43 meters north.”

“That must be the target. What of the ventilation system?”

“Conforming to Antarian design as anticipated. They are not expecting an attack from on the basis of our abilities.”

“Still slow learners.”

“That’s enough. Team 1 are with me, we will secure the target protect her. Team 2 will proceed to weaken the internal structure of the base. Leave a path for us to leave. Team 3; secure communications logs and any intelligence on Skin locations. Begin.”

With his command the 15 people became nothing but showers of sparkling dust in a variety of colours that moved into the air vent. The group then split up into three, each heading toward different locations. The first team made their way down the several floors to the cave that held Tess. They watched as three Skins moved around her, asking questions, using the machine but most of all, enjoying themselves as the screams echoed about the chamber. They watched as one of the Skins, the one who controlled the machine continually altered the settings of it. It confused them, the energy they could see was at it’s weakest yet the control was at maximum and Tess cried out. They could see the look on the controller’s face; it was that of falsified glee.

“Terminate the Skins around Tess, the third…wound him.”

With that the mass of dust flew out of the vent and swirled around the three skins. The thirds husk was corroded with the other two were tossed against the wall. They looked on as the dust came together and resumed their human shapes. Four stood before the Skins as another suspended the third in mid air. The Shao’li just looked down at the Skins, they moved over to the aliens and rolled them on to their fronts, pulled up their tops and exposed their seals to the husks. With a look back to their commander who nodded, the Shao’li picked up rocks and smashed them into the seals, reducing their enemy to dusk.

The final member of Alex’s people then lowered the Skin to the ground and resumed his own form before moving over to Tess who had watched everything. “Sir, she is conscious.”

The commander moved over to the table that held Tess and looked at her. “Tess Harding, honoured.” He said with a slight bow

“Who are you people?” Tess asked, as her restraints were undone

“We are Shao’li.”

“Never heard of you.” Tess said as she straightened the cloth the Skins gave her to wear, it was nothing more that a surgical gown.

“Yes your brother said that Nasedo wouldn’t have told you of us.” He said as he helped Tess stand on her feet but she quickly collapsed, she hadn’t been off that table since her abduction. The commander put his hand on her back, directly behind her heart and fed her energy.

Tess felt the strength return to her body and looked up at the Shao’li. “Brother, I don’t have a brother?” Tess said as she stood up

“Well actually you do and he’s our leader. Both of you were born of the Hierarch which he now is and you are a part of.”

“I’m Antarian.” Tess said

“Also human…and Shao’li. The alterations were made in your gestation pod but I cannot tell you more than that. My orders are to get you to Los Angeles.”

“Why there?” Tess asked

“It is from there that you will return to Roswell. The others are waiting for you. As for this Skin, for some reason he tried to help you.”

“Yeah, my father sent him here to track down a bunch of traitors.”

“In that case it’s good we kept him alive. Most of the other Skins in the base will be kept alive, we’ll take him with us up a few levels.”

“Well in case you hadn’t noticed we’re in the middle of a Skin base. Breaking out of here is not going to be easy.”

The second Tess said it, alarms started to sound and the facility shook violently and dust and rocks started to fall from the roof.

“What the hell?” Tess asked

“That’s our cue.”

The Shao’li picked up the Skin and escorted Tess out of the base that was falling apart at the seams. Skins were trapped behind metal panels, collapsed tunnels and piles of rock. They dumped the Skin they had with them under a panel and left the base. Quickly they moved through the outside grounds to the waiting cars that the other members of their team retrieved after finishing their tasks. Tess was placed inside the first car and together they drove off to the nearest Shao’li base in New York. Once they were inside Tess picked up on a little hostility towards her but chose to ignore it. She met the local leader and she was given clothes to change into prior to her pre booked flight out to L.A.

Kitchen, Deluca Residence, Same Time

Michael and Maria arrived at her house and went straight inside.

“Mom?” Maria called out, “Mom?”

There was no answer but as they moved into the kitchen they found her sitting at the table. Her hands were shaking and every time she tried to pick up her cup of tea she couldn’t.

“Mom, are you okay?” Maria asked as she sat next to her

“Maria…I just…god I don’t know what’s happening to me.” Amy said

“Mom…Larek.” Maria said

Amy snapped her head round and stared at her daughter. “How did you…”

“Because it really happened mom. What you think, it all happened but the thing is, well, Brody isn’t crazy.” Maria said

“What are you talking about? That would mean…” Amy started but then Michael moved closer

“It would mean that Larek was exactly what he said he was, an alien. And so is Max, Isabel, Tess and me…and as it turns out Alex.” Michael said as he raised his hand and caused it to glow.

Amy just blinked. “No this is insane. Alex? It can’t be. I wouldn’t just forget this.”

“You would if you were made to forget. Tess, or rather a fake Tess did what we call a mind warp on you. She made what happened go away so you wouldn’t be a threat to Brody and Larek.” Maria said, “Mom…I have a lot to tell you.”

Maria and Michael spent some time telling Amy of everything that had happened in the last 2 years. Amy sat in dumb silence as her brain tried to process everything but every so often, with her permission, Michael relayed some of the events through a connection. He’d become very apt with it since opening himself to Maria. However, in addition to the visions, Amy felt something behind them, she felt Michael’s love for her daughter and an overwhelming urge to protect Maria.

“I still can’t believe this.” Amy said

“I think I actually ran down the street screaming when I found out.” Maria said

“And Alex?” Amy asked

“The Alex situation is a little more confusing.” Michael said, “He’s a different kind of alien that I’m still trying to get a handle on. Not even he knew about until he died.”

“So he did die? What about that cult story?” Amy asked

“That’s his cover but there are cults out there that work for the Skins. That fake Tess we told you about killed him and his Shao’li genetics just switched on. He came back when he needed to stop her but right now he’s focused on getting the real Tess back.” Michael said

“Now that I don’t completely get…Alex said Tess was his sister, but how can that be?”

“The same Shao’li that created him altered Tess’s genetics in her pod.” Maria said, “Don’t ask about the science I don’t even come close to understanding it.”

“Yeah. Could I…you know, see the cave?” Amy asked

“If you want to.” Michael said, “You’d probably want to talk to the, eh, Sheriff as well.”

“That’s a definite.” Amy said


“Well he is the only parent who knows about this.” Amy said, “But in the mean time, I think I need a drink.”

“Mom, you don’t drink...you hate the taste” Maria said

“No, but I could learn to like it.” Amy said, “I could learn to like it a whole lot.”

“Nah ah, no way. You are so not getting drunk because my boyfriend is an alien.”

“Which is something else we will be talking about this evening young lady.” Amy said

“But mom.”

“Mrs Deluca I really love Maria, I decided to stay on Earth for her and to be honest up until her, if I ever got the chance to leave I would have taken it.” Michael said

“Thank you Michael but if you two hadn’t spoken so fast I would have said it wasn’t a bad talk…well maybe. I’m just a little curious about why you decided to stay now.” Amy said

“Oh.” Maria said with a blush

“And that answers that question. We’re definitely talking.” Amy said, “Michael, I think I’ll postpone the trip but I would like to speak to Maria alone if you don’t mind.”

Michael looked at Maria; there was a jump of panic in him that could not be ignored. “But I…”

“Michael.” Amy said

“Michael, it’s okay.” Maria said

Michael stood up and nervously walked to the door. Then he stopped and turned back, “In our defence, we love each other a whole lot.” Then he left

Amy smiled at his comment before her expression became serious and turned to Maria. “So.”

“So.” Maria said

“You’ve…you’ve…you know?” Amy asked

“Yes.” Maria said

“Was he your first?”


“I know you’re on the pill but did he use protection?” Amy asked

“Yes.” Maria said; talking about this with her mother was embarrassing enough with out thinking of things to say so one-word answers were the best she could come up with.

“So it was planned?”

“No, I mean…we didn’t plan anything. Michael opened himself up to me and I mean really opened up. For the first he showed me what was inside, he used a connection and things between us just got really intense.” Maria said

“Intense, that’s one way of putting it.” Amy said, “But you are in love with him?”

“Utterly and completely. And I know that he wont leave me, he’s already made the choice to stay.” Maria said

“Maria, I don’t need to tell you how serious this is but if I was to try and stop you from seeing him…”

“You wouldn’t. Would you?” Maria asked

“If I was, what would you do?” Amy asked

“I…I…I’m sorry but I honestly don’t know. I don’t want to disobey you but I feel like I’m connected to Michael, literally. There are times when I just need to be near him.” Maria said

“Is this some kind of alien thing?” Amy asked

“I don’t know.” Maria said, “I’ve learned to question everything when Michael’s involved.”

Just then the back door opened and Sean came in. “Hello my loving family.”

“Oh hell I forgot you were still in town.” Maria said

Alex’s Bedroom, Whitman Residence, 12:00

Alex wasn’t too steady on his cane as he walked into his house with his father’s help. The second he went into his bedroom he looked down.

“My bed!” he called out before collapsing onto it and snuggling into his pillow.

His parents, and Isabel who came along with them, smiled as he moved on the bed. “Welcome home son.” Charles said

“And it’s great to be here.” Alex said as he looked around the room, greatly satisfied that nothing had been moved.

“Now, remember. You’re out of hospital early so no strain.” Charles said

“And I’ll make sure he takes it easy.” Isabel said

“Hey come on, I can’t help it if I don’t like being cooped up. Being locked up like that…” Alex said, thinking about his time in the coffin. Isabel knew that he was talking about that but as far as his parents knew he was referring to being held prisoner.

“Charles, want to help me get some coffee?” Alex’s mother asked.

Charles looked back and forth between his son and Isabel. “Yes I think so.”

The two parents left and Isabel moved to sit next to Alex.

“So how are you feeling?” Alex asked

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” Isabel asked

“Maybe, but you seem to be a little distracted since that dream last night.” Alex said

“Oh, yeah. Well it’s just when I woke up…I…I…”

“Isabel its okay. You can tell me anything.” Alex said

“Yeah I know. It’s just kind of embarrassing. Okay, when I woke up, for a second, I was expecting to find you next to me.” Isabel said

“Oh.” Alex said, “So was I.”

“Really?” Isabel asked

“Isabel, there are some things in the universe that even my people can’t explain. One of them is…it’s like there’s a connection between some people. It’s a bond stronger than love and a thousand times more powerful. We have that Isabel. Actually so to Max and Liz, Michael and Maria…and someone else.” Alex said, being evasive on the last thing. “I wish I understood how it works and why the 8 of us, especially since we all just happen to be in Roswell but the universe is a big mysterious place.”

“I don’t know what to say.” Isabel said

“There is nothing to say. Except that I love you.” Alex said

“I love you too.” Isabel said as she held his hand, “Now, what’s bothering you?”

Alex looked up at Isabel and smiled. “See more proof that we’re connected. I know when something’s bothering you and vice versa.”

“Not answering the question.” Isabel said

“Yeah…okay. Uhhh, you know that Fake Tess did mind warps on all of you.” Alex said

“Yeah, all that manipulative crap and stuff.” Isabel said

“Yes, and I broke most of them when we were all up at the Granolith.” Alex said

“Most of them?”

“Yeah…I kinda left one intact and I’m feeling a little guilty.” Alex said

“I don’t get it?”

“Kyle. When he and Tess were getting closer…well when the Morphic realised how things were going she mind warped him and changed what he was feeling. What he was feeling was changed so that he loved Tess like a sister.”

“What was he feeling before?” Isabel asked

“Oh it was love all right, just not brotherly love.” Alex said

“Oh dear. And the protective brother rears his head. Max would be proud.” Isabel said, “I take it our Tess feels the same?”

“Pretty much.” Alex said

“Well, there really is only one thing you can do and you know it.” Isabel said

“Yeah I know…do I have to?”

“Yes you do.” Isabel said, “You can’t mess with peoples feelings like this or not repair it just cause your sister’s involved.”

“Gnnn…okay.” Alex said as his eyes glowed brightly and then stopped.

Kyle’s Bedroom, Valenti Residence, Immediately Following

Kyle was lying on his bed, bouncing a ball off a wall and back into his hand when he suddenly felt a little twinge in his head. It only lasted for a second but it reminded him that he needed to do something else other than lie in bed. Slowly he got up and looked over to a picture of himself and Tess.

“Oh god.” He said as every wave of genuine emotion hit him full force

Whitman Residence, Same Time

“Done.” Alex said

“Good. Now no more guilt.” Isabel said

“Yeah…he better not touch her.” Alex said

“Well with those dazzling eyes of yours I doubt he would try.” Isabel said as she stood up and helped him up.

“Now you’re just trying to make me feel better.” Alex said as he picked up his cane.

“Did it work?”

“Yeah.” Alex nodded as they went out of his room and headed out to the kitchen

“Just in time.” Charles said as he finished stirring a cup, “Isabel, I take it you’re still three sugars and milk.”

“Oh yeah, thanks.” Isabel said as she took the offered mug

“You and your sweet tooth.” Alex said

“Your one to talk mister.” Isabel said as she pulled out a chocolate bar, “You know it’s too bad you’re not allowed to eat this while you’re still recuperating.”

“Oh now that’s mean.” Alex said, “Mom, dad, please…the doctors, they don’t know anything.”

“Well I think one wont hurt.” His mother said

“Oh I don’t know. Doctors opinions shouldn’t be ignored.” Isabel said as she teasingly pealed off the wrapped

“Hmmm, soft milk chocolate. I just love the way it melts in my mouth.” Isabel said

“Isabel I love you more than anything. I’m begging you.” Alex said

Isabel smiled and gave Alex the bar while he bit into and savoured the tasted as it melted down into his throat. “Hmmmm…I missed that.” Alex said

“I can see that.” Isabel said

“Excuse me but could you repeat that?” Mary said

“I needed that?” Alex said

“No, no…the part about…love?” Mary said

Alex blushed slightly and looked away from his parents while Isabel bit her lower lip as she smiled.

“Alex? Isabel?” Charles said

“Oh hell, why not. Mom, dad, I’m in love with Isabel…always have been and…”

“And I feel the same way.” Isabel said

“Oh.” Mary said, “But you never seemed to get close to Alex and when you did it turned out to be Alan?”

“Mrs Whitman…I’ve always really cared about Alex but I deliberately tried to push him away. I never wanted any ties but I couldn’t help how I felt about him. After a while he just became more confident and we did become close but when we were alone I could see this darkness around him. It was like he was completely different on some level…if I’d known about the brother, Alan; I might have been able to put two and two together. But…I am in love with Alex.” Isabel said

Mary smiled at the young woman and they all sat round the kitchen table. “So, has there been any word from Tess? I still can’t believe she was right under our nose for over a year.”

“No, I’m sorry. She mentioned a few times that she’d like to see Yosemite but even if she is there, it’s huge.” Isabel said

“Yeah, of course and there is no guarantee she is there.” Charles said

“No. But if I do hear from her I’ll get her back here. I don’t think we could keep her away once we tell her we’ve found her family.” Isabel said

{Better make sure we give her a full briefing when she shows.} Alex thought to himself, he had no idea Isabel heard him.

Isabel thought she had just heard something but her instincts told her it was something more. {Alex?}

Alex looked over at her and smiled, {Oh weird. I think we better talk about this when we’re alone.}

{Yeah okay.} Isabel thought

“So what do you two have planned for today?” Charles asked

“Well I was thinking about looking over last years school work and see what was screwed up on by behalf.” Alex said

“Alex you just got home, no school. Besides I promise…no stress for you.” Isabel said


“AH, no buts. Besides I think there are enough mitigating circumstances to let you redo any work.” Isabel said, “But only after you’ve rested. I want that leg of yours back to normal before you even think about school.”

Mary couldn’t help but smile so she lifted her coffee to her face to hide it.

“Well, we could always hang out at the Crash?” Alex said

“See now that’s a nice relaxing idea.” Isabel said

“Then shall we go?” Alex asked

“Sure but I’m driving.” Isabel said

Alex knew better than to argue.

Crashdown, 10 Minutes Later

Liz was serving behind the counter while Max sat on one of the stools, he couldn’t stop staring at her as she moved around. As Liz mixed up milk shakes, poured drinks and take plates to the customers, she would occasionally glance back at Max.

“What?” Liz asked

“Nothing.” Max said

“Don’t give me that. All these nice people didn’t pay for the two of us to gaze longingly into each other.” Liz said

“But it just so damned relaxing.” Max said

“Tell me about it.” Liz said

“I know something even more relaxing.” Max said

Liz looked deeply into his eyes, “And what would that be Mr Evans.”

“You taking a break with me in the back room.” Max said

“Hmmm…I’d love to but I’ve got work to do.” Liz said as she came out from behind the counter and headed through to the back room and the stock room.

What she didn’t know was that Max followed her. The instincts were driving him, he needed to be close to Liz and when she turned to face him his intense gaze met her. He ran his hand down her cheek and before either of them knew it, Max pressed Liz against the shelved and kissed her. They kissed for a long time, longer than any kiss before this. When they parted, both were short of breath but both held onto each other. Max held Liz’s head to his chest as the pounding of his heart slowed in his ears. He could feel that Liz’s heart was going at the same rate.

“What was that?” Liz asked

“Making up for even more lost time.” Max said as his fingers ran through her hair

“Well you can make up for more lost time any time you like if all our kisses are like that.” Liz said

Jericho’s Office, Jericho Publishing, 14:00

Jacob was sitting in his office when Tess arrived. His secretary, who promptly left, showed her into his office. Jericho stood up and moved out to meet the young woman.

“Ms Harding. It’s good to meet you.” Jacob said

“You too. I take it you’re in charge around here?” Tess asked

“I serve as Chief Adjunct to the Council and Hierarch of our people, so a little in charge, yeah.” Jacob said

“So are you going to tell me what’s going on? One minute I’m being tortured and the next I’m being rescued by people I’ve never heard of and being told I have a brother.”

“Oh yes of course. Well, your brother, the Hierarch is someone you already know. Alexander Whitman.”

“What?” Tess asked, “Alex as in Roswell Alex with huge crush on Isabel?”

“Yeah.” Jacob said, “I’ve prepared a slight briefing for you. It’s all set up on the monitor over there. We’ll talk when you’re done.”

Tess was dumbstruck but she moved over to the desk. She sat in the chair and pressed a key on the keyboard. In seconds the screen was filled with information on everything about had happened on Antar and what was happening here.

30 Minutes Later…

“Wow.” Tess said

“Are you okay?” Jacob asked

“Yeah. I guess I’m just a little freaked that I have to die before I’m at my full potential. I mean who came up with that rule?” Tess asked

“I’m afraid it’s just biology. Before my awakening I had three kids, each of whom is born with my Shao’li heritage but they think I’m dead. The next time I see them will be at their awakening. It’s the same situation with most of our people. But you and only you have the option of having your Awakening before you die.” Jacob said


“Your brother.” Jacob said, “His power has the ability to spark your heritage since it’s identical to your own. He can accelerate it in others but not by much and while he, or you, exists as the most powerful of our race, our people can continue to live on this world. Without either of you this world could reject us and we would have to leave, become nomads in space.”

“So Alex and I are what? The Shao’lis last hope?” Tess asked

“Last and only hope. But since you are part Antarian, you are also a tie to them. A hope that the hostility brewing in our race won’t go further than it has. Many hope to get revenge for what was done to us by the actions of Kivar and the inactions of the other Antarians.” Jacob said

“You’re not saying they would got to war or something?” Tess asked

“I won’t lie, it is a possibility. It was always the Hierarchs hope to free them from folded space, which is why our people sought the control crystals since our arrival. They are now in this base but we still need an experimental generator that was built on a research station on Earth over 22,000 years ago. The station is on what humans call Atlantis…there are some among us who would simply choose not to find that place and let the Antarians die. That’s all that needs to be done.”

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 5

Crashdown, Roswell, 18:00

Alex walked into the restaurant, walking with a limp as the cane took most of his weight. By now everybody in town had heard who he was and looked up at his when he entered. As Maria and Liz moved up to him they all looked down.

“Yea, two of my favourite ladies.” Alex said as he hugged them and they hugged them

“I thought Isabel would be keeping you on a tight leash?” Liz asked

“Oh she is. She’s meeting us here later, she just had some things to take care of for her mother.” Alex said

“Good then we get you alone for a while.” Maria said as they escorted him up to the counter, “Now, we’ve got an Alien Smoothie with you’re name on it.”

Alex’s face became serious and looked back at the door. “Make it quick before Isabel gets back.” He said excitedly

Liz and Maria smiled as the mixed up the drink that Alex hadn’t had for a while. Since his resurrection he hadn’t had a lot of things that he used to like, while his body adapted he just couldn’t handle the massive amounts of junk food he used to chow down on. Instead he was only allowed to eat vegetables and fruit but that time was passed, now he was allowed but under doctors orders he was again restricted. As the drink was placed in front of him, he stirred slowly with the straw before wrapping his lips around it and sucking deeply.

“What are you doing?” Came Isabel’s voice from the back door

Alex gulped deeply before letting go of the straw. “Ooops.”

Isabel moved over to him and crossed her arms. “Well?”

“Isabel, my beautiful princess, I…”

“Don’t start the charm on me Mr Whitman, if you’re going to drink that stuff drink it and not through a straw.” Isabel said with a smile, her sternness faded

Alex looked at her confused, “Come again?”

“I know it’s okay for you to have it. Just so long as your folks don’t catch you…hell you could probably handle more of this junk than we could.” Isabel said

“But earlier…with the chocolate?” Alex asked

“What? A girl’s allowed to have some fun.” Isabel said

“Oh you’re cruel, you’re really cruel.” Alex said

“Thank you.” Isabel said as she sat next to him

Alex continued to drink as Liz moved up closer. “So Alex, is anyone in here…you know?”

“No, they’re all safe. No reporters, F.B.I or eavesdroppers.” Alex said

“Good. Cause I’ve been meaning to ask this, your cover was that you were replaced by your identical twin brother and that Tess ran away from the cult a while ago to find her real family.”

“Yeah?” Alex said

“Well our excuse for Tess not being here was that she got frustrated at not finding you.” Liz said

“Yeah?” Alex said

“Well, she grew up with your double…how could she not find her family if it’s staring her in the face day after day?” Liz said

“Oh yeah…that. I got it covered.” Alex said

“Care to elaborate?” Liz asked

“Well, the compound was divided into three and each triplet was separated and put into each unit. As far as anyone will know, Tess never met our brother.” Alex said

“Okay. Weird but okay?” Liz said

“Hey we’re dealing with a loony tune cult here, what’d you expect?” Alex asked, happy that Jericho’s people came up with the suitable information to create the cover story.

“I guess.” Liz said

“Okay, enough serious talk. When do we start having fun again?” Maria asked

“Just as soon as Tess is back where she belongs.” Alex said

“Is that really necessary?” Liz asked

“Relax, she wont go after Max. I think she and…Kyle…oh god, I can’t even bring myself to say it.” Alex said

“Now you know how I feel.” Max said as he came up to them

“Is it always like this?” Alex asked

“Pretty much. Even when you like the guy.” Max said

Alex then began to feel dizzy and the glow returned to his eyes. He looked down to his hands as they shimmered and broke apart into gold dust before coming back together and then doing it all over again. Due to his angle, no one else in the café saw what was happening but his friends did. “Get me through the back.” He said quickly

Max and Isabel helped him up off the stool and Liz lead the way through to the back room. Everybody else was wondering what was going on but Maria just told them all that Alex was feeling ill before she joined them. She passed the door just in time to see Alex, who was kneeling on the sofa with his hands gripping it tightly, burst into a cloud of shinning dust that filled the room.

Everyone couldn’t speak; they just stood, staring at the cloud with dumbstruck expressions.

“Well this is just great.” Alex said sarcastically, a slight echo to his voice

“Alex?” Isabel said

“I’m here Isabel.” Alex said

“What happened?” Max asked

“I just got a surge…a new power developed. Basically my people can control every aspect of our bodies and can reduce ourselves to…well…this.” Alex said, “It is really useful when you want to get through cracks, air vents or keyholes.”

“Yeah I bet but right now can you…pull yourself together.” Maria said, not knowing how else to put it

The particles of the cloud moved closer together but they never connected and disbursed again. “Yeah, kinda figured that. The record for coming together is five hours. This could be a problem.”

“No kidding.” Liz said

“We can’t cover this for five hours.” Maria said

Isabel moved closer to the cloud, “Come back to me Alex. Please.” She said as she felt a release of energy from within her.

The energy rippled among the cloud particles, which rammed together and formed Alex again. “How’d you do that?” he asked, genuinely surprised

“Do what?” Isabel asked

“You just brought me…that’s impossible, the energy patterns of Antarians can’t interact with Shao’li when our bodies are dust. I need to speak to Jacob.” Alex said

“Maybe it’s got to do with both of us being half human?” Isabel said

“I guess it could bring the energy into a closer alignment.” Alex said, “There is also those connections I guess.”

“What connections?” Max asked

“Oh yeah…not told you. Hmmm…uh can I fill you in later?” Alex asked

“Sure.” Max said

“But I’m guess that this has never happened before?” Maria asked

“Well I can break down my molecular structure for instantaneous transportation over a short range – that’s comparatively easy. The dust cloud thing happens…usually no more than 6 months after an Awakening but when Isabel brought me back together, that has never happened…of course we haven’t had an Antarian, or a hybrid for that matter, to experiment with it. But we have synthesised the patterns to help us…they never worked. None of us completely knows what to expect with regard to out powers, this is the first time we’ve bonded with another species on this level. It was just symbiosis we had with Antarians.” Alex said

“So tomorrow another of your people could develop something completely new?” Max asked

“Yes. Unlikely after this duration but it is a possibility.” Alex said

“Okay then. So how do you contact the friend of yours?” Max asked

“Well I could just pick up a phone.” Alex said, “There is also the Granolith.”

He moved over to the phone and dialled the private number Jacob had give him. As they spoke Jacob relayed the information given to him to a research team they had to experiment with their abilities. When Alex was finished, Jericho told him of Tess’s freedom and that she was briefed and sent out on a flight to the nearest airfield. The others didn’t miss the glimmer in Alex’s eyes when he hung up the phone.

“What?” Isabel asked

“Tess is coming home.” Alex said

“Really?” Maria asked

“Yeah. Jacob said that after her briefing on what was going on, she got some sleep and then headed out.” Alex said

“When will she be here?” Liz asked cautiously

“Her flight touches down at midnight, she’ll spend the night at a Holiday Inn and be back around ten tomorrow morning.” Alex said, “Hmmm…mom’s gonna go a little nuts.”

“I’ll say. As far as she knows she’s getting a daughter back but Tess…a cover story is one thing but will Tess be able to play along?” Max asked

“Honestly I don’t know. However, Tess is going to have to decide whether or not to be awakened.” Alex said, “By the way, where’s Kyle?”

“Don’t know. His dad said he wasn’t feeling too good so he’s probably at home.” Liz said

Alex looked to Isabel and both knew exactly what was wrong with him. They knew that knowing the person he was in love with had been going threw hell would be causing him no end of torment.

“I should stop by and see him.” Alex said

“We’ll stop by and see him.” Isabel said

Skin Headquarters, New York City, 19:00

Nicholas was looking over reports on the destruction of the Baltimore facility. Most of his people had survived the attack but the base commander, the one responsible for the interrogation of Tess, was unaccounted for as well as one of his aides. One of the survivors Husk was badly damaged but was regenerating as much as possible given the age of the unit. However, the damage to that husk was what interested him, after a careful analysis it was concluded that the cause of the damage was ‘unknown’.

He couldn’t figure it out, the husks were supposed to be immune to everything so long as the seal was intact. No matter how bad the pollution of the planets atmosphere, the husks have always protected them.


“What is it?” Nicholas said

“We’ve finished securing the Baltimore facility. We’ve filled it with the molecular bonding material, if anyone digs into it all they will find is rock natural to the area.”

“Good. Anything else?”

“Yes sir, the…uh…Bramus.”

“What about it?” Nicholas asked, looking up into the eyes of his aide.

“The cavern in which it was stored contains several species of parasite but no worm.”

“Impossible. The access tube is the only way in or out.” Nicholas said

“The cave appears to be three meters wider and the central crystal is smashed. A rock fall from the ceiling, probably from when the main structure collapsed, hit the device. Without that providing a neutralising agent to the Bramus’s acid…”

“The cave wall was eaten away.” Nicholas said, “Can you track it?”

“Sir, right now we can’t even locate the hole in which it escaped through. It’s probably under the liquid segment of the cave but without isolation shielding active we can’t get far without being attacked by the parasites.”

“Take whatever resource you need to track the worm. If it gets to the surface…” Nicholas said

“Yes sir.”

Once he was out of sight Nicholas smiled and started laughing. “Take your time.” He said as he moved over to the main terminal of the room. While he couldn’t release the worm without being targeted by his own people, it was now out by it’s own. At the computer he input a sequence of numbers, a frequency of the transmitter he had implanted in the Bramus. A representation of the Earth appeared on the screen with a single dot on the screen. The worm was 1200 miles away and 21 miles beneath the surface of the planet, and there it just sat.

“What are you doing?” Nicholas said

1200 Miles South East, 21 Miles Down, Same Time

The Bramus dug its way through the bowels of the Earth, finding caves and tunnels that had existed long before things walked on the land. It used them to get far from the cave that held it. It writhed through the caves, following the course of old lava tubes that had become dormant. Then it found something or rather something found it.

The closer the worm drew to the molten layer of the Earth; the glow of heat filled the room, however it was not red but blue. The Bramus stopped in its tracks as it felt a presence near by and as the glow began to move and approached the alien. The cave wall cracked and bashed open as an even bigger snake like creature that was covered in scales that were emitting their own fluorescent light that illuminated the caves.

As it moved closer the worm withdrew but the larger beast dived towards it and wrapped itself around the intruder. Tendrils escaped the snake and buried themselves deep into the sacks on the worm. Thousands of the infant worms mutated, they became infused with the beasts genetic material. Those that weren’t changed became food for those that were. Soon the snake turned back down the tunnels and continued on its way but as the Bramus offspring burst from the mother they started to feed from her, burying deep into her. Her cries echoed through the caves and tunnels carved out by the great snake. At least there are some things in this world that humans don’t know about.

When the infants were done the moved up the walls and encased themselves in cocoons as the mother’s corpse lay rotting.

Kyle’s Bedroom, Valenti Residence, 20:30

As Kyle sat in his bedroom, his gaze became fixed on a picture of Tess. His mind was still churning over everything, the emotions that had been suppressed by the Morphic’s mind warp were tearing him apart but mostly it was worry that filled him. He had no idea if he would ever see her again and the idea that she was in the hands of the Skins and being tortured.

“You okay?” Alex asked from the doorway

Kyle looked from the picture up to Alex. “Alex? What are you doing here?”

“Checking on you. How are you?” Alex asked

“Not good. But then you already know that.” Kyle said

“Yeah, okay how do I put this…you were mind warped. That Morphic saw how close you and Tess were becoming, when she replaced Tess she put the mind warp on you so that you’d love her as a sister and not as…well you know.” Alex said

“And now it wore off?”

“No, I broke it.” Alex said

“Alex, I…”

“You’re in love with her, she’s my sister but it’s her life…I’ll deal.” Alex said

“Hey you’re better at this than Max.” Kyle said

“Oh don’t get me wrong, you touch her I’ll break you’re neck.” Alex said

Kyle chuckled

“Anyway, Tess is on her way home.” Alex said

“What?” Kyle asked, quickly looking up to Alex’s eyes.

“My guys got her out. She’s coming home.” Alex said

“Wha…when?” Kyle asked

“Tomorrow. Listen; um…I’m going to ask Tess to move to my place. She is my sister after all.”

“And the idea of the two of us being under the same roof is giving you a headache.” Kyle said

“To say the least.” Alex said

“Do you really think she’ll want to move? This had become her home.” Kyle said

“Yeah I know. But is does get a little cramped here at times and you know how she likes her space.” Alex said

“God, tell me about it.” Kyle said

“There is also the fact that she’ll do anything to keep the secret safe. Jacob said that she understands the cover story and do what she can to keep it up.” Alex said

“That’s good.” Kyle said, “Well it is her choice, I’ll always be here…you just better make sure you’re ready for frequent visits from me.”

“Just so long as you know that my folks have a daughter they’re going to want to get to know. Oh and try the dating thing…you know about a years worth before you…” Alex said, trailing off with the last part but Kyle knew what he was meaning

“Well the first part I can back off a little but as for waiting…nah, it’ll only be about a week before Tess gives into my charms.” Kyle said with a smirk

Alex’s eyes lit up with the golden glow as he stared at Kyle. The expression on his face could not be missed.

“Okay. God, I was only kidding.” Kyle said as he watched the glow fade.

“Not a thing to joke about.” Alex said as he stood up and grabbed his cane, “Well my parents are expecting me home so I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Count on it.” Kyle said. He showed Alex out to the front door and said goodbye.

Michael’s Apartment, Roswell, 22:00

Michael moved about his apartment as he squared the place up. It may have been late but he knew Maria was on her way over. She had spent most of her time talking with her mother about how things were when aliens were involved; at least that was when Sean left. While he was there they couldn’t speak a word about what they wanted to talk about. After a while the Sheriff showed up and Sean made himself very scarce.

Just as he finished tidying Maria arrived and let herself in using the key he gave her. As they looked at each other, they pounced together. All resistance faded, all hesitation was gone. All that mattered was the desperate need to feel each other’s touch. Michael lifted her up into his arms and carried her through to the bedroom.

As Michael placed her down on to her feet by the bed, she placed her hands on Michael’s chest. Her fingers fumbled with the buttons of his shirt for a few moments, until he helped her. The two of them worked together in removing his shirt. As his chest was bared, Maria ran her hands across the taut muscles.

She pressed one palm against the centre of his chest, feeling his heart pounding there. “Calm down, Michael.” Maria urged. “Or this will be over way too soon.”

“I’m just a little excited” he assured her

Smiling mischievously and said, “Just a little?” She slithered a hand around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. Their lips danced and explored sensually for several long moments. As she let him go she told him, “This is gonna be your night, Michael. We can do anything you want tonight.”

“Hmm, then you won’t mind if I undress you?” Michael murmured

“Not at all,” Maria said. “There’s a zipper in back.” She lifted her hair off of her neck and turned around. “Just pull it down to the waist babe, and the dress will just slip right off.” His experience with taking off dresses wasn’t too hot.

Michael swallowed hard as he touched the zipper. Then, in one move, he pulled the zipper all the way down. His hands brushed against the warm flesh of her back and he delicately traced the outline of her lean muscles as his arms slid around her body beneath her dress. Maria pressed herself back against him as he pushed the dress off of her body. It fell to the ground and pooled around her ankles and kicked her shoes off, she pushed her dress aside with her toes and turned to face him

Trembling in anxious excitement, he smoothed his hands down her sides, pausing only briefly to cup her breasts. He looked down the length of her body, smiling at her exquisiteness. Only two very slight and skimpy garments covered her. She took his hands in hers and told him, “I need you, Michael.”

Maria led his hands to her chest and abandoned them there. Then, she reached around to her back and unhooked her bra, Michael swallowed hard as the bra dipped lower on her chest. Shifting her shoulders, she quickly discarded the garment, tossing it aside. Smiling she met Michael’s gaze. However, his eyes couldn’t stay up and were soon firmly locked on her chest. Placing her hands on his, she again guided them into position.

Michael’s lips parted slightly as a nearly inaudible sigh escaped him, the feel of her skin was something he would never get over. His fingers circled briefly around each of Maria’s taut nipples. He bent toward her for a taste of her mouth, lightly pinching the stiff, pink buds as he did so.

In a move neither was really was aware of, they sank to the bed, Maria lying on her back and Michael on his side beside her. His mouth ravaged hers thoroughly but tenderly, while his closest hand delicately fondled her breasts. He slid the heel of his palm along the slope as his eager fingertips attacked her left nipple, plucking and plying at the rose-colored flesh. Maria bit back a quiet moan. Her nipples were almost painfully erect and Michael’s fingertips were stoking the pleasurable, burning sensation that was building within her.

Suddenly, she felt his absence by her side. Lifting herself up, she saw Michael kneel between her legs.

“Michael?” Maria asked; a bit startled by the abrupt pause and change in position. She moaned and reclined again as his hands skimmed down her abdomen to follow the smooth line of her body. As his hands reached her panties, he hooked his fingers into the garment and pulled it down her legs. Maria bent her knees, simultaneously helping him remove her panties and place him in a better position.

“You’re beautiful,” Michael murmured. Maria smiled warmly at him as he took in her entirely nude form. Then, he lowered himself, sliding his hands around her thighs to reach her slit. His fingers soon found her outer lips and he delicately spread them.

He did nothing for a moment but examine the sight before him. He moved himself, as the current bulge in his pants was too hard to comfortably lie on. He had absolutely no clue what to do first, they’re first time was utterly amazing for both of them and was nervous about having a successful repeat performance, but he did know to try something. Pressing himself even closer, he extended his tongue and flicked it against her warm inner folds for a taste. Then, as if possessed, he thrust his tongue as deeply into her as he could manage.

Her moan caught him off guard. Sparing a glance, he saw that Maria’s eyes had fluttered shut. However, he never backed off, he just kept going. He teasingly flicked his tongue along the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. Using just the tip of his tongue, he licked intricate circles on the creamy flesh. He felt Maria’s hand run through his hair, pressing him harder against her, nudging him back to her already-heating sex.

Using his hands, he gently urged her to spread her legs wider. He gave a fleeting kiss along the length of her slit, barely applying any pressure. Then he pressed himself even closer; he parted her outer lips with his tongue. Maria suddenly arched up, bucking herself into his face. He ran his tongue enthusiastically through the moist inner folds of her flesh. Encouraged by her reactions, he once again thrust his tongue as deeply into her as he could manage. This time, he was rewarded with a happy groan.

With intense passion, he licked up the length of her slit and at the top of her opening he felt a knot of hardness, a slick, warm little pearl. With a rough lick, it emerged from its hiding place. At that, Maria began to whimper and writhe beneath him, as heat radiated up from her core to stoke the fire her blood. He examined the tiny, pink nub of flesh for a moment. He quickly flicked his tongue across it, earning a full-body shudder from Maria. He placed his lips on it and carefully drew it into his mouth. Maria cried out as he began to suck on it and he quickly established a steady rhythm, alternately sucking and running his tongue in circles around the small nubbin of flesh.

Maria lifted her pelvis as the tension from her mounting orgasm built. He kept his mouth on her clit, although he had to fight to hang on when her hips began rocking. He then pressed the index and middle fingers of his left hand together and calmly pushed them into her opening. As he made love to her with his mouth, he began to thrust his fingers in and out of her. He delighted in the strength with which her tunnel gripped his fingers. He felt himself swell even harder at the thought of it clasping his manhood.

Her breath started crossing her parted lips as short pants. Michael eagerly began to pump his fingers in and out of her in time with her breathing. Maria was writhing and bucking frantically beneath him and it was with great effort that he kept up. He continued to thrust his fingers in and out while keeping his mouth on her clit.

“Michael!” Maria suddenly cried

Michael grunted, taking his mouth away.

“Don’t stop!” she pleaded in a guttural, needing tone that surprised him. However, he eagerly obeyed. He felt the trembling that passed throughout her body. He could feel it in his soul; he realized that her orgasm was quickly cresting. She began to buck her pelvis rhythmically. Then the dam within her burst with an explosion of light and heat. Michael kept his mouth on her as her entire body quaked with her earth-shaking climax.

Maria was just beginning to come down from her orgasmic high when she realized that Michael had abandoned her with his mouth. Instead, he now supported himself over her body. He had slithered out of his pants and his swollen erection rested against her inner thigh, almost probing at her outer lips.

“Did I do okay?” he murmured before lowering himself and planting tiny kisses all along the side of her face. She smiled in reply and shifted her hips to make way for him

“That was amazing.” She murmured in his ear. Wrapping her legs around Michael’s waist, she pulled him even closer. When the head of his swollen cock found the entrance, Michael sank forward, pushing his way into her. With his eyes closed and an open mouth he pressed inside until he was completely sheathed within her once more.

For several long moments, he didn’t move. He just relished the sensations of having his penis contained in the warmest, tightest and only embrace he had ever felt. However, as he took his first stroke, the physical sensation became the only thing his mind could focus on. Maria wrapped her arms around him, trailing her fingernails down his back. His body’s needs took over and restraint was completely non-existent. His long slow strokes rapidly gained tempo, until he was pounding into her furiously. Their moans mounted until they sounded completely urgent until finally, Michael exploded within her. He cried out as his rock hard dick jerked and released his warm seed inside her. Maria clutched him tightly to her as they continued to rock together. When the motions wound down and ceased, he rolled off of her and lay by her side.

Catching his breath, Michael continued to let his hands delicately caress Maria, expressing his glowing, grateful, inarticulate emotions for him.

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“We’re going to have to do that a lot more often.” Maria said

“Inter species relations certainly has improved drastically.” Michael said

“Hey that was my joke.” Maria said as she weakly punched his arm.

Michael cupped her cheek and pulled her in to a kiss that was both loving and tender. In each other’s arms they held each other as they drifted off to a contented sleep. As they dreamed it was of each other and during the night they never stopped touching, neither was more than an inch from the other.

Back Room, Crashdown, 10:15 The Next Morning

Alex was lying on the sofa in the back room while he waited for Liz and Maria who were upstairs. They were finishing up some girl time and as he waited he had a ball in his hand that he threw up into the air. He kept throwing it up a few times but then he decided to play. He threw it up and as it came down he suspended the ball in mid air. He smiled and stopped his levitation before catching the ball. He then repeated the exercise again and again; he was completely aware of his surroundings and knew if anyone was going to walk in on him…well almost anyone.

As he did it again the ball was caught with a hand and he looked up.

“Tess.” Alex said, as a Shoa’li she could be less than a meter from him and he’d never know it unless she wanted him to.

“Hey. I hear I’ve got a baby brother.” Tess said

“Baby my ass, you came out of that pod looking like a five year old and I was born a few years earlier.” Alex said as he stood up

“A technicality.” Tess said, “But that little trick you were doing, that was impressive.”

“Oh if you think that’s good you should see me dust myself.” Alex said

“So, I’ve got a bro.” Tess said

“Yep.” Alex said, as he held up his arms to the side, ready for inspection. “What do you think?”

Tess circled him slowly. “Hmmm…could do with a little meat on the bones, other than that…I couldn’t have asked for better.”

“Glad to hear it.”

“So…is it true? I mean about me being replaced, her killing you and trying to screw Max?” Tess asked

“Unfortunately yes. But it did have the plus of wakening me up to my real me…if that made and sense…and it helped get you back home.” Alex said, “Speaking of which…are you okay? Did they…”

“I am fine, thanks to those medics of Jacob. Listen Alex; while I was there I felt something. It was like there was someone there with me and it was only recently that it started.”

“Oh that would have been me. Sometimes when I couldn’t sleep I would just meditate, something Jacob taught me, and my thoughts would drift to you.” Alex said

“So you saw?” Tess asked

“Yeah but only some of it. I knew they were going to use a Bramus on you, I’m just glad you got out before they got the chance.”

“Actually it was the news of you’re little resurrection that caused the delay, so major thanks.” Tess said

“You’re welcome. So I take it Jacob told you about the Awakenings?” Alex asked

“Only vaguely. I got to tell you if becoming Shao’li means kicking the bucket then I’m not for it.” Tess said

Alex smirked slightly, “You don’t have to die Tess. I can spark it in you.”

“You can?”

“Hey I’m you’re Hierarch you’re not supposed to doubt me. But because we’re both born of the Hierarch I can do it.” Alex said


“All I need it the Granolith.” Alex said

“Hey Alex, you still…here.” Liz called down the stairs and paused when she saw Tess

Maria followed her down, curious about the sudden silence. There she was met with a face she hadn’t seen since Alex’s return.

“Hey guys. I’m back.” Tess said

“Hi.” Liz said cautiously

“Guys…not evil Tess, this is sister Tess. This is the nice one who made a play for Max because she was ordered by Nasedo but not the one who did all the really mean stuff.” Alex said

“Yeah, oh course you’re right. Sorry Tess. How are you?” Liz said

“Good, pretty good now that I’m back in sunny Roswell.” Tess said, “So how are you guys.”

Liz looked into her old rival’s eyes and knew she was referring to herself and Max. “We’re good.” She said

“I’m glad.” Tess said

Liz saw it in her eyes, she knew Tess was being genuine in her comment and nodded with a smile. Tess reciprocated with her own nod before looking at Maria.

“So Maria, you and Michael still fighting or did you work it out?” Tess asked

“Oh we worked it out all right.” Maria said

Tess looked into the blond’s eyes and saw a sparkle that wasn’t there before. “I’ll bet.” She said

“So what do you have planned now?” Maria asked

“Well, Alex is going to wake me up…or something like that. After that I don’t know, seeing Kyle and Jim is way top on my list.” Tess said

“You also might want to visit my…hmm, our parents.” Alex said

“No, your parents. We maybe brother and sister but I’m not they’re daughter…as much as I’d like to be.” Tess said

“Well that can change if you want it to. After the Awakening, how I feel about them can also be passed to you.” Alex said, “Besides as far as they’re concerned you are their daughter, kidnapped at birth…”

“Yeah about that. That lame ass cover of yours is the best you could come up with? YOU came up with…and here was me thinking you were smarter than that. It’s so unbelievable that it felt like I was reading a cheap tabloid article.” Tess said

“That’s why people do believe it.” Alex said before turning back to Maria and Liz, “Sorry guys but this thing is going to be a little dangerous. Can we put off our little get together?”

“Sure.” Liz said

“No problems, but, just how dangerous?” Maria asked

“Blinding light, intense heat and general melting of any body in the room that doesn’t have Shao’li blood.” Alex said

“Yeah, you guys should do it alone.” Maria said quickly

Alex smiled and showed Tess out the back door. “Oh guys don’t tell Kyle Tess is back.” He said before closing the door

“You gonna tell him?” Liz asked

“Oh yeah.” Maria said

“Race ya.” Liz said

Together they quickly moved through the Crashdown and out to Maria’s car.

Granolith Chamber, The Mountain, 11:00am

“Well here we are?” Alex said

“And this thing was built to control the world ships?” Tess asked

“Well as far as Antarians are concerned…yeah.” Alex said

“Wait a minute…Antarians? Who else would it be?” Tess asked

“Us. Antarians built it but it was Shao’li intelligence that designed it and put it inside the head of an Antarian. It’s purpose was so that we could communicate with each other more clearly…everything else it does it just a by-product.” Alex said

“Well…what do I do?” Tess said

Alex closed his eyes and when he opened them they were glowing brightly once again. “Put you’re hands on the Granolith.”

Tess did as she was told and Alex did the same on the opposite side of the Granolith. Alex just let loose with all of his power and let it flow into the Granolith; the device acted like a buffer, absorbing the energy and letting it flow into Tess at a safe rate. Her body started to glow from the inside out, the core of the Granolith looked like a swirling mist of vapour and energy. The light in the chamber was building with each passing second until it was impossible to see if you were a normal human but for Alex and Tess, whose dormant D.N.A was becoming active, it was nothing more than a sunny day.

“NOW!” Alex called out

One of his hands left the device as did one of Tess’s and they touched. The ensuing blast from the Granolith sent them both flying backwards to the walls. Alex dusted himself and his particles hit against the wall before he collected himself back into his human form. As Tess approached the wall she suddenly stopped as a beam of light engulfed her, similar to the one that carried Alex out of his coffin, and was prevented from smashing into the wall herself.

When she emerged her eyes were glowing with the same golden light as Alex’s but it was slightly faded and mixed with a touch of green as a result of her Antarian heritage. As she moved closer and Alex finished his reintegration, her eyes never stopped roaming over the room and then fixed on Alex.

“You never said…it’s so…oh my god.” Tess said

“Describe it Tess, what’s happening around us?” Alex asked, coxing her into the use of her new awareness

“Max is with Liz, they’re kissing…they love each other so much.” Tess said

“More.” Alex said

“There…there is a couple in Albuquerque, they’ve just brought their baby son home from the hospital.” Tess said

“Keep going.” Alex said

Tess laughed slightly, “The president just sneaked out of the Oval Office and is heading to the kitchen to get the chief to make a sliced steak sandwich. He’s afraid of the First Lady finding out because he was supposed to be cutting back.”

“Further Tess, push it.” Alex said

Tess’s face then became serious, “Oh god. There’s a couple in Siberia, they’re making love…god Alex. I can feel everyone.”

“Welcome to the Shao’li Tess.” Alex said

Tess then looked at Alex and the state of his clothes. They were completely tattered, torn and burned. All as a result of energy release of the Awakening, but because of his state she looked down at her own clothes and saw they were just as bad.

“Arhh crap I just got these.” Tess said

“Fix them.” Alex said

“Yeah okay.” Tess said as she started to wave her hand over them

“No.” Alex said quickly, “Not the Antarian way, use you’re Shao’li powers.”

Tess just shrugged and nodded her head. She closed her eyes and focused, hoping that the use of the powers where similar to the Antarian way. In seconds a thin veil of gold mist spiralled around her body. Soon it stopped and she looked down to see her clothes completely restore before she watched Alex do the same thing.

“So how’s that different to Antarian powers? Same result.” Tess said

“Well the result yes but Shao’li can manipulate objects at a much smaller level. We can control right down to the quantum level.” Alex said

“Quantum level?”

“Yeah, oh yeah…uh, humans don’t know about it. Humans only know about the sub-atomic level of the universe but there is a level beneath that. That’s the level we can control to…which is also as small as the universe goes. Oh piece of advice, we can also see down to that level, which means that we can see through a lot of things.” Alex said

Tess then smirked, “Like clothes?”

“Yeah so please do a little restraint when you’re near a guy you like.” Alex said

“Oh like you’ve restrained yourself around Isabel.” Tess said

“Actually I have.” Alex said

“Well that’s the biggest load of B.S. I’ve ever heard.” Tess said

“No honestly. I admit there was a couple of close calls but I don’t do that.” Alex said

“Really?” Tess asked, genuinely surprised

“Really.” Alex said

“Damn talk about will power.” Tess said

“Tell me about it. So how are you feeling about things?” Alex asked

“Like our parents for instance?”

“Yeah…wait…our parents?”

“Uh huh, it’s just like you said. I can feel how you feel about them and besides, they’re apart of you and that means they’re apart of me…even if it isn’t exactly tangible or by blood.” Tess said

Alex nodded, “Well, ready to meet the folks?”

“Oh sure.” Tess said and they started to head out of the cave. “Oh Alex…are they going to want me to move in?”

“Probably. I know I do. Besides I don’t think they’ll like the idea of their new found daughter living under the same roof as they guys she’s dating.” Alex said

“I’m not dating Kyle.” Tess said quickly, too quickly.

“Tess, you’re Awakened now. You know as well as I do what is between the two of you.” Alex said

Tess just blushed and smiled

“See.” Alex said

“Okay I guess it would be problematic. Besides having Kyle pick me up for a date might be nice.” Tess said

They reached the entrance and headed down to the car at the base of the mountain.

“Oh Alex, what’s Nara’colus?” Tess asked

“It’s the Antarian code name for their research colony here on Earth – Atlantis. Why?” Alex asked

“Oh Jacob mentioned it and my head if filled with a bunch of numbers now.”

“The Awakening must have opened some information in you about it. What numbers?”

“234 432, then 573 343, then 112 342 and then 865 345. What are they?”

“Strange, those are Antarian planetary co-ordinates numbers but those numbers are all over the planet.” Alex said

“Well unless Atlantis was really big I doubt they are its location.” Tess said

“No but they certain were put in your head for…a reason.” Alex said

“What?” Tess asked

“Antarians used underground transport tubes to move over the planet when ships weren’t available.” Alex said

“So these co-ordinates could be the access stations to the tubes.” Tess said

“It is possible. Oh well, we have time on that situation. Lets worry about that later.” Alex said as he started the car and they drove off.

Living Room, Whitman Residence, 13:00

The Whitmans were sitting on the sofa and reading the papers. They were eager for any news regarding the hunt for their children’s kidnappers and as usually the paper had an article on the FBI’s search. Unfortunately there wasn’t much progress on that front due to the lack of information given to them by Alex. “Same as usual?” Mary asked

“Yeah.” Charles said, “I’m definitely going to stop paying taxes if this is the best they can do. Like hell an I going to be paying for their wages.”

“They tell us nothing, the press aren’t getting anything from them…either they are completely useless or they know something.”

“My money’s on useless.” Alex said as he came in the door

“Alex, where have you been? We thought you’d be back an hour ago.” Mary said as she stood up and moved over to her son.

“Sorry mom but I had a friend to pick up.” Alex said as he opened the door to reveal Tess

“Oh my god.” Mary said

Charles stood up quickly and moved over to his wife.

“Guys, I think you’ve met Tess.” Alex said

“Hi.” Tess managed to say before Mary wrapped her arms around her. Tess, who’d never felt a mother’s embrace, fell into it and hugged her back. As far as the older woman was concerned Tess was her daughter and Tess felt the same

As Mary released Tess she looked into the girl’s eyes and smiled, Charles also looked at her. “Welcome home Tess.” He said

“Thank you Mr Whitman, after looking for my family for so long I almost lost hope. I still can’t believe it.” Tess said, slipping into the cover nicely

“Well we’re glad you’re back…and call me dad.” Charles said

“Are you sure?” Tess asked

“We may have missed you growing up dear, but you’re still our daughter.” Mary said

Tess’s eyes watered up as she looked at Alex who smiled back at her. For the first time since her hatching from the pod she didn’t solely think about her Antarian family that she’d never met. Instead the people in this room had filled that space in her heart.

“So sis, want some coffee?” Alex asked

“Uh sure, thanks.” Tess said

“Mom, dad?” Alex asked

“Thank you Alex.” Mary said

“Yes son.” Charles said.

Alex left to the kitchen to make the coffee as his parents showed Tess into the living room. Alex smiled as he watched from the kitchen as they all sat down and started to talk. A few minutes later he emerged carrying a tray and placed it on the coffee table. “Uh Alex? What’s with the Tabasco Sauce?” Charles asked

“Hm? Oh yeah, Tess loves this stuff on everything and I mean everything.” Alex said

“It’s a little dietary quirk I picked up a long time ago. Sweet and spicy…just like me.” Tess said causing both parents to smile

“And she’s not the only one. Max, Isabel and Michael have the same freakiness.” Alex said

“Hey you said it was an endearing uniqueness thing?” Tess said, pretending to be hurt

“Hey I’m kidding.” Alex said

“Besides I don’t think Isabel would appreciate that comment.” Tess said

“Ooh…yeah that is kinda dangerous.” Alex said

“So Tess. Where have you been the past week?” Charles asked

“Camping at Yosemite National Park. I went there just after I got out and…it was weird, just being there calmed me down a lot. I thought if I went back I could just blow off some steam for a few weeks.” Tess said

“A few weeks? Why’d you come back so soon?” Mary asked

“Well I went to a nearby town to pick up some food a couple of days ago and saw a news report on Alex. The second I heard the Cult part I just couldn’t get back here fast enough. I arrived this morning and knew he would be at the Crashdown, it was as good a place as any to find him.” Tess said

“Where did you spend the day?” Charles asked

“Up on a mountain we know about. We just talked and talked.” Alex said

“Tess, you do know that the FBI will want to talk to you…do you know where this cult is?” Mary asked

“Nevada, I think. I went in circles for days…I went west instead of east like Alex did but then he knew he was heading to Roswell. I grew up in the compound I had no idea of where places were.” Tess said

“And the man you arrived with…Ed Harding?” Charles asked

“He was someone I knew in the cult. He’d been dropping off supplies for a long time, he’d no idea that children were being kidnapped but when he found out he just started to watch. When he realised that I was looking for a way out, he helped me. We split up for a while and met back up after a few days before bringing me to Roswell. I took his name, pretended to be his daughter so that I could look around and that was it.” Tess said

“Where is he now? We should thank him.” Mary said

“Actually he died…one of the more influential members of the cult got to him.” Tess said

“Influential?” Charles asked

“Yeah, this part I didn’t tell the FBI.” Alex said

“Congresswoman Whitaker.” Tess said

“What did you just say?” Mary asked

“We voted for her.” Charles said

“Yeah she really loved that little bit of irony, made a point of telling me about it when she visited the compound. Anyway the man I was with injured her severely when she attacked him. He died and she went a few days later, her…friends I guess you can call them arranged for her to be found in a car accident.” Tess said

“You knew about this Alex?” Mary asked

“I didn’t know about her involvement with the cult until I was at the Cult but…yeah. I knew about what happened with Ed Harding.” Alex said

“I’m calling Agent Rooks now.” Charles said as he stood up and picked up the phone. It happened to fast for Tess or Alex to stop but they knew that they would be speaking to them anyway.

A Few Minutes Later…

“They’re on their way.” Charles said

“Tess…I was wondering. If it’s not too soon, would you like to move in here? It is your home.” Mary asked

“Alex and I already talked about it.” Tess said and then paused, “If you’re sure then yes, I’d love to be here.”

Kyle’s Bedroom, Valenti Residence, 16:00

Kyle was on his bed, where he’d spent most of the day, and looked up at the ceiling. He never heard the door open. “You look totally bored.” Tess said

Kyle looked over at the door, “Tess.” He said

Quickly he jumped out of bed and moved over to Tess. He wrapped his arms around her kissed her passionately, Tess was completely taken by surprise but the sparks flew and the fire roared, she couldn’t help but melt into his arms. They kissed for what seemed like forever, every inch of pent up emotion was relieved as they gave into what they both wanted…then Kyle broke the kiss.

“Wow.” Tess said softly and with a slightly higher pitch than usual

“Wow is right.” Kyle said, “I’ve missed you so much.”

“Wow.” Tess said again and Kyle smiled, proud of himself

“You can still speak other words right?” Kyle asked

“Wow…I mean yes. I’ve thought about seeing you for a long time.” Tess said

“Me too.” Kyle said

“And I was planning on saying hello first…so…hello.”


“And how are you doing?” Tess asked

“A lot better now that you’re home.” Kyle said

“Yeah about that…”

“You’re moving into the Whitmans. Yeah I was expecting that.” Kyle said

“Yeah I came by to pick up my things.” Tess said

“Well, would it surprise you if I already done that?”

“Not really.” Tess said, “Besides, I am so looking forward for you to pick me up to go out instead of meeting me at the front door.”

“Plus…except I now have to deal with a dad and a protective brother.” Kyle said

“You leave my dad and Alex to me.” Tess said, “Now, come on I want to talk.”

Together they moved to the living room where they sat and talked. After three hours they had gone over everything and then some and both knew Tess had to leave. She had a bedroom to settle into. Kyle helped take her bags out to the car and at the front door they kissed each other goodbye until tomorrow but before she drove off, Tess’s eyes glowed and she looked at the house. Her conversation with Alex at the mountain entered her head and couldn’t resist, she looked through the walls and straight to Kyle. Without much effort her gaze penetrated his clothes.

“Oh my my.” Tess said, “Tess you are one lucky girl.” Then Kyle turned and she got a really good look, “You are one really, really lucky girl.”

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 6

Tess’s Bedroom, Whitman Residence, 08:00am The Next Morning

Tess had woken up, showered and was already dressed before anyone else in the house. It had been a long time since she could just sit and relax due to her continuous torture at the hands of the Skins, so she sat on her bed by the window and looked out as the sun continued to rise into the sky. She also practiced using her powers, not just her new Shao’li abilities but also her Antarian ones – they had been neglected of late.

**Knock, knock**

Tess looked to the door and smiled, “Come in Alex.” She called out

Alex opened the door and walked inside. “Good morning. Sleep well?”

“Actually I slept great. I don’t think I’ve ever had a sleep as peaceful as that.” Tess said

“That’s good.” Alex said

“So what can I do for you bro?” Tess asked

“Well…we kinda have two problems.”

“Oh let me guess, the fact that the Shao’li really hate Antarians.” Tess said

“That’s one. The Council in particular has issues. I’ve already suggested to Max that he be the king and apologise but…”

“But an apology may not cut it with the hardliners and Max never has liked the idea of being king.” Tess said

“Exactly, now I know he can do it. It’s who he is but without his heart behind it, an apology wont do jack.” Alex said

“Well, there are only two people who can get to him.” Tess said, “I’ll speak to Liz.”

“Are you sure?” Alex asked, “You could speak to Isabel about…”

“No. Sorry, but I should speak to Liz.” Tess said seriously, “Besides, these days you’re a lot closer to Isabel.”

“Maybe a little too close.” Alex said

“How the hell can you be too clo…wait…tell me you’ve told her.” Tess said

“About the connections, yeah…nothing else. I haven’t told any of them.”

“Alex!” Tess said

“I know, I know. But…I mean…oh hell I don’t know.” Alex said, “Besides…I kind of think that Michael and Maria have already…”

“Oh hell.”

“It was before I got back.” Alex said defensively

“We need to sit them down and have a little chat.” Tess said

“They’re really not going to like this. And Isabel…” Alex said

“Kyle too. They may love us but you’ve got the bigger problem.” Tess said

“Once we sleep with them, that’s it…no way out and we’re effectively married. Antarians mate for life and the binding energy is passed during…it. But thanks to me being Shao’li…”

“All you’re little soldiers in there are a thousand times smaller and can pass through any birth control.” Tess said

“Isabel has a higher chance of getting pregnant.” Alex said

“Maybe you can to a little tweaking on condoms, make sure that nothing gets through?”

“It’s possible. Maybe we’re talking about this too soon, I mean we’ve just settling back in and besides, I’d like to date Isabel a while before that all happens.” Alex said

“Alex I’ve seen the look in her eyes when she looks at you, if she had her way she’d have woken up in your bed this morning.” Tess said

“Oh I really doubt that.”

“Doubt it all you want, I know that look when I see it” Tess smirked, “Besides, I look the same way at Kyle.”

“TESS. I don’t want to know this…and if I ever find out he so much as brushed a strand of hair from you’re face…”

Tess smiled brightly, “This is so cool; I’ve got a brother to torment.”

“Tess.” Alex warned

“What? I get to have the same fun Isabel has.”

“Isabel never torments Max like that, hell they never even had a serious fight until that thing with the fire last year.”

“Alex, I hate to tell you this but Princess Isabel is just as flawed as the rest of us.” Tess said

“Oh I know that.” Alex said, “Urrrrr okay…Alien Club meeting later today?”

“Yeah sure…oh what was the second problem?” Tess asked

“Oh yeah. Well, we’re back in my parent’s lives. They wont be too eager in us going walkabout to find some hidden entrance to Atlantis.” Alex said

“Oh yeah, that.” Tess said, “Well I suppose we do need to go there if we’re going to be saving them.”

“We can’t just disappear without them going insane, we can’t tell them why or where we’re going and they wont let us go alone.” Alex said

“Well that’s another thing for our little group to think about.” Tess said

“Yeah.” Alex said and then stood up, before he reached the door he turned to his sister, “Oh by the way, next time you decide to take a look at…oh…say, Kyle, make sure your line into my brain is switched off.”

“Oh tell me you didn’t?” Tess said, her face becoming bright red

“No, you did. And you did it after I told you to have a little restraint.” Alex said, “Remember, I can’t shut of incoming signals, only outgoing ones. It has to be you that shuts down.”

“Sorry.” Tess said, “But he’s just so hot.”

“That’s not the word I’d use.” Alex said

“Yeah, that’s just because you’re a guy.” Tess said quietly as Alex left her room.

Alex went back to his room to check his computer; he was still working through all the schoolwork that was screwed up prior to his death when he was under the mind warp.

F.B.I Regional Office, 10:00am

Special Agents Rooks and Newman were moving around their desks, looking at every piece of information they had gotten from Tess and Alex and to where it lead.

“Oh here’s something, it looks like Congresswoman Whitaker is…was a member of something called the Universal Friendship League.” Rooks said

“Bingo, Universal – space – UFO’s.” Newman said, “Where are they based?”

“Whitaker’s home town – Copper Summit. I’ve got that new guy pulling up some data on it.” Rooks said

“You know, I’ve gone through everything at least three times and we’re no closer to tracking these guys down.” Newman said

“I know. The second I heard that eh…Tess was back she could have filled in more of the blanks.”

“Well, either she genuinely doesn’t know, has forgotten due to some psycho babble thing, or she hasn’t told us everything.” Newman said

“Then lets go find out.” Rooks said

Together they put down their files and put on their coats before heading to the main door. That was when another agent approached them.

“Guys, I got that information you wanted.” The Rookie said

“So, first up, where’s Copper Summit?” Rooks asked

“Couple hours drive outside Roswell but that’s not the main thing.”

Both agents stopped in their tracked and looked at the new agent. “What?” Newman asked

“The town is abandoned.”

“Okay my interest is peaked. Since when?” Rooks asked

“Don’t know exactly but from what I can tell there was Whitaker’s funeral and then sometime soon after everyone left. Do you want to know the weird part?”

“Oh by all means.” Rooks asked

“All of their belongings are still there, all registered vehicles are still in their parking spaces and in some of the houses food was left half made or half eaten. Cups of tea and coffee weren’t finished and left on tables.”

“Okay, anything else?” Newman asked

“Uh yeah, every single last member of the population pays their taxes. In fact not one of them has any red flags from the I.R.S.”

“You’re right, that is weird. Anything else?” Rooks asked

Newman looked at the new agents face and saw his reluctance to speak further. “It’s okay. You can say it.”

“Well…uh…okay how do I put this? The population doesn’t appear to have changed for the last 60 or so years. All photos in the town are around that age but current census details haven’t changed and based on physical descriptions…their identical. It’s like they never aged.”

“Okay well there has to be an explanation.” Newman said

“Well we better find it before this case gets taken off our hands and given to those two morons in that basement office in Washington.” Rooks said

“Okay, well he head out to Copper Summit and have a look around before going back over to Roswell.” Newman said, “You’re coming with us.” He told the Rookie


“Yeah, you need some field work…just don’t get shot. The paperwork’s a bitch.” Rooks said

Together the three men headed out to the garage and got into the car.

“Oh anything else from out there?” Rooks asked

“Nothing specific…” he said as he looked through his notes, “Oh yeah, last year a charter bus disappeared. The driver was the only one on board but it wasn’t found until a few days later, without the driver, in Roswell…hmmm…there’s a coincidence.”

The two senior agents looked at each other.

“No such thing.” Rooks said as he pulled out his map of New Mexico and set about locating Copper Summit.

Liz’s Bedroom, Parker Residence, 10:30am

Liz was straightening up her bedroom, after everything that had happened she’d let it slip a little. While she was doing it she decided that she could do with a change and started to move her bedroom furniture around. All the while her CD Player was blaring loudly with Dido singing, she never heard the knocking at the door. After a while it stopped and the door opened, Tess slipped inside and turned down the volume.

Liz was startled and jumped around to face the blonde alien. “Tess!”

“Sorry…your mom let me in, I knocked but you didn’t hear me.” Tess said

“Oh right, I guess I did have it up too loud. So what can I do for you?” Liz asked

“Well you know about the little Shao’li problems with Antarians right?” Tess asked

“I wouldn’t call genocide a little problem and to be honest it is justifiable.” Liz said

“Justifiable toward Kivar and his people, not against Antarians in general. I mean…and I’m not exactly an expert on Antarian views on other cultures right now but I’m pretty sure they don’t judge humans based on Hitler.” Tess said

“Good point, but they didn’t do a whole lot of, you know, intervention.” Liz said

“Yeah…okay. Anyway, Alex suggested that Max, as king, do an apology thing to the Council. It’s a whole hoopla kind of thing that is done officially and all that diplomacy crap. Given that Max is the only official Antarian free of folded space…” Tess left it trailing

“Yeah.” Liz said, understanding that Max was the only one who could speak for his people.

“Anyway, Max isn’t exactly keen on that role.” Tess said

“So you’re asking me to try and talk him into it. Tess, I can’t do that. I’ll support him in anything he decid…”

“Liz, I’m asking you to be queen.” Tess said quickly, interrupting Liz.

Liz looked at Tess, running through in her mind what she’d just heard. “Come again?”

“As the girl who has chosen to be with the king and who he was chosen to be with…oh forget it. Liz, you’re in love with him. I have no doubt that the two of you are going to be married and…Liz, for the king, be the queen.” Tess said

“I don’t know what to say.” Liz said

“There’s nothing to say except to say that you’re going to talk to Max.” Tess said

“I will, I can’t guarantee anything but I’ll speak with him. You know I always thought you wanted the queen thing?” Liz said

“I was raised by Nasedo, from day one he taught me that I was destined for Max and that he was my one true love.”

“What changed?” Liz asked

“I moved in with Kyle, I always had a connection to him that I denied but I got to know him better. I’m in love with him and judging by the kiss that he gave me the second he saw me, it’s very mutual.” Tess said

“Oh really, how good a kiss?”

“Oh about a five alarm, toes curling, wanting to jump him there and then kind of a kiss.” Tess said seriously, her toes curling in her shoes as she remembered it.

“That good? I don’t think I ever got more than a two alarm kiss.” Liz said then quickly regretted it, “Sorry I shouldn’t have said that. Never talk about the ex with his current unless it’s to mutually ditch him.”

“Well we could balance it out by saying that I never got anything close to that with Max.” Tess said

“Can I ask…the night of the dance, was that you or the Morphic that kissed Max?” Liz asked

“The Morphic, that dance was…well a long time after I was taken.” Tess said, “Liz for what it’s worth I am completely sorry I ever listened to Nasedo about Max. I saw the way he loved you but it didn’t stop me and I should have.”

“Apology accepted.” Liz said

Tess looked around the room and saw the unusual level of disorder. “Uh do you want some help?”

“Thanks, I’d love some.” Liz said

“Good, you can fill me in on everything that’s happened between you and Max…and I want all the juicy stuff.” Tess said

Liz smiled, “Welcome back Tess.”

Tess and Liz started to rearrange the bedroom and talked as they went. Tess also told Liz that a meeting needed to be called later and agreed that they just take over Michael’s apartment instead of the backroom of the Crashdown during a busy period.

Living Room, Evans Residence, Same Time

While her parents were at work and Max back at the UFO Museum, Isabel was doing her chores and cleaning the house. She was the only one free to do it and pretty much suspected that Alex would be spending most of his time with his new sister. If it weren’t for the fact that Tess was Alex’s sister, Isabel would be very jealous of the amount of time the two spent together.

As she moved around the room, using her powers to make the work go easier, Isabel turned and suddenly saw Alex’s face pressed up against the window with him making a face that caused Isabel to start laughing. As Alex backed up she moved out to the hall and the front door.

“I thought you’d be spending the day with Tess?” Isabel said as she let Alex in

“Well I would be but we already know everything there is to know about each other. Besides she’s really picked up some bad habits – it looks like she loves to torment her dear sweat brother with her love life.”

“Oh that.” Isabel smiled, “Well that’s because it’s just so easy.”

“Easy…Isabel! If I wasn’t madly in love with you I’d…”

Isabel looked into his eyes. “You’d do what?” she asked seductively as her hand trailed up and down his arm.

“Absolutely nothing, I’m just saying I’m madly in love with you.” Alex said

Isabel smiled and gently kissed his lips. “I love you too.”

When they moved back into the living room, they sat down on the sofa and just looked at each other.

“So…doing the house work?”

“Yeah, just got the laundry to take out of the machine when it’s done.” Isabel said

“So there’s no need for big strong manly help?”

“Not really…but I’m sure I can find a few uses for you.” Isabel said, her finger trailing over her earlobe

“Actually we really need to talk about that.” Alex said

“Talk about what?” Isabel asked

“This…about what we’re both thinking about right now. Isabel there are some things you don’t know about Antarian biology that you don’t know about…things that were passed on to you and the others.” Alex said

“Well what is it?” Isabel asked

“We should really talk about it with the others. It involves us all so I’ve called a meeting at Michael’s later. There is also another thing we all need to discuss but that can wait until the meeting but I also need you to talk to Max.”

“About this apology to your Council?” Isabel asked

“Yes. If he doesn’t accept his role as king, even if it’s just for this then an apology wont carry any weight and believe me, they will know.” Alex said, “Tess is talking to Liz right now but you and Liz are the only ones who can really get through to him. Max really needs to take this seriously, if he decides to do it then all he really has to do is say it. His body will do the rest.”


“The royal seal is already inside him, it just needs to be activated – he needs to accept it like he…or rather Zan did when you were all back on Antar.” Alex said

“Okay I’ll speak to him. You know Max will do the right thing.” Isabel said

“I know but sometimes he just needs a little push.” Alex said

“Tell me about it.” Isabel said, “Okay so when’s this meeting?”

“We have time.” Alex said as he held her hand in his

“Oh really.” Isabel said, neither loosing eye contact, “What do you plan on doing?”

“Just this.” Alex said before reaching over and kissing her. He held the back of her head as their lips pressed together, both melted into the kiss as they fused together. Soon their arms were completely wrapped around each other as Alex probed Isabel’s mouth with his tongue and then she slipped hers into his mouth.

Their tongues rubbed together, duelling and intertwining. The kiss intensified, doubling in passion as each minute passed by. They were completely lost in each other as the outside world drowned out until it was only the two of them left. Their pulses raced, their hearts pounded. Both wanted to move further, to take this into the bedroom but Alex knew they couldn’t and pulled back from the kiss leaving a very flushed Isabel.

“Okay…what…what ever it is that’s waiting until this meeting, it better be worth it.” Isabel said, gasping for air as she spoke

“That all depends on you.” Alex said, “Come on, I’ll help you put out your laundry and then we’ll go for a walk.”

Michael’s Apartment, 13:00

“Okay, what’s going on?” Michael asked as they all sat around his living room.

Alex and Tess looked at each of them.

“Okay, well we have away of bringing Antar and the other World Ships into normal space. We’ve gathered the control crystals but we need a device that was built on Earth…in Atlantis.” Alex said

“Atlantis…as in mythical lost continent that sank?” Michael asked

“That’s the one.” Tess said, “Only it was a research station for Antar. Atlantis was the central facility but there were others all over the planet. To get about without having to use ships, Antarians used underground transport tubes.”

“Now while Atlantis did sink, the main city complex was protected by an energy shield that would have kept it intact. If we can access the tubes then we can get to Atlantis and the device. Each of you was given information on its location and how to access the city; it’s genetic knowledge that was passed on from your ancestors from the Noble Council of that time. Tess had co-ordinates of tube access points and I’ve converted them into Earth co-ordinates. The closest point of entry is south of here, the Aztecs or the Mayans, one or the other built over the site with a temple. It’s a step pyramid that is now called the Temple of the Inscriptions.” Alex said

“And given everything that’s happened your parents aren’t likely to let you out of Roswell for a while.” Isabel said

“Yeah.” Tess said

“Why not send that Jericho guy or some of his guys?” Maria asked

“Uh Jacob’s going to be out of touch for a while.” Alex said

“Why?” Tess asked

“I got a call from him earlier, his son died in a car accident last night. The funeral is tomorrow.” Alex said

“Oh.” Tess said with a smile

“Oh sorry.” Maria said, curious about Tess’s grin

“No, it’s not like that. Jacob’s son doesn’t know about the Shao’li, he thinks his father has been dead for eight years, but he did inherit the genetics from his dad. Jacob felt he should be there when he Awakens.” Alex said

“That should be an interesting conversation.” Liz said

“You have no idea.” Alex replied, “So, anyway we need to find away to go there.”

“I take it we have time left? I mean we don’t have to think of something today right?” Max asked

“Oh we’ve got plenty of time. But it is best that we do it as soon as possible.” Alex said

“Well we’ll think of something.” Liz said

“Oh what was the other thing you needed to talk?” Kyle asked

Alex winced slightly, “Yeah, there really isn’t a good way to say this. I suppose it’s the kind of think we should discuss a little more privately but it is easier if it’s done as a group so…”

“He’s babbling.” Maria said

“Kinda am.” Alex said, “Okay it’s about sex.”

Everyone suddenly froze before each looked to their partners.

“Antarians have a slight problem were sex is concerned…well it’s a problem depending how you look at it, but I’m fine with it - they mate for life. Once they have sex they are with each other until they die. That little characteristic has been inherited by the four of you and if you were to have sex then who ever it was with then they’re with you permanently. You wont even think about being with anyone else and the energy involved causes a sort of hormonal build up. It drives you to be with each other.” Alex said

“This is why you backed off earlier?” Isabel asked


“Oh god.” Maria and Michael said at the same time as they stared at each other.

“So you two have…” Alex asked, trailing off

“None of your business.” Michael said

“Okay then I’ll just say this, each of us has a lot to discuss. But, if you do…you know…then remember this – afterwards you’re effectively married…just without the ceremony.” Tess said

10 Minutes Later…

After Alex and Tess filled them all in, they all split up into their pairs to talk. Michael and Maria stayed behind and after the last of the group left; he closed and locked the door. When he turned back around he looked at Maria.

“I am so sorry Maria.” Michael said

“Hey I was in that bed too, it wasn’t just you.” Maria said

“Yeah but neither of us thought this would happen.” Michael said

“No but it certainly explains why I constantly need you.” Maria said

“That is does but where do we go from here?” Michael asked

“We accept it and go to bed.” Maria said

“What?” Michael asked

“Alex said this is ‘til the day we die. And I don’t think I mind. I’m in love with you Michael, that’s why it happened in the first place.” Maria said

“You know I thought you’d have to dunk you’re head in a bucket of Cedar Oil.” Michael said and both smiled. “I’m in love with you as well.”

Maria stood up and reached out her hand to Michael. He took it and stood up before allowing Maria to lead him into his bedroom.

“Just lets not tell my mom about this one.”

“Oh that’s not going to be a problem.” Michael said

Copper Summit, 13:30

The sedan pulled up into the abandoned town and Rooks, Newman and the rookie agent all stepped out. They looked around the nearby buildings, each never moved out of sight of the others.

“It’s a complete ghost town.” Rooks said

“It’s just like that report I saw.”

“Hey where’d you get that report anyway?” Newman asked

“It was filed by the state police when they were out looking into the missing bus. They usually drive by the town on a daily basis when they’re out on patrol.”

“So this town emptied in less than a day.” Rooks said

“How’d we not hear about this sooner. An entire town…that has to raise a flag somewhere, hell it should have even made the news.” Newman asked

“Something has to be going on here.”

“Hmmm…if Whitaker was involved with this cult then they might have other politicians or officials in their pocket. The report was probably buried and forgotten about until you found it.” Newman said

“How did you find it?” Rooks asked the rookie

“It was in the database along with everything else. It wasn’t even restricted.”

As they looked over the walls of the buildings a chill went down their spins before they heard a sound from one of them. They ran over to the building to find a cat knocking over a rake.

“Just a damned cat.” Rooks said

Newman moved about but as his foot moved some of the dirt and sand on the floor and heard it fall. He looked down and saw a small crack that allowed the sand to fall. Newman knelt down and cleared some of the debris away to reveal an almost fully closed floor panel.

“Guys check this out.” He said

Soon all three were at the panel and helped lift it up, revealing a staircase heading down. They moved down the steps and all found themselves inside a long rectangular room filled with glass tubes and other high-tech equipment.

“What the hell is this?” Newman asked

“I’ve never seen anything like this.” Rooks said

The rookie moved further into the room, he looked over the damaged and smashed equipment before heading to one of the monitors. “Agents, check this out.”

The two agents moved to the screen.

“What kind of language is that?” Rooks asked

Newman started at the rapidly changing symbols on the screen and suddenly realised what he was looking at. “That’s a countdown.”

“What?” the rookie asked

“Everyone out…NO!” Newman said and all three sprinted to the exit.

In mere seconds all were running out of the building and dived out the entrance. As they hit the ground, all three looked back to the building to see sparks of energy running over it. The wind picked up, the structure rippled and twisted as it started to be sucked in on itself. Piece by piece it broke apart, fragments were being pulled into the hidden rook until all the agents could see was a swirling ball of blue energy that vanished just as soon as nothing of the building or the lab was left.

“What the fu…” Rooks said

All three moved over the vacant land that once supported the building but nothing was there, not even the space for the lab – it was just solid ground.

“What the hell just happened?”

“What happened; is that there is now no physical evidence. We must have set off some sort of booby trap.” Newman said

“I’ve never seen that kind of technology.” Rooks said

“And you still haven’t.” Newman said, “Neither of you have.”

“What?” the rookie asked

“If we report this now then we’ll be laughing stocks. We keep this to ourselves until we find out what’s going on. We’ll talk to the Whitman kids, ask them about any technology that cult used but nothing official.” Newman asked


“Kid listen, he’s right, this kind of thing can end careers. Lets just solve this case.” Rooks said

They took a final look over the town before getting into the car and driving off.

Living Room, Whitman Residence, 16:00

After meeting back up again, Alex and Tess headed home. When they arrived they saw an all too familiar vehicle up on the kerb. As they headed back inside they saw the FBI agents sitting speaking to their parents.

“Hello.” Alex said

“Mr Whitman, good to see you, Ms Whitman you too.” Rooks said

“Thanks. I thought you guys were finished with us?” Tess asked

“Well we were but there are still a lot of blanks in your statement that making it hard to track them down. We’re hoping you can remember anything else.” Newman said

“Unfortunately not.” Alex said

“We’ve tried to remember more but we’re not getting very far.” Tess said

“Oh well, we thought we’d at least try.” Newman said

“There is one more thing. During you’re stay at the cult did you see any unusual machines, advanced technology…anything that’s not common place out here.” Rooks asked

{Why are they asking that?} Tess asked Alex telepathically

{Not sure…play along.} Alex responded, “Not sure, I didn’t see too much why do you ask?”

“Well we thought we’d check into the connection to Whitaker. Did you know her hometown, Copper Summit, is completely abandoned? A bus also disappeared last year near there and ended up in Roswell and that there is a large plot of land that’s just empty, now according to the town plan there should be a museum or something there…originally it was a stable back when the town was founded.” Newman said

“No sorry, I don’t know anything about that.” Alex said

“Any of that.” Tess concluded, “What’s that got to do with us? Well aside from the Whitaker thing, of course. Uh well when I was at the cult there weren’t that many machines or anything. Occasionally, like once a year they would all take us into a building off to the side. It had big things…like large medical scanners…M.R.I’s and things. They kept saying that the aliens wanted updates on our physical status or something or other. They definitely didn’t look like anything I’ve seen on E.R.”

{Tess, say glass tubes; they had glass tubes that they put you in.} Alex said telepathically

“Uh, there were big tubes. Made of glass I think that the put us in for it.” Tess said

Each of the agents looked at the teens.

“Yeah, they put me in one. That was where I was when I first woke up.” Alex said, “They never said what it was for but now I know.”

“That’s all?” Newman asked

“Well they kept us mainly in the compound. The main building that lead in and out of the area was off limits to everyone but a few of the seniors.” Tess said

“Well I think that’s enough for now. You will contact us if you remember anything else?” Rooks asked

“Sure. We want to get these guys.” Alex said

Hands were shook and the agents left.


“Okay Fraser, what’s your gut telling you about this?” Newman asked the rookie

“Find a nice big hole and hide until the booms stop.” Fraser said

“Yeah, definitely not liking what we’ve seen.” Rooks said

“Oh come on you two don’t actually think aliens are really behind this?” Newman asked

“Before what we saw at Copper Summit today? No. Now?” Rooks said

“The kind of tech that nuked that building, definitely not anything I’ve read about. Hell that building didn’t explode it imploded and everything was sucked up into…I don’t even know what to call that.” Fraser said

“And those kids?”” Newman asked

“Well, either their genuine innocents that got pulled into something big or there really not telling us everything. Either to protect others that were in the same situation as them or someone in charge.” Fraser said

“What’s your gut saying?” Rooks said

Fraser just looked at them both, all silently communicated and nodded before getting back into the car.

“We’ll go with the innocents for now but keep your eyes open. If that assessment changes I want to be ready to pull them in.” Newman said

Max’s Bedroom, Evans Residence, 19:00

Max had taken Liz home but as she sat on her bed mulling over everything Alex and Tess had told them. As much as she wanted to be thinking up an idea for all of them getting out of town for a few days, her thoughts dwelled on the fact sexual aspect of the discussion. She couldn’t get her mind off of it; she wanted Max and knew he wanted her. Both were willing, more than willing to take the step that would make their relationship permanent.

Eventually she gave up; Liz climbed down the fire escape and walked to Max’s. When she arrived, instead of going to the front door Liz moved around to the back. There was a tingling in her brain, driving her toward Max. The path her body was following was out of instinct; she knew that Max was waiting for her. By the time she reached his bedroom window, it was open and Max was there, ready to help her inside.

“Hey.” Liz said

“Hey. Come on in.” Max said as he took her hand, “What are you doing here?”

“I…we need to talk Max.” Liz said

“About what Alex said earlier, I know. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.” Max said

“Oh so, um…do you…do you want to?” Liz asked

Max took her hands in his and gently looked into her eyes. “Do you?”

Liz could only smile and nod. The looks they gave each other sparked an understanding between them, neither wanted to back out and before the night was out they would be lovers.

Max led Liz over to his bed and let go of her hands so that he could start getting undressed. His shirt was pulled slowly up and off revealing a smooth, well-defined chest. He looked sleek and almost predatory at that moment but at the same time tender and completely at peace. Max unfastened his black jeans slowly, catching Liz’s eyes to make sure he had her full attention. The rough denim fell to the floor to reveal a bulging pair of boxer shorts, straining to contain his hardened cock.

Max started to push down his shorts down but Liz stopped him, she pushed her thumbs into the waistband. Max didn’t stop her as she removed his last piece of clothing. Liz’s breath hitched at her first sight of his smooth, bobbing erection and then he stepped out of them. As Liz stood back up she gasped out loud when his warm hands closed over her hips as she stood still. Knowing he was completely naked against her fully clothed body was intoxicating to her.

He pressed closer to Liz and wrapped a strong arm around her waist; before he glided his other hand down her belly, across her thigh and then slipped it under her dress. He briefly cupped her sex through her soaked panties, causing her to gasp loudly, and then hooked his fingers under the elastic to tug the thin lacy fabric off. He could feel her desperation and held her more firmly against his torso. Max placed one hand on her bare, dripping pussy, eager to explore Liz for the first time.

Liz whimpered as her body was invaded for the first time, her anticipation was building quickly as he started to thrust his fingers gently in and out of her, pausing every so often to rub his palm across her slippery folds and massage her clitoris. Max was very pleased when he felt her start to rock her hips in time with his hand. Her pelvis moved involuntary and her eyes were tightly closed as her inner muscles started to clench on his digits.

Sensing her impending orgasm in the way her muscles coiled tightly, Max abruptly let go of her and lifted up her white dress, revealing her perfect body. As she whimpered and undulated with urgency, the alien king reached around and unclipped her bra before she let it fall to the ground. Then Max sat her on his bed before he got onto his knees and spread her legs, he pressed his face into her hungry sex. Max savoured her sweet-tart taste as he began to lap and suck.

Liz’s hips kept moving faster and faster, moaning and tossing her head back, as her fingers tried to dig deeper into Max’s duvet. It was becoming increasingly difficult for Max to maintain contact. He held onto her hips, pushing his face into her wet folds and thrusting his tongue into her hot, slick tunnel as far as he could. She couldn't take it for very long.

As her body began to shake violently, Max stood quickly and found his wallet on the bedside cabinet; he pulled out a condom and placed it over his engorged length. As his hands slipped over his dick he was surprised, he’d never been this hard, even when he fantasised about being with Liz. He knew it was time but was fearful of causing Liz any pain, Max didn’t know whether he should ease his dick in or just thrust it in. He didn’t have time to think so he, chose the latter, eased her onto her back and positioned himself over her. Grabbing hold of his rock-hard cock, he plunged in smoothly and deeply.

The quick manoeuvre took Liz completely by surprise; she hadn’t expected to feel so full. It was electrifying. She screamed out her pleasure, arching her spine and pushed her upper body against her lover’s hard chest as the fire that had sparked in her body started to rage out of control. Max had been right; she didn't even feel her hymen tear, the erotic heat that surged from her spasming tunnel was overwhelming, engulfing both their senses in with utter bliss.

Max held still, buried to the hilt of his cock inside her as she rode out the intense pleasure she felt from the initial penetration. Max silently gave thanks for managing not to lose it himself and shooting inside her. He smiled as he looked down at her, her eyes closed and face flushed, panting for breath as she came down from the euphoric high; he marvelled at the transformation of the normally sweet, demure girl into a passionate woman. He slid his hands sensually over her body to knead her breasts. Max leaned down and kissed her shoulder as her eyes opened. He slipped himself slowly back, almost pulling out before he gently eased back in when he felt her thrusting hips seeking him. Resting on his forearms by her shoulders, he started to pump in and out, praying that the long, slow strokes would help him last and with each stroke Liz grasped tighter onto the bedspread.

Max’s warm, filling cock slid outward again and then back in. Each time was tormentingly slow to Liz but Max smiled as he watched her slender body writhe under him. Each thrust was accompanied with a gentle moan of under contentment. Max was thankful that Isabel was out with Alex and his parents were next door chatting with the neighbours.

“Ugn…Max…” Liz sighed as she let go of the sheets and ran her hands over Max’s biceps.

Max leaned down, both pressing their bodies together as their mouths joined. They kissed passionately, never stopping the primal movements of their bodies and moaning into each other. When the mounting heat within her began to burn, Max felt it through her. Something was building inside him, energy, power, a pure light that was building with each passing moment for the purpose of binding Liz to him. He knew he couldn’t last much longer and picked up the pace. Liz matched him thrust for thrust, raising and lowering her pelvis as the hard length filled her and then withdrew. Max’s pubic bone started to bump again Liz’s clit, she nearly shrieked at the electric fire that raced through her core and instinctually she shifted under him to feel it again.

Max realized they were hitting her spot and did his best to keep up with her as she went wild beneath him. The fierce grip of her spasming tunnel and Liz’s cries of ecstasy as she moved on his pole were more than he could withstand, Liz wrapped her legs around his waist and used the additional leverage to increase his thrusts. With a shout to rival his lover's, Max forced himself down into her and held her hands tightly as we went as deep as he could, pumping his seed into her willing body.


“OH GOD MAX…OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Liz screamed as her orgasm hit, both coming together.

All the while an unseen energy surged from Max to Liz, surging through her body and tying them to each other. As their mutual highs passed, their arms wrapped around each other. They held each other tightly; only their hands moved as they slightly caressed each other until they looked up and into each other’s eyes.

“I love you.” They both said together and smiled. They snuggled in under the sheets and drifted off to sleep, after Max used his telekinetic abilities to lock his bedroom door and close his curtains. Liz wasn’t even worried if her parents found her absent in the morning, besides she had a feeling she’d wake up early enough to get home before they awoke.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 7

Outside Max’s Window, Evans Residence, 05:00am The Next Morning

Liz had woken up to find herself next to Max, as much as she wanted to stay in his arms she would prefer her parents never to find out about it and the only way that was going to happen was if she was in her own bed before they woke up. Without waking Max up, she slipped out of his bed and quietly dressed before she left through his window.

Just as quietly she closed the window and started to sneak around the building so that she could get out onto the street. Every so often she kept looking behind her, checking to see that no one was watching and just as she was coming to Isabel’s window, she bumped into her new lover’s sister. Both scared each other and their hearts thundered in their chests at the thought of being caught.

“Oh god…Isabel! What are you doing here?” Liz asked

“Me? What are you doing here? It’s only five in the morning, Max will still be asleep.” Isabel asked as she looked over Liz’s appearance and that she was leaving, not arriving. “Wait…are you…did you…did you and Max?”

Liz looked at Isabel and just nodded a couple of times before saying, “Yes. I was at my place last night and…I can’t explain it, it was like I needed…”

“Oh no, no, no. I don’t want any details.” Isabel interrupted Liz quickly, “But what about what Alex said?”

“About being tied together?” Liz asked and Isabel nodded, “We already are tied together Isabel, I’m in love with Max. Hey wait a minute; what are you doing coming home this late? Max will freak if he knew you were out all night.”

“Forget Max, my dad will hit the roof. I was with Alex.” Isabel said, blushing slightly

“Ohhh?” Liz asked with a sly smile

“Hey it’s not like that. Who would have thought that Liz Parker would have her mind in the gutter?” Isabel said

“My mind is currently in the clouds and not in the gutter, besides after the wake up call I just got…”

“Ah…no details.” Isabel said and then paused, “Was it really that good?”

“You have no idea.” Liz said causing both girls to laugh. Quickly the quieted themselves as they remembered that it was still very earl and they didn’t want to wake anyone up. “So, you and Alex were…?”

“We talked. I’ve never had that with a guy, I mean we just got back in from our date, sat down and talked for hours.” Isabel said

“I love it when that happens.” Liz said, “Anyway I better go, I don’t want my parents to wake up and find me missing.”

“That would be bad.” Isabel said

“That’s the understatement of the year.” Liz replied, “I’ll see you later…and I wont tell Max that I found you sneaking in.”

“Thanks.” Isabel smiled, “Oh and when do you want to talk to Max about this him being…you know and the apology?”

“We’re meeting at the Crash later. We can do it then.” Liz said

“Okay.” Isabel said

As Liz started to walk away, Isabel used her powers to open the lock on her window and climbed inside. After her many hours of talking with Alex she didn’t feel tired at all so she just changed into her pyjamas and climbed into bed. She curled up in the sheets and smiled, never falling asleep, she just remembered her time with Alex. Isabel had never felt more in love with him.

Kitchen, Whitman Residence, 08:00am

Alex and Tess had woken up at the same time and drowsily followed their noses to the alluring smell of bacon and eggs that were frying away on the stove. As soon as their parents saw the two they smiled and laughed.

“Late night?” Charles asked

“A little, Isabel and I stayed up talking after our date.” Alex said

“Until what time?” Mary asked her son

“A little before five I think.” Alex said

“Five? Isn’t Isabel’s curfew 11 or 12?” Mary asked

“You know I knew saying 5am would be a bad. I just could figure why.” Alex said to Tess as they both sat down and their mother placed plates in front of them.

“Well you learn these lessons the hard way.” Charles said

“You wont tell Mr Evans will you, cause all we did was talk…I swear?” Alex asked, slightly nervous

“Well lets see, I’m a father of a teenage girl…how would I feel?” Charles said

“Dad, please…really doing the begging thing now. Isabel’s dad would make our lives unbearable. Isabel would be grounded and then he’d be after me with a shot gun.”

“Why’d you care if he shoots you…you’ve got more lives than a cat?” Tess said

Alex just looked at his sister and shook his head, “I’d imagine that it would still hurt a little.”

“Oh yeah, that’s a bummer.” Tess said

“Okay that’s enough talk like that. I don’t want you…any of you speaking this way again.” Mary said, not doing anything to cover how much the topic was upsetting her. She had her children back and that was enough, she didn’t want to think about loosing them again.

“Sorry mom.” Alex said

“Yeah sorry.” Tess said, both could feel her anxiety coming off her in waves.

“Well Tess, what were you up to last night?” Charles asked

“Oh well I…I…”

“Well I’m not liking the sound of this. When did Kyle leave young lady?” Charles asked

“Oh he wasn’t here. We were talking…on the phone.” Tess said

“Really?” Charles asked

“Yes sir.” Tess said

“Hmmm…okay then.” Charles said, “And Alex, I wont tell Philip this time…this time mind you but from now on I want Isabel home by her curfew, and you as well.”

“Yes dad.” Alex said, greatly relieved

“Well, as punishment…okay you can do your chores today without my help.” Charles said

“But I’ve only got the one…that atti…the attic clean out. Dad please, that place is lethal. None of us have been up there in years except to get the Christmas decorations out. Besides I don’t want to throw out anything you two might want to keep.” Alex said

“That’s why you can bring it all down here and we sort through it before you either take it out to the bins or take it back up stairs.” Charles said

“Could I help Alex?” Tess asked

“Wait, someone’s volunteering to go up there…twilight zone.” Alex said

“You really want to?” Mary asked

“Yeah, I mean lots of family history type things that I missed out on.” Tess said

Both parents nodded, “Okay, you asked for it.” Charles said

“I cant be that bad.” Tess said

Attic, Whitman Residence, A Little Later

Alex and Tess climbed the ladder into the attic. They couldn’t help but cough as the dust filled air found it’s way to their lungs.

“I… *cough*… I was wrong… *cough*, it is bad… *cough*cough*cough*” Tess spluttered all over the place.

Alex looked back down the opening to make sure his parents weren’t around. When he was sure the coast was clear, he broke himself up into the golden mass of dust. He spiralled through the attic and cleared the air of dust. As he moved, parts of him touched every inch of the room including Tess.

As he came back into his human form, his hands soon contained a ball of solid dust that he promptly put inside a black bin bag before shaking off his hands. “How’s that?” he asked

“Better, thanks.” Tess answered, finding it much easier to breath

“This really is a lot of junk.” Alex said

“Oh it’s not.” Tess said, as she looked over some bags with baby clothes in them, “Yours?”

“Yes.” Alex said

“Oh you must have been the cutest little thing.” Tess said, “I bet I know someone who’d want to see these.”

“Don’t you even dare show these to Isabel.” Alex said

“Oh I don’t know; it looks like there’s a photo album in that box as well.” Tess teased

“Oh come Tess, she’s my girlfriend. She doesn’t need to see baby pictures of me.” Alex said

“Mhhh…you never know, if there are any of you naked in here then she might like a little comparison…to see how you’ve grown.”

“Okay you, give me that book right now.” Alex said

“Gotta catch me.” Tess said

With that she ran off and Alex took off like a shot after her. They circled the room, dived over boxes and did everything they could to catch or dodge. Alex then decided to cheat. He became dust again, surrounded Tess and reformed himself so that he pinned her beneath him. Tess had no choice but to surrender.


“Sorry dad.” Alex yelled back, “Gimme that book.”

Tess gave Alex the book, although, unknown to him she had already palmed one of the photos out of the album and put it in her back pocket when Alex helped her up. She smiled inwardly at herself.

“What?” Alex asked

“Nothing, I’m just having more fun now than any other time. And it’s all because you my brother.”

“Why thank you my sister…and I feel the same. It’s certainly more lively in this house than it used to be.” Alex said

“Come on let’s get to work. We’ve both got dates tonight.” Tess said

“Yeah…wait…what?” Alex asked

“Alex, chill. I’m dating Kyle and there is nothing you can do about it.” Tess said

“Wanna bet?” Alex said

Tess looked at her brother in the eye, “Alex!”

“What? So I’m over protective, so what. I just don’t like the idea of him…you know.” Alex said

“Well it’s going to happen. And I imagine that Max is feeling the same way about Isabel and you.” Tess said

“Tell me about it.” Alex said

“Alex, I love him and he loves me. This isn’t a case of wham bam thank you ma’am.”

“Okay lets just get off this topic, the imagery is doing my head in.” Alex said

Tess smiled again; she was quickly learning how to torment Alex enough to get him to back off.

2 Hours Later…

Alex came back up the ladder after hauling another box downstairs. He came back to find Tess sitting on the floor with her legs crossed Indian style and before her was the last pile of boxes.

“Hey, what’s up?” Alex asked

“Oh nothing, this is just to heavy to move myself.” Tess said

“Oh okay.” Alex said as he moved to one side and Tess moved to the other side, “Ready?”

“Yep.” Tess answered

“One…Two…and Three.” Alex said

Together they heaved the box off but everything collapsed and the two siblings fell to the floor. The boxes went everywhere and the bottom one; a trunk, split open and the contents went flying. One item, a photograph, came floating down out of the air and landed on Tess’s lap.

As Tess shook her hair out of her face, she looked down at the black and white photo and stared at it.


“No, it’s okay. It was an old trunk, something was bound to break it sooner or later.” Alex said

“No Alex…this.” Tess said as she picked up the picture

Alex looked back at Tess and then moved to her side. He looked at the photo and shrugged his shoulders. “What am I looking at?” he asked, looking at the picture of several people.

“Alex, who’s the girl…back left.” Tess asked

“What about…her…oh!” Alex said

They looked at each other before getting up and heading down to see their father.


“Dad?” Alex called out

“In here Alex.” Charles responded

Alex and Tess came into the room and Charles looked up at them, “What’s going on?”

Alex handed his father the photograph and the smile on his face was wider than Alex had ever seen. “Oh wow, I haven’t seen this picture in years. Where’d you find this?”

“One of the trunks upstairs broke open and this came flying out.” Alex said, “Dad, who’s the girl back left…the one who looks identical to Tess, so identical that they could be clo…twins.”

“That is your great grandmother, Madeline Ann Whitman. This…god this must have been taken in the twenties when she was your age. Actually now that you mention it she does look remarkably like Tess.” Charles said

“Like me, she could be me…it’s…spooky.” Tess said

“Genetic Tess, you just inherited a few features that make the two of you look similar. God this picture brings back a lot, it was before my time of course but my father and grandfather used to talk about these days over glasses of whiskey and cigars.”

“What happened to her, I mean I don’t think I’ve ever heard you talk about great grandmother?” Alex asked

“Oh well there was an incident after this was taken. In the forties, during a trip she was taking…listen we really don’t talk about this.” Charles said

“Talk about what, what happened?” Tess asked

“Ughhhh, okay I suppose you should know. She claimed she was abducted by aliens.” Charles said

“Just before the ‘47 Crash?” Alex asked

“Actually…yes, it would have been about two weeks before that weather balloon crashed.” Charles said

Alex and Tess smiled, they were quite content to let their parents still think that the incident was as the military claimed and not an actual alien landing.

{You know what this means don’t you?} Alex asked telepathically

{Yeah, you’re grandmother was my D.N.A donor. That’s a relation between our human parts not just the Shao’li.} Tess responded

“Anyway, after it…well she divorced my grandfather and left. She couldn’t live with him after he made it very clear that he didn’t believe her and thought she was crazy.” Charles said sadly, “We got word a few years later that she died in Texas…of cancer. She stayed with a friend out there called Depri.”

“Depri? You don’t mean Dupree?” Alex asked

“Yeah…who’d you know?” Charles asked

“Michael, well we found out a few months ago that he has a sister called Laurie Dupree who lives in Texas. Her grandfather claimed to have been…well, abducted.” Tess said

“I guess she found someone to listen to her, to be honest I’m glad.” Charles said

“You are?” Alex asked

“Yeah, she didn’t die surrounded by people who thought she was nuts. Being with family wouldn’t have hurt but at least she wasn’t alone. Do you know where I can find this guy?” Charles asked

“Laurie’s grandfather died a long time ago. All that’s left of the family is Laurie, her aunt and uncle. To be honest the only decent one is Laurie. She lives in her granddad’s house…”

“You mean mansion don’t you.” Alex said

“Mansion?” Charles asked

“Oh yeah, old granddad has quite the fortune after starting a company.” Alex said

“Wait, they are those Dupree’s?” Charles asked

“Yeah.” Alex and Tess said together

“Oh well, I doubt…eh…Laurie? Yeah I doubt she knew Madeline, oh well. You two better get back to work if you want to be finished before lunch.” Charles said

“Sure dad.” Tess said and together they left

Back in the Attic…

As Alex and Tess entered they looked at each other. They couldn’t help but hug each other, after what they’d just learned they felt a thousand times closer. A lot more than just the Shao’li Hierarch Colony really connected them, they had felt it but never had guessed it was because Alex’s great grandmother was Tess’s donor.

“This is amazing.” Tess said

“Tell me about it…hey wait a second, how come neither of us knew about this?” Alex asked

“What do you mean?”

“Well we carry the genetic history that’s in our D.N.A. Aside from the histories we have from before the Shao’li bonding with the Antarians, we have both our human and Shao’li bloodlines…and Antarian with you. We should have known that my great grandmother was your donor…you even more so since you have her D.N.A.” Alex said

“Yeah, you are right.” Tess said, “Okay, we have the collective brainpower of the universe. We should be able to figure this out.”

“We still haven’t found a way to get our parents to let us go off to find Atlantis.” Alex said

“Details, details.” Tess waved off

20 Minutes Later…

“There is always…” Tess said

“Nah.” Alex said

“What about…”

“They wouldn’t care.”

“Well I’m out of ideas.” Tess said

“Me too.” Alex said, and then it hit him. “There is always the big one…you know…” he said pointing up

“Alex we’re apart of the universe, even more in tune with it than other Shao’li. Why would it block this kind of info?” Tess asked

“Because…” Alex led

“Because the big brain is really into the whole discovery mojo. It likes people, even us, discovering things about ourselves so that we can learn, adapt and build better lives.” Tess said

“Yeah.” Alex said

“You know the universe may be self aware by I hate the crap it pulls on us sometimes. I still want to know why the original Shao’li colonies were drawn to Antar in the first place.”

“You and me both, but it does have it reasons and our people may have been born in the first seconds after the big bang but that doesn’t give us the right to know what those reasons are until it’s time for us to know.” Alex said

“I hate it when you make sense.” Tess said

“So if I was to say that you and Kyle should wait before sleeping together until…oh I don’t know, you’re wedding night? Cause that makes perfect sense to me.” Alex said

“Alex you know it doesn’t work that way. It happens when it happens because it’s time for it to happen.” Tess said, “Just like it’ll happen between you and Isabel tonight.”

“Tess, you know Isabel and I cant. I can’t ask her to take that step with me. We may be in love but I can’t ask her to bond with me while she’s still young.” Alex said

“She wants to Alex and I mean she really wants to. Besides I know you felt a ripple last night and there is only one thing that could have made a ripple like that.” Tess said

“Yeah, yeah. Two people meant to be bonded made love.” Alex said

“And I didn’t, you didn’t, Michael and Maria already have so that only leaves Max and Liz. They let it happen and they both wanted it just like the two of you want to. Don’t fight it Alex, you of all people know not to fight it. It’ll just cause heartache. Look at how much Isabel was trying to fight what was between the two of you and what it caused. Hell you had to spend time in another country before she started to stop.” Tess said

“I know.” Alex said, “Come on, let’s finish up here.”

Tess agreed and together the cleaned up the contents of the broken trunk and continued hauling the boxes downstairs where their father waited to sift through it all to decide what gets thrown out.

Crashdown, 13:00

All but Max and Michael were sitting in a booth. Max was at the UFO Museum working his shift that is due to finish in a few minutes while Michael was busy in the kitchen. In the meantime, Maria and Liz were serving from behind the counter; Tess was sitting on Kyle’s lap quietly talking to each other. As pleasurable as it was just to the two of them, they knew it was driving Alex to the brink of insanity and that was fun. Alex did his best to ignore it and he certainly had the perfect distraction, Isabel was sitting in front of him and their eyes were locked while their feet played with each other under the table.

Alex kept on going over what Tess had said earlier, he knew she was right and that by the end of the day he would be in bed with the beauty before him, since his Awakening he knew the day it would happen and the closer that time got he could soon predict it down to the exact second. As much as it excited him, it also made him nervous and scared as hell. Beyond that, the fact he and Isabel would be eternally bonded caused a world of possibilities to fire in his mind.

“So you and Tess really are related?” Isabel asked softly

“Yeah, and it’s the damnedest thing but we’re even closer because of it.” Alex said

“Yeah, so close I’m even tempted not to give you this.” Tess said as she reached into her back pocket and pulled out the photograph she slipped in earlier

“What’s that?” Alex asked

“Just a baby photo.” Tess said

“Tess!” Alex warned

Tess just smiled and waved it before her face, teasing Alex with it. Alex watched as Isabel smiled and crossed her arms. Quickly he reached over to grab the photo from Tess’s hand but he wasn’t fast enough. Tess threw the photo and Isabel easily caught it.

“Awe, Alex you’re so cute.” Isabel said

“Isabel…please, don’t look at it.” Alex begged

“Too late brother dear.” Tess said

“Your dead sister dear.” Alex said

“Oh don’t be like that. Alex I really mean it, you were a totally adorable little baby. Your mom and I so need to look over more pictures.” Isabel said

“Tess!” Alex said through gritted teeth

Then Max entered and his gaze immediately locked onto Liz and she looked back at him. As Max moved closer to the counter, Liz moved out from behind the counter.

“Hello.” Max said

“Hi.” Liz said

The others heard him enter and looked over. As they watched the two move closer Alex said, “Oh here we go. Looks like we’re getting a show for the customers.”

“I didn’t think the place had that kind of entertainment.” Tess said

Max and Liz heard them and stopped moving to each other, they came out of their eye lock and Liz moved back to the counter. “Cherry coke?” she asked

“Yeah thanks.” Max said

“Damn.” Kyle said drawing a look from Max and Liz

“Anyway back to our little chat…Tess!” Alex said

“Hey, all things happen for a reason and if anything this did you a favour.” Tess said

“What favour?” Alex asked

“Well for one thing, if we have any kids they’re going to be beautiful.” Isabel said

“What? You’re thinking about having kids already?” Kyle asked

“Well no…not really, I mean…you know just for the future.” Isabel said, “Not that I wouldn’t mind, I mean further down the line.”

“Really?” Alex asked with a smile

“Yeah.” Isabel said with the same smile

“Yeah.” Alex repeated, “Do you want to go for a walk?”

“Sure.” Isabel said but looked over to Liz who nodded. “But Liz and I have some business with Max. Wait for me here?”

“Sure, take your time.” Alex said

Isabel stood up and moved into the backroom. Liz saw her move and looked back at Max who was more interested in looking at Liz than drinking his coke. He never saw Isabel leave.

“Max can I talk to you through the back for a minute?” Liz asked

“Sure.” Max answered.

Liz moved back from behind the counter and walked down the length of it to the doors. As she passed Max, he stood up and followed her through. When the doors swung shut Max wrapped his arms around Liz and captured her lips in a searing white-hot kiss.

Instinctively Liz returned the kiss, their hands caressing each other. Liz had completely forgotten about Isabel’s presence, a fire had been sparked that caused her to completely loose control and any self-restraint she had. As Max’s hand started to head south he lifted up the hem of her uniform and held her upper thigh. That was the moment that Isabel decided to remind them she was here.

*Cough* Isabel cleared her throat

Max and Liz jumped apart, both thinking that either or both of Liz’s parents had just caught them. There was a very audible sigh of relief when they saw Isabel.

“Isabel, what the hell are you doing here?” Max asked

“Actually Liz and I need to talk to you. That’s what she really invited you back here for and not for a little alone time.” Isabel said

“Oh yeah, that.” Liz said, regaining control of her breathing and her desires

“What talk?” Max asked

Liz fixed her uniform and sat next to Isabel, Max looked back and forth between the two and saw the serious looks on their faces.

“What’d I do?” Max asked

“Nothing yet.” Liz said

“But you need to stop denying you’re a king.” Isabel said

“Oh not this.” Max said, “Why does it matter? Even if we do manage to get the World Ships out of Folded Space, I am not going back. They can solve their own problems and I’ll live out my life with Liz.”

“Max, you’re a king. The sole heir of Zan who was king and since he died it passed to either you or the other Zan. And as far as we know he is still unconscious in a Shao’li medical room, barely surviving and at a point where you’re powers might not help him.” Isabel said

“It is a part of you Max. You need to accept it.” Liz said

Max looked at them, “What’s going on?”

“The apology to the Shao’li.” Liz said, “Being a king on Antar is as much about mental and emotional acceptance as it is accepting a crown. You need to believe it. Without that you’re Max Evans and you don’t speak for the Antarians, the Shao’li wont accept he apology.”

“So they don’t accept it, what’s the worst that could happen?” Max asked

“Alex looses control of his people, they stop us from bringing the ships out of Folded Space and every single last Antarian dies. From what Alex said, it wont exactly be a painless death. The gravitational forces will tear them apart an inch at a time.” Isabel said

“Alex won’t loose control. He and Tess are the strongest of their people, he’s that Hierarch thing…their king.” Max said

“His Council has a lot of support and next to Alex and Tess they are the strongest. The majority of them are not to fond of Antarians as it is.” Liz said

“Max, you’ve always done what you needed to do. I know you don’t want all those people to die so what’s the problem? You’d have taken this on long before now.” Isabel asked

“Okay…” Max said as he took a deep breath. He knew they were both correct and as much as he could feel a stirring within him, he kept denying it, “…being king already got me killed once. Kivar being a bad guy or not he still took out Zan the second he…I…started things he didn’t like. What about others out there? All it takes is for me to do or say something wrong before someone tries it again. I don’t want to die, and I don’t want…” he stopped

“Don’t what?” Isabel asked

“Max? What’s going on?” Liz asked

“Liz you’re human.” Max said

“Yeah…last time I checked at least. What’s that got to do with anything?” Liz said

“You’re worried about our people.” Isabel said

“Look at every one of our people we’ve met. The Skins, Nacedo…they’ve all looked down on humans as nothing more than…well it’s not been nice. The only thing I hate mate than me dying is anyone of you getting killed, none more than Liz. I don’t want to attend your funeral Liz.” Max said

“Yeah me too.” Liz said

“What about Larek, Max? He’s never looked down on the others.” Isabel said, “Not all our people are a threat to Liz.”

“But there is enough.” Max said, “And there is probably enough to…how do I put this…oh yes, voice their concerns about a human Queen. I refuse to leave Liz for them.”

“I’m with you on that.” Isabel said, “I’m not going to leave Alex. But it doesn’t matter what they think, they belong with us and that they can’t do anything about.”

“Maybe you should talk with Larek if you can.” Liz said, “Find out exactly how Antarians would feel about me.”

“We could try to force a link to Larek?” Isabel said

“That nearly killed Brody last time. We can’t do that to him again.” Max said

“Max, what our people think is one thing. You have chosen Liz, so stuff them.” Isabel said

Max looked at his sisters eyes, “Maybe that is the right attitude.” He said, beneath his shirt his Seal glowed.

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“Yeah.” Liz said, “That is the right attitude. Screw them and any bad attitudes they have.”

“Yes, besides if I am supposed to be their king then I’m doing this to try and saves their lives. If they’re going to turn their backs on me because of Liz after we saved their lives then to hell with them. That is their choice but I was put here to do this, to keep me save until I can save them.” Max said, the Seal glowing bright enough to be seen under the shirt.

“Exactly.” Liz said, seeing the reaction and working with Isabel to provoke the emotions in Max that was causing the Seal to glow.

“This is you Max, not the guy behind the tree but the guy who loves Liz and the guy who is here to save billions of lives. That is who you really are so stop hiding.” Isabel said

That sparked it. They Seal burst forth with a wave of light that projected the image of it onto the wall behind Liz and Isabel before it died down.

“Max?” Liz asked after jumping up

“I’m fine Liz.” Max said calmly

“What was that?” Isabel asked as she and Liz moved to his side

“The Seal activated. I’m not just carrying it…it’s apart of me.” Max said as he continued to feel it inside of him.

“Max don’t take this the wrong way but you feel…I don’t know…different.” Liz said, she was picking it up but couldn’t explain what it was she was feeling.

“I am. I wish…it’s like the Seal was waiting for you to say those things, waiting for be to wake up. I don’t know, it’s like it’s giving me confidence.” Max said

“Oh I don’t think it’s giving you confidence Max. I think it was already there.” Isabel said happily, “Well my work is done, if you’ll excuse me Alex and I are going for a walk. You two…just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

Max and Liz smiled at each other. As Isabel left through the doors they wanted nothing more than go upstairs to the bedroom but the fact Liz’s parents were there put a dampener on that plan.

“I guess I should get back to work.” Liz said

“Not before I get to say goodbye.” Max said, he traced her cheekbone with his fingers and pulled Liz in for a lingering kiss. As their lips pressed together, Max slipped his leg between Liz’s legs and against her sex. It caused her to gasp and Max moved to kiss her throat and neck.

“Max…” Liz gasped

Unfortunately Max knew he knew he needed to stop so, very much reluctantly, he did. He ran his fingers through her soft hair as Liz looked up at him with shinning eyes.

“I need to go.” Liz said and Max nodded

“I suppose I better go home. My mother wants me to help with the grocery shopping.” Max said

The just stayed still, neither moving…neither wanting to move. They just looked at each other and time seemed to stand still before they heard Michael calling out “Order up!”

They looked around and smiled, “Right…work.” Liz said

“Shopping.” Max said

Liz watched as Max left through the back door at which time she focused on getting her composure back. “Now that was confidence.” She said with a deep breath. She checked her appearance in the mirror before walking back through to the Dinning Area.

Just as she came through, she saw Alex and Isabel leaving for their walk but there was also Maria looking at her, with a very wide and knowing smile.

“Shut up.” Liz said as she moved behind the counter

“I didn’t say anything.” Maria said dismissively

“Well then don’t think what your thinking.” Liz said

“Hey it’s not my fault you look like you’ve got a coat hanger in your mouth.” Maria said

“Stop it.” Liz said

“Okay, let me just ask you one question.” Maria said

“What?” Liz asked

“Was what the two of you did last night worth the wait?” Maria asked

Liz looked down at the floor and blushed with a smile.

“Oh I so knew it. Why didn’t you tell me?” Maria asked excitedly

“Why didn’t you tell me about you and Michael?” Liz asked

“Oh…yeah I kinda did didn’t I? Okay, so how was…it?” Maria asked

“Well let’s just say we absolutely hate ourselves for waiting as long as we did.” Liz said

“I knew you two would be good together.” Maria said as she spotted customers waiting.

The two girls parted to continue their duties but Maria was resolute in pursuing the matter further – just as soon as their shift was over.

Roswell Park, 13:30

After talking with Max, Isabel left with Alex and soon found themselves in the park. They were crossing the bridge, Alex’s arm was draped over Isabel’s shoulder and her head was resting on his as they walked. They were perfectly content to walk as slowly as possible.

More than a few times they had passed ‘friends’ of Isabel, members of the popular crowd who just stared at the couple as they moved. None of the girls could understand what Isabel saw in Alex and none of the guys could figure out how he managed to get a girl like Isabel. However, none of them got the chance to ask any questions. Alex and Isabel were so wrapped up in each other that they barely acknowledged anyone else’s presence; they were completely lost in their own little world.

“This is nice.” Alex said

“Yes it is.” Isabel replied

“You know, I think we should go out tonight.” Alex said

“We went out last night.” Isabel replied


“Oh I was just saying. Tonight would be great.” Isabel said with a smile

“How about dinner tomorrow night?” Alex suggested

“I said yes to tonight.” Isabel said

“I know.” Alex said

Isabel smiled and kissed his cheek, “Okay, dinner tomorrow…what are we doing tonight?”

“Well, we could always go out to a movie…ladies choice of course.” Alex said

“Why thank you kind sir. What’s on these days anyway?” Isabel asked

“Actually…I don’t know. It’s been a while since I looked.” Alex said

“Hmmm…deciding at the last minute usually means we end up with something garbage.” Isabel said

“Yeah…well there is always danc…ing.” Alex said as he started looking about

“What?” Isabel asked

“We’re being watched…there.” Alex said as his gaze fixed on some bushes

Behind the Bushes…

The three F.B.I agents were sitting in their car, equipped with a telephoto lens that gave them a close up picture of Alex and Isabel and a parabolic microphone that allowed them to hear every word.

“Oh he knows we’re here.” Rooks said

“How?” Agent Fraser asked

“I don’t know.” Rooks said, “Better get us out of here.”

Newman started the engine but then heard, “Go after the bad guys and leave *us* alone” over the microphone.

“How the hell did he know?” Fraser asked

The three agents looked at each other and then drove off.

Back in the Park…

Alex looked around for a second to make sure the coast was clear before he asked Isabel to wait for a second and then slipped behind some trees. All Isabel saw was Alex’s dust form shimmering across the ground and moving very, very fast. Soon he caught up with the car.

Alex entered through the exhaust and soon found a collection of recordings in the trunk. He worked quickly and soon nothing was left of the tapes, not even the media on which they were recorded was spared. When it was all gone he left the car and drifted down to the park.

Alex then walked back out from behind the trees and met up with Isabel.

“Maybe we should go home now?” Alex said

“Yeah, besides we’ve got a date to get ready for and I’m quickly running out of getting ready time.” Isabel said

Alex smiled and they walked out of the park. They parted company and Alex went home while Isabel decided to visit someone else.

Philip’s Office, Evans Law Firm, 14:00

Philip was sitting behind his desk. “I think you’ll find this contract what we’ve agreed to. I have to admit it’ll be nice to be able to spend more time it home and get some help when my bigger clients come along needing me.”

“Well that’s what I’m here for Mr Evans. Always glad to help.”

“Welcome aboard Mr Ra…”

Just then the door burst open and Isabel barged in. She usually was allowed to come in unannounced but this was louder than usual. “That’s it, that is really it. I really hate the F.B.I. It’s not enough for them to keep asking questions but now they have to follow him everywhere!” Isabel complained

“Isabel…I have company.” Philip told his daughter, “Now calm down and tell me what happened.”

“Those F.B.I. guys. Alex spotted them watching us together and he’s pretty sure he saw…you know one of those microphones that can let you listen in over distances. Alex has already told them everything he knew and so has Tess. And here they are filming us when we’re having a private conversation.”

“What were you talking about?” Philip asked with slight concern

“Well…private stuff. Date plans.” Isabel said

“Oh.” Philip said, grumbling inwardly, “I take it Alex’s parents have been informed?”

“He’ll probably tell them and they’ll complain but like that’ll do any good.” Isabel said

“Well I can get a hold of a lawyer friend of mine. He councils the Bureau up in Washington. Maybe he can whisper in the right ear.” Philip said

“Thank you.” Isabel said more calmly

“Anyway, Isabel, this is my new partner. Jesse Ramirez, this is my daughter Isabel.” Philip said

“Oh sorry, hi.” Isabel said

“Ms Evans.” Jesse said as he extended his hand and Isabel took it. He felt his pulse race just by being in her presence.

“Call me Isabel. Sorry for interrupting dad, I’ll see you at dinner?” Isabel said

“Of course Sweetie, I’ll see you later.” Philip said and then Isabel left. He smiled and shook his head, “I apologise for my daughter, she’s usually level headed but when something gets to her it really gets to her.”

“That’s quite all right Mr Evans. What was all that about anyway…if you don’t mind me asking.” Jesse asked

“Oh her boyfriend recent came back from being kidnapped and from the sounds of it the F.B.I. have dried up their leads and have resorted to following Alex and his sister.” Philip said

“Wait, he’s that Alex? Alex Whitman?” Jesse asked

“You’ve heard of him?” Philip asked

“Yeah of course. What happened to the Whitman’s must be every parent’s worst nightmare. At my last job when that story first broke, my boss’s wife just gave birth. It scared the hell out of them that someone might try to take their son.”

“Well apparently unless they had triplets they had nothing to worry about from those crazies that took Alex and Tess. At least they found their way home but there must be a hell of a lot of kids still out there.” Philip said, “Anyway, the contract.”

“Yes sir.” Jesse said as he took the pen and signed the document

“Call me Philip.” He said and shook Jesse’s hand, “I’ll get this Xeroxed and get you a copy.”

“Thank you Philip.” Jesse said, “So, what’s first?”

“You don’t waste any time do you, well I have a list of current clients here. I want you to familiarise yourself with their files…all except the Parker files. I deal with them personally.”

“Any particular reason?” Jesse asked

“Well their daughter, Liz, is dating my son Max. And it is way too serious for kids their age…well that’s neither here nor there but they are friends and I like to keep a personal eye on things.” Philip said

“Oh well. I better get started.” Jesse said as he took the list from Philip and left to get the files.

Living room, Whitman Residence, 20:00

While the Whitman’s were out enjoying themselves, Alex and Isabel returned from their date. They had never been in higher spirits and Alex could feel it was almost time, they both could feel it. Isabel wanted to make love to Alex, she wanted to go to his bedroom and wanted him to make love to her. As they moved into the living room, the gaze locked from time to time as they sat on the sofa before the television.

“Tonight was a good night.” Isabel said

“It was a very good night. I haven’t had that much fun since before…well before I died.” Alex said

“Are you sure you should say that out loud, you never know if walls have ears?” Isabel said

“It’s okay. I already checked. The F.B.I isn’t going to be listening to us tonight.” Alex said

“That’s good.” Isabel said, the look in her eyes was unmistakeable to Alex and his look was also unmistakeable. “Where’s Tess?”

Just then there was a splash of water, a giggle and a very audible groan. Alex and Isabel moved up to the back window and saw Tess and Kyle in the pool. Tess was wearing a very skimpy, tropical print bikini and wrapped up in Kyle’s arms, the steam rose from the pool around them as they kissed.

“Well, looks like Tess made good of her time in an empty house.” Isabel said. She could feel Alex grind his teeth and took his hand. “Alex…take me to your bedroom. I want…I want to.” She said

Alex looked into Isabel’s eyes and in seconds their lips locked. There was no more waiting now, both knew it was time to complete their union and at this moment all either of them wanted was to be bonded to each other. As the kiss broke they still held hands and Alex led her out of the main room, up the stairs and into his bedroom.

Alex’s Bedroom…

The second they were inside Alex turned on the light, locked the door and then faced each other. They just stood there, Alex became aware of the condom he placed in his pocket as did Isabel become aware of the one in her purse but dismissed it for the moment as they inched their way closer to each other until the were only centimetres apart. “Are you nervous?” Alex asked

“Not any more.” Isabel said as Alex reached up with his hand and cupped her cheek. She kissed the palm of his hand and they came close enough for their bodies to touch. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Alex said as he reached down to pull off his shirt but Isabel stopped him. A look passed between them and they knew that they wanted to undress each other.

Carefully Isabel undid one of the buttons and then lifted the shirt over Alex’s head. She looked over his chest and bit her lower lip. Isabel trailed her hands over his torso, enjoying the feel of his skin. Then her hands slowly drifted downward to his pants. She stopped and looked into his eyes. Alex nodded, “It’s okay, go on.” He said

Isabel gently unfastened his jeans and moved down to her knees. As she descended she took hold of the open flaps and pulled at them, drawing his jeans down his legs. It wasn’t until they were at his ankles that the couple broke eye contact. Alex quickly got his shoes off and took his jeans completely off so that he was only left in his boxers.

Isabel then stood back up. Her nervousness was back as was Alex’s but he suppressed it. He took Isabel’s hands in his and gently caressed them with his thumbs. They looked at each other as Alex placed her hands on his hips where the waistband of his boxers and together they took them off. For the first time Isabel got a look at him and held her breath, she was very surprised at his size. She mentally kicked herself for waiting as long as she did. When she let it go Alex heard it and smiled for a second. He stepped closer to Isabel and placed his finger beneath her chin. He raised her eye line and moved back in for another kiss, it was gentle and warm but more importantly it made her toes curl.

“Alex…I’ve never…never done this before.” Isabel admitted

“It’s okay, I know.” Alex said calmly

She didn’t question it; she didn’t care how he knew or why he knew. All that mattered was that she was here with him. Slowly she took hold of Alex’s left hand and placed it over her breast. Alex felt the mound through the silk of her blouse and felt the lace of her bra. While his dick was not yet erect it was well on its way and this caused it to twitch. Alex softly squeezed and Isabel gently moaned before he moved on to the buttons. One by one he undid them as Isabel pulled her blouse from her skirt.

As the last button came undone, Alex brushed his hands up and over her skin. As he reached her shoulders, he pushed the blouse off and it fluttered down to the ground. Isabel once again placed his hands on her chest and with his fingers; Alex traced the line of fabric that covered her. Subconsciously he licked his lips at the sight of the red lace and it completed the job of getting him hard. Isabel smiled seductively at him because of it, she couldn’t help but to reach out and touch it.

She held back a smile as it bobbed slightly but Alex took her hand and softly wrapped her fingers around his length, telling her that it was okay. Her fingers explored him, taking in the texture, the warmth and it’s shape. She wanted to know everything and more importantly, what Alex liked. Slowly, with tormenting long strokes, Isabel ran her hand back and forth along him.

Alex closed his eyes at the feelings and let Isabel continue for a few minutes longer before he stopped her. When he did Isabel looked at him questioningly but he wanted to finish undressing her. It didn’t take much for Alex to find the fastener on her skirt and soon it was pooled at her ankles. Alex took a minute before proceeding. He circled her, moved behind her and gently ran his hands over the back of her shoulders. He felt the straps of her bra and followed them down and along to the catch. He easily undid it and pushed it forward.

Isabel’s bra fell off her body and soon Alex kissed between her shoulder blades. The he kissed again, only lower and again and again. With each kiss he moved down, inching his way down until he was on his knees. Alex caressed the length of her legs and took hold of the delicate scrap of lace that remained on her body. He gently pulled them off her hips and down her legs, being careful to touch her skin with his fingers.

Each touch sparked within Isabel a fire that inflamed her senses. Her love for Alex magnified each one and she let herself be taken away by it. Her lower lip trembled with excitement and it was only feeling Alex’s lips on hers that brought her back. He had moved back round to face her and for long minutes they looked over each other’s nude forms. Alex couldn’t believe how beautiful she was, he could have spent an eternity standing in front of her like this.

Once more they moved together and kissed. The feel of skin on skin, being completely exposed to each other like this poured more and more passion onto the fire until it was a roaring inferno. Isabel felt Alex’s hard cock against her body and wanted nothing more than to take it inside her.

Together they walked over to his bed and they knelt on it. Both were following their instincts with what to do, both letting whatever was happening happen. Gently Alex eased Isabel onto her back and parted her legs. Alex took one of her feet in his hands and kissed it, sucking on each toe he made her back arch as the euphoric bliss was surging through her. She laughed and squirmed as Alex went from toe to toe and then calmed as he started moving up her leg. She kept looking at him as long as she could but as he reached her bald sex, they broke eye contact and he buried his face between her legs.

Isabel gasped at the contact. She’s never known anything like it and her entire body twitched as Alex touched her slit with his tongue. Alex did it again and Isabel gave out a long drawn out sigh of utter contentment. Soon Alex lapped faster, tasting Isabel’s essence with each stoke of his tongue against her lips.

“Aleex…hmmm…oh Alex.” Isabel sighed softly over and over again

Her hips moved in a circling motion of their own volition, increasing the friction. Alex’s tongue licked the length of her opening, darted inside and doing everything that Isabel loved. Her moans became louder and louder, her hands ran up the length of her body and cupped her breasts. She squeezed them, massaged them and she loved it. Her whole body was almost off the bed as her back arched.


The he stopped. Isabel could have killed him in that second but it didn’t even take that long for him for him to move up her body so that he was completely on top of her. Their lips fused together, their tongues wrapped around each other and they kissed like they hadn’t seen each other in years.

“Oh Isabel, I love you so much.” Alex breathed into her mouth.

Isabel’s hands were pressing into his chest. She pushed him off her and together they rolled so that Alex was the one on his back. Alex was confused for a second but Isabel just smiled. She kissed her way down his body until she was at his dick. She took him in her hand and pointed his dick up in the air. She could feel it throb in her hands and gently kissed the bulbous tip.

She licked the length of him, rubbing her lips and tongue over him. Alex did his best not to loose it right there and then but had to double his efforts when Isabel took him into her mouth. She closed her eyes as she slowly bobbed her head up and down his dick. Over and over again she did it and soon her hand joined in with stroking him. Alex gritted his teeth and balled his fist tightly.

“Hgnnnnnnnn…Isabel…oh…oh…oh…so good.” Alex groaned

Then, just as quickly as Alex had stopped, Isabel released him. As the two lovers looked at each other Alex could see the playful look in her eyes, a look that said ‘turnabout is fair play.’ Slowly she climbed back up the bed and both lay side by side, looking at each other. Something about this exact minute said to them that it was time. It was all around them, in the air; in the bed and in the way they looked at each other. Alex looked over to his jean pocket and focused on it; a second later, with a swirl of light, the condom appeared in his hand and he gave it to Isabel. Carefully she opened the container and took the rubber sheath, placing it on the head of Alex’s cock and rolling it down over him.

When he was ready, Isabel lay back on the bed, her head propped up by the pillows and he moved over his beloved. They looked at each other and both reached down. Both of them had their hands on his dick and together they pulled him to her entrance. The tip of his cock was touching her and as they both let go he eased himself inside her. He pushed in until he found her virginity, she nodded as she braced herself and he pushed through it. There was no pain, Alex used his abilities to filter it away and soon he was completely inside her. Alex wasn’t in any hurry and neither was Isabel, he loved being inside her and just held his position as he caressed, licked and kissed her skin. Isabel’s hands were roaming over his back. She knew, in this instant, that she would never get enough of the way his hard length felt inside her, and the way his hands and lips felt on her body was incredible. He kissed her nipples, breasts, cleavage, throat, her neck and chin…everywhere. Each other’s scent was causing their blood to boil.

“Alex.” Isabel gasped as he nibbled on her ear

Soon and very slowly Alex began to move within Isabel and with a cry of delight; she wantonly wrapped her legs around Alex’s waist. Isabel met his gentle strokes with her own movements. Their instincts were guiding every touch and every thrust. She grabbed Alex’s hair, she pulled his mouth to hers. She felt her body coiling, straining and arching against him. Isabel pressed against him even tighter than before, impossibly tight. He wrapped an arm around her to hold her in place, as his strokes steadily became sharp, quick thrusts that left her gasping and moaning for more.

“Oh god…Isabel…Isabel…Isabel…I…I love you.” Alex groaned

“Alex…more…deeper.” Isabel cried

“OH GOD…ALEX…ALEX…YES.” Isabel screamed louder


They continued to move against each other. As gently as they were moving, sweat still formed on their bodies. Alex’s chest pressed into Isabel’s firm breast, the feel of them against him was as arousing as being inside her. Thrust after thrust their hips rocked together in perfect synchronicity. For them the world outside the window didn’t exist, hell of it wasn’t on this bed then they couldn’t care about it. For this moment it was just the two of them.

Alex reached down with one of his hands, he caressed the length of the leg that was wrapped around him and moved up her body. He delicately caressed her tit as their thrusts became faster, more urgent and as all of their hands joined they knew their climax was close. Tightly they held hands, their eyes never looked away from the other and Alex could feel the stirring of Isabel’s bonding energy within her.

“ALEX…OH MY…UGNNN…AGHOHH…OHMYGODDDDDDDDDDDD!” Isabel cried out but it was only loud enough for Alex’s benefit.

“Ughnnn…ISABEL…OH YEAH…YEAH…OH…I’M GONNA…UGNNNNNNN!” Alex shot his seed into the condom around his dick.

Together they held each other, neither letting go of that instant. Silently they caressed each other as Isabel’s energy permeated his body, binding them together for as long as they lived.

“I love you.” They both said together.

Out in the Pool…

As Tess and Kyle continued to make out in the warm water, Tess felt the ripple of energy that Shao’li were sensitive to, the ripple of energy that meant two truly connected people had been bonded and had made love. She knew Alex had arrived home; she felt it and didn’t bother about it even when his bedroom light came on and watched the shadows on the curtains as they undressed each other.

It was after watching that, that she turned her attention back to Kyle. Feeling his strong hands on her body was exhilarating but knew it wasn’t their time tonight, that belonged to her brother but she was content to be where she was. After she felt the ripple from Alex and Isabel, Tess broke the kiss with Kyle and licked his ear. “It’s time to go back inside.”

“Awwww but we’re having fun.” Kyle gave a mock whine

“I know babe but my parents are going to be home soon and you shouldn’t be in your boxers when they get home.” Tess said

“Yeah you’re right.” Kyle said

He lifted Tess off his lap and climbed out of the pool. He held out his hand and Tess took it, and pulled her out of the water. She led the way back to the house, not that Kyle minded. He was given an excellent view thanks to the thong bottoms of her bikini. The way her ass moved and the view of skin caused a strain in his boxers that he adjusted.

Tess smiled at herself, happy with the reaction she very deliberately caused in her boyfriend. Once they were inside, Tess gave him a towel and took one for herself so they could get dried and changed. Soon Kyle was on his way home after a five-alarm goodbye kiss and Tess was lying on her bed. She didn’t want to make any sounds to disturb Alex and Isabel; she knew they would be up soon since Isabel did have to be home before curfew (as promised to Charles).

Back garden, Whitman Residence, 22:00

Alex and Isabel never slept. After laying in each others arms for half an hour or so they got out of bed, showered and dressed. They still had some time to go before Isabel had to be home so they came out back and moved into one of the deckchairs by the pool. They wrapped a blanket around them and they just stared up into the heavens and the stars.

“Oh it does not.” Isabel laughed

“I’m telling you, from the other side you can see different stars and the big dipper looks considerably more like an erect…appendage.” Alex said

“Oh delicately put.” Isabel said, “Okay, what’s the name of that star over there.”

“That is Larithia. There are three habitable planets in that system.”

“Where was Antar…the original planet I mean?” Isabel asked

“Well you can’t see it from here at this time of year. Usually around November or December.” Alex said

“Oh, pity. Okay what’s that one?”

“Aeliopothia. No one lives there…well not any more.” Alex said, “And that one next to it is…” Alex looked again; “It can’t be…TESS!” he called

A few minutes later Tess came out, dressed a little more appropriately in cut off jeans and a tank top. “What?”

“Tell me that isn’t what I think it is up there.” Alex said

“Where?” Tess asked

“Next to Aeliopothia…to the left.”

“Okay so what am I looking for?” Tess asked

“Patheriacil.” Alex said

“Alex, are you nuts…getting laid must really screw up your brain.”

“What did you just say?” Isabel asked with a dismissive chuckle, colour rushing to her cheeks.

“Hey don’t be embarrassed about it, it was time and you went with it.” Tess said and then saw what Alex was talking about, “It is Patheriacil.”

“I take it that’s bad?” Isabel asked

Tess shifted her line of sight, “Not as bad as this. Alex, I think I’m looking at Nal.”

“Oh crap.” Alex said as he looked in the same direction

Alex and Tess looked at each other.

“What?” Isabel asked, eager for an explanation.

“The Alignment. It’s eighty years ahead of schedule.” Alex said

“What alignment?” Isabel asked, getting frustrated

Alex and Tess dived towards the back door. They ran inside and Alex grabbed the phone and dialled a number. “This is Alexander Whitman…yes that Alex Whitman, The Hierarch…look just put me through to Jacob Jericho.”

“Hierarch, this is Erik Johnson.”

“Where is Jacob, Erik?” Alex asked

“He’s still on leave, dealing with his son. It’s taking a little time for adjustment.” Erik said

“Okay, listen. I just spotted…”

“Yes sir, Patheriacil and Nal are entering Alignment positions ahead of schedule. We spotted it this evening.”

“That’s good…how?” Alex asked

“There must have been a miscalculation.”

“The Granolith doesn’t make miscalculations Erik.”

“Yes sir. Yet it has happened, we have no explanation except for…”

“Except for the universe moving things forward for some reason. Okay, send me the control crystals out. I’m going to Atlantis as soon as possible.” Alex said

To Be Continued…