Scarlet Woman (UC/ M/I /Adult) Complete 03/19/07

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Scarlet Woman (UC/ M/I /Adult) Complete 03/19/07

Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Wed Feb 14, 2007 4:13 pm


Title: Scarlet Woman

Author: suicide_eagle_rath

Pairings Isabel and Michael


Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.

Summary: Isabel and Michael are having an affair

This is one part of a three interlocking stories.. ..Voyeurism …. Scarlet Woman ... Triptych

Warning: Do not expect Shakespeare here ….ONLY SMUT … no real plot... smuttly… DO NOT READ IF UNDER 18

Explicit sex scene

Series: Part of the 14 Days of Fire Series for St Valentines Day 2007 done for originally for Roswell Heaven

Auhtor Note: This scene is originally from the book Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar but has been altered in several areas.

1 ) Shattered Picasso
2 ) Motorcycle Fantasy
3 ) Gift from a Friend
4 ) Ancient Roses
5 ) Chocolate: OH MY
6 ) Voyeurism
7 ) Halcyon Memories
8 ) Scarlet Woman
9 ) Puppet Mind
10) Jealously Explodes
11 ) The Bond
12 ) Triptych
13 ) Love Comes Hard
14 ) Desert Fantasy
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Scarlet Woman
14 Days of Fire: An Erotic Series

14 Separate Erotic Scenes One Per Day To Fire Your Passion
From Feb. 1-14


<center> Warning: explicit sex scene </center>

“Hey Mary is not that your husband waiting?” remarked Rosa as she looked out the motel window.

Mary turned around to see him straddling his motorcycle, dressed in black; his blonde hair glistened in the sunlight. The motel’s name, The Evergreen Pine Motel, reflected in his sunglasses.

“Yeah, for his afternoon kiss,” taunted John as he swept up the floor. “Bet he would prefer an afternoon quickie.”

“Husband, I am not sure anymore,” Mary sighed. “We barely see each other lately, with my job here and him working days at construction and nights as a bouncer.”

“Go on girl,” giggled Rosa, “you have an hour’s break and maybe a little more. You work so fast we are always caught up.”

“Sure you guys don’t mind?”

“No, you two barely see each other, that is no way to run a marriage. Is it John?”

John flashed his wife a smile, “No, number 31 is opened; just clean it when you are finished.” He threw Mary the key, “Have fun and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.” John winked and went off whistling.


Mary turned, graciously exited the motel and indicated to her husband to follow her. She opened the door, drew the drapes, and entered the room while he parked his bike off to the side, hidden from view.

He entered the darkened room, closing the door behind him; the room had a facelift, the bed covered in black and red satin, perfumed whispered throughout the air, while seductive tribal music played quietly in the background.

"You made it!" she breathed into his ear from behind, as he felt soft fur rub up against him, she had changed into a white fur cape that flowed to the ground.

Michael turned around, "I told you I would be here," he said soothingly. She felt the briefest of touch as their lips met in the dark. "Nothing would keep me from being here with you," he added. "No construction site is worth missing our time together!"

She kissed him with great passion, pressing her body into his. Michael’s hand slipped inside the fur cape, searching her body, pleasantly surprised to find very little amount of cloth under his talented fingertips.

“Fuck I always like you in fur,” he growled into her ear, kissing her deeply.

She ended the kiss and stepped back, Isabel slowly let the fur drop down her body exposing the very skimpy red lace teddy that hugged her body, exposing her flesh in just the right areas. Michael mouth dropped opened as he devoured every inch of her beautiful body, his throat swallowed hard, his tongue absentmindedly darted out to lick his lips as he took a deep breath before he pulled her into him.

“Holy fuck, you are beautiful.”

They kissed as their hands roamed all over their bodies. The fur cape fell to the floor in a heap, Michael pulled her into his strong powerful arms even tighter, as if he was afraid she would vanish if he just loosened the grip for a second.

"It's been too long," Michael, whispered his voice thick with lust, his hand already teasing a nipple through he lace material. "Too fucking long," he added emphasizing the desire he felt deep inside for her: the need, the want, the burning, the ice.

"Yes,” Isabel moaned softly into his ear. “Way too long,” as their lips met, tongues danced. Her nipple grew hard under his fingertips, as she could feel the lace dampen between her legs.

They kissed for what seemed like an eternity, oblivious to the sounds outside; the passing of cars as they entered or left the parking lot, doors slamming shut, kids screaming, men talking loudly one to another. For them, only the sound of their breathing could be heard, the excitement was escalating as Michael drew his hands all over her body tracing the pattern of the lace, feeling a bit of flesh here and there through an opening.

Following the curves of her body Michael ran his fingers along her sides as the shape evolved into that of her firm ass as he held the cheeks firmly pressing her into him, where she could feel through his jeans a very prominent bulge.

“I fucking want you so bad,” choked out Michael as he ground his hips into her.

Isabel reached for his belt, easing down his zipper while inserting her hand greedily into the opening, as his cock sprung free. She stoked the long thick length listening to him growl with pleasure. She spread the pre-cum over the tip, as she continued her ministrations, speeding up slightly as he moaned against her skin. His finger had found the material wet between her legs as he started to stroke the protruding lips, spread apart by the tight fabric.

Isabel felt her legs weaken, as he forced herself to remain standing. The fire inside her was growing finally desire overtook her. "Make love to me," she whimpered. "Fuck me,!"

Michael drew her to the bed and gently pushed her down onto it. Kicking off his pants and shorts, he straddled her. She reached up; unbuttoning his buttons, dropping it down his shoulders, then balling it up threw it out of her way. Her hands roamed across his chest, construction work had built strong muscles, as they twitched and flexed under her touch.

Michael bent down kissed her lips running his tongue into her mouth, as he slowly dropped the shoulder strings down the milky white shoulders exposing her firm round breasts. Michael slowly slipped his lips down her neck and shoulders as Isabel arched and twisted her hands in his hair. Her outfit slowly dissolved as Michael continued his mouth assault. His tongue continued tasting her skin as he approached the slopes of her breasts, Isabel moaned as he took a nipple into his mouth. He rolled it around, sucking on the tip gently, delighting in her moaning and the clutching of the satin sheets with one hand.

Her breast felt cold as he left trailing down her stomach, stopping at her naval where he kissed it before rimming it with his tongue causing her to inhale sharply. His lips continued to kiss her flesh; slowly moving even further downward they soon came upon the mound that he climbed with glee as he found the valley in-between.

His lips and tongue continued their slow torturous journey, searching for the secret hidden core, a treasure of pleasures that when unlocked hurls her into a frenzy. The moans became louder as Michael neared the spot; Isabel began to thrash on the bed, her hands now firmly interlaced with his hair. He lightly kissed the center, as Isabel arched up, pleading for more with her body. Again, he kissed, gently stoking the fire, blowing on the embers as it roared into life. Finally she could stand it no longer as she thrust her hips upwards, holding his hair as she forced him to her apex. Michael smiled at her impetuous behavior, which he rewarded by sinking his tongue deeply into her core, withdrawing only to lap his way through her folds seeking the nub of heated desire.

Isabel tasted like fresh flowers; her scent was overpowering Michael as she spread her legs even further to accommodate his body. He held her ass firmly pulling her into him as he simulated the pulsating erotic movements, which would follow shortly. He captured her clitoris in his teeth as she exploded with a loud moan,

Isabel pulled on his hair, interlocking it within her finger, as she moaned, hearing him sigh in pleasure against her lower lips. His tongue lips was again on her sensitized clitoris, exploring its wonders, leaving her in a world of indescribable pleasures that moved through her body in one wave after another. Isabel gave into the feeling, as she drowned in the sea of luxury: wanton lust, heated desire, fevered passion, fuckable sex.

"Michael,” she cried out, allowing him to know the intensity of her pleasure. Repeatedly she called out his name as his kissed, sucked, stroked, and fucked her. She felt the beginnings of her climax, she was teetering on the edge, ready to come, wanting so bad to come, needing to come. However, Michael denied he that pleasure as he changed tactics causing her emotional level to drop and then rise again. Three times, he brought her to the end; three times, he denied her the pleasure of fulfillment.

Isabel bucked and raised her hips up as Michael continued to tease and frustrate her. She let go of his hair only to grasp the iron worked headboard behind her as she started to thrashed her hips back and forth, she need to come. She was pushing back and forth fucking Michael’s fingers inside of her. He took one last small nip at her clit before he raised his head and smirked at her, he was supremely satisfied.

With a slight movement, Michael brought his cock up to her wet entrance, the surrounding flesh twitched hungrily as he held her in place as she tried to impale herself upon it. He rubbed it back and forth against her lips as Isabel moved involuntarily trying to capture the prize, yet Michael would teasingly move in a different direction. Each time she tried to realign herself up with the head of his cock, Michael would move backward or side to side to thwart her actions.

"What do you want?" Michael asked innocently.

"Put it in!" She said in a rasping hoarse voice, deepened with lust.

“Put what in?” Michael let the head just barley slide in before retreating, “Tell me what is it that you want?”

"Fuck me!" Isabel screamed as Michael’s once again entered and back out. "Fuck me again and again!”

With that, he buried his cock, filling her to the hilt.

"Oh fuck!" she heard herself cry out, giving into the madness, the desire that had ravished her from the inside out.

Michael pushed in and out forcibly with intent and determination. The speed increased with each thrust as he began to maintain a deep penetration. They bought were on the brink one following the other into the blackness as he erupted into her, filling her with his sperm.


Coming off their alien high, Isabel shook Michael awake. “Michael we need..” he shut her up with another kiss, drawing her down onto the bed once again under him, “Michael!”

“Not now!”

She pushed him off her. “Yes now.”

Michael rolled onto one side pushing his upper torso with his elbow. “Okay what?”

“You will tell Maria today or this is the last time we will meet,” Isabel stated bluntly.

“Isabel… what? I can’t do that just like that!” Michael shouted coming up off the bed to a sitting position.

“You will. I will not be your mistress; I am your wife and demand my rights.”

“Through Rath!”

“Does not matter you are RATH and I am VILANDRA, your WIFE.”

“Isabel she will leave me.” Michael began to rub the back of his neck, “I can’t”

“That I cannot help. If she is strong she will stay and work things out. If not...oh well,” Isabel stood up and picked up the fur cape, the dim light glowed off her skin, as Michael looked at her womanhood, desire building in him again. She turned the cape back into her work clothes. “I mean it. Tonight you will tell her. Or I will.” Isabel eyes turned to black as she dared Michael to speak.

Michael watched as she turned the elegant room that had catered to their sexual desires and fantasies back into the drab, cheap motel room. He got up and put his clothes on, he knew she was right he needed to tell Maria it was not fair to her.

He also knew when she found out he was sleeping with Isabel; Maria would cut off his cock and feed it the stray dog outside their apartment complex. How could he explain Rath and Vilandra it was all so strange even to him.

Isabel opened the motel door and Michael walked out. He climbed onto his bike as Isabel exited the room. She walked over and gave him a seductive kiss letting her hands knead his crotch. Then she headed back to work, letting him go home to grab some food before he headed for the bartending job that night. Neither of them saw the small blonde wisp of hair that the wind stirred up as the cold green eyes watched the display.


Michael arrived at the apartment complex, walking up the steps to the door, he had a foreboding feeling but cast it away as he entered the empty apartment and made way for his room. Grabbing a new set of clothes, he took a shower and dressed. Coming out of the bathroom he practically ran into Maria standing in the hallway, staring at the door.

“Maria!” he exclaimed, “You almost gave me a heart attack.” Michael tried to kiss her forehead but she stepped back and retreated to the front room. Michael followed her watching as she stopped and leaned against the metal pole that supposedly divided the front room from the dining room.

Michael knew something was up she was acting different. He proceeded to the kitchen to make a sandwich, before he reported to work.

“So how was work today?” drifted Maria’s voice over the refrigerator door. Michael looked up his mouth full of extra sharp cheddar cheese.

Turning he saw her glaring at him. “Fine, like usual.”

“Like usual huh?” retorted Maria.

“Yeah,” Michael drawled as he placed some cheese and turkey on bread stuffing his mouth while standing by the counter. “How was yours?” he ventured a question.

“Oh mine?” Maria pointed to herself, “was interesting. I got off early before 11.” She paused as she eyeballed her two timing husband before dropping the death blow. “Since I was done for the day, I thought that Isabel would like to go to lunch. It has been a long time for just the two of us to talk.”

Michael dropped a hand on the counter steadying himself.

“Took a while to find the motel she worked at, guess I heard the name wrong. It wasn’t the Pine Tree inn, but The Evergreen Pine Motel. I arrived just in time to see her leave the office.”

He put the other hand down on the counter, facing it, bracing himself for what he knew was coming. He could not look at her, he knew her eyes were hurt and anger raged in her body.

“Imagine my surprise when I saw a black and silver motorcycle; a much blonder Michael look-alike follow her into a room.”

Michael finally got the nerve to look over at Maria, tears had already streaked her face, her eyes were glowing green; green with venom, green with hatred, green with scorn.

“A room that they did not exit until over 90 minutes later. This much blonder Michael look-alike got on a black Harley. Imagine my shock when Isabel came up to this blonder Michael look-alike and kissed him, caressing his cock through his jeans. That blonder Michael look-alike was no doppelganger or your dupe. It was you Michael,” Maria spat out the last words with poison.

"Baby, I'm ... I didn't . I'm sorry," stuttered Michel. “Maria please understand.”

“Understand? What? That you are a two timing unfaithful dog.”

“Maria I... I can explain!" he said, “it was Rath and…”

“Rath! What a joke. Every time something goes wrong, you three use your alter ego alias as excuses. Well that bub just won’t cut it in this case.”

“Maria you have to listen to me.”

“Me? Why should I listen to you…you…” the front door suddenly opened as Kyle walked in.

Maria covered her face with her hands. "How could you do this to me?" Her voice was shaky.

Kyle looked at the two; you could see they were in a mist of a fight. Since that, was not uncommon Kyle just walked past and got some orange juice out, poured a glass, and sat on the sofa watching this evening’s entertainment.

“Maria you have to…”

Maria’s head shot up, “I have to nothing you… you … dirty loathsome fucking alien whore.”

Kyle eyes shot up, ‘this was getting good,’ he thought.


“Maria nothing, you fucking bastard. How long has this been going on?”

“It’s like I don't have much control since Rath…”

“Oh yessss of course, blame Rath, your evil twin. How simply priceless: Rath made me do it, Rath wanted to, Rath did it.” mocked Maria. “So whose cock did he use his or yours?”

‘Whoa,’ Kyle thought, ‘what the hell is going on?’

“Maria you know there is only me, but I have memories…”

Maria stood away from the pole and started to pace

“Memories oh yes memories of you and her fucking up on the hill; memories, dreams, destinies. What a lot of bull.”

Kyle now had a good idea what the discussion was, as he figured it, about Michael kissing Isabel at that rest stop a couple of months back.

“I cannot control…”

“Well that is obvious or we would not be having this conversation,” huffed Maria as she sat down on the edge of the sofa.

Michael was running his hands through his hair, he looked like hell had just stamped all over his face. “Maria you have…”

“I do not have to anything Michael Guerin. I am not the one fucking Isabel day and night!”

Kyle almost choked on his juice as he heard those words his mouth dropped opened. “What did you say?”

“You heard me Kyle. I caught Michael and Isabel shacking up at the motel where she works, they were fucking like bunnies. Right Michael?”

Michael looked dumbstruck, he knew he was guilty ad could not deny the fact that he and Isabel were having sex, not sleeping together, no that was a phrase, they were having full blown wild orgy sex.

“Is that true Michael?” Kyle stood up looking at Michael. “Are you and Isabel having an affair?” Kyle could not believe his ears.

“It is not what you guys think. Vilandra...”

“Oh yesss…” Maria got off the sofa and began to pace again, her arms flinging up and down in the air, “Here we go again Vilandra and Rath, their destined to be together…”

“I did not say we were destined Maria” just then the door opened and Max and Liz walked into the battle zone.

“Hey we could hear you guys in the hallway. Keep it down okay,” said Max.

“Well maybe you should tell your own species there,” pointing a finger towards Michael, “to keep his cock in his pants and then I wouldn’t have to YELL,” screamed Maria.

Max looked flabbergasted at her outburst and choice of words. He looked over to Michael whose face was the poster for guilt. “What is going on? Michael?”

“Max it’s nothing. I…”

“Oh that is great, perfectly great. You fucking around is nothing. Great just…”

“Shut up Maria…”

“Me shut up? Maybe you should learn the fine art of zipping your pants up.”

Max came over to Michael and took him by the arm off to the side, “Michael what is going on?”

“Maria is mad.”

“Yeah that is obvious. What is she mad about?”

“Well,” Michael rubbed the back of his neck. “That is hard to explain.”


“She found out about me and Isabel.”

Max narrowed his eyes, “You mean about you and Isabel’s having sex together.”

Michael looked at Max shocked that Max knew; his mouth just hung open. “Max I …”

“Don’t Max me. I am not happy about the situation but I understand.”

“I cannot help it, I want and need Vilandra, you remember. Don’t you how I need her and y…” Michael stopped in mid-word, how could he ever tell Max he needed him also. He was so fucking messed up. ”Rath has almost completely integrated with me.”

“I see, well they are married, but you are also married to Maria.”

“I know.”

“What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well I would wait until the steam quits coming out of her head before you try and explain the whole evil alien taking over my body routine.”

When Max took off to the side, Liz took the opportunity to close in on Maria to console her. Just then the door opened once more and Isabel walked in. Maria looked up her face was stained with tears, her eyes red and swollen. Michael also turned his head; guilt in big letters was burned across his face.

“Why don’t you ask your husband stealing sister for clarification,” spitted out Maria.

Isabel held her head up and closed the door she knew what had happened. ‘It is good that Maria now knows,’ thought Isabel as she took a seat on the sofa, while Michael slid down the metal pole to sit on the floor.

“Isabel tell me it is not true?” pleaded Kyle.

Max turned and walked towards Isabel, “We need to talk.”

“I see that it is out in the open,” Isabel finally spoke.

“You husband stealing whore,” Maria screamed at her trying to get out of Liz’s clutches to tear out her hair.

“I allowed you to live Maria do not tempt me,” Isabel said her eyes turning black.

Michael rose from the floor, “Vilandra you will not dare touch Maria in any harmful manner.” Isabel just looked away, “Do you hear me?”

“I said I would not hurt her for you, but do not push me Rath, my husband, I have a short fuse these days.”

“Husband? What the hell did you say?” Maria’s jaw dropped “Did she say husband Liz?”

“Yes Maria,” Liz held Maria even tighter and stroked her back.

“Yes husband, and if anyone stole anything it was you who stole mine.” Isabel stated.

“Yours? Why you fluffed up piece of alien trash…” Maria leapt forward and Kyle came up and helped hold her back with Liz.

“Max do something about your sister,” yelled Liz struggling with Maria.

“Me? About Isabel? Why? She is married to Rath. She has rights and can demand them.” Max declared.

“Rights are you crazy Max your sister stole Maria’s husband.”

“No, she did not Liz, they,” he pointed with his fingers indicating Michael and Isabel, “are still married according to Antarian law.”

“It is up to me to allow Rath to take another wife and me alone.” Isabel held her head up; the Vilandra inside her was not giving up Michael or her heritage.

"Why you piece of dirt..” Liz whispered in Kyle’s ear, and before Maria could utter another syllable Kyle threw Maria over his shoulder, with Liz in tow they took Maria to her bedroom. He threw her in and locked the door with Liz inside. Kyle took a placed against the door, then shrugged his shoulders, “Figured she needed to calm down.”

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Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Mon Mar 19, 2007 9:06 am

The Entire Series is finished and linked

Hoped everyone liked this little “Fire” series for the "Romantic Month of Love"

1 ) Shattered Picasso
2 ) Motorcycle Fantasy
3 ) Gift from a Friend
4 ) Ancient Roses
5 ) Chocolate: OH MY
6 ) Voyeurism
7 ) Halcyon Memories
8 ) Scarlet Woman
9 ) Puppet Mind
10) Jealously Explodes
11 ) The Bond
12 ) Triptych
13 ) Love Comes Hard
14 ) Desert Fantasy