Desert Fantasy (UC/Slash /Adult) Complete 03/21/07

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Desert Fantasy (UC/Slash /Adult) Complete 03/21/07

Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Sat Feb 24, 2007 11:13 pm


Title: Desert Fantasy

Author: suicide_eagle_rath


Pairing: Rath of Antar.. original characters

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.

Summary:. Rath has an adventure while in the desert

Warning: Do not expect Shakespeare here ….ONLY SMUT … no real plot... smuttly… DO NOT READ IF UNDER 18

Explicit sex scene / Slash /mm / ff / mfm

Series: Part of the 14 Days of Fire Series for St Valentines Day 2007 done for originally for Roswell Heaven

Author Note: This scene is originally from the Chronicle Series Book 2 The Past Returns but has been altered in several areas.

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Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Sat Feb 24, 2007 11:15 pm


Desert Fantasy
14 Days of Fire: An Erotic Series

14 Separate Erotic Scenes One Per Day To Fire Your Passion
From Feb. 1-14

Explicit sex scene / Slash /mm / mm/ mfm

Rath stepped off the transport ready for the final few miles to the Bedouin camp; they would now go by traditional methods as Capatian Garladar had stressed the fact that his father and the other elders of the tribal unit council would be displeased to see Antarian war machines within their territorial home bounds.

Rath looked out over the bluff to the landscape below the scenery was breathtaking. It was exquisite in its rich simplicity and stark reality. The desert landscape was like a painting, bursting with color. In the far distance, Rath could see the spectacular dunes rise up from the desert floor, hundreds of feet as they attempted to lap like waves against the dying sun. The sky had turned the color of blood-wine reminiscent of the slaughtered sun as it set to rest. Alternating bands of orange, magenta, salmon, amethyst, violet, turquoise and rose stretched across the sky, signaling the end of the winter season, soon the desert sands would be impassable as the ground heated up like an inferno. Rath could feel a magical aura creating magnetic forcing pulling him in.

“The desert, it is a friend, a foe, a lover.” Captain Garladar said as he came up behind Rath riding an Imperial Guard traditional black horse. The Captain’s eyes scanned the vision in front of him. It has been a long time since he had seen the picturesque dunes. They were magnificent with their perfectly contoured shadows of ripples and undulating crests towering against the sky.

“The deserts can be forbidding, inhospitable even treacherous places. The land and its inhabitants are exposed to the harshest elements.” The Captain breathed in the air, the smell of his homeland laid on its cusp. “Yet it is also a place and astonishing beauty. There are places in which that very exposure yields a spiritual cleanliness, a holy trek, a seductive mystery.” The Captain smiled at Rath and started his horse down the path.

Rath had never been in the Kilamajah desert before and the emotions he could feel from this piece of living environment was phenomenal, he could feel the pleasure that the sands bring to the feet on a cold blustery day, and the pain of those who suffocated under it blankets when the tortured winds would stream across the baked sands. He started his horse down, following the Captain as they entered the exotic, unbridle, ancient landscape.

As they started riding Rath marveled at the dunes, some were only a few feet high; others reach several hundred feet and traverse as far as the eye could see, they went on for hundreds of miles. Flat, rocky area suddenly could become a range of sand dunes. The shapes of these dunes are determined by several factors all working in combination of one with the other: the direction, strength and consistency of wind; the amount of sand, texture, and size of grain; the hardness of the terrain, and the amount of vegetation remaining. These dunes are constantly moving, fluid as water, yet propelled by the wind.

After what seemed like hours they started to pass children and women on the road, civilization had to be close. The women were stunning, dressed in flowing robes of teal, amethyst, and sapphire, exquisite jewels walking amidst the red tinged sand landscape.

Rath shifted in his seat drawing out his sword from its holder behind him strapping it around his waist. He then took the crown, detached it from the hilt and placed it upon his head. He detested wearing the thing, but protocol would call for him to be somewhat properly dressed. What more, these Bedouin people loved pomp, circumstance, and all the trappings of royalty. One of the escorts came upon the side of Rath, handing him a royal cloak, black with silver edging. Across the back was emblazed in silver was the symbol for the ‘House of Rath’. The front closed together with a large gold crescent shaped breastplate connected from edge to edge.

As they neared the village, guards began showing up from everywhere, they stood at attention when they saw the Imperial Guard with a Royal member of the House of Rath in the center of the escort. News spread like wild fire as old men and women, young children came out to gawk at the procession.

Captain Garladar sat a little taller in his saddle as people he had grown up with came out to see him process towards his father’s tent. He rode next to the Crown Prince himself, the village folk would be talking about this for years to come. As they neared the large black felt tent, the Captain took a deep breath. He was hoping his father would be proud and do honor by his presence.

Soon they came upon a sea of reeds, the guards parted the single file path, the entrance revealed a series of tents and an enormous reed structure that served as a men’s club. The structure was 300 feet in length, over 20 feet in height. The ceiling was a magnificent piece of architectural engineering: composed of one arch after another; the reeds packed densely in to make a tight waterproof wall. Off to one side stood a huge black Bedouin tent. Through the trees to the side, Rath could see the Gulf of Aqabath, the water reflected the coolness of it deep turquoise waters.

They stopped in front of the tent, as the flap parted and out walked a large man, dressed in flowing robes of white with gold and jewel encrusted trim. He was an older man, with the Bedouin eyes and a gray long beard. His hair was concealed under a loosely worn strip of material that draped around the neck, the ends flowing down his back, this scarf provided shelter for the head and neck.

After Rath dismounted the escorts followed suit, one coming forward to lead the horses away.

“Prince Rath, the Ancients have blessed your life with a safe journey.” The old gentleman bowed. “Welcome to my meager, humble and poor abode. Please enter and refresh your body and soul.” The man stepped to the side, gesturing with his arms the way in.

Rath smiled and nodded at the greeting, entering the abode of the warlord Lord Sakhar. The atmosphere was exotic and sweet fragrant incense formed billows clouds of smoke that bathed the Bedouin room. Luxurious fabrics draped from the ceiling and soft candle light flickers from the hanging stained glass lanterns. The floors were covered with rich deep pile hand woven rugs, furs, pillows, and lounging mattresses. Low tables were everywhere filled with an over abundance with flowers, fruits and nuts. Giant urns of water are presence at every corner.

Velvet hanging drapes divided sections of the tent into large areas, while smaller embroidered silkscreen dividers are used in small sections. Gilded mirrors in a variety of sizes panel the tent sides creating the illusion of space.

“Please sit” the Lord led the way to a small quartered off area; a platform raised a couple of steps from the ground. Rath sat making himself as comfortable as possible.

“Lord Sakhar I come here as the voice, eyes and ears of the King to persuade you to take measure against terrorists who have been using your homeland as a refugee and gathering point for planned acts to the communities just outside the boundaries.”

Lord Sakhar said nothing; obviously, he was not impressed to do any business with the King of Antar.

‘Of course the House of Rath would consider it a great honor and would be extremely please if you were to accommodate the King.”

Lord Sakhar smiled wide and bowed low, “Anything for you my Prince and for King Pondather. Come with business completed let us have music, food, drink, and of course entertainment.”

With that, the business section was completed, things were done quickly in the desert no long discussions or flattery was needed, simple direct to the source; Rath would send gifts from the palace once he returned that would further solidify Lord Sakhar commitment. However, for now he was content to sit back and enjoy.

From the corner, soft flutes and drums began playing erotic sensual folk music, as Lord Sakhar clapped for refreshments to be brought in. Tray after tray of succulent meats, cheeses, fruits, bread, vegetables, piled onto the low tables adjacent the sitting areas. Plates, goblets, and utensils of gold were provided with great flair to the Prince. Rath truly did not care what he ate on, the plates could be made of tin or wood the food tasted the same.

The dinner conversation was pleasant, Lord Sakhar asked his son how he was doing and if he planned to return to the desert. He was sad to learn his son was doing very well and enjoyed living a soldier’s life.

“Truly you will return when you are to be married,” questioned Lord Sakhar. “You must marry a girl from our village.”

“Yes father when the time comes,” Captain Garladar placated his father

“That time has come and gone. You need to wed, there are many qualified applicants. After all your brothers and sisters are already married with children. Surely you will deny an old man the chance to see my grandchildren, the fruit of your loins?” The old man begged with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Father I do not think the Prince has to be burden with out family genealogy.” Captain Garladar was embarrassed by his father in front of Rath.

Rath just smiled and remained quiet; he did not want to end up in an argument between father and son.

Rath reclined against the silken pillows; his head was heavy with the incense. A brazier to the side of Rath was lit and into the fire the attendant cast dried herbs and flowers that are said to open the mind to see the future, the past; what will be, what has been, what must be. The herb smoke drugged the mind, poisoned the body, while the soul wander far from far from its master.

Lord Sakhar then with a clap of his hands summoned the dancers as the music began to play. The music was a romantic fable of absent warriors, broken hearts; a maiden’s love.

In front of him were a bevy of most incredibly beautiful woman and handsome men, sex slaves brought from al over the galaxy. The Lord was well known for his hospitality and the sexual antics of his court were legends around the civilized courtly discussions at the palace.

Rath found himself relaxing more and more into the cushions, as he watched the show in front of him. To his right on another pile of cushions was Lord Sakhar who was obviously enjoying the show as one of dancers was doing a private dance just for him. To his left was Captain Garladar who was also enjoying the show as indicated by his eyes.

Rath’s eyes centered on a tall willowy woman, with long black hair, olive skin, and eyes of green. She came from a far distance world as a present for Lord Sakhar, a gift of gratitude for his rescue of a distant King’s son who had wandered into the desert on a recent expedition visitation.

The dancer’s hips began to sway in time to the music. The bells on her ankles jangled as she gracefully stepped though the moves that caused her body to undulate in the most provocative ways.

Captain Garladar cleared his throat as the dancer shook her upper body; her breasts flowed freely under the translucent golden mesh cloth. He could feel himself harden at the sight: he looked over to see what Rath was doing and found the prince entranced by the movements, a slight smile even crossed his face.

The dancer threw her head forwards as a cascade of liquid tresses fell to the floor. She gently rocked her head and shoulders back and forth creating waves of silk, as black as midnight, to shimmer and ripple past her face. Then slowly she parted the sea, and in a sudden burst of energy she tossed her hair backwards, the long strands fell against her back like small whips.

The music began to increase in tempo as her belly and buttocks captured by the rhythm shimmied on their own. Teasingly she undid the ties that held the gold mesh top, first one succulent breast became noticeable and then another. The golden fabric soon pooled on the floor as her breasts swayed freely. She took her hands and pinched the tips while her hips swung back and forth and her mouth opened in ecstasy. Soon her hands were pulling and at the harden nipples while she moved in large circles, her hair twirling in the air. Slowly her hands went down as they left the now rosy and pointed tips, they dipped down into the front of her loosely gathered pants and she shuddered and moaned as the nails grazed her lips.

Rath felt himself breathing harder as he watched the show, his cock was so hard for Vilandra, damn he needed her now; he wanted to feel her lips on him, to feel her pussy around him, to feel himself alive in her. He took a deep breath; more of the sweet herb filled his lungs as he dreamed of Vilandra, that she was there with him.

The dancer turned her back to her audience as she drew her hands out and like thin branches in a storm; she moved her arms above her head. Her round tight ass was clearly visible against the sheer damask designed cloth. Bending over, she undid the ties at the base of her ankles, slowly coming up she peeked between her legs at the prince watching her. She undid the ties at the calves and then at the thighs, the fabric moved with the slightest breeze. Smiling she turned back around, her breasts bounced as she twirled about the room, her ass and private area were clearly visible each time the fabric moved or her leg was lifted.

Locking eyes with the Prince she placed one finger up to her mouth, her tongue flicked out, encircling it drawing it into her red lips, Her cheeks moved as she sucked on the flesh until she withdrew it, still dripping. Languidly the finger traced a wet trail from her red lips down her breasts, circling and teasing the nipples, down her stomach. Rath watched her finger with awe, his mind remembering the first time he had entered a harem, Zan had a gift for him, a gift that of sexual awareness at a time when he was still so young. He smiled at that thought, as visions of him and Zan crossed his mind.

The dancer was circling her hips and rolling her stomach muscles as she pulled at the ties on the sides of her waist. One hip came into view, creamy, smooth unblemished flesh that was art for the eyes. The second tie was released as the pants dropped, she thrust her hips forward and backward, the music was now speeding up. She began twirling like some ancient top, her head bent slightly back, her hair flinging around, her body became abstract as the flesh merged into flesh.

Captain Garladar gulped, his throat had become dry. Reaching off to the side, a servant handed him a glass of wine, which he drank greedily, beckoning for a refill. Shifting again he placed his hand on his harden cock, trying to kill it; he pushed down hard, only to have it spring back harder. He moaned low as he prayed the Prince did not hear him. Looking out of the corner of his eye, Rath was sitting very still staring, and except for the small smile that crossed his face every so often, it looked as though he was calm unaffected by the drugs, atmosphere or the sexual displays.

From the sidelines, another beauty walked onstage. She was dressed in red with a sequined bra that dangled a waterfall of beads over the top of her flat stomach. A beaded red and gold belt hung low on her hips adorned with bells that jangled as she moved. A skirt of layered red and white translucent material that was slit up to the hips in several places. She guided the dancer down onto the floor in front of the men. This beauty was blonde, with eyes of black lying in an area of blue. She was from Creslan. Rath recognized her eyes, as those of their once powerful and now incapacitated enemy after his path of war destroyed them.

The dancer positioned herself on her haunches as she leaned backwards, her finger poised at her entrance. The blonde Creslan, knelt behind her as she pressed against her back, her chin against the crook of her neck. The two began swaying slowly, trance like to the rhythm the musicians had set.

Her hands encircled the dancer’s waist, they supply stroke the skin as she wander north to cup the breasts, weighing them in her hands. She looked up, licking her lips as she presented her find to the audience, locking eyes with the young captain from the village. She seductively moved her fingers as they began to caresses and play with the breasts, rolling the tips in her hands as the dancer arched her back and moaned loudly, her finger slowly entering her own hot core.

The blonde seducer smiled and lapped at her neck her eyes on the captain as she felt the young flesh under her shudder with sexual appetite. Slowly she ran her thumbs across the stiff little nipples; she pulled on the tips, elating more moans from her victim. The dancer responded by sinking her finger in deeper, the pressure for release was great.

The young dancer was panting hard as she struggled to fuck herself deeper. She moved and shifted her body weight under she was sitting in the other girl’s lap, her legs spread wide. This new position allowed the blonde-haired woman to dip her hands downwards and joined those of the dancers as they both played and fuck her with abandonment. One hand expertly pinched the clit, swelling it with desire, while the other placed two fingers up her dripping center.

The dancer screamed in delight as she pressed backward against the torturer of her body. The fingers were fucking her fast as the dancer thrashed, her spare hand squeezing the tip of a breast as she came screaming incoherently as she convulsed over and over again.

The two women swayed in unison to the beat of the music as it slowed down, their fingers were slippery as the smell of sex filled the room. The Capitan was drawn in by the woman her, eyes were captivating, her lips full. He desired her that night, he wanted to fuck her, now, no he wanted to fuck them both.

The scene more than affected Rath, he was breathing harder, trying to keep his guard up; he wanted to fuck badly, but he could not, not here, he needed Zan and Vilandra, his appetite was great that night.

He saw the Captain get up and walk over to the blonde-haired woman who he took into his arms kissing her deeply. Then he stood her at arm’s length and ripped off her sequined bra, beads flew in all directions as he attacked her breasts, pushing her to the ground. The dancer attempted to move but he grabbed her hand placed it over his clothed cock.

On the other side Rath saw was that the father already servicing his personal slave. Rath had to get out of there. He leaned over to a servant and asked to be shown the way to his chambers.

Rath found his way into his private tent. He entered the small abode and stripped off his clothes, falling over his feet a couple of times. The last time he ended upon a mattress as he threw his shirt away.

“What in the hell did they have in that incense?” He moaned to himself as he held his spinning head. His cock was so hard it was throbbing and weeping like a leaking facet. He tired to jack off however his coordination sucked.

“I feel like I have been drugged,” he whined to himself as he tired again to fuck himself. “Fuck!” After a couple more attempts he gave up as he lay there, pointing straight to the roof of the tent. “Fuck! Where are Zan and Vilandra when I need them...” He tried to close his eyes and dream walk them but his mind was clouded, to dizzy to concentrate.

He could hear the music coming from the large tent, it seemed to be all over the village, the dancing, the sounds of fucking were loud as the screams of release and rapture filled his ears. “Oh shit…” he threw a pillow over his head. Rath tried to sleep; he felt his breath lower as he slowly drifted off.

He woke, at least he thought he was awake, to hands were all over him, massaging his muscles. He felt kisses on his chest as the pillow was lifted off his face. His eyes tried to focus, “Vilandra?” his whispered.

“Yes my love quiet let me take care of you.” He groaned under her hands as she kissed his nipples and stroked his full cock.

Rath sighed as he was rewarded with warm lips on his, their tongue were intertwined, different, she felt different tonight, Rath’s mind tried to processed. Soon the kiss was full of passion as he arched up dropping her onto his body, he loved the taste of her, her full breasts, his hands laced through her red, no his mind tried to think, her hair is blonde.

He smelled the incense again as it sweet aroma filled his nostrils, his cock hardened at the sensual need his body was feeling. His head was heavy as the drugs from the herbs block his senses and confused his mind. He felt tongue traced his lips and then probed his mouth, as he moaned louder, pressing himself hard against her hand; something was not right Vilandra felt different.

The mouth then left his lips Rath felt a cold trail down his chest, her tongue circle his nipples and sucked him, until the peaks hardened.

“Oh Fuck Vilandra...” he panted, pushing her head down towards his cock.

Another set of lips fell upon Rath; these were different as they kissed his fully. They were more insistent, the tongue searching out Rath’s in a duel of wills. He met the kiss deeply, returning it hard and primal. This was not a woman but a man, “Zan,” Rath smiled, “Zan you came.”

This mouth also left his lips as it trailed downward to kiss and lick his already engorged nipples, the drugged incense made him even more sensitive.

"Oh fuck … please someone . . . please," Rath moaned. The lips on his nipples traveled downwards, the hand on his cock was still at a slow pace. Rath was dying he wanted to come, it was time to come, he had to get what he craved. "Please," he begged, “”Fucking....” Rath head went back when he felt a pair of wet lips caress and lick down his cock.

“Yess… oh… yess…” Rath moaned one hand in Vilandra’s red hair and the other in Zan’s brown hair. ‘That is not right.’ His mind tried to warn him, the signals went out but he was too intoxicated to process them.

“Roll over,” Zan whispered to Rath as he felt the lips leave him.

“No more...”

“Roll over and let us fuck you.”

Rath groaned as the two helped to turn him over. Zan pushed his brown hair out of his face and pulled Rath onto his knees. Vilandra lifted his arms up, as she raised him onto his hands. Then she slid under him, her long red hair on his pillow.

“No, No! Something’s not right Zan. Vilandra does not have red hair?”

“Shh..,” he whispered. “We will take care of you.”

Rath felt Zan’s cock at his ass, waiting and then slowly he felt him enter as he shook at sensation that was electrifying. He bucked up against Zan feeling his cock inside, but it wasn’t enough, he needed more, he bucked up harder against Zan, trying to get all his cock into him. He felt the balls against his ass, but something was not right, it wasn’t long enough, Something was different.

Before he could speak Vilandra reached up and kissed him, then whispered in his ear, “Fuck me.”

He looked at her his mind was thinking, ‘No this was not right. They never did this together, have sex. Vilandra and Zan would never allow this to happen, not even on the dream plane. No this is wrong.’

Suddenly he was knocked forward his cock knocked against Vilandra, the cock in him rammed into him over and over trying to force him into the wet hungry pussy.

“Oh fuck that feels so good,” his own cock throbbed and dripped. He was in pain, he need to fuck as he looked down at Vilandra. She looked different, this must be my own personal dream he concluded. ‘It must be my desire to have them both in love with me not fighting for me and pulling me in directions but working together. I am so fuckin’ sick of their games. This must be the reason, but this feels so real, wrong something is wrong.’

Rath then positioned himself and slid into Vilandra’s center, it felt different even dream sex, she always felt like Vilandra, this was different.

The cock behind him had started a rhythm, Rath could not resist as he started pumping his cock in and out. He was so fucking close; he knew he would not last long.

He felt the pressure build up, but he was alone in the want, in the desire, he could not feel Zan or Vilandra, he could not feel their energies, their power. The cock in him was hitting hard against the pleasure glands as Rath sped up exploding inside, the blackness came too quickly and he passed out.

The woman and man, sex slaves sent by Lord Sakhar, pulled out and way from the prince. Gently they cleaned him off in the darkness and returned to the harem.

Captain Garladar after he had fulfilled his carnal pleasure noticed the prince had vacated the premises. Inquiring of the servants, he discovered that Rath had gone to his tent. Deciding to check in on the prince in case he was needed, the captain walked quietly over to the tent, opening the flap, he adjusted his eyes to the low candle that lit the interior. He walked in to see Rath asleep, the sheet just barely covered his hips; his cock still hard was very visible beneath the fabric.

However, what drew his eye was not the specimen of manhood, but the snake. He approached cautiously; he wanted to see it close up. He knelt at the side of the prince and reached out a hand to feel the snake’s body, very softly he touched the scaly surface, mesmerized by its feel. Slowly his hand started to trace the snake further down, the sheet fell to the side revealing the majestic cock in front of him.

Rath was in the orgasm heaven, he felt the touch but it did not wake him. He was deep in dreams, floating in a sea of ecstasy; all the tactile caresses were making him hornier. He smelled the incense once again as it wafted into his tent. His cock was reacting to the smooth fingertips as it hardened and bobbed up and down.

The Captain looked at the face of his Commander; he was so young, so peaceful looking, so much power. His lips parted as he breathed deepened, he was enjoying the touch. The Captain expanded his exploration as his fingers grazed past the royal balls and penis.

He knew he could be executed for this, but he desired Rath very much, he would willingly be his confidant if he could only win his love. Rath moaned as the hands again brushed pass the sensitive zones.

The Captain stood up and secured the flap entrance so that none would enter and then turned out the candlelight. He took off his shirt and bravely lay down next to Rath as he timidly took the cock into his hand. Rath arched and let out a deep moan, his breath immediately became shallow.

He leaned forward and whispered into his ear, as he kissed his neck, “I can see you're enjoying this.” He grasped his cock more firmly; the tip had begun to leak seminal fluid.

Rath tried to come around but he was too under the spell, he was fine for now to lay back and let Zan fuck him. His moans were deep and sleep took control of the depth of the vocal tones.

Feeling full of himself the Captain took a chance and kissed Rath softly on the lips, gently lapping at the entrance as Rath opened his mouth and they two kissed passionately. Even though he was asleep, Rath responded to the kiss, sucking on Zan’s tongue bringing it into his mouth, circling it, caressing it. The Captain felt arms about him, as he shift his weight and straddled Rath’s waist

Finally, the kiss broke for lack of air, as the captain sucked and nipped along the flesh, as he headed for the strong muscular chest beneath him. His tongue tasted and explored Rath’s entire chest as he suck and lightly bite the nipples, his ears heard a distinct deep chuckle. He lapped over to the other tip and did the same, once again, he heard the same chuckle deep and low when he lightly bit him.

He slowly licked his way down, exciting Rath to the break of despair as he worked his way to the groin. He flicked his tongue snake-like at the snake’s head tracing the pattern, feeling the sensation upon his tongue. He continued to lick, nip, and suck on the skin as he reached his cock. He lifted his head and saw Rath was beginning to stir; he was still hazy between the drugs and the orgasm. The captain bent his head down and sank his open mouth over Rath’s cock, his tongue swirled around the shaft, squeezing it. He traced the vein with his tongue then he began to move teasing the head gently with his teeth, sucking it hard, before he once again plunged downward.

Rath began to shake and shudder he was already ready to come, sensing that, the captain released his cock, instead he sucked his balls into his mouth, one at a time, gently biting them. His hand replaced his mouth as he stroked the prince hard. He felt Rath begin to swell.

The captain once again took the cock into his mouth as his head bobbed up and down, while he played with the balls. He was sucking hard, nipping in the right places,

Rath was now awake as he arched his back and shoved his cock even further in.

“Ohh…oh…” he sighed his voice deep and raspy. “That is it… suck... oh good… feels so good.”

The Captain placed one hand under Rath’s ass, raised it slightly as his finger slowly found the opening and entered it gently. Finding the gland, he stroked it in time to his mouth. He felt the moisture release and Rath moaned even louder. The Captain had heard of this gland, he himself did not have it, sex for him was a little rougher, more painful, but still he enjoyed it.

Rath bucked his hips towards the captain as his finger slid in further hitting the other gland as the pressure mounted on Rath to come.

His mouth was creating a vacuum as Rath swelled up, the finger continued to fuck him as he came exploding with a violence that shook the ground as he released his powers. The Captain was knocked clear over to the side of the tent; he shook his head with amazement.

He came back over to Rath, laying his body on top, their bare chests contacted, as he kissed him. Suddenly he felt himself roll over. Rath was awake kissing him, as he removed his pants with a wave of his hand. The Captain enjoyed having the weight of his Commander on him pushing him down into the mattress. Rath spread his legs wide so he could settle down between them. Their erections met causing moans to escape from both of them.

“Much better,” he whispered, as he took whom he thought was ‘Zan’ in another hot kiss. His hands were everywhere, caressing, pinching, and stroking. The captain became lost in the sensation. Rath continue to explore the hard cock in his grasp, relishing in ‘Zan’ hips moving against his hands

“On your knees,” ordered Rath said as he pushed him gently.

The captain complied hoping he was still lubricated from his experience earlier, or this was going to hurt.

Rath spread his legs out wide and settling his body in between as he leaned forward kissing his back. Rath ran his hands down his back as he gently forced ‘Zan’s’ upper body down until his chest and head was flat on the mattress. Slowly he backtracked, keeping pressure on ‘Zan’s’ back to remain in place.

Rath poised himself at the entrance and started to slide in, the entrance was not a slick as ‘Zan’ usually is, but then again, Rath was still half-asleep. He pushed in deep, his cock filling every nook and cranny; he did not stop until he was fully sheathed. He kissed and nipped on ‘Zan’s’ back, but not going any further into the bonding ritual, he was too tired and just had the urge to fuck, not play.

He pulled out and then back in, the captain winced but soon he was meeting Rath thrust for thrust as he threw his ass against him. The captain closed his eyes as Rath began to move in and out, each time with a little more force than the last.

Rath was enjoying this fuck, ‘Zan’ was always good but this was just a little different. Rath looked up and saw his black hair, as he bent his head again and watched fascinated as his cock slipped in and out.

“Tell me this is not what you want,” he commanded, easing his cock out before sliding back in again.

The captain growled low as he let the feeling wash over him. Rath fucked him hard as the captain moaned and gasped, the faster and harder he fucked, the captain moaned louder, he was in heaven, he had never felt any cock like this; it was the power of royalty, it was the power of a warrior, it was the power of the ancients.

Rath began to thrust uncontrollably; he was pumping in and out like a piston, increasing the speed and thrusting power each time. His fingers sank into Zan’s hips bringing him back onto his cock with each movement.

Rath leaned forward and grabbed the captain’s cock in his hand. He was stroking it fast; he felt it swell, as he prepared to come.

“That’s right, come with me Zan, fuck my hand,” Rath buried his face into the captain’s back, “Oh fuck your ass is so good, even when I am so fucked up.” He laughed, as he slammed hard the last few times.

The captain groaned and came into this hand as Rath shot his seed deep into his body. Rath felt all his strength drain from him as he entered the intense orgasm after effect.

One beam of light had found a small pinhole in the black felt tent as it pierced through Rath’s eyelid. He shifted his head to block the light. He felt the heavy body on top of him, smiling he pushed up and turned until his face was buried in the warm neck.

Rath’s eyes were closed; he really did not want to wake up, that is when all the problems started. He just wanted to stay here in bed with ‘Zan’, as he enclosed his arms around the sleeping form. He had had the wildest dream of Vilandra and Zan, psychology it was disturbing to him thinking he would dream of fucking them both at the same time.

He kissed the exposed neck area, “Zan” his whispered into his ear, “Zan” Rath rolled them over so he was now laid on top; their bodies were in close contact as his cock began to stir again. Rath was kissing ‘Zan’ neck, cheeks and eyes, trying to arouse him for an early morning fuck. “Zan, wake a little.” Rath’s voice always purred in the early hours, it was husky and deep from sex and sleep.

The Captain stirred out of his dream, he felt himself being rolled over; he was enjoying the erotic kisses, the rubbing of their bodies together and then he heard the word Zan. At that moment he was crushed, Rath did not want him but the King.

“Zan,” Rath was beginning to wake more fully, his cock was hard, and his body yearned for ‘Zan’. Usually he was sedated after a night of sex, but for some strange reason his body still needed ‘Zan’s’ touch, his body, his cock.

“Zan,” Rath whispered again “I want to fuck you, I desire you so much.” As he leaned forward to kiss the lips, he heard something he never expected to hear.

“I am not Zan.”

Rath froze; his senses went on full alert. He shot back off the warm body, wiping the sleep from his eyes. As they focused, he saw the Captain lying naked beside him.

“What the fuck,” Rath yelled as he jumped up his hand ablaze with white light.

The captain braced for death, he saw the fury in Rath’s eyes and the white light surround his hand prelude to a death blast.

“What happened here?”

“I came to check on you last night, you were asleep.”

“How did …” Rath stopped, he was at a lost for words.

Captain Garladar was shaking he knew what he had done was improper but he could not resist the temptation. “I saw the snake I was fascinated as I had heard stories of the brotherhood, but they are only legends, at least that is what thought until last night.”

“How did?” Rath repeated.

He sat up the sheet just barely covered his lap. “I touched the snake; I only meant to see what it felt like…then…I….’ The captain rubbed the back of his neck, his face looked scared. “.. .and you responded, I thought it was to me. I was very drunk and drugged from the sex incense, my head was not thinking clearing or I would never have.”

Rath held up his hand to silence the captain. His head was clearer as he remember the events of the last night. “It was you not Zan.” He lowered the other hand and stood there looking at Captain Garladar “Oh fuck...”his hand wiped across his mouth.

Rath ran his hand trough his hair a couple of times while thinking; he then sat down on the bed next to him.

“You were hoping for a connection?”

The captain nodded his affirmation.

“I am sorry I cannot give you my love, there is someone else.”

“The King?”

Rath did not say anything his look was plain enough.

“I had no right to even contemplate such a union.” The captain’s head was down.

“Did I hurt you?” asked Rath, knowing how his species had no sex gland and that anal sex for them could hurt.

“No not really, sex for our males has always been painful.” He looked up from the floor.

Rath reached out and touched his cheek; he could feel the discomfort from the act. He dropped his hands to his chest and concentrated sending a wave out downward, healing any small rips and the muscle. When he finished he removed his hand and looked at the captain, a serious expression crossed his face. “What happened here is a secret that none must know.”

“I understand. I will die if I ever saw anything.”

“Yes I am afraid I would kill you.” Rath was cold in his admission; the captain could not understand how a man one-minute so full of love and tenderness could be so cold and murderous the next.

Rath stood and dressed, the captain could not help but marvel at his physique as he remembered the night. Rath felt his eyes, “Dress, no one must know you where here. If the King catches wind, he will kill you himself. I may not be able to stop him.”

The captain stood up and dressed, he was fine-looking thought Rath as he pondered what he was going to do, how could he keep what happened a secret. Walls would have to be built around last night events, tight impregnable walls, He would have to delve into the dark arts and tread the waters to enforce the barrier.

Rath walked out of the tent, the area was clear; the village was sound asleep due to the late night activity.

“It is safe to leave. You will free your mind from last night as if it never happened.”

“I will try but I can never forget,” the captain said as he looked with love to the Commander.

“You must, you cannot love me, it is forbidden” the voice was cold, stoic, unemotional.

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Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Wed Mar 21, 2007 9:25 pm

The Entire Series is finished and linked

Hoped everyone liked this little “Fire” series for the "Romantic Month of Love"

1 ) Shattered Picasso
2 ) Motorcycle Fantasy
3 ) Gift from a Friend
4 ) Ancient Roses
5 ) Chocolate: OH MY
6 ) Voyeurism
7 ) Halcyon Memories
8 ) Scarlet Woman
9 ) Puppet Mind
10) Jealously Explodes
11 ) The Bond
12 ) Triptych
13 ) Love Comes Hard
14 ) Desert Fantasy