Motorcycle Fantasy (UC/ MI/I/ADULT) Complete 6/24/07

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Motorcycle Fantasy (UC/ MI/I/ADULT) Complete 6/24/07

Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Fri Feb 02, 2007 2:54 am


Title: Motorcycle Fantasy

Author: suicide_eagle_rath


Pairing: Michael/ Isabel

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.

Summary:. Michael and Isabel and motorcycle… What more can I say …..LOL

Warning: Do not expect Shakespeare here ….ONLY SMUT … no real plot... smuttly… DO NOT READ IF UNDER 18

Series: Part of the 14 Days of Fire Series for St Valentines Day 2007 done for originally for Roswell Heaven

Auhtor Note: This scene is originally from the book Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar but has been altered in several areas.

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Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Fri Feb 02, 2007 3:00 am


Motorcycle Fantasy
14 Days of Fire: An Erotic Series

14 Separate Erotic Scenes One Per Day To Fire Your Passion
From Feb. 1-14


The bike was already purring when she swung her legs up and over the wide black seat; she could feel the powerful vibrating motor course between her thighs. Finding the footrests, she balanced herself, ready for the ride ahead. Isabel wrapped her arms about Michael’s waist, her knees snug against him, as they sped up the coast highway.

Her touch was enticing as she held him, her body held tightly against his; Michael tried to shove off those thoughts and concentrated on the road. The scenery was breathtaking, lush forest to one side, steep ocean cliffs to the other. The morning fog had yet to burn off, the feeling was surreal, another fantasy in their made up lives.

Isabel hands were on his bare stomach, tracing designs on his abs, these acts brought him back into reality, her touches were too strong to ignore. Michael’s mind drifted back to Reno, just a few days ago and how he woke up in bed with Isabel. That encounter, whatever happened he still had no memory of, had stirred something deep inside him, something old, something familiar, something primal, and maybe at one time something forbidden. Isabel never said a word about that incident, acting as though it never happened and Michael kept silent.

Michael was feeling a little daring, wondering how far he could push Isabel into showing her true feelings. Smiling deep he remembered a recent conversation he overheard at a bar about how women love to feel a big old hog engine between their legs. He remembered a fat tub of a biker saying ‘It gets em all hot, wanting your cock.’ Seeing an exit just up ahead Michael decided to test out the theory that his bike could create a strong sensation between a woman’s legs, in this case Isabel’s long sensuous legs.

Isabel watch as Michael veered off the road to bump along a rough path that followed the highway. She wondered why he was taking such a rough path when the highway was smooth. The bike had to slow down, at first the ride was uncomfortable, she tightened her grip on Michael as she felt very erotic sensations begin to seep into her mind.

Michael was hoping the effects would be tantalizing to her body, causing her to move ever so slightly in her seat. The ride got rougher as he hit wide gravel patch with distinct washboard marking. He geared down to take the dips at rough angles, maximizing the bouncing.

The tires kicked up the lose gravel, as the wheels bounced off the sides of the deep ruts causing Isabel to shake up and down as well as side to side. The constant action of her sliding back and forth ever so slightly, caused the seam in her leather pants to ride up against her, especially since she decided to forgo any panties. The shaking soon stopped as Michael returned to the black road, shifting through the next two gears as the bike screamed. Isabel pulled in tighter, her mind concentrating on sexual urges as her core ached for release.

Sensing she enjoyed the rough road, Michael went off again onto the gravel, this time the washboard road made the seat bounced up and down against her as she started heating up. Michael could smell her sex as he thanked the heavens above for alien olfaction abilities. He was enjoying the fact she was turned on by him, well via the bike. That thought of her wanting him, Michael ‘s cock hardened beyond measure. He could do nothing but think of the heat that was being emitted from between Isabel’s legs.

Isabel could feel moistness between her thighs, her nipples stiffened as the wind swirled through the leather vest; she clutched to Michael’s back, her breath escaped in low hot moans against his ear. Michael slid back slightly against her as he climbed a hill, gears shifted, jerking her as she caught her balance. Michael reached down and placed a firm hand on her leg, up high, to steady her and he leaned into a sharp turn. Then suddenly the ride became smooth as the gravel road ended and Michael had turned back to the highway.

Silently they rode for a while. Michael wondered if Isabel enjoyed her little ride. If not, she was going to him brain him for mentally fucking her. ‘Whichever, it was well worth it.’ he chuckled in his mind.

However, Isabel never got on the bike; it was Vilandra who had surfaced merging with her. She knew Isabel wanted Michael, she felt it every time Isabel looked at his ass, broad back, or on those sly glances at his crotch. She knew of Isabel dreams of him, kissing her, making love to her, sweet seductive wanton love.

Vilandra liked Michael, she liked what she saw, a human but full of raw animal power. He had potential, but what he had most of all was Rath, hidden deep inside him. She lusted after him, her husband in a former life, a lover for which there was no equal.

Vilandra wanted Rath and was determined to coax him out again, to fuck her again like he did in Reno. Poor Michael and Isabel never really knew what happened, they thought it was all a dream, as Vilandra and Rath enjoyed the pleasures of sex over and over again.

Vilandra loved the thrill of the ground racing under them, the wind on her body, and the sun on her back. Slyly she slipped her hands again under his shirt, feeling his taut stomach. She laid her head on his back, feeling his muscles, kissing his neck, and licking his ear. Her hands played with his stomach, counting his ribs, finding their way north to encircle his nipples. The bike swerved as she pinched hard, "Stop it! You’re going to get us killed,” yelled Michael over his shoulder. Vilandra just ignored him and continued to pinch and tease that sensitive area.

Slowly she moved her hands downward, massaging his cock through the leather pants, her nails scraping against the hardness. She tugged at his belt releasing it as she shoved her hand down his pants. Again the bike swerved, Vilandra could hear Michael growl, his back tensed as he shifted to give her more access. He wanted her to touch him Vilandra was winning the battle.

The next rest stop was about 20 miles outside of a small town; they were supposed to meet the rest of the gang there. Michael had other plans, or should that be Rath had other plans, with all the manipulations on his body, Rath was emerging sensing Vilandra’s presence. Seeing a small dirt road off to the side, he slowed down and took it going a few miles in before taking a rutted side road, then into the forest itself. After several more minutes, finally about 700 feet in, he stopped concealing them in a lush under grove of ferns surrounded by thick tall tress. He pushed out the kickstand and with a wave of his hand, summoned roots out of the ground to intertwine with the wheels and hold the bike fast in place.

Turning backwards on the bike, their alien eyes met, both knew what was to come, once again they would enjoy the passion of love. Rath reached out and caressed her check drawing her in for a kiss. His finger ran through her hair, as she wrapped herself around him. He began to undo the buttons of her leather vest, pleased to find she had nothing on underneath, he liked her wild, ready for him at a moment’s notice. The vest gave way to his gaze, he stared at her breasts like some starving animal before he dipped his head to suck, lick, and nip at them first lightly, increasing the pressure as the lust mounted.

Vilandra moaned as she held his head to her breast with one hand while the other wandered south rubbing his cock feeling him hard and ready. She lowered his zipper and let his member free, into her hand begging for release that her ministrations earlier had caused. She ran her fingers up and down the length, stopping to spread the seminal fluid around the head, stroking him a couple of times before dragging her nails back down again. He groaned loudly pushing against her, urging her to stroke faster. Then she stopped.

“No,” his voice was barely more than a hoarse whisper, “more.”

“Lay back Rath,” said Vilandra as she handed him his jacket from behind her. “Lay back for me.”

Rath looked at her questioningly and did as he was told. He balled up his jacket, putting it behind his head as he balanced himself on the bike and laid back. Vilandra smiled at him as she lean forward, freeing more of his cock from his pants. Her lips parted, as Rath’s heart stopped a beat, he waited, staring at her as if she was the most precious gift on this planet. Then she slowly lowered those lips until they encircle his cock sucking it in deep into her throat.

“Shit!” screamed Rath. “Oh yes! Oh, fuck! Yes! Yes!”

Slowly she removed his cock out of her mouth, letting it slide out inch by inch, until it was free. The air made his cock twitch, desiring to be shielded in the warmth. She flicked the tip with her tongue, as his cock lurched forward, wanting her to take him again her mouth. Rath threw his head back, his eyes focused on the sky above; he was going crazy at the sensation. A small red-headed yellow-breasted bird mocked him singing his song of seduction as he coaxed his mate to him, she bending to his will as the act of coupling lasted only a few seconds, with the satisfied male, letting out a cry of completion.

“Fuck,” Rath cried out in frustration.

Vilandra laughed as she repeated the flicking action again, his cock grew even harder, he was straining not to take her head and shove his cock into her mouth, this was cruel; she had let him feel heaven and was now depriving him. His hands grasped the handles of the bike bracing himself as she continued slowly, methodically torture his cock. Her tongue started to wrap itself around the head squeezing it in a vise like grip, lowering down his shaft and back up again.

He let out a growl as she once again took the entire length into her mouth. “Fuck yes,” Rath, breathed harder, his knuckles were turning white from his grip. “Yes suck me.”

Instead, she slid her tongue up and down his length, tracing the bulging blood vessels, feeling the blood race through. Her fingernails gently scratched his balls, drawing circular patterns, then suddenly his right ball was in extricating pain, as she seared her sign into it’s delicate skin, branding him; just like a steer is marked with a branding iron designating it’s owner, Vilandra had marked her dominion over Rath.

“Ouch! You bitch!” Rath screamed in pain, he knew what she had done, he also knew if Maria ever saw that on Michael’s body there would be hell to pay. He chuckled at the thought of taking Maria in anger; the sex would be literally out of this world.

“You do know Vilandra, Maria will be pissed off at Michael.” Rath snorted out, not really caring about Maria’s feeling or Michael’s for that matter. He was in control now and Rath liked control.

Vilandra laughed against his cock as she removed her mouth.

“Oh don’t leave,” Rath pleaded. “I am in pain here and need you to comfort me,” he smirked.

Vilandra grinned as she looked up at him, “I like my sign on your ball, I claim this one; Michael’s Maria-person can have the other.” Vilandra leaned forward and kissed Rath on the lips. Pulling back, she smiled at him, “I have decided to make it official.”

“What official?” as Rath started to stroke his aching cock.

Vilandra removed his hand and continued the movement as the found his way to the crotch of her pants, pressing into the leather around her core.

“To allow Michael to have his Maria, but you are mine.”

“Yours I am yours Vilandra.” Rath chuckled with a deep resonating voice, “Michael may not be that easy to handle. Nor Isabel I sense.”

Rath moaned from her ministrations upon his member as Vilandra played with his cock, examining it, touching it.

“Yes, I have also decided to allow Michael’s Maria-person to live.” Vilandra leaned forward placing one hand on his chest.

Rath chuckled again, he love this type of woman, dangerous, knowing what they wanted and doing whatever took. “You have?”

“Yes,” Vilandra slowly drew circles on his chest with her red nail as her other hand continued to stoke him slowly, toying with his cock.

“You are feeling generous I see,” noted Rath as he played with her hair causing it to grow longer and blonder.

“Yes I am being unnaturally generous.” Vilandra sighed, “I guess it is Isabel’s influence. She wants Michael to be happy and she knows he never will be without Maria.”

“How does that make you feel Vilandra?”

“I can feel myself merging with Isabel, soon we will be one. I can now accept both you and Michael in love with Maria once you have merged, as long as you feel equal about me.”

“Deal you will be equals from your position to the throne to our personal life.” Rath reached up and kissed Vilandra, “Thank-you” he whispered into her ear.

“A thank-you from Rath?”

“I guess Michael is wearing off on me also.”

Vilandra sighed as she watched Michael’s cock in her hand, the head was turning purple as it wept seminal fluid. “He does have a nice cock, Rath almost as nice as yours.”

“Hey it is me, just another body,” Rath insisted, a little indigent.

“I know I am just still amazed at the changes in our bodies.”

Vilandra smiled as she pushed his body back down, she then lowered her head, and with one motion, she sucked his cock in with such forced pressure that he thought he was going to explode. She felt Rath shudder he was on the verge of coming that quickly. She was pleased with herself, she could still bring him down, begging her for release; she owned Rath, the warrior.

“Vilandra please,” Rath wanted to be inside her.

She let up the pressure since she wanted him inside as well and did not want to wait for him to come off cloud nine aftereffects for her fun time. She lifted her head to meet his eyes; he took her in his arms and pulled them both off the bike.

"Here," Rath whispered in her ear as he placed her body where he wanted it. "Bend over the gas tank, and spread your legs."

He dropped her pants onto the forest floor, taking them off her ankles as he spread her legs even wider forcing her to lean her elbows on top of the seat, her head down, her cheek on the cool leather. He ran his hands up and down her thighs as she shivered, exposed for anyone to see. He slid one finger in as she grabbed him in her tight muscles. A little know secret was that the alien hybrids had tremendous control over their muscles and Vilandra knew exactly how to contract those in her vagina. He slid in another and was rewarded with a low moan as she bucked her hips closer to him. His cock was so hard and ready he could wait no longer, the hell with foreplay, he wanted to fuck.

"Rath fuck me. I need to feel your thick cock inside of me, hard and deep!” Vilandra knew just the right words to use to make Rath lose all consciousness and act on pure instinct. “Fuck me now!”

He loved her choice of words, lewd and crass to some to him they were poetry drawing him into a primal rage that would satisfy them both in the end. Rath dropped his pants the rest of the way, kicking them off as they landed on a fern plant. He gently grabbed her hips with one hand; encircle the other around her front where he had access to her clitoris. He nuzzled his nose into her ear, pulling back a little to whisper to her, “I need you so much,” his cock was poised at her entrance, “never leave me again, I cannot exist without you. You remember, don’t you.” he pleaded with her as he plunged into Vilandra, burying himself in her heat, resting for a second, feeling the fire of ecstasy, the ice of agony.

The next several minutes found themselves lost in passion as he pounded into her from behind going deep with each thrust. Vilandra matched his speed, her hips crashing backward into him. They were both close to the end, when Rath looked up and spotted the bike’s engine, his mind conjured up an image, a depraved thought. Then he did it, Rath upped the ante by staring the motor of the bike, the vibrations coursed through Vilandra multiplying the waves of lust and desire she felt coming off Rath, her screams were of elated bliss.

"That’s it! Fuck with me Vilandra!" Rath moaned against her ear as she slammed back against him, the pulsating motor quickening their rhythm until finally they exploded together. Rath was breathing hard as his back muscles contracted in a spasm, he pushed in even deeper, trying to drain himself of his liquid. Then he felt the blackness approaching, “Oh Shit. Vilandra I am going to pass out.” He did not want to hurt her if he fell into her.

“Wait! Pull out of me and lay back on the bike.” Vilandra was shaking also trying to keep in control for just a few seconds longer.

It took all Rath had left not to black out as he pulled out of her still throbbing, still hard, wanting to be back in so bad to complete their ritual. “Oh god, Vilandra,” he moan in an almost crying tone.

Turning off the motor, he laid down balancing himself and she jumped up placing her core over his cock, sliding back in.

“Yes," she gasped as their connection was made and she slowly slid down him. Rath was so sensitive, that he pushed upward into her deeper, coming again. Vilandra shuddered as she climaxed and then dropped on top of him as they both drifted on the dream plane, their bodies reacting as they continued to experience.

A good hour later, Michael woke to find himself lying on his bike, nude in the middle of the forest, with a very naked Isabel on top of him. And as if that was not bad enough, his cock, hard and throbbing was in her, as he felt her hips sliding back and forth, side to side, ever so slightly against him.

Michael closed his eyes and moaned deeply, the sensation was overwhelming him, he could not resist as he started to move his hips. He had no idea how he came to be in this predicament, but right now, he did not care. All he knew was that now he wanted Isabel, her body and soul.

Those gentle movements woke up Isabel who was surprised to say the least at her position on Michael’s chest. She could feel his skin enveloping her and his cock hard inside her moving. She pulled him closer to her, not wanting him to see her naked body, but also not wanting him to pull out. She closed her eyes as Vilandra sent the memories of the last two hours into Isabel’s memory. She smiled at the vision; Vilandra had poisoned her mind, slowly ebbing her way in, taking Isabel, merging with her. Isabel started kissing Michael on the chest, circling his nipples, and teasing the tips with her teeth.

Michael opened both eyes wide when he felt Isabel’s teeth on his nipple. He arched his back and let out a loud groan of pleasure.

“Oh shit Isabel! Don’t stop,” he pleaded.

Isabel did not stop instead she kissed and nipped his chest and stomach, as he writhe inside her, teasing her, wanting so badly to come. Finally, he could take no more.

“That’s it. Off the bike!” he yelled, as he sat up securing her legs around his hips. He pushed himself off the bike and after a few steps; he slowly dropped her onto a warm luxurious deep fur pile blanket created from the cold moss covered ground with his special abilities. Michael was on top of her, kissing her for all he was worth. He saw the images that Vilandra left and felt Rath inside him as he distributed his own panoramic view of their earlier naked dance.

Michael could not get enough of her kisses; she opened up to him as he saw her memories, hopes and dreams. Vilandra also opened up letting Michael in for a brief glance at their life on Antar and the love she had for Rath and now for him as well.

He slid his hands down her body, his lips following his hands as they found her breasts and stopped delighting in their weight and soft texture. His hips start to move, at first gently letting her matching him in rhythm. Isabel was moaning loudly, grateful that no one for miles around could her them.

She was clutching at Michael’s back, her nails raked across his shoulders and his ass drawing red welts. He was pumping like a fine oiled machine; she took each thrust on, matching it in speed and ferocity.

"That's it. Oh shit that’s it. Fuck with me,” panted Michael.

Isabel enjoyed each shock of pleasure as it coursed through her body, she moaned loudly as Michael took her nipple into his mouth and teased it gently with his teeth. She was so close; Michael could feel her insides start to close up on him, tightening the passageway.

Rath stepped in and forced himself in deeper as he shot his seed far inside her, letting up and then pushing again into her again, depositing more of the salty liquid. He did this several times; Isabel was in tears at the emotion that this act was causing, the ultimate union of their bodies, souls, minds, and futures.

He then placed his hand near her pussy as Vilandra felt a brief sharp burning pain. “You are mine,” he growled into her ear. “You now wear my sign to warn any who dare to take what belongs to me, a warrior.”

Vilandra’s memories reminded her of what this action was, the impregnation rite of bonding, only that Isabel would had to have activated the sperm for conception to occur prior to release, and since she did not, they were safe from being pregnant. It is the Antarian women who decide when and what sex of the children they would bear.

Finally, Rath backed out and allowed Michael back in leaving the memory of the act and its meaning with him. Michael was breathing hard and his blood was still racing.

Whereas the mating act makes the receiver compliant, emotional, and submissive in its wake, the giver becomes hyped up, on edge, almost savage in thought and actions.

Michael tried to get control of himself, his head was down on Isabel’s shoulder as she caressed his back calming him, feeling what he was experiencing. He gathered her in his arms as he rolled on his back. Gazing into her eyes, Michael saw himself deep inside her, a piece of his DNA fading into darkness.