Puppet Mind (UC/Slash/Adult) Complete 4/17/07

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Puppet Mind (UC/Slash/Adult) Complete 4/17/07

Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Tue Feb 20, 2007 9:32 am


Title: Puppet Mind

Author: suicide_eagle_rath

Pairings Antar Rath /Antar Zan….


Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.

Summary:. Rath finds out why Zan is wacky...lol

Warning: Do not expect Shakespeare here ….ONLY SMUT … no real plot... smuttly language...lol...… DO NOT READ IF UNDER 18

Explicit sex scene / Slash / SHOCK

Series: Part of the 14 Days of Fire Series for St Valentines Day 2007 done for originally for Roswell Heaven

Auhtor Note: This scene is originally from the book Gone But Not Forgotten: Book One of the Chronicles of Antar but has been altered in several areas.

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Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Tue Feb 20, 2007 9:38 am


Puppet Mind
14 Days of Fire: An Erotic Series

14 Separate Erotic Scenes One Per Day To Fire Your Passion
From Feb. 1-14


The King of Antar rambled through the corridors of the Silver Palace like a disembodied spirit, menacing was his thoughts these days. “Rath.” he bellowed, “Rath! Where the hell is he now?”

“Quiet Zan I can hear you down at the training room,” Rath showed up rounding a corner. “What crawled up your ass and died today?

“You will refer to me correctly as Your Majesty.”

“Yea, right. What do you want Zan?” Rath crossed his arms and defied Zan, like he did on so many occasions.

“Ava says you show me disrespect.” Zan said in a rehearsed speech.

Rath rolled his eyes, ever since Ava came into the palace Zan has been up and down his ass about bowing and scraping to him. ‘Well I am not about to do that, he can go kiss her ass, it is clear right now who is running the kingdom and Zan is not it,’ Rath thought deeply, ‘Something is very wrong.’

“Summon the council now,” Zan commanded. “I will meet with them at two.”


“I am ordering you as your King to summon the council,” snapped Zan, “You are here to obey me and not to question me.” With that, Zan turned and stomped out.

"Ass!" Rath spat, walking to the council chambers doors. He opened the heavy oak door and waked into the small antechamber where the secretary for the council sat.

“Lord Rath,” Captain Palkeri stood bowing, “How may I be of service?”

“King Zan has called for the council to meet this afternoon at two.”

”Yes my Lord. May I ask what is to be on the agenda?”

"How should I know?" Rath snarled. "I was given an order by my King and I have just carried it out. I suggest you do the same." Rath slammed the door on the way out, shaking the windows.

"I wonder what's up now." Captain Palkeri mumbled under his breath.


The council members filed into the chambers just before two. Rath and Vilandra were already there sitting quietly in their seats to the right of the King’s chair. Sharply at two the doors flew open as King Zan and Queen Ava was announced. It was unheard of, to have the Queen announced in the council chambers, it was the King’s office, this was very disturbing to the members.

That is not to say that the Queen was not to be present, she was required sit quietly at the King’s left for support and unity. She did not voice her opinion, at least during the meeting, but stood as a silent remembrance of her position as dutiful wife. Ava walked regally beside Zan looking down her nose at all who dared to raise their eyes. Rath and Vilandra stared coldly at her, they knew she was changing Zan into a monster.

As Zan and Ava passed each member of the council rose and bowed deeply. When it came to Rath and Vilandra only Vilandra displayed a slight bow. Rath stood straight defying the King looking directly at him, ignoring the Queen. Zan nodded at him and proceeded to his chair, Ava stayed behind for a few seconds

“Commander Rath, do you not know that it is protocol to bow to you Lord and Master?”

“It would appear that I am not the only one breaking protocol. Am I Your Majesty?” He said in a mocking tone.

“You should be warned about your insolence Lord Rath?”

“Or what, are you threatening me Ava?

“I am your Queen. You will address me as Queen or Your Highness.” Ava glared at him, “You are here to serve me, I remind you.”

“No I am not. Let me remind you of your position.” Rath then lowered his voice, “Who will be in Zan’s bed tonight? You or one of his many whores from the harem.”

Ava was tempted to spit at him but she remembered where she was and held her head up and went to sit next to her husband.

“Be careful, Rath, Zan is not himself.” Vilandra asked worried that Ava may have supplanted both her and Rath in Zan’s heart. “Do you know what you are doing?”

“Yes Vilandra, I will owe you a makeup evening.” He nuzzled her ear whispering sultry.

“Okay, but be careful I am serious.” Vilandra whispered back. “She will knife you in the back when you are asleep. Don’t forget she now has access to Zan’s bedroom.”

At last Zan sat down and motioned for the people to sit. “I have a some specific items that I expect the council to act on right away.” Zan began listing his demands. “ The first of course is a new set of royal jewels for my Queen. It is not right for her to receive hand me downs. I hereby order the council to employ the jewelers to make new a new set of crown jewels, worth of such a eternal beauty.” Zan smiled at Ava as she blushed.

The council gasped, the Crown Jewels of Antar are centuries old, several of the pieces existing from the time of Atarh and his coronation. The crown of the Queen was the original crown Atarh designed personally for his alien wife, Rose. The Queen’s crown consisted of stones brought back from the alien world as well as the precious firestones of Antar. There was none like it in the known galaxy. The lower part of the crown consists of two rows, of the precious alien stones. The first row has 24 blood red rubies while the second row consisted of 24 dark blue sapphires. There are seven large heart faceted firestones framed by emeralds on very top of the crown in an undulating pattern. The blood rubies represent the House of Rath while the blue sapphires represented Rose’s home world. The firestones represented the balance, power, and heart of Antar.

“Your Majesty, beg your pardon,” said councilman Gathric, curator of the Royal Museum and Treasures, “but the Jewels of Antar are very old and it is tradition to pass them from Queen to Queen.”

“True the jewelry is old and worn. That is why Ava needs something more regal to show her status as the eternal Queen of Antar. “ Zan smiled as a strange vacant glare surfaced for just a second.

“Yes Your Majesty,” Gathric bowed. “ I will see that a new crown is ordered.”

“Not only a crown, but necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, everything immediately. Destroy the old jewels, the old regime is dead. I am the future,” commanded Zan.

“Yes Your Majesty,” Gathric bowed again and took his seat.

The council members were whispering back and forth. “You cannot destroy Antar’s past.” whispered Jere to Gathric.

“We will discuss this later, here the walls have ears.” He smiled and bowed his head to Ava.

”I have decided that a new palace is in order. One that will show my greatness as your king.” Ava stroked Zan’s arm, pleased that he takes instructions so well.

“But your highness this is the Silver Palace, built by Atahr.” Yorhil declared. Yorhil was the most vocal of the ten council members. Yorhil took great preide in claiming his to be descended from a branch of Atahr. “The palace is known throughout the known galaxy for it’s beauty and justice.”

“Yes but it is from the time of the House of Rath. I want that a palace that reflects the aristocracy and superiority of the House of Thardan.”

Rath was taken back by Zan’s words, Zan always loved this palace, never wanting to change or do any updating. ‘How can he now condemn it so?’

Ava was the only one in the room beaming, “Yes I agree with our Lord and Master. The King of the Five Worlds, our Savior and God incarnate.”

Rath was flabbergasted at her speech, it was sacrilegious to have Zan referred to as a god. ‘What was she doing?’ thought Rath. ‘She will turn the people against him with her words.’

“Thank you my wife at least you are on my side,” Zan said glaring at Rath and Vilandra.

“A new palace will take up resources that would be bettered used in other areas such as social reform and education,” interjected Fruther, a council member representing the Mayuns. “Money is desperately need to education the poorer class, for better housing, to provide skills and jobs to improve the quality of life.” Fruther drew in a breath, “All things you have pushed for since becoming King. Your majesty.” He finished with a deep bow.

“Really, my husband, cannot your people act according to social graces and decorum that is expected of an Antarian. Must some insist that they be taken care of, insulting your traditions and culture of self-reliance and dedication to you our Lord and Master.” Ava smiled at Zan and held his hand. “I am your slave as we all are here. It for you to decide if we live or die.”

Ava looked around the council room. “As to the education Antar already supplies children with a mandatory education, is not that good enough. The people have shelter and food, why do they demand more. Maybe we should open up the palace and they can live here.” Ava paused and went for the kill, “My Lord you are too generous with your time and money. The people take advantage of you benevolent and kind nature.” Turning to the council, “Why do you all continue to feed on the King’s good graces instead of supplying him with your devotional offerings suitable for god’s representation.” Ava stood and knelt to Zan. “I offer you my soul and body to do with as you see fit.”

The council members looked at one another in confusion. This was not the King they knew and loved, this was an arrogant self indulgence brat. At the rate he is going he will bankrupt the country and begin a civil war between the royal class and the Mayuns.

”Raise the taxes on the people so that the palace can be done before the birth of my son He will be king in a New World and a new palace to show our endurance.”

The council was silent at the news. Vilandra grabbed Rath’s arm. He nodded in silence. It had already been determine that their child, the one Vilandra was carrying, was to be the next heir of Antar, in order to bringing the two kingdoms together as the prophecy indicated must be done. In addition Ava was not from the royal bloodline and was ill-suited to progenerate the race.

Gathric stood and bowed deeply. “May I congratulate the King and Queen on this happy day, many blessing be upon the House of Thardan on this day. “

The other council members followed suit all congratulating the King on his child all noting silently that King placed his son above the approved heir and turned his back on the prophecy, to do so would mean the death of their world.

“Back to the issue of a palace, Your Majesty the people cannot handle a raise in the taxes at this time. It will hurt the economy, we are so close to a revolutionary peace and prosperity. You cannot do something that may endanger this?” Fruther insisted on continuing the argument.

"Cannot?" Zan’s face grew red. "Who are you to say 'cannot' to me? I am your King! Chosen by the Ancients themselves. That is tantamount to being a God in my own right! If I have the desire to raise the taxes, I will raise the taxes." Zan was on his feet. Guards have council member Fruther arrested I will decide his fate for his words and actions today later.’

The council members were on their feet shouting at this outrage. They were to according to Antarian laws suppose have the right to speak their opinion in the council chamber.

“You cannot execute a member of the council it is forbidden in the law.” Jere stated.

“I am the law. As it has been said it will be done.” replied Zan. "Do not forget my council who has the Granolith," Zan threat was clearly heard by all present, “I will use it if you force the issue.” To use the Granolith against Antar’s own people was appalling, it was the worst move of the young King’s life.

Ava shuddered when she heard his words and saw the council’s faces. The drug had worked to well, Zan was beginning to actually think he was immortal god. Ava decided she needed to reel him back in before he started a riot that may backfire against her. She reached up with her hand and placed it on his arm, relying through the contact her immense desire to have him in her, a feeling she knew he could not resist. He turned smiling at her “Just one minute and I will fill you with my love,” he winked. Ava barely suppressed the desire to throw up.

“The council will stop all money for the welfare programs that were initiated last year, that money will go into the building of the new palace. All education is to be cut in half, that money can be used for the new crown jewels and new interstellar transportation for my Queen. Once these things are done the money can be once again be reinstated for the programs and education. The military will be reduced to one third its strength, no one will ever dare attack me, there is no need for such a formidable army.” With that said Zan stood up, Ava followed him and they left.

The council went hysterical unable and unwilling to comprehend what they have heard. Rath clench his teeth together, his eyes flashed fire. Zan had insulted him over and over from the Jewels of his ancestors, to the Palace, to the utter destruction of his military, not Zan’s but his military.

“Lord Rath truly the King is not going to go through with such ridicules ideas.

“I would suggest to the council that they be wary of their words. We are living in dark times, it would appear.” Rath spoke as he rose and took Vilandra by the hand and left.

They went to the stables and had two horses saddled, Vilandra carefully sat sidesaddle on one and they gently rode out into the garden, into the ancient forest by the Crystal Lake. Here he took her down; here they could talk in privacy away from prying ears.

“Rath what are we going to do Zan is off his rocker. You must take the throne.”

“Vilandra I will never take Zan off his throne.”

“What wait till he exterminates us all”

“Zan would never do that.”

“Are you so sure Rath. Your influence over him may be gone,”

“True it may be but I still have a few tricks left .”


Rath entered Zan quarters through the hidden panel, hearing the water falling in the other room, he walked into the bathroom and saw a profile of Zan in the shower. He stood there watching as Zan lathered up his body, letting the water wash over him revealing a toned sensual physique. Rath could not help but smile, it had been a long time, time to heal the pain between them, time to find out what was going on.

He smiled as he put his plan into action. He removed his clothes and opened the etched glass door to the blue glass tiled shower area. Zan heard him and waited until he felt Rath arms about his waist drawing him into his chest, placing kisses on his neck.

“Zan.” Rath’s voice was deep, barely concealing his desire for Zan.

“Why are you here?”

“It has been a long time.” Rath let his hands wander softly kneading the tight muscles of Zan’s abdomen and chest area. “Is Ava expected tonight?” Rath asked knowing full well the answer.


“Do you want me to go?” asked Rath as he sensually spread the suds along Zan’s stomach. The arms that encircled him produced a warm, soothing feeling, Zan did not want him to leave, not now, not ever.

“No stay,” Zan turned around in Rath’s arms. They kissed feverishly, their tongues danced playfully as Rath deftly sucked on Zan’s as a prelude to later events. The passion increased, the two melted in pure ecstasy, their bodies became entangled, their kisses became more urgent, their hands searching everywhere, gliding over smooth skin, down muscular shoulders, between the cheeks of their hard asses.

Both were more than ready for heavy action as their cocks strained under the buildup of blood. Zan was breathing hard, his mind confused. His mind went wild, he should not want Rath only Ava, that is what she told him, why then am I so drawn to him? ‘Where was Ava again? O that is right she was gone?’ His mind raced through the thoughts. ‘Ava told me that Rath was evil and did not love me. But he is here, I feel his love, I feel the passion.’

Zan felt Rath running his hands over his shoulder, gliding down his chest and stomach. ‘Ava must be jealous, caused by being pregnant. That is it. When she returns I will tell her I want Rath back in my life, in my bed, I will not give him up.’ Zan was breathing harder, it had been so long since he felt Rath’s power, that raw energy tingling his skin.

Rath trailed his long fingers slipping over Zan’s ribs one by one as if he were counting them. “Do you like?” he moaned into Zan’s ear.

Zan answered by taking Rath full lips in a passionate kiss, his hands wrapped around his waist and the other cradled his head. It was the must intimate position Zan could think of right now. The two of them locked in an eternal kiss. Rath broke the kiss, elating a groan from Zan wanted to remain like that forever. Rath stepped back away from Zan, as he licked his lips, keeping eye contact with Zan, then Rath did something that he had vowed never to do.

Zan watched in amazement as Rath slowly knelt down, the warrior who would never kneel before his King, the warrior who openly defied him, the warrior who refused to service him before, that warrior sank to his knees in front of Zan, the warm spray of the shower cascading over his broad tan shoulders.

Rath skillfully traced the outline of Zan’s thigh on the outside to the knees and then back up again on the inside. Zan’s skin broke out in hundreds of goose bumps, his cock jumped to full attention harder than it had ever been. He had never seen anything more erotic than his warrior on his knees in front of him.

Rath knew what Zan desired deep in his heart, where no one had ever been before, he wanted this action, he wanted Rath to engulf his cock and drive him to unheard realms of passion. An act that Rath refused Zan, not because he did not or could not perform the task, but out of punishment to Zan for incidents long ago. But now Rath needed to find out what was in Zan’s mind and that took using a back entrance, one that Zan was not prepared for.

Zan stood there, his knees were quivering, his cock aflame, posed for that first touch, a touch he had dreamt about repetitively. Then the heavens above opened up showering down stars as Rath in one swift movement engulf his entire length. Zan threw his head back, his hands seeking the walls for support, as he let out a loud low moan that vibrated through out the room. This was not Zan’s first blow job, no in fact he spent a lot time in the royal harem, especially as a teenager. But those girls have nothing on Rath skill with his tongue, lips, and hands.

Rath knew what to do, the techniques he had perfected their use quickly and efficiently. But with Zan he took his time, as much as he wanted to deny the fact, he did love him, an emotion he kept carefully in check. With his right hand Rath cradled and palmed Zan’s aching balls, listening to the nuances of pleasure that filled the air above his head, while his left hand held tight onto an ass cheek, letting his fingers slid up and down, teasing the awaiting hole.

Zan’s eyes rolled back into his head as wave after wave of sensation poured over him, he could not tell at times if it was his emotions or Rath’s. He forced his eyes open and stared in fascination at the scene below him. Zan’s eyes grew at he sight of his cock going in and out of Rath’s mouth, whose full lips brushed down the vein and encircle the width. Every once in a while Rath would gently scrape his teeth or bite on the flesh in his mouth causing Zan to jump yelping in rapture. There were no nouns, adjectives or verbs that could describe the feeling Zan was experiencing, his love for Rath was great, he barely could contain his emotions as he mind opened up completely unprotected for the fist time ever.

Rath knew the second Zan’s mind opened and instantly he entered using a trick that allowed him in without Zan’s knowledge. Once there he saw the images that Ava had implanted, she was using mind control techniques taught by the masters of the temples. ‘How did she know these?’ thought Rath.

Rath discovered that she was deliberately keeping Zan away from him, to break their connection. She controlled Zan like a puppet, making him dance to her flute, giving him the ideas of imperialistic godhead. Rath dove in deeper forcing Zan into giving himself over in passion. Soon Zan was screaming as he exploded, Rath quickly closed the connection and swallowed the outcome of his actions.

Breathing hard Zan lean against the shower stall, he felt dizzy knowing he was going to pass out, Rath rose up and took Zan into his arms, holding him tight. With a wave he turned off the shower and dried Zan and then he helped him to the bed.

While Zan rode out the high they get from orgasm, Rath laid there contemplating the images that he saw. ‘How did she know about the ancient secrets?’ That one question baffled him, she had to know a master intimately to have been educated like Rath was in the sexual arts. Very few of the masters engaged in those arts, they found it degrading to use someone’s mind against their will for pleasure. Instead most of the masters cultivated the concept of love, eternal and everlasting bonds. He needed to find out where Ava went on her little outings, like now. Before this Rath never really cared, as long as she was out of his way that was enough.

Rath felt Zan stir, rolling over he swept the hair off his face. Zan blinked dreamily up at Rath, who sat back, gazing with his lips slightly, parted. Slowly Zan reached up and brought Rath’s lips down, kissing him firmly. Rath fell into the kiss, he let himself be immersed as the beating rhythm of pleasure pulsated in his head. Zan wrapped himself like a vine about Rath, leaving no part of their bodies not touched in one form or another. The night was still, quiet around them as they succumb to their passion, desperate for the contact of their unique connection.