Triptych (UC /M/I/M Adult) Complete 3/19/07

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Triptych (UC /M/I/M Adult) Complete 3/19/07

Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Wed Feb 21, 2007 4:25 pm


Title: Triptych

Author: suicide_eagle_rath


Pairing: Michael, Isabel, Maria

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.

Summary:. Michael, Isabel, Maria enter into agreed marriage

This is one part of a three interlocking stories.. ..Voyeurism …. Scarlet Woman ... Triptych

Warning: Do not expect Shakespeare here ….ONLY SMUT … no real plot... smuttly… DO NOT READ IF UNDER 18

Explicit sex scene

Series: Part of the 14 Days of Fire Series for St Valentines Day 2007 done for originally for Roswell Heaven

Author Note: This scene is originally from the Chronicle Series Book 2 The Past Returns but has been altered in several areas.

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4 ) Ancient Roses
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6 ) Voyeurism
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8 ) Scarlet Woman
9 ) Puppet Mind
10) Jealously Explodes
11 ) The Bond
12 ) Triptych
13 ) Love Comes Hard
14 ) Desert Fantasy
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Post by suicide_eagle_rath » Wed Feb 21, 2007 4:31 pm

14 Days of Fire: An Erotic Series

14 Separate Erotic Scenes One Per Day To Fire Your Passion
From Feb. 1-14

Explicit sex scene

Hell the true meaning of that word cannot be underestimated, until one witnesses the actions of two women who are fighting over one soulless man. The old phrase ‘Heav'n has no rage like love to hatred turn'd … Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn'd’ certainly took on new heights and dimensions in the form of one Maria Deluca. The tempest, the storm of lover, a fight for the male, that storm existed in the house for several days after the incident with Isabel.

Michael spent a lot of time at work, taking on a second job as an excuse not to be around. He took to sleeping in the van, the tension in the house was at a maximum level and he knew at this point in time that he was basically persona non grata.

Finally after weeks of verbal abuse and physical destruction of the furniture, doors, anything that was in the path of the storm, things started to settle down a little bit. Maria was no longer using a string of nonsense vocabulary when Isabel walked into the room. Now they just stared at each other, each hidden behind their own ice dam

Michael rarely showed up at the apartment anymore, sometimes for as long as five days went by before Max or one of the girls saw him. Maria was still just as furious when she spied out his body, readied for a new quiver of poisoned arrows.

“Maria!” Max walked into the kitchen one morning early. “How are you doing?”

“How do you think Max?” Maria wiped her eyes; “My husband is having an affair, not just with anyone. No! A supermodel alien.”

“Maria, I understand…”

“No Max you don’t understand. You cheated on Liz with Tess. Michael cheated on me. It is different for us women. To you men it is just another notch in the bedpost. No one has ever really committed adultery on you. Have they?”

Maria grabbed her coffee mug and headed out the door to work. Max just sat there, deep in thought as past visions began to infiltrate his consciousness. The cup Max was holding shattered in his hand spilling the contents onto the floor below. That comment triggered Zan. He could see it so clearly, the Water Palace, the bedroom, the sheets, the voices, Rath’s voice. Max shook his head trying to rid his mind of the images, Rath and Tran, the infidelity. Yes Zan knew that pain, the pain that comes form betrayal, he knew it far to well as he continued to bombarded Max with memories.

Max took a deep breath; things had to change. He devised a plan to have the three of them locked in a room together, either they had to solve the problem, or he would be hauling Michael’s dead corpse out.

Before things would get better they were destined to get worse. But finally the day came when they all three found themselves in the same room together; the time had come to talk.

Well do you have anything to say Michael” asked Maria her hands on her hips in defiance.

“I what? I am sorry for what? For having sex with my wife.”

“Wife! I am your wife Michael”

“And so is Isabel, she and Rath were married long ago, there are children born, children that may still live on Antar. Am I to be sorry that my heart cannot stop loving her.”

“Not right Michael!” shouted Maria.

“Sorry I am not human. I am a fucking alien, some DNA nightmare, a screwed up piece of work. Sorry that you are in this whole big mess.”

“Well if you only though Michael and told Maria earlier this would never had happened.” Isabel stated matter of factually.

Michael put down his head; he really was in no mood for a lecture “Why don’t you just freakin’ leave then since I am such an asshole.” Michael got up from the chair and threw open the door walking into the front room where Max and Kyle were watching TV.

Isabel jumped off the bed and followed him. “What do you think I have a choice?” She yelled at him, “I have no choice in this Michael.”

Michael turned and looked at her.

“You heard me Michael, I don’t have a choice. Neither does Max or you. We are all in this mess together. The only one who has a choice is Maria, she can choose to stay in our mixed-up world or leave and have a normal life.”

Isabel was shaking as she walked over near the windows and looked out onto the dark quiet street.

“They are ordering us back to Antar; we have no choice in our lives.”

“What do mean Isabel?” asked Max coming up behind Michael.

“If we do not return what do you think will happen? Do you think they will just leave us alone?” Isabel was still looking outside. “No they will come for us.” She turned and looked at Max and Michael. “Think about it they’re not going to leave the King and the head of the military here. No, there is a war on and you both are needed.”

“And you Isabel?” Max persisted.

“Yeah what am I? The one who everyone believes betrayed the kingdom, you, and Rath.

The room fell silent for few moments as everyone ponder that statement.

“Iz, you didn’t…,” spoke up Michael.

“How do you know that Michael? Do you really remember?” Isabel turned and crossed his arms in font of her. “Well let me tell you what I remember. I have no memory of our kids, no memory at all of their birth or even their names. I do though remember killing you. I am the one who caused your death. How is that for a memory?” Isabel started to cry.

“Isabel?” Michael then paused as Isabel interrupted him.

“No don’t you see that is why I have no choice. I have to accept your relationship with Maria. I have to accept Max. I have to make our relationship work for Antar, for our kids, and for me. If I don’t make you love me again what do I have?” Isabel took a deep breath. “I have to make our marriage work, if not there are only two fates for me: death for betraying you or living a loveless lonely life as your wife in name only. Do you know how long that could be?”

“Isabel if you are that miserable we can find anyway way out.” noted Michael, his face wore the stoic demeanor, but he was breaking inside at the words Isabel chose to use.

“I am not miserable Michael. Don’t you get it through that thick skull of yours I love you. I have loved you from that time you offered to teach me on Antar, you cared abut what I wanted and went against tradition to make sure I was happy. How could I not love you, you allowed me freedom on Antar, free to be me.” Isabel out her head in her hands as she began to cry. “All I wanted was for you to be honest with me, to love me, and to let me know what is going on. Is that so much to ask?”

Michael crossed the room quickly. “Shhh Isabel, it will be all right I promise you. Nothing will ever happen to you.” He took her in his arms; she was crying on shoulder as he stroked her hair. “I won’t let anyone or anything harm you, you know that.”

Maria looked at Isabel for a long time not saying a word the silence was heavy. She contemplated what Isabel had said, it would be difficult almost like an amnesia patient waking up and realizing he or she had a life before but being stuck in a life created since the amnesia. Maria then knew life was going to be hard for the three of them, her, Michael and Isabel. She would have to face the possibility of Michael’s destiny with Isabel.

Isabel was still sobbing quite loud when Michael picked her up and started to carry her off to her room. He stopped next to Maria and whisper very quietly. “Please can you come back with us. I need to talk to both of you.”

Maria nodded her head yes and joined them.

“Michael do you want me also,” called out Max.

“No Max this is between me and my wives.”

That last word ‘wives’ was so heavy in its meaning and repercussions that it hung like an albatross around everyone’s neck.


Michael sat Isabel on the bed and indicated for Maria to sit also. He closed the door and joined them on the bed sitting in front looking at both of them.

“As for you two, I love you both equally. I know that sounds stupid and impossible but I do. I do not think I could go on for long with only one or the other. You know that don’t you.”

They both nodded in silence.

Michael took a breath, “Isabel I will not allow you to return to Antar to be hurt, that I can guarantee. I do love you, I know I do not show it but I do, I loved you on Antar. You did not kill me, I remember parts of what happened, you saved me by ending my life, I was being tortured. Do you understand?”

Isabel nodded her head.

“Isabel are my past, my strength on the battlefield, my secret weapon that gives me courage in the face of the enemy. Without your love, I know I can never be the Rath that is needed for war. In the end, I will shame my family, you, Max everyone by being a coward and dying with the first volley. I cannot live without you.”

Michael took a deep breath, leaned forward gently kissing Isabel’s cheek “If we are to return to Antar without you as my wife, I know you will be tried for treason and executed as a traitor to the throne. If we return as a lie, a marriage in name only, can I damn you to an eternity of loneliness and pain? I know, I cannot go day to day without the urge to touch you, to have you. Already our parents, the council, and the people are demanding a male heir, how do we explain it when none is produced? The lie will never endure.”

Turning to Maria and kissing her cheek, “You are my present. You remind me daily that I am part human. I cannot stay on Earth knowing how much pain I have put you through, especially in these last few months. If I return to Antar without you, I will again become that Rath to the nth degree, cruel, hateful, destructive, evil, and a tyrant. I would return to seek you raping you of your will, subjecting you to serve and obey me. I cannot bear to hurt you. I would rather die first.”

Michael turned his eyes upward, “No one has any idea what I am capable of, what the knowledge the Dark Waters contain and how they compel me to seek out evil. I disobeyed Zan when forbade me to continue dabbing in the arts making the pull to the Dark Waters even stronger.”

Michael sighed and closed his eyes as he continued his thoughts aloud. “The DNA used to create Rath was from ancient stock, a warrior who known for his unfathomable powers, nefarious deeds, unmanageable temper; none was able to control his actions. My father did not want a son who could easily kill every member of his family without a single thought, so he had the scientist put in a control mechanism.”

Michael opened his eyes at Isabel. “That was you Vilandra, a piece of your DNA was incorporated into Rath that would calm him down, clear his head but also give him focus and incredible courage in a battle. Only you can stop nRath, dominate him, and force him to obey your words to keep me from myself. And now Isabel has that ability.”

Michael took a deep breath and let the air out slowly. “Here in this body Michael also needs control for balance. That control came not from DNA as my alien side needed but from finding love in my human side. Only you Maria can make sure I retain human qualities, and like Isabel, you have dominion over me.”

Absentmindedly Michael toyed with the bedspread as he continued his speech “Unfortunately, neither of you can keep me from walking in the Dark Waters. Only Zan could do that. He is my other side, also comprised of the same warrior king’s DNA but devoid of the violent tendencies that a warrior possesses. Instead, the scientists extracted the DNA that used in comprising of the political characteristics; Zan was given a king’s mind needed for the construction of institutions, establishment of laws promulgated in his government.”

“I love each of you, no one more than the other.” He reached out in front of him and took each by the hand, “I do not know what will happen tomorrow, but I am asking that neither of you make a decision about our relationship until after all the facts are known”

“Well I am going to bed. This day has been long. And I have a feeling the next few days will be stressful for us all.” Isabel got up, kissed Michael on the cheek on her way to the bathroom to change.

“Michael,” interjected Maria, “I love you and want to stay with you.”

“Maria,” Michael came close and held her, “I am really sorry you are in this mess.”

“What mess Michael? I love you and as long as you love me and treat me right, I see no mess. Like you said let’s take things easy, one step at a time.”

Isabel came out in her big furry robe, brushing her hair out. “Your turn Maria.”

Maria walked into the bathroom to change; when she remembered she left her Metallica sleeping shirt to be laundered. She turned to leave when she saw the black negligee lying out with a comfy robe. Smiling she picked it up and tried it on. She loved the feel of it, so soft and silky. Putting on the robe she went back into the bedroom.

Michael was sitting in the chair pulled over near the door as Isabel enlarged her bed. Maria came out and saw the bed stretching, “Got to admit it, you never fail to amaze me.”

Isabel smiled, “Thanks, ready for bed Michael.”

“Yeah sure,” He moved the chair out of the way, grabbed a blanket and threw it down on the floor, what little floor there was left after the bed expansion.

“Nite,” said Michael as he lay down.

Isabel and Maria looked at each other in a knowing way, without words, they both knew what tonight would be, the beginning of their bonding. They both knew that their lives were now and forever intertwined, and they needed to start now to bond, to begin anew.

“Michael what are you doing?” asked Maria

“Going to sleep,” he looked up at the girls staring at him; both were pointing to the bed. “What? Me there?” They nodded. “Okay, he mumbled as he got up, took off his shoes and laid down fully clothed in the center of the bed.

Isabel just shook her head, “Aren’t you going to change.”

“Into what Isabel?”

Isabel and Maria stiffed a giggle as they took off their robes revealing what little material they had on underneath.

Michael’s eyes went huge, ‘oh shit,’ his mouth was so dry the words failed to form vocally.

They both slid into the bed, one on each side. Isabel with a wave turned off the lights, lit some candles, put on soft music, and sealed the door.

“Umm…girls…umm” Michael was at a lost for words.

“What Michael?” Isabel purred into his ear as she came close. Her hand ran up his shirt changing the everyday street clothes into the black silk bed clothing reminiscent to what he worn on Antar.

“Yes what?” Maria asked as she joined in the fun.

Michael’s head dropped back as the girl seduced his chest, their legs intertwining with him as they snuggled in deeper.

Michael couldn’t resist the stirring inside him; the fire that is burning, the inferno that was building, the explosion to come.”

“I want you.” Isabel’s breath stirred the hair alongside Michael’s neck, as her tongue brushed the firm skin.

Maria was also busy nuzzling and kissing his ear telling him that she loved him.

It took everything Michael had to stop them both. “You both better stop before this goes too far.” He struggled but eventually pulled himself up on his knees.

“That is out intention Michael,” stated Isabel as she sat up on her knees.

Michael looked at her in disbelief. He glanced over at Maria; she smiled and took his hand kissing it as she sucked on a finger. His mouth opened in awe as he got so fuckin’ hard he thought was going to die.

“Oh god,” he breathed out; Maria continued to suck and lap at his fingers. Isabel looked over and grinned at the effect that had on Michael’s growing erection so prominent under the thin fabric.

“Do you know what you guys are saying?”

“Yes Michael,” as Isabel took Michael in a full kiss. Maria took Michael hand and led it to her breast. Michael stiffen first and then took Isabel into a deep kiss, his tongue was dominating her as his hand felt Maria’s firm breast. He was in shock, his mind was racing was this some kind of sick joke on their part or did they want him to fuck them right here and now.

Isabel was enjoying the kiss as her hands ran up and down his body, she knew he had his other hand on Maria, as she fought back a twinge of jealous and concentrated on making this work.

Maria took a giant step when she moved Michael’s hand on top of her breast; she was giving him clear sign that she wanted this. Michael caressed the silky material for a few seconds before a finger found open silt in the fabric, where he slid in. Her skin was, the tip was already hard as he rolled it between his fingers, she felt herself grow wet as he kept up the gentle ministration. Maria leaned in closer as she nuzzled his neck; bring her hand up to undo the buttons.

Both Isabel and Maria were straddling one of Michael’s thighs as they knelt together on the bed. Michael finished kissing Isabel when the need for air was crucial; taking a deep breath his face was turned by Maria who latched onto his lips. Isabel took her turn at his neck while she led his hand to her breast. He started to caress this breast also, noting in his mind the different between the two. Isabel was full firm, her nipple hard, ripe to his touch.

His hands began to wander as he pulled Maria closer, around her waist, down her back, over her round cheeks as he inched the fabric upwards, only to discover she had no panties on. He maneuvered his hand down her cheeks and a little ways under until he felt her moist passage. He broke the kiss for a second smiling seductively as he pulled Isabel in close for a kiss. His hand was moving curious to as if she had any clothes on. He suspicions were correct when Isabel's bare bottom was exposed to his hand. Michael smiled in the kiss as he found his way in; she let out a small gasp. In the meantime, Maria was not abandoned as Michael fingers had a way of moving, testing, slipping, and touching all on their own.

The erotic imagery projected by the trio kneeling there locked in embraces one on each side, arms, hands, fingers, mouths, tongues forming patterns going form one to the other. Their sexual display was masterpiece of baroque artwork, a triptych: risqué and voluptuous in composition, fluid in motion, stimulating in sound from the moaning verbally that echoed softly. Their bodies were woven in hypnotic pantomime, of lust desire, sex, and wantonness.

The girls clutch to his back and thigh as he finger fucked each of them to the same rhythm, that of his heart. They were also busy as each managed to drop one side of his pants, exposing his very hard cock.

Michael could not hold it any longer, he needed them, his body yearned for them, his mind called out to them. He stopped both fingers much to their groans as he sat slightly back, smiling at them. His chest rose and fell as he looked at those eyes, lips, breasts; they wanted him, they really did. He ached for them; his body was in so much pain, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

He withdrew his fingers, from Maria as she gasped at the loss; he drew it up to his mouth, sensuously with lust in his eyes, as he licked off the long digits. Maria watched, as she pondered whether or not to jump and fuck him silly right there and then.

Smiling he leaned over and kissed her, a gentle kiss. He drew his head back, locking eyes with Isabel as he removed the fingers; he sucked on each, licking them at the end. Isabel already joined to Vilandra knew of this rite; Rath personal little tasting technique. It was always so erotic to watch his tongue flick out and surround his fingers as he licked them clean of her scent.

Sitting back a little, he grabbed each of their hands as he pulled them on top of him. The bed creaked under their weight as they landed on the soft black silk sheets that Isabel had metamorphosed from the pink puppies and heart flannel set.

The three of them soon became interlaced. Michael felt his pants being thrown off to the side as he attempted to removed Maria’s negligee “No she whispered into his ear, “I still felt a little self-conscious. Can we us go around the clothes?” Michael did a quick shake of the head, as he looked puzzled as he thought ‘What were there not to see, her breasts are fully exposed, as is her ass.’

“Okay,” he whispered as he took her in a kiss. Isabel was busy removing Michael’s shirt as she began to kiss his body. She licked and nipped her way coming to a full stop when she saw Max’s brand on Michael’s chest.

“Michael?” Isabel nudged him harder, “Michael?”

He broke the kiss as he turned his head in her direction, “Yes,” he tried to kiss her but she pulled back.

Pointing to his chest, “and just what is that.”

Maria leaned up and looked at the brand, “What is that?”

“A brand, the royal seal of Antar, marks everything that is the Kings property.” Quipped Isabel.


“When he and Max bonded, Max decided to mark him for all others.”

Maria scrunched up her nose, “Well I don’t like that at all.”

“Neither do I.”

“Well I did get even with Max,” Michael grinned, “I gave him the same mark, same place but the Seal of Kandahar. My property seal. Can’t wait till Liz sees it.”

“O…M…G… she is going to kill Max.” Maria placed her hand over her mouth,

Michael laughed as he grinned evilly.

Maria sighed and shook her head, “Well whatever I better have a gallon of cedar oil ready for her when the shit hits the Antarian fan.”

“Enough talk of Max and Liz I have a more interesting subject,” as he grabbed Isabel and pulled her back down.

“On no, not until Maria and I have our say.” Isabel placed her hand on Michael’s chest.

“Oh come on Isabel no…” her hand glowed bright as Michael felt the burning sting, “Ouch that hurts.” Pulling her hand away you could see the clear mark, her personal sign on Antar.

“Damn't woman that hurts,” Michael was rubbing his chest, “have some feeling.”

“I do now! Max can be reminded of me.” Isabel said triumphantly.

Michael’s look changed a he got very serious “I am not going to put up with you and Zan tearing me apart this time. I can only keep myself together, if you two cooperate. Please, do not do it me.”

Isabel remember vaguely how she and Zan would fight in the background, trying to pull Rath to one side or the other. It angered and upset him constantly. “I am sorry Michael, I did not mean for it to sound like that. But I do want Max to remember that you are married to me also. Do you want me to remove it,” she he moved her hand to his chest.

Michael smiled and grabbed her hand, “No I don’t care whose sees it this time.” He kissed her hand. “So Maria you want a crack also,” Michael said as he turned his head.

“I don’t have any royal seal Michael?”

Isabel thought for a few seconds then whispered her idea to Maria. Maria nodded her approval and Isabel placed her hand again on Michael’s chest as it glowed immediately.

“Damn that burns,” Michael hissed. When Isabel removed her hand you could see a stylized MDG intertwined.

“For Maria Deluca-Guerin,” Isabel smiled.

Michael shook his head, smiled and kissed Mara, “and its Maria Guerin do not forget it, I may not have much but I do have a name.” he stated very seriously.

Michael then looked at Isabel as he took her hand, “I know this might not mean much to you, but I want you to drop Evans and especially Ramirez and take Guerin as you last name also.”

Isabel was stunned for a minute; she considered herself Michael’s wife through Rath but never contemplated a name change. She could see this meant something to Michael, like he said it was all he owned. “Yes Michael I would love to,” she kissed him sweetly. Pulling back, she said very quietly

“Aya ha’rathay ha’ty inan de’wath.
Aya ha’rathay ha’ty inan kab’mir.
Aya ha’rathay ha’ty inan tasa’th n.”

The soft melodic tones were hauntingly beautiful. The words, as ephemeral as they have been when spoken for that fraction of a second, were engraved into his heart,; those words became stone, marble, the most precious metals, Those words became tangible, an anchor for Michael to hold to when the nightmares returned or when the battle would commence.

They were the words of the marriage rites, the words spoken prior to the act of consummation on Antar; but now a slight change from the singular to the plural was evident.

Michael stared at Isabel; his hands began to shake at the implication of those words, those three short sentences that were paramount to the rest of their lives.

She then repeated the words in English as she reached over and grabbed Maria’s hand and joined theirs to Michael.

"A warrior’s heart we desire.
A warrior’s heart we love.
A warrior’s heart we are bound to."

Maria smiled at the words, they were beautiful so full of meaning, so rich in content. “Are they part of the bonding ritual Isabel?”

“Sort of, they are the words said after a marriage and before the consummation of the marriage, except it is usually said in the singular form.”

“Oh yeah I guess not too many people have three on a honeymoon.” Maria giggled at that thought. “So you guys say this and then get down and dirty?”

“Sort of there is more to it, but it must be performed on Antar to be binding, to be eternal, to be official.”

“Umm.. so.. umm…” Michael was holding their hands tight afraid to let go, afraid that they would flee. “Umm how are we going to go about this?”

Isabel and Maria both winked and said in unison “Like this…” as they attacked him, each taking a part of his body.

Michael was no slouch in responding quickly to their demands, the only problem he had was who was first; after all, he was only one person in the flesh even if there were now two identities inhabiting it.

Isabel was kissing Michael as her hands ran all over his body, once in a while she would bump into Maria and they would play fight over that territory, but it was all in jest. When air became a necessary element Isabel finally relented to leaving Michael lips knowing Maria would exchange places with her.

Maria took the opportunity and captured Michael’s lips in a hot demanding kiss that left nothing to his imagination on what she wanted and that she wanted it now, this minute, all of it. Michael responded with equal passion as he drew her closer to him, his position was awkward, half of him was under two different bodies, the space was confining as he tried to find a balance between the two.

The passion, yearning, lust and desire he was feeling was being magnified by the second, his cock was full, weeping, crying out for release. Isabel felt his desire sweep over her as their internal clocks began to meld. She pushed up from Michael’s body and slide off to the side, gently turning him towards Maria.

“Michael,” she whispered very quietly to him, “Maria first.”

Michael turned his head, tipping it backwards looking at Isabel understanding what she meant; she would wait for them to bond first. “Are you sure?”

“Yes my love,” she nuzzled his neck and kissed him softly, “sex with us takes longer, I can wait for that pleasure.”

Michael smiled at her as he kissed her deeply, all the time he was holding Maria in his arms. Maria watched them kiss; it was getting easier; at this point, she felt no threat from Isabel, only understanding.

Michael turned back around as he began to kiss and caress Maria, his hands exploring her body as he pulled her body more under him. He latched onto Maria’s neck as he slowly sucked her pulse point as his hand found her breast. She was so soft and silky. Her breast fit into the palm of his hand and the nipple harden at his touch. He heard her sigh and then gasp as he slightly squeezed the hard tip. Responding to his touch, Maria’s hands meandered downward as they stroked the hardness elating moans from Michael deep in his throat. Michael soon found himself softly thrusting into Maria’s hand. He had been deprived of this for so very long.

Isabel proceeded to snuggle up on the side of Michael where she could kiss him, keeping physical contact with him. Soft kisses were being peppered all over his back while supple hands were kneading his ass. Her hands glided up over his legs and back up to his ass where she stopped to fondle his balls forcing him to raise his ass just a little. Isabel fingers briefly encountered Maria’s fingers both desiring the same location. She was enjoying watching him; her own alien sex drive was mounting waiting for him, wanting him, desirous of him. She could feel his emotions, experiencing what he and Maria were doing

Maria looked up over Michael’s shoulder to see Isabel smiling and kissing Michael on the neck before she bit down very hard. Michael gasped loudly and arched his neck upward. His eyes darkened, the silver streaks shone brightly: suddenly he was a panther going in for the kill. His breath became ragged and Maria could see his chest moving with rapid intakes of air.

Michael felt Isabel behind him, kissing, fondling, and licking his back and beyond. Michael felt her nip as she drew small drops of blood, feeding off the battle lust. That only made him harder, wanting them both.

He lost all conscious thought when Isabel bit his shoulder. His blood began to boil and his breath was rapid. He wanted Maria now, hard and fast. He wanted so much to make an eternal bond with her. He would wait until Antar to own her as he molded her body to him, to forge their hearts bond forever in the ancient rites of blood and lust.

Rolling on top of Maria, he placed his knee between Maria’s thighs and gently parted them. His hands began to wander down her body delighting in the coolness of the silk. His destination was between her legs where she was on fire eagerly awaiting his intrusion. Maria could feel the heat as he began rubbing his cock along her lips and pushing against her. She spread her legs as wide as she possibly could consider their confined space; one foot circled, his hips as it slid down to intertwine with his leg

Michael moved his mouth to her, kissed her deeply, the power in him was leaking out as it consumed her very essence. "You ready for me babe?" he whispered in her ear as he suddenly filled her in one swift movement, she could feel the power surge through her. He was out of control unaware that his energy was taking control of her body and soul.

Maria closed her eyes as the sensations washed over her repeatedly. Visions started to attack her mind. She saw flashes of Michael and her when they first kissed at the Crashdown and felt his attraction to her. She saw how much Michael loved her when he walked away after he killed Pierce. He was willing to deny his feelings and physical want for her because he feared for her life. She saw Rath making love to Vilandra and felt Michael becoming one with Rath. The visions soon became one mirrored into another, an endless loop of images, emotions, sensations, feeling, desires, wants, love.

Michael knew the moment Maria entered his mind, he allowed the invasion as he dropped his walls; he was totally exposed to her. He let her in desperate to bond, wanting her control, demanding her approval, and commanding her love. Maria was literally sucking the essence of whom and what he was, he felt himself grow weaker, subservient to her. He bent to her will and allowed her control over him, over his power, over his life.

It was in this manner he gave Maria control over her life, not to be dominated as Liz was though unconsciously by Zan, but to feel free. He did not want a woman subservient to him, but his equal in bed, on the battlefield, in his heart. Though he retained many of the chauvinistic traits that are prevalent in the manner in which he enjoyed being taken care of in.

Maria began to thrust her hips increasingly upward forcing him to pick up the speed, sending her spiraling out of control. The images flashing through her entered her very soul leaving a marked impact: an impressionistic, passionate, erotic sense of well being, completeness, a whole.

She soared higher than ever before as he plunged deeper and deeper inside of her. Just when she felt she could take no more and was ready to climax, Michael changed his tactic and sent her further over the edge than she had ever been before. Maria felt the universe open up to her. She yelped as energy beyond measure surged though her. She wanted more and clawed at Michael’s back, shoulders, and arms.

Maria was unable to open her eyes, as images of Michael’s past, his hopes, his love, and his wants assaulted her. Maria was inside his mind occupying the space behind those damnable stonewalls. She saw his darkest fears, his deepest secrets, and his most powerful desires. Maria found that she could not stop she wanted to drain Michael of his energy. She wanted to make him weak before her, to dominate him to control him; the power was intoxicating. Then suddenly the world shattered into a million specks of light as she felt herself come apart and shake as the energy left her body.

As he finally came, the room exploded in a brilliant white light that enveloped them all. He felt himself hovering and then crashing back down to earth; he instinctually rolled onto his side as he blacked out.


“Michael?” Isabel softly whispered in his ear, he had only been out for a few minutes. Michael opened his eyes as impressions of Isabel softly kissing his cheeks, lips, and neck greeted him. Michael growled as he rolled away from Maria, who was asleep, her body still reeling from the experience, and into Isabel’s waiting arms and mouth. The kissed deeply for what seem like a century, a long lost passion.

Isabel broke the kiss as she leaned in to whisper verses of love softly into his ear. The words were simple in the ancient tongue, but their meaning spoke volumes. Her hands massaged his skin as the words imprinted themselves into his consciousness.

pyth’si mir ink iw’th rithar r’ sathwer n’ t'w
(My love I have waited so long for you.)

Michael gently rolled her over as he lay on top of her. “I need you Isabel, as much as Rath needs Vilandra, I need you.” Michael breathed out. “I need you so badly. Please do not deny me.” Michael eyes were pleading as he silently begged Isabel to love him, to stay with him forever.

His lips softly kiss her cheek before making their way to her neck. His tongue luxuriated in his supple skin as he caressed her neck, sending pulsing waves of pleasure through her body. Isabel began to breathe heavily it had been so long since a bonding ritual, she was on fire with anticipation.

With a single slight nudge, she drew Michael down to her as he moaned into her mouth, their tongues danced as he quickly found her breasts with his nimble fingers. Isabel let out a gasp when he starting brushing his thumb against her nipples. Breaking the kiss with a devil’s glint in his eye, he moved his head down to suckle one and then the other.

She felt him harden as she parted her legs drawing him into her, encouraging him, wanting him, desiring him. Isabel drew him closer to her as she reached his shoulder; he was poised ready at the entrance to sexual bliss. She knew what she wanted and soon found the location of the nerve. Again, she bit down hard, drawing blood as her tongue lapped up the drop; she tasted the warrior inside him, the energy of the battles still coursed through his veins.

Michael was prepared, as he felt the bite; he slammed full force into Isabel as he sealed their fate, one to the other for the duration of their existence.

Isabel reacted by coaxing his energy out, persuading it to enter her body as she matched his thrusts and speed. Once again she entered his mind, his heart, his inner being, those elements which make him Michael, that make him Rath, that make him passive, that make him a warrior, that make him generous, that make him egotistical, all that makes him now became hers.

Isabel arched her back and moaned loudly as Michael descended deeper, teasing her by pulling almost all the way out before crashing into her again.

“Oh, yes. Please…don’t stop.” Isabel whispered as her eyes closed, her face reflecting unfulfilled lust.

Isabel would do anything to keep that feeling between the two of them responsive, alive, and fresh; a new beginning, yet this time nothing would go wrong. Michael and Rath had been gone for too long and her body suffered every bit as much as her mind and heart. She yearned to sleep naked once again with him, loving the feeling of his warm, hard body against hers, the feeling of his cock as it hardened between her cheeks, the feeling of his hands caressing her back, her hips, her legs, her arms, and her breasts.

She felt Michael grab her hips as Isabel drained his emotions, and submitted his will to her. She had him figuratively on his knees in front of her begging to come, begging to be loved, and begging to be controlled. This was his gift to her, his desire to have her as his equal not to be dominated. This time Michael prayed, the act would not backfire, that nothing this time would come between their bound, their love, their pledge of life and death.

All of the sudden his energy impacted with her soul and she thirsted for more. Once again their hearts were bonded as Isabel entered the drugged induced sexual state whose escape was impossible. She knew she was part of Rath and of Michael, she would never leave him, never again; this time they were stronger, their love, their bodies, their minds, their bond.

Isabel was speeding towards the sun faster, faster, and just as quickly, her body fell limp as her lips parted in a soundless scream. The waves of pleasure continued for what seemed like an eternity before she faced the blackness.

Their marriage was complete, odd to some but Michael faced two paths and both he must walk down. But now he was supported by two strong females, one from his past, one his present, both his future.
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The Entire Series is finished and linked

Hoped everyone liked this little “Fire” series for the "Romantic Month of Love"

1 ) Shattered Picasso
2 ) Motorcycle Fantasy
3 ) Gift from a Friend
4 ) Ancient Roses
5 ) Chocolate: OH MY
6 ) Voyeurism
7 ) Halcyon Memories
8 ) Scarlet Woman
9 ) Puppet Mind
10) Jealously Explodes
11 ) The Bond
12 ) Triptych
13 ) Love Comes Hard
14 ) Desert Fantasy