Gift from a Friend (UC/ SLASH/ADULT) Complete 4/14/07

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Gift from a Friend (UC/ SLASH/ADULT) Complete 4/14/07

Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Sat Feb 03, 2007 2:39 am


Title: Gift from a Friend

Author: suicide_eagle_rath

Pairings UC ....Little of everything .... Kyle and two original characters strippers .. one original character stripper by herself.. and even a harem with Antar Rath and Antar


Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.

Summary:. Kyle gets a fun “GIFT” from Michael … then Michael remembers a “Gift” from Zan to Rath on Antar… OH MY

Warning: Do not expect Shakespeare here ….ONLY SMUT … no real plot... smuttly… DO NOT READ IF UNDER 18

Explicit sex scene containing MM slash …. FF slash … orgy mixture…

Series: Part of the 14 Days of Fire Series for St Valentines Day 2007 done for originally for Roswell Heaven

Auhtor Note: This scene is originally from the book Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar but has been altered in several areas.

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Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Sat Feb 03, 2007 2:45 am


Gift from a Friend
14 Days of Fire: An Erotic Series

14 Separate Erotic Scenes One Per Day To Fire Your Passion
From Feb. 1-14


<center> Warning: explicit sex scene containing MM slash …. FF slash … orgy scene… </center>

Michael could not sleep, Vegas was alive 24/ 7 and he was pumped up on the hype of the place. Plus it wasn’t unusual for him to sleep only a few short hours, aliens did not need much shuteye. Throwing down the remote he took off to see who was up and around. As he entered the lobby he saw Kyle just standing around looking like a lost puppy about to be eaten at a table.

Kyle jumped as Michael suddenly appeared at his side. ”Hey Kyle what are you doing up at this hour?”

“Michael, you scared the shit out of me,” sputtered out Kyle as he placed another bet at the black jack table. “Yes another winner. I love you,” said Kyle as he kissed a furry foot.

“Oh god you need a woman bad,” noted Michael staring at the sad sight in front of him.


“You are kissing a dead rabbit and even the whole rabbit, only a foot.”

“No I am kissing my good luck charm.” Kyle scoffed “Dad gave it to me when I was just a kid. I had it in my pocket at graduation, the only thing I have from home.”

Michael, shook his head berating himself for teasing Kyle, “Hey man I am sorry I shouldn’t had teased you.”

“That’s okay,” replied Kyle as he picked up his winnings as and took them over to be cashed in. “I really do need a woman,” he sighed quietly to himself.

Hearing that with his supersonic ears, Michael looked at Kyle knowing that it had been a long dry spell for his friend. “Come on lets go.”


“Don’t ask just grabbed your cash and let’s go.”

Walking down the street Michael pushed Kyle ahead of him into a crowded platinum style strip club. Finding the right employee, Michael went over and whispering in his ear. The guy nodded and directed them down a corridor to an empty room.

Kyle leaned against the brick wall while he watched Michael making a deal, then money exchanged hands. All Kyle could think was ‘what the fuck is he up to now?’ Michael turned and smirked at Kyle in that odd way he had, not really knowing ig he was getting ready to fuck you or kill you. Michele walked over grabbed his hand and led Kyle into the room and positioned him in the center.

“Enjoy!” Kyle heard that one single hot word breath out of Michael before he vanished when the lights were extinguished. Kyle stood in the middle of the darkened room for what felt like several minutes. Soon he felt four hands come up from behind him as they started sensuously removing his clothes.

Slowly two naked women came into Kyle’s view when the lights came on to a dim, they continued their movements of stripping his clothes. Kyle was in erotic ecstasy, the feeling of the soft hands running all over his hard and toned body, never lingering for long as they teased his skin and senses.

“I am Spice,” said one with long auburn hair into his left ear.

“I am Sugar,” said the other into his right ear.

Kyle then felt himself being pulled backwards only to be stopped by a large round bed that was close to him. They gently pushed him down onto the edge of the bed and proceeded to kneel in front of Kyle, facing one another.

The two girls began to caress one another, Kyle watched on in fascination as Sugar and Spice kissed each other, their tongues playing. Parting from the kiss, Sugar took Spice’s very large breasts into her hands and licked her lips in anticipation. Using her fingers Sugar deftly manipulated the tips until they stood erect, two sweet pink balls asking to be suckled.

Kyle felt his cock grow hard watching these two pleasured with each other with their mouths and their hands.

Slowly Sugar leaned forward and took the tips into her mouth, as Spice arched her back forcing more of the breast into the eager mouth. Kyle eyes watched her tongue flick the tip as her fingers rolled the other nipple. Sugar’s long, long blond hair was falling over the other’s girl’s breasts, as Spice grabbed it keeping Sugar at her nipples sucking them.

They kissed again moving their hands over each other’s bodies in slow methodical fashion. Sugar then released Spice’s breasts as she leaned back. Spice smiling at Kyle Positioned herself between Sugar’s legs and spread them wide. Kyle could see her pussy glistening in the colored lights that spotlighted the action below. Slowly Spice began to kiss up her thighs, working her way toward sugar’s shaved core. Reaching her target Spice paused as her finger spread open the lips, showing Kyle the prize that lay within.

Spice then eased her tongue inside of Sugar, as her tongue softly traced Sugar’s clit in a big circle. She skillfully avoided the bundle of nerves, until suddenly she sucked it deep into her mouth. Sugar screamed with passion as Kyle cock shot straight up, pre-cum leaking down. He was going to explode watching these two.

As if the girls could feel Kyle’s cock calling out for release, they both sat up, Sugar got on her knees and took one of his ankles in her hand as she started laying down small kisses. Spice licked off Sugar’s scent from her lips as she followed Sugar’s lead on the other leg.

With excruciating slowness, they kissed their way up Kyle’s leg, each passing moment they got closer and closer to his cock. Kyle could feel their hot breaths as their hands and tongues explored his skin.

They licked his inner thighs as they glided their hands in-between, spreading his legs slightly. Then in synergic moves they began to kiss his cock on each side; one ran her tongue up his cock while the other ran her tongue down. Sugar then began to deep throat him as she came up and over his tip engulfing him in her mouth, taking his length down deep in her. Spice opted for his balls as she nipped and sucked them into her mouth. The two kept up this until Kyle was bucking his hips in ecstasy.

The two then broke away from his cock as they shared a deep kiss over his weeping tip before they exchanged places. Kyle had never experienced anything as erotic in his life as these two delicious tongues making a meal of his cock. Feeling that Kyle was close to coming, the girls stropped their ministrations. Sitting up they pushed Kyle’s body down onto the mattress.

Spice bent over Kyle taking his cock into her mouth where she expertly rolled on a condom before removing his hard shaft. Sugar then climbed on top of Kyle and slowly inserted his cock into her pussy, riding him. She gyrated her hips swiveling him inside of her, causing her to moan loudly as she yelled, “That is it baby, right there keep on fucking me.”

Spice placed her female secrets a few inches from Kyle’s lips, facing Sugar whom she began to kiss and play with her tits. Kyle looked up to see the pink lips beckoning to him. He reached up with his tongue tasting her; she was sticky tasting like strawberries due to the edible cream she had coated herself with prior to walking in the room. He began to play with her, fingering her center watching in fascination as she moaned above him.

Kyle caught glimpses of the girls kissing and pulling on each other’s nipples, which caused him to buck his hips and moaned deeply. Kyle send his tongue into Spice deeply when he noticed that she had a piercing there, he rubbed his tongue over the metal as she screamed and ground down onto his face. She pinched Sugar’s nipples extra hard making Sugar crashed onto Kyle’s cock with extra force.

Kyle was ready to explode with that action. He did it again this time taking the metal into his teeth and biting softly down. Spice went wild, as she kissed and sucked on Sugar. Sugar responded fucking Kyle until he came drenching her insides.

Sugar pulled off as Spice and her cleaned Kyle’s cock causing it to become aroused again. This was Kyle’s dream fantasy; the one he dreamt of night after night for the last two weeks. He had every action pictured in his mind, the same actions that the girls were doing. ‘How could Michael know what my desires were, it must have been a coincidence.’ Kyle let his head fall back as they continued to send him deeper into his fantasy.

<center>___________________________________ </center>

Michael had gone back to the main room of the club to wait for Kyle. Taking up a stool in a corner, he ordered a club soda and watched the action. The room was crowded, the music was blaring and the girls were not bad. The dancers were changing as a new stripper came on stage, she was not as young as the last one, you see it in her face, but still she had what the men wanted, large tits and knew how to move. The men who come into these places were not looking for love or art, they want raw, uninhibited, pure, fuckable, forbidden sex, so they could jack off or get it up with their wives later.

Michael was no different, sure he loved Maria more than he could have had ever imagined, and he through Rath was in love with Vilandra, two incredible looking females, one human and one alien, but still he enjoyed looking at these naked bodies feeling his cock rise wanting attention.

The stripper was wearing the smallest pair of cut jeans short, a white shirt, a cowboy hat and brown leather boots. She was basking in the attention of the men leering at her from the edge of the stage. Then in very slow motion she walked to the end of the stage, squatted down looking at one guy in particular straight in the eyes. Then out of the blue she quickly leaned forward, shoving her big tits into some poor shumck’s face. Before he could take advantage of the situation, she withdrew to the security of the stage area.

She stopped center stage, turning slowly around unbuttoning her shirt dropping it off her shoulder, letting it slide downward, before she turned back exposing her breasts, the tips held in mystery covered by sequin pasties. She dropped her shirt as she made way to a pole across the stage. Taking a short run, she leaped onto the pole encircling it with her legs as she slid down the cold steel. Grinding her hips to the music, she fucked the pole wildly, letting her pussy slid up and down, rubbing her juices against the metal causing it to shine in the light. Twirling herself away from the phallic symbol, she stopped center stage as she squatted down. Slowly she brought one hand down going in-between her legs, running a finger up under the edge of her soaked shorts and into her cunt itself, as the other hand slowly lowered the zipper. Pulling her finger out she licked off the juice as the men started screaming in the audience.

Standing up she took each side of the waistband and bent over looking at her audience from between her legs. Her hair fell to the ground, her breasts swaying freely. She peeled down the shorts, revealing her crack with a red string snuggled between the tanned cheeks. She wiggled her ass, delighting in the moans and groans from her viewers as she bent over even more.

Her tight asshole almost came into sight when she stopped and began to pull back up the shorts. A loud no erupted from the participants at this point in this sexual act. Looking over her shoulder, she laughed as she bent back down and pushed the shorts down to her ankles revealing her firm rounded ass. Using her hands, she spread the cheeks wide letting the cool air hit her hot throbbing hole.

The bar became full of cheers and wolf whistles as she stood up and kicked the shorts out of her way. She strutted over to the side again, letting her hands feel her breasts up, making sure the men could see her fingering her nipples through the pasties.

She leaned against the pole, continuing to play with her nipples, slowly removing the pasties from as she continued to tease herself. The with careful balance she slid one leg up the pole holding it in position as the viewers got a god close-up of her pussy.

Michael could tell she liked her job, you could see it in her eyes. She loved the way she spread her legs wide right in front of their noses taking pleasure in the men’s lust filled eyes grow large at the sight of the g-string running between the waxed and wet pussy lips and her swollen clit.

Michael was alone in his thoughts and desires as he watched her dance and symbolically fucked herself.

‘Shit,’ Michael thought, ‘what man wouldn’t enjoy watching this. He would have to be dead.’

Suddenly another girl entered the stage and walked over the dancer, kneeling before her she started to lick her cunt.

“Shit!” said Michael aloud as his eyes shot wide open.

A couple of stools down one guy slapped another on the back and said quite loudly, “Fuck this is like having you own private harem.”

Suddenly Michael was gone.

<center>___________________________________ </center>

Zan lead Rath down the back stairs, crossing the courtyard through private walkways hidden by stonewalls finally opening a secret door that lead away from the Royal living quarters of the Palace.

“Where are we going Zan,” asked a fairly young naive Rath.

“I have a present for you, for your anniversary.”

“What anniversary?” questioned Rath.

“You have been at the palace for a year, today, so I got you a gift. Come on, Rath.” Zan smiled, it had been a hard year for them both.

A year ago, Rath came to the Palace of the Silver Rose to live. In that year he and Zan had an affair, fought a war together and won, Prince Rath, became a battle hero among the Kandahar warriors, and the worst of all Rath almost died due to Zan’s rage. It was a year of rage, hate, friendship, love, revenge, and forgiveness.

They crossed into the courtyard of the Royal harem and went up some more stairs to a private yard enclosed by flowering hedges. Rath had never been here, but he did hear the older men at the court talking about the pleasures inside.

The enclosed yard was lush scented by colorful flowers said to heighten the sexual experience. Fountains were plentiful as the sound of water softened the stone floors and arches of the palace walls.

“My lords, how may we serve you today?” An older woman bowed low before them.

She stood as Zan whispered something in her ear. She bowed again and left, clapping her hands for the girls to assemble.

Zan then lead Rath over to an enclosed tent parted the fabric and entered. Rich deep amethyst and gold silk fabrics draped down from tent’s twenty-foot center pitched roof. These same fabrics covered the length and breath of the massive the ten-foot tall walls. The tent was expansive, over a hundred feet in width and length. Large bronze columns braced the roof separating the space into intimate areas. Thick intricately design carpets covered the stone floor, while large copper braziers were light for light and warmth. Fresh flowers were everywhere, their perfumed scent heavy in the room. Candles glowed from the many tables scattered about while patters of fresh fruit and pastries were abundant.

“Why are we here Zan?” Rath looked around nervously, he had not been with many women at that point in his wife, in fact none. Zan was his only lover.

“Like I said I have a gift for you. Now sit.” He guided Rath to a soft mattress that lay upon the floor surrounded by silk pillows.

“Comfortable?” Rath nodded yes.

Zan clapped his hands.

Music started flowing surrounding them; soft flutes, lyres, and bells started as the rhythm increased a steady beating drum could be heard. From the side Rath saw six of the most beautiful young maidens entered the room.

Five sat down in a line, while the sixth came forward and stood before Zan and Rath. They all bowed lowed, waited motionless for a few seconds before raising their heads. The girl in front was exquisite, her eyes were foreign; they sparked purple with gold dust evident in the iris.

She began to dance, slowly, voluptuously, with an animalistic sensuality. Erotic sways of her hips start, followed by her hands moving with minds of their own. She was like water, fluid, agile as her back bent backwards rotating her hips in large circles. Behind her, the girls clapped and snapped their finger in time to the drums rhythmic lure, singing songs of erotic love.

The rebaba and the tabla drums were beating into their veins while as they watched the dancer clasped her hands over her head while her pelvis gyrated in a constant, smooth, powerfully, sensual movement.

Rath’s eyes were transfixed on the creature in front of him; he licked his lips as his breath shortened. Zan smiled and leaned back on his elbows enjoying the show.

The dancer was gently cupping her large breasts confined by a flimsy piece of translucent blue cloth, Rath could clearly see her nipples as she ran her over them making them strain and harden under the pressure. He gasped when he realized that the nipples were pieced and good rings encircled them. Rath felt himself harden at the sight. The dancer titled her head back and moaned as she pulled on one of the golden hoops. She continued to sway her hips, grinding them in front of the young men’s faces.

She glided over the carpets barefoot, her arms floating above her long flaxen hair, the red-painted fingers flickering like snakes' tongues as the air became heavy with lust and desire.

Zan looked over to see Rath shift his position, the bulge in his pants was obvious; he smiled at the thought of what was to come.

The dancer allowed slide one of her hands inside her skirt, moving the fabric aside as her long legs came into view. Her body kept pace with the music as her hand slipped between her legs, disappearing from view. She writhed in pleasure dancing wildly as she knelt on the floor. Slowly she removed her hand from her center; wetness was evident upon the fingers. Looking at Rath, she extended a finger for him to suckle. Rath leaned forward taking the offering, tasting her, before he released her finger back, clean of her juices.

The beat of the drum picked up still more speed, causing her dance to became even more exotic. With unbelievable flexibility, her hands slide down up and down her body, removing items of her clothing. Her breasts soon where bobbing up and down to the delight of Rath and Zan’s eyes. Her nipples were large and brown; the gold rings made the flesh stand up more pointed than normal. She pressed her breasts together, squeezing the tips licking her lips all the time her eyes were locked on Rath.

Her body was on the move as it gyrated, shook, rolled, the muscles moving on perfect in harmony one with the other. She moved her shoulders in rhythm to her pelvis in time to the exotic, sensual, raw, tribal music.

Hip circles, hip slides, rib circles, shoulder shimmy, snake arms and hands, one hip, then the other, circles forward, accelerating into thrusts so violent and impudent

Whirling and turning her dress soon feel down revealing her flat stomach, smooth rounded ass, and inviting core. The bracelets on her wrists and ankles were the only items left on her body as she now shook and slithered, slowly advancing on Rath until she stood just above him. She dropped down gracefully arching her back as her private area jutted forward and her head dropped back when her hands hit the floor. She was totally exposed to Rath’s wide eyes; she was his bridge to his new life in the palace as she initiated him with sex.

Zan closed in on Rath to see the view. He breathed out at the sight; her pussy was drenched, pink and inviting to the touch. “Go on,” nudged Zan, “touch her, fuck her.”

Rath just looked, he had been with so few woman before; he was not ignorant though, he knew how to have sex. “Go on open your gift,” Zan smiled as Rath hesitated. Reaching over Zan took hold of Rath’s finger and helped to slide it into her awaiting cunt. Rath inhale shapely. “You like?”

Rath nodded and slowly began to slide his finger in and out. The girl moaned and shuddered as he stroked her growing bolder as he put in two fingers as he began a rhythm that was steady. The poor girl could barley hold her stance. Finally, she brought her body back up, but kept her legs opened for Rath to explore.

She looked at the young prince; he was a great beauty for a man, long blonde hair, full lips, and silver lustful eyes. She brought down her knees to impact the mattress as she leaned forward placing one hand on his strong muscular chest and the other on his crotch where she ground against his prominent bulge. He was still fucking her with his fingers; the speed was increasing as she began to move her hips.

Rath was breathing hard as she unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his strong chest. She pulled in closer to him as her fingers enticed his nipples causing him to moan and buck into her hand. Getting the message, she began to lower his pants; soon his long hard cock was free as she took it in her hand.

“Fuck!” he spouted out in between pants. “Oh fuck.”

Zan looked on watching Rath being seduced. He enjoyed it as the dancer exposed his chest and took his cock into her hands. The scene was incredible, both on their knees, she naked, Rath ’s shirt open falling down his shoulders as his arms moved the finger inside her cunt, and her hand stroking his incredible cock.

Zan came up behind Rath, taking the shirt he slowly began slide it off his shoulders, kissing him on the neck causing Rath to growl at his touch. The other girls now came forward, gently up behind Zan knowing what he like as they began to seduce him. Zan tipped his head back, smiled at the two lapping at his neck as he laid back and let them do their magic.

The music continued to play as the concubines placated their craft with skill and exuberance. Zan looked over and saw Rath now on his back, the dancer riding his cock, one of the singers was sitting above his face as he fucked her with his mouth and she kiss and sucked on the dancer. Another was watching, rubbing his feet, waiting her turn to please Rath.

Zan growled as the two women on him were sucking his cock as they took turns kissing and licking his skin. He turned one of them over and started to fuck them one by one. As soon as he came in one, he switched to the next. The singers as each was done would fondle and kiss each other in his sight, making him every more desirous of them. Zan heard Rath moaning loudly as he was now also fucking them one by one, Zan was sure Rath like his gift.

Upon fucking the last singer, Zan rolled off and stretched looking over at Rath who was on his knees, ready to enter another girl. Zan could not resist the sight. He closed in on Rath, caressing him with his hands, tracing the hawk tattoo on his back, nipping and kissing the flesh. Rath arched his back at Zan’s intrusion and tipped his head back as Zan took him in a feverous kiss. The girls looked onward mesmerized by the sexuality of these two princes.

Zan then slowly dropped his hands down Rath ’s back massaging the skin pushing him gently foreword, encouraging him to put his cock in the girls core. Rath complied and sank in deep, as she clutch around him and tightening her insides.

These girls were very well trained, being slaves from Harak, they were genetically created to be perfect sex toys for royalty and powerful figureheads, throughout the known galaxy. They were exceptionally beautiful, completely docile, and sterile. The fact that they were sterile eliminated unwanted royal children and their training ensure their silence about the bedroom antics of their masters. These six were a gift from a King Yartan, in a distant solar system for soldiers that Antar provided in defending them against a common enemy.

Zan pushed Rath forward a little more as he leaned further into the girl, his hands resting on the mattress as he continued to pump away. Zan then ran his hand down the cleavage between Rath ’s ass cheeks and slide a finger in, Rath acknowledged the action with a primal groan and slammed his body first against Zan and then into his partner.

Zan knew Rath would like what he had planned. Removing his finger, he positioned his body against Rath and slowly slid in, until his balls slapped up against Rath ’s butt.

Rath moaned and growled as Zan began to slide in and out of him matching Rath ’s tempo in the girl. It was an incredible feeling for Rath, he never tired of Zan and after tonight, he would never tire of the girls either.

“Oh fuck,” Rath almost whimpered as he laid his head down on the girl’s breast as he came inside her. Zan stopped for a moment he was just starting.

Motioning to the girls for an arched ottoman, he had them slide it under Rath as the girl slid out so he would be comfortable. The arches below the ottoman made it possible for another girl to slide under Rath from the side where she could suck on his still hard cock. Rath felt her mouth and shuddered causing Zan to start his movement.

Another girl came close and bringing a seat to the end of the ottoman and placed her pussy within Rath ’s reach. He eagerly began sucking and biting on her as the action below and behind him continued. Two others came up on each side of Rath where they rubbed and played with his arms and back. Rath was in heaven, his senses were so overloaded that he was having trouble keeping the walls in place, but he did as he bucked against Zan. He was so close to coming again; the mouth on his cock was tracing and biting his flesh while Zan’s cock grew inside him ready to spill. “Oh my fucking… Fuck.. Zan I am… Fuck.. I …”

<center>___________________________________ </center>

“Hey Michael are you ready,” Kyle shook Michael out of his dream, “Shit buddy, thanks that was the best gift anyone ever gave me.”

“Yeah sure, but it wasn’t my idea.”

“Whose was it?”

Michael laughed and said, “An old old, friend”