Ancient Roses (UC/SLASH/ADULT) complete 4/12/07

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Ancient Roses (UC/SLASH/ADULT) complete 4/12/07

Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Mon Feb 05, 2007 3:20 am


Title: Ancient Roses

Author: suicide_eagle_rath

Pairings Antar Zan and Antar Rath


Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.

Summary:. Afternoon delight

Warning: Do not expect Shakespeare here ….ONLY SMUT … no real plot... smuttly… DO NOT READ IF UNDER 18

Explicit sex scene containing MM slash ….

Series: Part of the 14 Days of Fire Series for St Valentines Day 2007 done for originally for Roswell Heaven

Auhtor Note: This scene is originally from the book Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar but has been altered in several areas.

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Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Mon Feb 05, 2007 3:24 am


Ancient Roses
14 Days of Fire: An Erotic Series

14 Separate Erotic Scenes One Per Day To Fire Your Passion
From Feb. 1-14


<center> Warning: explicit sex scene containing MM slash …. </center>

The day started before the sun had even broke across the sky. The peace conferences were already in full swing by the time the sun threw down its first rays. The early morning hours were long and hard, conferences were heated, exhausting Zan.

A potential war situation has erupted between powerful tribal leaders, Lord Sakhar, a desert warlord in the Kilamajah desert and Lord Tirathradan, whose lands lie across the Gulf of Aqabathwere. Of course the main dispute, as in most war talks, was a small strip of no man’s land, a piece of land that no one would even think of buying. But it was a sense of ride to these two men, to take what the other could not have.

The negotiations began; neither side would budge or listen to Zan, that was the one thing they had in common, a dislike for the House of Thardan. Rath was asked to attend, not only as the head the Antarian military forces, but because both of these tribes show their allegiance to Khandahar and his father King Pondather rather than the King of Antar.

Rath was sitting to the right of Zan, bored at the constant yapping between the two leaders. Finally he leaned over to whisper in his ear “If you ask me I think we should let them fight it out, I will bet Sakhar could take Tirathradan in just a few minutes.” He had a glint this eye. “Want to bet?”

“And what would be the bet Rath?” asked Zan out of the corner of his mouth, his eyes were directed at the combatants.

“Winner’s choice tonight!”

Zan’s eyes left the two sparing partners and traveled to Rath who winked his meaning, shifted in his seat and then turned a stoic face to the crowd leaving Zan ready to explode in laughter.

Rath always had a way about him that made Zan feel at ease. He always knew just what to say or a look that could get through the hardened shell of a King. Zan almost lost it as he cleared his throat and turned back to the table.

The situation between the two tribes was serious, a war between those two could escalate quite rapidly and Zan’s influence was worth very little in that part of the world. Zan knew he was useless in this type of conflict and motioned subtly to Rath to end the conflict now.

Suddenly the discussions exploded as one side threw insults at he other.

“Your boats are in my territory!”

“No, it is your caravan trains that are in my territory!”

“You worm of a she-devil; you have been using my resources, food that is needed for my people.”

“No it is your men who are raiding our camps, women have been carried off. Blood money must be paid,”

“You are a crazy old man!”

“Crazy you have not seen crazy! At least I sleep with my women and do not use them as plow horses!”


Lord Sakhar and Lord Tirathradan were leaning over the large burnish wood table, screaming in each other’s faces, fingers pointing, cheeks flushed with anger, nostrils flaring.

“SILENCE!” Rath threw his chair backwards as he stood up. He had enough. They both fell silent at Rath’s voice as they turned their heads to see the prince standing, he was angry, and an angry warrior is not a good thing.

Rath’s face was stern; his jaw rigid as he walked to door, his footsteps echoed his displeasure at the scene. Rath turned and then issued the same directives that Zan had done earlier, but as a request from the House of Rath to honor the request of the King of Antar.

Zan just shook his head, Rath had no patience with politics of the court; he took care of matters fast and simple. He watched Rath walked out the door. Then taking a seat, he waited for all parties to take their respected places, expecting them to demonstrate civil behavior in his presence.

By the noon hour Zan has also lost patience as he too walked out of the meeting and headed off looking for Rath. He had a good idea where to find Rath as strolled out of the palace doors down to the ancient path that wound through the antiquated gates defining the entrance to the gardens themselves.

Zan walked along the path and through a series of gates pressing deeper into the very heart of the garden itself. The air was heavy with the floral scent, the birds sang cheerfully from the trees above. It should be a day for merriment and love not for talk of war and hate.

Finally, he stood at a towering old stonewall, worn from centuries of weathering, the stone rounded and pockmarked. Placing his hand upon the wall, he activated a long forgotten door that slid open and allowed all the secrets from outside to enter.

“Rath there you are,” Zan ducked his head though the low overhanging. “You always like this part of the gardens.”

“No one ever comes here anymore.” Rath said as he looked around at the overgrown hedges, bright new flowers struggling to show their heads among the head ones, the stone paths cracked with moss growing on the edges, and the small stream that once ran through, now no more than a murky line. “Here time is forgotten.”

“Why don’t you clean it up,” suggested Zan as he began to wave his hand.

“No leave it. It is chaotic, free. Let it live or die as the case may be.”

This was the most ancient of the gardens. Unlike the rest of the ordered and mathematically correct garden displays, this area was a mass of tangled vines, decaying leaves, and fallen limbs. The sky could barely be seen through the unkempt trees. It was this part that Rath loved the most. Maybe because under his ordered and military shell he was this chaotic spirit.

Zan stood back and looked at Rath sprawled out on the ground with a book in come hand, his back against a tree that looked more dead than alive. He loved to read the history of his people, the myths that have guided him for so many years. Zan smiled and shook his head, there he sat, this warrior infamous on the battlefield, who could blaze a path of death and destruction so devastating people for years speak his name in hushed tones. Yet here in this ancient garden, surrounded by the oldest symbol of Antar the silver blue rose, the beginning of the royal race, he sat reading the past, calm sedative, so peaceful.

Zan kneeled down beside side him and looked at Rath in the eyes, “You are a romantic at heart aren’t you,” as he kissed him. Zan saw Rath smiled slightly, indicating he was in the mood for more than reading. Taking a chance he was reading Rath right, Zan took the move to swing his legs over him sitting down in his lap.

He circled Rath’s neck playing with his neck and hair, “No one comes here anymore huh?” said Zan as his hands sensually played with his body making their way down where he began to unbutton Rath’s shirt.

“No, no one comes here,” Rath whispered in between stolen kisses enjoying Zan’s hands on him. “We cannot be seen even from the rooms above in the Palace,” Rath pointed upward, “see all the overhang flowers and vegetation.” Rath shuddered as Zan slid his shirt open exposing his chest as his hands found the sensitive nipples.

“Yes I see,” answered Zan as he lavished affection upon Rath’s chest. “Good then we won’t be disturbed,” as he leaned in for another kiss this one was fierce in its demand as Rath groaned under Zan’s continual manipulation of Rath’s nipples.

“You like?” Zan whispered as he gently chewed and nipped on Rath’s ear as he pinched the nipples lightly grinding himself in to Rath’s lap, until he could take no more and growled in loud audible tones as grabbed Zan and kissed him hard.

Rath then proceeded to disrobe Zan, as his shirt fell away. Rath broke the kiss and trailed his hands up Zan’s chest feeling his nipples harden under his fingertips as Zan opened his mouth in a gasp a the feeling.

“Do you have to be anyplace in the next three hours?” whispered Rath as he took Zan in another kiss.

“The war council.” Zan asked breaking away as he wrapped his body closer to Rath. “Remember peace treaties between tribes.”

“Fuck the war council.” Rath smiled, as he started to undo Zan’s belt. “They can do nothing without me.”

“Maybe so but I have to return.”

“Yeah will not for a long while.”

“Why what have you in mind Rath?” Zan whispered into his ear.

“Because I am going to fuck you until you scream for me to stop. I am going to make you cum once, twice, three times until there is nothing left to expel from your body.” Rath looked directly in Zan’s coal black eyes as golden sparks began to appear in the iris. “And then I am going to fuck you again.” He took Zan’s hand and pushed it against his hard firm penis that was being strangled in his pants. “Do you like my cock hard, it is hard for you, it wants you, I want you.”

Zan began to shiver at Rath’s words, his own cock swelled at the thought that Rath wanted him, he was desirous of him, needing him for fulfillment, for love.

Zan pressed hard against the bulge elating a series of soft gasps and moans from Rath as his eyes rolled back. He was definitely in the mood. Zan got up and with a wave over a stone bench, it transformed into a feather-filled mattress, topped in rich black silk sheets. Rath looked over and smiled, it was going to be a fun afternoon.

Zan held out his hands as he keeled on the mattress. Rath got up, came over, and kneeled down in front of him as the two began to kiss and explore each other with their tongues. Zan had intended to make a long slow production of it but as soon as they got started kissing, all thought went out the window as they ripped each other's clothes off and fell over onto the mattress.

They were all over each other, kissing, licking, nipping, touching, and sucking on various body parts. Zan worked down until he was between Rath legs and started on Rath’s long hard thick cock. Zan ran his tongue down long the underside as he came up the back and then lightly flicked the tip with his tongue. Rath jumped involuntarily, shoving his cock into Zan’s mouth, who grabbed it willingly sucking hard as Rath arched his back in apparent pleasure.

“Shit Zan that feels so...oh ,,,, fucking god.. oh ..” Rath was in pure bliss.

Zan ran his hands over his thighs and legs, rounding his body to the back where he slid up and down Rath’s crack. His finger entered Rath’s ass massaging the gland just inside. Rath moaned loudly as Zan enjoyed the finger fucking he was giving Rath. He slid another finger in traveling up the canal, hitting other sensitive spots along the way. Rath screamed for more panting as the pressure built it. Rath was slick inside and Zan added a third finger. He had Rath coming off the mattress especially when Zan began to stoke his cock. Rath growled as he balled up the fabric under his hands.

“Oh Fuck!” Rath screamed out as he sat up, grabbed Zan by the waist, and twisted his body so he was now between Zan’s legs. The warrior in Rath had been releases, he wanted Zan, to fuck him deep and hard.

He lifted Zan’s ass in the air as he pushed his hard wet cock into Zan, whose passage was already slick from the mere thought of sex. Rath began to slowly fuck Zan, coming all the way out and then inch by inch slowly go in.

The feeling was ecstasy, Zan relished in the sensation. After a time of being consumed by this slow fuck, Zan wanted more, deeper, faster, harder as he started pushing back faster, trying to speed things up but each time Rath slowed him down.

As they got nearer to a climax Rath would pulled out "Let's make this last." his rasped into Zan’s ear as he kissed him deep. “I want to stay like this forever fucking you,”

Placing his legs on his shoulder Rath again penetrated Zan deeper keeping up a slow tortuous pace as Zan felt his body melt, he was like liquid surrounding Rath’s cock. Again, Rath pulled out denying Zan the release he body was aching for.

This time as the pressure built up Zan surprised Rath and buck back hard impaling Rath, withdrawing slightly and then again hard. Rath knew Zan wanted completion; he was hard and needed to come. Rath started slamming into Zan as Zan lowered his legs and circled them about Rath crushing him in their grip. That did not deter Rath as he thrust again and again. Every muscle tighten in Zan’s body, he had not felt this sensation to this degree in such a long time.
“Fuck…oh.. fuck.. Zan,” He gulped as he braced his hands on Zan’s hips. “You are so fucking tight. Relax you are killing me.”

Zan only clamped up tighter as his balls filled, Rath felt the pressure increase on his cock as it swelled up trying to find space, forcing Zan’s tight muscles back. Removing one hand Rath grabbed Zan’s cock, pumping him, matching rhythm with his thrusting. Zan ‘s eyes rolled back as he exploded into Rath’s hand, at the same time Rath shot deep into his lover.

Waiting a second Zan’s muscles began to relaxed a little, as Rath shoved himself in deeper and shot his sperm this time deep inside. Rath repeated the action again and again. Zan could feel all the love Rath had spill over the walls and descend onto him. They were both shaking as the ritual ended.

Rath’s hard cock remained in Zan as they lay on their sides, breathing heavily. His arms encircled Zan protectively, this was his lover, his bonded mate, his confidant as he whispered just before they fell asleep. “I love you Zan. I always have and always will.”