The Bond (UC/Slash/Adult) Complete 04/14/07

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The Bond (UC/Slash/Adult) Complete 04/14/07

Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Tue Feb 20, 2007 11:24 pm


Title: The Bond

Author: suicide_eagle_rath


Pairing: Michael/ Max

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.

Summary:. Zan and Rath and Michael and Max all merge

Warning: Do not expect Shakespeare here ….ONLY SMUT … no real plot... smuttly… DO NOT READ IF UNDER 18

Explicit sex scene / Slash /

Series: Part of the 14 Days of Fire Series for St Valentines Day 2007 done for originally for Roswell Heaven

Auhtor Note: This scene is originally from the book Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar but has been altered in several areas.

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Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Tue Feb 20, 2007 11:31 pm


The Bond
14 Days of Fire: An Erotic Series

14 Separate Erotic Scenes One Per Day To Fire Your Passion
From Feb. 1-14


Timeline: Gang returned to Roswell after a year on the road. Some background. Michael is blending with Rath (Antar) and Max is blending with Zan (Antar). Both are drawn to the other yearning to be bonded for life, for eternity. But Michael/Rath fear his soul may not be that pure due to his past as Rath and does not want to condemn Max/Zan to a possible existence of purgatory when they die, for bonded souls follow one another.


The house was quiet, the girls were off shopping, Kyle settled down on the sofa, stretched out and found a football game to watch. Max went to get some juice from the kitchen, when he walked back in Kyle was snoring loudly, in competition with the TV.

Max just shrugged and went to make sure all the doors were locked and the curtains drawn. Then he decided to check on Michael.

Michael was also asleep; face down sprawled out across the bed. The sun was starting to come around this side of the house and soon would be in Michael’s eyes. Max closed the curtains and began to walk out of the door, when he heard Michael mumble in his sleep. Afraid he was having another nightmare, Max turned back from the door that he had opened slightly, and came close to Michael. He bent down; the feeling of being so close was intoxicating. Max took a deep breath.

Michael was half-asleep when he felt the whisper of a gentle kiss against his the corner of his lips. 'Max doesn’t care, it is a dream,’ Michael told himself, as he snuggled down deeper in the mattress willingly to embrace the moment he was secretly waiting for.

His dream continued as he felt the mattress shift as if weight had been added. Michael could smell Max’s scent in the pillow as he buried his face in deeper, his senses tugged at his consciousness, trying to arouse him. He could feel his skin being touch, his ears hearing Max whisper, he felt himself being seduced into a sensual spell, a wicked wild incantation intended to make one yearn for sexual pleasures of the flesh.

Max could not resist when he got close to Michael to kiss the corner of his lips. Michael stirred and moaned in his sleep, encouraging Max to continue. He kissed his lips again as his hands massaged his back, enticing the senses to arouse.

Michael moaned louder with the second kiss, he shifted in the bed as he rolled over. Max had to move quickly as he lifted up his body and then straddling Michael’s waist as he lay on his back.

‘Much better,’ Max thought as he leaned in for another kiss. This time Michael responded hungrily as he parted his lips allowing Max’s tongue to slide in. He drew his arms around Max holding him tight as their kiss deepened.

That was all Max needed to reciprocate, as the kiss grew, the heat being generated was surging through their bodies, awaking them both physically and mentally. Michael slanted open an eye to find Max and him fencing with their tongues. It was not another dream, as Michael drove his tongue in harder as his hand supplicated the skin and muscle under its grasp.

Forced to break the kiss for air, Michael whispered into Max’s ear, “I have been waiting for you for so long.”

Max drew up and studied Michael’s face as he placed his hands on each side. He then leaned down and pulled Michael into another kiss, not one of passion and fire but a soft kiss of love, of happiness, of jubilation. When he pulled from the kiss, he breathed out, his voice just above a whisper, "So have I."

That was all it took to release the last of Michael’s restraints; years of denial, hatred, and envy flooded out as he was filled with passion. At that, moment, in that time and place, on that small cramp tiny bed, being neither King nor warrior, human nor alien, they were just themselves, and for the first time Michael realized that he knew Max was his, both Max and Zan as one were his.

"I want you," Michael whispered huskily. "All these years I have denied what you meant to me. How much I want you with me, I never knew what I had until you left me, left me alone. I don’t like that feeling of not being connected; it is so vacant, so dark, so cold, so lonely.”

Max was too stunned to answer with words, so he did the only thing left; he captured Michael’s mouth captured again in a hot kiss. That kissed melted as Max began to lick and nibble down his neck and across the jaw line. He came up on the other side only to see Michael’s eyes open, mischief frolicked in the liquid silver streaks.

"I'd like to make a habit of this." Max said as he savored Michael’s lips, pulling him into another deep kiss. Max smiled inwardly as he realized he could spend a lifetime kissing Michael. Their limbs were intertwined, their hips rubbing hard against each other, their legs interlocked, Max brushed past Michael’s ear as he spoke so softly, "Let's make up for lost time. Let’s make the bond again."

Michael heard those words and froze he held Max back at arm’s length as he studied his face. “What type of bond Max? I told you what would happen.”

“You will never go there to purgatory,” stated Max with conviction, “you are pious in your beliefs and dedicated to justice, the Ancients would never abandon you.” Max leaned in for a short peck on his lips, “and if you do I will go with you, I never want you to feel alone again.” Max was serious in the last few hours he had experienced such intense and traumatic emotions, feelings and sentiments that invaded and haunted his very core; solitary existence that tore at his heart, mind, psyche, soul, and spirit.

”Max No…”

“No Michael I want this, please do me one favor, I beg you.”

Michael studied Max as he perceived what was to be. “Max you know we have to be on Antar for the bond to be official, to be eternal.”

"Then when we go to Antar we will bond, in the old way; in the way of blood, of fire, of life.” Max kissed him again, “I will let all of Antar know that I have the Warrior’s soul, that you are mine, I am yours; together we will be one, we are one.”

Michael’s heart beat strong as he felt Max’s soul immersing him with love, passion, and lust as he heard the words.

"I know you are worried," Max whispered, "but this is meant to be."

Michael’s resistance to that idea melted away as Max began to kiss and lick his way down Michael’s neck. Deftly he undid the buttons, one by one as he exposed the flesh underneath. His fingers stroked and caressed the firm muscular structure as Max’s lips found their way to sensitive areas that made Michael moaned and growl with pleasure.

Max's hand had a mind of their own as they wandered along Michael’s ribs, counting the indentations, then making their way across his chest, taking a side trip as they fondled and rolled the tips of his nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Michael’s head fell back; his breath was coming in hard noticeable pants.

Max then traced the center of Michael’s breastbone down to his muscular stomach watching in fascination as the muscles rippled in anticipation of his ministrations.

Slowly almost tortuously Max began to lick his way down, his tongue teasing as he circle the navel, his tongue and teeth lick and nipped the flesh until they met a barrier a belt.

Max raised his head, as he gasped at the sight of Michael, his shirt opened, his cheeks flushed, his chest raising and falling heavily; he looked so fucking sexy, just waiting to be fucked, to be love, to be wanted.

Swallowing hard, Max leaned back on his knees, unbuckled the belt, removed it from the loops and threw it to the floor. Then he began to ceremoniously pop opened the buttons son Michael’s jeans, one by one, just like his shirt, slowly as the flesh underneath appeared.

“Commando?” Max smiled at the thought of no more barriers.

Michael just shrugged and smirked.

Max slide his hand down taking the jeans with him, as he passed the hips and then as he slid past the long thick engorged cock, ready and willing for action.

Michael sat up as he caught Max turning back around after throwing the jeans to the ground. “My turn,” he said, his voice deepened from sleep and lust, as he began to remove unbutton Max’s shirt, his tongue and lips never leaving the supple skin.

He wrapped his legs around Max drawing him in close as they continued to kiss, exchanging the breath in their lungs. Subtly Michael broke the kiss as he gently licked and nuzzled his way across his cheek and onto the neck. There he nipped along stopping only to feel the blood rushing through the vein. The pulse quickened as Michael’s hands roamed over Max’s body, as he pressed and apply pressured to Max’s still clothed penis. Michael grinned, knowing how he could affect Max; it filled with him ride, knowing that right now Max wanted him, not Liz or anyone else but him.

Michael kissed his way up his neck, feeling Max’s adam’s apple bounce as Max gulped in air as he felt Michael’s fingers prodding and manipulating the sensitive skin on his chest. Michael quickly divested him of his shirt throwing it into the pile on the floor. The pants were next, but all Michael was able to do was to unzip, unbuckle and free Max’s cock from its confinement.

They intertwined; wrapped around each other in a sensual mating ritual. Max was busy lapping at Michael’s collarbone as he found his way to his shoulder. He could feel the energy under Michael’s skin, the energy of a warrior waiting to break free. He could sense by feel where the nerve was located, that one nerve was Rath’s undoing. The nerve once activated sent pulses to the brain releasing the food gate, allowing the pent up emotions to deluge the willing victim. Max knew that if he activated this nerve, Michael and Rath would be less resistant to the bonding process. This time Max wanted it to be mutual, last time was so barbaric it had to be done in love, he owed Rath that much.

Michael could feel Max nipping on his shoulder, knowing what he wanted; he pulled back and looked at Max in the eye.

“Are you sure? Once it begins I cannot stop, you know that.” The words were staccato as heavy breaths fell in between.

Looking into Michael’s eyes, Max slowly lowered his lips until they touch, softly, almost reverently. Michael’s mouth parted on the contact, as Max’s tongue ever so gently touch and caressed his. Michael could feel Max run his hands through his silky hair as he began to fall backwards, as Max shed his pants and lay down on top of Michael.

Max licked. Michael arched. Max kissed. Michael moaned. Max nipped. Michael groaned. Max sucked. Michael growled.

Max slid his hands across and down Michael’s inner thighs tracing the muscles and veins. He came upwards as he grazed past first and then circled back to caress and sooth the heavy filled balls, looking for a location to make his mark.

“Then I guess, I get to choose my location,” Max said as he narrowed his eyes at Michael, “Maybe a place where you can no longer deny me.”

Max then grasped Michael’s cock as he began to stroke him hard, he was firm in his hand. Michael closed his eyes, his emotions were building; the power, the fire that burned within him was coming to the surface. He took several intakes of air as he fought to stay in control.

Max knew what he was doing, seducing both Rath and Michael was a carefully planned out strategy, one false move, one slip up, one mistake and he would turn from him. Rath was skittish, not unlike an untrained battle horse in his first skirmish. It took Zan years to learn how to handle Rath, how to figure out the moves and countermoves; a finely orchestrated game of chess.

"I want you Michael," Max whispered into his ear as he removed his hand and placed it over the scar on his chest. Michael opened his eyes to see Max was leaning over him, gazing into his soul, his mind, his very existence. “Please, this time I want it to be our decision.”

Michael was trembling, he was torn between the fear he had of damning Max’s soul and the knowledge of being one; no more loneliness, no more pain, no more hatred.

"Your mine," Max cooed, "as I'm yours.” Max’s eyes spoke volumes of trust, want, love, forgiveness, patience, and most of all acceptance of who and what they were. “Please I love you."

Michael‘s voice was barely above a whisper, it was so soft Max almost could not hear the words he waited two lifetimes for. "I'm yours, Max. You can do whatever you want. I trust and love you also."

The air was silent for a few seconds, as Max and Michael held each other tight, neither wanted to speak or move, Max for fear what he heard was his imagination and Michael for fear of the repercussions of what he had agreed to.

Their hard cocks, having a mind of their own, were grinding hard against one another. Max could send an eternity like this; he was so consumed in his want and need of Michael he had forgotten the door was wide opened. Passionately their lips once again found each other; their tongues wrestled from mouth to mouth, their bodies intertwined tightly together, while hands roamed.

"I want you..." Max whispered out as he nuzzled Michael’s neck, kissing the skin with great pleasure. His hands were also busy as they roamed up and down his body, slowly his lips down, tasting, relishing in the sensation he could feel coming off Michael.

Michael’s hips had begun a slowly humping motion, raising and lowering as he rubbed himself against Max’s hard stiff cock. He needed Max, as Max needed him; their cocks yearned for each other.

Max’s tongue reached out as he encircled a nipple, laving it before he nipped and tugged at it gently, pulling back with his teeth ever so gently until he heard Michael hiss through his teeth. That sound pushed Max to lick and suck on the tip until it hardened and stood erect; the skin shivered each time he flicked his tongue across it.

Michel gasped and found himself holding Max’s head encouraging him to lick and suck the skin on his chest. He was losing control as the blue shield came up surrounding them. Max again bit and tugged at Michael’s nipple. This time Michael released a bolt of energy as it traveled from him into Max’s body. Max felt the power surge entered him, releasing the desire to own Michael, to own Rath, to have him, to have them; to taste, to bathe, to consume a warrior’s energy.

Max made his way back to Michael’s lips taking him a deep soulful kiss as his hand rested on the king's scar. Michael felt the pain as it surged through him, it was brief as Max held him in a tight kiss, his hand still glowing after he had burn his brand into Michael’s chest.

“My warrior,” whispered Max, “Please Rath no others,” as he kissed his way onto the creamy white shoulder. Quickly Max found the nerve as he flicked his tongue back and forth across the spot savoring the concealed trigger. Then without warning, suddenly, he bit down hard, drawing blood, drawing himself in; into Michael’s mind, into Michael soul, into Michael’s very existence.

Michael shook uncontrollably when Max entered, even with his knowledge the invasion, the bonding of them could be painful. Their energies were so powerful that it racked their bodies, seared their thoughts, exploded their cells; the pain would intensify greatly before it subsided and they were one. Max held Michael tight as he felt the muscle shake and quiver, knowing that he would too have to face this. He took Michael in another kiss as he allowed his mind to send out waves of passion, of calmness, of tranquility as he felt Michael relaxed in his arms.

Max pulled back and saw the silver eyes return Michael was breathing heavily, his eyes gazed over, as carnal desire flooded over him. The bed was small, as they were limited in space. Max leaned back on his knees as he pulled Michael’s knees up, locking eyes with him al the while. His hand massaged the strong thighs, tracing the snake pattern, feeling it scaly texture. Slowly he spread Michael’s legs apart as he gently caressed the inner things brushing past but never touching the straining cock and heavy balls.

Michael was still shaking, with each touch of Max was magnified ten fold as he braced as one lustful wave followed another as they coursed through his body, alternating driving him mad with passion and desire.

Max looked down at Michael, he could feel the need for raw animalistic sex, powerful licentious sex, demanding lubricious sex. Michael’s libidinous nature was demanding, crying out for a hard fuck. Max looked down at Michael, his chest labored, his silver eyes, his cock weeping, full, and finally at the brand, his mark, for all to see.

Pulling on Michael’s hips, he edged them both to the edge of the bed. Stepping off Max pulled Michael down until his ass cleared the mattress. Michael encircled his legs around Max’s hips, lifting his back slightly off the bed.

Max positioned himself at the entrance and looked Michael in the eye, leaning over he took him in a searing kiss as he slammed his full length in. Michael tightened up, his head fell back, his mouth opened, his breath punctuated, his eyes closed.

Max was over come by the sensation as he started thrust in and out of Michael, the pressure was mounting, deeper and deeper he went following Michael into the depths of sexual desire. Max had never felt anything so tight or wonderful in his life. He was so hard, so wanting of Michael, so needing to be joined like this. With a scream, he rammed hard once, twice, thrice time as he exploded into Michael.

The bonding had begun as Michael absorbed Max’s semen; the liquid burned the sensitive inner linings. Max stayed in deep as he felt the pressure again build up. He pulled out and slammed full forced in as far as he could go shooting more of the scalding liquid in.

Michael winced with each load that was dumped inside of him. The pain was brief, as he felt their fluids intermingle, then he braced for another. He turned his head to the side, his eyes opened barely as he saw an image, ‘mirrors, when did Max’s mom install mirrors on both sides of the hallway’ he was trying to remember. Again Max withdrew his cock, waited a second and then with bone crushing force slammed back into Michael’s body. Michael groaned and arched his back. His eyes opened again, a figure he swore he could see a figure staring watching them from afar; watching them mate, watching them bond, watching them fuck.

Max had no control by now; he was a fucking machine, shooting his seed deep into Michael repeatedly. He felt himself climb higher and higher on the powerful orgasm. Their bodies drugged on the natural substances produced during binding rituals, magnified their sense; each kiss ten fold, each touch a hundred, each thrust a thousand. They were flying upwards as Max hit the limit as he exploded for the last time, shattering the blue shield around them as he fell back to earth, collapsing onto of Michael