Viral Apocalypse ( UC,CC/Slash Adult) (Complete)

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Viral Apocalypse ( UC,CC/Slash Adult) (Complete)

Post by Tharos » Sat Aug 07, 2004 5:04 pm

Winner - Round 4


Viral Apocalypse

Edited and corrected version.

Rating: ADULT

Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters; never have, never will.

Summery: The groups purpose on Earth is more than what they have been led to believe. The end of all life in the universe is closing in, yet life on a small out of the way planet is growing. What hope could humans give to the Antarians?

Couples: CC/Slash


Author Note: This idea entered my brain several months ago and is not leaving me alone so I am going to write it. It came when I read Nikki’s “Bonding Eight” and Watcher Tara’s “Two Down, Two To Go” trilogy, so many thanks to them.

It starts right after “Destiny”.


Chapter 1

An Island Somewhere in the Pacific – Designated: Site Alpha 1

Commander Kalen, like all the others in his command, was in his stasis tube. They had been there since the conclusion of their 10-year research assignment after the Roswell Incident, waiting for the time when the computer of the facility would receive the signal and awaken them for their true mission here on Earth.

All of a sudden, on the highest point of the island the pulse began flash on the peak of the mountain. The signal was carried underground and into the facility where the computer powered up and deactivated the tubes, allowing their occupants to emerge and resume their posts.

“Report.” Kalen said

“Sir, the signal was initiated 5 minutes ago…the Awakening Protocols functioned perfectly, all 43 personnel are returning to their duties.” Thran said

“Triangulate the source of the signal.” Kalen ordered

“Triangulating now sir…” Thran said as he pressed buttons on his consol. “Sir, the source appears to be the Pod Chamber in Roswell. Sir, I’m also detecting multiple signatures all over the western hemisphere…the Skins are also aware of the situation.”

“Very well, activate observation protocols. We will observe the Royal 4 for several months before acting.” Kalen said, “Track down all other hybrids and send units to watch over them.”

“Confirmed sir.”

Kalen turned to leave but stopped at the door, “Oh by the way what is the date?”

“Uh, according to the facility’s chronometers we have been in stasis for fifty years. It’s June 2000…human time.”

“Thank you Thran, I’ll go check on everything.” Kalen said

“Yes sir. Do you want me to contact Lord Larek?”

“No need, the signal would have been sent to him as well.” Kalen said

He walked down the halls of the underground facility and inspected everything from the storage closets to the sleeping chambers. When he was done with his command he transported himself over to an adjacent island, one barely half a mile from Alpha 1. The second facility was more homely and warmer than the first. The layout was also vastly different, it had several bedrooms some of which were clearly intended for individuals where the others were for couples and each room was separate from the others.

There were also a couple of bathrooms that looked big enough to be shared by multiple people. In the centre of the facility was a common area for the people who stayed here, complete with a library, kitchen, a couple of games machines and a large television set hooked up to a satellite dish. When Kalen was satisfied that everything still worked and functioned properly he walked over to an area of plain wall next to the bookcase. He waved his hand and pressed his palm against the silver handprint that appeared.

The wall rippled and Kalen stepped through into another chamber. The walls were covered with a multitude of dancing colours and in the middle of the room was a large circular pool filled with pink and purple ooze that swirled and bubbled. Kalen touched his hand to the surface of the pool and was satisfied with the warm sensation it provided.

“Soon now, soon we will preserve our race.” Kalen said to himself

He left the chamber and returned to his command, awaiting word that at least one of the dozens of sets of hybrids have been found and that hopefully some of them have succeeded in their purpose on Earth.

Night of the Prom, Several Months Later…

Max, Liz and the others had just had their group photo taken and were now piling into the limo, ready to be taken to their dance. When they were all inside they pulled away and started to head toward the school. The driver’s area was completely isolated from the rear of the vehicle and completely soundproofed, allowing the driver to speak without being overheard.

“This is Feln, I have the Royal 4 and their associates in the vehicle. What is your order?” the driver said

“Feln, proceed.” Kalen said over the communicator.

Feln flicked a switch on the dashboard and a cloud of gas quickly filtered into the back, causing the entire group to fall unconscious. The car changed direction and no longer headed to West Roswell High but instead it went out into the desert. After an hour of driving the car stopped, Feln got out and opened the rear door of the limo to let any residual gas escape.

Two helicopters suddenly flew over the hillside next to them and landed a short distance away. Several people got out of the choppers with stretchers and carefully loaded the sleeping teens onto them and onto the choppers.

“They’ll be out for seven more hours, you’ve got that long to get them to the island.” Feln said

“Yes sir, we’ll get them there in plenty of time.” said the pilot of the first aircraft

“Make sure you do.” Feln said

“Sir, if I may…what about their parents?” the pilot asked

“That’s my problem pilot, get going.” Feln said

“Sir.” he responded

Feln backed off to the limo and used his powers to change its shape into that of a Corvette. He watched as the two helicopters took off and headed back out to Alpha 1. The people that surrounded them carefully monitored each of the unconscious passengers.

Sleeping Quarters, Island Alpha 1, Several Hours Later

Alex carefully opened his eyes but was almost blinded by the bright light shooting down into his eyes. He quickly closed them and shielded his face with his arm as he sat up and looked around the room. He saw each of his friends lying around him, each on a medical bed, surrounded by darkness and with a single white light shooting down into their faces.

The first person he was able to focus on was Isabel and he carefully stumbled over to her side. His head was spinning from the drugs, all he could remember was getting into the limo and chatting with Isabel but after that there was nothing.

“Isabel.” he whispered as he shook her shoulder, “Isabel wake up.”

“Hmmm…Alex?” she groaned out

Alex quickly covered her eyes from the light and helped her sit up before heading over to Max. One by one he helped his friends come back to reality, when Max realised that something was happening he immediately went over to Liz and helped her up.

A few minutes later Alex was back beside Isabel and helping her to her feet as the others stood up and looked around in the darkness.

“This is so not a good thing.” Maria said

“No shit.” Michael said as he stumbled around, trying to find the wall

“Where the hell is this place?” Kyle asked as he found a button on the wall.

He pressed it and the room was filled with light, illuminating the entire room. The room was empty save for the eight beds that they had woken up on. The walls themselves were as empty as the room, not even a door was visible to the group.

“So…Special Unit? Military? Any ideas?” Max asked

“Hell, with us it could be the old lady down the street.” Liz said as she sat back down on the bed, “We seem to pick up a new enemy every other week.”

“I’m actually one of the good guys Ms Parker.” Kalen said as he passed into the room from one of the walls.

Michael and Max quickly raised their hands to blast the new arrival but found that their powers wouldn’t work.

“I assume you recognise this.” Kalen said as he held up one of the hexagonal devices. He pressed a few buttons on it and deactivated the device. “Now your powers will work my friends. My apologies but I knew your first instinct would be to attack…not that I blame you. With everything you have been through in the last year…well, I needed to get your attention and this is the only way I could think of.”

“Where are we?” Max asked

“A small island in the south pacific, King Zan, we call it Alpha 1. I am Commander Kalen of your Majesty’s defence force.” Kalen said as he bowed when introducing himself.

“My name isn’t Zan.” Max said

“Yes of course, I apologise again…Max.” Kalen said, “And you are Liz…Michael…Maria…Alex…Isabel…Kyle and Tess.”

“Okay so you know who we are…still doesn’t tell us who you are or why you kidnapped us.” Michael said coldly

“Forgive me Rath…sorry Michael…I was only following orders.” Kalen said

“Who’s?” asked Tess

“Yours.” Kalen said to Max

“What?” Max said confused

“There is a situation…out there.” Kalen said while pointing up to the roof, “Please come with me and I’ll explain.”

Kalen walked back out through the wall. The others walked up to the same spot and just looked at it and then to each other. Liz was the first to step through the passage, quickly followed by Max and then the others. On the other side Max quickly grabbed Liz arm to stop her.

“Liz, are you crazy?” Max said

“Max, I want to be back home. If you and Blondie there want to stay then fine.” Liz said angrily

“Liz…I…” Max started to say

Kalen had stopped not to far from the others and heard her comments. He should have picked them up earlier and not allowed the situation between them to deteriorate to this point.

“Actually Ms Parker, your presence here is essential…it is for all of you.” Kalen said

Max let Liz’s arm go and they followed Kalen into the Command Room.

“What is all this?” Max asked

“This facility was created approximately 20 years before the crash at Roswell for the purpose of this mission. Around 4 thousand years ago a meteor crashed into region on Antar. Within three years the birth rate on our world was cut by more than half. It took us nearly 2 years before we discovered that the meteor carried a virus that caused sterility in our race. We’ve survived this long through a program of genetic mutations applied to each generation.

After going out into space we discovered other worlds that were affected the same way…in total over 256,000 civilizations are either infected or have died out because of it. Every race, that is except humans. Earth was infected in 1909 after a meteor strike in Tunguska…a few local life forms were infected but the virus was killed off. It would appear that humans are immune.” Kalen said

“So what’s the problem? Find out what makes them immune and use it.” Tess said

“We’ve tried. We spent decades working through every aspect of humans on Earth…everything from the human genome to your diet. We can’t find anything to account for it.” Kalen said

“So what happens next?” Max asked

“After our research failed, your father ordered a program to combine human genetics with Antarians to create hybrids. He selected the children of several families to come to Earth, combined their D.N.A with that of human donors and kept them on Earth so that they could continue to live. However, it didn’t take long to spot problems with the joining.

The virus also affected the chemical used to combine the gene code and as a result that generation died of quickly. It was determined that Ganderium would have to be used but that came at a cost…slower gestation for the hybrid and the use of the pods. By the time we were able to implement this we had reached the limits of the manipulation of our genome…our race was no longer of reproduction and as a result we were on our last generation.” Kalen said with sadness in his voice

“So why are we here then?” Tess asked. Nasedo had told her none of this in their time together.

“It was determined that with the Ganderium, a hybrid child would be free of the virus but if they were to procreate amongst themselves their D.N.A. would be susceptible to it once again. King Zan, your predecessor Max, ordered the combining of D.N.A from the same families…including himself, Ava, Rath and Vilandra…and all were sent to Earth. The mission was to find human who they could love and trust with what they were and to raise families with them. This way the Antarian people would continue to exist and out culture would not die off.”

“So why bring us here?” Liz asked, “Why not let them get on with it?”

“Well our first reason is that recently relations between a few of you have been…strained. Bringing you all here is for the purpose of allowing some wounds to be mended and for all of you to bond. The second reason is that we discovered something about procreation between a human and hybrid.”

“And that would be?” Maria asked

“It doesn’t work. With Antarians procreation can be controlled. Conception will only occur when both partners release a particular pheromone that affects their mate. Without this, it just wouldn’t work. Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess as you have Antarian D.N.A you still require these pheromones to be emitted during sex for conception to happen.”

“Well in case you hadn’t noticed, we’re humans – no freaky pheromones.” Maria said

“Yeah so mission failed, send us home.” Kyle stated plainly

“I think I have to agree with my friends.” Liz said coldly, “You’ve already ruined what could have been a fantastic night.”

“My apologies Ms Parker but I cannot send you home. You see the chemicals needed to produce the pheromone can be duplicated in the human body…but only after a hybrid and a human of the same gender have sex. To this end we have an island about half a mile away where we have created a facility where you will all be staying for the next few months.”

“You’re out of your damn mind.” Michael yelled

“There’s no way….” Maria said

Kalen quickly pressed a button on the wall and the next thing any of the group knew was that they were in the common room on the other island. On the screen Kalen’s image appeared and began speaking.

“I apologise my friends, it was necessary. The facility you are now in is fully equipped and there are clothes in your rooms. I’m sure they’ll fit perfectly; you have food, necessary supplies and a nice tropical beach that you have full run of. Please use the facilities freely and if you need to contact me press the blue button on the side of this monitor.” Kalen said as his image vanished

Each of the group sat silently down in the plush seats around them. For nearly ten minutes not one of them spoke.

“So…what do we do now?” Maria asked quietly

“I don’t know.” Max said, “Maybe just sit around and do nothing. When the see us doing nothing maybe they’ll just send us home.”

“I doubt it Max. They’re doing this to try and save their race.” Michael said

“Our race Michael. They’re our people as well.” Tess corrected him

“Well, it’s late.” Liz said, “I’m going to find a bed.”

Liz looked around and left down one of the hallways that lead to the bedrooms. She found a nice and quiet room that was marked with her name and entered it. When she examined the drawers she found some appropriate sleepwear and changed out of her dress. Back in the common room the others just looked around.

“Is it just me or has she been a little too quiet about all this?” Isabel said

“Yeah, but she is right. It is late, I’m too tired to think and I’m going to bed. I’ll try to get more answers out of Kalen tomorrow…I suggest you all get some sleep.” Max said

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 2

Liz’s Room, Island 2, 2am

Liz, like everyone else was trying to sleep but was unsuccessful, was curled up in her bed looking up at the ceiling. Everything in this room appeared to have been designed for her, right down to an empty journal book on the bedside table. No matter how many pillows she covered her head with or how much she tried to get comfortable she just couldn’t sleep. Just then a knock came from the door and she sat up.

“Come in.” Liz called out and the door opened

Maria walked inside and moved over to her long time friend.

“Hey Chica…guess you couldn’t sleep either.” Maria said as she sat down on the corner of the bed, “So do you want to talk about it?”

“Talk about what?” Liz asked

“Liz, ever since that Kalen guy told us why we’re here you’ve been very quiet. Hell when Max tried to stop you, you almost blew up at him.” Maria said

“Maria, really it’s nothing. I just wanted this to be a normal night for all of us. No government, no aliens, just us having a good time.” Liz answered

“Okay, I’ll buy that. Now what’s the rest of it?” Maria said, knowing her friend all to well

“Maria…I…okay.” Liz relented, “Maria, all of this…and what we’re supposed to be doing here…Max would have told me about this if it’s as important as Kalen is saying.”

“Chica Max didn’t know anything about this place, he just found out…oh, oh right you mean Future Max.” Maria said

“Maria, when I spoke to him…I got the feeling he was keeping some major things from me but this. You and I are supposed to have sex with Isabel and Tess…Max would have told me if it happened in his timeline and for Kalen not to have brought them here given how close he and I were…Maria it was like he didn’t even know.” Liz said

“Yeah.” Maria said slowly, “I guess he would have told about something this major and he must have known that Kalen would have brought us here given what is at stake. So what do you think is going on?”

“I don’t know.” Liz said

“Maybe you should tell…”

“No way Maria, I can’t…not after everything I’ve put him through.” Liz said

“Okay then but what about Isabel? We trust her, maybe she can help figure it out?” Maria suggested

“I guess…” Liz trailed off, “Hey, can I ask you how you feel about all this?”

“Well, I’d be lying if I said I’m cool with it. I mean if I was going to be with another girl I would want it to be my choice, not because a bunch of aliens wanted me to.” Maria said

“Are you worried about you’re mom?”

“Yeah…she knows I’m probably going to be out until morning but when I don’t show up.” Maria said

“I know…but this all has been planned for a long time. I think Kalen probably has a plan.” Liz said

“Is this you just being hopeful?”

“Right now I think I need to be.” Liz stated, as she looked at the clock on the wall, “God I can’t believe how late it is.”

“Yeah, do you want to speak to Isabel now or wait till the morning?” Maria asked

“I think we better do it just now…at the very least it will give her a few hours to mull it over.” Liz said as she got out of bed and pulled on a blue cotton robe

“I think I saw her name on a door in the next hall over.” Maria said

Maria opened the door and the two girls left in search of Isabel.

South Corridor, Sub Level 3, Alpha 1, Same Time

Kalen was still wandering the halls; just like his new wards he was finding it difficult to sleep so he decided to take a walk.

“Commander Kalen.” Called out Loro, the chief doctor of the facility

“Doctor? What are you still doing up?” Kalen asked

“Sir, when our guests arrived I gave them a full medical work up…I found a problem that I was only able to identify a few minutes ago.” Loro said

“What’s the problem?”

“It’s Alex Whitman sir, his brain is showing signs of advanced neurological pathway failure.”

“Doctor.” Kalen complained, he may be able to repair various systems of a ship, analyse tactical strategy and run a counter assault but medical terminology gave him a headache.

“Sorry sir…from what I’m seeing someone reprogrammed his memory and effectively fried his brain.” Loro said


“Sir the only thing that could do this kind of damage is someone using a sustained level 4 mindwarp for a prolonged period of time…if I didn’t catch this…”

“Can you treat it?” Kalen asked

“Yes…but if we waited any longer to bring him here…it will take a few treatments in the medical wing but he will have to be told about this, they all will.” Loro said

“Very well, I will inform them in the morning. In the mean time get whatever equipment you need and set it up.”

“Yes sir, thank you.” Loro said as he returned to his studies

Kalen went back to the central archive of the facility. It was where all data on the hybrids and their associates was stored. He needed to know how someone was able to do this to Alex without it being picked up by the agents who were observing them.

Isabel’s Room, Island 2, 10 Minutes Later

It took Liz and Maria quite a while to find Isabel’s room but at least it gave them the opportunity to check out the other rooms in the facility. When they did find her room, they knocked and Isabel called them in. They found her facing away from them looking through her drawers, dressed for bed in a red tank top and a matching thong. For a couple of seconds Liz looked from Isabel’s feet, up her long legs to the globes of her ass.

She shook herself out of her appraisal of Isabel’s form but Maria had already caught the subtle stare – she decided to keep quiet just now. Isabel turned to face the pair after closing a drawer that contained more than a few pieces of sexy lingerie.

“Hey guys. Have you seen some of the stuff they’ve given us?” Isabel asked

“Yeah, two guesses what they have in store for us.” Maria said

Isabel chuckled slightly and sat on her bed, crossing her legs yoga style.

“So what can I do for you guys? Or is it just sleeping trouble?” she asked

“Uh…Liz has something to tell you and we could use your help on it.” Maria said as she sat down on a chair.

Isabel patted the other end of the bed and indicated for Liz to sit down which she did. Slowly Liz took a deep breath and began.

“Isabel…late last year I had a visitor.” Liz said and then paused, “Max travelled back 13 years from the future, told me that you and Michael were killed, Earth was invaded and that he and I couldn’t be together because they needed Tess to stop it from happening and she left because she was rejected.” she said quickly

Isabel just stared and then blinked.

“Uh huh, okay. This would have been the cause of the whole ‘sleeping with Kyle’ rumours I’ve been hearing?” Isabel said

“Yeah…Max just wouldn’t give up, it was the only thing I had left to use.” Liz said

“You gave up everything you ever wanted for us.” Isabel said with realisation in her voice.

“Pretty much…I mean it not like I had a choice. Isabel, you and Michael were killed; Maria and Alex probably were as well. I would do it all over again to save you…all of you.” Liz said

“So the thing you want help with…you want me to help you tell Max?” Isabel asked

“No…well maybe later.” Maria said. She knew that there was no way Liz could keep it a secret for Max much longer.

“Max…Future Max never told me about this thing.” Liz said bluntly

“Okay.” Isabel said not quite understanding

“He told me little bits here and there… I modified the Granolith, a friend we’ll get called Serena, even a few things about our wedding but he never mentioned anything about this place…not even a hint. Maria and I talked about this…something this major Max would have told me.” Liz said

“Yeah, you’re right he would have. There is no way Max would have let you go through something like this without a heads up…he loves you too much to let this be a surprise.” Isabel said

“No…he DID love me that much.” Liz said. She managed to hide some of the sadness in her voice but some came through enough for Isabel and Maria to hear it.

Isabel moved over a little so that she was beside Liz and softly touched her shoulder. “Liz, believe me Max still loves you as much as the day he healed you. He doesn’t understand the Kyle thing and he wont unless you tell him what really happened.”

“Isabel how can I tell him that I staged the scene so that he would think I slept with my ex?” Liz said, “But that’s not the problem just now. Max would have told me but he didn’t. I told Maria it’s like he didn’t even know about this.”

“Show me.” Isabel said as she extended her hands.

Liz took the soft hands and both girls felt a little spark that caused them to gaze into each other’s eyes. A gentle smile formed on Isabel’s face and her skin began to flush slightly but she brought herself back to reality.

<Oh yeah, I’m going to have to talk to Liz about this. > Maria thought to herself

“Just relax, let it flow from you to me.” Isabel said softly

Liz felt relaxed the second she touched her hands to Isabel’s. She smiled and closed her eyes and let her experiences of that night flow to Isabel.


Liz’s visit to the psychic and being told that she would marry her one true love.


A bright light and an older Max appearing on the balcony, Liz thinking that it was a shape shifter.

** Flash**

Liz being tossed the white rose from Max while the band played music in the background.


Liz being told what had happened in the future, then what needed to be done.


Liz’s attempts to make Max fall out of love with her, from Tess and her top to her in bed with Kyle.

Isabel watched it all but through all the flashes with future Max she never saw him clearly. It was as though she was looking at a cheap recording of him.

“Liz, show me everything from the last couple of years.” Isabel said. The concern in her voice came through clearly.

Liz did as she was requested and showed her everything that had happened to her from the second she was shot right up to stepping into the limo. Isabel compared everything, every image of Max she took and scrutinised it. All were as clear as though she were seeing it herself; the only difference was Future Max. It was then that she realised what was going on.

“Oh my god.” Isabel said

“What?” Maria asked as she sat on the edge of her seat.

“Liz…I…” Isabel said

“Isabel, you’re really scaring me. What happened?” Liz asked

“Liz, it never happened. The images of Future Max it was like they were put onto your memory, Max never came back…it was all a lie…some kind of mindwarp.” Isabel said

Liz felt physically sick. She stood up or at least she tried to but her knees felt weak and she fell to the floor. Isabel and Maria jumped up and moved to her side in a second, both cradling her as the tears began to flow. Everything that Liz had gone through that night and every day since was all for nothing.

The other girls just held her, Isabel stroking her long brown hair as she looked at Maria. Both were thinking the same thing – Tess. She was the only one they knew of who could do what was done to Liz and the only one who would have wanted to do it to her. Together they helped Liz up and placed her into Isabel’s bed, Isabel used her powers to force Liz into a deep slumber.

“Let’s go.” Isabel said coldly as she grabbed a robe

“If that bitch is involved she’s mine.” Maria said just as coldly.

Both girls left the room and went in search of Tess’s room.

Observation Room, Alpha 1, Same Time

For the most part the occupants of Alpha 1 respected the privacy of the teenagers who stayed in the other facility but on occasion they checked in just to make sure that everything was okay. The two who were watching at the moment had seen the interaction between Liz and Isabel.

“See I told you.” said the on duty medical officer – Lans

“How the hell did you know that?” said Cor, one of the junior research scientists.

“Simple, Ms Parker has some of King Zan’s energy inside her. The mix between that and the chemicals in her body that are produced when she’s in love focus on Zan. Vilandra’s energy is almost identical to Zan’s so they call out to each other like magnets.” Lans said

“Yeah, okay so why hasn’t it happened until now?” Cor asked

“Because they haven’t been breathing this in before.” Lans said as he help up a small vial of pink liquid.

“And that would be?” Cor trailed out

“Honoclosiac.” Lans said, “The ultimate aphrodisiac.”

“You put that into their air supply?” Cor enquired, “Everything that happens in there has to be of their choice, they can’t be influenced by anything.”

“It’s at a very small ratio…2 parts per million. It’ll just make them aware of their attraction.” Lans said, “After a day or two I’ll clean out the air supply and they’ll be fine but they will know about their…desires.”

“Well if it doesn’t work, the clothing we provided them will certainly help. What is it with humans and physical appearance?” Cor asked

“That is a mystery that may take centuries to solve.” Lans joked

“What about that blonde human…uh…Maria?”

“Well with her it will be mainly curiosity that has an effect on her but the Honoclosiac will magnify that curiosity.” Lans answered

The two continued to watch and saw what happened when Liz broke down. They used their scanners to intrude on what Isabel had seen; the images caused Cor to go in search of Kalen. Lans on the other hand was busy trying to access the computer of the other island so that he could seal Tess’s door and prevent the other girls from reaching her – he wasn’t having much luck.

Archive Department, Alpha 1

Kalen was going through every file he had. He even brought in the keeper of the records to help him in his search. They read everything that could have left Alex susceptible to a mindwarp of this magnitude. The only thing they could find was his trip to Sweden.

The operative they had assigned to watch Alex followed him on to the plane, hell he even had the seat behind Alex. Nothing unusual was there until the Keeper, Rax, spotted something.

“Commander, look at this.” Rax said

“What is it?” Kalen said

“According to this Alex left Sweden 3 weeks early…told the family he was home sick and was missing his friends.” Rax said

“That is pretty common for humans…young ones I mean.” Kalen said

“Yes but our operative followed him to the plane but he got off in Glasgow, Scotland. He stayed in the U.K. for the remaining 3 weeks before heading back to Roswell.” Rax said

“Does the file say what he did?” Kalen asked

“Only that he used the facilities at the Caledonian University, a few smaller colleges around the area…the Bell College in Hamilton, Motherwell College, others. Then moved south, stopping at every major university between Glasgow and London. The operative never found out why but he left each site with a floppy disc. When he got back to Roswell, everything was back to normal.” Rax said

“Sir.” Cor called out as he entered the room

“Yes, what?” Kalen said

“Sir there is a situation on the island. You better come immediately.” Cor said

Kalen and Cor went back to the observation room. Once there, Lans filled them in on his unsuccessful attempts to isolate Tess.

Tess’s Room, Island 2

Isabel had found a pattern to the layout of the room and realised that Tess’s room would be located at the exact opposite side of the girls area from Isabel’s. All rooms were arranged in a cross pattern, from Liz’s room to the north round to Isabel’s in the east, then to Maria’s in the south and then to the west and Tess’s room. The couple’s rooms were located between the singles with the bath/shower room located between all of them, directly adjacent to a larger bedroom.

When they reached her bedroom, Isabel blasted the door in open and found Tess, almost completely naked save for green cotton panties. She had a long t-shirt ready to be put on but was interrupted by the new arrivals.

“Christ guys, don’t you knock?” Tess asked.

Maria took a second to look over Liz’s blonde nemesis but fixed her gaze on the rosy protrusions that capped her breasts. She couldn’t help but wonder just how cold it was in the room. However the immediate concern was Liz. Tess pulled on the t-shirt but Isabel grabbed her and held her against the wall.

“What did you do to her?” Isabel asked with venom

“What? Who?” Tess gasped

“Liz, you mindwarped her didn’t you?” Maria said as she moved over to the others

“What????” Tess asked, genuinely concerned, “Mindwarped? What happened?”

Isabel and Maria looked at each other and then back at Tess.

“You mean it wasn’t you?” Isabel asked as she released Tess

“Liz and I may have our issues over Max but I haven’t used a mindwarp on anyone since that guy dug up Pierce.” Tess said, “What…what happened to her?”

“Well if it wasn’t you…someone made her believe Max came back in time, he told her that they couldn’t be together or the world would end.” Maria told Tess

“And because I can use a mindwarp you thought it was me…especially with what Liz was told.” Tess said as she understood why her alien sister and Liz’s best friend came storming in. Now she understood how the door opened that allowed her a chance with Max…and she hated it.

“I swear it wasn’t me. How is she?” Tess asked

“I put her to sleep.” Isabel said, “When I connected with her I realised it was a mindwarp and I told her…everything she’s been through for the last several months…she just broke down crying.”

“Oh god.” Tess said, “Listen, I know why you would have thought it was me but there is quite a few Antarians out there that can use a mindwarp.”

“Any ideas?” Maria asked

Tess shook her head, “Aside from Whitaker, Courtney and a few others I haven’t seen a lot of female aliens. None of them have used their powers that way…at least none that I have seen. Maybe Kalen has an idea?” Tess said

“So it’s only female Antarians that get the mindwarp?” Maria asked

“Yeah…same with the dream walk.” Tess confirmed. “Hey could I see her…maybe I could connect with her. Maybe see something that could help us.”

“I’ll ask Liz when she wakes up. It’s her choice and given the problems you two have…” Isabel said

“Yeah, no wonder she blew up at Max when he tried to stop her from following Kalen. She thought she was saving everything when she walked away from him.” Tess said

“And caused a lot of problems between the rest of us as well.” Maria said

“That could have been their plan.” Isabel said, “What’s that saying…divide and conquer.”

“We always have been stronger when we worked together…all of us.” Tess said as she looked at Maria.

Together the girls all went back to Isabel’s room where they sat vigil over Liz. They had no doubt that along with Kalen’s answers Max would learn about all of this.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 2B

Max’s Room (When Maria Goes to Liz’s Room.)

Max was lying in bed and as usual he was thinking about Liz and her apparent betrayal several months ago. Despite what he had seen that night he still could bring himself to believe that she had sex with Kyle but the image was still with him. Almost all thought of his current situation was gone from his head as he looked at the small passport sized photo of Liz he kept in his wallet. Just then Michael knocked at the door and entered without waiting.

“Hey Maxwell.” Michael said as he tossed his alien brother a bottle of coke.

“Hi Michael. Where’d you find this?” Max asked

“A room next to the kitchen…some kind of pantry.” Michael said as he spotted the photo in his hand, “Max…you really need to get over her.”

“Michael.” Max said

“Max, sorry, I know you love her but she…” Michael trailed off. Max had told him about what he had seen that night and didn’t want to say it out loud.

“Michael, I just can’t believe that she did…that.” Max said

“You think I can?” Michael asked loudly, “Hey I’m the one who stole her journal, I know exactly how much she cares for you and she would never sleep with Kyle.”

“But I saw them in bed together, naked.” Max said painfully

“Yeah.” Michael trailed out, “That I don’t get. Could it have been a…hell I don’t know, a mindwarp or something?”

“No if that was the answer Liz would have just come right out and said she didn’t sleep with him.”

“I guess.” Michael relented

“And now we’re stuck underground on an island with now way to get off. Liz is barely 200 yards from me and I can still feel her, despite everything we’ve been through.” Max said

“Is it getting stronger?” Michael asked, speaking of the connection between Max and Liz that had been developing ever since she was shot.

“I think so…it’s like this place magnifies it.” Max said

“Hey, you know we’ve got a few more options than you’ve had before.” Michael said

Max just looked confused at Michael.

“Max, it’s like you said. There is no way off this island, no adults and there was someone else other than Liz in her room that night. We could…convince Kyle to tell you about that night.” Michael suggested

“No, Michael…that’s not a good idea.” Max said

“Well I’m tired of trying to figure out what’s going on. I want to know.” Michael said as he left the room and headed toward Kyle’s. Max hesitated for a minute before running after him.

Somewhere in the corridors…

Michael was quickly moving down the corridor but ran smack dap into Alex who was coming out of the bathroom at the time.

“Christ Michael, look where you’re going.” Alex said as he rubbed his elbow as he lay on the floor.

Max caught up to Michael and looked at the two on the floor. He moved over to Alex and helped him to his feet, while running his hand over his elbow to sooth the pain.

“You okay?” Max asked

“Yeah, thanks. So what’s the hurry…where were you guys going?” Alex asked

“We’re going to see Kyle.” Michael said

“Why? It’s late and he’s probably asleep.” Alex said

“There was something a few months ago that we…I need to ask him about.” Max said

“Oh yeah…anything I can help with?” Alex enquired

“No, you should probably head back to…” Max started to say

“Actually yeah you could help. Why did Liz sleep with Kyle?” Michael said with very little tact

“LIZ WHAT?” Alex yelled

“You really didn’t know?” Michael said

“Are you kidding…this is the first I’ve heard of it.” Alex said, “No, this is a joke, Liz would never sleep with him. Who told you this?”

“I saw them lying in bed together.” Max said

Alex just looked at him. “Oh.” Alex thought for a moment and headed off towards Kyle’s room. He stopped when he realised Michael and Max were not following.
“Hey, you two coming?” he asked. “Listen, I know Liz and she loves you and would never sleep with Kyle…lets get some answers.”

With that the trio headed off towards Kyle’s room.

Kyle’s Room…

Kyle was tossing and turning in the bed. No matter how much he tried he couldn’t get to sleep. Eventually he gave up and decided to have a closer look at his room. On a desk in the corner of the room he found several small square crystals next to a matching indentation on the table. Carefully he picked up on of the crystals and put it into the slot and Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s My Life’ started to play from a speaker hidden somewhere on the walls. Kyle picked up the cube and smiled.

“Cool.” He said.

He was ready to check through the rest of the music collection he was given when the door opened and he saw Max, Michael and Alex standing at the door.

“Hi guys…what’s up?” he said

“Time to fess up Kyle, we want answers…now.” Michael said

“What are you guys taking about?” Kyle asked and then he saw Max’s face. He had only seen that look once before. “You better come in.” he said cautiously

He went over and sat down on his bed while the others sat around the room.

“Okay, ask away.” Kyle said as he looked at Max

Max tried to look at him but he couldn’t, he couldn’t ask Kyle the question that he frequently asked Liz. Instead he looked at Michael who nodded his head.

“Kyle, well I suppose there is no delicate way of saying this. Did you sleep with Liz? Keep in mind that you’re not getting out of here until we get what we want.” Michael said

“Yeah, I kinda got that feeling.” Kyle said, “Okay…Max, that night Liz came to see me. She was worked up about something and needed a favour.”

When he said that, Max’s faced turned several shades of blue as he gripped his hands tightly onto the desk edge that he was leaning on.

“Just answer the question Kyle.” Alex said as he looked at Max’s face

“No I didn’t sleep with her. I don’t know why, she just wanted to stage that…I thought that you did something to piss her off.” Kyle said

While Max’s face was visibly relieved a thousand more questions erupted in his head.

“You didn’t piss her off did you?” Kyle asked

“No, no I didn’t. I mean the night before she tried to set me up with Tess and I knew something was going on with her.” Max said as he looked at Kyle for the first time, “Thank you Kyle.”

“Max, Liz begged me never to tell you the truth about this. I’ve seen how much damage this has done to you two and if it weren’t Liz I wouldn’t have even considered it. I would have told you sooner but…”

“Yeah, I understand Kyle. But there’s still the question of why Liz would do this.” Max said as he mulled over that night in his head.

“Sorry Max, I’ve told you all I know.” Kyle said

“Well Max, what now.” Michael asked.

“Yeah, it’s not like we can just walk over to Liz’s room and demand answers.” Alex said, partly suggesting the act

“I don’t see why not.” Kyle said

“No he’s right they’ll probably be sleeping.” Max said

“Max you’re not suggesting that we wait till morning are you?” Michael asked

“Michael for whatever reason Liz did this…it doesn’t matter just now. She didn’t sleep with him and that’s what I needed to know, the rest can wait.” Max said as he stood up and headed to the door.

“I’m going to go to bed now.” Max said as he left the room. Once he was out in the hall he stopped walking and put his arms up on the wall, put his forehead on them and breathed out deeply.

Alex had decided to leave just after Max and found him against the wall. Alex put his hand on Max’s shoulder when he saw him, drawing his friend’s attention.

“Hey man, are you okay?” Alex asked

Max looked around to his sister’s quasi-boyfriend and smiled.

“Yeah Alex, thanks. I’m just relieved.” Max said

“Tell me about it. I was beginning to think that I’d really lost touch with Liz…are you sure you don’t want to go over there just now?” Alex asked

“Yeah, I’m sure.” Max responded

“Okay then. Well I’ll say goodnight and I’ll see you when you wake up…if you want to talk you know where to find me right?”

“Yeah, I’ll see you later…goodnight.” Max said as he went back to his room.

When Max was out of sight, Alex went in the other direction. He passed through the common room and headed down the corridor that led to the girls sleeping area. Max may have been satisfied with Kyle’s response but he wasn’t, just as it was in the beginning after Liz was shot his two closest friends were keeping important information from him. He thought they were passed that, that they could trust in each other implicitly. He was beginning to think he was mistaken.

Girls Sleeping Area, 04:00

Slowly Alex walked the halls and found Maria’s room. He knocked but there was no response so he cracked the door open a little. He found her room empty, her prom dress on a coat hanger on the door of the wardrobe but no Maria. He closed the door and continued down the halls. Halfway down the corridor he suddenly felt dizzy and stumbled a little before grabbing on to the wall for support, when it passed he thought little of it…they had been drugged that night after all. He continued until he found Tess’s room – empty. Then he went onto Liz’s.

When he found her room empty he started to get worried so he ran to find Isabel’s. When he found it, Isabel opened the door wearing a robe on top of what little she was wearing.

“Alex, what are you doing here?” she asked

Isabel closed the door behind her, not wanting to disturb Liz as she slept. Alex caught a glimpse of the three girls in the room and then looked back at Isabel.

“What’s going on?” Alex asked

“I asked you first?” Isabel said

“I was looking for Liz and Maria, I needed to talk to them…about Max and Kyle.” Alex said

Isabel looked over his face, “You know.”

“You too?” Alex said annoyed

“No Alex, I swear I just found out tonight…there’s a lot going on you probably don’t know.” Isabel said, “Come on.”

Isabel led Alex out into the common room where they sat at the table. When Isabel sat down her robe fell open at her legs and Alex got a very good look at just how little Isabel was wearing. Isabel caught his stare and smiled.

{Maybe tonight wont be a bust after all.} She thought to herself

“Okay, so what’s going on? Max and Michael were able to get Kyle to admit that he didn’t sleep with Liz but that still doesn’t explain why Liz set the whole thing up.” Alex said after snapping himself out of the spell

“This is what Liz told me.” Isabel said, “Around that time, Liz was visited by Max…from the future. He told her that they couldn’t be together or Tess would leave and the world would end. Liz spent the next couple of days trying to get Max to fall out of love with her.”

“That’s impossible…hell even Michael knows that.” Alex said

“Tell me about it…okay, when it didn’t work Liz staged the thing with Kyle but here’s the thing…Future Max’s visit was some kind of mindwarp. It never really happened. We think someone wanted to split them up…permanently.” Isabel said

“Tess.” Alex said coldly

“No, that’s what we thought at first but she said she didn’t do it and I believe her. When we told her, she was as surprised as the rest of us. She’s not that good an actor.” Isabel said

“Max is gonna hit the roof when he finds this out.” Alex said, “This thing has been killing him for months.”

“Liz as well.” Isabel said sadly

Alex reached his hand over and took a hold of hers.

“Come on, I’ll walk you back to your room.” Alex said and helped her to her feet.

They walked hand in hand back to Isabel’s room. When they reached the door Isabel stopped and stared into Alex’s eyes.

“What?” He asked

“I’m going to do something you didn’t want me to do.” Isabel said

“And what’s that?” Alex said

Isabel pulled him closer and kissed him. Their lips parted and Isabel’s tongue snaked its way into Alex’s mouth. It lasted barely a minute and when it was over they separated, both very flushed.

“Now…see, I was doing really well getting over you. Now I’m falling for you all over again.” Alex said

“Alex, I love you.” She finally admitted

Alex cupped her cheek with his hand and then ran his fingers through her hair.
“I love you too.” he said and bent his head forward and kissed her with more passion than the first.

When they parted they looked into each other’s eyes, both smiling.

“Now, I want you to try and get some sleep.” Alex said

“You too…you’re gonna need it.” Isabel said as she hugged him

Alex released her and went back to his room while Isabel went back into hers. She found Maria and Tess looking up at her while wide smiles on their faces.

“What?” Isabel asked innocently

“Don’t give me that. How was it?” Maria asked

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Isabel said evasively

“Isabel, we heard you from the door.” Tess said

Isabel smiled brightly as she sat down next to Liz and brushed some hair from her face as she slept. “I never kiss and tell. But if I did I would say that it was incredible.” She giggled out

Both girls wanted details so they moved their chairs closer to Isabel but got a little too close to each other. The skin of their thighs touched and both looked at each other’s eyes. Tess stretched her arm out and touched her fingertips to Maria’s soft leg but waited for Maria to push her hand away. However Maria liked the gentle contact and put her hand over Tess’s, silently telling her it was okay.

Tess began to glide her hand over Maria’s legs, with each movement she raised it higher until she was on the verge of slipping her fingers under Maria’s shorts. They continued to look into each other right up until there was a soft moan from Liz that broke them out of the spell, causing Tess to snap her hand back.

Liz turned over from her side onto her back and her eyes fluttered open to find Isabel’s loving eyes staring down at her.

“Hey, you okay?” Isabel asked and Liz hesitantly nodded as she remembered what Isabel had told her.

Then Liz looked over to see Maria sitting next to Tess. When she saw her face she slid backwards so that she was sitting up, clutching a pillow to cover her.

“No, Liz…it’s okay. It wasn’t Tess that mindwarped you.” Isabel said

“It wasn’t?” Liz asked

“Liz, I swear to you it wasn’t me. But I promise you I’ll help you figure it out…I might be able to remove the mindwarp. The chances are you’ve seen who it was.” Tess said

“Could we do it tomorrow? I want everyone to be there, besides we should get answers from Kalen first.” Liz said

“Yeah, sure.” Tess said

“Hey why are you guys in here…and this isn’t my room.” Liz said as she looked around

“No it’s my room.” Isabel said

“And we were keeping an eye on you Chica.” Maria said

“Thanks.” Liz said and then looked to Isabel, “Maybe I should ask if you’re okay.”

“Liz…Max knows.” she responded, “He, Michael and Alex went to speak to Kyle and he told Max that the two of you weren’t together.”

“Oh…well I’m glad.” Liz said

“Glad?” Maria said, “After everything you went through to keep it from him you’re glad?”

“Yes, at least part of the lie is over. Now we have to find out who warped me…I just hope he can forgive me.” Liz said with sadness

“Are you kidding?” Tess said, “Max is totally in love with you, you should just tell him the reason. My bet is that he already has.”

Everyone looked at Tess with surprise.

“What?” she asked, “I…may have wanted Max but that was after years of being raised by Nasedo and telling me that Max was mine. It took me a while but…you are Max’s soul mate Liz, he belongs with you.”

“I really don’t know what to say.” Liz said

“Well how about goodnight.” Isabel said, “We all need our sleep and tomorrow is going to be a long day and we need to be at our best if we’re going to get out of here.”

“Some how I think we’re going to be here a while.” Liz said

Tess and Maria left, leaving Liz and Isabel on the bed. “You can stay here if you want.” Isabel said

“Thanks.” Liz said and the two snuggled up on the bed after Isabel removed her robe.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 3

Crashdown, Roswell, 04:00

All the adults were gathered in the dining area. When they didn’t show up at curfew they let it slid because of the occasion, then an hour passed, then another and another and another. They began to freak out when they learned that they never showed up at the school to begin with. Jeff knew the owner of the limo rental company personally and had called him up.

“Are you sure?” Jeff said sternly into the phone. When he got the response he said ‘thank you’ and hung up the phone.

Nancy looked at her husband, along with the Sheriff, Amy Deluca and the Evans, each waiting for Jeff to come back with an answer.

“Well?” Jim asked

“It turns out that the limo Max ordered was cancelled thirty minutes after he made it.” Jeff said

“What?” Philip asked, “By who?”

“Apparently Max came in and did it personally.” Jeff said

“That can’t be right. Max was with me that day; he was helping me at the office. Hell he even used my phone…I was never more than twenty feet from him.” Philip said

Jim was getting more worried, the only explanation he could think of was another shape shifter.

“Is he sure it was Max?” Jim asked

“Yes.” Jeff said but then looked closer at the sheriff, “Jim do you know something about this?”

Jim looked at each of the parents and just as he was about to speak the room was flooded with a brilliant white light that caused each of them to close their eyes tightly. When they reopened them the elders found themselves in a small room with glowing blue walls and a strange black obelisk in the centre. Jim recognised it immediately.

“The Granolith.” Jim said as he looked at it for the first time.

Each of the others suddenly looked at him.

“Absolutely correct Sheriff Valenti.” said a voice. A hooded figure came from behind the Granolith and extended his hand toward the Sheriff. “It’s a great honour to finally meet you.”

The Sheriff took his hand and shook it. “And you are?”

He removed his hood, revealing the face of Max. He then raised his hand and with another flash of light his face shifted.

“I am Feln, aid to Commander Kalen, Protector of the Royal House of Antar.” He said

Jim just looked around at the others, each of them looking for an explanation.

“Perhaps I should…” Feln said and Jim nodded. “First of all, I wish to commend you on the children you have raised. Each of them is remarkable to have come this far…given what has happened to them. Anyway, Mrs Evans…my people know that you have suspected that Max and Isabel are different, I brought you here to tell you the truth. Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess are not…completely human. Half of their D.N.A is from a planet we call Antar.”

“Yeah, okay…I don’t know who you are you but I’m leaving right now.” Philip said as he turned away

“And how do you plan on doing that Mr Evans?” Feln said

“Philip, you better stay. He knows where Max and Isabel are.” Jim said

Philip turned to look at the sheriff.

“He’s telling you the truth.” Jim continued, “Last year Liz was shot in the Crashdown, Max healed her…saved her life.”

“How do you know about this?” Jeff asked

“For about a year after that I tried to prove what Max was, I hunted him, watched him but then I found out he wasn’t a threat and I started to protect him and the others.” Jim admitted, “Do you know where they are?” he asked Feln

“Yes. The signal Max sent last year from the Pod Chamber alerted us as well as the Skins. Max and the others have been relocated to an island in the Pacific.” Feln said

Feln waited for the uproar to die down before continuing with the next phase of his plan. He put his hand to the Granolith and transferred the events of the last two years into the parent’s heads and the purpose of why they were taken…minus what they would have to do.

“Mr and Mrs Parker, you’re daughter is in love with Max, our king, and she belongs with him. The same with Alex and Isabel, Michael & Maria and Kyle and Tess. The purpose of being on the island is to bring them closer to each other, to allow them to bond together into a family that will protect each other.” Feln said

“Do you mind telling me how we tell everyone else that the reason for our children’s disappearance is because an alien force wants them to bond?” Jeff asked

“Simple, you don’t. I can use the Granolith here to impose a false memory onto the town’s people. As far as they are concerned they all showed up at school. In the morning eight replicants will arrive and assume their forms, they will be identical to the others in ever respect and will take their place until they return.” Feln said

After talking with Feln for a couple more hours and explaining what was happening out in space and the background to the memories that had been implanted he sent the parents back to the Crashdown to give them time to absorb what they had been told. However, before sending them he gave them one of the hexagonal devices so that they could contact them. When he was sure everything was done he left the chamber and drove out to the Crash Site where he caught another helicopter to take him back to Alpha 1.

Common Room, Second Island, 11:00

Eventually the group got to sleep that night and after a few hours they woke up and came into the room to Kyle cooking breakfast. Everyone was surprised, except for Tess who usually helped him cook. However, when Max came into the room his eyes immediately locked onto Liz and the two moved over to each other.

“Hey.” Liz said

“Hey.” said Max

“Max, I…” Liz started

“No, don’t say anything.” he said softly, “We’re going to have something to eat, then we’ll talk okay?”

Liz nodded and turned back to where Kyle was making a very large fry up.

“So, what’s all this?” Liz asked

“Well, this is an apology to Max for the crap I’ve put him through and an apology to you by actually agreeing to that plan of yours.” Kyle said as he started spooning out the food onto the eight plates.

Liz had a pained look on her face but Max put a hand on her shoulder, causing her to look up at him.

“What ever it is Liz, I know you had a good reason. It’ll be okay.” Max said

They each grabbed a plate and sat around the table and began to eat.

Medical Unit, Alpha 1, Same Time

Lans was helping the chief medical officer with setting up the treatment for Alex while reading through the medical files on each of the teens. It was when he was reading through one particular file when he found the answer.

“Sir.” he said with wide eyes

“What is it Lans?” he said

“You better take a look at this.” Lans said as he handed the file over, “The level 4 neurological scan…there are traces of Harocites.”

“Impossible, there hasn’t been a case of this since…that would mean…”

“Yes sir.” Lans said

“Come on we better tell Kalen.”

With that the two men left in search of their commander.

Common Room, Island 2, 11:30

They had finished the meal and the resident aliens used their powers to clean the dishes as the humans put them away. When the place was spotless they went back over to the table and sat down, each waiting for the other to start speaking.

“Oh this is pathetic.” Isabel said, “How about we each hold hands, open up a connection and we all see it all at the same time.” she suggested

They all agreed and Max took Liz’s hand, then each of the others did the same as Isabel took Liz’s other hand. She smiled at Liz and then each of them closed their eyes and a connection formed. Within just a few seconds they all saw why Liz did what she did.

“You really did that.” Michael stated, “Thanks is no where near appropriate.”

“You got that right.” Kyle said, “But that never happened, it was a mindwarp.”

“Tess, I need to hear you say that it wasn’t you.” Max said

“Max, it wasn’t. I don’t know who but it wasn’t me.” Tess responded, “But I can help Liz find out.”

With that they all focused on a new connection. With Tess’s help they examined each of her memories…and then it came.


Liz was in bed, taking with Kyle when Max suddenly appeared at the window.


The images focused in on Max’s face.


A pane of glass in the window with a blurred image appeared.


The imaged grew closer and closer until the reflection focussed in and revealed itself to be a smiling Tess.

The sight of Tess blasted each of them out of the connection. They had each seen the image and it was still very clear in their heads. They all stood up from their seats, causing them to fall backwards to the floor.

“You lied to us. You just stood there and…” Isabel spat with venom

Max started to move closer to Tess as she backed up against a wall.

“Max, Liz…please I swear to you it wasn’t me.” Tess said through her confusion

“Could it have been Ava?” Maria asked, she prayed that it wasn’t Tess. Their attraction to each other was undeniable and she knew that before long the gentle caress that Tess had given her last night would grew into a night of passion…just as soon as she talked with Michael about it.

“No.” Liz said, “It was her.”

Max quickly raised his hand to dispose of her once and for all but all of a sudden an energy field appeared between himself and Tess.

“No, Max don’t.” Kalen yelled as he entered the room with the file in hand.

“Kalen…she…” Max tried to get out

“Max, it wasn’t Tess…not entirely.” Kalen said as he pulled out a device.

“Kalen…answers would be a good call right about now.” Isabel said

“One of our medics found something in her file. It was traces of a chemical that’s only produced in humans during a link to someone on Antar. However, it can also happen in…there’s a rare condition that used to happen in our early hybrids. Sometimes the human consciousness comes out and combines with the Antarian one; the result is a violently unstable mind. It’s similar to the human condition called Multiple Personality Syndrome.” Kalen explained

“So, it wasn’t Tess.” Maria said thankfully, “Just another personality.”

“Yes, but we’re only detecting minor traces of it now.” Kalen said

“You passed out.” Kyle said

“What?” Tess asked

“A few months ago you passed out for about three minutes.” Kyle said, “Then there was some kind of blast.”

“That would have been it.” Kalen said and each of the teens looked to him. “If the other personality can reserve enough energy then it could transfer itself into another body…it would have to be similar though.”

“So there’s another Tess out there?” Michael asked

“No.” Tess said, “Her name’s Serena…that was my human donor’s name and if it needed an identical body then it took over Ava.”

“Our analysis did indicate that her mind is considerably weaker than your own. It would have been easy for this Serena to take destroy her mind and take her over.” Kalen agreed and removed the shield, “Tess there is still a chance that the personality could redevelop in you…this device can correct the problem.”

“Then do it.” Tess said.

Kalen sat her down and ran the device over her head. A yellow glow flowed over her as the machine did its work and then it stopped.

“There, all done.” Kalen said

“I don’t feel any different.” Tess said

“And you wont.” Kalen said, “You’ll still be you.”

“What do we do about Serena?” Max asked

“You do nothing. You’re staying on this island, doing what you need to do. My people will take care of her.” Kalen said, “But there is a matter we need to take care of. Alex, our doctor detected a problem with you…one that is terminal unless treated.”

“What?” Alex asked as he looked at Isabel. She couldn’t speak.

“You appear to have been mindwarped as well. I can send you to the medical facility just now so you can be treated.” Kalen said

“Can I go with him?” Isabel asked

“Of course, but I can only take you.” Kalen said, “Alex?”

“Yeah…okay.” Alex said as he took Isabel’s hand and together the moved to Kalen.

“This wont take long, when we return I will give you the answers you need.” Kalen said just before the three of them disappeared.


They were gone for less than half an hour and when they did come back Alex was wearing a metal band around his upper arm.

“Hi guys…is everything okay?” Max asked

“Yeah fine, I’m a little dizzy but I’m told I’ll live.” Alex responded

Max gently touch his arm just below the band. “What is this thing?”

“Medical scanner. The doc wants me to wear it just in case there is a problem.” Alex said

“I think we should all sit down now.” Kalen said.

Everyone sat down on either the sofa or the other plush chairs in the main seating area of the common room. Kalen took one of the chairs from the dining table and sat before them.

“Okay, I told you that the reason this is happening is because of a virus that is spreading around the universe. The virus is coming out of an anomaly…we’ve identified it as an inter-dimensional portal. We don’t know if it is deliberate, accidental or a natural event but we cant cure the disease but humans can resist it. As Antarians are similar to humans we were able to combine out genetic codes that will allow us to procreate with the humans.” Kalen said

“Yeah, we know all this…in order for us to have children with humans we need to transfer the ability to produce some kind of pheromone.” Michael said

“And that can only happen when you have sex with a human male, same as Max.” Kalen said, “And with Isabel and Tess, they must have sex with Liz and Maria. The thing is that this is intended to bring you closer to each other, to bond you.”

“Okay but why not let us do that at home?” Liz asked

“Because here you are free of your parents and other people’s judgments. Here you can express yourselves without concern and be with each other freely.”

“Speaking of our parents…” Maria said

“Our agent in Roswell will have informed them by now.” Kalen said

“What?” Max asked

“He would have transported them to the Granolith and told them you’re true nature as well as you’re mission here.” Kalen said, “Obviously without the methods.”

“Max.” Isabel whispered, she was both exhilarated and fearful. Now her parents knew the truth but whether or not they accepted it and her was still to be seen.

“I know Is.” Max responded, “Kalen you shouldn’t have told them.”

“Forgive me Max but they needed to know, they all did. You will need their support and cooperation when you leave here.”

“How did they take it?” Liz asked

“Surprisingly well.” Kalen said, “However, we have instructed the Granolith to initiate a mass mindwarp over the town so that they would think that you had gone to that dance. Replicants will take your place at school and work and their experiences will be transferred into you so that you can act without causing suspicion. If necessary you’re parents can be…adjusted to be more accepting of your status.”

“Well that deals with school.” Liz said

Everybody rolled their eyes, only Liz could think of school at a time like this.

“So can you explain how this is going to work? I mean are we just going to hop into bed or what?” Tess enquired

“No…there are stages. By now you will have begun to feel an attraction toward your first.” Kalen said

“First?” Max asked, “You mean it won’t be with just one?”

“No, of course not. You will all be with both and then…” Kalen paused. “Then Liz and Maria will be with Isabel and Tess at the same time and the same goes for you guys.”

“I’m really liking this less and less.” Kyle said

“Give it time Kyle, but it will happen.” Kalen said

“I doubt it cause in case you hadn’t noticed all these women are taken and Tess and I are not like that.” Kyle said

“Actually you are. You’re both just fighting it.” Kalen said

His comments cause Kyle and Tess to look at each other.

“Yeah?” Kyle asked as he looked into her eyes and she nodded.

“You?” Tess asked

“Pretty much.” Kyle said as he took her hand.

“Listen, you may have problems at the moment. A few of you may have hesitations about whether or not you can go through with it but you will, it’s instinctual for any race to do what I necessary for the propagation of its race and you eight are no different.” Kalen said

“So how does Kivar fit into this?” Max asked

“Kivar and his followers are…I suppose you could call them Genetic Purists. They are fanatically against the idea of blending our two races. The mutation of our own genome they can accept but they consider humans to be inferior. Kivar killed your father and when you continued his work he killed you. The message that was sent to you after you activated the orbs was a fake, sent by Kivar to mislead you and to try and prevent this.” Kalen said, “I should go now and let you talk amongst yourselves but when you do leave, you should know that we’ll provide anything you need.”

He stood up and walked away from the group until he disappeared. The teens were sitting around looking at each other.

“So, Alex…are you sure you’re okay?” Liz asked

“Yeah I’m fine.” Alex said as Isabel held his hand

“So how do we do this?” Maria asked

“I suppose we just hang around and let whatever happens happen.” Kyle said

“Yeah but what about when we go home?” Maria asked

“What do you mean?” Tess asked

Isabel knew what Maria was asking; she had felt it herself…every time she looked at Liz. “She means, what if we want to continue the relationships that happen here.”

“Do you really think that would be a problem?” Max asked

“Well Max, you may be okay with your sister making love with the love of your life here but what about at home.” Isabel said

“I think…I think I would be fine with it.” Max said hesitantly

Isabel stood up and moved over to Liz. She took her hands and helped Liz to her feet where she planted a long lasting passionate kiss on Liz’s lips. Each of the guys, except for Max, crossed their arms and enjoyed the show. Max on the other hand felt prangs of jealousy stir up from his gut that he tried to push back down.

“Okay Isabel, point taken.” Max said

Isabel released Liz, both were breathless as the kiss ended and neither wanted it to end. Isabel softly ran the backs of her fingers down Liz’s cheek and smiled at her.

“See Max. I could feel the jealousy coming off of you. What happens when we get home?” Isabel said

“I could feel it was well Max.” Liz said as she felt Isabel press her breasts into her arm, “And right now, I think I might want to keep seeing Isabel. I mean I love you so much and now that you know the truth…”

“I love you too Liz…and if you want Isabel then…” Max tried to finish but couldn’t

“Max I want both of you but you’re the one that has my heart, you always have. God knows if what Kalen say was true I’ll probably end up wanting Tess just as much.” Liz said

“Not an unpleasant thought.” Tess said as she eyed Liz. Then she looked at Maria and saw the smouldering passion in her eyes as she looked back and forth between herself and Michael.

“And then there is you guys.” Isabel said. “I mean, would you actually consider doing one another. You are you’re firsts anyway?” she asked using the term Kalen used

Max and Alex immediately caught each other’s gaze and looked away quickly but Isabel and Liz caught it.

“I think we need to inspire them.” Isabel whispered into Liz’s ear

Michael and Kyle also looked at each other and likewise Tess and Maria spotted their men looking. Both smiled and then looked at each other.

“Well, I’ve been indoors for way to long.” Maria said, “My skin needs sun so I’m gonna check out that beach Kalen talked about. Michael…do you want to come?”

“Yeah, sounds good.” Michael said and followed Maria down the long tunnel that led to the surface.

“What about you guys?” she asked

“Well Liz and I should probably talk about things.” Max said as he looked at Liz who nodded

“Yeah, Kyle and I should as well.” Tess said. She and Kyle then went to her room.

“I’m up for a walk on the beach…Alex?” Isabel said

“Yeah, why not?” Alex responded and the couple followed Michael and Maria, leaving Max and Liz alone.

“So.” Liz said

“So.” Max countered

“Well this is a productive conversat…” Liz started

“I love you.” Max interrupted

Liz looked into his eyes. “I love you too Max…can you forgive me?”

Max moved over to her and wrapped his arms around her body. His head was in her shoulder and he breathed in the scent of her hair.

“God Liz, there is nothing to forgive. You did it to try to save Isabel, Michael and the rest of us. I don’t think I could ever do anything like that, even if it was only a mindwarp.” He said

“Thank you Max. I just hate how much time we’ve wasted because of Te…Serena.” Liz said

“Yeah, at least Tess is better now.” Max said and then paused. “Did you enjoy that kiss?”

Liz closed her eyes and then looked at him. “Yes. I loved it…Max I’m not going to lie to you, I’m feeling really attracted to Isabel. Nearly as much as I am to you but you’re the one I love. What about you and Alex?”

Max looked away for a second and coughed.

“Max, Isabel and I both saw the look you gave each other.” Liz said

“Oh god.” Max said

“Max, it’s okay. It’s why we’re here, go with it…just like Kalen said.” Liz responded

“We shouldn’t be dealing with this right now, we should be focusing on getting the two of us back on track.” Max said

“Think about it this way…when we get out of here, our families will be with us in the way we always wanted without having to worry and we’ll have the option of starting our own family.” Liz said

Max smiled at that. “Yeah, we will.” he said and then bent down to kiss her.

When their lips fused so did their minds. Each saw into the soul of the other and knew that they would never again be separated the way they have been for the last few months.

Tess’s Room…

The second Tess closed her door; Kyle turned her around and kissed her hard and with passion. Before long they were making out on her bed, their hands gently caressing their bodies.

“You have no idea how good it is to be able to tell you how I feel about you.” Kyle said

“You still haven’t.” Tess said as she looked up into his eyes as he lay on top of her

“I love you Tess.”

“I love you Kyle.”

“Maria?” Kyle asked

“What can I say…the girl’s hotttt.” Tess said emphasising by extending the T’s, “What about Michael?”

Kyle suddenly became uncomfortable.

“Kyle, it’s okay. I know you want him and after him you’ll go with Max and I’ll be with Liz.”

“Yeah I guess but before I came here I never felt like this for either of them.

“I have no doubt that they’ve been messing with us a little to make us all more receptive but I think it’s always been there. This just let it out in the open.” Tess said

“Yeah.” Kyle agreed and then began kissing Tess again, his hands running through her hair

On the Beach…

Maria and Michael were walking in a different direction than Alex and Isabel. Both couples were taking in the scenery as they talked.

“So…Tess huh?” Michael asked

“Yeah, who would have thought it? I mean she’s gorgeous but I always saw her as the person who kept putting the moves on my best friends boyfriend. Now it’s like I can’t wait to get her into bed.” Maria admitted

“Well then…why wait?” Michael asked


“Maria, you want her and if it means that we can be together completely and have the option of ever having a family then I want you to do it. I’m completely in love with you and I know you love me. If being with you means I have to share your body…anyway if you want her go for it. I’ve got to do the same thing remember.” Michael said

“Yeah I know. Just remember Kyle’s dad is dating my mother and they both know what I’ve gotten involved with…just be gentle.” Maria teased

Michael wanted to rebut but just shook his head and smiled as he draped his arm over her shoulder.

“You want to go swimming?” Michael asked as he looked at the crystal clear waters.

“Michael, I don’t have a suit with me. Neither do you for that matter.” Maria said

“So?” Michael asked

“So…” Maria said and then caught his meaning.

The two threw off their clothes quickly and ran into the ocean; naked as the day they were born. They swam, they splashed water but mostly Maria’s body was firmly pressed against Michael’s as they kissed.

On the Other Side of the Beach…

“That was some kiss.” Alex said, “Did you enjoy it as much as it looked like you did?”

“Oh yeah, Liz is a very good kisser…almost as good as you.” Isabel said as they walked hand in hand.

“It did look like your knees were a little bit shaky.” Alex said

“Yeah, they were…I can’t believe how much I want the two of you.” Isabel said

“Well…Max does appear to have one or two issues.” Alex stated

“Yeah, but then he and Liz just got back together.”

“So did we. Unless that one hell of a kiss last night…” Alex said starting to get worried

“Oh we’re together Alex, believe me we are very much together.” Isabel said as she stood in front of Alex and kissed the life from him. Alex pushed Isabel back against a coconut tree and made love to her tongue with his own, their hands were going everywhere.

Eventually Michael and Maria dressed, met up with Alex and Isabel then head back into the facility.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 4

Common Room, 18:00

To return the favour of Kyle cooking them breakfast, Max and Liz decided to cook dinner. Eight 1 inch thick steaks along with roast potatoes were cooking away nicely in the oven, as they moved around each other their hands would touch “accidentally” and both felt shivers that caused them to stare longingly at each other. After a while Max couldn’t take it anymore and he wrapped his arms around her hips. He lifted her up and sat Liz on the counter, while moving in between her legs.

Liz ran her hands along Max’s chest and up to his head where she ran her fingers through his hair. Max reached in and captured Liz’s lips with his own, his tongue slipped into her mouth and gently caressed hers. Max ran his hand along her bare thighs, his fingertips sneaking just under her shorts.

Max then broke the kiss and looked at Liz. Quickly he dived back down, the heat and raw passion of the kiss had now escalated. Max pushed his groin into Liz’s crotch; he pulled the shoulder of her t-shirt down and started to kiss the exposed skin causing her to emit gentle sighs.

“Huh hum.” came a sound from the door.

Max and Liz jumped apart to see all of their friends standing at the doorway, smiling at them. They all moved further into the room and stopped in front of the table, Isabel folded her arms and smiled at her brother and his girlfriend – her soon to be lover.

“Having a good time are we?” she asked, causing both of them to blush

“I…eh…we…” Max started

“Max, chill. It’s good to see you two back on track.” Isabel said as she moved closer to Liz and brushed her fingers against Liz’s arm.

“Well now that you two have had your fun, is dinner ready?” Alex asked

Max and Liz quickly looked at each other and then down to the oven. They had completely forgotten about the cooking food. As they examined the contents both sighed with relief and stood back up.

“Nearly there.” Liz said.

Maria and Tess opened the cutlery drawer and began to set the table while Michael grabbed salt, pepper and bottles of sauce, including Tabasco. After a couple of minutes Max started to dish out the food and Liz placed the plates on the table. Everyone sat down at the table and started to enjoy their dinner.

“I wonder how our parents are doing?” Maria asked solemnly after a few minutes.

“I know.” Liz said, “Even if they’re fine with the whole alien thing, the fact that we’re here and they’re there…”

“Yeah.” Max said

“Hey maybe Kalen will let us call them or something.” Isabel suggested

“Or at the very least post some letters to them.” Alex said

“I’ll ask him when we’ve cleaned up after this.” Max said

For the next ten minutes of the meal the group talked about the island they were on. Maria blabbed that she couldn’t wait to show Liz the beach. Everyone wondered what else was hidden in the small jungle that took up the surface of the island.

Evans Residence, 19:00

After their return from the Granolith Chamber, Valenti had filled the parents in on the details of their children’s lives. With the memories that Feln provided them then they had a basis for understanding what the Sheriff was telling them and each of them was sickened at what the governments representatives in the FBI had done to Max and would probably do to the others. However they couldn’t do anything about it or risk it happening again.

“How are we supposed to pretend that nothing is different?” Nancy asked, “They could be gone for months and we wont know if they’re okay.”

Jeff moved over to his wife and held her, silently telling her that it would be okay.

“For their sake we have to try and make this work. These replacements that they sent may not be our kids but everyone else has to believe it.” Jim said.

The replicants had arrived just as Feln had told them. Mindless automatons with programmed memories and behaviour, just enough so that they would fit in and not draw any attention but the adults could see the difference. It was a coldness in the eyes, a lack of sparkle, that they hoped no-one else picked up on. The fakes went to the classes, answered questions and went to work. It was everything that the originals would normally have done during their day.

It was hard for Jeff and Nancy to watch their daughter serving customers and yet know that she wasn’t their daughter, Liz was somewhere else in the middle of the Pacific. Diane and Philip watched as Max and Isabel come home and then go into their rooms, it was the same for Alex, Maria, Kyle and Tess. The parents had enquired as to what they were doing. All they saw was the replicants sitting at the desks with the hands hovering over books and papers, each doing their homework – it took only ten minutes. Then they just shut down.

“How about we call Feln, maybe he can get a message to them. At the very least we need to try and let them know that we’re okay with the…” Jeff said

“With the fact that Liz is dating an alien?” Philip said

“Pretty much.” Jeff responded, “Now that I know Max saved her life…that’s all I need to know.”

“Jim.” Philip said

Valenti pulled the device out of his pocket and pressed a button. A wave of energy was emitted and Feln then appeared in the room.

“That was fast.” Feln said, “Is there a problem?”

“We were wondering if it’s possible to speak to the kids? Even if it’s just a phone call…” Jeff enquired

“I’m afraid not. The island is isolated except from the main facility. It may be possible for me to relay some letters back and forth but I will have to check with Commander Kalen.” Feln said

“Thank you Feln, thank you so much…we just need to know that they’re okay.” Nancy said

“I’ll speak to Kalen immediately. But I can assure you that they are fine. There is another matter you should be aware of…Sheriff, do you remember Ava?”

“Oh yeah, things like that are not easy to forget.” Jim responded

“Well there is a possibility that she is no longer on our side. We believe a darker personality has taken her over so if you see her contact me immediately, we are currently trying to track her down. She’ll be using the name Serena.” Feln said

“I’ll keep an eye out. If she comes to Roswell, one of us will spot her.” Jim said

Feln then vanished and the adults once again were alone. Eventually they all dispersed and went back to their homes.

Command Room, Alpha 1, Immediately Following

Feln walked into the room to find several workers manning their stations and Kalen reading over several reports.

“How are they doing?” Kalen asked

“Fine, they’re taking it much better than expected but they are missing their children.” Feln said

“Well that was to be expected.” Kalen said

“Yeah, they wanted to know if they could call them, I told them it was impossible. However I suggested that I would have to talk with you about sending mail back and forth.” Feln said

“Well sooner or later Max and the others will start to miss their parents. Yes, mail can be sent but deliver anything from the island though the human postal system. Lets not give the Skins anything to target.” Kalen said

“The Skins haven’t been to Roswell in quite some time, are you sure they’re going to make a move soon?” Feln asked

Kalen then looked at Feln, Feln then knew that something was up.

“Okay, I’ll bite. What’s going on?” Feln asked

“Serena was last seen checking out what’s left of Copper Summit.” Kalen said

“The Skins aren’t there anymore right?” Feln asked

“Yeah but Serena doesn’t know that and we’ve kept surveillance equipment in the area just in case.” Kalen said

“So Serena’s trying to hook up with the Skins. Max is gonna love this when we tell him.” Feln said but Kalen just looked at him, “We are going to tell them right?”

“They’ve been raised as humans. What they’ve got to do over there is enough for them to deal with without having to worry about Serena.” Kalen said

“I guess.” Feln relented. “Has Lord Larek been in contact?”

“Yes, I’ve informed him of everything.” Kalen said

“Well I better get back to work. If you need me you know where to find me.” Feln said

“Yeah just make sure you keep in contact…I hate having to go to L.A.” Kalen said

“Really, I love it. And posing as a Shrink to the stars really gives me something to laugh at when I get home.” Feln joked

“All I see is a city with enough pollution to wipe out Antar three times over.” Kalen said

“Well yeah but all you need is an artificial epidermis to absorb the pollutants.” Feln said

“Yeah right, those things really chafe.” Kalen said

“Okay, I’ll see you later…oh and say hi to mom when you speak to her next.” Feln said and then left.

Liz’s Room, Island 2, 21:00

Liz and Max had spent a lot of time in her room together just talking. Eventually they decided to call it a night and then tomorrow they would explore this little paradise they were dumped on. After Max left and kissed her goodnight Liz began to examine the clothing she had been given. When she found something that sparked her interest a smile crossed her face and all thoughts immediately went to Isabel.

She removed her clothes and pulled on a thong and tank top; identical to Isabel’s chosen sleepwear last night except that it wasn’t red it was black. Normally wearing this would have made Liz feel too exposed but there was something in the air that was causing her blood to boil. She needed to feel Isabel next to her and was about to grab her robe before leaving but decided against it.

Liz left her bedroom and walked quickly down the hall. She was almost half way to Isabel’s room when she saw her target coming towards her. When the pair saw each other they stopped and just looked over each other’s bodies, both smiling with lust in their eyes. Ever so slowly they moved to each other.

“You look good in this.” Isabel said as she ran the back of her hands down Liz’s arms, brushing her fingertips against the side of her breast. The contact, although gentle, caused Liz to shake.

“You look good to.” Liz said, seeing Isabel’s nipples straining against the fabric of her own top.

Both jumped at each other, wrapping their arms around each other as their mouths fused in a white-hot kiss. Isabel ran her hand through Liz’s hair while her free hand snaked it’s way down to Liz’s butt, slowly she began to scrap her fingernails against the sensitive flesh. Liz’s hands felt around Isabel’s exposed skin and hesitantly she began to push up, the tips of her fingers almost finding their way under Isabel’s top.

Isabel backed away from the kiss as she felt Liz’s hesitancy. She smiled down at Liz and took hold of her hand and placed it on her breast. Liz looked at where her hand was now placed and then looked into Isabel’s eyes.

“Isabel I…I…”

“Say it Liz, it’s okay.” Isabel said, reassuring her

“I want you Isabel, I want you so much.” Liz said

Isabel smiled and bent back down and kissed Liz hard. Gently Liz began to knead the firm mounds of Isabel’s bosom, tracing the outline of the nipple with her thumb. The statuesque blonde tilted Liz’s head back and began to place kisses in her throat, scraping her teeth along the smooth skin.

Isabel pushed Liz back against the hallway wall and moved Liz’s hand under her tank top, allowing the contact of skin against skin. Liz began to roll the pink nipple between her thumb and forefinger, causing Isabel to moan slightly. As Liz teased the nipple, Isabel moved her hand from Liz’s ass round her waist and started to move down between Liz’s legs. However Liz grabbed her hand and stopped her, causing Isabel to look at her with concern.

“Not here, not in the hall.” Liz said, “I want…I want to be with you in a bed.”

Isabel took Liz’s hand and both started to run down the hall toward Isabel’s room. Liz stopped suddenly and pulled Isabel back into another kiss, which she quickly released. Both giggled but then as Liz continued to move down the hall but Isabel grabbed her and pulled her against her body, back to chest, with Isabel beginning to nibble on Liz’s ear. Once again Isabel pushed her hand down, this time her fingers dipped under the waistband of the black thong.

She wanted Liz right here, right now. Never mind about the niceties of being in a bed, the middle of the boys locker room with everyone looking at them would have looked good right now but she wanted Liz’s first time with her to be special for the shorter brunette. Just then, on a door just a little a head of them they could see lettering form on the door. Eventually it formed into ‘Evans, I. & Parker, E.’. Both girls were desperate to be with each other so they pushed the door open and found themselves in one of the larger, couple rooms.

As Isabel closed the door behind them she moved over to Liz and both began to gently caress each other’s arms, looking into each other’s eyes. Once again they came together and kissed, Isabel hooked her fingers around the strap of Liz’s top and pulled it off her shoulder. Liz was as far gone as Isabel and decided that as much as she wanted Isabel to strip her, she wanted to be lying on that big double bed more. With one swift movement she took hold of the hem of her top and pulled it over her head, exposing her breasts to Isabel’s intense stare.

As Isabel saw Liz’s bare chest for the first time she licked her lips, causing Liz to smile. Isabel stripped off her own top and threw it over to where Liz’s rested on the floor. Isabel took hold of Liz’s hands and walked her over to the silk laden bed before gently lowering her on to it. Liz looked up at her, breathing heavily, her breasts heaving as Isabel got on to the bed, moving over to Liz on her knees.

Slowly the blonde bent down, never breaking eye contact, until her lips were no more than a centimetre from Liz’s skin. Gently she kissed the middle of her throat, then again slightly lower just above her breasts. Isabel progressed to kiss each of Liz’s tits, teasing her nipples with her tongue until they were hard and sticking out. Isabel continued, following an invisible trail from Liz’s chest down across the belly only stopping lick her friend’s belly button but then she moved further down to Liz’s waist and the obstructing garment that blocked her access to Liz’s heat.

Isabel took hold of Liz’s underwear and looked up to meet her intense stare. Liz simply nodded to the unasked question and lifted her hips allowing Isabel to pull the thong off and down her legs.

“You are so beautiful.” Isabel stated as she took in Liz’s naked body for the first time while stroking her thighs.

“Please Isabel, make love to me.” Liz begged

Isabel parted Liz’s legs and moved in between them before lying down on top of Liz. Their mounds pressed against each other, their nipples scraping their counterparts as they squirmed together. Isabel placed her elbows on either side of Liz’s head; her hands pushed the brown hair away from Liz’s face.

Liz brought her leg up and caressed Isabel’s with the soft flesh of her inner thigh while she wrapped her arms around her new lover and the kissed with more passion than ever before. Slowly Liz pushed on Isabel’s shoulders, pushing her down her body until Isabel’s head was between Liz’s legs. For a few seconds Isabel took in the sight of Liz’s pussy before her, wet and waiting for her administrations.

Isabel softly kissed her lover’s lower lips, causing Liz to arch her back as pleasure surged through her body at the initial contact. Isabel then licked the length of Liz’s slit before darting her tongue in and out of Liz.


Isabel could only mumble against Liz’s core, the humming sensation sent sock waves through Liz. Her first sexual encounter and it wasn’t as she expected it to be. Here she was, experiencing the most incredible pleasure of her life to date and it was with another woman, the sister of her boyfriend.

Isabel moved her fingers up and pushed two of them inside Liz, gently thrusting them back and forth, causing her to writhe on the bed and to grab hold of the silk sheets with her hand. Liz wanted Isabel closer to her. She spread her legs as far apart as possible, sweat glistening all over her body and her other hand pushed Isabel’s head into her pussy.


“HMMMMM.” was Isabel’s response

Isabel lifted her head slightly and looked up the length of Liz’s body. Her fingers continued to slide inside Liz while she used her other hand to search through Liz’s soft folds to find her clit. When Isabel found her goal she kissed it and then captured it with her teeth.

“OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.” Liz cried out as she climaxed against Isabel’s face. Isabel’s eyes glowed slightly as did points on her wrists just above her pulse.

Out in the Hallway…

Max was desperate to see Liz; he couldn’t get her off of his mind. In truth his mind kept wondering to Alex but he was fighting it and forcing him back to his girlfriend whose mouth he had raided earlier in the day. He wanted to be with Liz, just being around her made what he had to do less than the big deal it was.

As he walked down the hall he suddenly felt a wave of pleasure hit him like a tonne of bricks. He looked at a door off to the side and spotted the names on it, he passed the same door earlier and he could have sworn they weren’t there before – he was sure of it. He knew all the rooms were soundproofed so he didn’t hear anything from inside but he touched his hand to the door. For a second he saw Liz in the arms of his sister then he pulled his hand away.

Unlike earlier when he witnessed Isabel kiss Liz, he didn’t feel one ounce of jealously. Instead he felt contentment as he felt his beautiful girlfriend’s pleasure spiral through his body. Then it hit him. Liz and Isabel didn’t have the same hang-ups about their purpose on the island. They felt their attraction and went for it, unlike the guys. For the first time since he realised his attraction to Alex he didn’t care about it, right there and then he decided that if Alex were willing then he would let it happen.

He smiled, kissed his finger and planted it against the door before leaving the new lovers to enjoy their time together. He turned back down the hall and decided that he would speak to both of them in the morning. Before long he returned to his room, mulling over the sensation he picked up from the room.

Isabel & Liz’s Room…

After Liz recovered from her orgasm, she sat up and captured Isabel in a searing kiss. Without any words spoken they lovers looked at each other as Liz pushed Isabel onto her back. Liz lifted on of the blonde’s legs and kissed each one of the polished toes before continuing down the leg to her thigh, which is where she stopped.

Liz moved up beside Isabel, lying next to here before she reached over to kiss her. Liz’s hand moved from Isabel’s cheek, down across her breast, snaking it’s way down the her abdomen and into her underwear. Just as Liz had done when Isabel made contact, the blonde arched her back, presenting her heaving chest to Liz and Liz accepted. She reached her head down and captured the rosy nipple with her teeth while tormenting it with her tongue.

Liz’s hand was now fully contained within the thong, three of her fingers pushed their way into Isabel’s soaked slit. Back and forth, on and on, Liz pumped her fingers relentlessly into Isabel. Both were breathing heavily and uncontrollably as they gazed into each other’s eyes.

“HMMMM…Liz…don’t stop…please.” Isabel begged as she gasped for air.

“I don’t intend to.” Liz responded as she kissed Isabel, her thumb applying gentle pressure to the soft bundle of nerves between Isabel’s legs.

Isabel gasped and groaned as she felt Liz’s slender fingers move within her. She grabbed a handful of her sweat soaked hair as she felt wave after wave of pleasure surge through her body. For nearly twenty minutes Liz fingered Isabel as they either stared longingly at each other or sucked the air from the other’s lungs. The sensations were incredible but eventually Isabel had to loose the battle for trying to stave off her climax.

“Come on Isabel, Come for me.” Liz begged before biting down on a nipple.

“ARGHH, God, LIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…Arh, Aghhh, ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH.” Isabel screamed as she came over Liz’s hand. This time the eyes of both girls glowed and the points of Isabel’s wrists started to glow once again. A fine purple mist enveloped the girls as they held each other tightly; Liz with her breathing ragged couldn’t help but breath the vapour in and as she did similar points on her wrist began a soft glow until the mist dispersed.

Liz released Isabel core and brought her hand up to her face and began to lick Isabel’s juices from her digits. Isabel slipped out of her thong and threw it to the side; she wanted to be completely exposed to Liz. Through all their tossing and turning the silk sheets were a mess beneath them so Isabel grabbed an edge and pulled it up over the naked pair.

“Are you okay?” Isabel asked softly but with concern

“I’m incredible.” Liz responded as she snuggled against Isabel

“Hmmm…you can say that again.” Isabel countered and kissed her ear, “But I mean the mist. Did you feel anything wrong?”

“Isabel it’s okay, lets just accept it, that it was supposed to happen.” Liz said reassuringly

“Yeah…okay.” Isabel said, “I never imagined that it would feel this way.”

“Me neither. You were magnificent…I couldn’t have asked for better for my first time.” Liz said

“Thank you.” Isabel said as she held Liz tightly

“So…Maria told me you kissed Alex. How was it?” Liz asked

“Not as good as that kiss my brother gave you earlier. That’s something I am definitely going to have to rectify tomorrow.” Isabel said

“You better. We put on a show for you guys today, I’m looking for something just as entertaining.” Liz said in a queenly voice

Isabel smiled and kissed Liz’s hair, “Yes my friend.” she then kissed her ear, “Yes my love.” then she kissed Liz’s cheek, “Yes my Queen.” Liz was too tired to object to Isabel’s statements so the two remained like that and fell asleep.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 5

Waiting Room, Alpha 1, Early the Next Morning

Liz and Isabel were still asleep in each other’s arms but Kalen had transported them and their bed back into the room where they had woken up in yesterday. An alarm light they had in the observation room indicated to them that the girls were the first ones to overcome any issues they had and have sex with each other. The result was all observation equipment being shut down, giving them privacy. Kalen had brought them here, as he knew that a few of the events during their mating would need some answers, especially with someone like Liz.

Eventually Liz woke up and felt Isabel’s arm draped over her. As she remembered last night’s events a smile crossed her face and turned to face Isabel who was already awake.

“Hey.” Liz said, “Good morning.”

“A very good morning.” Isabel responded as she looked up and spotted that they were no longer in their bedroom.

When Liz saw the concern cross her lovers face she too looked around, both girls sitting up and used the silk sheet to cover their bodies. Then both say Kalen in the corner.

“Christ Kalen, what the hell do you think your doing?” Isabel said loudly

“Forgive me Isabel but I thought you’d both have questions about last night. I felt it would be better if we did this now and in private.” Kalen said

Both girls looked at each other and remembered when small points began to glow on their wrists and when they became surrounded in a purple mist.

“Yeah, okay.” Isabel said as she continued to hold the sheet above her breasts

“When we…uh…well there was a small glow thing.” Liz said, “Then there was a mist.”

“The pheromone is produced by two glands that are just below the pulse in the wrist, that is what the glow was. In Isabel, as this was your first time, it would have stimulated the glands. Effectively it woke them up and producing a form of the pheromone. For you Liz, as you breathed in the vapour, the glands would have been formed. The glowing of your eyes is a result of your bodies accepting the changes.” Kalen explained

“So will that happen every time?” Isabel asked

“No, usually the pheromone has no colour. Normally you wouldn’t see it, as for the glowing…with Isabel it wont happen again but as it is your body will eventually reject what has happened. To stabilise it you would…”

“I would need to be with Tess.” Liz said with understanding.

“Are you going to be able to do that?” Isabel asked as she took a hold of Liz’s hand under the sheet

“I’m not sure. It may not have been her that did all those things but it’s still the same face.” Liz said

“Well its not like the two of you have to jump into bed with her immediately. The rejection is estimated to happen only after a year. Liz, you do have plenty of time to accept Tess, get to know the real her and then when you’re comfortable you will take her as a lover.” Kalen said

“You seem pretty sure about that?” Liz stated

“We’ve been watching you for a while now. I know we’ve only just met but I like to think that I know you at least a little bit.” Kalen said

“So…what now?” Isabel asked

“Well if you want to I can send you back to your room. The others are still asleep.” Kalen said

“Yeah, thanks Kalen.” Liz said

Kalen stood up and pressed a button on the wall, sending both girls and their bed back to their room.

Liz & Isabel’s Bedroom, Immediately Following

After they arrived back in their room both girls released the sheet and relaxed, as they were once again alone. They sank back down into the bed, their legs gliding against each other.

“So…” Liz said

“So…” Isabel said

“What do you want to do now? It’ll probably be a few hours before the others are up.” Liz said

“Hmmm” Isabel thought it over, “There is a nice large bathtub in the bathroom.” she suggested

“I thought that was just a bunch of showers and sinks?” Liz said

“Oh I did a little exploring by myself, it was in the corner and covered…but I know where it is.” Isabel said

“Hmm…clever you.” Liz said before kissing Isabel passionately on her lips.

They both got out of the bed, put on their robes and walked hand in hand down the halls to the bathroom.

Alex’s Room, Same Time

Alex had the worst nights sleep of his entire life. He was awake all night thinking about Isabel and just how far he was willing to go to be with her. He had accepted what he had to do with Max almost without question and it was that which had him concerned. Up until now he was a completely heterosexual male who was deeply in love with one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Now he was considering sleeping with her brother. He was confused beyond belief; even if Isabel wanted him to do it he couldn’t wrap his brain around it.

As he pondered over it again he realised that he was getting harder. Partly from thoughts of Isabel but also from thoughts of Max and what it would be like to be with him, he needed to sit down and talk to Isabel, it was the only way. Quickly he jumped out of bed and left the room. Before he did anything else he needed to answer the call of nature as well as relieve a little tension that this imaginings conjured up.

As he moved down the hall he checked the medical scanner tied around his bicep and before realising that he had gone right past the bathroom and straight to Max’s room. He cautiously knocked on the door and Max answered it.

“Alex…hey. What’s up?” Max asked while wiping the sleep from his eyes.

“Max, can we talk…you know about all of this?” Alex asked

“Yeah sure, come on in.” Max said and moved aside, allowing Alex to enter.

Alex sat down on the seat at the desk while Max sat down on the bed.

“So, you’re having problems about have to…you know…with me?” Max asked

“You’re not?” Alex asked with a little surprise

“I was…until last night.” Max said

“What happened last night?” Alex asked

“I went to speak to Liz last night but before I got to her room I spotted a door with Isabel and Liz’s names on it. I touched the door…it was incredible Alex. I only got a couple of seconds of it but they were completely into each other. Nothing mattered to them except pleasing each other. It was then that I realised that if Liz is willing to go through this for our future together then so will I.” Max said, “I accepted what I saw without question. Hell I didn’t even feel a little jealous. I knew they wanted each other but I also knew that Liz was in love with me and I had nothing to worry about.”

“What if they want to continue the relationship?” Alex asked

“If that’s what they both want them I’m fine with it…I actually just said that didn’t I?” Max stated

“Yeah you did.” Alex said, “So…you’re okay with what the two of us have to do?”

“Alex if it means Liz and I could one day have a family then I would even jump into bed with Pierce.” Max joked but was partly telling the truth. He would do almost anything. “Alex, there’s no point in denying that since we came here I’ve felt…an attraction to you.”

“I’ve felt it too.” Alex said while looking down at the floor.

Max decided to go for broke. He lifted Alex’s chin and kissed him, Alex suddenly tensed up but then he began to accept it and opened his mouth, allowing Max’s tongue to enter him. Alex put his hand on the back of Max’s head while Max put his hand on Alex’s waist. As Alex began to adjust to what he was feeling, his free hand moved around and took hold of Max’s dick through his boxer shorts.

Max made a similar move and both of them began to groan while grinding both their hips against their hands. But just then there was a knock at the door, bursting both of them back into reality. Both looked at each other intensely, and then Max went to get the door after a second, louder knock came.

Max opened the door and found Michael on the other side.

“Michael. What’s up?” Max asked

Michael went further into his alien brother’s room and spotted Alex. It didn’t take a genius to realise what had happened in here. Both of them were flushed and had hard shafts bulging in their boxers.

“Uhhh, I…I was just wondering if we could talk…I’ll come back later.” Michael said, trying to leave quickly

“No Michael, it’s okay.” Alex said, stopping Michael in his tracks. “I’ve got some stuff to do so I’ll leave you two alone.”

Alex stood up and turned to leave but gave Max a subtle look that was not missed by Michael.

“So, Michael…what can I do for you?” Max asked

“Something you obviously don’t have a problem with.” Michael stated.

Max looked at his long time friend with concern. He knew that of all people here in the facility, it would be Kyle and Michael that would have the most problems.

“Michael…I…oh fuck it. Here.” Max said and extended his hand.

Michael took it and Max formed a connection that transferred his flash from last night into Michael.

“Michael, I don’t have much of an issue with it any more. If you ever want to have kids then I suggest you get over it as well. I’m in love with Liz and I love my sister, if they want to be together then so be it. I’ve spoke to Liz last night and she is fine with this and I think that Isabel would have said the same to Alex. Maria and Tess are obviously willing, hell the heat coming off of them…talk with Maria Michael.” Max said

“I already have.” Michael said


“And I told her that it was okay for her to be with Tess.” Michael said

“And you and Kyle…” Max asked while shaking his head

“She reminded me that his dad was dating her mother and that I should be…should be gentle.” Michael said quietly

“Well…I’d say that constitutes an approval.” Max said


“And I know you’re feeling drawn to Kyle.” Max said

Michael looked away from Max.

“Michael.” Max said, slightly annoyed

“Yeah…okay. I want him.” Michael said, equally annoyed

“Okay.” Max said softly, “Listen, you don’t have to be with him until you’re ready. Just spend time with him…if it happens, it happens.”

“Yeah okay…you going for breakfast?” Michael asked

“I’m grabbing a shower first. You?”

“I’ll get some stuff started then get a shower.” Michael said as he moved to the door, “Max…thanks, I’ll see you later.”

Michael then left. Max grabbed his robe and headed off to the bathroom.

Girls Bathroom, A Few Minutes Later

Isabel and Liz where soaking in the hot, steamy waters of the bath. It looked as though the bath was kept constantly full of clean water but by using a button on the edge soapy bubbles instantly appeared. Another button next to it activated a self-cleaning mechanism. Both of the girls were wrapped up in each other, kissing each other with equal passion, as they were last night. As they caressed each other’s soaped up limbs Liz backed away from the kiss and smiled as she gazed into Isabel’s eyes.

“Isabel…before I fell asleep last night, you called me something.” Liz quietly stated

“Yeah.” Isabel responded

“You called me…Queen.” Liz said

“Yes, what’s the problem?” Isabel asked

“Are you serious…Isabel I’m anything but a queen.” Liz said

“Liz, you and Max are in this for the long haul. Max is the king and it’s only a matter of time before you’re walking down the aisle.” Isabel said

“Isabel we are no where near that...” Liz stated, “God, that’s way, way in the future. Hell we haven’t even had sex yet.”

“Liz, you and Max have been ready to make love ever since you spent that night with him in the desert. Then Tess showed up and well…”

“Yeah.” Liz said and then looked down into the water. “I should never have walked away from you guys after the message.” She said quietly

Isabel wrapped her arms around Liz, “There was so many times I wish that you just ran back to him…but you thought it was the right thing to do and the two of you are back together now.” Isabel said reassuringly

Liz smiled as she rested her head on Isabel’s shoulder and then back up where their lips together once again.

Outside in the hall…

Tess had her ear firmly against the door, desperate to hear something juicy but at most she was hearing muffled voices. Maria came up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder. Tess was completely startled and jumped up, quickly turning around and placing her hand over her heart.

“Tess, what ya doin’?” Maria asked

“I was…eh…just…Liz and Isabel are in there.” Tess said

“So…” Maria said as she started to open the door

“No, Maria wait…” Tess said quickly but was to late

Maria opened the door and walked in while Tess looked in from the edge of the door, she wasn’t surprised to see her best friend and Isabel in here. She was surprised to find them naked together in a bathtub; Liz’s head tilted back, gasping for air as Isabel kissed along her neck and throat. The opening of the door started the girls and quickly parted.

“So sorry.” Maria said as she backed up through the door, “Totally sorry.”

Maria closed the door; Isabel and Liz slumped back against the edge of the bath. Maria’s face was totally flushed as she leaned against the wall.

“Are you okay?” Tess asked as she moved next to Maria

“Oh yeah…Oh my god they looked so…so…”

“Hot, beautiful, erotic…all of the above?” Tess said

“Totally all of the above. One guess about how they spent their night.” Maria said

“Got that right. The only way you get that close is either from having sex or you’re about to…oh god you don’t think we just interrupted them before their first time do you?” Tess said, very worried

“Uh no. There was something in Liz’s eyes…they definitely did it last night. Probably they were just about to again.” Maria said, “They actually did it…way to go Liz.”

“Yeah, I always thought you were the more adventurous one.” Tess said as she looked into Maria’s eyes

“Oh I’m adventurous…in fact I have a little plan for the guys during out little walk.” Maria said

“Oh really? Tell me more.” Tess said with a sly grin as the two walked away to Tess’s room.

Girl’s Bathroom, Immediately Following

“They really have a bad sense of timing.” Isabel stated as Liz leaned against her while she washed the brunettes hair.

“Actually, I think it was just Maria. Tess was listening in for a while before that.” Liz said

“How’d you know?” Isabel asked as she continued to soap up the silken locks.

“I don’t know.” Liz said, as she pondered in the event. “I just did. Weird.”

“Maybe just a little side effect from last night. It could have made you more aware of us.” Isabel said, referring to herself and Tess

“Yeah, science experiments.” Liz said

“Liz, sweetie, lets try not to bring the school mentality on our little vacation.” Isabel requested as she stroked Liz’s hair back

Liz turned around and pecked Isabel on the lips, “Sorry Isabel, you’re right, we should be enjoying ourselves.” she said as she wrapped her arms around Isabel’s soft skin as they floated back into the middle of the tub.

“Well we certain enjoyed last night.” Isabel said

“Got that right.” Liz said as they latched together in another passion filled kiss.

Together they dunked under the water. Both floated as they turned in the water, never letting each other or the kiss go. Isabel’s hands moved up to Liz’s hair and snaked her hands through it, rinsing the shampoo from it before they returned to the surface gasping for air.

“What do you say about getting dressed and finding our boyfriends?” Liz said

“Hmmm…I’d rather say in bed with you but good call. I need to see Alex, besides a little breakfast before we explore this little island could be good.” Isabel

“Just remember, you owe me a show.” Liz said as he hand reached down and cupped Isabel’s arse.

Isabel sighed and closed her eyes for a second. “Hmm, I always fulfil my promises…especially ones made to my lovers, and queens.”

“Is…” Liz said shaking her head

“Okay, okay…I wont call you that until it’s official. But you better start getting used to it.” Isabel said

“Yeah…if my dad really doesn’t mind the fact that I’m dating an alien.” Liz said

“I’m sure he’s fine with it…well maybe not fine…concerned maybe but he’ll accept it. Kalen did say they were surprisingly cool about finding our we’re aliens.” Isabel said

“Yeah…I guess. Come one let’s find food. You need a recharge after last night.” Liz said

“Hell in that case you better eat a lot because I plan on wearing you out every night that we spend together.” Isabel teased

“That WE spend together?” Liz enquired

“Well just because you haven’t been with Tess yet doesn’t mean you still can’t be with Max. It just means that you wont get pregnant.” Isabel said

Liz looked up into Isabel’s eyes and smiled warmly, “Yeah.” she said with realisation

“Yeah.” Isabel said as she thought of Alex.

The two girls left the tub and dried each other off before slipping on their robes. Isabel pressed one of the buttons with her big toe and the water began to spin and glow. After a few seconds it stopped, all the bubbles were gone and only 100% pure water remained in the tub.

“We really need to get one of those at home.” Liz said

“Maybe we could ask Kalen to arrange it.” Isabel suggested

Both girls smiled and walked back to their room. They didn’t have time to check their room last night but they found that some of their clothing from their other rooms had been transported here. They dressed in t-shirts, no bras, tight shorts and boots. Everything a girl needs to tease her man while walking through a tropical jungle. As it turned out Maria and Tess had opted for similar attire but they had a gleam in their eyes when ever they looked at Michael and Kyle as they sat around the table. Isabel and Liz knew that they had something planned. From the looks of it Kyle and Michael were about to have a very good time.

Under the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Same Time

“Well, well, well…Ava. And here I was thinking those freaks had taken you out.” Nicholas said

“I’m not Ava, my name is Serena. And they’re freaks? At least our skin doesn’t peal off like that.” Serena said

Nicholas’s husk was nearing the end of its time. His skin was flaking, completely patched and blistered. Soon he would have no choice to go with his compatriots to a colder climate and abandon the husks. Somewhere close to the North Pole where the air was practically untouched would be their only chance for survival.

“Serena? Ah yes…the human mind is coming through. It looks like Kalen’s tech heads still can’t work out all the bugs. So what can I do for you?” Nicholas asked

“Simple, I want blood…specifically Max and Liz’s.” Serena said, “I can’t seem to get the boy passed that mousy virgin so I want them dead.”

“Well as reasons go I guess it’s as good as any.” Nicholas said, “How can I help?”

“Help me make them suffer. I want…need you to get a hold of their parents.” Serena


“And torture them. Make them suffer enough so that their dreams echo the pain.” Serena said

“Ah, so that when Isabel dream walks them they’ll all come running.” Nicholas said

“That’s the plan.” Serena said

“What of Tess? Her powers negate your own.” Nicholas said

“And her powers are useless against me. Besides she wouldn’t hurt…herself.” Serena said with a smile

“You do know that Nasedo’s deal with Kivar states that either Tess or yourself must deliver Max’s heir to Kivar?”

“So one of the ever righteous guardians was a traitor. Well we kill everyone else, I fuck him then kill him.” Serena said with a smile

“My, my…a little black widow in the mix too I see.” Nicholas said, “Very well, I will do as you ask but none of my operatives have been in the Roswell area for some time…it’s bad for the skin. It’ll take some time for an intelligence report…we don’t want to attract attention from the wrong sources.

“Just get it done junior.” Serena said and walked away, taking out a nail file and became to file her nails. “I’ll contact you in two days. Be ready.” she yelled back

Nicholas smiled, once long ago two people he trusted the most, Kalen and Feln turned their back on him. They called him a traitor and would have nothing further to do with him. Kalen even went as far as to getting Nicholas exiled from Antar, it was then that Kivar found him, made him his senior general and sent him to Earth to undo the abominations and if necessary wipe the filth of humanity from the universe. Even if it meant the extinction of his own race, Kivar was fanatical enough to do it and Nicholas was beyond caring for anything. He only wanted to beat Kalen and Feln and undo their work. More than that, he wanted to see his older brothers burn.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 6

On The Beach, 10:00

When everyone was fed and everything cleaned away they came out to the surface to begin their exploration of the island that would be their home for a while.

“So…how do we do this?” Alex asked

“How about we split up?” Maria suggested, “2 teams?”

“Yeah. Me, Isabel, Max and Alex. Then you guys.” Liz suggested

The two groups split apart. Liz’s headed around the beach while Maria’s started through the jungle, following a small stream that flowed into the sea.

2 Hours Later…

Maria’s group had tracked the stream to a large pond at the base of a cliff, surrounded by rocks with a waterfall trickling into it. The entire setting was surreal and the perfect place to set up and have lunch. As Michael and Kyle lay out a blanket and took the food out of a backpack, Maria and Tess sat on one of the rocks. They had taken of their sneakers and had their feet dangling in the cool water.

Tess gave a subtle stare to Kyle and then looked back at Maria. “Now?” she whispered

Maria looked as Michael took off his shirt, his naked chest glistened as the humidity effected him. “Oh yeah.” Maria whispered with lust

Tess rested her hand on Maria’s thigh, gently caressing it. The plan was simple; turn Kyle and Michael on so much that any resistance they felt would be irrelevant. The only method that Maria could come up with was being with Tess, going all the way right in front of them if need be. Tess didn’t mind one bit.

While Kyle was pouring out some orange juice he looked up to see his girlfriend slid her fingers under the leg of Maria’s shorts. At first he didn’t think much of it but then he quickly did a double take and stared intently at the contact. Slowly he sat back and indicated to Michael who sat next to him, beginning to watch the show.

Slowly Maria leaned forward and kissed Tess softly on her lips. Tess then began to kiss her way around to Maria’s ear on the side the guys couldn’t see.

“They’re already watching us.” Tess whispered as she began to nibble on Maria’s ear.

The sensation caused Maria to gasp and close her eyes while tilting her head slightly. As Tess moved her hands up to Maria’s waist, Maria opened her eyes and looked directly at Michael and Kyle, smiling at them. Both of the men looked at each other and them back to the scene. Michael knew that Maria was putting this on for them but he couldn’t care less – he wanted to see it.

Maria grabbed hold of Tess’s t-shirt and pulled it over her head. For the first time Maria saw more of the alien blonde’s body than she ever hand before. Kyle and Michael’s eyes almost burst out of the sockets but Kyle raised his hand to cover Michael’s vision. The last thing he wanted was for Michael to be looking at his girl’s body but Michael pulled the hand away.

Just then Tess looked over at them and gave them an equally lustful smile as Maria had done. The human girl bent forward and captured a nipple with her teeth and bit down, causing Tess to cry out. Tess needed to lie back before she fell into the water; Maria sensed this and eased her back onto the warm stone. With delicate movements Maria trailed her hand down from Tess’s cheek, between her tits and down to her shorts where she unbuttoned them and slowly pulled down the zipper.

Tess lifted her hips, allowing Maria to pull the shorts off her body along with her white panties and leaving her completely naked. Maria kissed Tess’s belly before sitting back up and pulling her own top off, Tess used her powers to unfasten her shorts, which Maria shimmied out of. Both girls looked at each other, Maria bending over Tess’s head, gently stroking her hair. Then they both looked over to their men and were pleasantly surprised to see them kissing each other hard.

Maria looked back down at Tess and smiled before kissing her with equal passion and then dragging her into the water.

“Mariaaaaa...” Tess giggled as she became completely submerged.

As she surfaced she began to splash Maria who then countered. They were completely submerged up to their waist, both moving and jumping playfully to avoid the water that was sent their way. Michael and Kyle had parted and looked at each other when they heard the laughing and giggling coming from the water. The moved away from each other and over to the rocks where they watched the girls play.

The cold water had Maria and Tess’s nipples sticking out proudly and when Maria realised that once again they were being watched. They stopped their little game, moved closer to each other and stood in front of the waterfall facing the guys. Maria draped her arm over Tess’s shoulder while Tess moved her hand across Maria’s back and down to rest her hand on her hip.

Michael quickly stripped out of his clothes and moved into the pool, drawn by the allure of Maria’s body. His dick stood proud before him and both girls smiled.

“Looks like you’re one hell of a lucky girl.” Tess whispered in her ear

Then Kyle stripped and Tess got a look at his dick.

“You too.” Maria teased

Both men advanced toward the pair but they stepped back and Maria shook her finger at them.

“Sorry gentlemen…no boys allowed.” Maria said and them turned her head to kiss Tess while her free hand stroked her breast. Rolling the pink nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

The guys just groaned, their dicks becoming harder. Tess moved Maria over to where the waterfall splashed on the rocks and sat her down on them. Gently she knelt down in the water and parted Maria’s legs, staring at Maria’s core before turning back to the guys.

“But…eh…don’t let us from stopping you two enjoying yourselves.” Tess said as her eyes glanced down at their dicks. “It looks like you need it.”

Tess then turned back to Maria; water splashed down on to her and ran down her body, stimulating her senses. She kissed her inner thigh before moving down to her lower lips, taking her clit into her mouth.

“ARGHHHHHHHHHH.” Maria cried out, her voice echoing through the jungle. When Liz’s group heard it they just looked at each other. Isabel and Liz smiling as they realised that Maria was certainly enjoying herself.

Tess cupped Maria’s left breast while her other hand trailed the outer edge of Maria’s cunt; sending shivers right the way through her body. Then, ever so gently, Tess pushed two of her fingers as far as they would go into Maria’s virgin passage.

“GODDDDDDD...TESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.” Maria screamed as she rested on of her legs on Tess’s shoulder as she ate her. She lay back on the rocks, providing her with the support she needed.

Slowly, as waves of pleasure arched like electricity through her nervous system, she opened her eyes to look at the guys. They had given into their lust and the attraction they felt to each other. Michael stood behind Tess’s boyfriends, holding Kyle’s cock firmly in his hand and pumping his hard length. Maria smiled, she took Tess’s hand from her breast and put her fingers into her mouth, using them to muffle her screams but her moans still filled the local area.

Tess kept looking up at Maria as she squirmed under the loving touch of her lips and tongue. On the other side of the pond, Kyle pushed his hips back against Michael. Both staring intently at the all-girl action that was taking place before them, they wanted to cum but soon they were too wrapped up in each other, gone were all the feelings of confusion and resentment at what they had to do. They wanted each other and they both now accepted it. Michael pushed Kyle forward so that they were right next to their girlfriends. He bent Kyle over and pushed inside him, as Michael thrust in and out of him Kyle pushed his hips back, meeting him thrust for thrust.

Everyone was sweating, not just from their activities but also from the heat and humidity. Michael muscles rippled as he moved, one of his hands stayed on Kyle’s hip while his free hand ran along his back. They all groaned and moaned as they sought pleasure from each other. Tess was revelling in her first taste of female flesh and Michael closed his eyes tightly as the tight feel of Kyle squeezed on his cock.

Just then both Michael and Maria came hard. Michael pulled out of Kyle and shot his load everywhere. When Maria reached her climax she looked down to Tess and bent forward, kissing the other blonde with raw heat. At the same time, the eyes and the wrists of the two aliens began to glow, as the glands to produce the pheromone were no awake and no longer dormant.

When Maria broke the kiss to looked into Tess’s eyes. She was eager for her new lover to experience the same pleasure that had just been bestowed upon her. Tess moved from between Maria’s legs and the two swapped places.

“If I’m anywhere near as good as you are, you’re gonna love this.” Maria whispered.

The two looked over to Michael and Kyle. Michael had taken Kyle’s dick into his mouth, sucking on it as Kyle groaned. Maria kissed Tess and then moved down her body until her face was inline with her alien lover’s soaked core. She descended and captured the small bud with her mouth before beginning to lick with her tongue. Maria speared into Tess as she moved her hand up around her legs to a point where she could use her thumb to apply pressure to Tess’s clit.

“UGHHHHH Maria…Uhhhhhhhhh.” Tess called out

“GUUUHHHHHHH…Michael.” Kyle groaned out from beside them, his hand placed firmly on Michael’s head.

The sounds of pleasure coming from Tess’s boyfriend at the hands of Michael stimulated Maria. She moved her tongue faster into Tess, her free hand had moved round to caress the soft skin of her ass. Tess was close and Maria knew it so she bit down on Tess sending a massive shockwave up her body and causing her to cum. Tess had her hand caressing Kyle’s arm at the time and the feel of Tess’s touch was enough to send him over the edge as well as he came in Michael’s mouth.

The entire area became saturated with the purple mist that was emitted from the two aliens. As Kyle and Maria breathed it in their eyes started to glow and then their wrists. Eventually they all sank back down into the water, both couples languished in each other’s arms as they tried to regain control of their senses.

“That is so gonna land us a permanent place in Hell.” Maria breathed out as she looked up into the sky.

“But totally worth it.” Tess responded as snuggled against Maria

As Maria looked over to Michael she stood up in the water and sat down in his lap, her arms wrapped around him as they watched Tess move next to Kyle.

“So any more…concerns?” Maria asked softly as she felt Michael soft dick on the underside of her thighs.

“No babe, none.” Michael whispered huskily back to her

“Good.” Maria stated and kissed him, her tongue penetrating deep into his mouth. Michael could taste Tess on Maria as she could taste Kyle.

Tess and Kyle were having a similar conversation as he gently stroked the skin of her breast. Tess was resigned to the fact that later on she would be visiting Kyle in his room tonight, as well as the fact that she would be waking up in the morning with Maria beside her. Tess used her powers and pulled her watch over to her and looked at the time, she found that they had spent nearly 2 hours in this pool…she would have to tell Isabel about this ‘special place’.

“Guys, we should probably go find the others.” Tess said loudly enough to break them all out of their current state of mind and back to reality. They all knew that a major step had been taken. While they were all eager to return home they knew that it would only happen after making love to the others. Right now they were just looking forward to spending more time with their current lovers.

They all dressed, ate some food and packed everything up. As Maria passed Kyle, he couldn’t help but look at the ass of the girl who just caused his girl to scream out loud. When Tess caught his glance she moved in front of him and waved.

“Hey you, don’t you get any ideas.” Tess said

Kyle chuckled, “Relax my love. Just admiring an attractive bod…she doesn’t hold a candle to you. Besides, I spotted a little glance your way from Michael.” He said

“Really?” Tess asked, slightly perky.

Kyle got a little jealous and Tess saw it, “Relax babe, just teasing. But I think we better just remember who is dating who and the fact that you’re parents are seeing each other.” she said

“Got that right.” Michael said as he walked by them and looked at Kyle.

Maria also heard the conversation and pulled Michael in for a deep kiss. “You better remember that too. She is mine…and Kyle’s.” she stated bluntly

“Got it…and you’re mine…and Tess’s.” Michael said before kissing her again.

The group climbed up the rocks of the cliff and continued to follow the remained of the stream through the trees.

Elsewhere on the Island, An Hour Earlier

While the other quartet was having the time of their lives, Liz and the others had found their own little hideaway. They were in a small cove on the other side of the island that was encased with a line of rock that circled out onto the ocean. It looked as though it was the top of an underwater volcano and the island was formed from a previous eruption. On all sides of them were trees and just before them the ocean water lapped up on their feet. Each of them were lying back in the sand, the sun beating down on them as they ate away at their own lunch.

It was then that Isabel decided to fulfil her promise to Liz and put on a show with Alex for her. She told Alex that she wanted to speak to him but as they left she winked at Liz, indicating that it was time. The couple disappeared into the trees and a few minutes later Liz decided to follow them.

“Max, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Liz said and Max nodded. He was on the verge of sleep as he lay in the sand.

Liz jogged off into the trees, in the general direction of Isabel and Alex. Then through some bushes she spotted them, Isabel had Alex pressed up against a tree, his arms hung limply by his sides as she kissed him. Liz sat back in the bushes, enjoying her view, as she lay hidden by the foliage.

After a couple of minutes Alex started to get involved with the kiss. He brought his hands up, one caressed Isabel’s cheek while the other was placed on her waist. Soon he moved his hand around and grabbed hold of Isabel’s butt, pulling her closer to him. Isabel broke the kiss, her skin was flushed as she smiled and looked at him.

“I love you Alex.” She breathed out softly

“I love you too.” he responded just as softly

Liz had heard her friend and her new girlfriend speak and smiled warmly. She was happy for them but then jumped as she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Ohhhh.” she said suddenly as her heart jumped, “God Max you scared me.” She whispered

“What are you doing here?” Max asked before looking in the direction in which Liz was looking

“Max, don’t do anything…don’t do the whole brother thing, just let them have this.” Liz begged

Max calmed himself but then heard a zip being undone. Both he and Liz looked to each other and then over to the other couple, they looked on as Isabel dropped to her knees before Alex.

“Okay I so don’t need to see this. Let’s go.” Max said and took Liz’s hand.

Liz forced her self to look away as Isabel took Alex into her mouth and started to bob her head back and forth. Silently she and Max left and returned to the cove. Just as they were about to leave the tree line, Max stopped and turned Liz to face him.

“Max?” Liz asked

Max ran his fingers through Liz’s hair and looked into her eyes.

“Isabel set that up for you.” Max said with realisation

“I…we…it was payment for the little show we gave the others yesterday.” Liz said, “Of course I wasn’t expecting the blow…”

“Ah…don’t say it. I don’t want to even think about what I almost saw.” Max said

“Max, Isabel was just enjoying spending some time with the man she loves. Just like you and me.” Liz said

“I’m still her brother Liz. Some things a brother should not know about his sister and vice versa.” Max said

“I suppose…but what about you and Alex?” Liz asked

“Things are progressing.” Max said cryptically

“Sounds promising…do you want me and Isabel to disappear for a while?” Liz asked


“Max, it’s okay.” Liz said

“No it’s not that. It’s just…I’m not comfortable talking about it.” Max said

“Well, in that case when Isabel gets back I’ll take her for a walk. If something happens between you and Alex – fine.” Liz said

Together the couple moved back down to the shoreline, hand in hand. As much as they wanted to make love to each other right here on the beach, they both resisted. Liz wanted Max to have his time with Alex before they were together, and if he was still having problems then having Max frustrated was the best bet of accomplishing what they had to do.

Back in the trees, Alex had his fist tightened by his side as pressure built in his balls under the tender administrations of Isabel. She was driving him insane but all of a sudden she stopped and stood back up, tucking his dick back into his shorts and zipping him up. Alex looked very confused at Isabel; he was so close that it was maddening that Isabel would have stopped when she did.

“Sorry sweetie, someone else needs this.” Isabel said while rubbing his rock hard dick through his shorts.

“Isabel…please.” Alex begged

“Uh huh. Alex, you and Max have some things to deal with. Liz and I agreed earlier, as much as we want to be with you two, you two need to be with each other.” Isabel said. She reached down and used her powers to take a little bit of the edge off and soften his dick. At the very least it would give him the ability to walk fully up right.

When they rejoined Max and Liz, they found them rolling in the sand, kissing passionately as they ran their hands along each other. When they realised that once again they were being watched they stopped and looked up at the others.

“Hey guys.” Liz said

“Hey.” Isabel responded as she looked at the brunette.

Liz and Max stood up and there was an uneasy silence between them. After a minute Liz shook her head.

“Isabel, want to go for a walk?” she said as she started to move

“Yeah, thanks.” Isabel said as she followed her.

When they were far enough away from their men Isabel looked back at them and then to Liz.

“So did I do good?” Isabel asked

“Oh you did very good, I give a 9.9…too bad Max showed up.” Liz said

“WHAT??” Isabel yelled but the quieted her voice, “What?”

“He showed up, he wondered where I had gotten to.” Liz said

“How…how much did he see?” Isabel asked

“He…uh…saw you going on to your knees.” Liz said

“Oh my god. No wonder he couldn’t look me in the eye back there.” Isabel said

“Relax, he pulled me away before you really got started.” Liz said, “But who knew you were that much of an exhibitionist?”

“I know, I still can’t believe I was going to do that in front of you.” Isabel said, “Do you think they’ll be okay back there?”

“How about we just worry about us?” Liz said before grabbing Isabel’s head and pulling her down into a scorching hot kiss.

Slowly they both sank down to their knees, Isabel’s hands creeping up under Liz’s shirt and cupping her breasts. The girls stripped of their tops and Liz latched her mouth onto one of Isabel’s nipples, licking it, nibbling on it and tormenting the hell out of Isabel as she made love to her friend’s bosom.

At the cove, Max and Alex were making up for when Michael had interrupted them. After the girls left them they had decided to cool off and go for a swim…it didn’t work out that way. They didn’t want to get their clothes wet so they stripped naked and went into the water but instead of cooling them off, their blood boiled as they stole glances at each other.

When they returned to the shore they lay in the wet sand as the waves lapped over them. They pressed their hard lengths against each other as they held their bodies tightly, kissing each other with passion.

“Can you believe we’re doing this?” Alex asked as he ran his hand over Max’s tight muscles.

“Yes.” Max said bluntly but with heat.

Slowly they crawled further up onto the shore. Max wasn’t sure what to do so he decided to take the initiative and shifted his position so that they were in the opposite positions from each other. Max angled Alex’s dick and took it into his mouth, he had received a flash that told him that Isabel didn’t finish him off but rather she left it for her brother.

Alex groaned out loudly, loud enough for Liz and Isabel to hear them and causing them both to look at their direction.

“See I told you they’d be fine.” Liz said before going back down on Isabel causing her to cry out.

Alex squirmed as he tried to push his cock further into Max’s mouth but as he opened his eyes he could see Max’s length close to his own mouth. Within seconds they were in a sixty-nine, giving each other pleasure. It didn’t take long for them to shoot their loads into each other’s mouth. When it happened, Max’s pheromone glands woke up and released their vapour, which Alex breathed in, causing similar organs to form within Alex’s wrists. Their eyes were glowing brightly as they looked at each other.

As they returned to their senses they met up with Liz and Isabel who were finishing getting dressed. Neither pair had to guess what they other were up to. Max looked at his watch and realised that it was getting late and that they should probably meet up with Maria and the others.

Facility Entrance, The Beach, 16:00

As the two groups approached each other, everyone smiled and greeted each other. They all had a glow that could not be mistaken, everyone had fun and not one person minded the uniqueness of their situation…at least until another set of hybrids that had human relationships could be found.

When they all moved to within a couple of feet from each other, their eyes glowed brightly with a pale blue light. As they looked at their wrists they spotted the points glowing once again. It was then that they knew that they would be tied together for the rest of their lives. They still had some bonding to do, Liz and Tess in particular but that was a problem for further down the line. Today was a good day.

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 7

Command Room, Alpha 1, A Few Seconds Later

“Sir.” called one of the medical officers

“Yes, what is it?” Kalen asked

“We just got a spike from Whitman’s medical monitor. It indicated that all of them have completed phase 1, they all now have the glands.” The medic said

“That was fast.” Kalen said, “What were they doing?”

“They went for a walk through the jungle. Apparently they were…stimulated enough to undergo their initial mating.”

“Identify those locations. They may come in handy when we bring in the next set of hybrids.” Kalen said

“Yes sir.”

Common Room, Facility, Immediately Following

After the little glowing event outside, each of the teens walked silently down the hall and into the common room where they all sat around the table.

“That was…” Kyle started to say

“Weird.” Maria continued

“What the hell was that glowing about anyway?” Max asked

Isabel and Liz looked at each other, drawing the attention of Tess who realised that they knew what was going on.

“Okay guys, spill it.” Tess said as she looked at them

Everyone then looked to the pair.

“Kalen told us that the wrist glow were glands forming. It’s those glands that produce the pheromone.” Liz said

“When did he tell you that?” Alex asked

“This morning…after we woke up.” Isabel said as she stared into Alex’s eyes

The heat between the two grew intensely and was picked up by everyone else, especially by Liz who was caressing Isabel’s leg. Max looked between the two and suddenly his ‘protective brother’ attitude kicked in at full steam and decided to break the two out of it.

“So.” he said directly, “Whose turn is it to cook dinner?”

“That would be me.” Michael said, “Wanna help?” he asked Maria

“Sure…I’m sure I could think of a few things to cook.” Maria responded as she looked at Michael before her eyeballs looked down to his lap when she said ‘cook’

Max shook his head at the obvious flirtation between the two. He stood up and went to the fridge to grab a bottle of water. The interaction of the two couples in the room had sent his own desire of Liz through the roof and he needed a distraction. He was pretty sure that Kyle felt the same, especially when he and Tess decided to take a walk but before they left Kalen beamed in.

“Kalen. Something wrong?” Max asked

“No, I just brought these. I thought you’d want to see them immediately.” Kalen said as he put eight envelops on the table. “We’ve decided to allow you and you’re parents to send letters to each other.”

“Okay, so why is there one for me?” Michael asked as he found an envelop with his name in it.

“It would appear that Maria’s mother has decided to take a greater interest in you.” Kalen said with a smirk, as Michael’s face suddenly grew a little fearful.

“Do I want to read this?” Michael asked

“You’ll never know until you do. Besides, Feln told me she took the news about you rather well.” Kalen said

Liz took her letter and looked fearfully at it. She had no idea how her parents really felt about Max and her relationship with him, this letter would be her first indication other than what was relayed to Kalen. Max saw her face and reached his hand under the table and took hold of hers, in part to reassure Liz but also to reassure himself. Liz’s mother and father could be the nail that seals the coffin on their relationship.

“Exactly how did they send these letters?” Isabel said, “Somehow I doubt they put them in a post box of the U.S Postal Service to deliver them.”

“Actually they did.” Kalen said, “Feln is undercover in L.A. they posted the letters to him and he sent them on to the island. You’re letters will be send back long the same route. Nothing will be done to attract the wrong kind of attention.”

“Also known as Serena, the Skins, the military, the government and any agents left over from the Special Unit.” Kyle said as he sat back and pondered on the long list of enemies they had.

Kalen also reviewed the list but had a different expression on his face, it wasn’t one of concern, but it was more like humour.

“What?” Max asked

“You can scratch a few from that list.” Kalen said

Everyone looked up at him.

“We’ve been working with the government and the military. The Special Unit was involved with this project but their mandate was to hunt Skins.” Kalen said

“How can you say that? Pierce captured Max…tortured him.” Michael said angrily

“The Unit was isolated from the other agencies. Somewhere along the line they forgot their function and just went after any alien they could get close to. However, you successfully dealt with them but the other’s…we have an arrangement. Do you really think it was Nazi scientists that aided the U.S. space program in the sixties?” Kalen said

“So you’re selling them technology?” Max asked

“In exchange for these islands, privacy and giving our people a new lease on life. Most of it was done through the U.N.” Kalen said

“So the conspiracy nuts have got it right after all.” Alex said while laughing

Liz & Isabel’s Bedroom, 3 Hours Later

After dinner, the group split apart to read their letters and write their parents replies. Isabel had been in the bathroom while Liz toyed with her letter. She thought she had given Liz sufficient time to read it privately but eventually she decided to return to the room.

She found Liz lying belly down on their bed, her head in her arms as she looked at the envelop on the pillow. She felt for Liz, apart of her was concerned about what her parents had written in their letter to her but then Liz was human, asking her human parents to accept her future with a group of aliens. Silently Isabel moved further into the room and sat down on the bed next to Liz.

“So have you developed x-ray vision now?” Isabel asked

Liz chuckled slightly and turned over. Isabel reached over and moved some strands of hair from Liz’s face.

“Do you want me to leave?” Isabel said

“No.” Liz stated quickly, “I think I just need the company.”

“Well you have it…but you should really read it. It’s the only way you’ll know.” Isabel said

“I know.” Liz said as she picked up the letter. Slowly Liz tore open the sealed paper and pulled out the letter and put her fingertips on the corners, ready to open it but then stopped. “I can’t…I just can’t.” she said

Isabel frowned. “Okay that’s it.” She stated as she stood up. “Liz, since I’ve known you, I have seen you grow. In that time I’ve learned to be you’re friend, I’ve learned to respect you and I really, really care about you. Serena may have put you through a whole lot of crap but the Liz I’m seeing right now is not the one that I know and it’s not the one I’ve shared a bed with. Now read the damned letter.”

Liz just looked up at Isabel and then unfolded the paper, reading it aloud.


Dear Liz,
My little girl, we’ve learned so much about you in the last couple of days that you’re mom and I have no idea where to begin. Last night, when mom was putting some washing in you’re room she found you’re journal. We tried not to read it, we knew how you felt about it but we needed more answers. After reading even the first few entries…

We’ve never been prouder of you Liz. What you’ve managed to deal with, this situation with Max is incredible and if there was anything I could do to make the FBI pay for what they did to him I would do it but I couldn’t put any of you in danger again. Right now you’re safe and that’s all that matters.

You would probably love meeting you’re temporary replacement here. In
every respect she is identical to you but it’s still hard to see you and know that it isn’t you. Amy, Jim, Philip, Diane, Charles and Janet all feel the same. We know that you’re all there to bond with each other; to help you become a closer family but we just want you home as soon as possible.

You’re mom just brought up something. No doubt you’re concerned about how we feel about the situation with Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess. I don’t want to say too much in case…Liz, Max saved you’re life. That’s all I need to know about the boy and while IT does take a little getting used to I know that we will. If you say that you truly love him then we’ll be with you and by you’re side when ever you need us.

I don’t know how you spend you’re time on that island but I hope that everything is going smoothly and that Tess isn’t causing too much trouble for you and Max. Please write to us soon and let us know how you’re all doing. Enjoy you’re little vacation and BE GOOD.

All my love,

Liz had a tear rolling down her cheek. She could almost hear her dad speaking the words and she missed home and her parents terribly. When she was done speaking, Isabel sat down next to her and wrapped her arms around her, kissing her cheek.

“See, they’re okay with it.” Isabel said

Liz wiped the tear from her eye, “Yeah.”

“So, how about you get changed and go pay a visit to my brother?” Isabel asked, “You know he’s gonna be dying until he finds out if you’re folks are fine with him dating you.”

“What about Alex? He might be with Max just now.” Liz said

Isabel smiled. “You let me take care of Alex. He’s a little frustrated after our little show this afternoon.”

Liz looked directly into Isabel’s eyes. “You did finish him off today didn’t you?”

“He needed a little motivation to be with Max.” Isabel said to justify her action

Liz smiled, shook her head and jumped up off the bed. She moved over to the wardrobe, ready to pull something out to change into but then stopped.

“What do I wear?” she asked Isabel

“Actually I was thinking about the second drawer on the left.” Isabel said with a smirk. She had found what was in that drawer after coming back from the bathroom in the morning and couldn’t wait to see Liz in it.

Liz moved over to the drawer and opened it. Slowly she pulled out a white silk negligee that had a split up the leg and a low cut at the chest.

“Iz, I can’t wear this…” Liz said as she held the garment to her body

“Sure you can.” Isabel said as she stood up. “You are going to go to Max and get him into bed.”

Isabel moved behind Liz and took the negligee from her, grabbed the sides of Liz’s t-shirt and pulled it off over her head, leaving the brunette topless. Gently Isabel caressed Liz’s arms and slipped her arms around to cup the smaller girls breasts while kissing the back of her neck. Slowly the blonde slid her hands down to Liz’s shorts and played with the button. Liz thought that Isabel planned on stripping her but instead, as the button became undone, Isabel thrust her hand deep inside her shorts and panties.

Liz arched her back against Isabel, biting her lower lip as Isabel’s fingers found their way into her pussy.

“Hmmmmmmm.” Liz purred, “Isabel what are…you doing?”

“Having some fun before my brother gets his grubby little paws on you.” Isabel said before nibbling on her ear

Isabel pushed her fingers deep inside Liz, her other arms was wrapped tightly around Liz’s torso, pulling her tightly against her body. Liz’s hips gyrated, grinding themselves against Isabel’s palm as she tried to get closer.

“IS…ISABEL…OH GODDDDDD.” Liz screamed as wave after wave of pleasure caused her body to convulse as Isabel found her clit with her thumb.

Isabel smiled, as the human lay limp in her arms. Slowly she removed her hand from Liz’s shorts and turned her around, kissing her passionately as Liz tried to pull off Isabel’s shirt but the blonde grabbed her hands to stop her.

“But…” Liz started to say

“No…this was for you.” Isabel said as reached down to open the zipper on the shorts.

Isabel sank to her knees, pulling the shorts off as she went. Then came Liz’s underwear and then Isabel stood back up, picking up the silk negligee from the drawers and dressed Liz in it. When Liz reached into the drawer for some underwear Isabel stopped her.

“You wont need those.” Isabel said

Liz straightened the fabric with her hands while Isabel untwisted the thin shoulder straps. Slowly Isabel ran her hands through Liz’s hair, the two girls just smiled as they gazed into each other’s eyes.

“I can’t believe I’m gonna do this.” Liz said as Isabel touched her cheek

“Just give me ten minutes to make sure Alex is…distracted. Then you go to Max.” Isabel said softly before giving a Liz a gently peck on her lips.

Hallway In The Guys Area, 10 Minutes Later

Liz had sneaked her way through the common room and into the guy’s sleeping area. When she was about to pass Alex’s room she spotted Alex and Isabel, tight against the wall. Isabel had her leg wrapped around Alex as they rolled along the wall and fell into Alex’s room, the door slamming behind them. Quietly Liz tiptoed up to the door and pressed her ear against it. All she could hear was muffled moans from Alex; Liz knew that once again Isabel was using her oral talents on her boyfriend.

She progressed down the network of halls and found Max’s door and knocked on it. From in side she heard Max say “Come In.” and she opened the door. She found Max sitting at his desk, reading the letter from his mother but in his envelope there was something else – two group photographs. The first was the teens, taken just before they left to go to the dance. As Liz looked at it she remembered thinking that that would have been the last time they would be all together like that. She never imagined how right she was until now – they were all together now…permanently. The second picture was of the adults, taken in the exact place in the Crashdown where the first was taken and while they were not together like their children, they were together.

When Max looked up and saw Liz standing at his door dressed in the white silk, he couldn’t help but look over the length of her beautiful body and he stood up. Slowly he moved over to her, both looking into each other’s eyes like love struck teenagers, which is what they were.

“You look so beautiful.” Max sighed as he began to wrap his arms around her

“I love you Max.” Liz said as her arms circled Max and they came together in a loving, heated kiss.

Liz pulled off Max’s shirt as they moved over to the bed. Right now everything they had been through was history, they belonged to each other and only each other. Their relationships with Isabel and Alex were for tomorrow. Gently Max lay Liz down on the bed and then he moved on top of her.

Liz brought her leg up; the split of the negligee fell away and exposed her naked leg to Max’s hand, which began to caress her soft skin. As they looked to each other Max sat up and hooked his fingers around the shoulder straps. Ever so slowly he inched the silk down her body, stripping her of the delicate fabric that concealed her form from his gaze. When needed Liz arched her body and allowed Max to pull the negligee completely off her body and down her legs.

By the time it hit the floor Max’s boxers joined it. The two took a minute to glare over each other’s bodies for the first time. Max cupped Liz’s cheek before slowly sliding his hand down over her breast and down to her hip. Soon he was back on top of her; Liz could feel his erection pressing into her thigh. Max reached in between her thighs and found her wet, from her earlier activities with Isabel but he didn’t know that.

“Make love to me Max.” Liz quietly begged

“I love you so much Liz. I’m never going to let anything come between us again.” Max stated as he parted her legs and moved between them.

As Liz ran her hand over Max’s chest, her free hand reached down to hold Max’s hard length and positioned at her slit. Max silently asked the question with a look and Liz nodded. They never lost eye contact as Max slowly pushed his cock into Liz.

“God Liz, your so…tight.” Max gasped as he felt Liz’s virginity with the tip of his cock.

“Please Max.” Liz begged

Max slowly pulled out and quickly thrust back in hard, tearing away her hymen and burying his dick deep within his love. Liz had a tear running down from her eyes and Max remained motionless as he allowed Liz to become accustomed to the feel of his length inside her. Max lifted his hand up and with his index finger he wiped away the tear. He then reached down to her abdomen and used his powers to take the pain away. Liz felt a warm glow fill her body and felt it intensify as Max gently began to move inside her.

“Max…” Liz gasped as she began to move her hips in time with Max’s

“Li…Liz…you feel so good.” Max groaned as he began to take long strokes

Liz lifted and locked her legs behind Max’s butt; her hands were on his head as their bodies glided against each other. Liz’s breasts were crushed against Max’s hard chest, her nipples scrapped against his as the made love. They tried not to break their eye contact but as the pleasure wracked through their bodies, sometimes they just had to close them.

“Yes…oh god…MAX…YESSS.” Liz cried out as her body became coated with a fine layer of sweat.

“Uh…Ugh…Ughhhh…oh god Liz.” Max groaned before capturing her lips with his

Their kiss was frenzied, just like the movement of their hands as they explored each other. Liz was screaming into his mouth, her hips rocked back and forth as Max thrust into her. Just then they both glowed, a light so bright that it could be seen from the outer edges of the door in the hall but it lasted only a microsecond. Their glands were stimulated and both produced the pheromone that surrounded them in an invisible mist but without Liz being with Tess is wasn’t stable enough to have any affect on Max. Both arched their backs, pressing themselves against each other.


“LIZZZZZZZZZZZ.” Max called out and shot his semen deep into Liz’s womb.

The lover’s collapsed back down onto the bed. Liz’s legs were like jelly and limply splayed out to the sides of Max. Slowly Max withdrew of cock from Liz and rolled over beside her, he wanted to remove his weight from her and make her as comfortable as possible. Liz rolled over and rested her head on Max’s chest, he used his powers to lift the sheet up over their bodies and it was that way that they remained for the rest of the night.

Cloud 9 Motel, Somewhere in California

As Max and Liz were enjoying themselves and cementing their relationship, Serena had a guy pounding away between her legs. She had picked him up in a bar and dragged him back to the motel with the promise of unbelievable, carefree sex. It was a usual routine for Serena; she must have had a hundred guys in her bed since she split from Tess and took over Ava’s body.

With loud grunts and groan her anonymous man shot deep into her. Once again Serena was not entirely satisfied. She had never found a man that could make her cum and hated the fact but this guy did get her damned close but was still unsuccessful.

Slowly he rolled off her, gasping for breath.

“Damn baby…you were hot.” he said as he got hold of his breath

“Yeah.” Serena said as she sat up in bed and lit a cigarette, “You were not bad yourself.”

The guy jumped off the bed and started to pull on his boxers.

“You know, you were great…if you’re ever in the neighbourhood you should give me a call.” He said

“Thanks…but that’s not gonna happen.” Serena said as she stood up

“Pity. Why not?”

“Cause you’ll be dead in about 5 seconds.” Serena explained and turned to face him

He thought she was kidding but then saw the look in her eyes. Serena quickly raised her hand and used her powers. He screamed in fear and in agony as the energy surrounded him but then he fell silent as he felt to his knees before crumpling into a pile of dust.

“You’re good babe, just not good enough to keep around.” Serena said

She moved over to the window and opened it. Then by using her powers to create a gust of wind she blew the dust out of the window and dispersed it, leaving nothing behind as evidence. She pulled out a bunch of papers from under the mattress and put them on a desk where she sat down and started to work on it. The documents were filled with equations, procedures and alien text.

She had been working on this for months and now after finding the Granolith Crystal in Oregon she was closer to her goal. All she had to do was finish the work before her and work out the precise calculations to complete her plan. Max and those other pathetic hybrids loved this planet so much she wanted to end it, screw Kivar and his plans for Antar all she ever wanted was Max, now all she wants is revenge and Kivar & Nicholas were a means to an end.

“Not bad Alex.” she said to herself, “You were close…too bad I had to bring you back before you could finish.”

She pulled out one of the hexagonal devices and plugged in her latest calculation. It buzzed to life and then it spoke. “Simulation status…no effect. Omega Wave not generated at sufficient power. Re-Genesis - 56.3 percent probability. 30% increase.”

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 7b

Alex’s Bedroom, Same Time

Isabel’s plan to distract Alex and keep him away from Max until the morning had worked admirably. After she blew him off they just lay side by side on the bed, Alex’s hands glided over her body exploring every curve.

“So I take it things are going well with Max and Liz?” Alex asked

Isabel twisted her head quickly and looked at him. “How’d you know?”

“I got flashes from you.” Alex said happily

Isabel smiled brightly as she realised that it was no longer her brother and Liz that could look into each other’s souls.

“You two look really beautiful together.” Alex stated as he caressed her cheek and Isabel blushed, realising that he had a glimpse of her and Liz.


“Isabel, you don’t have to be embarrassed. I meant it, the two of you looked incredible…too bad I wont be able to catch the live show.” Alex said

Isabel smiled and pushed him back, “Men.” she stated

“So back to Max and Liz…everything is fine with them now? No problems?” Alex asked

“Well not that I like to think about my brothers sex life but right now I wouldn’t be surprised if they were already in bed…especially with what I dressed her in.” Isabel said with a smirk

“Liz wont…I mean she can’t get…will she?” Alex asked

“Pregnant? No.” Isabel said, “The pheromone from Max causes Liz to become fertile and the same from Liz to Max but until Liz is with Tess the pheromone wont be stable enough to effect Max’s…well.”

“Good to know. Was your letter okay? I mean any problems with your parents?” Alex asked

“No…well they’re a little upset that Max and I kept it a secret from them all this time.”

“Well I guess that was expected.” Alex said

“Yeah, but they did say they loved us no matter what and they were looking forward to getting to know all about us.” Isabel said

“Well maybe not all about you. Somehow I doubt they’ll want to know what’s going on here.” Alex said

“Yeah.” Isabel said, “Oh god I can just imagine it…oh it was great mom, it spent my time sleeping with my boyfriend as well as Liz and then Maria.”

“She accepted the whole alien thing.” Alex said

“Yeah but bi-sexual aliens are something else.” Isabel said

Suddenly they felt a tingling in their bodies. Their skin became covered in Goosebumps and they felt pleasure beginning to surge through their nerves.

“What the hell?” Alex asked as he felt pressure building in his groin

Isabel also felt it; instinctively her hands began to caress her skin.

“Hmmm…oh god…Ah…Alex…what’s happening?” Isabel cried

The two held each other tightly, beads of sweat formed on their brow.

“OH GODDDDDD...” they cried together

It lasted only a second but it left them breathless. They looked into their lover’s eyes; Alex brushed aside a lock of Isabel’s hair that crossed her face as their legs intertwined.

“I think…I think Max and Liz just…” Isabel said

“Yeah.” Alex stated, “They…wow. I don’t know exactly what happened but…it had to be illegal.” Alex had his hand on Isabel’s waist but then slowly glided it up her side.

Isabel was still trembling from the sensations. “Alex…make love to me.”

Alex smiled at her and the two moved up so that they were resting on their knees. Alex took hold of the bottom of her t-shirt and lifted it over her head, leaving her topless and open to his gaze for the first time. Alex reached out, intent on caressing her breast but at the last possible second his hand changed course and cupped her cheek.

Isabel smiled softly and reached up and took his hand, moving it down to her heaving chest. “Alex you never have to hesitate with me, if you want me…I’m yours.” She said

“I love you Isabel.” Alex said as he started to stroke her firm mound and then brought up his other hand to caress its twin. Gently he began to play with her nipples, causing Isabel to become more excited.

“I love you too.” She responded

Isabel then reached over and pulled off Alex’s shirt, his shorts were still undone from Isabel earlier blowjob so they both stood up and stripped off their remaining clothes. They came together in a heated kiss, their naked bodies pressed together allowing Isabel to feel Alex’s smooth, hard cock against her belly as well as Alex feeling her breasts crushed against his chest, her nipples digging in to his skin.

Isabel backed away and then took hold of Alex’s hand. She sat down on the bed and pulled Alex down to her until both were lying on the bed. Alex kissed her mouth, and then led a trail of kisses down her body, between her breasts and across her belly. As he went Isabel parted her legs for him and he moved between them. Alex’s head was between her thighs, he kissed the soft skin of her legs and then moved on to the apex.

He ran his tongue along the length of her slit before stabbing it in and out of her core. Isabel gasped and her body jerked as her lover latched his mouth onto her.

“Oh god…Alex.” Isabel moaned loudly as he gripped the sheets tightly as her other hand went to behind Alex’s head, holding him in place.

Alex just kept poking away with his tongue, twisting it inside her. Isabel’s body twisted as well, grabbing a pillow and screaming into it to muffle her cries. Alex moved his arms under her legs and around so they locked them in place, he had no intention of letting Isabel go until he made her climax and was trembling from his touch.

“GHHMMMMMMMM.” Alex mumbled, as he tasted her juices

“ALEXXXX.” Isabel said as her back arched, pushing her pussy closer to Alex’s mouth. “Oh my…GODDDDDDDDDDDD.”

Isabel’s entire body was flushed; her skin was red and completely covered with sweat. Her grip on Alex’s head relaxed and he removed his arms from her legs before sliding up her body so that their bodies were aligned. Isabel began to stroke Alex’s chest as the she recovered from her first orgasm of the evening.

“That was…” Isabel trailed off

“Yes?” Alex asked

Isabel looked up into his eyes and smiled, “That was illegal.” She teased playfully

“Okay so that was bad word choosing.” Alex said as he thought over what he said

Suddenly Isabel’s face became serious. “I want you Alex.” She stated

Alex positioned his penis and gently eased himself inside her, both holding each other tightly as they became connected. Alex pushed in very slowly, wanting to draw out the first contact as long as possible for them both but then he felt her virginity and stopped, he looked into her eyes with surprise in his face.

Isabel smiled at him, she realised that he thought she wasn’t a virgin and given her status at school and the number of dates she had been on she couldn’t blame him for his assumption.

“I saved myself for you Alex. All my life I’ve been waiting for you.” Isabel said softly and with love

“I love you so much Isabel.” Alex said to her again before gently withdrawing and then plunging quickly into her and taking her completely

“ARHHHHH, ALEX.” Isabel called out as Alex was completely buried inside her

Alex stopped; he didn’t want to move at all until he was sure that Isabel was ready to continue. “Are you okay?” he asked softly

Isabel took a moment before answering. “I’m fine Alex.” She said but Alex could hear some pain in her voice and wanted more than anything to take that away from her. Isabel sensed that Alex wasn’t going to continue until he knew she was feeling no pain so she reached down to her own abdomen and used her powers to ease the pain away.

Alex knew what she was doing and when she removed her hand he pulled back out of her and then slid back in. Isabel bit her lower lip as their bodies moved together, her hips rocked back and forth as Alex made love to her.

“Alex…pleaaase…God…please, more.” she whimpered

Alex went faster, grinding his body rapidly against the alien princess who was giving herself to him completely. “Isabel.” he groaned out

In and out, over and over again he plunged his dick into her. Her virginal walls gripped him tightly, pumping his dick firmly as they approached their orgasm.

“ALEX, GOD.” She screamed out as she wrapped her legs around his butt, pulling him into her harder.


“OH YEAH…AGHHHHH, UHNNNNNN…OH GODDDDDDDDDD.” Alex said as he shot his seed into her.

As with Max and Liz, their bodies glowed brightly, sending beams of light out of the corners of the door and into the hall. The gaseous chemicals produced from their stimulated glands surrounded them and as with their lovers in the nearby bedroom it had no effect on their reproductive systems.

Gently Alex withdrew from Isabel and rolled off of her, lying by her side he pulled her body close to his before covering them with the blanket. Neither was tired, they just gazed at each other. Both of their faces were filled with pleasure and love, even being with their other lovers hadn’t given them feelings they were experiencing now.

“I love you so much Alex, thank you for making this perfect.” Isabel whispered

Alex just held her tightly against him, their legs interlocked and his hand was on her butt cheek. “Isabel, you are the most important person in my life. I am going to spend everyday loving you…at least the times you aren’t with Liz.”

With that they just lay on the bed, wrapped in each other’s arms. Neither knew where Alex finished and Isabel began, they were just one mass of limbs and flesh.

Max’s Bedroom, Immediately Following

Max and Liz were also in each other’s arms, neither asleep but they were still gong over the night’s activities. All of a sudden they felt pleasure spiralling through their bodies, both of them convulsed as they reached their sudden and unexpected climax. When it was over they sat up and looked at each other, neither feeling the need to cover their nakedness from their lover.

“Did you do that?” Liz asked as she looked around

“Uh…no.” Max said

“Then what…” Liz started to say but then remembered the last time she saw Isabel.

“Liz?” Max asked as he saw her face brighten

“I think Isabel and Alex just…”

“No.” Max said

“Max, don’t do the brotherly thing. They…”

“No, it’s not that. I’m happy for them but the last thing anyone needs is to feel their sister’s and her boyfriend’s orgasm whenever they do it.” Max said

Liz’s face cringed a little, “Yeah, that would be a little weird.”

“A little.” Max agreed as he lay back down on the bed. Liz lay down once again; her head resting on his chest as she pulled the blanket back over their bodies.

“Are you really happy for them?” Liz asked

“Yeah, I am. Just don’t make me picture it in my head. It was…odd seeing her in those flashes.” Max said

“Oh my god, you saw us?” Liz cringed, “How much?”

“Not everything but lets just say that unless it’s you, full frontals are not good.” Max said

“Oops. Lets not tell Isabel that.” Liz suggested, “And I promise I’ll keep some of those images from you.”

“Thank you my love. Now how about we try to get some sleep before anyone else…disturbs us?” Max suggested and then felt Liz nod her head against his chest.

Command Room, Alpha 1, 4 Hours Later

“Report.” Kalen said as he entered the room

“Sir, we’ve located another set of hybrids that have taken humans as potential mates.” His first officer said


“In the Philippines sir.” the officer said, “Even their duplicates have humans as mates.”

“Both sets? That’s encouraging for the other groups.” Kalen said

“Yes sir. How long do you wish to wait before we bring them here?”

“We’ll wait until our concerns about Liz and Tess are no longer an issue. Then we can be assured that an heir will be produced.” Kalen said

“As you wish sir.”

“Is there anything else?” Kalen asked

“Captain Kelus would like to speak with you. He received information from our operative trying to reconstruct Alex’s trail in the U.K. He’s analysing it now.”

“Very well.” Kalen said. He stood from his chair and headed out the door. He headed towards the furthest area of the compound where his head of intelligence had his resources.

Maria & Tess’s Bedroom, 21:00

Maria was having a shower; as much as she wanted to read her mother’s letter immediately she needed a shower from today’s activities. Tess was lying on the bed, dressed only in a g-string as she read her letter from the Jim. Even though she lived in his house and had been made to feel a part of the family, especially at Christmas, she felt there was always a part of her that didn’t belong. That feeling was gone.


Dear Tess,
Well, I always knew the second you kids disappeared it would be an alien thing. At least it was good aliens and not the Skins. Tess when I was told about your little holiday I was given some memories of yours and the others and threw it I felt a couple of your emotions. I know how you and Kyle feel about each other and if it is truly what you want then I’ll be beside you whenever you need me.

I’ve never had a daughter but if I did I would hope that she was at least a little like you. I hope you can put the past behind you and move forward with Kyle and let Max and Liz go. I still can’t believe everything that you’ve had to go through but when you get back I’ll have a surprise for you and Kyle.

At any rate, I miss you both so much. Come home soon and since I have a feeling this “bonding” thing you have to do is binding I’ll say this…welcome to the family my girl. I look forward to making it official.

Love, Jim


Tess had a tear running down her cheek when Maria walked into the room in nothing but a towel.

“Hey are you okay?” Maria asked softly, trying not to pay attention to her lover’s body

“Yeah, I’m great. For the first time…I think I’m really going to be happy.” Tess said as she stood up.

Maria couldn’t ignore her form any longer and let her arms fall to her side. The two fell with them, not that Maria noticed but Tess did. Slowly the two moved to each other until they almost touching, they were barely a centimetre apart but their nipples were touching each other.

Maria lifted her hand and ran it down along Tess’s arm, she smiled as she sank down to her knees where she kissed the other blonde’s bellybutton and pulled down her underwear. Tess gasped when Maria trailed her hand up her inner leg to her core and then pushed her index finger up inside her.

“Ma…ria.” Tess panted

After a few slow strokes and teasing Tess’s clit, Maria pulled out her finger and stood back up. They looked at each other, Tess slightly disappointed without Maria’s finger in her.

“Why’d you…” Tess said

“Because as much as I want you right now, we need some meat. Some hard, silken smooth meat.” Maria stated

“Let’s go.” Tess said determinedly.

The girls grabbed their robes, not wanting to be caught naked out in the halls and headed to find their men. Only stopping briefly to kiss each other.

Intelligence Department, Immediately Following

“Kelus, you wanted to see me?” Kalen asked as he looked around at the number of documents that littered his office and were piled high on his desk. It was obvious that Kelus was looking for something.

“Sir. My operative in Britain completed his report…I know what Serena had him doing?” Kelus said


“Well his first few locations he was translating the destiny book that Tess recovered from the Roswell Library. It looks like he was decrypting it to determine our alphabet and numerical system for a serious calculations…sir Serena is trying to develop the Omega Wave.” Kelus said

Kalen looked blankly at Kelus, not recognising the term. “Remind me?”

“Oh right, sorry. Eh…the Omega Wave…its anti-life. Once the Granolith is programmed with the correct settings it will emit the wave over a radius of 300 light-years. It’ll wipe out all life in that field.” Kelus said

“Including her.” Kalen said

“That’s the thing sir. It causes an event that was termed Re-Genesis. It restarts life and it’ll use Serena’s genetic code to do it, the…eh…effect will be 2 million times faster and will result will be a humanoid species within one hundred years. At the outer edges of the wave there will be a residual barrier effect. Anything that attempts to penetrate it will degrade at the atomic lever…machines, rock, and living matter. Nothing will remain intact.”

“Well my day just got better. I want all of your operatives in the field now. Hunt her down, follow any lead.” Kalen said as he turned out the door.

“Yes, sir.”

To Be Continued…

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Chapter 7c

Hallway Outside Kyle’s Room, Same Time

Maria and Tess had walked their way through the facility and reached Kyle’s room first. Maria hugged the alien blonde and kissed her softly on her mouth.

“Good luck.” Maria said

“Thanks, you too.” Tess said

Tess moved to her boyfriends’ door and opened it before slipping inside. Maria started to head off to Michael.

“Maria.” Tess called after her

“Tess, what are you…”

“Kyle isn’t in his room.” Tess said with a smile

Maria then smiled as both walked hand in hand to Michael’s room. When they arrived they opened the door just a crack and found Michael and Kyle sucking each other’s dicks. For a few minutes they just watched as their boyfriends pleasured each other before shedding their robes and quietly slipping inside.

Neither of the guys heard the approach of the blondes until it was too late. Maria grabbed Michael and quickly rolled him on to his back. Before he could react Maria jumped on him and straddled his waist, pressing her core against his hard dick, as she bent down and kissed him passionately. Tess did the same, grinding herself against Kyle before both girls sat up and looked down at each other before looking back down at their lovers.

“This is a surprise.” Michael stated as he ran his hands along Maria’s thighs that rested at his sides.

“Yeah, I thought you two would have wanted to be…” Kyle trailed off

“What, we can’t do both?” Tess asked as she trailed her finger down his chest

Both girls reached down and grabbed their dicks; they looked at each other as they raised themselves up onto their knees and lowered themselves down. Very slowly they sank down, stopping for a moment before rising back up and then crashing back down.

“ARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” the girls cried out at the same time, loosing their virginity at the same time.

Both the guys groaned as they became buried inside their girls.

“Oh Tess.” Kyle groaned

“Oh Maria.” Michael moaned

Side by side they made love, Michael’s head by Kyle’s feet allowing the girls to occasionally look at each other as they rode their men. Kyle reached up and cupped Tess’s breasts, tweaking her nipples with his thumbs and forefingers.

“Oh god…oh Kyle.” Tess moaned as she steadied herself by planting her hands on his chest. She kept rolling and rocking her hips, Kyle met her gyrations, thrusting up into her.

Maria and Michael looked at the mating couple. Kyle and Tess looked at them, both girls looking down at the dicks sliding in and out of their girlfriends’ slits. It was a mass of gyrating flesh; Maria reached her hand over to Tess’s cheek and pulled her over into a heated kiss. Watching the girls caused the guys to grow harder and thrust more forcefully up into the blondes.

“OH GOD, MICH…MICHAEL... SO GOOOOOOD.” Maria screamed after breaking the kiss but Tess held her body close.

“UGHNNNNN, KYLE...” Tess cried out, burying her head against Maria’s neck

The guys pulled their girls from each other and rolled them over. They started to grind against each other; Maria wrapped her legs around Michael as Tess forced Kyle off of her. She moved back on to her knees and then on to all four, her head aligned with Maria’s and the two kissed. Kyle moved up behind her and entered her once again.

Tess moaned into Maria’s mouth. Kyle and Michael thrust into them, their bodies soaked with sweat. The glands in their wrists rapidly becoming stimulated and their bodies began to glow.

“UGHNNNNNNNN.” The men called out

“OH YESS, YESSSSSSSS…UHNNNNNNNNNNN YESSSSSSSSS.” The girls cried out as their orgasms overtook them and the guys shot their loads into them.

There was a bright flash from both couples, it was so intense that the door melted slightly and the walls singed.

5 Minutes Later…

The couples dislodged themselves from each other and were all lying next to each other on the bed with Tess and Maria in the middle. Michael and Kyle stroked their bodies, whispering sweet nothings in their ears. Soon their bodies calmed down and their breathing became normal.

“Does anyone have any issues about the fact we seem to like having sex in front of each other?” Maria asked

“This is the second time it’s happened.” Kyle said as he nibbled on Tess’s ear

“We do seem to have a slight exhibitionist streak.” Tess giggled as Kyle nibbled.

“As well as being voyeurs.” Maria said

“Or we just like having sex and don’t care who’s nearby.” Michael suggested, “Hell, the other’s would probably be doing it if Max and Isabel weren’t brother and sister.”

“Uh guys…what happened to the door?” Tess asked as she looked up and then looked around the room, “And the walls, the cabinet, the desk…”

“Someone loose control of their powers?” Maria asked as she looked at Michael and then to Tess

“Not me?” Tess and Michael said in unison.

Michael stood up and walked over to the door. Maria smiled as she watched Michael’s naked ass move. When he touched the door it started to regenerate it’s melted parts and everything else in the room that had burn marks began to repair themselves.

“Way cool.” Kyle said as he snuggled in close to Tess, pressing his dick into her ass.

Tess looked over her shoulder at him as she felt his cock. “Getting a little excited?”

“Can’t help it, you’re too beautiful.” Kyle said as he kissed her shoulder and then her cheek.

“Sorry babe, not tonight…I’m a little sleepy.” Tess said

“Well then, how about we leave these two alone.” Kyle said as he stood up from the bed. He took Tess by surprise by picking her up into his arms and carrying her out of the room and headed off to his room.

Maria smiled as she watched her giggling girlfriend being swept off her feet. Michael got back onto the bed and pulled the blanket over their bodies.

“That was amazing.” Michael whispered in her ear.

“It was, but next time we really should try it without the others.” Maria said as she rested her head on Michael’s chest. The two then fell into a deep sleep.

Empty Office Building, Roswell, The Next Day

A Skin looked through a sniper scope to a window across the street. He saw Philip walking back and forth in his office, reading a file in his hands.

“Nicholas, I have Evans.” He said over the radio

“Good, do nothing. Any sign of Zan or Vilandra?” Nicholas said

“No sir, nothing all day.”

“Odd, this is usually Vilandra’s free day. My last report said she usually assists her father in the office.” Nicholas said

“Confirmed sir, I made that report.”

“Stand down…find those freaks…” Nicholas started to say

The Skin then watched as a silhouette entered the room. “Sir stand by.” he paused and looked back through the scope.

“Sir, Vilandra just entered. She’s proceeding like she normally would…”

“Very well.” Nicholas said and then the radio cut off.

Just then the door burst open and three of Kalen’s men blasted the Skin until the seal on the husk cracked and he disintegrated. One of the men then held up his hand and shape shifted to match the appearance of the Skin.

“Commander, this is Watcher 2. Watcher 3 is in place and the hostile is neutralised.”

“Excellent, if Serena has aligned with the Skins then he may find something to locate her. Wish him good luck and then evacuate, just keep an eye on the parents.” Kalen said over their comm. system

“Yes sir.” He said and then turned off the unit.

“Well you heard the man, good luck.” He said to the shape shifter

“Thanks, I’m gonna need it.” The shifter said as he picked up the Skins equipment and turned on the radio.

“Nicholas…are you there?”

“Confirmed, what happened?” Nicholas asked

“Technical malfunction, this human technology is…primitive.”

“Continue your observations, I’ll call you later with the co-ordinates to meet the others.” Nicholas said

“Confirmed.” He said and then turned off the radio, “All done. You two better get back to your posts.”

“Remember only break comm. blackout if there is an emergency.”

“I’m guessing you don’t call the Omega an emergency.”

“Oh that’s an emergency but call in when you find out when it’s set to go off.”

“I doubt a Skin is going to find that information, I don’t even think Serena has informed Nicholas.”

“Well, we’ll see. Stay alive.”

“You to.” Said the shifter as he watched his two colleagues leave the room and then the building.

Command Room, Alpha 1, 12:00

“Any further information on the other hybrids?” Kalen asked

“Yes sir, we were able to get a genetic scan. It looks like it’s Vren, son of Lord Kulen. Jana, daughter of Lord Krath and Tela, daughter of Lord Mulca. Humans raised both sets of hybrids and they are aware of their…unusual nature. They really look out for them.”

“Are the two sets aware of each other?” Kalen asked

“No, they were raised on different islands but all six have human mates.”

“Excellent.” Kalen said, “Anything further from the watcher team?”

“Not since our operative was planted.”

“Very well, contact Lord Larek. Inform him of the Philippine hybrids.” Kalen said before leaving the room.

Common Room, Facility, 12:30

Everyone was sitting around the table having a late breakfast, everyone but Alex and Isabel. None of them had any intention of leaving their beds early and enjoyed seeking pleasure in their lovers’ arms. Each of them had a dreamy look on their face as they ate quietly, smiling and looking into their lover’s eyes.

A few minutes later Alex and Isabel walked in, hand in hand wearing only their robes. As they looked around their friends they saw the looks on their faces and immediately knew how they spent their nights. Max and Liz looked at them, remembering the intense orgasm they experienced when the lover’s climaxed in a room down the hall.

“Hey guys.” Liz said happily, “Have a good night?”

“Oh yeah, we had a very good night.” Isabel said as she looked at Alex who had his hand on her thigh.

“How was your night?” Alex asked Michael and the others

“Our night…well…” Michael stammered out

“What?” Liz asked

“We kind of had an orgy.” Maria said, not knowing how her best friend would react.

“What?” the other four asked with disbelief

“We…you know…we were all together.” Kyle said

“But I wasn’t with Michael and Maria wasn’t with Kyle.” Tess said quickly

“Wow.” Liz said

Alex’s mind was suddenly filled with images of Tess and Maria with Kyle and Michael. He instantly became hard and Isabel’s hand snaking its way into his robe wasn’t helping. “Wow is right.”

“Wait, you guys don’t have any problems with it?” Tess asked

“No, not really.” Isabel said

“If its what you all want and nobody was forced.” Max said drawing looks from the others. Of the other four, they all thought that Max would have had issues with it.

“So any foursomes on the horizon for you guys?” Kyle joked

“She’s my sister.”

“He’s my brother.”

The two siblings spoke together.

“Guys chill. I was kidding.” Kyle said, “Besides, you two would be with Alex and Liz – not each other.”

“Kyle…gross. I would still have to be naked in front of my brother…hell no.” Isabel said

“Got that right.” Max said, “I think we’ll be keeping things the way they are.”

“So, was it fun?” Liz asked, curiosity getting the better of her

“The door melted, walls were burned…oh yeah it was fun.” Maria stated

“The door melted?” Max asked, suddenly concerned

“Yeah…that didn’t happen with you?” Tess asked

“There was an energy release but it was just light.” Liz said

Just then there was another flash of light and Kalen appeared in the room.

“Actually that light was your minds coming together…linking you to your mate.” Kalen said, “It was so intense with you four because your first times were together.”

“Kalen…why did we…last night Max and I felt…” Liz said, having to trail off due to embarrassment

“Yes.” Kalen said understanding what she was talking about. “It’s simple, Isabel and you are connected as well as Maria & Tess, Michael & Kyle and Max & Alex. Isabel’s pleasure is yours and yours is hers. You’re going to feel it every time but eventually you will learn to control it.”

“Well this could be fun.” Maria said with a smile, suddenly getting the idea of getting herself off to tease Tess

Tess had the same idea and knew Maria was thinking about it. “Hey don’t you get any ideas.” Tess said

“I could say the same to you.” Maria said as they openly flirted

“Kalen…how are thinks on the Serena side of things?” Max asked

“We have it handled Max. Relax, enjoy yourself.”

“I just don’t like being in here while our families are out there with her. Besides this is partly our mess.” Max said

“How is it your mess?” Kalen asked

“Because we were with Tess for a while and we never saw it…if we did…”

“Max you couldn’t have done anything.” Tess said, “I didn’t even know she was a part of me.”

“Anyway, I hope I have at least taken some of your concerns away. I have more duties to attend to.” Kalen said and then left

“So…every time we get it going you’re gonna feel it.” Isabel stated to Liz

“Ditto…could be interesting.” Liz said, “From a scientific point of view of course.”

“Oh of course.” Isabel responded as the two stared at each other and then to their male lovers

“Alex. Interested in helping Liz with her…experiments?” Isabel asked

“I think I can be persuaded.” Alex said and looked at Max who nodded. All four then disappeared to the surface of the island.

To Be Continued…