Love Comes Hard (UC/Slash Adult) Complete 04/12/07

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Love Comes Hard (UC/Slash Adult) Complete 04/12/07

Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Wed Feb 21, 2007 7:11 pm


Title: Love Comes Hard

Author: suicide_eagle_rath


Pairing: Michael/ Max

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.

Summary:. The Bonding between Michael and Max continues

This is one part of two interlocking stories. The Bond and Love Comes Hard

Warning: Do not expect Shakespeare here ….ONLY SMUT … no real plot... smuttly… DO NOT READ IF UNDER 18

Explicit sex scene / Slash

Series: Part of the 14 Days of Fire Series for St Valentines Day 2007 done for originally for Roswell Heaven

Author Note: This scene is originally from the Chronicle Series Book 2 The Past Returns but has been altered in several areas.

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Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Wed Feb 21, 2007 7:12 pm


Love Comes Hard
14 Days of Fire: An Erotic Series

14 Separate Erotic Scenes One Per Day To Fire Your Passion
From Feb. 1-14

Explicit sex scene / Slash

Michael woke to having his chest crushed by Max’s weight. He smiled and snuggled his nose into Max’s hair and neck. Max began to stir and thinking he was on a solid surface, not hanging half off the edge of a bed, rolled taking Michael with him onto the floor.

“What the…” Max looked up puzzled

Michael was laughing, Max looked at him to verify what his sleepy brain had heard, yes it was Michael laughing.

“What is so funny?”

“Your face when you landed.”

“Funny huh!”

“Oh yeah,” Michael stretched over, hooking his legs around Max as he rolled him over. “Very funny,” he kissed his neck and shoulders as their bodies rubbed together.

Max using Zan’s memories was able to remember similar times when Rath was giddy and silly usually after major battles, but also he had forgotten, after they reenacted the bonding process.

Max pushed Michael back with his arms, “You are high.”

“Like a kite,” Michael chuckle, Rath’s deep sensual sexy chuckle.

“Rath?” Max questioned, “or Michael?”

“Does it matter we are both the same, I am Michael, he is me.” Michael was playing with Max’s hair, apparently fascinated at the color and texture.

“So you both are high!” Max shook his head, “What am I going to do with you?”

“That’s easy,” Michael, replied as he laid his full weigh on Max, pinning his arms back, he leaned in for a kiss, then out of the blue. “I need some water.” Michael jumped up off Max and headed out the door.

“Michael?” Max sat up twisting his body, seeing Michael's naked ass preparing to leave the room, “Where are you going?”

“To get a bottle of water. Want one?”

“No,” Max was perplexed, “you can’t leave like that,” pointing to his lack of clothing.

Michael scrutinized his appearance, “Why?”

“You have no clothes on?”

“Damn your right! Oh well,” he shrugged his shoulders.

Max sighed, smiled and stood up, grabbing a towel off his chair. “Here throw this on.” Michael caught the towel, placing it low on the hips. “You are coming back? Right?”

“Sure Max,”

Michael bounded into the kitchen to find Kyle awake and sitting at the table.

“Hey Kyle,” he started plowing though cabinets and drawers.

“Hey Michael,” Kyle replied as he watched him, “Looking for something?”

“A bottle of water.”

Kyle looked at him puzzled, shook his head, then got up and opened the refrigerated peering into its depths, grabbing a bottle of water. “Here,” as he closed the door and turned around.


Kyle froze Michael was standing right in front of him effectively pinning him to the door.

Michael took the bottle, and placed it on top of the refrigerator, closing the distance between the two. “Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Did I…?” Kyle stammered out, “What? What do you mean?”

Michael’s eyes were different the silver streaks were more pronounced, they radiated as Kyle felt Michael penetrate his own fragile wall.

“Did you enjoy watching Max fuck me?”

“Michael I don’t…”

“Never lie to me,” Michael growled out, “I have a bad temper.”

Kyle gulped air, “I did not mean to …I…um… just…Oh god I am sorry. Just the mirrors in the hallway, you guys were noisy and I just saw.”

“Found it fascinating?” Michael leaned his arm past Kyle’s head onto the door itself bringing his body in closer, “What part?”

“What do mean?” Kyle’s breath was short, he did not know what Michael was up to nor capable of.

“What part did you find fascinating? Max fucking or alien sex?”

“Hey man, I am sorry.”

Michael leaned his other arm against the refrigerator; he was a hairs breath away from Kyle.

“Why sorry? You liked what you saw. I can feel it. If it weren’t for Michael, I would fuck you here and now, initiation into the world of Antarian males.” Michael laughed low.

“You’re not Michael, you are Rath.” Kyle took a big gulp, “Oh no!”

“Are you frightened of me?” Michael leaned in more his lips just a skin cell away, “You do not fear Michael do you? I am him, just a little changed, a little different?” Michael drew one hand down as he put it on Kyle abdomen, stretching the palm and fingers out, he slowly glided upwards. “Do you like?” Michael whispered into Kyle’s ear, “I am very good at what I do.”

“Michael?” Max’s vice boomed from the other room, “Michael, did you find the water?”

Michael smiled, “King Maxie wants to finish bonding,” His hand was playing with Kyle’s collar as it came up onto the back of Kyle’s neck holding him hard. His body was drawn to Michael’s; Kyle felt his hard sculpted muscles, the power coursing over his smooth skin, his soft silky hair, his hard erection. “You like it, admit it.” He pulled Kyle forward roughly, as he kissed him deep, feverously, a kiss that left Kyle shock, speechless, emotionally torn inside. “It would have been fun, but Max seems to want Michael all to himself.” Michael released him, smirked, reached up and grabbed the bottle of water.

“The door is opened, the mirrors are angled just right, you can watch all you want.” Michael smirked, “But I suggest we keep this between ourselves, Max gets a little perturbed.” Michel turned to leave “Enjoy the show; you can pretend I am fucking you instead of Max.” Kyle’s eyes opened wide at that statement Michael laughed both he and Rath loved to get a rush out of Kyle.


Michael reentered the bedroom to find Max waiting on the bed; he threw him the water as he stripped off the towel.

“The door Michael, close it.”

“Why? Kyle is snoring while watching TV and no one is home,” said Michael as he laid his body down next to Max drawing him close. “Plus I am comfortable.”

Max could sense the excitement that was building in Michael, as he felt himself being pushed slightly backwards. He was staring into pools of liquid silver, drowsing, those eyes; they never failed to mesmerize Zan. They kissed deeply, as the bonding continued to hold them entranced, drawn one to the other.

“O’ wy ink xantis’ nat’yn mir,” whispered Michael into Max’s ear as he nuzzled, his body encouraging Max’s into a tight embrace.

“What?” Max could not believe what he heard; Michael was speaking ancient Antarian, words from the bonding ritual.

“O’ wy ink xantis’ nat’yn mir,” Michael repeated as he kissed Max, nipping at his neck as he made his way downwards.

Max listened to the words again, the old words, the old tongue, the language of the Royally, it has been so long. They flowed sensuously from Michael, a long forgotten ballad, sentimental words from a self-proclaimed dispassionate die-hard. “O how, I take pleasure in your love.”

Max moaned as he felt Michael stroking him, covering his body with kisses and little nips here and there. Max arched his back, pressing harder against Michael; he felt the fire stir within; the fire of want, the fire of lust, the fire of desire.

Michael looked deep into Max’s eyes as he placed his other hand behind his head and held tight. He brought their lips together as his hand glowed white searing Max’s skin.

Max felt the searing pain; it subsided as fast as it began. Michael was keeping him busy while what small amount of power he had was used to burn a brand into Max, at the same location of Michael’s.

Max broke the kiss as he looked down to see Rath’s personal symbol, his mark that is placed on all royal seals.

“S’x henuk tnat n’ wi.” (Over, offer yourself to me.”) Michael whispered as he moved to allow Max to roll over. “Nadth.” (“Please.”)

Max nodded and rolled onto his stomach, bringing himself onto his knees and hands. Michael used the ancient forbidden rituals that had been handed down for centuries from master to master, the rituals of the mind, the rituals of the opening, and the rituals of seduction. He used these as a gentle unobtrusive way to access Max to enter him, unlike Max’s use of the nerve, a defect in Rath’s anatomy that was passed onto Michael.

Michael drew his hands over Max’s back placing his thumbs along the spinal cord as he worked his way upwards at a leisurely pace, giving off gentle, soothing vibrations intended to calm and prepare Max for the invasion of his mind and soul. Michael continued upwards as he crossed his broad strong shoulder and onto the arms forcing them out and down, spreading them wide. He stretched until their fingers met and then he made a slow, gradual, agonizing retreat.

Max rested his cheek on a pillow facing the wall, he closed his eyes as he allowed himself to be controlled, this part of the ritual always made Zan a little nervous, he did not like giving up control, but with Rath he felt safe, secure in the fact that Rath would let no harm come to him.

Withdrawing down his back Michael let his hands make the arch over his hips and down his thighs to his knees delicately spreading them wider, as he settled in positioning himself. The hands came back up as they massaged his inner thigh softy, finishing off at Max’s ass where Michael kneaded the muscles until they were relaxed.

Placing one hand on Max’s back, Michael pressed his finger into him stimulating the gland, releasing the moisture, adding another finger he moved further north, caressing the sides as he found the slight bulge. He stroked it hard, listening to Max moan loudly; he added a third finger keeping pressure on the prostate and the alien gland as he finger fucked Max deeply. Max was bucking up against him the feeling was delicious.

“Oh Michel… that… good…” Max was incoherent as he felt the alien bonding begin, as Michael began to enter his soul and his mind. Michael was taking Max’s mind off of his entering so the pain would be minimal.

"wopi n’wi” (“Open to me”) Michael moved his hand onto Max’s spine, as he melded himself into Max.

Max heard Michael in his head, “Open to me” as his mind allowed him in, their energies collided forcibly together, the pain was great, but Max was concentration on the sexual pleasure rather than the pain of joining.

“Hanthum m’ wi.” (“Join with me”) Michael withdrew his fingers as he entered Max’s mind.

Michael inhaled a cleansing technique as he cleared his mind, then he blew out a pure breath as he aligned his soul to Max’s.

Max felt his whole being pressured, squeezed as it was. He knew Michael was there inside him, the two, in one soul. The power the two alien leaders contained was more than one body could take as Max began to tremble and shake uncontrollably. He opened his soul at Michael’s request, “Join with me” as tears formed and ran down his cheeks onto the pillow below.

Michael leaned forward and took Max into his arms, enveloping him, until the tremors stop. Then pressing his hands against Max’s back for support, Michael slid his cock in until he reached the end. Max tense upon the intrusion and then released as he relaxed.

Michael took long deep strokes, pulling out every third stroke to the edge only to push back in. Then every so often, he would come completely out, wait a second and then as soon as Max would buck slightly back, he would slam forward. Max was moaning that he wanted Michael to be in deeper and to fuck harder.

Michael liked to hear Max call out to him, beg him for sexual release. He pulled out again and glanced to the open door, where he could see the mirror and the figure watching and listening.

Michael smiled as his cock was proudly displayed, he felt like that warrior once again on the battlefield, strong, mighty, invincible. He had not felt like that for such a long time. He slid back into Max, relishing in the exquisite feeling.

Max’s vocabulary had diminished even further as he struggled to contain the moans and incomprehensible guttural sounds. The combination of Michael’s cock and natural high from alien sex had him spinning in a vortex, a sexual induced state of bliss.

Feeling the inevitable end, Michael’s breath grew very short as he began to rabbit fuck Max; short fast strokes.

“Fuck Max…” screamed out Michael, “fuck you are killing me. Damn you are tight.” Michael was close as he began to pound harder deeper into Max holding his hips as they crashed together. Michael lost control as the blue shield envelope the lovers.

“Tasi’th n’ wi,” (Tie to me”) roared out Michael as he exploded

“Tasa’th n’ wi” (Bond to me) howled out Rath.

Max heard the final words one said by Michael, one by Rath (Tie to me, Bond to me) as they had not finished merging as he and Zan have done.

Michael’s hot semen struck him inside with incredible force. Max grabbed the sheets, balling up the edge as he waited for the burn to subside. He felt their cells merging, the fluids mingling one into the other.

“Paysi mir! Paysi mir dasthi.” (“My love, my love forever.”)

Max was high on the drug-induced state, caused by the mingling of the fluids, just as Michael was drugged. He tried to clear his head as he heard the words. Did he actually hear Michael say? “My love, my love forever.”

“Wapyron’n ptat sim’rth” (“Feel the pain”)

Max then felt Michael thrust into him again sending more of the burning fluid into him. He winced and tensed up. Max could “Feel the pain” as the words warned him.

“Wapyron’n ptat mir” (“Feel the ecstasy”)

He felt Michael tense repeatedly as his cock drove in deeper, farther than Max thought anyone could go. His insides were on fire; spreading throughout his body, changing him, driving him to new heights of passion. Yes he could now “Feel the ecstasy”, as his hands relaxed.

“Wapyron’n ptat kabth” (“Feel the Ice”)

Max nor Zan had ever been fucked so hard, Michael had tense every muscle as he concentrated on making these last few thrusts deep, filling Max with semen, alien fire, alien gold. He flew upwards to the stars taking Max with him, back to Antar, back to their home, back to their past. “Feel the Ice,” he screamed in the ancient tongue as he blacked out falling on top of Max, dropping him down onto the mattress. The blue shield shattered as a wave of lust, desire, love, an emotional typhoon shot away from their bodies enveloping everything within a hundred yards.

Kyle had been watching, mesmerized by the actions, the fluidity of their bodies, the gracefulness of the sex act. It wasn’t like the porno movies he had seen, this was the ultimate expression of love eternal, love divine, love forever. He heard Michael’s voce and the strange language that sounded so inviting with its lilting, melodic character.

Michael or Rath was right; he was fascinated by alien sex, especially sex between the males of the species. Kyle could not help but wonder what it would feel it when Michael sudden spasm caused the blue shield to drop expanding outward covering everything in its path including Kyle.

He was sucked into the orgasm realm of Max and Michael. He never felt such incredible power, a feeling of omnipotence, vitality, strength, supremacy, and virility. Kyle did not know how long it lasted but when he woke up, he found himself on the floor in the hallway, face down. He jumped up, his head felt heavy like a hang over. Kyle headed for kitchen where he splashed cold water over his face, then sat down to contemplate his fate that was to be.

Max was the first to stir; Michael had shifted drawing them on to their sides. Max turned his body and snuggled into Michael, he brushed the hair off his face as he observed Michael completely sedated, completely at peace, completely sated.

He smiled and stroked Michel’s cheek waking him ever so gently. It was such a loving gesture, Zan always would stroke Rath’s cheek to sooth him, for some reason this simple act worked. Their bonding was complete, a male bond of warriors, eternally united, one to the other. Such a bond was never taken likely, but done in reverence and love.